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    ENERGY REPORT March 2019 2019 OVERLEAVES ROLE: Artisan (emphasized all year) CENTER: Moving (emphasized all year) GOAL: Flow → Acceptance/Discrimination (emphasized Jan - Mar) MODE: Observation → Passion/Reserve (emphasized Apr - Jun) ATTITUDE: Realist (emphasized Jul - Sep) CHIEF FEATURES: Self-Destruction (emphasized Oct - Dec) MARCH arrives with a short burst of chaotic and frenetic energy and then rather quietly settles down for most of our students and carries with the days a fairly steady tone of improved mood and energy over the month. We see most of our students finding a Flow that works for them and moving out of Inertia and into a more sustained state of Freedom, the Positive Pole of Flow. This would likely carry out through the rest of the year, so it will be helpful to remember that any chaos or frenetic bursts or derailments can be helped by looking at how better to Flow with anything that seems overwhelming. Keep in mind that navigating forces greater than you is not the same thing as agreeing with or liking those forces. Flow is about owning whatever force is your own and focusing on that rather than relinquishing all choice and control and giving up or giving in. The “hurry up and wait” energy may still come and go over March, but we think it may be less agitating. Some of the relief and calm that many of our students are beginning to experience, or at least feeling that it is within reach, is because Flow is sliding to Acceptance for most of our Students and Flow is sliding to Discrimination for most world events. Students are not only starting to accept and adapt to the flow of the year and settling into what works best for them, but they are also seeing some justice and accountability and revelation happening on a larger scale. This frees up a great deal of energy that has been locked in worry and anguish over world events and lets them focus on more personal and local concerns of well-being. It helps that Observation Mode is coming into focus over April through June. This year is unique in that there will likely be a very brief dip into Surveillance, the Negative Pole, but most are shifting quickly into Clarity over April. We will discuss this more for April’s report. For those students who may feel no resonance to this slow but steady move into a more calm and focused state, you would want to look first at your Moving Center and what it needs as a means of balance. What you need is likely some form of increased movement or stillness. If you find yourself panicking, constantly rushing, agitated, fidgeting, restless, etc, you likely need more directed movement. Try putting on music that you love and moving gracefully in some way to this music. Let your body interpret the sounds in movement and get your energy moving in a way that is lovely and elegant. If a dance with yourself is not appealing to you, then a nice walk can help. We do not mean a rushed walk that you squeeze in and then use that to add more worry to your day. We mean take a walk. Let it be a gift of moments that you have a right to claim and own your right to enjoy it. If you find yourself lethargic and distant, lost and even depressed, we suggest that you may require more directed stillness. Sit up, sit straight, hold your arms out in front of you with one palm up and the other palm down. Move your arms and hands as you feel the intuition to do so as if you are manipulating invisible energy. Create graceful moves or geometric shapes that feel right. Imagine that you are packaging your energy in these movements and shapes and setting the packages down around you on the ground/floor. Move your hands across your body in ways that you can imagine picking up energy to package, then magically package it in a pleasant shape, and set it down. As you do this, breathe, breathe gently and let any tears come that may suddenly rise. Let yourself sense a stillness and calm within you that is not oppressive, but lighter and kinder. Leave your packages on the ground as energetic art and go about your day with a bit more light and settled energy. Neither practice above is magical or miraculous or a quick fix. They are practices in connecting to yourself and using your tools and environment to bring YOU back into focus and presence. Nearly all instances of such frenetic, frustrating and panicked states come from removing yourself from the equation of your participation in your life. Nearly all instances of such lethargic, distant, lost and depressed states come from removing yourself from the equation of participation in your life. These practices above help you to engage again and in playful enough ways that it helps remind you that you are alive and have a right to be a part of your life. DATES OF INTEREST (dates are approximate): March 1st - 5th -- NEXUS -- DIVERGENCE - Parallel branches with more interest in “worst-case” scenarios have branched off for their own exploration, leaving “this” parallel with some relief. March 28th - 30th -- Energy Shift -- ENTHUSIASM/OPTIMISM - A burst of enthusiastic and curious and optimistic energy looks to be generating among the masses in a way that might reach many of our students. HELPFUL THOUGHTS OVER MARCH: BE YOUR OWN PRESENT - You are the meeting ground of time and space and consciousness that creates your interpretation and experience of reality. You are the reason you are here. You are the reason you live and love and walk and breathe. Getting angry, upset, feeling lonely, depressed, confused, agitated, frustrated, sad, etc. do not erase you or reduce you. You are still here. If you feel less and less a part of the reality you live, it may be because you forgot that you are the gift you came to be. This is not a string of pointless words to console or distract you. It is simply true. You would be someone else if you were someone else, but you are you and that is who you came to live for and through. Bring yourself back to the present and allow yourself to be the present, both in terms of being a gift and in terms of owning your right to be a part of the equation that shapes your reality.
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    I was very sick for the last month and had now 3 good days in a row, yes, yes, yes!!! Therefore I wasn't able to follow everything here on beautiful TLE, nor could I participate actively as much as I would have liked to. It seems though, that it will take me a while, to engage more fully. Aside from my above mentioned illness, that is nearly overcome, as it seems right now. Something else is developing rapidly, that was genetically in the cards, that I have chosen for this life time. Both my parents were inflicted, so I have the double whammy, only that they developed it much later, than I am. It is called "Celtic hand" or "Viking disease" or" Dupuytren's". Only North Europeans carry it and rarely get it. There is no cure and little help, so far. If anyone here knows something that might help, I gladly want to know. To use a keyboard and a mouse nowadays is a slow, painful and exhausting thing to do for me, as of course a lot of other things that have to do with using my hands. I will keep up my high spirits and deal with my life in the most hedonistic way I can imagine. I am very grateful for having all of YOUS in my life via this precious TLE community, I love to read and contemplate everything, that MEntity, Troy or any of You have to say. So, if you don't hear from me that much, you know now why, plus I granted myself a longer journey to Europe in the near future. I will go regularly online to read all that is presented, and will learn from you. Big Bear Hug to everyone!!!!!!!!!
