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    Thank you! This is along the lines of my thought processes in recent days. I feel like I have permission now.
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    Not until yesterday, we don’t know how serious it is. Previously, the available info. on media told us this virus would not transmit from people to people and said it’s much weaker than Sars which burst out in southern areas of China in 2003. No temperature test was set in public areas and no one wore masks at train station before yesterday. Then the news suddenly revealed the increasing number of infected people and 14 medical people have infected so far. Thus, they changed the claim to “it can be transmitted from people to people”. I lived far away from downtown Wuhan. It’s quiet here. I don’t attend much social activities, either. But I do think about buying some masks today. Thanks for the concern! @petra@KurtisM
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    I needed to re-read this tonight... it helped. From Michael Speaks, Open Floor, on December 22, 2019: Uma: This has been quite a year. Thank you for all your help in navigating it. Generally, from your perspective, does it look like we are on the more positive trajectory? And more specifically, what can you tell us about the Nexus/Convergence we are currently experiencing? What parallels are merging? And any update on the IS? Thank you. MEntity: We would say that there is a "holding pattern" at the moment and that we will have more information in January, and even more in February. By March we will likely have details for whatever is most likely "locked in" for the year regarding the subjects in question. For now, the holding pattern is the equivalent of a pause to "see what happens next." During this "pause" there is a great deal of room for maneuvering and aligning and calibrating in a way that aims in a direction of appeal to the collective consciousness. It is also a pause to consider the effects of the reaction to recent events and whether moving forward can be handled confidently or more delicately. MEntity: As for the Nexus, one does not require Causal Plane vision to see that there is a shift in a direction that reflects the more accurate reality of collective consciousness, which is to move forward together, not collapse further into destruction. This does not mean there will be no challenges, in fact, they may be escalated in small instances with large consequences, but the collective shift is in favor of evolution and progress. Uma: I sensed that, and it is good to have your view of it. MEntity: The end of your 2019 may still have some challenges in store that are examples, but whatever the consequences of those events, one can be certain that it does not reflect the masses.
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    I agree that it's not their fault and they shouldn't be blamed or demonized. I do, however, think that "support our troops" is a cultural norm that needs to die. Soldiers are not, by and large, evil people, and through a combination of propoganda and perverse financial incentives, most have been essentially tricked into their service. But they aren't heroes by virtue of their service either. They're generally well-meaning people who have unwittingly contributed to a harmful force in the world. That calls for support in the sense of compassion, but not admiration as is demanded in modern American culture.
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    Thank You @Troy and MICHAEL!!! Lets pump it up, I feel and think already rather BOMBASTIC!!! Lets flood this world with our Big Dreams and hold on to them no matter what! Miles of Smiles
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    A video about the Laniakea supercluster which consists of what was previously known as the Virgo supercluster. Virgo has been found to be an appendage of the much larger Laniakea supercluster. This supercluster is home to about 100,000 galaxies including our Milkyway galaxy. The video speaks of how our galaxy is among other galaxies being pulled towards what is called "The Great Attractor". https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laniakea_Supercluster
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    This morning I dreamed I was out at my brother's place(he lives in the middle of nowhere) but where we were was easier to get to than his current one. I had something to pick up at his house but when I got there, there was a bunch of my extended family visiting as well. I remember getting a really comforting hug from someone who was either an aunt or a cousin(they look very similar), but were taller and larger framed than in the waking world. Lots of people there I haven't seen for ages, as I don't usually go to the family reunions.
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    MEntity: The more you let yourself have fun, play, and be useless, the more fun and lighthearted the path to feeling meaningful and useful. MEntity: You will create your path to meaningfulness. It is a path, not a place. It is not a destination, but a realization. It is not a reward, but a reality.
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    I'm very intrigued by the 1980 Convergence. In 1980 the Global Population was 4.4 Billion. We're 40 years after that with about 7 Billion people. That means there's at least 2 Billion people born in that 1980 Bundle that weren't born here merging with us. The number of things those there did is unimaginable. What kind of corporations, organizations, peace deals and movements got started there that didn't occur here? If the main theme of that Bundle is Environmentalism and Climate Action, I imagine that the youth and (now) young adults born from 1980 to 2020 there have made those themes an intrinsic part of their lives now. Though that world, since it's merging into us also has lead to one where Donald Trump, Boris Johnson and Vladimir Putin were put in power, or at least people who are similar enough to them. I would guess the point of Divergence in our history for letting that world merge in with ours was the birth of Extinction Rebellion in October 2018. This Convergence is probably going to boost that movement at least two fold. If it wasn't this Convergence, we would have probably been merging towards the Bundle of Parallels where America became Isolationist and Russia & China became the Global Superpowers, which could've branched from our history during WW1, WW2 and the Cold War Space Race tensions. Anyways, we should keep a note of any strange new people or movements or businesses that show up in our lives this year.
