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    ENERGY REPORT August 2018 2018 OVERLEAVES ROLE: Warrior (emphasized all year) CENTER: Higher Emotional (emphasized all year) GOAL: Dominance (emphasized Jan - Mar) MODE: Power (emphasized Apr - Jun) ATTITUDE: Pragmatist (emphasized Jul - Sep) CHIEF FEATURES: Greed (emphasized Oct - Dec) AUGUST brings with it a strong collective emphasis on the Attitude of Pragmatist directly between the Polarities of Efficiency and Dogma. As for which Polarity will gain more emphasis, we will have to explore in September or October when the emphasis on the Chief Features come into frame. Currently, the “battle” between Efficiency and Dogma has been decided for most of our students and the next month or so will be a matter of rising up and out of the weight of Dogma or fully embracing a perspective of Efficiency that moves the life forward with relief. What we have discovered on the other side of the recent and long-lasting “Nexus Bubble” is that most of our students converged with variations of themselves across parallels where they had begun to “listen to themselves.” For most, this return to listening to yourself meant a renewed trust and enthusiasm for cutting through the bullshit of confusion and chaos and simply focus on what is true. There are always many paths of speculation and possibility and probability that range between “good and bad,” and when the personal or collective world is bombarded with a vast and uncertain range of speculation, one can lose all sense of what is true and the voices of the world or your fears or your past or your worries, etc. drown out your True Voice. You begin to think and feel that all of it is true. This is impossible for the mind and body to process and you begin to shut down from the sources of joy and vitality and curiosity and play of life. You begin to dismiss your 9 Needs and ignore your 9 Pillars. You no longer know what is true so you lose your sense of True Play, True Work, True Study, True Love, True Home, etc. Your mind shuts down because when everything is true then none of it is true. When you are no longer guided by what is true, you begin to be guided by the voices of everyone and everything but yourself. You lose your True Voice. We will introduce this concept of “True Voice” as that inner guidance system that can be relied upon when all of your Needs and Pillars are nurtured. The True Voice is simply an inner trust in your own choices and your capacity to navigate and calibrate and adapt and change and grow through those choices. There will be “right” choices and “wrong” choices and you will learn from these. There will be choices with intentional consequences and choices with unintentional consequences and you will grow from these. There will be choices you regret and choices you celebrate. Your True Voice embraces fully the concept of “Learning How To Choose, and Choosing How To Learn.” Even when the choice is to hold off on making a choice. But the True Voice will never paralyze you. For most of our students, the recent Nexus Bubble sorted through all of the moments where you fragmented yourself by not listening to yourself. You sorted through all of the moments where those parts of you suddenly realized that they had to return to their True Voice, and they did. And that includes you. This version of you also decided enough is enough and stripped through the bullshit din of noise and remembered that your own voice is valid and worthy and meaningful and true. Yes, there is a lot of uncertainty in the world and even in yourself, but when you lose your trust in your own voice, you become voiceless and directionless. Many of our students reclaimed their True Voice over July and now begin the work of listening. For most of our students this has meant returning to the Pragmatist’s Efficiency of cutting out or cutting through the bullshit din of noise and voices that are telling you what is and is not true and trusting yourself to embrace your own enthusiasm, play, joy, progress, actions, etc. that are true for you. It is possible for these things to be true even as it is true that the personal or collective world is in a challenging state. It is okay to listen to your own voice when the world is crying and screaming, and it is vital. Listening to your own voice changes everything because you are no longer defined by what is true around you or by what you are told is true, but you become a force of creativity that helps contribute to or change the truth