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    If this chat room will not connect, please follow these instructions:

    Go to this link: ALTERNATIVE LINK TO CHAT

    Leave settings as they are. Enter username of your choice. And in "channel," type #CausalConnection. Then connect.

    You are entering an IRC Network, so all IRC Commands are valid. To learn about all of the commands you can use, look below the chatroom

    TIPS: Choose any username you wish. If you have a registered nick name with IRC, you can enter your password, otherwise, there is no need for a password. You will be prompted to change username if someone else is using the same name, or you will automatically revert to "guest" status. Change your username while in the chat room by typing the following: /nick NICKNAME (e.g. /nick CocteauBoy)


    NOTICE: if you are using your own IRC client, such as Colloquy or mIRC, you will need to update your server to be IRC.KIWIIRC.COM


/join [#] use to join a channel /join #newbies
/part [#] use to leave a channel /part #newbies
/leave [#] same as part /leave #newbies
/quit (message) use to quit IRC. A message may be added to the command, but is optional. /quit see ya'll later!
/whois [nick] used to get info on a nick. /whois pipur
/whowas [nick] used to get info on a nick that has just left IRC or a person who has just changed their nick. /whowas pipur
/who [#] shows nicks, addresses, and optional user info if available for users on a channel /who #newbies
/names [#] shows nicks of users on a channel /names #newbies
/msg [nick] [message] sends a private message (whisper) to a user /msg pipur hello there
/query [nick] opens a new window for private dialog with a nick /query pipur
/nick [newnick] if I wanted to change my current nick, pipurur, to pipur, I would use this command /nick pipur
/me [action describe] If pipur typed this example, it would be displayed as *pipur waves to Alleghany /me waves to Alleghany
/away [away message] use to tell others you are not currently at your computer. A message can be included. To set yourself back, type /away again. /away checking mail!
/list requests a list of currently formed channels from the server. The listing you request is not updated until you issue the request again. /list
/invite [nick] [#] use to invite a nick who is elsewhere on IRC to join you on a channel. /invite pipur #newbies
/ignore [nick/address] use to prevent someone from talking to you. The persons nick or address may be used. /ignore pipur
/kick [#] [nick] used to kick a user from the channel. You must be a channel op to use this command. /kick #newbies pipur
/mode [nick] +i This is the invisible mode. You are not literally invisible on IRC. Users on the same channel as you still see you there.You are invisible to a user who does a /who or /names. A /whois nick, however, will show your user information and the channels you're on. /mode pipur +i
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