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    ENERGY REPORT May 2020 2020 OVERLEAVES ROLE: Sage (emphasized all year) CENTER: Higher Emotional (emphasized all year) (and Emotional Center) GOAL: Submission (emphasized Jan - Mar) MODE: Power (emphasized Apr - Jun) ATTITUDE: Spiritualist (emphasized Jul - Sep) CHIEF FEATURES: Self-Deprecation (emphasized Oct - Dec) MAY comes in with a “weight” that may feel heavier than the months before while carrying with it moments and days of great levity and joy. This weight may not be as obvious, at first, but as the month progresses, a heaviness may grow. The moments of levity and joy come in random calm and centered experiences that may finally be available to you as many adjust to a “new world.” As most are upholding the restrictions that must remain in place for safety during the pandemic, seasonal changes may bring a sense of weight and conflict to many as they feel the world is moving on without them, but these seasonal changes also bring a wind of freshness and life to many moments. Younger souls are reaching limits to how long they will accommodate a threat they have been convinced is merely an inconvenience, bringing to the public a rise or resurgence in a potential threat to those who are choosing to consider the well-being of others, but there is also a glimpse of recovery and “normalcy” that may bring with it some comfort. The emphasis of Power during May (and likely into June) is a shift of emphasis toward the use and abuse of communication as key to new directions forward. The amount of misinformation and disinformation to sort through may be quite overwhelming for many, but the likely breakthroughs in discoveries, science, and facts are also quite inspiring and encouraging over May. When an energy in our report is emphasized on a collective scale, the response tends to be either a resistance or a reception to that emphasis. With the emphasis on communication over May, many of our students may either go more silent than usual or be more vocal than usual. There may be an increase in isolation or an increase in socializing. Either way, it would likely be obvious that there is an increase in one direction or another. We think that most of our students will respond with a willingness to embrace more direct, honest, and clear communication along with some surprising reunions, but some may prefer to drop all communication for a while. If you choose to drop communication, it will be important to know that you can choose to return to increased communication at any point. If you choose to increase communication, you can take a break. No one is locked into a path here, but we can say that the more that you work on improving communication, which is the act of relaying AND receiving information and expression, the more you contribute to the clarity of direction, collectively. May could be likened to a waiting room or lobby where everyone is gathered to await news or verdicts. May is a waiting period. It will bring with it mixed energies that may seem in contradiction, but this is a period of examining a range of possibilities that can only be created from communication. The truth will always be true with or without hearing it, knowing it, or accepting it, but for humanity to move forward toward the best possibilities, it will be vital to hear, know, and accept the truth on a personal, community, global, and universal level. It will be vital to differentiate these circles of truth and how they work. As Infinite Soul energy increases in waves, the emphasis is increasingly focused on returning trust to what is true and how to know what is true. We will have more to say about this in June after exploration has happened over May. For now, allow yourself a range of expression that may help you to learn to be more comfortable hearing, knowing, accepting, and sharing truths. DATES OF INTEREST (dates are approximate): May 5th -- Energy Shift -- TRUTH & CONSEQUENCES - This Energy Shift kicks in the emphasis of Power on how truth is communicated. This brings with it a wave of clearer and clearer consequences from either accepting or rejecting the truth. HELPFUL THOUGHTS OVER MAY: THE TRUTH MATTERS - As we said, the existence of truth is not dependent upon its acceptance, but the impact of truth is profoundly affected by its acceptance or rejection. We are speaking of truth on all levels, from your personal truths that are accepted or denied, to the universal truths that were in existence long before and after you. AN ASIDE: Keep in mind that personal truths are not merely a matter of what you decide to be true. If you decide not to like chocolate, but you still like chocolate, you are lying. It is not a truth that you do not like chocolate. If you decide that it is okay to make choices that harm others because you cannot see the consequences of that harm or that you do not care about the consequences, it does not make it true that it is okay. If you decide that your life is not worth living because you have suffered or that you have not gained the fulfillment you expected, it does not make it true that your life is not worth living. However subjective truth is on the personal level, it is still about what is true whether you accept it, or not. It may not be true for everyone that “chocolate is delicious,” which makes this a personal truth, but you either like chocolate, or you do not. We point this out because when you are not accepting of what is true for yourself, it does not change that truth any more than the rejection of gravity changes the global truth of gravity. As soon as you accept the truth, even when it is on a personal level, the more you have empowered yourself. You may not like gravity, but accepting it and understanding it is what allows you to fly. You may not like your addiction to chocolate, but accepting it and understanding it can help you to find alternatives that satisfy you. You may not like your life and the pain you have endured, but knowing and understanding that the value and worth of life are not defined by hardships or even by successes can help you to be empowered to define your life rather than be defined by it. You may not like that your everyday choices in diet, shopping, conveniences, etc. may be causing harm to the environment, to animals, to each other or your health, but accepting the truth of how one’s everyday choices have consequences can help empower you to be in control of how and what you do to change those everyday choices.
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    MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin. Today we respond to the request from Troy to shed some light on the deeper inner processes that are happening for our students, particularly those who may be struggling more. In general, it is fair to say that every Chief Feature that could be triggered has been triggered for nearly every fragment extant. When this happens on such a scale, the world can seem to be upside-down, surreal, leaving you feeling deeply disconnected, even as you go about familiar routines. The first insight we would share with you is that when such an unexpected event happens and leaves one lingering in a persistent state, your Centering tends to shift. In most cases, this shift is a reversal of your Primary and Secondary Centering. When you have lived for so long in one way, this flip can put you immediately into the Negative Poles of Centering. This means that the world will suddenly seem overwhelming, too loud, drowning out inspiration and making no sense at all, leaving you struggling with REASON, the negative pole of the Intellect. You then put yourself back into the world with no voice, as the Emotions have no voice. You are left with the emotions and your only means of bringing yourself back into the world is through Sentimentality, or desperately looking for something or someone to represent your voice. If each of you take a look at the negative poles of your Centering, flip that Centering, and then consider how you now navigate the world and how you put yourself back into the world, you may see validation for your sense that things are "upside, down." This one simple key can help you to recover the awareness and tools to make more conscious choices in navigating and being in the world. One way to help you put your flipped Centering in perspective might be to say, "I AM STRUGGLING TO PROCESS [insert negative pole of of new primary] and GENERATING [insert negative pole of new secondary]. e.g. I AM STRUGGLING TO PROCESS REASONS AND GENERATING SENTIMENTALITY. I AM STRUGGLING WITH SENTIMENTALITY AND GENERATING FRUSTRATION. I AM STRUGGLING WITH FRUSTRATION AND GENERATING REASONS. Etc. Discuss among your fellow students the range of details that have been shared regarding these negative poles for more insights into how your flipped centering is in effect. The sentences we gave above are baseline words, but can be customized to make more sense to you, such as "I am struggling to make sense of everything [reasons] and attaching myself to anything of comfort [sentimentality]. In light of the above, none of you have been wrong for sensing that your world, particularly your inner world, has been turned "upside, down." This same experience happens on a private and individual level when recovering from trauma. Your solution and relief to the above Traps are to either consciously choose the Positive Poles as often as you can, or choose the to add in the Tertiary Centering's Positive Pole. For example, if you are stuck in a Trap of the Intellectual/Emotional Negative Poles, you would want to bring in PRODUCTIVITY, the Positive Pole of the Moving Center. NOTE: this technique is to be used as a form of healing, not escape. You are not in need of being fixed and you are not in danger with your centering flipped. It is simply new to you to sustain for such a length of time. Bringing in the conscious choices and/or the aim for the Tertiary Centering is a solution and relief, but not an escape. Before we continue, we would ask each of you if you find validation in this idea of your centering being flipped? ***OPTIONAL RESPONSES*** Uma: I can see it, but I don't feel like that has happened to me personally. Luciana: I'm not sure how to evaluate my case... I think for example my frustration is against the pandemic... and moving is my third center I don't know if it applies aq Royce: not too sure. I am emotional center with intellectual part. the closest I can validate the flip is almost dedicating my entire life to delivery, phone apps , sleep and rehashing old