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    ENERGY REPORT November 2018 2018 OVERLEAVES ROLE: Warrior (emphasized all year) CENTER: Higher Emotional (emphasized all year) GOAL: Dominance (emphasized Jan - Mar) MODE: Power (emphasized Apr - Jun) ATTITUDE: Pragmatist (emphasized Jul - Sep) CHIEF FEATURES: Greed (emphasized Oct - Dec) NOVEMBER brings a deep dive into Greed as introduced into emphasis in October. Greed is the fear of not having enough and it tends to fixate on what is feared to be lacking. This year the Greed is directly tied to and fixated on POWER. It is fairly easy to see how this is playing out in the world around you, but it is hitting our students in quite painful ways, as well. Even if you are not inclined toward Greed and have never had this as a Chief Feature of your Personality, it is likely that you are struggling with the fear of lacking power. This is a year of great challenges to the concept and application of Power, both in terms of the Overleaf and in terms of influence in the world. We have discussed in depth the concept and application of Power in our previous reports, and it would be helpful to review those exchanges for insight. The earlier part of the year had a focus on how better to understand and use your power of presence in your choices and actions, but October, November, and December bring an emphasis on exploring where you are lacking power. Keep in mind that GREED is the FEAR OF LACK. It is not about actually lacking or not having enough, it is about the FEAR of lacking or not having enough. There will always be times when you do not have enough of a thing and this is something that one must learn to navigate as a part of life. But when you fear this lack, you will tend to overcompensate, fixate, hoard, and panic. There will be times when you do not have enough food, not enough water, not enough heat, not enough sex, not enough money, not enough creativity, vision, clothes, ideas, compassion, etc. Most of the time when there is “not enough” there actually is enough, but you have to use what you have in a way that gets the most out of it. Other times, there is legitimately not enough and you must find or create alternatives or endure through scarcity until you have more. There are times when you must be thoughtful and practical and budget what you have so that you can reduce the effects of scarcity. All of this is very different from what Greed brings. Greed is never about legitimate lack or scarcity, but about fearing that lack and scarcity, so Greed convinces you that you do not have enough even as you have plenty. Greed convinces you that others have more and that is why you have less. Greed convinces you that you must take from others as a way to have more. Greed can be fairly obvious in how it shows up in the world through younger souls. There are many who have plenty of money yet seek to take more money from those with less money. There are many with plenty of security and sanctuary who seek to take away the security and sanctuary of others as a way to feel as if they have greater security and sanctuary. There are many in power who have plenty of power and yet they seek to take even more power from those with less power. Greed shows up for the older soul in more abstract ways. Most older souls will know that any lack of food, money, and even water are parts of the gamble and navigation of being in the Physical Plane, even as they may wish for more or seek to obtain more. Greed rarely shows up for Older Souls for this reason. You may not enjoy lacking these things, and life may become perilous because of lacking these things, but most of you do not live in fear of lacking in them. This is not said to undermine the very serious impact of lack in a lifetime, but we point this out because there is a difference between navigating legitimate hardships in life and living in fear of them when you are under no threat. For most of our students, Greed is likely to be showing up as a fear of lack in power, not as a power OVER others such as the younger souls fear to lose, but more as a lack of power WITH others. This is important to note because most of the dread and anxiety and fear that may come up around Greed is because the older soul fears that there are not enough people taking a stand, standing together, standing for the same things. There is a fear of not enough cohesion and community and commitment. The older soul is so used to navigating life on her own and being as responsible for that life as she can be, she tends to miss out on the inherent trust that can extend to others as a network of power that can bring change. As you move through November, it will be important to remember that you are not alone, that you are not carrying the weight of the world alone, and that you are surrounded by millions who wish to stand together and share in the power necessary to bring great change. Many are scared and uncertain and need help and guidance and access and information, but you are not lacking in power. As you move through November, it will be important to remember that those who take power from others must continue to take power and this cannot be done for long, though we know this is not comforting. It will always fail. It will never last. It is not true power. False power can have a profound and deep impact, but never in a beneficial way, The power you share with others in the face of false power generates effects that heal generations to come. The power