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  • NickG
    • Essence Role: ARTISAN
      Essence Casting: SCHOLAR
      Raw Number: 0
      Raw Position Number: 0

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    From Michael:

    The Artisan appears to be female from the 2nd Entity of Cadre 1 with Scholar Casting, a 45 Focused/55 Creative Energy Ratio, a Frequency of 75, Manifesting Mature, in the 300th lifetime of the 10th Grand Cycle, with a Server Essence Twin from Cadre 1, Entity 7 who is a guide; a Sage and Server Task Companion; a Spiritualist in Passion with a Goal of Acceptance in a Lunar/Venus/Mercury Body Type mix, and Chief Features of Arrogance and Self-deprecation


    Sarah is my primary task companion who I met while working at our local pizza shop. 



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