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    It's my birthday!
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    TOPIC CHATS A live, interactive online chat with Michael and other students of the Michael Teachings on a specific topic JANUARY TOPIC: OPEN FLOOR Let's launch the year with an array of topics of interest! Every FOURTH SUNDAY at 4pm Eastern CHAT ROOM - http://our.truthloveenergy.com/causalconnection/ FREE (donation highly encouraged!) See you there!
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    FEARLESS LIVING SERIES Understanding Who We Are, and Choosing Who To Be Every THIRD Saturdays 1pm Eastern Private Group Study - ALL ARE WELCOME $25 FEE MONTHLY TOPICS - Unlimited Attendance Understanding Who We Are, and Choosing Who To Be - A Drop-in, Drop-out series of Monthly, Intimate, Channeling Topics designed to help us transform and heal our unnecessary fears in various parts of our lives so that we can grow, love, and create as we wish. Each Month brings a new area of life into focus. Michael will share information and insight into topics regarding key areas of life, the universe, and everything - Event includes deep exploration of the topic with Michael, homework assignments for us to work on, and Q&A if time permits - See This Month's Topic in the TLE EVENT from the Community Menu Secure your attendance via Services Calendar DECEMBER TOPIC: Responsibility and Self-Discipline Michael will talk about the definitions, nature, function, and importance of Responsibility and Self-Discipline as a way toward fearless living. Expect homework!
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