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  2. There's a Michael Speaks on Psychic Hygiene. I think this is what you're looking for? http://our.truthloveenergy.com/topic/142-michael-speaks-psychic-hygiene/
  3. Can you suggest specific material related to this? This is absolutely my belief system and am interested in Michael's insight on clearing
  4. I know where you are coming from. I am still catching up on 30 years of Michael transcripts since MFM, and the subsequent books, so I have yet to come actross any of their material apart from what has been presented in this club. My own understanding of emotional make up comes from the Seth material and validations I have experienced related to this information. Healing wise, apart from Reiki and a dabble in Pranic healing (which is predominately working with the auric field) my healing is based on intuited requirement (and, frankly, not often practiced these days). Glad you could see that I am not one of the new age nuts lost in Maya. ?
  5. @Gavin My mistake then. I assumed you were talking about negative beings since it is usually what people defend against when they're talking about shielding or protection. Michael does talk about psychic hygiene, which is a similar practice, although it's more about space clearing and energy clearing after the fact than about prevention. But maybe they have something to say about prevention and the question hasn't been asked. Michael's perspective has some major differences with common new age teachings regarding how healing and emotions work that explains why they put a lot of focus on understanding ourselves and our patterns rather than talk about protection.
  6. Sorry @DianeHB, but where did I mention, or infer, any need to protect against negative beings? Let me share, at least some of, an explanation I gave to Ingun, who expressed other views about this technique that I felt were based on misinterpretation (for which I take responsibility for). When I say "negative energies" I am talking of both emotions and illness (dis-ease). As a young person, probably going through the 3rd internal monad, I was having trouble with identity. It seemed to me at the time that I had 4 distinct personalities and I went through a point of emotional crisis and came out being a more solid and, for the lack of a better way of describing it, more my own. During this I found out that a lot of the emotions I was dealing with at the time were not mine. I was picking up on and "feeling" what others around me felt. I started to learn the difference between me and them. Crowds were huge issue and I avoided them as I felt like I would lose ME in the see of mass emotion and it was quite stiffing and stressful. Obviously strong negative emotions, if allowed to be internalised, can be physically detrimental. I started to learn how to shield myself and learn to control when I allowed myself to "feel" others stuff. Further to this, I later started doing healing work. As a part of the previously mention experiences I can sometimes feel an other's pain or illness if they are a broadcaster, or I have an emotional connection to the person. For example, when my children were young and ill, but unable to express properly what was wrong I knew because I could open up and physically feel what it was that ailed them. Or if someone near me has a bad headache, I can often, literally, feel it when they enter a space near me. So when I was starting hands on healing it was helpful but not healthy for me to experience this so I developed my own form of protection. I have also used my empathic side to do psychometry and this has, again, allowed me to be in conscious control of what I allow into my energy system. I have proven to myself over and over that the technique I used protects me from common communicable illnesses and works to reduce the severity of said illnesses. It also helps me remain balanced and centred in highly charged emotion situations or around large groups of people share the gestalt of a group high in a negative way. I trust this brings a little clarity. If not. I am at peace with that. I assure you I am well aware that negative thought forms cannot truly hurt me. However I know that negative emotions, internalised and focused on, can create dis-ease that can either be uncomfortable or any up to fatal. I see no issue with finding a way that helps to keep my energy system balance and uncompromised by other's shit! Thank you for this. I my mind it only confirms my technique. ? I have my own ways of cleansing a space that were taught me by healing teachers I have studied under and all bear similarities to this. More similar to those used by Wicca or Druids however.
  7. Not to dissuade you from doing any practice that works for you, but Michael's usual response on protection against "negative beings" is that the best protection is to know that they can't hurt you. It's not that they don't exist, but that they're thought-forms from the lower Astral that have no power over us, and the concept of protection is a form of resistance that can reinforce the idea that they're some kind of threat to be feared. As far as what's happening when someone is bothered by negative beings to the point of not being able to live a normal life, I suspect it might have something to do with the resonance Michael talks about in the article below. This is the only transcript I can find at the moment with Michael's explanation of "negative energies" in a space. I could've sworn there's one or two more, but I can't find them with the keywords I used (or they may not have been transferred from the old site). @Nick Sweeney (Babylove) Do you remember asking a question along these lines? I seem to recall a session where you asked about protection when practicing channeling, and Michael said something along the lines of how the concept of protection doesn't work very well for old souls.
