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    MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin. We are speaking to you today under the general request for our perspective on "the state of the planet." This is a pivotal year for humanity. There are pivotal years for individuals, for relationships, for families, for communities, for nations, for continents, and humanity. For a year to be pivotal for humanity, it means that every level of pivoting is happening on a large scale. In other words, it is not just people here and there, or families here and there, or communities here and there, or a country or two, but many individuals, many relationships, most families, most communities, most nations, and most continents. We remind you that a "pivotal year" is a result of a pattern or patterns that have escalated in the need for necessary and vital change to disrupt those patterns so that one either makes a breakthrough or has a breakdown. We cannot say if this pivotal year for humanity will bring a breakthrough or a breakdown because that is yet to be seen. One of the greatest causes for this pivotal year to lead to a breakdown for humanity comes from the combination of INFORMATION GLUT and ANTI-TRUTH. First, if one is participating in modern society, one is taking in too much information, period. You are bombarded with news, opinions, perspectives, advertising, choices, decisions, threats, pressures, etc. that demand of you absorb and process all of it effectively. When one is in an Information Glut, it becomes noise. It no longer serves you in terms of making decisions or choices and tends to leave one paralyzed and waiting for something to distract, disrupt or change. When information turns into noise, the Truth then becomes vulnerable. When the Truth becomes vulnerable, then it can be targeted and dismantled. It is a bit of a misnomer to say that "truth becomes vulnerable and targeted and dismantled." It would be more accurate to say that one's capacity for discernment is compromised and that makes one vulnerable to manipulation. There is a difference between not knowing the truth, and not wanting to know the truth, or rejecting the truth, and ignoring the truth. There are more people than ever who are now rejecting or ignoring the truth. To help in this pivotal period for humanity, it will be helpful for our students to consider: WHERE AM I IGNORING OR REJECTING THE TRUTH? And DO I NEED A BREAK TO CATCH UP WITH MYSELF? We can suggest that while information can be compelling and important, trust yourself if you know you are taking in too much. By giving yourself permission to step away, step back, to give yourself time to process, you strengthen your capacity to invite, discern, and sustain the truth. These two factors: Information Glut and Anti-Truth are far more of a threat to humanity than even the environmental concerns, wars, disease, famine, etc. because the rejection of truth and the fatigue from noise reduces every possibility for recovery or solution for all other threats. We cannot stress this enough: Truth, Love, and Energy are building blocks of your universe, both in literal terms and in terms of one's experience of existence. If one of these is rejected or denied or ignored, collapse is imminent. Ironically, Love nor Energy are under assault or in danger of being rejected. But Truth is in danger. Truth will exist with or without humanity, so when we say that Truth is in danger, we mean that humanity's trust and receptivity to the truth are in danger. In this pivotal year for humanity, the Infinite Soul candidates are all aligned by now and if there are Manifestations, the emphasis will likely be themed in Truth. Infinite Soul Manifestation probabilities are now at 88%. Humanity could resolve environmental threats and threats of war, oppression, division, economic collapse, etc, but if Truth is lost, so is the capacity to resolve these threats. We can delineate various areas of concern for humanity at this time, but this is the primary and key concern for those students who want to understand and help in contributing toward the shift toward breakthrough. If our students wish to help contribute toward patterns of breakthrough, we suggest the following: 1 - Remember that the Truth is simple. Truth is never complicated. It can be complex, but not complicated. 2 - Face your own Truths. Truth exists on a Personal, Community/Global, and Universal Level. If you tend to avoid your own Truths, it makes it easier to avoid shared and universal Truths. In other words, be honest with yourself about yourself. This means you must stop lying to yourself about even the most superficial of things, such as your degree of beauty, worth, and acceptability. These are qualities of a person that never have a single or conclusive truth. If you have decided you are ugly, you are ignoring the truth that many do not agree. If you have decided you are unlovable, you are ignoring the truth that many would not agree. And so on. But we also speak about the lies you may tell yourself in other ways, as well. 3 - Take a break from curated reality. Reality is a collection of truths that shape your perception. When your reality is no longer in your own hands, but in the hands of sources that curate what you read and see, you exist in a curated reality. Curated reality may or may not be truthful, but direct experience cannot be beaten. The State of the Planet this year is one that could be described as PRECARIOUS, but these turning points are simply growing pains. We survived many. We will open the queue now for 3 questions to start: ***QUEUE IS NOW OPEN*** Maureen: At this time, what do you see as the probability for each of the top 5 Democratic candidates, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Mike Bloomberg, Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg, one of which will be running for president against Trump, that they could/would beat Trump if they were to be the nominee? MEntity: It is the same probabilities for all: This currently stands at 58%. The reason it is the same probability for each is that it is not the candidate that determines this election, but the voters. It may be anticipated that one candidate over another may result in fewer voters or losing voters, but those who are voting for the corrupt King are voting for the corrupt King, regardless of any claim or assumption that they are weighing options. Maureen: Thank you!! NEXT Luciana: like you to comment on the political situation in Brazil. I see that people here usually idolize politicians and then the person's favorite politician becomes someone who can't be criticized. And if you criticize this politician the person who is a kind of fan of this politician thinks that you are against Brazil. And there are people who, I admit that I'm in this group, have lost faith in politics and think that it makes no difference who they vote for. Luciana: because it doesn't matter who the politicians are there for their own interest and nobody is interested in improving the country. Luciana: so I'd like you to comment a little bit on this scenario that I see in Brazil. MEntity: In the best and strongest of democracies, the cult of personality can wear away and diminish that democracy. Cult of personality requires that the truth be disregarded and when the truth is disregarded, everything becomes dependent upon that personality. Effectiveness may be diminished when there are cults of personality and corruption involved, but there are many ways in which one makes a difference. It will always serve you well to consider that there are ways to make a difference, even as you may be worried that no one cares or that you cannot make a difference. In other words, it does matter who the politician is. NEXT Royce: I am incredibly susceptible to infoglut and influence from others. This has added to confusing relationship patterns where I just add to the noise rather than have a fixed perspective, having a fixed perspective on what the truth is also feels so incredibly unnatural to me but I recognize many others don't seem to have that issue and it is obvious what the " right" perspective is. I want to join humanity and cut through the chaos of perspectives. You say that the truth is simple and that it does not harm but how could you help someone like me ( I assume there are others) who sees that simplicity in multitudes of perspective? What can a chaotic/confused mind do to trust one truth/path to focus on over another, even when other perspectives have their slivers of truth too? I want to be on the " right" side of the future but god I find it hard to trust one truth over another when there is so much we don't KNOW yet. The only answer that comes to me is " Play and choose anyway" when it comes to infoglut MEntity: From what we can see in your words, you are not speaking about the truth. You are speaking of something else. What is an example that confuses you so that we can more directly address this question? Royce: ok, let's say veganism. I have been vegan for 6 years now and it has always seemed simple and obvious to me but over the last couple years it has become less simple and obvious and I still choose it but I also am just adding to the confused noise when I speak on it. there are SO MANY truths around a subject like this Royce: and many leave because of that infoglut Royce: so how can you really trust in the midst of the noise? Royce: so that my voice is not messy but maybe useful again MEntity: We think we understand and will respond. Royce: thanks angel, I understand my question was a bit infoglutty itself MEntity: Veganism is when one actively chooses to reduce harm to others as much as possible, in particular, those animals who are subject to unnecessary and extreme cruelty and suffering. Veganism is another word for Compassion. Compassion is the choice to care for and reduce the suffering of others. The truth is that when one has a choice, one CAN refuse to participate in the cruelty and suffering of others. If one does not have a choice, one may or may not be able to refuse in that participation. But it will remain true that when one has a choice, one CAN. The rest of the noise is distraction. The path to how one reduces that harm is one that may vary among individuals, but this will still have no bearing on that simple Truth that if one has a choice, one CAN refuse to participate in or contribute to the cruelty and suffering. Royce: yeah , the spiritual takes and other teachings dealing with abstract " body needs" throw me for a loop the most but when i return to simplicity it usually is " because I have a choice" MEntity: As we said, the rest is noise. There are no justifications when one has a choice. Royce: thanks angels MEntity: This is an example of a simple truth. Keep in mind that when one has a choice, there will still need to be a path and those paths may vary in pace and possibility for how one can actively choose compassion. Choices build upon choices. There are no Sentient Species in existence who have to cause cruelty and suffering to exist. They may cause cruelty and suffering, but they do not have to. They have a choice. And every Sentient Species creates their path toward Compassion. This is called Soul Age. NEXT Brian: What would a breakdown vs breakthrough look like over the next five years? MEntity: We do not know. Bobby: lol Brian: LOL MEntity: Breakdowns on this scale tend to lead to a kind of reset of some form on a large scale. Breakthroughs on this scale tend to lead to leaps forward in ways that bring all of humanity closer. We can say that all of you will survive this either way, but we only know you in your futures that came from a breakthrough. We will conclude here for today. We have much more to say about this pivotal year and we will continue our discussion with you in further exchanges. Good day to each of you. Goodbye, for now.
