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    No. Most Task Companions are in the same Entity, so Michelle need not be Primary just because she's in the same Entity. That said, when Bobby got the profile for Barack Obama, Michael implied that his wife was his Primary Task Companion with these words: [MEntity] [Barack Obama] appears to be Scholar-Cast from Cadre 2, Entity 7, with an Energy Ratio of 45 focused/55 creative, and 60 Frequency, Intellectually Centered, Emotional Part in a Mercury/Saturn/Martial body, and a secondary Chief Feature of Self-deprecation; his Artisan Essence Twin is a guide from Cadre 2, Entity 6, and his Task Companion is a female Warrior known as his wife. Michael mentions Task Companion as singular, which I take to mean Primary in this context.
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    I couldn't remember... so I looked it up. It turns out I had asked the question about Nelson Mandela being Magnetic Server on December 22, 2013. Nelson Mandela had died on December 5, 2013. Troy gave us (TLE students) Mandela's Profile on December 8, 2013. Nelson Mandela's full Profile is posted HERE with a commentary by Troy (originally on December 8, 2013) From MICHAEL SPEAKS – Open Floor – December 22, 2013: Maureen: Was Nelson Mandela (Warrior-cast Server, Level 6 Old) a Magnetic Server, a Transcendent Old Server (not Transcendental), or “something” else? MEntity: We do not know what the "something else" might be, but he was the former, yes. Maureen: a Magnetic Server? MEntity: Does that answer your question? Maureen: Yes it does. Thanks Michael
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    @AnnaD Janet added Michelle Obama to Cadre 2 Entity 7, which is the same Entity as Barack, so therefore she goes for Primary Task Companion.
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    Although Michael has also said several times it is completely irrelevant whether someone is a primary task companion or not. From my private chat many years ago: MEntity: It does appear that you are Task Companions. Mizzle: primary or secondary task companions btw? MEntity: The only difference between a "primary" Task Companion and any others (you may have up to 12), is that your Primary is in Agreement before incarnation begins, and the others are accumulated over the course of incarnations. MEntity: All Tasks would be as important among all Task Companions. MEntity: This would then be a "secondary" Task Companion. So rather than wasting precious channeling time to find out whether they are primary TC's or not, personally i would ask something else instead. The main point is that they are current task companions with an active task. Just my 2 cents.
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    Well... they are a Scholar Entity.
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    I do love it when Michael nitpicks
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    I love Nelson Mandela so much. I don't even know as much about him as i should, but i have always had this love and admiration for him, i'm sure he has that same effect on many. Goal: submission Mode: power is such an interesting combo and he manifested that so perfectly, what a great example of how that can work.
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    I'm going to edit this to read 6th Level Old as Nelson Mandela was a Magnetic Server.
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    @petra There are other sessions on the site in which Michael has indicated that most Task Companions are from the same Entity. And in fact has said that ALL are from the same Entity. I can't find the origin of the statement that made me have this exchange in Companions: Janet: Is it true that Task Companions are always in the same Entity? MEntity: We have found this to be true, yes. There are many who will work with one on tasks, and these are often considered "task companions," but we differentiate between those who are sharing in tasks, and those who have bonded in casting, commitment, and agenda that carry over in large arcs of experience. Every fragment has, at least, one Task Companion chosen as the incarnations begin, and then build on these to have up to 12. [Later Michael corrected the info and indicated that my Primary TC is a Scholar. And this, of course, simply underscores that all channeling is subject to validation.] There seems a tendency in the universe that Michael describes for an absence of absolute rules, which I take as Tao's effort not to limit experience. So the statement given to Bobby (that you quoted) in my opinion is the best working statement regarding Task Companions, for now. I suspect there's more info to be had on the type of bonding among Task Companions, beyond the note on complementary casting, that might explain the tendency for [most of?] them to come from the same Entity. It would be useful to link to Bobby's session, because there was more content there, I think. But I can't pin it down just at this moment.
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    @Janet Task Companions Clarified Entry posted by Bobby · December 18, 2014 [MEntity] Any Task Companion beyond the Primary may or may not be in one's own Entity. But the Primary will always be in the same Entity and ALL Task Companions will have a complementary Casting.
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    I have this channeling from Troy, but I have 6th level...and that after this lifetime as Nelson Mandela, the soul would move to 7th level old...
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    Oh i see, then that makes sense! I didn't realise the C/E was the prize money here
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    @Miizle, yeah, I know. Truly the only thing I care about here is Michelle's cadre and entity, only because I enjoy filling in the photos of cadre and entity familys. That is the question that I want to know for certain: Michelle Obama's cadre and entity. Otherwise I am not bovvered.
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    Kurtis, if you find the source for the body type info please post it. Thanks
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    I believe I read Barack as a Saturnine Appearance with a Mercurial Health body type. He might also have either Venusian or Martial too, I'm not sure which.
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    Thanks @Janet, I will amend Michelle Obama's cadre and entity to reflect that she is from the same cadre and entity as Barack Obama, unless there is any further information that supports a more cautious approach. Thank you.
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    So an explicit question needs to be asked in this case about Michelle Obama: Is she Barack's Primary Task Companion?
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    Thanks @Janet for elaborating on this channelling and the context further.
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    Has anyone asked if Michelle Obama is the Primary Task Companion of Barack?
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