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    Season 1 is good but it’s Season 2 that blew people away and won all the awards. Skip season 1 and start again with season 2.
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    @ckaricai, if you mean Fleabag didn’t touch you, you can feel sort of glad about it. My friend and I saw another piece about grief once, a film called Genova, and he said people who feel nothing much watching that are lucky. (I’m not.)
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    Good Omens

    Yes, couldn’t agree more! Have always loved the book by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, so naturally I was excited when I heard about this mini-series, which is based on the book. I will soon be able to see it (ordered it on dvd, should arrive any day now). Great to hear from you that you enjoy it.
  6. Everything Troy said. Plus: could this be exactly the difference between the collective Young and Mature soul age? In the Young Era it was fine to be as much of an asshole as you liked as long as you were successful (and white and male, mostly), but now success is no longer measured by the same standards. If your success makes other humans and creatures miserable, it's no longer success? Also, I think Trump has made very loudly and braggingly very public something successful (mostly) white (mostly) men have been doing for ages. This kind of behavior was always there, yes, but always at least partly hidden: in clubs, certain circles where "everyone did this" etc. Now it's on public display on top of the world, so to speak. That many cameras add a few pounds even to heaps of crap... And, if you act like that on taxpayer's money, well... it's no longer as fine as it was when it just happened in the Rich Boy Club. Not to mention that so many WOMEN are now actually journalists, lawyers, policemen, etc, who have their own income, independence, the right to VOTE, etc, which is why so many of them no longer have to put up with a lot of crap they used to have to adapt to just to survive.
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    ENERGY REPORT - October 2019

    Thanks @Maureen for the Seth quote. I also enjoy the Seth quotes when I log into fb now and then.
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    ENERGY REPORT - October 2019

