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    [Excerpt from Ask Michael: March 2017] Kurtis: Hi Michael. I'd like to ask about elaboration on the King Casting ... MEntity: King Casting might show up in its default form as a kind of quiet power, quiet confidence that is drawn upon as necessary, much like being "under cover" as an observer and then revealing surprising authority and leadership "out of nowhere." King Casting trusts in and respects the inner authority of those around him or her, but will happily help make up for any lack of this on a regular basis.
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    [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: May 2009] [Martha] Last week you talked on TLE radio about it getting uncomfortable for older souls around feeling “authentic”. This is something I am currently working on. It feels wrong somehow to not be myself, especially at work, or social settings, but then if I am completely myself in all situations then I out myself as being “not normal”. And it’s hard to have to deal with that over mundane issues, seems like it would add unnecessary complexity to some aspects of life. Can you elaborate on this issue? [Michael Entity] Martha, this is a common dilemma for the Older Souls and is rooted in what we refer to as Self-Karma, the internal divisions within the self that seek resolution. This particular Self-Karma can be described as a battle between honest expression and censorship. To most Older Souls, censorship feels repulsive, and this is amplified for the Expressive Roles. In fact we would be hard-pressed to find any valid Old Soul who supported any form of censorship. Censoring oneself as a means to “fit in” feels like one is a “walking lie,” or liar, and enforcing censorship upon others is something we have never seen an Old Soul impose. [Martha] yes it does feel like that [Michael Entity] How others see you has no bearing on who you are. It is not always a matter of integrity in expression that your Being be clearly reflected back to you through those around you. In fact, being able to adapt to certain social contexts is a skill implemented by the Older Soul (begrudgingly, but a skill, nonetheless,) and not a curse. The feeling of “not being yourself” has no bearing on your levels of honesty, nor your integrity of Being. Ultimately, all fragments extant will find themselves in contexts where they can say, “This is who I am,” and other contexts where they say, “This is who I must be.” In those instances where one feels one “must be,” it would then be up to you to determine if this is a context worth sustaining in your life, or if it is time to move from that context. For many, the “must be” context is required for the self to draw an income, maintain peace in a relationship, fulfill responsibilities, etc. Many fragments “must be” a parent, even when they do not want to be. Many fragments “must be” at work, even when they do not want to be. The experience in sustaining these contexts, even through those bad days, is the implementation of your higher perspective, or manifesting of Essence, since you can see the payoff and the necessity of your choice. In those instances that you have decided that the context is worth it, then it would do you well to recognize that you have made an honest choice, ironically upholding the integrity of your Being, your soul and personality, since you know this is a context that gives back to you in a way that is valuable for other areas where you feel you “can be yourself.” Eventually, the Personality will find little discrepancy in itself between one context and another, especially as one owns the fact that those contexts are being sustained by choice, even if only “for now.” We will also note that every fragment can find at least one other fragment in which to confide and “be herself” in any context where one feels limited. This relationship is one that can be found with some amount of discernment and patience, provided one is not being held captive and against one’s will, which is a karmic situation, not a situation of choice. [Martha] clearly then it’s crucial to have some areas where you can be yourself [jon] Is it ever truly required for a fragment to stay in one of those contexts? For example, you may need a job to eat and stay alive, or one could be a slave, required to act a certain way or die [Michael Entity] Jon, Slavery is often not a matter of choice, but the same concepts would apply within those stricter limitations: one’s imposed environment does not destroy who one IS, even in the most horrific conditions lacking choice, and confidence in at least one other fragment is often available even within those conditions.
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    [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: November 2004] Note: This excerpt is from follow-up that Troy pursued with Michael following the November session, which occurred just after the 2004 re-election of George W. Bush. Troy: United States’ population is approximately 303,000,000 (according to Michael). Soul Age Demographics: 17,450,000 Old (about 6%) 123,000,000 Mature (about 41%) 90,000,000 Young (about 30%) 67,850,000 Baby (about 22%) 5,000,000 Infant (about 1%) Note: Also from the November 2004 session: [Questioner] also aren’t many of the “older” souls still children, and not of voting age? MEntity: Of the 40+ million fragments we would refer to as “older souls”, it is valid that approximately 25 million of these fragments are under the legal voting age.
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    [Excerpt from a personal session on December 21, 2015. Donated by Connor] MEntity: Incarnation for Essence is not so linear when "outside" of the framework of the Physical Plane and time where matter must be organized. For example, one can die in 1990, and the sequentially subsequent lifetime for Essence be born in 1975. However, for the Personalities involved, these would be Concurrent. For most incarnations, especially in earlier Soul Ages, the linear organization is fairly sequential and all dimensions reflect one another. For example, if you died in 1800, and Review lasts 3 years, then you are born again sometime after that. But as Essence evolves and transcends the necessity for depending upon the Physical Plane for organization, then Essence can be born outside of linear and sequential considerations. ### end of excerpt You may discuss this content within the original post. See Temporal Mechanics of Reincarnation.
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    This article was written by Troy. See his initial note. April 25, 2003 Here is an article written long ago, but still helpful, I hope. I corrected some of the grammar, organised the information a little better, and removed my more controversial commentary I was more likely to make in the olden days, but other than that, it is as it was way back when. I hope the charts translate well. Enjoy! Cadres and Entities 101 Part of the awesome order conveyed to us from Michael’s understanding and perspective of the Universe is in what are called Cadre and Entity as they describe how each Essence is part of a personal spiritual “family” created before even the first lifetime. What I will attempt in this article is to describe the variations through the channels as “Michael” has come through in teaching about this order. I will present all theories and perspectives as clearly as possible. First, some definitions in Michael Terms: Fragment: One Essence Essence: Soul (basically) Roles: One of Seven types of Essence Entity: An organized group of approximately 1000 Essences, consisting of at least Two Roles. Cadence: The smallest grouping referred to, usually referring to a group of one Role within an Entity. Greater Cadence: 49 fragments of One Role arranged in 7X7 columns/rows. Casting: a specific position in a sequence of 7 Raw Number: your specific position within the count of all fragments in your entity. Cadre: An organized group of 7 Entities, equaling approximately 7000 Essences and representing all 7 Roles. Energy Ring: An organized group of 12 Cadres, equaling approximately 84,000 Essences and representing all Roles in proportion to their global/universal proportion (Servers 25%; Artisans 22%; Warriors 17%; Scholars 14%; Sages 10%; Priests 8%; Kings 4%) Contingent: 7000 Cadres, approximately 49 Million Essences, and approximately 1% of Population VARYING THEORIES OF CADRE/ENTITY MODELS Now, here are the varying theories through different channels as to how we are arranged. What we want to gain from the Michael Teachings is a sense of practical application, simplicity, and I have found nearly everything Michael teaches is clearly applicable and simple. Some of these models are not as applicable to me, but I keep in mind that what isn’t applicable on a mundane level may still be true on a larger scale. I’d be curious to know which of these Models seem to resonate with you. CLASSIC MODEL: I call this the Classic Model because it seems the most-used of all the systems and one that seems to have come independently through various channels. I like it when the information can be cross-referenced and found to be mostly consistent among the channels. This classic model