you share with others in the face of false power creates the paradigm shifts that dismantle false power. Our point is that you are not without Power. If you fear that you lack power, it is because you may have forgotten that your greatest power comes in the sharing of power. Find your empowerment family. Create your family of empowerment. Invite others to share in your power. Look for others who are inviting you to share in their power. Make your choices and take actions as a contribution to the greater spectrum of power rather than assuming you must make choices and take actions that carry all of the power. October likely pointed out where you feel you have the least power, and November will likely be the invitation to solutions for how to nurture, sustain, and share in ways that help increase your True Power. The rest of the world will look to be consumed by Greed, but our students will likely be focusing on improving their relationship to Power and how better to share in that so that false power can be dismantled sooner than later. DATES OF INTEREST (dates are approximate): November 5th - 11th -- NEXUS -- UNKNOWN - This is a powerful Nexus that will likely result in being a Divergence, but we are not certain. This looks to be either a surreal shift toward empowerment or a surreal shock of reassessment of power. November 11th - 27th -- ENERGY SHIFT -- COMPOSURE -- This looks to be an Energy Shift with a focus on regrouping, refocusing, and bracing for a new level of intense focus as a means of moving forward. HELPFUL THOUGHTS OVER NOVEMBER: CONTINUE TO STAY AWAKE - This will be a theme of thought for the rest of the year. It is important to stay awake and not “check out” or abandon your power of choice and action and contribution. Stay awake. However empowered or challenged you feel, it will be vital to stay awake. By “stay awake” we mean that you allow your feelings, your passions, your frustrations, your anger, your pleasures and joy and moments of brilliance and darkness. Allow the spectrum of who you are as you focus on where you are going. Stay awake. Stay alive.
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    Thank you @Troy for getting this out! Remember when you once wondered if people found these energy reports useful? Now we're eagerly (desperately) awaiting them like a lifeline. For those of you who find these energy reports and other free channeling helpful, please make a donation to support Troy to continue sharing sessions for free. The donate button is under the Service tab.
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    This material was obtained in a private session on October 25, 2018. Janet: You said that my sorority sister [X] is a Sage-cast Sage, a Mature soul with a Goal of Re-evaluation. Can you expand on the Goal of Re-evaluation a bit? This woman was raised never to have idle hands and she doesn’t. She is extraordinarily active — raising horses, leading 4H, showing model T cars, embroidering, etc. How does this fit with the Goal? I had thought it was a Goal oriented to less activity than this woman displays. In fact, the goal seems suggested as one associated with those who have autism and similar social inabilities. MEntity: Remember that the Goal is just that: a GOAL. It is not a character description. It describes what that Essence sought to focus on through the Personality. What can often happen is that the Goal is rejected and the partner or neutral Goal are used as a distraction. This does not mean the Goal can be truly rejected, but it can make the moments of Re-evaluation come in unexpected moments or periods of time while the Personality distracts herself with Growth. If she stays busy, she does not have to reflect or focus on a single subject. Janet: Yes, I would say she is distracting with Growth. She keeps injuring herself trying to do too much. So Re-evaluation is associated with reflection? MEntity: Her body will regularly try to calibrate so that Re-evaluation can be explored. Being ill, having disruptions, getting hurt, etc., are ways in which this will happen so that the focus can have a chance to simplify and reflect. Yes, Re-evaluation is all about reflection. It is about simplifying the life to the point where one can process experiences within the lifetime.
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    This Energy Report really resonates, and made me reread my QP for this year, and what do you know... YOUR PLATFORM for 2018 - 2019: TRUE POWER DESCRIPTION: Essence is looking at this Platform Cycle for all of the ways in which you determine to use your power, direct it, restrain it, refine it, and unleash it. It is also a cycle where your Essence is examining how you experience and process the power of others who are either in contrast to your own power, or who are at a different pace in their power, or even powerless compared to you. If you are in Essence, you will most likely note how carefully you measure your responses, reactions, actions, and choices regarding any form of power. You are well aware of your great presence and power and this refinement is one that you have always nurtured and returned to evaluate. In this Platform Cycle, your Essence will be banking all of moments where you consider your power was effective and meaningful and kind. KEY PHRASE: I AM NOT ALONE IN MY POWER Funny, I did not remember the key phrase until seeing it again. I was focused on the banking moments of kindness part, and feeling like I failed.