    @Ingun, your comment made me remember this Seth quote I saw today. ♥ "Any strong emotion carries within it far more energy than, say, that required to send a rocket to the moon." NoPR Chapter 5: Session 625, November 1, 1972
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  11. When people are suffering they do only one of three things: they fight for change, adapt, or die. Most people won't fight for change and most people won't want to die, so they adapt. Most people won't fight for change because familiarity is much safer than the risk of change, even if that familiarity is suffering. So most people adapt. And I don't mean they are complacent. I mean, they just adapt because that is the only option they can see. MOST people will take up the fight for change if they can see that they can still be safe and that they won't or can't make things worse. From very private and personal suffering to collective suffering, everyone tends to lean toward adapting until they either CAN or HAVE TO fight for change. I think this is the first time in history that so many can see that they CAN and HAVE TO fight for change. It's not just one community or one group or one person. We are coming together on a scale never seen before and it is going to take some time for us to get coordinated, but it is happening. We don't want to adjust. We don't want to adapt. You have to consider that there are a lot of people in the world who have never suffered in the same ways that you have suffered. What is so familiar to you is new to them, not in concept, but in reality. The concept of oppression among people of color is something everyone probably grasps, but the reality of that suffering is finally being shared and experienced as a reality along with you. It will never be experienced fully by those not of color, but just more accurately and tangibly than ever. So when you say, "everyone has had plenty of time to adjust" -- Not really. I think it's okay to give people the time and support they might need to grapple with the shift away from concept to reality. You have had your whole life to adapt to the suffering and it is familiar to you. I think it's actually BETTER that people aren't adjusting or adapting. Why would we ever want that except for as a means of survival? Let people wring their hands and worry and be fraught about what to do. Because now we have each other as resource and support more than ever and even if we are disoriented, we are ready to fight! Not adapt. Building on my previous reply about the world being very new to our having direct access to realities beyond our own realities, we are also new to taking up the fight for each other on such a massive scale. A lot of us are ON IT and IN IT and already doing all we can in our personal reality with our personal causes, but there are sooooo many causes being presented to us now. People are still grappling with this new experience of how to be meaningfully responsible for soooooooo much. Even me! Even you! We have to remember that most people aren't just suddenly discovering the reality of oppression for people of color. That's just ONE THING. They are also learning and seeing and experiencing more than ever the reality of sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, body shaming, sexual assault, xenophobia, environmental destruction, climate change, animal rights, gun control, consequences of diet, and on top of all of that, we now have a gender spectrum?? LOL, can you imagine the average person whose lives used to be untouched by these things? And then there are those people whose lives have always been touched by oppression but now they are thinking about the oppression and harm that doesn't touch their own lives? Or even more challenging, having to consider the harm and oppression they may have caused others, themselves? It is amazing and astounding to me that so many people from all walks of life are processing and sticking with this agenda of waking up to so many injustices across so many realities! OMG, we should support anyone and everyone who is taking all of this on! I say, let's stay focused on the fact that people are processing this at all because it isn't just about LGBTQ or POC or Gender Equality or... or.... We are taking it ALL on. Let's fucking do it!
  12. Change for the better always comes, but for centuries it has come in incremental stages because we were all isolated to a great degree and completely dependent upon curated knowledge and information that was taught to us from within whatever isolated community of suffering or privilege we were born into. We all learned from people like us who learned from people like them, and on and on... Now... fast-forward to instant global communication that is in the hands of or accessible to nearly every person alive. Fast-forward to a world that is no longer dependent on curated information or news headlines once a day. Fast-forward to a world of 24/7 news cycles with every moment of injustice reported to every device we own. Fast-forward to a world that can record on a regular basis the reality of those injustices and share them with everyone. Fast-forward to a world that has representatives who can speak up and report freely and instantly from within and across communities that used to be psychologically, economically, socially, religiously isolated from each other. THIS... this makes a difference. We have never had a world like this before. Ever. And this makes a difference because people grow and learn from EXPERIENCE, not from hearsay. I can tell a child all day long that the stove is hot and not to touch it, but that child won't know what "hot" really means until they touch it. And so they touch it... and Oh wow, NOW I know what "hot" means! It's the same with everyday people in everyday communities... they can hear all about oppression and hate crimes and suffering and economic disparity and sexual assault and racism and sexism and homophobia and on and on, but that is like being told something is hot without knowing what hot really is. Sure, most people can see that those things are "wrong," but if they really never experienced them, at best they just knew they shouldn't be a part of that. And if they weren't directly a part of something like that, they just went about their lives. But now? Now, they hear directly from those suffering injustices every day. From people like you. From people like me. From people who can now speak up and be heard. And they not only hear directly from those who are experiencing it, but they can have real-time, meaningful conversations (like this one) and can instantly learn about a reality that used to be so distant from their own. And they are learning it directly from us, not from a history book or sanctioned or sanitized interpretation. This instant, persistent, real-time sharing of reality means that more people are no longer just existing in their reality and peeking in on the reality of others. Now we get to share a reality of the existence with those who are not like us at all and not near us and not related to us. This makes a huge difference. People care more about the rights of LGBTQIA people than ever because now they have direct access to the reality of people from that group. And not just about the reality of the people from those groups, but they have direct access TO the very people from those groups. And we have become more visible and active in the every day lives of those who are not like us because LGBTQIA people can also now see each other more easily! Now we know we aren't alone! Now we have people standing beside us who understand us and then we can stand together so that others see and hear us. Many who are not like us may have cared just as much about us in the past, but by the very nature of our distance, differences, and disconnect, they never really had a chance to know us and see us and share in our reality. It seems that when someone can access and share in the reality of another person or group, the potential for empathy and evolution skyrockets! We know our own reality because we experienced it directly and daily. Others had their own realities. It's not really helpful to compare our direct knowledge of our reality to someone else's indirect or lack of knowledge of our reality. But now everyone has the possibility for truly transcending personal reality right at their fingertips today. And that makes all of the difference in the world. NOWWWW we are getting somewhere! Our progress together is no longer dependent on what others teach us from within our own isolated communities. We get to learn from each other! We get to speak up and stand together more instantly and constantly than ever. So it's not that the world is suddenly waking up. We are always waking up. But we only really wake up to the reality that we experience. That reality used to be confined to a very small and defined reality. Now most of us share in a much bigger reality together and it can be very daunting and scary and exciting and inspiring! We also have to take into account that the internet has existed in the way we know it for only about 20 years. And didn't really take on the power of instant reality sharing until over the past 10 years. So THIS is the kind of thing that Michael talks about when they talk about the shift toward Mature Soul. It's not just about some elusive and ambiguous concept of spiritual evolution, but about the tools that become available for learning. We have never had this kind of access to each other before. Never. And we have only had this kind of direct and constant access to the existence of so many different realities for only about 10 to 20 years. So that's what has changed. And it is changing people. Let's celebrate that change and keep it going.
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  14. @ckaricai Thanks for your insights and persuasion. I do think why people are awake now, just boils down to a choice we made due to Turning Points of Breakdown or Breakthrough in 2016. We decided breakdown was not enough. It need not be more complicated than that. I wasn't aware of the Financial Crisis back in 2008, being just a 4th Grader. But of course I do now. I suspect that from 2008 to 2011, we branched off some global parallels towards Revolutionary Movements and Economic Reformations that didn't occur here. In Strauss & Howe's Generation Theory, the 2008 Financial Crisis represents the catalyst for our current Crisis of Collapse Era. Brexit and the US Election represent our Parallel's Regeneracy of Collective Rallying around what people think will help them live through the coming crisis, though I think the Arab Spring and Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown could've become the Regeneracy. Of course, according to Michael, next year is the actual Crisis, or Climax of Collapse- which is followed by some form of Resolution in the early 2020s. I think then, that 2024/25 represents when the Period of Stability will come from the world, and Michael marks this as a point of potential ET Contact. You can read about this in the 5th Paragraph on here: https://www.lifecourse.com/about/method/where-we-are-today.html Perhaps instead of a "what can I do to help" topic, we can create a "what are we doing to help" topic. Which is just as insightful. As for what Im doing to help. I am Vegan, meaning I reduce the amount of resources that must go into creating animals, and reduce funding to Animal Ag, and the environmental destruction they do. I'm aiming to fund environmental and lgbt movements online. I'm able to actually communicate with others now, rather than hide from them. I'm a supporter and advocate for the Resource-based Economy, and have shared it with 100 different people online and irl. I aim to be kind to others and myself, as well as listen rather than assume, resign or lash out- so I can create common ground. I participate in Local and National Politics. My current intentions are to buy and eat more local, seasonal foods, and reduce plastic packaging in our household. My career goal is related to refining and sharing information about global causes so that it is more effective and applicable.
  15. CurvyWords