guilt ( seems like comfort to me) Wendy: I sense it is happening but I don't understand enough to be clear. Brian: Yes, although I actually feel like I'm doing better during the pandemic and only had a slight disorientation in the beginning. Perhaps that is because I'm used to the flip for reasons you've mentioned and focused more on being productive to help Brandy: I am in the intellectual part of the emotional center, and can relate for sure - definitely in terms of seeking comfort, and also in how good I feel when I set aside trying to reason it all and just go do something productive. Ro: I'm definitely taking advantage of compassionate and gentle Productivity. Brandy: Nice Eric: My question on that would be if this flip is the same across the board or is it affecting some more than others because of the patchwork nature of this event Bobby: I've been very busy with work so seems more productive but I can see unnecessary reasoning coming into play with some things Brandy: Encouraging gentle productivity in myself makes me more inclined to do it, since moving is not very strong impulse for me, but very healthy for me. Diane and Tex: I think I was definitely flipped the first 2 months of the pandemic, but I've been emphasizing my Moving center the last month and feeling a lot better Eric: i.e. if it's more pronounced in those going through a more stressful or more upended situation compared to those less directly affected MEntity: We would add that all of you will relate in some way to all of the terminology that we use to describe the negative poles because you still have every center in you and the terms are broadly used outside of our system. Regardless of your centering, you will know frustration and you will try to reason and you will attach yourself sentimentally. However, we are speaking about a fundamental shift in how you take in your experiences and how you put yourself back out into the world. Brandy: This is inspiring me to go for more walks in nature - just get my body moving - listen to birds, smell blossoms, get out of my head Ro: that's wonderful, Brandy!! Uma: Yes, i feel more and think less these days Ro: same Uma Brandy: Thank you Ro Kasia: I really relate to what you've described Michael, and how disorienting it is when how you've always experienced the world is no longer how you experience is, and all during a pandemic, no less Wendy: I feel like my productivity is all out of balance now, and it's something I really depend on. Now everything takes twice as much effort and enjoyment of accomplishments is missing. MEntity: To EricM, we can say that there are degrees of intensity, yes, but nearly everyone has been affected. Even those who are protesting when they would otherwise not move to take a stand. Their centers are flipped and they are Moving when they would otherwise, not. This is, in great part, why many are seeing a rise in outward behaviors that are disturbing and unsettling. Brandy: I can definitely relate to that wendymae59 Jeroen: I am Emotional Centered / Intellectual Part. I can relate to struggling with Reasoning in terms of understanding people in my life and ongoing events relating to the pandemic. Juni: @wendymae, same-this much free time would normally have my house spotless and a lot more things/projects organized but I just can't seem to get started on anything bigger than everyday stuff, mostly, even during days when I have more energy Jeroen: Productivity does seem to help. Jeroen: Brandy, the walks in nature help me too. I have been doing quite a bit of that. Brandy: Yes, can relate to that Juni - I've been trying to figure out why I feel so much more inertia than usual - why just getting my dishes done feels like a mountain sometimes Brandy: that's great Jeroen I need to make it part of my daily routine. Really need routine right now too. Brian: Michael, how long does this flipped effect last? Is it temporary, just for the duration of the pandemic, or permanent? MEntity: To wendymae59, we can say that if Productivity is your Tertiary Centering's Positive Pole, it will be helpful to understand Productivity in terms with which an Old Soul can relate. Most of you know Productivity as defined in Young Soul terms, but the older soul experiences the use of energy in different ways. Maureen: Oddly, I noticed this yesterday... I asked my husband a (big) question about the "why of Trump" and he kept on answering me and I got confused because I "knew" all the answers he was giving me. Then I shook my head (I'm feeling quite dull these days) and realized I had asked him a rhetorical question. I hadn't even thought whether it was or wasn't when I asked the question. It was more out of frustration. I’m ending up with feeling that I have to accept that so much isn’t making any sense these days. Wendy: I'm emotional/moving part though so isn't Intellectual my tertiary? How would that work? MEntity: There are many who have been forced by limitations or restrictions of the mind and/or body and they have had to come to terms with how their Moving Center's Positive Pole works. (we will circle back to your specific question in a moment) For those who have accepted and seek to manage and build upon their so-called limitations and restrictions, the Positive Pole is something understood as "spoons," a term that has become familiar as a way to describe knowing one's limits and being kind in response to those limits. The concept of "spoons" is derived from an anecdote that each of you can search for on your own, but the concept is entirely valid. In short, "spoons" describes how much energy you energy have to give to the day, to others, or to yourself. For the older soul, Productivity is not about how MUCH you get done or how MUCH you produce, but about how well you feel at the end of your day. Brandy: I love that Micheal MEntity: We suggest that this concept be explored as a new way to bring you into the Positive Pole of your Moving Centers. We can elaborate more on this in further exchanges, of course. This concept allows you to get done what you can when you can and not expending extraordinary amounts of wasted energy on guilt, shame, frustration, and policing of yourself. In response to your specific question, Wendymae59, your flipped centering would be I AM STRUGGLING WITH FRUSTRATION AND GENERATING SENTIMENTALITY, or I am struggling with frustration and seeking comfort. My solution and relief are found through Insight. Insight is the capacity for one to see or intuit the essential truth of a situation or person. Put another way, the willingness for one to see differently from how one is seeing or used to seeing. Wendy: Thank you that is so helpful Michael MEntity: Before we conclude today, we will also quickly offer up the consideration that all fragments have now had their Tertiary Chief Features triggered to some degree that is greater than usual. In addition to this, ALL of you are experiencing the collective Chief Feature of Self-Deprecation, or the fear of being invisible, being inadequate, ineffective, not being able to make a difference or do anything right or good enough. We have never seen all of our students in the same Chief Feature for so long at the same time before. You and we are moving into unprecedented territory and we will continue this discussion in further exchanges along the way with you. For now, we can suggest that you explore how you may be experiencing your Tertiary Chief Feature, which the Chief Feature that triggers reactions and defense in the body, as well as consider how you are navigating Self-Deprecation along with everyone else. We know that many of you do not know your Tertiary Chief Feature, so we can suggest for now that you trust your own assessment. Your Tertiary Chief Feature tends to be reflected in how you FEEL in reaction to events. We know that most consider emotions to be "feelings," but we speak of the literal feeling that moves through your body in reaction to events. We will dedicate time with all of you to explore this soon. We must conclude here for today as our channel is losing focus. He is working on managing his "spoons." Good day to each of you. Goodbye, for now.
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    Session Type: POF Date: April 22, 2020 Hello, Michael. Over the course of several sessions, I would like to ask you about my Grand Cycles with Essence Mates that you have shared with me previously. (Inspired by Uma and a session I read from Maureen) You shared the first Essence Mate I know of as a fragment of your own Entity. “One fragment of our Entity was an Essence Twin of yours in your 2nd Grand Cycle.” Would you describe this 2nd Grand Cycle we shared as Essence Twins, the life cycle, significant things learned, the species, and planet? Is there a lifetime shared in the Grand Cycle that might have led to a significant contribution to the species? You previously shared my role as Sage in this 2nd Grand Cycle. MEntity: This 2nd Grand Cycle would have been one in which the Sentient Species was bipedal reptilian and was highly philosophical and creative. They lived rather closely with the Astral Plane. This species communicated only through the use of color, either that which emitted from the body or that which was carried on the person as a kind of palette for use when exchanging. Communication would come in a multitude of ways using surfaces and skin to paint expressions and ideas. It may seem as if the use of color might be limited as a language, but not only does the spectrum of color make for a rich language, but the species could also hear color, so the music that was generated was quite complex. The entire planet was a technicolor wonderland of sound. Jeroen: That is fascinating being able to communicate and hear color. I have had some dreams of a bipedal reptilian species earlier in my life but I am not certain if it is related. MEntity: The species evolved over time to live lives "straddling" the Astral and Physical Planes so that the dynamic of their world was constantly shifting based on mood, emotional processes, etc. MEntity: The planet naturally generated what would look like massive shards of flat glass that were once used as a means of communication and archiving, but eventually these natural structures had their crystalilne energy harnessed in a way that created a constant sort of "holographic" layer on the world that augmented experience. Many who lived in that Grand Cycle have carried some of this forward into your current Grand Cycle and are trying to implement something similar that is called "AR" or "Augmented Reality."