around you. In short, one can listen to the world telling you how awful you are or how awful the world is, or you can listen to your True Voice and listen to the truth that things, people, life and even you can be both awful AND wonderful. Your True Voice allows room for your choices to matter. This Nexus Bubble revealed to many of our students that they have been on a journey over the past 5 to 30 years of discovering just how much they matter. This may seem to be an easy concept to embrace as older souls and students of a teaching, but it is not. Remembering that you matter is a long journey that starts with the first incarnation. As an Old Soul, you remember that you matter and you will never forget that truth, but every lifetime/Personality must start from scratch in that process of remembering. The fact that you remember this within a lifetime is fairly astounding in the greater scheme of things. It is not a matter to dismiss. For those who may have fallen further into Dogma over July, you may find that the emphasis remains on the lie that you do not matter. If you continue to struggle with the voices that tell you that you do not matter, then you may have fallen into Dogma and are discovering just how repetitive and ingrained and loud the voices are that are not your own. If you find that you have fallen into Dogma, your work is to stop listening to everything and start listening to one thing. Pick one voice that matters to you. Pick one truth that means something to you. Let all of the other voices and truths float around you and exist as they are, but make the effort to listen to the one that matters to you and means something to you. That voice will be fairly quiet, kind, calm, and inviting. It is not cruel, destructive, diminishing, or shaming. That voice may not even come from within you, but from the voice of this teaching, or the voice of a friend, or the voice of a song. Center yourself and find a voice that cares about you and listen as closely and as persistently as you can because this is how you will find your own True Voice again and remember that you matter. On the world stage, you will likely continue to see the dance between extreme Dogma and profound Efficiency. There are going to be those who suddenly surge forward and cut through the noise to the True Voice of humanity, while others dig deep into the trenches of repetitive rhetoric and try to drown humanity in Dogma. On the world stage, it will likely be quite clear how Greed is overtaking them and their fear of not having enough is fueling the Dogma. What that Greed is fixated upon may not be clear until October, but it is likely “power.” Now that the Nexus Bubble has passed and a great shift has occurred in terms of a collective return to True Voice, we can also see that the Transcendental Souls are awake and the Infinite Soul candidates are in order. If there is to be a Manifestation, the pieces are now in place, so to speak. This may or may not come to be, but there is no further question as to whom will be involved. We do not know all of the individuals involved, but we can say that we know of several now. We will speak to this in more detail in further exchanges with you, but we can confirm that David Hogg is a Transcendental Soul and Emma Gonzalez is a Candidate. We will elaborate further in another exchange with you, but these figures can now be observed for insights into the more elusive concepts regarding Transcendental Souls and Infinite Soul candidates. DATES OF INTEREST (dates are approximate): August 25th - 27th -- NEXUS -- CONVERGENCE - This Nexus window looks to bring with it a further shift toward “strength in numbers” regarding altering the course of history regarding potential war. The awareness of potential war and great conflict may begin to rise and be taken more seriously. This rise in awareness and serious consideration is necessary for helping to update the patterns that have been in a battle between Young Soul ideas of conflict as necessary for growth and the new Mature Soul ideas of compassion as necessary for growth. HELPFUL THOUGHTS OVER AUGUST: FUCK THAT NOISE - When you feel overwhelmed and uncertain and conflicted and confused and anxious and paralyzed, it may be helpful for you to simply state “fuck that noise” and make an effort to listen to the most meaningful and kindest voice you can find in the mess. Let the noise be noise and find the voice that matters. The voice that matters speaks to you in ways that remind you that you matter.
