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  1. until

    It is widely accepted in Christianity today that Paul, formerly known at Saul, wrote 13 or 14 of the 27 books of the New Testament. However, some scholars believe he may have actually wrote himself far fewer than those 13 or 14 and that many were written by others and just accredited to his name. Paul was a man who never personally met the man who manifested the Infinite Soul commonly referred to as Jesus in our current time. If it weren't for Paul, I doubt Christianity would have become what it is today. In fact, the sect probably would have died out in just a few generation's time. Paul's fame and accreditation come from his alleged experience on the road to Damascus. Here is a brief account of what was said to have happened: "As he neared Damascus on his journey, suddenly a light from heaven flashed around him. He fell to the ground and heard a voice say to him, "Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me?" ... So they led him by the hand into Damascus. For three days he was blind, and did not eat or drink anything." As you are so good at cutting through the bullshit, I ask that you now tell us what really happened there and for any other comments about this individual that you would like to share with us especially any of his post death thoughts about what he accomplished while living.
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  2. until

    Hello Michael via Troy! Which are the countries who's Soul Age levels are Old and which are Mature in this our time and counting? We know so far Switzerland as Old, and Italy, Canada, Norway, Hong Kong and Zimbabwe as Mature. Thank You
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  3. until

    I would love more of an elaboration on this, from @petra's session (https://our.truthloveenergy.com/blogs/entry/4413-september-14th-2021-michael-session/?tab=comments#comment-27780 " MEntity We see a surge in concurrent births around 2023 and 2037 PetraB Is there a certain event? MEntity We cannot predict so we do not know exactly, but in many probabilities there is a surge in climate change effects that seems to prompt concurrents to ensure survival during challenging times." My question is - you said that between 2023 and 2037 "there is a surge in climate change effects that seems to prompt concurrents to ensure survival during challenging times", what are the climate changes between 2023 and 2037 (and if you can, specify changes in major earth cities), (if that is what prompts the increase in human concurrents, if not, please identify what increases the concurrents) that increase risk to human (and animal/plant) life on earth please which prompt the increase in human concurrent creation?
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  4. until

    I second this. In my country the majority of people are vaccine hesitant which makes achieving a good immune coverage impossible. 45% have even said they won't take the vaccine at all. And I think in time this may turn out to be the case for other regions as well even if they have access to the shots because I've seen first-hand how even full access to vaccines, even if one has the option of which type to get, doesn't mean everything or much if people don't want it. My question is related to virus mutations. Michael have said that viruses do not carry their own consciousness but are instead carriers of collective consciousness. With that in mind, does this (collective consciousness) also affect viral mutations in the sense of a virus increasing or decreasing its level of danger/virulence to the public? And if it does, then how? Can human behaviors such as selfishness or altrusim and concern for others exhibited on a large scale, make a virus evolve to be more or less severe?
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  5. until

    Hi Michael! you indicated previously that infinite soul hosts Pat McCabe, Kumi Nadidoo, and Emma Gozalez are all from cadre 11 or cadre 12. So is poet Amanda Gorman. Are they from the cadre 11/12 of our energy ring or previous energy ring? To be frank, it is very difficult to imagine Kumi being the entity mate of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. If indeed this is the case, what makes them evolve so much faster than their typical entity mates? I will guess the infinite soul hosts also have very high grand cycle counts, which makes it even more interesting if they are in one of the later cadres in our energy ring.
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  6. until

    My question is about antivaxxers. I doubt anything would change their stance when defences are this high. And I believe most people are only vaccine hesitant instead of hardcore antivaxxers. How could we best deal with these two different groups of people and where do we draw the line?
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  7. until

    That mf isn't even human.
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  8. until

    Here is a question that I've been wrestling with and that I am wanting Michael's feedback on: Hi Michael, with the world moving toward a non-binary paradigm and breaking down old hierarchies, some of us think that the current terms for the Roles are becoming outdated, since a couple of them are traditionally male roles (particularly Priest and King), and they imply a hierarchy and specialness that are often assumed by newer students but aren't really applicable to an Old soul teaching. What is your perspective on updating the Role names, and could you suggestion a new set of names that are non-binary and non-hierarchical that students could consider adopting? Shout out to @DianeHB for coming up with this question!
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  9. until

    Michael mentioned awhile ago that we don't ask much about the process of reincarnation. I was wondering if we could get like an abstract or outline of the process to have an idea as to where to start asking more detailed questions.
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  10. until

    I’ve been observing what I think are patterns in how change is happening in politics and government. I see Canada as a Mature Soul country having moved from the traditional Left vs Right parties to the fragmentation, diversity, or non-binarism of multiple parties. Canada, for the second time just this week, has another minority government with the Liberals and Trudeau as PM. I see this as a good thing and have been wondering if this is one of the ways that a country can fully embrace their way forward into and through the Mature Soul Age. In the U.S. I see a breakdown of the party on the Right, the Republicans, moving them into eventual fatal obscurity. This leaves the full weight of political fragmentation, diversity, or non-binarism weighted in the party that was traditionally on the Left. With the Republicans having essentially gone AWOL, the Democrats now have the work of the Left, the Right, and the moderating role which in Canada would be a non-binary third, or other party. Currently in Canada this is the Liberal party. Another observation is that these parties of three (or more) act as ranges of progressives, regressives, and assimilators or mediators. In Europe there are countries that work in coalition governments which (as I see it) are working with as much drama and confusion as you might expect in a diverse, non-binary Mature Soul paradigm. Are these signs of change? Are these patterns that we can expect to see, of fragmentation, diversity, or non-binarism, across politics and governments of countries as we move more fully into and through a Mature Soul Age world?
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  11. until