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    Lol, I certainly did notice the timing of the Nexus. I assumed the Election 'was' the Nexus, it's not the first time nexuses have taken place during US elections. I think the Democrats can take back the House, and things still won't improve, and the IS may still be needed. The point of flipping the House is not to enact the inclusive policies we so desperately want to bring about. Any attempt by the House to do something like that will be more symbolic than practical, guaranteed to be shot down by a Trump-controlled Senate and White House. This won't be nation-building, this will be short-term survival, a 'slamming on the brakes' on Fuckface's current momentum. It will keep things from getting worse as quickly as before, but it won't stop things from getting worse, and nothing will improve until the current administration is gone. If Nancy Pelosi becomes Speaker of the House again, the Right will lose their minds, and while I will enjoy their rage after enduring two years of "Hillary lost, suck it up!", I would bet a very large amount of chocolate that someone is going to bomb something.
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    Thank you Troy for this, I very much appreciate and resonate. But I'll share more on that later. I wanted to receive some highlighted areas and Helpful Thoughts for the two months ahead, so I intuited those. I will share the helpful thoughts here as I think some may indeed also find them helpful. HELPFUL THOUGHTS FOR NOVEMBER: Key Phrase: FLOW WITH THE GO Sometimes you must change your momentum when the speed & trajectory of the river you're riding changes. If the river is particularly fast, you may want to assess if you would like to ride it, or stop off on shore for a bit to regain sanity. If the river is particularly slow, you may want to assess if you're ok with idling or if it's worth it to exert the effort and speed up to your horizon. Also, oftentimes two people can be riding the same river, but due to various materials making up/weighing down their boat, the shape and location of the river in their space, the captain's awareness of choice, the obstacles in front of them etc.- they may not be moving at your pace. (For this the image I got was a river and boat with a focus on its speed, the speed of other boats, and on the river changing the terrain it is moving over.) ANGLE YOURSELF To achieve that greatest momentum, you must learn how to position your body, mind and soul in certain ways to provide the greatest potential for launch. November is not the month you will all launch, but if you experience this period of time as one in which you are preparing for that launch, then the necessary acts of fueling up and readying your stance can be invigorating. That fuel best comes through studying the angle at which you are moving. So play with your body, mind and soul to find what feels like the just direction. (For this I got an image of a man readying his stance at the start of a sprint.) HELPFUL THOUGHTS FOR DECEMBER: Key Phrase: MINDFUL KINDNESS When expressing the value you see in others, it's important to be mindful they will not always respond as a perfect reflection. Kindness is not always shared, and it's not always received. It is a gift that reflects your values more than it does others. If that kindness is shared then it can be a mutual celebration. But sometimes it is hard to receive in the first moment due to other factors affecting one's heart, body and mind for a time. Keep giving if/when you can, and know that all gifts are permanently accessible, but gifts are not truly built on expectations or guarantees. Let others do what they want with your gifts. And let yourself do the same. (For this I got no image, just the frequency of kindness, particularly of kindness enduring blows or lack of reception and still showing up with kindness. Oh but now I am getting an image: of hands holding a gift that even if not received as expected is still a gift, and of a gem retaining its shape even as it is dropped, slashed and weathers through storms.) REPETITION IS INFORMATION You may have been repeating or oscillating through several circles this year, feeling you are going nowhere but around and around a certain topic in particular. Try seeing this not as a burden to your growth, but as an amplifier of your capacity to handle life. It is rather like hula hooping. You can either drop the hula hoop and try another time at a later moment, or leave altogether for another experience. Or you can vigorously keep rotating and holding your hands beneath the hoop in order to keep up the circling out of fear of what will happen if you stop. Or you can angle yourself with time and experience to elegantly curve around with the hoop and create a dance where you are intertwined and resonant. All of these are valid choices. View the repetition as helping you choose. (I got the clearest image here of a sort of purple vortex or slinky of rings that are not all uniformly shaped, but some portions are compressed to create a sort of spinning top shape/clump that then shrinks and then grows in size. The rings spin horizontally and compressions move vertically.)
