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is a highly social and educational discussion, blogging, vlogging network built from the primary building blocks of the Universe: Truth, Love, and Energy! Members agree to support, embrace, and commit to the 9 Needs of our amazing community! Historically, our community has had very little need for moderation. Below are some helpful guidelines that have a lot to do with why we all get along so well. Below are the 9 Needs we keep in mind that help with the success of any community.

SECURITY - nurturing a safe space for members
ACCEPTANCE - embracing differences among us, and within us
FREEDOM - understanding and honoring the structure and guidelines that support our individual uniqueness
EXPRESSION - commitment to being ourselves and encouraging others to do the same
POWER - being present and aware of the impact of our actions and choices
EXCHANGE - Give and receive meaningful interactions and socializing
ADVENTURE - remembering to play and have fun
COMMUNICATION - watching, talking, and listening to each other and treating each other as real people
EXPANSION - helping each other and ourselves to grow as a result of our social interaction


If you have trouble remembering these guidelines, just think of SAFE PEACE...




We are a very small team running things and Troy is just one channel. Channeling is a sensitive art that can often be disrupted by moods, life events, current events, health, etc. If you order any channeling services, you have agreed to the understanding that there may be delays, reschedules, or cancellations, but these will always be credited or completed. ALWAYS. It just may require your patience. If there are any issues, please use the SUPPORT TICKETING system and do not directly message Troy. The Support Ticket system is the only way a response is guaranteed. Please be patient with responses! You WILL get a response, but it may take time. Thank you for your understanding. 

UPDATED:  October 16, 2021

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