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    I've been thinking about hosting these again, and with many of us self-isolating, I figured it was time. Let's catch up, check in with our community face-to-face and talk about what's going on with each other. I will keep this chat as a recurring weekly event as long as the pandemic is still going on. This event is being held on Sundays at Noon Eastern to accommodate the most time zones. Please note that the event is only scheduled for an hour, but we can keep the chat going for longer if people want to stay longer. VIDEO CHAT INSTRUCTIONS We will use Facebook Messenger's video chat since it works on mobile platforms, supports more users, and most people are already on it. Please RSVP and make sure we are friends on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/dianeyh) , and I will add you to the Messenger group to start a video chat when the time comes. I will start the call only with whoever is online at the start of the event, and other members of the group can join the call while it's in progress.
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