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  2. Thank you, @Troy! Problem solved for me, too.
  3. I am no longer receiving multiple identical notifications. Thank you, @Troy
  4. @Troy I can only see one notification per reaction or comment now. That's wonderful! There is still something going on though because some of the notifications comes up as checked/seen already - even if I haven't checked them yet - and the yellow color is gone for those. But I can eventually notice a bit more how it goes...
  5. NicholasV

    Michael Speaks: The Essence Of Children

    What about the Scholar?
  6. This is a mix of pop and sami joik, and I love the rythm, the sound and the drive because it makes me get up and dance at any time, and I love that because I connect with JOY immediately. The group ended up with a 6th place in the worlds biggest music contest, the Eurovision Song Contest, with 41 countries participating this year, and I'm sharing Norway's contribution and an acustic version. Lets dance Keiino - Spirit in the Sky Lyrics and a nice landscape video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8JirWkcgCc4 Extended Club Mix https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=My5uN1TVztg Acoustic version https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x0TzHXSmavo
  7. Everything seems to be back to normal for me. Hopefully everyone else too. Thanks @Troy for all you do here!
  8. Jeroen

    Artisan Cast Sage

    Hello and welcome, lake!
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    Artisan Cast Sage

    Sup, lake! Welcome!
  10. Michèle

    Artisan Cast Sage

    Helllo and welcome! I am sure you'll have a ball. I adore excentricity so don't ever hold back
  11. DianeHB

    Artisan Cast Sage

    Welcome Lake! Thanks for saying hi!
  12. I also want to share dreams more regularly, so now I will start. 24 May 2019 It was winther and I was outdoor using a 'kicksledge'. [In real life this was close to where my samish great grandparents settled before the 1900, not far from the place I grew up in the north of Norway] [A kicksledge is a long traditional thing in Norway, and something I enjoyed and used daily during winthers at least when growing up and the times I've been living in the north, and it's something symbolizing joy, moving faster ahead than when walking, and especially fun when it's icy on the ground] This was in the evening so it was quite dark, only moonlight around and no lights or houses. There was a row of friends and family behind me, about 6-7 using kicksledges and also having a person sitting on the seat. I also had a child on my seat, it could be my own and it could be anyone, but the focus was not on who, more that it was a child in general, a symbol for play, innocence and trust to me. I turned and then stopped to wait for everyone behind me to catch up. I looked up to the left/south and because of the moonlight I could see clouds passing high up in the sky, and then there was about 4 round lights moving forward at the same time as spinning around. The balls of light were gone just as quickly as I had noticed them. I thought that was it. And what was that actually? Not airplanes for sure. The next moment the lightballs made themselves visible again and crossing the sky above the road I was on - from left/south over to the right side/north. It went so quickly and no one else had noticed anything and everyone was busy with talking, laughing and kicking the kicksledge. Then the balls changed or projected themselves into reindeers in front of a sledge - similar to a perfect image of a darkblue background with light coming from somewhere! and the sledge and the reindeers was all black as when seeing the silhouette of them. Now I knew this was UFOs and I knew we had telepathic contact. They were aware of me and I of them. I felt calm, amused and trusting. Then it was gone. The next moment right after that, a round thing without any light on, is suddenly much closer about 6 meter in a slant above me and the child. And no one else has still not noticed anything, and all the others are still at distance from where I was. A face makes itself visible to me in that round thing, a female, having her hair (if she had any) wrapped up in a headdress. We make eyecontact. It all felt very neutral. She asks for my name. I say my first name while thinking that she probably already knows who I am. She asks for my second name, and I think she wants to be sure who she's speaking with, and I say my second name. Then she says in calm and quiet in English: "Oh, it's you....... It's not many of your kind". I was not sure what she ment, I began intellectualizing, thinking, but quickly gave it up. Next I'm in a car in the front seat, but I never saw who was driving (probably a guide), and the child is in the back seat behind me, and beside the child a woman with a baby in her arms. This is the same woman that was speaking to me but she is very different now, more human and motherly. And she was there because I had wanted her to come to me. I ask her about something, I think it was about how everything I witnessed could happen or how she did that. She replies: "It's kind of a heart thing". I wake up eager to write it down.
  13. lake