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    My heart goes out to everyone affected by this in New Zealand. And to everyone who has endured the effects of this man and his followers on our lives and communities. I drew a line in this community long ago and said that I would not welcome any Trump followers. A handful of members thought this was terribly unloving and unacceptable of me to declare this space a safe space from bigotry. But as the years have passed and people have been murdered over and over in the name of this man and his hateful ideology, I hope you can now see why we drew that line for this community. The toxicity of this man is spreading like an infection and it is reaching other countries. Even Canada. Even New Zealand! THIS is why we can’t use new age righteousness and syrupy notions of “love” to blind ourselves to real dangers and threats in our world. THIS is why you should listen to people who are from targeted and vulnerable groups who speak up well in advance about how dangerous an ideology is and why we should draw clear boundaries of safety against it. This is why we can’t pretend everything is ok and that if we just love enough we are untouchable. This is why we can’t pretend Trump is just a passing American problem. THIS is why I declared long ago that no Trump followers are welcome in any community I host. This is real, people. This is not going away. Keep loving and being accepting and giving people the benefit of the doubt, but when you know of anyone who aligns with an ideology that inspires mass murder, oppression, inequality, racism, sexism, homophobia, hate, and violence, IT’s FUCKING OK TO SAY NO and to say it loudly. Otherwise, we are part of the problem. https://nypost.com/2019/03/14/new-zealand-mosque-shooter-livestreamed-killings-on-facebook/ Excerpt: In the manifesto, the gunman, who identifies himself as a 28-year-old from Australia, rages against “Islamic invaders” who are “occupying European soil.” He offers support for President Trump as “a symbol of renewed white identity and common purpose” but not “as a policymaker and leader.” He also writes that he carried out the attack so that “the aftershock of my actions will ripple for years to come, driving political and social discourse, creating the atmosphere for fear and change that is required.” EDIT: I’m including this important call to action for all White People. Please take this seriously.
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    What we are seeing around us is the chaotic buildup to 2020 with 2019 being the pivotal year withing a pivotal century. People who aren't sensitive to it, to Energy, are wondering "what's going on?". For the rest of us, who feel stuff, it's such a strong underlying tension, like a throb, it's very hard to disengage from. I think that's why there are so many "attacks" and endings of long term relationships, etc. We're ALL on edge, literally, on The Edge, on the precipice of change like we've never seen before. It's partly a waking up BUT it's also "just" an overload of pressure or tension that NEEDS to be released. If you listen, in a certain way, you can feel and hear the "buzz". I feel like my head, actually my whole body, is going to explode every single fucking day. I just got back to Pilates after 4 years away (after hip surgery in 2015) and it helps enormously to get the tension out of my body. I use it as a sort of a physical meditation (I turn off all distractions and just focus on giving wholly to myself) as I need to give a "nod to my bod" as it's the one who is bearing the brunt for all of me these days. I'm also needing to spend more and more time meditating to just feel "normal". So self care at this time is extremely important -- not only for each of us individually but also for each other. We won't get through this, well, or at all (notice how many suicides are being reported) if we don't take care of ourselves and each other. Remember we are all walking each other home -- so be kind. Be kind to yourself and kind to each other. Kindness matters more now than ever.
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    I am making the call to lock down this thread. I have never done that before in my 12 years of hosting TLE. Why now? Because this conversation has disintegrated into a tedious and futile effort to explain and justify ourselves (ad nauseum) to one or two people who insist on our accepting what they have decided is best for everyone else. Because this is no longer a healthy discussion about practicing healthy boundaries in a world where our fake U.S. president is the inspiration for his followers to commit mass murder. Because we shouldn’t have to explain and justify our right to healthy boundaries. Because there are now people crossing well over the line of healthy discussion and acting as mouthpieces for very hateful and harmful racist and bigoted rhetoric. Because shutting down a conversation that has devolved into pitting us against racist and bigoted rhetoric is an example of clarifying healthy boundaries. Because our community is better than this and we have better things to do than this. Because this is a shared classroom and this conversation has moved from being instructive to being disruptive. Because this conversation was done a long time ago and has become noise. And if you disagree with my call, that’s ok. Please express your approval or disapproval using the Emoticon/Like button options. Differences of opinion and perspective are welcome here.* *Hateful ideologies or defending those with hateful ideologies are not welcome here.
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    Hello, community. I just discovered the Michael Teachings three days ago and they're really speaking to me and filling me with gratitude; I discovered them via my googling of the ages of soul. I have some basic info about my background, work etc. on my profile but I can post it here too if anyone'd prefer that. I look forward to learning, sharing what I've learned in my life so far and making meaningful connections; feel free to message me or ask anything. T.
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    I can't read through this entire thread, but I need to say something, as a Jew, as a woman, as a punk, as a descendant of Holocaust survivors: you don't let Nazis in the door. You don't argue with them, try to convince them of the error of their ways, appeal to the better angels of their nature. There are boundaries to tolerance. My humanity is not up for debate. The humanity of LGBT people, Jews, people of color, Muslims, women, is not up for debate. To suggest otherwise is sophistry that most of us don't have the luxury to engage in. When you allow a skinhead to have a seat at your bar, they return the next night with twenty of their friends and beat the shit out of everyone. That's a lesson punks in the US and the UK learned in the 80's and 90's, and they drove them out of their scenes by not tolerating them. You can read plenty about that; somewhere there's an oral history of people like Henry Rollins etc. talking about how they did it. It wasn't easy but they did it. We all need to learn from them. White supremacy is the danger we all face right now, locally and systemically. We need to be loud about that. A white supremacist murdered worshippers in a synagogue in Pittsburgh, in fact I'm pretty sure in the synagogue where my aunt was a cantor. White supremacist violence is everywhere and has been for centuries; I encourage everyone to view it systemically and not fall into the trap of the "lone wolf" narrative, which only serves their agenda. America and Australia were both founded on white supremacy. We are barely out from chattel slavery. Mass incarceration is slavery by another name. The direct results of systemic, targeted racism are everywhere in our society, from the justice system to the economy to urban planning to education to who gets toxic waste dumped in their neighborhoods and who doesn't. Native genocide is still happening. We are fucked over by white supremacy all the time. Meanwhile little white boys strut around with torches yelling "Jews will not replace us!" and Rep. Ilhan Omar gets death threats for merely suggesting that we broaden out Middle East policy discourse. Fuck all of this. These people are toxic. We outnumber them and as my favorite Yiddish slogan goes, We will outlive them. But we won't do so by pretending there's any validity to their beliefs. Don't let Nazis in the door.
