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    What a relief! Thank you @Troy for the optimistic news.
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    Thank you @Troy. It will be interesting to see this play out, however it plays out. I also appreciate getting this Energy Report early and the Overleaves for next year. It feels like Michael is giving us a preview and that helps me understand what I am perceiving a little easier. Things seem to be intensifying and speeding up, and I have been seeing 'signs' of moving away from Self-destruction in many areas of my world, the world I perceive. I'm feeling cautiously optimistic about humanity as I watch the impeachment hearings and we see clear examples of good people who value our democracy standing up to the lies and corruption and greed. We haven't seen too much of that recently as fuckface and his criminals have dominated the news/tv screens. Just seeing how Adam Schiff is conducting the proceedings is reinforcing what competence, dignity and focus look like. And of course, Nancy Pelosi is such a role model. Sharing my good feelings with you all here on TLE also makes me feel better, stronger, more whole. Loving you, loving the world, loving life.
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    Very validating...I've been going through an existential crisis for at least ten days. I'm stopping now.
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    I'm grateful for my family and friends, alone time, and this community, of course. Before I found Troy and his community, all I had were a few Michael books I cherished and read over and over. I remember reading MFM and feeling envious of that little group that would gather and speak to Michael, wishing I had others to talk to about it. Fast forward and I was able to do exactly that -- attend one of the Great Gatherings in New York and commune with not only Michael but many "old friends." I love you all. Happy Thanksgiving!
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    The whole "existential crisis" thing doesn't quite resonate for me, but I was also born after 1987 and was not forming coherent memories until the late '90s, so I've never known anything different. The Internet was a little dial-up baby at the time, and it grew up with me. So I don't really know what it is like to be in a secluded personal world without a strong connection to collective events, and I don't think most other young people really know either. I'm not sure I've ever had a major existential crisis, and I've always found them to be kind of silly, and easily remedied by temporarily adopting a more near-sighted view of reality. What is the point of doing anything? Chocolate, silly. The point is to get more chocolate. And to attend campfires.
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    Wow! Month after month I feel like these energy reports have been written specifically for me - very reflective of what I've been thinking, feeling and experiencing. I've been feeling a heavy, heavy existential burden for at least 18 months - going on 2 years. Can relate so much to many of the things Troy has stated in the "Let's Snap Out of This Together" thread. Not a depression - I would still call myself an optimist and have not been entirely without happiness - but have been feeling a heavy burden nonetheless - like gravity has been turned all the way to the maximum setting, pulling me down, down, down. This energy report for November was exactly what I needed right now.
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    You don't need to go that far back. In non-European cultures, it is quite common for three generations to live together and for grandparents to look after the grandkids while parents go to work. My parents lived very close to my grandparents while I was growing up (both in Taiwan and Los Angeles), and I was basically raised by my grandmother up until about first grade. After we moved to the US, we still lived close to my grandparents, and I would go there after school everyday. One of my aunts continued to live with my grandparents after she got married, so my grandmother also helped raise her kids. I think it's not the advent of agriculture, but the Industrial Revolution and mass migration to cities that broke up extended families. The lack of Servers in the US (not sure about Europe) may also have something to do with it. Most of the Servers/Server-casted people I know are all about family (blood or chosen), and they make the effort to not let that connection fade away even if they live in different states or countries.
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    I used to have a more innocent take on bringing prejudiced people to the accepting side but after the experiences I've had with my father over the years I've realised that sometimes this doesn't work and you only end up draining yourself by trying. I know now that some of these people enjoy the narcissistic supply they get by being reasoned with time again by someone they believe is simply a naive idiot going against their values and they enjoy being the distraction from that person's better causes. Although I'm likely to see my father again, I have little to no emotional investment in what he thinks anymore and I've only met up with him a few times over the past year. Having a toxic influence around you and becoming accustomed to it can do untold damage that you don't even notice until that influence is gone. Although I am gay, I've never had that much of an interest in sexuality at all, and I'm starting to believe that this is because my sexuality is something that has set me apart from other people, rather than bringing me closer to someone, and this is something that has been invisible to me until I thought about it, as I only have my own life experiences to measure with and I accept what I go through as my own version of 'normal'. I wouldn't even want to talk to my father about such things, I don't think I want to talk to him about my personal interests much at all anymore.
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    I can relate to what all of you are describing. The existential crisis, the disillusionment, the utter exhaustion. Though in my case most of that happened last year. Last year sucked. It was like being turned inside out and being in utter disbelief about everything. Michael says I started my 4th IM last year, and I can validate. But starting it when the whole sentience is in two -Poles of a collective 4th IM isn't any easier. In any case, it seems we have a rising potential to reach +Freedom and +Purpose by March of next year. That is huge! This is a big time for all of us. If we are conscious and noticing our contributions and participating in society, we could legitimately create a very different world. Two +Poles reached in such a short period of time is no simple feat. Let's give ourselves the credit to make a difference in small and big ways.
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    A bit late here, but as a quick response: I'm grateful for a blooming relationship I now have that has opened me up to deep intimacy. I've learned from the Michael Teachings about, well, the power of choice. It is my choice how I want to live and experience, how open or closed I am, whether I need to step back or dive in etc. But I'd say it has helped me move through my 4th IM earlier and quicker, which has been hard but ultimately fulfilling for me, as it reflects my progress in maturity. As for this community specifically. I'd say I've learned how to discern between speculation and verity- and between my and others perspectives. Which hasn't exactly been easy, but has helped with reality checks and some improved relationships.
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    This song is from my Entity Mate Loreena McKennitt, an Artisan-Cast Priest from Cadre 1 Entity 7. Rarely does music touch my Essence as much as her music. This song often brings me to tears. The thundering waves are calling me home, home to you The pounding sea is calling me home, home to you On a dark new year's night On the west coast of Clare I heard your voice singing Your eyes danced the song Your hands played the tune T'was a vision before me We left the music behind as the dance carried on As we stole away to the seashore We smelt the brine, felt the wind in our hair And with sadness you paused Suddenly I knew that you'd have to go Your world was not mine, your eyes told me so Yet it was there I felt the crossroads of time And I wondered why As we cast our gaze on the tumbling sea A vision came o'er me Of thundering hooves and beating wings In clouds above As you turned to go I heard you call my name You were like a bird in a cage spreading its wings to fly "The old ways are lost," you sang as you flew And I wondered why The thundering waves are calling me home, home to you The pounding sea is calling me home, home to you The thundering waves are calling me home, home to you The pounding sea is calling me home, home to you
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    Thank You Michael via @Troy, and participants! ME: " to live at least one day a month, if not every week , AS IF EVERYTHING IS O.K." "You have the option to give yourself a day of simply BEING" "unplug" "digitally detox" "However Old your Soul, you have never lived in a Mature or Old Soul World before" I resonate with creating meaning on my own, and that everyone else is doing it as well, in that sense it is truly my (our) time . Me and a lot of us are aware how much we are still operating on young and mature soul values, and we all could fill pages explaining to each other what we went through, after the awareness took hold to shed them, and only taking the goodies with us, the point is, its worth to give the options mentioned above by Michael a chance. Oh my, I know we are in a big pickle now, gees "as if everything is o.k"., simply being", "unplug", digitally detox" WHHHAAAAATTTT!!!??? Me like the new, possibilities, probabilities, we truly have nothing to loose, we hardly have anyhow, so hey, give it a try! Your eternal Optimist! ( a little side note, it works)
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    I'm in the middle of a residency at Yaddo, so I'm in a magical place and really getting a lot out of it. But, I am also experiencing a lot of anxiety and dark emotions. The big realization or moment I had the other day was about how I have always tended towards darkness, as a default, and that that won't change; that I have a tendency to overcomplicate things, and to always find the harshest or most dark view of any situation, that I assume the worst and feel bad and guilty and like I've fucked up, just as a default, nearly all the time. This isn't new information for me, but I felt it all really strongly yesterday, like a wave, and I couldn't stop crying. I deem that a kind of release. I don't feel much in the way of release OR collapse, right now, otherwise. Though there are certainly circumstances in my life that could go in either or both directions at any moment.
