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    This link was in my Facebook feed last night and it was interesting to read: Toilet paper startups I think the ad campaigns over ever softer, ever "better" (ever more expensive, ever more bleached, ever more destructive to forests) toilet tissue are just ludicrous. Quite aside from the objection to cutting down trees, I refuse to buy product from people that think I'm swayed by an assortment of naked cartoon bears using their product. Possibly I'm more open to non-"luxury" TP ever since my visits to an assortment of relief stations in the Soviet Union in 1976 that ranged from pulling the bus off the road on top of a hill (girls to the right, guys to the left in 3 feet of snow) to the toilets at the Lenin Library in Moscow: these had no seats but were generously supplied with cut-up squares of Pravda (the Soviet state newspaper). Obviously the Soviets had at least SOME sense of humor. I've been using Green Forest for a year or so, ever since I found out their rolls were significantly larger than 7th Generation for the same price. But I had no idea that some of these TP startups were out there, and I'll probably look into them next time I need to re-supply my house.
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    My household uses tp that's made from a mix of bamboo and sugar cane husks, both quick growing renewable resources. No trees have died for my butt in years.
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    Yes, the booger annoying. . So enjoyed the rest of it, though.
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    ORIGINALLY POSTED: April 20, 2015 Caricai asks: "I'm wondering if working with so much causal plane energy over the years has influenced any psychic ability or made you sensitive to other people's energy even when you aren't channeling. And if electronics go haywire on you on a regular basis. I guess, I'm also asking about how your own energy has been changed if at all from working with Michael. "I'm also wondering what you feel when you become fatigued after channeling for a while, how many hours a day you spend channeling, and what you do to recenter yourself?"
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    This happened to me and changed my life. PARALLEL BLEEDTHROUGH? Michael teaches a technique for accessing parallel versions of you who may have prioritized or accomplished what you seek to focus on in this parallel. Since that parallel is a version of you, they say that if you can replicate some simple behaviors or symbols in your own parallel, it can help you to move reality in the direction you desire. So I tried the technique. The technique is simple. You just do whatever you do to get into a relaxed and receptive state and you imagine that you are peeking in on another parallel version of you who has already accomplished or who already has what you desire to create. There isn't anything magical about it and you never know if you are making it up, but you treat it like a real effort to see into a version of you that you can connect with. You then look for anything that is definitively different in that parallel that you do not do or have in this parallel. You want to look for behaviors and items that you can easily replicate. Then you actually replicate those in this parallel and it creates a kind of energetic circuit to the parallel where you were successful in your pursuits and that energy helps you to aim for the same in this parallel. At the time, I was between apartments, not sure what my future held, and was sleeping on the couch of my ex-boyfriend. I wanted to look in on a parallel where I was safe, settled, and financially secure. I did the technique and peeked in on a version of me that was living on his own in a cozy apartment and he seemed really happy, too. I followed him around in my visualization and looked for things he did differently or objects that were prominent that I didn't have in my parallel but that I could replicate. There were three things I found to replicate: He would go running as a way to exercise. He wore a sock hat that was bright orange and I loved it. And when he would come home from running, he would flop down on a couch and enjoy the spray of rainbows around the room cast by Austrian Crystals hanging in his windows. He loved that effect in his apartment. So I decided I would not be a runner, lol, but I could find the orange sock hat and go buy an Austrian Crystal and hang it my boyfriend's apartment. If nothing else, it would all be symbolic and help my brain to stay focused and enthusiastic, even if I had made up the whole visualization. That's how I treat these kinds of things. I decided to go look for the objects and buy them that day. I don't remember why, but my plans went awry and I was not able to get the items. I think I was also too poor to actually buy them at the time. So I thought I would just look for them again the next day. That evening I got a call from a friend. She was flustered and confused and asked me why I didn't speak to her when she saw me that day. I thought I must have been so distracted in my mind that I somehow didn't see her, but she went on to ask, "and when did you start running for exercise?" I was really thrown off by this and I said, I do not run for exercise, I'm sure