theory describes the Cadres and Entities as being created/chosen previous to beginning a Grand Cycle and the connections from those groupings remains consistent and powerful throughout all lifetimes and beyond. It is also the basis of growth on higher planes and is the premise for reuniting. Based on the Classic Model, the Michael Entity is from an Energy Ring “ahead” of the one most of us are from, with Michael coming from Cadre 11, Entity 4. Michael has Agreements to teach the entire following Energy Ring in some way. Most of us who find ourselves drawn to the Michael Teachings are from that Energy Ring of 12 Cadres following Michael’s. I consider us from Energy Ring #2, following Michael’s Energy Ring #1, but I have been corrected in that we are actually in Energy Ring #17, while Michael is in Energy Ring #16. Technically, I believe it is true that we are from Energy Ring #17, but only when counting all Energy Rings having incarnated here before us. Here is a more detailed explanation: The previous 14 Energy Rings before Michael’s were not “Human”, as we know it; therefore, I am counting only Human Sentience in the Model to which I refer. If you include all Sentience having come to this planet (silicone-based life forms previous to Humans, as well as a few Energy Rings of more Etheric-based “humans” previous to us, known mythologically as Lemurians), we are #17. Most of us, then, are in the Second Energy Ring of Human Sentience. Cetacean Sentience (whales and dolphins) is not included in this count because they were supposedly transported to Earth mid-grand cycle and are counted in a larger perspective of the system extending beyond this planet (we will get to that). Let’s just focus on Humans and Earth, for now. Although many from our Cadre/Entities first incarnated on a different planet in the Dog Star System, we were moved here so smoothly and efficiently and quickly that we are part of the count relative to this particular planet. A few hundred fragments actually incarnated in the Dog Star System before we were moved, but only those few hundred, and mostly only for a few lifetimes. These fragments are usually from Entities 1 and 2 of each Cadre, or maybe Server or Warrior-Cast fragments, because these fragments tend to be the first to incarnate when a group of souls begins a new cycle, “clearing the way”, so to speak. This Classic System is based on Essences actively choosing a group of souls previous to beginning the entire incarnational cycle (Grand Cycle) based on commonalties of interest, energy themes, general interests, possible “past” associations (from previous Grand Cycles), etc. These themes are more concentrated and meaningful around the level of the individual Entity, but there is an overall concept/theme for the entire Cadre too. The Cadres are arranged to create a Support Group of 12. Each of the Cadres has a particular position to play in the interactions with other Cadres. The general description of energies below is not literal, but more about the overall motivation behind all that the Cadre aspires to achieve and experience as a theme. Cadre 1 = Love (initiators, inspirers, pioneers) Cadre 2 = Knowledge (questioners, insight givers, facilitators) Cadre 3 = Compassion (nurturers, integrators, peacemakers) Cadre 4 = Mentor (guides, counselors, role models) Cadre 5 = Beauty (artists, highlights the best of things) Cadre 6 = Child (innocent, distracting, requires care) Cadre 7 = Humor (funny, brings laughter, pleasure givers) Cadre 8 = Discipline (responsible, focused, decision clarifiers) Cadre 9 = Anchor (security, acceptance, grounding) Cadre 10 = Healer (bringing balance, healing) Cadre 11 = Enlightenment (teachers, ‘light’ bringers, providing structures for perceiving reality) Cadre 12 = Muse (highest values, abstract concepts, bringers of aspiration) This set of 12 repeats over and over to include all of humanity’s sentience. These positions are very hard to validate since they are larger in scope and are more about the relative positions to each other. As a collective Entity you may be able to grasp the impact, but don’t worry if this level is difficult to validate by you as an individual. The last three Cadres of an Energy Ring affect the next Energy Ring. Examples of this are that Michael comes from Cadre 11 (Enlightenment Position) as does Seth and a few other impactful teachers. The Infinite Soul usually chooses Essences from Cadre 12 (Muse Position) for manifesting, as in Jesus and Buddha, etc. Again, Michael is Cadre 11, Entity 4. According to Michael, humans have about 7 billion Essences making up its entire sentience. Almost all of us are here, incarnated now. About 60,000,000 bodies on the planet now are Simultaneous Lives (multiple bodies) for some Essences; about 1% of the population then does not “count” in this number in terms of counting souls. Humanity’s sentient numbers, then, count at about 83,300 Energy Rings, and Earth is currently carrying about 70,700 of those! Within each Cadre, there are 7 Entities. Each Entity has a general flavor or theme based on two factors: One is based on its Number Position within the Cadre, and Two is based on its members and the impact of the Roles and general themes of interest shared. The Number Position in the Cadre is described in terms of Positive Pole and Negative Pole. If you look closely, these only describe degrees of solidity vs. fragmentation. For instance, Entity Number Two has +Stability and -Balance. Picture a solid surface where both your feet are planted firmly as the positive pole suggests. This is Stability. Now imagine placing that solid surface (like a board) on something like a cylinder or ball, creating a teetering effect that you must now strive to maintain like the negative pole describes as Balance. Every Positive and Negative Pole in the Michael Teachings only refers to a version of “oneness” Vs “separation”. They are not good or bad. Entity One: +Purpose -Simplicity Entity Two: +Stability -Balance Entity Three: +Enterprising -Versatility Entity Four: +Consolidation -Achievement Entity Five: +Expansion -Adventure Entity Six: +Harmony -Connection Entity Seven: +Inculcation -Eclecticism This set of energies is the same for all sets of Entities in any Cadre. What makes each Entity able to act out this energy uniquely is through the proportion of Roles within that particular Entity. So a Sage/Artisan Entity will certainly play out Entity Four position differently than say, a King/Server Entity. Depending on your Entity’s make-up, your Entity will have its own “flavor” for that position. All Entities have at least two Roles and NEVER is an Entity only one Role. Now, with all of this in mind, we’ll now look at the general scheme of things and where we all fit into this. Michael comes from what would be called Energy Ring #1 of Human Sentience, Cadre 11, and Entity 4. Most of us who actively study the Michael Teachings are from Energy Ring #2, Cadres 1-3 and all the entities therein. The average Soul Age drops tremendously after about Cadre 3. The average Soul Age in the first three Cadres of Energy Ring #2 is about 3rd Level Old, while the Average Soul Age for the planet is 1st Level Mature. This means there are approximately 600 million Old Souls and/or Cycled Off Souls within the 7 billion Essences accounting for Human Sentience. Subtracting the first Energy Ring’s 10 Cycled off Cadres (about 70,000 Essences) that leaves hundreds of thousands of Old/Cycled-Off Souls unaccounted from our own “Older” Energy Ring #2. This emphasizes that one’s position in the Cadre/Entity System has no bearing on how fast or slow one may be progressing. Furthermore, there are many Cadres/Entities/Energy Rings who are completely cycled-off already! In fact, Cadre 4 from Energy Ring #2 is already cycled off! Cadre 1, Entity 4 is nearly completed in cycling off, as well. To make things even more interesting, Cadres 11 and 12 from Energy Ring #1 still have a very few members incarnating! We progress at our own collective pace. CASTING OF AN ENTITY’S MEMBERS Michael describes the “casting” of an Entity as each Role being “Cast at Once” for that Entity. For instance, all the Sages from Entity #2 are “Cast at Once” and all the Artisans are “Cast at Once”. Considering that there is a linear count to the Casting, as we perceive it, this can be confusing. Think of it this way: If you were to mix and shape a batch of Chocolate Chip Cookies one morning, followed by another batch, followed by another batch, even if there were several batches, you might say that the morning you baked all those cookies they were all “made at once”. That analogy applies to the whole concept of “time exists all at once” in metaphysics. It doesn’t REALLY exist all at once, literally, but from a higher perspective, it DOES! While you are baking, you are taking steps in creating the cookies, but in retrospect or in general, it can be said that you made all the Chocolate Chip Cookies “at once” because they were all made that morning. In the same way that traveling across the United States would have you see town after town after town, but from high in the atmosphere, you might just see a continent. So, the Roles are “cast at once” from the perspective of the Tao, but the counting is still valid to our