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    ENERGY REPORT July 2019 2019 OVERLEAVES ROLE: Artisan (emphasized all year) CENTER: Moving (emphasized all year) GOAL: Flow → Acceptance/Discrimination (emphasized Jan - Mar) MODE: Observation → Passion/Reserve (emphasized Apr - Jun) ATTITUDE: Realist (emphasized Jul - Sep) CHIEF FEATURES: Self-Destruction (emphasized Oct - Dec) JULY brings with it the move of focus to the Attitude of the year, which is REALIST. The shift of focus away from Observation Mode and onto Realist Attitude may come as fairly jarring for some of our students. The shift may be of such surprise that students find their dreams amplified in bizarre and even disturbing ways, or find their bodies suddenly processing a burst of old raw pain and grief that has unknown origins or meaning, or find that there is a sudden snap into sharp focus the reality of the demands of existence while also struggling against an almost hypnotic and sedating drone of reality that is just too much to keep taking in at once. In any case, most students will note this shift because the shift dives from the more distanced experience of Observation Mode and straight into the Negative Pole of Realist: SUBJECTIVITY. The Attitude of Realist is all about the perspective of WHAT IS. There is no interpretation, no speculation, no extrapolation, no embellishment or projection. It is all about seeing what IS, even if one would rather not. Most of our students are fairly clear and aware of reality as it exists independently from interpretation, but it is still difficult not to color reality with one’s own method of making sense of it. In many cases our students make sense of reality by distancing themselves from the areas of reality that are less interesting or more intimidating. July may change that. With the dive directly into Subjectivity, it means that you approach WHAT IS from the negative poles of the intellect and emotions. This means that your attachments (sentimentality) and your reasoning are triggered in defense. There is a blurring of reality between what is, what is not, and where you are in that mix. You simply react with reasoning for protecting that to which you are attached. Reasoning, the negative pole of the intellect, is a process of justifying and explaining one’s interpretation of experiences and events. Sentimentality (attachment), the negative pole of emotion, is a process of hanging on to and protecting only the symbols (not the reality) of what is important to you. SUBJECTIVITY, then, is all about being too close to What Is and trying to make sense of what is and your feelings about what is. This is where opinions come in and personal feelings and preferences and tastes, but not reality as it exists on its own. Subjectivity is a Negative Pole because it means that one is “too close” to What Is and has lost perspective between what IS, what IS NOT, and where you are in that mix. While the Realist will always see what is, Subjectivity makes it difficult for the Realist to see all of what is. July may be fairly draining and exhausting as you climb up and out of Subjectivity to Objectivity. Feelings can be overwhelming while in Subjectivity because they are only about how one feels about what is, not about what one can do about changing what is. It is all about reasoning and explaining What Is without fully understanding What Is. What we can suggest for our students over July is to keep a journal or record or mental note of your reactions to personal and world events that feel too close to you or so close that it is difficult to know how to respond or what to do. Note what “triggers” you and explore any patterns you see in your notes. When you can become aware of what keeps you from effectively dealing with What Is, you can more easily move into Objectivity, the Positive Pole of Realist. We will speak more on Objectivity in the weeks ahead. Depending on how our students experienced their exploration of Flow and Observation in the earlier part of the year, we may find that Objectivity comes sooner than later. This would mean a more rational and streamlined approach to What Is. When in the Positive Pole, the Intellect helps sort reality into what is, what is not, and where you are in the midst of that. The Negative Pole blurs these together in mix of feelings and confusion. When in the Positive Pole, the Emotions inspire and bring clarity of perception to help sort what is, what is not, and where you in the middle of that. In general, we can say to “ride out” July and “hang in there” until August when there is more distance between you and what is and what is not. NOTE: there will be some students who have moved almost directly into Objectivity and these students would likely have a minor struggle at the end of June or beginning of July and then a burst of motivation, enthusiasm, and focus for changing something important to them in their personal life. If you recognize this, you are already in Objectivity. DATES OF INTEREST (dates are approximate): July 1st - 5th -- Energy Shift -- MORE AGITATION - July may start off as June did but with even more of an agitating wave of energy that marks this shift of focus away from Observation/Passion Mode into Realist Attitude. Depending on one’s resistance to or lack of expression and inspiration, the agitation may be so intense that it exhausts the body and drops you yet again into a bizarre fatigue, or restless sleep or hyperactive dreams. Others may simply feel annoyed, while others may feel a sense of motivation and curiosity about renewed efforts for solutions or directions. JULY - NO NEXUS HELPFUL THOUGHTS OVER JULY: PATIENCE IS A NOT A VIRTUE, IT IS A NECESSITY - Continuing with the theme of June, there is a pattern of “waiting” again in July; a sense of going about your business as events unfold behind the scenes as you patiently await. This may bring up anxiety or distraction, but patience is a necessity. Patience is not about remaining civil and dignified in the face of delayed satisfaction, it is about holding your space and your focus as a form of satisfaction. In other words, enjoy yourself as best you can while you deal with the reality of what is.
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    "Coincidentally," after reading Connor's response, I came across this session today: Michael Speaks: October 2008. Excerpt (there is more in the linked session): Most of our older students surround themselves by early Mature souls as a primary context, at best. This does not mean one cannot find support in that circle, or that support does not exist from a few older souls, but that your primary contexts are far younger in perspective. The older soul grows weary of adapting and adjusting actions, feelings, insights, interactions, etc to accommodate the younger souls around them. Older souls are more than willing to adapt and adjust, but this does not mean that you do not grow weary. Imagine the adult who happily accommodates the toddlers and teens for months on end with no other adults with which to relate. It is really no different. This process of adaptation can lead one to begin to question the validity of one's own identity, one's sense of self, and one's presence as it is expressed FOR the world vs expressed FOR WHO one is.
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    I think we are all just carrying a shit-ton of pressure and anxiety over the state of the world, society, and politics and because so many of us have so few ways to effectively channel that energy into something that feels helpful, it just weighs on us. We are constantly in defense, grieving, shocked, and inundated with information and opinions. And that's not even counting our personal, private lives! It can be a lot, @CurvyWords. It can be a lot. Big love to you and everyone who hangs in there every day and makes life better in any little way. Sometimes we just can't... just can't. But we know we will bounce back.