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    Musings on Power - I have noticed that we currently have horrendous stand-offs with our three and a half year old, a wilful (as Michael described him) double King-cast Artisan. He has been exploring his power all the time over the past 3 weeks. The way this fixation on Power is manifesting for me is that I have suddenly started playing with the notion of taking to the streets. I am fed up with the increase in nuclear weaponry everywhere, the destroying of resources, the fear of not having enough. I am fed up that politicians all over the world make decisions about this world that is my world too. I am part of the same world as Putin, Trump, the Brexiteers, the AFD, Shinzo Abe, the list goes on, add your favourites here too and if they drop a bomb, it is a bomb too much in my world. I used to feel distant and not really concerned with or about of all of that, but I suddenly feel uneasy and very much in the middle of everything, and I wonder whether it is time for a summoning. Not sure who would turn up, but I am sure there are people out there who would hear and join the movement. There are already so many people and organisations who work on making this world a better place, perhaps its just a matter of joining forces, at least for some time. Together, we can actually change things. If we stand together, we are a force that can't be ignored. I am starting to believe that I can make a change if I wish to. Desperation? Madness? Arrogance? Wishful thinking? I don't know. But all those idiots out there who believe that they are doing the right thing by taking the rights away from others don't think twice about getting up in the morning and following their convictions, and they manage to make the changes to the law etc, so why should I think twice?
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    Troy, thank-you so much for Channeling this. I hope it means you're feeling better, and that your state of health is returning to one of balance.
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    Not every country's held with the overall rightward shift. Mexico just elected a left-wing President, for example, while the left's retained control in Portugal, Uruguay, and South Korea. More generally, though the global center-left/center-right establishment appears to be on its last legs and the right's generally getting its way for now, Greens and other popular progressive groups are on a huge upswing across Europe. Progressives are also becoming a real force in American politics, though it'll no doubt take awhile to turn a ship this huge around.
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    Has anyone noticed that the nexus spans the US Election? Most of the pundits (including 538) seem to think it's settled, but apparently Michael doesn't think so.
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    Thank you for your work on channeling this session Troy. I especially like the thoughts shared about staying awake for the rest of the year. I am going to do my best to stay awake.
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    The more I hear about politics and business in other countries, the more I truly realize that Trump really is just a symbol for a larger healing. The leaning toward the right/conservative is an effort from many younger souls to protect/secure what they've always known to be righteous or successful. The leaning toward political apathy is an effort from older souls to avoid participating in a world they despise. Neither are actual solutions. They both just kick the can down the road. They both lead to collapse. They both avoid evolution and responsibility. I've talked with a few family and friends now about how we have essentially two final choices. Either we change our habits now and face the resistance of those who will lock themselves in place through compassion. Or we will all refuse to change until it gets so bad we have to change (via a near-future crisis of collapse & the resulting consolidation around virtual reality as an escape from the ugly "real world".) Our choices will be looked back upon by future generations as either incredibly vile or incredibly responsible. I would rather not be looked back upon as someone that destroyed the planet, the animals and our bodies.
