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    I first learned of the Michaels from the Yarbro books in the 80s, and I've been looking for more information now for years. I was a little hesitant to join this group, since it does seem that there are a lot of groups out there claiming to have information from the Michaels who maybe don't. I've been reading a lot of the publicly-available information on this site for about a month, though, and it feels right, so I decided to take the plunge. I need to have people I can discuss the teachings with, and you all seem like people I can learn from and with. I'm a farmer's daughter from Idaho, in the US, now living in Washington state. I share my home with two large male tabbies, Jasper and Jethro, who think they run the joint. In fact, I'm surprised neither of them is currently overseeing what I'm doing.
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    This speaks to me clearly. Also my significant other has self-destruction or self sabotage as it is known in “Die Quelle” which makes more sense to me. It has been difficult to separate what is going on for him from myself, although I know it does not really have anything to do with me. I am navigating this with tremendous effort and feel like I am going to be OK regardless of what the outcome looks like. I am asking for emotional support when I need it which is something I rarely do. Anyway the following is what spoke to me most: “many students, there is a stillness that may have generated within as a kind of surveilling reaction to this sense that something is shifting. It is a distancing that is not willing to invest until it is clear that a real shift is happening”. Both publicly and personally this applies for me. Thank you for this, Troy and Michael.
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    @Christian thank you for sharing that vulnerable stuff. And, I love the parallel you draw between an individual choosing life, to a large group of people choosing it on the larger scale of the climate protests. @KurtisM Exactly. I have been angrily saying "I'm a citizen, not a consumer" since I was a kid. It is an extremely important distinction, not semantics but precision language with meaning.
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    Here is an interesting article about a prediction of the collapse of dairy & cattle industry by technological advancement, and then some. (Found it thanks to @AnnaD ) https://www.rethinkx.com/press-release/2019/9/16/new-report-major-disruption-in-food-and-agriculture-in-next-decade?fbclid=IwAR04sKBB406RXu9wUsUIvaViqoYSuiF5EMSJtuTr051-eBaHCyTQ3lbFzU0 A few snippets: "Precision fermentation (PF) is a process that enables the programming of micro-organisms to produce almost any complex organic molecule. Its costs are dropping exponentially because of rapid improvements in underlying biological and information technologies. The cost to produce a single molecule using PF has fallen from $1 million per kilogram in 2000, to about $100 today. Assuming existing technologies and using well-established cost curves, the report projects that these costs will fall below $10 per kilogram by 2025, and that these proteins will be five times cheaper than traditional animal proteins by 2030 and 10 times cheaper by 2035." "The report analyzes the way technology and new models of production flip the current food production system on its head. Instead of growing a whole cow to break it down into products, PF designs and customizes individual molecules to build products. Development is done in a manner similar to the software industry: companies and individuals will build components within layers of the equivalent of a software stack that can be used according to individual needs. The food developer is like an app developer, using the stack that is most appropriate according to market needs. All aspects of the Food-as-Software model are distributed: building biological parts databases (biobricks), designing molecules/ingredients, designing microorganisms to produce these molecules via PF, and designing molecular cookbooks to integrate them into end-user products. Like craft breweries, food producers will produce food locally, using locally grown feedstock. But with the new Food-as-Software system, they will download microorganism designs, protein designs, and molecular cookbooks from global databases." I'm wondering how exactly the precision fermentation system works - there's a part of me that is super intrigued by technological advancement and precision designing like this, it simply makes sense. It's smart. It might be the change and development we need. And then there is the part that is super suspicious of such - gene technology, nano technology, nuclear technology, even all the plastics etc, the articifial food we already have in the shops (think aspartame for example), the potential of thinking we're too smart for our own good trying to manipulate and re-create nature better, failing spectacularly and ruining more than we're saving. It is a real tug war inside me actually! I would not be surprised one bit if 'I', as an Artisan, too, have been part of developing some technologies in the past, because i have had really strong fears and aversions towards technology, all technology and especially technology where we go and disrupt the natural structure of things. Who knows if there is a fear going all the way back to the splicing. How do you guys feel about this stuff? Do you know anything about Tony Seba? Seems the guy's been onto something for a while! At the end of the article they tell about him and the others working on this and other things by the RethinkX thinktank and The Seba Technology Disruption Framework, "which captures the complex and dynamic interactions of disruption and has been proven correct time and again."
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    This scene from his debut at the Troubador was my favorite I think
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    Bumping this — excellent reread at this time.
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    Welcome to a new mature world. Drama. Drama everywhere.
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    I too feel like we're not on a course to Self-Destruction, though that may be my inability to accept it if we are. But, I think we're pulling through. It just feels like that - pulling. It feels like dragging a ball and chain right now. There's forward movement but it's slow and tortuous. I mean that personally and on larger scales. S L O G.
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    Animal sentience recognised for the first time under new ACT laws By Jake Evans The ACT has become the first jurisdiction in Australia to change the legal status of animals from being purely 'property' to sentient beings in their own right. Key points: The ACT now recognises animals as having intrinsic value and rights The new laws criminalise neglecting to provide food, water and shelter for pets Owners can also be punished for failure to groom or care for their pets The animal welfare legislation passed today extends the rights of Canberra's cats and dogs — but the practical implications are not as far-reaching as they sound. City Services Minister Chris Steel said it is a bill that makes it easier to support animal rights most people already recognise. "What we've done today in recognising sentience is simply recognising what we already know about animals," he said. "The science tells us that animals feel and perceive things, and we're simply seeking to recognise that under law." The new laws enshrine simple rights for animals, such as the right to free movement. Owners can now be penalised for tying a dog up for more than 24 hours, leaving it unable to exercise. "If an animal was chained up or caged up for days on end, then they should absolutely have some exercise for one or two hours," Mr Steel said. There are still reasonable exceptions to that law, such as allowing chicken coops, bird cages and cat containment areas. But the new laws criminalise any confinement that restricts an animal's movement — including farm animals. Potential imprisonment for neglecting basic rights The laws also recognise an animal's right to food, water, shelter, clean living and health care, with specific offences for failing to attend to those necessities. For example, if a cat or dog's nails were left unclipped to the point of impairment, or its skin became infected due to fleas, an owner could be punished with up to a year imprisonment. A spokeswoman for the Minister said an element of "reasonableness" and "seriousness" is considered in applying the law. "Neglect of a cat or dog would likely be considered and treated more seriously than not keeping a fish tank clean," the spokeswoman said. There are also new offences punishing people who hit or kick an animal, abandon it or confine it in a car have also been passed. And while the laws relate mostly to pets, requirements to report a mammal hit by a car remain, as does an obligation to alleviate suffering of an injured bird or other non-mammal. Mr Steel said the laws reflect the love Canberrans already show to animals. The laws will come into effect in six months. Well, it's a start...
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    I'm really excited that Greta Thunberg has helped inspire a global network of protests around the world against Climate Change. But I'm still baffled why she isn't talking more about how much Animal Agriculture contributes to Climate Change as much if not more than do the Fossil Fuel and Transportation Industries. I get that Veganism and Plant-based Eating aren't as mainstream as Anti-Fossil Fuel ideas are, but she could be such a key player in bringing about necessary overhauls in our Diet, Food Sources and Food Systems. I've been made aware that she has talked about the link before, but it seems to pale in comparison to the amount of info she spreads and partners with others with for stopping Fossil Fuel industries and corrupt politicians. Still her campaigns and the Extinction Rebellion create a great platform for an inevitable future global launch into the causal link between our diet and the environment.
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    My beloved @Maureen earlier this morning I dismissed posting, and then after I read @Jeroen's dream, I felt like it fits into the stream of consciousness, better than a few hours earlier. It is so wonderful how tuned in to each other we are, thank you for sharing the Seth excerpt (and by the way, the gorgeous picture that you put on Janet's post today). Just yesterday I had send Oscar an e-mail, that so far I couldn't find an Entity of all the Cadres we know of, that hadn't Artisans in them. I like what Seth had to say about artists and it truly expresses how my sage-cast artisan hubby would word it too. And yes, like you mentioned, me thinks too, that we are all artistic and creative in so many different ways. The Gift of Preservation and the Art of living well is a wonderful contribution to contemplate today.
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    Yes to the dark or upsetting stories as news/movies/books - I don't read or watch stuff that anymore that I know will upset me. This leaves me mostly with Pixar movies and children's books however - and thank you so much for sharing this book with us!, I will put this book on my reading list. I love trees and I find the nature of trees and their wellbeing is hugely underestimated and underappreciated. A little while ago, I received this message: Trees are the secret guardians of life. And the quote about love is very beautiful.
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    I don't think it's Subjectivity to see one's principle as the right thing to do. It's Subjectivity when we start thinking of someone as a "bad person" because they haven't come to terms with it like we have. I believe enslaving sentient, feeling animals is wrong, but I also understand that we are still near the beginning of reversing millennia of imprinting and habit. Veganism is up against the culture of convenience, food as entertainment, food as emotional comfort, food as a way of relating, traditions/imprinting, the disconnect between food on our plates and its sources, confusion around what we need for healthy diets, and whatever else is going on in someone's life that makes them not care enough to want to challenge all this. Veganism in Objectivity would include that all of these are factors in why someone eats meat, and not just because one is a horrible person who condones animal cruelty. I personally still have meat cravings in certain communal situations, because I still see it as a comfort food and I don't like to refuse food that someone else cooked for me. But to me that's an imprinting that I don't always have the willpower to fight, and it occurs fairly infrequently anyway. One day I might get to a point where I wouldn't want that anymore (or it wouldn't matter because "animal" foods would be lab grown), but I don't see that as negating my belief that animal enslavement is wrong. Real vegans would probably disagree with me and tell me I'm not actually doing what I believe, and I think that's unfortunate because that attitude turns people away. The more people feel good about eating less meat, the more they can be inspired to embrace it. It's the long game. It simply doesn't work for those who wake up to certain truths to condemn those who are asleep. It's the responsibility of those who care enough to teach others to care. And all we can ever do is keep inviting.
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    I just read 20111223 Sirius System Too Young? and 20111121 Human Timeline Project. The information, as DianeHB already mentioned then, is contradicting, when it comes to the climate of the 3 Planets inhabitable in the Sirius System. Michael gives us 3 Planets inhabitable, they could differ in climate?