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    Ingun, thanks for asking. This is one of those things that you don't realize is happening and time flies by before you know it. The explanation is simple. I've been struggling with extreme depression (extreme for me - I'm not sure if it would be extreme compared to a clinical diagnosis). I have never been more unhappy for such a long stretch of time in my life. Even growing up abused and living in profound fear for my life as a child, I bounced back every day with great enthusiasm and optimism and MADE my days better. I think the difference now is that it isn't just about me. I'm depressed about my helplessness in helping others who suffer along with me. I'm depressed by the loss of family and friends over this whole election. I'm depressed about the state of humanity and how revolting and disgusting we can be to each other and to animals. I'm depressed about my dear friends dying and being diagnosed with terminal illnesses. I'm depressed about a lot of things and it has affected my mental and physical health. On top of that, I feel guilty about feeling depressed because nothing is really that bad in my personal life. My personal life is a sanctuary. My physical health suffers quite a bit, but I'm ok. This depression is so NOT ME. I feel like I am being turned into someone that isn't me. I've never ever in my life ever felt like I am not me. Losing yourself is terrifying. So I've not been strong enough to be available for all of the free channeling sessions that I used to be. Any downtime I have is cherished and needed and I just try to catch my breath. I feel like I'm treading psychological waters and I need every ounce of energy to keep from drowning. I know all of that sounds pretty dramatic, but it's a really heavy, quiet, insidious thing and I know I'm not the only one who suffers. So I've been thinking about this a lot and I've decided I really need to try to snap out of it. Not just for myself, but for everyone I love, including you and this community. Slowly disengaging from the world and the people and the community I love is not the answer. For any of us. I've already announced to TeamTLE that I am aiming for August to be a reboot for me and my work with TLE. I have been developing some changes and new ideas that I plan to launch in August so that I can return to being there for myself and for this amazing community. I will detail those in an announcement post. I needed this long stretch of downtime and I will probably need more of it, but I have to snap out of this funk. I have to. It is killing me. I also realize I have to bring balance back to my Rest, Play, Work, and Study. I'm putting all of my education from Michael into practice and really taking seriously what I've learned and trying to apply it. One thing that I love about this teaching is that it doesn't try to bullshit you with the idea that if you think a magic phrase or avoid "negativity" or just decide to be happy then things will be just fine. This teaching acknowledges that life is challenging and being human can be really ugly and messy. I've been feeling really ugly and I am a mess. But a lot of us are, so we might as well come together and do our best to make the best of some really difficult times. Thank you for hanging in there with me. I'm on my way back. Thank you for understanding and loving me as a fellow student and friend.
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    ENROLLMENT IS NOW OPEN for the beloved and life-changing 12-Month Study Course with me and Michael! Classes will begin in January of 2019 and run monthly through 2019 until December. Live Chat schedule pending. EARLY BIRD BONUS: Everyone who enrolls in August will receive a free 30-minute LIVE CHAT that can be claimed during the course at any time as a supplement to the course. It can be used as a way to gain greater depth of understanding and intimate assessments with Michael about any part of the course. $300 for this 12-month course - ENROLL HERE by joining the Closed/Private Club on TLE NOTICE: All previous "graduates" or those who paid for the course in the past can audit the entire year for free! FOR THOSE AUDITING THE COURSE: Some of you have asked how you can pay the difference on a partially-paid course in the past or expressed that you would like to just support the return of the course. Thank you for asking! Just use the donation option linked here or the Donation button on the home page of TLE and offer whatever you feel. No pressure! I trust your judgment! Big love to you! MORE DETAILS BELOW WHOLENESS OF SOUL - A PRIVATE 12-Month STUDY GROUP - SESSION ID - WOS2019 - The return of the beloved and life-changing Wholeness of Soul Course! An immersive, interactive, year-long course of monthly chapter releases, monthly live chats, forum support, journaling, homework, and loving evolution of our mind, body, and soul. This group begins in January 2019, but preparation and enrollment are open now through December 31st, 2018. Enrollment for 2019 will close December 31st, 2018. Upon scheduling your enrollment, you will be added to the queue of students who will receive their preparation and assessment package in December, which will be sent out before the course begins in January 2019. Included with the course: A Closed Club