it was someone else. And she then said, "No, it was definitely you, Troy. You were wearing a bright orange sock hat and jogged right past me." My jaw dropped. I didn't even know how to begin to explain to her how bizarrely coincidental that was. I just told her that it wasn't me but I would meet her the next day for lunch to tell her a cool story. So I go to bed that night thinking about this parallel and my friend seeing "me" running through the streets of Manhattan wearing this orange hat. I wake up the next day full of excitement to meet her and tell her all about it. That's when I saw the rainbows. The room was flooded with rainbows. A spinning disco ball of rainbows. I stared in awe at the Austrian Crystal hanging in my friend's window that I had NEVER seen before and it was washing the room in rainbows. My friend heard me getting up so he came in to greet me and as he entered, he said, "OH MY GOD! That crystal never catches the light! I can't believe it!" I asked, "You mean, that has always been there?" He said, "Yeah, I put it there so it would make rainbows, but because of the buildings around me it never catches any light." We went to the window and we could see that someone's window had been opened in just the right way to cause a bright reflection that shot straight at his window for the crystal to catch the light. He said, "Huh... that's never happened in all the years I've lived here. Cool!" Meanwhile. I was about to pass out. I never did get that orange hat or a crystal, but within a couple of weeks of this whole bizarre event, I had made enough money to move into my next apartment and begin settling in. And get this... when I met my friend for lunch, my friend who saw "me" running past her... she said she was upset that I didn't respond to her because the reason she wanted to talk to me was that she had a circle of friends who wanted to begin working with Michael... that's how I ended up being able to move into my apartment. And now, decades later, I sit here writing this for all of you after going to the coffee shop in my bright orange knit hat, and rainbows swirl across my living room from the crystal in my window. I still do not run, though.
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    When I first joined the site in 2014, I had a couple of instances of things disappearing. I think it's because I had just learned about Nexuses and I was very curious if I would ever catch any anomalies during the Convergences or Divergences. On the old site, I wrote this dramatic blog post about a bunch of items I had purchased disappearing LOL. I still have a copy of it and it makes me laugh how flabbergasted I was: 7 June 2014 Friends, please tell me we are experiencing a nexus. I am beyond confused. Today, I first discovered that I was missing three items that I had just purchased at the grocery store. They were on my receipt, and I returned to the store to ask if they were found. The front desk said they hadn't found anything. Next, I asked the exact cashier and bagger who were there and they said they hadn't found anything either. At least I was able to replace those items. Still, I was baffled. Then, I discovered three more items that were missing. I wondered how six items could have gone unnoticed? There were no people behind me in line, so I don't think the items were given to anyone else. I have not been so confused for quite some time. Has anyone experienced something like this lately? Then I asked Michael about a smaller incident: POF 19 November 2014 [Rachel_L]: Could you tell me if what I was experiencing was caused by a parallel shift? I was sitting at my desk and placed one pencil and one pen upon it. I retrieved something from under my chair and when I looked up again, the pencil was missing and there was a pen in its place. I had taken such care in choosing a pencil and then I couldn’t even see where it could have gone or how it could have been replaced by a pen. You may not have access to this small occurrence, but this was a case where I was 99% sure of something, and then it changed once I looked back at it. Also, I had a similar experience around the divergence Nexus in June when I could not see how a large bag of groceries could have gone missing or could have been stolen. [MEntity]: Rachel, these are common phenomena of the Nexus, both for Convergence and Divergence. These anomalies can happen on a large scale and on a small scale, but most happen on a small scale such as this. They happen more often than not, but the brain immediately compensates for the anomaly and "makes sense" of it as fast as possible. This is just a practical response. But as consciousness is sustained, Essence is Manifest, and the brain is distracted, then an anomaly can stand out and be quite bewildering. [MEntity]: Most who notice these anomalies are not looking for them. Their attention is distracted for a moment and then snapped to attention in a way that catches the moment of the anomaly. [Rachel_L]: Glad to know I wasn't crazy [MEntity]: This most often quickly fades because there is little one can do with the information. The brain knows this and dismisses the contradiction. [MEntity]: We are not saying that is what you experienced, because we cannot see that acutely, but we can say that what you describe is easily familiar to the phenomena.