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    @DianeHB, thanks for bringing this forward. It's interesting how much this relates to our Moving Centered year -- most crushingly and sadly, with the imminent slaughter of the Kurds. This event saddened me more than anything else Trump has done "to us" -- so far. When a Higher Moving Center or Moving Center are involved in a year's Overleaves, or in an event or person's overleaves, then the tendency for Martyrdom and Impatience can run high. The dance between Victimhood and Intolerance can be quite painful. There can tend to be more collective commiseration of frustrating world when these Centers/Chief Features are involved. When collective commiseration displaces collective help, the overwhelm and anxiety is perpetuated. So... it's good to remember this: If you are upset by a recent bombing that has occurred, or a recent mass shooting, you cannot always make a difference to have prevented these, but you must then decide if you can help, how you can help. And if you cannot help, you trust. If it is not happening directly to you, then you must consider if you can help, and if you cannot, then you must trust. And, finally: you cannot help everyone, every time. But you can always care. It becomes much easier to care, even if you cannot help, when you have helped where and when you could help.
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    @AnnaD I 100% agree. And it's almost like, whatever takes us out of this nightmare we call agriculture. I can't imagine a plant-based system that could be worse, to be honest. I was, too, intrigued by the word fermentation there, but weirdly i didn't see any description there that included a further note of it? All i saw was engineering. Anyhow, i suppose i should read the actual report to get a better idea. I think it is some part of me that has been there done that, and done that wrong, that is preventing me from just going "awesome, let's do that", without wondering, what is it? And why do we need to re-invent the wheel? The plant proteins we already have now are awesome. But i guess the revolution hasn't happened for a reason. I believe 97% that this is only a good thing. I am interested to hear if others get any alarm bells from this sort of rhetorics, though. It is interesting to me for several reasons, and knowing yes or no is equally informative. I am quite disgusted with gene manipulation, for example, i think it's a dangerous game, and somehow this started sounding similar the further i read. BUT - also the food as software model sounds like an Artisan heaven and super cool. I am eagerly awaiting for similar change in the fashion industry with 3D printers and reusable material, for example. So again, 97% hopeful, and super pleased to read this prediction. Very surprised, too. The hope for real sustainable future is getting more and more tangible.
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    I know these eyes. Because my mom is also a Baby Soul. The eyes are kind of empty, blank, disconcerting to a child. They are only concerned with survival and fear and the basics. These people lash out and feel sorry for themselves, but gaslight everyone else. They can be funny at times. But add some mental illness and it's never fun. Because it's their carousel. And you just need to find a way to get off without getting thrown so hard you break something. Yup.
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    I'm making the October mystery links accessible now since I will be returning from TLEGG on October 1. I was a bit distracted while creating these, so if you should find a broken link, would you please add a comment here so that others will know which link to avoid and I will fix it when I return.
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    It was so good to read this again - OMG time has been flying..... seven years!!
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    @Maureen Hi Maureen, thanks very much for sharing the session with Michael about John of God! I’d love to join the Healing Studies Group! Sorry for the late reply. I couldn’t log on to truthloveenergy.com without Vpn. My Vpn was blocked constantly in recent days. It’s going to be China’s National day.
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    It sounds like you are a natural healer Tina - thats wonderful stuff. What you are utilising is source energy. The usual method of becoming a healer is by studying reiki and being attuned - by which you go through a ritual and receive particular symbols (handed down from person to person) that function in particular ways to assist in you being able to heal - yourself and others. Some individuals, like Charlie and yourself - have a more natural gift which flows even before attunement. Everyone has the capacity to utilise source energy but it is like any skill, some may have more of a talent than others. Keep up the good work I say. Even if you are not attuned, it sounds like you are using intent very efficiently and of course, the outcome is that you are successfully doing healing work!
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    I think you can experience an Individual nexus at almost any time, but possibly you're just recognizing the first phase of the coming Community/Global Divergence. I think I'm recognizing this in my dream activity as well, and I suspect that each of us makes our Essence choices and settles in for the completion of the nexus at different rates. This nexus feels important to me for some reason, and not just because of the Self-Destruction theme. From the same session you referenced: MEntity: The process of passing through a parallel shift (NEXUS) is in three stages; a Triad: Negative/Positive/Neutral. Though some may reverse the Negative and Positive phase, the process always moves to Assimilation/Neutral as the conclusive factor of integration. It is rare to begin the process of a Nexus from the Positive stance. ... The “window” of time described by a date span as indicated through our channels is always the general window of the "positive" phase of a Nexus. It is most easily identifiable and marked, while the first and last thirds of the Triad are less defined by time and more subjective. Michael didn't identify whether the September Divergence is a Community or Global nexus, but it might be the latter. From How Annual Overleaves Work: MEntity: The CHIEF FEATURES, while technically not Overleaves, come under more emphasis and examination as the year closes. From late September through December all that has passed comes under examination in light of your fears, what ended up blocking you from your successes, relationships, and truths. Since this is a collective Chief Feature, your examination will be explored in terms of a larger perspective, one that includes what was happening that year in the world, in your world as a result of other's choices and your reactions to them, etc. This is when the major Global Nexus occurs because this is when you can see more clearly what the world as a whole fears and whether you fit into that or not, moving your consciousness magnetically into alignment with others who are shifting similarly.
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    As an Eastern European, I have been living in the part of the continent that probably has the most Baby and Young Souls anyway. I think these are actually the dominant Soul Ages in my country. But this information about Europe as a whole becoming flooded with them sucks a lot because I had some hopes that the more progressive parts of Europe would influence my country and others like it in some way through the EU of which my country is a part of. Although I'm also perfectly aware of the current flaws and bureaucracy within the EU as well. Immigration is a long-term goal for me but at this point it looks extremely difficult and unrealistic. Especially with the competitiveness in our world and proving yourself on the job market which is hard in general and even more so for foreigners. Add to that the discrimination a person can face because of their nationality. I still don't know what I would be able to do in the country I have chosen if I were to attempt immigration now or in the near future. I first have to figure out what I can do well in my own country to support myself and be independent. It's also worth mentioning that this transcript is from 2007 and so the topic may need to be revisited with Michael.
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    That is a bit of a mind blow. Wow. (A side note: Now I also kind of feel like i've actually read that before, but not had a mind blow that time. This has actually happened several times recently..!) I would love to hear more about this. Also it makes me really ache to think about the burnt Alexandrian libraries, aaahhh . Kinda wish i didn't know/remember. Could they be retrieved in any way in the future perhaps? What a horrible thing to have happened. Also very interesting about the direction of Europe. I guess the baby & young souls going there are both migrants and new incarnations. Makes total sense, looking at what's been going on there in recent times. Although i'm a bit surprised, too; I guess i had defaulted into thinking the way forward was always going to be towards higher soul age, there. While realising people move and areas shift and cycle in soul age both ways, somehow i had not thought that to be the case for Europe, at least not in my lifetime. Feels a bit silly now indeed, i don't think i had really thought about this. Because it's my home, originally, i had somehow held it special! Man do we get biased about our "own" things. Always refreshing to be shown a blind spot, I enjoy that.
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    Love the song.... don't know what to make of the music video lol Always will fall for a song like this one
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    Also, the US navy admitting to UFOs!?