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    So validating, thank you Troy! I have been suuuuper frenetic as I've been flooded with all these ideas and plans for something I'm working on. Music and dancing has been helping a lot. Haha, my blog post about songs that define me is actually a result of me trying to calm my mind down and using music and dancing to do it! Spot on as always. The point about the world at large moving towards Discrimination is so true. We see it with what's going on with MJ (Drake pulled his song featuring him from his upcoming tour). Also, on a much more niche scale. A couple of days ago there was a huge upset on Black Twitter. There's a white "influencer" and party promoter who is a very controversial figure within the culture. She went on a podcast and threw very pointed shots at two prominent Black women also within the industry, insinuating that they were at fault for the backlash she's received for making racist comments. She was mad at them for saying that she doesn't "deserve" her prominent success within hip hop media. Much like her popularity, which is universally understood to be a result of white privilege, I pretty much expected Black men who idolize white girls with big butts to rally around and protect her from criticism (like always). Instead, I witnessed the tide shift completely with Black men and women alike holding support and encouragement for the Black women she talked down on. It was truly wild to see black men rally around these women in a way that is usually so rare, especially when attractive white women enter the conversation. It was nice. And the funny part was, now relieved of my duty to protect the Black women, call out the Black men, drag the white girls who were talking shit, I actually found myself feeling compassionate towards HER. Watching her be fed to the social media wolves, I found that I couldn't partake in the take-down. I actually felt bad that she was being sex-shamed. Normally I would have been in full-on Identification (Negative Pole of Passion), in my feelings, calling people out, disgusted, upset, betrayed as I have so often been in these kinds of conversations. Instead I was in Compassion (Positive Pole of Priest), able to take a more nuanced perspective of the situation. Able to relate to the white girl, and had a more expansive conversation about Feminism in general (is it okay to say that ANY woman has "slept her way" to where she is? etc). Seeing Black men step up and draw a line in the sand and remind this girl that the women she was hating on had put in two decades of work and are actually black and thus connected to hip hop in a way she will never be and can never understand allowed me to see her perspective as well because I wasn't preoccupied with attacking her to defend said culture. Michael has said that the Priest connected to Essence knows that there are many Trruths. Being able to see her Truth, validate it, respect it, even if I didn't agree with it was so awesome!
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    Note from Janet: In a bit of synchronicity, I came across this session buried in an old archive just yesterday, and was surprised to find it had never been posted on this site in the forums, where it can be discussed. (It is included in the Study Library, where no discussion is possible.) This morning I read a session that indicated someone had entered the 6th IM, and I realized that this session is important to post asap because Michael indicates an interesting thing about the 6th IM: it can be started and stopped. [P.S. Geraldine DID make it to the get-together in Seattle. She died in January 2016.] This material was originally posted by Geraldine on January 26, 2015. January 26, 2015 GeraldineB: Hello, Michael I'm going to be inquiring on a range of topics that all are part of the same subject: my health. I realize that some of my phrasing may seem to call for “prophecy,” and that probabilities are going to be the “best” result. First of all, let's start with: Have I begun my 6th Internal Monad? And, if I have, how much realistic conscious choice with Essence do I still have in terms of how long it lasts? MEntity: Do you think you have completed your 5th? GeraldineB: You've said that I have -- a couple of years ago in an OMW And, yes, I do feel I have. MEntity: Do you think you have? We see your response now. We asked this because it is one thing for us to inform you of where you might be in your rites of passage, and quite another to know where you are in your rites of passage. GeraldineB: I've made some profound changes in my thinking and behavior over the past several years. MEntity: That is due in great part to your launch into Transcendence from the 5th. You did not collapse. And no, your 6th Internal Monad has not begun. There are symptoms in place for this, but that is not unusual. Several rounds of symptoms can come and go before one launches into the actual passage. Even the profound and permanent diagnosis of a terminal illness is not necessarily a launch into the 6th Internal Monad. GeraldineB: oh . . .would you elaborate? MEntity: It CAN be, and often is, but in modern cultures with treatments and management, a diagnosis is no longer linked to the start of the 6th Internal Monad. It can be a peek at it, but not a launch into it. You have been peeking off and on for years. To know when one actually enters this passage can be difficult to discern until the 4th Stage of MANIFESTATION, showing up as PANIC or DYING. GeraldineB: And, I'm definitely not there now. MEntity: The 6th Internal Monad is one of the only Internal Monads that can be started and then halted. By "halted" we mean that it is not just a pause, or a great length of time within a Stage, but a complete reset. GeraldineB: remarkable Due to choice? MEntity: This is only possible when passing through the first 3 Stages in the Positive Poles. For example: Imagine one receives a terminal diagnosis and this is clearly a path toward the acceptance of one's mortality and imminent death. As part of those first 3 Stages, vast changes can be prompted in the psyche, diet, treatment of the mind/body, and a terminal diagnosis can reverse, or gain great stability to the extent that it may as well be reversed. These are often seen as "miracles," but they are often a halting of the 6th Internal Monad. And, yes, choice is entirely responsible. HOWEVER. This is not to say that everyone can reverse a momentum. And when a momentum through the 6th Internal Monad is not reversed, it is not a failure. But if one is in the Positive Poles, moving forward toward Dying is not seen as failure anyway. GeraldineB: I understand -- Death is a part of Life for all MEntity: For your 6th Internal Monad to launch, we think it would be associated with more conclusive information and less speculation, however sobering the speculation has already been. We can continue to check with you and help validate its launch. GeraldineB: I'm sure I'll be asking again Next, I've been zipping along in positive poles during this diagnostic period. One extremely noticeable Personality change seems to be a great diminishment of my Chief Feature. Since I've been told that I was 1) Arrogance; 2) Arrogance; 3) Self-Dep, I've noticed that I was sliding into “softer softer,” but my visit to the hospital had some very unusual behaviors for me, such as a complete loss of sense of self and appearance. The intimacy of nudity with strangers disappeared. Is this part of the Transcendence you mentioned? MEntity: Yes, Geraldine. It is one thing to have launched from the 5th in Transcendence, and quite another to see it in action. You have seen glimpses of this in your regular routines, but in your break from routine, and your move into extremely vulnerable scenarios, you get to see exactly just how far you have come. This is often not realized to such an extent until Review. You wanted proof. By "you," we mean from subconscious levels to Essence. You truly have transcended and fulfilled your Task. GeraldineB: And, it feels GREAT! MEntity: It is not that you are a different person, by the way. GeraldineB: No -- it just feels natural to me -- something I wouldn't have imagined MEntity: It is actually that this is you before the layers of experience piled on the defenses. You have come home to you. GeraldineB: I'm happy to know it's possible and can be a beacon for others. MEntity: That may seem a rather cliche or glibly poetic phrasing, but it is entirely valid and relevant. GeraldineB: well, I don't tend to be gushy -- so it is the best I can do on short notice Lastly, What are the probabilities that I will be able to travel to Seattle for a TLE Student group meetup in June? I realize my immune system may be severely compromised at that time due to chemotherapy or other treatments. MEntity: Geraldine, keep in mind that it is not a permanent state. It is a potential state. Just like every other. You can access it if you need it, and you may not need it or want it at times. You may "harden up" or snap to defense in familiar ways, but this will not mean you have lost access to that more transcendent state. It is just that you have reclaimed a facet of yourself that you can now access more easily. It can be sustained for lengths of time, and even feel as if it is permanently your state, but it may change, and that is normal. GeraldineB: thanks for the "warning" -- I am exceptionally open right now MEntity: This is helped by the Higher Moving Centered Year, as well. As for probabilities for travel in June, we can only say it stands at 50/50 at this point. It is certainly not out of the question. As for probabilities that a "meetup" will occur in some form or another is close to 90%. GeraldineB: good -- others will be happy, too MEntity: Our students seem to be hooking directly into the Centering for this year in ways that are likely to be quite pivotal. Many of our students will have unprecedented travels or major moves. So it is a "good year" for this to be on your radar. GeraldineB: Plus, I've got CHOICE on my side Plus, I think I'd like to surprise a doctor or two How about a Cryptic Message from Essence? MEntity: Our insight and responses today are not prognosis or diagnosis, and it is often very difficult to trump the momentum of one's body, but we do wish to convey that you have not received a "death sentence." We cannot predict, but we can say that you likely have plenty of time to still kick up some dust. GeraldineB: My specialty MEntity: MESSAGE: YOUR SKIN IS NOT WHERE OR WHEN YOU END GeraldineB: wonderful!!! Thank you so much, Michael and Troy MEntity: Good day to all of you. We will conclude here. Goodbye, for now.