  8. Gavin

    More on Energy Healing

    Thank you for asking these questions and presenting the answers for use and valitation, @Maureen While I am not actively healing at present, I have done. I am very interested in discussions on energy healing and hope we can add to this body of information. Right, Next topic. ?
  9. Hi all, I just shared a technique for protection and healing, that I use, in another forum. Upon finding this club I thought it appropriate to share hear. Very interested in hearing others techniques. I am a Reiki level 2 and have been introduced to an energy healing technique called "Pranic Healing" which I highly recommend for those on this path. My Technique: Starting with the Base Chakra I visualise it expanding and energising as I breath into it, just a 3 - 5 breaths required when you use the technique often, then work my way up through the Chakras visualising them adding to each other to expand the energy bubble around me. I then include the minor energy centres of my palms and knees and feet. I visualise this energy surrounding me then enclose it in the blanket of blue light that I wrap around and then seal with a light beam like a weld. I then repeat to myself 3 times that only light and love may enter with negativity and darkness cannot. I then breath into my safe zone, expending my energy field, pushing and negativity withing out of the blue shield. I do this technique in crowds of unknown energy around negative people and especially if I am around those who have colds or other communicable dis-eases. As and addition to this, if I have a cold or similar starting to rear it's ugly head, I visualise a fine net of light being pulled through my entire energy field, collecting negativity and darkness and when fully clear of me I mentally through it back to the universe and see it burst into sparks of colourful light,or burn in colourful flames. I keep doing this until there is nothing left to collect and expel. I get good results from this! I can do this with little more than then intent nowadays.
  10. Originally published on December 1, 2013 From a Private Live Chat on November 29, 2013 Maureen: What happens or is happening to a healer’s centers/chakras/hands when a healer is doing hands-on energy healing? Would you describe the flow of energy, which centers/chakras are engaged and how they are engaged. Perhaps commenting on a typical and an atypical healing/healer would help. MEntity: There are multiple ways we can respond to this, as there are multiple ways that one can provide intended healing, but we will focus on the scenario of a legitimate circuit of intentional healing that is received, and then go from there. MEntity: In a scenario of intentional healing that is received, the healer's chakras work in one of two ways: to generate an excess of energy that comes from the local environment and body of the healer, or they work to open in a way that allows for access to a more "universal" force to come through. The latter is preferred, of course, because this heals the healer, as well, but this has its own challenges that may not be expected. MEntity: In both cases, the dominant set of Chakras activated is relative to the need of the recipient. For example, if one is in need of Emotional Healing, the 4th and 6th Chakras would likely be the dominant set either generating excess, or opening for access. MEntity: In most cases of "hands on" healing, there can only be Emotional or Intellectual healing. Hands on healing in a Physical manner would be more literal, such as the treatment of a wound, or setting of a bone, or surgery. This is not to say that the Emotional and Intellectual healings do not affect the Physical, because they do, but in a more supportive, accelerated reparative manner, not in a miraculous or magickal manner. MEntity: Whether coming from excess or access, the energy that is shared acts then like a tuning fork that fluctuates, rises and falls in tone, until there is a match for linking to what is wounded. MEntity: This resonance is entirely dependent upon the recipient for use, then. The healer cannot heal anyone, but can only help the wounded to heal himself or herself. The healer CAN help to stabilize a wounding, bring relief to it, temporarily halt its effects, all for the sake of the wounded to gather his or her capacity for attempting to heal. MEntity: It is not much different from any Physical healing, in that even the best of medicines, surgery, doctors, etc. can only create the stability. The healing comes from the patient. MEntity: We realize that is a technicality, but that is an important truth. Maureen: I would think that the Higher Moving Center acting through the 2nd Chakra would have a place of "prominence" with "higher energy" working through the healer. What part does the 2nd Chakra play -- through the healer? MEntity: It is always involved, but as a PART. In other words, the emotional healing would be the resonance generated between the emotional centers and the higher emotional centers between healer and wounded, but that resonance is exchanged through the medium of the Higher Moving PART of those chakras/centers. Maureen: OK MEntity: "Part" is a bit of a misnomer, because the Chakras/Centers are their own, and not divided like pie slices, but the imagery works. In truth, there is more like a primary and secondary functioning happening. For example, another way to "see" this functioning is that the Higher Emotional Center/Chakra is the primary function that is then delivered through the medium of the Higher Moving. MEntity: So there is a linking from the healer's Higher Emotional that feeds into the Higher Moving, and then the Higher Moving is what delivers that to the wounded. This is always involved