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    12:55 PM 1/27/2013 Michael Speaks "The State of the World" Channel: Troy Tolley [MEntity] As the topic in request is that of our perspective of "the state of the planet," we will begin with a review of what we see as the "Overleaves" for the time frame of 2013: [MEntity] Though we cannot usefully predict anything of any meaningful use, we can describe the general, collective tone and context of themes for a year by assigning a Role. In the same way that we can describe an Essence as being a certain Role, we cannot conclusively describe how that Role will show up, but we can describe fairly consistent symptoms that are inherent in that Role. [MEntity] Or, rather, characteristics inherent in that Role. [MEntity] 2013 appears to be a year best understood with characteristics described by SAGE. [MEntity] This means the year would most likely tend toward patterns, issues, and themes of truth, communication, learning/teaching, drama, laughter, playfulness, and innocence. These are quite broad terms, so it is important to understand what we mean by this so that one can validate and benefit from understanding the tone of a year. [MEntity] On a more collective scale, the themes, patterns, and issues as described by a Role would tend to show up in the dominant theatrics and media and politics and other collective arenas on the planet. [MEntity] On a personal scale, knowing the Role of the year can help one to find more immediate solutions to challenges between the self and "the world," understand the dynamics of those interactions in the world, and understand your part in the contribution to collective evolution. [MEntity] It is not that events and exchanges would be created by the energy of the Role, but rather that events would tend to be most easily understood and tended to through the understanding of the Role. [MEntity] For example: the tragedy that took place in the area known as "Sandy Hook" was directly related to the launch of the Sage year. [MEntity] This event was not something planned to make any point, of course, but that its unique launch into the spotlight was greatly because of the themes of interest this year. However tragic this scenario may seem to be, in any other year, it may not have gained the same attention or momentum of meaning. [MEntity] However, in a Sage year, this event's association with children, innocence, and the truth of an issue was regarded as extremely meaningful to those participating in the world. [MEntity] It's overlap from 2012 helped to highlight the divide generated by Stubbornness, played out by those in Obstinance and those standing up to the obstinance through Determination. [MEntity] As the Stubbornness fades from focus over January, the sense of need for Determination will fade, as well, and the work of change would become much easier for addressing the truths that the event brought to consciousness. [MEntity] The Center is another term we use to help describe a collective tone and theme for a year. [MEntity] This year appears to be more Intellectually-focused. [MEntity] This means more expressiveness, more ideas, more philosophical pondering, more emphasis on thinking before acting, more organizing of emotions and actions. [MEntity] In a year that is Intellectually-Centered and Sage, the trends would tend toward ideas to protect children, enrich communities, enhance schools, and make decisions and choices from thought. [MEntity] Usually, the first obvious, major event of a year can help exemplify the collective tone and theme of a year. There are many events that could be described as "major" and "obvious," but on a collective scale relative to our students, something like the tragedy of "Sandy Hook" would, clearly, be this example. [MEntity] This ties into the Goal of the year, as well, which tends toward emphasis in January through March. This year can be described as aiming for FLOW, with some sliding to Acceptance and Discrimination. [MEntity] The surrender to the necessity for gun control, for example, is Flow working in as a theme, with issues around "freedoms" coming up, and played out in spectrum between those who know that this must be addressed in some meaningful way versus those who are simply in Inertia (the negative pole), locked into their momentum of defense. [MEntity] There is a near-inevitability for any Mature Soul culture to give up its addiction to weaponry, and it is beginning to take hold in the United States as the Priest who is known as President Obama continues to anchor Mature Soul paradigm as a norm. [MEntity] The fears rising in response to the idea of gun control come from the experiences of life in a world ruled by Young Souls, and populated with many Baby and Infant. The necessity for weaponry was valid, and remains valid to some extent, of course. [MEntity] As the planet moves toward a Mature Soul norm, nearly all of the ideals of the Young Soul paradigm begin to fall, such as competition, privacy, and defense. These concepts no longer serve the Mature Soul. [MEntity] These concepts do not disappear, but find less emphasis and more organic positions in one's life, rather than as front and center as priorities. [MEntity] There would still be a concept of privacy, competition, and defense in culture of the oldest of souls, but these would tend toward a refinement that may be very difficult for those of you in the current paradigm to even conceive. [MEntity] For example: the Mature Soul discussions over gun control are not looking to be fulfilled through tactics of defense, competition, or concern for privacy, but with tactics aimed toward collective trust, networks of support, and education. [MEntity] The Mature Soul paradigm is inclusive of the Young Soul paradigm, so the concern for privacy and the need for defense would tend to be accommodated for those who still require that as a focus, and the mere discussion of gun control satisfies the competitiveness of the younger souls as they fight against any encroachment upon their individuality, even as the approach from Mature Souls is not with this intention. [MEntity] As the subject of gun control in the United States is quite sensitive, the approach toward it in an Intellectually-Centered year is beneficial, as there would tend to be a support for even the most resistant of individuals to have access to the thinking involved for why this is a beneficial measure for a society. [MEntity] So as 2013 unfolds, we think our students will begin to see more and more of the effects of anchoring of Mature Soul paradigm, played out specifically through those qualities inherent in descriptions and spectrums of the Sage and Intellect, expanding rather quietly and gently through the Goal of Flow. [MEntity] Rather than speak to general contexts relative to the state of the planet, we will now open the floor to questions about what we have shared already, and questions relative to the topic, in general. [MEntity] QUEUE IS NOW OPEN [Question] From Tex: There has been a lot of war-like chest-beating between China and Japan, and to a lesser extent other Pacific Rim countries, and India against China. Structurally, the situation is similar to the defense relationships before WWI, an illogical war with no possible positive outcome for anyone. There is no logical reason for what is happening now, either. Populations in Japan and China and the Philippines all feel threatened by each other and want revenge while trading mightily with each other. What are the chances for a stupid war? [MEntity] "Chest beating" is an apt description of nations shifting from Baby to Young, which is fairly inclusive of all you describe. When the Baby shifts into Young, in the same way that a "tween" shifts into teenhood, there comes a phase of rebellion. [MEntity] Though precarious on large scales, it is a healthy part of the process of a nation and its peoples to establish their individuality and their collective identity. [MEntity] However, the dominant Soul Age of the species will tend to influence how the various Soul Ages manifest. [MEntity] In Infant, Baby, and Young paradigms, war is quite easily launched as a potential solution to differences. [MEntity] Only when there is Mature Soul anchoring of paradigm is war more often avoided than not. [MEntity] If the Mature Soul paradigm continues with the anchoring that we see happening, then the "chest beating" would tend to remain only as that, and be used for display when negotiating differences. [MEntity] As with many teens, the rise of a collective consciousness into Young Soul Age is wrought with internal conflicts over needs, demands, resources, and issues of self-identity, and so it is for a country or nation whose population is awakening to concepts of individuality from within a Baby culture. [MEntity] We would say that, despite resistances and controversy, one determining factor contributing to stability in other shifting nations is the successful leadership of the United States' current President. If that continues along lines of successful policy changes, bringing more anchoring of a Mature Soul paradigm, then other Soul Ages on the planet would tend to align their behaviors within that paradigm. [MEntity] War would not be such an easy reaction, but one that is regarded with consequences beyond the satisfaction of assault or retaliation. [Question] That's my hope [Question] Also what are the soul ages of the leaders of China and Japan? [MEntity] Both the current Prime Minister of Japan, and President of Republic of China appear to be early Young Souls. [Question] Is this perspective focused primarily for North America/the US or will this perspective also be evident in other countries? In other words, how do you perceive these overleaves being expressed in other geographic locations, such as the Middle East, the European Union, Asia, etc?etc? [MEntity] There are a few different sets of overleaves that we deliver through our valid channels to accommodate the circle of students of that channel, or to accommodate the specific requests of that channel. In most cases, our delivery of overleaves is relative to the students who may resonate with the channel. Their reading of that set of overleaves is directly beneficial to their understanding of the overleaves, and then they extrapolate that understanding to their world view. In some cases, such as with this channel, the request is to bypass accommodation of the students, and to hear our own interpretation from a collective, planetary perspective. [MEntity] In the same way that we have described one as having Personal, Public, and True Overleaves, so are there these similar ways to interpret collective patterns over time. For some students who do not interact much with the world-at-large, the Role on a "personal level" for the year may make more sense to be described to them differently. For those who are quite active in the world, a different Role might make more sense to them as describing the year in a more "public" way. And those overleaves shared from our perspective should be most easily inclusive of both of those. [MEntity] Sometimes all of these will be the same, of course. [MEntity] For those channels who deliver more customized sets of overleaves for their students, this tends to be relative to geographic locality, as well, but as some of our channels take to modern options of expansion beyond locality, it is more specific to that circle of Agreements than to locality. [MEntity] In short, it could be said that some channels receive overleaves for how the world will tend to affect you (personal), while others deliver overleaves describing how you will affect the world (public), while our interpretation, as requested through this channel, is simply describing those patterns happening in the world. [Question] Are there any changes that can be seen at this time for this year pertaining to the debt based economy also are there any likely major economic upheavals in store this year? [MEntity] We cannot predict such things, and no upheaval tends to be "planned," but we can say that it is a pivotal and precarious year for such things. Three major areas are in need of being addressed "immediately": climate change and the exponentially-escalating effects, income disparities, and government debts, in that order. [MEntity] We do not see that the year ahead might show any obvious shifts in this regard, but if these three factors are not addressed and secured with support within the next 3 to 4 years, the results would probably tend toward unpleasant. [MEntity] Contending factors as associated with the above would be the sudden collapse of a currency value among those of more widespread value, and declining viable water supplies. All of these would seem to use to be of high priority for any group concerned with securing stability within the familiar economic dynamics. [MEntity] The latter two factors would tend to hinge on the combinations of the first three we described. [MEntity] We list climate change as the priority factor because it will not matter that the second and third factors are addressed, if the species is taken by surprise by the effects of climate to any degree that could be devastating. [MEntity] The effects of climate on economy is at 72% probability, at this point. [Question] I had a different question prepared, but I would like to expand on your answer to B - what can we, individually do, about climate change? [MEntity] There are two levels of climate change, one of which you have no direct control, and the other as a source of causation that leads to effects. The climate on the planet shifts is great cycles that are not understood from the relatively recent and limited recordings of data, so there would tend to come these shifts, with or without a species causation. [MEntity] However, these greater cycles can lengthen, shorten, or shift when there are new factors of causation in effect. "Greenhouse" gases would tend to be the greatest causation, at this point, generated from a vast industry generating this factor. [MEntity] The greatest contribution any individual could do, at this point, is to make conscious choices regarding one's part in generating or supporting this factor. In a society and culture where simply being alive will contribute to certain factors, it would tend to be most effective to educate oneself to how one's most mundane choices may be contributing to these factors, and to make different choices regarding those that can be changed. [Followup] What would be the most effective things we could change as individuals? [MEntity] Any reduction of "carbon footprint," however "trendy" this may have come to be marketed, is a valid and effective approach. It has a direct reversal effect of causation by, at least, slowing down the generation of the effect. [MEntity] There comes with this consideration a great inconvenience in many cases, but we can only say to this that there are far greater inconveniences in accelerated climate change to usurp any that may concern one now. [Comment] meanwhile we have people who don't believe it's real [Comment] yes, it all makes sense and we all know it, sometimes it's easy decide based on convenience vs inconvenience, or get discouraged and think it makes a little difference on the grand scale [MEntity] The climate will change. It always has. We have lived through many. We know. Most natural changes are fairly slow to come, allowing for us to adapt, with very few having been "sudden" in any meaningful sense for the species, but not only is the current acceleration of climate change nearing a point of "sudden," the current modeling for climate change seems to us to be off by 30 to 50 