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OUR ANNUAL LIVE VIDEO/AUDIO/TEXT PARTY online for those receiving their Platform for 2017-2018 cycle!

MAY 12th @ 7PM Eastern

Details for attendance will be posted


It's about that time of year again when we shift our Platforms!



If you are unfamiliar with a Platform, it is Michael's way of describing a theme that is of interest to Essence for a period of time. Essence will extract from any and every experience something that helps contribute to exploring that theme. This happens whether we are aware of our Platform, or not, but when we know our Platform, it can help contribute to our sense of Manifesting Essence and living as Essence. Platforms can shed light on patterns within patterns we may have missed. These are not predictions and they don't describe your year ahead. They only describe a subtle theme that you are working on for Essence, even if you do not realize it. Platforms shift around April and May of each year. Your report includes the Platform Theme and commentary directly from Michael elaborating on the theme.



Instead of ordering these like a normal session, we order these in advance and then all of us receive them at the same time on the same day via email. The Platform Party is just for fun and a great way to catch up and chat with each other and share our Platforms as we receive them. You do not have to be present at the Platform Party to receive your Platform. The party is just for fun. Platforms are emailed out to everyone who arrives at the Party. If you do not attend the Party, you will receive yours soon after the Party.



Go to the Services Calendar, scroll down to SPECIALS, select the Platform Party, find May 5th and select it. Place order. You are now all set! Ordering in advance ensures I will have everyone's Platform ready for the party! And no, these do not interfere with my backlog.


We have a lot of fun at these Parties, especially when we get to see and talk to one another, and the sharing of Platforms is a really wonderful community event that raises our spirits and generates great discussions.


Happy Platforming!




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