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    @Connor, @AnnH, and others, as we are speaking about war and the Vietnam War specifically I remembered Seth had a few things to say about it. Here is Seth on The War in Vietnam, Korea, WWII, and Hate and Love. There may be more from Seth on this (which I will post) but this is probably enough for today. From The Nature of Personal Reality: SESSION 673, JUNE 27,1973, 9:38 P.M. WEDNESDAY: Now: Dictation. (Slowly, to begin: ) Left alone, hate does not last. Often it is akin to love, for the hater is attracted to the object of his hatred by deep bonds. It can also be a method of communication, but it is never a steady constant state, and will automatically change if not tampered with. If you believe that hate is wrong and evil, and then find yourself hating someone, you may try to inhibit the emotion or turn it against yourself — raging against yourself rather than another. On the other hand you may try to pretend the feeling out of existence, in which case you dam up that massive energy and cannot use it for other purposes. In its natural state, hatred has a powerful rousing characteristic that initiates change and action. Regardless of what you have been told, hatred does not initiate strong violence. As covered earlier in this book, the outbreak of violence is often the result of a built-in sense of powerlessness. Period. (See sessions 662-63 in Chapter Seventeen.) Many who unexpectedly commit great crimes, sudden murders, even bringing about mass death, have a history of docility and conventional attitudes, and were considered models, in fact, of deportment. All natural aggressive elements were denied in their natures, and any evidence of momentary hatred was considered evil and wrong. As a result such individuals find it difficult, finally, to express the most normal denial, or to go against their given code of conventionality and respect. They cannot communicate as, say, even animals can, with their fellow men as far as the expression of a disagreement is concerned. (9:50.) Psychologically, only a massive explosion can free them. They feel so powerless that this adds to their difficulties — so they try to liberate themselves by showing great power in terms of violence. Some such individuals, model sons, for example, who seldom even spoke back to their parents, were suddenly sent to war and given carte blanche to release all such feelings in combat; and I am referring particularly to the last two wars (the war in Korea, 1950-53, and the war in Vietnam, 1964-73), not the Second World War. In these wars aggressions could be released and codes still followed. The individuals were faced, however, with the horror of their violently released, pent-up hatreds and aggressions. Seeing these bloody results, they became even more frightened, more awed by what they thought of as this terrible energy that sometimes seemed to drive them to kill. On their return home the code of behavior changed back to one suited to civilian life, and they clamped down upon themselves again as hard as they could. Many would appear as super-conventional. The "luxury" of expressing emotion even in exaggerated form was suddenly denied them, and the sense of powerlessness grew by contrast. (Pause at 9:59.) Give us a moment... This is not to be a chapter devoted to war. However, there are a few points that I do want to make. It is a sense of powerlessness that also causes nations to initiate wars. This has little to do with their "actual" world situation or with the power that others might assign to them, but to an overall sense of powerlessness — even, sometimes, regardless of world dominance. In a way I am sorry that this is not the place to discuss the Second World War (1939-45), for it was also the result of a sense of powerlessness which then erupted into a mass blood bath on a grand scale. The same course was followed privately in the cases of such individuals as just mentioned. Give us a moment. . . Without going into any detail, I simply want to point out that in the United States strong national efforts were made after World War II to divert the servicemen's energies into other areas on their return home. Many who entered that war feeling powerless were given advantages after it was over — incentives, education, benefits they did not have before it. They were given the means to power in their own eyes. They were also accepted home as heroes, and while many certainly were disillusioned, in the whole framework of the country's mood the veterans were welcomed. (Pause at 10:11.) I am speaking generally now about the war under discussion, for there were certainly exceptions, yet most of the men involved in it learned something from their experiences. They turned against the idea of violence, and each in his own way recognized the personal psychological ambiguities of their feelings during combat. They were told by politicians that it was to be the last war, and the irony is that most of those in uniform believed it. (I, Robert Butts, was one of the believers.) The lie did not become truth but it became more nearly so, for despite their failures the ex-servicemen managed to bring up children who would not go to war willingly, who would question its premise. In an odd way this made it even more difficult for those who did go into the next two, less extensive wars, for the country was not behind either one. Any sense of powerlessness on the part of individual fighting men was given expression as before, this time in a more local blood bath, but the code itself had become shaky. This release was not as accepted as it had been before, even within the ranks. By the last war (in Vietnam), the country was as much against it as for it, and the men's feelings of powerlessness were reinforced after it was over. This is the reason for the incidents of violence on the part of returning servicemen.* Footnote: *According to Seth, then, feelings of powerlessness would have much to do with the especially high rate of violence — even to the death — among American servicemen who had once been prisoners of war. A government study of those who had been held captive in the Far East during World War II and the Korean War, for instance, shows that 40% of all the deaths that took place in the group between 1945 and 1954 resulted from murder, suicide or accident. As for the war in Vietnam: over 500 American military prisoners were released by North Vietnam following the January, 1973, cease-fire. Officials now fear that a good number of these men will come to believe that their suffering was futile because of the war's unpopularity in the United States. There have been suicides among them (as of July), and many have undergone at least temporary stress reactions since their release from prison. Hate, left alone then, does not erupt into violence. Hatred brings a sense of power and initiates communication and action. In your terms it is the build up of natural anger; in animals, say, it would lead to a face-to-face encounter, of battle stances in which each creature's body language, motion, and ritual would serve to communicate a dangerous position. One animal or the other would simply back down. Growling or roaring might be involved. (10:25.) Power would be effectively shown, but symbolically. This type of animal encounter occurs infrequently, for the animals involved would have had to ignore or short-circuit many lesser preliminary anger or initiation encounters, each meant to make positions clear and to ward off violence. Another small point here: Christ's dictum to turn the other cheek (Matthew 5:39, for instance) was a psychologically crafty method of warding off violence — not of accepting it. Symbolically it represented an animal showing its belly to an adversary. (Jane, as Seth, patted her midriff.) The remark was meant symbolically. On certain levels, it was the gesture of defeat that brought triumph and survival. It was not meant to be the cringing act of a martyr who said, "Hit me again," but represented a biologically pertinent statement, a communication of body language. Give us a moment. . . (Softly: ) It would cleverly remind the attacker of the "old" communicative postures of the sane animals. Now: Love is also a great inciter to action, and utilizes dynamos of energy. You may take your break. (10:35.) Jane's trance had been deep on a very humid night. She now told me that while delivering the World War II data for the book, she had been quite aware of another, unspoken, channel from Seth. (That one had been concerned exclusively with the Second World War, Jane said with some surprise, and had contained amazingly complete information on the war's origins and the individual, racial, and reincarnational aspects of it as experienced by the peoples of various nations, whether or not said nations had been directly involved in it. The information had even considered the consequences flowing from the intensified use of technology by the societies of the world after the war. "All of that was coming from that way, "Jane pointed to her lower left. She spent perhaps ten minutes describing some of the categories inherent in the material, and repeatedly said that she wished we had a record of it. At the same time, although the data was available, we didn’t want to lay this book aside to get it. (Her awareness of this "probable" channel reminded me that she'd experienced a similar phenomenon in the 666th session in Chapter Eighteen. But now, [as then] when I asked how she could perceive a subjective stream of information from Seth while giving book