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    It looks like a few of us noticed yesterday that the channeling Troy did on the Chief Feature of Self Destruction applies not only to individuals that have this as their own CFs but applies to all of us as we move through this challenging pivotal year. Even though the Chief Feature can seem more like an undercurrent that explodes into focus in October it's good to pay heed earlier on as we try to navigate our way not only through community and world issues but through our own internal distresses and fears that can make their way into our emotional, intellectual and physical bodies. The 7 Angles of Behavior for transforming SELF-DESTRUCTION would be: 1. HELP OTHERS 2. CREATE A NETWORK OF SUPPORT 3. SHAMELESSLY SELF-CARE 4. IT IS OKAY NOT TO SUFFER 5. BE MORE THAN YOU ARE 6. EMBRACE and PRACTICE PAIN MANAGEMENT 7. LIFE IS FOR YOU TO OWN, NOT EARN Michael said this in October 2016's Energy Report and it makes sense to start to look ahead so you can begin to unravel how Self Destruction may be affecting you and your world as we move through 2019: Assimilation is associated with the Chief Feature because by the time the experiences of the year have come to settle, the individual and collective will have generated a pattern toward resolution and peace around the events of the year, or they will have generated a pattern toward conflict and fear. For many, the “holiday season” can be one of unplugging from or plugging into a higher state and moving into true assimilation, peace, gratitude, and celebration. For many, this same period of time is experienced as resignation and disconnection and overwhelm, with emphasis on losses, regrets, mistakes, anger, anxiety. Depending on how much of the Action was fulfilled, how much Inspiration was exchanged, and how aligned perception was with reality (or vice versa), the season of the Chief Feature is either mild or severe in its challenges and impact. This year (2016) brings with it a rather severe impact and intense challenge. This is where the Realist Attitude of 2019 can help to ground you to the perspective of reality of WHAT IS that is broadening from Subjectivity to Objectivity. The Attitude of Realist is all about the perspective of WHAT IS. There is no interpretation, no speculation, no extrapolation, no embellishment or projection. It is all about seeing what IS, even if one would rather not. Most of our students are fairly clear and aware of reality as it exists independently from interpretation, but it is still difficult not to color reality with one’s own method of making sense of it. In many cases our students make sense of reality by distancing themselves from the areas of reality that are less interesting or more intimidating. July may change that. ... July may be fairly draining and exhausting as you climb up and out of Subjectivity to Objectivity. Feelings can be overwhelming while in Subjectivity because they are only about how one feels about what is, not about what one can do about changing what is. It is all about reasoning and explaining What Is without fully understanding What Is. Good advice from Michael... What we can suggest for our students over July is to keep a journal or record or mental note of your reactions to personal and world events that feel too close to you or so close that it is difficult to know how to respond or what to do. Note what “triggers” you and explore any patterns you see in your notes. When you can become aware of what keeps you from effectively dealing with What Is, you can more easily move into Objectivity, the Positive Pole of Realist. We will speak more on Objectivity in the weeks ahead. ~~~ Here's a an excerpt from MICHAEL SPEAKS – Old Soul in a Young Soul World – April 25, 2015 that speaks to navigating as Personality and Essence: That is a bit of a misnomer in that Essence does not forget, but once it is Manifested "in" the Personality and co-creating the life, there is a new dynamic in place. When the Personality is making all of the choices, it is one thing, and when Essence makes all of the choices, it is one thing, but when the entirely new Personality is now hosting an ancient Essence, "remembering" becomes key. Essence experiences what we have described as a "double-edged sword of forgetfulness." Because Essence knows it is profoundly safe and that the Personality that has come into existence will continue, it has none of the fears that Personality has because Personality is born of the biological and is linked heavily to survival in the Physical Plane. Most of the time, the Personality and body seek to survive at all costs, whereas this is not a concern for Essence. So Essence must "remember" this. As the Personality learns that it is safe, the Essence must remember how to navigate in an unsafe world. Essence can often plan a life that is based on great ideals and intentions for what to experience and gain from a life, but then you are born and "you" are asking, "what the fuck?" This is one of the reasons it is so important for the Personality to have complete control over the life and its choices. Personality evolves its own reason for living. It does not live for Essence. But, as you awaken, you live with Essence, and eventually, AS Essence. And as Essence integrates into the life, the "remembering" is similar to how the adult must "remember" what it was like to be a child so that the child is best served and nurtured, and not treated as an ancient. This is not entirely difficult, but it becomes an art. ~~~ Remembering Love is remembering you are Safe This is an excerpt from MICHAEL SPEAKS – More on The 7 Rings of LOVE – February 14, 2010: When one makes the statement that I AM ULTIMATELY SAFE, if there is a consciousness brought to that statement, one should feel the body immediately relax, the mind to slow, the forehead, face, jaw, back, torso, shoulders, feet, hands, tongue, etc. all fall into a simple presence. The Physical Plane is a plane filled with threats to the body and experiences can and do harm ones psyche and other subtle bodies, but the greatest threat to older soul that causes the greatest debilitation and scathing is the constant sense of lacking safety. When we speak of Safety here, we speak to the fact that in most instances, there are no immediate threats to warrant your fear, and certainly not to warrant your rejection of Love. We also speak to the fact that every worst-case scenario is death, and even then, you are ultimately safe. The irony of growing older in soul age is the attachment to the Physical Plane and your more and more creative and refined Personalities that you nurture so lovingly. So when we speak of your Safety, and you state that you are ultimately safe, you are speaking on behalf of both Personality and Essence.
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    @Miizle Whoops, looks like I erased it. I was about to go to bed and only partially awake. No need for the text, though, I remember what I said. Feeling heaviness and weariness is likely a result of being disconnected from Essence, and plenty of Old Souls are disconnected from Essence. Every Old Soul has to remember their Old Soulness, over and over again, in each new lifetime, because we are always born with a 1st Level Infant awareness and it is up to us to work past that. Many Old Souls do not complete the work of remembering themselves. So existential weariness, feeling weighed down by the world, is likely a result of drawing unpleasant conclusions about the current life, and not about any kind of connection with other lives across time. Truly connecting with other lives across time, I agree, would be a wonderful and fascinating experience. It is also worth noting that no matter how much fun Essence is having, Personality is still the one who has to live the life, and Personality is free to be as weary and tired as it wants. Essence has no real sense of danger, after all. Essence can never be hurt. Many Older Souled Personalities, though, can much more easily see the tragic distance between Humanity and Humanity's potential. Living in a Young Souled paradigm brings persecution and oppression into many of our lives, and who wouldn't be weary of that? I guess the point I'm trying to make is that being an Old Soul does not automatically mean being world-weary as a result of having lived so many lives, nor is world-weariness uniquely an Old Soul thing.
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    This month had a bumpy start for me, I had a situation come up that would have triggered the shit out of me a couple of years ago. Suprisingly, it didn't. There was this short moment where I got a glimpse of my old patterns, but it passed quickly and I chose a different perspective and now I'm pretty sure I'm in Objectivity. No emotional turmoil or confusion, just calm. This could have easily gone the way it always went, with me getting into a downward spiral of conflicting emotions, but it didn't. That's how far I've come. I'm frickin proud of me.
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    Thanks, @Troy and Michael. That brings some clarity and understanding of this time.
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    So as I was reading this I kept saying: that's not my experience, I don't feel stuck in subjectivity at all- in fact I feel rather objective, inspired to act, and keeping a constant measure on where or how I am falling into delusion and if so, how to change that into an opportunity to learn. For instance on the small scale I have recently been exploring Parallel Realities and my Superbundle Theory for how Parallel Realities are organized and layered as support for each other. I objectively realize that this exploration of mine has not been externally validated yet so I cannot live as if it's a conclusive truth- but even if it was wrong I don't think I'd care that much because the parallels I'm exploring resonate quite deeply with me and do likely have some validity on personal and global scales. Plus the exploration helps me see just how much support and order and awesome choice we have in creating reality. But then I read this: "NOTE: there will be some students who have moved almost directly into Objectivity and these students would likely have a minor struggle at the end of June or beginning of July and then a burst of motivation, enthusiasm, and focus for changing something important to them in their personal life. If you recognize this, you are already in Objectivity." And I said "Hey! That's me!" So, nice! Alright Kurt let's get this show moving! I'm planning to come out this month and get more into exercising again. I've also made new friends online and started up a romantic relationship in as honest and genuine and trusting a way as I can. For now I will keep on moving forward and continue building up what I can to make my life and this world better.
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    Thank you, @Troy! The end of june/start of july has certainly been jarring. If anyone is interested, here is some more info on the Realist Attitude from July 2017.
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    There have been “defensive triggers” that I’ve experienced this last week. We’ve been trying to orchestrate a move which, so far, has been frustrating with a number of roadblocks. My reactions to these events produced emotions which I think may have been a dive into the negative pole of Realist. Anyway, this Energy report does appear to explain what’s been happening. Good to read this because what Michael said about PATIENCE being a necessity is very helpful to me.
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    Bumping this topic. I got more profiles today in a private session: Harris, Warren, Bennet, Buttigieg, Booker, and completion of info for Biden. I had forgotten that Anna asked about Harris earlier; please note that the info I received today is different. Validation opportunity! For what it's worth, Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren are my two current favorites. Senator Bennet is my own Senator; I'd prefer him to remain my Senator but have been pleasantly surprised at the experience and common sense he brings to the debates. It's also interesting that I now recognize the resonance I feel in Senator Bennet: my sister is also C2E7 and that Entity seems to have a certain "feel" for me. I thought Buttigieg and Booker did well in the debates but don't personally think they'll get far. I could be wrong of course -- see my question and Michael's response below: Janet: If there are current vectors with high probabilities favoring or disfavoring any of the candidates as receiving the nomination, I’m sure TLE members would be interested in the info. MEntity: There are no vectors at the moment that would indicate any significantly clear path to nomination. Probabilities at the moment only reveal that there is a high probability of "surprises" that shift the probabilities dramatically at least twice before any vectors are secured. We would think we could see more stable probabilities next year. Janet: An observation that you may not have time to respond to: Apparently Cadre 2 is prominently involved in US politics at present. Is this something that the Cadre has opted into more seriously? I seem to remember more activity from Cadre 5 and/or other Energy Rings. MEntity: Your observation is valid in that Cadre 2 has had a long-game, so to speak, in regard to moves into power for help in securing a Mature Soul paradigm.
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    You're one of my heroes because you're out there doing the work publicly and actively and thus taking the heat for it. I appreciate all you do and hope that I can be as brave and maybe at least half as effective in the situations that I find to step up to provide a voice against the haters. I was raised in a Protestant church that I guess was fairly liberal because I'm still astonished by those claiming to be Christian who hold such repulsive "values." Frankly, I'd rather end up in hell than share heaven with them.
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    And I found this in MMW - The Health of Your Moving Center MEntity: It is important to note that older souls, and in particular Old Souls, have the greatest challenges with the Moving Center, even if Moving Centered or using the Moving Part. This is because the Moving Center tends to accumulate understanding about its nature and function only from actual action and movement, but as your Essence and Personalities move into more philosophical states of existence during lifetimes, the Moving Center is explored in its more subtle and expanded terms. The Moving Center does not merely manage movement and action, but all of your processing and movement of energy and resources, both tangible and intangible, obvious and subtle. The Old Soul does not tend to move away from immersion in the Physical Plane because she is "tired," but the Personality experiences this "being tired" because it is learning how to manage energy differently. When it was merely an equation of cause and effect, of physics, it was "easy." Hit the ball. Ball moves. But now you must be responsible, not only for the final form and action, but for the energy that fueled the action into form.