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    One of the things that I may have realised as a result of this Energy Shift is that the past few years have not been useless to me in terms of growth and discovery and that these years have helped me on a way to a trajectory that I hadn't been giving myself credit for before. This could be a game changer for me, as it is a direct indicator that I haven't been floundering through life and that things have indeed been happening since about 2017, even though progress has felt slow for me.
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    I just stumbled on this thread! Oh my lawwd do I have suggestions! I will return with my arms full and share after the holiday! Thank you to all of you who are making this effort! It's probably easier than ever to be vegan, but I know it can also be daunting. So big hugs to you for doing this!
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    I will be totally honest .. I don't believe it .. I don't believe my personal life is connected with this paradigm shift. The only thing I can think of right now is my relationship with my family .. and I'm sure it doesn't affect the whole world .. it's something extremely personal .. I'm sorry but I can't believe it ..
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    Amazing news! Troy has completed all his known backlog and all support tickets have been closed. If you still have an outstanding session, please open a support ticket asap. It would be lovely to have anything still out there completed as we start a new year.
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    Thank you Janet for this helpful post. All of the dedicated work you do here is greatly appreciated. .
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    Thought I might contribute a video of one of my favorite indie artists- LP. I love her androgyny, soulful voice and unique musical style. I watched some of her interviews- and she really feels like an entity mate. One day I will have to ask if she is c1e5. PS- her fiancee, Lauren Ruth Ward is pretty awesome too.
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    Beautifully said - the Marcus Aurelius quote reverberates and brings up memories of "Gladiator"....
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    In general, I can understand the shift away from Male/Female terminology for energy. While as Maureen said, it's worth keeping in mind/mentioning the correlation between the concepts of male/focused, female/creative as a pattern that exists, I can see how the change will be helpful in future clarity in regards to the teachings. I'm up for it. I am a bit dubious of the use of "Creative" as it doesn't strike me as the contrast to "Focused," it's not a direct antonym at least. But, I don't have an alternate term for the more diffuse energy side of the spectrum, and I know that those terms have some precedent in channeling, so I guess that's the way to go. I agree with Janet on maintaining some form of identifying sex or gender in the relationship descriptions as appropriate. It may be outdated in a farther future, but at present it is still a common, useful piece of identifying information in many cases (i.e. "deceased grandfather" is more specific than "deceased grandparent"). From what bits I've seen, it's also one of the most asked for descriptors when people inquire about relationships and past lives and such, so having it included saves a likely frequent extra step of having to ask for it. It doesn't have to have its own heading or slot, but it's still useful to include in the description if available and can be qualified/excluded as required. That's my thought at least, though it is Troy's format to do with as he pleases.
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    Thank you, I had never heard of her before. What an amazing voice, and i love her energy, something about her face is just glowing and transferring beauty from within and beyond. This is making me really miss classical music, in a way that i never pursued it, or even wanted to pursue it. I long for the immersion in that older European culture, every now and again i get this feeling... Oh to be a classically trained what-ever, studying in an 18th or 19t century classical building with large gardens and tall linden trees... Simple sophistication , music, art, philosophy, literature, history, biology... Sometimes I just miss that hassle free, noise free era or the idea of it. Slow time. Appreciation of soft formality in art and science, coupled with inspiration and discovery. I think (and i've never realised this before), it's actually this what i love about European buildings and what i miss when i say i miss cities with some history. It's mostly neoclassical architecture that i love, really, and it's not even the architecture that i love but feeling the neoclassical spirit. Thank you for, if very indirectly, making me realise this. Maybe I should try to bring this spirit home. I think this would help fix something.
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    This is very interesting. I must have started attending Monroe Institute classes after reading this part of Seth because I think I would have immediately keyed in on it otherwise. Because the Monroe Institute actually has one of these meeting places at another level of reality. In Monroe Institute terminology, "Focus 21" is considered to be the location where there is a bridge between the physical and the astral. (Bob Monroe numbered different meditative or trance states that he identified to be a specific "location.") Upon introduction to Focus 21 (in the very first program) we are told that there is a cafe there where students can meet. That first class just didn't work for me in terms of visualization, so I didn't see anything, much less a cafe. But surprisingly, as my visualization skills improved, in subsequent classes I indeed found a cafe at "Focus 21." I didn't experiment with it too much until my most recent class, and we had a fun joint experience there. One of the class members was a Roman Catholic priest; he was pretty laid-back and dropped the collar and the titles for the class. So we called him J. During an early session we were given an exercise to connect with our guides or helpers or whatever people felt comfortable calling them. J, of course, shared with the group that he had found his two guardian angels. He asked them where Jesus was and they told him: "Oh, he hangs out at the cafe." Another member of the class, B, received a message in an early exercise that seemed to be related to the Virgin Mary. She was confused about this because she is not Catholic. So she and J apparently had a conversation about this, but no one knew about it until experiences were shared at a later exercise on about the third day. So, during this later exercise, I felt I was done with the assigned task, so I decided to visit the cafe. I sat at a patio table on the outdoor deck and remembered that J's guardian angels said that Jesus hung out at the cafe. So I wondered if he was there. I looked up to see Jesus striding across the deck toward the cafe doors, as though he had an appointment with someone. I was amused but didn't think too much about it. (Yes, this is all visualization or "imagination," but you'd be surprised how vivid it can get, especially under the influence of binaural beat sounds.) When B shared her experience after that exercise, she said that she had found herself in the cafe and that Mary -- dressed in street clothes -- was sitting at the bar. B was confused; she didn't expect to see Mary, and certainly not at a bar in street clothes. She wanted to ask Mary about the earlier message but didn't know the protocol for approaching this important Catholic personage. So she never approached her. Then J shared his experience. He met up with his guardian angels and asked to see Jesus. So they went to the cafe. Inside the cafe, Jesus was sitting at a corner table with someone and waved J to join him. After some initial conversation, J asked Jesus about B's experience seeing the Virgin Mary in the early exercise. Jesus told J, well, Mary just found B to be a kindred spirit. But you can ask her yourself, she's sitting at the bar.
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    @petra I like her cheeky little smile there.