where only participants can see and read posts Monthly release of each of the 12 "chapters" that make up the Wholeness of Soul Course Journal system/blogging for tracking your process on-going, open group discussions and support via private club Forums, including regular input from Troy and Michael work on your own, or form supportive study groups within the group study groups of 10 - 20 will form so that more intimate growth can develop among members and with Michael scheduled monthly LIVE CHAT with Troy & Michael relative to each chapter release (dates pending) Peer support from new and alumni students of previous iterations of the course WHOLENESS OF SOUL COURSE DESCRIPTION & ITINERARY Wholeness of Soul is a course that was experimentally introduced in the year 2002. A tentative group formed and committed to the process that would come to be known as Wholeness of Soul. The results for all of us have proven to be so moving and powerful that I had originally wanted this course to be a part of my first published book! Over time, though, I realize that the process is far too dynamic for a book. Instead, I want to continue to offer the course in different ways over time so that it remains relevant, flexible, evolving, and meaningful. The idea for WholeSouls came from my wondering what it would be like if I asked Michael exactly what the process would be if one were to choose to completely embrace and/or transform one’s life. The initial response was an outline that would be painstakingly filled in over the next 2 years. On a fairly regular, monthly basis, Michael shared with us the deeper workings of our Personality, Essence, Life, and Relationships, extending into territory none of us had anticipated. It felt like we were turned inside out, with the discovery that everything is more alive and beautiful than we ever let ourselves believe about our world, ourselves, and our lives. The personal, intimate, deeply moving exploration changed all of us on some level in quite profound ways. I can’t guarantee that for everyone who applies for this course, but I can only say that this has been a consistent response that I am not shy about celebrating. When I had presented the idea to Michael, and after they had offered an outline, they then helped me define the phrase “Wholeness of Soul.” Michael described this state as something that is an ongoing process that never aims for a state of conclusion. Wholeness is not something that is ever completed and then conclusively folded into the life. It is more about the ability to access the totality of skills and tools we already have and learning how to gain the skills and tools we may lack, so we can better manage, create, accept, or transform our lives whenever we want! Most of the original group will gladly tell you that their lives were changed and that the course was far more meaningful than expected, but they will also tell you that life goes on and that it is the application of the skills that made the difference. No one came out feeling as if they were ready to ascend into some state of ultra-enlightenment. Most of us felt as if we were altered in dramatic, but soft, loving ways that allow us to manage and create life a little better, to manage and create relationships more lovingly, and to always own our choices in kinder and more patient ways. I’m not going to lie to you. This course takes EFFORT. It is not a Quick Fix, but considering the span of a lifetime, putting effort into 12 months for the sake of expanding our possibilities and unleashing our potential,… well, it might be worth it. WHOLESOULS ITINERARY Chapter One "The Instinctive Center and issues of Self-Reliance” Synopsis: Discussion about the Instinctive Center’s nature and function, as well as choosing methods to discover your deeper, personal fear patterns that block you from freedom and joy. Topic includes discussion and details for understanding and immediately transforming your primary and secondary fear patterns that create challenges and obstacles to your successes, and to intimacy, respectively. This session helps you learn to navigate WITH your fear, rather than being consumed by, or fighting against, your basic fears. (NOTE: This chapter will also cover how to have a more obvious relationship and communication with your Primary Guide) Chapter Two "The Moving Center and issues of Self-Confidence" Synopsis: We will discuss the Moving Center’s nature and function, as well as how this particular Center manages your experiences of Success, Failure, the Body, and the Physical Plane. Topic will include discussion and details for understanding your Body Type and its inherent SHAME for this lifetime and how this ties into all of your Physical Plane struggles. Chapter Three "The Intellectual Center and issues of Self-Expression" Synopsis: We will discuss the Intellectual Center’s nature and function, as well as how this particular center manages your Beliefs, Expression, Honesty, and Communication. Topic will include discussion and details for understanding your Personality Attitude (your inherent philosophy) for the lifetime and how this ties into all of your understanding, perceptions, and interpretations of experiences in everything. Chapter Four "The Emotional Center and issues of Self-Love" Synopsis: Discussion about Emotional Center’s