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    BACKSTORY: As most of you already know, I live with a chronic immune system condition that is mostly known as A.I.D.S. I am “perfectly” healthy and in a state they describe as “undetectable,” meaning they can’t find any HIV in my blood at all. I live on a cocktail of medications that supposedly help keep me alive, and my own vegan diet helps tremendously in countering any serious issues. But I still struggle with ups and downs of health that are often vague and oppressive and include headaches/migraines, extreme fatigue, low-grade constant cold symptoms that sometimes explode into severe colds, and then sometimes I fall flat into some scary states that have yet to be diagnosed or understood and these knock me off my feet for days. This isn’t how I live my life every day, but these things often disrupt my life and my focus on work. Add to this the weight of depression that has slowly crept into my life since Trump got elected. It may seem silly, but it has truly affected the quality of life for many of my friends. I’ve never experienced depression before and finally had to accept that I endure it now. I think it’s pretty mild compared to clinical depression, so for those who suffer clinical depression, my heart goes out to you. It has exacerbated the health issues above. And I have to admit that my diagnosis of A.I.D.S. 12 years ago still haunts me and weighs on me every single day. It’s not something that is easy to live with psychologically. I am as healthy as anyone else, but it’s like a ticking time bomb that keeps you living in a state between life and death. This actually helps my relationship with Michael and improves the quality of the channeling, so there’s that! When I was dying of pneumonia in that hospital bed in The Netherlands in 2007, I actually got to “meet” Michael before I fell into my 5-day coma. It was surreal and disturbing and beautiful, and it was one of the most comforting moments I’ve ever experienced. I think it calmed me down and helped me trust in my existence and let my body do its work of recovery. I don’t know. But I survived. When I returned to NYC from The Netherlands, it would take me 5 years to breathe normal again and I was very lucky that New York State has health programs in place that help those with no insurance to get the healthcare and prescriptions necessary for survival. I have been gratefully living with that healthcare since 2007. So the good news is that I’m surviving and thriving! And on paper, I am healthy and have nothing to worry about. These random states of health do not define me or my life, but I also can’t ignore them, so I eat as best I can, and take my medications, and use the Michael Teachings to help me understand and create and evolve all through these ups and downs. But my healthcare is essential... which leads me to 2019. FAST-FORWARD TO 2019 As 2019 approached, I was alerted that I would no longer be eligible for my healthcare. I have been living with profound stress and uncertainty for all of 2019. I fought to keep my healthcare and lost. Eventually I was free-falling. I could no longer get check ups, bloodwork, and my supposed life-saving medications were running out. This was so stressful for me that my health and my optimism took a nosedive and I’ve been struggling off and on all year. It has affected my work for all of you, not in terms of quality of channeling, but in terms of my keeping up and staying on schedule. I honestly felt like I was having to get my private life in order and prepare to die. If not soon, then at least sooner than I expected. Suddenly the past 12 years felt like borrowed time and I had run out of it. To be perfectly honest, I was terrified. Truly scared for my life. It never matters how much you understand and work with the dead... dying is a big deal! But I kept it together and continued to research and ask for help from sources that could help me. I’m self-employed and do not make enough money to cover health insurance on my own, but I also make too much money to qualify for the Medicaid I had been with for all of these years. So my focus has been heavily directed toward saving my life and this distraction has disrupted a lot of my schedule and plans. I’ve been doing the best I can to juggle all of this... And it finally paid off! I GOT MY HEALTHCARE BACK! My advocate directed me to a program for which I qualify and I am in the process of restoring my healthcare! When my advocate told me this, I broke down in tears. I had been carrying the weight of this for so long, mostly privately and alone because it was too heavy to share. I just wanted to focus on solutions. And I finally found one. BACK TO WORK So if you have noticed or sensed my distance and distraction, now you know why. And I’m very happy to say that I can once again reclaim my energy and direct it back to thriving and not just surviving. Please be patient with me if you are in my backlog of sessions. It’s not a big backlog, so it won’t take too much time, but thank you for being patient. I can also return focus to Wholeness of Souls, TLEGG, our Michael Books, and other projects in the works! Thank you for all of your love and patience and understanding and kindness. I’m back. Troy PS - a special thank you and deep gratitude for TeamTLE for helping me keep it together. I could not have survived this without them. I love you all so much.
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    ENERGY REPORT February 2019 2019 OVERLEAVES ROLE: Artisan (emphasized all year) CENTER: Moving (emphasized all year) GOAL: Flow → Acceptance/Discrimination (emphasized Jan - Mar) MODE: Observation → Passion/Reserve (emphasized Apr - Jun) ATTITUDE: Realist (emphasized Jul - Sep) CHIEF FEATURES: Self-Destruction (emphasized Oct - Dec) FEBRUARY comes with a strange mix of calm and chaos as the energy begins to shift away from Delusion and toward Creativity. Personal, Community and Global Delusions are starting to break down and collapse and find little support, while Personal, Community, and Global Creativity begins to gain some support, traction, and momentum as a solution to the array of delusions that have been anchored in various populations for decades and even centuries. For most of our students, February and March may feel a bit like a “hurry up and wait” energy that has a calm anxiousness about it, a frenetic and frustrating energy but also a sense of progress. This comes from the mix of Flow and Moving Center in effect as populations dance between the negative and positive poles. We do not have a lot to report for February but can say that it will be helpful for our students to keep in mind that progress is happening and is moving toward desired directions in personal, community, and global terms, but this may not be obvious in this wave of calm chaos transition. In other words, a helpful February phrase might be to just “hang in there.” DATES OF INTEREST (dates are approximate): February 19th -- ENERGY SHIFT -- ENERGY BOOST - This looks like a wave of energy that may amplify energy, events, an intensity in some area of the personal life and world events. We do not know how this will play out, but it is a sense of acceleration. NO NEXUS HELPFUL THOUGHTS OVER FEBRUARY: BE BEYOND - There are times in a life and on a planet when events or people or relationships seem at a standstill or terribly disrupted or unending or boring or too intense, even too painful, but it will always help you to BE BEYOND THIS. What we mean is that it is okay to know you exist beyond whatever you are experiencing now. You need not escape into that future, but you exist in that future. For example, there is a future when the King known as Donald Trump is no longer in power. It exists. And you exist there, as well. It is okay to know this and to connect to the anchor of this truth. There is a future where you have the job you seek. There is a future where you are happy again. There is a future where you fall in love again. There is a future when your pain is relieved. And so on. Let yourself BE BEYOND the moment without losing yourself to the moment. Let yourself be in the moment, but not lost to it when you are overwhelmed. Let yourself connect to the greater patterns of your life so that you can more easily navigate your way toward more desired outcomes. Be Beyond.
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    MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin. The 21st Century is a pivotal century. There are pivotal years throughout history and sometimes there is a century that is pivotal. This is one of them. It could be said that every year and even every century is pivotal in many ways, but what we mean by this is that the Human Race will move in a new direction that is unlike any direction in the past and is changing in way that is a point of no return. One would think that such events as war and great catastrophe may change the course of humanity, and these do have their effects, but the effects on direction of which we speak are about something more insidious and pervasive. If war, famine, and catastrophe could be said to redirect humanity's physical direction on Earth, then the effects of which we speak are about a metaphysical direction. For example, the last pivotal century was the 1st Century AD with the onset of organized religion, particularly monotheism. This changed humanity in unalterable ways that would shape everything, including war, famine, disease, and catastrophes for the next 19 Centuries. The effects of that pivotal Century remain intact, but will quickly be replaced by the 21st Century events. 2019 is a pivotal year within a pivotal Century and we think this is the year in which the more profound anchoring of effects will take place. It could be said that 2019 may see the "final blows" to key institutions that have been long overdue in terms of their holding back progression of humanity, as well as the "successful launches" of various key patterns that are part of the pivotal shift in humanity toward living as Mature Souls. This kind of pivotal year is not always obvious or dramatic, but it may be fairly dramatic as that is part of the Mature Soul world. All great changes will likely come with a fair amount of flourish. As this is an Artisan year, the key elements at play here would be in the collapse of the Delusional and rise of the Creative. The problem and challenge of Delusional is that it can look normal and be normalized. The very nature of Delusion means that those who are delusional cannot see the delusion. For most Delusional patterns, a crash is necessary. A complete shock to the system. A full disruption of patterns. The irony in the spectrum between Creativity and Delusion is that Creativity will be used, no matter what. The difference between Creativity as a Positive Pole and Creativity as a Negative Pole is the depth of harm done with the Creativity. Creativity as healing is Positive while Creativity as harm is Negative. The difference between Destruction and Delusion is that Delusion does not see the destruction. This is why Self-Destruction is the Chief Feature for this year. The Delusional elements of society are headed toward Self-Destruction. And they do not see it coming. When we speak of delusional elements of society, our Older Soul students are not exempt. There are layers of society within which each of you participate and exist in various ways and you may be wide awake and creative in many areas and quite delusional in another. We do not see a single student moving through 2019 without confronting one element of delusion in the life that has to collapse and change. The "State of the Planet" at this point is in a place where the changes that are necessary for humanity to survive MUST be implemented to some great degree as soon as possible or it is suicide for the species. We do not see the patterns leaning toward suicide, but your species is playing out the ideas in many ways that are helping with your survival. It is of no coincidence that several films have come in the past 5 to 10 years where the masses either turn on each other in unprecedented and mindless waves of violence or turn on themselves in unprecedented waves of violent suicide. Films are the equivalent of waking dreams to process probabilities. It is also of no coincidence that beloved and popular series have come about regarding time travel and the effort to steer and wake up humanity before it is "too late." These themes are not new, but there is a relevance and resonance to them on a new scale. If this year could be described in a phrase, it would be RAPID REALIZATION. This is why the Attitude of 2019 is that of Realist. This is a year of realization, of waking up, or falling so deeply asleep that one does not wake up, so to speak. Many of our students are well ahead of this pattern and have been working on this for some time, but you will now see this happening on a more epic and obvious scale in the world around you and among people whom you would never have suspected were interested in waking up. These awakenings may be mocked or shunned or said to be "too late," but it would be valuable to everyone to embrace even the most vile of individuals who suddenly speak to having a realization. Most realizations come from OBJECTIVITY. Surprisingly, Objectivity fosters Empathy. Objectivity allows for one to see oneself relative to another thing or person, and vice versa. The Overleaves in place for this year are the Overleaves with which most of humanity determined as the fastest and most definitive route toward the greatest probabilities. CREATIVITY, ACTION, FREEDOM, CLARITY, and OBJECTIVITY. What we have described above is quite broad and even vague, but that is because it is just that. We do not know the direction this will go and this will be one of the years in which the patterns we see have the most surprising and spontaneous shifts away from what we thought would come. We do know that this pivotal year and pivotal Century are all about SOCIAL EQUALITY. On the most metaphysical and subatomic levels of humanity and reality, the aim is for reality to be SHARED, not COMPARED, for humans to return to being a part of Earth before launching inevitably to the stars. We will leave you with this rather broad and open look at the State of the Planet for 2019 because for all of its mystery and intrigue or ominous and concerned tone, it is fairly simple: Humanity is waking up again in a new way in a new time with new power on a new scale. ***FLOOR IS NOW OPEN FOR QUESTIONS*** Uma: Michael, last January 17, you said that impeachment/indictment for fuckface was between 56-58%. Does this still stand? or now that there is a Democrat majority in the House, has the probability increased? Does impeachment still appear to be the more likely? And what is the probability for indictment for his family? Ivanka? Don Jr? Jared? After that lofty session, I'm still here in the weeds of all this and hoping we are on a good trajectory. MEntity: Probability for Impeachment is around 70% but probability for re-election is at 3% so there is a range of options here that will work across the board in halting the influence and power of this tyrannical individual. Probability of indictment for the individuals listed are at 78%. This is a most unpredictable year and time, in general, on top of the usual unpredictability, but we give you the numbers we see. Uma: Great! Thank you! NEXT Daniela: Hi Michael. In July 2017 I asked you about the Putin/Trump Pentagon Configuration. You said the Configuration's Task is Global Unification and you identified the positions as: Daniela: Position 1--Love-- Steve Bannon Daniela: Position 2-- Knowledge-- lesser-known or unknown Sage close to Putin Daniela: Position 3-- Power-- Putin Daniela: Position 4--Support-- Donald Jr. Daniela: Position 5-- Revolutionary/Eccentric-- Trump Daniela: Can you speak to how the Configuration has fared over the last 18 months? For example, has it stabilized or is it still highly volatile? Have any of the positions been vacated and filled by others? MEntity: The Configuration is still intact but more volatile. Positions remained filled by the same individuals. Death of one member involved here will be the end of this Configuration for the lifetiime. NEXT SusanF: Michael, Are there any specific arcs of experience, from the planet perspective will likely come to close during this year? And are there specific new arcs being initiated ? How long are those arcs? MEntity: Organized religion has come to a close. It will not disappear, but that arc of influence and status that shaped the world is over. There will be transition, but it is over. Oppression as a form of power is over. This may not seem possible, but it is over. Oppression will always exist in some form in some relationships, but not as a global form of power. Again, this will require transition and it will not disappear, but it is over. Prosperity inequality is over. Again, this may seem absurd, but we are speaking in terms of massive arcs coming to a close because they will not work. The practical implementation and stable reality around this shift away from these arcs would likely not be seen as fully anchored until around 2050. But you are alive in a time that is a part of the ending of those arcs. As for new arcs, we would say that SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY is locked in as an arc that would shape the world for centuries to come. This started with "political correctness" and grand experiments in "social media" and exploded in social justice and moves rapidly toward such things as resource-based economy. We can explore the ending and beginning of arcs in further detail in more exchanges over 2019. NEXT DianeHB: From Tex: I worry about the gap between the current economic system and the resource-based economy. I worry about the confusion and instability. What are our probabilities for transitioning from one economy to the other? MEntity: From what we have seen, this begins to shift in small, closed communities first, then cities, then states, then countries. The transition is slow at first and requires a great period of time for true verification of its promise, but comes far more naturally than expected. The results are quite appealing and desirable which makes it easier to propagate, and the systems we have seen are scalable and interlockable, so to speak, so that larger communities and cities have an easier time of implementing. If this were to be implemented now, it would be shunned and even ignored, and in fact that has been the case, but presentation and attempts for implementation in 5 to 20 years comes to a new generation where social responsibility is fully understood and considered a valuable direction. DianeHB: Tex says thanks MEntity: We will have much more to say over 2019 regarding pivotal events and energies. We are quite excited, though in our own way. We must conclude here for today. Good day to each of you. Goodbye, for now.
