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  3. Maureen

    ENERGY REPORT - July 2021

    I was wondering how this would show up... I had this dream last night. NOTE: My mother has been dead since 2016. I haven't seen my great-niece (born May 10, 2019) or my nephew's wife Laura since since May 2019. Interestingly, I had had many dreams about Margot across 2019 and 2020 but this is the first dream I've had in 2021. Diane asked Michael about these contacts with Margot and they had this to say: July 24, 2021: I was at our old place on Walpole. I walked into mom and dads bedroom and mom was there, in the bed, with Margot. Mom was trying to get her to sleep but Margot wasn’t going down too easy. Margot seemed a bit “non compliant” like Simon can get but seemed easier than him... not as defiant. (Simon is also a Warrior-cast Sage). I think she just wasn’t ready to sleep. I realized I hadn’t seen her in quite awhile and wondered if she’d even recognize me. I kissed her on her face, on her forehead, a couple of times and she seemed to be OK with that. Mom asked her to go over her numbers, counting, which she did, easily. She seemed to know them all. I was wondering what to ask then decided on a song. I asked her what song she liked that she would like to sing. I said I would try to sing along with her. She seemed to like this so we did. It was a nice child’s song that I probably wouldn’t know IRL but in the dream I did and I sang along with her. Later on in another dream I’m walking with Laura (my nephew's wife, Old 3 Scholar-cast Server, mother of Margot) who I haven’t seen for a very long time. We walk and talk for a nice long time and get caught up. I relay to her the earlier visit with Margot and she seems pleased. We discuss how nice it was for mom to visit. I realize that I thought mom was alive during the dream with Margot, then afterwards probably when I got up to pee and thought about it I knew mom was dead. I carried this knowledge of mom being dead back into my sleep so when I dreamed of walking with Laura, and she mentioned mom as if she was alive, it surprised me. In the dream with Laura I had to orient myself, somehow, to both “facts” about mom being "dead and alive" and that seemed odd to do.
  4. BUMP! With best wishes for recovery, healing and revitalization, Happy Nexus, Everybody! July 26th CONVERGENCE - an unusual merging of parallels focused on relationships recovering, healing, and being revitalized over time when they were once thought lost to time, conflict, or distance.
  5. I got Pfizer both times. It is the same in Finland, side effects should be reported.
  6. Corrected the link to @Christina Lily Pedersen's session, added with "The 7 Categories of Pursuit For Careers"
  7. Yesterday
  8. Added links to: 7 Areas that need to be in place to understand the difference between living and being alive 7 Angles of Behavior for Transforming Chief Features (link to the complete session with all CF's, and links to each individual CF)
  9. Thanks for sharing this....I'll take a look.
  10. @Katja I hope you will feel better soon again. I don't know how it's in Finland, but in my country it has been encouraged to report any side-/after effects. I'm curious about which type of vaccination you got?
  11. I got finally my 2nd dose of vaccination last friday. After 1st dose I was only tired couple of days. This time side effects were much more stronger. I have been extremely tired, even exhausted, my arm was swollen and partially numb couple of days, I have had headache, muscle pain and mild nausea whole week and dizzy feeling. I would rather take these symptoms than covid anyway, it just means that the vaccine works.
  12. Amanda

    Energy Report: JULY 2010

    What you do matters. The choices you make matter.
  13. Last week
  14. Luciana Flora


    In Brazil, we are still far from this percentage. 17% have so far scheduled the two doses. But there is an acceleration in the pace of vaccination... I think that from now on it will be faster
  15. Maureen