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    @KurtisM, I've been wondering that too. When was the split (besides "late 18th century) and what was the pivoting event? Also, for those who work with others in a healing capacity - channels, therapists, doctors, etc. I have discovered this essence: https://www.staressence.com/products/quartz-rutilated I like all the essences that Star makes, but this one has been special to me lately. It's like a calm and reassuring hand on the forehead, if that makes sense. I'm also using the Gold essence and Gold and Silver Chakra: https://www.staressence.com/products/gold-silver-white-chakra I think I am going to start my own blog to yammer on about these essences and other things but I thought they might help other people who need them, as they are helping me.
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    I had to think a lot about what you wrote and I'm sorry about your losses. It really makes me angry that we give people like Trump or ideologies like Brexit so much power to divide us and to be honest I think we should keep on trying to have an honest and open exchange with these friends/family members although their views go against our most important values. I don't mean to persuade them to believe our views but to LISTEN why they believe what they believe. They're loved ones after all and by excluding them from our lives we really leave them to people who feed their view even more rather than having the opportunity to challenge their view. Although I hate Brexit and think it's one of the most stupidest ideas ever and want to believe everyone who voted for it must be completely crazy (at least) I found out I have a dear friend who voted for it. It made me furious at first because i take Brexit very personal and I have to say I also considered excluding her from my life but we started to talk about it and it actually brought us closer together and helped me understand why she voted for it and for her why people would want to stay in the EU. I'm not going to change her mind neither is she going to change mine but at least she started to think about it, and me too. Not everybody will be open enough for it but I've noticed more people are open than not open when they don't feel attacked. We still have power. We don't need more division. I think to close the gap it would really help to listen and stay objective.
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    @Miizle Yes! You could also ask the question again, and making sure, that you are asking, if you are manifesting your Soul Age Level. A read of Team TLE: The Roles for Mature and Old Souls, February 1 in 2019 Michael Speaks, could be helpful too, there Michael says: "What we describe today is a Role manifesting its actual Soul Age" I remember Michael saying (Can't find where right now) That we come more into our actual Soul Age Level after the 4th Monad. If Michael responded with 5th Old, that's the answer.
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    I don't think the terms are supposed to be antonyms or opposites, not even polarities in this case. Out of Creativity can come Focus and out of Focus can come Creativity. I (personally) like these terms precisely because they don't pit each against the other. It isn't like Positive and Negative where we aim for one over the other. This is kind of what I mean about moving past binary paradigm. "Focused/Creative" isn't binary.
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    Ingun found this session buried in documents on her computer. Thanks to Ingun for ensuring that it gets shared! August 10, 2003 AGREEMENTS, CORDS, and PARALLELS MichaelEntity: We will speak on the subject of what we refer to as Agreements. "Agreement" is most directly defined within our teaching as a "casual, non-binding preconceived agenda created between two (or among many) for the sake of a mutual or directly impacting experience." Before a lifetime is physically begun, the Essence has anticipated many contexts within the lifetime and in that anticipation knows that certain other fragments are required for certain experiences. As part of that anticipation, Essence seeks out fragments who share in similar paths, or who may need some reciprocating event, or who may simply be interested in the experiences being anticipated. There are a number of contexts for which preconceived Agreements are arranged. Some examples might be in the areas of Matedness, Child-bearing, and Pivotal/Facilitator experiences. Agreements are made on a personal level and on a group level. Some of your Agreements are, for instance, to meet another fragment and try out Matedness. Some of your Agreements are, for instance, with a group of fragments, such as with your Entity and Cadre, to try out the teachings of a non-physical Entity during a span of lifetimes. We remind you that Agreements are NON-binding. No Agreement is static, nor is it a commitment. It is an Agreement. While between lives, the anticipation of the upcoming life can set up hundreds of Agreements, but as the life actually unfolds and the Personality is in charge of making decisions, the Agreements can be abdicated, delayed, or altered. The management of Agreements is usually done from the perception of Essence, so there is usually no need to be too concerned. As the soul grows in awareness, though, the participation of the Personality becomes extremely important in the process of Agreements. To accommodate the Personality and its own experience of navigating the Physical Plane, the Personality has complete "say" in creating, altering, or delaying any Agreements, regardless of plans generated before the life. The Essence may have set up a Mate Agreement for a certain period of the life, but has come to find that the fragment in Agreement has taken up smoking and heavy drinking, which is far from compatible with the Personality. The Personality may have made it very clear to Essence through varying means that he or she is incompatible with a smoker or an alcoholic. In that case, new Agreements may be generated to accommodate the Personality. In other instances, the smoker may have died or be in alcoholic rehabilitation for the time frame of the original Agreement. This can result in an abdication or a prompting from the Personality to have Essence "set up something else." In other words, Agreements can be made at any time and are extremely malleable, including the wishes of the Personality. Most fragments retain most of the original Agreements made before the lifetime, even if new ones are made, especially as an Older Soul because the perceptions as Essence vs. Personality become more and more synchronized for the creation of the life. Agreements are made as Primary or Secondary. Primary Agreements are those made with the original intentions and participants, while Secondary Agreements are those made with fragments who agree to be “back ups.” If you have a Secondary Agreement, the fulfillment can come like a surprise compulsion or distraction until your life adjusts to the need for your participation in that Agreement. If you need one of your own Secondary Agreements to stand in, you may find a shift of direction that may seem surprising and disorienting at first, because the Primary Agreement has abdicated. Secondary Agreements are made when it is highly important for that particular experience to be gained. Some of our channels use these terms without comprehension and this can be confusing to the student. In those instances, we usually find our student through an alternative channel and clarify the context. While the notion of Agreements may seem intangible, there are skills that can be developed by the Personality as a means to navigate the lifetime more consciously so as to fulfill Agreements, or attract/find those Agreements of interest. Many competent Astrologers, for instance, can calculate varying Agreements by looking at the transits occurring for an individual. We can elaborate on our astrological methods in another gathering, if there are those who are interested. Agreements are fulfilled by entering what we call a Sequence. A Sequence is the steps taken to fulfill an Agreement that then become a kind of acceleration toward that fulfillment. Although Agreements can be abdicated, altered or delayed, once the Sequence has begun, the abdication or alteration can tend to have more impact. If the alteration or abdication is mutual (or at least mutually understood), it is relatively uneventful, but if the abdication is one-sided, the effect can be as devastating or uneventful as the other fragment’s chosen reaction. Most of the stronger reactions to an abdication are in the realm of intimacy, such as Business Partnerships, or Mate Agreements. If two fragments agree to matedness, and one abdicates after the Sequence has begun, the experience can be quite painful. This does not mean one is obligated to an Agreement once one has started, but in the process of understanding Agreements, it is fair to consider the impact of your choices on your Agreements. The fulfillment of an Agreement, once a Sequence has begun, can feel quite compelling, but it is not Karmic. Karma is a search for balance among extremes, while Agreements are a search for basic experiences. Agreements are not always what would be considered "positive." Sometimes an Agreement can be as bizarre as making sure one is in the right place at the right time to have a car slide on ice to then impact another car, providing the other person with an exit point from the life. In fact, many "accidents" are simply Agreements. Synchronicity of events to fulfill agreements is neutral, but how you interpret those events is the key to how they impact you or another fragment. We will begin taking questions now because of the limitation of time, but the subject is capable of being explored more deeply. SilverOne126: how do you determine what is an agreement and what is monadal? How do the basics differ? thank you MichaelEntity: External Monads ARE Agreements. [definition: External Monads are strong Agreements between 2 people to experience one side of a particular kind of classic relationship, such as Husband/Wife, Parent/Child, Slovenly/Meticulous, Hopelessly Loving/Hopelessly Loved, etc.] A Monad may seem more compelling because of the submersion in the Sequence, as mentioned previously, but it is still a form of Agreement. In the same way that one may make an Agreement for Matedness, one would make an Agreement to complete a Monad together. If a person is in a Monad, an Agreement has been struck. In