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    I love this song. I've been a fan of them since love yourself tear came out ♡
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    Hi ! @Bakwe Chokoe I'm not into kpop, but into BTS, hehe! To me they are a whole new genre. A Movement, even!! :') 😄 and I also enjoy kdramas from time to time ❤️ lovely lighthearted plots and endearing characters. @Becca the Student I also think he meant South Korea 😄
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    I loved this show and can't remember a moment when it wasn't enthralling. The story is gripping, engaging, heartwarming, terrifying, mind-bending, and all sorts of other adjectives along a full spectrum of experience. I frequently find myself mentally returning to it, remembering a great scene, or some excellent dialogue, and can't wait for the many questions I now have to, hopefully, be answered in season 2! I'm so happy that these kinds of smart tv shows are available now. The world might be going to shit, but at least we're well entertained!! ?
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    I just finished the show -- I thought it was incredibly deep and thought-provoking. What struck me the most was this current of intimacy that runs between the characters -- it felt so familiar, like the intimacy I have with some of my closest friends and those who were at the TLE gathering. I loved that the four boys and teacher were each a "type" that would've been shallow and stereotypical in other films and shows, but their stories and struggles were explored and they were these complex and real people that chose to be vulnerable with each other. I read some interviews with Brit Marling (I get the same sort of vulnerable, intimate thoughtfulness from her as from the show), and in one of them she explains why the story was set in a Mid-West suburb. I'm so impressed by her (and the show's) exploration of the spirit in the mundane and seeing beyond the obvious. This is a real Spiritualist film, and it taught me a lot about being comfortable with the unknown (which is difficult for someone with Stubbornness).
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