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    ENERGY REPORT August 2018 2018 OVERLEAVES ROLE: Warrior (emphasized all year) CENTER: Higher Emotional (emphasized all year) GOAL: Dominance (emphasized Jan - Mar) MODE: Power (emphasized Apr - Jun) ATTITUDE: Pragmatist (emphasized Jul - Sep) CHIEF FEATURES: Greed (emphasized Oct - Dec) AUGUST brings with it a strong collective emphasis on the Attitude of Pragmatist directly between the Polarities of Efficiency and Dogma. As for which Polarity will gain more emphasis, we will have to explore in September or October when the emphasis on the Chief Features come into frame. Currently, the “battle” between Efficiency and Dogma has been decided for most of our students and the next month or so will be a matter of rising up and out of the weight of Dogma or fully embracing a perspective of Efficiency that moves the life forward with relief. What we have discovered on the other side of the recent and long-lasting “Nexus Bubble” is that most of our students converged with variations of themselves across parallels where they had begun to “listen to themselves.” For most, this return to listening to yourself meant a renewed trust and enthusiasm for cutting through the bullshit of confusion and chaos and simply focus on what is true. There are always many paths of speculation and possibility and probability that range between “good and bad,” and when the personal or collective world is bombarded with a vast and uncertain range of speculation, one can lose all sense of what is true and the voices of the world or your fears or your past or your worries, etc. drown out your True Voice. You begin to think and feel that all of it is true. This is impossible for the mind and body to process and you begin to shut down from the sources of joy and vitality and curiosity and play of life. You begin to dismiss your 9 Needs and ignore your 9 Pillars. You no longer know what is true so you lose your sense of True Play, True Work, True Study, True Love, True Home, etc. Your mind shuts down because when everything is true then none of it is true. When you are no longer guided by what is true, you begin to be guided by the voices of everyone and everything but yourself. You lose your True Voice. We will introduce this concept of “True Voice” as that inner guidance system that can be relied upon when all of your Needs and Pillars are nurtured. The True Voice is simply an inner trust in your own choices and your capacity to navigate and calibrate and adapt and change and grow through those choices. There will be “right” choices and “wrong” choices and you will learn from these. There will be choices with intentional consequences and choices with unintentional consequences and you will grow from these. There will be choices you regret and choices you celebrate. Your True Voice embraces fully the concept of “Learning How To Choose, and Choosing How To Learn.” Even when the choice is to hold off on making a choice. But the True Voice will never paralyze you. For most of our students, the recent Nexus Bubble sorted through all of the moments where you fragmented yourself by not listening to yourself. You sorted through all of the moments where those parts of you suddenly realized that they had to return to their True Voice, and they did. And that includes you. This version of you also decided enough is enough and stripped through the bullshit din of noise and remembered that your own voice is valid and worthy and meaningful and true. Yes, there is a lot of uncertainty in the world and even in yourself, but when you lose your trust in your own voice, you become voiceless and directionless. Many of our students reclaimed their True Voice over July and now begin the work of listening. For most of our students this has meant returning to the Pragmatist’s Efficiency of cutting out or cutting through the bullshit din of noise and voices that are telling you what is and is not true and trusting yourself to embrace your own enthusiasm, play, joy, progress, actions, etc. that are true for you. It is possible for these things to be true even as it is true that the personal or collective world is in a challenging state. It is okay to listen to your own voice when the world is crying and screaming, and it is vital. Listening to your own voice changes everything because you are no longer defined by what is true around you or by what you are told is true, but you become a force of creativity that helps contribute to or change the truth around you. In short, one can listen to the world telling you how awful you are or how awful the world is, or you can listen to your True Voice and listen to the truth that things, people, life and even you can be both awful AND wonderful. Your True Voice allows room for your choices to matter. This Nexus Bubble revealed to many of our students that they have been on a journey over the past 5 to 30 years of discovering just how much they matter. This may seem to be an easy concept to embrace as older souls and students of a teaching, but it is not. Remembering that you matter is a long journey that starts with the first incarnation. As an Old Soul, you remember that you matter and you will never forget that truth, but every lifetime/Personality must start from scratch in that process of remembering. The fact that you remember this within a lifetime is fairly astounding in the greater scheme of things. It is not a matter to dismiss. For those who may have fallen further into Dogma over July, you may find that the emphasis remains on the lie that you do not matter. If you continue to struggle with the voices that tell you that you do not matter, then you may have fallen into Dogma and are discovering just how repetitive and ingrained and loud the voices are that are not your own. If you find that you have fallen into Dogma, your work is to stop listening to everything and start listening to one thing. Pick one voice that matters to you. Pick one truth that means something to you. Let all of the other voices and truths float around you and exist as they are, but make the effort to listen to the one that matters to you and means something to you. That voice will be fairly quiet, kind, calm, and inviting. It is not cruel, destructive, diminishing, or shaming. That voice may not even come from within you, but from the voice of this teaching, or the voice of a friend, or the voice of a song. Center yourself and find a voice that cares about you and listen as closely and as persistently as you can because this is how you will find your own True Voice again and remember that you matter. On the world stage, you will likely continue to see the dance between extreme Dogma and profound Efficiency. There are going to be those who suddenly surge forward and cut through the noise to the True Voice of humanity, while others dig deep into the trenches of repetitive rhetoric and try to drown humanity in Dogma. On the world stage, it will likely be quite clear how Greed is overtaking them and their fear of not having enough is fueling the Dogma. What that Greed is fixated upon may not be clear until October, but it is likely “power.” Now that the Nexus Bubble has passed and a great shift has occurred in terms of a collective return to True Voice, we can also see that the Transcendental Souls are awake and the Infinite Soul candidates are in order. If there is to be a Manifestation, the pieces are now in place, so to speak. This may or may not come to be, but there is no further question as to whom will be involved. We do not know all of the individuals involved, but we can say that we know of several now. We will speak to this in more detail in further exchanges with you, but we can confirm that David Hogg is a Transcendental Soul and Emma Gonzalez is a Candidate. We will elaborate further in another exchange with you, but these figures can now be observed for insights into the more elusive concepts regarding Transcendental Souls and Infinite Soul candidates. DATES OF INTEREST (dates are approximate): August 25th - 27th -- NEXUS -- CONVERGENCE - This Nexus window looks to bring with it a further shift toward “strength in numbers” regarding altering the course of history regarding potential war. The awareness of potential war and great conflict may begin to rise and be taken more seriously. This rise in awareness and serious consideration is necessary for helping to update the patterns that have been in a battle between Young Soul ideas of conflict as necessary for growth and the new Mature Soul ideas of compassion as necessary for growth. HELPFUL THOUGHTS OVER AUGUST: FUCK THAT NOISE - When you feel overwhelmed and uncertain and conflicted and confused and anxious and paralyzed, it may be helpful for you to simply state “fuck that noise” and make an effort to listen to the most meaningful and kindest voice you can find in the mess. Let the noise be noise and find the voice that matters. The voice that matters speaks to you in ways that remind you that you matter.
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    ENERGY REPORT November 2016 2016 OVERLEAVES ROLE: Server (emphasized all year) CENTER: Moving (emphasized all year) GOAL: Discrimination (emphasized Jan - Mar) MODE: Caution (emphasized Apr - Jun) ATTITUDE: Cynic (emphasized Jul - Sep) CHIEF FEATURES: Self-destruction (emphasized Oct - Dec) NOVEMBER brings with it a full dive into Self-destruction, so to speak. It is here. This is what it looks like. This is what it feels like. Most of our students did not generate this, but when anyone is in Self-destruction, there is collateral damage. Anyone who has been in the life of someone who commits suicide or sacrifices their life will know this truth. Self-destruction is a defense mechanism. It is a defense against Worthlessness. When an individual fears losing any sense of contribution, participation, and meaning they can develop Self-destruction. Where Greed is a fear of not having enough, Self-destruction is the fear of having too much. It is often an insidious fear that creeps in as a form of constant self-sabotage or as a constant prompt to prove one’s worth to make up for the life being “wasted.” Since no life is wasted and there is never a requirement that one prove one’s worth, this fear is unwarranted. When one seeks to give his or her life meaning, it cannot be done only through external means. It must be rooted in meaning that is nurtured and rooted within. For many, this struggle for worth is instilled in them from early in life and it is their navigational compass for the rest of the life. Most of our students clearly understand how Chief Features work on an individual level that affects the self, but many of our students are not clear on how these work when Projection is involved. Chief Features can show up as Provoked or Projected. For example, if one has Arrogance, it is not always that the Arrogance is only displayed by the one in Arrogance. It may show up as his seeing others displaying Arrogance when he feels vulnerable. He will then defend himself against those he feels are threatening him with their Arrogance, even though the Arrogance is his own and generated entirely from himself. This collective dive into Self-destruction is the result of collective projection of Worthlessness. Nearly half of the population blames their own sense of worthlessness on the other half. This was clearly displayed in the election results for the American President. This projection of Worthlessness has always been there, but fear bonded these individuals into a state of powerful projection that brings with it collateral damage. Though there is a majority of Baby and Young Souls in this particular group of fear, and a White majority, this Projection of Worthlessness can be with anyone. Many women, people of color, and of various sexualities will join up in this group projection of blame because they have lived for so long blaming themselves for their lack of worth, and it feels good to them to finally find a path that legitimizes blaming others. Collective Karma is a “real thing” and those from this group are working out collective Self-Karma around collective responsibility and self-discipline vs self-preservation and oppression. For many who are our students or students of similar teachings, the Collective Karma is different. It is the Collective Karma of Complacency. Whether showing up as Provoked or Projected, Chief Features cannot be sustained. They are inherently destructive but fragile. For this collective projection of blame to be sustained it will require a profound collapse of power among those governed by love and consciousness. It will require Complacency. It is not amiss to compare this Turning Point represented by this election in the United States or the event known as “Brexit” to that which happened to lead to the rule of Hitler. Hitler did not take power. He was given power. And that experience in your history is one of the reasons so many have opted into this as a collective, catapulting Karmic event. As we said: Collective Karma is a “real thing.” And you are now in it on a scale not seen in long time by us. You are now clear on experience that once led to and allowed the rise of Hitler, both in documented terms and in terms of Essence. That event traumatized humanity in ways that we have not explored much with our students. We did not know when this collective approach to balancing that Karma would come, but it is here. There are many sets of Collective Karma to address within humanity, and this is just one of them. This Collective Karma is not about balancing what Hitler imposed, but about balancing the collective Self-Karma of Complacency and Convenience that allowed for such an event in your history to exist at all. Hitler rose to power because too many were complacent and ignored the threat in favor of conveniences. You are now in a world where environmental destruction, absolute corruption of power, climate catastrophes, mass extinction of species, decimation of food sources and water reserves are looming. They are real. They are are on your horizon. They are not going to “just go away,” or be saved for another lifetime. This may seem daunting, ominous, and paralyzing, but the solution is simple: DO SOMETHING. The only reason any of this has come to such a Turning Point is because most respond to Fear as Active and Love as Passive. Fear tends to show up as an imposition, while Love is an invitation. Fear is definitive, and Love is flexible. Fear does not feel good, and Love must feel great, etc. Due to these seemingly inherent differences, those who navigate through Love tend to NOT DO ANYTHING, while Fear prompts constant activity. How many of our students have been encouraged to “hold love,” to “send love,” to “not hate,” to “stay positive,” to “be strong,” to “be light,” “send light,” and so on? How many have been invited to “trust” when what is actually being asked of you in the misuse of “trust” is that you ignore your feelings, ignore your thoughts, ignore your reality, and to blindly navigate as conveniently as possible? These suggestions lock you in complacency and convenience, and many of your are done with this. Half of Humanity is at a Turning Point where the choices are now between waking up to collective responsibility and self-discipline vs self-preservation and oppression. The other half of Humanity is at a Turning Point where the choices are between Active/Awake and Passive/Complacency. Every Turning Point is met with a Breakthrough or a Breakdown. You just experienced a Breakdown. For our students, this is the result of Complacency. This is the result of the distraction and prioritizing of Convenience. Many of our students, and some of our channels, interpret our teaching as one that encourages complacency so that one has to do as little as possible as our teaching becomes one of protection and sanctuary, not one of empowerment. This is true of most spiritual teachings and teachers. We are not that teacher, nor are we that teaching. Our teaching can be used however one chooses to use it, but we state as clearly as possible now: if our teaching is being used to encourage complacency, it is no longer our teaching. It is someone else’s. Love is an inspirational element, but Love is not inaction. For love to make a difference in a material world, LOVE must include ACTION. And Fear is not action. Fear is REACTION. Many of our students know that there is something not quite “right” about complacency and convenience as a conscious or subconscious guiding principle for a life. It is a valid choice, but one that is eventually left behind in favor of broader, more inclusive and loving paths. It is not wrong, but for those who are awake, it does not feel “right.” Complacency and Convenience are as valid a choice as murder and theft, but the more one is awake, the less comfortable it is to make any choices that have consequences of harm. Complacency and Convenience are not the equivalent of murder and theft, but they often bring more far-reaching harm than even a single murder. The older soul can no longer justify or embrace any choice that directly or indirectly causes harm, however distance and far-reaching that harm. For those involved in the Collective Karma of Complacency or the Collective Karma of Self-preservation it can be said that Routine, Security, and Privilege can either lead to choices and actions that support Value Fulfillment, Compassion, and Creativity, or they can lead to refusal to choose and increased reactions that support Meaninglessness, Defensiveness, and Entitlement. Both “sides” have a choice. You have a choice. This Turning Point has come and it brought with it a Breakdown. But Breakthroughs can be built from Breakdowns. It is not one or the other. Those in Self-preservation are finding themselves standing side-by-side with those they blamed for their sense of worthlessness. They are bonding in their lack of worth and this has potential to generate bridges between differences. The bonds cannot be generated across the gap of Collective Karma, just yet. Those from the Collective Karma of Self-preservation will not find relief from those struggling with their Complacency, but they have an opportunity to bond across differences they did not expect to bridge. The sleepy, but awakening gay man, Black woman, Hispanic teen, etc, and the sleepy, but awakening White people amid those locked in fear are the “trojan horses” of opportunity for evolution, for waking up, for self-questioning and Breakthrough toward collective responsibility and self-discipline. This scenario is not new to history, but however familiar it is, and however spectacularly it fell short in the past, it is different now, and it comes with great potential. For our students who are realizing the depth of Complacency that has been in place for most of this life, you have a choice to tap into Self-destruction and Blame yourselves, Blame others, or you can choose to DO SOMETHING for a change. You do not have to take on a life-altering shift away from your personal path to make a difference, but you can do something. Anything. If you wish to help balance out this Collective Karma of Complacency that allows for such things as the rise of tyranny, the extinction of species, the