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    @Wendy, thank you!!! Wow yeah...I had a dream about my parents and in my childhood home right before I woke up...then read your post, THEN today had a really great & intense PT/Myofascial Release session. Its like, all coming up....in good ways, not anything "new" per se, but my lower back, butt & hips have been holding alot in. Time for release!! Yes, I agree, so grateful for TLE & this M community. I am letting go of shame, guilt and my arrogance (even tho its not my primary cf, its my tertiary or "bodytype" cf) thinking that I've got things all under control. Its feels good actually, letting this be *known*., and so grateful for your comments!
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    I posted a blog entry on Energy Healers as Facilitators of Energies where Michael said: No energy is "given" without an exchange in some way, and it is always Good Work to define what you are giving, and how you would prefer it to return to you.
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    Wow @Mari Lynn thank you for sharing that! My father is 2nd Level Mature Artisan-Cast Warrior from Cadre 5, Entity 5 and was flat out cheap. Both my parents grew up in depression era and extremely poor too, my mother even more so than my father. Your mentioning having to beg for things brings a flood of unpleasant memories! I've always been kinda proud of my frugality and my living situation has mostly been what's the cheapest I can get away with/bear/still feel safe. But now I am taking M's words to heart - Owning your maturity means that you can see why and how you believed these things, but now you know differently. Let yourself know differently... It really feels like a big journey to "know differently" but I am excited about where it will lead. I'm feeling very grateful to this community, and being able to have these open conversations about topics such as this where many of us feel shame and vulnerability and perhaps want to hide.
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    Wow Wendy....this completely resonates for me.To a TEE. My father (well, both parents) grew up during the depression, and were EXTREMELY poor. My father tho, grew up to be a very hard working, (tireless actually) service-oriented man and had magnitized money to him and to our family. He was a young souled Warrior, very diligent, frugal and he was self described as "chinsy"! I often felt that as a kid, I almost never got fun kid things...had to beg & plead for "basic" stuff; certain shoes, joining Girl Scouts, & my Christmas present from him was a savings bond, started at age 7. Shit like that had its affects on me-and I am frugal in how I live (well, more "poverty conscious/deserving issues, tbh) but I WILL splurge on the occasional thing (GOOD coffee!) I am also a Warrior, and have always had money challenges....many times doing the opposite of what my Dad would do, much to his chagrin. The poverty-consciousness theme is something I've battled with alot in my life. Money ebbs and flows (natal moon in Cancer, in the 2nd house!)and getting the Old Soul money magnitization skills are still not entirely worked out. At times with money I resent it, hate being poor, cannot physically "push myself" and injure myself if I do & when money flows in I help others out, etc. The latter is a lesson I am more watchful for, knowing patterns helps. Thank you for sharing...gives me pause and perspective. Btw, my true study is also psychology...?
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    @DianeHBSo what you describe is pretty much what I've learned in my coaching trainings about how to market yourself. I have spent countless hours on that work and see it everywhere! What I've discovered about myself since re-connecting with the Michael teachings is that while I deeply yearn for more financial security, I am still quite ambivalent about earning money. I resent the need for it at all. It's ironic that I was so drawn to become a Tapping into Wealth coach - I mean, it was a real *I have to do this* thing when I first heard of it - and I've helped a lot of people become much more successful in their careers, yet not enough for me to actually be financially stable. Maybe it's really all for my own healing, as I still often resonate with clients' issues as I work with them and it feels like my own work around money is endless. I've had some recent session with Michael that touched on these themes but haven't posted them yet. Here is a relevant excerpt: MEntity: When we suggested to own your maturity, we do so because we agree that there is a tie to your imprinting from your father around poverty consciousness and money as a value system for self-worth. Owning your maturity means that you can see why and how you believed these things, but now you know differently. Let yourself know differently... Your discomfort and repulsion appears to have arose from the simple awkwardness of mixed messages that entangled self-worth, money, value, and meaning. There was a part of you grateful and even dependent upon him, but there was a part of you who found his truths to be a violation of your inner old soul ethics. My website has been down now about 6 months and I need to totally re-work it as I am planning to pursue the coaching work again because my personal chef work is not physically sustainable for me. One thing I do know is I need to help people. With these TRUES, life coaching seems a perfect fit: True Play: Learning, Conversation, Helping True Love: through GIVING True Core: through LISTENING True Gift: through ENCOURAGEMENT Also one of my True Studies is Psychology of Confidence/Self-esteem. Thank you also @KurtisM and @Kasia. I will be referring back often to what you've all written as I begin the task of marketing this work again.