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    Troy shared this afterwards that probably explains it: Oh that’s probably because Michael can’t get through to us if we are in survival mode. There needs to be some level of stability, prosperity, and survival distractions at a minimum.
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    From a private session on 2/18/2020: DianeHB: Back in late January, JanetE asked about the causes and potential spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19) originating from China. It's 3 weeks later, and while the Hubei Province is still the site of the greatest number of outbreaks, there have been more cases outside of China of the virus not being contained (I'm thinking of a cruise ship that docked in Cambodia where many of the passengers were allowed to fly out before they found one person who tested positive for coronavirus.). Do you now see this virus as having major impact on world mortality? The death rate from this virus is currently at about 2.3% and seems to mostly impact older people, but with the numbers from China being unreliable, the death rate could be much higher. MEntity We do not see this particular scenario as such a threat, and we have not found a probability where this is the case, yet. This scenario may escalate but unless there is a major mutation, this is a matter of containment, education, and prevention. DianeHB: I see. MEntity It is fair to check in on the status occasionally as we gain greater data for assessing probabilities. It is not that we are lacking current data, but that there may be more generated that we will add.
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    We already have a version of us moving towards Unimaginable Global Dystopia. It branched from November 2018, related to the American Mid-term Elections retaining a corrupt right-wing house of representatives. Do we seriously need to merge into them and experience the death of democracy and a backlash that slaps us so hard we land in the Dark Ages again? Because I am sincerely no longer interested, even morbidly, in that future. I was in 2018, I know I have two versions of me focused on "saving the world before it's too late" and "resigning into utter despair and futility" that branched then. But I am definitely not now. I didn't work on my fears, regrets, addictions, opening up to myself and others and finally actually liking myself & my life to end up in a world in which I and everyone else I know and love resigns to & dies in a fiery authoritarian hell. But I suppose none of us here intended that. I doubt many of the people in the great depression & world war 2 that were just trying to live their life or rose up to fight for democracy intended to end up in a parallel world ruled by Fascism from Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan and Soviet Russia either. But that world likely exists, also because of complacency. Anyways, I'll definitely follow up on the tips Michael gave here to move us towards a Breakthrough
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    The last bit of this video brought me to tears because it brought what Michael is saying here to life. I don't often admit the Truth to myself because I feel like if I do I will be compromising something. My integrity, my principles, my hard fought positions on the side of justice and genuine equality. But, the truth is. I am scared, like REALLY scared. And while I do have a considerable amount of courage (the bastard only shows up when fear is present), I have to be honest. My fear can make me incredibly exclusionary and intense. I draw hard lines and I can get zealous and stubborn. I don't feel safe enough to actively, consciously move towards +Compassion and that fucking sucks. Because it is where I thrive and I am at my best. It just doesn't feel like a time where I can be at my best, because everything is so fucking bad and it feels like too many of us just want to point out how bad it is instead of risking, instead of fighting, instead of holding a line. Anyhoo, we're all doing our best, let's just try to be as kind as we can to one another even as we are critical of systems. Let us all try to be brave as we snatch our destiny back from the brink of collapse, and may we all be guided this year by Truth to our own personal highest good, that feed into the highest collective good. Please watch this video if you get most of your news from cable. It's incredibly insightful about what's going on in the media and how to navigate the info glut. And since I do not get my news from cable but I spend WAY too much time on social media and in far left spaces I am deactivating Twitter for a while so I can stop subjecting myself to the tensions, anxieties, and frustrations of cynical, disaffected politics that only make my heart harden and don't foster compassion. I'm being honest about the fact that I am scared, I am not always 100% sure of my convictions, and that I need to make more time and space to listen. We're all in this together. I love you guys.
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    Given the context of this transcript, I think everyone would benefit from reading this transcript on how to nurture the Health of the Intellectual Center, which helps us access and be receptive to the Truth: Love how this session ended on a paradoxical, morbidly hilarious and mildly reassuring note.
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    @DianeHB -- it would definitely be something to ask more about. Wasn't there something in a session (maybe at a TLEGG) about how Older Souls can choose not to participate in some scenarios because they've been there, done that, aren't interested? Maybe our future selves come from breakthrough because we just opt out of the breakdown scenarios. Or a more positive interpretation might be that the breakthrough occurs in the majority of parallels branching from here.
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    "We can say that all of you will survive this either way, but we only know you in your futures that came from a breakthrough." Along the same lines that @JohnM described, I think that there will at some point have to be a breakthrough for our species. There may be a breakdown and some delays in the process but for there not to ever be a breakthrough to me implies that our evolution as a species has come to a halt. I think that is what they may mean in terms of how they only know us in our futures that came from a breakthrough. Ideally, I would like for there to be a breakthrough sooner than later. I am trying to stay optimistic that even as we go through rough patches currently that it will lead to a more positive future for us all, one where we become more united as a species and kind and compassionate to our home planet. The probabilities for IS manifestation could still change too unless the probability has become a sequence or a vector.
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    What I recently noticed (On social media) regarding current American politics is that most democrats are scared to the point of cynicism. Most are saying something like X candidate can’t beat trump because moderates/undecideds won’t vote for him/her. It doesn’t matter who the candidate is it’s being said about ALL of them. These same people also say something like, there’s no point voting for someone who can’t win but the person who might isn’t my candidate so I’m not sure if I will vote. I find this baffling and beyond stupid. I don’t give a shit who the democratic nominee is even if it’s my least favorite I will vote for them because they need my vote to beat trump. The only way to beat him is for everyone who can vote to vote. This isn’t fucking rocket science. The goal and solution are both simple so why make this so fucking complicated? Everyone just needs to vote.
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    LOL Michael has always been ok with adjectives that are factual. They don’t use them often, so when they do, it certainly is something to note.
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    Once again; an enlightening and moving session. Yes, I'll agree there was some "scary" in there too - but for whatever its worth, I'll offer my take on the comment from M that they only know us from the futures where there has been breakthrough: M has said before of our lives / experiences that nothing is wasted - everything ultimately leads toward our continued growth and evolution. So if we end up on the breakdown path, we'll still eventually make it to breakthrough because our growth and evolution is "inevitable". We may end up taking the longer (and scarier) path, but we'll still get to that breakthrough just the same. So putting on my cloak of optimism I'm going to firmly believe that we're going to move directly ahead to the breakthrough because that is the next step on our path. I'm not looking for a shortcut, but also not very interested in heading off the main trail. Truth, Love and Energy will remain even if we've lost sight for a moment. We will find our way because we're worth it.
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    You know you're corrupt when...even Mid-Causal Teaching Entities who have seen and done it all think you're corrupt. And, that is what I've been trying to tell people: don't try to peel off Fuckface voters. Their minds are made up. Reach out to nonvoters instead, and rally our base. Thank you, @Troyand Michaels, and to @Bobby for transcribing and posting. I've been dealing with sick cats and other personal drama so I've not been able to attend monthly chats lately. But this is so useful. We really are under an information glut. I'm curating my social media and cutting back on what I want to read and take in just for my own peace of mind and mental health. (I figure the New York Times and Washington Post are probably pretty trustworthy. I will NOT get my news from Facebook - which a lot of people do, apparently! The NY Times gives me the news, FB is for keeping up with my old friends.) I hope we go to "breakthrough" rather than "breakdown." 58% for a Democratic election is way too close to be comforting.