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    The title isn't meant to convey I want to deconstruct the concept of Soul Age levels, but it is meant to convey I've been thinking of them again and have some things to add. The Polarities of each soul age level have always eluded me. Versatility? Consolidation? Eclecticism? What do those even mean? Luckily as we ask & access more information, I've gotten to understand the terms better and now can grasp what each level may actually feel like, and how they add to each other cyclically. Trying to piece them together into understanding, it suddenly dawned on me that perhaps the soul age level polarities also have polarities, just like the Goals and Body Types do? Then each Soul Age Level would have 7 States of Experience. The more I look into the overleaves, the more I think that all of our modes, attitudes, roles etc. have polarities to each of their polarities. The Ms have said that the number 7 is used in our universe to facilitate CYCLES OF PROPULSION/EVOLUTION. That's because there is always an initiatory stage/state, a refinement state/stage, a motivational state/stage, a neutral state/stage, a disruptive state/stage, an integrative state/stage and a comprehensive state/stage. The first three are ordinal states/stages, the last three are cardinal states/stages. If each trait has 7 States therein then they're not merely designed as a constant triad of negative-positive-neutral, but also have ordinal and cardinal elements within those negative/positive polarities so that each pole can experience evolution as well. With that in mind, I tried exploring what these 7 States might be for each Level: LEVEL 1- A Process of AWAKENING to the new Soul Age. (Comfort) -Simplicity (Reduction) - Level of Awakening - (Awareness) +Purpose (Curiosity) Complacency refers to being content with where/who you are. Reduction is the reactive effort to simplify something complex/overwhelming. Awareness is the conscious realization that there's something new to know. Curiosity is the impulse to move towards that. I find it interesting that I got Awareness and Curiosity, because both of these are responsibilities each soul age carries. LEVEL 2- A Process of COMPARING this Soul Age to the last. (Displacement) -Balance (Replacement) - Level of Comparison - (Centering) +Stability (Flexibility) Displacement is being thrown off balance, while Replacement is trying to return to where/who one was. Centering is the state of being at the fulcrum or core of one's awareness. Flexibility is being able to take what you have and move with it into new experiences. LEVEL 3- A Process of INTERNALIZING the Soul Age. (Collection) -Versatility (Adjustment) - Level of Internalization - (Cohesion) +Enterprise (Utilization) Collection is the passive accumulation of experiences one gains through life. Adjustment is the active effort to try/test new ideas & make sense of any conflict/discrepancy between them. Cohesion brings the most effective/sound ideas together because they form a good foundation. Utilization uses that foundation to produce/become/defend something specific. LEVEL 4- A Process of EXTERNALIZING the Soul Age. (Attainment) -Achievement (Representation) - Level of Externalization - (Integration) +Consolidation (Manifestation) Attainment aims to reach the next step in one's growth/awareness, while Representation brings that achievement out to convey a part of self. Integration fully understands an experience as it actually reflects and contributes to self. Manifestation happens when one completely aligns with & expresses their total essence/wholeness. LEVEL 5- A Process of STRETCHING OUT the Soul Age. (Stimulation) -Adventure (Exploration) - Level of Stretch/Extension - (Development) +Expansion (Maximization) Stimulation is the reception to a new experience/impulse, while Exploration actually and willfully experiences that. Development is the continual effort to grow bigger, better, farther, stronger etc. than where/how one is; while Maximization makes the most out of life as possible. Level 6- A Process of RESOLVING KARMA generated through the Soul Age. (Magnetization) -Connection (Attachment) - Level of Karma - (Coordination) +Harmony (Resonance) Magnetization is two+ influences coming into connection- aka. the pull of Karma; while Attachment is the permanent bind/bond of that relationship. Coordination is the effort to harmonize, while Resonance is the actual synchronization of self and other. LEVEL 7- A Process of TEACHING the Soul Age. (Inconsistency) -Eclecticism (Differentiation) - Level of Teaching - (Consistency) +Inculcation (Exemplification) Inconsistency adopts and lives out various whims/doctrines/styles/methods as one moves through life- never sticking with them, so always changing. Differentiation is the result of one's experiences separating them from/above/below others. Consistency is the repetition of experiences to instill them throughout self, while Exemplification is the causal teaching of that to others through one's behavior/lifestyle/word.