Essences and Personalities. Within an Entity, each Role is cast as a group, so for instance, all Scholars are cast at once if that Entity has Scholars, and then all Sages, etc. The arrangement within the Entity, though, does not necessarily place all the Scholars in a single group. They may be broken up by a placement of a group of Servers, for instance. Each grouping of Roles is organized into Greater Cadences, Cadences, and Casting Positions. A Greater Cadence is 49 Fragments (7X7), a Cadence is 7 Positions, and a Casting Position is a single position within the 7. Here is a visual for you below. The Number spelled out at the top of each grouping would be the Greater Cadence Number; the numbers across directly below that would be the Cadences; the numbers in the columns would be each Casting Position within the Cadence: ONE 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 TWO 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 THREE 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 FOUR 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 FIVE 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 SIX 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 SEVEN 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 If there are more of a Role than this, the numbering for the Greater Cadences just starts over to account for that entire Role. As mentioned earlier, the numbers have a Positive and Negative Pole that applies energetically to those positions, whether they are Cadences, Casting, or an Entity Number. To help you grasp the impact of a Number, you can also relate each to a Role. ONE: SERVER +Service/-Subservience TWO: ARTISAN +Creativity/-Self-delusion THREE: WARRIOR +Persuasion/-Coercion FOUR: SCHOLAR +Knowledge/-Theory FIVE: SAGE +Dissemination/-Oration SIX: PRIEST +Compassion/-Zeal SEVEN: KING +Mastery/-Tyranny Your Cadence, Casting Position and Entity Numbers are very important in understanding the dynamics of your personal Essence design. If you have those numbers channeled, they are usually to be written in this order: Casting Position/Cadence/Entity. Your Casting Position, in fact, is equal to or more important than, your Role. Your Casting Position will remain a strong influence on the higher planes long after your Role stops being referenced and your Casting explains your behavior on an everyday, mundane level. The way your Casting Position is reflected in daily life is that it influences the way your own Role is EXPRESSED. Using the “Numbers equals Roles” translation, if you are a Server in a Casting Position of 2, you would then be a Server who provides Service through Creativity (which is because it resonates to 2=Artisan). Also, on an everyday level, you would seem to be regularly creative, while when you are “in Essence” you are truly Serving. The Role, I have found, is what we do when we are “In Essence”, what makes us “shine”, so to speak, while the Casting is the way we behave in general or present ourselves socially. Your Cadence Number (the column you are from) influences how you RELATE to OTHERS. If you are a Sage from Cadence 3, that means when you interact with others, you may do so Persuasively or Coercively (positive and negative poles of Warrior=3). Your Entity Number/Role tells you how you relate, in general, to the WORLD. So an Entity in the 5th Position in the Cadre will relate Sage-like to the World, etc. NOTE: Since the numbering of the Cadres is based on a group of 12, and not 7, they are influenced by their position within the Support Group descriptions, as mentioned earlier. CARDINALITY and ORDINALITY Cardinal: Exalted in impact, Group-oriented. +Lucidity/-Activity Ordinal: Focused in impact, One-on-One Oriented. +Responsiveness/-Passivity When referring to a Role or Number in SINGULAR, they are Cardinal or Ordinal, but when referring to a Role or Number relative to a group, the Cardinality/Ordinality may be reversed. For instance, the Server, Artisan, and Warrior are Ordinal Roles on their own, singularly, while the Numbers 1, 2, 3 are, as well. Within a grouping, however, the first HALF of that group is CARDINAL and second HALF is Ordinal. So, then, a Server in a Position One of a group of Seven will be an Ordinal Role in a Cardinal Position (first half of the seven). This means that the first three Entities of each Cadre are CARDINAL, while the last three Entities are ORDINAL, and the Center Entity is Neutral, even while the individual Roles still hold their Cardinality or Ordinality. Here is a visual of the Roles being Cardinal or Ordinal, while the first and second halves are reversed: 1 SERVER Ordinal * 2 ARTISAN Ordinal * >Cardinal Half 3 WARRIOR Ordinal * 4 SCHOLAR Neutral * >Neutral 5 SAGE Cardinal * 6 PRIEST Cardinal * >Ordinal Half 7 KING Cardinal * To make more sense of this, let’s look at Entity 2. Entity Two has a Positive Pole of Stability and a Negative Pole of Balance, in terms of the Entity Number. It is also Artisan-like in its expression because of the resonance to the Artisan (2=Artisan). Entity Two is Ordinal in Numbering so its members are closer-knit, more involved with the everyday world that other Cadre Members might inhabit. Because Entity Two is the first Half of the Cadre, it is Cardinal in relation to the World. The Cardinal half paves the way for the rest of the Cadre in terms of incarnating in the world. To use the real Cadre One, Entity Two as an example, you can see all of these factors come together easily when you look at how INDIVIDUALISTIC (Ordinal) and CREATIVE (Artisan-like) sample Entity Members are, such as, Boy George, Cyndi Lauper, or Madonna, yet each of these people have CLEARED A PATH/PIONEERED (Cardinal) in terms of the World as it relates to Artisan-like contexts. Within each Entity, Greater Cadence, and Cadence this Cardinal/Ordinal reversal is also true. The Singular Position/Number/Role is described one specific way, while the First Half or Second Half of the grouping is described as Cardinal/Ordinal. So a Server in the first position of a Cadence will be Ordinal in Role and Ordinal in Position, but Cardinal in relation to its grouping. If that Cadence of Servers is in the second half of the Entity, it is furthermore Cardinal in influence. Michael says this is all part of the awesome order that is the YIN/YANG influence of balance within. Cardinality and Ordinality are also subject to change depending on the placement within a group context. WILD CARDS One area of interest and confusion is the basic Entity Structures as they relate to the creation of what is called WILD CARDS. Depending on whom you ask, “Wild Cards” are fragments in an Entity that straddle two Casting Positions or are Fragments who “attach” themselves to the Entity outside of its basic, restricted structure. According to what I have understood from “The West”, they subscribe to the idea that ALL Entities are structured with only 1,029 Fragments, no matter what. That structure then creates 3 “sides” of an Entity with 343 Fragments on each side. Each “side” represents one of the three Building Blocks of the universe, Truth, Love, or Energy. Any additional fragments outside of 1,029 Fragments then are “stuck” to the sides of the Entity like “bumps”. Where they attach themselves, I don’t know, and I don’t know if that sticking is static or changeable. Furthermore, I am not sure how to account for the Entities that have less than 1,029 fragments (they do exist), using this theory from the West. Is the “Energy” side always the side lacking completeness, or is it evenly dispersed? I don’t know. In my own exploration with Michael about this topic, (which may be totally wrong or just another part of the entire picture we are trying to explore), they have explained the Wild Card as being those fragments who “fill” a space left by an incomplete Cadence within an Entity. For instance, if there is a group of 263 Sages in an Entity, that is 5 Greater Cadences (5 X 49) that are full (245 fragments) and a 6th Greater Cadence with 2 full Cadences (2 X 7 = 14 fragments) and a 3rd Cadence with only 4 fragments (245+14+4=263 Sages). That last Cadence then has three positions not filled. Those would be the Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh Positions. Now let’s say a group of Scholars are next in this Entity. The first THREE Fragments in that next Scholar Cadence are energetically linked to the “gaps” left in that previous Sage Cadence. That means the First-Cast of the Scholars will “straddle” the Cadence Positions of its own, plus the FIFTH Position in the previous, incomplete Cadence, continuing the linking of the Entity together. The Second-Cast Scholar will “straddle” its own Position and the SIXTH Position in the previous, incomplete Cadence, while the Third-Cast Scholar is linked to the Seventh Position in the previous, incomplete Cadence. Here is a visual to help you with this example with the Asterisks (*) being the Positions linked together: SAGES ONE 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 TWO 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 THREE 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 FOUR 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 FIVE 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 SIX 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 