years. [MEntity] An acceleration of global tempuratures by nearly 10 degrees fahrenheit are not unlikely before 2075. [MEntity] Currently, we can see this as 45% probability and rising, based on current momentum. When we factor in potential of education and implementation of choices that would reverse this, it drops to 10%, relative to 2075, and moves the climate change toward "natural" by 2100, with a rise in temperatures coming over a 300 to 500 year period, if at all, instead. [Comment] so we can influence it considerably [MEntity] Yes. [Followup] Would choices such as choosing train over plane, and cycling to work instead of driving make a good difference if enough people did it? [Followup] what will create the biggest influence on hindering this massive change? [MEntity] K, the biggest hindrance would tend to be lack of comprehension. The scale of climate is difficult to comprehend, but coupling this with its drastic effects on life "as you know it," are difficult to fathom. It is easier to simply eat, take, and do as one has always done, particulary when "everyone else" is, as well. [Comment] so better education with a 'personal relevance' would have the biggest impact [MEntity] Choice can be seen as quite powerful on a personal level, but part of the evolving soul is to grasp the effects of choice in larger contexts. Choices make a difference in both personal and grand ways. [MEntity] One of the hallmarks of awakening, whether in Essence or Soul Age, or both, is that the impact of one's choices do not have to have immediate payoff or obvious effects. That equation is of the younger soul ages. The older soul grasps, at least intuitively, the threads of choices that weave together, collectively, to generate impact. [Question] Michael, how much does not eating meat make a difference in this matter? [MEntity] J, the industry of enclosing, feeding, watering, and processing of animals as food, and the subsequent disposal of waste from this, is one of the top means of contribution to climate change acceleration. [MEntity] We did not have to check the Akashic Records to see this as valid in your world today. [MEntity] Its part in the equation of economy, climate, and water supply is integral to their potential demise. [MEntity] When one begins to make choices based on effects beyond the personal, one is manifesting Essence, and the older Soul Ages. [MEntity] J, those choices are valid for having an effect, though in terms of the train, this would tend to depend upon the fuel. [MEntity] The last time there was an industry of equivalence on the planet, nearly 1 million years ago, our species was nearly destroyed. [MEntity] This was not from the same consequences, but that this disconnected type of process for storing, treating, and distributing a food has yet to have had beneficial consequences in the long run, even if contributing greatly to the convenience of a people in the short-term. [MEntity] By "disconnected" we mean that those processing the foodstuff are disconnected from the care necessary for healthy processes, and the average recipient of the foodstuff is isolated from the entire process. This disconnection and isolation comes with a toll, since "no one is home" to manage the quality and vitality of the foodstuff. And the recipient simply consumes it without question. [MEntity] This could be said of many industries in terms of consequences on the species, but when that industry then has impact on greater scales that involve ecosystems, other species, and atmospheres, the consequences are potentially far more than we can fairly anticipate for our students. [MEntity] Your choices in the matter, matter. [Question] What does our current paradigm look like as opposed the myriad of others out there? What do those other paradigms look like? [MEntity] Please clarify "other paradigms." [Question] In your statement you mentioned our current paradigm: "In Infant, Baby, and Young paradigms, war is quite easily launched as a potential solution to differences." [Question] Michael – What did you mean by “There would still be a concept of privacy, competition, and defense in culture of the oldest of souls, but these would tend toward a refinement that may be very difficult for those of you in the current paradigm to even conceive”? Would you give an example of what will be difficult for us Older Souls to conceive? [MEntity] M, from what we have seen in any older soul paradigm, the concept of competition would tend to be either in playful terms, or in how that competetiveness contributes to the joy and well-being of the others involved. There is no real concept of winning. Games would tend to seem either boring, confusing, or pointless to the younger paradigm of game players. Imagine a football game where there are no teams, no score, and no winners, and you may come close to a glimpse. [MEntity] This is starting to come into fruition in the world of video games where those games emphasize experience as the priority over the winning or scoring. [Comment] I can see that. One of the reasons I don't professional sports so much is that someone "has to lose". It's heartbreaking to watch at times. [MEntity] Privacy is all but gone in the old soul paradigm, at least in terms of how those from a young paradigm might see it. Body image issues lose all footing, and clothing becomes optional, while resources are no longer used from a base of competition and debt, but availability, so there is no currency or details about oneself that can be exploited in those ways relative to resources. [MEntity] Ownership of objects tends to be seen more in terms of borrowed, so that there is little attachment to "things." [MEntity] When one person may lean toward more ownership of things than another, they are considered available within reason to anyone, and expectations or demands to the use of anyone else's objects is minimal, since they are fairly readily available anyway, and when not available, it is not taken personally. [Comment] I have "imagined" that in the future Michael - about not "owning" most things - borrowing even personal things. [MEntity] There are some hints of this in terms of digital products in your world now, with confusion in place regarding the legalities of control and ownership for such products. [MEntity] It is a different world of rules regarding ownership when objects can simply be duplicated without effect on the original object. Theft is not only no longer of interest, but no longer of necessity or use. [MEntity] For now, this paradigm of borrowing is fairly limited to the world of digital products, but is mired in younger soul concepts of profit and ownership. The Priest who was known as "Aaron Swartz" is in a Configuration looking to change this paradigm of competitive ownership. [MEntity] In terms of defense, the older soul paradigm tends toward dynamics that usurp any necessity for assault and defense in any obvious sense, though there would tend to be tactics in place relative to any known threats. For instance, there would still be concepts of healthy preventions, and remedies, as well as physical weaponry relative to threats. [MEntity] However, the concept of defense would be relative to threat, not to paranoia, or speculative threat. [Question] So his death may have some meaning then? [MEntity] M, if those who remain from the Configuration choose to carry forth point of his vision, awareness could come, but the actual changes necessary for implementing his vision would seem to be for another generation. [MEntity] The "foot is in the door" of this precarious consideration for the future of digital data, so this was Good Work. [MEntity] We must conclude here for today.
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    Interesting Amethyst, I got that it might be a Nexus for exploring our reactions to Surprises that intercept our Expected Momentum (through outrage or consideration). Which is intriguing because Anger and Surprise are emotional polarities according to Michael.
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    The dates are set and can’t be changed. Sorry about that!
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    Deja vu re a late relative, whom I long suspected was a Baby Soul (or another age manifesting as Baby)... But they were also living with mental illness + the early stages of vascular dementia during the years I knew them.
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    Not really. An impeachment is really just a congressional motion to hold a hearing on whether or not to remove the sitting president from office. Even if he were impeached AND actually ousted, all of his actions and appointments would stand unless specifically overturned or found illegal.
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    This text about grief reminded me of my last POF because it reminded me that Michael said that my tears were grief over the relationship I would like to have with my parents... I don't know if it has to do with this mourning or not...m,as I feel very strange at this moment...I'm obsessed by this family crisis and I can't seem to think of anything else...when I thought I was picking on normal...I have a dream with my parents criticizing me.... IoI... which was a total surprise because usually these dreams are related to my mother... And the world may be on fire out there but in my mind it just seems to have room for this crisis of relationship with my father... This crisis was a total surprise to me... I didn't know I had unresolved issues with my father... I didn't really know... and I don't know if something really changed or if I just didn't see certain things.... Both venus and Mercurio are my Body types and I'm really wondering why this is happening... in case I'm putting it in the present because it's still happening... and my father hasn't died yet... although I'm not sure if our relationship is alive... All I know is that at this moment I don't recognize my father... I don't recognize myself when I'm around him and I don't recognize my relationship with my father anymore.
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    @Martha Thank You so much for this information, when I was looking in the library, this session wasn't there. Great info!!! @Janet Cool Move, so much appreciated!!!
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    @KurtisM The lethargy comes from Essence 'stepping back' to look at the bigger picture and see the range of possible outcomes before entering the Divergence. Energy Reports only describe the window of time during which the parallels actually split or merge, but the Nexus process begins well before that, and continues for a while after. So feeling the lethargy at this point doesn't necessarily mean you're early. I think you're right on time. EDIT: Well, Janet has a much more comprehensive answer. We posted at the same time. LOL
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    Not sure if this is related, but it is my best guess that it is and wondering if any of you guys experienced this aswell. Yesterday I woke up and felt like I had the energy levels of a 110 year old. Like I could've literally layed down anywhere and fallen asleep within seconds throughout the day. But then I start learning that more people experienced yesterday as a day of very low energy. My wife, our friend who lives in the states. Even my coworkers reported feeling tired. Today the energy levels were still bellow normal, but I think that is probably just because we're still recuperating from whatever the heck happened yesterday =p
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    I too wonder about this. It is easier said than done to be objective and set aside judgement until you know enough about the situations and choices people make. I think on an individual level, veganism may or may not apply depending on what the person's body can handle. There are some people who desperately want to be vegan, but have severe allergies to certain plant foods and find that the only other option for them is to consume animal products in order to stay healthy, for example.
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    Just a little note from this corner of the world (on my mobile... phew). We had nationwide local and county elections yesterday here in Norway and more people being engaged in it too by voting. There are mainly at least 10 different parties, plus some local parties here and there in addition. The Greens and agrarian Centre Party made gains with over 50% since last votes 4 years ago. The political landscape has changed quite a lot now, new coalitions and alliances will have to be made and politicians will need to cooperate more and find solutions also from case to case. The 3 biggest parties lost a lot of voters. The governing parties at the moment is a mix of 4 parties (2 of the dominating + 2 smaller) and they all lost votes to other parties. Also the opposition party lost voters These others mainly work for radical change re. green/environmental issues, stop the centralisation and bring power, welfare and independency to the locals/communities instead of growing huge systems and making reforms that aren't close to people and the communities, and not serving the people were they live. Also changing the economical and social differences that has built up during the years with mainly right wing influence governing (2 right + 1 center + 1 left party). In 2021 we have the next election, parliament election.
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    I'm (darkly!) amused. My computer apparently decided to get an early start on "self destruction." The monitor died today, and it took some key parts of the computer's core software with it. Enough that while I was eventually able to get a new monitor and gain some sort of access to my machine, it couldn't boot -- not in safe mode, nor to restore to a previous setting ... and I was forced to reset it to the factory default settings. End result, I have a computer that works, but lost all of my files, pictures, videos, and programs. Some of it was backed up elsewhere, and those bits I can recover it. Some of it is lost forever. All in all, a most frustrating and disgruntling afternoon. I am running quite short in the gruntle department! I should see about re-gruntling myself sometime soon. In the meantime, I hope things go well with y'all during this time of emotional evaluation. Stay awesome!
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    Glorified visualizations is a very good way to put it. I got over the appeal of spell craft pretty quickly. They never worked the way I wanted them to. It was easier to focus on moving energy around. I did like “an it harm none do as he will.” It’s super simple. There’s no holy book, no commandments, no nonsensical restrictions. Just, don’t be mean. LOL
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    If you are interested in learning about energy work, I suggest taking a Reiki workshop. Energy work is really subtle and easily dismissed by people who mainly navigate by intellect and haven’t learned to pay attention to subtle feelings in their bodies (which is true for most who grew up in modern western culture which values intellectualism and materialism). I was one of those people and was convinced I couldn’t feel energy, then I took a Reiki class and found out I just hadn’t developed those senses. I took many other healing workshops after that, but didn’t end up going in that direction for work. Now I use it on Tex when he has back aches or cut a finger or something. I also use it for times when I have stress and it works quite well for anxiety and depression.
