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How To: Add Video


STEP ONE - start your post or blog entry, and write whatever it is you wish to write so you can see better where you would like to add the video.  Put your cursor where you would like the video to go, and then click/tap the icon for YouTube in your editor toolbar.



STEP TWO - go to the YouTube page where your video is. NEVER COPY A YOUTUBE VIDEO ADDRESS FROM THE BROWSER ADDRESS BAR - NEVER - instead, look below the video, click SHARE, then copy the url generated there, or click on the Embed tab to copy the Embed code. The URL should be fine.

MOBILE DEVICES - If you are grabbing your video from a mobile device, just look for the SHARE options and Copy Link.



STEP THREE - go back to TLE, paste the URL in the "Paste YouTube Video URL" field or paste the Embed code in the "Paste Embed Code Here" field. Next, UNcheck "show suggested videos" and DO CHECK "make responsive" (responsive means that the video will adapt to all screen sizes) - click OK



STEP FOUR - you should now see a full preview of your video post. Beautiful!!



EXAMPLE - Note that you can resize your browser and note that the video adapts in size.


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