    @Cong, I think the translation in reverse would look better if it was something like this: “I no longer have any intention of sacrificing our lives, our time, our freedom and the youth of our children, as well as their right to study properly, for those who refuse to be vaccinated. This time you stay at home, not us."
  16. We are a population of 5.398.804 in Norway. Yesterday 5 million of us had been vaccinated, and so far 75% has had their first vaccine and 40% has had their second (all above 18 years old). It's expected that all above 18 will be fully vaccinated by end of October this year. I've had my first (Pfizer) and everything went fine. Many knows that the more opportunities a virus has to spread, the more it replicates and can change. More people still need to understand that traveling without a vaccine they contribute to that - and become are a danger to society. But hopefully will these begin to see restrictions in their freedom more and more when more people are vaccinated in the different countries.
  17. So I was reminded today that the US (and other parts of the Americas) has two big eclipse events coming up in a few years, so mark your calendars and maybe plan a trip! Get your eclipse glasses, filters, or other safe viewing method ahead of time. I'm particularly excited as the paths of both eclipses intersect here in Texas very close to where I live (astrologers make of that as you will), so I'll be super anticipating these. If interested, lots of good info here: https://www.greatamericaneclipse.com October 14, 2023 - Annular Solar Eclipse Totality for this one goes through the western US (Oregon to Texas) and swings down through parts of Mexico and central America into South America (mostly Colombia and northern Brazil). The moon's apparent size will be slightly smaller than the sun's, so at the height of the eclipse the sun will look like a thin ring, known as a "ring of fire." Not quite as dramatic as a total eclipse, but still really awesome. Protective viewing equipment is needed at all times. April 8, 2024 - Total Solar Eclipse This is the biggie, the last solar eclipse in North America until 2044-45. Totality comes through North-Central Mexico and crosses the midwestern US (Texas to Lakes Erie and Ontario), then follows the US-Canada border (covering northern New York and New England as well as extreme southern Ontario and Quebec...Niagra Falls is gonna be popular), and finishes in far eastern Canada (New Brunswick and Newfoundland/Labrador). This is the whole shebang... darkness, corona, temp and environmental change, the works. Protective viewing equipment is needed at all times except during the brief moments of totality.
  18. Maureen


    @Cong, I looked it up... I think he may be referring to Brigitte Macron's two daughters (??) so they would be Emmanuel Macron's step-daughters. Although you are likely right about the (French/English) translation as Tiphaine is 37 and Laurence is 44... hardly adolescents anymore. Children: Tiphaine Auzière (daughter), Laurence Auzière-Jourdan (daughter), Sébastien Auzière (son) That's good news about the vaccination rate in San Francisco.
  19. Since when did Macron have young daughters? Something must be lost in translation...or I'm not catching up with news Sorry I know this is off topic, but I can't help but notice it… in other news, San Francisco has 75% of residents age 12 or above fully vaccinated. However the case is on the rise due to variants. Luckily, the death toll remain close to zero in the past few weeks.
  20. Maureen


