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    MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We will begin. There are very few experiences that every student extant is experiencing at the same time in similar ways. In your lifetimes, this is the first time that all of our students are in a shared experience, both personally and globally. This could be said of the human race as a whole, as well. This may be the first globally-shared experience in human history. There have always been major events that, eventually or indirectly, reach much of humanity, but we know of no globally-shared experience of intensity that was shared in real-time on such a scale as this pandemic. Even World Wars did not reach as pervasively into so many lives as this pandemic at the moment. You are in a Mature Soul world now. If the trajectory continues, this is the first of many events that "bring the world together." We know that many of our students are distressed and concerned. This is normal and natural as there is reason to be distressed and concerned. This is a real and pressing threat that cannot/should not be ignored. Your fears are natural and normal. It is important to remember that while Love can heal and evolve and help you through many things, legitimate fear is never rejected by Love. There is a difference between unwarranted and useless fear that paralyzes you and legitimate fear that informs you of danger. The difference between Love and Fear is that Love includes Fear. The more useless and unwarranted your fears, the more difficult it is to tap into Love, but Love will never reject fear. Love understands Fear. Love knows when it is useful to be aware of danger. We bring this up because a solution to such a thing as a pandemic is not to ignore danger and simply Love the pandemic away. That will not work. So if you want to focus on Love and "Light" and these positive perspectives of this event, it can only be Love if you consider the legitimate fears. There are many positive changes being generated from the response to this pandemic. This is not because the pandemic showed up to teach you anything. It is because you are in the process of putting into effect what you have learned. Mature Souls who have been on the sidelines of humanity and outside of the structures of power are stepping into positions of power and out of the shadows to help humanity through this. We see a major shift in power over the next 20 years because of this. Mature Souls are owning their power rather than conceding it to the outdated Young Soul paradigms of power. Innovations in structural overhaul and integrity for vital systems that are shared among all classes in the population are likely to be a priority for some time to come. Concepts and practical implementations regarding economy, resources, and security are at a Turning Point that look more likely to bring Breakthrough over Breakdown Improved infrastructure of vital communication systems are likely to be prioritized during and after this pandemic as the reality of their fragility is considered and witnessed. Delivery systems are likely to be expanded upon in ways that seek to serve more directly those who are housebound, ill, disabled, etc. This is an example of a minor and marginalized part of society that is eclipsed by "able-ism." With so many dependent upon these delivery systems over time, it suddenly makes sense to improve on these for those who will continue to be dependent upon them. We point out these random scenarios of high probability because it can help reduce the stress and concern from being bombarded with dread and reports of bad behavior or bad news. There are a multitude of great changes coming that are beautiful. This does not remove the reality of the threat, but can help you see your fellow humanity as including humans who will do their best along with you. These are not predictions, but a glimpse of what we see happening around you. Rather than ignore the reality of the threat and the danger and use "Love" to avoid reality, we suggest that our students embrace the reality of the situation, but also the whole of that reality in that you are not alone in wanting to make the world a better place. Yes, there will be those who exploit an event like this, but there are others who are taking advantage in ways that bring long-awaited benefits and change. We think this is one of the most important things we can convey to you at the moment as this is an historic and pivotal event in humanity and most of the parallels that we see rise from this favor many of the greatest Mature and Old Soul ideals. We will open the floor to questions now. ****JANET/DIANE**** DianeHB: In previous sessions regarding the Covid-19 pandemic, you have brought to light some possible scenarios that our current path of trajectory could devolve into. A few of these scenarios you have mentioned include: "cascading catastrophic collapse," the creation of an environment where there is a "100% probability of IS manifestation by December," a path where our economy becomes resource-based, and a possibility that if at least 75% of the global population practices true social distancing than it would be likely, at our earliest, the pandemic could level out by May. DianeHB: Can you clarify and flesh out the paths of trajectory that have the highest probabilities of occurring? Of the scenarios that you have shared with us, what are the probabilities of each scenario taking place in our current trajectory? Could you also indicate higher or lower probabilities of each trajectory by continent if they aren't the same globally? MEntity: Using the differentiated paths above, probabilities at the moment are: Cascading catastrophic collapse = 68% probability; Infinite Soul Manifestation by December = 59%; Resource-based Economy = 97%; Self-disciplined social distancing/Pandemic relief by May = 18%; we will add Enforced social-distancing/Pandemic relief by July, 49%. As this is a global pandemic, these numbers are global, though they may play out in varying paces and ways around the world. DianeHB: What are the current chances of breakthrough vs breakdown? Does breakdown correspond to the Cascading catastrophic collapse/Infinite Soul trajectories? MEntity: Collapse/Infinite Soul paths are Breakdown probabilities. Resource-based Economy paths are Breakthroughs. The timing of the pandemic and how relief comes are independent of whether there is breakdown or breakthrough. It will not matter if this is brief or long-term. What matters is that there is follow-through to actions that benefit humanity. The probabilities are much higher for Breakthrough at the moment. DianeHB: That's good to hear. MEntity: The probabilities for Resource-based Economy are so high that a Breakdown would only delay that, not stop it. Next question DianeHB: There are indications that the US Federal Government may be heading toward a national lockdown. DianeHB: 1. Could Michael comment on whether a U.S. nationwide lockdown is likely and could help us move faster to relief? Based on your 49% probability for enforced social-distancing, seems like that is necessary to bring relief. DianeHB: 2. Are there people in power in our government somewhere who are comprehending the situation now and beginning to respond appropriately? DianeHB: 3. What is the probability that we will now begin to see effective action towards testing and other measures to restrain further "peaks" of pandemic prior to availability of a vaccine, perhaps 18 months away? MEntity: Nationwide lockdown is likely and even two days in this state would make a major difference if truly implemented. We doubt it would be thoroughly implemented, but most would likely participate. 2 weeks would be minimal for truly gaining the most control and footing. DianeHB: How soon do you see this happening? Within the week? Or more? MEntity: There are many contemplating this enforced lockdown, but are considering how to make this appealing for the most effectiveness. Some are contemplating it for exploitative reasons, but most are considering it to be something that is unavoidable. There are people in your government who are comprehending the situation and acting accordingly, but many who are not. The many who are not make it very difficult for those who are. The probability for seeing effective action in testing and restraint look to be on the rise, so we assess that you would see better signs of this over the next couple of weeks. The enforced lockdown is likely within a week or two at the most. If there is not one in place by then, a lockdown would be fairly moot. Next questions DianeHB: Michael, you said this after 9/11 "We will comment for the Mature and Old Souls as to what might be able to be done to "bring some good to the situation". Would you please comment in the same fashion for your students at this time as to what we may do "to bring some good to the situation" during the pandemic and after based on Soul Age and Level. MEntity: To "bring some good" to this pandemic scenario, we can say to return your power back to TIME. One of the main resources that is lost in a Young Soul paradigm is TIME. Energy is prioritized over TIME. You push yourselves to stretch your energy as a resource and neglect the need for time as a resource. Bring some good back to life by giving yourself TIME, not as a gift, but as a right. It is AS important as Energy and when Time is considered with balance to Energy, you gain more of both. When the emphasis is on Energy, even when you have Time, you are not using it. You are focused on where your Energy must go next, or should be going. DianeHB: What does it mean to give ourselves time? MEntity: Cherish your time. Time alone, time together, time in this life, time today. Embrace it like money. Embrace it like a good rest. Embrace it like a good meal. Let yourself HAVE it, be in it. When you give yourself Time, it means you make a choice in how to use it, not just carried along by the momentum of energy expended to get through to some distant point in time. If you are working, be there. If you are at home, alone, be there. If you are spending time with us, here, be here. Let your focus be singular for the amount of time you need or want for whatever you want or need. Make the time to contact loved ones you rarely speak to. Make the time to watch a tv show you had put off. Make the time to read a book. Make the time to create projects or art. Etc. The Mature Soul world is full of emphasis on both Time and Energy because these are the main ingredients for the most effective and beneficial choices. You cannot do more than you can. You do not have more time than you have. You manage energy and you manage time. You never choose one over the other because to do so means making choices that leave a part of you behind. And no one, not even a part of yourself, is left behind in a Mature Soul world. This is the good that you can bring to your world through this: remember to bring yourself along in everything you do. We can take one more question. DianeHB: Without going into providing specific medical advice, is there anything we can do to help support our body's defenses if/when we become infected or prior to getting the virus? Would it be similar to general advice for improving health and the immune system? MEntity: All benefits to the immune system can be helpful, as well as reduction of stress. Stress reduction can come by focusing on the use of your time in ways that please you OR to focus on allowing yourself to be present and kind when you must do what you do not wish to do. Ironically, your best defenses are distance at the moment, but the use of that distance to reconnect with yourself and others is one of the ways to help set your body up for its best defenses. We will conclude here for today, but will have much more to say as this event unfolds. We will be here with you. You are not alone. When we say that "we are here, now" we mean that we are always here with you, but we snap into focus for your "now" when we speak with you through our channels. But we are here, always. Good day to each of you. Goodbye, for now.