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    Oh yes, and some of them started with Mueller. The entire Michael Cohen affair, for example, was referred by Mueller to SDNY, who executed the famous April Raid (which took place on the anniversary of Robert E. Lee's surrender at Appomattox, funnily enough). Mueller's investigation had a comparatively narrow scope. He was mandated specifically to investigate possible collusion with Russia to interfere with the 2016 Election, as well as the possibility of obstruction of justice pertaining to the firing of James Comey, which is notoriously difficult to prove "beyond all reasonable doubt". Mueller made a habit of referring his findings to federal prosecutors in SDNY when he found something outside his purview. I've never really expected Trump to get in trouble for anything Russia related, but I do see him going down in flames for a lifetime of financial crimes. Mueller was not appointed to investigate the President's financial history, but SDNY has no such restrictions, nor does New York's State Attorney General, who has already subpoenaed many of the President's financial records from Deutsche Bank. The investigation by the New York Attorney General's office is just as juicy - the New York AG is the reason why the Trump Organization is closing, and any charges they bring cannot be pardoned away by Trump or Pence. In the State of the Planet event back in January, Michael described a 78% probability in favor of the Trump inner circle facing indictment, but they did NOT say Mueller would bring the charges, nor did they say the charges would be federal-level charges, nor did they say those indictments would occur before 2020.
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    Something to remember... love may be unconditional but all relationships have conditions. This is one of my favourite quotes: "The third near enemy of compassion is idiot compassion. This is when we avoid conflict and protect our good image by being kind when we should say a definite 'no.' Compassion doesn't imply only trying to be good. When we find ourselves in an aggressive relationship, we need to set clear boundaries. The kindest thing we can do for everyone concerned is to say, 'enough.' Many people use Buddhist ideals to justify self-debasement. In the name of not shutting our heart, we let people walk all over us. It is said that in order not to break our vow of compassion we have to learn when to stop aggression and draw the line. There are times when the only way to bring down barriers is to set boundaries." ~ Pema Chödrön, The Places that Scare You
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    I am done with the conversation about how I should be more accepting and welcoming to those who actively support or cause harm and violence to people of color and various rejected genders and sexualities. There is nothing to debate here. Those who support harm to others are not welcome here. Those who actively or passively support White Supremacy ARE NOT WELCOME HERE. END. OF. STORY. This is a community where no person of color or of various genders or sexualities will ever have to face or deal with the people who passively or actively support harm to their lives. END. OF. STORY. This is a community that hosts a teaching that invites us to be loving and accepting but to also use our fucking brains and hearts to know the difference between healthy boundaries and unhealthy excuses. If you study this teaching and are here to learn from this teaching, then you will learn that it does not mean you are less evolved when you say no to abuse and harm and say no to those who cause and support abuse and harm to you. This teaching describes one of its 7 Goals as DISCRIMINATION for a reason. We all learn how to say no and when to say no, how to say yes and when to say yes. To always say yes or to always say no is unhealthy. I say yes to everyone who is all for the well-being and safety and kindness for their fellow human beings. I say no to anyone who actively or passively supports harm and violence to their fellow human beings. WHAT IS SO CONFUSING ABOUT THAT? HOW IS THAT UP FOR DEBATE? If you have a problem with any of the above, this community is not for you. If you are still trying to understand and make sense of it, stick around and see if you can understand and make sense of it. But if you have a problem with any of the above, seriously... this community is not for you. Thank you for your time. PS If someone supports Trump, they support White Supremacist ideology. There is no way around that and no excuses left anymore. If you know of someone who somehow does not realize this, you need to tell them so that they know. If they claim they do not support White Supremacy ideology but support Trump for other reasons, you need to tell them that this STILL MEANS they are actively supporting White Supremacist ideology. If they continue to support Trump despite all of this, then do whatever works for you in dealing with this. Just don't invite them to join TLE.
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    You aren't afraid of Michael, you're experiencing stage fright. If you resonate with Michael and have studied them for a while, finally getting to 'meet' Michael isn't too different from meeting a celebrity. Then you learn a celebrity is just a person. It's impossible to ask them stupid questions because Michael does not work with the concept of 'stupid'. Their teaching is built on the questions of their students, so in their eyes, our questions are immensely beautiful. Nothing to be done about the sound of your voice, though, lol, your voice will never sound right, because no microphone/speaker system will be able to capture the subtle acoustics of how you experience your own voice resonating within your own skeleton.
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    Hi everyone. I've been a lurker on this forum for a bit and decided to introduce myself to get to know people better and discuss all this fascinating information. I haven't had a channelling but I think Mature Scholar fits me best (unsure about overleaves). I've always loved learning and understanding, and been concerned about meaning - yet still have quite a bit of growing to do. I think I might be an Old soul 10 lifetimes from now Hope everyone is well, Oliver
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    This material was obtained in a POF on March 17, 2019. Note from Janet: Normally I might just plop this into the Study Library with similar material from other years, but because it was received at the end of a POF when Troy's focus was slipping, I thought it best to invite some discussion first. I have crossed out a word in the 3rd question that I think does not belong. Janet: What are the seven questions or elements that prompt our learning in an Artisan year? MEntity: What are you contributing to the mood and tone around you? Do you allow yourself to be right when you are right, and wrong when you are wrong? Do you allow others to be right when they are right, and to accept that they can be wrong when they are wrong? Do you know the difference between when you must create your reality and when you must allow reality? Do you participate in extracting and nurturing the beauty that can be found in the chaos of life? How often do you abandon or reject or dismiss what you have created or allowed in your life? How often do you see life as an equation of punishment and reward versus an equation of creation and participation? These questions may be refined in further exchanges when Troy's focus is more optimal, but we think these work.