because of the nature of resonance, and the Physical Plane. Maureen: Thanks Michael, that helps me to visualize the flow. MEntity: Even in Physical healing, such as a doctor's work on the body, this is the case. The Higher Moving and/or Moving PART is what delivers the flow of healing. MEntity: In the latter, it is easy to see in the work of the hands, or the effects of a medicine. Maureen: What did you mean by: ...or they work to open in a way that allows for access to a more "universal" force to come through.The latter is preferred, of course, because this heals the healer, as well, but this has its own challenges that may not be expected. Maureen: What are these challenges that may not be expected? MEntity: In response to your question: MEntity: When a healer generates excess from the environment and body, it is something like using one's strength to pump a well to fill a pail and then carry that to the thirsty, the wounded. It can be exhausting and draining, and can only be sustained for so long before rest is required of the healer. MEntity: But because this is "carried" to the wounded, it does not have to pass through the healer. MEntity: When a healer is accessing more universal sources, it means that source has to flow through the bodies of the healer before becoming available. This is like becoming a well, instead of going to a well. MEntity: This is often preferred because that wellspring is beneficial on multiple levels to all involved, but this path is one that means that the healer must also heal thyself, lest the waters that flow forth be tainted. Maureen: No wonder I "waited" until I finished my 4th IM to become more fully engaged in Energy Healing work. MEntity: By "tainted" we mean that while healing may be legitimate in circuitry, the recipient may subconsciously take on the water as infused by the healer's own expectations, wounding, prejudices, etc. Maureen: Yes – I can definitely see how that would likely happen. MEntity: This is exemplified in many of the dramatic "tent healing" demonstrations where the recipient must comply with the presumptions of the healer to feel that he has received the healing. MEntity: It can also be exemplified in more insidious ways that can be manipulative in late Mature and Old souls. MEntity: So there are pros and cons to ACCESS vs EXCESS, but those who seek to be available as healers on a larger scale must, eventually, seek ACCESS as the means, and this means working on the surprising "crap" that comes to the surface as that healing energy is flowing over time. Maureen: Oh Yes! :) Maureen: So the Higher Moving Center will flow energy through the hands of the healer? Maureen: of course ...as part of the "healing system" MEntity: In response to your next question: no. There are minor chakras that act as delivery and receptacle systems for the major chakras. The hands have their own chakras, then, that act as such. MEntity: There are other such conduits, but it can be awkward to offer one's forehead or foot to the wounded, so the hands tend to be the most acceptable conduits. Maureen: LOL
  11. The Magic of Healing Originally published on July 17, 2012 Although I have spoken to Michael several times about Healing, every time I see something on John of God or other "over-the-top" healers, I start wondering what is actually going on. Do the "rest of us" have the same potential? What is the Magic of Healing? From a Private Live Chat – July 5, 2012 Maureen: have wondered if I could be an even more “powerful” healer – like John of God for example. But when I think about it – I wouldn’t want the numbers of people flocking to see me – like they do to him – in droves. Is that holding me back? Do we all have the same potential? Am I or could I be as powerful an “energy” healer as he is? I don’t think this is Self-Deprecation talking – I am really wondering about this. MEntity: First, True Healers are only facilitators. Ever. It does not tend to be about "power" or "being powerful," and tends to be a matter of igniting an individual's own capacity to heal. This is true even of the most allopathic of healings. MEntity: When one who can Heal then hooks into a broad belief system that is so insidiously inculcated and imprinted, such as the concept of a religious God who is personal and powerful, then the healing that comes can be rather "easy" for triggering. MEntity: Those who would be healed by that healer would be those who share in that belief system. MEntity: The presence and actions of the healer, along with the belief system, and along with the eagerness for results, often trigger valid healing properties that can then be measured. Maureen: That's interesting – but I don't want to buy into that belief system – just to get better results! MEntity: However, in your case, you are stripped of interest in catering to most belief systems that perpetuate beliefs that are often "bullshit," and are often at the very heart of the reasons for illness among those who subscribe to those beliefs. Maureen: Yes – I can see that MEntity: In fact, part of your healing effects would come in the form of helping those immersed in their own "bullshit" to come free of it. THAT is a healing in itself, mind you. MEntity: You have actively worked to heal your self of this, as well. Maureen: Yes. Maureen: so obviously – I'm a different kind of healer then – yes Maureen: it feels a bit "lonely" though sometimes – without all the hocus pocus! Maureen: so many people want that – not the "truth" Maureen: the truth is often too simple and revealing MEntity: Your recipients of healing may not be clamoring at your door with the weight of widespread beliefs and imprinting that can be hooked into for popularity, but your recipients are, nonetheless, still