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    ENERGY REPORT March 2020 2020 OVERLEAVES ROLE: Sage (emphasized all year) CENTER: Higher Emotional (emphasized all year) (and Emotional Center) GOAL: Submission (emphasized Jan - Mar) MODE: Power (emphasized Apr - Jun) ATTITUDE: Spiritualist (emphasized Jul - Sep) CHIEF FEATURES: Self-Deprecation (emphasized Oct - Dec) MARCH comes with a rather deep dive into Submission for many as a collective process intensifies for determining a dedicated direction forward. This means that many will be determined more seriously than usual to commit to the most effective and reciprocal paths and/or people representing “the future.” This means that March may be a time of emphasized division and clarified devotion for many as they commit to the direction that they feel best represents their desired future. When Submission seeks a direction of Devotion, the Positive Pole, it often starts with Subservience, the Negative Pole, as one does not always know the whole truth or picture of a person or path before committing to it. This means it can be helpful to remember that many will be “blindly” devoting themselves in directions that may or may not prove valuable to all. The only way to know if one can truly move into Devotion is to know if full commitment creates a reciprocal benefit. As April draws closer, a shift of emphasis comes to POWER MODE and this is likely to come first in the emphasis on exploring Oppression, the Negative Pole. A wave of conflict or emphasis on the history of conflict between the oppressed and the oppressors, the conflict between those who are returning themselves to authority over their own lives, the Positive Pole, and those who seek to be authoritarian over others’ lives. The world may look quite divided over the coming months, but this is a clarification process where those who seek to nurture shared empowerment are coming together as those who seek individual power over others come apart. As long as those who can share and nurture empowerment continue to come together, Submission will hold its Positive Pole of Devotion. This is because the greatest and clearest and most beneficial path for all is the Devotion to each other. DATES OF INTEREST (dates are approximate): March 23rd -- Energy Shift -- Escalation or Calm - This Energy Shift comes with pivotal energy that either leads to an escalation and intensity of events or a shift into a sense of stepping back, pausing, and knowing peace and calm is not out of reach. This is true both on personal and global levels. HELPFUL THOUGHTS OVER MARCH: BLINDLY FORWARD IS STILL FORWARD - There are times when there is no way or no easy way to see where one is going or where the world is headed, but one must still move forward. A wall may be hit, a curve may be met, a crash may happen, but moving forward is sometimes more important than how one moves forward, what one finds or creates as one moves forward. Those who are of the more progressive, inclusive, and loving know this. Our older soul students know this. We expect this same consideration will be needed when watching the world around you unfold over the year ahead. If you are moving forward, you are on board with evolution. Keep in mind that moving forward can sometimes mean stopping and returning to a path that has been lost. This stop and return is not a move backward, but a return forward.
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    From a private session on 3/17/2020: MEntity: Hello to you, Diane. We are here, now. We can begin. DianeHB: Hi Michael. My questions today will be about the Covid-19/coronavirus pandemic. DianeHB: 1. To follow up on Becca's question about disruption to the food supply chain this morning -- would this mainly affect US food supplies or Europe and other continents as well? MEntity: Depending on the extent of the impact in time from this pandemic, all continents would be affected to some extent, particularly areas that would be affected by halting of distributions due to stricter quarantining. DianeHB: Ok, thank you. DianeHB: 2. I get the feeling that this pandemic feeds into our Turning Points on individual, community, and global levels. Individually, many people are facing their fears and anxieties, precarious financial situations, or having the time to reconnect with themselves as they suddenly have the time they didn't have before. The systems and momentum in our society that seemed so intractable suddenly ground to a halt, and the consequences could be severe if this lasts more than a few weeks. But there are also some positive consequences -- there is less flying, less driving, and less consumption, which means we have suddenly reduced our impact on the climate. DianeHB: Could you elaborate on the "cascading catastrophic collapse in several areas of society and services and safety"? We are seeing pressures on the healthcare system, the precarious situation of people with low-paying service jobs and those living in poverty/homelessness, which are exacerbate by the lack of affordable healthcare. MEntity: The cascading catastrophic collapse we speak of is the potential for disruptions in food security, electricity, fuel supplies, and internet. These disruptions could cascade outward in several directions to prompt reactions that cause even more challenges, such as disregard for law and social agreements. DianeHB: Oh wow. MEntity: It is a low probability that we see, but it is high enough to be noted. DianeHB: What are the probabilities of these collapses happening? Is it determined by whether the virus continues to spread, or by quarantine measures? MEntity: At the moment this is around 20% likely. The greatest determining factors are the strictness of quarantines that may come and the length of time in these quarantines. A secondary factor is any exploitation or imposition from those in power, such as your President. DianeHB: I see. DianeHB: I would hope that they ensure the essential supplies are sustained under quarantine. DianeHB: But our country has not had great foresight so far when they could've seen this coming. MEntity: Competence and care are in shorter supply than food in some cases and that would have its impact on all securities. DianeHB: How about in other continents? DianeHB: Some of them have better leadership than we do. MEntity: The greater probabilities are in the United States. Other countries have lower probabilities. DianeHB: Ok good. I'm trying to get an idea for others on TLE as well. DianeHB: 3. You told Janet E: "There is a great deal of variables that could change that, particularly population willingness and involvement. Many, at this point, are still in denial. If that denial can be lifted, early probabilities for relief are May." DianeHB: Is the denial mainly about the necessity for self-isolation and social distancing? What would change the minds of those who are in active denial? Seeing people around them get sick and die? Not only has conservative media been telling people it's "just a flu", younger people in their thirties and younger are often still carrying on because statistics say it only affects them mildly. Could you also give more indications and potential paths we can get through this, both individually and together? MEntity: Social distancing is the only solution for slowing this pandemic. We see approximately 10% of populations practicing this to the extent that it needs to be in place. It would require 75% to 90% to truly slow this, and at least 40% to 60% to reduce deaths and impact on systems. At 10% practice, this may lead toward a mutation that would be far more challenging and deadly, which would then begin to have more obvious effects on more demographics, escalating this pandemic to another tier of threat. MEntity: Incentives and security would help. If governments and systems and individual exchanges would shift toward ensuring security, it would bring greater effort for distancing. For example, companies that can continue wages, or government subsidies for everyone under a certain tier of income for shelter expenses, landlords allowing leniency and waiving of rent, services provided without fees, etc. In short, removing money from the equation of human existence. DianeHB: Yeah, that has a lot to do with why a lot of people haven't been able to practice distancing. DianeHB: That ties in with my next question. DianeHB: 4. The U.S. government is having to look at all kinds of financial relief to the common citizens, which has not been done since FDR and the New Deal. But now even some Republicans are talking about some kind of universal basic income to get through this. Do you see this pandemic and the policy changes associated with it as potentially moving us closer to a resource-based economy in the US and/or around the world? MEntity: 100% DianeHB: Wow. MEntity: It may be a short leap or a large leap, but it is pivotal in shifting a paradigm. MEntity: Let us be clear: MEntity: It is NOT the pandemic or disease or virus "teaching" any of you anything. It was not sent or generated as a lesson, punishment, or opportunity. It is simply a part of the nature of the Physical Plane and the scathing that all risk by being alive. The pandemic and virus are no different from an avalanche, tsunami, earthquake, hurricane, drought, flood, etc. It is a force of nature that reflects processes within humanity, but it is not an independent source teaching you or evolving you or punishing you. The short or long leap toward a Resource-based economy would be because of choices and actions taken by you in response to the threat. In other words, the lessons or teaching that come from a threat are not in the threat, itself, but in the response. DianeHB: Yes, I understand that, but it's good to make that distinction. I see a lot of spiritual talk out there seeing this as something about the nature of the pandemic, but it's really what it brings out in us. MEntity: More precisely, what you bring out of yourselves. DianeHB: Yeah. DianeHB: I'm seeing a lot of people individually facing their truths, and we are doing it on a societal level as well. DianeHB: How is this pandemic affecting the potential Infinite Soul manifestation? Have the probabilities increased or stayed the same? MEntity: If this pandemic is winding down around May, probabilities for Manifestation would lower. If this pandemic is escalated or continues through October, probabilities move closer to 100% Manifestation by December. DianeHB: And can you go back to address what we individually can do to get through this? Stock up, offer help if we can, ask for help if we need it? MEntity: On the most intimate of levels, allow this time to be one for you to SLOW DOWN. This is something we have mentioned to our students off and on for a long time in terms of what contributes most to collective anxiety. Slow Down. Do something different. Be with yourself. Practice giving yourself love and appreciation. MEntity: On the more interactive of levels, ironically, reconnect with others. Reach out to them in ways that you may not have made time for in the past. MEntity: Helping others and asking for help is a universally beneficial position in any circumstance. MEntity: As for more practically "how to get through this," we would suggest that you secure food sources and watch for any threats to supply lines, add some creativity to your day as you spend more time in isolation, find a way to exercise your mind, body, and emotions, and focus your attention on credible and specialized sources for information, not speculative or hand-wringing sources. MEntity: We will conclude here for today, then. Good day to you, Diane. Goodbye, for now. DianeHB: Thank you Michael and Troy!! xoxo