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    So true - October has been one of the most fuckedest uppest months this year and as long as I can remember and I more than once wondered what the Energy Report would have had to say about October. I crawled out of it and only barely made it through - staying alive is no longer just a phrase anymore... Having said that, I hope you are on a steep recovery Troy and thank you for taking the time to channel this and make these reports available to all. ?️
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    Don't read the comments. What I see is the culmination of the young soul world. Rome was an excellent example of how to be young soul. Expand, conquer and assimilate into a hegemony. Carolingian's followed suit. Along with ever other empire since. Do it our way or die. Trump is perfectly emblematic of the young soul mindset. I can do what I want and you have to follow. How I am seeing it fall apart is interesting. All previous Empires did the same thing. As they expanded they consolidated power. All the power was in the Crown in London, and then it shifted to Parliament. All Roads lead to Rome. The power of the US is ostensibly in the hands of the Federal government. What people often forget, is the constitution was written to limit that power. The States have enormous power over their local populations and arguably affect us more often on a regular basis than the Federal government. We are already seeing, because of the reaction to Obama and now the reaction to Trump, the State working together to check Federal power. Going further low paid employees are beginning to strike. As already mentioned more Co-ops are springing up. Decentralization of power is going to be key to a mature soul world. If the mature soul is, "you do what you want to do and let me do what I want" then local solutions will filter up. Rather than edicts from above. I see more organization down to neighborhood levels, which re-organize local government and on up. Like a helix, sorta. A series of circles. where as circles or spheres interact, a new one is formed to handle those interactions and so on and so forth so that someone in your neighborhood is most like on a state level circle and all the ones in between with term limits. This would make it more difficult for any group to claim national power and possibly make it so that local issues get the attention. So....."the fall and collapse" is happening...but we are paying attention and working locally to do what we can.
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    @NicholasV, I disagree. I think everything is pointing to a Mature Soul Paradigm. Honoring diversity has become the norm, people being conscious consumers is growing, co-operatives are rising, community purpose is being renewed, political/social/environmental activism is a hot debate, gaming and entertainment are less defined by competition and more by experience, conscious media usage is occurring, people are waking up to their sense of loneliness, poverty and indebtedness, rape+violence is being accounted for etc. At this moment I am seeing a collapse is inevitable and will hit hard because all of us want change soon. But it's more of an intense short-term change than the gradual, slow-term change we thought about earlier this century. Also, @Matt, I am also feeling we will hit rock bottom first but that isn't an excuse in my mind to resign. I'm comitted to helping us shift paradigms when and where I can, regardless of what happens.
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    Fellow US citizens: VOTE. Yes, voter suppression is real and might fuck us all, but VOTE VOTE VOTE. Vote in every local and state and federal election. Vote for your local council people, mayors, etcetera. Vote on judges, vote on amendments. In my small town alone there are crucial ones on the ballot, like a really sneaky one from state GOP politicians trying to get us to give up control of our local utility, which is a bad idea, and a state amendment that would give the right to vote back to ex-felons, which is a great idea, especially in this time of mass incarceration of black men, which is the new goddamn plantation. A friend of mine won her race for city council the last round because we all showed up for her, which means that we now have a woman of color representing our interests in a town with a history of segregation and ongoing racial justice issues. I just voted not to retain a bunch of judges appointed by Rick Scott, our seriously evil governor. Local elections matter because they are where we live and breathe and the people who begin on city council might someday be the governor, congressperson, or president (wishing and hoping, Gail Johnson!). Also it felt damn good to vote for Andrew Gillum for governor of Florida; not only is he great in his own right, he's running against an actual white supremacist. The stakes could not be fucking higher. VOTE.
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    Hello, everyone! I'm not completely new, but haven't been so active. One reason is that I don't know so much about the teachings and I always felt like I have to study more before interacting (Yes, arrogance is my chief feature ?. Or was...maybe it has changed...). But I realize that the time when I will feel intellectually "ready" will never come and that there are so much precious knowledge that I will miss out on if I don't dive into it NOW in the middle of a life crisis. So here I am, beginning to interact and maybe asking things that are obvious to most of you. ? However, I'm happy to be here and I look forward to learn more and connect with you (maybe there are more students in Stockholm?). What can I say more..? I'm from Sweden, but have lived many years in Italy and Hungary, where my heart is (past life experiences <3). Artist, singer, vocal coach (Anna Elisa Lindqvist on Youtube/Facebook)... The Michael Teachings have been very important to me in order to understand myself and life better. I also feel deeply connected to Teal Swan and I'm working with her completion process right now to bring all of my emotional fragments together. Looking forward to continue this adventure with you! Anna
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    Hi gang! I am new to the site--but not new to the teachings. I grew up with a mom who was a spiritual seeker and so I was surrounded by this kind of info! She loved the Findhorn group, so we were always getting updates on the devas she contacted around our garden. We did the Ouija board on a regular basis. We went to a church where the kid program included developing your ESP (Church of Religious Science). One of my earliest memories is getting a tarot deck for my birthday. I got the CQY Michael books as a teenager when they came out. They just made sense to me. I have always thought of them in the intervening years, but haven't really studied the material again until recently when I got my chart channeled. I have always suspected that I was a Sage--and voila! I am a Sage. I also thought that King was in there somewhere, and it turns out that I am primary and secondary King-cast. Currently, I am a gluten-free baking cookbook writer. I came to this career after the birth of my daughter triggered a gluten intolerance. I went through my 4th monad around that time and it became clear to me that baking was my passion and that I wanted to share my ideas on how to bake gluten-free. I look forward to participating in the group! Thanks!