nature and function, as well as how this particular center manages your Relationships within and without, addressing attachments to things such as Abandonment, Betrayal, and Envy. This Topic will include discussion and details for understanding your Personality Mode (method of approach to life and intimacy) for the lifetime and how to consciously facilitate your Mode toward harmonizing your interactions and relationships. Chapter Five "The Higher Moving Center and issues of Essence-Harmony and Self-Care" Synopsis: Discussion as to the Higher Moving Center’s nature and function, as well as how this particular center uses Humor as a navigational tool with Laughter as its manifestation. We will discuss methods for how to easily access this center for immediate embrace or transformation in areas of isolation, chaos, discord, mistreatment, sadness, sedation, addiction, lethargy, and lack. This topic will address exactly what your Essence (soul) is specifically seeking from this lifetime and how this ties into your Goal (your primary motivation) for the lifetime. Chapter Six "The Higher Emotional Center and issues of Essence-Ecstasy and Self-Exploration" Synopsis: We will have a discussion as to the Higher Emotional Center nature and function, as well as how this particular center uses Happiness as a navigational tool with Pleasure or Ecstasy as its manifestation. We will discover methods for how to easily access this center for embrace or transformation in areas of inspiration, intuition, choice, decisions, acceptance, and dilemmas. This topic will address exactly where Essence is in terms of your Soul Age and Level and what lessons and contexts are brought to bear through your specific stage of growth at this point. Chapter Seven "The Higher Intellectual Center and issues of Essence-Awareness and Self-awareness" Synopsis: We will have a discussion as to the Higher Intellectual Center’s nature and function, as well as how this particular center uses Truth as a navigational tool with Tears as the manifestation. When tears are involved, there is always a Truth being explored. We will discuss methods for how to easily access this center for embrace or transformation in areas of obsession, plans, details, control, surrender, difficulties, comprehension, trust, and spirituality. This topic will address exactly what your Essence is in terms of your Role (the way your soul expresses itself) and its particular themes across all of its lifetimes, discovering your Essence’s specific contribution to its Entity and Cadre. Chapter Eight "Assessment, Assimilation, and Integration" Synopsis: This is a “LIVE chapter” that will be created from our monthly chat, and will focus on all that has come to be explored and discovered over the first 7 chapters, assessing where you are within that process, on helping you assimilate some of the more challenging details, and on methods for truly owning and integrating the information-to-date. This chapter is your chapter, built on Personal Questions and Answers with Michael. A very different, casual, and intimate form of dialogue with Michael will be a part of the session. These tend to be quite intimate and personal. Chapter Nine "Tools of Navigation for the Personality" Synopsis: Based on Chapter 8, we will now receive suggestions for specific, customized tools that may be necessary for us to develop to continue on our own as a way of wholeness. Michael will discuss the practical uses of these tools, how to make them a part of your Personality and Essence, and how to truly own, accept, and manage the process of directing your life's creation and unfolding. Chapter Ten "Beyond Self" Synopsis: This chapter will explore the very basics of your Support Group for this lifetime. A Support Group is a circle of 12 Positions in your life that, when filled, opens your life to be lived to its fullest potential. This chapter will help us define, identify, and attract these very important, vital people so that these Positions are never left unfulfilled again. You will, in turn, discover which Position you are inclined to fulfill in other Support Groups. We will learn to how to never trick ourselves into thinking we are lonely or on our own again. Chapter Eleven "Beyond Essence" Synopsis: This chapter will help each of us find specific ways to validate our support that comes from beyond Essence in the form of Guides, 'God', “the universe,” and/or any other forms of Energy. This chapter will help us discover the "Kingdoms" of which we may be a part, as well as Teachers with which we may have further Agreements for study and evolution. After this chapter, Michael may begin meeting with each of you individually in a form or manner that we will have discovered by now as valid, so as to teach us more specifically and long-term beyond this course, if you choose. Chapter Twelve "Accepting Wholeness" Synopsis: This is another LIVE Chapter that focuses on any final areas of importance and direction, reviewing what we have gained through our new integration of physical and metaphysical tools for handling all areas of life. This will be a chapter that focuses on a 'graduation' of sorts. Michael will offer an updated commentary on what may or may not have profoundly changed for us because of this course. And then we are off to live as fully as possible.