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    Wow, I think this is spot on. In the past two weeks I've both been lethargic/depressed for no reason AND somewhat anxious, so I did both exercises. I think they really helped. I've had trouble focusing on work/wanting to work, and I think this always happens when I start to think I have to be something other than me. Everything is done for the business rather than for me, and tasks become things I "have to" do rather than things I want to do. It's subtle but makes a big difference when I remember to include myself.
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    I resonate with this. On the 1st I got an intense stomach flu from my family, and my body was purging that shit out like it never has before. I haven't even vomited for more than a whole decade prior. It felt like I was dying, but I tried to be as present as possible through it. I'm not sure where things like intense stomach flus come from, but I am guessing that they may be triggered for a collective when that collective has taken way too much shit in in a way that is poisoning us. Which reminds me that the Ms told @Stickyflames that humanity has a blindspot and 2020 turning point around INFO GLUT. I have been working hard to move out of places of Inertia in my life that I was struggling with for a whole decade, and yesterday I just laid it all out on a metaphorical table. My struggles with relating, with fantasizing, with physical affection, with sex, with being too much, with the disconnect between acting on speculation vs taking risks, with the struggle between enduring vs collapsing, with not knowing what the fuck is going on or where to go, with changing jobs, with this debt-based economy, with taking in so much info, with people who don't listen, with misunderstanding, with my sensitivity, with opening up, with not listening to my body, with trying to get everything done on my to do list before doing anything else, with chronic fatigue etc. etc. etc. Then I just kind of let my body cry it out or shake it out and screamed into a few pillows and just danced. It was weird but fun. I'd recommend you all to do the same sort of thing and write EVERYTHING you struggle with or care about on a piece of paper. You will see how much shit you take in and see where you need to or would most like to focus.
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    Thanks Troy. This is good to read after what has been a difficult past month. This part especially resonates: “but they are also seeing some justice and accountability and revelation happening on a larger scale. This frees up a great deal of energy that has been locked in worry and anguish over world events and lets them focus on more personal and local concerns of well-being.”
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    Hey everyone! I would really love everyone to take pause for a moment to honor and take note of the overall tone of exchange in this thread and how, even in its escalation, everyone was so patient and willing and honest and clear and authentic and even kind. Everyone was. If this kind of passionate conversation feels terrifying and hostile, then you either don’t get out much or you have never belonged to any other online platform before. Because, come on, this thread is beautiful and frustrating, passionate and tedious, but not something to avoid or fear or cause you to shut down and run for your life. The worst thread that ever happened on TLE was almost the same as this one except for a couple of ugly exchanges that had a few people clutching their pearls. Apologies and clarifications were exchanged and all was well. With thousands and thousands of posts a year of amazing and intimate and warm and generous exchanges, it’s really hard for me to understand anyone who would define this community or lecture or scold any one of us for these relatively rare heated exchanges. I feel like we have it really good here! The people here are amazing to me and I am inspired on a regular basis by everyone who participates. So I just wanted to say thank you and express my appreciation and gratitude for being the most loving and warm and generous and passionate and honest and welcoming of communities I’ve ever been a known. Just feeling mushy tonight. Love and rainbows all around!
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    Thank you Troy/Michael. This past few days I have been feeling a mix of depression, anxiety, anger, and overwhelm. My life is not that difficult but the feelings were there nonetheless. This report resonates and is helpful. "If a dance with yourself is not appealing to you, then a nice walk can help. We do not mean a rushed walk that you squeeze in and then use that to add more worry to your day. We mean take a walk. Let it be a gift of moments that you have a right to claim and own your right to enjoy it." My daily walks were originally intended to be a gift to add to my days and also to keep the moving center engaged but lately it seems to be yet another thing I seem to be imposing on myself rather than something to enjoy and add energy into my days. This was a good reminder. That last part of "Be your own present" was beautifully written. It brought in some tears.
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    Since yesterday I have this senseless anxiety washing over me. I don't even have something to be anxious about, it's just there. I'm still exhausted, though, and for the last days my dreams have been super active. Also, I can see a lot of people around me being in anxiety-inducing or super stressful situations. Looking forward to the Energy Report for march. Or even better: april. Let's just go straight to april. Michael already said that february AND march will have this anxious vibe and I'm done with it. So let's just skip march altogether.
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    @JeanneS Michael has stated that it would be easier for us as a species to learn through joy. Yet, more often than not we learn through suffering. They have stated before that suffering isn’t planned in between incarnations. Moreover, they have stated that suffering on the astral is of a different quality and it’s easy to forget what suffering is like on the physical plane from there. So given that it doesn’t make sense that anyone would plan to negatively affect millions of people while still on the astral. Doing that would mean they are planning to create thousands or millions of karma ribbons. Why do that? We’re over here trying to burn off karma ribbons. One of the things i’ve taken away from this teaching is to give up the idea that “everything happens for a reason.” Things happen because the physical plane is chaotic and messy. I’ve also given up the idea that bad things happen for us specifically to learn from them. Things just happen and how we deal with those things is for us to choose. We learn from our choices. 45 and co are making bad choices, not to teach us lessons but because they suck at making choices. It’s more likely they planned less destructive lives and will spend a good bit of time reviewing their lives when they leave the physical plane.
