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  4. I was reminded of this song from a Youtube channel I watch (CinemaTherapy, I definitely recommend) and dammit if I didn't get the misty eyes watching this scene again. While I find The Greatest Showman itself to be an okay movie overall, this part tends to get me. I noted this once already when Bobby mentioned this song in his dream thread, but this is a song (and scene) that for me resonates with something deeply, wonderfully human. There's the context of the song itself (recognizing and redeeming/returning to what matters in life, namely loved ones), but part of me could see a reflection
  5. I like your take @Moonfeather you said it better than I could.
  6. Yesterday
  7. Ugh, such a good reread. I so often exclude irritating people as a way to not have to deal with them, but as Michael reminds me, that's not what I'm here for. Fine, Michael, FINE.
  8. This series of videos gives an excellent rundown of how an anarchist society would work. Obviously, it's not definitive; there's a range of opinions on specifics, but this is a good starting point for understanding the practical implementation of anarchism. Anarchism is novel, in the sense that's it's never been attempted on the scale of a major nation. I do not, however, think that it's some pie-in-the-sky fantasy. It can be done.
  9. I do agree there will always be leaders and followers but I don't agree that then translates into leaders having power. If we agree as humans that we need people to lead or settle disputes, etc., fine but we don't need to make that person or persons special because they have that role. When everyone participates and is able to lend their own natural skills and talents, then being a leader is a role just like being a care giver or lifeguard or chef. There is no need to elevate any person. It's just like with our essence roles, no one is better than another but they all work together
  10. This session is one of my all-time favorite "messages" from Michael.
  11. @ckaricai I definitely see your points and just like any other political lens Anachism is just as multifaceted and diverse. There are many schools of Anarchist thought. And I tend to avoid the word "Libertarian" because it's been hijacked by conservatives in the US. "Libertarian" used to apply to the left in my understanding. There will always be power systems, either natural or manufactured. The point of Anarchy, in my opinion, isnt to remove these natural systems or change human nature but to at the very least not have a system in place that is literally designed to
  12. Maureen

    ENERGY REPORT - March/April 2021

    I've been feeling like Charlie Brown lately, and it came to a head yesterday, with so much (still) going on in the world that feels unloving, unmoving, ....unrelieved. How many more mass shootings in the U.S. can we withstand? How much more can humanity take? Will we get through this? Will we be able to stop voter suppression in the U.S.? Will we put an end to White Supremacy, the Patriarchy, once and for all, as it is so writ large? How will we get through this? When this happens over time I try to remind myself what future lives of mine are teaching me, specifically my next life in Japan. 和平
  13. *Me apologizing repeatedly to myself for not doing this, or doing that too much, or not thinking kinder thoughts, etc, etc...) *My Essence: ^^^ I know this is a response in regards to T*ump specifically, but honestly... This is such a hard hitting and universal truth to me. It's hard to separate from the Personality/Ego long enough to comprehend what is being conveyed here. My mind seems to actively rally against it, to find excuses or exceptions. I try every most days to extend compassion (at the highest level possible, at the time) for eve
  14. Haight-ashbury is a great example. I read a piece in the Atlantic by a guy who was there. The bad faith actors were rich Suburbanite kids who hated their parents and probably never worked in their lives. They took advantage and didn't contribute to an already fragile system of free clinics and subsidized rent. A better example was what the Chicago Black Panthers under Fred Hampton were doing. Organizing, free breakfast for kids, free clinics for people that lived in the area, peace treaties with the gangs, cop watch patrols to keep the CPD in line, etc. The panthers sti
  15. Michael Speaks: June 2008] Excerpts: Old Soul politics return to a state of no politics, but more of what might be considered Anarchy. We use the word "anarchy" in its true definition, not as the Young or Mature soul might exploit the term. The anarchy usually takes on a form that would be recognized as Tribalism. From what we can see of other populations dominated by Old Soul Ages and paradigms, there are no governments that you would recognize beyond being more tribal groups in communication and exchange with one another, but with no discernible leader or authority.
  16. A world with no leadership is not possible. Even within a lateral political structure there will be leadership and/or representatives. It may be that instead of one ruler there would be a council of representatives. In a world with billions of people at the very least there needs to be someone or some group of people to arbitrate disputes - those will never go away. It may be that disputes don't lead to wars but lack of production. Meaning things that projects that need to get done just don't get done because people are at impasses. Someone or some group will need to organize people when it's
  17. Troy