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    I had a helluva of time crawling through this Nexus. I've never felt so out-of-it, exhausted, disturbed, and irritated... full-on body irritation. Some days I could hardly move because of lack of energy. One day in particular it felt as though my whole body was going to collapse, head to toe, similar to how it feels when your legs collapse from under you. Today, the first day post Nexus, I felt somewhat better and was happy to get out to do some errands although I found I was even happier to get home. I had a lovely surprise at my hairdresser's. I usually go every 6 to 7 weeks, always during the week, never on the weekend but this time I went today, Saturday, because she's on vacation next week. I was waiting for my hairdresser to wash my hair when another woman came over, introduced herself to me and started to wash my hair. Actually it was way more than that, she (Kim) ended up giving me the loveliest, greatly unexpected, head massage. I wondered if I had died and gone to heaven -- it was that good. Kim's touch was so loving, like a mother bathing her child, that I actually had an image of me being a baby as she gently patted the water off my hair at the end. I could feel all the rubbish that had collected during the Nexus slide down off my head down into the drain. I have never experienced so much love with a simple massage. As this was going on I remembered what Michael had told me in a session about the major Convergence in August 2014 when I had asked them about a dream related to the Nexus. They said: MEntity: The first dream would likely be related to the world of "you" merging into "this" world over the next several years. This "other world" is quite closed, quite contained, and has worked hard to break out of that state. The reaching up and out of the Crown is one of the means through which Convergence of parallels happens. So, I was soothed but surprised. My hairdresser was surprised as well because she had assumed I knew Kim as she's been working there for 3 years, or so, but because (as I said earlier) I never go in on the weekends I had never met her before. Thankfully, my hairdresser told me Kim's story while she cut my hair. I asked if she was Vietnamese (intuition there... don't know what's relevant about this) and it turns out that she is. She looks after her husband (during the week) as he became a paraplegic when he jumped off a bridge when he tried to commit suicide two days after she gave birth to their child. She now cares for him and their child full time. After I had my haircut she came by and I asked her if I could give her a hug and she accepted. Her face was beaming and so (I expect) was mine. I told her how I felt when she touched me. I told her I felt like "her child" and I never, hardly ever, feel that way with people. I'm usually the one who "gives it away". I am so humbled by this small woman who has been through, and is still going through, so much and yet is able to give so much love to a "stranger" with her touch. Afterwards I felt like hugging my hairdresser as well... so I did. So much love in the air. Oh, and I made my next appointment for a Saturday. I'm no fool... I know love when I see it. ♥
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    I know how hard you work and how much it takes out of you and I want you to know that I (and I think I speak for all of us here on TLE) want you to be healthy and happy and to feel well. Whatever you need to do to make that happen, I am in favor of. You are not a machine and channeling is not a switch that you can turn on and off. Take whatever time and space you need to recover @Troy, and get well soon. Sending love and good wishes and all the woo woo I can muster for it to happen quickly.
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    Yes!!! @Troy, perhaps it's because you're in my CHILD position that I want to see you as happy and as loved as this baby. To those who haven't met Troy in person he's the most huggable person I've ever met. Love you!! ♥♥♥
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    I wanted to add about not listening to the voices. Oddly enough, I started going back to therapy about a month or so ago. It didn't occur to me that I was under the influence of Pragmatism. One of my goals has been to examine my less-than-helpful thought patterns. It's also becoming increasingly clear that I have what's known as "executive function" issues. Sometimes being on older person (in age) sucks, because so many of these things were not understood when I was a kid. You were just "bad" or "thoughtless." So often I think I'm a not-very-good M student and then this kind of shit shows that maybe I'm not as out of touch with Essence as I thought. FUCK THAT NOISE!
