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  2. Omg Yes!!! Im so excited to finish it this time - I totally fell ofd the map before Thank you Troy!!!
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  6. @Troy @Kasia Thanks to both of you. I am well aware of the huge amount of transfer of sessions and work when TLE moved here, and that formatting entries at that time was not prioritized - and still is not something than can be prioritized. I would not assume or expect that to be done either. When I see looooong sessions like this one, and such a great session too, I had to point to that this particular session could really need formatting when possible of course. There has been a few sessions that I wish I could have done some formatting on while I was reading the sessions anyway, but since I don't have access to that I can't help. I hope I didn't sound as complaining or demanding, it wasn't my intention. I know team TLE is busy working in the background and then it is the tremendous amount of really great channeling work from you Troy, plus administrating this website and more. Of course everything can't have the focus all the time. It is a milestone that three volumes are going to be published and I am really thankful for being part of this community and having access to so much information, knowledge and wisdom. Kasia, I can come back to it and giving it a try (sending you a private message with it) when I have more time. Right now is too much on my plate. XOXO
  7. Truth, Love, or Energy is a variation of the game Truth or Dare that utilizes the overleaf cards. The game is for 2 or more players. Note that trust and consent are required for this game; players may not use this game to coerce or manipulate others into compromising or illicit situations. Setup Players sit in a circle and a dealer shuffles the cards. The cards are placed face-down in the middle of the players. The player to the left of the dealer begins the game. Simple Version On their turn, the player draws a card from the pile. Cards are either Truth (Expression axis), Love (Inspiration axis), or Energy (Action axis). Assimilation axis and Wild cards allow the player to choose either Truth, Love, or Energy. If the player draws a Truth card, they must truthfully answer a question. If the player draws a Love card, they must say/do something positive about/for another player (with consent from that player). If the player draws an Energy card, they must successfully act out or perform a dare. The player hands the card to the person on their right, who determines the specific question, task, or dare. This person hands the card back to the player after they have attempted or declined the turn. If the player succeeds, they keep their card, which is scored as a point. If they decline or are unsuccessful, they must return the card to the pile. Play then continues to the left. The game ends either when the stack has run out of cards or when the players decide to end the game. The winner is the player with the most cards (i.e. successful turns). The game may also be played without the use of scoring. Advanced Version In the advanced version, the player draws a card as normal. Along with the card’s axis, however, the overleaf of the card determines a specific category of task. If the player draws a wild card, they still decide Truth, Love, or Energy, but the person to their right decides the overleaf. The person to the right still determines the specific question, task, or dare, but must adhere to the categories as outlined below. Soul Age – relating to memory or knowledge. Role – relating to an activity, service, or job/activity. Goal – relating to a challenge, goal, or taste. Mode – relating to relationships, affection, or touch. Attitude – relating to opinion, philosophy, or sight. Centering – relating to repetition, habit, rotation, or sound. Body Type – relating to physical appearance, state, talent, or balance. Chief Feature – relating to fear or smell. For example, if a player draws a Soul Age card, the person to their right might ask them about a childhood memory (Truth), recall a fond memory of another player (Love), or be asked to recite the alphabet backwards without error (Energy). Tasks may also reference the overleaf directly. In the example above, the person to the right may also ask the player how they experience their Soul Age and Level (Truth), to guess the Soul Age and Level of another player (Love), or to act out a Soul Age stereotype (Energy). Three-Deck Version If all three design styles of the Overleaf Playing Cards are available, players may opt to combine these and play the three-deck version. In this version, the three decks are shuffled together into a single pile and placed in the middle of the players. When the player draws a card, however, the card’s style determines if it is Truth, Love, or Energy rather than the card’s axis. Classic-style cards act as Truth cards, Soul Spectrum (rainbow)-style cards act as Love cards, and Midnight (black)-style cards act as Energy cards. Wild cards and overleaf categories (as applicable) remain the same.
  8. KurtisM

