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    MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin. ***QUEUE IS NOW OPEN*** Luciana: I noticed that I rarely see myself on energy reports. So I wonder if there are people who are less affected by these energies? Why would that happen? Is it a disconnect from the outside world? MEntity: Our Energy Reports are descriptions of collective energy that is shaping the direction of the population and events of the world. There will be times when one is plugged into this collective energy and other times that one is not plugged into it. The more one lives a life of engagement with "the world," the more likely the energy report would have relevance. When we say engagement with the world, we mean that there is some exchange of energy in some way with events and people beyond your personal sphere. This engagement with the world includes searching for deeper relationships with others, or simply paying attention to events of the world, or full immersion in relationships and events that are part of the collective experience in some way, such as politics or creative projects or having friends in distant places, etc. If you feel you are engaging with the world but still do not find resonance with the report, it is likely that you are plugged into factors that were not mentioned in the report. We can only describe a certain number of patterns in a report but there are hundreds more at work beyond the ones we highlight. We try to highlight the most relevant to the most students. If you consistently find no resonance to the reports, we would suspect that you are focused more on your local patterns of existence and doing work that is not hooked into collective patterns. NEXT Maureen: I’ve been wondering for some time whether there is a distinction between Essence and Soul as these terms are often used interchangeably. Then it struck me when you gave me the following message from my Nephew’s Essence – MAUREEN – WHAT YOU SEE IS HIS SOUL – that the Soul is more likely directly related to the Personality even more so than Essence. I could see that Personality, whether as Parallels or Concurrents, may each have their own Soul that sits closest to them throughout their “Soul’s Journey”, throughout their Grand Cycle, with overlap from Personality and Essence creating their own Trinity – of sorts. There would, of course, be less and less distinction between Essence, Soul, and Personality as the Soul ages. Please comment. MEntity: You are on the right track. Essence is its own unique thing that exists before and after a lifetime, but the soul is what is produced between Essence and Personality within a lifetime. This is why we give a name to you that refers to your "Oversoul," as this Oversoul is the collective energy of all of your Souls. The Soul is what survives your lifetime. It is the only way that a Personality can survive beyond its biological anchor. The work of a lifetime creates a home, so to speak, that is your Soul and this carries "you" forward in your evolution. The Soul is a bridge between the Physical and Astral. It has substance. It is like a gossamer web of energy that acts as a kind of matrix for the existence of what you create as YOU within a lifetime. We tend to use the terms interchangeably because they are really only different in technical terms, but they are different. It could be said that True Personality is the Soul. We can elaborate upon this subject in further exchanges, but this is the short answer. NEXT DianeHB: Hello Michael. Could you discuss more about the effects of the most recent "healing" Nexus and how it was experienced collectively and among your students? Seems like some of us had old fears and wounds get stirred up with more intensity right around that time. MEntity: Most of the healing that we described as part of the Convergence would be related to collective paths seeking to align more toward Mature Soul values and priorities and strengths as a way to help dissolve the momentum of Baby and Young retaliations against evolution. For many of our students, the sense that these collective patterns were being addressed freed up a great deal of energy for work on your personal patterns. Many of our students found themselves diving into their personal issues because they felt that they could, but what we see as even more consistent among our students was a process of grieving that was triggered by the end of the year. There are two reasons we see grief being ignited: One is that 2018 is likely the final year that the world will be seen as having been on an arc of familiar patterns that have been in place for generations. 2019 marks the shift toward a very different world in the coming years, politically, economically, environmentally, etc. The uncertainty of that future is terrifying, but also quite exciting. It could go in any direction at this point, but the aim is for the highest values of the Mature Soul world. However, even if "things get better," it does not reduce the grief generated by the loss of comforts and familiarity. The other trigger for grief could be from the Convergence that took place. Many losses have been experienced across these parallel realities that merged. Devastating consequences and losses on a large scale. The healing convergence could come because "this" parallel was one that was headed in similar direction but can now learn from the other parallels that were so close. Many of our students may have tapped into the grief and loss of those Converging parallels. In those parallels, it had come to be a profound reality that life was forever altered in ways that had to be grieved. In "this" parallel, many of you know this same feeling or sense that "something" irrevocable has come and that the world will never be the same, but that you still have some amount of control over its direction. If you experienced a more vague and confusing wave of grief, it is likely you were tapping into the Convergence. If you experience a sense of grief and frustration and defeat that felt specific to your personal trajectory, it is likely that you simply turned your attention toward the work you have been doing on yourself for some time. NEXT Rosario: Hi Michael, perhaps this ties in with Diane's question. You said 2018 was themed in REVOLUTION with -Circling/Repetition and +Evolution. What themes are we exploring this year? As students and humanity. Thank you! MEntity: 2019 could be said to themed in EMPOWERMENT, with the Positive Pole in Unity, the Negative Pole in Rebellion. Good day to each of you. We will conclude here for today. We know this is a new year for you and we are here with you in that. We will continue to remind you of the tools you have for navigating and creating this life, and continue in our support and compassion for you. We have much to say in the year ahead. You may choose to hear us or not, but we are here with you.