5 5 5 5 5 5 X 6 6 6 6 6 6 X 7 7 7 7 7 7 X SCHOLARS ONE 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 *1 1 1 1 1 1 1 *2 2 2 2 2 2 2 *3 3 3 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 (and so on…) Both theories may actually be true and applicable (two types of wild cards?), but since this is an area rarely explored, we just have this basic skeleton to work with. Much of what I am presenting here is relative to my own experience and channeling, but I know there may be contradictions to other channels’ information. Please take the time to cross-reference and validate what you find to be “true”. Also, if you have anything you can contribute to help fill out the info, please do! That is the basic outline and introduction to the Classic Cadre/Entity structure. I will touch briefly on two other systems that are used. Neither is common and both are exclusive to the originator of the information, except that Sarah did pass on the theory to Victoria Marina, I think, and she uses the system now. SARAH CHAMBERS’ CADRE/ENTITY MODEL Sarah uses a picture of the entirety of Sentience as it is incarnating in a particular Universe and the casting order is all relative to that. This system would include Cetacean, Human, Gorilla, Silicone-based Life, Lemurians, other planetary Sentience, etc. Within that system there are even more terms introduced, such as “Nodes” and “Pods”, but I have no clue how they work. If you get your Cadre/Entity information from Victoria (or anyone who uses the terms Nodes/Pods), then you are being interpreted in the context of ALL Sentience, not just organized Human Sentience. This places you in very different positions as compared to just looking at Human Sentience. I am thoroughly intrigued by this system, but I don’t understand it completely and I can’t find a way to apply it to my daily life. It is cool to know where you fit into the huge, cosmic scheme of things though. SHEPHERD HOODWIN’S MODEL Shepherd, like Sarah, began a system exclusive to his channeling, as well. It uses the exact same model as the Classic, but everything is shifted a bit, based on Average Soul Ages and time spent incarnating. I have never been able to use this system practically since Shepherd is the only one who channels this information in this way. Some people use this system because they were introduced to the teachings through Shepherd’s books. Shepherd’s theory arranges fragments into more fluid and changing groups based on oldest souls to youngest. For instance, since Cadres 11 and 12 still have members incarnating on the planet and they are all very Old Souls, he refers to these as Cadres 1 and 2, since they have been around the longest. What would normally be Cadre 1 of Energy Ring 2 in the Classic System is now called Cadre 3. Additionally, since Cadre 4 of Energy Ring 2 is already cycled off, Shepherd does not “count” that Cadre in his numbering system at all. Shepherd strongly believes his system is easily translated and a truer, more universally accurate picture. Some people have no trouble adapting to it, but they are limited to Shepherd as a source for that system (since no other channel uses it), and any channeling outside of Shepherd must then be translated. Where the Classic System counts itself in Energy Rings, like 1, 2, 3, and on, with the Cadres repeated in groups of 12, Shepherd simply continues the count of Cadres and does not group them in Energy Rings (though he does refer to “Greater Cadre Groups”). So, in Shepherd’s system, there will be a Cadre 124 or Cadre 500 or Cadre 21 etc. Since this system is based on average Soul Age, if you were to slow down, say, and remain at 6th Level Young for a series of lives while those in your Cadre moved on to 1st Level Mature, you would now be counted and placed in a different Cadre, Cadence, etc. Shepherd says this is extremely rare, though I, personally, see many possibilities that different fragments may progress at different rates of growth at various times, thus changing their status in Soul Age among his system. Another thing to consider is that since nearly 600 Million fragments are Cycled off or Old (about 10% or so), that means that OVER 84,000 Cadres in a row are at least Old or Cycled off, but that isn’t consistent with the fact that Shepherd does channel that a Mature Soul in his Cadres is alongside an Old Soul. I haven’t been able to reconcile that confusion yet. If you were introduced to the Michael Teachings through Shepherd or his books, or had your Profile channeled through him, it is always a good idea to include in your introduction that you are using the “Shepherd System” so others know. I asked Shepherd to write me and help with this article, as it would be representing him. Many times I have been told that I just “don’t get it”, so I wanted his commentary in his own words. The following is Shepherd’s offered responses as Michael, using his own channeling to question his own channeling. I had originally asked for, and preferred his responses in his own words, but here is what I got from him as Michael. Personally, I am still as confused after this, if not more. FROM SHEPHERD: CADRE NUMBERING Q. Your system of cadre numbering through the channel Shepherd Hoodwin doesn’t appear to match the work of other Michael channels. Does this mean that your cadences are different, too? A. They are the same. Q. Did you create your cadre numbering system through Shepherd without him cross-referencing other channel’s work? In other words, did the channel discover that his findings clashed with those of other channels, but instead of adjusting his system, did he just create his own explanations? A. When this channel began to channel charts, he asked for a universal system of numbering cadres that could accommodate anyone who might come. At that time, other channels were not using cadre numbers much. When they did, the numbering didn’t generally extend beyond four. The concept of cadre groups had not yet been brought through. What was called Cadre One by other channels we called Cadre Three in order to be able to use a single number to account for the two remaining cadres of Cadre Group One. When the channel learned that other channels called his Cadre Three, Cadre One, we advised him to continue with the system we had already implemented with him. The system is convenient and internally consistent, and it is not at all difficult to translate. You will note that the channel Sarah Chambers brought forth still another system, which is not contradictory but relates to a different aspect of what is really “three-dimensional.” All the systems are “two-dimensional models” and describe different “sides” of “three-dimensional” structure. Q. It has been said that your system assigns Cadres One and Two as they are, not by a static cadre group numbering, but based on their having higher soul ages. A. The mean age of a cadre as we compute it for this purpose is a combination of both soul age and the number of previous cycles, which mostly follows the order of casting from the Tao. It is measurable, and that is what we use through this channel for numbering. It is not surprising that the last remaining cadres of Cadre Group One would be slightly older than the first cadre of Cadre Group Two, although this would not have to be the case. Q. Is it true that you place cadres in sequence without a break, and that when a cadre cycles off (say, in 200 years), Cadre Three could, for example, eventually become Cadre Two? A. None of these systems are likely to be in use by the time a relevant cadre cycles off. By then, your understanding of universal formations will have grown a great deal, and you will use different descriptors. The reality of how cadres are cast from the Tao is far more complex than we are capable of transmitting at this time. The numbering systems currently in place now, however, are adequate for the time being. If we were to use a numbering system based directly on cadre groups, it would still not provide a unique number for each cadre. Q. The same could be said about entities. If there are seven entities in a cadre, and one of them cycles off, isn’t it true that according to your system the space left open by the departing entity would now be filled by the adjacent entity, meaning that Entity Five would then become Entity Four, and Entity Six would then become Entity Five, and so on? A. Because entity numbers relate to casting order, if one entity cycles off, the numbers would be maintained. The cadre numbers in this system, however, are not related to casting order—they are simply conveniences. Cadre Three is not, say, third out of 7 or 12; it is third out of an open-ended progression. We think that too much could be made of all this. The purpose of the cadre numbers is to be able to refer to a particular cadre and know which one it is. It should not be assumed that all the Michael fragments that are channeled confer on every piece of channeling to ensure that all terms in a particular human language are consistent among channels; what is important is the meaning. The translation through individual channels necessarily has some leeway. It is up to students to ascertain meanings, and doing so is good work. END I hope you all enjoyed your Cadre and Entity Lesson!