dictation for him, she couldn't really say. See the 616th session in Chapter Two for her first encounter with multiple channels.) (Resume at 11:01.) Now: Love and hate are both based upon self-identification in your experience. You do not bother to love or hate persons you cannot identify with at all. They leave you relatively untouched. They do not elicit deep emotion. Hatred always involves a painful sense of separation from love, which may be idealized. A person you feel strongly against at any given time upsets you because he or she does not live up to your expectations. The higher your expectations the greater any divergence from them seems. If you hate a parent it is precisely because you expect such love. A person from whom you expect nothing will never earn your bitterness. In a strange manner, then, hatred is a means of returning to love; and left alone and expressed it is meant to communicate a separation that exists in relation to what is expected. Love, therefore, can contain hate very nicely. Hatred can contain love and be driven by it, particularly by an idealized love. (Pause.) You "hate" something that separates you from a loved object. It is precisely because the object is loved that it is so disliked if expectations are not met. You may love a parent, and if the parent does not seem to return the love and denies your expectations, then you may "hate" the same parent because of the love that leads you to expect more. The hatred is meant to get you your love back. It is supposed to lead to a communication from you, stating your feelings — clearing the air, so to speak, and bringing you closer to the love object. Hatred is not the denial of love, then, but an attempt to regain it, and a painful recognition of circumstances that separate you from it. If you understood the nature of love you would be able to accept feelings of hatred. Affirmation can include the expression of such strong emotions. Give us a moment. . . (Pause. I yawned, and Seth caught me at it. (Amused: ) I thought it was more interesting than that. ("It is. Really.") Dogmas or systems of thought that tell you to rise above your emotions can be misleading — even, in your terms, somewhat dangerous. Such theories are based upon the concept that there is something innately disruptive, base, or wrong in man's emotional nature, while the soul is always depicted as being calm, "perfect," passive and unfeeling. Only the most lofty, blissful awareness is allowed. Yet the soul is above all a fountain of energy, creativity, and action that shows its characteristics in life precisely through the ever-changing emotions. (11:22.) Trusted, your feelings will lead you to psychological and spiritual states of mystic understanding, calm, and peacefulness. Followed, your emotions will lead you to deep understandings, but you cannot have a physical self without emotions any more than you can have a day without weather. In personal contact, you can be quite aware of an enduring love for another person, and still recognize moments of hatred when separations of a kind exist that you resent because of the love you know involved. (As I looked up, Seth said in anticipation of my question: ) You can add the word "is" to that sentence (before "involved") if you want to. But it is fine without it. (Slowly: ) In the same way, it is possible to love your fellow human beings on a grand scale, while at times hating them precisely because they so often seem to fall short of that love. When you rage against humanity it is because you love it. To deny the existence of hate then is to deny love. It is not that those emotions are opposites. It is that they are different aspects, and experienced differently. To some extent you want to identify with those you feel deeply about. You do not love someone simply because you associate portions of yourself with another. You often do love another individual because such a person evokes within you are feeling on a conscious level. The emotions are there, but they are invisible to you because you are afraid to look. To that extent you are divorced from your own reality and disconnected from your own feelings of love. These denied emotional states may be projected outward upon others — an enemy in a war, a neighbor. Even if you find yourself hating the symbolic enemy, you will also be aware of a deep attraction. A bond of hate will unite you, but the bond was originally based upon love. In this case however you aggravate and exaggerate all those differences from the ideal, and focus upon them predominantly. In any given case all of this is consciously available to you. It requires only an honest and determined attempt to become aware of your own feelings and beliefs. Even your hateful fantasies, left alone, will return you to a reconciliation and release love. A fantasy of beating a parent or a child, even to death, will if followed through lead to tears of love and understanding. Now: I will end our session. My fondest wishes to you both, and good evening. ("Thank you, Seth. Good night.") 12:17A.M. A note added later: After comparing the information in this session with some of Seth's material of previous years, Jane wrote a statement for insertion here: "In these passages on hate, and elsewhere in this book, Seth goes more deeply into the nature of our emotional life than he has before. His earlier comments on hate, for example, were made when he had to consider the level of understanding of those who were witnessing the session. One such instance is mentioned on page 248 of The Seth Material, when, in response to a declaration by a student in my ESP class, Seth took the conventional idea of hate for granted on the part of the student. Then he answered accordingly: 'There is no justification for hatred . . . When you curse another, you curse yourselves, and the curse returns to you.'" The answer must be considered in the light of the previous conversation, in which the student was trying to justify violence as a means of attaining peace. Seth's main concern was to refute that concept. "In this book, Seth leads the reader beyond conventional ideas of good and evil to a new framework of understanding. But even at these deeper levels, hate is not justified, since an honest confrontation with it will lead the individual back to the love upon which it is really based. "In using the word 'curse,' Seth is not referring to swearing, but to directing hatred against another. Until the individual comes to terms with himself and his emotions, the hatred will return, because it belongs to the one who hates and not to anyone else. The earlier instructions on handling emotions, in Chapter Eleven, provide a framework in which hate can be faced and understood. Also important in this context is Seth 's frequent reminder that the expression of normal aggression prevents the buildup of anger into hatred. "
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    hi Maureen ! thanks for your comments...I feel as if I'm in touch with a deeper part of myself right now and that those around me (especially my daughter and guy) are going to manifest some cool things this year...My role is to be supportive but I am beginning to feel the energy deepen and expand around them! also, I think the male in the dream must have been one of my guides as I felt no fear from all the water on the other floors.
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    @Ingun, I remember reading about her. She sounds like such an interesting person and has done well to make a life for herself outside of being royal. In Michael terms, learning how to choose her own path! These days, it's much rarer to automatically follow in the footsteps of one's parents when it comes to work and career. Yes, there are children of lawyers who become lawyers, political dynasties, etc. but it seems less compelled "My father did X, so I must do X." "My mother was a homemaker and so I have to be." It's not surprising really to see this go all the way up the chain to royalty.
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    Many of you have no doubt seen some works by this brilliant man, as they circulate FB from time to time. Here's a few: "Black Friday"
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    @Troy and Michael I will continue to dream bigger and bigger for the highest good of all. Happy 2020 to you all
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    Happy new year everyone! In 2019, I opened up to Intimacy and followed my impulses towards unintentionally forming my first two romantic relationships ever in my life. Now I'm nurturing a Mate Agreement I never knew I needed There were other things this year that I learned and did, such as making music online, working through insidious fears of misunderstanding and miscommunication, and finishing my 4th IM. But by far it was my opening up to intimate, emotional support that mattered the most.
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    Had a moment yesterday where I was petting one of my cats and noticed his collar was gone, I double checked to make sure it wasn't just turned inside out, but no tags, nothing. I mentioned this to my spouse. Not five minutes later my spouse was petting him and I noticed the cat had a collar again. "Oh, good, you found it!" I said. "No, he had it the whole time" said spouse. "No, I just checked, it was GONE. " I replied. Almost as disconcerting as the dental floss incident, maybe slightly more so because I'd JUST SAID that the cat had slipped his collar to my spouse and they apparently had no memory of this.