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    HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE! This has been another wonderful and wild and awful and horrible and rough and beautiful and gross and growthful year! Here's to all of us who keep on keeping on and turning to each other with kindness, compassion, patience, support, and love for the best and worst of us. HERE ARE SOME UPDATES ABOUT TLE AND WHAT TO EXPECT IN 2019! NO MORE "MONTHLY MICHAEL WORKSHOPS" - Although the popularity of Monthly Michael Workshops was so high, we had a few people regularly disappointed that not every workshop included dedicated time with Michael for every attendee. This was something I could not promise or provide or guarantee on a monthly basis in every workshop because Michael makes that decision (not me) and not all of the topics required their personal feedback. The focus was supposed to be on the work and sometimes that meant doing the work on your own. Some workshops naturally included feedback, some did not. Since I don't plan these workshops and left them up to Michael to teach, I could not build into every session the individualized feedback that some people wanted. So we will no longer have Monthly Workshops. HOWEVER... NEW! FEARLESS LIVING SERIES - Understanding Who We Are, and Choosing Who To Be - Taking the place of the MMW's, I have asked Michael to work with us on a series dedicated to "Fearless Living." This series is inspired by a famous life coach I used to love long ago whose life work is all about "fearless living," except her tactic is to "fight and overcome" fear, whereas Michael's approach will be more transformative and about harnessing that fear as a tool rather than approaching it as an obstacle to destroy. This is a series of Monthly, Intimate, Channeling Topics designed to help us transform and heal our unnecessary fears in various parts of our lives so that we can grow, love, and create as we wish. Each Month brings a new area of life into focus and each of these builds upon the others. Michael will share information and insight into topics regarding these key areas of life, the universe, and everything - Each event includes deep exploration of the topic with Michael, homework assignments for us to work on, and Q&A if time permits - FEE = $25 NEW! FEARLESS LIVING SERIES TRANSCRIPTS & COMMUNITY SUPPORT SYSTEM - For the first time ever, I will be charging a fee for access to a series of transcripts. This is to help foster a dedicated and serious extended study program with community support where you can privately publish your own "homework" related to a topic if you choose. Each Transcript entry will require a fee to access for study. The fee is waived for a transcript if you attended the Live Session for that transcript. Each Transcript Fee = $20 SERVICE RATES HAVE BEEN RAISED... SLIGHTLY - You may notice that all rates have been increased, but only slightly. The expenses of this community have gone up and I have to account for those fees in my services. SERVICE OPTIONS HAVE CHANGED... SLIGHTLY - After great consideration and a closer look at the patterns that cause me to get off-track in my schedule, I have now eliminated all services over 60 Minutes. There are no more 90 or 120 Minute Sessions available. I have also removed several email Report options. This should help me to stay on track and have more health-friendly days of work. This will help improve scheduling, focus, and efficiency so that I don't get overwhelmed. NEW! MICHAEL TEACHINGS SCHOOL - I have added a new part of the community that is an LMS, or Learning Management System. This system will be used for our Wholeness of Soul Course and if it is successful, it will be opened up to the community for courses in Channeling, Studying Overleaves, and for all students who wish to offer courses of their own. More details to come! NEW! The Return of FRINGE & WHACKADOODLE! - Fringe And Whackadoodle will now be scheduled quarterly for all of us to get our fill of all things weird and wild in the known and unknown universe and hear what Michael has to say about all of it. These will be Free/Donation-based and the first one will be in March! Details to come. MORE TO COME! This is all the news I have for now, but more to come! I am looking forward to all that we learn and share together in 2019! I love you guys! Troy & TLE