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    [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: Parallels] [ha] Why would it become desirable to “spin-off” aspects of self, i.e., I’m in process of re-integrating spin-offs, why would it be beneficial to spin off more? [Michael_Entity] It would depend on your definitions of “Spin-offs”. Assuming [your definition is] the same, it will always be the case in any given lifetime that aspects of your Personality “spin-off” into realities of their own. This is simply because Essence wants to not only experience EVERYTHING it intended (your TRUNK REALITY), but also all of the creative input from Personality. When you speak of integrating these Parallels [“spin-offs”], this may easily mean that other aspects of Personality [are moving] on, [being replaced]. Let us clarify something: Each Personality is composed of what we refer to as SUB-PERSONALITIES, aspects of “you” that make up who you are in various situations. Parallel Selves are aspects of ESSENCE, virtual “sub-personalities” of the Essence. We realize this can be mind-boggling, but we assure you, you are not required to grasp this. That is what Essence does. You, as Personality, have only the life to contend with, not the creation of the Universal Schemes. Many of you will be bringing in aspects/parallels that have been off in their “own” realities for a while, and now are merging with “this one”, but we will discuss that at a later date. [ha] So when you mentioned at the beginning that we may be spinning off aspects of self, did this mean sub-personalities of self, or essence’s sub-personalities? Also, if it is sub-personalities of self, where do those spin-offs go and what do they do? [Michael_Entity] We were referring to Essence “sub-personalities”. Sub-personalities of Self stay with you, present, and are called to the “surface” for your various situations. Multiple Personalities and Schizophrenia are the results of breakdown and non-communication between these sub-personalities, by the way. When you ask, “where do they go?,” the same similar event occurs on an Essence level: YOU and ESSENCE exist within the SAME SPACE. ALL the parallels exist within the same space, but “you” are at a different “frequency” for Essence. An easy way to visualize this: Imagine Parallels as being a conglomeration of colors on a single surface. THIS is how Essence “sees” it all at once, but when this conglomeration of color is [seen] through, for example, a BLUE lens, different colors are highlighted and others diminished. The SAME palette is there, but the FOCUS creates a different “dimension.” Other “lenses” would create similar results. “YOU” are a specific focus within the conglomeration of all the Parallels. [fg] M said, “Parallel Selves are aspects of ESSENCE; virtual sub-personalities of the Essence.” What do you mean by virtual? [Michael_Entity] That was a convenience of speech. We choose our words carefully in many ways and this, we felt, carried the best impact as these “selves” are not easily verifiable. But it is only from the perspective of one self that these [other selves] would appear “virtual”.
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    [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: November 2001] [Annette] Are we experiencing the opening of another dimension? I sometimes feel like I am experiencing things not of this vibration/dimension, i.e., I see things change or disappear right before my eyes and I’m trying to understand this. Thank you. [Michael_Entity] We would not describe your shifts as “opening of another dimension,” but the older souls may experience inconsistencies in the fabric of “reality” as the consciousness of the species is in such flux. This is not unusual. Depending on your focus within this life as an older soul, you may or may not perceive these discrepancies. Most of our students will see the surprising fluidity of “reality” as it shifts. What you do with that, is your choice.
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    This material was originally posted by Geraldine on 12/8/13. FROM GERALDINE: This is for you C1E2ers. I have been considering writing this up in a bigger essay, but it's remaining formless with shooting stars creating tangents. So, here's some of the basic data, and YOU all decide whether you are interested or not. The topic is Zhuangzi, one of the two preeminent founders of Daoism (Taoism). The interesting this is "most C1E2s were present writing the documents." We know about Martha, Troy, and BrianW, but apparently, it was most of the incarnating Entity. I would recommend starting with this 45 min. lecture of Zhuangzi from a Harvard Professor of Chinese studies. He does a good job making the philosophical concepts alive. Additionally, he makes it very clear how Zen Buddhism is derivative of Zhuangzi thinking. The Michael Q&As: QUESTION: What is my history with Troy? FROM MICHAEL: Your history with the Essence now known as Troy consists of approximately 47 lifetimes, with all Classic Monads completed, leaving only the Love Monad, which is intended to be completed in lives beyond this one. The most-resonant past life relative to these Personalities appears to come from the last time you came together for study,which appears to have been approximately 350 BCE when many of your entity members gathered to contribute to the book now known as "Zhuangzi." Reading the scripts of this may find comical and familiar philosophical loops, questions, and paradox. In the same way the much playful, yet serious, joy is being brought to study in this life, so was it shared in the contributions left in the scripts of the Zhuangzi. FROM TROY: I am so intrigued by this book thing that I asked Michael for another comment and they said that our contributions are in the "middle chapters" and that with some intuition we might be able to figure out which chapters are ours! They said we were "whooping it up" during the writing for this book, and that it could be likened to the circles that ran together during the more recent "beatnik" period. They said our chapters would have references to familiar Michael terminology because we tried to slip that in as part of our work with Michael. D'oh! LOL we were Chinese Beatnik Michael Channel Philosophers!? BrianW: The period in China was with Zhuangzi In a previous exchange, it was mentioned that my Essence "loved" my lives in China. I am guessing based upon the timeline that you gave me with my interactions with you that I lived during the time of the fragment known as Zhaungzi. Could you elaborate on this and any other details of lives that I spent in China, as I seem to have more than a passing interesting in it lately? <MEntity> In response to your first question: it is true that your Essence incarnated along with many of our students, not only during the time of the fragment in question, Zhuangzi, but in later lifetimes, contributing to the protection, propagation, and contributions to a relevant book. These were lifetimes where the Attitude of Skepticism was in full force by most involved, and the results were quite profound in terms of exploring the spectrum of that philosophy, with much of it being from the Positive Poles. Several of our students, including your Essence, contributed to what are known as the "outer" and "mixed" chapters of the Magnetic Sage, Zhuangzi's, book and teaching of the same name. Your resonance is valid, in that your Pragmatism slides to Skepticism on a regular basis, but falls into Suspicion, which keeps Pragmatism as Dogma. Some recall from those lifetimes where Skepticism was an hilarious and playful exploration of life is now coming up. There were a few lifetimes unrelated to the work of the Magnetic Sage, but even those were more like "in the field" lifetimes that sought to apply the Sage's teaching. FROM GERALDINE: A good link for some Zhuangzi stories. It's not hard to see Michael shining through when it comes to relativism and perspective defining one's truth. If y'all want more, you know how to do web searching. G
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    This was originally posted by a C1E2 member from a private Essence Report on 9/15/10. FROM MICHAEL: As with all of your Cadre Mates, your Essence chose its Role millions of years ago, using Earth as a local form of measuring Time that would make sense to you. The Role of Scholar was chosen alongside a relative “handful” of other Essences who chose the Role of Scholar within your Entity. The original intention was for your Cadence Group to act as part of the processing unit for Entity 2 of your Cadre. Entity 2 had an overall intention of infiltrating and participating in high-profile entertainment experiments or direct involvement with world events, even that that “world” happens to only be a family, town, community, country, etc. This lends Entity 2 a heavy emphasis on Expression Axis energy, and this permeates every Role and Position within the Entity. Scholars within any Entity or Cadre tend to act as record keepers and act as the responsible party for updating the Akashic Records involving events within and throughout the Entity and/or Cadre. Each individual fragment is in charge of doing this updating for itself, either during the life, or during the review of the life, but part of that updating is through delegation to trusted Scholars within the Entity or Cadre. Because of the magnitude of experiences gathered by Entity 2 fragments who are directly, often dramatically, involved with theatrical, high-profile, or intense positions within Physical Lives, and with the individual fragments eager to keep records as up-to-date as possible, the workload of this group of 49 Scholars within the entity, this “handful” of Scholars, is often distracted, exhausted, or burned out for reasons that never make sense to them. This is partially because that is the nature of Scholars, in general, to carry the “weight” of processing for not only themselves, but for those around them, and those within the Entity and Cadre.