the same way that any Agreement can be abdicated, any Monad may be interrupted, though the impact is quite strong. slacnj: My question is, aside from being in the positive poles of Overleaves, how can you contact essence or other sources to attract more agreements if nothing is happening in your life? MichaelEntity: When you have made conscious contact with Essence, you would then specifically determine what kind of Agreements you wish to attract/create/find. We have suggested to many of our students a method for examining Agreements in the life, and we will share that method briefly. slacnj: if essence sets them up, you have to contact it to have them MichaelEntity: No. In most instances, if you simply live your life as you choose, you will wander your way to any Agreements that may be standing. On the other hand, if you are an Older Soul who wishes to participate more in generating Agreements, you can use the method to follow. Agreements are attracted/found/created among fragments through the finer connections shared among fragments “stretching” from the Chakras, or Centers. We refer to these connections as CORDS, an almost non-physical means of communication among fragments. Cording was evolved before language and is now so intrinsic to human interaction, it is quite unconscious. While Cording is a phenomenon that is basic to any interaction, Agreements are a specific kind of Cording. Cords could be described as the frequency, or resonance of particular Chakras with another fragment's Chakra, most easily visualized as an elastic-like cord. If one were to have a general visualization of the auric body, one would find hundreds of cords streaming from the body out into the world and connected to loved ones, friends, and complete strangers. Of course, the “cords” are merely a means to visualize something finer, but the image works. Cords coming from the "front" of your body are those you have consciously allowed to connect with you and your energy system. Cords streaming from the "back" of your body are those you have accepted unconsciously or out of obligation, etc., from people who are "leaching" your energy system. Of course, ALL Cords are attached to you through some level of consent. The Cords are never imposed upon your energy system. In the same way that you might not realize you have food stuck in your teeth, Cording from "behind" is attained as easily. Cords from the "front" are uplifting, energizing, and inspiring, while Cords from the "back" are draining, tiring, and depressing. Cords from the “back” can be those left from old relationship issues, from strangers curious about you, “crushes,” distanced relationships, being exposed publicly (such as on stage), etc. We use the words Front and Back as a convenience and as a means to simplify your visualizations, but there is not literally a front or back to your energy system. If you wish to attract or create Agreements beyond the scope of the original life plan, you might begin with a practice of Auric Hygiene, visually cleansing your energy system of the draining cords, then inviting the new ones. Cords can be cleansed from your energy system by being submerged in water, or through a visualization process. If using water, we suggest simply "washing" the cords from your "back" as you shower or bathe, imagining the fine cords dropping from your back and freeing your energy. If just using visualization, we suggest "draping" a mesh “shawl” of gold light from head to toe, "burning off" the cords from behind. The mesh is visualized as a shawl draped over your head and around your shoulders, and down the length of your back. Imagining the shawl remaining on you throughout the day can help divert unwanted cording, as well. To specifically invite or create an Agreement, one would clearly define/state/invite them. Consider exactly what it is you are inviting into your life, for what reason, and clarifying the potential mutual benefit. This would then need to be clearly stated to your Essence, either verbally, in writing, or as approaching sleep. Next, we always suggest INVITING an Agreement, since an Agreement involves another fragment accommodating your request. Imagine that you are making psychological room for this new agreement and ask yourself/Essence what steps need to be taken to attract this into your life. Pay attention to your impulses, trust your Essence, and comfort any desperation you may have. There are two ways to repel any Agreements from being fulfilled: By never actively socializing or interacting with other fragments and by falling into a sense of desperation and neediness that can repel even the most loving of Agreements. If you do not interact with the world, you cannot fairly expect the world to find you on your couch in your living room, for instance. If you panic with emotional need and desperation, making no effort to nurture yourself in the ways you may wish another to provide you, then even the most loving of fragments may be repelled. Most Agreements are fulfilled because they will “make a difference” or because they are fun. To simply wish another fragment to rescue you from some aspect of your life, be it emotional or material, can be the equivalence of inviting a fragment into a “black hole.” When you consciously INVITE an Agreement, and then turn lovingly back to your life, trusting the process, the space and time is then more easily generated to make those Agreements move into Sequences. BradburySE: I want you to confirm or deny something, although I think you've touched on it already. Is it true, to say that an Agreement with another cannot be abrogated at the personality level once essence has decided absolutely to go ahead with it? If essence has decided to follow through, the personality can no longer abrogate the initial stages by moving away, for instance? And if essence has decided to "skip it", nothing the personality can do will make it happen? MichaelEntity: No, that is absolutely false. Essence has no investments in corralling the Personality into some kind of contrived, “fated” funnel of experiences. Essence has as many parallels as needed to accommodate the varying reactions and decisions of the Personality across time. [NOTE from Troy: “Parallels” are dimensional “spin offs” of reality created when you make a major choice, leaving other choices behind. In truth, those choices are explored as well, in another version of reality just as “real” as the one you consider your own.] There will always be at least one version of the Personality that will seek to follow the original ideas of the Essence, but Essence finds great excitement in the creativity of the Personality as it makes its own decisions, creating far more avenues of experience than even Essence could generate from its perspective. Essence has a broader perspective of the life, but it relies entirely on the Personality for navigation through the Physical Plane. Agreements are also flexible enough that they can shift, if necessary. If an Agreement was made to meet a fragment by bumping into him at a certain corner, and your Personality gets distracted by an ice cream parlor long enough to miss the meeting, the two Essences will find this humorous and simply reschedule. The Agreement is delayed or altered and Essence gets to experience the delicious joy of a spontaneous delight of dessert. We will say, however, that if only one of the parties involved abdicates the Agreement, nothing can be done to force one back into an Agreement. Kieran O Shea: What happens when two parallels die? Are they integrated into the essence? MichaelEntity: Yes, if a version of the Personality "dies" in a parallel, it gets its own version of the afterlife, as it awaits the conclusion of all parallel versions of Personality. The afterlife and review experience is sustained until the last of the parallels "die" wherein the entirety of varying parallels are then examined by Essence. In most cases the next life begins with the knowledge and experiences gained across all of the previous life’s parallels. As the Soul ages and becomes more adept at creating lives, multiple separate starts of the next life can be of interest to Essence, which we refer to as concurrent lifetimes [having multiple bodies and personalities on the planet with the same time and space]. All of you here have had at least 3 or more versions of your Personality "die" in some parallels by now. These deaths DO NOT affect the remaining Parallels. flimflamdamn: is there some impact of that event in one's life? MichaelEntity: Some fragments can begin to consciously or unconsciously bridge a few parallels and sense the deaths. This comes from a strong connection to Essence, and while the deaths may not strongly affect a sensitive parallel Personality, a vague sense of grief may be felt. upstaate: is this life the main trunk and the rest are parallels? MichaelEntity: There are many Parallels that could be said to make up the "trunk," but we remind you that even the most remote of parallels branched from the trunk are as "real" as any other. We also remind you that while friends, family, etc., can exist within the same space, some may be in their "trunk" reality while others are not. It has been thought that the ideal parallels would be as close to your "trunk reality" as possible, since this is the path most harmonious with Essence's original ideas for the life, but that is not necessarily the case. The reason for this assumption is because most of the branching parallels have been created from the decisions and choices made from the level of Personality, which can be made as a result of ignoring Essence. Any reality that disconnects from Essence can be difficult, and it is not unusual that a “branch” parallel is created from that disconnection. The “trunk” realities are inherently connected to Essence, so the perception can be that one “should” be as close to that trunk as possible, then. What many do not consider is that if any "branch" reality seeks to invite Essence as part of that path, harmony and connection is generated as much for that Personality as any other. In all Parallels the Personality Overleaves are the same, but the use of the Overleaves may be very different. It does not matter from which parallel "you" exist. You are as real as any other. Invite Essence to participate and co-create, if you choose. We will conclude here. Our channel has had a long day of work with us. We realize there are many directions and depths we can explore in this topic, and we will eventually do so with those of you interested. Good night to all of you.
