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  • ckaricai
    • Essence Role: Priest
      Casting Position: Scholar
      Energy Ratio: BALANCED (both 40 - 60)
      Frequency: BALANCED (between 40 - 60)
      Cadre Number: 02
      Entity Number: 07
      Soul Age: Mature
      Soul Level: 5th
      Essence Twin: Artisan
      Essence Twin Name: A Guide from C2E6
      Task Companion: Warrior
      Task Companion Name: Michelle Obama
      Goal: growth
      Mode: caution
      Attitude: idealist
      Center and Part of Center: Intellectual/Emotional
      Primary Body Type: mercury
      Primary Chief Feature: arrogance
      Secondary Chief Feature: self-deprecation
      Credited Source: Troy Tolley

    Barack Obama is the first African American and 44th President of the United States from 2008-2016.

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    I believe I read Barack as a Saturnine Appearance with a Mercurial Health body type. He might also have either Venusian or Martial too, I'm not sure which.

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    Kurtis, if you find the source for the body type info please post it. Thanks

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