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    After reading through what Janet got today from Michael via Troy I have so many comments flashing through my head. What stands out is all the candidates are (so far) from Cadre 2. Here is a Q&A Geraldine reposted from 2007 on Cadre 2. In light of knowing these Overleaves -- it's fascinating. This was originally posted by Geraldine on 10/13/11 Here's some channeling I collected back in 2007: Michael (via Troy): Your Cadre is of the "Knowledge" position within the 12 Cadres of your Energy Ring. This lends a theme to each fragment from Cadre 2 to have a bent toward a search, experience, integration, and expression of KNOWING. We will define "knowing" here as completing experiences that bring with it comprehension. Most from Cadre 2 do not approach experiences "half-heartedly" or piecemeal, so to speak, but dive in for the full run. This brings to your Energy Ring the support of endurance and perseverance that is then shared physically, emotionally, energetically among the rest of the Cadres in various ways. Cadre 2 brings with it a great amount of presence to the paradigm of politics in your world at this time, offering Mature perspectives that help bring a holistic shift of perception to all Soul Ages extant. There is often a dichotomy involved with those from Cadre 2 in that there is a clear sense of personal truth, but often this conflicts with truths around that fragment, and many from the Cadre carry with them the process of resolving this Self-Karma. This process often leads one through phases of lying (to others and to the self) or upholding presentations of the self vs revealing the self, until there is comprehension of the safety in honesty and sincerity. Many from Cadre 2 elect themselves to positions as resources for others in the world, often finding great satisfaction from others taking up that invitation, but often forgetting to be a resource for themselves. This is also resolved over lifetimes, but we have seen this as a recurring theme that requires "remembering" even within each lifetime. [Nodding my head here, too......] In other words, many from Cadre 2 forget about maintaining the "infrastructure" of themselves and their relationship to themselves while in the process of providing themselves to others as resources. Most from this Cadre go through a revelation during a lifetime wherein facades are stripped away and truths accepted as a means to become stronger internally. Many from this Cadre keep the rewards of facades intact until the late Mature and Early Old stages of the soul. However, we do not wish to imply that these facades are a "bad thing," because these are often reliable tools for people in positions of politics and provision. We can continue with various facts about Cadre 2, but this can go on indefinitely. We remind you that we speak of generalities and we speak of processes that last over many lifetimes so that you, as personality within this lifetime, may or may not resonate completely with what we have described. We will add that it could be said that those from Cadre 2 are those who keep the questions flowing [hmm, what cadre is Xenobia in?? just kidding...] so that answers may be found, acting as facilitators of insight for other fragments, either by providing the insight, or igniting that insight from within the other fragment.
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    This content was shared by Nick in the TLE Yahoo group on April 9, 2007. Hi everyone. Troy and I thought that some of you might find this interesting. It is a question I recently asked Michael, and their interesting response... -Nick QUESTION: I'm wondering what Michael sees as the cause of hair loss - that is, if it's anything other than the simple "heredity" explanation. In light of the association between passion mode and the brow / higher emotional center, I'm wondering whether a fragment in passion mode, who does not live with passion / follow his passion, would see a physical manifestation of a "withering" at the brow (hair loss). MICHAEL: Your observations are valid in that those in Passion Mode who do not "follow their passion" can tend to manifest this as hair loss, but it is not always the case, so there is lack of consistency. What is consistent in those who lack a following of Passion is a withering and dwindling IN SOME AREA of the life, whether this is in the body, the mind, relationships, etc. However, more specifically and accurately is that certain qualities that are sought for a lifetime are often directly linked to a "gene" within the body that is simply a part of the body carries that particular quality. For instance, it is often the case that a fragment who seeks a higher intelligence within a lifetime will have to emphasize the "gene" that is also linked to poor eyesight. In that same way, the gene that is associated with "masculinity" is also linked to hair growth and loss. In other words, for fragments who seek to have a lifetime emphasizing an exploration of what it means to "be a man" or have an identity as a "man," the testosterone levels and connections to specific genes related to hair must then come into play for the body to house those experiences. In this case, it is often played out through the hair, which is directly linked to masculinity in various ways. We have found this evolution of exploration to be quite interesting in that the loss of hair has now found itself to be a "sexier," more masculine indicator than ever before, reversing the stereotypes and prejudices related to physical representations of what it has meant to "be a man" historically. It should be noted that women also suffer from hair loss and hair growth issues, and it could be said then that ALL issues related to gender identity are tied to the genes that control the growth of hair.
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    Wow!! This literally jumped off the page at me! I know this is from the July 2007 Energy Report but the Realist Attitude is definitely showing up like this in July 2019 for me and for a few people I know. Very interesting. What goes around comes around. Specifically over July the Realism will most likely focus on the SELF and the inner world. This means a lot of "stuff" will most likely be brought to the surface for examination and it is important to see that this will occur in many ways, ranging from personally intended provocation to random interactions and incidences that provoke a sudden, deep, and clear look at the self. We can easily say that much of what you may see will not be easy to observe because much of what will be seen is the "stuff" that is usually avoided. What we suggest is to understand that if you are seeing aspects of the self that are difficult to observe over the next month, it is ONLY because you wish for that to be observed. For those who will not allow an inner examination and are not interested in the bigger truths of who he or she is, this "stuff" will not surface. Nothing is imposed upon you, so if you find you are examining difficult or complex aspects of yourself over July, it is because you determined it is time to do so and you are using the energy of the year to your advantage, but none of this is obligated or necessary for any of you. It is a choice.
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    When this energy report was first posted, I was having a great week and thought I was in the Objectivity camp. But a day later, I started feeling irritated, exhausted, and had intense and disturbing dreams (dead bodies, etc). My neck has been out since then, too. In the last two days I started recognizing how I've been "mak[ing] sense of reality by distancing [myself] from the areas of reality that are less interesting or more intimidating." I'm seeing more clearly how often I think I'm "better" than other people and how this keeps me from having more intimacy. How easily I get frustrated and impatient and then do other things that relieve frustration and anxiety but don't actually create progress. How scattered I get because of my impatience and how I end up taking an interest in too many things that scatter my energy. How I think it means something about me when I have frustrations and setbacks. I am seeing a lot of my reactionary coping strategies and attempting to not use them, and it feels like I'm floating vs being anchored. @Maureen I reread the entire CF session and it was so good for me to reread. I saw a lot of CF behaviors in myself, but I also think I am just seeing my behaviors more clearly than I did before.
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    My reaction was the same @KurtisM! Month after month I feel like the energy reports have been dead on accurate - this one felt off for me at first - but then, click. It's been a hard year...and really even longer than that....going back to at least the beginning of 2018 . "Life" just feels like I keep running up against a hard physical surface - no give - moments of relief too few and too far between....trying to cope with what "is". I'm feeling now, too, like it's time to start moving - to begin action. Wishing you all peace and love.....and some patience too, sounds like that's going to be in high demand.
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    Moving is one of the most stressful things in life.
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    Wow, lol. I relate hard to that whole description. I've actually been kind of borderline obsessive over politics lately (keenly interested since voting for the first time in 2008, then obsessive from 2015 up until now). I can definitely relate to both the dichotomy between lying presentations and revealing the true self as well as the interest in using power positions to bring the mature soul paradigm along. And also as a C2E6-er, the "sensitivity" is definitely a thing. I'm getting better about being clear and truthful in representing myself outside of a lot of the categories people like, but I really relate to what Gandhi said when asked if he was a Hindu: "Yes I am. I am also a Muslim, a Christian, a Buddhist, and a Jew." When talking to people, I've allowed myself to be Christian, atheist, agnostic, Wiccan, straight, bisexual, Democrat, independent, Libertarian, and progressive, so long as "you" get that the part of me "you" understand is the part that's the same as "you". I suppose in the negative pole, it's like conveniently lying while undercover, and in the positive pole, it's like connecting with the truth that in reality, the categories themselves are only there for convenience and they don't have to define us. You get me, I get you. That's all that matters. When it comes to contribution to the world around me, sensitivity to the smallest nuances of perception and interpretation is extremely important to me to uphold in communicating and being a resource to people. I'd say the painful aspect is when I see too many well-meaning people buy into broad-strokes narratives about the world without caring for the nuances that get them the more accurate, peaceful, and powerful understanding of what really goes on. When they get reactive, fearful, or cynical, I can usually understand their perspective and want desperately to be able to show them where they've been blind to the details that would give them understanding and peace of mind on the issue. This is especially so in partisan politics, where many well-meaning partisan people (liberal and conservative alike) hold onto old superstitions and let superficial rhetoric from the powerful play on their heartstrings and take away their inner peace and focus in this world. They really let themselves feel divided and separate from a swath of other people, and I hate it so much... In the end, I want to inspire and empower people. "Knowledge is power" is so real to me. Yes, it's true there's plenty of suffering and a lot that needs correcting in this world. But it's also true there is a lot of accessible power, simply from the fact that your participation and involvement makes all the difference. Your biggest powers are often invisible to you. Take the contributions you can see and multiply them by 1000 through time and space. There are domino and butterfly effects from your presence that other people can feel when you cannot.