carrying the weight of beliefs, but ones that you can relate to. MEntity: It is not lonely without the hocus pocus, it is informative. It is a part of what you still wish to bring to your healing efforts: how to bring the magic without resorting to tricks. Maureen: Yes – that is what I want Michael MEntity: Part of your healing, then, may include that same point for your recipients. MEntity: Magic is not theatrical. Magic Tricks may be, but not magic. MEntity: Magic is not glamorous. Magic Tricks may be. MEntity: Magic is experiential. It is not impressive. MEntity: Magic is generated, not presented. MEntity: Magic is alive, not given life. MEntity: Magic is the capacity to transform one's life in the blink of perception, not necessarily in the blink of an eye. Maureen: Yes! MEntity: Your recipients are the magicians, and you are the assistant, and the magic they may seek is possible, not through theatrics, tricks, and glamour, but through real effort, patience, and treatments. Maureen: That's helpful. That's a great way of seeing it MEntity: The same magic that was used for the creation or allowance of ailments is the same magic that can relieve them of those things. If it is a physical trauma, then physical "magic" must be utilized. If it is an emotional trauma, then emotional "magic" must be utilized. And so on. MEntity: For example, if someone slams their fingers in a car door, one would want immediate medical treatment to save those fingers and stitch them up. One would not go to a psychologist, in that case. Maureen: Yes – lol MEntity: When your recipients come to you, if there are physical ailments, they must understand that a physical specialist or remedy may be in order to address that, even if only in terms of symptoms, but that your aim is to help relieve, reverse, or transform the subtler elements involved. Maureen: So as a healer – it's good to learn discernment to suss out the "body" or bodies that need to be worked on/with. MEntity: It may be helpful, but not necessary. The only body that would need to be recognized as beyond your aim is the physical body, at least in terms of physical symptoms or traumas. Maureen: I see MEntity: Your work may help support the repair and healing of that body, but you are not an EMT. Maureen: LOL – no I'm not MEntity: It must be understand by you and by your recipient, if you choose to encourage understanding, that you are a facilitator, a healer, and not an emergency repair center.
  12. Originally published on April 4, 2011 This is an Excerpt from a recent session with Michael, channeled by Troy: Maureen: I’ve been doing Energy Healing with a young man who is (was?) very sick in a Hospital. His father came looking for ‘healing’ for his son at church (out of the blue) where he ‘found/chose’ me. The son is showing remarkable improvement. The father is delighted and has very generously paid me for my services. Maureen: Getting paid ‘so easily’ without being asked - as I 'freely' offered my services - has set off my CFs somewhat. Also, I guess I didn’t expect the son to respond so well to my Healing – because it has caught me off guard a bit by how quickly and deeply he has responded. What am I to make of all of this? MEntity: You are a healer. It is that simple. The results will supply the feedback that can continue to contribute to your sense of trust in this strength. However, your self-doubt is not fear-based, or rooted from Chief Features, but a sort of buffer to keep your Personality from attaching itself to the results. MEntity: We think you already know this, but you cannot heal another person without their doing the work. MEntity: Healers, at their best, are facilitators of healing, and while we still think it is valid to refer to them as "healers," they are truly facilitators. MEntity: Your "job" is to facilitate and direct energies, and this can often yield surprising results that feel as if you are not fully responsible for them, thus receiving attention, credit, or payment for such a position can sometimes feel inappropriate. MEntity: But we can point out that those who build bridges are paid; those who raise bridges are paid; those who pave streets are paid; those who build traffic lights are paid; those who direct traffic are paid; those who manufacture medicines are paid; those who teach are paid; those who build homes are paid; etc. MEntity: ALL participation in humanity is a form of "channeling," in that regard, because energy (in its myriad of forms) is being facilitated and directed in a way that is then used by others for whatever they choose. MEntity: It is the tangibility of the effect of that facilitation that makes the difference, and if results are being generated by your participation, then you are a vital part of that equation. MEntity: Goods and supplies would not get around the planet without those who facilitate and direct that flow. They are vital, even though what is delivered can be used however it is used. MEntity: So what you feel may have been your "CF's" appears to have only been your coming to terms with your part of the equation; a kind of self-consciousness and realization that you actually make a difference. MEntity: Continue to define your terms of what you can and do provide in the form of healing facilitation, and the more you are clear about those, the more easily you can deliver those, and feel comfortable for the return of energy in a form that is healing for you. MEntity: No energy is "given" without an exchange in some way, and it is always Good Work to define what you are giving, and how you would prefer it to return to you. MEntity: Even if that return is quietly defined as "the joy of seeing someone recover" or "whatever that person can afford, or chooses to give," etc.