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    I was listening to a true crime podcast last month, dirty john. About a woman named Debra who continues to nurture a relationship with the most redflags a relationship could possibly have, until the guy tries to kill her daughter...to the surprise of NO ONE. There was a chapter where they interviewed Debra’s mother. The mother told a story about how her other daughter ( Debra’s sister) was shot and killed by her husband ( the daughters husband). The daughter asked for her mothers help moving out of the relationship. The mom continued to say “ You know, we should love people. We should forgive people. Make an effort in your marriage”. Her daughter just wanted out. The husbands response to her wanting out was to shoot her in the head. The mother was devestated by the loss of her daughter but as SOON as the trial began against her son in law ...she stood infront of a court and said “ I forgive him, I love him. He was out of his mind when he shot her. I know he loved her so much that he could not bear losing her. He loved her so much. I forgive him”. The man was given a short sentence for killing a woman who wanted out of the marriage. The testimony of the mother was the reason for that short sentence. Years later, Debrah is in a relationship that she knows will end horribly. There are too many red flags to deny that: The constant restraining orders, hidden drugs, lies upon lies upon lies. Everytime she wants to leave she thinks of the goodness in others. She notices how much he does for her, how much he loves her, She forgives him for his past with no sign that he has learned from it. He ends up trying to kill her daughter ...just to hurt her. This mentality of reaching our arms out to our abusers has a price. The price is spreading ideologies of boundarilessness. Ideologies of powerlessness. So many of life’s experiences require us to exercise our love muscle. Require us to see the other perspective, understand the other. Include the realities of it and the true innocence of all involved. This is only half the picture though. Our NO’s are the other half. We have to be loving AND Powerful to create change. We have to be Yes AND NO. We have to be DISCERNING of when to use either. When we welcome perspectives to the table of people who even passively embrace harm, what is that doing? When I was younger, I was definately in the category of that bigotry pyramid that would make jokes about everyone and everything, mostly the powerless in society, I loved the shock on peoples faces of “ Did he just say that?”. My roommate had a nazi flag her grandfather stole from the war. I encouraged her to hang it up on the wall. I would laugh anytime somebody walked in with a shocked face. I was the embodiment of “ Why so serious?”. I warshiped anarchy. I KNOW I would of loved Jordan peterson and the dark web because those people speak to powerless white men. I wanted power so baddly in this world and I only found it in my ability to laugh at everything anyone took seriously. Fuck, I even hated vegans. My fridge was full of bear sausage and raw milk. Even that gave me false sense of power. None of this was from a place of hating other groups of people, none of it was from my own racist beliefs......but damn was it all racist bigotry! What else could you call it?! It was all bigotry. The taking the wind out of the sails from peoples active attempts of social activism....was HARMFUL! No one in my life gave me a “ seat at the table” to share my “ views” of “ Let’s not take all of this so seriously! Relax everyone!” equally. I have been so lucky to be surrounded by human beings with boundaries. I was evicted, said no to, constantly challenged. What would of happened if I was surrounded by others like me? Others who felt just as powerless, others who felt we took all of this way too seriously? Who knows? I just know as someone who has been on the other side, the darker side, THE NO’S HELPED. Love helped, when people acknowledged the good in me. Encouragement helped. Nurturing the side of me that cared helped. The blatant NO’s sure did help. The evictions helped. Discern , discern, discern, It is completely ok to say no to people whose views fan the flames of harm in this world. Even passively. There is no other way. We can also discern when we gauge someone has grown in the capacity to see beyond passive or active encouragement of harm. If we are ready, we can let them back in. If they show ZERO budge, say NO. Always say NO.
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    But try to understand, is the fragility of some worth more than the legitimate concerns and issues facing an oppressed and persecuted people? To me that just sounds like their fragility is somehow more of a concern than an actual threat to an entire group of people. And maybe I'm assuming a great deal from that, but it also seems extremely childish to not be able to listen to someone's point of view. Yes, at times it can come across here as extremely harsh but only because there is no sense of protecting someone's feelings over the reality of what's happening in the world.. I come from a very rural area in Ohio and happen to live an extremely privileged life, hardly ever wanting for anything. I have no idea of the lives and challenges of an oppressed group of people face every day from society. Sure, I've been bullied and felt like an "other" most of my life, but that isn't the same as an entire culture, ideology, and even society challenging your position to just exist in the world. The point I'm trying to make is that I do my best to just listen. For some reason much of what is posted whenever these topics come up is still triggering to me in a lot of ways. I don't know why, I'm still trying to work that out why I get so angry and feel the need to lash out, but the point is I never do. I take that extra time to listen, to really try to put myself into someone else's shoes to understand their perspective. That's all that's being asked is just to listen, really listen and, if you can, help and be an ally to these people and groups.
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    I just realized that China's rejection of foreign recyclables fits into this sliding to Discrimination in the world at large. I see this as a good thing to get people really thinking about solutions for our waste stream instead of just dumping it on another country.
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    I think it is related to whatever will be spoken of about this month's Energy Report. I've noticed in people, especially ones that I'm finding VERY annoying lately, that they are acting almost frenetically, the negative pole of the Moving Center and I'm like fine, be that way or do that if you want just stay the fuck away from me with your craziness
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    I hear ya. This is kind of synchronous, because last night I was thinking about info glut and decided it might help to take a break for awhile. I disconnected from social media a couple years ago but still spend way too much time on reddit and various news sources. Too much noise bombarding my already noisy brain. As of today, I'm going to try to avoid that noise and go on a mental diet of sorts... finally get that operation - you know, the phone from my face. TLE is okay. Books are good. Wish me luck?
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    Usually what makes me anxious in my sessions is the fear of losing the internet connection. IoI
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    Couldn't agree more. Much love to everyone who is feeling the turbulence under the turbulence.
  30. 13 points
    I’ve been feeling anxiety and dread for the last couple of days and projecting them on things in my life I normally don’t get anxious about. Feels like something’s in the air. I need to do these exercises again and remember to include myself.
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    No, this definitely feels like an interlude. Aren't there still pretty big investigations happening through the SDNY? That office does not play. But damn this is all so fucking exhausting. It never ends. We just slog through this shit, with these fascist monsters grinning at us from the top of the hierarchy all the time. I hate it.
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    @petra, LOTS of LOVE coming your way and something else I heard the other day that resonated with me all day long my dear, please, STAY STRONG!! I saw this on a FB posting and liked it: In New Zealand we don't say thoughts and prayers we say 'Kia Kaha' it means 'Stay Strong' . It is an affirmation of courage and unity and was used by the Maori Battalion during WW2. Much better than thoughts and prayers.
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    Sorry to hear about your illness. Good luck with managing your symptoms. Chronic illnesses are difficult, but keep loving yourself! Lots of love and hugs to you. Diane
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    @Troubadour I am one of the former active TLE people who hasn't posted in awhile and it has nothing to do with any of the reasons that you have stated. For me, things have changed, life got busy and, now, I just don't have the same amount of time to be as active here on TLE as I once did; just like @Troy had mentioned! I try to stay up to date with the emails that I get from the members that I follow, and when I do sign in, I barely have time to catch up on the newest transcripts sooo, not much commenting happening from me! I also know that when things settle down for me and I have the time to check back in "The Community" will be welcoming again! I thinks it's irresponsible to suggest that ALL the people who were once active on TLE that have not posted anything in the last 6 months is because of, at times, some heated debates that have gone on between Troy and some community members. With all that being said, I have to admit, this community can get pretty heated in certain discussions...not my thing but, to each his own! I will say this though, the man doesn't want any "WHITE SUPREMACIST IDEOLOGY" on his site!!! GEEZ!!! IT'S HIS SITE!!! He is free to feel, think and do what he wants to with the Community that he has Created and Nurtured!! Sometimes you just have to agree to disagree... Cheers Troy -
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    Wow. this thread has blown up and to be honest I don't have the energy to read through all the comments. two thoughts. 1) When I saw @Troy post this my first thought was "what the fuck is there to re-evaluate". Nothing has changed with Trumpettes and if Micheal is correct it won't and is likely to get worse as they fall further into delusion. So, it didn't make sense to me to re-evaluate. 2) @Leela Corman is exactly right. You don't let them in. Because when you do, you will have to use violent means to remove them. We fought a fucking war over this before. And the modern day posers have marched with signs saying "Only bullets will stop us". The Trumpettes are already there. This is one of the few places on the internetz where that kind of BS isn't allowed or tolerated and I, for one, hope it stays that way.