    @Bobby, I love that The Evergreens always referred to Jesus as "The Nazarene". I gave the most interesting Cryptic Message to a friend in 2014 (via their Essence) that often pops into my mind from time to time. “On the road to Damascus, all men are blind”.
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  12. until

    Jupiter's moon Europa and Saturn's moons Enceladus and Titan are thought to have a subsurface/interior ocean containing salt water. There may be other moons in our Solar System with subsurface oceans. Subsurface oceans are now thought by scientists to be common place in other star systems too. During the Cassini mission, evidence was found of Hydrothermal vents existing on Enceladus which release water heated by geothermal activity and releases minerals and other nutrients that could potentially support and attract life as part of an ecosystem. The compounds of hydrothermal vents was detected by the Cassini spacecraft from water geysers that erupted from the surface of Enceladus. From what you can see, do the moons of Europa, Enceladus, and Titan contain lifeforms as part of an ecosystem in their interior oceans that you could describe?
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  13. until

    Have any further IS hosts besides Emma Gonzalez, Kumi Naidoo, and Woman Stands Shining been identified?
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  14. until

    Oooo Since it is close to October. Two questions. 1) are there "rouge" caretakers who decided to live among the humans or left their brethren to live off tge grid? 2) what the hell is going on at the area known as Skinwalker Ranch in Utah?
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  15. until

    Hello Michael. A study published on September 23rd, 2021 revealed the discovery of footprints which push Human origins in the Americas back to 21,000 - 25,000 years ago, which is groundbreaking, but it still isn't very far back. You have described the Seeding of Humans into South America 1.5 million years ago as part of the 3rd Intervention. You also identified Homo antecessor as a temporary variation which sprang from the 3rd Intervention, but Homo antecessor has only been discovered in Spain. I'm wondering why there hasn't been any evidence in the Americas of Humans from more than a million years ago. Are there Antecessor-like skeletons waiting in the ground which have yet to be discovered?
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  16. until

    Hello Michael, I would like to know the Casting/Role, Soul Age/Level and Cadre/Entity, and anything else that is significant in the Overleaves of Mitch McConnell, and what Karma he has with the current cast of characters in power, if any. Thank you.
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  17. until

    I’d like to know role and casting, actual and manifested soul age, cadre and entity (and energy ring if outside of ER 2) of Boris Johnson, PM of the UK and his life task (if time permits)
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  18. until

    And a previous incarnation of mine came up with the saying "In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king"
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  19. until

    I would go so far as to say this is now the majority opinion even among Christian scholars. Only fundamentalists and hardcore inerrantists seem to be particularly attached to the idea that Paul authored so many of the epistles. I think that maybe "Paul," as in the figure of Christian tradition who single-handedly turned it from a minor Jewish sect into a global religion, is really just a mythologized personification of a collective, organic process. It's similar to how there was a real Lao Tzu, but the "Lao Tzu" to whom much of Taoist philosophy and writing is attributed really represents many scholars and philosophers taken collectively. Hopefully we'll get to see what Michael says, as I also find this to be an interesting question.
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  20. until

    Update - I believe it is only Catholic churches where women are not allowed to be Priests. Most protestant churches allow women to be Priests, and the Anglican church has removed all barriers to women becoming Bishops
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  21. until

    I'll ask my usual. Hi Michael and Troy, Id like to ask you to describe another non-merging parallel in the Anchor Timeline, including when and why it branched, as well as what it's like now. Thus far for reference, we've discovered: 3-1.5 Million years ago (Stable Nature); 15,000 years ago & c. 200 BCE (No Slavery, Social Progress, United States of Egypt); 5000 years ago (No Stonehenge/Great Pyramids, Cataclysmic Earthquakes); 1200 BCE (No Bronze Age Collapse, Accelerated Space Travel); 2000 years ago & 1980s CE (Anti-Celebrity Theocracy); c. 1350 CE (No Physical Contact); c. 1777/1789 CE (Failed United States- merged 2014); 1839 CE (Virtual Reality); 1863 CE (Legal Slavery- merged 2019); 1919 CE (No Soviet Union- merged 1990); 1939 CE (No WW2); 1963 CE (JFK Survived, Legal Cannabis); 1969-1970 CE (Escalated Space Race); 1979-1980 CE (Reagan not Elected, Environmental Security); 1983->1987 CE (Nuclear War); 1990 CE (Accelerated Tech Networking); 2001 CE (Anti-Government); 2008 CE (Obama Assassinated).
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  22. until

    Hi Michael, what is your definition of health? What does it mean for a person, society, planet, or other system to be healthy?
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  23. until

    In the libary there is an article on how the goal of acceptance is affected by arrogance. I would like a description of how acceptance is affected when CF and self-deprecation.
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  24. until

    Virtual Reality Question: As humans create more and more realistic (and persistent) virtual reality, could that be considered another plane of existence? If so, which direction would it be relative to the existing planes (Is it moving back towards the astral or moving deeper, creating a new plane below the physical)?
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