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    He is my brother, I knew his role and casting, but I recently asked for his cadre and entity Maybe he can find himself in a future life He is Old level 2 We recently started a Love Monad
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    @Diane Thank You, her Position Number is 697, not her Raw Number, which would be after NickF and his questioning in 2014 reduced the fragments of C1E6 from 1074 to 1071, so her Raw Number would now be instead of 1071, 1068 which fits perfectly as a Scholar-cast Warrior from C1E6. Sweet she is at the end of the bus, last Cadence of the only 28 Warriors of C1E6.
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    @petra in a private session from December 2011, I asked for more information on 'Mary., 6th-level OLD Scholar-cast Warrior'. Michael said: "This fragment appears to come from the 6th Entity of Cadre 1, cast as the 1071st fragment, in the equivalent of the 697th Position, with an Energy Ratio of 65m/35f and Frequency of 45, in the Intellectual Part of the Emotional Center." This is the information I was given from Michael. The role and casting felt accurate. I don't know why I asked about the raw number. Mary isn't interested in exploring and I haven't thought about it since.
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    @petra Thanks for noticing. I will look into it.
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    @Diane I wonder about the Raw Number of Mary, as a Scholar-cast Warrior from C1E6, her Raw Number would only make sense if she would be a Warrior-cast Scholar, because all of the 28 Warriors of C1E6 are at the end of the Entity, Raw Numbers 1043 to 1071, the Scholars are to find mostly at the Love Side, the Raw Number of 697 for Mary would make sense there? C1E6: from NickF 2014 1071 fragments, 375 cycled off, at present 433 incarnated 343 Kings, 21 Priests, 371 Scholars, 189 Artisans, 70 Sages, 49 Servers, 28 Warriors makes 357 on each Side.
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    I'm a server cast Scholar, as well! xoxo
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