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    Hey everyone! As one of the first things I plan to do for the community in this time of great uncertainty, I am adding a Michael Speaks to the schedule for March 21st at 1pm Eastern. I know a few of you have used your hard-earned money to get a jump on Michael's insights for this pandemic and that is extremely generous of you. I don't want any of you to feel you have to do that, so I wanted to offer up this free/donation session. If you would like to help support the site, community, me, and more events like this, please consider donating here. MICHAEL SPEAKS: Pandemic 2020 MARCH 21st, 1pm EASTERN I will not be announcing this beyond this thread so as to keep this more intimate for our TLE community members and not a spectacle. SPECIAL GUIDELINES: Considering the focus that may be required for this session, it will be a specially-formatted session with 1 to 3 people designated to ask questions on everyone's behalf. APPOINTED QUESTIONERS: The students who will be asking the questions on behalf of the community will be announced here soon. SUBMIT YOUR QUESTIONS HERE: If you have questions that you would like to have asked on your behalf, please post them in the thread here. Be clear, be concise, be as direct as possible as usual. It is not guaranteed that your question will be asked. See you at 1pm Eastern on Saturday in the usual chat room! Troy
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    U.S.A., New York, New York City March 16th, 2020 This is getting scary. I'm not going to lie. I'm scared. Just a broad anxiety of uncertainty. A part of me is anchored and calm and trusts that this will not be as bad as it could have been, but another part of me is like... brace yourself, girrrl. This is gonna get rough. Maybe it is my sensitivity as a channel and I am just picking up all of the anxiety around me, but I know I have my own, as well. But yeah, I'm scared. I own it. As the city shuts down, my mind can't help but wonder about the consequences and the impact on everyday living for the next many months. I know we can survive this, but it is also a break in the chains of everyday living that can be exploited and trigger catastrophic collapse. I fear what our fake president will do to take advantage of all of this and postpone or cancel the next election. I worry about the use of Martial Law. Right now, it is expected that children will not even go back to school this year. Restaurants are closed, venues are shut down, social spaces closed, grocery store limitations, etc. My boyfriend is now relegated to working from home, which is a good thing, but a reminder of how serious this is. My younger neighbors are fleeing the city to return home before they are trapped here away from their families. It's unsettling to have my neighbors leave their plants with me because they don't know when they will return. We have stocked up on some pastas and rice and beans and protein bars, but it's not a lot. If there is a break in the food supply chain for NYC, we would be in big trouble. The streets are getting quieter, but still pretty busy. The feeling in the air is like it was after 9/11. Like a forced calmness over a terrified chaos. It was announced here in NYC that we should just assume we have already either contracted or come in contact with the virus. It is spreading that fast and that powerfully. They are no longer testing for or tracing or tracking. It is too far out of our hands. Now we just try to slow it or stop it. 2020 is now a huge part of history. Michael said we were heading toward a Turning Point. This is it.
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    There have been many pandemics in Human History, like the 'Spanish' Flu or Black Death. Around 1,000,000 BC, a pandemic was responsible for destroying Humanity's first major global civilization practically overnight. Even if this current pandemic is not nearly as bad as others, I think it still prompts some deep part of us to 'remember' those much more harrowing experiences from the past, and that will contribute its own layer to the anxieties.
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    Of course you're scared! I'm glad you're stocked up for now, hopefully things won't get worse. I am worried for your country as well, the situation gives horribly good excuses for potentially long-term horrible choices... I'm also hoping to get rid of our stupid right-wing government soon... one of these guys is over 70, currently safely sitting in his manor and keeps publicly spitting out stupid stuff like it's not a crisis, just a mild flu, apply vodka socks and goose fat... I really hope he catches the virus just for the irony of it! Fortunately we have a very smart and caring (female!) president and competent health authorities who give proper advice. There's a special crisis phone now in addition to the emergency line as worried people have been overcrowding the latter. Borders are closed, many stores only operate as web stores for now and appreciate orders/bookings for the future. I'm not scared here yet, keeping calm even though I probably have the virus, with very mild symptoms. My entire translation bureau is working from home now as I usually do. I am slightly worried for my mother who is 75 and had several cases of pneumonia in her lifetime, hopefully she won't catch this bug. My daughter misses her grandma terribly but we're keeping them apart for now, thankfully there's Skype and Facetime. The good side of this: I am seeing so much grass root activism! One guy offered to take care of the elderly in his area as he's already taking care of one, anyway. IT people are gathering/repairing laptops for students who need to study from home and for GP-s who do home visits and need to log in to our digital health care system. People are posting ideas how to support local businesses and entrepreneurs and creating platforms to connect those who can help to those who need help. One town just declared they're not charging the parents for kindergarten for two months as most kindergartens are closed anyway, only one is open for the children of medics and emergency responders. I hope we can use this Turning Point for the better of the planet and all of us on it.
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    Germany, North Rhine-Westphalia, Cologne March 16th So, in just a couple of days life here changed completely. My state (NRW) is the most affected, probably because the virus spread easily during street carnival in february, which is more or less like Mardi Grass. Schools are closed, kindergardens are closed, bars, clubs, cinemas, theaters are shut down and starting tomorrow restaurants will have to close too. Delivery is still fine though. Subways and trains run on sunday schedule. The borders are now closed. I have a lot of friends who are self-employed and own bars, or clubs, are musicians or sound technicians and they all face bankruptcy now. I work at an online photo service and luckily our firm can still function with most of the employees working from home. I'm just one of the privileged people that have a job that is not immediately threatened. So far the hospitals aren't overwhelmed, all non-urgent surgeries are postponed though and infection numbers are doubling daily, so we'll see how things are in a week or two. There's still a shortage of toilet paper (WHY ARE PEOPLE BUYING SO MUCH TOILET PAPER????) but other than that, supermarkets work hard to stock up the shelves and you can still pretty much buy anything. I still feel weirdly calm and enthusiastic, even though the skin on my hands is starting to crack because it is so dried out from all the washing. I've always been an introvert, so my social life hasn't changed much. I bought a Playstation in December and started gaming and all the other stuff I love takes place at home, too: knitting, meditating, cooking, reading, watching series. I wonder how people that thrive on interaction with lots of peoples are coping. There is this weird contrast: everytime I imagined some doomsday scenario, I imagined grey skies and barren lands, but spring is starting, it's beautiful weather outside, everything is starting to bloom and become alive and nature doesn't give a shit if we're dying or not. Because there are no other options, EVERYONE is outside taking walks through the parks, which apparently is fine if you keep your distance to the others. I try not to think too much about where we're heading because that would just create anxiety, I'm trying to take it one day at a time and take Michaels adivce to heart: one day a week I unplug and just pretend everything is fine, so my mind can have some rest. Stay safe, everyone! Love you all a lot!
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    BACKLOG MARATHON BEGINS! This is just a quick update that Saturday, Sunday, and Monday are all set for me to work on my Backlog Queue! I've been taking time to get things sorted out with any outstanding private sessions, the new Essence Reports, Grand Cycle Reports, and the Wholeness of Soul Course update, and I will finally have a large block of time dedicated to making progress in all of these. By Monday night I should have a much lighter backlog and closer to being back on track. I'll post another update then! Thank you for hanging in there with me!! troy
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    [PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS CANCELLED DUE TO LACK OF NECESSITY - Don't worry, more community events are coming!] Hey everyone! Continuing in the effort to bring the community some closeness and comfort in this time of uncertainty, I am adding another Michael Speaks to the schedule for March 28th at 1 pm Eastern. This session will be focused on being a follow-up for the previous session, with questions either building on responses, or asking for clarification, or adding new questions that have come up since last week. IF we have time, we may have one or two of the less-practical questions thrown in. No promises. If you can help support the site, community, me, and more events like this, please consider donating here. MICHAEL SPEAKS: Pandemic 2020 [follow up] MARCH 28th, 1pm EASTERN I will not be announcing this beyond this thread so as to keep this more intimate for our TLE community members and not be a spectacle. SPECIAL GUIDELINES: Considering the focus that may be required for this session, it will be a specially-formatted session with TeamTLE designated to ask questions on everyone's behalf. Questions will be chosen from your submissions in this thread. APPOINTED QUESTIONERS: Diane and Janet will ask the questions selected. SUBMIT YOUR QUESTIONS HERE: If you have questions that you would like to have asked on your behalf, please post them in the thread here. Be clear, be concise, be as direct as possible as usual. It is not guaranteed that your question will be asked. See you at 1 pm Eastern on Saturday in the usual chat room! Troy
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    It might be that we have all lived through many scenarios like this pandemic in our past lives--bubonic plague, etc, so all that is stored in our individual and collective Instinctive Centers, and is resonating with the past. But I think, as Michael said today, that because we are all going through it together with a lot of guidance, even with the obvious vulnerabilities, we are in a much better position this time around, and maybe we can contribute to the healing of those wounds of humanity by healing our own. I was very uplifted and encouraged by today's session. Thank you @Troy, @Janet and @DianeHB and @Bobby.