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    - 7 categories of illness for sure, because health or the lack of it has such a huge effect on our daily lives. Having a better understanding of that would be so useful, but also super interesting as it gives us a clearer picture of how the different bodies (physical, emotional, mental) work and interact. And loads more i bet. - Electronic devices, for the same reasons as above as the health effects are very much debated and there is no clear understanding or consensus. Especially 5g has made some very concerned even within the scientific community, and as there may be satellites blasting 5g radiation literally everywhere on earth at some point soon, would be nice to know what we're up for. I feel all these electronic devices and their unknown health effects is another thing that we humans are playing with without understanding, or wanting to know, the consequences. - 7 Female Archetypes and 7 Male Archetypes, another topic that would give us important and interesting information to help us better understand everyone. And our society. And our history. And our mythology. And the future, perhaps. This is a fairly clear top 3 for me, although there are many others that sound very interesting too, the next in line would probably Effects of holocaust, Colours, Music, 4th IM (although i'm not sure we don't already have enough info on this?), Cycles of life. TLEGG 2240 would be an amusing and interesting read for sure, but not very useful for the vast majority of this community, so i feel there would be a better platform for this question than Michael Speaks.
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    @Hani اشکال نداره فارسی حرف بزنیم؟ lol وقتی داشتم تو سایت میچرخیدم اکانتتونو دیدم. خوشحال شدم یکی دیگه ام مثل من کنجکاوه well, my father was quite a spiritual person and taught me a lot of things. I read michael Newton's books "journey of souls" and "destiny of souls" which my father introduced me to. one day I was searching for more info about soul ages etc and found this site www.personalityspirituality.com And then On one of the comment sections I found the link to this site Lol. Internet makes everything easier nowadays
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    I found a cover of Helvegen by Kalandra that I thought I would share here. I love her voice and think this version is as beautiful as the original.
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    @CurvyWords Jacque Fresco and co.'s site Venus Project is a great read and vital to understanding the RBE. Once you understand how to communicate it to others, do share it. I've talked about the RBE with far more than 100 people now. It's what I intend to contribute to in my life.
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    Wow, how very timely Diane thank you
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    Just to demonstrate that Congress (at least the Democrats) is NOT in Fuckface's corner on this, Tim Kaine (D-VA), former VP candidate, is filing a "war powers resolution" to stop Fuckface from fuckfaceplanting in Iran at the cost of millions of lives: https://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/03/sen-tim-kaine-files-war-powers-resolution-stop-trump-stumbling-war-iran?fbclid=IwAR2NNodOsmcAWLBBVKTHFEPvqT95h5i3IycgkSjT1inneXwA29JUD-AWguI I have much more hope that a lot of people want to do the right thing than I did post 9/11.
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    Just saw this headline on Mother Jones: The Selective Service’s Website Crashed and Not Because People Are Rushing to Enlist. Here's an excerpt: As concerns about violent reprisals or a Middle East war unfolded following reports that President Donald Trump had ordered the killing of top Iranian general Qassem Soleimani on Thursday, some Americans were also worried about more personal implications of the event. So many Americans Googled “draft requirements“ and “military exemptions“ that the United States Selective Service website crashed.
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    THANK YOU, Greta, Lily and Jane!!! https://deadline.com/2019/12/lily-tomlin-arrested-at-d-c-climate-protest-led-by-grace-frankie-co-star-jane-fonda-1202817597/ Much Care, Much Love!
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    I’ve been reading what I’ve been able to find on Soul Levels, particularly Level 5, as Michael recommended that I do this. I do like what you’ve done here @KurtisM as I’ve especially wanted to understand better the poles of this level more completely. What you’ve done above surely makes for better understanding. Thanks for posting
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    @Troy, @Rosario, @Wendy, @Crystal, @Jeroen. Thank you! I'm glad to have found this place
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    I think Warren could do a great job at filleting Fuckface - I don't doubt she Has A Plan (tm) for that. (I miss Kamala Harris. She could have reduced Trump to jelly. As for Bernie - god love him, he's got great policies, but he's also pushing 80 and already had one heart attack - I don't want to gamble on his health holding out.)
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    @Leela Corman IDK if you're into astrology at all but Chani Nicholas' recent comments on eclipse season came to mind reading about what happened with your family. I am so glad your baby is safe and that you are on the mend, and I am proud of you for taking a stand for your sanity, wellbeing, and that of your family.
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    I had a couple of interesting happenings in dreams last night with 2 separate dreams and they both had a very similar theme. In Dream #1, Geraldine made an appearance. In the dream she was moving to Europe. At one point I remember asking her if her daughter Suzanne was ok with this because it seemed as if she would not be coming back since it would be a permanent move. In Dream #2, it involved someone who was involved in my life around 10 years ago. He and his family had asked me to stop by to relay a message to me. When I got there, their house was in disarray as they had hurriedly packed most things up to move very quickly. The message relayed to me was to basically waste no time and get out of the country. They obviously had the means to do such a thing but I didn't and had to think about what this might mean for me. What was so urgent that they had to suddenly flee and implore me to do the same thing? I've been entrenched in the Impeachment happenings all week and it had crossed my mind at one point as far as would I recognize in time that fine line of when it would be time to leave whether I had the means to or not. Also, Geraldine's death anniversary was a few days ago so I suppose it all gets mixed together and strange happenings take place during Astral time.
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    GROUNDING GROUNDING GROUNDING! in whichever manner works for you best.
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    Glad you liked it @Jeroen Yes, Luna flying was nice! One of the more enchanting aspects of the film.
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    @Hani of course I can ^^ I'm from mashhad. Where were you from before moving to Canada? Yes, I searched "Iran" on the site and your profile came up
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    @KurtisM I actually sent Fiona some brief info on Michael and nexuses and a link to here, as she is a paranormal researcher by profession and still searching for the answer for this phenomenon i would assume, even if she had to archive the website. Don't know if she ever checked?