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    I'm definitely waiting.
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    May has actually been great for me. Since about 2 weeks ago I decided to get my shit together and started exercising every weekday morning for an hour and write for 1-2 hours. I’ve slid back in my writing practice since February, partly because I got busy with work and the resulting stress and partly from corona related anxiety. I got my head back in it now and have made some great progress in figuring out my writing voice as well as my process. I’ve been really baffled this year why I’ve felt really low and uninspired by everything I’m doing when last year I felt inspired by literally everything. A couple weeks ago, I decided to review my personal year number and realized that I am exactly on track. My last year was all about expansion, and this year is troubleshooting the results of that expansion (Michael gave me the theme “True Discipline” in my QP). I needed to establish a sustainable effort toward my writing, which is still a path I want to take. Not really exciting, just one foot in front of the other, but necessary for me because I’m not good at sticking with routines.
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    RE: Infinite Soul and its "Energy" and The Planes... I haven't read everything in this thread, so forgive me if someone has already clarified. 1. " Buddhic Plane Energy moves through the Physical Plane regularly...." -- This was explained by Maureen (thank you!) but yeah, this is just the basic design of how the Planes spring up and out, or down and below, from the most encompassing Plane, however you want to visualize it. Basically, think of the Buddhic Plane/H. Moving Plane as being the soil from which all things grow, so the "buddhic plane energy moves through the physical plane regularly." 2. "....but when we say that "Infinite Soul Energy" is moving through the Physical Plane, we mean that there is a concentration and focus in that energy that is almost tangible in its effect." Michael isn't defining here from what plane the Infinite Soul Energy will Manifest. All high planes are involved in the process of an Infinite Soul coming, but when there is a Manifestation, then the focus is snapped into place to represent one of the high planes. 3. Until the Infinite Soul Manifests, an infinite number of possibilities can come, so even though Michael says there is a wave of Infinite Soul Energy moving through, it doesn't mean there will be a Manifestation. THAT being said, it does mean the probabilities are super high, like above 90%.
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    I had never heard of the contemporary definition of "spoons" related to energy before although I had heard of "running out of gas", etc., so I looked it up online. What does it mean to have spoons? A person who runs out of spoons has no choice but to rest until their spoons are replenished. This metaphor is used to describe the planning that many people have to do to conserve and ration their energy reserves to accomplish their activities of daily living. I like this video as an allegory of how we can help ourselves and help each other during these tough times. It brings up Self-Deprecation (Inadequacy) but also shows Emotional Centering creativity (Higher Emotional and Emotional Centering) through the positive poles of Perception and Love and validates how Submission can work really well when we move into the positive pole of Devotion through Self-Devotion (as an Older Soul) and Devotion to "the many" at this time. We need to remember that no matter how alone we may feel we are all in this together -- today and always.
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    This is one of my favorite sessions. I can't help but tear up when I read it so I thought I would bump it again. "You and your life are a microcosm of your Essence and "the universe." The more you live as Essence, the more you care; the more you pay attention. The more it matters to you how a single day goes. The cumulative effect of caring how your day goes is the same cumulative effect that comes from your Essence caring about how a life goes. In other words, you are already reconciling your vastness of infinity while in finite form when you GIVE A SHIT ABOUT YOUR EXISTENCE. When you care so much about how the next day will go for you, for your relationships, for your future, for your fellow humans, for the planet, for the animals, for life; when you care so much that it hurts, and you continue to care anyway, you have become the very heart of your infinite vastness. The aching and overwhelm you feel is because of how the body processes that vastness of caring. It is not quite designed to sustain that current of energy."
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    I also had meetings in the Astral. I don't remember anything specific. But a couple of minutes after I woke up, I got a very clear message that asked, "Did you enjoy spending time with everyone in the Astral last night?" My answer was a very emphatic, "YES!".
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    This hit on target. That is all. Edit: strike that. I want to amend what they say to: "If you decide that your life is not worth living because you have suffered or that you have not gained the fulfillment you expected, it does not make it true that your life did not have purpose or meaning.".
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    Nobody wants to come visit us or have us visit. We've been quarantined.
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    Was that intentional?
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    I have been compiling my own Michael Teachings for about 10 years and don't always keep specific notes on where the info came from, because I don't need to catalog it for anyone other than me. So I do not remember where I got this discussion on Bashar. But it was copied and pasted from the original source. Sorry! I tried to find it again on line but could not. Anyway, do we still have a forum for other teachers? I couldn't find that, either. Guess I'm having a great day, haha! I can tell you that Judene is currently on Facebook and YouTube, it looks like she does something called MetaMind. Anyway, you might find this excerpt interesting because they were talking about the Michael Teachings. BASHAR [From a private session with Judene Anderson, August 1992; Judene reading Kent's written questions to Bashar.] Q to Bashar: i have a question concerning a metaphysical model for soul structure, dynamics, and evolution created by the causal plane group consciousness known as "Michael". I have heard you refer to Michael in one session, so I assume you are aware of this consciousness. Bashar: Yes. Q to Bashar: Each fragment soul, while still fundamentally a part of the Tao or All That Is, experiences its growth and evolution through the process of having lifetimes on the physical plane, "maturing" as it grows, and finally "cycling off" the physical plane to continue its evolution through the higher planes and finally back to the "Tao". In this universe, souls express themselves through a blueprint of seven possible "flavors" based on the universe's energetic structure of three primary axes of manifestation (inspiration, expression and action). Each axis has two elements (or "cardinal" and "ordinal" polarities). Then there is one neutral or "assimilation" axis without a polarity, making a total of seven energies, which though they stem from one source, are distinct and unique expressions within this universe. Bashar: Yes. Q: Within a grand cycle from and back to the Tao, a soul identifies itself as one of seven "roles" or styles of essence-beingness -- In Michael's terminology, known as "priest" and "server", the two poles on the inspiration axis, "sage" and "artisan" on the expression axis, "king" and "warrior" on the action axis, and "scholar", the neutral. There are also several aspects of personality chosen by the soul for each lifetime which help structure the life path of the soul, such as "goal" or soul direction, "mode" or method of movement, "attitude" or outlook on life, "centering" or type of input channels, and "chief feature" or main stumbling block. B: Yes. Q: Michael calls these aspects "overleaves" and sees each fragment soul as being at a particular "soul age" or level of development, and choosing one of seven possible "ways of playing" each area of a life. Free will operates totally, and one can express any energy, but the chosen overleaves will function as a "default" or most "natural" expression for the essence -- B: Path of least resistance, according to the **theme** of the life that was planned out by the soul -- yes. Q: -- what Michael calls the "true personality". The choices within each overleaf are again based on the same energetic pattern of the seven fundamental energies available in creation. B: Yes. Q: For example, Judene (that's me, sitting here in front of you) would be described by Michael as a "second level mature priest in the passion mode with a goal of growth, a realist attitude, in the intellectual part of moving center, and a chief feature of martyrdom". You, Bashar, have been channeled by Michael as being a "seventh level old priest in the passion mode with a goal of growth, a stoic attitude, in the emotional part of emotional center, and a chief feature of stubbornness. My question is this: do you on Essassani have a similar way of understanding or describing these soul and personality perspectives as they apply to personal individualities and uniqueness? Certainly you would have grown beyond language-based descriptions, but is there not an energetic type or "recognition" that might be equivalent to the "overleaf" model? B: To some degree, there is, although there will be differences. We base our "system", as it were, upon something we have already defined within your words, and explained to you at various times. The direct analogy to what is being expressed by Michael is the idea that we have called **knowingness, belief, emotion, and action** -- the idea being that the knowingness serves to function as the neutral place (what you are referring to as the scholar), and that the belief, the emotion, and the action are the three things -- each possessing a polarity which creates the six. Thus, from your knowing self -- your neutral self, your fulcrum point, your lever point, the gateway or doorway through which your existence pours itself into physical reality, so to speak -- you create a prism, a threefold prism -- with, of course, as we have said, its polarized counterpart, but fundamentally a threefold prism -- of belief, emotion, and physical action that we have rendered into the formula of manifestation called "see it, feel it, and be it". This idea, therefore, is that your knowledge -- your neutral, knowing self -- is rendered into a template … or blueprint; by **feeling** or emotion or in that sense the activation principle; and **being it** or the action or physicalization principle. All three are necessary, and the balance of these three between their polarities are necessary in order to achieve or be able to create any physiological manifestation that would **then** express itself as what you have called the overleaf personas. Thus it is recognized that the persona, created out of the threefold belief, emotion and physical/action portions of the template, are responsible for, at any moment, **expressing** the particular **point** along the path that you are at as a soul, the particular reflections you are creating in your life, the personality aspect that is reflective of the theme you are exploring in whatever way your free will has decided to explore it; and