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  • tofu marinade 2

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    • Ingredients:

      2nd tofu marinade 


      4 Tablespoons smoked paprika  

      2 Tablespoons Old Bay Seasoning 

      2 Tablespoons Sesame Seeds 

      1/2 cup vege oil 

      1/3 cup balsamic vinaigrette  

      1/3 cup Pomegranate Molasses  

      1/3 cup of a Hot Chilli Pepper Sauce (rings around Uranus is good) 

      1 1/2 Tablespoons Vegemite / Braggs Amino Sauce 

      1 teaspoon mustard powder 

      2 Teaspoons Asafoetida  


      Serves: 2 Cook Time: 20 mins Prep Time: 20 mins Cuisine: Tofu, Seitan, Tempeh

    Cook and reduce and serve with Veges, rice/noodles/pasta and tofu. 

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