    Maya Angelou

    maybe it seems obvious because you are a sage? sage writers can be heavy-handed with "the moral of the story".... that trend towards philosophy can be a bit much especially compared to artisan writers. I did not like "I know why the caged bird sings" poem for this reason. however, I read an excerpt from her autobiography and it was good. it felt realistic. I read another review that found her poetry cliched yet wrote that her autobiography was excellent. maya angelou was a "first class raconteur" according to this review. maybe you would like the autobiography better than her Art. gems from maya that I know.... "if someone shows you who they are the first time, believe them" and "when you know better then you do better" and these are helpful perspectives. it may be obvious to some people, but it's good to know if you don't know or at least advice to consider. also maya & oprah would be a double diagonal of priest-sage and sage-priest. I have this idea that double diagonals are synergistic. many times when a celebrity names a favorite celebrity, it is with a double diagonal. another example, mixed martial artist and former heavyweight champion andrei arlovski named eminem as his favorite celebrity many times. artisan-warrior and warrior-artisan energy with that synergy. just my opinion.... this isn't channelled information.
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  15. Amira Sa'Di

    Low-Maintenance Animal Companionship for Old Priests

    @Rachel, thank you so much for being the purveyor of Divine Intervention and reacting to this question! You reacted right before a chain of events related to Catillac--who is now the older cat I wished he had been before--that turned my whole day upside down. We've come a long way since I posted that rant; I even drove him all the way to St. Louis so we could stay with a friend (and turn his house inside-out) for four months this past winter. When we came back, Catillac returned to the house, and my entire family was much more willing to share in the responsibility for his well-being than before. Personally, my tolerance levels and cat-handling skills have increased, too. I now sleep with Catillac, trim his claws regularly, wash the pet fountain with ease, manage the furniture scratching and counter jumping with aplomb, and I even give him the occasional bath without either of us sustaining injuries! Yaay! Early this morning, while I was asleep, my uncle let him outside into the flea-ridden Georgia summer heat. Then, before I could figure out how best to handle that, he let him run all the way back through the house, over several yards of carpet! I was LIVIT!!! (with a "T") A year ago, I probably would have had a nervous breakdown. Today, I just put him back out and trapped him on the porch in his carrier. Meanwhile, my uncle went out, with his own tail between his legs, and bought some super expensive Capstar pills. Then, I vacuumed the floor, dropped a pill in his food, cleaned out his litterbox a day early, used my hostile energy to clean up the entire room where he spends most of his time, gave him a bath, cleaned his carrier, and went on about my business. Granted, it is many, many hours later, but my composure is intact. And the best part is that I got to read my own hilarious rant from nearly a year ago and reflect on my increased resiliency. Give thanks.
  16. @Troy Your last comment came up with 4 notifications. NickF's post came up with 2 notifications. I don't receive e-mails, that's my choice, I only check notifications to the top right, the bell.
  17. @Troy the most recent post from you hit my email as 9 emails. Sorry to report it.
  18. UPDATE: Our host claims this is fixed, so please let me know if you continue to receive multiples over today or tomorrow! Thanks!
  19. Still working this out. Thank you for your patience!
  20. lake


    ***no spoilers & general comments*** recently watched the iconic 80s movie "flashdance" and it really struck me as a warrior essence story. the main character alex (jennifer beals) had clear boundaries. her determination to overcome dance limitations had a warrior's flair. the sexuality was earthy and blunt as warriors aren't shy about sex. not a talkative script like sage style writing.... theme was at a soul age of 2nd level young. just my aesthetic opinion.... I can see why it was popular. also the movie had a great soundtrack.
  21. hello TLE, I'm sage essence with artisan casting. I've found the michael teachings to be helpful in understanding other people's values. it's easy for me to spot scholars, warriors, artisans and sages. more difficult for me to see servers, priests and kings. I do see these essence roles in behavior, but not as starkly as others. my soul age is mature. this intro is a little dry. as a sage, I can definitely spice it up... just didn't want to turn my intro into theatrics. also with artisan casting, I appreciate the eccentric. it's so surprising to me when I see people online dislike something or someone because of the weird factor. that's definitely not my temperament. I look forward to learning more from this community. ~lake~
  22. Yeah, my magic number seems to be six. But it's not happening every day.
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