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    I still see your beautiful face, sleeping on the bus on our drive to New York after TLEGG @Kerrin! Sissel, whatever she sings, her voice moves me up, up, up! Yes, like an Angel! Her singing "Imagine" from my Entity Mate John Lennon brings me great Joy. She could be one of your Entity, for me, she has something priestly going on, and C1E5 has quite a lot of them.
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    I've come across Tash Sultana a couple of weeks ago. I was blown away by how authentic, real and creative her music is. I usually don't like when musicians make a lot of weird faces or moves, as often it feels like they're putting on a show, but in her case it's like she's just living her music, or she IS the music. It's just her. Really cool girl!
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    Found this thread and thought I'd add my 2 cents. I crochet, mostly afghans, though I have a loooong scarf ( à la the 4th Doctor, though mine is made from a blue-grey ombre yarn rather than bright scraps) that I made many years ago, and I'm considering trying a new thing, making mochilla bags. They just look cool. I don't have any photos of my actual blankets, but here are some from the patterns I've used. I'm currently working on the hummingbird one; though I need to make an adaptation, and I haven't found a solution I'm happy with. I also write poetry occasionally, when inspired or hurting. Sometimes it helps, and I have a few that I think aren't terrible. The Wall.docx Pain.docx Clouds.docx
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    @Bobby thanks for the review Bobby, I also saw the review and knew I wanted to watch it, now I am definitely going to see it I love the "feel good" movies around this time of year
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    This is why I've never told my doctor when I'm depressed. I get enough suicidal thoughts without the help of medication that's supposed to be helping me! This works much better for me. Now, I'm not nearly as depressed as I was for a time about 10 years ago, when honestly, only the fact that my mother was still alive kept me from finding a way to end it. She passed more than 5 years ago, and I'm still here. Michael is partly responsible for that. I've learned from them that even if I can't see the use of continuing to live, essence can use the experience, and it's an experience that if I complete it now, I may not need to do it again in a future life. So I'm hanging in there, because I do not want to do this again. And fortunately, most days are not as bad as they once were.
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    When people are suffering they do only one of three things: they fight for change, adapt, or die. Most people won't fight for change and most people won't want to die, so they adapt. Most people won't fight for change because familiarity is much safer than the risk of change, even if that familiarity is suffering. So most people adapt. And I don't mean they are complacent. I mean, they just adapt because that is the only option they can see. MOST people will take up the fight for change if they can see that they can still be safe and that they won't or can't make things worse. From very private and personal suffering to collective suffering, everyone tends to lean toward adapting until they either CAN or HAVE TO fight for change. I think this is the first time in history that so many can see that they CAN and HAVE TO fight for change. It's not just one community or one group or one person. We are coming together on a scale never seen before and it is going to take some time for us to get coordinated, but it is happening. We don't want to adjust. We don't want to adapt. You have to consider that there are a lot of people in the world who have never suffered in the same ways that you have suffered. What is so familiar to you is new to them, not in concept, but in reality. The concept of oppression among people of color is something everyone probably grasps, but the reality of that suffering is finally being shared and experienced as a reality along with you. It will never be experienced fully by those not of color, but just more accurately and tangibly than ever. So when you say, "everyone has had plenty of time to adjust" -- Not really. I think it's okay to give people the time and support they might need to grapple with the shift away from concept to reality. You have had your whole life to adapt to the suffering and it is familiar to you. I think it's actually BETTER that people aren't adjusting or adapting. Why would we ever want that except for as a means of survival? Let people wring their hands and worry and be fraught about what to do. Because now we have each other as resource and support more than ever and even if we are disoriented, we are ready to fight! Not adapt. Building on my previous reply about the world being very new to our having direct access to realities beyond our own realities, we are also new to taking up the fight for each other on such a massive scale. A lot of us are ON IT and IN IT and already doing all we can in our personal reality with our personal causes, but there are sooooo many causes being presented to us now. People are still grappling with this new experience of how to be meaningfully responsible for soooooooo much. Even me! Even you! We have to remember that most people aren't just suddenly discovering the reality of oppression for people of color. That's just ONE THING. They are also learning and seeing and experiencing more than ever the reality of sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, body shaming, sexual assault, xenophobia, environmental destruction, climate change, animal rights, gun control, consequences of diet, and on top of all of that, we now have a gender spectrum?? LOL, can you imagine the average person whose lives used to be untouched by these things? And then there are those people whose lives have always been touched by oppression but now they are thinking about the oppression and harm that doesn't touch their own lives? Or even more challenging, having to consider the harm and oppression they may have caused others, themselves? It is amazing and astounding to me that so many people from all walks of life are processing and sticking with this agenda of waking up to so many injustices across so many realities! OMG, we should support anyone and everyone who is taking all of this on! I say, let's stay focused on the fact that people are processing this at all because it isn't just about LGBTQ or POC or Gender Equality or... or.... We are taking it ALL on. Let's fucking do it!
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    Oh wow, @Jeroen, you're not the only one! Normally I wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day (now that I have an anti-insomnia program and routine) - but these days, sometimes I wake up and feel like I'm swimming through syrup. "Oh god do I have to get out of bed now?" (Cats: Hell yeah you have to get up and FEED US!) This is not like me. I really think it's a collective drag on our energy now.
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    @Jeroen I love succulents, and I wish I could grow them, but in winter, our house is too damp and there's not enough light for them to grow. They stretch out and go pale and then fall over. I lost so many succulents, among them two really beautiful species: Buddha's temple and Crassula plegmatoides, and this particular winter in the UK was long and dark. I think I will have to take cuttings of most of the succulents because they are so stretched out, they are no longer able to grow straight up.