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    Fleabag (IMDb link) is a series from the UK viewable on Amazon Prime in the US. Season 2 was just released a few weeks ago. I went into Season 1 a couple years ago thinking, oh here's an edgy comedy from the UK about a woman. I enjoy edgy UK comedy. But the end of Season 1 hits you upside the head in an emotional way you don't expect. I could watch Phoebe Waller-Bridge's face all day, the way she mugs into the camera and makes you her confidant. So I had great expectations for Season 2 and I was still blown away. This show is Art, in the way that Art should shake you and fucking make you feel, and feel deeply, in a way that seems to come out of left field. Season 2 is about Love, the joy and the pain. I've rarely felt such an emotional connection between two characters on a TV screen. I felt it in my gut and . . . in other places. How this show relates to Michael Teachings, I can't really say. I'm still trying to figure out what this IS on it's own terms. That's all I'll say, but if you saw it, let's share reactions below.
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    Thank You @KurtisM for bringing this great session to my attention again, this time it sank in, and I did the math, as well as it is indeed validating my frequency! My Life Plan is 1 and my upcoming year plan is 9.
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    I think the Sage part goes with her first career as an Actress. Then she used that as a springboard to do charity work in Africa, etc.
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    Hello to each of you. We are here, now. Today we are asked to speak on the subject of cancer. We will begin by clarifying that our perception is not one of a practical and local doctor, and our information shared here is to be considered along with any acute perceptions within the Physical Plane that may prove helpful in navigating and understanding cancer. What we will address today is the broader phenomenon of cancer, and not the variations of named cancers. The types of cancers known are usually indicative of starting points, but all cancer is fairly similar in dynamic. Cancer is considered a disease because of its impact on the body and its seeming effect of turning against the host in a way that is lethal. However, cancer is grossly misunderstood as being only a disease, when it is, in fact, a defense. Cancer is understood as shortening the life or causing the death, and this is true to some extent, but it is the body's overcompensatory method of extending life. It may seem contradictory because of the prognosis for many cancers, but the cancer, ironically, does more to extend the life than it does to end it. Cancer is a response to extreme trauma in the body. This trauma comes in 3 primary forms: practical carcinogens, stress, and diet. Practical carcinogens are those known (and unknown) environmental elements that cause trauma in the body in a way that prompts cancerous growth. This would include such things as certain chemicals, pollutions, radiation, etc. These are causes in many cases, but more often than not they are triggers for activation of cancer that was long in the works before that trigger. This is why one smoker can develop cancer while another does not. In cases where the carcinogen is a "true cause," then the ratio of activation of cancer is fairly predictable. In other cases these carcinogens are merely triggers for activation of cancer more directly caused by the other two forms of trauma. Though it could be said that stress and diet fall under the umbrella of "carcinogen" in many ways, we differentiate these from the practical carcinogens because they are often far more insidious and accepted, though there is an argument that could say the same for pollutions and toxins in the environment. However one might navigate the world of toxic waste and pollution, it is much more difficult to note the degree of trauma one is causing from stress and diet. In other words, you can live as healthy as you can, live in the best of environments and close to nature, but if your diet and stress is not addressed, you are at risk for cancer. Along with higher exposure to practical carcinogens, the higher and more chronic the stress, and the more empty of nutrition the diet, the ratio for cancers increase in that population. Chronic stress and chronic intake of unhealthy foods traumatize the body in ways that are only very minimally understood. We know there is information that speaks to these concepts in terms of choice for health, but they are far more serious than that. They are at the core of what, eventually, kicks the body into an instinctive survival mode that resorts to cancer as its last effort to survive. By "chronic stress" we include self-condemnation , worry, anxiety, self-loathing, hatred, distrust, resentment, denial, delusion, depression, etc. By "chronic stress" we mean that these and similar states are upheld for more than half of your waking state, consciously or subconsciously. This kind of stress destroys the defenses of the bodies. We include the emotional, intellectual, and physical bodies here. We wish to make it very clear that one is not to blame for one's cancer if one has developed it. There is no relevance to blame. If a person were so upset that as he walked he tripped into traffic and was hit by a car, it would be useless to blame him or the car. It is the intersection of two completely separate trajectories that simply must now be dealt with. It is the same with cancer. The trajectory of stress meets with the trajectory of survival. The body wants to live. It is designed to survive. All auto-immune deficiencies, in fact, are efforts to survive, not to turn on the body. There is nothing that body does in any biological sense that is not for the intention to survive. Even aging is included in this, and worth considering discussing at some point as a topic. Stress as a cumulative trauma to the body destroys the defenses over time and cancer can develop as a final effort to survive without those defenses. Diet is the brother to stress, so to speak, and both go hand-in-hand in many ways. The more nutritionally-void the diet, the more likely the consequences can be cancer. The more toxic the diet, the more likely the consequences can be cancer. There is validity to the phrase "eat to live, rather than live to eat." Most modern cultures are lacking in two vital forms of education: how to eat, and how to manage resources. In fact, most are inculcated with diametrically opposed education that diminishes the life force. When the diet is doing more harm than health over time, and there is chronic stress in some form, both of which can be upheld with a great smile and a happy life, can result in cancer. All of this ties back to the Need of Expansion. The relationship of a culture to the Need of Expansion can reveal how at risk a society is for cancer. For many, Expansion is superficially fulfilled. Stimulation, distraction, hoarding, territorialism, etc. These are not the problem. They are part of the spectrum of Expansion. The problem comes in when this Need is not fulfilled to any degree beyond the 3rd Degree. For review, the degrees of expansion are: 1) Physical Tumors/Cancer, 2) Accumulation, 3) Sprawl/Territorial, 4) Conceptual Challenge, 5) Emotional Growth/Maturity, 6) Transformation/Transmutation, and 7) True Prosperity/Gratitude. Every known "cause" of cancer comes from this effort to fulfill the Need of Expansion. From the practical carcinogens of waste and toxins to self-loathing to unconscious eating habits that have no concern for consequences. Expansion is a Need that is often neglected, ignored, shamed, or overcompensated for. Models for those who fulfill Expansion have rarely been of help for education and understanding of this Need. What tends to happen then is the cumulative effects of false Expansion until there is collapse under the weight. And cancer forms. We wish to point out that we speak in broad terms today. We cannot speak to the variations on cancer and the individual or culture and their specific patterns, but we think this overview can be useful. What we speak of today is not to encourage a rise of Expansion to the top of your list for consideration as priority, but that it be included in your spectrum of Needs that you will seek to fulfill, whether you realize it or not. To help simplify the aim away from cancer and toward a true fulfillment of Expansion is to aim toward True Prosperity and Gratitude. True Prosperity is a management of resources in a way that does not dismiss them simply because you could have more or that you need more. Gratitude is the means by which one sustains fuel for enthusiasm and effort. For the older soul, Expansion is the Need to BE HERE. It is that simple. Yes, it is also the Need to grow, expand, evolve, etc, but this is most easily understood in the most intimate of terms when described as your need to BE HERE. You want to be here. You are here. You Are. This Need need not be only fulfilled by reaching false standards set by marketing, or reached through the consuming of foods simply because you can, or through the constant berating of yourself for not being more. If you choose to do so, take the next step upward in the rung of Expansion and challenge your thinking, challenge your notions, challenge your patterns of perception, challenge your habits, challenge your ideas and concepts. Reach beyond those handed down to you and build your infrastructure from active and conscious choice. There will always be risks in the Physical Plane around scathing, harm, and health, no matter what you do, but what you do does matter. This is especially true if already diagnosed with cancer. It is not just a biological reaction to help extend the life. It is an effort to overhaul the entire spectrum of bodies. There are very few who are diagnosed with cancer who are not thrown into a completely new effort to climb the rungs of Expansion toward Gratitude. For most who are diagnosed and move into remission or complete elimination of cancer, it is rarely due to treatments and remedies and far more to do with that successful overhaul. Treatments and remedies support that process, but cannot replace it. Many forms can be "cut out" or "cut down," but the risk of return is much higher if that overhaul is not completed. Sometimes there is a point of no return, but that overhaul is still vital for how the life will transition into Review. This was a particularly uncomfortable topic for our channel and we will close the discussion today without questions and answers. If there is interest, we can continue our conversation with you on this topic in further exchanges. We must conclude here for today, however. Good evening to each of you. Goodbye, for now.
