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  2. Hi everyone! I’m wondering if anyone has any knowledge or knows of any Michael Channelings or material that might talk about essence twins/twin flames merging into One? I want to learn more about such a phenomenon, if possible, such as the potential effects of this type of merging or what it means for both beings as well as the Collective. Thank you in advance
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  8. KurtisM

    ENERGY REPORT - September 2021

    @WolfAmethyst Thanks for that. I would be surprised if the actual "world leaders" at the summit managed to make something half decent about mitigating climate change by reducing global emissions. I more so think that the importance of the event has to do with what people do in response to it. With the fragility of our collective consciousness right now, the event could just serve as another justification that "No one is listening, we're doomed, what's the point, we suck." But it does not have to be that way, and this is the key. How we perceive the event and use our voices and choices to demand change does more good than merely saying "Oh well, we never had a chance anyways." Because the latter leads to what we don't want, and the former creates a path to what we do. Honestly I just don't want us to resign. We have a chance to change, not just through our actions, but by starting with how we see and justify things to continue detrimental patterns. That said, Id love if the world leaders got their heads out of their self-preserving asses and just listened. Not only would others lives better, but so would theirs, which is what they want anyways.
  9. Karine

    The Karpman Drama Triangle

    Thanks @Bobby!! I didn't think of performing a search before posting. It's very interesting how the three positions relate to the Truth/Love/Energy triad.
  10. WolfAmethyst