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    [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: July 2001] [Shannon] You have said there are multiple parallel versions of all of us. Most of the students in this room must be your students in those realities as well. Do you also teach some of our parallel selves as your students, and if so, are they using any different techniques or technologies, or learning material different from ours, that might benefit us if we brought it into this reality? [Michael_Entity] There are varying versions of who is or isn't actively pursuing our teaching across the parallels. Those of you here have approximately 72% of your parallels involving us, several of them as students of us as a Transcendental Soul. There are no techniques or technologies that will “benefit” this parallel, as this parallel is its own for its own reasons. The only major difference in this parallel as opposed to the most different is in the lack of physical proximity between students. In many parallels, it has become the focus and priority to create group housing and care, similar to a commune, but less restricting. Nothing so organized as a commune, but more like geographical areas and literal “taking over” of apartment complexes and housing developments as a means for unity and community. The Internet stands in for that aspect in this parallel. A minor version of this in this parallel is in the “bay area” of California, where we work with a portion of our channels. [nemo999] How about the ‘commune’ parallels? [Michael_Entity] There are many versions of the “commune” parallels. Most exist within economic and political contexts very similar to what you see “here.” The most “unusual” parallel in this regard, we can offer, is in nearly half of your Cadre One, along with many from Cadre 2 and 3, literally “running” a progressive city in what is known as Colorado. [Jan2000] Is there a parallel in which the 70's Michael group formed a commune? [Michael_Entity] Yes, some in New Mexico, Texas, and California.
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    [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: Conscious Connection to Essence (2 of 3)] [TCB] I was wondering about the average soul ages of the Oracles at Delphi? Also, how those ‘experiences’ might be brought to bear now upon the various *participants*, at the current soul ages? [Michael_Entity] Most of you have been within one level of your current Soul Age since the last manifestation of the Infinite Soul. For the thousand years approximately before the manifestation, those of you present here, moved only one or two soul levels. Many of you have been incarnating for nearly 6 million years. This gives you a larger scope of the process of living lives and transiting Soul Levels. Though some of you feel a sense of urgency or weariness at the game, Essence enjoys nearly it all. It strolls through your incarnations ecstatic, in most cases. As far as the experiences from past lives, the lifetime that will affect you or is relevant, affects you with or without conscious awareness. Many of the experiences “gained” in the lives at Delphi are complete experiences and have no bearing in your present. What the Essence gains, is not necessarily what a current Personality can utilize or make sense of. Though many of you completed lives in Greece during this great influential time, there are but a few who still remain linked to that time in terms of influences now. We are speaking in terms of your “list” and its members. [TCB] Please excuse me…but just to clarify something, when you said two ‘soul levels’, did you mean “soul ages?” Or soul levels? (within the 7 Stages?) [Michael_Entity] We will answer Terri’s question now. We referred to the 7 stages when we said each of you has transited approximately one or two soul levels from the one you are in presently. [TCB] Clarification Question: You said that the lives in Delphi are ‘complete experiences’. I understand this, yes. But I would like clarification on why you said that they ‘have no bearing’ on this life, in terms of essence. It seems to me that all completed essence’ experiences would be available to be ‘drawn from’ in the current life, if one chooses to make such ‘contact’ with that ‘past experience’ and learning gained. Just wanted to get some clarification. [Michael_Entity] We never said that the experience had no bearing on Essence, only on the present lifetime, referring to the Personality. You are correct that all gained experiences as Essence are accessible to any lifetime. If one were to choose to connect to that lifetime, it is the fragment’s choice. In lifetimes where an experience is completed, it is rare that Personality can gain from drawing on it in the present, if the lifetime currently has no way to utilize the experiences. If the lifetime currently has a practical way to utilize a past life, it will be connected to it regardless anyway. We were answering your question in the form you asked it originally. And as far as the members of your group in the list go, only a few have incomplete experiences from those lives in Delphi. This means for most, there is little to be “brought to bear” from that time. We are gathering that you have some possible inclinations as to what the experiences were focused on in those lives. It may surprise you that they were far less spiritual than you might have guessed. Most from the list were not so metaphysically inclined, but were taking lives of Flow and Re-evaluation during a time when things were relatively secure. Creativity, sexual indulgence, spiritual perusal, were all able to be lavished in to the hearts content of THAT Personality. Your Personality’s presently might find the means of the previous Personality’s exploration to be rather repugnant. [TCB] Can’t remembering such past lives serve to balance certain aspects of the current life experience, or ‘personality’, if so chosen? [Michael_Entity] This does not mean they cannot access or draw from those lives, if they choose. We only say that the context is entirely different in this time frame. We feel exploring past lives that have no relevance can be most useful if seen in terms of a soul’s scrapbook. Otherwise, it is nearly the same as saying that what your Mother learned, so have you by default, or what your Sister learned, you can use as a skill. “YOU” are a completely different design than another life and it is distressing to the present you when compared or when seeking to draw skills that are “not yours”. This can be likened to a parent telling a child that they could be “more like your brother”. Understanding lives that are relevant, ones that will impact you with or without conscious exploration, this is where the breakthroughs are, where the talents and insights and motivations can be gained, and this happens without need for consciousness. But, as always, you may choose your explorations any way you feel inclined.