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    My nexus has been a bliss. At fist it feels like learning how to swim in an ocean, but more and more, I understand the importance of "go with the flow". I think I've landed in a "good" place. It coincided with the start of my new job, some positive and practical attitudes definitely help me win trust and create bonding experiences within my new team. I am very grateful. What I want to share is a more personal experience that happened today. As you may know, I've struggled through my relationship with the ET for the past few years. It has been about 10 months since we talked with each other, and I always felt a lack of closure. I didn't even tell him I left Chicago, as I was probably too pumped about my new adventure. Surprisingly, I miss him more than I thought I would since I moved to California, maybe a nostalgia for Chicago and those who I met there. I assume today is the first day after the nexus...I feel an urge to text him but didn't end up doing. Later, I opened a chatting tool that I haven't been using forever, and god knows why, I just wanted to check on his contact info. And here he is, showing a picture with his girlfriend/fiance/wife in a fancy black tie event. And he looked so different than I remember...almost like a stranger...but, deep inside I know it's him. Well, you can imagine my first reaction not being pretty. I feel so sick and shaky physically and emotionally. I used a lot of curse words, I shed a ton of tears. I thought I was doing well recovering, but when the thing is in your face, you just can't help but lose yourself. It was a surreal moment. I called a friend in the middle of the night for 2 hours. I tried to make peace. I thought I was not going to survive this on my own when I hang up the phone. But miraculously, I managed to find some relief in the end. I realized that essentially, it’s a “test” of how secure I am about my self and my position in life. His life is his, and mine is mine. I should be confident enough that I am doing good myself and whatever I search for will come. The belief shouldn’t be shaken by what he is doing, how he does it, with whom he’s doing it. I wish him best of luck….on a spiritual level, we still love and support each other, I should be firm about that. It's probably not even easy to "get rid of each other". I am especially grateful for our TLE community and how everyone helps me heal on this topic. Thinking about it with more clarity…I do feel it’s about the right time for me to learn this “news” and reality. It seems like a random event that I looked him up today, but metaphysically, I know it’s because I’m prepared to accept our relationship as is in a more thorough way. I love myself deep enough that this "truth" won’t truly challenge my foundation to sustain a sense of self love. What a journey, what a life. I am happy to have you walk along with me.
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    @Troy Thank You so much for this report, great timing for me. These are the voices I kept on holding on to through the last month: Know and trust, I am a vital creator and confident in my mind and soul, I cannot not effect the conscious matrix, cause I am a vital part of it and to aim at love. What I think, feel and do matters, to take good care of my mental, emotional and physical health and to clean up my act everyday, in my own conscious way. Sometimes I started to waver and found myself foolish in the eye of what's happening in this world, then I told myself, if the ones who hold on so tightly to their foolish power games creating such an immense imbalance and they are on one side of the teeter-totter, it is just a matter of how hard I jump onto the other side and not stop doing it and always having those in my mind, people like Hogg and Gonzales and many more, who jump on that other side of the teeter-totter too, and that my energy goes to them and not to those who are seemingly in power. Yeah "Fuck" that noise, I truly want to listen to the most meaningful and kindest voice, my voice, the most empowering voice, no matter how foolish at times it seems.
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    We are going to do that together. No matter what it takes, I feel I have to change this pattern in me and I'm excited about aiming for August. So let's collectively catch our breath and resolve that August is a shift we are going to make, and not just wait to see what shifts are coming.
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    I didn't know about David Hogg, but I sensed it about Emma Gonzales. Thank you Troy and Michael!
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    Thank you @Troy, it is good to hear from you no matter what, it's good to just know what's going on for you, even though you feel bad right now. And many others here do as well it seems from many of the posts. I just wish I could help anyone to feel better...
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    YEAH FUCK THAT NOISE! For some reason I teared up at the David/Emma info.
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    Today was a fascinating day of sessions. Every single session had the same theme and they all related to this recent Nexus. It seems that there is a theme that most of you will recognize and maybe really easily validate as your own experience with this Nexus. I am kind of blown away by how this theme is shared by so many of us. More details to come!
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    @Troy Thank you for being there for us. You are appreciated very much. Love, Diane
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    HAHAHA “Fuck that noise”. I sense some Troy slipping through in that expression.
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    My week after last weekend was actually quite good. I was a stressed out mess last weekend as I set up the books for my first bookkeeping client. The work was not difficult, per se, but doing it for someone unknown to me for the first time, trying to separate out personal vs business expenses, making accounting decisions on my own, researching potential tax ramifications, finding things done wrong and having to tell the client, etc, were all new to me and absolutely horrifying. After it was done, I talked with the client about things that came up, and that conversation was really good for me because he was a lot less intimidating in reality than in my head. Over the next day or two, it seemed like my brain integrated what I learned from working on my own with the rest of my accounting knowledge, and the work seemed like no big deal at all. I met with the client on Thursday to train him to use QuickBooks, and I had zero nervousness and was even looking forward to it. Also, in the middle of the week an opportunity showed up for me to take over the organizer role of a local support group for entrepreneurs that sounded exactly like what I wanted to start/was looking for. It was started by a friend of a friend, and she decided to step down as organizer shortly after I joined. I'm really excited about this opportunity to create a community that is more aligned with my ideas and vision.