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    Thanks @Colleen. Your photos are moving, I especially like the ones of children. The little girl who is crying and the man using the sewing machine.
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    Primal, primitive and sophisticated. She is in her zone.
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    This topic has been added to the current table of session/workshop suggestions for Troy's use in deciding on session topics.
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    Ditto to what Claire and Crystal said; do whatever works best for you at any time Troy. The time difference of being in Europe with and 6 hours ahead of your time has rarely been an issue for me
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    My beloved @Maureen earlier this morning I dismissed posting, and then after I read @Jeroen's dream, I felt like it fits into the stream of consciousness, better than a few hours earlier. It is so wonderful how tuned in to each other we are, thank you for sharing the Seth excerpt (and by the way, the gorgeous picture that you put on Janet's post today). Just yesterday I had send Oscar an e-mail, that so far I couldn't find an Entity of all the Cadres we know of, that hadn't Artisans in them. I like what Seth had to say about artists and it truly expresses how my sage-cast artisan hubby would word it too. And yes, like you mentioned, me thinks too, that we are all artistic and creative in so many different ways. The Gift of Preservation and the Art of living well is a wonderful contribution to contemplate today.
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    This session was posted in the Yahoo TLE group on January 2, 2007. Note from Troy: HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I've been working hard to get this piece out to all of you, but it took a lot longer than expected, due to my being all busted up. In a recent live channeling in New York, we had posed a question to Michael about how we each may bring gifts to the world, and Michael's response was rather surprising. Our recording device was not working so I had to re-channel the entire session into text. Because of this, the writing may be a bit choppy or messy. ENJOY! MEntity: THE GIFTS WE BRING In asking us to speak about the concept of “gifts” that each of you bring, we did not have a system in place to present such a response. In our perspective, there is not a single moment of your being that is not a gift FROM you and TO you, if one must speak in terms of Gifts. In this case, we define “gift” as “the offering of a tool to another to use as he or she chooses.” In that regard, one can see how every moment; every choice; every interpretation; every exchange is, in some way, a “gift.” However, we can provide a system that allows you to perceive very specific ways in which one can naturally tend to offer inherent gifts to the various circles of one's life, ranging from the self to intimate circles, to the world, and even to Essence. Most of our students will recognize this system as a variation on what is known as the 12 Support Positions, or the Support Group. While there are definite connections to the concept of the 12 Support Positions, we suggest not confusing the concept of “gifts” with the concepts of “support.” The Support Positions describe a very specific dynamic of relationships among fragments for the purpose of networked support. “Gifts,” on the other hand, are not necessarily a part of a relationship exchange of any obvious significance, simply by the very nature of a “gift,” in that it is freely given and not dependent on feedback or interaction. It is important to note that what is often intended as a Gift is not given as a Gift. In other words, a well-intentioned offering may actually be, or turn into, a conditional exchange that defeats the point of its being a gift. The Gift, then, becomes an OBSTACLE, or Challenge. Gifts that have turned into Obstacles are quite obvious in effect on those to whom the gift is given and on the “giver.” We define a gift-turned-obstacle as being a gift that is offered with an emphasis on feedback from the recipient, or with an emphasis on reward for the gift being given, or with an emphasis on conditions for the gift's receipt. There are four areas of the life to which one will bring Gifts: THE SELF; SPECIFIC OTHERS (intimates); THE WORLD (people in general); and THE ESSENCE. Each of these areas resonates to a specific Overleaf category, with the GOAL relating to the gifts brought to THE WORLD; the MODE relating to gifts brought to SPECIFIC OTHERS; the ATTITUDE relating to gifts brought to THE SELF; and the PRIMARY CENTERING relating to the gifts brought to THE ESSENCE. ALL of these Gifts are a part of the fabric of Personality and each Gift can be brought to the life as desired, though you may find that you are inclined to give certain gifts based on your Overleaves or Role. The specific Overleaf within an area can lend specific insight into the exact gift or obstacle one tends to bring to that area. This is determined by that particular Overleaf's resonance to the Emotions, the Intellect, or the Moving. For instance, those with a Goal of Acceptance or Discrimination (resonant to the Higher and Lower Emotions) are more inclined to bring the Gift of Discipline or the Obstacle of Belligerence to THE WORLD around them. Those with a Mode of Caution or Power (resonating to the Higher and Lower Intellect) may be inclined toward bringing the Gift of KNOWLEDGE or the Obstacle of advice to specifically chosen individuals within the life. Here, then, are the facets of GIFTS and OBSTACLES that you, as Personality, bring to the various circles of your life: GIFTS and OBSTACLES BROUGHT TO THE WORLD ALL fragments offer as gifts to the world the gifts of Humor, Discipline, and Anchoring. When we state that this is offered “to the world,” we simply mean that these gifts are usually offered with less discernment as to who is the recipient. HUMOR/harm (Re-evaluation/Growth) When one gives the gift of Humor, one is giving the tool of levity to the world, bringing light and playfulness, even amidst the experiences of pain, disappointment, and struggle. Humor is a gift that encourages the reconciliation of apparent paradoxes. All humor is rooted in the emphasis of enjoying the space of reconciliation between what is expected and what is not. When one attempts to bring humor to the world with an emphasis on conditions, feedback, or reward, that humor can turn to an Obstacle of HARM. This shows up as “making fun” of people, inappropriately emphasizing or highlighting another's struggles, failures, feelings, fears, etc.; drawing out laughter at the expense of another. Those with the Goal of Re-evaluation or Growth can tend to lean toward this as being THE gift or obstacle brought to the world around them. DISCIPLINE/belligerence (Discrimination/Acceptance) When one gives the gift of Discipline, one is giving the tool of conscious choice. Discipline is merely rooted in the heightened awareness of choice, and one can easily give this gift at any point in the day to anyone. This can show up as simply as your having difficulty moving out of a check-out lane in a busy store, holding up the line, thus bringing the opportunity to others to choose patience, understanding, kindness, or impatience, frustration, and spite. The gift of Discipline shows up as varying intended or unintended interruptions to the flow of unconsciousness to another fragment's life, encouraging the potential for more conscious awareness of choice. This is NOT an interruption of CHOICE, but an interruption of unconsciousness. When one brings this gift to the world with an emphasis on conditions, reward, or feedback, the gift can quickly become a form of belligerence, which is an enforced form of Discipline that is no longer a tool, but a form of control, with results often ending in harsh judgments, disappointments, and self-righteous behavior. Those who have the Goal of Acceptance or Discrimination tend toward bringing an emphasis of this gift or obstacle to the world. ANCHOR/chaos (Submission/Dominance) When one brings the gift of ANCHORING to the world, one offers a moment of solidity, presence, and footing to another amidst the movements of life. Anchoring is tool that offers one to find oneself rooted in the present, the moment, now. This can show up as a pleasant conversation out of nowhere from a stranger; as a kind smile across a crowd; as literal spaces inviting grounding, such as restaurants, coffee shops, churches, gathering places, etc. When this anchoring is brought to the world with an emphasis on conditions, feedback, and need for reward, the result can be an obstacle of chaos, leaving those involved to feel shaken, anxious, burdened, and focused far beyond the moment. Imagine the kind smile from across the crowd that then becomes a vehicle for a person to invite himself into your space; or the pleasant conversation that is not offered, but exploited as an opportunity to avoid loneliness; or the sanctuary that embraces