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  1. I'm not sure how to fill in..I don't exactly know what secondary soul age means.. According to Michael there are both babay and mature soul pockets.. so I'm not sure what to put in there, so I'm just going to fill in young.. According to Michael Brazil it would be: 4th Level Young with pockets of Mature and Baby, the Sage/Warrior mix with the Goal of Re-evaluation, Mode of Passion, Attitude of Pragmatist, and Chief Features of Arrogance and Stubbornness, Emotional Part of the Moving Center .
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  2. You would think the Philippines would be a baby soul culture because of the strict Christian beliefs, but strict religious beliefs can happen with young souls as well, being either extremely religious or extremely skeptical. Why? Because the Christian beliefs around just have a young soul flavor. That is, pray and God will make you rich. Have faith, and God will reward you with (material) success. Even if people say they want to live a “simple” life, likely they may not want wealth, but some type of fame of some kind on reality TV. While other Asian countries may be “baby soul-ish” in terms of a strict orderly and reserved expression, Filipinos tend to be known as loud, friendly, expressive and party lovers, with negative stereotypes being called overdamatic or lazy. It is just less of a traditional young soul warrior culture who praises the ambitious type, but more of a young soul sage country in the sense of the habit of sacrificing truth in the sense of drama, hence the chasing after for fame, glitz and glamour, instead of practical wealth and security. It does not even have to be in show business, from an engineer to your average school teacher, from a store owner to a janitor, people generally want some type of fame, either from their own field or showing off “how spiritual and moral” they are, with as much bragging as possible about their good deeds on the often “feel good” Filipino reality TV. . I would say there are some more mature soul flavored types due to the emphasis on relationships, cooperation and a romantic flavor to the lifestyle. Perhaps less in a stereotypical mature server way, but more in a mature sage way, such as in smaller film productions, blog owners and video game creators that emphasize more deeper topics in romance or horror, instead of the common brainless young sage comedy or shallow romantic drama where they only seem to care about looks and starting unncessary conflicts. Luzon, Mindanao and Visayas are the 3 major islands of the Philippines. Luzon contains most of the major cities and the presidential house — the Malacañang Palace, while Mindanao and Visayas contains a few major suburbs, while being mostly just country for much of the area. In my opinion, not saying all of them - I am not trying to discriminate, I would still say there is generally a young sage culture in all of them, but Luzon has most of the mature to old souls, and Mindanao has more of the baby souls, in my opinion.
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