as such the persona is, in a sense, as we have said, an artificial construct which can be transmuted into any other kind of persona at a moment's notice. When you align the overall energy of the personality with the knowing self, or the highest self, so to speak -- when you synchronize that energy, when you balance that energy after you have balanced the three within the polarity structure -- then taken that whole one the three has become and balance it with the **knowing** energy -- you thus **achieve** the balance between the polarity of the physical and non-physical reality [pause...] and evolve into, so to speak, becoming one with, so to speak, your higher self; and have completed the cycle of your physiological manifestation for that lifetime -- for that particular, shall we say, **fragment** of the oversoul. Q: You have stated that your society and consciousness is based upon three; would this correspond (well, you just answered that) to the three primary axes as described by Michael? B: Yes: Q: Would you care to comment on whether Michael's perception of your role and overleaves is valid for you? B: Yes! It describes the combination of my goal, and the channel's goal, and how the combination of my consciousness and the channel's consciousness **presents** itself in translated form into your dimensional reality. Q: Finally, what is your relationship to the Michael entity? Do you sometimes use Michael or other causal guides of our sphere as information sources? B: Yes. Any time we interact with your sphere, we in a sense must act **through** the energies that are more, shall we say, germane to your sphere; and in this way we access those sources of knowledge that have more experience with your sphere, so that we may function as a type of "switchboard unit" -- accessing the necessary information to deliver to you when a question is asked. We are consulting your guides, your oversouls, your higher selves, your future selves, your past selves, your alternate realities, the world spirit -- many different levels of information; the akashic records, the holographic matrix; many different sources; other civilizations, our own people, from time to time, our own future selves, our own guides, which we have; any source that will allow us to access what we need in the moment to serve you best is accessed. And in coming through to your dimension, in a sense we must therefore ask the permission of those that are more relevantly, shall we say, "in charge" -- or performing the duty of serving you in order to interact with you as well. Because we do not want to, in any way, shape, or form, disrupt what the "local" program is; we wish instead to synchronize with it, and serve you. So we put out a type of "request" that allows us to access the permission of the world spirit, so that it will guide us into the proper place and timing to be of service according to the overall program that you all have decided is best for you. In that sense, therefore, we are working with you all -- rather than simply interjecting our point of view. We are working within your program, because that is what would serve you best. With every civilization, we do this.
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    I also dreamed last night of meeting with a group of people from TLE who were sitting together at a table outside. It was night time. One of the people at the table was @TexB. I am having a difficult time remembering who else was there but I know there were more people from here. We were talking about the future of Artificial Intelligence and how channeling might work through that medium.
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    @Luciana Flora, there's this quote i've found quite helpful, it's just too true... : People will judge you no matter what you do, so you might as well do what you want
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    I saw a short news piece titled Despite jarring jobs numbers, Canada, U.S. charting different courses (see below) and it reminded me of some channeling I got from Michael posted in this blog entry Soul Ages in Politics: Trudeau, Canada & The U.S. Here's an excerpt: The Soul Age of Canada remains as Young and Mature, with Mature having taken the lead in positions of power and influence so that it sets the paradigm as Mature. This makes Canada a Mature country, then. The Soul Age of the United States remains as Young and Mature as well, with large pockets of Baby. These large pockets of Baby changes the dynamic of the paradigm in place in the United States. Where Young Souls in Canada pursue experiences within the Mature paradigm, the Young Souls in the United States pursue positions of power over or through the Baby. Mature Souls continue to shy from positions of power in the United States because the dynamic is uninviting to the sensitive, and is not conducive to democracy governing. Though there are more Mature Souls than other Soul Ages in the United States, the Young and Baby continue to hold a Young Paradigm in place. This makes the United States more Young than Mature in paradigm. It is changing, but not without growing pains. ~~~ Michael said this to DianeHB on March 17, 2020: Social distancing is the only solution for slowing this pandemic. We see approximately 10% of populations practicing this to the extent that it needs to be in place. It would require 75% to 90% to truly slow this, and at least 40% to 60% to reduce deaths and impact on systems. At 10% practice, this may lead toward a mutation that would be far more challenging and deadly, which would then begin to have more obvious effects on more demographics, escalating this pandemic to another tier of threat. Incentives and security would help. If governments and systems and individual exchanges would shift toward ensuring security, it would bring greater effort for distancing. For example, companies that can continue wages, or government subsidies for everyone under a certain tier of income for shelter expenses, landlords allowing leniency and waiving of rent, services provided without fees, etc. In short, removing money from the equation of human existence. ~~~ Here's the article: Despite jarring jobs numbers, Canada, U.S. charting different courses In the shark-infested seas of the world’s new normal, Canada and the United States are in the same leaky economic boat – but one is bailing water while the other swims for shore. Both countries confronted historic and harrowing employment statistics Friday, with two million people out of work in Canada last month for a jobless rate of 13 per cent. There were 20.5 million Americans who reported the same fate, bringing U.S. unemployment to a breathtaking 14.7 per cent. But as President Donald Trump leads a U.S. charge towards reopening shuttered businesses and easing stay-at-home orders, to the chagrin of nervous public health officials, Canada is taking a dramatically different go-slow approach, extending a federal wage subsidy program through June and counselling against unsafe work. “It is a well-established principle in Canada, a hallmark of our values as a country, that no one should be asked to work in unsafe conditions,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said during his daily news conference. “We’re going to have to be very careful to ensure that we’re doing what we need to do, right across the country – businesses, orders of government and all Canadians – to ensure the safety of the people who are working to provide for the rest of us.” Trump, on the other hand, is champing at the bit to restart a presidential re-election campaign that hinges on his ability to resurrect an economy that was stopped in its tracks by COVID-19. And he’s seizing on the images of Americans protesting outside state capitols, many of them forgoing masks and physical distancing measures, to make his case. “The people are going to force it,” the president said Friday in an morning telephone interview with Fox News. Not all states will reopen at the same pace, while those that do will continue to insist on keep-safe practices, he said. In some cases, COVID-19 may flare back up, but that will simply be the cost of doing business, Trump suggested. Some people – including Democrat governors in states that are moving more slowly – don’t want it to come back “for political reasons,” he added. “We may have fires and we’re going to put the fires out,” he said. “It’s happening already. You can see it. And there’s spirit now – there’s a lot of spirit. Because we have over 30 states that are back or very strongly coming back and that’s going to be a lot higher soon.” The White House has taken to referring to Americans as “warriors” in recent days, a move seen by some as bracing for the possible impact of a fresh resurgence in COVID-19 as states continue to lift their restrictions. Indeed, even Trump is more exposed than usual: one of his personal valets and now the vice-president’s press secretary both tested positive this week. More bad jobs news will likely come in May, but as more businesses open their doors and federal stimulus efforts take hold, the third quarter of the fiscal year should show signs of improvement, said senior White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow. “Reasonably good economic analysis suggests that the reopening of the economy, the safe reopening of the economy, will provide much better numbers,” Kudlow said, who described the April jobs numbers as “heartbreaking.” Hard-hit states like New York, California and Washington are still largely locked down, but beaches, restaurants and retail stores are open in Florida, while Georgia has reopened gyms, hair salons and bowling alleys. Swimming pools and shopping malls are back in business in Texas, despite evidence that COVID-19 is still on the march in the Lone Star State. Across the U.S., the push to reopen has become a Republican rallying cry, one with its very own freedom fighter: Shelley Luther, the owner of Salon a la Mode in Dallas, received a hero’s welcome Thursday after she was briefly jailed for refusing to apologize for opening her business last month in defiance of a lockdown order. It’s a different story in Canada. Throughout the Atlantic provinces, certain medical procedures and “low-risk” activities like golf, fishing and hunting have either already resumed or are expected to next week, but with the usual caveats of avoiding gatherings and maintaining physical distance. Quebec has reopened retail stores and lottery terminals outside of Montreal. In Ontario, selected retail stores are reopening this weekend, but mobility restrictions will persist until May 19, while visits to the dentist or chiropractor have resumed in Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Non-urgent surgeries resumed this week in Alberta, and retailers will begin opening their doors next week. B.C. is eyeing mid-May for a gradual rebooting of retailers, restaurants and museums. Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland, asked about the different approaches in the two countries, avoided mentioning the United States by name. “Smart” and “sensible” Canadians understood from the outset the importance of physical distancing and shutting down the country to combat the virus, she said – and still do. “The same sensible, prudent, smart approach needs to guide the restart, and I think Canadians understand profoundly that the biggest mistake we could make right now would be to squander our hard-won gains,” Freeland said. Friday’s jobs data underscore the magnitude of the sacrifice, she added. “Our job now collectively is to build on that progress, and to ensure that as we look towards restarting the economy, we do it very carefully, very prudently and in a way that will prevent the virus from surging back and enveloping us all.”