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    USA, Seattle, Washington. March 16, 2020 I've been glued to the news daily (often twice a day) with fascinated horror since the outbreak started in Wuhan. Since I'm originally from Taiwan and grew up in a Chinese community in Los Angeles, I'm well aware that the virus was only a flight away. About the middle of February, Tex started telling me that we need to prepare and tell the vulnerable people among our family and friends to start stocking up, because the virus will probably come here. He is 69 and has COPD, so he was afraid he wouldn't make it if he got the virus. I went along with it even though I half doubted it, because I knew that I had a tendency to dismiss his worries and think nothing's going to happen. About 2 weeks later on February 28, I read that a second person tested positive for coronavirus in the Seattle area (the first had been 6 weeks ago that they thought was contained). Before that, I had been worried that it wouldn't be clear when we should start isolating ourselves -- well, I considered that my cue. The next day, the first person died of it in the US in Seattle as well. We did our last big shopping trip that morning and stayed out of most public places ever since. As shitty as our leadership is, I honestly thought we'd be more prepared since we had six weeks to get tests ready and plan for eventualities. We fucking didn't do any of it until we started getting community transmission. I didn't anticipate how it would highlight the financial challenges for so many people and the fragility of our systems, either. We've been mostly hunkered down for 2 weeks now. For about a week and a half, it seemed like people still weren't taking it that seriously. I think many people were only looking at the numbers and seeing that they weren't that high, not realizing that we just weren't testing enough people. Shit finally got real about the middle of last week. Up until last Friday I was going to work part-time in a small office (just me and another CPA), not going to grocery stores or restaurants. But now I'm working that job from home in addition to my own business which I already do from home. It's too stressful to pay attention to everything I'm touching when I'm outside and wonder if I'm bringing the virus back home by not being careful enough. I'm doing tax and bookkeeping, so things are still really busy for me. Tex is having a great time with his time off. He normally works nonstop unless we go on vacation, and this is a rare time in many years that he's had extended unstructured time at home. He's getting the yard and his shop cleaned up and watching a lot of Youtube videos.
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    I've been thinking the same thing.
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    I know you have to take like a 150,000 mile high view to grasp this but what fucking exciting time to be alive!
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    Yesterday I was outside, noticing that my tulips are lush and going to bloom soon (assuming they are not flattened by snow, which is a regular occurrence in March here in Denver). I see buds on my trees. I see green popping up to herald coming lilies. And normally I love this time of year. So I decided to just go on loving this time of year. Yes, my younger daughter may have covid-19, and I may have been exposed, but there's little more I can do than I'm already doing, so I just am not going to stress about it. By the way, a local news report last night showed how the warehouses for our local grocery stores still have plenty of toilet paper. They're just having trouble getting stores restocked. They just reduced the operating hours for all the grocery stores to give them more time for restocking shelves without having to step around stressed people. It makes me think that if you need TP, the best time to get it is as soon as your local store opens.
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    Yes, that 97% Resource Based even made me tear up ...All these days I'm crying tears of uncertainty and anxiety, but most of all, hope and gratitude!! We are all headed towards progress, that's a Truth. "And no one, not even a part of yourself, is left behind in a Mature Soul world" "This is the good that you can bring to your world through this: remember to bring yourself along in everything you do" "Cherish your time. Time alone, time together, time in this life, time today. Embrace it like money. Embrace it like a good rest. Embrace it like a good meal. Let yourself HAVE it, be in it. If you are working, be there. If you are at home, alone, be there. If you are spending time with us, here, be here. Let your focus be singular for the amount of time you need or want for whatever you want or need. Make the time to contact loved ones you rarely speak to. Make the time to watch a tv show you had put off. Make the time to read a book. Make the time to create projects or art. Etc." I've also been treating Time as my most precious resource since 2019, it feels so relieving to live in the Present, which doesn't take away our awareness of past and future...it actually helps us choose more wisely. "Stress reduction can come by focusing on the use of your time in ways that please you OR to focus on allowing yourself to be present and kind when you must do what you do not wish to do" thank you so much Troy, and all the students for such amazing, thoughtful questions!!
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    Perú, Lima, Lima City March 16th, 2020 Ohhh guys, suddenly it feels surreal. Since the cases escalated to 86, our President took measures and now we are officialy on mandatory quarantine for 2 weeks. my country is so lacking in healthcare and this measure was really needed, though there are still some people going to the beaches and taking vacations...argghhh!! my aunt sent us a message from a contact inside the Forces and they say the President will take stricter measures. https://www.usnews.com/news/world/articles/2020-03-16/peru-deploys-military-to-slow-coronavirus-spread-chile-closes-borders In Peru, President Martin Vizcarra said leaders from Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Brazil spoke via conference call on Monday to analyze the situation and coordinate actions against the pandemic. "We have agreed that together we are going to join forces," he told reporters at the governmental palace, adding countries would look to coordinate demand for medical supplies and to calculate the economic impact on the region. In Lima, masked military personnel blocked major roads, while police restricted the movement of people, as the country rolled out a state of enforced "social isolation". Peru has suspended constitutional rights such as free movement and assembly, though the government has assured it will guarantee the operation of supermarkets, pharmacies, banks, basic services and the transport of merchandise. Anyway, what soothes my uncertainty these is counting my blessings. I'm grateful to have a home to live in, some food stored, clean water and electricity, and heavenly wi-fi connection, my friends from many parts of the world who tell me the sweetest words of encouragement. I'm curating the news and info I see and read, to not oversaturate myselg. Also, mandatory morning movement (cardio and yoga), meditation and musical immersion :') You know, being an online entrepreneur isn't easy at all in times of crisis (and also doing it in my 2nd language!! crazy!! lol), lately I haven't had clients because of my internship taking most of my time and energy, but since I've been laid off, I'm trying to post my offers here and there. My family has been struggling economically, as well as many others here. Though every crisis can be an opportunity to realize what's essential, and what our biggest strenghts are. To strip ourselves of insecurities and fear, and let our souls unapologetically contribute to greater healing and growth
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    During the fires we had in California a while back, I was amazed by the generosity of our community and other nearby towns. Everyone seemed to be helping one another. People were providing food, clothing, shelter, etc. Everyone was impacted in someway yet we united and made it through that tough time. I realize this situation is different, as we have to practice social distancing. However, I’m hoping people will unite during this time and practice compassion and generosity. That when people are at the grocery store and do not buy more than what they need. That is being generous and helping the next person or family. The mom that needs diapers, the elderly that need essentials. We are all in this together, and my hope is that with every new day, more people become awake to this.
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    QUESTION: Strangely, I've had the urge to post the advice Michael gave to students (via Troy) after 9/11. The part where they tell us the world has changed and what each of the Soul Age Levels can expect of themselves "to do". The reason I didn't post it was this pandemic feels different, bigger so I wasn't sure that the advice would hold, across the board. So, my direct question is: Michael, you said this after 9/11 "We will comment for the Mature and Old Souls as to what might be able to be done to "bring some good to the situation". Would you please comment in the same fashion for your students at this time as to what we may do "to bring some good to the situation" during the pandemic and after based on Soul Age and Level.