  18. I think a big step toward compassionate overhaul is trust. Many people are fed up with capitalism, but they don't trust their fellow humans to participate honestly in a different system. Part of that wariness is because of previous experiences where fascism used a cloak of socialism to gain a foothold, or where anarchists used violence to try to overhaul a system; another is because they're operating on an understanding of human psychology that's arisen out of capitalist hierarchical teaching and experience, and not an actual snapshot of who we are as a species on a base level. I f
  19. @Hunter I feel you on the locale. I have posted on Facebook before about my neighborhood. It overwhelmingly went for Trump both times. I have no sidewalks in my neighborhood. People get super pissy if you step out of the road to avoid a car and are on 'their property' for a few seconds. Those racist blue line flags are all over the place. So pretty sure just walking up like and asking if they'd like to hear about our lord and savior Karl is a bad idea. So. Help when I can. Be a good neighbor. Stay friendly when I would rather tell them off. Part of
  20. @Christian A revolution of thought... I can only see this happening naturally, and from the ground up like you mention. I can really only speak about my locality and peers when I say this, but I see a ton of apathy around me. All the people I know and love resent capitalism in some way, but all who I speak with dont see any other way... there is NO alternative in their eyes. And I suppose "speeding" the thought revolution up would entail helping people realize there is an alternative... many actually. How did we live before the last 300 years of capitalism? A million ways and not o
  21. Got my first dose of Pfizer at a mass vaccination site very efficiently run by the Illinois National Guard on Friday and want to thank @Becca the Student and @Jeroen for suggesting having a heart to heart with my body beforehand. Rather than the run down feeling I was expecting, I actually got a boost in energy and ended up decluttering the house and garage until well after midnight. I had muscle pain at the injection site very similar to DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness after working out), but it was gone within 24 hours, and the lifting and moving things even helped relieve it. Three days
  22. lilag


  23. Last week
  24. DianeHB


    I just got my first shot! I was scheduled for next Thursday, but we were walking around Green Lake near our house when we came across the fire department giving out their extra Moderna doses. My next shot is scheduled in a month. I know most of us in the US are getting our shots now, but I’m still so excited that it’s my turn!!
  25. Not a Michael source, but cats remind me of this. Like being between dimensions, being able to move between worlds. ... or this... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bastet
  26. @Juni, this would be a good question for Michael. How does he do it? Remote Viewing came to mind as well as perhaps his own special sensing. It would be interesting to see the Essence Roles/Roles Oscar represents for his Entity. Here's an excerpt from a session where I asked Michael about a friend's cat who didn't like people all that much but couldn't get enough of me on first meeting. It was so strange (to me) I asked Michael about it. Here's the link to Cat ~ Acting as a Medium or "Familiar". Maureen: When I was visiting my friend Aaron last year – at his brother’s place – his
  27. petra


  28. petra

    Max Richter

    In my April 16th 2021 Session it was validated by Michael, that Max Richter is my Traveling Companion from C1E1, a 5th level Old, Warrior-cast Scholar, with whom I share 118 life-times. Max Richter is a German-born British composer and pianist. He works within post-minimalism and in the meeting of contemporary classical and alternative popular musical styles. Wikipedia Born: March 22, 1966 (age 55 years), Hamelin, Germany Movies: Max Richter’s Sleep, Never Look Away, Waltz with Bashir, MORE Genre: Film score, Contemporary classical music, Ambient music, Minimal music
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