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    [Excerpt from TT: 2002-11-21] [Mike_Val] Can you tell us about what happens within the first 72 hours of death? [M_Entity] Physically, or metaphysically, Mike? [Mike_Val] Metaphysically, or both if you wish to elaborate. [M_Entity] The first “72 hours” after death become quite meaningless in terms of hours. To the individuals still extant around the fragment who has died, this passage of time is more literal. In other words, what happens in the 72 hours after a fragment’s death may not be experienced by the fragment, itself, until much “later.” Time becomes much more malleable and while some fragments will “immediately” seek the comfort and consolation of family and friends, others will “go back” to those hours immediately following death to offer comfort, but only after the fragment itself has reached some understanding of what has occurred. There is no standard. We can say, however, that the GENERAL way of experiencing post-body is through a process very similar to what you experience in terms of waking up physically. Most of you will have your experiences following death to be very similar to your experiences of waking up each day. If you wake up grouchy, you will most likely die “grouchily.” If you wake up “bubbly,” you will most likely die “bubbly.” If you recall your dreams more readily, you will most likely recall your lifetime as readily. If you never remember your dreams, you may find that a series of “dips” back into the lifetime timeline will be a form of review. Regardless of how all of this is experienced, most fragments are immediately interested in emotional rest, healing, and comfort during what you would call the first 72 hours.
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    [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: December 2009] [Question] Good afternoon Michael; Yesterday evening we were discussing the “close but no cigar” meetings between concurrents. I would like you to elaborate on what occurs when one of your concurrents dies…does the Essence’s other concurrents “pick up” where that one interests, queries, lessons etc “leave off” this lifetime, in other words sort of an assimilation? [Michael Entity] In most cases, no. The lives of Concurrents are their own, and though Essence will absorb the experiences from all Concurrents, it does not shift the life of one onto the life of another. There would be little point to that. However, in some cases the Personality of one Concurrent becomes aware of the validity of the concept of Concurrents and that can open that Personality to exploring the life of another Concurrent in some way, either through Imagination, or through bleed through. [Question] bleed through? [Michael Entity] Yes, bleed through; a natural exchange of energy that comes from intimacy. In other words, it is no different than the experience of feeling resonance with a past life when that life resonates to a current life.
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    [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: January 2001] [Dewliet] Hi Michael. In a recent session, you referenced a “time” when I had three bodies on this planet simultaneously. I’m wondering “when/where” fragments typically “meet up” with those types of “other selves” to assimilate and process information, and how this process differs from that of information gleaned from parallels. Do we have to “wait” until we reach the Causal plane before we learn what our “other selves” know? [Michael_Entity] When an Essence maintains more than one body within a time frame, they are treated as any incarnation would be treated. They are not the same as Parallel Selves, which exist within different dimensions, or frequencies. These are physical bodies within the same space and time. When one of the Personalities dies, it will process the life as would any other incarnation. Essence has a vast perspective and can either begin another life based on the experiences of that particular Personality’s experiences, even while another body is still alive, or “wait” for the various bodies to complete that overlapping time frame before gauging a new life. In terms of Parallels, there [are] not only parallel Earths and Lives, but Parallel Astral Planes and Causal Planes, created from the momentum of Entity choices, collectively. Parallels begin full integration after the Causal.
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    [Excerpt from TT: 2009-09-13] [Question] I’m curious about how Essences organize concurrents these days, with so many, in terms of ETs, TCs, etc. Seems like a lot of threads to keep untangled, can’t wrap my brain around it. It’s not “normal” in human history to have so many concurrents as we do now, is that right? Confused and curious. [Michael Entity] The “how” of organizing Concurrents is no less complicated than trying to explain the patterns of branching in a tree that is part of a forest; what you see as PART of the tree is, in fact, what IS the TREE. By this we mean the organization and branching is not complicated to the Tree, nor is the branching out in time and space complicated to Essence. The leaf’s understanding of how it can exist as itself among all of the leaves would always have to go back to the trunk, so to speak, and understand that its “individual” existence is PART of its entirety, not its entirety. And so it is with you, as Personality. You can only truly comprehend the vastness of yourself if you comprehend yourself as a FRAGMENT of who you are. It is not necessary for the individual leaf to comprehend the entirety of the Tree for itself to be “whole,” and it is not necessary for the Personality to comprehend how Essence functions across and through time. For those Personalities who wish to explore this comprehension, it can be done. Most of that comprehension would come through analogy and metaphor, but it can be done. For instance, the whole of who you are as a Personality is a fragment of your entirety in the sense that you think of as “fragmented.” Most of you can comprehend the reality that your body is not just skin, or just bone, or just a finger, or a hand, or foot, or a tongue, or a cell. Your body is that entirety, though each of those things exist as themselves, too. “You” have no problem bringing your attention to your fingertip right now, or to the weight of your tongue, or to the tension in your cheeks under your eyes, or to your ears as you hear the ambient sound around you, etc. No part of your body ceases to exist by focusing on any one part, and “you” do not cease to exist, nor are you less-“real,” when Essence is focused on other “you’s.” There is an awesome order and structure to the universe and we are in the process of comprehending this on larger scales than even we suspected while living from the Physical Plane. To help you glimpse how your Essence manages all of the versions of itself, ponder how your body is whole, while being all of its parts, and then apply that to the larger patterns of your Essence’s existence across time, through time, and among many bodies as parts of its wholeness. For the more metaphysically adventurous: in the same way you know your entity members as individuals with whom you resonate and love and find, so is the relationship between you and other you’s within your Essence. Your entity members are ultimately the same as you: just other versions of Entity. Your cadre again is the same, and so on. All of us, are You. On a more intimate and personal scale, “you” can also grasp how your Essence manages itself among so many bodies, concurrent, simultaneous, and linear, by seeing how easily you manage yourself through time. You do not exist MORE because you exist today vs yesterday, and you do not exist LESS because you do not yet exist tomorrow. You do not exist LESS when you are physically in an office, while day dreaming about lunch. You do not exist MORE when you finally get to lunch. You are simply where you are at the moment. It is the same for Essence, except the capacity for multitasking by Essence exceeds anything one Personality can do. On a more practical level of understanding, some comprehension can be had when thinking of the Concurrents as similar to how one might raise several children at the same time. Your children exist independent of you, even while being your creations and completely dependent. You have the arcing agenda of nurturing for the children, as well as the specific attention to those moments and individuals who require it. Yet, on a whole, this is your family, a whole body in itself. We realize this can seem a complicated line of thinking to comprehend, but we think what we shared here in these various ways of understanding can lend some insight to that reality.
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    [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: December 2009] [Bobby2] Since there are/were 3 of us present that are from Entity 6 of Cadre 2 may I have any Biographical information that you have easy access to along with perhaps a Theme or Task for this particular Entity? If that question is too broad, feel free to pick and choose what you think may be helpful. [Michael Entity] It could be said that a common denominator, or theme, among Cadre 2, Entity 6 is that of SENSITIVITY. This Sensitivity can show up in different ways that range from crippling sensitivity to profound healing capabilities. This particular Entity is “touched” by life and experiences in ways that are often difficult to understand by other fragments. This particular Entity is often seen as the “open wound” of the Cadre, where the greatest traumas and extremes are drawn in by the fragments. This openness to life in such a sensitive manner can also lead to an awareness of subtleties that, when harnessed and implemented, can come across as works of “miracles” or profound transformation for those within proximity of that fragment’s life. [Bobby2] Since this is a 6 numbered entity, is that reflective in its Priestly energies in any way? [Michael Entity] It is true there would be “priestly” qualities inherent in the dynamic of any Entity 6, lending it a deep Compassion or a strong Zeal. In addition to that mathematical dynamic, Entity 6 emphasizes the spectrum of experiences between the negative pole of Connection and the positive pole of Harmony. In Connection, the fragments of any Entity 6 may find themselves in positions that pivot other lives, or that they may move from one support or social circle to another throughout the life, always drawing a line of connections among fragments or groups like a “connect-the-dot” exploration. In Harmony, the fragments no longer find themselves splintered among various parts of the life, and/or fragmented by relationships to various people in the life, but find that everything plays a part in an overall Harmony. There is much more that could be said, but we feel this little bit will help add to the understanding of the dynamics of this Entity.