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    All restaurants have officially closed today in Toronto but most of them had already closed due to the owners caring and concern for their clients and their employees. The emails that are pouring in from all stores and establishments have been kind, caring, and thoughtful. Most people in Toronto have started to self-isolate and play by "the rules". I've been slowly moving from dread and anxiety (over a few days.... and years depending on where your math starts ) to more lightness of being filled with compassion and understanding. Seeing the bigger picture certainly helps. I see so much kindness around me, now more than ever, and have been deeply moved by the words sent out in emails from local stores and establishments. I've been monitoring what thoughts come up for me and these are a few. ~ The hoarding is (as we all know) from panic but it's also a clear survival tactic. Many of us fear being without food for ourselves and our loved ones but I can also see that it's a leftover from the Young Soul Age where power and greed were allowed full reign. We will get through this, with each other. ~ The shutdown of borders is forcing us to look for what we need physically (food, goods, etc.) at a local level. It will be interesting to see how this plays out over the next few months. This shutdown is also forcing us to look within and around ourselves to see not only where our true connections are but to look beyond that to see what we may have missed in our daily lives and to see what we can now expand into within and with others. I can feel the connections "snapping" into place. You gotta love and appreciate technology.... with technology there is no shutdown of borders. Love and compassion have no bounds. We will get through this, with each other. ~ Yesterday when I was driving home for my sisters', at what would normally be rush hour, there were hardly any cars out but I did see bundles of people walking quietly with the most loving peaceful looks on their faces. Everyone I speak to on the phone, about cancelling of appointments, etc., is being extra kind and caring. We will get through this, with each other. This is the email I received from Galen Weston, the Chairman, CEO and Executive Chairman of the main supermarkets/pharmacy we shop at. I cried as I neared the end and when I showed it to my husband it had the same effect on him. Kindness, to oneself and to others, is a stress reliever. Hi Everyone, Things continue to move fast and change quickly. Earlier today the Canadian Government announced they are restricting our international borders to limit the impact of COVID-19. As each of us try to understand how that will affect our daily lives, our friends, and our families, I wanted to reach out again. Those who went shopping recently will have seen extraordinary numbers of people in stores, long lines, and aisles empty of product. This was a result of extreme levels of buying as millions of Canadians stocked up their kitchens and medicine cabinets. I’m sure the many photos of bare shelves on social media only increased your level of concern. First and foremost. Do not worry. We are not running out of food or essential supplies. Our supply chain and store teams are responding to the spikes in volume and quickly getting the most important items back on the shelf. Volumes are already normalizing somewhat, and we are catching up. There are a few items, like hand sanitizer, that may take longer to get back, but otherwise we are in good shape. Another concern you may have is that your supermarket or drugstore could raise prices on the items you and your family need most. Do not worry. This will not happen at our stores. We will not raise a single price on any item to take advantage of COVID-19. Some of you may also be worried that your local Shoppers Drug Mart or supermarket could close as part of shutting down certain stores and services. Do not worry. We have been in contact with both Provincial and Federal governments. We all agree that food and drug stores are essential services and we must do what we need to in order to keep them operating and serving every community in the days and weeks ahead. It won't be business as usual. But, you will be able to count on us. Our teams from across the country, at stores in every community, have been hard at work around the clock to live up to that commitment. Please keep in mind our service relies on keeping them, and in turn you, safe and healthy. That is our top priority, and it may mean limiting the number of people in our stores at any given time as well as asking customers to keep a certain distance from each other while shopping to reduce the risk of making one another sick. We are prepared for this, and to support those most in need, we are opening some of our stores early with dedicated hours for seniors and people living with disabilities to come before the crowds. We are also encouraging those customers who cannot shop our stores to take advantage of our e-prescribing and PC Express options like click-and-collect and home delivery. Last week we lowered delivery prices and eliminated pick up fees and, just like in our stores, we’ve seen a spike in volume. We are managing the rising number of orders and ramping up our systems as quickly as we can so customers can shop online with confidence. However, it will be difficult for us to meet all the additional demand, possibly limiting availability for people who are sick, in self-isolation, or at elevated risk. So, I would ask that if you are healthy, mobile, and symptom-free, please do your best to make it into the store. All of us will face uncertainty and new challenges over the coming days. Our stores and our services will be far from perfect. But, we will do everything in our power to make sure you have what you need for yourselves and your families. As we have more updates we will continue to communicate, online, in-store, and through our PC Optimum app. For now, let me leave you with four things: We have the food, drugs, and essential products you need and that supply will continue even as Canada restricts its borders. We are going to make sure our stores stay up and running to serve your community. We will not, under any circumstance, change our actions or prices to take advantage of COVID-19. Please be patient with us when you are shopping, and don’t forget to practice social distancing. Over the last few days, it has been remarkable to witness Canadians supporting one another in our aisles: Bags carried to cars. Crowds parting so young moms could check out. Cheers for speedy cashiers. Customers helping stock shelves. One example in particular stood out. A few days ago, someone stuck a handmade sign to the front of a store. It reads “Be kind”. This is great encouragement to cap off perhaps one of the most-tense weeks of our 100 years running stores, and to help all of us prepare for what is next. Be kind to each other. We will get through it. Galen Weston
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    Devotion to each other is also the greatest strength for the group. Not capitalism, not competition.
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    Some nations have not dealt with the pandemic very well. Donald Trump and his supporters in the US government lied repeatedly to the American public about the existence and severity of the pandemic, claiming it was a 'Democrat Hoax' as recently as last week. While other nations prepared for the disease, the US government did nothing, and several members of Congress even took the opportunity to protect their financial assets and warn their wealthy constituents before going silent and allowing events to run their course. The Chinese government covered up the outbreak for weeks, even going so far as to imprison doctors who tried to warn the public. The Russian government has been busy spreading disinformation about the pandemic in an effort to further destabilize the West. What kind of Karma, if any, is being generated by these government officials and leaders (I'm thinking of one in particular, but this would apply to other people too) who have deliberately botched or squandered away their nations' opportunities to brace for the pandemic? People are dying.
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    This. This is what I've been sensing overall. It's up to all of us how we respond to this. So far I'm mostly seeing the good and the helpful. @DianeHB, thank you so much for having a clear head and formulating sensible questions!
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    People are afraid. As a Black leftist I can promise you that most of the older black vote going to Biden is mostly out of fear and very regressive values. There's an undercurrent to the energy in this election of people just not wanting to admit that our way of life is coming to an end. That if you didn't get in on the ground floor of rampant consumption (of materials, the earth, animals, labor), then you're shit out of luck because we need to alter our way of life in order to survive. For Black people the idea that the grand American capitalist experiment is ending without us never having our just due is unconscionable. There are Young/Mature Soul black political careerists who are the first to graduate college of their families. To think that their dreams of being millionaire and billionaires and "making it" might not be sustained in a future where the idea of having a billion dollars calls into question someone's morality is highly unattractive. Their break for Biden is not a push for a future we can rest in. It's a desperate attempt to rewind the clock so they can enjoy a few more years of thinking that being rich is the only way to do "black excellence." Bernie's message of saving the planet, fighting for your neighbor, putting in strong socialist safety nets doesn't resonate. They can smell the change and accountability and responsibility on Bernie and it is scary for a people who built this country on it's back to once again join the fight to rebuild it. Black people have been traumatized by white supremacy and religion. Many of them view the establishment democrats as the 'safe bet' because historically, we have not been a people allowed much risk, especially not risk for the sake of justice, reform, and change. We know that people who risk it all for what is right are the ones that suffer, are the ones who are killed. Are the ones who don't get to watch Superbowl Sunday in their Houston mcmansion and eat buffalo wings by the bucketful. They want to be rich. They want the American dream. They want the guy Obama liked. They want to be safe. They want another generational chance at hitting those markers of what makes American life great, and they don't really care if they die trying. it's all very sad.
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    I will vote for an octogenarian or a toddler crossing my street in a stroller before I will vote for Trump or fail to vote. It is sucky to have to choose between two old white men, but at the moment we're stuck with the DNC and the GOP. If we can get the GOP to collapse under its own corruption, I can envision the creation, growth and success of a Democratic Socialist Party (or some such). But that is a dream for the future and is not present reality. At THIS moment in time, there is NOT a third party or independent option that will do anything other than hand the election to Trump. Getting the Democrats in place to stop the abuse of power by the GOP is the ONLY positive path forward. Be unhappy if Biden is the nominee, but grit your teeth and vote for him. Be unhappy if Sanders is the nominee, but grit your teeth and vote for him. (And hope that Liz Warren stays in and perhaps something incredible will happen to at least get a female candidate for President.) Then, support (and VOTE for) your local Democratic candidates for House and Senate because getting a functional Congress that is not under control of Moscow Mitch is EVEN MORE important than who is President. What do you think a Democrat-controlled Congress is going to do about Trump if he wins the election? What do you think a GOP-controlled Congress is going to do for a Democrat President? People forget that a President is not supposed to be able to "rule" the government by executive order. A healthy Congress is how we achieve our hopes and dreams. So if you don't want to live in a dictatorship, then you must do the work to get Trump, Mitch and their cronies out of the way and into prison where they belong. Even if the work is hard and/or distasteful. This is not a time to let idealism or apathy tempt you into throwing up your hands and deciding not to vote. You haven't been paying attention if you think your vote doesn't matter. When the dust settles in November, I will hold non-voters with the same contempt as Trump voters, regardless of the outcome. And be assured that when the Democrats take control, our work is not over. We cannot exist with same old, same old. The election, even if Democrats win, is not the single event that will save the world.