you, but eventually reveals its hidden requirements for presence (many religious organizations can be seen as examples of this). Those who have the Goal of Submission or Dominance can tend to offer this gift or obstacle to the world. GIFTS and OBSTACLES brought to your INTIMATES ALL fragments offer the gifts of Love, Knowledge, and Compassion to those around them, but we find that most fragments tend to be quite discerning as to whom they offer these gifts. LOVE/Anonymity (Reserve/Passion) When one brings the Gift of Love to a specific individual, it is an offering that encourages the ability to embrace and adapt to the spectrum of oneself, another, and/or life. This may seem to be a gift that all fragments offer to those whom they claim to “love,” but that is not the case. Most of what passes as “love” is actually a state of attachment that is far from being a gift. In this case, there is no attachment to the outcome of the offering. In addition, it is NOT necessarily the gift OF Love, but the gift TO Love. In other words, the giver is offering a tool for the potential to increase the recipient's ability to Love, but the gift is not necessarily that the giver loves the recipient. It could be said another way that the gift of Love does not have to come from one who knows how to love. Examples may be in that the giver has a strong charm and attractiveness that makes it nearly impossible not to want to be around him or her, but his/her choices and behaviors and experiences provide the opportunity for the receiver to truly learn to love beyond definitions, expectations, and changes. Often when one “breaks up with” another, the gift of Love is far more involved than when the couple was committed, however shocking that may seem. When the gift of love is offered with an emphasis on feedback, conditions, or need for reward, the result can be the obstacle of anonymity. By this we mean that the giver offers “love,” but with very little interest in intimacy, rendering the recipient to be merely another face in the crowd, or that the giver is never truly felt to be known in any meaningful way. Those who have the Mode of Reserve or Passion can tend to naturally offer this gift or obstacle to the intimate circle. KNOWLEDGE/advice (Caution/Power) When one brings the Gift of Knowledge to a specific individual, it is an offering that encourages the ability to turn experience into wisdom. This gift may come in the form of shared experiences together, or the discussion about experiences, but the gift shows up as simply allowing room for the recipient to digest his or her own experiences into integrated wisdom. When this gift is offered with an emphasis on conditions, feedback, or need for reward, the obstacle is advice. What would normally be a tool offered freely to the recipient now becomes the giver's idea of what is right, wise, correct, etc. While advice may seem to help an individual, it is actually an obstacle against the recipient's internal processing of experience and knowledge. Advice does very little to actually help an individual, as it is merely a showcase of personal preferences and opinions of the person giving the advice. The Gift of Knowledge includes consideration for the perception and experiences of the recipient, while the obstacle of advice is an effort to override those very things. Those who have the Mode of Caution and Power can tend to offer this Gift or Obstacle to those deemed close to them. COMPASSION/brutality (Perseverance/Aggression) When one brings the Gift of Compassion to a specific individual, it is an offering that encourages an individual to expand his or her circle of empathy, internally and externally. Again, the Gift of Compassion does not necessarily have to be from a person who IS compassionate, but that the giver's presence generates the tool of Compassion from within the recipient; however, when this gift emphasizes conditions, feedback, or need for reward, the Obstacle is brutality. By this we mean that the expectations and standards of consideration imposed by giver on the recipient is a ruthless and insensitive form of “compassion” that lacks the reality of the entire picture of a situation, relationship, or person. When Compassion is offered as a Gift, the circle of empathy that is encouraged includes ALL involved, but brutality becomes the obstacle when “compassion” is expected as living up to a standard, or required more in one direction over another. Those with the Mode of Perseverance or Aggression can tend to bring this Gift or Obstacle to specific individuals. GIFTS and OBSTACLES brought to the SELF ALL fragments bring the gifts of Mentoring, Beauty, and Child/Innocence to those around them, but we have found that these gifts are often ones offered to the Self as a means to bring the Personality into alignment with itself. MENTOR/manipulation (Stoic/Spiritualist) When the gift of Mentoring is offered to the Self, it means a gentle offering that will allow experiences, people, life, events, relationships, etc., to be your teachers. It is the emphasis on what can be learned in each and every aspect of life. It is the ability to allow for the process of experiences so that one can extract what can be used for personal evolution. When this gift is emphasizing conditions, feedback, or need for reward, the Obstacle becomes Manipulation. In this case, Manipulation is the distortion of the gift from being potential gain to being imposed “lessons.” In other words, one of the greatest obstacles one can bring to the self is the presumption that life, relationships, people, experiences, etc., are imposed within your life as a means to “teach you a lesson.” There are NO lessons imposed in life. There are only YOUR EXTRACTIONS of what is most important to you. To assume that your trials and tribulations exist only as a means to teach you something, then you are creating an obstacle of manipulation against yourself. Life has GIFTS, not LESSONS. What you gain from your struggles and from your pleasures is your interpretation of what is most relevant to you for your growth, but there is never an imposition upon you just for the sake of a lesson. Those with the Attitude of Stoic or Spiritualist can often find themselves bringing this Gift or Obstacle to the Self. BEAUTY/deceit (Skeptic/Idealist) When one brings the Gift of Beauty to the Self, one is offering the ability for the Personality to recognize the patterns of the life in a way that can be found to be awe-inspiring and beautiful. Beauty is the recognition of patterns and this ability is a Gift that can bring great freedom to the personality as it navigates the seeming complications of life's unfolding and creation. This same gift would allow the personality to see the beauty in others' patterns of life, as well, allowing room for many forms of expression. When this gift is given as a need for reward, with conditions or required feedback, the obstacle created is Deceit. In this case, Deceit can show up as having predefined ideas about what is beautiful, accepting only certain patterns as inspiring; deceiving the self into seeing all else as ugly or unacceptable. This deceit can be as personal as rejecting the body, or as impersonal as hating life, or other people for not matching the limited patterns. Those with the Attitude of Skeptic or Idealist can lean toward bring this Gift or Obstacle to the Self. CHILD/demands (Cynic/Realist) When one brings the Gift of the CHILD to the Self, one is offering the ability for the Personality to make room for the innocence in its actions, even when one fails oneself, or fails another. This gift would also encourage the experience of innocence in the pursuit of pleasure and happiness, as well, allowing room for child-like playfulness within the life. This gift would also include encouraging the personality to see this same innocence in others' actions, happiness, and failings. When one brings this gift with an emphasis on feedback, reward, or conditions, the Obstacle is Demand. In this case, the obstacle can show up as a distortion of authoritative action that can lean toward parental reprimanding and disapproval, or as rebellious behavior that borders on tantrums. This gift becomes an obstacle when the innocence, or the child, is expected to behave within predefined parameters, or to only exist within a segregated context. The Attitudes of Cynic and Realist can often find themselves bringing this Gift or Obstacle to the Self. GIFTS and OBSTACLES brought to ESSENCE ALL fragments bring the Gifts of Healing, Enlightenment, and Musing to those around them, but we have found that these are gifts offered to one's Essence as a means to bring alignment between Personality and Essence. HEALER/wounding (Server/Priest) When one brings the Gift of Healing to the Essence, one is providing the opportunity for Essence to be a part of the more difficult and challenging aspects of the life for the Personality, encouraging contact in a way that creates integration of experiences as a form of healing. It could be said, then, that True Healing is INTEGRATION and cannot be done without the invitation from