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    I dreamt I was in meeting with lots of people, and we had been working on a project for a while, and the meeting came to an end and we had finally landed on 4 potential directions for the future. These directions were named something like A24, B16, C somthing..., and F41. The numbers might not be right, but the last one I remember clearly, and the last number F41 represented at path that seemed more quiet, not so highlighted, not standing out, but intriguing enough. I was in this meeting that happened in Sweden, and at the end of the dream I knew I had to travel back to home to Norway, and then I knew I was dreaming and woke up
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    Hahaha, no, but I'm not even going to correct this. That's an absolutley correct Freudian slip.
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    I apologize for assuming the details and nuances of the effects of this pandemic on channeling didn't have to be explained. That was unfair. I didn't re-read my original post, but I probably wasn't very clear and I apologize for that. I wrote that while very stressed out. The reason we still have live POFs is because 1) POFs are much more difficult to reschedule on top of all of the reschedules; 2) these sessions help me to have a minimum amount of time in trance during the month because that is important to keep myself "in shape" for when I return to a regular schedule; and 3) there is a difference between accommodating a few scheduled events in a month vs scheduled events every day. I am very sorry for how my body and mind are reacting to the pandemic. I say that with grief, not sarcasm. It feels like I lost a part of me during this pandemic. In places where people have more room to move around and less immediate threat, it may seem over the top to feel so stressed, but I live in the epicenter of the epicenter, with my neighborhood being one of the highest in rates of infection and deaths. Seeing refrigerated trucks full of bodies on our street is just... something that really puts into perspective the threat outside our door. We have the stress of losing the majority of our income, the stress of running errands or receiving deliveries as we have to decontaminate ourselves and everything that comes into the home, the stress of little to no "normal" day here in NYC as sirens blare all day, and now that there is nicer weather, the entitled assholes are coming out and gathering in the streets and blaring music and screaming and yelling ALL. DAY. LONG. My fiance is furloughed so now there is a person here all day long at all hours and that comes with certain unintentional and natural disruptions and demands that are usually not a factor in my days. Everything that I could count on for my day-to-day focus on work with Michael is gone. This temporary change in how I approach my schedule is not only a way for me to catch up on everything, but a way for me to experiment with how best to work in this new world. And no matter how normal anyone else's world might be right now, mine is everything but normal. So I apologize for assuming these details were understood and I am sorry for what feels like a loss in my life that has had an effect on others. I'm doing my best and I WILL get through this and back on track, but I do need everyone's patience and kindness as I get through this. I will be posting an update regarding the return of my regular work schedule, and a roadmap for how TLE will get through 2020. That should bring some grounding and comfort for what is ahead. Thank you for asking! I am very grateful for every instance of patience, kindness, and compassion for all of us enduring this.
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    I've been feeling this Buddhic or Buddhaic energy for awhile now, as likely many of you have, as well. After the session last Sunday Troy and I commented briefly on the session as we were wondering what this energy means. I mentioned that I sensed/sense this energy as a build up of energy. Troy: I think they are talking about the energy kind of like a wind blowing... I don't think we have ever asked about it, but apparently the energy comes in long before the Manifestation and starts having an effect. Maureen: Maybe it starts there...? More questions. Troy: I think they meant that the Physical Plane inherently has Buddhic Energy since everything springs from it, so they were differentiating the IS energy. Troy replied to you: (Maureen: Maybe it starts there...? More questions.) Ohhh that's what I was wondering. Next would come Messianic then Mental? Troy: Michael has explained that the Planes are like Russian dolls. The Physical Plane is the deepest inside. This session stayed with me all week, AND, this energy is bloody hard to ignore. On Thursday April 30 as I was waking up (this was hard to put into words so bear with me) I had a vivid visceral sense of where this energy is moving through me. I could see (with my mind's eye), and feel, my first 3 chakras pulsating with energy -- alive, flowing, building. I sensed the build-up as a filling up and expanding -- eventually driving it's powerful energy upwards through all the other chakras like kundalini energy -- but on a collective scale. I knew this would take time, months even, as this powerful energy has flowed through the Instinctive Center (1st chakra), waking up memories, as it's moved into the densest of the bodies, the Higher Moving Center (2nd chakra) and the Moving Center (3rd chakra), building up and focusing physical energy initiating ACTION. As this continues to build up and expand it will be drawn upwards through the Higher Emotional (6th chakra) and the Emotional Center (4th chakra) activating LOVE. (No wonder the Higher Emotional and Emotional Centers showed up in our global Overleaves this year!!). As the energy builds through our love connections, to everything, it will build and expand further to the Higher Intellectual Center (7th chakra) and the Intellectual Center (5th chakra) in a way that will allow the disseminating of the TRUTH. It's taken me awhile to write out.... what I saw happening in a split second. Also, Michael said, On a larger scale, this Infinite Soul Energy has the intent to bring with it ALIGNMENT, for lack of a better term, and the spine in how we align our physical bodies, centers, and chakric bodies. Another image I had was that all this energy build up and dispersment through the centers/ chakras was layering around the body (of a female as a metaphor for the Earth) with the closest to the body being the Buddhaic / Physical Planes layer, then the Messianic /Astral Planes layer, and then the Mental / Causal Planes layer. I saw the Infinite Soul as a baby in the womb and all this preparation as required and equivalent to pregnancy and eventual birthing. I also sensed, as @Christian mentioned, that it could "get called off" and if so it would be like any abortion -- of a baby, or a mission or whatever -- BUT, the "baby" can't be born, at all, IF the preparation isn't done over the required period of time. Also, just some out loud thoughts, I wonder if all of this is related to how change happens -- as it pulls in and includes all the bodies. Michael said this to me after a dream I had. Maureen: Dream August 25, 2014: Dreams were very full last night but I can’t remember much. The last one, I was walking through what was either an art gallery or a store of some kind. It seemed to have all these corridors or (as I can “see” it now) a bit like a labyrinth. I saw what looked like the back of a honey coloured small wood frame so I picked it up and looked at it more closely. My thoughts were “this is great it can go with the other frames of so-and-so’s father’s paintings” but as I looked closely it was actually a wood carving with an arched top and the whole thing opened up with hinges. The first movement opened it into two sides, then into four sides, and then you could pull that open and it looked like a rudimentary church. I didn’t like the closed off energy of it, so I placed it back on the shelf and Ingun walked by and said the same thing. She said, yes, I don’t like the closed off energy either. I said, I don’t like the way we are all cut off at this point, with where we are staying right now. We are too cut off from people’s energy. Ingun said I guess you could always just go within and ask for an energy connection through the Crown Chakra, as a suggestion, but we both agreed that we didn’t like this cut off feeling we had with “this place” we are staying at. I could see that there was a whole, like a globe, and one side had most of the energy and the other side had none. Actually it was like the Yin/Yang symbol – only I saw it as energy or actual lights from people. Ingun and I were both on the side with no lights and we didn’t like it. We could feel the imbalance and were uncomfortable with it. MEntity: The first dream would likely be related to the world of "you" merging into "this" world over the next several years. This "other world" is quite closed, quite contained, and has worked hard to break out of that state. The reaching up and out of the Crown is one of the means through which Convergence of parallels happens. For reference: The Mental Plane is the exalted Causal Plane, where direct Intellectual contact is made with Tao. The Messianic Plane is the exalted Astral Plane, where direct Emotional contact is made with Tao. The Buddhic Plane is the exalted Physical Plane, where direct contact is made with Tao, or merging. Infinite Souls incarnate from one of these Planes, when incarnated, and bring the Logos of Truth, Love, or Energy.