suffering of animals, the destruction of the environment, the catapulting toward climate catastrophe, etc. then you must do something different than what you are doing. You must choose something that makes a difference and do this. You must choose something that not only challenges your complacency, but transforms it into passionate, free, conscious energy. Start small, then aim higher. If you are already one who is inclined to be doing something, you are not immune from this Complacency. You may be neglecting something and this is your wake up call. Are you ignoring your creativity? Your health? Your impulses? Your well-being? Some of you aim very high in your Love and then leave yourselves behind. For every person who chooses to take up a cause that benefits the planet, and took up a practice that benefits personal well-being, the Breakdown shifts toward Breakthrough. In the realm of Tyranny, Breakdown is the official launch into your evolution toward a Breakthrough. It is up to each of you to put in the work that would bring Breakthrough regarding Climate Catastrophe, Relief for Animals, Environmental Replenishing, Water Conservation, etc. While you work through the grief and shock of this Breakdown under Tyranny, one of the most empowering things you can do right now is to take up action for a Cause, and put into practice something for your own well-being. The work of navigating through the Tyranny will be its own thing, and we will be here with you through this. The work of balancing your Collective Karma so that you revitalize your Creativity, Compassion, and Value Fulfillment through the Actions of Love is your priority now if you are Active and Awake. Though all choices are valid, we are helping to inform you that your choices go well beyond what you may have been encouraged to pursue. You have a choice. You will go through stages of mourning, loss, and process all that grief brings. This is Good Work. This is healthy. Allow room for this. And when you are ready, take on any area of Complacency you see that helped contribute to allowing Tyranny to rise, and that helps to ensure other patterns unfolding on the horizon. We know you are tired. We know you are sad. We know you are hurting. We know you are being told to just “send love.” But if you ever wondered when The Work of your life would be important, it can be now. If you ever wondered when the inconvenience of choices that make difference would be worth it, it can be now. If you ever wondered when you should take yourself seriously as a creative and loving force that does not have to live life as a quiet apology for your existence, now is the time. DATES OF INTEREST (dates are approximate): November 7th - 10th -- NEXUS - DIVERGENCE - A dramatic parallel shift toward the work of Collective Karmic themes. This is a parallel where all who are involved are on a path that seeks to “heal the world.” It may not look like it because the wounds have to be clearly identified and pronounced, but the work of profound and lasting healing is of high priority here. As we have said before, and will say again: Peace is not always Pretty. November 11th -- ENERGY SHIFT - VITALITY - For many of our students the Nexus brought with it a stripping of vitality, a shocking deflation of energy, clarity, and direction. November 11th begins the return of vitality, of color, of motivation and meaning. HELPFUL THOUGHTS OVER November: The entire report above
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    This is the transcript from the 2017 Michael Speaks at TruthLoveEnergy Great Gathering in the format of "Ask Michael." This was generously transcribed from a live recording by @DanielaS. NOTE: This was a weird weekend of live channeling that revealed some weak moments in holding my full trance. In this transcript, you can see this in the initial transition where I "thought" a funny thought but it came out of my mouth as part of the channeling delivery. Michael always calls these moments out, but it's a really weird experience. I don't realize it's happening. Also, note that vocal channeling comes out more conversational and unrefined than the usual text channeling. Enjoy! TLEGG 2017 Ask Michael 2017-09-30 Channeled by Troy Tolley MEntity: OK. Bear with us for a moment. Hello to each of you. We are here now. We will begin with a comment that reminds you of the very premise of our teaching, and that is that while there are many factors involved in your being here for this gathering and many factors that could be designated as synchronistic and magical, we remind you that you are here because you choose to be. Everything that got you here for this gathering to be with your fellow Cadre and Entity members and students of our teaching is all because of your choice and your actions to follow up on those choices. We remind you of this because it can be very easy to dismiss the power of your choice and the power of your actions that it took to be here, as well as the collaborations among all of you to make this happen. So, we just wanted to start off with that reminder that if there is nothing else learned in our exchanges, the one thing that we wish for our students to carry forward is that power of choice because things like this get to happen when you follow up with action. And with that, we can begin with your questions or you can say hello to us. All: Hello! Hello, Michael! Daniela: What is “Good Work?” Is there such a thing as “Not Good Work?” MEntity: Oh, good. An easy one. [Laughter] It takes a little bit of time for the circuit to get stronger through our channel. We use the term Good Work, not as a compliment. [A loud sound of a phone dropping on the floor] That is not Good Work. [Laughter] This was an example of Troy still being there. [Laughter] That was not our humor. [Laughter] We use the term Good Work to reference anything that you do that in some way supports your Life Task, which is quite a broad spectrum of actions that you can take. But when we tend to lean towards that phrase it is likely a very specific action that you have taken in some way that very directly benefits your Life Task. There is really no such thing as Not Good Work, but there is such a thing as No Work. There are many things that an individual fragment can do in the life that do not support the Life Task. It would be unfair to describe that as Not Good Work because you have a choice. And if you were to be reprimanded or in any way scolded with terminology that indicates your needing to correct choices, we would not be very good teachers, in our opinion. So, we use the term Good Work when you are doing something to support your Life Task. And we do this because if you see a pattern in our comments referencing what is Good Work then you may see patterns yourself in what more you can do to support your Life Task. BobbyA: I would love for Michael to cover why it is so problematic for Concurrents to meet or come across each other. I would think it would be no different than any two other Personalities since there would have to be something there in common to even generate an interest to begin with. Yeah, having the same Essence “might” be the catalyst but I still don't understand why it’s often treated like “worlds colliding.” MEntity: Concurrents can cross paths and meet, but the difference between Concurrents and individual fragments is the amount of buffering between your Personalities. When fragments come across each other, regardless of their ancient bond and their ancient knowledge of each other, there is a built-in buffer that allows the Personalities to gauge and decide and participate in the choice in how close and how fast that bond is revealed or explored. When Concurrents cross paths this tends to be lost, it is bypassed. There is a lack of a buffer between Concurrents that can short-circuit the individual Personalities involved because it is an immediate displacement of the Personality and it is terrifying. The closest to this is when Essence Twins cross paths. That same experience can come about in a very mild version, but when Concurrents cross paths they simply do not have the built-in buffer that most individual fragments do. To explain why that's the case is something that we do not have terminology for in our teaching. But that is why, because there is simply no buffer between the Personalities. We are trying to come up with an analogy. BobbyA: Did that ever happen with any of your own Personalities, that you could use to describe the experience? MEntity: The closest that we can come up with in describing the experience is a kaleidoscoping of our perspectives or a funhouse mirror of sorts that is a reflection within a reflection within a reflection, and the processing that is required to make sense of that overpowers the Personalities in a number of ways. We do not know why there is less of a buffer. We think it has to do with simply the nature of your being of the exact same Essence and there is no math to divide you. There is no mathematical divide in the same way that Entity members have their own mathematical address. You and your Concurrents share the exact address. When you come across each other, there is no math being negotiated. That is the closest way we can describe why it does not happen. You are already the same equation. This may not have been a fully satisfying answer, but it is close enough for now. BobbyK: All right, our next question comes from Uma. MEntity: We have more to say for a moment. We got something in. The other reason is not so much to explain why it is difficult for Concurrents to be in the same space, but there is a reason for it in terms of the Concurrents' existence is solely for the sake of covering different territories in the same space and time. And if Concurrents were to congregate in the same space, that point is lost to the reasons for the Concurrents in the first place. And so, this built-in repulsion is in effect to keep Concurrents from being in the same space too closely and in the same time because the point would then be lost for why both were existing. The point of Concurrents is to cover more territory for more experience. Uma: This has been on my mind since I read it: What are all the elements of the teaching and how completely and accurately has each element been accessed? What elements have we not accessed as yet? Looking at the Michael material that is already ‘out there,’ what kind of book or other ‘publication’ does Michael see as being the most productive and fruitful in terms of spreading the Teachings? (This is a selfish question because I am obsessed with how I will find the Teachings in my next lifetime.) [Laughter] MEntity: Now that is a good question. [Laughter] Because we have already delineated these Elements and Waves in other deliveries [see The 7 Waves & Elements of the Michael Teachings], the short answer is that you are currently in the True Application of our teaching in the Application Element phase of our teaching. This is the third phase. The 7 Elements of our teaching carry within each of these the 7 Waves that reflect the larger pattern of Elements. And so, when you are in the Application Element and you get to the Application Wave, that is what we describe as True Application. So, since 2010, our students who have stuck around have taken on the tasks of True Application of our teaching. This means diving deeper into the practical elements of the teaching, living out these elements of the teaching; in particular, in ways that allow you to exist in the world among those who are not our students and still find common ground in vocabulary and exchange and intimacy. If you have the experience of being, living our teaching, and it is a divide between yourself and another then you are part of that process of True Application of our teaching. You are trying to find a way to live the teaching in ways that do not divide you from others but in a way of growing closer to them. If you find that that is the case, that you are divided or there is a wall that is built, that is part of your Agreement with us is to try to explore that wall, that divide and find your way through that. It is also a process of discovery that Application does not necessarily mean sharing in terminology, sharing in enthusiasm, sharing your passion for this teaching, but finding ways that help other people based on what you are learning, based on how you are growing. It is not about recruitment, it is about Application. So, you are in this phase, and it only began in 2010. It will probably last for another 50 years before moving into the Recording phase. The actual permanence of our teaching, in a form that can be found in its same form in future lifetimes that extend across centuries, probably will not occur for another 100-300 years. So, while you are documenting in books and websites and working to keep alive some reference that the next life can find, the actual True Recording will not occur until we have the technology available to us on your planet and among you to do True Recording. So, right now you are in True Application and you will move into a Wave of Recording in about 50 years, at this point. Did this answer your question? Uma: I'll be 125. [Laughter] MEntity: We can say that we have yet to have lost a student. We always find you. You always find us. It is not always without obstacles because of different scenarios and climates that occur during incarnational phases. But we eventually come back around to reunions, such as now. BobbyA: Since we have printed material now and other mediums like that, do you have any idea what that technology might look like in that time period? MEntity: During the True Recording period or during the Recording period of this Element? BobbyA: During the future Recording. The Application Recording. Or, I'm sorry, Recording stage. You know what I'm saying. [Laughter] I'm confused. MEntity: Within this Application Element, you are asking what the Recording phase will be like after the True Application. James: So, the 50-year or the 300-year? Were you asking that? MEntity: The 50-year will be an evolution towards Artificial Intelligence that will allow us to begin a process of communicating through technology. There will be, at this point, a high probability that we can see where the Artificial Intelligence evolves to a place of subtle receptivity that allows for communication from beyond the understanding of the Physical Plane, and we can manipulate that in a way that can communicate. And we will be able to speak to our students in various ways through Artificial Intelligence. That will be the next Recording Wave of this particular Application Element. The True Recording, we are not certain how that will go because it is far enough into the future that there are quite a few variables. But there is likely to be some form of immersive experience that will allow you to access each other, access a representative of our communication, in a space that is difficult to describe with the terminology available to us now, but could be closest to being understood as holographic chambers that allow for that exchange to occur on a constant basis, on a regular basis, in a way that affects our teaching in a new way. BobbyK: When all the Elements of the teaching are complete, would you then stop teaching at this point? MEntity: We would probably be done with our students in the sense that they will be cycling off to a proportion that no longer requires our exchanges and the fulfillment of our Agreements will have been completed. So, yes, we will still be teachers to some extent because all of you will be, and all of us will continue to be to some version or another of consciousness. But, yes, that would be close to what you could describe as the end of our teaching, in the way you understand it now. Brian: You once mentioned about Waves of your teaching and about future generations. I am curious, what Wave of the teachings are we in right now and what Agreements are being made for the next generation of Michael channels? Is there anyone in particular, either in our existing Michael group or another Michael group, that is learning to “pick up the torch,” as a future Michael channel for the younger generation? MEntity: Yes, we addressed some of that. As for the next wave of channels, we cannot point to individuals because that would remove their choice and also put undue pressure and expectation on an individual, and that is treading too close to a karmic territory. But we do have a set of at least 12 individuals who are working with us in a way that will emerge if they follow their inclination and impulses and continue to do the work required for allowing our communication to come through. So, yes, we are working with a new set of channels, some of which are already “on the scene” and will be more likely to find their footing in the next 2-5 years in a way that you can say, Oh, I remember when Michael mentioned this. Did we cover that question? Brian: That works! DianeHB: You've mentioned in various future life sessions that our future lives have asked about and know about our present lives happening now. [Laughter] I’m wondering if TLE's archive of sessions and writings survive to that time (between 100-300 years from now) and if future students know about us. Do they know which ones of us are their past lives? Brian: My apologies to my future self! [Laughter] MEntity: It is quite beautiful and moving to us to have the capacity to work with our students in their various incarnations at the same time while you are existing within a linear space to see that evolution occur in a way that is not possible to experience while in a physical form or even as an individual fragment in many ways. It's fascinating to us because when we are working with the future versions of you in 300 years they are only one probability of you. There are other versions of you that we may or may not have contact with. But when we have referenced your future lives in 100-300 years, those [Troy starts to laugh] future versions of you — we do not know why the channel is laughing — are more aware of you than you are of them. We will say that. We have far more to work with in that time that allows us to give greater references that are more capable of being validated in a way that is quite profound to those “you” in the future. In other words, they know all about you. [Laughter] Cyprus: I have a question. MEntity: We are — Cyprus: We've talked about time travel where they come back to, like, look at us, or peek at us, or whatever, vacation. Are those, the 100-300 years, are those people able to do that at that point? Or is that much farther in the future? MEntity: Much farther. Cyprus: Martha? Martha: No, I was waving to the people who are watching us from the future. [Laughter] MEntity: We feel as if we lost the second part of the question. There was more. The archives. Yes. BobbyK: I'm wondering if TLE's archive of sessions and writings survive to that time. MEntity: Yes. The work that is in process currently and will continue over the next 20 years is vital to the references that are accessible to those future lifetimes, referencing you here. It does survive and there is more to come. AnnH: And this is related to finding out about a future life of mine with