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    Nice to see many have the same feelings about future as I! So, not very positive. But...do other old souls also recognise the feelings of curiosity? I'm pretty sure at least some of us chose to be born in this time to witness a collapse of sorts happening. I'm 100% sure USA will meet some sort of... I don't know what to call it, maybe a combination of a collapse and revolution. Europe had plenty of those before we learned how things have to be organised. It is of course easy for me to say this as I'm not there, I'm here. I will be just witnessing whatever will happen. On the other hand, we have that full psychopath right in the neighborhood, who knows when they decide Mother Russia needs more land. I'm a Finn, I had to learn to live in denial about Russians because others I would never sleep in peace. I'm curious in a horrified way. Like, I feel essence being curious and expectant, and personality wants to crawl under the bed and hide. I'm more terrified about global warming. One of Janets (or was it Geraldines?) channelings was about her living 100 years from now, and half of the human population has been wiped away. I might have some 40 years of kicking and screaming left, and I expect to see at least some of it happening. This is like the old Chinese curse: May you live in interesting times.
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    Definitely noticed! Unlike I believed in 2016, I will not concede that this one is written in stone until the results come in. In fact, I'm leaning towards the negative end of the spectrum as far as surprise. We still have the ISs on track for manifestation in 2020. Why would things suddenly change and improve if that were the case? I think the ride only gets bumpier from here... MUCH bumpier and probably in ways we are not prepared to accept at the moment unfortunately.
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    Thanks for our Energy Report, Troy. These reports are always so helpful. Hope you're feeling better and continue to feel the love and support you have around you. Love you, Diane
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    I think the idea of opting out is personality driven, and to me, Shepherd's article reflects personality driven ideas. The article likely works well for his base of students. IMO, any Essence that has done multiple Grand Cycles knows the game plan and isn't likely to want to opt out. Hard times on Planet Earth? From Troy's channeling, it appears that Essences LOVE that. However, if all is choice for the personality, then all is choice for Essence as well. Perhaps a few Essences just don't like the Grand Cycle for one reason or another and would like to exit the game. I don't think it's possible to "enlighten" your way out of the Grand Cycle, but suppose an Essence wants to abandon the experience for a valid reason, whatever that might be? I think we should ask about this. Perhaps there are Grand Cycle walk-ins! Most likely, there was sufficient time to play around with the concepts of the Grand Cycle before joining, so everyone is committed to the whole game. On the other hand, perhaps a Grand Cycle is like Ikea. Everyone tends to wander the official path through the store, but when you just can't take it anymore, there are doors that allow you to get out. ?
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    I posted this as a comment on another thread but wanted to just put it here to share it. Shit has been fuuuuuucked lately in the world. Maybe it’s always been fucked and we’re just now noticing but it has been an exhausting couple of years. It gets worse and worse and it becomes harder to sort of get out of it, and not be swallowed up by it. That’s how it’s felt to me at least. Whenever I start feeling like this I always come back to this part in the Two Towers. It has been said that Frodo is the soul of LOTR, and Sam is the heart and it truly shines in this scene. It always helps me get back on my feet and starting hoping, working, believing in something more than what is for right now. Maybe it may resonate with you all too. Enjoy!
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