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    This is like asking, "why do we have kindergartens and pre-schools when we have colleges and higher education?" And the logic here is like saying, "When I was little, I pulled little girls' hair on the playground and kicked dogs in the head, so why stop other kids from pulling girls' hair and kicking dogs?" Hopefully, you can see the absurdity in these questions and false logic. We have the Physical Plane as a launch toward higher planes, not as an alternative to them. We have kindergartens and pre-schools as a launch toward higher education, not as an alternative. If we learned anything from harming others, it is that we need to intervene, step up, and teach those who are harming others now. If an adult has learned anything about his past as a bully and abuser, it is that there is every reason in the world to intervene, step up, and teach other kids not to treat people that way. If you take from this teaching a meh-let's-shrug-our-shoulders-at-atrocities philosophy, you are missing the point of the teachings.
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    Thanks Troy. Jeff Brown has been one of my favorite spiritual speakers in the last few years because he emphasizes everything you say above in terms of clear boundaries and waking up from the “ new cage” movement of total acceptance. It’s amazing that even a child can grasp the reality of boundaries, speaking up against pain yet so many adults will find a million reasons to not be angry and say NO. Love is not going to solve the problem of white supremecy or any supremecy. It just wont. At least not the form of passive love thrown up as the common solution. I got to the point with veganism last month where I was so exhausted being so angry at everyone who refused any openness to the idea that we no longer need to kill animals for food in wealthy countries. I even fell into a hole, listening to all the arguments , really wanting to understand the other side. There must be SOME thing I am not seeing in terms of why so many choose harm when it is unnecessary. The scary thing is, I don’t think there is. Unquestioned belief is really the only reason any of us choose unnecessary harm. That is not a calming answer. It is an infuriating and almost hopeless answer because there are so many competing information sources to continuously fuel unquestioned belief for centuries to come. This is true for all unquestioned beliefs that lead to mass harm, a bounty of fuel constantly thrown in your face. One thing I love about you Troy is that you constantly trigger that part of me that wants to accept all and live in peace. You are always the one screaming “ There is a fucking fire here! Fuck!” while so many of us in spiritual circles focus on loving the fire and choosing to live around it. All these beliefs that manifest in destructive harm are the fucking fire and it will consume us all if us calm spiritual folk don’t wake up and start saying NO.
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    Same here, Jeroen. After my complete crash in December/January I thought I had made it out of the woods, but then around last thursday, after the Nexus, I suddenly felt desperate, anxious, frustrated and depressed again. I grieved and I cried a lot during the weekend. I didn't have any apparent reason for it, but like you said, the feelings were there nonetheless. I'm trying to stay focused on whatever good choices I'm making for myself. And I feel like I'm lighting up again. But yeah, it sucked.
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    I feel the relief. It feels so good. Thank you thank you thank you Troy and Michael.
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    Michael had this to say on negative ions and how they help with (my) sleep and (my) True Rest. To get more even clarity, perhaps we should ask about them again. From a Private Live Chat on June 15, 2011: MEntity: In terms of True Rest, yes, there is always more one can do to bring that about. Our suggestions for True Rest, as part of your primary Pillars, can be of help, even if it is not obvious in effect, at first. In your case, reading something of value to you upon retiring is restful, as well as listening to the effects of wind (wind chimes, leaves, etc), and even hearing storms, can be restful. MEntity: All restful in a way that aligns Essence with Personality so that energy is used most effectively and restored. MEntity: These suggestions can be altered or extended to your liking, of course, so that, for instance, you are not sitting around waiting for a storm, but can listen to quality audio recordings and playbacks of a storm, or wind chimes. MEntity: One can also hang a small set of wind chimes within reach of key areas so that a quick brush or bump to them can emit the sounds that bring Rest. MEntity: Keep in mind that we are not talking about sleep here, but REST, which contributes to the quality of sleep, of course. MEntity: One can even conjure up a storm in the imagination as a means to bring about Rest. MEntity: For instance, the frustration that may come from lack of sleep can be turned into a beautiful, majestic storm of thunder and lightning so that the charge is "burned off," and True Rest can return. MEntity: Bringing an ionizing source into key areas of rest can also help, which is an extension of Storms and their physical effects on the atmosphere, which brings True Rest for you. MEntity: However, we suggest some research into the effects of ionization and the various sources for it, as the commercial elements related to this are quite messy. Maureen: Do you mean the actual physical elements in the ionizing equipment? MEntity: What we mean is that there are artificial sources of negative ions, and natural sources, and some are more effective and preferable than others, not only in general, but some may be preferred by you over others. MEntity: For instance, not all ionic air filters are designed well, and sometimes an increase in live plants can have a far greater impact on the quality of air and ions, and may be preferable. MEntity: Beeswax candles can provide effects that are similar to a "storm" when burned, as well as installed sources of the equivalent of sunlight, such as those used for terrariums and plants. MEntity: However, the sunlight equivalent may not be useful as an immediate contradiction to the ideas of a storm, but could go quite well with the sounds of wind chimes in an environment. MEntity: However you choose to implement these things, from what we have suggested, to what others are doing to help you, it would still do you well to have separate time for REST, that is not in the pressure zone of SLEEP. MEntity: The more REST that is a part of your day, which may require setting aside time just for that, like meditation, the more likely the benefit for actual sleep. MEntity: Combining our suggestions could provide rather surprising results: reading something of value to you, in the sunlight of the day, or during a storm, with the sounds of chimes nearby as ambiance. MEntity: The key would be in focusing on the part you enjoy the most at the moment: the sound? the material being read? and allow the rest to move around you, engulf you. MEntity: This is key, because it is part of the heart of your condition: that you cannot allow for distractions, but tend to focus on them. MEntity: These gentle forms of practice would do you well upon falling asleep, because your racing mind, or your racing cells, or your chattering heart can be left to do what they do, while you rest, while you sleep. MEntity: In addition to your conscious efforts, employing the substrata or unconscious elements through homeopathy and your other treatments could combine to bring great relief, eventually. MEntity: If all of this fails, you may be so exhausted from the various efforts, that you fall into sleep "naturally" after all. Maureen: LOL
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    Very validating. Thanks, @Troy, once again.
