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  • Ingun
    • Essence Role: WARRIOR
      Essence Casting: SCHOLAR
      Raw Number: 0
      Raw Position Number: 0

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    @NickF  Here's one of your Entity Mates... and family for me irl.

    Maybe you would also like to add yourself to the map of c1/e6 here.


    First Level Old Scholar-cast Warrior

    Growth, Observation -> Passion & Reserved, Spiritualist, Intellectual C./Moving part

    With a Priest Essence Twin from C1/E7 incarnated as female


    She plays the positions of 3rd String Compassion, 6th String Child in my Support Circle

    And I play 3rd String Compassion and 4th String Mentor for her.


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    Thank you @Ingun 🙏 This is a section I had added myself to back in 2017 however I had forgotten we had this. My sister and my granddaughter are other C1 E6 Entity mates. I will add them soon. Thank you for letting me know. 🙂

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