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TruthLoveEnergy is a highly social and educational discussion, blogging, vlogging network built from the primary building blocks of the Universe: Truth, Love, and Energy! Members agree to support, embrace, and commit to the 9 Needs of our amazing community! Historically, our community has had very little need for moderation. Below are some helpful guidelines that have a lot to do with why we all get along so well. Below are the 9 Needs we keep in mind that help with the success of any community.

SECURITY - nurturing a safe space for members
ACCEPTANCE - embracing differences among us, and within us
FREEDOM - understanding and honoring the structure and guidelines that support our individual uniqueness
EXPRESSION - commitment to being ourselves and encouraging others to do the same
POWER - being present and aware of the impact of our actions and choices
EXCHANGE - Give and receive meaningful interactions and socializing
ADVENTURE - remembering to play and have fun
COMMUNICATION - watching, talking, and listening to each other and treating each other as real people
EXPANSION - helping each other and ourselves to grow as a result of our social interaction


If you have trouble remembering these guidelines, just think of SAFE PEACE...

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