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    February 6, 2001 HAPPINESS List Topic February Channeled through Troy MICHAEL: We have been asked to address the nature of Happiness. Happiness, more than any other reference in a lifetime and while in a body, is the measure of how free you are, how connected to Essence you are, and how close you are to having fulfillment of your desires. Happiness allows you a reference for how well you are listening to yourself and your impulses and satisfying your Primary Needs. In nearly all lifetimes Happiness is exclusively generated from within the individual fragment, but this is not the rule. There are many fragments, because of Needs, Karma and Personality Design, who require external factors and meaningful exchanges for the Happiness to be maintained. This is not to negate that it must first be generated within them, but many can maintain it singularly, while others require resonance to others. First for all to consider is that every Desire you have is fully capable of being fulfilled within a lifetime. Desires are programmed into a Personality before birth, therefore, all ingredients with which those Desires require CAN be found within the lifetime. You would not have Desires that cannot be fulfilled. We will define Desire, here, simply as “that which you long for.” To “long” implies that which is out of reach, but that is part of the equation between Desire and Having. It must appear “out of reach” in order to produce the Desire. This Desire, then, is what motivates a large portion of your life and the energy expended to move through it. Desire can be Polarized as “Longing” as the Positive Pole, and “Yearning” as the Negative. Yearning has a fragment resigned to remaining with the Desire, but determining the experience or object is permanently out of reach. Desires can be fulfilled through the path of following Impulses. Your Impulses were “born” before you were and therefore are literal guidelines and original Essence parameters for the lifetime. This does not negate “free will” as Impulses are generated as messages from Essence and Guides and placed in your “future” as you Choose and Decide your paths. Most fragments are taught from an early age to disregard and fear Impulses, or at the very least to confuse Impulses with Reactions. There is a profound difference between Reactions and Impulses. Impulses are softer and gentler and “nudging” in the experience of the energy, while Reactions are compulsive, mindless, and fueled by energies generated by fear, such as Anger, Resentment, Revenge, Resignation, etc. As you listen to your Desires, follow your Impulses, your next consideration is in freeing yourself from the Scripts you internally create as signs of what your Desire will “look like” when it is fulfilled. Many of you do not follow your Impulses completely, but instead “grab” the first thing that remotely resembles what you Desire or completely “miss” that which you Desire because it did not “show up” as you expected it. Creating attachments to predefined results will continually constrain you to Yearning. Choosing to let go of your preconceived ideas or of the object you obtained that is not fulfilling your Desires will allow your Essence to bring to you or lead you to that which is truly fulfilling. This brings us to the crux of what Happiness is. Happiness is Polarized as Surrender in the Positive Pole and Resignation in the Negative Pole. A person who is truly Happy is in a state of Surrender. We define Surrender here as “relinquishing control, possession, or demands,” and Resignation as “giving up, settling.” Both can bring Happiness, but one generates a resonance with your life, while the other is a sense that your life is imposed. We will now comment on the factors that must be considered that require an individual to have External Factors as a means to maintain Happiness: Sages and Priests, in general, are the Roles that require external factors as a means to maintain Happiness, most often in the realm of relationships. These two Roles are by far the most “fragile” while in bodies and require external care and contact as a means to feel happy. Priests, because they have no reference for their “Earthly lives” and have a difficult time in many instances feeling as if they are wanted and needed “here.” Sages, because, as we have said many times, they are literally the “children” of your Universe and can tend to be the most sensitive of all Roles in terms of requiring resonance with another. Those who exist within a lifetime that is of the 6th Level of any Soul Age will require a great deal of intervention, care, compassion, and reaching toward as a means to maintain their Happiness. This is due to the major Karmic Load they carry and are committed to. This allows little time and energy for these fragments to sustain a sense of Happiness without some form of constant reminder. Personalities with a predominance of Overleaves on the Expression Axis are prone to requiring the same. Those with Primary Needs of Exchange, Communion, and Acceptance are also affected. With all of these things considered, the last thing we will mention are the symptoms of what it means to an Older Soul (late mature to old) to be seeking and finding Happiness. As you move closer and closer to what you feel is the fulfillment of your Desire, and therefore, your Happiness, it is not uncommon to feel tremendous excitement, terror, internal messages that you have never been more afraid, anxiety and distraction. This is simply because to be reaching the truth of what you are following or finding as your true happiness and desire means you are stepping into a freedom that is entirely new for you. Many times, in whatever area that may be, you have never “been there before” in any of your lifetimes.