    hi hi hi!!!!!!

    @avi That makes a LOT more sense. I suspected you might just be manifesting Young because you care waaaay too much about others and our responsibility to one another to not have that Mature Soul viewpoint. I'm glad you had an great session, @Nick Sweeney (Babylove) is amazing!
  16. That folks are fired up now because they are aware now doesn’t answer the question of why people felt okay with ignoring the suffering of others for so long. In any case, if Trump is making it impossible to ignore the suffering, then I suppose this is a better late than never kind of thing that I have to just accept. FYI, There was a serious recession in 2008. The housing market in the US collapsed when predatory lending (such as sub prime mortgages, and the decades long practice of charging minorities higher interest rates than whites with the exact same credit history) was revealed to the world at large. Trump wasn’t in office for that. The economy was starting to recover right when he took office. His awful economic policies have made things worse and but there were issues before him. To answer the question of what to do, I don’t think you need a topic about it because everyone lives in different places. Simply look around your community. What are the problems? Form or join grassroots actions. Go to your local politicians and demand they pay attention to and do something about the problems in your community. There’s no requirement to do things on a large scale. That will help with the overwhelm. If it’s a problem that is far away from you then do research to understand the issue inside and out a you can understand what solutions would be most effective. And know that these problems will take a while to be fixed. You can even google “what to do about...” Seriously, google that shit. If people are gonna be awake now then they should be doing something with their wokeness.
  17. @Maureen, thank you for cross-referencing and for your comments! It's interesting to me that you've been experiencing physical and intellectual shifts this year. It does make me wonder if our various Bodies are going through or preparing for upgrades. I was remembering a few dreams I had at the start of this year involving emptying out various containers to create more space. What a preview for this year those dreams turned out to be! Marie Kondo would be proud! Feels like everything that doesn't "spark joy", everything that is not the Truth and is less than Love wants/needs to go.
  18. Janet

