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About This Club

How does Our Story begin? Michael has shared many glimpses of Humanity's origins, glimpses which can be found scattered across different blogs, forums, and library sections. Here in this club, everything Michael has shared about Humanity's origins can be gathered in one place for discussion, research, and most importantly, for leisure and enjoyment.


This club will primarily focus on piecing together the beautiful and heartbreaking story of Humanity's time on Sirius, but it will not necessarily be limited to that time period.

Our Grand Cycle began when we chose to form a Design and 'leave' Tao to find a new life form for this cycle of lifetimes, and our origins include the 2 million years spent by members of our Design incarnating in the Sirius System prior to the Culling. After our transfer to Earth, the Caretakers worked tirelessly to help our Sentience settle into bodies which could sustain themselves. We spent a long time living in a Caretaker-maintained Sanctuary, consisting of cordoned-off areas, laboratories, and an Oasis for those of us who struggled. Although it was beautiful and idyllic, the Oasis could not be our home forever, and inevitably it came time for us to leave 'Eden'.

After the Caretakers departed, Humanity split into two primary groups: Sirians and Non-Sirians.

Sirians include those Essences with Sirian origins, as well as other Essences close to these fragments. 'Non-Sirians' refers to everyone else, who began incarnating after the fact, without as close of a tie to the events of our origins. Sirians progressed quickly through the Infant Soul Age, moving towards establishing a language and archiving artistic renditions of memories of Humanity's Origins. Non-Sirians progressed at a much more 'normal' pace and lived in much greater numbers as more Essences arrived to incarnate. Thanks to an Infinite Soul Manifestation (Ti'AT),  Sirians and Non-Sirians eventually merged together into one group.

Then the 2nd Intervention happened, which enabled us to walk upright, and when we could do that, we did what anyone would do: we fucked like crazy. If it moved, we fucked it. Members of branches of the Human Species fucked people from other wildly different branches, and all of this intra-species/inter-species procreation gave rise to a wide variety of mind-boggling, if temporary, creations. Many of these creations are still remembered today in myths and fairy tales. Vampires are one example. Giants are another.

Many who desired greater safety opted to gravitate towards establishing a more secure civilization, insulated from the post-2rd Intervention chaos. Atlantis was the result.

This is the watered-down plot summary of the epic tale we have all been slowly piecing together for years, and my inspiration for forming this club. Bear with me as the club slowly unfolds. I have marked down over 80 different transcripts containing material which has a home here, and I intend to release everything gradually, and in chronological order.

In the meantime, welcome to the club, and let's do what we can to flesh out the most amazing story in Human History.

Welcome aboard!


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