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    @Troy and Michael and all participants !!! This session is such a highlight, thank You all so much !!! ME: The work you do in this single lifetime regarding what you care about is what propels your vastness of existence in infinity. I got so many answers for myself out of this one sentence. ME: You cannot exist without caring. You cannot. It is one of only a few impossibilities. Caring, like Existence, is a constant. Neither are dependent upon being all-powerful. Very soothing, in a lot of ways. ME: When you "care so much it hurts" it is because you have left yourself out of the equation of caring. Rings the bell, in such a simplistic way. Love is all inclusive, Victory includes defeat. I sooo love what each participant cares about and all the peoples, its a thread of the weave.
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    [Excerpt from a private session on December 12, 2014.] DianeHB: This is a question from Tex: "Whenever I put my attention on different people in our entity (C2/E1), it feels to me like the people in our entity have a lot of "weight." They seem to have this inherent ability to "get things done" with forcefulness. They also tend to hide this power behind a softness of the external personality in this life. It almost feels like they could swing a sword in battle (and probably have in past lives). My question is, is this just my perception because I'm in the entity, or is this a bit of a characteristic of those in this entity? By the way, is Hilary Clinton actually in C2/E1? Tex suspects not because she doesn't have that "weightedness" to her. MEntity: It is a valid perception. It is a kind of quiet power, that if blocked can churn into a storm, with still waters that run deep. These phrases are valid in describing inherent and persistent qualities among members of that entity. Hillary Clinton is, in fact, of this entity. IF the "weight" is not perceived, it is likely because of public portrayals, not from valid characteristics. Another way that this quiet power shows up, other than as weight, is in reservation or redirection. In other words, the more evolved this use of power, the more it is controlled in a way that chooses its battles, and simply washes over obstacles that would otherwise have been washed away. DianeHB: Hmm, I thought I did that (choosing my battles) because of Flow, but I guess not all of it is. MEntity: Think of it this way: You do not choose your battles "because of flow," but that because you are learning to choose your battles, you use flow to support this. Flow does not cause you to do this. Flow becomes a tool for your actions, not a cause for them. The Goal describes how you funnel actions and what is generated from that, but the cause comes before that. Think of another Goal, such as Acceptance. If you had Acceptance, you might use Acceptance as a means to navigate battles by accepting that not everything is actually a battle at all. If you had Discrimination, you might navigate by refining your choices and letting any unnecessary battles that do not serve you, but only distract you, to fall away. If you had Growth, you may take on every battle, but with an evolving capacity to only take the best from each. In truth, because you are in Flow, you can slide to any of these as a means of navigating battles, so every Goal's means of navigating battles might be familiar in some way. But, inherent in the nature of this entity is almost always a sense of navigating battles. DianeHB: That's true, I recognize all of these. DianeHB: Tex says that's the way our entity feels -- about navigating battles ### End of excerpt You may discuss this content within Diane's blog post. See Cadre 2 Entity 1: Quiet Power -- How Goals Work.