    Kurtle's Dream Thread

    I had a busy dream night but low recall again. What I do remember: 1. An earlier dream had Emma Gonzalez in it. I don't recall the details, but she was in my backyard and in a neighborhood that vaguely resembled mine. She was working on an important project I was also loosely involved in. But we did not ever meet, and I only watched from afar. She seemed to be rather stressed and exasperated that something or some group was not working as planned. 2. One part of a dream showed the sky was extremely smoky from nearby forest fires. Irl BC is under pressure and air pollution from a lot of these fires right now. Our Augusts seem to be permanently laced with smoke now- likely thanks to Global Warming. In the dream though, the smoke was so bad you couldn't see more than 60 meters away. Despite my parents' worries and concerns, I went outside anyways- but I met my deceased cat, Whiskey, out there on our driveway. In the dream I knew she was dead, but I didn't know it was a dream & me and my cat actually talked in English. I don't remember about what- but it was casual. I also scratched her around the ears and back, and she even responded like she would irl when I scratched the right vs wrong places. It was very nice. 3. My dad and I were talking in a later dream about the Platforms of each century. Only it was laced with weird bible scripture and religious connotation. He mentioned something like the Platform of the 22nd Century being about "Aragon's something or other". I don't recall the last word. Dream me did not get what that meant & wanted to respond with my own theory that the 22nd Century would focus on Intelligence- but either did not, or did but was dissuaded by my dad.
  9. Evelin

    Jee veery

    Thank you, I needed this today.
  10. Christian

    Jee veery

    A Facebook friend shared this. I tear up a little everytime I watch it. Also, I realize the metal is probably not the most common thing on here. So, no worries if it's not to your taste.
  11. Christian

    Who are these guys?

    Views of a former white nationalist.
  12. Building with Chief Features. A visual metaphor.
  13. Martha

    Last Will & Testament

    I just saw this post. I thought I’d add my question from a few years ago that Diane mentioned. Can you solve the mystery of who wrote the Shakespeare plays? There are many theories out there about the historical person Shakespeare not being educated, “proved” by his children being illiterate, and that someone like the Earl of Oxford really wrote the plays. MICHAEL: The persona of "William Shakespeare" existed only fictitiously, though as a thoroughly-fleshed out fiction. MICHAEL: The fragment of the same name was real, but the persona was not his. MARTHA: That is the rumor MICHAEL: The speculation and rumor is catching up with the truth, but it was not an elaborate conspiracy, but more a product of intentional misinformation that was never questioned. MARTHA: the Earl of Oxford, Christopher Marlowe, Edward DeVere, and others have been mentioned as candidates MARTHA: Was it just one author? MICHAEL: For the most part, yes. MARTHA: I saw a documentary recently that made it seem like it would have been fairly well known at the time that it was a fake persona MICHAEL: That would be valid, as far as we can see, and it was of no significance to most who the writer was, though those who wanted to know, could. MICHAEL: It would be similar to your concern for the real name of Vanilla Ice. MARTHA: oh lord MARTHA: that one I know MARTHA: So, can you see who?? MICHAEL: At the time, it was speculated that the real William would either not know, or not mind, as he was not particularly bright. MICHAEL: It is valid that the fragment known as "Edward" was behind these writings, motivated by a crippling arrogance and self-deprecation, volatile streak, and deep interest in upholding a position of patronage, he gave rise to these writings in a way that his position would not be threatened by the success or failure of these, and could be served by his own investments. MARTHA: interesting! thank you MICHAEL: We doubt that the mainstream acceptance of the authorship will be contested to any meaningful extent, but this Sage-Cast Scholar from Entity 2 of Cadre 1 does not mind. MARTHA: Ha, he IS a loudmouth, seen that before
  14. Bogi

    God knows I tried - Lana del Rey

    Yes, I read that she was quite the vision at Sziget, and I was like, shoooot, I could not go. Because I am in Berlin.
  15. Kate

    God knows I tried - Lana del Rey

    She was at Sziget last Friday!!! I could not go as am abroad but hope to see her sometime live! Love love love her! Current fave is Change (on 3 times a day at least). And Young and Beautiful (was the first). And Video Games. And White Mustang. And Blue Jeans.
  16. Janet