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    I've been sharing this on Facebook. It was originally shared in my feed by Barbara Taylor, and I love the succinct list in the image that came with the article, but the complete article is very useful as well. I think it's important to recognize that it's not just the "other side" that shares fake stuff. I've seen a fair amount of bullshit from all sides. Too often we assume that the items that suit our beliefs are accurate without bothering to look more closely. How to Recognize a Fake News Article
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    Relevant here is a Michael Speaks session from 2002, 18 years ago, that I've had on my list of questions for a couple of years now. I wanted to ask if it is still true that the news media is simply "innocent" and "slow." I suspect this session was done before the radicalization power of Fox News gained dominance. I do not think that Fox News is "innocent" and "slow." But I do think that the CNNs/MSNBCs, etc that Carlos talks about in the video are still in the "innoccent" and "slow" camp, maybe less so than they were 18 years ago, but they are still have roots in traditional, old-fashioned news media. Which was always aligned with corporate interests. Question: The news media in the US is extremely narrow and biased. Would Michael please address this and suggest a reliable source? MEntity: We believe there is too much undue emphasis given to the possibility that your media is “biased” and “narrow.” A more accurate perception, from our point of view, is that it is “innocent” and “slow.” We have rarely seen your media “hide” anything for long, or distort it for long, or manipulate it, etc. The truth does get out, even if not in the first few reports. We believe it is helpful to “follow” the news as it unfolds and remind yourselves that the people collaborating in reporting are humans involved in their own lives, fears, and agendas as you are. In general, Local News is fairly accurate over a shorter period of time. News Shows, such as 60 Minutes and Dateline can be more concerned with presentation than with the truth, but a great deal of truth is there, even if cloaked. Publicly funded radio is fairly accurate in reporting, but we have found this area of news to be severely subjective, which has its pros and cons. This is not to say it is inaccurate or untruthful, but there is far more potential for want of a specific point to get across, rather than the truth. Public Radio will vary from reporter to reporter and show to show. You must validate for yourselves with whom you relate. We described the news as Innocent and Slow because it is. There is no real agenda of narrowness or bias, as we have said, but it is fair to say there are far too many considerations clouding the reporting which are distracting. This distraction slows the news, but it does get through. We say it is Innocent because most who are caught up in the world of reporting have a hard time seeing past the structures currently in place. And finally, we have found that News from the North and East of the United States tends to be the most immediately concerned with accuracy and correction. Question: I was concerned by the lack of world news, especially when it does not affect us directly. MEntity: ALL news is only reported in terms of how it affects the general area reporting. This is true in all countries. It is not unique to the United States’ reporting methods. To access what is happening in the world, we can suggest the Internet as an invaluable resource of accuracy and immediacy. There are “streams” of media from other countries, as well as “local” newspapers in English from other countries. There is a tremendous resource of alternative news sources inherent in what is called the World Wide Web. This takes up the slack where your local television or radio cannot fulfill. As for those media, we can suggest BBC World News is accurate enough and accessible on the radio and cable, while the network called ABC tends to have World News presented accurately on broadcast television. Does this help clarify?
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    @Meg, I agree with most of what you have said, but, I doubt that the Michaels' would "opt out" of following our lives if our lives took a turn for a breakdown. I think that the Michaels' are here for a long time and not necessarily a good time if you know what I mean, in that, I suspect that they are curious about our choices and trajectories and consequences either way, that they are in it for the duration and not just for the t shirt. I don't think they are quitters lol but if they are, don't tell me, that would be more than upsetting not having their perspective on things. I would hate to think that they would "check out" on us. I.e. Gods away on business please leave a detailed message and we will get right back to you. Hmm.
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    Hey y'all, Elie Wiesel turns out to have been a notorious groper of young women, so let's let him fade. There are better and deeper writers on the Shoah, such as my main man Primo Levi, whose wrestlings with the experience left pointless discussions of "why" in the dust and engaged instead with science and human behavior (he was a chemist as well as a poet and essayist) and with mourning the fact that humans keep committing atrocities on each other, even after the Shoah, that we learn nothing (he frequently referenced the Khmer Rouge in his writings, as that was contemporary). I'm sorry, I don't mean to sound testy, but 1) a sexual harasser should not be lauded for his 2) sentimental writings invoking a nonexistent deity. The struggles of a person raised in Jewish orthodoxy with the idea that there's a god somewhere that "let" the Shoah happen are, to me, empty of meaning, and I am saying this as a Jew and a descendant of survivors, and as someone whose work has almost exclusively been about the Shoah for the a lot of my career. I cannot tell you how frustrating it is to sit at seders year after year and hear relatives do that "why did god let this happen" spiel. I think that line of questioning does real harm, because it is not a theorized deity we must query when we are examining human cruelty, whether that cruelty is on an intimate or a mass scale. It is human nature that we should be focused on if we want to come anywhere close to solving "a problem from hell", as UN Ambassador Samantha Power once termed genocide. Those who look to a supernatural entity to somehow stop these events from occurring, especially the idea that one's people are "chosen" and that somehow that means we've got some guy looking out for us, when history clearly shows us that the only thing we Jews have been consistently chosen for besides high cholesterol is state-sanctioned murder, are going to be continually disappointed and lost. I care passionately about genocide and totalitarianism, and while religious convictions can really help people be brave in those situations, this particular discourse within Jewish life really upsets me. It's also the handmaiden of "god gave us the land of Israel, the people who were already there are the enemy, so we can take their land and homes from them". It leads to oppression and to repeating history, this time with us as the aggressors, even as we call ourselves victims. The last thing I'll say is on the subject of asking "why". I learned this from the death of my first daughter. The question when something horrible happens to you isn't "Why you", it's "why NOT you". Bad things happen, unfortunately. There's no one up there controlling it, and none of us are exempt. I wasn't being singled out or punished when Rosalie died. She had her own reasons for coming and for going. Any meaning or learning I extracted from the experience was not "fated", it was due to my own abilities and privilege to exercise them. I mean this as a comfort, though I don't think I'm coming across that way: it's cruel to yourself to ask why something awful and random happened. It puts the onus of responsibility on you for things that may have been completely out of your control. Don't do that to yourself if you can help it. I mean yes, many things are preventable, wear seatbelts, use sunscreen, cross at the light etc., but life can throw some gnarly shit at you.
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    Interestingly, what Michael says about the probable 2020 election results, if Democrats get out and vote in numbers, matches exactly what Rachel Bitecofer says and has been saying since before the 2018 elections. She's brilliant. If you haven't seen her in an interview or read her ideas you're in for a treat. Rachel Bitecofer, a political scientist at the Niskanen Center, in Washington, D.C., thinks that most pollsters and forecasters rely on outdated ideas about how candidates succeed. She argues that the outcome has far less to do with the candidates’ ideology than we think it does. Her perspective has been controversial, but in July, 2018, months before the midterm elections, her model predicted the Democratic victory in the House with an accuracy unmatched by conventional forecasters. And it suggests that Democrats should stop worrying about losing, and focus on firing up their voters. Here's more... with a link below. "What if everything you think you know about politics is wrong? What if there aren’t really American swing voters—or not enough, anyway, to pick the next president? What if it doesn’t matter much who the Democratic nominee is? What if there is no such thing as “the center,” and the party in power can govern however it wants for two years, because the results of that first midterm are going to be bad regardless? What if the Democrats' big 41-seat midterm victory in 2018 didn’t happen because candidates focused on health care and kitchen-table issues, but simply because they were running against the party in the White House? What if the outcome in 2020 is pretty much foreordained, too?" https://www.politico.com/news/magazine/2020/02/06/rachel-bitecofer-profile-election-forecasting-new-theory-108944?fbclid=IwAR33vbf20v_oqeBaeSW8qV-IcvdzijwHLtyeVqlm78B6yxUFMSIBbI7ATeA
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    Veganism is another word for compassion . Enough said!