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    August 17, 2000 Troy Tolley, Channel Open Floor [Michael_Entity] We understand we will start with your Energy Report. This will cover the weeks from the 19th through the 1st. First we will comment that the past weekend was a rather powerful energy flux for many of you, particularly on Sunday. If you did not notice anything, this is nothing to be concerned about. Many of you, though, experienced something similar to an “energy wash.” For those participating in that “wave,” this could have been a slow accumulation or you may have been “hit” rather hard. This “wash” was not uncommon. It is a processing of parallel shifts to date. After many Parallel shifts, sometimes there tends to be what might be considered residual plans, ideas, hopes, etc., that have long begun to be fulfilled in other parallels. When an assessment occurs, which it did over the past week within the first three Cadres of your Energy Ring, a “fresh” alignment occurs similar to a “domino affect”; an alignment among Entity and Cadre Members. There are many ways to look at it, but it is a purging. This is sometimes laced with depression and grief for the first day, even preoccupation with your mortality. Then the stronger, more focused motivation, inspiration, and feelings set in. This then sets up what the next couple of weeks are about. Though some of you may not have experienced what we just described, most of you still are processing your Intellect and Attitudes toward your current life. That is what this “season” is about in general. For the next two weeks, the 19th through the 1st, this appears to be energy moving through Sentience that will allow a respite from your personal Chief Features. Every year there is an opportunity at some point, a window, that allows the Personality to have a “break,” an ability to experience perception without Chief Feature. The next two weeks appear to be that window. This does not mean you are not going to experience your fears or Chief Features, simply that you are in a time frame that will allow you experience the enhanced potential of alleviation from Chief Feature, if you consciously choose that. In fact, you may be highly exposed to your Chief Features, but the energy available will allow you higher consciousness in alleviating their grip. We will suggest a few things that will help, if you choose to experiment. Over the next couple of weeks you can use your body as a tool in this alleviation. You can create any physical cue you find to be a reminder, but we will suggest simple cues for each Axis. These are to be used in any single moment when you “photograph” yourself in the potential throes of Chief Feature. For Sages and Artisans, the physical cue to help you dissolve a moment of Chief Feature, is to gently SMILE. Literally Smile and generate internally a humor in the moment, an affection for your “trickster.” Smile, feel it move through your centers, and then proceed. We state here that this is not a solution, it is a tool. When the Sages and Artisans can see their Fears as children simply demanding attention, they can smile, “wink” internally to acknowledge the distraction, and affectionately “scoot” the Chief Feature on. Remember times when you, yourself, were a nuisance, but merely sought acknowledgment. For Warriors and Kings, we suggest a moment to bring your attention to your POSTURE. Kings and Warriors are either too rigid while in the throes of Chief Feature, or they are wearing down and slumping, protecting the Moving Center. In your moment, simply adjust your Posture. Just for a moment, sit up straight, feel yourself return to a place of empowerment, or relax, sigh out a relief and just let your posture go. When Warriors and Kings can see their Fears as servants and protectors that are overworking or without direction, they can easily transform them. Remember times when you became overbearing in your impact on someone, but merely sought to do what you thought was “right”. Priests and Servers can use the physical cue of taking their palms and gently resting their face in them, spreading the palms and pulling the hands back as if to wash the face. Do this gently and with a conscious realization that you were hiding. This symbolic gesture will literally have the potential to remove a layer of energy you carried as a mask of strength. If you are in public, using one hand, caressing one cheek then the other, as if you are wiping away a spider web, can do a great deal in reminding you that you are “human.” If Priests and Servers can see their Fears as Healed Events that have overstayed their welcome, they can encourage a release of them, making a decision that it is not necessary to nurture or uphold these things that were once important. Remember times when you, yourself, had completed a relationship in someone’s life, knowing it was time to “move on”. Many Priest and Servers hang on to fears because they assume their release will make them lose a part of their identity. Your physical cues, Priests/Servers, go a long way in reminding you that you have an updated identity to fulfill. Scholars, your physical cue appears to be linked to two body parts, your arms and your stomach. When in the throes of your Chief Feature, we suggest making an effort to unfold your arms. This will help you feel more like a participant than an “outsider.” We also suggest taking a moment to place on palm on your stomach, one on over your Heart. In that moment, simply remind yourself, “I am alive.” Scholars can alleviate many of their fears by seeing the Fears as navigational tools, not obstacles. Some Scholars can then allow the Fears to be indications as to what they are studying next, or an indication of what they are least interested in studying and let that go. Remember times when you, yourself, have overpowered a person with your “information” without realizing the need for it was unnecessary or out of context. Your fears behave similarly in their “informing” you. All of the physical cues can be handy to any Role, but we believe these shared here are helpful specifically. We encourage you to discern this for yourselves. We will conclude this topic. We will now open for questions. [ludmila] Many of us will be meeting up in NYC in a few weeks. Were we part of the Alexandrian Mystery School, or some other study group, and if so what is the agenda for our meeting up with each other at this time? [Michael_Entity] Yes, all of you here [in the chat room] were in some way linked to the Alexandria School, but this has no bearing on your gathering in New York City. Your gathering is based on your search for your Entity Members. It is part of your paths as Older Souls and many of you are ready. We could say your only agenda is in validating what many of you have experienced as Essence Recognition. This will catapult many of you into a greater acceptance of self and your individual paths. Some of you are already aware of this, but your contact with each other, even electronically, is changing you. If you choose, trust the embrace of your old friends. [Az61] I am wondering about the sunken Russian Nuclear submarine, the men aboard, etc. I get the feeling that this incident has to do with Russia’s collective evolution after communist rule. Can you comment on it? [Michael_Entity] This event appears to have two levels/angles since one was karmic while the other symbolic. Karmically, this was a group of fragments choosing this as a means to balance previous ship sinking Karma. Nearly all involved have created deaths due to drowning an anonymous vessel. The symbolic level is in the humbling of the search and rescue efforts to require an admission of need for help. This helps move maturity in many directions. As we have said, this period of time recently has been a period of time to ASK for help. It is part of a global experience. This sinking symbolized this to a great degree for many. [Jan] What is the task phrase of Entity 3 in Cadre 1. Also what are the positive and negative poles of Entity 3 (Cadre 1). [Michael_Entity] It could be described that the Task of Entity 3 in your Cadre is “to present alternative angles on reality.” The Positive and Negative Poles of any Entity 3 are +Enterprise and -Versatility. These poles indicate the ability of Entity 3’s position within the Cadre to manifest cohesively any imaginative idea or to manifest them in pieces without depth. Imagine the differences between a complete stage production vs a variety show with no discernible theme. Entity 3’s tend to leave the most records of a civilization behind. [Dewliet] Would Michael please comment on occurrences in other parallels that have an impact on my life now, and the manifestation of such impact? [Michael_Entity] Parallels without exception never impact another Parallel, except on an informational level. Random impact would defeat their point. What can occur though is a search, either done specifically as Personality using techniques for viewing the parallels, or on an Essence Level. This search, or openness, to the various Parallels can then be bridged into making an impact on you. The only way they impact you is through your search though, never as a “surprise” or random bleedthrough. Some of you are very open to your Parallels and have many conscious/unconscious receptors “checking them out” all the time. This still does not mean they impact you on their own, it simply means you are bridging the “gap” and allowing the affect based on information