    Elian Gonzalez

    April 24, 2000 (Found in the old TLE Yahoo Group Archives on August 15, 2018.) Note: This was not a regularly scheduled session, but was channeled in response to events of the time. Could you comment on the events surrounding the little boy, Elian Gonzalez, including Role and Overleaves? MICHAEL: We will comment first on the collective importance of this. It will be the case for some time as you progress into the Mature Soul age of your planet and species that your media will utilize itself to extract more and more details from individual lives for examination. This is not a fad, it is part of your process. On your planet particularly, with its means of communication exponentially growing and its impact reaching farther, the "world" can see what is happening in anyone's back yard. It is healthier and more valid than admitted or wanted since you have lived in a Young Soul world for so long. All reactions to the events as being negative in terms of their exposure are simply responses/reactions from more personal places that the events trigger. Exposure appears to be a cruel thing during the Mature Soul phase and this can be felt in ways that are quite disturbing. Ironically, it is exactly what catapults a species forward. The age of the Mature Soul is over when all has been exposed. The Old Soul has no privacy. An Old Soul world does not value privacy. Strength is gained through exposure and loss of privacy. If it were not so, merging entities would not occur. We will also add that the most popular Mode for many extant at this time, particularly in the United States, is Observation. It is no surprise that many things become a spectacle since this is the nature of Observation. On another level, it can be noted there are those in your personal world who will play roles that help progress you personally, and there will be those who choose to play roles for you collectively. This fragment plays a collective role for many. We will comment on that in a moment. We see Elian's situation was "planned;" it was not a bizarre turn of events. This is why some of you are more inclined to dismiss the charge around it, and still others will make this more personal than its actual nature. The fragment in question is an Old Sage, 7th Level, King Cast, with a Server Essence Twin, a female that has yet to enter his life. His Server Task Companion is his biological mother. His father, a Sage. The fragment known as Elian is in Power Mode with a Goal of Acceptance, Pragmatic Attitude, Intellectually Centered, Moving Part. As we mentioned, this is a Sage with a "plan". Some of you who are sensitive and intuitive can see the patterns within the events, noting the orchestration. This "plan" includes great strides down paths toward peace, but they will be met with confusion, passion, and the breaking down of virtual walls, as usual. We doubt the continual unfolding of the life will be without even more drama. This is the Mature Soul spin from the collective perception and reaction, not from the Sage's own actions. Though a child presently, he still wields a great deal of influence and power over each situation to this date. Some may even later claim to have been manipulated by the Sage's fluctuating words of want. We are not trying to be funny when we note the typical nature of a child, let alone a Sage child with the "world at his finger tips." As we mentioned earlier, this fragment plays a collective Role. He is in a Muse position for Cuba and the United States, embodying "Innocence Regained." What most likely will be seen as the life unfolds is a great deal of communication and profound words about this event, its impact, and it will be used as a platform for some time, not just by the Sage who is Elian. This Muse position allows many to "regain" their own innocence through this child. Considering his plight, his losses, the intensity, and heavy media coverage, combined with the images of strength, smiles, and laughter of the child's innocence through it all, many will rekindle this within themselves. This is, in fact, a valid extraction. The very crux of the Mature Soul's process relies on the 'regaining of innocence.' It could be said accurately that it is the goal of the Mature Soul process in its entirety, in fact. The 4th Internal Monad (paralleling Mature Soul processes), as well, could be said to be successfully transited when a new level of innocence toward the life is rekindled. The events surrounding the impact of this Sage on U.S. soil has done more to bring a sense of intimacy and personification to Cuba. Cuba is in everyone's mind again; regardless of the variations in its meaning, there is a common denominator between all people through innocence and a child. Cuba has had their attention turned to the U.S. originally fueled with aggravation. Seeing the confrontation from U.S. authorities within itself as a means to return the child "rightfully" will gain a great deal of respect among Cubans. The seeming over-enforcement by authorities will only be seen that way by those outside of Cuba; it will be seen as a necessity otherwise. When this child begins speaking English to the U.S., begins to use his platform in Cuba to share his experience of the U.S., and/or if anything happens to this child, the population in both lands will respond intensely with conviction and importance. This child has the potential to remove all barriers between the U.S. and Cuba, extending into other territories as well. This is the first internationally claimed child on this level we have seen since the birth of Jesus. Though the context is more obviously political now, it is in keeping with your contemporary times and moves you from the Young Soul politics to the Mature Soul questions. We remind you that even Jesus was a political event, religion being its mask in many ways.
  17. Troy

    Who are these guys?