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    I've had a tough week. I read the report when it first came out and hadn't thought about it much. I came back and read it again and saw this. This past week I have been struggling to find any reason for me to still live. This quote isn't changing how I feel but I do find it interesting that it is in the report. I am looking into some residential programs for women to help deal with military sexual trauma, ptsd and depression. The one I wish to enter is 6-8 weeks long. At first, I was against the idea but now I hope that I can get into this or any program. Going along with the truth theme, it may be time to face them all. Send good energies that I am easily accepted and don't have to jump through lots of VA hoops.
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    Haha, I do have a methodical approach to problems when I decide it's a problem I want to face head-on. I was never into numerology either, until a few years after that Michael workshop when I noticed that the personal year themes matched what I was going through each year. My current cycle started in 2017, which was when I started getting tired of accounting and needed to figure out something more fulfilling. Here's a good website for descriptions of the life path numbers, which I found spot on for me (I'm a 1 life path).
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    @DianeHB That's awesome, i love it how methodically you approach things and problems in your life. Or at least you make it sound like that Also, thank you for mentioning and linking that number stuff, this is all new to me. Most of the article was just way too much for me to even try to take in now, but the personal year is easy and makes sense. I never payed too much attention to numerology as i wasn't sure how much of it was useful/truthful. Very happy to read i am currently at Personal Year 1 (Initiations/Beginnings;), of overall Life Path 7. This makes a lot of sense to me, so, interesting to see it works, and the personal year thing seems like such a simple little reference guide/road map.
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    I just got this from my old City (Toronto) Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam. I love looking for "signs" like this as we move closer towards a resource-based world. 恋恋 Friend, On March 23, I sent a request to Dr. de Villa, Mayor Tory and Chief Pegg to ask that they consider opening dense urban streets, such as Yonge Street, to people by temporarily closing them to cars to allow for physical distancing. After all, downtown Yonge Street has become a dense residential neighbourhood over the last ten years and it has the heaviest pedestrian counts not just in Toronto, but in Canada. Today, after weeks of being told that opening streets to people and active transportation could risk sending contradictory messaging and inadvertently encourage congregation and gatherings, the City of Toronto announced the first details of ActiveTO, a new plan to create more space for pedestrians, cyclists and to allow for physical distancing. The City of Toronto is targeting the creation of 50 km of “quiet streets” focused on pedestrians and cyclists. The plan is looking at closing major roads near major parks on weekends. Mayor Tory also announced that the city will be accelerating construction of the 10-year bike plan, and introducing some temporary bike lanes. Thank you to everyone who emailed me, my council colleagues and Mayor Tory; you fought hard for this outcome. We have seen from the early days of this pandemic that the unequal allocation of space on our roads was putting residents at risk. People were not able to follow public health protocols to do essential trips to pick up groceries or medicine. I know that the inability to stay physically distanced on our sidewalks was a cause of profound stress for many. This change in policy does not mean it is time to ease up on our commitment to stay physically distanced. In her remarks today, Dr. de Villa was very clear: if we had all not done our part by staying home, we could have been experiencing tragedies on a much larger scale. We are not out of the woods yet. I am asking everyone to remain diligent and focused. Keep washing your hands and please continue to stay home unless necessary. It is not yet time to visit family or friends. These new protocols are to make it possible for those of us living in densely populated neighbourhoods to get the fresh air and exercise that is critical for our collective mental and physical health. In following recommendations from the World Health Organization, residents are being encouraged to walk or bike when moving around during the COVID-19 outbreak. These modes of active transportation not only provide physical distancing, but can significantly reduce our risk of chronic disease and can improve our mental health. Scientific consensus indicates that the risk of becoming infected while passing someone on the street, walking trail or bike path is low, so when you go outside please pass people quickly, courteously and maintain a 2 m distance.
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    @Christian@Evelin@Meg@Miizle you might remember this quote below, but I share it here in case anyone else did miss it and since a few are mentioning or dreaming about tsunamis. It's from @DianeHB's session from March 17 - "More on the Pandemic", from here MEntity: It is NOT the pandemic or disease or virus "teaching" any of you anything. It was not sent or generated as a lesson, punishment, or opportunity. It is simply a part of the nature of the Physical Plane and the scathing that all risk by being alive. The pandemic and virus are no different from an avalanche, tsunami, earthquake, hurricane, drought, flood, etc. It is a force of nature that reflects processes within humanity, but it is not an independent source teaching you or evolving you or punishing you. The short or long leap toward a Resource-based economy would be because of choices and actions taken by you in response to the threat. In other words, the lessons or teaching that come from a threat are not in the threat, itself, but in the response.
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    So, how's the Energy Shit going for everyone? I haven't personally noticed anything so far....
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    Some of you can validate that you are holding grand meetings in the Astral as you sort through the emotions, ideas, choices, priorities, etc. that you may not have the energy or focus to do in the Physical Plane. I woke up from this dream in the middle of the night: I was with Scholars and Artisans, for some unknown reason I recognized the Roles of the people present, the meeting was all about to come up with alternative solutions to end the pandemic on Earth. I remember that I raised the question to attack the virus with sound, one of the Artisans went for it with me, we spent all our energy on finding a specific sound that could kill the virus, but did not effect anything else, it was kind of nerve-wrecking the vastness of sounds we had to deal with, we didn't give up on this, cause somehow we had convinced ourselves that we were on the right track, just as we mimicked the sound of an animal in utter distress, I woke up. In the morning when I went to the TLE-website, @Jorgen commented about a post from Geraldine where it was about a Timeline where 90% of the people died because of sound that acted like a virus, and Michael stated, sound travels faster than a virus. This happened two days ago, and I am still flabbergasted. Ask yourself what you are learning. Ask yourself what you would like to learn. Ask yourself what choices have been made in your life that could use more consideration and awareness. Ask yourself how you would choose differently going forward. Even a single and slight shift in awareness of your value and meaning in the vastness of humanity contributes greatly to the Breakthrough that may come. I put those questions out as a reminder to myself and others, if anything I would like to learn to be kinder!
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    I came across this short video about how future generation look back and search for meanings in what we are experiencing now in 2020. A lot of touching notes and beautiful story telling. Hope you enjoy!
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    I just had this interaction today, through emails (though we had first contact by phone), with a bank representative who I had never met before and it brought home to me how much we all need to not only feel the care but we need to show the care we feel for others, especially at this time. ♥♥♥ Jyoti, bank representative: Hi Maureen, I hope you are doing well !! It was a pleasure talking to you . Please find the attached investment direction and below is the difference which will be deposited in power chequing account. Maureen: Thank you for your help, Jyoti. There are so many stresses these days it was wonderful to have a kind, stress-free experience with you and the bank. It took a load off. I appreciate it. Take care, Maureen Jyoti, bank representative: Thanks Maureen. Your words mean a lot. Please feel free to reach in case of any bank assistance required.