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    I am collecting and organizing an archive of Michael content on TLE that was channeled by Troy. Because a ton of content was transferred from older sites when this new site was created in 2016, many of the member-supplied forum topics/blog entries do not indicate the original session date. If you have posted content obtained before July 2016 and have some time, would you please look at your posts and add the original session date if it's not already there and you can track down the date. The content is valuable with or without dates, but I think it's very useful to see the evolution of Troy as a channel as well as the evolution of member questions based on the content that existed at the time of each session. A further request would be this: if you have material you're willing to share that originated before 2016 but has not been posted on the current site, it would help me with my archive project if you would go ahead and share that sooner than later. I am particularly interested in content received before 2011.
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    This whole posting is making me laugh... in a good way. When this sort of discussion takes off it reminds me of what MEntity has said about our group on TLE. I love you guys!!! Here it is... one more time: TROY’S GROUP, for lack of a better way of referencing this channel’s students and agreements that have come to form as a group, is a PASSIONATE Group, with an emphasis on true self-actualization as a means of increasing strength of choice. Nothing within this group will ever be “neutral” and nothing within this group will ever be “simple.” Passion Mode as a means of exploring Discrimination is a turbulent and exciting path, and in the end, all involved know EXACTLY where one stands on an issue of choice, exactly who one is in relation to an issue of choice, and feels inspired to own one’s self fully and lovingly, leaving the false aspects of self behind. In addition to this, our teaching will never be presented in this atmosphere without an emphasis on its being a source of inspiration, transformation, and meaningful depth. Nothing will be presented as a simple subject of observational study. It must be deeply explored, lived, and experienced before this group can move beyond that particular aspect of study. This can often feel tedious and tiring, with a repetitive review of “old” material (sometimes seen as “ad nauseum”) that is less-exciting than ever-new material (from us or from you), but that is simply the nature of Passion and Discrimination. It is not just a matter of learning how to choose, and choosing how to learn, but building on the comprehension gained over the last century as to exactly what has been chosen and the how and why of it. As Passion is Exalted, this group will also strive to be all-inclusive in its inspiration as a method of refinement for Choice, but Passion with Discrimination can be tricky because Discrimination will emphasize a discerning eye against all things not passionately inclusive, which can seem to create bizarre conflicts of interest, since one cannot please everyone, or cater to every wish or demand, but must also allow room for all of those differences. What we have described is mostly the higher end of what this group has as potential, but this same combination can fall prey to what would seem to be the extreme opposite, with an emphasis on exclusivity, superficial nods to concepts without encouraging depth of experience, and such a strong investment in an identity that the nature of community is lost altogether in the shadow of a fearful agenda. All of this is made even more interesting by the philosophical atmosphere of Idealism, which is the key to his successful or failed group. When the group has moved into a Naivete and has presented grand arcs of direction without understanding the actual steps needing to be made as a path along that arc (Coalescence), the group will fail to live up to its ideals and lose all sense of inspiration and choice. When the group is failing against its ideals, it may slide into phases of Rejection (being rejected, or rejecting), Identification (experiencing loss of self, rather than exploration of self), and Rationalization (offering excuses and defense, rather than insight). Contrary to what many students may believe, Troy’s Group is an Intellectually-Centered Group with an emphasis on EXPRESSION, and not an Emotionally-Centered Group. For those involved with his group, any curtailing of EXPRESSION can be experienced as tantamount to an absolute removal of validity of self and soul.
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    I was watching the new Black Mirror episode "Bandersnatch", which revolves around the concept of choice creating parallel realities and I started to wonder about Karma. In the concept of parallel realities as we know it, every choice possible plays out somehow. So even if we make one choice, there's a parallel reality where we make a different choice. Now, I wonder how this relates to the concept of Karma. Like, there might be an instance where I do have the choice to kill someone, but in another parallel, I don't. It made me wonder because usually, as Old Souls, we tend to try to not create Karma anymore, but doesn't the very idea that every possible choice will play out somehow mean that we will create Karma indefinetly? Can someone help me out here?
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    Well - great question!! I am excited in a positive way about this news. I hope this comes like a tsunami and empowers us, most of us who can handle the changes that is, there will certainly be challenges ahead. I hoping the US govt allows Mueller to proceed (I can dream), and that congress will kick Republican arse and show stuck in a ruts how to reach out for help and find commonality amongst their human and animal siblings. I would be keen to know more detail on these parallels that got devastated and what that was about...