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    There is no Nexus this month. Remember when we had no Nexuses (Nexi?) for a few months last year (was it last year?) and how it made us feel horrible. Kind of like cosmic constipation.
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    [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: June 2008] [QUESTION] I have recently been involved in discussions with a few of my friends regarding political and governmental systems regarding which are the most effective. My friends would gladly describe themselves as “libertarian” whereas I cannot completely proscribe to such an ideology, if only because their description of “libertarianism” seems to give too much authority to the private sector and private interests; of which I am not entirely comfortable. They would likely label me as “socialist” or as “bleeding heart liberal” if they didn’t know me better! I guess the questions are: Is there or are there ideal governmental system(s) or ideology for the current average soul age we are in currently, based on what Michael has perceived from other sentient beings? What do these systems look like? Perhaps what the United States and the rest of the world is currently experiencing in their governments are pretty typical for our current soul age development? That would be my perception at least. Also, what do typical governments look like on worlds that have a majority of old souls? Or do they even have governments? [Michael Entity] : The politics of any given region or period of time usually describe the friction between the approaching paradigm and the current paradigm, each respectively defined by the approaching dominant Soul Age and the current dominant Soul Age. Many of the names assigned to the varying "parties" are tedious and unnecessary, so we will speak in broader terms here. It could be said that the following political systems are associated in this way: NOTE FROM TROY: Some editing was done from the original text as I asked Michael for clarifications and questioned a couple of the original details. Also, the true definitions and delineations for all of the political/governmental systems can really get complicated, so Michael's response seems to be exactly what they've said, a "broader" perspective, at best. They did explain to me that there are really only three political systems, but a multitude of systems within those systems. [Michael Entity] : Infant Souls have no politics or order, and are therefore at the mercy of whatever dominant political system is in place at the time. However, they may be most comfortable with Dictatorship, which would be implemented by Baby Souls. The Baby/Young politics have shown up as Dictatorship, Capitalism, and Socialism. The Young/Mature politics have shown up as Monarchy, Republic, Socialism, and Communism. The Mature/Old politics have shown up as Monarchy, Democracy, and Anarchy. Old Soul politics return to a state of no politics, but more of what might be considered Anarchy. We use the word "anarchy" in its true definition, not as the Young or Mature soul might exploit the term. The anarchy usually takes on a form that would be recognized as Tribalism. In response to your questions: We would say that the politics of your current world are exactly indicative of the shifts from the dominant paradigm/soul age to another. From what we can see of other populations dominated by Old Soul Ages and paradigms, there are no governments that you would recognize beyond being more tribal groups in communication and exchange with one another, but with no discernible leader or authority. This is one of the reasons our teaching is particularly attractive to the older soul, since there is no discernible authority beyond the self, and even the sense of self is held in question to a degree that allows for sensitive consideration of all factors involved in the life. An Old Soul world is similar. [QUESTION] I realize my background in government is obviously lacking when I ask this question, but: Is there any distinguishable difference between a democracy and a republic according to Michael's perception? By including both, it seems to be implied that there is a difference. [Michael Entity] : We differentiate a Republic from a Democracy in that a Republic has a more specifically-defined body of qualified voters or elected representatives, while a Democracy seeks to include all people, even those who might not be obviously qualified. The concept of Democracy can get confusing in some cultures such as in the United States because several forms of government are in place. Rather than a pure Democracy, the United States is far more accurately described as a Republic, which is a form of Democracy, but not true Democracy. In addition to this, the general promotion of Democracy is run from an Authoritarian perspective, or as a Plutocracy, to be specific. It could be said that the Physical economy of the United States is run by Plutocratic (authoritarian) politics, while the Emotional economy is run by Republican (Democratic) methods, and this is to be considered when looking at politics. There are Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, and Spiritual levels of Politics and Economy to consider in any system. The closest to an old soul political system that exists in your world today is what is experienced as "the Internet." [QUESTION] How are the Internet and politics related? [Michael Entity] : If "politics" is seen as a term to describe how a body of people govern themselves and resolve apparent conflicts, then the Internet could be seen as a system of politics. In this case, as would be the case for the Old Soul world, COMMUNICATION would be at the core of those politics, or the INTELLECT as economy. The Infant Soul uses Freedom; the Baby Soul uses Authority; the Young Soul uses Capital; the Mature Soul uses Well-Being; and the Old Soul uses Communication at the root of their politics. The "ultimate" political system, in the end, will have to utilize all of these factors to govern a mix of soul ages. Hence, the politics of a Democracy or a Republic will include previous political emphases to some degree, but with the more current politics being the emphasis. [QUESTION] And so, just as we are doing here in this chat, everyone determines for themselves, and then relates to the outside world through communication. but as an autonomous being similarly engaged with other autonomous beings/people? Something like this? [Michael Entity] : We think we have understood your question and we would agree. It could be said then that the politics of the Old Soul are CONTEXTUAL. Certain politics apply within specific instances, but are not seen as appropriate across the board. And each person determines his or her level of compliance within certain contexts, or freely moves to more appropriate contexts. We realize this is far from being deeply explored, but we will move on now.
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    I'm 2nd Level Old, Cadre 2, and most of my immediate family is also Cadre 2 (parents, siblings, one daughter). My older daughter is C3, her husband and daughter also C3. Michael said: MEntity: In further response to your choices for parent and child, we can say that your Essence was interested in expanding into greater depth of relationship with some from Cadre 3 who had come to be close in previous lives. This is not unusual. By the time one is an Old Soul, many of the important, classic, and profound relationships that come as blood family are now established and no longer require blood as a means for rekindling bonds, so the older soul tends to build blood family with those who are farther out from the circle of familiarity, so to speak. My impression from this exchange is that we tend to incarnate near or in families with the closest members of our Entity "family" for quite a long time before branching out to experiment with relationships with those from other Entities, other Cadres, etc., based on agreements we make with those we meet along the way. But still you'd want to have access to those with whom you have long-term bonds and agreements, so if you don't incarnate with them in physical families, you'd plan to meet them during the life somehow. This doesn't fully explain the number of "celebrities" recognized as in our Cadre, but on the other hand, given the theme of Cadre 2, it is perhaps not surprising that a number of Cadre members made plans to rise to prominence in politics in order to have a stronger voice representing the Cadre.
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    Go Cadre 2!! Let's see if we can finally elect a C2E1 president this time!! Holy shit...I haven't read this transcript in a long time, and the sections I quoted above describe exactly what has been a major arc of learning for me in this life -- having a habit of holding up facades and learning to strip that away and trust that I can just be myself. My Essence even designed the lifetime so I can hardly speak unless it is a truth from deep within me. Michael has also mentioned that Cadre 2 tends to have a theme of "chameleonism", which goes right along with this passage. Michael said the theme of C2E1 actually is Politics, though they gave a broader explanation of what that means. I'm not overtly involved in politics, but I do fit the bill of "rising above some form of inner or outer oppression, setback, or challenge so that a sense of the true self can come forth." I see this in most of the entity mates that I know personally as well. From the 10/3/11 POF: Can you tell me about cadre 2/entity 1 -- its composition, relationship to other entities in the cadre, themes, etc? [MEntity] Cadre 2, Entity 1 appears to have 1322 fragments, with 211 cycled off, and 811 incarnated at this time. This Entity is comprised of Kings, Artisans, and Sages. Its relationship within the Cadre, and its general theme, would be that of POLITICS. We use this word to describe the overall theme of those from this entity working on various methods for elevating one's status and position within a group, whether this is a family, society, class, culture, or simply in one's own eyes. Of course, this has ranged across the most literal and superficial of elevations, such as catering to the standards of others, to the most profound and meaningful elevations, such as clarifying one's own standards in terms of fairness, principles, ethics, and integrity. Those from Cadre 2, Entity 1 may find this pattern show up in some way in the life, with a clear process of rising above some form of inner or outer oppression, setback, or challenge so that a sense of the true self can come forth. And by "true self," we mean that self as defined by one's standards at the time, whether from within or adapted from others.