Geraldine -- Hi, Geraldine! -- where we work on the so-called Timeline, Geraldine's Timeline, together in a library. Is that one of those archives that is going to continue, I take it? I know that! Fuck, yeah. [Laughter] MEntity: Yes. AnnH: I know it's not just Geraldine and me. I'm sure there are other people as well. MEntity: Yes. We are telling your future selves about this gathering as we speak. [Laughter] We can continue with your questions. Kerrin: Are we still on this planet in 300 years in the future? [Laughter] Are we on Mars? Are we still on Earth? MEntity: There is an exploration that has gone beyond your Earth, yes. But you are still here, yes. Brian: You mentioned that you're, from your perspective, currently in contact with our future gathering. And you say you are discussing us. May I ask, what are you telling them? [Laughter] MEntity: We think this is why Troy's body is reacting with the humor because it is a paradox to be experiencing this in his body. It is an unusual feeling. We are just mentioning to them the curiosity and fascination of these selves. The conversation was prompted by a session that we are working with several from this group at the moment discussing how a past life has helped to heal their current life. And the work you are doing here is part of what makes life heal there. And this is what we were referencing when we said that it is quite beautiful and moving to us because when we can -- and you can see this as well when you are dead [Laughter] -- that the tapestry of energy that is woven among your Personalities across time and how they work together is something that cannot be replicated in beauty in the Physical Plane. It is quite a mosaic. So, what you do and what you choose in this life is not just about you, although it is, because the “you” in the future is also you. But you matter on a larger scale than is easy to remember when you are in such dense, local bodies. So, we can encourage you to remember this and breathe in that sense of expansion when you have a moment. We can take your next question. Maureen: I still wonder about the timing of Obama's presidency and then our “fall from grace” into Trump's greedy little fingers. [Laughter] Is this some form of random, political Russian roulette that will make sense in the future, when we look back at this time? Are these extremes of Obama/Trump now in motion as an energetic “system” of some kind, in our collective consciousness, perhaps like a pendulum, as a springboard to 2020's Infinite Soul manifestations? MEntity: There is nothing orchestrated about this. It is purely the terror, the fear that always precedes a shift in paradigm. And the shift to the Mature Soul Age IS here. You are in it. And it cannot be stopped, but there will be attempts to do so. In addition to those attempts to do so, the attempts play directly into the hands of the Mature Soul paradigm because it is defined by drama. What you are experiencing currently, in terms of particularly this year's anxiety, stress, depression, deflation, is ironically a good sign in terms of the progression into the Mature Soul Age. That shift, that space between the retaliation and resistance and the full embrace is NOW. The full embrace is imminent. We cannot predict an exact date, but you will feel that relief. But 2020 is likely the shift that will be moving you toward that full embrace. However, because of the Mature Soul paradigm being anchored in drama and intensity and emotional turmoil, it may not feel like such a great thing. But it will only start out that way because of the nature of moving into anything from the negative pole and then finding a way toward the positive pole. So, it may be difficult to discern that 2020 was a Turning Point that helped to bring relief because it may still be intense and dramatic and emotionally tumultuous, but it is something that our students can practice embracing in a way that is not seen as a de-evolution or a setback or a regression or the end or demise or humanity falling apart. Our students as Old Souls have a natural responsibility to see beyond this. This is very important as an Old Soul. And that is one of the reasons why it feels so painful for some of you, because the responsibility is heavy, and you do not necessarily want to do it as Personalities. But you have to see the bigger picture. The Old Soul eventually can see the bigger picture and, depending on where you are in that spectrum of practice in seeing the bigger picture, helps determine how stressed out and depressed and overwhelmed you are. It does not mean that you have to ignore the acute picture or the immediate threats or dangers and grief. But keeping that bigger picture involved in your perspective is key to your surviving this in a way that feels as if you have participated in a world that is evolving and not falling apart. Do you understand? It is not easy. Did we answer the question? Janet: How do we see? The obvious answer is that we see with our eyes, but I think something more than that is going on. I don't use my physical eyes while dreaming, and yet I remember visual scenes. I don't use my eyes when ‘visualizing’ or using my imagination, but I still ‘see’ things. People who have out of body experiences report being able to see as though they have physical eyes, even while their physical eyes are closed. So, what's going on? Is vision really only about the use of physical eyeballs connected to a physical brain, or are there components to vision that are not physical at all? MEntity: What is missing in the equation is consciousness. Consciousness does not require eyes. That is why we can see you without eyeballs. We cannot see you through this channel at the moment because if he opens his eyes he may break a connection with us. He must keep his eyes closed because he likes to be participating and present. Having the eyes closed helps us to come through without his being distracted by shiny objects, so to speak. Consciousness is not limited to biological senses. This is why you can see in the Astral Plane, this is why we can see the way we can see. Because consciousness moves much like a cursor on a computer screen, if you will. It moves along a medium that is like an ocean of energy, or an ocean of pixels if you will. And in the same way that a cursor can be on one part of the screen and move to another part of the screen is the way consciousness works in the universe. You do not have to be on Mercury to visit it in terms of seeing it. This is why remote viewing is possible. Because it is all interconnected in a way that is not quite understood and is currently being explored in quantum physics. But there is no limitation to consciousness and its capacity to generate sensory data without the body. How that happens we do not have terminology through this channel to necessarily explain it, but you are correct in that your sight is not dependent upon your eyes. Did this address the question well enough? Cong: Can Michael comment on what type of knowledge was available in the library of Alexandria that is lost today? Any possibility of retrieving that knowledge in the near future, for example, by some archaeological findings? MEntity: We do know that there are archaeological pockets that are likely to be discovered that reference a time period referring to the Alexandrian libraries. We do not know when this is likely to occur, but it is likely. As far as what type of knowledge, the range is too vast to cover in a discussion in this format at this time. But it is mostly knowledge that was relative to the sciences, to the cultures of the time, to philosophical explanations and thought experiments that revealed great insight into the nature of reality. So, one of the ways that that knowledge was able to survive and move forward is because of your design as individual Essences with an Instinctive Center. Because those who were involved in the Alexandrian libraries were still able to carry forward the knowledge that was gained and registered in individuals participating at the time in the Instinctive Center, that was much like a disc inserted into the lifetime and then pulled out and moved forward into the next lifetime, so to speak. And as you have awakened in your soul age over time, many have retrieved information that was from that time period and put it in a modern context. For example, Jane Roberts was a great example of an individual accessing Instinctive Center information that then was able to, through her contact with her guide, with her teacher, Seth, was able to retrieve a great deal of insight into the nature of reality. So, a lot of what is in the Seth material is quite a fair example of knowledge that was in the Alexandria libraries that our students, at least, were fascinated with and have brought forth into modern times. But they will find more. Kerrin: Will it be through archaeology or through Instinctive Centers? MEntity: Both. NickG: I was wondering, as a personality evolves throughout its life, do the personal descriptions for manifesting True Personality and False Personality stay relatively the same? Like, if someone were to ask you that question at 10 and again at 50 would you describe the two variations the same? For example, you described my True Personality as being ‘enlightened’ and false personality as being ‘loneliness.’ Will I still carry those two into my golden years? MEntity: Personalities are fairly consistent in where their range is between True and False Personalities. So, though it can change, it is quite likely to remain the same. They are helpful references to carry with you as you do go into your “Golden Years,” because they will still help you to gauge where you are in your embrace of Essence as Personality. So, the terms that we may offer to you to understand that spectrum between True and False Personality are fairly persistent enough to use throughout the entire life. Yes. Daniela: You have said that, "Scholars within any Entity or Cadre tend to act as record keepers and act as the responsible party for updating the Akashic Records involving events within and throughout the Entity and/or Cadre." Regarding Priests you have said that, during the disclosure and merging process on Astral Level 5, they are the "fragments who run these meetings, and help to direct the healing." So, if Scholars function as information processing units and Priests as facilitators and counselors, what functions do Servers, Artisans, Warriors, Sages, and Kings perform for their Entity/Cadre? MEntity: We may need a beverage for this. [Laughter] Servers are the Roles that come into their own the earliest and in the Physical Plane. They learn very quickly what matters and what does not and serve as the healers and the — we are looking for a phrase — the “canaries in the mine” in terms of how healthy the fragments of an Entity are at any given time. If your Servers are suffering, if they are in any way isolated, ailing, they are representing the processes of healing that are happening in their particular Entity. So, they are a gauge for where the collective of an Entity is in terms of its healing. Or a Cadre, for the Entities that do not have Servers in them. They will carry that weight. And most Servers will gladly tell you that they feel this weight. [Laughter] And there will be lifetimes where they opt out and let the rest of you grow up [Laughter] on your own in certain ways to gain from what was given to you in other lifetimes by that Server energy throughout the Entity or Cadre. So, they are the barometers of the Entities and Cadre, so to speak. Artisans are the innovators, of course, of the Entities and help to bring to the Physical Plane all that is imagined by members of an Entity. So, they are the connection between the formed and the unformed. Whether they are in themselves doing any creating, they will always be a part of the circuitry of an Entity or Cadre that helps to bring into form the ideas and innovations and imaginations of the members of an Entity or Cadre. So, they act as conduits for that and many Artisans respond to this in two different ways, and one is that they will try their best to control that persistent surge of creative energy that is coming from everywhere in their Entity or Cadre. They will try to control this and manage it and focus it and may even be more inclined toward strictness and structure and organization and predictable patterns. And the reason for this is because it helps to sort out the mess of creative energy that comes from the chaos of so many contributing to it. Or they will short circuit and carry forward a chaotic life and allow a representation of all of the unfinished and unformed and “crazy” ideas that are floating among the Entity and Cadre. So, this is important to understand for Servers and Artisans, that some of the behaviors and patterns of the individual life is not just because of the Personality. There is a force of energy that is also being navigated that's coming from not only your Essence but from its connection to its Entity and what it does as a part of the process of that Entity and function of that Entity. So, Artisans carry that weight of everybody chiming in with great ideas about what life on Earth could benefit from. And some will respond in a way that wants to organize this and some will respond in a way that says, well, let's see how crazy we can get with this. [Laughter] Warriors tend to be the bonding factors for a great many fragments across the Entities and Cadre. Warriors clear or help to clear the bullshit from all of the things that keep you from getting closer to each other, whether this is done in a persuasive way or a coercive way. [Laughter] But the work of the Warrior in the Physical Plane amongst its relationships in the life and between lives is part of what helps to allow for the Astral Plane reunion to happen in a way that is less chaotic than it would be otherwise. They are the glue for the Cadre. Sages are the teachers, of course, and they are primarily the source that, after the Servers have let you bumble through and grow up on your own, the Artisans have let the craziness occur, and the Warriors have brought the glue, and the Scholars are storing all of this, the Sages say, everybody lighten up. [Laughter] Let's have fun. Remember your innocence. Remember that we are ageless. Remember that this was supposed to be fun. [Laughter] Which can be lost on the other Roles. And can be quite annoying to the other Roles. [Laughter] But the Sages will persist and continue to poke at you, and provoke you, in ways that either bring you laughter, which is the representation of resolving paradoxes, resolving conflicts, oneness, or provoke you to find in yourself where you are refusing to allow joy, to allow your happiness, to allow your innocence, to allow your fun. So, you will either allow that in the laughter or you will see very clearly where you are uptight, resistant, or still dealing with pain that needs to be addressed. In the same way that children will either remind you to get in touch with that child or remind you how to care more about the joy of life, so will the Sages be that reminder for all the fragments of a Cadre, even into the Astral Plane. And we know this may not come of comfort to some of you, but they will continue to be a source [Troy laughs] of provocation into the Astral and Causal Plane. So, we will describe them as the provocative, or the provocateur. The source of provocation. We are not getting the correct term out, but we know you know what we are saying. Catalyst. Kings are the Roles that really do not come into full bloom until the Causal Plane. They are the delegators of the Cadres and Entity, they are the Role that eventually reminds everyone where their seats are, [Laughter] where their place is, and allows for a far more efficiently functioning Entity to occur so that the true exploration of existence can occur. Existence on a level that is not capable of being explored while fragmented. And Kings, of course, feel this even in their individual lifetimes because it will never, while across the entire spectrum of incarnations while in the Physical Plane, feel as if things are right, things are settled, or working the way they could be. Because of this inherent nature as a functioning part of a Cadre or Entity to bring that order on a scale that is very difficult to see or understand or implement while in a physical body in the Physical Plane. So, that is our response at this point. We know that it could have been more succinct, but this is our first movement through Troy in a while. And that is the best we could do tonight. Kerrin: So, Entities that don't have all the Roles, such as yours Michael, it's just Warriors and Kings, how do you compensate for the missing parts, so to speak? MEntity: However each Entity's design is in terms of a proportion of Roles, the Cadre makes up for in its distribution of Roles. So, the entire Cadre will have a persistent and consistent representation of the Roles in some way divided among the seven and will work as a whole. So, while we do not have many of the Roles, the rest of the Cadre helps to carry that processing or Roles or functions, and it's not limited to what is accessible through our own Entity. So, when it is not there, it moves to another Entity that is willing to provide that. There tend to be Entities, this is not a rule, but it tends to be that an Entity may have a predominance of a certain Role and will play that for the rest of the Cadre, while another Entity will have a predominance of a Role that will then play that function for the rest of the Cadre, and so forth. So that every Entity is playing some role that participates in the functioning of the entire Cadre. Does this make sense? BobbyK: If our casting is how we manifest in our daily lives, can some of the functionalities of the Roles correlate into our casting? MEntity: Yes, not quite as strongly. But, yes. Cong: So, what you just said, does it imply that some Entities within a Cadre will work more closely together? For example, Cadre 1 Entity 2 does not have a lot of Servers. So, does it mean that this Entity works more with Entity 7 in this Cadre because they have more Servers? MEntity: Yes. All of Cadre 1's Entities work very closely with Entity 7. It is primarily Servers and Priests, so it carries the weight of the processes that Servers and Priests do. Mostly the Servers. Tex: For some reason, Geraldine’s been on my mind. Is she listening in? And how does she reach you now? MEntity: Oh! [Laughter] It took awhile for her to settle down. [Laughter] There was a lot of demanding questions that her Essence and Guides had to contend with, and we helped in that process, and that continues to this day. There is, in her words, “So much more than I thought to ask while I was alive.” And part of what was considered, for lack of a better term, her “Heaven” is the experience of finally accessing all of the ways that questions can be answered. She may forget these upon next incarnation, but the Review and the work are there and will always carry forward. But she is not listening at this point to your conversation. She is fairly busy. [Laughter] We will conclude here then and say to each of you, have a good evening and good-bye.