    Roles and creativity

    Michael has discussed this question before. Here is one example from Michael Speaks: Inputs: [M_Entity] The Artisan, having the most Inputs, is the Tao’s means to constantly keep the universe “fresh,” revitalized, and “alive.” They are the guarantee in the Universe that ideas of the Tao can continue to come into existence. All Roles are expressions of Tao, of course, but Artisans are more a direct conduit for Tao than can sometimes be comprehended by the mundane levels of life. ... [JNelson] It would seem every Fragment is capable of experiencing the world like the way an Artisan does through each Input. How does it manifest uniquely in an Artisan compared to everyone else? [M_Entity] We remind you that what we describe is the ESSENCE'S experience, not necessarily the Personality's. This is where some confusion comes in. The Personality of every single Fragment, regardless of its Essence, has the ability to design Overleaves that are more or less focused, inspirational, creative, or entertaining. Examining your Overleaves in relation to the Axis can reveal the way your Personality filters the world FOR Essence. This expands on the possibilities of all Fragments then. That is why a Warrior can be absolutely creative, and an Artisan can “kick ass.” This is not to say the design of Overleaves has an effect on how Essence INPUTS, but rather, it does help explain why varying Fragments feel they EXPERIENCE or BEHAVE in ways different than our Input descriptions define. The way the Five Inputs manifest MOST uniquely could be in the final examination of how an Artisan processes a life. Artisans do not process experiences directly or with focus, but rather have varying levels of commitment to varying themes in their lives. A Warrior may find a theme and find himself compelled to stick through it until everything that can possibly be “milked” from it is. An Artisan, on the other hand, may find she has many patterns in her life, all repeating and being highlighted and revisited in varying stages of her life. The most defining aspect of the Artisan, in terms of inputs, could be said to be in their deeply restless search for “something.” Although this trait can be attributed to any fragment, we are speaking in far more profound ways than a simple distraction for a Personality. The Artisan has a “knowing” that there is so much more than what is seen and yet is it is not touchable until she creates it. This “knowing” vs “creating” can either fuse the Personality and Essence into a powerful force of creativity, or the Personality begins to splinter and reject the Essence. Delusion and retreat then become more and more the emphasis of Channel Four
  19. Sometimes I wish I could contribute to a group of students here, that resonate with having some guided visualizations while also inviting their own imagination and Essence on board. To come together online (audio) in playful experimentation, using colors and other symbols - and together each make a difference in their own little universe. Coming together is always powerful, also in this kind of way.
  20. Nadine

    ENERGY REPORT - October 2019

    Weirdly enough, while I'm currently rather exhausted and depressed, my dreams have been super playful and relaxing, with me being on a beach vacation or having a party. Go figure
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    ENERGY REPORT - October 2019

    I've had dreams about the Instinctive Center, violence and anger by 2 harsh men beating up a third one while I was cleaning in the same room and aware of what was going on. I continue with some more clearing on my self which is a more or less regular thing.... using imagination to explore and look at things in the chakras and aura, and use creative and playful visualizations to make changes and updates. Except from that I have a very peaceful time, but also noticing in which ways thoughts can be violent in very subtle ways. Inspired by Byron Katie.
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    Katie's Dream Thread

    From your descriptions, these dream experiences do seem to be memories of other lifetimes you accessed through your Instinctive Center. I cannot be certain on that though. I would trust your own intuition on this and then you could later validate with Michael if you like. That is the approach I like to take when it comes to dream experiences. My own Instinctive Center has come to me in different forms. One form is when I shift into this dream state where I experience a separation from my physical body. From there, I sometimes find myself visiting a variety of different times and places that appear to be interconnected. In some cases, I will ask my Essence for help in accessing memories of interest. This tends to work fairly well. The library I described previously is a place that I have been experimenting with visiting in a meditative state. I use my imagination to go there. I have heard two voices speak to me at times who seem to help me navigate nearest I can tell. When I first saw this place, there were two people present in the library who were taking care of this place for me. I am still learning how to work with this symbolic system. During several visits, I have had brief but vivid experiences of seeing people and places but I have not been able to figure out the who, where, and when of these experiences. These people I have seen I suspect are past or future selves. I do not know for certain on that though. I am looking forward to reading about your other vivid dream experiences and further visits you might make to your Mansion of Memory. Exploring the Instinctive Center and the wholeness of Essence are of great interest to me.
  23. avi

    hi hi hi!!!!!!