  13. 12 COMPONENTS of Healing In response to the 12 Stages of Healing: The Stages are relative to the 12 forms of Support that one must bring into the process of healing. We will clarify those here as succinctly as we can: MEntity: These "Stages" are not sequential as much as they are "components" that must be included eventually for full healing. MEntity: In light of that, we will refer to these as the 12 COMPONENTS of Healing. MEntity: Love must be present in the process of Healing, and this means a kind of acceptance, or surrender to the reality of the illness or challenge. The resistance often causes the pain, but acknowledging the validity of where you are in your health can help transform the properties of it. MEntity: Knowledge must be present in the process of Healing, as one must understand what the ailment or challenge is, and eventually what can be learned from the experience. MEntity: Compassion must be present in the process of Healing, as it is important to allow for it to be a messy process, a tedious process, an inconvenient process, etc. Compassion is the kindness necessary for those moments. MEntity: A Teacher/Teaching must be present or identified in the process of Healing, as there is always something or someone that can be found to have a message in the experience. This is different from Knowledge in that Knowledge is a general grasp on the nature of the ailment or challenge, and a knowing that the experience can offer learning. MEntity: The Teacher/Teaching, however, is the actual "lesson" that one feels he or she has extracted from the experience. MEntity: Appreciation must be present for full healing to be experienced, as every illness or challenge has as part of its origins a missed realization, something taken for granted, a need for increase of gratitude for some part of the self, the life, relationships, etc. MEntity: Nurturing must be present for full healing to be experienced, and by this we mean that it is directed toward something else along with the self. Often this is done by taking care of a plant, an animal, or a project that requires some kind of attention in this way. MEntity: Laughter must be present for full healing to be experienced, and this is rather obvious to some. Laughter is not necessarily the "best medicine," but it is one of the best. MEntity: Structure must be present for full healing to be experienced, and by this we mean the adherence to any practices, disciplines, rehabilitations, medications, etc. MEntity: An Anchor must be present for full healing to be experienced, and by this we mean that at least one person is identified as someone who will be with you through all or most of the process of recovery. Of course, this includes yourself, but to have someone to depend on can help accelerate healing tremendously. MEntity: A Healer is the most obvious that needs to be present for healing to occur. Someone, even if this is the self, is identified as a facilitator of your recovery and healing that you feel is competent and effective. MEntity: Awareness is a component that must be present for full healing, and by this we mean that sense begins to be made of the entire experience in a way that allows for it to move away from the body and the present. MEntity: This is different from Knowledge and Teacher. MEntity: Think of Knowledge as the Foundation, Teacher as what is built upon that foundation, and Awareness is the bigger picture that includes those. MEntity: And finally, there is Inspiration. This is the realization of what one will do for the self, for others, and for the life upon recovery or stabilization. MEntity: Keep in mind that these 12 Components play into every challenge or illness that requires a recovery, from the flu to grief MEntity: Of course, we synopsised our descriptions for the purposes of this live chat, but we think this will help to have the whole set of 12.

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