  42. 13 points
    I don't care if my salt lamp emits negative ions or not. It's such a pretty and comforting light! You know what else I don't care about? Excercise. I wished he'd come the conclusion that the best way to energize oneself is by sitting on the couch. But ok. Excercise it is, then. 🙄😉
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    Generally I feel quite calm most of the time, though I can go into worry.... and of course I can also have all kinds of feelings. But I have felt more calm since the beginning of the month. More than usual. Maybe I'm more accepting of myself, my wants, needs, impulses and so on, or maybe my Tertiary Chief Feature of Impatience has a lesser grip.... not sure, but I feel very calm, and it's like whatever happens ahead or in the future everything is going to be just fine. It's not only something I think or tell myself, but I feel it in my body too. And the most important thing above everything in my life is that I have an intimate and close relationship to myself, Personality and Esssence, that I like myself, and have patience with myself and where I am with myself at any time. I think this is another level of inner Peace - so hello to Peace in all of you from me and to Love
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    It's that time of year again! Scheduling is now open for requested Platforms for 2019! Platform Party is May 11th this year! Ordering in advance ensures I have time to complete all of the requests by the date of the party. NOTE: This is a one-time event each year. Platforms will not be available outside of our Platform Party event so if you want yours for 2019, please book yours in this event. Thanks! DELIVERED VIA PARTY (or email) - A yearly "platform" is Michael's way of describing a theme that Essence will look to extract from any and all experiences over a period of time. Platform cycles tend to be from May of one year to April of the next. They are not predictions but can help you to see how and if you are aligning with the themes of Essence. There is no obligation to align with these themes, and Essence will still gain something from the year regarding these themes of interest, but when you are in alignment, patterns in your life can often make more meaningful sense. This year's Platform Party is on Saturday, May 11th at 1:00 pm -? Eastern via live video/chat via Facebook Messenger. Schedule using the Services Calendar and look for the category of SPECIALS. Then choose May 11th date. You ARE NOT required to attend the "Party" to receive your report. Those who attend the Party will receive their reports at that time. Those who cannot attend will receive reports via email by Monday. HOW TO JOIN THE PARTY - If you are on facebook, you will be invited to a special messenger group that will then be used for the video chat. NOTE - you must be "friends" with me on Facebook to receive an invite. If you are not on Facebook and/or do not wish to attend the party, that's okay! You will still receive your Platform via email!
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    Very sorry to hear about your conditions Petra. Did you know that it has inspired the Hand of Benediction and the Hand of God ? A new job for you down the road! (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/28774258). I hope the medical research will have something for you in a near future. With the development of language-oriented algorithms you may not have to type anymore in a few years, just speak. Yes, keep your high spirit as much as you can, that is your best option. Big love and hugs to you! So happy to have met you at the last TLE gathering.
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    What is the point of having reasonable discourse with an unreasonable person? Did you even listen to their conversation? I gave it a good, solid 20 minutes and Candace was spouting alternative facts and logical fallacies the entire time. She's antithetical to history, and reality. If you saw someone outside ranting that the sky was green, would you take time out of your day to debate with them on the actual color of the sky? That's the problem with this concept of "the marketplace of ideas". When people refuse to agree on facts there cannot be any healthy debate. We cannot willingly debate the humanity of black people, we cannot willingly debate racism. You think you're being shut down because people here don't want to hear the "other side". And that's not what's happening. You're being shut down because the only way anyone should listen to anybody is if you're going to build on a foundation of agreeable facts. If we cannot do that, leave me alone! I'm uninterested in having debates about whether Black people face racial discrimination in corporate America. The numbers are there, personal experience is there, the facts show we do. What business do I have sitting down with someone to have an ideological discussion when they can't even agree with me on that? For the sake of what? Do you even know? I'm glad this dude went on her show but he didn't even have to do that. It was clickbait for Candace and hopefully got him some more engagement with BLM NYC. Otherwise, this conversation isn't something that should be touted as a good thing. He lowered himself. That's why people like Candace, like she said in that episode, scream "just debate me! if you believe what you believe why can't you have a conversation!" They want to have these antithetical debates with the "other side". Instead of turning inward and talking to her white male counterparts about racial discrimination that she herself faces as a black woman (her speaking engagement fees are dismally low compared to other conservative pundits) within the conservative political sphere, she's instead arguing with other black people about whether racism is real. If it wasn't so obscene and ridiculous it'd be funny. And yet, this is the person you think is anyone's intellectual equal; someone willing to deny facts, mold reality to fit an agenda, and say incendiary things about race and religion to maintain her status as a token. Unbelievable.
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    Sorry, not sorry. No one, anywhere, anytime experiments with negativity and evil. Why? What is the point? The point is to find a better way. That is why we have negative poles and positive poles in the first place to travel across them. Once you find a better way through why the hell would you want to go back. I know you know this. I know everybody knows this. This reason for your argument is a simple cop out trying to justify why our Essence choose this for us. The truth is that we chose this for ourselves. These Personalities. The negativity and evil is all Personalities, do not blame this on some "higher" power, on this subject we are the highest power. In that same vein, we DO NOT have to allow the "less evolved" (hate the term, by the way) to learn the same way we did, is that what parents do? Any teacher, of any kind? No, they try protect us and teach a different way, so that we can learn the things (hopefully) that we are here to learn instead of rehashing the past. It would simply take forever to evolve if we have to learn everything over again, from scratch, without any help, every lifetime. Parents and children, teachers and students, and many other types of relationships enable our individual evolution. In the end, all life on the Physical Plane is about nothing more than each Personality and their ownership of this, our Physical Plane. To presume otherwise is giving power where power does not belong and cannot be utilized. On the other hand, I really do not like when people on this forum point to MEntity as the purveyor of ultimate truth and essentially saying, "They have all the answers." Hoping that Michael will eventually prove them correct or at least one of their suppositions correct justifying the rest of their conclusions. Nothing could be further from the truth. I know that you, me, and everyone else can find truth all by themselves, stand by it, (like shown in the discussion above) and if proven incorrect, be willing to be wrong. A little vulnerability really does go a long way. Otherwise, there are different areas and levels of truth and you can choose and probably should choose to be in a different one. In this one self-responsibility is an ultimate truth.
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