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    Everyone, I have just finished opening support tickets for all of the Essence Reports and Grand Cycle Reports that were in the list supplied to me. If you ordered an Essence Report and/or a Grand Cycle Report and did not receive an email notice that a ticket was opened for you, then please go ahead and create a ticket for yourself. Please note that the scheduling app was wonky while these sessions were open for booking. Many more sessions were booked than the maximum requested, and there were issues with the booking on a number of them. I won't be surprised if my list wasn't complete. Also, my list sometimes included only the first name. If you got an email that I created a ticket for you for one of these reports and you didn't order one, it's possible the report was ordered for someone with the same first name. I'd very much appreciate it if you would PM me or respond within the ticket that it's directed to the wrong person.
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    Some people create the loveliest sounds and rythms.
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    I'm looking around my archived material and will post information as comments as I find "what I'm looking for". Here's one piece that jumped out at me from a MICHAEL SPEAKS on Chaos, Consciousness & Current Events on November, 26, 2016 especially the part where Michael mentions "the decline of power in the United States and its move toward isolationism while China rises in power and aligns with Russia". It ties into what they have said over the years and, interestingly, what Daniela asked Michael in a POF on July 16, 2017 about Trump being "bonded" with Putin. @DanielaS, do you have a blog entry or some other place where we could comment on the Pentagon Configuration Trump shares with Putin, Bannon, Don Jr. and the other, a Sage. I can only find bits and pieces of comments that are spread out all over the place. Here's the excerpt from Michael Speaks on Chaos, Consciousness & Current Events: Paulyboy: You have said in a previous chat or two that the world in a few decades may not look like anything we would "recognize" very well. I'm not sure if this is politically (nations etc.) and/or environmental. Can you give us some possible ways the world might "look" in the coming decades that would not be "recognizable" to us very much from this point? Paulyboy: Not predictions, of course, just some possibilities. Thanks! ... I feel like there is sooooo much going on, and with probabilities and choices., so I'm just curious on what a few possible scenarios might look like, if you have time. Thanks! Paulyboy: I'm trying to find the exact "not recognize" session quote to reference, but I'm out of time. Thank you! MEntity: There are 10 scenarios that come up as highest probabilities from this point that lead to an "unrecognizable" future, 7 of which are not appealing. We can cover these in further exchanges. The top 3 include the decline of power in the United States and its move toward isolationism while China rises in power and aligns with Russia; a complete overhaul of government that leads to global unification represented by a complex, but profoundly enriching kind of global democracy, acceleration of technology, and implementation of a resource-based economy; and a global catastrophe due to collision with an object. These are high probabilities within 50 to 100 years.
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    I came across some images of the Hindu goddess Kali, who rules destruction and is considered the divine mother. I felt intense resonance which led me to discovering more, where I landed on a youtube video of a Kali mantra. I felt my heart chakra activate as well as my sacral chakra and felt energy moving intensely in my chest area and down my back. I've experienced this with Michael but only during an active session. I guess I'm wondering if anyone has any idea what I could be picking up on. I know Michael students tend not to be into deity worship or shamanic traditions/earth religions but I'm curious if anyone has had similar experiences? I wondered if it could be past life resonance, I know as a Priest I've probably had my fair share of lifetimes rife with religious fervor and devotion. Also what do you guys consider to be behind the energy of deities? Bored astral spirits who are fucking around with anyone willing to worship them? Or Entities that are using the "mask" of the deity in order to transfer genuine knowledge/energy? Total human invention created to explain the unexplainable? All of the above? I'm very curious!
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    GRAND CYCLE REPORT Michael Cleverly A Grand Cycle is one trip as Essence from Tao through the 7 Planes of Physical, Astral, Causal, Akashic, Mental, Messianic, and Buddhic, returning to Tao. In truth, we never “leave” Tao, as each Plane is layered within each other like concentric circles, with the Physical Plane as the densest and at the center, within the Astral, which is within the Causal, and so on, with Tao encompassing all of these. Each Grand Cycle is its own dance through time and space as an individual Essence who chooses a Role, an Entity, an Essence Twin, etc. Each Grand Cycle can be a completely different Role, Entity, Essence Twin, and so on. Think of a Grand Cycle as one giant lifetime for your Essence as a ROLE, and your Role creates a new Personality as lifetimes within that. Essence and Role are often used interchangeably, but Essence chooses a ROLE, and that Role can change when in a new Grand Cycle, but Essence remains. Though one can have a multitude of Grand Cycles, each one is separate and does not bleed into any other. There is no significant influence among them. However, because Essence still has a memory and consistency, it will carry that experience forward into creating and setting up a new Grand Cycle. Because time can only be measured relative to one’s position within a planetary system, there is no way to really describe when your past Grand Cycles might have been, but if it is possible, Michael will mention it. Other planetary systems and species of your previous Grand Cycles will most likely be completely unknown to us as Humans. Knowing your history as Essence may not make a big difference in your understanding of who you are in your current life, but it can help you to consider the vastness of the universe, and the beauty of the incarnational process. Most Humans have an average of 3 Grand Cycles. YOU ARE IN YOUR _10th_ GRAND CYCLE YOUR ESSENCE HAS BEEN: Sage, Server, Scholar, Warrior, King, Scholar, Priest, Artisan, Scholar, and now Scholar Below is a synopsis of one of your Grand Cycles as Essence: SYNOPSIS of Grand Cycle #1 We see your Essence as having its first Grand Cycle as a symbiotic microorganism who flourished in the bodies of an ancient, dying species. This dying species created the organisms over many years of trial and error as the species continued to die out. Though there were temporary fixes with various experiments, it would not be enough to sustain the long-term survival of the species. There was no panic on behalf of the dying species, but there was a great awareness that the incarnational process of the Design (the entirety of the consciousness who was incarnating through that species) was far from completed, and while it was known that new bodies could be chosen by the Sentience as a whole, it was also somewhat important to tend to the bodies that this Sentience had come to call “home.” After many years of experimentation with various microorganisms, the idea for implementing into the equation a code for consciousness came into controversial consideration. After many more years of experimentation, this species discovered that while it could not quantify consciousness, it could quantify the “magnet” for consciousness. We cannot explain this, as this would be different for every species, but we can say that it required great patience, interaction, empathy, and eventual communication with those microorganisms so that the intellectual center of those organism sparked toward invitation of Sentience. Once “your” species sprang to Sentience, the effects were dramatic in reversing the dying population, stabilizing it, and establishing what would come to be the only other Sentient species known to this ancient species. Lives were spent in carefully constructed environmental suits that each of the original species were required to wear for survival from birth to death. “Your” species lived out incarnations and lives among the various host bodies as if among planets in a galaxy. These lives were lived on the surface of the hosts, and did not work internally, though much of the farming and cultivation of fungus and bacteria (in the closest familiar terms, though this may not be accurate) necessary for the survival of the host was moved to various ports in the body so that the host could benefit from this. In exchange, “your” species had no real threats to its existence beyond their own life cycle and deaths, as long as the host species was alive, and the process by which the host filtered “air” would then allow for the microorganisms to “breathe,” which they would not be able to do outside of the environmental suits. This symbiotic relationship lasted for many thousands of years, and when the host species grew to Old Soul status so were the microorganisms, and when each were in the last stages of Cycling off, “First Contact” was made by a neighboring Sentience who had only just begun off-planet exploration. Their exposure to the environment and the microorganism resulted in great panic among the visiting species, resulting in the final lives of this Old Soul symbiotic pairing of species to be ended by genocide.
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    ESSENCE DYNAMICS Role: Scholar Casting: Warrior Cadre/Entity: 1/6 E-Ratio: 45M/55F Frequency: 72 Soul Age/Level: Old/5 Manifested Age: Mature to Old Lifetime#: 319 Grand Cycle#: 10 ESSENCE TWIN INFORMATION Role: Artisan Cadre/Entity: 1/2 Status: Guide TASK COMPANION(S) INFORMATION Role/Gender: King, guide Role/Gender: Artisan, female Role/Gender: Scholar, male PERSONALITY DYNAMICS Goal: Acceptance Mode: Observation > Passion/Aggression Attitude: Spiritualist Center/Part: Emotional/Moving Body Types: Lunar/Venus/Mercury (solar) Chief Feature 1: Self-deprecation Chief Feature 2: Arrogance
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    I just read this, and what a beautiful mind-boggling story! And what a shitty ending.