    hey yall, I asked how long I've been a student and for more details on my soul age (in a wonderful/tear-inducing/weight-lifting session with Michael via the amazing @Nick Sweeney (Babylove)...which was also my first time speaking with Michael EEEEK ) they said that my technical soul age is 5th Mature (i think they also said manifesting young which makes sense bc I work in young industries lol and also why i resonated with a lot of the 7th young material I've found on the internetsss). so thank you @Bogi @AnnaD @CurvyWordsfor influencing me to verify! i can be in the -faith pole pretty often with my spiritualist attitude
  24. @ckaricai A thought that comes to mind is that the reason people are fired up en masse "only now" is that now those who were the most oblivious, privileged, protected or complacent are now aware. There is nowhere for those groups of people to hide or distract from now, because everything equates back to the fundamental changes rippling out from people like Trump being in power, and how our choices permit or stop that from occurring. The economy has been pretty seriously impacted since Trump's policies came into play. We no longer have business as usual, and frankly don't want to go back to business as usual. Since there's nowhere to escape, no separate worlds any longer, those who are oblivious, privileged, protected or complacent essentially have three choices: RESIGN from the World due to Overwhelming and Unexpected Feelings, LASH OUT against the World for those Same Feelings, or PARTICIPATE to make the world a better place to Live. The last choice is still confusing though, as we really don't know where or how to channel our energy into social causes, on top of the everyday demands and pressures of capitalism. This adds to the momentum of choices that minorities, oppressed peoples and true victims have already been making- thus resulting in Critical Tipping Points of various Divergences toward different futures for the rest of this century at least. Besides all this, I think the only change has been that people chose to wake up because we wanted an accelerated path to the Mature Soul Paradigm, even if it meant intense short term disease. That choice occurred in February 2016. Michael said in the November 2016 Energy Report that we created this reality as a collective because we desired Global Healing. And if you want Global Healing that means our shit's got to come out of the closet. I like your Warrior-like Advocacy for us to DO something new and now. Maybe we should make another topic for what we can do to make our world better on small and large-scales.
  25. So, I just read @Dawn's chat with Michael Navigating a Moving Centered Year & Working with Children from October 22, 2019 and a few things stood out. Thank you Dawn!! I hope you don''t mind that I copied and posted a portion of it here, with my thoughts, as I feel it's relevant to the bigger picture discussion Let's snap out of it -- together. Interestingly, I just said to @Uma the other day that it's likely that the depth and breadth many of us are "feeling" is due to Instinctive Center accessing that is helping us, quite literally, to move through this intense turbulent change period. As we're preparing to bring in the new we're having to upload and release all the old, no-longer-needed memories not only from our personal Instinctive Center but also from our collective Instinctive Center, as well. In doing so it can bring on waves of grief, despair, anger, depression, anxiety, vulnerabilities, etc. For me, surprisingly, the grieving hasn't been experienced through my emotional body, as happened last year with tears and/or chest congestion for months, almost non-stop, it's been much more physical and intellectual paired with vision after vision as so much is witnessed, experienced, and then released. Interesting times, indeed. Marie Kondo would be proud!! MEntity: This is a Moving Centered year. Though most assume that "feelings" are Emotional, it is in the Physical that this energy is felt, or turned into "feelings." The Overleaves of any given year are like various forms of weather and when one stays indoors or avoids participation in the world, the individual can opt out of that collective energy. However, if one participates in the world and becomes more involved in the world, the more one begins to tap into that collective energy. MEntity: In your case, as you began to become more involved in the lives of others, the more this Moving Centered energy was amplified. This likely acted as a kind of electric current that amplified your own processes so that they were felt as waves of amplified feelings. Dawn: I see. I have felt others' feelings more acutely lately so that makes sense. MEntity: That is part of it. It is the greater context. On a more personal level, the waves of emotion and feelings have to do with your simply processing more emotions. You have a lot of thoughts about what you are experiencing and this generates a lot of feelings that then generate a lot of thoughts, etc. They build into rolling waves. MEntity: Connecting with and working with children, especially groups of children, can prompt access to your Instinctive Center, as well, and any energy from the Instinctive Center can feel raw, untamed, and powerful. Dawn: I almost included in my question to you that I thought I may be tapping into childhood wounding at this job. MEntity: In short, there is no one thing causing your waves of feelings, but many elements. At the core of all of this is you. These are your feelings. They can be overwhelming and delightful and moving, but all them are a part of the landscape of who you are or who you have been. Observe, experience, learn, listen, feel, and if you feel moved to do so, then act. But having intense waves of feelings is not an indication of good or bad. It only indicates how receptive you are being to those feelings. And you are being lovingly receptive. Dawn: That brought tears. MEntity: We know it is a "roller coaster," but it will not last. This is not a prediction, but a matter of how cycles and life works. In your case, we see more of a stabilizing and mellowing around February of 2020. MEntity: We do not see that you have any blind spots contributing to this. It may be just the opposite. You are taking in as much as possible. This can create its own challenges, but it is not a blind spot.
  26. Thank You @Janet, for posting! ME: All overleaves are genetic, in that they can be found in the DNA of every individual This is so in alignment for me right now, and my work, and enjoyment of the Gene Keys from Richard Rudd, alongside with what Michael teaches.
  27. I actually just listened to a podcast about this today. Their conclusion is that 5G is less powerful than 4G. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/science-vs/id1051557000?i=1000455645664
  28. Janet


