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This is TruthLoveEnergy: A Michael Teachings Collaborative Community

We are a collaborative community of studying, sharing, and archiving of The Michael Teachings as channeled through Troy Tolley since 1988.

There are many SERVICES available

Order an Essence & Personality Profile, join a private Personal Open Floor chat with Michael, find out your 9 Pillars, discuss Past Lives, ask about relationships, schedule time to discuss anything and everything with Michael through Troy.

Do You Need SUPPORT?

Community Support and Official Support are available for members! Support Tickets receive responses as fast as we can, so please be patient. We are a very small team! Community Support is dependent upon member responses.

Check out our ever-evolving LIBRARY?

Explore our archiving of decades worth of material channeled through Troy from Michael. This Library is a collaborative effort and shows the power of community.

Learn More About Your HOST & CHANNELING

Learn more about Troy through his blog and feel free to ask him about anything related to his work as a channel! You will receive a response ASAP!


FAQ about Services and Session Formats

How Do I Schedule a Session?

  • Choose your local Time Zone
  • Scroll through the Session categories
  • Read a description by hovering over it (click MORE to expand)
  • Once you find a session you like, click the check box on the left
  • The calendar will now load so that you can choose a date and time
  • Click on your preferred date and time, and follow the rest of the prompts, including registration, if you are new to the system.

NOTE: only order one service per transaction for optimal options in scheduling dates, otherwise the calendar will try to find a day where all of the services can fit

Where should I start in getting a session?

Ultimately, that's up to you, but if you are new to the teachings, getting your Standard Profile is probably the best place to start. If you already have your Profile, and you feel it is valid, then it might be helpful to just start listing your questions and schedule a 60 Minute live chat.

How Do I Best Prepare For a Session?

Having a session with me and Michael is very casual, but here are some tips for making the best of your time:


Have your questions written out before the session. Make sure they are clear and direct, including any relevant context that might be helpful.


Though you can word your questions however you would like, it is helpful if you don't pack a whole of questions into one question (like: "How many past lives do I share with my Mom, and what are the most important ones, and who were we, and what did we learn, and where were they, and what did I die of, and which ones affect my life now?"), or to ask a vague, open-ended question (like: "Tell me about my past lives"). A good balance might be to ask something like, "What are some relevant details of my most recent past life?" or "Please share as much as you can about a past life I shared with my Mom, and how/if that resonates with current life?"


Prioritize your questions. Michael can sometimes surprise you with an answer that goes into great detail. You want to make sure you ask the most important questions, first. That way, you have time for exploring the responses, if you feel like it.


Have more questions ready than you think you will ask. Michael can sometimes surprise you with a very brief response, and you may feel that is plenty. So have your other questions ready.


The average amount of time for a response to a question can be about 15 minutes. So 60 Minutes can usually cover 4 to 5 full questions. More or less, depending on the depth and focus of the questions.


Profile requests can take between 10 to 30 minutes. I don't know why some come faster than others, but it's advised that you order your profiles separate from any live chat so you don't use your time sitting and waiting for a response.


Treat your live chat with Michael just like you would a conversation. Feel free to interject, comment, interrupt, redirect, but also consider giving Michael time to fully respond. Michael will let you know when they've completed a response. If you interrupt them, they won't usually push to continue. You have control over the depth of your session. If you ask too many questions too fast or respond too much for me to process for Michael, they will let you know.


Go to the chat room and make sure it works perfectly for you. Make sure you can create a username that's specific to you.


Be on time.

When Does My Actual Time Start for my Session?

The countdown for your time for a live chat generally begins at the moment Troy begins the work of going into trance. All chat before that does not count against your time unless you required extra care and technical help or have issues on your end.


TIP: Have your questions already typed out and ready to paste as needed. Watch your time so you know when to squeeze in those last questions you might have wanted to get in. Do not save questions that require long responses for the end.

What If I Need To Reschedule?

You may reschedule as close as 24 hours before your session is scheduled. Do so by logging in to the Services & Scheduling Calendar (this is a separate registration from the TLE Community). If you must reschedule your session at the last minute, please open a SUPPORT REQUEST.

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