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    Somebody brought up the channeling on Shakespeare and Edward de Vere recently, which led me to finally watch the documentary that Martha asked about years ago, Last Will & Testament (it's on Amazon Prime Video). I hadn't expected this documentary to move me so much. I have a degree in English and studied a lot of literature, but I didn't resonate much with Shakespeare or other Renaissance plays. Shakespeare is such an institution that I never thought of the man and the life behind the words. The documentary presented events and people in de Vere's life and pointed to passages in Shakespeare that reflected them. But those passages also showed how deeply he felt, his existential crises, his struggles with political manipulations (being Queen Elizabeth's ward and courtier), his fall from grace and realizing there is growth in it. I felt compassion for that person, suddenly realizing that all these stories were someone's story. I want to go back and reread them now -- they suddenly seem much more alive.
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    @Troy i hope you start feeling better. One thing i wanted to mention from my side is i felt like there was a little bit of healing that took place (on my side and hopefully on your too) from the thread a week or 2 ago about that lady going nuts. It felt similar to the thread from last year, but this time it ended with both of us listening and hearing eachother. It was healing for me for sure. Just wanted to mention that positive thing i felt here recently with you.
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    Yes, please. I am not happy about how things are going, we need to make a shift. @Troy, you are loved and appreciated. Thank you for being and for being you.
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    Had a dream last night where I talked at length with Putin. Such a dominating, singular goal focused presence. He was taller than he is in physical life. I wonder if he’s insecure about that And now that I think about it, this is the second dream I can remember where Russian agents were trying to influence something that I was protecting. Apparently attracted the big boss this time around
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    I had been meaning to ask about those two. Definitely get a vibe about them!
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    I forgot to add that in the last week I’ve suddenly gained more clarity around my writing, too, despite having set it aside temporarily while I focus on working with a client. The anxiety I’ve had around writing just cleared up out of nowhere, and I realized that I can write practical/informative articles or creative/personal articles without letting any of it define me or save me. It is such a relief.
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    Troy, I appreciate all that you do. I would like for you to be happy and healthy and I hope you feel better. Much love to you.
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    Yesterday was the first "good" day I've had in what feels like ages. But what a relief to be able to see a better version of myself after weeks of feeling like a crazy person! I ended up on Sunday night having a burst of creativity which resulted in rearranging and decorating in my apartment. I've been here 2 months and still wasn't feeling right, but now that I've made these few changes I feel a lot happier. Aside from that, I have no idea what has changed, but I trust it's there. I had to drop any notions of forward motion in work or pretty much anything during the nexus as I was so stressed out the very thought of adding any additional contact with anyone gave me a stomach ache. However, it does occur to me just now that I stepped up my self care yet again and am calmer and less resentful about that and it feels like it will stick, not just be a passing phase. In a session with Michael last week I asked about the nexus, and this is what they said: The fluctuations at work in this Convergence and Divergence Nexus are temporary and any sense of merging or diverging are exploratory. We think we will be able to more carefully assess any relevant effects in August after the Nexus. For now, what we can see is that some versions of you who have risen from very challenging positions are looking for ways to help other versions of herself to heal and be strong, while other versions of you who have had more difficulty and more isolation are opening up to guidance and care from this vaster concept of the self. In short, you have become a meeting ground for the parts of you who are in most need of help and the parts of you who have grown to be of such strength as to be able to share it. I thought it was really interesting that they said the merging and diverging were exploratory, (I really am commitment phobic I guess) and also find the image of my being a meeting ground quite beautiful and hopeful for the other versions of myself that aren't doing so well. I'm looking forward to the August report and am feeling in my body that the next couple months could be real hum dingers too, as Michael's hinted already.