    I think your approach is admirable and very scholarly, but I do think there is a difference between rash opinions and rational analysis. Jordan Peterson has been thoroughly analyzed and he's not all that complex or complicated (or interesting, actually). He's just REALLY good at packaging and marketing bigotry. There is a reason you don't see him as a beloved representative of progressive values, but you see him as an icon for the Alt-Right and White Supremacists. That should tell you all you need to know. I guess when you are a part of the targeted groups who have grown to recognize every subtle nuance of dog whistling, you just call bullshit bigotry when you see it. I guess it all sounds very different to those not targeted. Anyway... glad to know you are keeping a wide range of possibilities open for what he ends up meaning to you.
  18. Sam K

    Anchor Timeline

    Interesting. If the Child Bundle finishes its recovery, I assume ours would be the Bundle it would merge with.
  19. Shweta

    Questions for first live chat!

    This is amazing input..thanks so much @janet....truly appreciate it and will follow for sure...
  20. KurtisM

    Anchor Timeline

    It seems the Bundles I got may be rapidly collapsing and converging in right now. According to my Essence, we are in a Healer Great Bundle that focuses our bundles of parallels on Karmic Healing. Across all of this Bundle, we're focused on a collective healing regarding choices that were made in the 19th & 20th Centuries. Back in 2016, I had 7 Planetary Bundles recorded as part of our Healer Great Bundle: 1. Anchor PB- Version of the world that is more rudimentary. There is no economic superpower, so all nations are constantly exchanging and globalizing in ways that are slowly leading to healing. 2. Mentor PB- Version of the world where China is a Global Superpower thanks to different dynamics from WW2. It is similar to our Bundle in terms of technology but with its different economic system of exchange, much is changed. 3. Love PB- Version of the world where Baby Boomers & Gen X carried forth a radical Consciousness Revolution that continued shifting us to Mature Soul realities far earlier and easier. There's no War on Terror there, and no European Refugee Crisis. 4. Healer PB- Version of the world where 3rd World countries received huge boosts in education, peace, economic balance and reconstruction. 5. Enlightenment PB- Version of the world where Virtual Reality was implemented and solved resource management issues in the 20th Century. 6. Compassion PB- Our version of the world where America is a Global Superpower- we are focusing on staying neutral on and/or neutralizing crises through compassion. 7. Discipline PB- Version of the world that is healing from religious and military oppression. The Ms say they've been merging with our Compassion Bundle since 2014. Now in Late 2018, I returned to this to refine it & it seems we're collapsing down to 4 Planetary Bundles. 1. The Anchor PB still remains as is. 2. The Healer and Love PBs are now merging due to similar efforts towards World Peace and Climate Change Awareness. 3. The Mentor PB remains as is. We may converge into it later this century if USA falls into isolationism & China rises as a Superpower. 4. Our Compassion PB is still merging with the Discipline PB. Once they merge, we will become the new Healer PB- as the old Healer PB will have merged with the Love PB. 5. There is also a Child PB that I seem to have missed. Back in 2016 I wasn't sure if bundles below timelines could fulfill a Child Position- but now I see they can. This Child PB is focused on teetering in+out of conflict, war and paranoia. We could shift into them if things get very bad. They are still working on healing though- but it's kind of like lapses of addiction to devastation+destruction. I realized the Enlightenment Planetary Bundle doesn't seem to be focused on Healing like our bundles are. It seems to have already done that. Rather it may be a part of another Great Bundle focused on Knowledge. We may converge in with that Knowledge Great Bundle if and when our world shifts its focus from Healing to Knowledge. That Knowledge GB is focused on the knowledge that is coming from rapid technological acceleration that has not happened here. --- There's another Great Bundle focused on Enlightenment that we may merge into as well. It apparently had a revolutionary ET Contact in the 1950s that has shifted human preconceptions toward one of space mapping, space travel & negotiation. Obviously, if we also have ET Contact soon, we'll converge in with them later in the century. Our 3 Great Bundles converging are likely to create a new Great and possibly even Mass Bundle within the Anchor Timeline by 2100. It's pretty exciting to hear about- if all of this elaborate theorizing is true.
  21. Christian

    Who are these guys?