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    @MelinS, I was probably the last one I know to use social media (huge resistance), through the use of technology, BUT I wanted to study and communicate with other Michael students on TLE, share socially (Old Soul version -- with depth) with my friends on FB who lived all around the world, etc., so I made it work. Communication of the Truth is very important to me in this lifetime, on many levels, one of which is finishing up a No Bullshit Cluster with @Bobby, and you can't do that while "hiding away". It was so confusing to me, when I got my TRUES, as to why I could choose to use Technology, say over Labour (which I'm much more comfortable with -- Warrior casting and all), that my sister Diane and I asked Michael about it. Their answer shows that ofttimes we choose the very things that make us uncomfortable in order to reach, what we need and want, and in doing so we grow beyond our own known limits of self. Diane: Maureen has Technology as one of her true spirits and she feels labour would be a better fit and we were both surprised that I didn't have Technology as a true spirit. What does Technology mean to you? How does it specifically affect Maureen's manifesting essence? MEntity: There is a difference between what one naturally gravitates toward, and what prompts one to bring out certain elements of the self or soul. In this case, you are more naturally drawn to Technology, and Maureen may be more naturally drawn to Labour, but those are not what prompt your Essence's to come into the dynamic. MEntity: Technology puts Maureen in a space that asks of her to be quite clear and precise and even practical in her expression. This brings a level of consciousness in expression that is not necessary in other methods. MEntity: This is not to say that Labour does not prompt the manifestation of Essence, but we tend to look at what is pushing or evolving the Personality and Essence for that lifetime. MEntity: In fact, all suggestions for every Pillar can be a part of every Fragment's life, but we emphasize or suggest that which see as evolving or supporting the Personality and Essence for that lifetime.
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    I've come across this verse about love a few times in the past, and found great joy and resonance. It has been sticking in my mind this morning, wonder if it's part of the wave of infinite soul energy: Love suffers long, and is kind love envies not love vaunts not itself, is not puffed up Does not behave itself rudely, seeks not her own is not easily provoked, keeps no record of evil Rejoices not in iniquity, but rejoices in the truth Bears all things believes all things hopes all things endures all things Love never fails To the power of love.
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    Happy Birthday @Connie Stansell-Foy!! I feel my energy levels have stabilized and there is this inner sense of calm and trust throughout my days also got inspired to record a little motivational video (a la Shia Labeouf style) to one of my friends xD also, this morning I swear there was a little alcohol bottle besides my kitchen's window, I went to my room, came back to the kitchen and this bottle was next to the stove!!! it was 7 am and no one else was awake so they couldn't have moved it!! LOL
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    This is perfect!!! Thanks @Cong and @WolfAmethyst Interesting that the title is The Great Realization and we are moving through the 3rd Stage of the 4th Internal Monad called REALIZATION (+freedom -separation) along with the 4th Stage of MANIFESTATION (+purpose -otiose). The 4th Internal Monad: +self-realization -acquiescence Stage 1: INITIATION: +enthusiasm -indifference Stage 2: INTROSPECTION: +awareness -brooding Stage 3: REALIZATION: +freedom -separation Stage 4: MANIFESTATION: +purpose -otiose Stage 5: CONTENTMENT: +satisfaction -contention Stage 6: MAGNETIZATION: +attraction -repulsion Stage 7: EMANATION: +alignment -incongruity
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    @Maureen I had an interaction just like yours today! We both must have needed to reach out and be reached out to. Thom, tech company rep.: *left me a voicemail apologizing; after from an email he realized he used incorrect pronouns in reference to me while on a previous call* Faye: *sent email back saying* I accept your apology and I appreciate you for thinking of me. I want you to know that I took absolutely no offense. You had no way of knowing my preferred pronouns for sure from our interaction. Thank you for being an awesome human being! Thom: *email back saying* Thank you! I appreciate your patience and courtesy! You’re awesome for letting me make a mistake and it not affecting you negatively. To be honest I really needed something nice like this today, so you have made my day! Thank you so much! A lovely human being indeed! P.S. A lot of people, especially on the phone, do not even bother apologizing. Or even admitting the mistake.
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    @MelinS I once cut social media (well, FB is really the only thing i use anyways...) off completely because all the negative stuff about the world was affecting me more than usual at that time and i needed to try to keep anxiety at bay. I only checked messenger every now and again in case anyone was trying to talk to me. Yeah, it would make people stay less in touch, but i can't remember noticing a massive difference - although i did notice a big difference once when i was very active in FB for a while, people were active back and i saw very clearly how it works. What i did notice from my time absent, which was about a year, was that when i got back, everything was the same. It's like i had never been away and missed out on absolutely nothing, especially the memes, political stuff, complaining.... it was absolutely identical like i hadn't skipped a day. I was so glad i had stayed away. Recently, i have used FB quite little, too. Simply because i hate the fact it takes 100 x the time relative to what it gives back. I like reading interesting, important and funny articles people link, i like to see what's happening in the lives of my friends and family around the globe. But the format is such a time sink and usually if i let myself look through facebook instead of doing or reading something else in the evening, i end up just feeling robbed and empty and pissed off. I don't know the solution, because i like to know what's happening and it would be good for me to be more social. I think i'm using TLE for that currently, too bad more of my friends aren't here, eh.
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    Cinco de Mayo, my 65th birthday, the pandemic, giant Japanese hornets living in Washington, and now an Energy shift. No wonder I feel kind of odd. Off-kilter, like my head has balance weights that have slipped from their assigned perches.
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    Maybe that is part of the IM energy and turning point. It would seem to me that the next nexuses would be clowns and the IM to the left and us jokers and no IM to the right. That is too simplistic but you get the idea. Basically, the energy is being stored. To be focused into the IM or to be released in the world as "waves of compassion"....not sure where that came from. Kinda got an image of a gentle tsunami. Breaking down old structures and empowering many to kindness. Anyway, just a thought.
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    Here's the transcript “Tell me the one about the virus again. Then I’ll go to bed.” But, my boy, you’re growing weary, sleepy thoughts about your head. “Please! That one’s my favourite. I promise, just once more.” Okay, snuggle down my boy, though I know you know full well, this story starts before then, in a world I once would dwell. It was a world of waste and wonder, Of poverty and plenty, Back before we understood why hindsight’s 2020. You see, the people came up with companies to trade across all lands. But they swelled and got much bigger than we ever could have planned. We’d always had our wants, But now it got so quick, You could have anything you dreamed of In a day and with a click. We noticed families had stopped talking That’s not to say they never spoke But the meaning must have melted And the work-life balance broke And the children’s eyes grew squarer And every toddler had a phone They filtered out the imperfections, But amidst the noise, they felt alone. And every day, the skies grew thicker Till you couldn’t see the stars. So we flew in planes to find them, While down below, we filled our cars. We’d drive around all day in circles We’d forgotten how to run We swapped the grass for tarmac Shrunk the parks till there were none We filled the sea with plastic because our waste was never capped Until, each day when you went fishing You’d pull them out already wrapped And while we drank and smoked and gambled Our leaders taught us why It’s best to not upset the lobbies More convenient to die But then, in 2020 a new virus came our way The governments reacted And told us all to hide away But while we all were hidden amidst the fear and all the while The people dusted off their instincts They remembered how to smile They started clapping to say thank-you And calling up their Mums And while the car keys gathered dust They would look forward to their runs And with the skies less full of voyagers The earth began to breathe And the beaches bore new wildlife That scuttled off into the seas Some people started dancing Some were singing, some were baking We’d grown so used to bad news But some good news was in the making And so when we found the cure And were allowed to go outside We all preferred the world we found To the one we’d left behind Old habits became extinct And they made way for the new And every simple act of kindness Was now given its due “But why did it take a virus to bring the people back together?” Well, sometimes you’ve got to get sick, my boy before you start feeling better Now, lie down and dream of tomorrow and all the things that we can do And who knows, if you dream hard enough maybe some of them will come true. We now call it The Great Realization and yes, since then there have been many But that’s the story of how it started And why hindsight’s 2020
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    This was good to read again. Even when we cannot find ways to make more of a difference, we can always choose to be kind to ourselves, to others, and to the Earth. "We have said this before but will say it again, that if you are uncertain about what to do with or for yourself, each other, and nature, then all you have to worry about is being kind. By simply shifting your awareness to how to be kind, be kinder, be your kindest, you cannot go wrong. Sometimes that kindness will mean going out of your way, and sometimes that kindness will mean stepping back; sometimes that kindness will mean increasing your actions, and sometimes will mean reducing them; sometimes it will mean doing what you have been avoiding, and sometimes it will mean giving yourself a break from the pressure of doing anything at all. "
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    @Maureen, thank you for posting that snippet from @DianeHB’s chat with the M’s. Regarding removing money from the equation, it’s not removing it but it’s a start: Nancy Pelosi wants more stimulus, plus Senators Harris, Sanders and Ed Markey (MA) are hoping to keep sending money to people who need it: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2020/05/08/coronavirus-sanders-harris-markey-want-2-000-monthly-payments/3094731001/ Harris and Sanders are former Presidential candidates whose overleaves have been channeled, and both are Old souls. I would suspect Ed Markey, one of the most liberal Senators, is as well (but don’t have any channeled info on him). The party that has more Mature and Older souls seems to want to move into a more beneficial direction. (As for me, personally, all the Energy Shifts have been in positive ways since at least March. I miss going to museums, etc. but on a personal level, I feel pretty calm. I have dialed way, way back on social media and participating in a lot of the online spaces I formerly did and I think this has helped a lot. I’m very much curating my online-ness and it feels really, really good.)
