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  • Joseph Smith

    • Essence Role: Server
      Casting Position: Artisan
      Energy Ratio: UNKNOWN
      Frequency: UNKNOWN
      Cadre Number: UNKNOWN
      Entity Number: UNKNOWN
      Soul Age: Mature
      Soul Level: UNKNOWN
      Essence Twin: UNKNOWN
      Task Companion: UNKNOWN
      Goal: acceptance
      Mode: passion
      Attitude: idealist
      Center and Part of Center: Intellectual/Emotional
      Primary Body Type: unknown
      Primary Chief Feature: arrogance
      Secondary Chief Feature: arrogance
      Credited Source: Troy Tolley

    Excerpt from Michael Speaks -- Open Floor (June 7, 2001). NB the  unclear Role in Essence.


    "Joseph Smith: Early Mature Priest/Server, Artisan Cast, Acceptance, Passion, Idealist, Arrogance (double), Intellectual/Emotional.


    Mormonism is a mature soul religion as opposed to the baby soul religions such as Christianity and Hinduism. Its focus is on acceptance and inclusion, but its roots are heavily weighed down by Arrogance. The philosophy is still within the parameters of Baby Soul behavior, but with a broader definition of what is acceptable. There is still an emphasis on negative poles, even in the focus being Acceptance, as the focus is on Ingratiation, not Agape."


    Wikipedia: Joseph Smith




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