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Everything related to our 2017 Great Gathering

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  2. Please offer your feedback about the gathering! Thanks! NOTE: if the form below gives you trouble, use this LINK.
  3. Make sure you are a part of this Facebook Group where we will stream live!
  4. All channeling events will be recorded and transcribed for later posting. We may set up a social live stream for people to pop in randomly and say hi!
  5. Ah! Couldn't recall what the reason was, but this makes sense. Will try to survive...
  6. If I remember, the first year we tried but it kept cutting out. I think their internet speed might just not be fast enough for streaming.
  7. Just joined the club to ask: @Troy, will there be an option to follow the channeling sessions online IRT? If I remember correctly it was possible 2015 but not last year because of something something. How will it be this year?
  8. I know. I was like, "Hmmm...which theme is less terrifying."
  9. You are correct and I've now added that detail to the form. I'll adjust the voting accordingly.
  10. And to be fair, I think the voting for this is only suppose to be for those actually attending. If I'm wrong, Troy, please correct me?
  11. Sugar Hiccup cracks me up, considering your diabetic scare this year, which came AFTER you announced the theme @Troy. Now that you're offering death and chaos on that theme, I can't stop laughing.
  12. You know, the last time someone offered "... or death" as an option, they at least appeared to offer tea and cake first. :)
  13. Usually, we vote on topics for the gathering, but I decided to try something different this year and just plan them out based on our theme for the gathering. This year's theme is SUGAR HICCUP. I took the name from a Cocteau Twins song, and I interpret it as that dance between the sweetness of life and all of its interruptions. Based on how this past year has gone, I wanted to have a full weekend of discussions with Michael about various topics related to the hiccups amid the sweetness of life. BUT... I am leaving one Topic up for vote... see below. SURPRISE! SURPRISE! - or Open Floor What better way to exemplify the variables of life but to have a topic with no particular topic. Members are submitting questions via this form and they will be selected and read by a moderator. We will get to as many as possible. Though each topic question is submitted in advance, the floor will also open to your questions and comments during the channeling event. WHAT IT MEANS TO BE HUMAN or The Nine Priorities When I was working with Michael on topics connected to the interruptions in life, they started telling me about how Humans shape their identity, whether through imprinting of these or by choice, by aiming for one to three of Nine Priorities. These are facets of identity that most of us can't escape in our modern world and we have to accept in our participation in this world. When we experience our greatest disruptions, it usually has to do with one or more of these Priorities. We will talk to Michael about these 9 Priorities and look at how we fulfill them and what to do when they are disrupted or destroyed. VOTE: Use the poll to cast your vote for one of the following topics THE ULTIMATE HICCUP - or Truly Accepting Death This may seem like a heavy topic, but I can't think of a better forum for this difficult discussion than with Michael and among Michael Students. Death is the ultimate hiccup... a total interruption to a life. Death is the one thing that all of us must face one day about ourselves and our loved ones. Everyone we know will die. And life will go on. Our death is a subject that we either ignore or that we pretend is okay, or we fight desperately against, or we dread. Do we ever really deal with it? Is Grief always a part of death? Is there any way to actually delight in death or create joy in our experiences of death? Most of us don't deal with death until we have to, but what does it feel like and look like to truly accept death and fully live in that acceptance. Does life feel differently when we cross the threshold into true acceptance of the deaths of ourselves and our loved ones? How does life have meaning when death is always the end result? I know there are many teachings and ideas about the concept of death, and that we have an intellectual grasp on the concept of reincarnation, but we never really talk about the messier and more painful parts of this experience. Let's talk to Michael about how to accept and allow death be a part of life. THE POWER OF CHAOS - or The Useful Nature of The Unexpected, Confusing, and Traumatic This is a topic that didn't win a vote from last year, and it may just be perfect for this year. When our lives are thrown into chaos by unexpected, confusing, or traumatic events, most of us know that we have to deal with it the best we can and then look back and learn from it, but why is this built into life at all? Why does it happen to some people and not to others? Why does it happen when it happens? Is there some pattern involved that we can recognize and help to divert from it? Is it even better to avoid it or steer clear of it? Let's talk to Michael about the very nature of the big hiccups in life that leave us reeling, and try to understand how to harness these experiences as something helpful instead of harmful.