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    I'd been feeling like a trapped animal, so Tom suggested I take a few days and go to NYC to see friends and art. Because I won a grant, and am married to an incredibly good guy, I was able to do that. So I spent all last weekend in rainy New York, seeing the AMAZING Hilma Af Klint exhibition at the Guggenheim, and spending a day at the Met; I also saw yet another reunion show of my favorite American band Come, which was transportingly loud and beautiful, as always, and saw many friends who I love and who saying goodbye to again caused me to cry on the subway. And had a magical evening drinking corpse revivers and doing tag-team tarot readings for the bartenders and for the busboy in a chi-chi French bistro in Greenpoint that's where a great old greasy spoon luncheonette used to be pre-gentrification. The busboy is a recent arrival from Venezuela, and was clearly in need of some connection and love; he told us that both he and his brother are in the US and are both gay and that he's worried about how much shit his mom takes for that back home; his stress at carrying those worries, and at just being a new American and new New Yorker, were so palpable. We told him welcome, and to find some Latinx LGBT folks to connect with, and other things. So that was a great moment of human connection. On the 31st, I missed my flight home from Newark (thank you, NJ Transit, for being the fabulous clusterfuck you always are, never change!) and ended up calling a nearby friend, who kindly brought me to her friend's New Year's Eve dinner; her friend was until recently an editor at the Paris Review and we served on an art jury together a couple of years ago. So that was lovely. The next day she took me to a brunch with a friend of hers who just did something amazing legally that I'm not sure I can talk about here but it involves the recent awsuit-lay against the $5f8rump F@0nD4tion and this person was the public face of the prosecution in that awsuit-lay so you can imagine, that was quite an interesting brunch. I was annoyed at myself for missing my plane, which is kind of a rookie move, and for losing a day with my daughter. But it was an interesting suspension of control, and I ended up in such interesting situations. Yesterday was my first real day back, and I was exhausted! Like, dragged down into the depths tired. It felt supernatural and out of the reach of caffeine. Today I'm pretty fatigued too. I wonder if that's my response to the nexus. I just read this great piece about some highlights of today's swearing in of 100! New! Women! In Congress! and it makes me think about this Energy Report: https://www.thecut.com/2019/01/congresswomen-2019-swearing-in-ceremony-best-moments.html
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    Well, I think that explains everything to me .. The only thing I have on the list about engagement with the world given by Michel is friendship in more distant places. The truth is that I never felt in tune with the world around me ..
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    Further to John Roth's point about essence "knowing everything", it is the Role I seem to remember Michael has said that is evolving over the course of our incarnations, rather than simply our essence. Perhaps it's useful to organise our "constituent parts" by the dimension in which they are chosen. For instance, i believe centering and chief features are chosen/defaulted to by the personality by the 3rd IM; sexual orientation - not an overleaf per se, but interestingly permanent personality "choice" nonetheless - at the 2nd IM; body type and astrological imprinting at birth; attitude, goal, mode as well as our parents, culture and material environment by the nascent unborn personality as the cumulation and continuation of all previous personality desires and paths in concert with those of essence on the Astral sometime before and up to and likely including conception; our role in essence, casting positions and mutual relativities upon engaging in yet another grand cycle probably even beyond how we see the casual and akashic dimensions looking back; all the way back to when each of us were first spewed out of Tao as a unique spark with a fingerprint m/f energy ratio and frequency we seem to keep for ever beyond even the universality of any capacity for choice. Not that I'm complaining about the pair I've been stuck with I'm going to be a while getting to know me yet lol. Anyhow, jst another perspective of all the levels at which we are born, exist and function as peeps
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    @Nadine, it sounds like you’re exploring, and exposing, some deep emotional truths. Much love to you, today, and always!
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    Is this Healing Nexus supposed to feel good? Because I feel like shit. I guess healing can be painful sometimes, too...
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    The sun is out. Let's charge up the glow in the dark Ouija Board for tonight!
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    My Thanks to all of YOU here on TLE !!! With an excerpt of the gnostic poem perfect mind 100 AD, I wish us all that our Imagination will bear fruit, for the New Year ahead. "I am within. I am of the natures. I am of the creation of the spirits, and request of the souls. I am control and the uncontrollable. I am the union and the dissolution. I am the abiding and I am the loosing. I am the one below, and they came up to me. I am the judgment and the acquittal. I am lust in appearance, and interior self-control exists within me. I am the hearing which is attainable to everyone and the speech which cannot be grasped. I am a mute who does not speak, and great is my multitude of words. Hear me in gentleness, and learn of me in roughness. I am she who cries out, and I am cast forth upon the face of the earth. I prepare the bread and my mind within. I am the knowledge of my name. I am she who cries out and I am the one who listens. I appear and walk in I am the defense. I am she who is called Truth, and violence. You honor me and you whisper against me. You who are vanquished, judge them (who vanquish you) before they give judgment against you, because the judge and partiality exist in you. If you are condemned by this one, who will acquit you? Or, if you are acquitted by him, who will be able to detain you? For what is inside of you is what is outside of you, and the one who fashions you on the outside, is the one who shaped the inside of you. And what you see outside of you, you see inside of you; it is visible and it is your garment. Hear me, and learn of my words, you who know me. I am the hearing that is attainable to everything; I am the name of the sound and the sound of the name. I am the sign of the letter and the designation of the division. And will not move the name to the one who created me. And I will speak its name.
