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  2. Miizle

    ENERGY REPORT - January 2020

    Smells a lot like Nexus to me: I had a dream last night in which i met a group of people that seems to me like some sort of a configuration, even cadence (we were 7), or something. One of them was my former work mate / supervisor. The best manager I ever had, by the way. So in the morning I'm thinking, geez, I really need to go see them some time, I haven't been there since we moved over a year ago. Both her and the boss lady, owner of the store, are just very lovely people. And so it happens that in today's paper there was an ad for the shop's closing down sale. It's been there for 27 years! Came as a total surprise. And it's not just any old shop, but a rather special one, the owner sources the things on her 4 month long trips around the world each year and it is truly just owned by her (and I guess her husband). Talk about timing!!! It's also been pretty much the last thing standing that had actually somehow tied me to that town, almost everything else has already changed, as if I'd never lived there. Those changes and the move all happened around and right after the nexus that ended that big bubble in 2018, btw. Another shop that I used to work in (souvenirs, outdoor & wool clothing, gifts) shut down just before I moved. Then I ended up working in a very similar shop in this new town (did NOT try to, or really want to, but how this happened was very clearly a "path" offered to me, and i chose it very consciously, even if a bit reluctantly, after some consideration, i.e. just sitting with it without any actual considering other than having my subconscious work on whether or not I wanted to take "that path".) Wouldn't have guessed, but the owner ended up being an unfair c*nt like in the other shop, although with a different outcome. When I took this job after we moved, I was also approached about another job (sales assistant in an art gallery) that was a similar job I had had simultaneously with that first souvenir store job. Like life was really trying to mimic the experiences (at least professional) I had had, and erase them in the old town. (Also the playground we used to go to got completely changed when we moved, like actually ripped up and built anew totally different in every way etc...) The job that I had in the shop that is closing down now, has not appeared in any shape or form in this new life yet. Maybe now that it will be properly gone from the old??? That would certainly be odd. And just another small thing that happened today, I got contacted by a random person in this old town that had accidentally received my mail, a letter or a Christmas card from an old friend in Finland that I have been meaning to contact. That will be nice to get, and I would't think too much of it if it wasn't Nexus. This person said she contacted me because she remembered my name from a comment I had posted on an anti rodeo FB group a year ago! Hope this wasn't too messy, I tried to be clear and brief... anyhow... This is a pretty big convergence, and a spelling of a company, a product, or a person hasn't changed yet for me as per usual, so I'll probably be reporting back soon.....
  3. KurtisM

    ENERGY REPORT - January 2020

    To any that are also interested, this article explains quite clearly and compassionately, the social and economic consequences of the coronavirus: https://foreignpolicy.com/2020/01/22/wuhan-coronavirus-quarantine-china-will-hit-poor-hardest/ Frankly, it's quite sad. I understand now how such a virus could start in Wuhan, and why all of us have "ended up" in this reality. I will continue to look at these crises as potential wake up calls, before it is, quite literally, too late.
  4. I would absolutely love to hear more on black holes and other mysteries of the universe; start small and keep on going!
  5. That was VERY helpful thank you!! @petra
  6. @avi One thing that comes to mind is a session from Michael speaks: Psychic Hygiene from 2011
  7. Ok I’m adding a lot of unnecessary asterisks bc I don’t want the internet to find me so bear with me So this week is Gr*mmy week and the company I work with is an amazing mature soul concept that will very much be helpful for a*tists, and hopefully the world since we believe they influence society, if all goes well, and we’re participating in a segment of the activities. HOWEVER I’m SO sensitive to the environment and the bad energy that some carry and the young soul ideals and just during prep today, I could already feel myself sinking into it. Combined with the very very long days ahead for the next week, I just know it’s gonna be a lot for me. any tips or meditations or prayers or does anyone know of previous teachings in protecting your energy or just staying afloat in these kinds of environments? any help would really and truly be appreciated I want to bring my best self to this environment and be a light and help creatives and I don’t want to turn into a hothead asshole just bc I’m being affected by others and the general environment
  8. Mike Cleverly

    Mysteries Of The Universe

    "We can discuss these and more 'mysteries' of the universe in a dedicated session if that is of interest. " No thanks Michael, we're good... SAID NO STUDENT EVER! Bring it on!
  9. Yesterday
  10. Miizle

    ENERGY REPORT - January 2020

    Wow, that's a lot! For some reason this is kind of funny to me. All these converging anonymous guests swarming, lol.
  11. Susan A Flow