and choice “here”. In the case of the “washing” we spoke of earlier, that was not an indication of other parallels impacting you, but of THIS parallel’s comprehension of paths not chosen. This is occurring with you, too. This forum is not conducive to exploring your personal parallels, but we can work with you individually or when this forum is used for that topic specifically. [MaryBV] Could Michael please expand a bit on the information available about Entity 01, Cadre 01? Perhaps a bit more information on the agreements Terri has with her entity mates on the list, a bit more information on the “rift” in the She-hulks and what the “fight” is all about, and why re there no other Kings around from the entity? [Michael_Entity] In general, the fragment known as Terri is entertainingly creating a context to explore the strengths of being female and being “strong.” She will play out many instances where her private and public life will clearly be about serious decisions centered on her personal strength in the context of a woman. This is inspiring to many fellow Entity Mates and allows dialogue, support, camaraderie, and community to evolve into a definitely tangible space, internally and externally. There are too many individual Agreements to cover within this forum and many are quite personal and “private.” We will leave her discovery and choice to act on them to her. There is no real “fight” within Entity One, merely a rift in alignment. Some of Entity One is recovering from lives chosen that created a great deal of emotional pain in other lives. That part of the Entity is spending a great deal of this life healing and recovering, sometimes manifested in territorial and reactive ways, as those who were harmed are interacted with. Another part of the Entity, those you relate to, have a different rate of comprehension and healing, therefore the work of communion and reunion can occur more fluidly. As for the Kings, they will come. They are not missing. We have seen two more Kings looking at your list, females. We believe they will introduce themselves quite clearly on their own. [Note: Yes, Barbara/Bobbie is a King.] [Momhawk] Relating back to the E-report. I definitely got ‘hit’ last Sunday (very interesting info too btw…thank you :-)…Got hit 4th, 5th and 6th chakras, ie; bronchitis, sore throat, and head cold, all at once. Michael has stated that colds are often fear related. What ‘core’ or ‘central’ fear is this reflecting that I may be ‘dealing with’ currently? [Michael_Entity] This is not about Fear in this case, it is about mourning. Considering the amount of externalized energy you have expended toward the expectation of several changes, you finally allowed the energy to just move down to a tangible level to handle the mourning. There were many versions of you being explored over the past few months. Many of those “selves” will not manifest in “this” reality. You know this. In that knowing, there is mourning in the recognition of unmet expectations and paths that will simply not “fit” in right now. Your physical symptoms are your process of the past. We suggest you to allow your move forward be freed from the distractions of what has “gone wrong” in the past. Let your body work through this all, if you choose to, and trust that process. On your daily level then, approach ONE thing with enthusiasm and renewed inspiration. Just choose one thing. Allow yourself to be concerned all you want about many things, but include at least one thing that you will simply “know” will work out. Input all that is obviously necessary for that one thing, but “know” that whatever course it takes, you have decided it will be the “right” one, no matter what the expectation. We will close here. Goodnight.
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    @DanielaS Have you ever seen the 'The Interview'? Katy Perry's 'Firework' is featured heavily in that movie. Every time I hear it, I think of Kim Jong Un dying in a fiery explosion.
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    I find it fascinating that they even come up with this subject which resonates with me, and I like to think it's a gem in here somewhere.
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    I'm in the middle of a residency at Yaddo, so I'm in a magical place and really getting a lot out of it. But, I am also experiencing a lot of anxiety and dark emotions. The big realization or moment I had the other day was about how I have always tended towards darkness, as a default, and that that won't change; that I have a tendency to overcomplicate things, and to always find the harshest or most dark view of any situation, that I assume the worst and feel bad and guilty and like I've fucked up, just as a default, nearly all the time. This isn't new information for me, but I felt it all really strongly yesterday, like a wave, and I couldn't stop crying. I deem that a kind of release. I don't feel much in the way of release OR collapse, right now, otherwise. Though there are certainly circumstances in my life that could go in either or both directions at any moment.
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    One of the things that I may have realised as a result of this Energy Shift is that the past few years have not been useless to me in terms of growth and discovery and that these years have helped me on a way to a trajectory that I hadn't been giving myself credit for before. This could be a game changer for me, as it is a direct indicator that I haven't been floundering through life and that things have indeed been happening since about 2017, even though progress has felt slow for me.
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    I've been going through what feels like multiple logjams breaking up. Logjams either in my life or people around me who personally affect me in my life. I felt it when I woke up on Sunday 8th and by Monday 9th had counted a dozen by the day. Significant ones. Shifts intellectually, emotionally, and physically. Some that I "saw" looked like ancient glaciers as they warmed up, fell apart, and dropped into the sea. There were so many I couldn't keep track so I listed them on paper. Also the impeachment of Trump and so many other world events are starting to break through or break up. Interesting times, indeed. I asked this in Diane's chat with Michael on December 3, 2019: Maureen: Michael, I’m seeing clearly that many of us are going through, literal, re-calibrations affecting all or many of the bodies that are quite debilitating. I’ve noticed with myself it’s “hormonal” with Troy it’s many different “afflictions”, with Diane it’s “scattered” and an inability to focus. Any advice on moving through these times with the best health and well-being we can have? MEntity: There are two factors that can help when transitioning through these types of challenges: One is to ensure that the concerns are addressed medically and with treatment and healing if necessary, and the other is to actively practice your trust in yourself and your body. Be kind to yourself. Be patient with yourself. This matters tremendously because the stress of personal disappointment or frustration can have profound and compounding effects on any state you are in. MEntity: Let your emotions flow and your mind wander, but anchor it all in your kindness and trust. MEntity: Those are two basic and anchoring factors that can help. It may seem simplistic, but simplistic is what is important in these challenges. It will not help to add pressure or to nurture frustration. If you can own two simple efforts, it can help you get to your moments of clarity and strength that you can then use to lift you further out of the challenges. Maureen: Thank you! ~~~ A heavy snowfall disappears into the sea. What silence!" - Zen folk saying.
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    @Jeroen WOW, what I have experienced in listening, it trances and grounds me all at once, powerful voodoo, THANK YOU for sharing !!!
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    Thanks, @Janet. This is a great tool for honing in on areas of future study and gaps in our understanding.
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    Adding all my love and gratitude! TLE, you are so beautiful. My greatest fellow students and teachers. Your lives and questions always prompt gems of Love Truth and Beauty. Thank you for Caring. Thank you for Being Here Now! ? ?
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    I wish I could say this didn't resonate with me at all, but I'd be lying. They may as well said "Heidi" ( or any one of your names!) at the beginning of each sentence. ? So thankful for this. I'll probably be rereading it a few times.
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    I have to make a comment. What was said here really has everything to do with me. I myself have been thinking a lot these days, and I even told it to some people, that I became obsessed with the way people see me. I really liked the ending in which Michael speaks. You can better learn how to create the story of who you are, rather than let it be told by others. It seems like that's what I'm trying to do .. Even because what I've been told most of my life is that I would not be as capable as people's coucars ... But it's funny that I have trouble believing when someone Tell me the opposite .. this is a contradiction that I will address with Michael ..
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