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    You are a treasure, @Johanne. I can only read bits and pieces of French but some French-speaking Michael student in the world is going to see these and reconnect to Michael. Thank you! If anyone feels a call to translate material into another language, TLE is willing to post it!
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    Atteindre votre But Traduction d’un atelier avec l’Entité Michael (EM) le 15 novembre 2014 Canal : Troy Tolley Source anglaise : https://our.truthloveenergy.com/topic/193-omw-nov-15-2014-reaching-your-goal/?tab=comments#comment-365. Texte adapté du livre anglais « The Book of the Books », 2018. Entité Michael (EM) : Bonjour à chacun de vous. Nous sommes ici, maintenant. Nous pouvons commencer. Aujourd’hui, nous sommes invités à parler des Buts, en mettant l’emphase sur comment chacun de vous, individuellement, remplissez votre But. Gardez à l’esprit que le But est précisément cela. C’est un But. Cependant, comme pour de nombreux buts, la cible visée continue toujours d’évoluer de façon exponentielle tant que l’objectif demeure. Il n’y a jamais de ligne d’arrivée pour un but conceptuel. Il y a des buts tangibles et des buts conceptuels. Les buts tangibles sont toujours alimentés par des buts conceptuels, et les buts conceptuels sont toujours atteints à travers des buts tangibles. Notre système met l’accent sur le But Conceptuel, ou But abstrait, et ressemble plus à un état à atteindre avec une certaine satisfaction, au cours d’une vie. Par exemple, le But de la Croissance ne sera jamais atteint au cours d’une vie, sauf en termes de comment l’individu dont la Croissance est le But trouve ce cheminement satisfaisant. Bien que le But ne décrive jamais la Personnalité, il est inhérent à la biologie d’une Personnalité parce qu’il fait partie de ses Attributs. La raison pour laquelle le But ne décrit jamais la Personnalité c'est parce qu’il est un But. Il n’est pas déjà réalisé. Il n’est pas déjà un état inhérent à cet individu. Cependant la motivation est inhérente, ce qui signifie qu’en comprenant son But, on peut comprendre presque tous les aspects de sa vie et pourquoi ils sont générés comme des expériences. Pour chaque But, il y a ce que nous pourrions appeler les 7 « versions » ou états qui décrivent où l’on se situe dans ce qu’on vise pour ce But. Ces 7 versions ne sont pas nécessairement linéaires et sont les mêmes à travers les vies, les Âges de l’Âme, les Niveaux et les Personnalités. En d’autres termes, une Âme Nourrisson dans sa première vie pourrait rencontrer toutes ces versions d’un But. On ne peut pas rejeter le But. On ne peut qu’atteindre ses différents états, en visant à partir des pôles positif ou négatif. Donc, quelqu’un en Acceptation travaille TOUJOURS sur l’Acceptation. Quel que soit votre But, voici les 7 versions (états) : PAR DÉFAUT — Tendances/Résistances C’est celle où penser, remarquer ou ressentir à propos de son BUT demande le moins. C’est le Par Défaut. Les expériences s’accumulent et l’Essence les trie plus tard. Par défaut, il y a des tendances générées dans la vie à cause du But, et ces tendances peuvent ou non être remarquées, mais parfois on y oppose de la résistance. Quand il y a de la résistance, il y a de la douleur. La vie « semble » amener des tendances vers l’Acceptation, la Croissance, le Flux, etc. et on les navigue ou on les combat. Quand on fait l’expérience de la vie comme un état constant de douleur pour le corps, c’est que le But fonctionne probablement dans l’état Par Défaut. C’est le moyen de navigation le moins conscient. Ce n’est pas une « mauvaise » chose, mais une réalité du spectre de notre conscience. DÉCISIONS — Direction/Déni La prochaine version d’un But commence à inclure une conscience plus attentive à la façon de naviguer avec les tendances Par Défaut. Cela se fait par des DÉCISIONS. On commence à remarquer que l’on peut décider à partir de ces tendances. C’est là que l’on commence à apprendre à dire non à une direction. Tous les fragments apprennent à dire non avant d’apprendre à dire oui. Ce n’est pas la même chose que le Choix. Nous reviendrons plus tard sur le concept de Choix. Les Décisions pavent la voie aux Choix. Donc du côté positif, on apprend à dire non de façon à inclure plus de conscience à sa direction, mais certains peuvent tomber dans la tendance à dire non à tout, niant complètement leurs tendances dans la vie. Quand on constate qu’on est dans un état constant de NON qui empêche les expériences, alors on est probablement dans cette version de notre But. DIFFÉRENCE — Prévoyance/Apathie C’est quand on commence à remarquer les tendances dans notre vie d’une manière qui nous donne le sentiment de pouvoir faire une différence dans ces tendances. Il ne s’agit pas seulement d’arrêter une direction, mais de la changer. Ceci permet d’avoir une vision de l’avenir, de planifier, de considérer les conséquences. Quand les Décisions donnent l’impression que l’on regarde dans des directions où il y a des embranchements sur notre chemin, la DIFFÉRENCE commence à créer ces embranchements. Il s’agit de la première version du But où l’on commence à se sentir responsable du chemin et de l’état du But. Ceci peut être un peu écrasant et la Personnalité peut se dégager de cette responsabilité en tombant dans l’Apathie. C’est là que l’on présume que « ce qui a à arriver, va arriver » ou que « c’est la volonté de Dieu » ou en termes plus actuels de « laisser cela à l’univers ». Ce sont des formes d’Apathie. Elles ne ressemblent pas toujours à ça, parce que les mots peuvent sembler poétiques ou savants, mais ils sont un désengagement de notre responsabilité à créer. EFFORT — Volonté/Limbes Il s’agit de la version du But où les tendances ralentissent énormément sans la participation consciente de la Personnalité. Les expériences ne viennent pas, les tendances sont répétitives, familières et il y a très peu de « nouvelles » choses qui font leur apparition dans notre vie. Pour la première fois, le But requiert votre participation pour la génération d’expériences. Ceci signifie que l’on doit Vouloir faire l’Effort, pour générer activement des expériences. Beaucoup trouvent cela décourageant et tomberont dans des tendances familières qui apportent très peu à leur vie en termes d’expériences, et leur vie tombe alors dans les Limbes. PARTAGE — Intimité/Conflit Il s’agit de la première des versions du But où l’on commence à graviter, intentionnellement ou non, vers ceux qui partagent le même But. Trouver un terrain d’entente dans des expériences aide à apporter de l’Intimité. Le But devient alors une sorte de terrain de jeu partagé par deux ou plusieurs personnes. Cependant, cela peut également venir avec un grand investissement dans son But de sorte que l’on perd la capacité de se lier avec ceux qui ont un But différent, ou même avec ceux qui n’abordent pas notre But de la même manière. Cela mène alors au conflit. Certains des plus grands conflits peuvent survenir parmi ceux qui partagent le même But. DÉFI — Enthousiasme/Frustration C’est la première fois que votre But commence à être véritablement mis à l’épreuve par des forces extérieures. Vous maîtrisez probablement votre But à ce stade, connaissez ses tendances, êtes prêts, partagez, etc., mais « tout » semble se mettre en travers. C’est la première fois qu’il n’est pas « facile » d’obtenir un certain sentiment d’accomplissement de votre But. Ce n’est plus seulement une tendance par défaut qui fait obstacle à votre But, mais c’est une tendance qui semble vous faire dérailler de tout sens de direction relié à la réalisation de votre But. Du côté positif, ce sont l’optimisme et l’enthousiasme qui vous gardent ciblé sur le But. Les Obstacles sont abordés comme un moyen d’atteindre un nouveau niveau du But, et non comme un moyen de le faire dérailler. Du côté négatif, la frustration peut venir, on peut se sentir vaincu, déprimé, en colère et supposer que rien de ce qu’on fait ne peut nous aider. Plutôt que de négocier votre chemin et de faire appel à la créativité, vous continuez à faire les mêmes choses encore et encore tout en vous attendant à des expériences/résultats différents. CHOIX — Création/Indulgence Maintenant, votre But