  14. TLE GREAT GATHERING COLLABORATIVE PLAYLISTS Every year we have three playlists that grace our gatherings: TLE NEW DAY, TLE EVENING CHILL, and TLE DANCE. These are collaborative playlists created by attending members by adding their own favorite songs for relaxing, grooving, and dancing! To add songs to the playlist, just choose to "follow" the playlist and then add your picks via the Spotify App or web interface. Scroll down to click, follow, add, and even listen to our playlists. NOTE: if you choose to add music, please be sure to choose music from Spotify, not from your personal library that may have been imported into Spotify. Please add songs based on the description of the playlist. Please do not add duplicates. TLE NEW DAY - general ambient and unobtrusive music with a relaxing tone and smooth beat for common areas during the day FOLLOW THIS PLAYLIST (and add your own picks) BY CLICKING HERE TLE EVENING CHILL - general ambient and unobtrusive music with a chill but groovy edge for common areas during the evening FOLLOW THIS PLAYLIST (and add your own picks) BY CLICKING HERE TLE DANCE - danceable music for our annual final night dance party! FOLLOW THIS PLAYLIST (and add your own picks) BY CLICKING HERE
  15. @Troy Last year there were a couple of requests directly to the chef, I believe, to have a portion of the salad set aside before the dressing was added. I really appreciated that since I am one who enjoys their salad without dressing. I was wondering if that would be a possibility again this year?
  16. Thank you for this, Troy, esp about the pillow case!
  17. One of our TLEGG Michael events will be a variation on our familiar and beloved "open floor" ASK MICHAEL, but in person! To participate in this, please submit your question in advance using the form below. Our moderator will draw and read these submitted questions, but any organic Q&A related to the question will be welcomed. GUIDELINE: Do not submit questions that are too personal. Ask questions that you think would be of interest or benefit to others. If you have a personal question, try to word it in a way that could benefit others. Please include any context necessary for understanding your question. Please submit only one question per submission. NOTE: We may or may not get to every question. <a data-cke-saved-href="https://truthloveenergy.wufoo.com/forms/qncikqp1fb8f0q/" href="https://truthloveenergy.wufoo.com/forms/qncikqp1fb8f0q/">ASK ANYTHING!</a>
  18. Please use this thread for double-checking that you are all set for TLEGG 2017 and ask any "last minute" questions! See you soon!! CHECKLIST (may be altered as questions and answers come in): BREAKFAST FOODS - be prepared to buy locally or to bring with you what you wish to have for breakfast. Coordinate with your roommates for shared items. The Garden House has its own mini kitchen that can be used before coming to the Main House but you will have to make your own coffee, or you are welcome to come down to Main House. Kitchen use is limited for breakfast cooking, so only bring items to toast or bake if cooking is necessary. Coffee, Tea, Non-dairy Cream and Sugar will be provided at the Main House. If you require alternatives to Palm Sugar (low glycemic, coconut sugar) or Organic Cane Sugar, please bring your own alternative. BRING A PILLOW CASE - if you wear makeup and/or hair products and don't want to remove these before bed, please bring your own pillowcase to help minimize the effects on the bedding provided. BRING CASH - cash is much easier to handle for grocery and liquor runs and organizing who is paying for what BRING A REUSABLE WATER BOTTLE - do not bring bottled water. Bring a refillable water bottle, or plan to use a water bottle you may have bought during your travel. The water at LifeBridge is naturally ultrafiltered and even infused with Rose Quartz so there is no reason for the wastefulness of a lot of bottled water. ARRIVAL TIME - if you are arriving at Rosendale before 3 pm, remember that check-in time is after 3 PM to LifeBridge. Please do not arrive at LifeBridge before that. If you do arrive early to Rosendale, most of us will be at Market Market Cafe for casual brunch. Everyone can hang out there and after 3 pm the designated drivers will pick up those who need to be picked up. DOWNLOAD AND PRINT THE WELCOME PACKET - make sure you not only download and print (or save to your device) the Welcome Packet, but that you actually read it, please. .... ANY QUESTIONS?
  19. my cell is 561-847-5028. We can connect when you land at the airport and we know better how your timing/traffic is. It will be fun to travel upstate together. I'm so looking forward to it. I told Troy and Maureen I'd see everyone at TLEGG in one form or another ?
  20. Thank you, Uma! I don't want to stop you if you'd rather take the earlier train, so please feel free to do whatever you please! If you do decide to take the later one, though, I'll exchange numbers with you and Cong.
  21. @Kerrin and @AnnH So looking forward to meeting you and everyone at TLEGG.
  22. @HeidiThat sounds like unnecessary pressure to put on yourself when you have no control over public transportation. I will happily take the 1:30, so see you there as originally planned. ?
  23. @Uma I'm not sure if I'd make it in time. I arrive at JFK near 11am and, after getting my bag, will need to take the air train which I hear takes around an hour. I'd probably miss that one. Don't know if they are flexible with train tickets/times. Maybe if I get there early enough I could take the 12:30 one instead?
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