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    Below is a report from a doctor friend concerning Corona Virus. As Received: A doctor graduated with a master's degree and works now in Shenzhen Hospital. He is now being transferred to Wuhan to study this pneumonia virus. He just told us to tell everybody the following: If you have a cold with a runny nose with sputum (flem) you cannot have this new type of coronavirus pneumonia, because coronavirus pneumonia is a dry cough without a runny nose and flem. This is the simplest way to identify the difference . Please tell your friends that the more you know medically you will have a better awareness of identification and prevention if the coronavirus. This time, the Wuhan virus is not heat-resistant and will be killed at a temperature of 26-27 degrees. Therefore, drink more hot water. You can tell your friends and relatives to drink more hot water to prevent it. And Go under the Sun. It has been cold recently, and drinking hot water is also very comfortable. It is not a cure but it is good for the body. Drinking very warm water is effective for all viruses! And Try to remember not to drink ice water! Here is a Doctor's advice about coronavirus: 1. It is pretty large in size (cell is about 400-500nm diameter), so any normal mask (not just the N95 feature) should be able to filter it out. However, when someone who's infected sneezes in front of you, it will take a great 3 meters (about 10 feet) before it drops to the ground and is no longer airborne. 2. When the virus drops on metal surface, it will live for at least 12 hours. So remember if you come in contact with any metal surface, wash your hands with soap thoroughly. 3. The virus can remain active on fabric for 6-12 hours. Normal laundry detergent should kill the virus. For winter clothing that does not require daily washing, you can put it out under the sun to kill the virus. About the symptoms of the pneumonia caused by Coronavirus: 1. It will first infect the throat, so the throat will have the dry sore throat feeling which will last for 3 to 4 days 2. Then the virus will blend into the nasal fluid and drips into the trachea and enter the lungs, causing pneumonia. This process will take 5 to 6 days. 3. With pneumonia, comes high fever and difficulty in breathing. The nasal congestion is not like the normal kind. You will feel like you are drowning in water. It's important to go seek immediate medical attention if you feel like this. About prevention: 1. The most common way of getting infected is by touching things in public, so you must wash your hands frequently. The virus can only live on your hands for 5-10 mins, but a lot can happen in those 5-10 mins (you can rub your eyes or pick your nose unwittingly). 2. Aside from washing your hands frequently, you can gargle with Betadine Sore Throat Gargle to eliminate or minimize the germs while they are still in your throat (before dripping down to your lungs). Folks, take extra care and drink plenty of water.
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    These were excellent questions! Thank you for those and for a great session. Question for you all: could we consider Breakdown and Breakthrough to be - and + poles of the same concept/experience? If so, wouldn't Breakthrough also include some Breakdown? I have a very strong feeling that we are going to see both. Apologies if this has already been asked elsewhere.
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    @Nadine I think those structures have to collapse in order for all the new systems to be implemented. Clearing away the old for the new type of thing
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    It's been kind of a ghost town here in Chicago. I live right downtown and there's very little traffic and foot traffic. Classes at my college are on hold until April 6 and then we're supposed to go completely online. We're supposed to have our teaching plans in place by March 23. Yeah, that'll work. This feels oddly familiar and creepy. It's not as if all of us haven't been through plagues before (and died from them). I have a feeling I had this illness in mid-January. Started like a cold/sinusitis with extreme fatigue, then morphed into an unproductive cough and pretty significant shortness of breath. No appetite and very thirsty. When I was able to crawl to Urgent Care across the street, after stopping like 3 or 4 times to catch my breath, I was tested for flu. It came back negative. No pneumonia shown via x-ray. My blood oxygen levels were low, so they put me on a nebulizer. Man, what a difference that made! I could tell the doctor was thinking about admitting me to the hospital if they couldn't get my oxygen levels up. I got an inhaler and used it faithfully. I was sick for 3 weeks. I've read from other online (anecdotal only) sources, that there are other people out there who think they've had it. Time will tell. Here's my attitude about online classes for many of us at my college:
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    Everyone,Diane and I are just staying home while this virus is lurking around. This is mainly being done for me. I figure that I need to be alive and healthy to move foreword or backwards! This virus is totally new to our immune systems and mine is rather old.
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    @Nadine, I think you're correct; remember the specific probabilities they gave were probabilities we asked about. Since they made a point to say "using the differentiated paths above, probabilities at the moment are", I'd assume other paths as differentiated differently have other probabilities. As well, since they say Collapse is a Breakdown path -- and that there are much higher probabilities for Breakthrough paths -- that also implies those paths to Breakthrough haven't necessarily been stated to us. (Besides Resource-Based Economy probabilities.) Either that, or the collapse of structures is immediately met with smart, resourceful teamwork that mitigates any actual negative societal upheaval and quickly implements the RBE.
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    We would ask that if you have a question you should check these recent sessions to see if your question has already been answered: Michael Speaks: January 2020 Coronavirus Update 2-18-2020 Coronavirus & March Energy Shift Michael on the Pandemic Michael on Food Sources and Stockpiling More on the Pandemic 3-17-2020 I have listed these in date order from oldest to newest. Possibly I missed a session so please provide a pointer to any other content related to the current pandemic. Please also see @DianeHB's blog entry requesting input questions for her session earlier this week. If there are questions in the comments there that Diane and Becca could not get to, consider transferring them to this forum so we have all the questions in one place.
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    I will add that all this panic prompted my doctor’s office to hand out medical proxy forms, which made me think about my death plan more seriously, which also includes what to do about all my digital accounts. And that I need to do an inventory of them. The internet is such a part of our lives now that I don’t think I’ll be able to remember every site I’ve signed up for or what those passwords are.
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    True, but if Breakthrough probabilities are “much higher”, that means they’re all above 70%, which is heartening.
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    Readings gathered by the European Space Agency satellites have shown a significant decline in emissions from nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter pollution over parts of China and Italy as many workers are shifting to remote work and less vehicles are on the road. It appears the pandemic has led to a significant reduction in pollution. Do you see present days events moving people and organizations across the world towards working on and embracing solutions that might lead to our species living more in harmony with Earth? Do you see a move in the near future towards technologies like VR and AR as a means for people across the world to interact remotely in place of physical travel and interaction?
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    16 March 2020 I've alreade shared a piece in the comments of the Energy Report today (copied into this post at the bottom), but I like to share the following too: We have a quite "warmhearted" king who had a speach on tv yesterday, reminding us about trusting each other. Here's part of what King Harald said. Also I will mention that this royal family is still grieving after the king's son in law died from suicide right before Christmas 2019 and left his 3 granddaughters without a father. I think the effect from his care is kind of calming and uniting in some way for many people. - The uncertainty makes us vulnerable. The seriousness makes us anxious. The new everyday life can give us a sense of powerlessness. - My thoughts and prayers are with you all now. With you who are sick and with you who are next of kin / relatives. With health professionals all over the country, day and night. With those who are experiencing financial loss and fear for the future. To all of you who hold important social functions so that our country can function. In all the children - who may be particularly anxious now - and whom we must take extra care of. And with those who feel the loneliness because our small and large communities are temporarily taken away from us. - Norway is known as a society based in trust. Now there is a special need to show each other trust. Both ensure that everyone takes responsibility for preventing the spread of infection. And for the country's authorities to make good and wise decisions. Here's a part of what I shared in the Energy Report today: In just a few day our world has turned upside down, and we knew it coming, but everything seems to take time to take inward in a way. I'm lucky, healthy and safe and I'm very grateful for that. Most of those that were first infected here in Norway had been on skiing holidays in the north of Italy or Austria (both neighbor countries to each other), and the rest became infected by those, and to keep the control we closed down more and more. Our government has done everything in increments, and they have of course been criticized for being awaiting/pending with some actions in the beginning. But it is also a relief to have a Government and a Parliament now cooperating and handling this together and including the best for everyone in their actions regarding the economic crisis following this. Their focus has been to create a very social economic profile of support for everyone temporarily laid off, low paid, apprentices, self-employed, independent businesses, freelancers and so on. The parties in Parliament have seen to that workers don't get an unfair bill. Also the cooperation between our national broadcasting, government and health officials is working well to continually get all the information out.