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    I reread that session on Old souls and money not too long ago as part of my work on my business, and the concept of packaging really stuck with me. I ended up going to a presentation called "Branding for Accountants" even though I hated the word "branding" and almost didn't go. At the last minute I was like, okay fine, I will embrace packaging and learn to brand myself. It was actually a very insightful presentation about how to market to Millennials and Gen Z (i.e. the incoming Mature souls) by combining accounting with other passions to form a niche, and by using your uniqueness as your brand. It ended up inspiring me to combine my writing and accounting experience and launch my own accounting practice, which was a direction I had thought of but was hesitant to pursue because I hadn't seen accountants marketed that way. Anyway, the Mature soul paradigm is actually coming so fast that Old souls don't have to stretch too far to sell our goods and services these days. We do have to simplify the message, tell a good story, and emphasize benefits, as well as learn to promote ourselves without shame.
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    I have read before that Young Souls like to buy and buy into whatever (or whomever) is romanticized, glamorized and exceedingly popular. In other words, what awesome experience can your product give them? What is so exceedingly unique about your product that no competitor can possibly reach? What does your demographic want to hear the most? Think about what the pinnacle sensation or reward will be for them, then let that be the focus of the captivation. Another important one is to state how easy and accessible your product/brand is. When and where can one get it right now? The young soul world wants immediacy because they live in the here and now & have no business thinking about consequences or comprehension- they're focusing all their efforts on being as physical, separate and choosing what they want to have as a representation of how successful they are. I guess that's another one. Talking about the successes of your product/brand and especially for today's generation: the story behind it (and sometimes a catering to whatever trends are becoming highlighted in culture, like lgbtq is right now as an example.) Basically, what do you have to offer them? You've got me thinking now about how the Mature Soul Age will advertise products. Will reflect on that. Since we're in the Mature Soul paradigm now, that will begin to unfold. I think it starts with being sensitive and more conscious about what the consumer doesn't want to experience and empathizing with their values and stories.
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    That's not an external monad I'm familiar with. Only a few people have asked about their own specific external monads, and the question could be asked in an Ask Michael sometime as long as you make it a generic rather than a personal question. For my own Healer/Healed monad with my ex-husband, I noticed that any "charge" was gone when I spent time with him, and I was able to look back at our relationship with some internal honesty. Michael said that honesty was what allowed the monad to be closed. My feeling is that if you don't think the monad is 'resolved' then it possibly isn't over. However, I also think the external monads are learning experiences that may not end with everything seeming rosy to us. Your Essences may be completely satisfied with the results of the monad even though you don't have that satisfaction from your current perspective.