est dans un état de Choix. Vous savez que vos décisions pavent la voie à vos choix, vous assumez vos choix qui créent vos expériences et vous utilisez la créativité pour tous les obstacles, difficultés, défis, etc. L’indulgence est une forme passive de Choix en ce sens que l’on reconnaît que l’on n’a peut-être pas le choix en tout temps, et on le sait, et on est d’accord avec ça, car le choix est actif là où il peut être. L’indulgence peut tomber dans des états de paresse, mais la conscience est tellement présente à ce stade que, même si la paresse n’est pas préférée, elle est assumée comme un choix. Résumé S’il est vrai que ces versions/états ne sont pas séquentielles, elles se construisent les unes sur les autres; toutefois l’on peut être dans n’importe laquelle de ces versions à tout moment. Une fois que vous atteignez le CHOIX, cela ne signifie pas que vous ne retomberez pas, par exemple, dans le Par Défaut. En effet, la Personnalité est réinitialisée à chaque vie. C’est du nouveau. Ce n’est pas une progression. La Personnalité est conçue à partir de la progression de l’Essence, et plus la Personnalité est consciente, plus l’Essence est impliquée dans sa vie, donc il y a évolution, mais la Personnalité peut « revenir en arrière », contrairement à l’Essence. Il est difficile de revenir en arrière, même pour la Personnalité, mais cela peut arriver et cela se produit. Souvent. Plus l’Âme est âgée, plus cela devient difficile. Nous allons maintenant ouvrir la file d’attente pour vos questions concernant ce que nous avons partagé jusqu’à présent, et demander à chacun de vous de partager où vous pensez être dans votre propre version de votre But. LA FILE D’ATTENTE EST MAINTENANT OUVERTE Janet : À un moment donné, vous m’avez dit que 12 Décisions peuvent conduire à un Choix qui crée un embranchement ou un moment pivot dans la vie. Y a-t-il un lien entre ces états et cette corrélation avec le nombre 12? Et je pense que j’ai atteint au moins le PARTAGE mais le CHOIX semble correspondre aussi. EM : Janet, les 12 Décisions qui mènent à un Choix décrivent comment le processus du choix est généré dans n’importe quel aspect de la vie. Les versions du But décrivent comment on progresse dans la capacité de choisir par rapport au But : d’une approche passive ou moins consciente du But à une approche plus active ou consciente. En d’autres termes, les 12 décisions du choix seront toujours en vigueur, avec ou sans conscience ou éveil actif. Les versions du But décrivent donc une sorte de processus d’appropriation des décisions et des choix relatifs au But/aux expériences. GeraldineB : Comme je vis avec une détérioration articulaire, de l’arthrose, qui semble également héréditaire, je ne vois pas la corrélation entre votre énoncé « Quand on fait l’expérience de la vie comme un état constant de souffrance pour le corps, c’est que le But fonctionne probablement dans un état Par Défaut », et mon état actuel dans l’utilisation de la Discrimination. EM : Nous pourrions être plus clairs en ajoutant « OU que le But a probablement fonctionné dans l’état Par Défaut pendant une très longue période. » Lorsqu’il y a douleur chronique, c’est toujours une indication d’une grande résistance à « quelque chose », et c’est souvent relié à des expériences générées par les tendances par défaut du But. Plus la douleur est intense, plus ça fait probablement longtemps. Les douleurs émotionnelles et physiques peuvent être le résultat de plusieurs années de tendances, et cela peut prendre autant d’années pour les inverser ou pour s’en libérer. La douleur intellectuelle ou spirituelle peut aller et venir assez rapidement et est souvent davantage représentative d’expériences plus locales de la Personnalité dans le temps. GeraldineB : Ai-je expérimenté la Discrimination plutôt comme un rejet pendant longtemps ? EM : Oh, oui, Géraldine. Le rejet et rejeter ont été le Par Défaut pendant de très longues périodes. Gardez ceci à l’esprit : votre douleur physique est maintenant une douleur physique. Cela peut vous aider de comprendre ce qui a conduit à cette douleur chronique, mais une fois qu’elle est physique, il est valide de la traiter simplement en termes physiques. C’est pourquoi cela devient physique : pour donner de la tangibilité à l’intangible qui était difficile à gérer à l’époque. Vos traitements, votre soulagement et prise en charge sont tout à fait pertinents pour le passé. Il n’est pas nécessaire de déterrer les anciennes tendances pour gérer la douleur actuelle. La douleur actuelle est un langage symbolique qui parle de cette douleur et de tout ce que vous avez besoin de savoir à son sujet. Nous ne disons pas cela pour décourager tout examen plus approfondi, mais il y a un sens à la douleur. Elle est ici, maintenant. C’est là que vous voudrez être aussi. GeraldineB : Douleur = langage symbolique ? EM : Oui, la douleur est un langage du corps. Elle parle toujours de notre résistance à un certain niveau. Même si cette résistance est seulement celle de la peau qui résiste à une piqure. Plus la douleur est chronique, plus les tendances dont cette douleur parle sont grandes. GeraldineB : Une digression : est-ce également vrai pour toute la douleur dont souffre Troy ? EM : Oui, Troy n’est pas exempté, bien sûr. Sa douleur est liée à un manque de soins attentionnés. Ceci est souvent représenté par son manque d’apport en d’eau. Le manque d’eau et d’hydratation génère la plupart de ses problèmes, et ceux-ci témoignent de sa résistance à permettre des soins attentionnés. Peu importe qu’il puisse embrasser consciemment l’idée. Il s’agit d’une tendance qui remonte à il y a longtemps et qui parle à la personne « la plus importante » de sa vie qui l’a torturé, et ainsi il la porte d’une façon insidieuse en négligeant l’apport d’eau, une force vitale pour le corps. Nous ne pouvons pas parler davantage sur ce sujet pour le moment. Claire2 : Je pense que je suis à Défi, oscillant entre Enthousiasme et Frustration. Dernièrement, je suis très consciente d’avoir choisi « de ne pas » me laisser aller à être frustrée, mais j’ai du mal à maintenir mon Enthousiasme. Je deviens très consciente du Choix, mais je ne sais pas toujours quels sont mes choix. EM : Claire, c’est une question importante. Si l’on découvre qu’on se trouve dans une version négative du But, des solutions peuvent être trouvées dans la version « précédente ». Dans ce cas, le retour au PARTAGE est vital. Vous voudrez tendre la main, créer des liens, générer et entretenir l’intimité avec les autres. Votre enthousiasme viendra de ce défi, de ce retour à quelque chose qui vous manque, qui est l’intimité. Si vous sentez que l’intimité fait déjà partie de votre vie, alors vous pouvez vous tourner vers elle comme un lieu pour votre enthousiasme. Profitez simplement d’être avec vos proches. Cela vous aidera à maintenir votre enthousiasme élevé, votre frustration basse, et à garder votre esprit ouvert et créatif pour quand vous verrez d’autres choix. Si vous sentez que le Partage/l’Intimité fait défaut, alors que cela soit le défi sur lequel vous vous concentrerez. Trouvez cela. Créez cela. Permettez cela. Encouragez cela. KittyMac : Je n’arrive pas encore à connaître et à comprendre le But de Discrimination, tant en général que dans ma propre vie. Je me reconnais dans la plupart des 7 versions que vous décrivez de sorte que je ne peux pas nécessairement dire où je suis en ce moment. Est-il possible d’être partout comme ça ? Ou suis-je simplement en train de m’aveugler pour ne pas voir où je suis vraiment ? EM : Nous pensons que vous pourriez aimer la vérité que « oui » est vrai pour vos deux questions. Tout d’abord, ceci n’est pas inhabituel pour ceux qui sont en Discrimination. La Discrimination peut être décrite comme étant essentiellement comment la Personnalité apprend à choisir, à raffiner les choix et, le plus important, aimer les choix. Ainsi, lorsque l’on n’a pas atteint un certain degré de raffinement du choix, alors tous les choix/directions semblent valides et pertinents. Ainsi, le spectre des versions du But ressemble au spectre qui est vous lorsque vous apprenez à choisir et à raffiner vos choix. La Discrimination consiste à apprendre à dire non et à le penser. Ne pas seulement dire non pour