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    Hi!    I don't know if this is the right place, but I wanted to share a video from my latest concert. It's one of my favorite songs from Richard Strauss "For Last Songs" and it's called "September" and the poem was written by Hermann Hesse.   The English translation of the German lyrics:  The garden is in mourning. Cool rain seeps into the flowers. Summertime shudders, quietly awaiting his end. Golden leaf after leaf falls from the tall acacia tree. Summer smiles, astonished and feeble, at his dying dream of a garden. For just a while he tarries beside the roses, yearning for repose. Slowly he closes his weary eyes.   ❤️ 
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    A must-watch invitation to join the forces of compassion and great insight into why vegans want you to be vegan, too. It is non-confrontational and lovingly presented. Please watch. 
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    A trailer for a new documentary that will help change the world to a better place for all Earthlings.
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    Well... damn. Watch all the way to the end.
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    While we practice our spirituality and aim for higher planes and greater understanding, we can also look to our spirituality as a way to help make where we live, here and now, a better place for all beings and expand our compassion beyond what we were taught we could expect of ourselves and each other. It's not funny anymore to laugh this off or dismiss it as tradition or some necessary evil of life. It's not. It's just another choice. And we are here to learn how to choose, and to choose how to learn. So much love to anyone and everyone who keeps this in mind and aims not to escape this world, but be a better part of it.
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    A moving story of sexuality and gender identity and coming out through the beauty of dance. 
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    I was listening to the 2016 7 Choices channeling, and I heard Michael say something about how life was not about avoiding hurt, but about being able to recognize hurt as invitations to love. It reminded me of the beautiful chorus on this song. I hope you take the comfort in it I did!
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    It leaves me feeling seasick baby Seems like I am locked deep in the dreamlike reality It spins me round and drives me crazy Seems that I am like the moon in the midday If I was only by myself if I didn’t know you Maybe I’d have given up, lost at sea But my heart's still on fire With a burning desire Gonna get you back like it’s destined   I wish that you would love me Like yesterday, don’t let go of this hand ever again And every time my heart beats Match your steps so you don’t wander around ever again I feel the destiny in you you you you you Feel the destiny in me me me me me   When you hear my heartbeat baby You gave me a new life you gave me a new birth I feel you’re heartbeat away I been losin my mind I been cravin my shine I know me before you was a ready-made me But you designate me and you did resume me Been calling your name in this whole universe (Now I need no space) I got youniverse   Coming across you is like a TV drama created by the universe So many wanderings, being lost endlessly It was you who led me through the maze You’re my light and salvation This rain is coming close to an end and now I won’t let go of your hand   I wish that you would love me Like yesterday, don’t let go of this hand ever again And every time my heart beats Match your steps so you don’t wander around ever again I feel the destiny in you you you you you   My hearts on fire for your love Oh my hearts on fire for your love
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    I really liked the hook of the song as a kid but never really heard what he was saying  
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    Having gone missing seven years ago, the previously blind Prairie returns home, now in her 20s with her sight restored. While many believe she is a miracle, others worry that she could be dangerous.   5 out of 5 Stars from me.    One of the most moving final 30 seconds of any series season finale ever. This is a masterpiece is storytelling with questions explored about blind faith vs trust, accepting the limitations we have to endure vs breaking through our self-imposed prisons, collective apathy vs collective empowerment, truth vs The Truth... it is SOOO good.
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    Someone shared this on my wall... I got chills. A universal message from across time and space... 
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