Personality to Essence. Quite often the true healing for a lifetime comes AFTER the life is exited, but it not necessary to wait for astral review as a means to include Essence in the processing of life. This Gift is not just offered from one's Personality to one's Essence, but from Personality to the Essence of another. When this gift is offered to the Essence of another, it is usually as a result of the gift being exemplified in one's own life. Healing is not merely about getting better or feeling better, but BEING better, with “better” being defined, in this context, as evolving beyond an experience. When one brings this gift with an emphasis on conditions, feedback, or need for reward, the Obstacle created is Wounding. In this sense, Wounding is a perpetuation of distraction from the integration of experiences. Priests and Servers tend to generate Personalities that bring this gift or obstacle to Essence. ENLIGHTENMENT/anecdotes (Artisan/Sage) When one brings Enlightenment as a Gift to Essence, one invites Essence to help define a structure of understanding for the life's experience. True Enlightenment is merely COMPREHENSION, and comprehension is incomplete without the participation of both Essence and Personality. This gift can be brought to the Essence of another through exemplifying one's own Enlightenment, or Comprehension of life. When this gift emphasizes reward, condition, or feedback, the result is the Obstacle of Anecdote, which is a distraction from comprehension by the constant telling of stories about one's life. This is an obstacle when the experiences are distanced from the Personality through tales and entertainment, rather than embraced and comprehended within a structure of understanding. Artisans and Sages can often bring this gift or obstacle to Essences. MUSE/disillusion (Warrior/King) When one brings the gift of the Muse to Essence, one is inviting Essence to use its full capacity of energy with Personality to help motivate and clarify the aspirations, desires for the life. One's True Muse is merely one's ability to LISTEN, or more accurately, to listen to one's INTUITION. This gift can show up as following impulses and trusting the unfolding of one's life. This gift can be brought to the Essence of another, as well, through the embodiment of this gift in oneself. When this gift is offered with an emphasis on reward, feedback, or conditions, the obstacle is Disillusionment. In this case, Disillusionment is the distraction from desires and aspirations through disappointments and compulsions. Warriors and Sages are often found naturally bringing this gift or obstacle to Essence. Note: Following the post of this transcript, a student asked why the Assimilative Overleaves were not mentioned. Troy posted this addition in response: MEntity: The Assimilative, or Neutral, Overleaves are not related to the concept of Giving (at least, in our presentation of this system), but entirely to the concept of Receiving, as these Overleaves are, for lack of a better word, Assimilative. The more Assimilative Overleaves one has, the less likely one would be inclined to actively GIVE, but this fragment finds himself or herself to be in an important position of experiencing the process of RECEIVING. This is not to say that an Assimilative person cannot give, but that he or she is simply more inclined toward the difficult experiences of learning how to receive the gifts that are offered around him or her. For those who know a Scholar or a person with a great deal of Assimilative Overleaves, it is not surprising to hear this. The Scholar or Assimilative Personality does all he or she can to remove the self from the process of exchange, finding themselves with an emphasis on their ideas of self-sustenance, strength, and Independence, which can be as painful for others around them as it is for themselves, when this emphasis does not allow Gifts to be received. On a more symbolic level, what we have already described is as valid, with the Assimilative Axis merely representing the part of the equation of that is about the self and receiving.
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    Thank you, Ingun. What you have put together is amazing and very much appreciated!
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    Don't read the comments. What I see is the culmination of the young soul world. Rome was an excellent example of how to be young soul. Expand, conquer and assimilate into a hegemony. Carolingian's followed suit. Along with ever other empire since. Do it our way or die. Trump is perfectly emblematic of the young soul mindset. I can do what I want and you have to follow. How I am seeing it fall apart is interesting. All previous Empires did the same thing. As they expanded they consolidated power. All the power was in the Crown in London, and then it shifted to Parliament. All Roads lead to Rome. The power of the US is ostensibly in the hands of the Federal government. What people often forget, is the constitution was written to limit that power. The States have enormous power over their local populations and arguably affect us more often on a regular basis than the Federal government. We are already seeing, because of the reaction to Obama and now the reaction to Trump, the State working together to check Federal power. Going further low paid employees are beginning to strike. As already mentioned more Co-ops are springing up. Decentralization of power is going to be key to a mature soul world. If the mature soul is, "you do what you want to do and let me do what I want" then local solutions will filter up. Rather than edicts from above. I see more organization down to neighborhood levels, which re-organize local government and on up. Like a helix, sorta. A series of circles. where as circles or spheres interact, a new one is formed to handle those interactions and so on and so forth so that someone in your neighborhood is most like on a state level circle and all the ones in between with term limits. This would make it more difficult for any group to claim national power and possibly make it so that local issues get the attention. So....."the fall and collapse" is happening...but we are paying attention and working locally to do what we can.
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    That's exactly how I read what Michael told us, @Janet H. Thank you for spelling it out so succinctly.
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    Since the next IS are all aiming toward forms of activism, my guess is that they will be doing more physically than past IS. I'd assume that they will be in high profile exemplication of what they're sharing about tackling the climate change crisis. But even so, I sincerely doubt they're going to rally everyone up to physically support them and be a literal leader. It's more likely they'll continue doing what they do, and their message will strike a chord in everyone even beneath any illusions, fragmentation and chaos- that gravitates those who wish to support their cause into even greater movements. They'll be speaking up in unprecedented ways, but we will be the ones to take that challenge on and spread even more activism, or hate the reality they're reflecting back to us. The IS is happening with Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn after all- plus Uranus in Taurus & Neptune in Pisces. Capricorn sextiles Pisces and trines Taurus- which means we're getting some of the most flowing earth energy here. Literally relating to the earth, our government, our material reality, our contributions to the world etc. They'll be bringing an even greater flashlight upon those matters. Personally though, I'd rather not wait for the IS & instead start making and spreading these needed changes right now. It's a Warrior year, so we've got the perfect time to act on our causes, and not just hold them in our hearts like in 2017.
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    MFM was my intro to Michael, and I still recommend it for beginners (while telling them that it is corny). I know some people recommend Jose Stevens' book as an intro, but I have never been fond of that one. We really need a new, better intro book. Maybe if we keep bringing that up we'll manage to manifest it!
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    Ha! And if anybody happened to say to you, "Lookin' good!", you'd have to wonder - do they really mean 'good enough to eat'???
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    It's really strange but I feel I can remember what the infinite soul manifestation is like. The person moves entirely beyond all the personal barriers of the self and becomes directed solely by the enormous power of essence. They do whatever their agreements are and yeah they can only last for a short time. But during that time they have absolute jurisdiction over the direction of the species. Every individual is affected by it, without exception. I can only think that in between lives I must have been a witness of the life of an IS on the astral plane.
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