    ENERGY REPORT - September 2021

    The host of Cop26 needs to be a master of diplomacy. Unfortunately, it’s Boris Johnson Andrew Rawnsley (article in The Guardian, Sat Oct 16th, 2021) Having promised he could save the world, there’s very little time left to rescue this critical summit from failure The Queen is not amused. “We only know about people who are not coming,” the monarch was overheard saying. “It is very irritating when they talk, but they don’t do.” It is not the turnout for a Buck House party that is exasperating her, but the unanswered invitations to the Cop26 climate summit that will meet in Glasgow in November. With just a fortnight to go, it is still not clear whether the leaders of China, India or Russia will even turn up, never mind agree to do anything meaningful to address the climate crisis. There is still just about time for one or more of them to send in a last-gasp RSVP, but their reluctance to engage is one of many anxieties for a host who has previously raised expectations that this summit will be a world-saving triumph. When Boris Johnson addressed the UN general assembly in September, he exported to the global stage the boosterism that is so familiar to his domestic audience. From the UN podium in New York, he declared that Cop26 would be “the turning point for humanity”. That sounded like hyperbole unanchored from reality even as he said it. Someone with a better grasp of the geopolitics of the climate crisis and its fiendishly complex challenges would have used more tempered language. For many people, Cop26 is already doomed to let down the planet because no one ever had any serious expectation that this summit would agree to targets for cutting carbon emissions that are robust enough to prevent destructive levels of global warming. The more limited, but nevertheless critical, ambition for this gathering is to extract promises that would get the world closer to being on track to containing global warming to no more than 1.5C above pre-industrial levels. That was the goal set in the groundbreaking Paris climate deal in 2015 In the run-up to the Glasgow summit, we have been told by Mr Johnson that the climate crisis is his number one priority. It is moot how much he is sincerely animated by the fate of the planet. In a previous incarnation as a rightwing newspaper columnist, he was noisily sceptical about the existence of climate change and ridiculed wind power as too feeble to knock the skin off a rice pudding. But in his own self-interest, if nothing else, he needs this summit to be seen as a success. Here is an opportunity to demonstrate that Brexit Britain has the capacity to provide international leadership on the most severe threat to the planet. Success has always been contingent on Mr Johnson getting several things right. Britain’s credibility as the host and ability to persuade others to change their behaviour depended on this country being an exemplar. Yet the government’s full plan to show how Britain will reach net zero by 2050 has still not been published. That’s because there are ferocious rows within government about how to finance it and whether voters will tolerate the ways in which they will have to change their lives. As we reveal today, the Treasury is highly resistant to the costs of greening the economy. Britain did the reverse of setting a good example when Liz Truss, now the foreign secretary, recently signed a draft trade deal with Australia that scrubbed out key pledges on climate action. The deep cuts to the international aid budget have undermined the UK’s moral authority with developing countries. The effort to persuade others to wean themselves off fossil fuels hasn’t been helped by decisions to go ahead with new oil and gas production in the North Sea, while not ruling out a new coal plant in Cumbria. Making a success of this summit demanded a first-class talent for diplomacy. A key role of the host is to charm and cajole other governments to do dramatically better at cutting their output of greenhouse gases. In advance of Glasgow, all countries were expected to set out updated, detailed and stricter plans to reduce emissions. The G20 group of the largest economies is collectively responsible for more than 80% of annual global emissions. Only 11 of the G20 have submitted stronger targets to the UN, with just two weeks to go. China, Russia, Brazil and Australia are among the countries that have not. John Kerry, the US climate envoy, has rather depressingly suggested that the summit will be about finding out “who is doing their fair share and who isn’t”. This raises the spectre that it will be less about agreement-signing than finger-pointing. Richer countries have acknowledged that, since they bear overwhelming responsibility for global warming, they owe a debt to poorer countries, many of whom will be the worst affected by a fried planet. More than a decade has passed since the wealthy world promised to provide $100bn a year by 2020 to help developing countries alleviate and adapt to climate change. There are still no assurances that this pledge will be fully redeemed. The mood music within government has turned gloomier in recent days. There is a rising fear that Glasgow will dismally underdeliver, like the previous Cop in Madrid in 2019. In that disastrous event, it will not be fair to assign all the culpability to Mr Johnson and his government. The UK is an upper middling country, not a superpower. London has some influence in the world, but not the clout to force behemoths such as China and the US to sign up to things they don’t want to commit to. Yet a rotten outcome will inevitably reflect badly on Mr Johnson and make his rhetoric about “Global Britain” ring the more hollow. Failure will also raise questions about whether Britain has made the most of its “convening power” as the host and maximised the use of what international influence it does possess. Experienced officials have long thought that the government has had a halfhearted approach to this summit and draw unflattering contrasts with the successful Paris Cop. That secured an unprecedented agreement because wealthy western countries made an alliance with poorer states to intensify pressure on the large emitters. There has been an absence of this kind of vital coalition-forging in the build up to Glasgow. The Paris Cop was co-ordinated by one of the heaviest hitters that France could muster. Laurent Fabius was a former foreign minister and prime minister of France. The role demands someone with international name recognition and a phone crammed with the numbers of lots of world leaders. Having tried and failed to recruit David Cameron or William Hague as the showrunner of Cop26, Mr Johnson handed the task to Alok Sharma, one of the more anonymous members of his government. Until quite recently, he did the job part time, combining it with the position of business secretary. This did not convey a real seriousness of intent to other players. In recent days, Mr Sharma has started lecturing the leaders of the world’s largest economies not to treat the gathering as “a photo-op or a talking shop” and warned that “if temperatures continue to rise we will step through a series of one-way doors, the end destination of which is climate catastrophe”. He’s completely right about that, but this outburst of public exhortation suggests a degree of desperation about the progress of the private diplomacy. Summits are called such because they are supposed to represent international negotiation at its peak level. They do not succeed without intense amounts of application by the leader of the host country. In 2009, the G20 was convened in London amid the convulsions of the financial crisis. Before the event, Gordon Brown crisscrossed the globe on a mission to persuade his counterparts that it was imperative to take big measures to stabilise plunging financial markets. When it was proving difficult to get the 2005 meeting of the G8 in Gleneagles to sign up to international aid agreements, Tony Blair went in search of Gerhard Schröder, the then German chancellor and one of the obstructionists. Finding him in the hotel bar having a nightcap with Vladimir Putin, Mr Blair put Mr Schröder up against a wall until he gave in. Mr Johnson has poor relations with other European leaders, a cool one with the US president and a distant one with the leaders of China and India. That made it more, not less imperative, that he put in the hard yards of international diplomacy to try to make a success of this summit. Yet there’s scant evidence that he has thrown himself at it with the all-out vigour demanded by the scale of the challenge and now there’s very little time left. If the Cop is a flop, the host will cop a lot of the blame. Andrew Rawnsley is Chief Political Commentator of the Observer https://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:5q1J62tHuXMJ:https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2021/oct/16/host-of-cop26-needs-to-be-master-of-diplomacy-unfortunately-its-boris-johnson+&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=ca&client=safari
  11. Bobby

    The Karpman Drama Triangle

    @Maureen Has also posted on this a few times if you want to take a look at hers: Karpman Triangle
  12. Karine

    The Karpman Drama Triangle

    This is something I first learned about during group therapy. If you have never heard of it before, it is a theory that proposes that humans often unconsciously act out the roles of persecutor, victim, and rescuer in their daily relationship, which causes emotional pain and anguish, but each one of those roles also comes with some twisted advantages which may make someone inclined to play it out. I can't summarize all of it very well by myself so here is a document I found that offers an accessible introduction (although I disagree with their assessment that someone falling into the rescuer role would be drawn to joining the police, as it seems more like a persecutor-type career to me). I have been pondering about how the victim role could relate to the Chief Feature of Martyrdom (since tis the season), but the more I think about it, the more I feel like the correlation to CFs may be more open-ended. I have a primary CF of Self-Deprecation and a secondary CF of Arrogance and more often than not I am drawn to the role of victim, although I can think of instances in which I have enacted the other two roles during the course of my life. Anyway, this is something that has helped me shed light on some negative relationship patterns that I did not know were there before, so I thought others might be interested in reading about it as well. Feel free to share your insights if you are so inclined!
  13. Last week
  14. Zahra