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    @DianeHB I read my life path description on the good website you mentioned ( I am also a 1) for me it is a description of the Young paradigm, it lacks the perspective of a more Mature/Old paradigm. In my early twenties, yes, from my 30ies on, no, thank you for bringing it back to my awareness though! I read the 20120721 OMW: Personal Cycles of Life again, to play with the wording Michael gave is more helpful for me.
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    I've been wondering this too.
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    Last night's dream: May 7, 2020: @Diane and I arrived, unexpectedly, at @Troy's place on a bicycle. Troy was sitting on his sofa, very snuggly (close), side by side with (Troy's fiancé) Bobby and (Troy's good friend) Johnny. Troy was completely shocked when we were all of a sudden there in his apartment. He said "how did you get here?". I said "by bicycle". We ended up sitting down and visiting while Troy made these delicious snacks. He showed me his hand that was burned and it was almost all healed. There was just a small brown semicircular line that showed where the burn had been. I know we met with many more people, it’s crowded on the Astral these days, but I can’t remember who else showed up throughout the night. I observed, and participated where I could, with an all encompassing (there were many, many people involved) race to fix all these, what seemed like, very technical technology problems. At one point they were using some of my data. After working with it for awhile, and it continuing to corrupt itself, they decided to erase everything, all the data, all the content, and just use my email address as a clean significator(?) and have the data rebuild itself, afresh, as it was “attracted” or pulled into my email address. As I was waking up I realized all these tests and focus were likely metaphors related to working on a vaccine for the virus.
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    Hello Everyone!!! It is now already 4 months, that I left my place only once with all the care necessary to do so. There are people, places and goodies that I dearly miss. Aside from not visiting my beloved California, and people I would like to have in my arms and on my fingertips this spring, now I had to cancel my trip to Europe, to see my daughter this summer, which is flat out a heartbreak for me. I still enjoy my choice, to live with myself, my hubby and nature, but not being able to move when I want to, brings up a lot of stuff to deal with and accept in the most mild and kind way I am capable of. I know that if I would start to compare my situation to others, I have it right now much better in certain ways than those others, which doesn't diminish our own heart-ships at all, including mine. As mentioned above in my first post, to arrive at what I have today, wasn't easy. I feel an intense push/pull, to fall silent or to communicate. Knowing my environment for over a decade and being a keen observer, nature has changed here this spring in a grand way responding to something. I know every tree, bush, plant here, and they are all thriving as never before, it started with the fruit-trees, an old lilac bush is blooming the heck out of itself as never before and its smell is amazing, the same with an old rosemary etc. The weather patterns haven't changed that much etc. there seems to be something in the air pointing into a beautiful direction, and I wanted to share my observation with You, maybe it is the IS-energy, that nature is responding too? I wish for ALL of US that we can keep up with what nature is showing us and ride this wave diligently and bloom and thrive in a new world, where the old is dying and the new has yet to be born. Cheers, to the "Time in Between" from US, Washington State, Out There!
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    This is the absolute BEST @KurtisM!! Thank you a gazillion for the much needed laughs.
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    "...returning trust to what is true and how to know what is true." Excellent, and extremely helpful. THANKS, Troy!
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    Oh. I've been having dreams about this! I've been meaning to write, but the days all blur together, I'm doing my job, and then I'm a mother and teacher and playmate to my child, so it's hard to find time to focus. Dreams have been very intense and clear, though. 1. I was in a car, nearing my home town and suddenly saw signs of a HUGELY STRONG wind blowing, highrise buildings were swaying like trees. Nothing broke, but you could see its effect on everything. I felt like I should be afraid or shocked, instead I was just very fascinated and thought: "So that's what it's like." 2. There were huge waves as well, yet when they landed they turned very gentle, but kept going. I wasn't worried for myself, but there were other people panicking, I felt responsible for them, like a parent, so I tried to get them away from the water's edge, although I saw the waves weren't doing any harm, but their fear seemed to be harming people. I was a bit sad that I couldn't just enjoy the beauty of this magnificent scene, but I cared about the people (who felt like children to me), so I had to do my part. 3. I was in an empty town, on a mostly empty square, there were a couple of people with me, but more in spirit than physically, I didn't see anyone but was telepathically communicating with them in my head. We all knew something was going to happen, but we didn't know what. And suddenly I saw a fountain of silvery light bubbles burst up right in the middle of square, out of nowhere. Once it had taken its form, it started spewing out smaller parts of itself, one turned into what looked like a garden gnome or an elf. (I hate garden gnomes!) This one wasn't funny or ugly, though, it felt sacred and very powerful, but in a gentle way.
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    The Great Realization (transcript below) “Tell me the one about the virus again. Then I’ll go to bed.” But, my boy, you’re growing weary, sleepy thoughts about your head. “Please! That one’s my favourite. I promise, just once more.” Okay, snuggle down my boy, though I know you know full well, this story starts before then, in a world I once would dwell. It was a world of waste and wonder, Of poverty and plenty, Back before we understood why hindsight’s 2020. You see, the people came up with companies to trade across all lands. But they swelled and got much bigger than we ever could have planned. We’d always had our wants, But now it got so quick, You could have anything you dreamed of In a day and with a click. We noticed families had stopped talking That’s not to say they never spoke But the meaning must have melted And the work-life balance broke And the children’s eyes grew squarer And every toddler had a phone They filtered out the imperfections, But amidst the noise, they felt alone. And every day, the skies grew thicker Till you couldn’t see the stars. So we flew in planes to find them, While down below, we filled our cars. We’d drive around all day in circles We’d forgotten how to run We swapped the grass for tarmac Shrunk the parks till there were none We filled the sea with plastic because our waste was never capped Until, each day when you went fishing You’d pull them out already wrapped And while we drank and smoked and gambled Our leaders taught us why It’s best to not upset the lobbies More convenient to die But then, in 2020 a new virus came our way The governments reacted And told us all to hide away But while we all were hidden amidst the fear and all the while The people dusted off their instincts They remembered how to smile They started clapping to say thank-you And calling up their Mums And while the car keys gathered dust They would look forward to their runs And with the skies less full of voyagers The earth began to breathe And the beaches bore new wildlife That scuttled off into the seas Some people started dancing Some were singing, some were baking We’d grown so used to bad news But some good news was in the making And so when we found the cure And were allowed to go outside We all preferred the world we found To the one we’d left behind Old habits became extinct And they made way for the new And every simple act of kindness Was now given its due “But why did it take a virus to bring the people back together?” Well, sometimes you’ve got to get sick, my boy before you start feeling better Now, lie down and dream of tomorrow and all the things that we can do And who knows, if you dream hard enough maybe some of them will come true. We now call it The Great Realization and yes, since then there have been many But that’s the story of how it started And why hindsight’s 2020
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    My PTSD can be a weight. But in this pandemic, it feels like a superpower. For the first time, it seems, the entire world knows what it’s like to live inside my head. By Stephanie Foo https://www.vox.com/the-highlight/2020/4/23/21231596/coronavirus-covid-19-mental-health-ptsd-anxiety-depression
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