    [Excerpts from Michael Speaks: 2010 Review and 2011 Overleaves] Note: Although this session was generally about Overleaves for 2010 and 2011, Michael made several comments about personal Overleaves as well. These are excerpted in this article. MEntity: As many of you already understand, the Overleaves that we use to describe a year do not describe energies that are being imposed upon a frame of time, but rather a description of the energies being generated collectively during that frame of time. The same could be said of your own Overleaves: your own overleaves are descriptions of genetic dynamics that have a spectrum of manifestations that are described by the Overleaves. You are not "confined" by those Overleaves any more than you are "confined" by the fact that you are human, for instance. In other words, Overleaves for a year, or for a person, describe patterns that are generated from within the structure, but how those patterns are used, directed, rejected, exploited, etc., are still rather limitless. ... When a student receives or deciphers his or her Overleaves, it will never truly matter if those Overleaves are 100% "correct" if the aim of that student is to aim for the Positive Poles. This is not to say that there are not correct Overleaves, but that it is the aim that makes the difference, not the words. If a Sage thinks he is a Warrior and aims for Persuasion instead of Dissemination, the mere act of aiming for his idea of a Positive Pole Warrior will make him a Positive Pole Sage. ... [Angela] Earlier you mentioned overleaves being a description of genetic DYNAMICS, can you explain more about these dynamics and their influences? MEntity: All Overleaves are genetic, in that they can be found in the DNA of every individual, and this is what springs forth in creating the body and Personality. There is more "nature" to a person than "nurture," in other words, even though there is a mix, and the choices of the individual can affect how either are emphasized. If one were to use our system alongside the study of genetic markers, there would be a time when Overleaves can literally be found in the DNA of an individual. Personality structures are rooted and blueprinted in genetics, but built from the experiences of the life. [Angela] could ALL overleaves be encoded in an individual's DNA? or only the ones specific to that person In the same way that a Body is predesigned to a great degree, but experiences such as food, climate, activities can alter that design, so are Personalities born and raised. The entire set of Overleaves could be found in every individual, but only certain markers to activate code combinations. We are speaking through a non-medical channel, so our terminology is limited. [Kathryn41] so this is how a walk-in can essentially 're-wire' the genetic markers over time to reflect the new overleaves - makes sense MEntity: Those Overleaves that are not the individual's would be dormant, and are rarely activated in replacement of others. When there is an alteration of the active overleaves, it is usually limited to the axis. For instance, a "walk in" might activate Growth over Re-evaluation, etc. [Angela] can beliefs be used to activate these code combinations? MEntity: The alteration of one's DNA by beliefs is about as easy as concentrating hard to change your hair color, or skin color. One can always mask or alter those things, but cannot truly change them.
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