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    Some of you may have noticed that I've been laying low lately, and even getting a bit behind in some of my scheduling, including the Energy Report, Community Challenges/winners, etc. The main reason is that of both good news and bad news. The good news is that I am on a fast track to reversing my diabetes diagnosis. Whatever I am doing, I am doing right, and I am completely in the clear at the moment. In addition to my vegan diet, I mainly reduced processed fats, oils, which we are finding out is shockingly bad for even the healthiest of us. Yes, even coconut oil. Oils are of the most highly processed foods we can consume, and we consume a LOT more than we realize. I also mostly cut out the only source of high fructose corn syrup in my diet: American Coke. It turns out I can actually drink Mexican Coke without much impact because it is made from cane sugar and not from highly processed corn syrup. It turns out that we are finding out that sugar (at least, natural sugar) is not as linked to diabetes as we once thought it was. I've also increased my movement/exercise, so that helped a lot. Because I've done so well on my personal changes, I was able to be taken off of insulin fairly quickly! The doctor said my body is producing plenty of insulin, so they wanted to switch me over to a drug that just helps my body use my own insulin better. If I continue with stable and healthy readings, then they will scale that back and I will experiment with no medicine beyond the lifestyle/dietary changes. The bad news is that this new drug has a huge wall of adjustment period that brings with it extreme nausea, extreme fatigue, extreme lack of focus and clarity, extreme irritability, extreme appetite suppression, and other issues I won't go into because I am too classy. lol Needless to say, this has been a shock to my system. The drug is Victoza, so if any of you are familiar with it, high five me on enduring this shit. I have been a wreck. My food intake dropped by 90%. I am not kidding. That's not necessarily a bad thing because I was probably overeating, but holy shit. To stop eating like that was bizarre. I had no appetite and everything made me feel sick to my stomach. I would eat two bites of a whole meal. Literally... two. bites. @DianeHB visited during all of this and can vouch for the stack of nearly complete meals piling in the refrigerator because I would only eat two bites. We also had a mini TLE gathering at a restaurant and despite the incredible food, my plate sat nearly untouched. And I was totally bitchy and whiny and moaning all the time to anyone who would endure me. When alone all I could do is curl up and writhe myself to sleep to escape the aching. I asked my doctor about all of this and she said to "power through it," because it is normal and can take about 3 - 4 months to adjust! WTF?? I'm into my second month and it is actually getting better, but it has been a very disruptive experience, especially for the art of channeling. I apologize to anyone who has been affected, and to the community for delaying the Energy Report, Calendar updates, and Community Challenge events. It has been all I could do to just get through a day of work. As of now, I am still on this drug and will trust the doctors because they have been very progressive and very encouraging of dietary and natural remedies over medication, but they swear by this particular drug as a way to help in that process. They have always been encouraging of my trying alternatives to medicine and never pushed anything on me, so when they ask that I power through now, I will trust that process until I can't. If it means helping reverse the entire diagnosis, I am all for it. Thank you for hanging in there with me! I will continue to try to focus on updating the site and tending to my schedule as I feel better! Here's to health and prosperity for all, because it sucks when either of these is threatened. I love you guys! Troy
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    ENERGY REPORT July 2018 2018 OVERLEAVES ROLE: Warrior (emphasized all year) CENTER: Higher Emotional (emphasized all year) GOAL: Dominance (emphasized Jan - Mar) MODE: Power (emphasized Apr - Jun) ATTITUDE: Pragmatist (emphasized Jul - Sep) CHIEF FEATURES: Greed (emphasized Oct - Dec) JULY shifts the collective emphasis away from Power Mode and brings a collective emphasis to the Attitude of Pragmatist. The Attitudes describe one’s primary perspective, how one interprets the inner and outer world of events and experiences. How one interprets events and experiences in the life directly informs one’s actions, thoughts, feelings, and choices. This is why the Attitude tends to be the “hub” of every Personality. How one sees the inner and outer world matters. When the Attitude falls into the Negative Pole, this cascades through the Personality and takes the entire Overleaf system into the Negative Poles. If the Attitude can be returned to the Positive Pole, the rest of the Overleaves tend to follow. The Pragmatist sees the world in terms of efficiency. Whatever works, works. Whatever is seen as the most direct route between A and B is prioritized. The Pragmatist is at the center of all other Attitudes, so if it makes more sense to “slide” to Idealist, or Realist, the Pragmatist will use her Idealism or Realism as a means of efficiency. This gives the Pragmatist many options for how to navigate effectively. In the Positive Pole, the Pragmatist is PRACTICAL. This Pragmatist sees the world in terms of what will work. This Pragmatist is willing to do things differently if it means being more efficient. This Pragmatist is flexible and always assessing the dynamics of life in a way that improves processes, both internally and externally. This Pragmatist will “slide” to any other Attitude as a way of preventing blind spots and assumptions, looking at the world from different angles to assess the best options. In the Negative Pole, the Pragmatist is DOGMATIC. This Pragmatist sees the world in terms of what once worked. This Pragmatist assumes that what once worked will always work and insists and demands that this method be used in every similar situation. This Pragmatist also “slides” to other Attitudes, but only as a means of justifying their Dogma. This Pragmatist tends to lock onto another Attitude and use its Negative Pole to fortify the Dogma. This Pragmatist sees only what he wants to see and then thinks, feels, acts, and chooses based on the rigidity of perspective. The priority for the Dogmatic Pragmatist is to be right, to make the world comply to his expectations, and to ignore all indications or input to the contrary. July brings with it a dive into Dogma. All of the Overleaves are in effect all year while the “seasons” bring with them an emphasis on certain parts of the Overleaves, so Pragmatism has already been in effect and has been in Dogma from the start. July simply brings this into focus. The world stage will likely become a showcase of Dogmatic Pragmatists colliding with each other and who will stop at nothing as they push forward, refusing input that does not support what they have decided works best, regardless of the outcome. The outcome is not important for the Dogmatic Pragmatist, only the process. For those in Dogma, when the process leads to disaster, the disaster is not considered as relevant. The process is the priority, and success is determined by whether the Pragmatist was able to adhere to what he determined was the best path, rather than whether the path gave the best results. As Dogma comes into focus over July on the world stage and collectively, we see many of our students and non-students quickly aiming for the Positive Pole in PRACTICAL Pragmatism to help address the Dogmatic Pragmatism that is escalating. This is an aim in the personal life as well as in how one participates in the world. Many of our students are evaluating what they can do differently, evaluating alternatives to what they have always felt used to work for them, reconsidering how they see themselves and others, reconsidering the routines, habits, and familiar ways that have been in place for most of the life. This is how the Positive Pole of Pragmatism works. As many of our students know, the Assimilative Overleaf can “slide” to all other Overleaves, so Pragmatist can slide to Skeptic, Cynic, Realist, etc. It is often forgotten that all other Overleaves can also slide to the Assimilative Overleaf, so those who are Skeptic, Cynic, and Realist, for example, can also slide to Pragmatist. Regardless of your own Attitude, you are likely sliding to Pragmatist as a means of evaluating how you see yourself, see the world, see yourself in the world, and assessing what patterns may no longer work for you or for your worlds. You may be assessing how your patterns contribute to or take away from both your inner and outer worlds. To do this, you will also enter Pragmatism through Dogma, first. This means that you will likely see a daunting range of routines, patterns, traditions, and familiarity that you see you have taken for granted, or that have always worked for you, or that you wish could continue to work for you, but may require change. As you enter your exploration of Dogma, it will be important to remember that Dogma is only the case if you refuse to change a pattern that you know you must change. You are assessing yourself in terms of what has the potential to be or become Dogma, and then aim for more Practical solutions. This is not new to any of you this year. This assessment has been in place all year. However, the work of bringing about Practical changes now comes into focus more than at any other point in the year for most of our students. It is a “now or never” shift that is on the horizon for most of our students regarding participation in a shift of collective patterns across Sentience. From the most intimate and private of changes to the most globally relevant of changes, nearly every student we know is considering how to put into action that which will alter patterns that have potential to become Dogmatic. Most of the population beyond our students are considering their perspectives in the same way. However, many Young and Baby Souls are locked in Dogma and will push that Dogma with all of the power they have. July through September look to be quite turbulent, even to the point of major geological events reflecting the inner turmoil of humanity. Economic and Social stabilities around the world are precarious at the moment. The need for change is great, and the need for Practical Pragmatism is becoming clear to many. Ironically, because of the precarious nature of patterns at the moment, we cannot see probabilities clearly enough to assess the likelihood of what is to come. Earlier in the year, we saw probabilities for June or July to begin a Breaking or Turning Point. The first of those key events have come with the resignation of a member of the United States Supreme Court. This may seem to be a local event that would only affect the United States, but this key event is part of a delicate and fragile system that is long overdue for an overhaul. The Breaking or Turning Point for this overhaul will affect the planet. There are more key moments to come across July. As you navigate July, August, and September, the display of Dogma in the world may be quite daunting, but your personal assessment of where you may have fallen into Dogma or could potentially fall into Dogma can help bring changes internally and externally in ways that help move you and your world toward the Positive Poles of every Attitude. DATES OF INTEREST (dates are approximate): July 12th - July 27th -- NEXUS -- CONVERGENCE/DIVERGENCE - This window of Nexus is a mix of both Convergences and Divergences that are wholly unpredictable even in terms of probability at the moment. We will assess on the other side of this Nexus in our next Energy Report. We can only suggest to our students that they do their best to focus on personal changes that have been deemed relevant and practical and helpful for both the inner and outer worlds as a way to sustain a sense of footing and grounding over this Nexus. This unusual Nexus may be obvious to some and simply more of the same to others. We cannot offer a definitive standard that will help our students recognize symptoms or validation of this Nexus. We can say that it will likely carry a sense of acceleration, escalation, and intensity. July 12th - 27th -- ENERGY SHIFT -- SHOCK/GROUNDING -- The Nexus brings with it an accompanying and daily Energy Shift that will likely shift between Shock and Grounding. HELPFUL THOUGHTS OVER JULY: THIS IS ONLY A PART OF THE STORY - Wherever you are in your life, wherever humanity is in its progress, whatever the past, whatever the likely future, and whatever the present, there is never a moment when the story is over. Every moment, decade, era, century, lifetime, and even Grand Cycle is only a part of the story. It can be quite helpful to remember this when you feel you can only see an end or no end for a particularly challenging story. This is only a part of the story, and your part in that story matters.