dire non. La Discrimination peut constater qu’elle dit oui à tout jusqu’à ce moment-là. Mais ce sentiment de pertinence pour toutes les versions du But peut aussi être le symptôme d’une personne dans l’état d’EFFORT. Quand on est dans l’Effort, on regarde dans toutes les directions pour avoir des conseils, de la considération, des commentaires, des idées, etc. afin que la Volonté puisse être mise derrière l’Effort. Jusqu’à ce moment-là, les Limbes peuvent ressemblées à un éparpillement et un étalement entre les différents états. Lorsque vous participez à l’Effort, vous vous engagez automatiquement dans une direction qui ressemble davantage à un mouvement vers votre But. Cependant, tout cela étant dit, il est toujours vrai que l’on trouvera de la pertinence et de la familiarité avec toutes les versions d’un But si l’on est vivant et conscient assez longtemps. SUITE… EM : Parce que chacun de vous peut se déplacer dans ces versions de votre But, il est utile de comprendre toutes les versions, puis de noter où vous en êtes. Tel que décrit à Claire, si vous trouvez que vous êtes dans le pôle négatif de votre version du But, regardez la version précédente pour savoir comment retrouver un sentiment de progrès. Si vous trouvez que vous êtes dans la version négative du Par Défaut, retournez à CHOIX et dansez entre la Création et l’Indulgence comme un moyen de vous sortir de la résistance. Vos « devoirs » ne sont donc pas seulement d’explorer ceci sur le plan de votre propre approche de votre But, mais de regarder autour de vous pour voir si votre compréhension des versions du But peut vous aider à comprendre les gens dans votre vie, votre monde. Nous avons donné notre avis. Nous pensons que chacun de vous savez assez bien où vous vous trouvez à un moment donné, et puisque cela fluctue, et que ce n’est pas particulièrement une progression où l’on s’arrête, il est plus logique que vous évaluiez cela par vous-même. Nous savons que Troy nous a invités à commenter où chacun de vous se trouve dans votre But, mais il ne savait pas que nous décririons ce processus comme étant non statique et moins linéaire. Nous pouvons répondre à vos questions. Maureen : J’ai eu beaucoup de mal à « accepter » ou à composer avec l’état de santé de mon mari et son déclin et sa mort éventuels. Mes niveaux d’anxiété « habituels » ont fortement augmenté et la dépression est apparue. Je pense que je me suis éparpillée, mais je suis récemment (je pense) passé au DÉFI. Je veux me libérer du DÉFI de la situation et passer au CHOIX au sein de mon But d’Acceptation. Je veux entrer dans un état de Véritable Acceptation et ne pas résister à ce qui est inévitable, pour nous tous, dans la vie. J’ai reçu un message clair il y a quelques semaines alors que je conduisais. J’ai entendu : l’anxiété est de la résistance. EM : Premièrement, il est important de noter que là où l’on est dans son But c’est là où l’on est. Il ne s’agit pas d’échapper à une version pour passer à une autre. Vous êtes dans une version de votre But parce que c’est le domaine sur laquelle vous travaillez, ou comment vous travaillez sur ce But. Le Défi est exactement là où vous êtes parce que vous êtes au milieu d’un grand défi. Accueillir ce défi est la seule voie à suivre. Vous n’êtes pas au mauvais endroit parce que vous êtes mis au défi. De plus, si vous vous trouvez dans la version négative du Défi, alors cela indique votre besoin de revenir à l’Intimité, de tendre la main, de vous connecter, d’être plus proche de quelqu’un. Vous êtes sur la bonne voie. Avoir de la difficulté à « accepter » la douleur, la maladie ou la mort d’un être cher n’est pas une faiblesse. C’est la vie. C’est naturel. Ce sont des défis, peu importe où l’on se trouve par rapport au But. Vous visez trop haut lorsque vous visez à accepter la mort, la douleur et la maladie. Ceux-ci ne nécessitent pas votre acceptation. Ils n’apportent ni avantage ni paix à vous ou au concept que vous les acceptiez. Seule la conscience doit être acceptée. Que ce soit sous forme de sentience, d’êtres chers ou de toute créature de raison ou de sentiment. Acceptez votre bien-aimé. Votre compagnon. Acceptez-VOUS. Le reste prendra soin de lui-même. « L’anxiété est de la résistance » est vrai, mais pour aller plus loin, l’anxiété est une résistance à la confiance ou un déni de la confiance. L’anxiété est la douleur de la méfiance. La vie est comme une personne pour ceux qui l’aiment. Donc, quand la vie fait du mal à un être cher, ou à soi-même, c’est un choc, cela semble personnel, cela incite à se méfier maintenant de cette « personne ». VOUS avez expérimenté la vie. C’est tout ce que vous avez expérimenté. VOUS n’avez jamais expérimenté la mort. Vous ne pouvez pas faire confiance à la mort. Vous n’avez aucune expérience de la mort. Pourquoi voudriez-vous vous forcer à faire confiance à quelque chose dont vous n’avez pas l’expérience ? La vie est ce en quoi vous avez confiance. Vous la connaissez bien. Peu importe que votre Essence ait eu des centaines d’incarnations. Chaque incarnation ne connaît que la vie jusqu’au moment où elle meurt. Elle ne connaît que très brièvement la mort. La vie ne vous a pas trahie. On peut toujours lui faire confiance. Mais la mort viendra. Elle est aussi inévitable que la respiration l’est pour vivre. La seule façon de basculer dans la confiance de la mort est de savoir que la mort est à l’Essence ce que la respiration est à la Personnalité. Vous connaissez l’Essence. Vous faites partie de l’Essence. Vous pouvez faire confiance à l’Essence. Et, éventuellement, elle prend son souffle. Elle doit respirer pour vivre. C’est comment vous êtes en vie et pourquoi vous mourrez. Mais c’est aussi comment et pourquoi vous n’aurez jamais de fin. Nous savons que la mort et la perte sont douloureuses. Nous n’avons pas oublié. Mais nous pouvons vous assurer que, même s’il n’y a pas de « paradis » au sens propre du terme, et que l’au-delà est moins romantique que l’imagination ne le souhaiterait, « vous » continuez. Nous sommes une entité intégrée avec des millions de Personnalités qui s’agitent parmi nous. Elles ne s’en vont pas. L’intégration n’est pas la même chose que la désintégration. Cependant, pendant que l’on vit, vivons. Pendant qu’un proche malade est vivant, laissons-le vivre. Quoique cela signifie, et cela pourrait signifier quelque chose de terrible ou de beau. C’est la vie. Rendez votre confiance à la vie et vous retrouverez votre confiance envers votre bien-aimé, vous-même, l’Essence et l’existence. Ce retour de la confiance peut aider à soulager votre anxiété, mais pas votre lutte. Pas vos défis. Ils sont là, peu importe comment vous les regarderez. Regardez-les différemment et l’acceptation viendra. Nous devons conclure ici pour aujourd’hui. Mais nous continuerons à nouveau. Comme vous tous, peu importe quand arrivera le jour de votre conclusion. Au revoir, pour le moment. Cela sera toujours « pour le moment » pour n’importe lequel d’entre vous. Tableau récapitulatif des Versions du But Version/ État Pôle positif/négatif Description sommaire Par Défaut Tendances/Résistances Les expériences s’accumulent et l’Essence les trie plus tard. Décisions Direction/Déni Conscience plus attentive à la façon de naviguer avec les tendances Par Défaut. Différence Prévoyance/Apathie On commence à remarquer les tendances dans notre vie d’une manière qui nous donne le sentiment de pouvoir faire une différence dans ces tendances. On commence à se sentir responsable du chemin et de l’état du But. Effort Volonté/Limbes Les tendances ralentissent énormément sans la participation consciente de la Personnalité. Le But requiert votre participation pour la génération d’expériences. Partage Intimité/Conflit On commence à graviter, intentionnellement ou non, vers ceux qui partagent le même But. Défi Enthousiasme/Frustration Votre But commence à être véritablement mis à l’épreuve par des forces extérieures. Choix Création/Indulgence Vous savez que vos décisions pavent la voie à vos choix, vous assumez vos choix qui créent votre expérience et vous utilisez la créativité pour tous les obstacles, difficultés, défis, etc.
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    @Maureen You were right! Bloomberg is a King. You amaze me.