    ENERGY REPORT - September 2021

    I had an interesting dream last night. It seemed like I was in ancient Egypt with @DianeHB you didn't look exactly like 'you', but she had similar vibes that when I think of the dream I feel like it was certainly you. I think we were sisters. there was a glass pyramid structure and everyone in the village went to the top of the pyramid and jumped through a hole. They believed that it was the passage to the afterlife and they wouldn't die if they jumped. Me and Diane were the last ones there and she insisted that we go too. I told her the others were stupid for going and there's no way I'm gonna jump. She told me she 'knew' that we wouldn't die and dragged me kicking and screaming And what do you know, we woke up in the future! maybe in the present time or a couple hundred years later from now, it wasn't really clear.
  15. Heidi

    ENERGY REPORT - September 2021

    Yes, very vivid and stressful dreams the past few nights. Multiple dream sequences. Feeling like I've run a marathon in my sleep. Also wondering if it's a shift or Nexus.
  16. William Hromada

    Old Soul Nostalgia/FOMO?

    Hello, I have often felt left out and different my whole life. As a teen aged person my classmates really knew how to take advantage of that as well and treat me differently. I met some of them for the first time in 30!years and one of them made a statement that “I was an outcast” fortunately I came to except who I am by then. I am now very flexible and adapting to my world. I am still looking for ways to be me and not care what others think, sometimes it’s easy and sometimes it’s not. I fell into some of those things you mentioned but they didn’t last long as it didn’t feel right. I have very few people I would call friends and my circle is really small. Most times I enjoy that, other times I feel like I want more.
  17. Luciana Flora

    Old Soul Nostalgia/FOMO?

    Hi Sylvia, I don't know if what I feel is nostalgia. What I always felt was a feeling of not belonging. Being different was demia and I didn't see being different as a good thing. I saw being different as something that made me feel weird to other people and have a hard time making friends. People have a hard time accepting what is different. To be honest, I didn't see myself as an old soul. I thought that if I were an old soul I would know how to deal better with my life and the people around me... IoI... For me being an old soul was a surprise... IoI
  18. MelinS

    ENERGY REPORT - September 2021

    Agree! I remember dreams only once or twice a year, and last night was one of those nights. My dream/busy brain/sleep thief was the number 750. I kept fiddling with that number, like trying to fit it, or 750 units of something, into boxes and bags and they wouldn't fit. I was frustrated when I woke up because I don't understand the significance of that number. And 750 was very insistent that I figure it out. Any ideas?
  19. So being creative with resources, and living along the lines of living within one's means, but using one's means creatively and resourcefully, would be evidence of problem solving the "conceptual challenge" as another way of being here? I love the challenge of working with the materials I have and making what I need from it, from that I get gratitude. Would artisans find the conceptual challenge maybe a bit easier as they are recreating themselves most of the time?
  20. Hey guys! I was reading this text written by Troy a few years ago: "For older souls in a younger soul world, we have the benefit of so many incarnations that we now "remember" ourselves very early in life, but we still have to grow up in a world that seems entirely counter to our inherent perspectives and behaviors. The old souls who get stuck are the ones who refuse to be flexible in perspective and then isolate themselves as a way to escape the challenges and stay asleep or just wake up very slowly, or those who are so bombarded by imprinting that they forget or loathe themselves, or then there are those who keep the spirit of their old soulness, but funnel it all through the acceptable imprinting of young soul ideals, like most of the "new age" or the "get rich by wishing rich" schemes or distractions with specialness like "ascending" or "indigo children," or even "the secret," which was a great distortion of an old soul teaching packaged for young soul demographics". Thinking about all these points, I’ve been feeling more comfortable as an Old Sould then before and somehow more aware of some details of my "age". But every now and then I feel a bit of nostalgia momentarily, a feeling of "missing the party in this young world"... lol. I don't know, it's like a “FOMO”, a slight regret for not being in the same “vibe” as most... Anyway, does anyone here feel this Peter Pan Syndrome from time to time? Or is it just me operating inappropriately at the moment like a 2nd level Infant with Stubbornness or something? haha
  21. KurtisM

    ENERGY REPORT - September 2021

    Ive had horrible energy crashes and debilitating thoughts myself, but my friends, family and TLE too have been very supportive so I was able to dig myself out. Your comments on my recent posts have been helpful in keeping me optimistic. October 31-November 12 is the next Climate Summit and something tells me that it and our response to it, is the next major event. The event would have happened in November 2020 (same time as the US Election), but Covid-19 derailed it. I'm very curious and interested in the promotion and propagation of climate and environmental solutions.
  22. Katja