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    In the last day of the month and year, I thought I should check in here again. December was a great month for me! This year started out ridiculously difficult, but since having a revelation in September about how rigid I was about some things and deciding to change that, things improved dramatically. I took on lots more and did really well physically and emotionally and I find I love my work more than I have in almost 20 years. This all feels more than slightly miraculous to me and I know that there will be more big challenges and right now I am acknowledging these big wins. I'm so grateful to Michael and TLE for helping to propel me into a new reality which is truly a new lease on life.
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    I'm having a weird headache since the 25th...and just feeling off. Feels I'm processing many things and resistances. Looking forward the healing Nexus!
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    Thank you for posting this! After reading the two sessions on Happiness (this one and the Q&A), I went to pull a tarot card and received the Happiness card.
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    Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to All! Thank you Troy for all you do - and thank you to all of the TLE community. I haven't been very active in 2018, but TLE has continued to be a resource and enriches my life. Also really happy to hear plans to bring back Fringe & Whacakdoodle! Always a welcome relief to get a little bit gone from day to day reality
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    I had an extremely brief and fierce depression spiral for about a day, the middle of the Nexus, but that seems to have resolved. It sucked hugely at the time, though.
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    @Rosario, while I do desire an Artisan Year so I can kick butt (plus so we can have an Artisan Year for the first time in 20 years), I also think we've settled into a Sage Year. So if so, gear up for some fun, turbulent times with a focus on entertainment, media, information, children, education and animals. Then dive deep into the honesty, sincerity and integrity of your communication- as well as use your expression in a myriad of ways to inconspicuously teach others about the values of a healthy, happy, constructive and awesome life.
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    @Nadine & all of you, much love! May your energies transform in something beautiful! I've noticed many friends getting sick, like they are processing / burning off the last remnants of 2018 for a clear year start. also, I'm feeling a Sage year!
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    Sages and Priests, in general, are the Roles that require external factors as a means to maintain Happiness, most often in the realm of relationships. These two Roles are by far the most “fragile” while in bodies and require external care and contact as a means to feel happy. Priests, because they have no reference for their “Earthly lives” and have a difficult time in many instances feeling as if they are wanted and needed “here". this made me CRY Sometimes it's so fucking difficult...I feel so fragile and misplaced, and I suck at putting it into words or asking for care. Anyways, working on it! Thanks for posting Janet :') I love you.
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    I found this in the Yahoo archives. From contents of the message list at the time, I don't think Troy was entirely happy with this session, so perhaps that's why it didn't make it to the transcripts. However, there was a followup Q&A session the same month that references this session, so I think it belongs here. See Michael Speaks: Happiness Q&A.
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    Thanks, @Troy and Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and all good things to you and TLE. I can't imagine life without you, Michael and this community.
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    When I manifest Essence I'm: - Being amused, laughing and smiling. - Being lenient and flexible. - Following my impulses. - Navigating intuitively and with flow. - Experiencing syncronicities and being enthusiastic. - Trusting myself and my own truth. Being honest. - Showing kindness, being empathic and having compassion. - Confident and taking action. - Feeling and expressing gratitude. - Sensing what a person needs even when it's not obvious or asked for. - Caring, being supportive, having creative ideas and solutions - also for myself. - Seeing beyond the most immediate or obvious. - Lifting someone's mood. - Revitalizing someone's sense of meaning. - When dancing, I get into some kind of flow. And this true piece from my Essence Report: When you are in True Personality, manifesting Essence and living from the Positive Poles of your Personality, this shows up as your being able to see the beauty in even the ugliest of events, people, or situations. When you are in the positive poles, you see the truth of a higher pattern, even if that higher pattern is not obvious. And you are able to make decisions and choices based on these higher patterns, rather than the more confusing, broken patterns that sometimes seem to be all there is.