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    I went through the Energy Reports to look at Nexuses since Dec 21 2012, when we officially moved into the Mature Soul Age. I summarized each one in my own words, but you can just go to each Energy Report post in the transcripts and see what was written if you'd like. I hope this sparks some understanding of the world in the last few years. It's very interesting to see how each Nexus builds up into the next. Try not to think of them as separate points in time, but as a stream of energy forming or dissipating into the next- as it's a lot more entertaining to see the patterns holistically. 2012 Dec 21= MAJOR DIVERGENCE and CONVERGENCE: Realities branch and merge because of various beliefs and theories about shifts, destruction, ascension etc. that emphasize our Anxious Uncertainty and whether this will be met with Reaction or Response. 2013 (Based on the info below, my guess is this was a Year of Collective Confidence) Jan 5-8= DIVERGENCE: Realities branch that either emphasize and amplify Collective Stubbornness especially in Politics & International Events- or free themselves from that to move on. Feb 11-15= DIVERGENCE: Themed in Flow. Realities branch that either resign to -Inertia, or actively contribute to collective redirection. Around this period, it’s especially inspiring and motivating to create structures that increase our capacity for peace, calm, abundance and +Freedom. Mar 15= DIVERGENCE: Same as the February Divergence, but with more resistance to being responsible for the Flow of our life. - Jun 14-16= MAJOR CONVERGENCE: Parallels merge due to a rise of consciousness among all of them that are aiming to represent one’s Personality more confidently in the world. This Nexus merges several branches from our past that resigned from their Power and hid themselves from scrutiny, rejection, failure etc.- but have now accepted their Empowerment, bringing a mix of grief, anguish, struggle, insight, motivation and excitement. - Aug 2-5= DIVERGENCE: Versions of us “peel away” from this reality to focus on their collapsing, ignored, rejected or eclipsed Ideals. Aug 28-31= DIVERGENCE: Themed in Resolution. A spontaneous branching for the Collective to focus on various ideals and responsibilities still unresolved in Politics. On the Personal Level, this brings apocalyptic, disastrous or disturbing imagery through dreams as we are “weeding out” the worst-case scenarios for how these world issues could be tackled. - Oct 17-21= DIVERGENCE: Parallels branch off to focus on strikingly different versions of our future Global Economy. This then pivots us all toward or away from a Resource-based Economy. Nov 9-11= CONVERGENCE: Themed in Death. A Reunion of Parallels where we or significant others passed away. This brings dreams in that recall vague, strange variations of our life/experiences that came from other parallels where we or our loved ones, animal companions or people from our past actually died. Dec 1-3= MINI CONVERGENCE: Themed in Death. A Nexus that merges any parallel versions of us/others that died over the past few months. Dec 15-19= DIVERGENCE: Themed in Acceleration. A branching into 2014’s Intellectual Priest in Growth energy, or not. If there’s a rapid amplification into a strong whirlwind of activities & effort emphasizing renewed enthusiasm for your intentions, projects and tasks for 2014 then this would’ve occurred. Otherwise, these last 2 Weeks of 2013 would be more calming and recuperative before the coming January Nexus. 2014 (Based on the info below, my guess is this was a Year of Collective Healing) Jan 6-8= DIVERGENCE: Parallels split that will most strongly or weakly emphasize the core themes of 2014- bringing more focus and footing to our Intentions. Feb 12-15= CONVERGENCE: Themed in Relating. Parallels “here” that are working on growing closer to tentative relationships & dropping barriers/inhibitions in the process, merge with those realities that have already done so. Mar 29-31= CONVERGENCE: Parallels merge that wish to bring focus back to projects, plans, future anticipations and coordination through Cooperation and Community. - Apr 5-9= CONVERGENCE: Parallels merge that branched off as far back as Childhood. This may cause dreams to come up bringing back nostalgic symbols/memories from our childhood and any past lives resonating with that. May 17-19: CONVERGENCE: Themed in Turning Points. A subtle or obvious haunting, distracting sense that how we’re doing things may need to change- merging us into parallels where we are already doing things that matter more to us. Jun 3-8= DIVERGENCE: Themed in Efficiency. Those involved in this nexus branch off parts of themselves not willing to participate in/contribute to the changes needed to create new paths for their life. This brings a sharp halt to those that see their ideas for change would simply not work, so they then clean out their mind/heart of these attachments. - Aug 25-30= MAJOR CONVERGENCE: Parallels that have similar realizations about Global or Environmental Conflicts now merge. On a smaller scale, versions of us that are exploring internal conflicts & indecisiveness about commitments/directions now shift to either a conscious choice toward personal/global fulfillment or a needed breakdown & rebuilding. *A branch of realities from the 1700s CE where the US wasn’t founded & wide-scale religious, political and military oppression ensued across the globe for the last 200 years, now merge with ours- as they have gone through uprisings since the 80s against this to establish a constitution that is now birthing the US in 2014 “there”. This will either lead the US out of its seat of power for the next 20-50 years, or escalate it into a heightened position beyond all comprehension. (This info is not from the Energy Report, but from this Private Session by Maureen.) - Oct 28-31= DIVERGENCE: Permanently-wounded aspects of us that refuse to allow Healing branch off, freeing those that are willing to heal to feel relief. Nov 26= CONVERGENCE: Versions of us that are willing to Heal now merge, bringing gratitude, appreciation and comfort that can bring more relief, confidence and trust again. Dec 11-13= CONVERGENCE: More parallels and people that have brought wounding to the surface come together to Heal anything from across 2014. Waves of creative solutions and resources now emerge to facilitate this personal and social healing. 2015 (Based on the info below, my guess is this was a Year of Collective Peace) Feb 25-28= DIVERGENCE: Realities branch based on choices toward -Subservience or +Devotion. This focuses us on healing parts of our life left in broken circuits, or brings out realizations of anything missing that could replenish our Submission. Mar 20-23= CONVERGENCE: A Reunion of parallels from 1999 over the Fear of Technology. They explored moving away from technology, then cleared up these fears & returned trust in it, merging with us. This Nexus then explores how technological impact is accelerating & how we need to either take breaks from it to return balance, or transform isolating technologies into more meaningful and intimate ones. - Apr 18-20= CONVERGENCE: A Reunion of parallels from 2002 around Overreactions/Phobias that veered toward Full-scale War- but then brought focus back toward greater peace, merging with our Parallels that have secured that (even with clear growing pains). Jun 20-23= DIVERGENCE: Realities branch based on our reactions to Surprises happening through the month that bring shock or understanding. *In some parallels, Earthquakes happened in the Pacific Rim and New Madrid Fault. (This info is not from the Energy Report, but from this Ask M Transcript.) - Jul 20-23= CONVERGENCE: June’s divergence separated parallels creating war/oppression & parallels creating equality/inclusion. This Nexus then brings all realities in that are actively evolving & exploring Equality, Inclusion, Empathy and Compassion. Aug 14= CONVERGENCE: Straggling Parallels of versions of us that gave up/stopped trying because of hardships/obstacles/struggles now return because they’ve worked on Healing. As such, we feel our sense of effort, enthusiasm and energy amplify now. Sep 14= CONVERGENCE: Parallels merge for those who explored isolation, separation, lack of intimacy/community etc. This Nexus then brings heightened efforts to nurture and sustain common ground, intimacy and resonance. On larger scales, this shift relates issues of immigration, borders and equality. - Oct 18= DIVERGENCE: Realities branch to bring Shifts in Power among countries. Nov 22-23= DIVERGENCE: Realities that are concerned with the balance of Practical Reality with Fantasy/Illusion, or an extreme entrenching in one or the other now branch off. For most older souls, this was a reality check nexus that could be used to practically nurture or plant our fantasies into reality. Dec 25-28= DIVERGENCE: Parallels branch to explore dreaded or anticipated versions of the Future, through choices of self-nurturing or self-preservation. 