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    Love the sweetness of them. But then there are shows like "Signal". 😉 I love consuming media and art from other cultures. As a writer, it's fascinating to see the difference in tropes and story technique throughout the world. It's inspiring. With Korea, as a female writer, it's especially nice to see what a landscape of predominantly-female screenwriters looks like. (Korea's TV writers are mostly women.) It helps that Kdramas tell a full story in only one season. It's not as involving a commitment as, say, watching Stranger Things or Game of Thrones. @Rosario, it's funny, I don't consider myself a big kpop fan either. I was impressed with BTS's performances on late night TV, etc., but that was about as far as my interest went until about a month ago, when a friend got me into a group called GOT7. It's funny how you describe that BTS feels like a Movement to you. I feel like Korea has such an interestingly interactive way of promoting their artists. I can see the seeds of what the Michaels say is our future (doing away with privacy) in how kpop idols promote themselves. With American artists I like, I tend to like them because of the music. Or, in Beyonce's case, because of her dancing, her incredible voice, and her poise (a lot of her actual music isn't to my taste, but I adore her artistry). With this kpop group I've gotten into, I got into them because I liked their music and dancing (kpop dancing is insane)... but what really seems to be resonating with me is their candidness and care. They're very funny, and it's clear they truly enjoy each other's company. So though I got into them for their music, and I love pretty much all of their B-sides, their place in my life acts more as support than as muses (musicians are usually muses for me). When I've had a bad day, or when I feel bogged down in all that's awful in the world, their fun and funny Sage energy, or their loving care for one another, act as a healing antidote. I think without that interactive, reality-show-like Korean promotion that lets me get to know them, I'd just add them to my playlist and leave it at that.
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