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    ENERGY REPORT November 2018 2018 OVERLEAVES ROLE: Warrior (emphasized all year) CENTER: Higher Emotional (emphasized all year) GOAL: Dominance (emphasized Jan - Mar) MODE: Power (emphasized Apr - Jun) ATTITUDE: Pragmatist (emphasized Jul - Sep) CHIEF FEATURES: Greed (emphasized Oct - Dec) NOVEMBER brings a deep dive into Greed as introduced into emphasis in October. Greed is the fear of not having enough and it tends to fixate on what is feared to be lacking. This year the Greed is directly tied to and fixated on POWER. It is fairly easy to see how this is playing out in the world around you, but it is hitting our students in quite painful ways, as well. Even if you are not inclined toward Greed and have never had this as a Chief Feature of your Personality, it is likely that you are struggling with the fear of lacking power. This is a year of great challenges to the concept and application of Power, both in terms of the Overleaf and in terms of influence in the world. We have discussed in depth the concept and application of Power in our previous reports, and it would be helpful to review those exchanges for insight. The earlier part of the year had a focus on how better to understand and use your power of presence in your choices and actions, but October, November, and December bring an emphasis on exploring where you are lacking power. Keep in mind that GREED is the FEAR OF LACK. It is not about actually lacking or not having enough, it is about the FEAR of lacking or not having enough. There will always be times when you do not have enough of a thing and this is something that one must learn to navigate as a part of life. But when you fear this lack, you will tend to overcompensate, fixate, hoard, and panic. There will be times when you do not have enough food, not enough water, not enough heat, not enough sex, not enough money, not enough creativity, vision, clothes, ideas, compassion, etc. Most of the time when there is “not enough” there actually is enough, but you have to use what you have in a way that gets the most out of it. Other times, there is legitimately not enough and you must find or create alternatives or endure through scarcity until you have more. There are times when you must be thoughtful and practical and budget what you have so that you can reduce the effects of scarcity. All of this is very different from what Greed brings. Greed is never about legitimate lack or scarcity, but about fearing that lack and scarcity, so Greed convinces you that you do not have enough even as you have plenty. Greed convinces you that others have more and that is why you have less. Greed convinces you that you must take from others as a way to have more. Greed can be fairly obvious in how it shows up in the world through younger souls. There are many who have plenty of money yet seek to take more money from those with less money. There are many with plenty of security and sanctuary who seek to take away the security and sanctuary of others as a way to feel as if they have greater security and sanctuary. There are many in power who have plenty of power and yet they seek to take even more power from those with less power. Greed shows up for the older soul in more abstract ways. Most older souls will know that any lack of food, money, and even water are parts of the gamble and navigation of being in the Physical Plane, even as they may wish for more or seek to obtain more. Greed rarely shows up for Older Souls for this reason. You may not enjoy lacking these things, and life may become perilous because of lacking these things, but most of you do not live in fear of lacking in them. This is not said to undermine the very serious impact of lack in a lifetime, but we point this out because there is a difference between navigating legitimate hardships in life and living in fear of them when you are under no threat. For most of our students, Greed is likely to be showing up as a fear of lack in power, not as a power OVER others such as the younger souls fear to lose, but more as a lack of power WITH others. This is important to note because most of the dread and anxiety and fear that may come up around Greed is because the older soul fears that there are not enough people taking a stand, standing together, standing for the same things. There is a fear of not enough cohesion and community and commitment. The older soul is so used to navigating life on her own and being as responsible for that life as she can be, she tends to miss out on the inherent trust that can extend to others as a network of power that can bring change. As you move through November, it will be important to remember that you are not alone, that you are not carrying the weight of the world alone, and that you are surrounded by millions who wish to stand together and share in the power necessary to bring great change. Many are scared and uncertain and need help and guidance and access and information, but you are not lacking in power. As you move through November, it will be important to remember that those who take power from others must continue to take power and this cannot be done for long, though we know this is not comforting. It will always fail. It will never last. It is not true power. False power can have a profound and deep impact, but never in a beneficial way, The power you share with others in the face of false power generates effects that heal generations to come. The power you share with others in the face of false power creates the paradigm shifts that dismantle false power. Our point is that you are not without Power. If you fear that you lack power, it is because you may have forgotten that your greatest power comes in the sharing of power. Find your empowerment family. Create your family of empowerment. Invite others to share in your power. Look for others who are inviting you to share in their power. Make your choices and take actions as a contribution to the greater spectrum of power rather than assuming you must make choices and take actions that carry all of the power. October likely pointed out where you feel you have the least power, and November will likely be the invitation to solutions for how to nurture, sustain, and share in ways that help increase your True Power. The rest of the world will look to be consumed by Greed, but our students will likely be focusing on improving their relationship to Power and how better to share in that so that false power can be dismantled sooner than later. DATES OF INTEREST (dates are approximate): November 5th - 11th -- NEXUS -- UNKNOWN - This is a powerful Nexus that will likely result in being a Divergence, but we are not certain. This looks to be either a surreal shift toward empowerment or a surreal shock of reassessment of power. November 11th - 27th -- ENERGY SHIFT -- COMPOSURE -- This looks to be an Energy Shift with a focus on regrouping, refocusing, and bracing for a new level of intense focus as a means of moving forward. HELPFUL THOUGHTS OVER NOVEMBER: CONTINUE TO STAY AWAKE - This will be a theme of thought for the rest of the year. It is important to stay awake and not “check out” or abandon your power of choice and action and contribution. Stay awake. However empowered or challenged you feel, it will be vital to stay awake. By “stay awake” we mean that you allow your feelings, your passions, your frustrations, your anger, your pleasures and joy and moments of brilliance and darkness. Allow the spectrum of who you are as you focus on where you are going. Stay awake. Stay alive.
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    ENERGY REPORT February 2017 2017 OVERLEAVES ROLE: Priest (emphasized all year) CENTER: Higher Emotional (emphasized all year) GOAL: Submission (emphasized Jan - Mar) MODE: Passion (emphasized Apr - Jun) ATTITUDE: Realist (emphasized Jul - Sep) CHIEF FEATURES: Greed (emphasized Oct - Dec) February brings a doubling down, so to speak, on the Goal of Submission. The Positive Pole of Devotion among those who commit to a cause is still going strong fueled by Compassion of the Priest energy, while the Negative Pole of unquestioning and obedience through Subservience is continuing to further entrench itself into the year, driven by those who have locked into the Zeal of the Priest energy. One of the primary concerns for our students and those who are contributing to the collective Devotion and Compassion momentum is the concept of Elegance. The year was launched with a fury and flurry of energy that cannot be sustained. Those pushing the patterns of Subservience and Zeal are likely to discover this sooner than later, but even those with the passion fueling Devotion and Compassion soon discover the “burn out.” Elegance helps relieve this concern. Elegance is a process of harnessing fury and stretching this out into calmness. Elegance is ingeniousness, simplicity, and pleasure. In other words, the momentum of Devotion and Compassion must pace itself and begin measures that funnel energy into simplicity, pleasures, and ingenious solutions that make the absolute most of the energy at hand so that energy can replenish to sustain momentum. Many of our students may have felt the fury and flurry in January, but now feel the stutter and stall. This is one of the reasons many efforts to sustain a Cause to full success can fail. The greater the obstacles related to the Cause, the greater the necessity for Elegance. What we can suggest then for our students who are participating in the energy of this year is to look for ways to contribute that fulfill one or both of these criteria: Simplicity - taking part in a march, a protest, donating money, sharing information, etc. are examples of simplicity. Simplicity in this case means being able to show up without losing yourself. If you are participating in larger scale organization tactics then ensure that delegation is clear and concise so that the effort is spread among many. The point of Simplicity is only that your efforts allow for rest. This is vital. Pleasure - this may seem counter to the state of mind and heart one may have when involved in a Cause, but that is exactly what it is: a state of mind and heart. If you approach a Cause with despair and defeat, your energy is cut by half at the very least. If you approach a Cause with a sense of passion for the aim, a confidence in the effectiveness, a trust in your power and presence, this is pleasure. More importantly, pay attention to the effectiveness of the efforts. Every little pillar of support and ramp of progress is worth acknowledging and celebrating. Let yourself and others know that actions are fulfilling the Cause. In short, give and receive the credit freely and openly. This helps keep your spirits up and generates energy to sustain Devotion and Compassion. The above may seem overly simplistic and optimistic, but that is because they are. That is the point. One cannot fulfill a Cause by moving forward in dread and despair. This is not to say that dread and despair can be avoided, but that those are not the fuel for a Cause. Feelings of dread and despair are yours to use as you wish, but allow them to stay unhooked from your Cause. Cry, feel defeated, feel anxious and worried and even hateful, but let that be “on your own time,” so to speak. A Cause that is fueled by Devotion and Compassion tends not to be limited in benefit to a single person, but for the sake of many. Allow your Cause to be fueled by your passion, simply and confidently, while giving yourself the personal space to grieve and recover. February may be exhausting and daunting at times, but if you can return to Elegance through Simplicity and Pleasure, you may find a new way to use the fuel of your life, and/or access new depths of fuel. DATES OF INTEREST (dates are approximate): February 6th - 8th -- ENERGY SHIFT -- POTENTIAL SHOCK - Our dates of interest are never predictions, only probabilities, so we do not know if this shift will come to form. However, we see a pattern leading to some sort of disruptive shock, surprise, and a bit of chaos over these dates. If this happens on a global scale, it will be known, but if this is more subtle on an individual scale it may show up more obviously at a later date. We will look at this again later in the month with you. February 26th - March 2nd -- NEXUS - DIVERGENCE - This looks to be one of the first large-scale Divergent Nexus of the year, and from what we can tell it may bring with it the first signs of what may be experienced as Relief. This Divergence looks to be a kind of “exit ramp” for those more interested in extreme versions of this current reality, and removing that element from “here” can help improve morale for many of our students. HELPFUL THOUGHTS OVER February: K.I.S.S. - Keep It Super Simple - With all of your angst, anger, fear, terror, frustration, anxiety, dread, and all of your passion, love, intent, consciousness, kindness, compassion, and devotion, you have a lot of energy churning and this can distort your access to the Higher Emotional Center energy of this year that allows you synthesize all of the input from life into some Intuitive sense, and/or sustain a sense of Love with clear heart and vision for your Cause. Remembering to K.I.S.S. can help you to remember that you need affection, rest, and some amount of joy to take back to your Cause, and that it is okay to leave your messier frustrations and fears for your downtime to process. NOTE: when we speak of your Cause in this year’s reports, we know that not all students will have a declarative Cause for which they stand. In cases where there is no obvious external Cause, we speak in terms of your personal Cause that may be your healing, your recovery, your relationship, your creative projects. A Cause is anything that is important to you that you know brings benefit, value, and pleasure to others. So even if your Cause is quiet, personal, and private, it is likely one that others would benefit from because of you.
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    This was a rough week for me. I fought with a migraine headache for about 4 days and then found myself crashing into flu-like symptoms and shivering and then nausea and, well, the nasty stuff that comes with nausea. On this 4th day, I was just trying to ride it out by sleeping and my Apple Watch started buzzing me like crazy. I was trying to ignore it, but I finally gave in and looked. The Cardio app was warning me that my resting heart rate had accelerated dangerously. I was sustaining a resting heart rate around 110 - 120, spiking at around 130. I immediately looked up what is a dangerous heart rate and it said anything above 100 is worth being concerned, but anything above 120 could be something pretty serious. I decided to go to the emergency room. My alert was around 6pm and I was at the emergency room by 8pm. I was admitted and got an EKG test and then they took blood from me and then I waited. And waited. And waited. And waited. SIX AND A HALF HOURS LATER... and only after finally pushing the issue and asking if someone could PLEASE give me an update, they told me that there was cause for concern because of my current diagnoses that I carry (AIDS, DIABETES, BORDERLINE HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE) can cause the heart to work harder. This is also causing my left Ventricular of the heart to be enlarged. They wanted to keep me for 24 hours and do an echocardiogram on me, but I said no. I will schedule that through my primary doctor. I tested negative two times for some test that they said made then assess that I was 92% safe enough to leave and be fine. 7.5 hours later I was on my way home at around 3:30 AM. Cyprus and BF Bobby stayed by my side the entire time. I love them so much. They really helped keep me calm with levity and love. In those 7.5 hours, we were surrounded by what the staff called "Frequent Flyers" who were a bunch of drunk men who came nearly daily. We were surrounded by people projectile vomiting all over the place and one drunk man stood up from his bed and decided to pee all over the floor near my bed. The stench was so bad that I almost added to the vomit-fest. I had to get up and leave. It took them 2 hours to clean up the vomit and piss, and when they cleaned up the pee, they just used sheets and hospital gowns to sop it up and didn't mop or disinfect. It was disgusting. This contributed to my decision not to stay the 24 hours. I was feeling sicker and sicker just being in that environment. I had to leave. I am happy to report that my heart rate is fine so far today, according to my Apple Watch, and I am feeling good. It was a long and scary night after a long week of not feeling well. I hate reporting these kinds of things, but I think it is only fair and kind of my responsibility to keep all of you in the loop about my health since it impacts my schedule and our time with Michael. Don't worry, I am okay and will be making follow up appointments to ensure my well-being. I love you guys. If anything ever happens to me, I need everyone here to know that you made this world a better place for me and everyone else around you. Thank you for being such bright sparks of light in a world that can sometimes seem so dark. Okay, back to work for me... Troy BELOW: tired, disheveled, exhausted, anxious, scared, but rockin' the hospital gown after many hours of sitting and waiting.