    That news was from a few days ago... and then there was backlash. The resistance of the regressives to progressive change is strong. We shall overcome. This is from POLITICO today. PARIS — The French government, which last week introduced some of Europe’s toughest measures against COVID-19, has been forced to row back on some restrictions following a pushback from industries and street protests. Among the new rules, French President Emmanuel Macron sought to turbo-drive vaccinations by making proof of vaccination or immunity mandatory to enter cafés, restaurants and a range of other venues this summer. The scheme, which goes further than other big EU countries, was introduced to help break a fourth wave of COVID-19 infections in France, driven by the more contagious Delta variant. On Monday, the government spokesperson Gabriel Attal warned that the increase in cases was “stratospheric” after France’s incidence rate increased by 125 percent in a week. “Our rates were low, but this wave [of infections] can go up very quickly and reach very high numbers,” he told reporters. The COVID green pass — a digital or paper certificate that contains proof of vaccination or of immunity — is scheduled to come into effect next month. Wednesday is seen as a test day for the pass that will be introduced in museums, galleries and cinemas for events exceeding 50 people. But barely a week after it was announced the scheme is already coming under significant strain. More than 100,000 people, many of them waving anti-vaccination placards, took to the streets to protest against the pass on Sunday, raising fears the pass will become a symbol for dissatisfaction against Macron. On Monday, the government made several concessions, including lowering fines for noncompliance, pushing back deadlines and changing the rules for shopping centers. The government faces more hurdles ahead as the bill introducing the new measures went to parliament Tuesday. A group of senators has already indicated they will refer the bill to France’s Constitutional Council. France’s measures are in many ways unique. Its requirement to show a COVID passport to access such a wide range of venues, including restaurants, cafés, cinemas, theaters and shopping centers goes further than what has been attempted in most Western countries. The pass will also be required on trains, planes and coaches. Meanwhile, the U.K.’s Boris Johnson has pressed ahead with the planned “Freedom Day,” lifting most legal restrictions. Yet in a sign of convergence in the face of a wave of Delta variant infections, the U.K.’s buccaneering ambitions have already been tempered. After initially ruling out COVID passports for domestic use, Johnson announced a similar scheme for English nightclubs and other crowded venues from the end of September. Only proof of vaccination, not a negative test or proof of recent infection, would be acceptable as a passport to entry though — a move interpreted as being aimed at encouraging younger people to have the jab. The removal of COVID measures was widely hailed as a way to restart the economy, but many British businesses are currently hamstrung by staff shortages due to the number of people being instructed to self-isolate. A Downing Street spokesman insisted on Tuesday it was an “important tool” for stopping the spread of infections and urged people to comply. Shifting rules and deadlines The extension of the COVID-19 green pass in France was initially hailed as a success for Macron after vaccination appointments skyrocketed. 3.7 million people booked vaccination appointments on the popular Doctolib health website after the new restrictions were announced. But the government is still fine-tuning the details with industry bodies, raising accusations of confusing improvisation and impromptu decision-making. “They keep going back and forth, it’s unbearable and it’s been the same story since the beginning of the epidemic,” says Loic Hervé, a centrist senator and member of the opposition who is against the pass. “We know there are some [aspects of the pass] that are inapplicable, the rules are still not set in stone.” On Tuesday, the government was discussing the rules for shopping centers with industry leaders and local officials, after the government’s legal advisor the Conseil d’Etat said the pass was a “disproportionate” restriction on access to food. The government has also been forced to cut the fines for non-compliance from €45,000 to €7,500 for businesses and is giving bars and restaurants more time to vaccinate their staff and introduce controls. Despite the concessions, café and restaurant managers say the pass is unworkable and intrusive as they are required to check vaccination certificates against the ID documents of their customers. “The measures are far too radical, and it’s going to crash the economy,” says David Zenouda, bar owner and representative for the restaurant union UMIH. “Some bars and beach restaurants have terraces with over 200 seats, how are they going to manage?” Opposition catalyst Political opposition against the pass appears to be building after the leftwing Socialist Party on Monday joined the far-left France Unbowed and Marine Le Pen's National Rally in opposing it. Instead, they issued a statement calling on the government to make the COVID-19 vaccination mandatory in France “so that one half of the population isn’t checking the other half”. The National Assembly and the Senate are set to examine the bill introducing the COVID green pass and mandatory jabs for staff working in hospitals, care homes and clinics this week. It’s also possible the Constitutional Council will decide next week that the government is going a step too far in restricting freedoms. But there may be more political trouble down the road. On Sunday, a motley crew of discontents, libertarians and anti-vaxxers gathered in relatively small but unexpected protests across the country. More demonstrations against the COVID pass are planned for next weekend. The protests are already drawing comparisons with the anti-establishment Yellow Vests movement that that was sparked by opposition to Macron’s fuel-tax policies in 2018. “The government must watch out for [discontent] among the working classes,” said Hervé, “you can’t infantilize people, you’ve to talk to the country. It doesn’t work to shout at them.” The fear among government circles is that the pass will galvanize anti-Macron sentiment and be a magnet for opposition strands that have been kept at bay during the pandemic. Nine months from the presidential election, that is something the president will be keen to avoid.
  21. Maureen


    I saw this a few minutes ago... French President Macron on vaccination requirements: “I no longer have any intention of sacrificing my life, my time, my freedom and the adolescence of my daughters, as well as their right to study properly, for those who refuse to be vaccinated. This time you stay at home, not us. "In France, those who do not get vaccinated will no longer be able to go to restaurants, cafes (from the beginning of August), cinemas and museums (from July 21) and get on airplanes or trains (again from August). Alternatively, you will have to submit a negative test, which will no longer be free (49 euros for the PCR, 29 for the antigen). Macron then announced the vaccination obligation for medical personnel and for those who work in contact with fragile people. Since September 15, a nurse who has refused to be vaccinated will no longer be able to go to work and receive a salary. "We cannot make those who have the civic sense to get vaccinated bear the burden of inconvenience," Macron said. "The restrictions will weigh on others, those who for reasons incomprehensible in the country of Louis Pasteur, science and the Enlightenment still hesitate to use the only weapon available against the pandemic, the vaccine." "I am aware of what I am asking you," he said, "and I know that you are ready for this commitment. This is, in a sense, part of your sense of duty."
  22. I'm envious-my county isn't even up to 50% for the second dose. Staying home for ever!
  23. Fascinating! I know there are groups of researchers already working on these alternative energy sources based on the "Source" or Super potential field.
  24. Maureen


    We’re getting there...
  25. Such a beautiful part of the world. it breaks my heart.
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