2016 (A Year of Collective Turning Points [Confirmation]) Jan 10-15= CONVERGENCE: Themed in Death. Similar parallels reunite where certain fragments just died vs had died some time ago. Most who die in the next 3 Months are in final closure of all their parallels. Feb 8-17= MAJOR DIVERGENCE: A Planetary Shift of parallels to more Peaceful and Humanitarian Paths, more Turbulent and Disruptive Paths, or more of “The Same”. This Nexus feels like letting go of directions you’re no longer interested in & a renewed conscious focus on what you are. Mar 19= MINI DIVERGENCE: A possible shift related to events caused by a high-profile event or person representing the force of a population/collective. If it occurred, it would narrow paths forward. - Apr 22-29= MAJOR DIVERGENCE: A previous Energy Shift on April 16-19 that emphasized Power Struggles & made us see where our personal, national or global Center of Power is, may now result in a Shift in Power that closes down several potential parallels. May 30= MINOR DIVERGENCE: A small but intense shift that emphasizes a major event in your individual life or on a larger-scale for the country or planet. - Jul 29= DIVERGENCE: Parallels branch off for those that are interested in escalating toward greater War. (DanielaS received notice about the 3 Themes of Parallels that diverged from this Nexus.) Sep 26= BREAKTHROUGH: For those in a Turning Point, this Nexus emphasizes Breakthrough and leaves behind the options of Breakdown. If this shift didn't come, you may have felt a huge release from gravity to float above and be free from patterns of burden and demand to recreate yourself, refresh your perspective, bring relief from fears so you can catch your breath & take on the rest of the year with vitality, creativity and love. - Nov 7-10= MAJOR DIVERGENCE: A dramatic shift to work on Collective Karmic Themes. All living on the planet are on a path that seeks to heal the world on a profound and lasting level now- though it may not look like so as the wounds have to be clearly identified and pronounced & the creation of such peace is not always pretty. There are 2 Major Karmas being tapped into now. Younger Souls are working out Karma around choosing Collective Responsibility and Self-Discipline vs Self-Preservation and Oppression. Older Souls are working out Karma around choosing Passivity/Complacency and Convenience vs Being Awake and Taking Action to Resolve Legitimate Threats. Dec 13-21= CONVERGENCE: A slow, lengthy merging of all realities coming together on the verge of Global Revolution. 2017 (A Year of Collective Humanitarianism [This was confirmed, but I cannot find the Transcript, except for this.]) Jan 19-23= CONVERGENCE: Same as the December Convergence above. Feb 26-Mar 2= MAJOR DIVERGENCE: A nexus bringing the first signs of Relief from recent events. It was an exit ramp for those interested in extreme versions of reality which removed that element from our parallels to help improve morale for those “here”. Mar 30= MINI DIVERGENCE: Parallels branch off for those in our Energy Ring that are actively refusing Pleasure or Peace. - Apr 15-20= DIVERGENCE: Certain Parallels branch towards themes of War. May 19-21= DIVERGENCE: A potentially Dramatic Shift to more meaningful, acceptable and inclusive negotiations among world leaders- or more turmoil, shock and extremism. - Jul 20-23= MAJOR CONVERGENCE: A great clash between discordant realities arises- where how deeply you’re invested in Being Right vs Being Fair comes up, due to strong Declarations made by you+others toward one side or the other. On a Personal Scale, this shows as a strong sense you must choose between staying locked in -Subjectivity or finally embrace +Objectivity. For the Collective this divide shows in the Political Arena. Aug 21= DIVERGENCE: Branchings related to the Total Solar Eclipse that prompted unexpected effects triggering collective panic/shock or wonder/awe (especially in the US). Sep 20-23= DIVERGENCE: More branchings that shifted Parallels toward various extremes for the next 100 Years. As they split off, they acted like release valves bringing greater relief from pressure, or a continued sense of trust and calm in collective progress over collapse for our parallels “here”. - Oct 10-14= DIVERGENCE: A branching with unknown effects that were never explained. Nov 21= CONVERGENCE: A mix of Parallels where growing fears/anxiety/uncertainty were met with successful solutions now converge, bringing a fairly pivotal time for Healing & Problem-solving that will unfold over the next 3 to 6 Months. Dec 18-22= CONVERGENCE: An unusual merging of parallels that have “failed” or “succeeded” at fulfilling key patterns share in common extremes of Climate & Power Struggles. The same conditions exist across these realities, but there are differences in the people's capacity for resolving these daunting scenarios. A wave of “refugee” parallels that moved into hopelessness were integrating into our reality to seek help & this brought a sobering vision & awareness of the larger-scale issues for those who had been ignoring reality. 2018 (A Year of Collective Revolution [Confirmation by Kurtis]) Dec 23 2017 - Jul 11 2018= NEXUS BUBBLE: The Ms say that Nexuses are like synaptic pathways for the mind of Human Sentience to explore various passages of thought, emotion and action. A Nexus Bubble however, is like a neural cell that gets so dense with Karmic and Self-Karmic thoughts, emotions and actions it weighs humanity down. As such, we were now forced during this period of time to deal with these patterns of karma & self-karma until everyone on the planet could see it's a problem- and so any sense of personal reality was then flipped upside down so we could see the collective reality around us. Nexus Bubbles tend to occur during a monumental Paradigm Shift from one Soul Age to another, as there is a pivotal lesson learnt at these times that changes the course of life forever. (You can explore this in the Nexus Bubble Transcript) In our case, we are shifting from a Young Soul Paradigm to a Mature Soul Paradigm- and the karma & self-karma at hand is one of humanity continuing to perpetuate and allow all forms of INTENTIONAL VIOLENCE to occur indefinitely. During this period, we have learnt that we are all A PART OF LIFE, and that the idea that we all have separate personal lives is an illusion. As such we are facing the fear that we can't divide, separate, escape, compartmentalize ourselves from the world- and realizing a deep truth that we are all interconnected and always will be. Through this, Humanity is en route to generating a reality of GLOBAL UNITY, but this will play out in both negative and positive ways. --- July 12-21= NEXUS BUBBLE COLLAPSES, bringing MAJOR DIVERGENCE and CONVERGENCE. This shift is characterized by a strong sense of acceleration, intensity and escalation. The Divergence was focused on a Liberation of incompatible & disparate parts of everyone that were bottled up in the same reality throughout the Nexus Bubble. The Convergence was focused on various parallels of us Listening to our Core Voice- cutting off or through all the noisy bullshit voices around & inside us to hear at least one voice within or around that says we matter to & in this world. (Three Private Sessions talked about this: JanetH, Dawn and Becca.) Aug 25-27= CONVERGENCE: Parallels that each see "Strength in Numbers" and are willing to address, shift and resolve the looming potential of war & great conflict now merge. This marks a rise in serious awareness & consideration of the Reality of War, as Humanity comes to shift away from Young Soul ideas of Growing through Conflict, and into Mature Soul ideas of Growing through Compassion. September 25-27: DIVERGENCE: Sudden and solid obstacles came up that needed immediate solutions. The more one was locked into Dogma, the harder the path to solutions was for the Personality, Community or Planet. --- November 5-11: MAJOR DIVERGENCE: Parallels spin off to explore a morbid curiosity for and apathy to a 5 Year descent into Unimaginable Dystopia. (This info is not from the Energy Report, but from this Private Session by Janet.) December 31-January 3: CONVERGENCE: Parallels come together to Heal and Recover. (Additional info was added on here thanks to DianeHB.) 2019 (A Year of Collective Empowerment [Confirmation by Rosario]) March 1-5: DIVERGENCE: Parallels spin off to explore various "worst-case scenarios". [Perhaps for the 5 Year descent into Unimaginable Dystopia?] --- April 19-22: CONVERGENCE: Parallels come together with a focus on the Cleanup and Sorting through of one’s house, relationships, mind etc. May 18-21: CONVERGENCE: Parallels come together to focus on True Grounding through a growing sense of emotional peace and sanctuary that is done with old problems, and ready to embrace new power and pleasure through revitalizing social connections. June 21: CONVERGENCE= We're merging with parallels that have increased inspiring actions in their lives and world towards renewed paths of enthusiasm for a better future- because they've committed to Participating in their lives and now we are too. --- Sep 19-21= DIVERGENCE: A major nexus to shift the world towards or away from Self-Destruction. If the shift is towards, it would be quite obvious. If it is away, then it would either show up as a quiet period, or a profoundly meaningful and moving event.
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    Here it is: Keanu Reeves, actor Benedict Cumberbatch, actor Emma Watson, actor JK Rowling, novelist Carl Jung, psychiatrist Carl Sagan, astronomer/author Elizabeth I, the Queen Stephen King, author Jim Carrey, actor Johan Sebastian Bach, composer Srinivasa Ramanujan , mathematician Elizabeth Warren, senator Jeff Buckley, singer-song writer Charlotte Brontë , novelist Hafiz, Persian poet Richard P. Feynman, physicist angelina jolie, actor Stevie Ray Vaughan, singer-song writer Gordon Ramsay, chef Eric Arthur Blair, novelist Ursula K. Le Guin, author John Cusack, actor Andy Kaufman, comedian Jim Morrison, singer-song writer Hermann Hesse, poet/novelist
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    Because it isn't in any way about you knowing what exactly is going on. It's not about the other people involved. It is about you. It is realizing the truth that you are hurt or the truth that you feel betrayed or the truth that you feel confused. There are a lot of possible truths here to cry about, which one was it to you?
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    @Kerrin I appreciate Your response !!! Yes, when I read this channeling for the first time, I felt absolutely that it expressed and nailed it for me. I read it to my Task companion from C2E4, who Knows also my Cadence Mate and he said: This is what you guys live. I feel like I am on an outpost here in this world and seldom, even on this website, I get , when I get those rare responses, when someone takes the time, to put their thoughts in words, not the understanding for what I was pointing out. It is not dragging me down, in any way, I like the interaction. It's seems like I just got used to it, but am not aloof to it anymore. I thank You Kerrin, for this brief period of time. I love everything Celtic, You remind of those Druid times !!!
