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    • Primary Soul Age: Mature
      Secondary Soul Age: Baby
      Pocket Soul Ages: Old


    Zimbabwe Flag.gif  


    MEntity through Troy Tolley (March 28, 2017. PPLD, Private session)

    Currently the population is dominated by Primarily Mature Souls and Secondarily Baby Souls with Pockets of Old Souls. The Baby Souls are often ruled by distanced Young Souls.


    The Mature Soul atmosphere is deeply informed by centuries of Baby and Young influences, but this is changing. The paradigm has shifted, but it is in a similar quandary as other areas of progress, when large contingent fears that progress.


    Mature Souls outnumber the younger souls, so the shift is toward a Mature Soul paradigm.


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    (How the hell do I get the placing of the flag so nicely done, as Troy and Kurtis have??? ⚡?️ ⚡)

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    Posted (edited)

    16 minutes ago, Nadine said:

    Couldn't resist posting 1f62c.png



    One of my absolute favourites!!! If not THE favourite!

    I always thought it was too short and had to listen to it on replay.

    Thank you Nadine!

    I'm having a glorious start of the day, listening to it now ?

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