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    [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: November 2013] [ViP1] Sex education for children is something that seems particularly important in order for children to know how to manage their impulses with respect for themselves as they become older, and yet it is approached in wildly varying, ad hoc ways that typically depend heavily on cultural background. Such approaches range from no intentional attempt at sex education at all, rather avoiding the topic completely, to complete openness that might strike other people as awkward and inappropriate. The education itself might come from parents, or from teachers, or from friends, or from the media, or all of those. In addition, there is usually some degree of awkwardness in parents around even raising the topic with their children to begin with. Do you have any insights on how to approach sex education for children, irrespective of their cultural background, in a manner that is inclusive of their own makeup, that is appropriate to and respectful of their needs and level of mental/emotional development, the best age for children at which to introduce it, and who such education might best be provided by? [MEntity] The greatest approach to sex education is through the removal of shame from the equation. The rest is fairly moot. Shame is easily learned, and this informs one more so than any other guiding factor for health. We say that the rest is fairly moot because most education for children regarding a topic that cannot be fathomed is difficult to instill in any meaningful way, and for those in the throes of it simply cannot hear. "Education" would be most effective in removing shame, and inviting choice. By inviting choice we mean that children would do well to know that they have a choice for being safe, asking for more information, accessing protection, etc. For some, the details are helpful, for others the details are meaningless, but for the entire spectrum of ages and cultures, CHOICE is what is often missing from the equation of education. "You do not have to understand what you are doing, just that you have a choice in how you are doing it." Once the power of choice is in a child's hand from any culture, and the weight of shame is removed, the eagerness for "better choices" comes naturally. In short: reduce shame, increase choice. This can be implemented in any number of ways.
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    Hello everyone! I'm prone to rambling so I'll keep it to-the-point! I'm Andrew, just a regular 30 year old guy with a nose for understanding and experiencing anything that I might be interested in; I'm also not afraid to share my opinions or philosophies with the right company I stumbled across the Michael Teachings around the start of this decade, and after reading up as much as I could I moved on to other topics. I could 'see myself' in some of the overleaves, sometimes in a frightening fashion. But at the time I had quite a bit of internal turmoil-- panic disorder and major depression. Self reflection was painful and I didn't like what I saw. Something 'clicked' a couple years ago, I stopped trying to aspire to things that didn't feel right. I started appreciating what I had, not in a material sense, I honestly don't know how to put it into words-- maybe 'contentment'. This isn't to say that I was stagnating, far from it. I'm 'big picture' oriented and love the interrelatedness of everything. I've been seeing this butterfly effect more and more often and have enjoyed the perspective and appreciate the complexity. I'm here to interact with others that wonder about the universe and what it all means. Anyhow! I said to-the-point, so I'll keep it that way!
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    I had the urge the other night, while I was talking to Uma, to look at Trump's Natal Chart to see what was what in his Natal Chart and to see what significant transits are coming up over the remainder of his time in office. All this with the hope he would be prematurely ejaculated -- or perhaps a better word would be "maturely" ejaculated as all this is related to shift into a Mature Soul world. I don't want to overspend my time visiting his Natal Chart (looking at fuckface, as Uma calls him, for any length of time is exhausting) but I will point out a few things that I noticed. For easier reference I have italicized all Michael's text ~~~ All his planets except his isolated "over-sensitive" 4th house Moon are on the eastern side of the chart. With no influence in the western side except his significant (astrologically) brittle Moon it shows a complete focus and absorption of the self. With a warring 12th house Mars sitting conjunct his ascendant in Leo, which enjoys the spotlight, it's no wonder we see him fighting with anyone and everyone all the time. Uranus in Gemini conjunct his Sun in the 10th house, with his North Node sitting smack dab in the middle, is very telling. Also these planets are in opposition to his "isolated" Moon in the 4th house which is conjunct his South Node. He's not only unpredictable with how and when he flaunts his "power" to the whole world (10th house), thumbing his nose at "real" power, he incarnated to work on these issues related to the Sun (True and False Personality, or how the Personality will show up in terms of manifesting Unity or Division, or Love vs Fear, or Essence vs Defenses, etc. Depending on where your Sun is, it can give you insights into how you run the whole of "You". This would be the "I" of you. It is often a meeting or battling ground, and indicates the aim of synthesis, for the Subpersonalities for the lifetime.) in Gemini being in the 10th house shows that this internal "fight" is on "display" to the whole world, at large. Uranus (URANUS indicates those Subpersonalities that arose as seekers of The Truth in your life, managing your Higher Intellectual Center, and relative to POWER.) in Libra being so highlighted, in the way that it is, makes me LMAO as all Trump is about is lies and dishonesty. Note: see: Neptune. Moon (The Moon indicates what truly motivates your presence in the world, and often this is unconscious, but when it becomes conscious and accepted, this becomes a path for True Personality. The Subpersonalities that arise from this are usually relevant to Expression, and indicates the most sensitive of Subpersonalities.) in Sagittarius sits in the 4th house ruminating over grievances that come about through (in his eyes) not being shown his "due respect". The Moon's opposition to the Sun/North node/Uranus conjunction gets "relief" through not only the Moon's trine to Mars in Leo in the 12 House (grievances likely brought to the fore from past lives to be healed / worked on) but also the Sun/North node/Uranus sextile to Mars. You can see how the stress builds up, over and over and over, ad nauseam, and then gets blown out through Mars on his Ascendant. Again, we all have a front row seat to his constant tantrums. North and South Nodes (If you explore your Natal Chart, you will find that any Sign or Planet that is associated with the South Node House is probably tied in to your prompting your healing, and any Planet or Sign in your North Node House is tied to what is most thrown off or imbalanced in your pursuit of that healing. When we say "thrown off" or "imbalanced," we mean that this is where and how and through whom you may find the most obvious effects of the healing, which is often played out as extremes before balance.) in his 10th and 4th houses aspecting his Sun/Uranus/Moon show where and how this is being played out. If you take a look you'll see Trump has an over-wrought 2nd house. It truly tells a lot of his story -- and how it ties back to the whole of him. Jupiter in Libra is conjunct Chiron in Libra which is conjunct Neptune in Libra. So, by default, even though it's a wide conjunction Neptune is tied to (conjunct) Jupiter. This is a configuration that not only would tell whopper (Jupiter) lies (Neptune -- planet of delusion) but is actively working on healing this (Chiron -- the wounded healer). All of this is operating in the 2nd house of Self Esteem. JUPITER indicates those Subpersonalities that may have sprung up relative to EXPANSION, and the pursuit of creating meaning. NEPTUNE indicates those Subpersonalities arose as seekers of Love/Agape in the life, managing your Higher Emotional Center, and relative to ACCEPTANCE. CHIRON symbolizes where the greatest wounding might be, and as a result, the greatest healing. Michael on the 2nd House: In simplistic terms, it might be said that the 2nd House describes the context in which resources support and protect the body/Personality. Put another way, the 2nd House describes how the body/Personality secures its survival. Sex is involved in both Houses (8th and 2nd) , but in the 2nd House it is in the context of procreation/survival/need, and in the 8th it is for union and pleasure, desire. Death is a part of both Houses, but in the 2nd House this is in terms how the body/Personality deals with conditions that can lead to death, or threats to the body, and in the 8th House this can refer to how the death of others affects the life or soul. The 2nd House is one of NEEDS, and the 8th is one of DESIRES. In terms that may seem more intangible, such things as Self-esteem, Talent, Values, are actually quite tangible, and are extensions of that Personality's concepts of RESOURCE and sense of survival, or security of the self. Self-esteem, for instance, is directly linked to the immune system. Going back to shared terms across the Houses: such things as Money are a part of both Houses, but the 2nd House is in terms of survival, or immediate need, while the other is in terms of transformation, or greater desires, which is why inheritances and taxes might be associated with that 8th House, as they reflect larger arcs. These might be said to be the Action Axis of the Natal Wheel. The 2nd House is Ordinal/Action, while the 8th is Cardinal (exalted)/Action. Mercury (indicates those Subpersonalities that may have sprung up relative to EXCHANGE, and relative to your ATTITUDE as it began to show in you.) in Cancer in Trump's 11th house is in difficult aspect to "everything". It is squared ALL the planets in the 2nd house. Also, Saturn in Cancer is conjunct Venus in Cancer in his 11th house also squared (just two planets) Jupiter and Chiron in the 2nd house. So all three planets in his 11th house have NO benefic or "easy" aspects to any other planets in his natal chart and only hard or difficult aspects to the planets in his 2nd house of self esteem. Also Cancer in these planets is ruled by (guess what!) the Moon in the 4th House with the Moon quincunx his Venus/Saturn conjunction. This shows a desire but an inability, and frankly an irritability, to "get what he wants" because quincunxes by nature are like "playing with a loose tooth with your tongue when you were a kid before it felll out naturally". The average introspective person would be driven or compelled to create something inventive, something entirely new, to go beyond what they "know", but with Trump it's just driving him, literally, mad. OK!!!! You can spend hours looking at astrology charts and find a tonne of information but I'm done for now. I may return but frankly fuckface exhausts me. The last thing I'll do is give a quick look at the significant transits and record them. I am not a predictive astrologer, but sometimes it's interesting to look ahead and see what might be coming up especially for someone who is affecting so much "bad" that is going on in the world at this time. MAJOR TRANSITS OPPOSING TRUMP'S NATAL SATURN & VENUS The two transiting planets I focused on are Pluto and Saturn as both are significators and both have come close to opposing his Saturn/Venus (they flirted with them... nasty planets they are!) and will do so over the next year plus some. January 21, 2020 Saturn in Capricorn will oppose Trump's natal Saturn at 23°43" February 7, 2020 Saturn in Capricorn will oppose Trump's natal Venus at 25°44" February 13, 2020 Pluto in Capricorn will oppose Trump's Saturn at 23°43" On April 26, 2020 Pluto in Capricorn will go retrograde at 24°59" On May 11, 2020 Saturn in Aquarius will go retrograde at 1°57" July 12, 2020 Pluto (R) in Capricorn will oppose Trump's Saturn at 23°43" On September 29, 2020 Saturn in Capricorn will go direct at 25°20" On October 4, 2020 Pluto in Capricorn will go direct at 22°29" October 20, 2020 Saturn in Capricorn will oppose Trump's Venus at 25°44" December 20, 2020 Pluto in Capricorn will oppose Trump's Saturn at 23°43" February 18, 2021 Pluto in Capricorn will oppose Trump's Venus at 25°44"
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    [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: September 2008] QUESTION: I can see how anger can be useful (to show you when your boundaries have been breached), but Cruelty would seem to have no use. Why does it exist, and where does it come from? MEntity: In the same way that anger is a defense, so is what you might consider to be cruelty. However, it is important to note that "cruelty" is often a relative experience. "Cruelty" is often not an intentional by-product of someone's action or choices, but a fragment who is disappointed might assign the label of "cruelty" to the event. For instance, when one fragment can legitimately sense the necessity of a separation within a relationship, but the other fragment is deeply attached and terrified of solitude, the choice of the fragment to move on can be interpreted as "cruel," when, indeed, it was one of the most loving choices the other fragment might have experienced to-date. COMMENT: Oh, I see. I guess I was thinking of cruelty as intentionally trying to hurt another. MEntity: It is very important to differentiate the intentional act of cruelty from the interpretative act of defense against disappointment. Acts of cruelty are often not just the result of intentions to hurt, but can be the result of neglect, denial, justification, and apathy. With all of that being said, we can now more clearly respond to your original question of "why does it exist," and "from where does it come." The legitimate act of cruelty, whether intentional or not, is a product of choice, of course, but a product of choice that is entirely self-preserving. Not "self-serving," but self-PRESERVING. There is a difference. Self-preservation is an act of survival and fear, whereas self-serving is an act of giving/receiving. Cruelty, then, "exists" because there are a myriad of ways in which the fearful body, mind, or heart can turn for survival purposes when these feel threatened. Even the most intentional, drawn-out acts of torture as a form of cruelty would still be generated from this very same thing. Although all Chief Negative Features can bring about forms of cruelty, the most active, intentional forms of cruelty can generate from Arrogance and Self-Deprecation, and the most passive forms of cruelty can generate from Impatience and Martyrdom. In terms of "cruelty having no use," we would agree. Cruelty is an unnecessary byproduct of fear and has no value beyond the false sense of defense. QUESTION: Would you say anything about healing our bodies when they have been experiencing physical and emotional cruelty? MEntity: The response to your question might find more relevance on an individual basis, but what we can say in general is for any fragment who has experienced cruelty, whether real or imagined, 50% of the healing would come from the comprehension that the cruelty had nothing to do with you, or your value, your meaning, your worth, your choices, your past, future, etc. In short, it has nothing to do with you at all. For many who experience cruelty, real or imagined, healing is delayed by the constant questioning of WHY. Most often there is no answer to this question that would satisfy you. The focus for healing would be more beneficial in the direction of HOW, as in focusing on your rebuilding, your personal compassion and kindness, and your support.
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    I've been really tired all week, and also not sleeping much or well. However, for me July is low-key very nice in many ways. I delivered the second draft of my book to my editor, and a personal situation that I had been really unhappy about for a long time turned around dramatically and continues to do so. The rest of the world is just nonstop fucking chaos and heartbreak. I went to South Florida last week to protest at the child concentration camp in Homestead, as part of the Lights For Liberty vigils around the country. It was surreal. It felt good to be in that crowd, shouting "Shut it down!" along with so many different people. It was somber and serious. All along we were aware that though we couldn't see them, thousands of children were in those buildings on the other side of the wall. Later, on the national Lights For Liberty twitter, I saw a video shot elsewhere where they could see the kids and hear them banging against the windows of their facility. This shit is crazy. We're being run by a bunch of white supremacist trolls, and the president is a rapist, and does anyone fucking care? And then when I posted about the protest on my Instagram I got a bunch of whiny white nationalist troll comments. How sad it is to be them. And also how blocked and reported for hate speech.
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    So there is this concept that gets mentioned regularly, that old souls can feel heavy and weary. (I have understood it is not referred to simply as old souls feeling tired because of living in a younger soul world.) I have started wondering how that is possible in the light of other information Michael has given of how incarnation works. If our multiple personalities are "one-offs" (apart from their multiple different versions) and not a continuation of the previous ones nor going to be re-born with different characteristics and different body in the next incarnation, but continue on in the astral "city of personalities"... Why would we feel the weight of so much history? We would only feel this history through Essence, not personality, and Essence, as far as i can tell, is pretty damn hyped to be alive and hardly tired at all. Can someone explain?
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    @Janet thanks for that. It made me tear up in a good way. When you see something i’m Sure you will be able to say something. I did spend pend the evening dancing with a room full of fat women who said they were really happy there was a space for them to move their bodies joyfully and without judgement. It was my first time there and even tho dance is not my preferred form of exercise their joy was infectious and I had a good time. The instructor ended the class with a soul train catwalk. Everyone got to strut their stuff. It was great. So that and your kind words lifted my spirits.
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    Pardon in advance for any incorrect terminology, I'm still a Michael n00b if you will Over my life I've had some..interesting moments. Interesting in that those moments I'm speaking of were marked by, the only descriptive I can think of are feeling love, acceptance, and contentedness with everything... literally moved to tears. Save for a few instances where I'd taken psychoactive drugs(LSD, Mushrooms), I can't really point to any one specific precipitating factor that brought that feeling about. It's been happening more and more frequently over the last few years as I've started to recognize what parts of me are false and addressing them when I catch myself acting from them. It feels 'right', and a sense that, I'm okay with it all, hangs around for days or weeks after. Is this something that's relatable?
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    Bumping this session: Today TeamTLE obtained angles of behavior for transforming Self-Destruction.
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    So today may have been one of my minor struggle days. It was a long tiring day at work, someone I care about had to suddenly work 12 hours for a coworker on a day he felt he could get some self time, my sister's car got stolen and now she and her bf can't come camping with us, my coworkers were talking about how much they work to survive and keep their family fed while saying "oh well that's life" etc. It just pisses me off so much that our economy and society isnt working, is outdated, and barely ever serves the well-being of anyone's mind, body and soul. All these corporations and authoritarian structures and excuses and resistances and violent systems... Sigh. This reminds me that the Blindspot of the Realist is INCONVENIENCES. Our whole fucking economy is a major inconvenience and it needs an overhaul. It needs one. So I feel rather subjective today... Still, I recognize that being objective means accepting my subjective feelings and because I embrace so much of myself now, I'm not willing to get mired in misery and escapism and feeling totally stuck like I used to. I'll cry and shake my fist and shout and swear but I wont define myself by any one feeling as if Ill be there forever. We'll change these systems. Life will change in a constructive, beneficial direction for all. I cannot accept the way things are and could no longer live with myself for condoning this world to continue as it is.
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    Well, that explains the uptick of the crazy dreams I've had recently. I remember wondering if there was something going on with that.
