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  • Red bean and leek salad

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      Me-Time De-Stress Salad


      I'm divorced, joint custody, and I used to make this once my kid had gone to her dad after her week with me... I'd sit on the couch, watch an episode of some series, eat most of the salad straight from the bowl and drink a glass of red wine 🙂 Although it probably goes even better with beer.
      I came up with this when a bean and leek salad was the only decent vegan thing available at a gas station, I ate and it realized: I can do MUCH better.


      - red kidney beans
      - capers
      - apples
      - leek
      - gherkins
      - vegan mayo
      - salt to taste, although the capers tend to be quite salty, so taste *before* adding salt

      Serves: 2 Prep Time: 10 minutes tops Cuisine: Eastern European

    Amounts per taste, find the balance that suits you.

    I usually use an entire stalk of leek, about two apples, a tin of beans (rinsed), a small jar of small capers (drained) and about a cup of gherkins (on the sweet side).

    Chop as you like, mix, leave for about 15 minutes, eat.
    I cut the leek into half length-wise and then slice, so you'll have half-circles, but you can do full circles if you like. I chop gherkins quite finely.

    This salad has two strong tastes: leek and capers. If you don't like oniony tastes, this isn't for you. You can leave out the capers if you don't like them, my 7 yo daughter doesn't...

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