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    Just some thoughts... It's worth noting that Michael referred to March/April 2020 in a couple of places over the last 3 months as being significant -- to all of us. To everyone globally and locally. First in a Michael Speaks - November 24, 2019 - Navigating Collective And Individual Crises. This whole session is worth a re-read... everything jumped out at me. Here's an excerpt. MEntity: There are various types of Crises, but the type of Crises that we see most of our students enduring over the past 1 to 3 years has been what would be termed an Existential Crisis. MEntity: An Existential Crisis is the sudden shock or slow wave of conclusion that life and existence have no point or meaning. It is the stripping away of aliveness, spirit, and pleasure from nearly every element and layer of life. MEntity: An Existential Crisis comes when there is a lack of answer or unsatisfying answer or unwanted answer to "what is the point?" MEntity: Most fragments have an Existential Crisis during the 4th Internal Monad when they have asked themselves to define themselves on their own terms vs the terms taught to them. When one must decide who one is instead of being told who one is, it can throw one into an Existential Crisis as the responsibility of defining oneself on one's own terms can be daunting. MEntity: The reactionary defense to this Existential Crisis can be to return to the familiarity of youth and try to recapture that in some way. This is why many who have a "midlife crisis" will suddenly return to inappropriately immature behaviors to resist "growing up" and defining themselves. MEntity: The Existential Crisis that most of our students recognize as being in effect now is this very same rite of passage, or "internal monad" but on a mass scale. MEntity: The shift between Young to Mature that requires this process is similar to the 4th Internal Monad. ... Maureen: Michael, referring to you saying that “The shift between Young to Mature requires this process similar to the 4th Internal Monad.” What Stage of this Internal Monad are we in at this time? MEntity: This would be the equivalent of a shift between the 3rd Stage of REALIZATION and the 4th Stage of MANIFESTATION. MEntity: The process is "stuck" at Stage 3 in terms of completion. The 1st and 2nd Stages were completed in the Positive Poles, but the 3rd is in the Negative Pole which has carried over to the Negative Pole of the 4th Stage. MEntity: The shift to the Positive Poles is likely to come by March of 2020, but we will have to look again. They also mentioned March/April 2020 in Janet's session on February 20, 2020 in Bloomberg and Bernie: MEntity: However, it is highly probable that there are sudden and new and even shocking events to come over the next 6 to 8 weeks that could dramatically change "everything" regarding several areas of concern. This is not a prediction or an ominous note, but simply an observation of the patterns that are quite unsettled at the moment and yet to "snap" into a pattern. The 4th Internal Monad: +self-realization -acquiescence Stage 1: INITIATION: +enthusiasm -indifference Stage 2: INTROSPECTION: +awareness -brooding Stage 3: REALIZATION: +freedom -separation Stage 4: MANIFESTATION: +purpose -otiose Stage 5: CONTENTMENT: +satisfaction -contention Stage 6: MAGNETIZATION: +attraction -repulsion Stage 7: EMANATION: +alignment -incongruity NOTE: The 3rd stage, REALIZATION, is in -separation along with the 4th stage, MANIFESTATION, in -otiose. If/when completed in the positive poles that will carry us through in +freedom and +purpose to the 5th stage, CONTENTMENT, in the -contention until we move into the +satisfaction.
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    Just catching up on this and my facebook threads and realizing that our greatest vulnerability and threat isn’t in the limited choices we have/had in candidates but our relentless insufficient purity tests and desperate blind faith in a savior. I think this is the result of our reverting to Baby and Young imprinting that we let ourselves be guided by when stressed. It’s so easy to go to the good versus evil mentality. We want to fight the evil monsters and call on our godly parental figure to save us. We villainize who we don’t like, frame them in the worst of their evolution, strip them of their humanity, and then sanitize who we do like, frame them in the best of their lighting, and bestow them with supernatural powers that will save all of humanity. All of our remaining Democratic candidates are easy to reframe however we want because all of them have made crucial mistakes that harmed people, or did little or did something that truly benefited us, or did more or less than another, or fulfill our fantasies more than another, or fulfill our fears more than another, but in the end, they are just people who are in positions of power that will come with compromises, blind spots, successes, failures,... my god, even Obama, who is fairly unanimously (among progressives) considered our best President ever can be torn apart for his blind spots and blunders or sainted with blessed light for how much he did to help people. Trump is unique in his extremes of ideology and dangerous actions. NONE of our democratic candidates are that simple in their dangerous or beautiful possibilities or their harmful or helpful histories. I just can’t get behind these extremes of characterization and projection and fear or fantasy that are stealing all of the oxygen from the room and sowing confusion and dread and defeat no matter which direction we go. We can rehash history and call out blind spots and put a candidate on trial later. None of our candidates are like Trump, and none are more immune or more vulnerable than the others to losing against Trump. Just let people have their preferences and then get together behind whatever shitty or glorious candidate we get because the only way we win is together. Let’s leave the Baby and Young soul crap to the Baby and Young.
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    This is where my mind goes with the March Energy Report 2020, first I include some of the above mentioned: BLINDLY FORWARD IS STILL FORWARD If you are moving forward, you are on board with evolution. Keep in mind that moving forward can sometimes mean stopping and returning to a path that has been lost. This stop and return is not a move backward, but a return forward. We are not alone in the endeavor to move ourselves into a world, where our visions are coming true, first and foremost it will be of course each individual participating that influences the outcome, and all the necessary help and support we give each other, but let us not forget the bigger picture of support available to us, such as, our own personal support group and Essence, our Entity and Cadre Mates, incarnate, discarnate and specially the ones who have cycled of, call upon them/it, it just takes a conscious moment to connect, and there are 12 Transcendental Souls incarnate right now, who amp up the field!!! MEntity: There are always Transcendental Souls on the planet somewhere now. The first of Transcendental Souls began incarnating around 4 million years ago and have been incarnating since. They are not always incarnating as precursors to the Infinite Soul, but the Infinite Soul cannot incarnate without at least 12 Transcendental Souls on the planet at the time of Manifestation. There are always, at least, 12 on the planet, then. Transcendental Souls always share the same Life Task, which could be simplified as: TO TRANSFORM/ELEVATE A SOCIETY. It is important to note that this is about "A" Society, not "the planet." A society may be massive or it may be local, and some may span the globe, but it is always about a society. Transcendental Souls do not just have a single incarnation, but can incarnate over several lives to accomplish a Task. There are 7 Levels to every Soul Age except Infinite. Let's remind ourselves that we have a lot to draw upon and a lot that is already in our favor, let us not get lost in our own brain-info-glut, But "MOVE MOVE MOVE" without questioning, lets trust the so called "Higher Powers" or that which is more than the sum-total of our parts, as well as we so easily trust our fears and doubts. Michael talked numerous times about people being in positions to benefit the whole, lets give them some leverage in our minds on a daily basis, we do not have to know who they are for that matter. "Love saves the Day" and the Day needs you !!!
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    Hey dudes. It feels like I'm waking up to the prologue of some Stephen King novel. Okay first off, how's it like here? Well it's crazy busy in stores, and gave me flashbacks to Christmas Eve in 2006. Everyone is buying and hoarding, but despite the stress it's nice to see my community responding to each other in such a kind and polite way. Everyone is busy but most people will allow you to have some space and talk to you about how crazy everything is and how we must come together to help each other. Our home is a household of 5 people and 3 pets so we've had to stock up as best we can. Some people have taken to social distancing, but in my family at least we still have drive arounds to different homes, keeping in touch. If anyone is going to give my family the virus, it'd be my social butterfly grandma, if we don't have it already. My sister is worried she has the virus, but not for herself. She's worried about giving it to my mom or grandparents, who are all at risk. But of the 5 of us at home, I ironically have the most contact with the most people, so I think I'd be most likely to infect everyone else. I'd hate for my mom to die of this shit because she's recently been getting her ass in gear towards better health and lifestyle. I want to see her get healthier. Yes before you ask, we're out of toilet paper. My dad and I joked this will be known as the TP Pandemic by scholars. But in all seriousness, this Pandemic will go down in the record books of history as what I think will be an enormous Turning Point for humanity. I never expected we'd get a pandemic as our catalyst for breakthrough. I expected war, a huge natural disaster, a nuclear meltdown, massive rallies. Not a pandemic! Hah. This Pandemic is surreal. It reminds me of how I felt when Donald Trump was elected US President, and when as a kid I saw the destruction caused by the Indian Ocean Earthquake & Tsunami. Numb, shocked, disconnected... surreal. I imagine people felt this surreal sensation back when 9/11 occurred, and when the Berlin Wall fell, and during the Energy Crisis of the 70s, and when Neil Armstrong landed on the moon. These massive events across human history that change everything feel surreal. I wonder if when we feel this surrealness it means a Collective Bundle of Parallels is forming? In practical terms, school has been closed for a week as teachers are all moved online. And the Mate Agreement I was planning to meet on my birthday, who lives in America, I will now be unable to meetup with. That saddens me, but I trust we'll get together soon.