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    My Warrior Essence Twin is from C2E1 and I'm sure he's involved in politics. One thing that has consistently triggered me is the indignation around politics and the interferences that politically involved people cause in others trying to live their lives personally and peacefully. Politics just involves you so much. With politics you're no longer one person, but part of groups and communities and worlds and networks and a whole fucking planet that needs to evolve. There is no escape from that. You cannot hide from that truth. No wonder Cadre 2 has such a difficulty with maintaining its own infrastructure. Nowadays though, I'm way more involved in politics and could probably hold a candle to a political discussion with anyone, including my ET! Interestingly, I have not seen any politicians channeled from C2E5 or C2E6. C2E5 is said to have a strong theme of social identity and how that can be lost or built or pushed to extremes through socialization, myths and rumors. So perhaps its politics must revolve around that social identity? C2E6 is said to have a strong theme in sensitivity in ways that can be deeply painful or profoundly healing. So perhaps its politics are far more personalized and shared more artistically or intimately? EDIT: Oh, also I relate to you @DianeHB on this: "having a habit of holding up facades and learning to strip that away and trust that I can just be myself". That's what I'm doing now! Living as authentically as I can.
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    @Troy, and all you Beautiful Peoples on TLE, who shared their Platform, such a great weekend of sharing!!! I noted 40 shared Platforms, thumbs up to the Host and Channel!!! I got inspired and learned from all of them "what a great read"! "What do I want to do today" "I am ready" "Shall we dance for a moment" "Lets do this" "It is happening" "Everything is coming together" "It is o.k. to feel everything" "Move over, I'm driving" "I do care this much"
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    I had this dream last night... I think it has to do with the oncoming Nexus Convergence and the "waiting" we are all experiencing. The reference to an old doctor of mine who has retired, named Parrish, was symbolic (to me) of the "retirement" of religion that we are slowing going through as a sentient species. June 20, 2019: Stressful, tight dreams all night. More or less we are all “waiting” for something to happen or things to move along. People were tired, tense, irritated, bored even as the time seemed to stretch on and on with no reprieve from “wait” staff like doctor’s aides, receptionists, etc., and no doctors ever showed up. It was exemplified when I realized how much time I was in, it was like I lived in, a waiting room to see a doctor that never seemed to appear. I either knew everyone or people seemed familiar to me as if we spent a lot of time in waiting rooms together. There was one almost altercation where two people were vying for the one lazy-boy easy chair. The one who had already used it the most and appeared to have a leg injury “won” the spot. The last bit @ClaireC was there waiting in a chair. She looked fresh and excited like life was good but her appearance was eccentric. She was talking to someone with a thick Spanish accent. I brought it to her attention and she said ‘oh it must be because I’ve spent time with someone like that recently it must have rubbed off, I do that with people.” I think it was a form of “Scholar’s empathy”. I was surprised to see her until I remembered that I had given her a referral to my doctor, Dr Parrish, who was now retired – which she reminded me of. She mentioned someone else in the centre she was seeing. Her appearance was odd. Her hair was dyed bright blonde and she has these little bangs and a huge mass of hair — cartoon like. Then it changed into a different hairdo. It was sort of swept back in huge massive “balls” that filled in the space between her ears, shoulders, etc. She was deeply tanned, orange almost. There was a guy who was waiting there, the one in the lazy-boy easy chair, who she was sort of flirting with. She stood up at one point to talk to someone and to express herself. You could see as she walked that she had a cute little figure. She had on an interesting eccentric kind of sleek tunic-like layers to the knees in browns, beiges, some with patterns even her stockings were a shade of light brown. Her shoes were clunky heels. As she moved around in front of those of us seated she looked “cute”, lively, expressive and she was back to speaking English with a regular accent. Then as she went to sit down in her chair again she started to speak French to Helen, seated on the chair beside Claire, who I hadn’t noticed was there before. I turned to the guy beside me who was on the easy chair and said proudly “oh, yes, she speaks three languages.” JUNE 21st -- NEXUS -- CONVERGENCE - Another merging of parallels where inspired actions have increased and returned individually and collectively with a renewed enthusiasm for a better future. HELPFUL THOUGHTS OVER JUNE: WAITING VS WEIGHTING - There are many points in life where one must simply wait. One must be patient. One must understand that what one wants, desires, aims for, etc. takes time and energy and resources. It is important to know when you must wait. This is different from slowly being sedated and halted from any participation in life by the weight of existence. Both Waiting and Weighting can feel frustrating and painful, but Waiting still allows for participation. Weighting halts participation. If you find yourself withdrawing from several areas of your life as it disappoints, challenges, or hurts you, then you are Weighting yourself with the assumption that if you simply stop moving or participating, then the disappointments, challenges, and hurt will subside. This is a lie. Only participation allows for the transformation of disappointments, challenges, and hurt. This participation can come in terms of action, thoughts, inspiration, or understanding, but there must be some participation. If you find that you are under the Weight of life and not just Waiting, it may be helpful for you to just do one thing good for yourself or for someone else. Just that single effort can help lighten the weight and then you can do one more good thing, and then one more, and so on, until you are out from under the weight of life even if you still must wait sometimes.
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    I'm of those who "never" gets sick (my last cold was in 2017 I believe!) but since yesterday I have a sore throat, paired with my cycle (this year it aligns with the Full Moon!! hehe) I feel I need to rest, drink lots of tea, and just wait. And will treat myself with an hour or more of sweet gentle yoga + ambient music
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    This content was posted by Troy in the TLE Yahoo group on December 21, 2007. Kerrin asked if there was anything from Michael on Ghosts and Hauntings and I found this little bit from the old forums: What is a ghost: Does the fragment actually fail to cross over for a period of time, or is it just the personality that stays here, or is the fragment's higher self here as well with the ghost, or something else entirely, if so what is it? MICHAEL: There are several different scenarios that are commonly described as "hauntings:" BEACON HAUNTING: What we have described above could be called a "beacon" haunting, wherein a fragment has left a portion of consciousness in time/space so as to complete a simple, yet vital, process of integration. LIVING HAUNTING: Another scenario is when a fragment's Personality has not "realized" or accepted death, remaining locked in an echo of itself, for no other reason but as an attachment to the life just lived. Essence usually "leaves" that portion of consciousness "behind," knowing it is perfectly capable of integrating it "later." This allows for complete freedom of the Personality, even beyond death. This kind of haunting is not usually marked by a pattern, but by apparent randomness and life-like expressions as that Personality continues to "live" within a familiar environment. These "ghosts" are the most conscious and capable of communicating intelligently with the living. Most do not, however, and remain "living" perfectly believable "lives" just slightly askew from the frequency you would call physical reality. This is more common than can currently be comprehended. REALITY BURNS: Some "hauntings" are the emotional echoes or "burns" of fragments who are actually still alive. Some fragments have such a dynamic or disturbed or passionate infusion into reality that some of their energy remains behind as a form of haunting. These hauntings usually diffuse when that fragment dies, or when the emotional energy behind the haunting is resolved or processed. Some of the "scarier" hauntings can be explained as this type, as the anger of one fragment is left behind, affecting the next fragment, whose fear is then added to the burns in reality. Quite often, a designated space is declared as "spooky" or haunted, drawing expectancy among those who are within its vicinity. If anything startling happens, a burst of energy is added to the collective energy within that space that then becomes part of the haunting, itself. These "hauntings" can easily be cleanesd from the reality into which they have been burned. GENERATED HAUNTING: This is more an extension of the Reality Burn Haunting than as a category unto itself, but we describe it separately because its origins and sustenance are dependent on stories that nurture its presence. This haunting is the result of people telling stories about a certain environment, and then contributing to the energy required to minimally support the stories. These hauntings are rarely able to be substantiated, but are the subject of fun, spooky, experiences that contribute to the energy that is the haunting. Bed and Breakfasts, restaurants, landmarks, and other tourist locations that claim hauntings are a prime example of this. We spoke in response to your term, "ghost," but there are several categories and scenarios that might be under that heading. We spoke only of those scenarios where sightings, smells, and sounds are the main symptoms. Moving objects, vocalizations, violence, terror, etc. fall into categories beyond what we would call "haunting." We will also add that our phrases to describe the different versions above are not static. We used phrases that can easily be changed or more creatively defined, if one feels it necessary.
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    People use religion to justify all sorts of evil things. So they think you're going to hell... why do they care? They're not? Their imaginary Deity wants a city smitten. Ok, so why do they have to do it? Why doesn't someone just say "go do it yourself you lazy ass omnipotent mother fucker?" Recently, I had stopped by our local library branch to print out the last little bit of The Mueller Report. On this day, there was something going on that I wasn't totally sure of at this point. There was some sort of protest being set up outside the entrance to the library. On one side there were these Christian purists objecting to the recruiting of children by gays supposedly and on the other side of the line were drag queens protesting the protesters. Inside the library, there was some dude sitting in the children's section of the library reading OUT LOUD (in a library) scriptures about not violating children. I happened to notice one of the library staff getting security and/or a police offer ready to escort him outside. I finished what I was there to do and stopped just briefly on my way back outside and took note of what was happening. The anti-recruiting children sign of the Christian purists I just found sadly amusing. While standing on the drag queen side of the line, I looked at this couple stand near me sensing that they probably felt the same way that I did about all of this ridiculousness and said to them "Recruiting children? What they need to do is stop having gay babies!" We both chuckled about the truth of that statement. I didn't hang around long and when I decided to go ahead and take off, I walked up to the one of the drag queens still busy making up her protest sign and put my arm around her shoulder and said "thank you for doing what you do." I'm sure she probably thought she was about to be accosted but was relieved to see I was just someone who sympathized with her cause.
