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  • Mike Cleverly
    • Essence Role: SCHOLAR
      Essence Casting: SAGE
      Raw Number: 544
      Raw Position Number: 544

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    Mike Cleverly

    Posted (edited)

    Sabine is, according to Michael (Via Troy):



    The 3rd Level Old Server-Cast Scholar from Cadre 1, Entity 3    "A past life that we can find that may resonate to the current life may be from "her" life in the late 18th Century as the personality known as William Wilberforce. You [Mike] helped him in several campaigns and outreach, education, and conversational opportunities for encouraging change. The current lifetime seems to have activated resonant passion that is hooking into that lifetime. That passion may be funneled toward something just as deeply important, sensitive, and requiring vulnerability to reaching out, outreach, and finding ways to communicate in meaningful ways for a cause or intent."


    During a recent session, Michael described her as one of my Tri-Bonds. 



    <MEntity> If we have the calculations correct, the Raw Position would be equivalent to 544. Technically, this fragment would not be a Task Companion, but is in what we refer to as a Triad Bond with you. A Tri-Bond is a bonding that forms mathematically due to casting into positions that link from one "side" to another. In other words, if an Entity count is roughly divided into 3 "sides," then the first fragment on each "side" is bonded, and then the second fragment on each "side," and so on. 


    This actually contradicts Michael's earlier indication that she is Server Cast. If she is my Tri Bond, we should both be the same casting - Sage. Michael went to some lengths to explain the Tri Bond, so I believe the earlier Server casting is a channeling error. I wouldn't be surprised if her Essence Twin is a server, like mine.


    So Tri-Bonds are people who share the same position as you but on one of the other 2 "sides" of your entity. I am in position 887, which is on the Energy "side" of the Entity. Sabine is number 544, from the Love "side". We don't know who the third Tri Bond is yet - number 201. 


    I have attached a very useful chart made by Barbara Taylor, which shows all the casting positions in a standard 1029 essence entity.

    0 CastingBlocks.pdf

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    Update with Tri Bond info
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