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    [Excerpt from TT: 2005-02-13] [Tibtyc] Greetings Michael. It seems to me that a lot of irritation, friction and strife between humans stems from differences in soul-age. Different ages have a hard time understanding, or just tolerating each other. Sometimes I think young and old should try to keep separate (as in the Indian caste system). Or at least that *I* should stay away from people whose valuations (probably soul age) are different from mine. But most of the time I mix & mingle, using lot of my energy to criticize, admonish, trying to correct what I see as “follies of youth”, in a collective, cultural sense. Maybe this is a mistake. What is a good attitude of one soul age to another, especially towards younger souls? Should one criticize? [M Entity] As with the progression of any maturation, the “older” will always be in the position of responsibility for understanding, teaching, redirecting, guiding, empathizing, and accepting the “younger.” So it is in Soul Age. The Older the soul, the more responsibility and capability there is within that soul to comprehend the previous soul ages. This does not mean one must condone or participate in the antics of the younger soul ages, but one can find peace, adaptability, and trust in those younger soul ages. In the same way that a parent must sometimes surrender to the power struggles of a teenager, so must the older soul surrender to the chaos of the Young and Baby Souls. Note that we use the word “surrender”, not “resign.” Surrender includes understanding and patience and trust, while resignation is the choice to abdicate all responsibility. We must also note that it can be quite tempting to stereotype the Soul Ages because of generalizations and media hype. It is assumed that only Baby and Young Souls, for instance, are responsible for the chaos in your world, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The apathy of an Old Soul does far more harm to your planet and people than any bomb from a Young Soul. The need to segregate one’s consciousness from the rest of one’s species as a means to uphold a false sense of spirituality or evolution is far more regressive than the zealousness of a Baby Soul. We make these statements as fact, not as judgments. As with every other aspect of life, a fragment may choose to do whatever he or she feels is most appropriate in all circumstances. In short, a “good attitude” toward younger souls is in the ability to see the innocence of their experimentation, chaos, and cruelty. Reaching into and resonating with the innocence of another Being is one of the most powerful means to transform the ripples of effect from those Beings’ choices in your world. [Tibtyc] Should i take the part about “segregation” as referring to me? [M Entity] We do not specifically refer to you, though we are responding to the question as you stated it in terms of segregation based on a caste system. [flimflamdamn] So trying to connect with that innocence in another can help? [M Entity] Yes, Leela. That is what we said, but more specifically, we stated that it would “transform the effects on your world,” as in, “your personal experience” of the world. Changing your experience of the world is one of the most powerful means of creating your world in a “better way.” [Tibtyc] My understanding is that caste originally had to do with Age. [Annsge] (Think “Caste” had more to do with Essence Role) [M Entity] The caste system was originated and propagated only as a means of socio-political control, not as an extension of any mystical or spiritually-relevant systems; regardless of how that system can retrospectively be interpreted.
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    [MW – posted 2011-01-06] By “rough time periods” I meant roughly what time period. Troy thought I meant rough as in horrible. Enjoy! :) [Question] What are the rough time periods I’ve spent in each soul age? [Michael_Entity] There are variations on the idea of “rough,” and to you, some of your other lifetimes truly suffered, but the Personalities in those lives may not have found that to be the case at all. So our response will be relative to what you would consider “rough,” but not necessarily what those Personalities experienced. Your first few lifetimes on Earth were “rough,” approximately 6 million years ago. Your Entity, in general, did not enjoy the transition from your original species. These would have been the roughest of your Infant soul Age. Your Baby Soul lifetimes found the roughest to be in your pursuit for leadership over a tribe. 11 lives were spent in that process of fulfilling the Goal of Dominance. Many of those lives were met with torture and death in the process. Your Young Soul lives appear to have a pocket of lives you may consider rough as the world plunged into dissolving civilizations and a return to fire as the highest technology, so to speak. This would have been approximately 1 million years ago. The rougher lives of the Mature Soul Age may have been in the loss of relationship to those you may have heard referred to as “Lemurian,” a sentient species who cycled off en masse. The effects of this were profound across your Cadre. This may seem a bit esoteric, but in our perception, these were “rough times” for your Personalities over those lives approximately 35,000 years ago. We do not know what is ahead in terms of your Old Soul age, but of the time spent from that perspective, we could say that your rougher pasts come during the days of religious inquisition and torture that forced many old souls through terrifying lives of being hunted, or hiding. It appears that your transition [to Old soul] came approximately 6000 years ago, before our Entity cycled off.
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    [Excerpt from TT: 2008-12-14] [luluaussi] If I am understanding correctly, the Unites States has shifted into the Mature Soul paradigm. My question relates to Soul Age shifts….how does one best navigate into a new Soul Age….I have been told that, like the US, I am evolving from one age to the next (Mature to Old in this case) and would like to understand how we can transition in the most effective manner ….and not hide in a cave til we get our land legs…. [Michael Entity] We know of only one way to navigate from one Soul Age to the next and “get your land legs,” so to speak, and that is through experience, and the collection of experience AT YOUR OWN PACE. There is no hurry. The “cave” becomes less and less necessary as experience is accumulated, but there are no short cuts. “The cave” of which you speak is a valid sanctuary for review and processing of experiences so that when one “peeks out” again, there is confidence. [luluaussi] what I feel is a precipice…to fall or soar and that is creating a sense of vertigo….. both inner world and outer as this country transitions too [Michael Entity] If one feels that one is hiding, then one would want to explore the self-karmic story that might be related to the pressure one feels in that space between “land legs” and “cave.” Transiting a Soul AGE, let alone a Level, is inherently an “unknown,” or “precipice.” [luluaussi] is it like womb to walking? how would one explore “self-karmic” stories …Sagely speaking [Michael Entity] In using an evolutionary theme as an analogy, the Womb is more like the Infant Soul Age; Potty Training is Baby Soul Age; Walking is Young; Driving is Mature; Flying is Old. [luluaussi] so am learning to fly?….told myself that isn’t dream once…. [Michael Entity] Exploring Self-karmic stories is best done through examining the push/pull of the experience; the polarities, which are usually quite obvious. Often these are found in the “shoulds” and “shouldn’ts” of an issue. “Should/But Don’t” or “Shouldn’t/But Do” The resolution is often then found in the BUT part of the equation. The BUT is often yours; the SHOULDS are someone else’s. The resolution comes when you embrace your BUT, which then allows clearer room for your SHOULD/N’T, which can then be acted upon, or released as necessary to your choice. We have been lacking in puns for a while, and believe this will help in bring some levity to this equation. [luluaussi] guess I really need to examine my response to those SHOULDS and stop letting myself get hogtied with BUT? [Michael Entity] Your statement would be one we agree with, Toni.
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