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    I find myself being moved to tears more and more these days during moments of feeling connected to everything and during moments of experiencing beauty and truth. I would say what you described are valid experiences for manifesting Essence. Michael once shared with me a way that one can gauge Essence manifestation or being aligned with Essence. MEntity: There are 4 key considerations one can make when assessing how aligned one is with Essence: MEntity: One is that you to some significant degree know that YOU ARE SAFE. This does not mean you walk blindly through dark alleys and count on blind faith for protection. It means that you accept that, regardless of what happens, there is more to happen. Knowing there is more to happen means knowing there are more possibilities, directions, paths, forms, probabilities, opportunities, and continued existence. Knowing You Are Safe does not mean that you will not hurt or be hurt or harmed. It means you know there is more after that and that you will be there. MEntity: Two is that you LIKE LIFE. You do not always have to like your life, but you LIKE LIFE. You like Existing. There is a sense of euphoric and terrifying thrill in mystery of your existence and you like existing. MEntity: Three is that you LIKE OTHERS. You may not always like everyone, but you LIKE OTHERS. You do not avoid them or hate them or condemn them or turn "the world" into a monolithic population. You are able to allow yourself to be angry, frustrated, disappointed, loved, rejected, etc. and still LIKE OTHERS. MEntity: And finally, you are CURIOUS. You want to know what comes next. You want to see if you can create what comes next. You do not mind not knowing but you want to know. You do not draw conclusions and condemnations about life, you, others. You stack knowledge and experience and are open to adding more. MEntity: These four keys can help you to determine not only how embracing you are of Essence, but also in what area you may be struggling the most. You may Like Others but do not Like Life, for example. MEntity: It can be helpful to rate your degree of alignment with each of the symptoms above by using a 5 star rating system with 1 star being least present and 5 stars being most present. Add these up and then use that number to divide 4. For example, if the tally adds up to 15, then the equation is (15 / 4) * 20. This will give you a percentage that can give you an idea of your general degree of Manifestation. I find it can be helpful to keep notes in a journal as to where you might think you are on each of these considerations in relation to Essence alignment. I also think that manifesting Essence is not any kind of magical event. It is a process of remembering who you are, your true self stripped of all the definitions that people and society may have placed upon you in life.
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    I think another reason Old Souls are tired is because they care about the bigger picture that even they cannot comprehend. The lesson of the Old Soul is TO CARE, not because they do not care, but because they care a whole lot and are trying to reconcile the simplicity of caring and living meaningfully with the complexity and vastness of literally everything. How do you care about a world that is eternal? About a world that is huge? About a world that will always survive? About a world that cannot always see or feel that care? About a world that could see more but does not? About a world that chooses unacceptable behaviors? About things others will never care for, nor want to? About simple things that seem to be fleeting? About a world that is always changing? That's not a simple question, nor is it a simple process. It hurts. It's hard. It sometimes sucks and is a total inconvenience. When I get tired it's because I've forgotten to include myself in the equation of my life. Or I've forgotten to participate in and create my and our reality. I've essentially resigned to saying "Who cares? If they don't then I don't matter anyways." when I could be saying "I care!" and "They/we care about someone/thing too." I usually feel inspired when I realize that I do not exist in a dead world, I exist in a profoundly and magically alive one in which everything can be a teacher and opportunity and adventure and art and relationship etc.
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    Yesss, the start of July was very jarring. Had a weird moment at work where I was triggered by someone. Basically a boss asking me to do something there was no way in hell our team could do with the time was available to us. Triggered that feeling of utter inadequacy in me and I got hella pissed off. Eventually got out of it and could kind of see the situation a bit better but then was triggered again by an old relationship and person I haven’t seen in months and had to redo the whole cycle again with another layer, involving helplessness which seemed to tie into inadequacy a bit. Apparently I found my theme for the month lol Just have to keep working the layers. Feel a bit better now but boy was that a hard shift in the beginning.
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    Thank you @Troy! I think I may also be one who went more towards Objectivity? Of course saying that makes me wonder if I'm a reliable narrator. I mean how do I know I'm not delusional? However, at the very end of June I experienced a dramatic reversal in a situation I've been dealing with, and learned that I have been completely wrong about it all along, that I have been telling myself one story about it and that the truth is a very different story. In this case it is a really good thing. I told myself a pretty anguishing story and the truth turns out to be pretty fucking awesome. Of course, things can always change, but what won't change is that I was wrong about the thing I was struggling with. I also feel a sense of renewed energy about new future directions in my and my family's life, and new purpose and urgency about my book, realizing that I have to finish the second draft NOW, that I can't procrastinate. I wish that came with a perfectly clear view of what it needs but at least I'm chained to my desk now where I belong. Speaking of which comics don't draw themselves so I'll see ya later.
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    I love answering this question!!! I am a stage manager at a Performing Arts Center! Photo dump of some of our shows below! I could post for days! We do concerts, summer camps, graduations, outdoor festivals, lectures, you name it, we've probably had something like it. I went to school for Sociology, even got the degree! I took a Work/Study job at the theater (it's part of a university) my last semester for extra cash and ended up climbing the ladder to full time after I graduated! It has its ups and downs, and it definitely wasn't in my future plans(I'm saying it like I ever really had "plans" [Hello Flow] lol) , but now knowing I'm an Artisan-cast Sage, it kinda makes sense that I'd unintentionally end up in the performing arts, even behind the scenes! I also got my IATSE union card a couple of years ago and occasionally take gigs at places around the city!
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    I think that Warren is one of the best candidates and she is also from my sister's Entity. I thought she would be a Warrior but I wasn't too far off, considering her Casting. I also wonder-are there any progressive politicians from my Entity, because so far the ones that have been channeled as being from C2E7 have been centrists and not as left-wing as I would prefer. So I have to admit that I'm disappointed. I've also been wondering for some time now about the average Soul Age in C2E7. From various profiles and mini-profiles that I've seen on TLE of members from my Entity who are in the social circle of other TLE-ers, I've been led to think that there are a lot of Mature Souls in C2E7 and it could be possible that they are more than the Old Souls. In a private session from 2018 I asked Michael about a musician from a band who was showing up in some of my dreams back then and in 2017 and whom I considered to be Mature. It turned out he's 7th Mature and from C2E7. The last was kind of shocking to me, by the way. In this lifetime I feel like I'm quite far away from many people from my Cadre and Entity, being born and still living in a small Eastern European country. It seems to me more and more that Cadre 2 is primarily English-speaking or at least its members live in more developed and/or richer countries unlike mine.
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    I'm still in a pretty calm, collected and happy mode but my energy levels have been super low for the last week or so. I'm just so freaking tired all day, it's hard to get anything done. Even yesterday's full moon, which usually give me sleepless nights, didn't have any effect on me whatsoever - still had a comatose sleep. Not sure if this has anything to do with the collective energies though, it might just be my own energy cycle being on low tide...
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    I am grateful that you care and that you provide a haven for those that you care about. What the haters hate most, is our power as a collective, and they know that we exist, they just don't realise that we exist in numbers that collectively would frighten them back under their rocks, if we could address each one of these haters as they "took on the world". They take aim at people who are frontline, transparent and who are strong representatives of humanity. I am sorry that these hideous people hurt you today, and I want you to know that you are loved and appreciated for your intentions and your actions. Your steps allow the rest of us to follow safely, and your light makes the dark path brighter and more beautiful.
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    I have 3 really good friends who are Warriors from C2E1. One is a Heart/Brow Link. Also, remember these politicians/public figures (related to politics) from Cadre 2: Hillary Clinton: Mature 4, Scholar-cast Warrior from C2E1 Bill Clinton: ??, Scholar-cast Sage from C2E2 Bernie Sanders: Old 1, Server-cast Sage from C2E1 Barack Obama: Mature 5, Scholar-cast Priest from C2E7 Michael Obama: ??, ?-cast Warrior from C2E7 Pierre Elliot Trudeau: Mature 7 ("now" Old 1), Server-cast King from C2E2 Justin Trudeau: Old 2, Server-cast Sage from C2E2 Jon Stewart: Old 5, Priest-cast Sage from C2E1 Stephen Colbert: Old 5, Sage-cast Priest from C2E2
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