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    MEntity through Troy Tolley (March 28, 2017. PPLD, Private session) Currently the population is dominated by Primarily Mature Souls and Secondarily Baby Souls with Pockets of Old Souls. The Baby Souls are often ruled by distanced Young Souls. The Mature Soul atmosphere is deeply informed by centuries of Baby and Young influences, but this is changing. The paradigm has shifted, but it is in a similar quandary as other areas of progress, when large contingent fears that progress. Mature Souls outnumber the younger souls, so the shift is toward a Mature Soul paradigm.
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    Michael Speaks -- October 2008 We would think that being an Old Soul in Norway is quite cozy. This is officially a Mature Soul country, but predominantly late-Mature and early-Old. As Young Soul paradigms shift across the globe, countries that exhibit a combination of wealth and peace will most likely stand as beginning models for implementing long-term changes.
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    The United States is in transition between Young and Mature, with Young still in power, but Mature rising in influence, and pockets of Baby and Old all around. America is a Warrior-Artisan nation, and its most popular overleaves may be Growth, Observation and Idealism. Interestingly, as the shift into Mature takes root, more Servers are returning to America to help return an awareness of the "common good" that has been lost to the nation for a few centuries. These Servers seem to be the very same ones who founded USA in the 18th Century, drawn to help+nurture. Soul Ages in Politics: Trudeau, Canada, the US Michael Speaks: August 2003 Michael Speaks: Current Events Societal change ~ by role
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    Japan is primarily Young Soul, and is recovering from its Baby Soul Traditions, but there are pockets of Mature+Old Souls. The prime minister is Early Young, hence the politics continue to be sustained by Collective Capitalism. However there are plans in motion to change this and branch into a more Mature Economy as the entire landscape of East+South Asia holds potential to transition from nationalist to ideological in nature by the end of this century. http://our.truthloveenergy.com/topic/164-nwm-jul-18-2015-generational-karma-qa/#comment-299 http://our.truthloveenergy.com/topic/114-michael-speaks-january-27-2013-the-state-of-the-world/
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    Sincerity as a way of living Respect as one of the most sacred things with the neighbor Like: talk about God, about the things that govern our future and discover the wisdom that is born within us and share it with someone special.
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    Canada's soul demographic is the same as America, yet much less extreme; but with Mature Souls moving into Political Power, the Young live under a more Mature Age Paradigm, pursuing their experiences within it. There is an evident number of Old Souls in Canada as well. Canada's Overleaves may include Idealism, Observation and Acceptance. http://our.truthloveenergy.com/blogs/entry/427-soul-ages-in-politics-trudeau-canada-the-us/
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    China has transitioned to Young in Paradigm, from its once large Baby Population. But contains pockets of Mature+Old in its more metropolitan areas. Its President is Early Young, hence the "Socialist Market Economy" reflects the soul age dynamic there. The Republic of China contains most of the world's Baby Souls, but also includes most of the Baby+Young Servers that first founded USA. Now, those Servers keenly aware of others needs+feelings, have initiated conscious unrest+uprisings in the nation seeking greater freedom+democracy. Future Probabilities seem to indicate China will rapidly progress into a Democracy by the middle of this century, by either first joining in alliance with Russia to become the world's new superpower- or joining an exponential evolution into a Resource-Based Economy where the world is formed by ideology rather than national boundary. http://our.truthloveenergy.com/topic/140-michael-speaks-on-current-events http://our.truthloveenergy.com/topic/114-michael-speaks-january-27-2013-the-state-of-the-world/ http://our.truthloveenergy.com/blogs/entry/390-dreams-of-geraldine-and-“next-lives”/ http://our.truthloveenergy.com/topic/953-michael-speaks-november-26-2016-chaos-consciousness-and-current-events HOWEVER, there is one "contradiction" to this in a session from 1999 that states China is instead Late Young > Early Mature. http://our.truthloveenergy.com/topic/328-michael-speaks-open-floor-may-1999
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    South Africa is currently Young in Paradigm, with rising Mature. It is Moving Centered in emphasis. Prior to today and during historic mass slavery, the "Black Race" used to be primarily Mature, with the "White Race" primarily Young - but after freedom+rights were secured, the dynamic of the Black Population shifted towards Young who would take advantage of that freedom, and more Whites became Mature. There is an evident few of Older Souls in South Africa as well. http://library.truthloveenergy.com/Michael-Teachings/full-transcript-2010-07-11-relevancy-of-current-events/ http://library.truthloveenergy.com/Michael-Teachings/full-transcript-2009-10-11-open-floor/
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