    Mysteries Of The Universe

    Sure Bobby, this would be a great interest to me!
  12. BrianW



    Hey Troy, wanted to see if you had emailed this out. Thanks!
  13. I doubt it as well, even though in the previous Grand Cycle stories we've heard of sentient lava blobs and light waves and what not! I just wonder what Michael would actually say.
  14. Bacteria and such for sure but like you am unsure of any other sentient life outside of our own planet.
  15. I second that. So many mysteries! But to begin small: I can't even recall reading a session where Michael was asked whether there is any kind of life (even some kind we might not recognize) in our Solar system, elsewhere than on Earth, I mean.
  16. When asking Michael about a particularly large black hole in the Dec 2019 Michael Speaks, they responded with "We can discuss these and more 'mysteries' of the universe in a dedicated session if that is of interest. " I would like to see a dedicated session added where they can expand their comments on black holes and other mysteries of the universe.
  17. I've updated the candidate list to show who is still running.
  18. petra

    ENERGY REPORT - January 2020

    Wow, get this for a Nexus thingy, right now my Pacific Time 8:15 AM, there are "299 Guests" on the TLE-Website, seems a lot of our buddy's are converging!!!
  19. Eric

    ENERGY REPORT - January 2020

    Interesting that a nexus is progress. My grandmother, whose been in assisted living with dementia for years, had a fever and went fairly comatose just before it started. My mom, uncle, and myself have been doing rotating vigils at her bedside since then and tonight my uncle heard the "death rattle" sound signaling that she'll likely pass on soon (though it could be anywhere between a few hours to a few days). It would be an interesting coincidence if it happened in the next 48 hours and coincided with the nexus.
  20. Miizle

    ENERGY REPORT - January 2020

    Well, I didn't again realise it's nexus, will keep my eyes open now! But I did notice the latch on our second gate today, as it had a proper thing to attach the hook into, instead of having to do it up to the wire fence. And now I have a memory of realising this once earlier as well, in fact, some time last year. Hm. It's such a bizarre feeling. Not too happy about that corona virus news. Chinese New Year is almost here and masses of Chinese tourists going through my husband's work place and he will be in close contact with them. Like actually touching them (putting on sky diving harnesses). I've been sick with my pre-schooler almost non-stop since April going through all possible kindy viruses, so our health is not in the best possible state. I know it's not very unlikely it would just happen to travel to us but it's still an annoying thing to add on top of other stresses in life. Oh yeah! Haaahaaa it IS Nexus! And I got another Nexus present! A few nexuses ago I commented here something like, wish nexus had given me some surprise progress in my vegetable garden. Well, the next Nexus actually did! I felt like I hardly worked and the next day when I walked into the garden it looked so different with big improvements! And it done it again!! Folks, ask for those Nexus presents, you never know what Father Nexus might have in his sack! Lol
  21. Tina

    ENERGY REPORT - January 2020

    @Crystal thanks a lot! It’s lucky for me to discover this place. Yeah, I agree that I’ll try to avoid touching myself these days. LOL. I have a UV light. I exposed my clothes, pants, shoes, bag, keys etc. to it after I went out today.
  22. KurtisM

    ENERGY REPORT - January 2020

    I found this session from Geraldine, in which she asked about the probabilities of Ebola going global in 2014. (This session makes me wonder if there is a set of Parallels where Ebola grew into a Pandemic?) "MEntity: In response to the first question: the probability [for a Global Pandemic] is high in terms of the "top three" trends at this time for population reduction, along with effects of climate change and war. This is not to say that this strain or contagion [Ebola] is "it," but it is a possibility." Well, we got all three now. War, Climate Change, Viral Contagion Pandemic We pretty much get to choose which of these we want this year. Or if we want to take the more humanitarian route with a Crisis of Consciousness.
  23. KurtisM

    ENERGY REPORT - January 2020

    This Coronavirus Epidemic harkens me back to 2009, where I obsessively reported to my Grade 5 Class on the Swine Flu Pandemic as it spread around the world and death tolls rose. How strange that the 1980 Divergence is converging with us at the exact time this deadly Outbreak is occurring. It definitely fits with being an ecological crisis. Actually, it makes me wonder if it actually came from that Bundle, rather than our own? Or perhaps did a similar virus break out there as is happening here? Even more strange is how so many events (Coronavirus, Brexit, Royal Family Shifts, Democracy Protests, Iran War Threats, Trump Impeachment, Climate Action Protests, several Natural Disasters) are happening at once, at the start of 2020 our Turning Point Year AND with the Global Public aware of all of it, at once. That seems... rare.
  24. Troy

    BA-Project B-0117

    Reschedule from Jan 17th
  25. Miizle


    Happy Birthday Troy!! Hope it was magnificent.
  26. Last week
  27. This really resonates with me. I often times feel like I have to take a "break" from learning new spiritual concepts so that I can apply what I've learned. Or with anything. Especially as an investigator with an active mind, I know when I need to keep hunting for information and when I've reached my limit with learning in the present moment and now need to do/apply what I've learned. Which is where I am now lol
  28. KurtisM

    Game changers

    I want to show this documentary to some sports people in my family. All I can do is invite them to look though.
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