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    ENERGY REPORT June 2018 2018 OVERLEAVES ROLE: Warrior (emphasized all year) CENTER: Higher Emotional (emphasized all year) GOAL: Dominance (emphasized Jan - Mar) MODE: Power (emphasized Apr - Jun) ATTITUDE: Pragmatist (emphasized Jul - Sep) CHIEF FEATURES: Greed (emphasized Oct - Dec) JUNE draws to a close the emphasis on Power Mode and this has many of our students polarized as being in a position of resentment and regret, or being in a position of encouragement and enthusiasm. For some, the exploration of Power Mode has revealed several Oppressive obstacles to being present and in Authority over the life, while for others, the exploration of Power Mode revealed many of the key factors that could be implemented as a means to be more present and in Authority over the life. Most of our students are likely leaning in one direction over the other by now. Nearly all students are having a difficult time navigating the blurred line between one’s place “in the world” and ones place “in the life.” For many, any sense of Power in the personal life feels like a betrayal or disconnect from the reality of lack of Power among many in the world. This is a difficult scenario to balance, especially in a world where “the life” and “the world” are, literally, becoming one as the Mature Soul Age takes full effect. The personal life is no longer able to be shielded from the world, and the world can no longer be shielded from the personal life. This is quite disorienting and confusing to even the oldest of souls who have lived in the Paradigms that allowed such divisions. In addition to this, the Young and Baby Souls are seeing this, too. If you find it difficult to navigate, they find it impossible. To the younger soul, one or the other has to go. The world or the personal life must be eliminated rather than brought into balance. In most cases, the personal life is chosen and the world must simply suffer the consequences. Even most of our students have lived this way for most of this life. It is profoundly new to no longer see and feel the difference between the personal life and the world. The Young Soul paradigm erects shields between the two. Most of our students have enjoyed that shielding. It is painful, shocking, and crippling to have that shield lowered now. This is part of the current awakening. Awakening is not often magical and “ascendant” or even beautiful (at first), but disgusted, moody, and disorienting, even for the most willing. Some of our students have been awake for most of their lives, but could still benefit from the shielding that was accessible in the Young paradigm. It was an option to retreat and recover. Even this is gone. We point this out because some of our students may feel as if they should be able to handle this shift more gracefully, but it is new to everyone. Everyone. As you move through June and into July, it can be helpful to remember that the personal life and the world are now one and the same. What you do in one affects the other and what happens in the other affects you. This was always true, but it can no longer be ignored. The masses have opted to move forward into the truth of Maturity and however ugly and painful, you will continue to move forward. Owning this new equation of reality can help you to reduce the painful effects because those painful effects are magnified when you feel you should be able to shield yourself or retreat from one reality to focus on the other. This is no longer an option. One reality cannot be used to escape from the other, but one reality can be used to help the other. If you have more Power in your personal life, use it. If you have more Power in the world, use it. Know that what you do in both affects both. Shift your thinking away from the pain and exhaustion of no retreat and embrace the reality of holistic existence. Holistic existence means that you can still differentiate between the personal life and the world, but you give your focus to them as if they are the same. Heal your life, heal the world. Heal the world, heal your life. Your new Power comes from presence, not from retreat. This is new power for most, and it is powerful and empowering. It is heavy and difficult to hold, at first, but you will learn. And then the beauty of that power begins to be more than the exhaustion and pain of waking up. Look to June for your chance to put into practice a new acceptance of a new equation that adds up to being Reality. Accept that there is no retreat or shielding or division, and free yourself from the burdens and pain of trying to escape or taking on too much. DATES OF INTEREST (dates are approximate): NO NEXUS IN JUNE June 1st - 7th -- ENERGY SHIFT -- NEXUS EXPLORATION -- The potential for a Nexus is explored over these dates and it may further add to one’s disorientation and even dream activity. This exploration is a look at what can be created from this “nexus bubble” when it, eventually, branches. June 22nd - 29th -- ENERGY SHIFT -- REVELATIONS -- This shift appears to be a wide wave of realizations from among students and the population regarding what will come next. This is not ominous, but a potential anchoring of direction that allows for many to begin “working with it” rather than in a floating state of uncertainty. This is not good or bad, but a reveal and integration of truth that can be helpful for knowing what to do next, both in the personal life and the world. HELPFUL THOUGHTS OVER JUNE: YOUR LIFE IS LIFE - Your life can no longer be seen as a separate and isolated event that has no bearing on the world, and the events of the world can no longer be navigated as events to occasionally check in on as you focus on your life. Your life IS Life. Your life is part of the ecosystem of existence that is shared among all. It was never isolated. How you feel about and deal with your personal life contributes to the bank of energy that shapes life collectively. The choices you make, the actions you take, the people and things you care about and deem worthy of their own life and of your life, matter. To everyone. However subtle and invisible the effects, all of this accumulates from every single life and adds up to what become these “energy reports.” Seeing your life as LIFE, rather than only as your life, can help you to anchor your empowerment and allow you to take care of yourself, others, and the world as equal in priority rather than as a forced choice between one or the other. Caring about one thing adds care to the world. Helping in any way adds help to the world. What you require in care and love is as important as what the world requires in care and love, and what the world suffers in pain and division, you suffer as pain and division, as well. This is not meant to be a burden. This is a new reality. It is your plugging into LIFE as a WHOLE. You are a vital blood cell in the working body of humanity and life on Earth. What you regard as LIFE in both your personal and world realities matters. You cannot control or save or solve everything, but it is okay to care about everything. Let yourself care. Do what you can. Rest when you can. Create when you can. Love when you can. Trust when you can. You are no longer just a part of your own life, but a part of LIFE. Give yourself time to adjust to this.
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    ENERGY REPORT January 2017 2017 OVERLEAVES ROLE: Priest (emphasized all year) CENTER: Higher Emotional (emphasized all year) GOAL: Submission (emphasized Jan - Mar) MODE: Passion (emphasized Apr - Jun) ATTITUDE: Realist (emphasized Jul - Sep) CHIEF FEATURES: Greed (emphasized Oct - Dec) As January brings the shift of collective Overleaves into focus, many will begin to feel the motivation of Submission rising, the background noise changing from Moving Center to Higher Emotional Center, and the Inspiration of the Priest Role. Submission is the motivation to matter, to make a difference. In the Positive Pole there is Devotion. Devotion is a love, loyalty, and enthusiasm for a person, activity, or cause. The Negative Pole is Subservience, or the blind and unquestioning obedience set by a person, activity, or cause. As January unfolds, the line between Devotion and Subservience will likely be drawn and drawn rather clearly. We suggest not to underestimate the destruction that Subservience can bring, nor the progress that Devotion can bring. The Higher Emotional Center is what helps inspire and anchor the truth and energy of Love. The Higher Emotional Center has a Positive Pole of Love and a Negative Pole of Intuition. Higher Centers do not have any classic “negative” effects, but there is the more restricted and divided pole. Where Love transcends the divisions and parts and pieces that make up a relationship, event, or life, Intuition navigates all of this. Intuition is only “negative” in that it is finding a way through the parts and Love is holding them together. As January brings a new momentum of background energy, many will be shifting away from 2016’s sense of immediate Action through Productivity or Frustration, and into a more long-term vision that works to navigate through and hold together the parts that make up the whole. However, not everyone can or will work in this Higher Center energy and will be working from the more familiar and comfortable Emotional Center. The Emotional Center holds Perception as the Positive Pole and Sentimentality as the Negative Pole. Perception is the capacity to bypass logic as a means of opening to the “heart” of an event, person, or experience, while Sentimentality is an attachment to the “heart” of an event, person, or experience as a way to bypass logic. Again, as January grows in momentum, we expect to find a definitive line between those who are attached and lacking logic, and those who are open and willing to see past the limits of their logic. Priest energy is about inspiring the masses. The Positive Pole is Compassion and the Negative Pole is Zeal. Compassion is the capacity to open one’s eyes to suffering and use inspiration to transform and heal this. Zeal is the capacity to close one’s eyes to suffering and use inspiration to distract from or compound that suffering. The Priest energy will be as definitively divided in its polarities as the other Overleaves. Most of our students are on the Positive Pole “side” of this dramatically defined line, and we will spend your year with you in helping our students understand and utilize these energies effectively and skillfully so that your Causes, Visions, and Love can be sustained and shared. For most of our students it will be fairly important to define for themselves over January at least one Cause, a clear Vision, and the willingness to Love “no matter what.” This first month can help set the collective energies in motion for greater access to the collective positive poles. We offer all of the above as information that may suit your sense of best interests, but we wish to clarify that if you choose the negative poles or do not wish to be moved by the momentum that is developing, then you are by no means obligated. You remain with power of choice and can do your best to ignore, avoid, or opt out of any collective evolution. DATES OF INTEREST (dates are approximate): January 3rd - 8th -- ENERGY SHIFT -- EMOTIONAL PARADOX - This looks to us to be a potential period where collective energy shifts across a confusing mix of emotions from dread and anxiety to enthusiasm and optimism and back and forth. If this occurs, we suggest “riding this out” and not presuming one feeling is more true than the other. See where you land around the 9th or 10th. January 19 - 23 -- NEXUS - CONVERGENCE - another round of the slow and lengthy merging of parallels that are a coming together of all realities on the verge of “global revolution.” HELPFUL THOUGHTS OVER January: BE A PART or BE APART - January looks as if it brings with it the questions of how, and how much, one wishes to be A PART of the collective changes or APART from the collective changes. If you are one of our students, you likely wish to be a part of the collective evolution, and this means making the choice to live fully, to live 100%, to tap into your passions and to continue to hold a long-term vision, to anchor love and create as many opportunities for love as you can, and passionately align with a meaningful and beneficial Cause. Let January be a period of time where you consider carefully your willingness and your strengths so that you do not overwhelm yourselves. CLOSE THE HEART or CLOSE TO THE HEART - It has been quite easy for many, including our students, to feel that the only option for protection in a time of struggle is to close the heart, to retract the energy and effort of the heart, and to focus only on “the good things.” This is a tactic that is valid and necessary when initially shocked or harmed, but the heart cannot function in this state for very long or the Physical body suffers along with the Emotional body. In January you may begin to feel you are ready to shift away from Closing the Heart, to simply letting everything return to being Close to the Heart again. When you close down the heart, you also close yourself to the flow of inspiration from things about which you care deeply. Things hurt because you care, and it is Good Work that you care. If you hurt, you must rest and heal, but you cannot sustain a closed state as a form of protection. When you are ready, bring everything close to the heart again, care again, rest and heal if you hurt again, and so on. Our point is that you can always come back. You can always bounce back. We can say this because we have watched you do it for centuries. And every time you do, the world evolves. But the choice to close the heart, or bring life close to the heart, will always be yours to make.
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    THE FINE LINE BETWEEN IMMORTALITY AND FRAGILE MORTALITY I turn 50 at 7:41pm on Saturday, January 20th, 2018. I will be half-a-century old. I feel a strange mix of immortality and fragility like I have never experienced for any other decade birthday. I didn't feel much difference at 20, 30, or 40, but 50 is kind of cool. I have always loved getting older, but this is the first time I see and feel myself as being older and not just getting older. It's all fascinating and terrifying. Do I have another 50 years? Or is time now more precious than ever? Walking that fine line between immortality and fragility is an art. Thank you for walking with me as I live this life assuming I have at least another 50 years, but treating every moment as precious as a final moment. It is so weird to me that of my 50 years of life on Earth as "Troy" I have been in trance with Michael for 30 of those! And many of you have been with me for more than half or all of that time! I have a lot of big plans for the next two years for TLE and publishing, and I will post a roadmap for TLE after my birthday! Despite the drama and stress of growing pains in the world, what an amazing time to be alive and have the technology to find each other again so easily. I want to make the most of it. I love you guys. You are everything to me. Just having you in my life, and seeing how you are in each others' lives, are the best birthday present! Troy NOTICE: LIVE STREAM of Gratitude on January 20th at 12pm Eastern via Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/cocteauboy
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    ENERGY REPORT May 2019 2019 OVERLEAVES ROLE: Artisan (emphasized all year) CENTER: Moving (emphasized all year) GOAL: Flow → Acceptance/Discrimination (emphasized Jan - Mar) MODE: Observation → Passion/Reserve (emphasized Apr - Jun) ATTITUDE: Realist (emphasized Jul - Sep) CHIEF FEATURES: Self-Destruction (emphasized Oct - Dec) MAY arrives almost unexpectedly and with some surprise as the months of 2019 begin to “blur” together with little to nothing differentiating them. This is part of the effect of Flow in the Negative Pole. Until there is a “slide” into meaningful Acceptance or Discrimination on a collective level, this will continue to be the case and the sense of inevitability and point of no return will escalate. As the Mode of Observation continues to be emphasized, it may seem to many of our students that there is only a Negative Pole position of Surveillance in relation to events in the world. This is a position that feels as if one must simply watch from a distance the unfolding of events and have little to no effect on them. Because of the lack of collective Positive Pole navigation of the first few months of this year, many of our students may find that they turn their attention back to the details of their personal lives and focus on what can be done there. Many of our students are Observing their lives from the Positive Pole of Clarity and improving the Flow of their lives from the Positive Pole of Freedom as they increase Productivity (Moving Center) and Creativity (Artisan). Ironically, this is precisely what is needed for many to do as a way to contribute to a collective return of navigation through the Positive Poles. We think that most of our students are in a process of deep and personal reflection regarding their more immediate necessities and care and this is helping free up energy and power that can then be directed toward grander visions and projects. May has a strong energy of support for self-care, self-reflection, clarity, and calm recollection of yourself. Some of you may have felt a surge of intensity as if “hitting a wall” with your patience and flexibility. This is not a bad sign. For those who experienced this over the end of April and beginning of May, it is an experience that is reminding you of your limits and/or an unlocking of permission for your power. Many are in a state of inner conflict over how to navigate challenges in life and in the world that force them to behave in ways that are unnatural to them, such as “getting angry,” “drawing a line,” clarifying boundaries and redefining themselves in terms of ethical and compassionate choices and actions. We think that most of our students will have “that moment” over the next 30 to 90 days if they have not experienced it, yet. As you navigate May, enjoy your moments of calm and embrace your moments of power. DATES OF INTEREST (dates are approximate): May 4th -- Energy Shift -- GROUNDING - A shift toward calm, patience, and persistence that may prompt students to step back, pause, reconnect, realign, and focus on something that brings and shares joy. This shift may carry in effect for the rest of May. May 18th - 21st -- NEXUS -- CONVERGENCE - A merging of parallels that are focused on emotional closure, emotional peace, True Grounding, and being “done” with unnecessary struggles and challenges, all while reclaiming a certain amount of collective power and pleasure through revitalizing social connections and directions. HELPFUL THOUGHTS OVER MAY: TOGETHER, WE STAND; TOGETHER, WE SIT - Collective forces are not always about moving forward, but about taking a moment to authentically look at each other instead of looking ahead. Our students may feel a desire to reach out, reach back, and truly acknowledge those in the life who are of meaningful and vital love, friendship, and kindness. Allow yourselves to sit down together and look at each other even as you know you must return to standing up and looking forward together.