    Peterson is a PhD professor. To get it this wrong means he is deliberately misrepresenting to preach to a flock.
  22. Christian

    Who are these guys?

  23. Christian

    Who are these guys?

    Jordan Peterson deliberately misrepresents Nazism
  24. Christian

    Who are these guys?

    Western Civilization is NOT based on Christianity.
  25. Luka

    ENERGY REPORT: August 2018

    Oh yes, self-tyranny is very familiar to me. I'd say for old souls everything is "self-something". World has been explored many times, now you explore yourself.
  26. Thanks for the suggestions, @Ingun, and I agree, lots of the transcripts could use some editing, but like @Troy mentioned, doing it at the time would have distracted from the task of just getting the material moved. Since I can't transfer ownership of the post for you to make the changes directly, how about you send me a private message with the fully formatted text and I can repost it with the changes. This may or may not work, since formatting is tricky on the site, but I think it would be a good solution for any sessions that someone finds could use editing, without tasking our small team of volunteers to do it directly for literally thousands of posts. I only speak for myself, though. I don't know whether others will have the time to do this. I'm happy to give it a try.
  27. Philip Wittmeyer

    Who are these guys?

    What you, Troy, are seeing in JBP, I do not (yet?) see. It is still early in my investigation of the JBP phenomenon; there must be hundreds of hours of video available, and a couple of books to read. What I have learned so far is, among other things, not to be swayed one way or the other by other people's perceptions of him -- some are very positive and some are very negative and some are indifferent and some are baffled. The other thing that I am learning with him is to not 'jump to conclusions' based on a superficial and shallow viewing, an initial impression, like some people apparently do. For me, he is worth more than that. My initial impression was puzzlement, and this captivated my scientific Scholar soul: here is an anomaly that requires an explanation. Therefore, at this stage, what I can say for certain is that he is a magnetic-electric catalyst for me (and others, obviously), so it looks like I am set to learn from him, perhaps about what a devious reprehensible creep he is -- if that is what is really going on here. He has not yet set off my bullshit detector, and even if he did eventually, I could still learn from that -- such as, about how ignorant and gullible I have been, Midwestern farm boy that I am. Most of my curiosity is in understanding how he arrived at his understanding, because some of it appears to differ from mine. I look at his evidences and arguments as objectively as I can. My amateur path has tracked a lot of his professional path. On my path, to some extent, I have actually previously arrived at some of the same conclusions that he has. I have not studied his ideas thoroughly and deeply enough to say what it is specifically that I should reject; like I said, I just do not (yet?) see all the nasty things you see in him. I refuse to dismiss him prematurely; meaning, before I have learned what I needed to learn. In any case, I am temperamentally disinclined to dismiss anyone with a bunch of pejorative labels that might just be projections of my own or other people's shadows. I could be wrong, but I suspect that ultimately I will assimilate his understanding into my understanding, with some of his ideas found to be worth retaining, and some not worth retaining. It is all just a learning opportunity and process for me. So far, it looks like he is exposing a lot of my own uninformed and unenlightened knee-jerk biases and stupidity rather than the other way around. What's not to like about that. Your mileage may vary. Obviously I do not have the same filters and/or sensitivities that you do.
  28. I'd reccommend everyone read this transcript. It is very relevant to the world of today, 5 years later. It looks like we're in the reality where climate change has accelerated significantly, to the point where it has and will affect our economy & where the temperature will keep rising. Add onto this we also chose the reality where we wanted the Mature Soul Paradigm to accelerate tremendously even if it hurt to process the growing pains.
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