    ENERGY REPORT - September 2021

    There is something going on, we need Energy Report for October. I have dreamed horrible nightmares and also solving various problems every night.
  23. petra

    ENERGY REPORT - September 2021

    Wow @Juni this is quite interesting that you are dreaming about @Connor too! For the last 4 nights he shows up in my dreams, I thought not much about it and forgot during the day, from last night I remember he was re-packing in a large building/room stuff into black tube shaped containers, and I came in saying, Connor what are you doing I thought we are done with this. I have to sleep a lot since a week or so.
  24. Juni

    ENERGY REPORT - September 2021

    Wonder if there's a shift going on-super intense dream activity. @Connor showed up and we were trying to figure out which was the best spot in this ridiculously large mansion for something or other. Maybe it was a library nook? It needed furnishing, I remember that much. I should mention it didn't seem to belong to us, more that we were helping out and it was going to be a space for general use.
  25. Squid Game as a Harbinger of the Infinite Soul? When Jesus manifested within the Roman Empire’s Province of Judea, ~1 in 3 people was a slave, and Gladiator Games were one of the most popular forms of entertainment... https://www.rollingstone.com/tv/tv-features/squid-game-review-1240522/ We Have Seen the Enemy in ‘Squid Game’ — and It Is Us The Netflix sensation out of South Korea offers a parable of modern life as blood sport. The fact that it doesn’t feel far-fetched is its twisted appeal The world has been through so much economic, physical, and emotional hardship in the past couple of years, even as the fortunes of the wealthiest have increased. We live in a time when the border between parody and reality feels agonizingly thin, to the point where if we found out there was a real Squid Game–style tournament happening somewhere, not only would many of us not be surprised, but there would be cable-news personalities and members of Congress lining up to defend the practice within hours of this discovery. https://thehill.com/blogs/in-the-know/in-the-know/576386-squid-game-creator-says-trump-helped-prove-world-was-ready-for President Trump helped prove that the world was ready for the dystopian series, IndieWire reported. South Korean director Hwang Dong-hyuk said he had been sitting on "theories" for the show since 2008, when events including the Lehman Brothers crisis and South Korea's economic crisis gripped headlines at a time when he was also personally struggling financially. He likened Trump to the show's "VIP" characters, ultrarich patrons of the game who wear gold animal masks in order to maintain their anonymity as they watch and bet on the contestants playing games with deadly stakes. "Then Donald Trump became the president of the United States and I think he kind of resembles one of the VIPs in the Squid Game. It’s almost like he’s running a game show, not a country, like giving people horror. After all these issues happened, I thought it was about time that this show goes out into the world," he added. MEntity: The notion that others were only in existence to serve a central beneficiary was absurd to him and he made this known. He was able to voice these concerns as invitations for others to join him in that consideration, which led to a shift in dynamics among those around him. MEntity: The Manifestation did not have the effect desired, but without this Infinite Soul, it would have been devastating. MEntity: Slavery had already taken root in humanity and it was on track to be addressed, but with sexual repression added, it was no longer about breaking down obvious structures of oppression. With sexual repression moving into the mix, it would no longer be about external structures being dismantled, but about internalized constructs that would leave humans enslaved to dynamics that would fracture the species in unfathomable ways, opening up humanity to exploitations never experienced before. [Bobby] Why did an IS manifest during Jesus' time? There wasn't any peril pending so was it because it was an especially prosperous period for mankind? MEntity: The impending shift from Baby to Young on the planet at that time was heading for disastrous consequences. The manifestation through Jesus was an attempt to bring the Logos of Love and Agape to the planet, not only for the sake of helping transition retain some sense of compassion and empathy, but to help those who would naturally fall into the lower economic or social positions create and nurture meaning in ways other than material. Christianity is an example of how those "seeds" were lost overall against the prevailing patterns of choices, and the use of such seeds by a Young Soul population, but remained intact for those who chose otherwise. However painful the transition was from Baby to Young, the alternatives were far worse. By "worse," we mean that in those parallels where the Infinite Soul did not manifest, or where the Logos was rejected entirely, all sense of meaning and empathy were lost to those who did not have a material means of reflecting personal value. This is disastrous, even to the early Young Souls, as the system and symbols for those material reflections must be worked out, agreed upon, and explored before being utilized. If there is no patience, compassion, and empathy along the way, a halt to any interest in "being alive" comes in. Mass suicides and genocides, along with a sudden drop in birth rates, ended some parallels of exploration at that time.
  26. That's nice, I'm so glad that I've found this group.. :) * "There are very few Old souls in Brazil"... lol. Well, now I don't know if I'm feeling special or if I wanna cry a little haha.
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