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    Agreements are everywhere all the time and can be dropped by either side at any time. This session is very informative about agreements: Michael Speaks: The 12 Agreements. And so is this one: OMW: Nurturing and Finding Your Agreements. The information about Agreements, to me, illustrates the awesome order of our universe. External monads, once started, are either completed or not. Michael said in response to a question: "The only way out of an External Monad is through. External Monads can be abdicated, but they will be picked up again if incomplete. These are rich experiences for both the Personality and Essence and the point is not to escape it, but to learn from it." (See Membership Gratitude Event: March 2017.) This article describes more about External Monads: How Many Sets of External Monads Do We Do? In Michael Speaks: Internal Monads, Michael gave this general information about Monads: MEntity: We can define “Monad” in many ways, but here we will describe it as “the natural process toward wholeness,” or “the structure provided for two parts of a whole to eventually manifest even greater than the sum of those parts.” A Monad will always have two parts that are vital to the whole, but are eventually resolved, or comprehended, so that those two parts ARE the whole, and not divided. There are Internal and External Monads: the External Monads are variations on relationships between fragments; whereas Internal Monads are variations on relationships with the self, or within the self. These Monads are ALWAYS about “manifesting,” or generating a material counterpart as representation for that structure, process, and eventual wholeness. The External Monads are obvious in that they deal with the space and time between two incarnated fragments, but the Internal Monads are not often understood as having physical/manifested counterparts or representations, because they are often more abstract. However, these Internal Monads’ physical/manifested counterparts are THE LIFE, ITSELF.
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    Following up on @Dawn's and @Troy's suggestion, can we please have a group workshop on our most evil, damning, bad karma generating lives? Not necessarily for a Halloween thing, but an ongoing thing, as we are all capable of such creativity mua ha ha ha. Like, an evil series where everyone who wants to learn of their evil doing and list of sins can put their name forward and be humbled, terrified, and entertained by their previous personalities action ledger. We could even make it a competition, who is the most evil? or, comparative karma? lol
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    I'm down! I'm sure I've done plenty of horrible shit. I'm totally obsessed with human right issues and war crimes. Michael told me years ago that I tortured someone during the Spanish Inquisition who's now one of my favorite friends. The ribbon was burned when he revealed my hiding place to the Nazis. In this life we met when we shared a cubicle at a public broadcasting job. I felt a weird charge around him, a feeling of frustration that we were supposed to be friends, and also a sense that he didn't really like me. When Michael told me this, I began to shake uncontrollably. My teeth chattered and I got goosebumps all over my body. The next day we started having lunch together at work, became great work buddies, and 16 years later he's one of my most comfortable trusted friends, and according to a much more recent session, may be my Sage-cast cadence mate.
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    Oh really? I must have been a serial keller. And maybe in more than one life.
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    I asked Michael this question in a POF January 5, 2011: Maureen: Being a Warrior cast Priest - and generally peace-loving this life – I keep on joking about having likely ‘burned people at the stake’ in another life – is there some truth to this? MEntity: Maureen, of course "you" have. Keep in mind, however, that the "you" was not "you," but completely separate Personalities. It is safe to presume that each of you from this little group have in your Essence's history some rather harrowing atrocities contributed. MEntity: In your Essence's case, Maureen, one Personality at the time burned people in something more like bonfires, rather than stakes, and another Personality burned villages. MEntity: The more peace-loving one is in the older cycles, the more likely one has contributed some painful history, however, it is only from the evolved perspective that this is realized. For most who contribute to atrocities, they are asleep. Once awake, the realizations can be almost as painful to comprehend as the original atrocities. MEntity: Even from within a single lifetime there are periods of time and consciousness that, when compared to the maturing adult perspective, were clearly asleep and shocking to consider from the awake perspective.
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    It's so nice to watch all these videos again. You definitely have a problem with electronics, but I think that's not Causal Plane energies, but more Astral disturbances.
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    Tex would be interested in this and I'll show it to him. He has played around with copper for years because one day he noticed that copper reflects chi/energy. When his back used to go out, he made a copper shirt by gluing copper foil to the inside of one of his work shirts. He would wear this while working, and it would keep his back from going out. Eventually this became just a piece of copper strip with magnets attached that he would tape to his back if it went out. He's got a story about the copper shirt that he always tells, but I'll let him tell it. The "theory" behind this is that energy leaves the body at certain spots that are "stuck" (he can feel this with his hands), and putting copper on that spot reflects the energy back into the body. This can tend to bring back the emotions that the person was avoiding which caused the energy to leave the body in the first place.
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