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    Thank you so much for this channeling , on a positive note, the water of Venice have become crystal clear, and there are more birds and fish to be seen in the city. They say you can see the bottom of the canals. Now this makes me happy.
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    Because of the overload of hospitals at the moment, are you aware of any practices that could be helpful in lessening the effects of this disease on the body to do at home, in case we get it?
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    While driving today I saw a man outside his place of business finishing up putting letters on a sign that read "We are in this together." I couldn't help but tear up seeing that. And now I see this! Wow.
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    Yesterday I saw this article in the NYT: People Need Immediate Relief. If you can't access the article, it's essentially about how a few people on Twitter have started threads to help people. I looked at some of the threads, and it's near real time: someone posts a need and someone else on the thread hands over some money. There are other things that people can do to help right now that involves having something that someone else needs. For example, Becca's session this morning indicated that we should stockpile when we are able so that we can help others who are not able to do this. (Michael on Food Sources and Stockpiling) Locally, I am texting with sorority sisters and family members and we have agreed to check in on each other regularly and let everyone know when we need something. Another idea from a local newscaster was to buy gift cards from favorite local restaurants so that they have some cash to help them get through. There are local businesses that are not restaurants that also could use this type of help. For instance, some people who use the cleaning service I use have had to cancel but are paying anyhow because those workers really need the income. I'm quite sure that if the company survives, they'll clean for free later on. So I thought perhaps we could have a forum to tell others on TLE when we're really running short on something. Funding is easier to transmit long distances, but if there are supply issues perhaps someone on TLE knows someone else or has an idea that can help. For instance, a sorority sister is looking for distilled water for a CPAP machine. She's not very internet savvy, so I looked for and found instructions for how to make distilled water at home. (Who knew?!) So, if you're short on something or worried about being short on something, speak up. If nothing else, we can provide moral support for those lacking resources. It might be very little to offer but you never know.
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    I’m not scared, unless I think about this virus like the flu. We all know how fast it spreads and in that light, yikes. It’s a little hard to feel some sense of security now that our routines are so disrupted and we are not used to it. The last times New Yorkers lives were this disrupted was 9/11 but that was for about three weeks. And it wasn’t this bad. About a week ago I saw a woman in a business suit wearing a helmet that was a cross between a bee keepers helmet and a welders helmet. It was jarring. I felt like I was in a bad sci-fi movie. It’s the one time I didn’t feel like a jaded New Yorker. Working from home is going to drive me crazy. There’s construction in the front of my building and behind it and I don’t have a proper office chair. Ugh. And I just put my gym membership on hold. I’m so desperate for exercise that I started a before bed exercise routine. We are truly living in the upside down.
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    Glad you're OK and can work, Nadine. I don't get the TP panic, either... It was beautiful spring weather this weekend in Estonia as well, and people diligently avoided public places and went to nature walks... ironically, a popular bog — usually a peaceful place — got crowded! So basically, walks in near-city nature practically became a health hazard.
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    What Michael said here reminded me of a dream I had in January. Here's the excerpt: Dream from January 21, 2020: Then I was on a train, or at least just standing on the north side of the tracks observing the train, as the train abruptly dead ended at the end of the tracks in/at “nowhere” and the first few train cars flipped over. A few of us were looking it over trying to work out what to do next. We knew we had to do something… we couldn’t just stay “nowhere”. The train cars were surprisingly small and flimsy (to my awake eyes) so I was able to flip each car over, by myself, and put them back on (the) track. I suggested or rather conveyed to everyone standing there that we had no other option than to, literally, backtrack.
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    I went to Canada's Public Health website to see what they had to say about COVID-19. Note: I've stopped calling it coronavirus as that includes the common cold (a doctor on Rachel Maddow pointed that out the other evening). Canada's Public Health site is up to date (reporting changes every day), clear, and concise about this virus and others. Here are some excerpts. About coronaviruses Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses. Some cause illness in people and others cause illness in animals. Human coronaviruses are common and are typically associated with mild illnesses, similar to the common cold. COVID-19 is a new disease that has not been previously identified in humans. Rarely, animal coronaviruses can infect people, and more rarely, these can then spread from person to person through close contact. There have been 2 other specific coronaviruses that have spread from animals to humans and which have caused severe illness in humans. These are the: severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SARS CoV) Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS CoV) https://www.canada.ca/en/public-health/services/diseases/2019-novel-coronavirus-infection/being-prepared.html Being prepared Although China remains the epicentre of the COVID-19 outbreak, more countries are reporting cases. Some countries may not have the capacity to detect or contain the disease. This means global efforts to stop the spread of the disease may not be enough to prevent a pandemic (global outbreak). While the risk to Canadians is still low, it is important to be prepared at the individual and community level for all possible scenarios. Canada's public health system is well equipped to contain cases coming from abroad. However, we are ready to shift our approach quickly if need be, from containment to slowing the spread of COVID-19. In order to mitigate the impacts of COVID-19, everyone has a role to play. It takes more than governments and action from the health sector to protect the health and safety of Canadians. Each of us can help our country be prepared in the event of an emergency by understanding how coronavirus spreads and how to prevent illness. For individuals Canadians should continue to think ahead about the actions that they can take to stay healthy and prevent the spread of any illness, especially respiratory infections. Now and always during cold and flu season, stay home if you are sick. Encourage those you know are sick to stay home until they no longer have symptoms. Since respiratory viruses, such as the one that causes COVID-19, are spread through contact, change your regular greeting. Instead of a handshake, a kiss or a hug, a friendly wave or elbow bump is less likely to expose you to respiratory viruses. Practise frequent hand hygiene and coughing/sneezing etiquette. Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces, such as toys and doorknobs. These are the most important ways that you can protect yourself and your family from respiratory illness, including COVID-19. Make a plan If COVID-19 becomes common in your community, you will want to have thought about how to change your behaviours and routines to reduce the risk of infection. Your plan should include how you can change your regular habits to reduce your exposure to crowded places. For example, you may: do your grocery shopping at off-peak hours commute by public transit outside of the busy rush hour opt to exercise outdoors instead of in an indoor fitness class Your plan should also include what you will do if you become sick. If you are a caregiver of children or other dependents, you will want to have thought ahead to engage backup caregivers. You should also think about what you will do if a member of your family becomes sick and needs care. Talk to your employer about working from home if you are needed to care for a family member at home. If you, yourself, become ill, stay home until you are no longer showing symptoms. Employers should not require a sick leave note as that will put added pressure on limited health care services. Your plan should include shopping for supplies that you should have on hand at all times. This will ensure you do not need to leave your home while you are sick or busy caring for an ill family member. Your plan should build on the kits you have prepared for other potential emergencies. For more information on how to prepare yourself and your family in the event of an emergency, please visit getprepared.ca. Fill your prescriptions Refill your prescriptions now so that you do not have to go to a busy pharmacy if you do become sick. Consider seeing your health care provider to renew your prescriptions ahead of time. Stock up on essentials but avoid panic buying At this time, it makes sense to fill your cupboards with non-perishable food items, so that you do not need to go shopping if you become sick. It is easier on the supply chain if people gradually build up their household stores instead of making large-scale purchases all at once. To do this, you can add a few extra items to your grocery cart every time you shop. Good options are easy-to-prepare foods like: dried pasta and sauce prepared canned soups canned vegetables and beans It is also a good idea to have extra stores of: pet food toilet paper facial tissue feminine hygiene products diapers (if you have children who use them) The reason for stockpiling these items is not necessarily because you will need to self-isolate. Having these supplies on hand will ensure you do not need to leave your home at the peak of the outbreak or if you become ill. How to care for those who are ill If you or a member of your family become ill with COVID-19, there are precautions that should be taken in the home. Your health care provider will advise you if hospital care is more appropriate. Refer to the guidance for health professionals when caring for someone with COVID-19 in a hospital setting. To prepare for this potential situation, you should have on hand: soap facial tissue alcohol-based hand sanitizer paper towels household cleaning products regular detergents for washing dishes and doing laundry fever-reducing medications, such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen this includes products for children if you are a parent or caregiver plastic garbage bags for containing soiled tissues and other waste household bleach for creating a solution of 1 part bleach to 9 parts water to disinfect surfaces Get reliable information Make sure that you get high-quality information about COVID-19 from reliable sources. The Public Health Agency of Canada is a reliable source of information, as are provincial and territorial public health authorities. If you are finding that the news media is making you feel anxious, take a break from it. Communicate with family, friends and neighbours Let your family, friends and neighbours know that you are making plans to prepare for COVID-19. Share your plan with them, as this might motivate them to make their own. Talk to them about a buddy system in which you agree to check in on each other and run essential errands if you become sick.
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