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    Ask Michael - August 6, 2017 MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin. ***QUEUE IS NOW OPEN*** MEntity: Yes, Juni. Juni: You said back in November in the Energy Report that the time had come to balance collective Karma against Complacency, Convenience and Self-preservation. How are we doing with that so far and what actions are proving to be most effective ? Please comment on how it feels/how we'll know when Collective Karma is successfully balanced, if there is time. I think since you mentioned the IS manifestation probability is nearing 100%, we might not be doing too well MEnity: Collective Karma is a long-term pattern that requires collective participation in balancing. It tends to take a minimum of one generation to do so. MEntity: At the moment, there is a fairly strong launching of shift in that pattern from among a relatively small percentage of population, but that is also fairly common. MEntity: It tends to take a dedicated force to hold a pattern long enough for it to be of interest to others. MEntity: That force is holding strong in offering and creating education, patience, alternatives, and direction. MEntity: When collective karma is being balanced, it tends to start as a contentious minority of population who are awake. They refuse to "go back to sleep" and have recognized the fundamental necessity for balancing the karma so that evolution can occur. MEntity: Because there can be various small populations who are contentious, some are generating karma and some are balancing it. Those who are balancing karma do so as a way to help unite and heal the population, while those who are generating karma tend to focus on dividing and harming a population. MEntity: Because there are so many incarnated at this time, and because there are factors involved where the trajectory of human existence is at risk, it would be difficult to balance this collective karma without planting a sequence of perpetual support from your greater sources. MEntity: The Infinite Soul is not going to "save you," but the effects of the Manifestation can tend to prompt greater participation from among those who have found ways to avoid the karma. NEXT, Cong Cong: Hi Michael, I want to ask about chakra links and how they are related to the unification of entities, cadres, and energy rings. You have said once :”It is often exciting and moving to look at forming a new link with one fragment who is Linked to another. The synchronicities begin then.” I wonder if creating the chakra links is one of the first steps towards the unification. Also can we generalize the idea and say that a unified entity is an entity where all members have all of their chakras linked (there are more than 7 chakras of course)? MEntity: Unification of Entities begins with the first contacts among the individuals extant. It begins with those first forms of communication in any way. This means that the first caress of affection can start that process for two fragments, or huddling to avoid threat, or feeding one another, grooming, etc. These are the very first steps because these begin the bank of experiences that, eventually, coalesce into more 3rd and 4th dimensional memories that carry from one lifetime to the next and generate the resonance that become Essence Recognition. MEntity: In terms of Chakras and Linking that comes from shared Monads, these are more long-term in effect than other forms of reunion and bonding. What reunites an entity is the mathematical magnetism, so to speak, that draws fragments to return from fragmentation and back into formation. The bonds that bring this are those developed between Task Companions. MEntity: Linking that happens within an entity can help in the reunion of an Entity, but Linking tends to be more helpful in reunions across and throughout Cadres. MEntity: A reunited entity does not have all chakras aligned and functioning as "one" until the Causal Plane. NEXT, Kurtis. Kurtis: Hi Ms. Today I'd like an elaboration on the Venusian Health. There's not much info on it. MEntity: VENUSIAN HEALTH: MEntity: When Venus is primary to Health, it means that the parathyroid is the primary gland system used for processing experiences that get to the level of the body. This tends to show up as issues involving body temperature regulation on the most common of days, and move into issues involving calcium growths or depletion or deposits, cysts, and some skin conditions. MEntity: When Venus Health has become a factor, it tends to mean that the issues being processed are all about the blow to one's sense of access to others in terms of affection. MEntity: Venusian Health tends to be affected by embarrassment and how others see them. NEXT, Connor: Connor: Hi Michael. Connor: I can’t for the life of me find the specific transcript, but sometime back in late 2016 I remember you describing a high likelihood of Interception by extraterrestrials by 2025. Connor: Has the likelihood of Interception shifted in lieu of all that has happened since 2016? Your recent assessment of the likelihood of Infinite Soul manifestation at nearly 100% implies lots of turbulence in our immediate future. Connor: And if extraterrestrials do show up, how would we communicate? Translation devices? Have extraterrestrials studied Earth languages? Connor: I expect to ride in a spaceship before I die, so those ETs better hurry up. MEntity: Chronic turbulence can be a prompt for the return of the Infinite Soul, but that is not always the case. The Infinite Soul can manifest during ages of abundance and calm, as well. The key is in the patterns that may be in place that threaten the healthy trajectory of the species. Even in "the best of times" there can be danger, especially when complacency can come with bliss. MEntity: Humanity must always participate in its trajectory, especially after the Young Soul Age. It is when a higher number of fragments begin to opt out from responsibilities that the species faces its greatest threats. MEntity: We can say that 75% to 80% of the population has opted out from any true responsibility for the trajectory of humanity. This is because a large portion of the planet struggles in survival mode while a significant, but smaller, population indulges without comprehension of consequence. MEntity: As for off-planet species, we can only say that confirmation on a wide scale is nearing. We do not mean to be elusive about a time frame, but it is not a scheduled event. We do not know if this will be presented as actual contact, or as discovery. MEntity: It is not tied to the Infinite Soul and would not be bumped or affected. Off-planet species confirmation is an inevitable part of the Physical Plane experience, and it comes, eventually, for most sentient species in some way. Connor: Not for the seahorses? MEntity: Regarding communication, it would depend upon which species makes contact or is discovered. If a sentient species were to make widespread contact, communication could come with patience, regardless of language. If a non-sentient species is discovered, language would likely be moot. MEntity: In short, off-planet discovery and/or mainstream contact is still on the table and pending. MEntity: NEXT, Crystal. Crystal: Hi Michaels: I am a huge fan of Jean Auel's Earths Children (Clan of the Cave Bear and sequels) and was wondering if Jean tapped into our actual past or a parallel timeframe. The story is so compelling to so many people. Crystal: And her societies were egalitarian, peaceful and sophisticated - was this something that existed or was this research and wishful thinking? MEntity: There is validity to the recall that is used as inspiration for this series. It is embellished with fictions that help tell universal stories of the emotional body, but the history is fairly valid in many ways. It tells a story of as best it can within the confines of acceptable and practical history, while using creativity and vision to flesh it out. MEntity: Those forms of societies most certainly existed. MEntity: NEXT, Nan. Nan: Yes, Hello. I’ve been reading in Michael Newton’s books that a soul sending a personality into incarnation sends but a portion of the soul’s energy and that the portion can be a varying percentage of that soul’s energy—sometimes small, sometimes larger. So, I have been wondering about a soul that sends Concurrent personalities, living at the same time. It would seem they would have to be getting rather small portions of the whole pie, reducing energy for each personality. Why would an Essence divide itself up this way? MEntity: The existence of "You" in all of your incarnational variations, including concurrents and parallels, uses approximately 1% of the energy that is Essence. MEntity: It is a shared resource that is perpetually regenerated by various higher physics, so to speak, that come from the activities of each lifetime. MEntity: The you that you know at this moment is using a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a single percent to exist. Energy resources for lifetimes are far from being a concern. MEntity: Imagine your computer screen as physical reality and all of the activity occurring on the screen as variations of incarnation. It takes little more for a paragraph to exist on that screen as it does for an image or tab or web page or a single character. MEntity: It is similar for Essence. Tyrone: Hi Michael. My main question is about marijuana/cannabis Tyrone: I'd like to know: What are the actual long-term and short-term effects of consuming the chemicals in marijuana? (THC) Tyrone: (and others, etc) Tyrone: If there is a way to describe it in more metaphysical terms, perhaps in the teaching's terminology, how would you describe it? Tyrone: And are there non-psychological physical effects as well, such as with hormone receptors or production? Tyrone: One reason I ask is that it seems like I've observed alot of heavy marijuana users with some strange traditionally testosterone-related things happening with them, and I'm wondering if these have been just coincidences. Tyrone: The other reason is I've gotten alot of varied anecdotal info about what it does for different people, Tyrone: If it helps: as of an hour and a half ago I requested my essence to make sure an akashic upload's been done on the relevant observations to this question. I get the sense though that this has long been done ;) MEntity: As this would require a greater amount of time for a full response, we will say for now that long-term and short-term effects are mostly beneficial in terms of improved functions on many levels, but that this improvement is based in moderation and technique for ingestion. When it comes to chronic uses in high quantities, even the best of benefits from any resource can be dangerous. Water is life, but you can drown in it. The same could be said of the effects of marijuana in that they can overload the system in ways that "cloud" that system. MEntity: In metaphysical terms it is helpful in many ways that involve creating the mind space for common ground. That common ground can be within the self among those selves, or between the self and others. Its primary effect is that creation of common ground that serves the species so well. MEntity: In negative terms or chronic indulgence it can break that common ground up and bring isolation. MEntity: As for effects on testosterone, we would say that it is indirectly related and not a cause. Tyrone: ah, ok MEntity: We must conclude here for today. We are losing focus through this channel. Good day to each of you. Goodbye, for now.
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    Yeah, I'm still blown away by the Grand Cycle stuff. Like, we can be planets?? Gasses? Trees? EWOKS WERE REAL??????!!! :)
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    Hi Troy, You’ve had a miserable week and I am sorry. I hope you are feeling better soon. With respect to the chart, if you think we can get it done in the next month, we can just let it ride. If not, then tell me–no offense–and we can save it as a credit. If you are swamped or just plain not feeling well and don’t think you can get to it, which is all right but I need to know, then I will make other arrangements. This is a personal promise between me and a friend and I need to keep the promise, that’s all. Be well and thank you for all that I’ve learned over the years from being a member of this community and following your work. It really is brilliant. Bill
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    [MEntity] You are in your 9th Grand Cycle YOUR ESSENCE HAS BEEN: Scholar, Sage, Priest, Scholar, Sage, Priest, Artisan, Sage, and now Scholar

 [MEntity] Your First Grand Cycle appears to have been as a rather giant, worm-like creature who lived primarily in sands of a very dry, desert planet. Its entire source of nutrition came from the caverns of waters and mosses deep within the planet, which was illuminated by what would be understood as bioluminescence. The lifetimes were the equivalent of what you might experience as a century. This species did not require interaction for reproduction, as every body could reproduce on its own, planting large quantities of pods in the cavern pools where larvae were nurtured collectively. The species was primarily philosophical, but in the crudest of terms, as the speculation was limited to life beyond the surface of the sands. Beyond this, the species was so physically sensitive that most of its time was rather meditative on its sensations, moving about merely to feel, sleeping minimally, moving constantly. Though sexual intercourse and gender was not a necessity for reproduction, sexual pleasure was eagerly shared in writhing groups. This species never made contact with any other sentient species, was always planet-bound, but another species did discover the remains and generate a version of the species again on another planet, which turned into a terribly problematic scenario. Some variation of this species was depicted in vague, creative memories from the science fiction writer known now as Frank Herbert. The original species died out as the planet’s water reserves dried up, but the Design was able to complete its Grand Cycle incarnations.