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    I think Michael has stated that their teaching came through in Egypt as part of the worship of Ra. And they worked with some of the Delphi oracles. So yes it is used for teaching.
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    Michael refers to it as a template. Generally, it is like a meeting area where different teachers can access those who wish to interact with them. The template is for us though since it isn't necessary for them.
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    I've been on a synthwave kick lately.
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    All of the above, in my thinking. Deities are energy patterns, mythological inventions, templates to ease access to teachings, and also, to some extent, real, living beings. Their identities as gods may be masks, but so are all identities. My ultimate focus is always on IS manifestations, but I've definitely felt resonance with certain deities before, including the Greek goddess Athena, the Norse god Heimdall, and the bodhisattva Vajrapani (especially in his twin Japanese forms as the Nioh).
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    I like their comment about cliche. It reminds me of this quote from one of my idols, guitarist Rowland S. Howard: "You only notice a cliche when it's done badly; if it's done well, it's a very powerful piece of imagery." I've been almost blind with sadness lately. It's hard to tease out where it's coming from. I mean, I cut off communication with my parents in December and am only just now reestablishing it, I don't trust them and I still think they're both crazy, destructive people right now. But it's depressing no matter what. It feels like I'm doing something terrible to them to not talk to them, it feels like a betrayal of myself to let them back in, it all sucks. Beyond that, there's another situation in my life I very much want to have traction with and don't, but it's not a conflict, fortunately, just a mountain I'd like to move. However, other mountains have moved. My alma mater, Massachusetts College of Art, suddenly awarded me my BFA without my having to take any more courses, after months of resistance and Soviet-level bureaucratic nuttiness. I was about to give up and just start lying to potential teaching jobs, but I made one more attempt, pulled a last string, and suddenly there was an email in my inbox saying Here's your diploma. Either they finally looked at my CV and realized I'm a genius powerhouse, or they realized what a persistent pain in the ass I am and that I would never leave them alone until I got what I needed from them, so they decided to avoid the headache of dealing with me any further. I suspect it is the latter. So after 20 years, I have my motherfucking BFA! Up yours, state-mandated math class! I also suddenly am making some money. People are buying my original art, projects are getting funded, I got hired to teach a Jewish Graphic Novel class at UF Jewish Studies DESPITE not having a PhD (who the fuck has a PhD in illustration and comics? NO ONE, EAT A BAG OF DICKS, ACADEMIA), I'm booking speaking and workshop gigs. I have had a couple of big, hard conversations with my husband that I had been scared to have and they went great. Yet...I am so sad. And I'm scared for the direction of the country. And I've been immobilized by a knee injury for months and have barely left the house, which is making me crazy, but when I do leave, I remember how much I hate living here now and that my beloved entity mate friend is gone and I cry and if the sun is out I also get enraged by it. Thank you for coming to my presentation, there are no snacks. Let's hope we all get through 2020 intact, personally and democratically speaking. Oh also, don't vote for Bloomberg in the primary, he's a racist dickwad!
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    Here is the blog post that @Maureen requested above.
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    I agree with @DanielaS that the news has probably changed significantly from 2002, but the NY Times and Washington Post hail from that region of the country, so...I guess I'm on the right track by making them my main sources. I can't stand some of the pundits (David Brooks is so smarmy, ugh) but those are not news reporters, they're offering their opinions only, and there's no rule at the Times that they have to hire Old Souls Only. (Can you imagine THAT employment advertisement? Wanted, pundit. Sages or Scholars preferred. Old Souls Only, please!)
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    This is such a beautiful Grand Cycle to read about in the symbiotic relationship between two Sentient species and their cycling off together.
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    I just read about this yesterday and was about to post: New green technology generates electricity 'out of thin air' when I saw your link!!!! I am so encouraged....... it has made my day, week, month, year, life.............Wow! Best news we have had in a long, long time, huh?!
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    I feel a resonance with a few deities and enjoy keeping images around my home if them. I now think of them as energies that I want to embody, use or expand in my life.
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    @Janet I have a quick question. For the essence and grand cycle reports, if we didn't open a support ticket because we didn't receive them earlier, we don't have to open one now if one will be opened for us right? I just wanted some clarification as it just occurred to me to wonder about this. Thanks
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    Great article, thanks Juni. It’s non-polluting, renewable and low cost. I’d love to see this technology developed on a large scale. In a better world, who knows, it could even be distributed freely to benefit everyone.
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    @Juni Thank You for sharing this F......Great news!!! Imagine just what it would mean for our world to get rid of batteries as we know them, WOW!!!
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    It is certainly better for our Mother Earth , and for you as well. As for animals parts in fertilizers, I don't think it's used in organic farming, most make their own compost. Not everything is within our control, but whatever is, is already an improvement .
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    The POF (Personal Open Floor) format is very popular and I want it to remain a beloved block of personal time with Michael and other students. There has been a learning curve in how best to use 30 minutes of personal time while in a group who will also use 30 minutes of time. OFFICIAL GUIDELINES OF POF [as of FEB 17th, 2020] PROFILES FULL PROFILES - if you want to receive a profile, please order these separately. They require a unique kind of focus that can take 20 minutes to an hour for each profile. PARTIAL PROFILES - you may ask for Role, Casting, Cadre, and Entity of anyone, but this counts as 15 minutes of your time, even if it only takes 10 minutes. This is because it takes more energy and focus for profiles. CONTEXTUAL PROFILES - some of your questions may naturally included responses that describe overleaves. Michael will provide those, if necessary. GENERAL GUIDELINES: Please remember that your POF is not just about the time needed for your responses, but about the energy and focus required to get those responses. Please remember that some questions take much longer and take more energy and focus than other questions. Please remember the more access to the Akashic Records your questions require (e.g. (past lives, agreements, relationship histories, overleaves, karma, etc) , the more energy and time they will take. Please be reasonable with your questions. Please ask your questions one at a time. Michael has 30 minutes to respond to your questions. You do not have to use up your entire 30 minutes. Pauses in response to your question count as part of the 30 minutes. NO FULL PROFILES Partial Profiles are okay (i.e. Soul Age/Level, Role/Casting, Cadre/Entity) Partial Profiles count as 15 minutes (this is a matter of energy and focus, not time) NO REPORTS (see Services for full set of topic themes and reports formats) FORMAT THIRTY MINUTES - you are not guaranteed 30 minutes. The 30 minutes is to ensure you have enough time, but some questions may be more intensive than others, so your turn is not just a matter of time but of energy and focus. Please trust Michael/Troy when you see "NEXT" and we must move on to the next student. Also keep in mind that there has to be a hard-line set at 30 minutes, regardless of your questions. Michael does not leave us with a half-response, so please be considerate of the time or they will go overtime. Prioritize your questions. PRELOADING QUESTIONS: Let's say your first two questions are related, then post both of them. If they are completely separate subjects, wait for the first one to be addressed before moving on. If you end up getting in 10 questions in under 30 minutes, great, but start with your priority questions and build from there. PRELOADING CONTEXT: If you have a backstory or details you need to share to help set up your question, please do so. You can share as much of your story and context for the question as possible. Sharing context and backstory always helps the clarity of channeling. But please be patient with the processing of that information. It can take some time for that to be read and delivered to Michael. I hope this helps! See you in POF! Troy
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    One thing to keep in mind when choosing organic produce is that ag chemicals are extremely harmful to farm workers, who get much higher doses than anyone at the end of the chain would. That's my main impetus for buying organic now, because I don't actually think the small amounts of those industrial chemicals in the single piece of fruit or vegetable I'm eating are really going to hurt me. But I think about the people who grow and pick and process produce. Their lives are already hard, in many cases. We don't respect any being in our food production chain. Capitalism sucks. I didn't know about the use of animal parts in fertilizers. I'll have to read more. God, this world is exhausting. Does it help to shop at a local farmer's market, if you have access to one? At least there, you can ask the farmers directly what they use. In my experience, they're usually really happy to talk about it!
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    First of all a microorganism with a developed intellectual center and sentience seems pretty far out. Wondering if there were one essence per organism or did one essence use a group of them. Then getting wiped out by genocide in the final lives. Did they actually finished the cycle or did some of the old souls just say fuck it, we'll finish it in the astral. Good fodder for sci fi.
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