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    Originally posted by Troy on 12/8/13. Further carrying out the influences from one of his muses, the Transcendental Soul, Gandhi, and finally burning the last of his Ribbons in the completion of the Jailer/Jailed Monad, living as a Magnetic Server, and as an example of full completion of all 7 Internal Monads. In light of his recent passing, here is most of the profile for Nelson Mandela: ESSENCE AND PERSONALITY PROFILE STUDENT: Nelson Mandela ESSENCE DYNAMICS Role: Server Casting: Warrior Cadre/Entity: 5/7 E-Ratio: 75M/25F Frequency: 45 Soul Age/Level: Old/6 (now 7th Old) ESSENCE TWIN INFORMATION Role: King PERSONALITY DYNAMICS Goal: Submission Mode: Power Attitude: Spiritualist Center/Part: Moving/Intellectual Chief Feature 1: Martyrdom Chief Feature 2: Self-destruction
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    Michael Speaks Live Open Floor 9/22/2013 Channel: Troy Tolley [MikeS] Hello Michael, this is my first ever question. [MikeS] In our Young Soul world, the Michael Teachings for all its elegance and internal logic is not a mainstream philosophy. [MikeS] Would it be good work to seek a vehicle by which the Teachings could be introduced into mainstream culture? [MikeS] I don’t mean to ask that the Teachings should be dumbed down but rather that they might be differentiated to meet the particular needs of Young and Mature Soul students and especially children. [MikeS] Perhaps the vehicle for such an undertaking might be though fiction and popular culture? Or am I tilting at windmills? :) [MEntity] What we tend to do is teach our students, those fragments with whom we share Agreements, within parameters of their capacity for utilizing the teaching, and this continues to evolve, but what those students do with the teachings is their choice. That would include any efforts to share that teaching with those whom we do not share Agreements. [MikeS] On the one hand the teachings are so helpful but I guess they are only helpful to those who are ready. [MEntity] Our students can use the teaching to teach their own Agreements, or share their perspectives and philosophies in any way they see fit, or effective. [MEntity] Mike, it is true that there is a point at which one is "ready" for our teaching, and this will not be the same for everyone, and not of any interest to many, but this can be said of any teaching. [MikeS] It is interesting to know that you would have no problems, with the Teachings being used to fulfill other Agreements. [MEntity] We continue to state that your life, and your own implementation of any teachings that you find of resonance and benefit, are far greater in effect for teaching a teaching than the concerns for how to market it. [MEntity] The core of our teaching is in learning how to choose, and choosing how to learn. If we were to place conditions on how that teaching is used or shared, we would be undermining our own teaching of emphasis on choice. [MEntity] However, we can state that as there is a shift in paradigm toward the Mature, which is far more accommodating to the Old, there will come a tendency for the Baby and Young to find interest in all things "spiritual," and this has been growing in effect since the Harmonic Convergence. [MEntity] This is because all Soul Ages have to adapt to a shared paradigm as a way to participate in the world together, so it is becoming important to the Young and Baby Souls to understand the terminology, the lingo, the schools of thought, etc, but for very different reasons than that of the Mature and Old. It is a strategy for competitive edge for the Young, or as a way to enforce insularity for the Baby. [MEntity] If one were to market our teaching as a way to help get rich, build businesses, to positive-think your way into a better life, one could find a way to do so, but it would be a different teaching. [MEntity] However, if one were to wish to share this teaching in a way that sustains its integrity, it would be shared as it is, and with invitation. it cannot be shared very well with urgency. [MEntity] Our teaching cannot save anyone. We cannot claim to make life better. We cannot claim to have all of the answers, or to have a system that is better than any other. We an only invite you to explore with us, and we think that is an effective method for sharing as students, too. Our teaching, however, does lend itself well to fictional representation, and we do have students working on this with us. We look to have another "Michael" novel available within two years that we think our students will enjoy. [Jana_K] Is choosing of Impatience as a CF related to being pressured to do things faster than is one's natural comfortable pace in childhood? Is so, can you elaborate on this please? If not, what IS it typically connected to? I.e. as a reaction to what pattern occurring in childhood? [MEntity] Jana, that can be one of the patterns that develops a defense, yes. It will always be a matter of any lack of control over time. There is no universal symptom or pattern, but the core will always be the same: fear of losing control over time. [MEntity] This can come from the discomfort you describe, to being from the sense of mortality because of the death or loss of someone, to the over-eagerness to achieve. [MEntity] The most definitive pattern could be described in simplistic terms as "I do not have time for this, because of the demands of that." [MEntity] The most definitive pattern could be described in simplistic terms as "I do not have time for this, because of the demands of that." [MEntity] The "this" and "that" can be anything, of course, but there would tend to be difficulty in prioritizing because there would always tend to be something of greater priority and demand. [MEntity] This sense of diminishing time is reflected in the polarities, with Audacity and Intolerance, both of which state that there is simply not enough time for one thing over another. [MEntity] We would have to look at the individual with Impatience to see what patterns may have been specific to that childhood, but it is safe to say that if one has Impatience, there is a keen and sensitive sense of time passing faster than can be comprehended. [MEntity] There is much more to say to this, of course. [tkmppi] Concerning dementia you have said “it is natural for these facilities to degrade over time in the body, so it is simply a part of aging for many bodies.” Could you expand on this (for instance why would so many choose it). [MEntity] If one were to choose to go to the grocery store because one wants to purchase groceries, yet there are long lines involved in the process, it would not be fair to say that this person is choosing to stand in a long line. She is choosing to buy groceries. The long line is not a choice. It is a PART of this particular experience of buying groceries, but does not define what she wishes to do with those groceries, and why she is there. [MEntity] If one were to be born into poverty, an oppressed people, in a war-torn country, it would not always be fair or accurate to say that one chose to be born into those circumstances, because the choice may have actually been to be born with those who would help make the most of the life, and those circumstances were moot compared to that priority. [MEntity] If one develops and ailment that diminishes the quality of life for the body, it is highly unlikely that this ailment was chosen, but that choices made along the way had effects that contributed to the developing ailment. [MEntity] This is not to say that dementia or cancer are not chosen, but usually not in the same way that one would choose a favorite iced cream. [MEntity] The body, for now, comes with a limit in how much energy can pass through it as representation of consciousness/sentience. It, eventually, burns out. That burning out is not a choice. It is simply allowed as a part of the greater choice to have been alive. [MEntity] CHOICE will always have bundled with it ALLOWANCE. [MEntity] For most fragments, the following is true: You choose to live in this world in a body, and you allow room for the limitations. You do choose those limitations, you allow them. You do not choose war. You allow war. You do not choose disease. You allow disease. You do not choose pain, you allow it. [MEntity] This is mostly because one cannot control what happens to the self, but can always control what happens FROM the self. You learn from how you respond to ailments and disease. You do not choose these as lessons, but you learn from them because you can. [MEntity] So it is not a question of why one would "choose" dementia, but a question of what one can learn from it, if one chooses to do so. In general, that "lesson" tends to come as a cumulative effect of refusal to deal with many tangible issues of the life that reflect hopelessness or helplessness, and is a chance to learn to move back into a non-linear state of presence, absolute trust. [MEntity] In general, this is met with a sense that the past is a place of security, and this is explored, first, but quickly found to not be the case, and then the non-linear can begin. [MEntity] It can also come for many who were "strong" in the life, and eventually find that this has worn down the body and psyche to a point where others must now take care of them. [MEntity] It can also come for many who felt no sense of control in the life, and this brings some sense of control back through the obligatory care from those around them. [MEntity] In general, it is a cumulative effect of helplessness, hopelessness, which are allowed in the life because of other choices made. [MEntity] Again, illness and ailment are nuanced, personal, and cannot be summarized easily, so we can always expand upon this subject. For our students, we remind you that most do not actively choose the pain or the illnesses or the struggles in life. They allow them, learn from them, and evolve in the capacity for where choices can be made. [liiona24] Hi Michael, It is my perception that people behave in a more combative manner and really to strike back vindictively. I see this in my personal experience as well as the larger world (navy yard etc).Is this a result of people in general feeling more powerless? Or something else? I am not sure how to respond to people behaving like bullies. [MEntity] Are you describing the "navy yard" man as being in the position of the bully, or as responding to bullying? [liiona24] It seems like he responded in kind, passed it along [liiona24] Like he felt powerless and resorted to a gun and bullied others. [liiona24] What I am speaking about is people being displeased and immediately going into threatening to hurt others in some way. [liiona24] or doing it: Ie keying someone's car etc [liiona24] maybe I have been in a bubble but never have I seen this so much as the last 6 months or so [MEntity] In general, this is not more prominent in the world than usual, and has been far more pervasive in the past. When a destructive characteristic of Sentience begins to wane, it will tend to amplify before it fades. [MEntity] In addition to this, there are cultural levels of imprinting that are not serving the Moving Center in healthy ways. This is the imprinting of immediacy. [MEntity] The space between thought/feeling and action is presumed to be capable of satisfaction as immediately as possible. [MEntity] This can lead to a culture of reactionism, without rationale. [MEntity] For groups whose culture is rooted more in the Moving Center/Part, it is often plagued by violence and reactionary assaults, or Frustration/Freneticism. [MEntity] How you choose to respond to this is your choice, of course, but we can suggest that you first understand that this is not a growing problem, that it is a waning, but amplified issue, and that the culture of immediacy and/or Moving Center can tend to generate this as a form of "problem solving." [MEntity] From there, we can suggest that any act of violence, harm, or abuse is a matter of forgetfulness. We do not trivialize the scenarios by saying this. It is a forgetfulness on a profound level. [MEntity] Essence, the self, consequence, life, the future, the past, etc. are completely forgotten. [MEntity] You cannot do the remembering for that person. [MEntity] But you can do the remembering for yourself. [MEntity] Remember that there is more than the scenario, that there is more at all. [MEntity] When one feels the weight of negative or destructive and harmful events in the world, it can be difficult to do the work of remembering, and your Essence, self, quality of life, joy, are tossed to make room for the forgetting (which, literally, takes up more "space" within). [MEntity] Hold on to your own remembering as a way to anchor it in the world for others. [MEntity] By "remembering" we mean that you do not fragment yourself as a way to navigate the uglier experiences of life. [MEntity] We know we cannot solve the issues of bullying or reactionary violence stemming from helplessness or those with mental disturbances, but we can do our best to help you remember that there is more than this. [Maureen] Who is Mother Meera? It has been said that she is an Infinite Soul. Is she an IS or is she “simply” a healer or an enlightened being or something else? From Wikipedia: “Mother Meera receives thousands of visitors of all religions for darshan which she conducts in total silence. [Maureen] . Her darshan consists of a ritual, where she will touch a person's head, and then looks into their eyes. During this process, she reportedly 'unties knots' in the person's subtle system and permeates them with light.” [MEntity] This fragment is not hosting the Infinite Souls, but is a Transcendent Old Server (not Transcendental). The method for healing described is utterly honest in its point: that she is doing absolutely nothing; "you are." This can cause many to attribute the effect of healing to having been sourced from the fragment, but it is only themselves doing what could be done by looking in a mirror, or giving oneself the same authority over the body that is given to her. [Maureen] Michael - what do you mean by a Transcendent Old Soul? [MEntity] Many fragments learn how to transcend beyond any limitations or combinations of intellect, emotion, and action, but some choose to use this in a way that serves a larger, more public Task. [Maureen] Has her Essence "cycled off" and then "come back"? [MEntity] Transcendent Souls tend to be those fragments who are not defined or constrained by any limitations of emotion, intellect, or action, having the capacity to sustain a holistic form of Centering so that the spectrum of self is accepted. [MEntity] No, this Essence has not cycled off. [Maureen] Is this what might be considered Enlightened? [MEntity] Not exactly. "Enlightened" is relative. She is enlightened relative to many who seek her, but not enlightened relative to many more. The same can be said of you. [MEntity] Enlightenment is a process of integrating a philosophical structure that works for you. Once you are "enlightened," that enlightenment is now foundation for more enlightenment. [MEntity] We must conclude here for today, though we know there are more questions in the queue. Good evening to each of you.
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