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    ENERGY REPORT January 2019 2019 OVERLEAVES ROLE: Artisan (emphasized all year) CENTER: Moving (emphasized all year) GOAL: Flow → Acceptance/Discrimination (emphasized Jan - Mar) MODE: Observation → Passion/Reserve (emphasized Apr - Jun) ATTITUDE: Realist (emphasized Jul - Sep) CHIEF FEATURES: Self-Destruction (emphasized Oct - Dec) As JANUARY opens up a new year, the energies of the Artisan, Moving Center, and Flow are activated and emphasized. This is a fairly jarring shift from the baseline energies of the previous year. Many of our students may have found themselves thrown into, or sliding into a chaotic state that is a mix of the new Negative Poles, Delusion (Artisan), Frustration (Moving Center), and Inertia (Flow). This might show up as a burst of feelings stirred up in the body that have no place to go but in circles and generating a range of unfounded or outdated and previously-resolved experiences for processing over and over. For those who had the most difficult time adjusting to the shift in energies for the new year, it will be helpful to understand that most of what you are feeling may be the equivalent of a calm lake bed being stirred up by a storm. The murky waters are not permanent nor do they represent any issues that have returned to stay. It will be difficult to see clearly and it may be disorienting, but it will pass. When it passes, it will likely be as startling as it was when it washed over you because you will wonder why it felt so overwhelming and felt so “real.” For those who more easily adjusted to the shift in energies, you may still have found yourself challenged by the shift affecting some particular area that may have been thought to have been resolved to a greater degree than it looks at the start of the year. In both cases, it is important to understand that even when one has made great progress and evolution through issues, challenges, and patterns, they do not simply go away once they are resolved. They do disintegrate, dissolve, transform, etc, but they rest in the “sediment,” so to speak, of the lake bed of your greater body. Those challenges, issues, and patterns will always be a part of you and they may or may not be “stirred up” in any future wave of energy, but this does not mean they have returned or that you did not resolve them. Energy transforms and evolves, but it does not “go away.” This is true of the “worst” of who you are and for the best of who you are. You do not go away. You transform and evolve and grow, but you do not go away, and neither do all of the parts and patterns of who you are and have been. If you ever find yourself immersed in a return to old patterns and challenges, use your experience, wisdom, and understanding as best you can, and move through until the energies settle again. From what we can see, this immersion in Delusion, Frustration, and Inertia will likely be short-lived for our students who started off the year in this chaotic state, but this may escalate on a larger scale in the world. This is not a prediction, but a comment on the likelihood that the Negative Poles will be emphasized for the first 3 to 6 months and may or may not move to the Positive Poles at some point. From what we can see in terms of these energies on a larger scale, we think there will be a great deal of over-anticipation, misreading of possibilities, high expectations met with great disappointments, and a great deal of frustration as patterns continue to repeat so that “nothing” seems to be changing or getting better. This will not be true in the long-term, but it may seem to be true while these energies are swirling and murky and unclear. Regardless of how you have experienced the start of the year, and regardless of how the world may reflect these energies, it will be helpful for you to focus on the healthiest use of your imagination as possible, the healthiest use of your energy and actions as possible, and to foster as healthy a motivation and intention as possible. This will help you to move toward the Positive Poles of Creativity, Productivity, and Freedom. We will elaborate upon these energies over the year, of course, but for now, it is enough to know that if you feel like your focus and energy have been lost, it will return and you are not as lost as you may have thought you were. DATES OF INTEREST (dates are approximate): January 11th -- ENERGY SHIFT -- ENDINGS - This looks to be a shift that brings about the “beginning of the end” for many patterns that will not survive 2019. This may be in your personal life, but it will also be in terms of world events, as well. December 31st - January 3rd -- NEXUS -- CONVERGENCE -- This looks to be a convergence drawing together more parallels aimed for collective recovery and healing. A Healing Nexus, if you will. [NO OTHER NEXUS] HELPFUL THOUGHTS OVER JANUARY: THIS IS IT - On a personal and global scale, it could be said that 2019 is a pivotal year for everyone on the planet. It is a Moving Centered year of great changes, endings, and beginnings. Grief will likely be a great part of the energy in this year, as well as relief. Allow room for both of these states because you may find yourself moving between them on a regular basis. On a personal scale, it will be helpful to determine that this is the year you will do what you have been meaning to do, and actually, do it. Own your strength and motivation and use your imagination and action and intentions to truly follow through with what you know will improve, calm, and fulfill you, even if this may seem to be a very minor thing. On a larger scale, consider your part in the collective patterns and follow through with any changes or practices you know will help “the world.” Be a part of the world and not apart from it. Own your place in the collective creation of freedom for your fellow beings on your planet. This is it. We are not being dramatic when we say that “the world,” and even your personal world, are in a pivotal state during 2019 and the greater your participation, the greater your contribution to the more fulfilling direction.
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    ENERGY REPORT DECEMBER 2017 2017 OVERLEAVES ROLE: Priest (emphasized all year) CENTER: Higher Emotional (emphasized all year) GOAL: Submission (emphasized Jan - Mar) MODE: Passion (emphasized Apr - Jun) ATTITUDE: Realist (emphasized Jul - Sep) CHIEF FEATURES: Greed (emphasized Oct - Dec) DECEMBER shifts into a full emphasis on Fixation, a primary fuel for Greed. For many of our students, this “season” of Chief Features has been more of a process of realization and revelation as you consider what you truly lack vs what you fear you lack. Many of our students have taken this insight to heart and have addressed their fears, or at the very least are now aware of what is valid and what is not. For the greater collective consciousness, there is an ever-widening divide between those who are digging into their Fixation and doubling down on their fear and those who are inviting revelation and insight. This is setting up a long arc of exploration that will continue through 2018. There is likely to be a clear, definitive, and deep divide between those who are struggling with what they legitimately do not have vs those who fear they do not have, but have plenty. This dynamic is not new to modern society, but there are periods of time when this divide deepens and defines a society and prompts great launches of revolution. In most years there is a shift of emphasis each year that moves in and out of Chief Features and the depth of investment in those fears. When a Chief Feature carries over for 2 or more years, it starts to become a defining force in history. This is true of any Overleaf. If there is a trend in the Chief Feature that lasts 2 or more years, it tends to defined by issues related to revolutions. If a Goal is emphasized for 2 or more years, it tends to be a period defined by issues of progress and/or prosperity. If a Mode is emphasized for 2 or more years, it tends to be a period defined by the challenges and rewards of common ground and problem-solving. If an Attitude is emphasized for 2 or more years, it tends to define a period where society is marked by striking revelations and awakening. If the Role is carried over for 2 or more years, it tends to mark a shift in positions of leadership and what defines value in a society. If the Centering carries over for 2 or more years, it tends to mark a period of time defined by geological and weather dynamics. For most of our students, December may come and go as similar to the other months of this past year because there is very little in effect to alter the current momentum. The end of a year often marks a period of reflection and renewal, but when Overleaves carry over from one year to another, it can feel more like a smooth and exciting period of comfort and security in that which has been found to be beneficial and loving, or a period of fortification and bracing for more of what has been found to be challenging and painful. We see more of the latter is the case for the planet at this time. 2018 PREVIEW OVERLEAVES [subject to change] ROLE: Warrior (emphasized all year) CENTER: Higher Emotional (emphasized all year) GOAL: Dominance (emphasized Jan - Mar) MODE: Power (emphasized Apr - Jun) ATTITUDE: Pragmatist (emphasized Jul - Sep) CHIEF FEATURES: Greed (emphasized Oct - Dec) DATES OF INTEREST (dates are approximate): Dec 18th - Dec 22nd -- NEXUS -- CONVERGENCE - This may mark one of the more unusual merging of parallels that are a mix of “failed” and “successful” realities sharing in common extremes of climate and power struggles. The bonding commonality drawing toward this Convergence comes from having the same conditions across these realities, but with great differences in the capacity for resolving daunting scenarios. It could be said that a wave of “refugee” parallels that have moved too far into hopelessness are integrating into “this” reality. This merging brings a great wave of strength and vision for the “refugee” parallels, but also brings with it sobering vision and awareness on a larger scale for many who have been ignoring reality. This Convergence is not orchestrated by higher forces, but comes as a result of deep common ground between one wave of realities needing help, and one wave of realities not facing reality. Dec 22nd -- ENERGY SHIFT -- FORTITUDE -- A wave of energy shifting as more people nurture a willingness to take on challenges and values that extend beyond their convenience and comfort zones. It may mark the shift into the Warrior energy of 2018. HELPFUL THOUGHTS OVER DECEMBER: THERE IS NO END IN SIGHT - There is only the next day. There will always be the next day. And when you do not measure time and experience in terms of days, there will still be the evolution in some way. The challenges of a life are not all there is to life. The joys of life are not all there is to life. The struggle for existence is not all there is to existing. The bliss of existence is not an ultimate endpoint of existence. Everything continues in some form at some time in some space. We offer this up for contemplation over December because it can help when it seems there is “no end in sight” and how that can be used to your emotional and intellectual advantage. You do not want to aim for an end. You just want to aim for your next day. Your long-term pleasures and joys are built from how you create your days, not by clinging to a fantastical endpoint of bliss. Existence is a spectrum and you will always experience that spectrum. You simply improve your navigation of it. YOU ARE A GIFT - This is fact. This is a truth. Every day that you live comes from your capacity to give. Not only to yourself but to others. You give yourself this life. You share this life with others. It is often easy to forget that the choices you make on such a mundane level are some of the most loving and beautiful choices you make. Every day that you rise from sleep comes not from a momentum of life, but from the effort you give to living. However frustrated, disappointed, or daunting a life, you are here because it is worth it to you in ways you may not even imagine at the time. But a part of you knows that gifts are not about what you can see on the outside or what is obvious. You unpack a gift. You reveal a gift. As you move into your holiday season, it can be helpful to remember that many things, people, and that you are gifts that do not always reveal the contents up front, but are gifts, nonetheless. Practice seeing your most mundane moments and choices and efforts as part of the great unpacking of gifts. You may not like or understand all of them, but they are gifts. And you are worth unpacking.
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    I know this has already been announced, but it is with a heavy but loving heart, we see the death of another beloved TLE member. Maxim has passed. This was a long-time coming and he did a lot of work to prepare for this. I don't know how he is or where he landed, but I know where he was and where he stood while with us. Please post your memories or images or thoughts and love in honor of Maxim as this will stand as a memorial thread to Maxim. Visit his profile to access his final exchanges with Michael and what was discussed as he consciously and courageously entered the end stages of this life. He will be missed. PS - his name is pronounced with an O, as in MOXim, not the usual MAXim. Just something to know.
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    ENERGY REPORT December 2018 2018 OVERLEAVES ROLE: Warrior (emphasized all year) CENTER: Higher Emotional (emphasized all year) GOAL: Dominance (emphasized Jan - Mar) MODE: Power (emphasized Apr - Jun) ATTITUDE: Pragmatist (emphasized Jul - Sep) CHIEF FEATURES: Greed (emphasized Oct - Dec) As DECEMBER brings the year to a close, the emphasis on Greed was at its highest in November and the consequences of Greed are being emphasized in December. It is important to note that Greed is not when you acknowledge that you do not have something that you want or need. Acknowledging what you want, need, and do not have is a healthy and valid form of information and insight that can help you to make better choices. Greed is when you fear not having enough of something you already have to the point where you become fixated and controlled by that fear. Your focus shifts away from “creating” and falls toward “taking.” Most of our students do not struggle with Greed, but as part of the patterns of this year, there may have been an exploration of all of the areas of your life where you are lacking. This means you are likely exploring how you respond or react to all of the things you need and want. November may have helped bring into focus what you need and want, and December may explore how you respond to those wants and needs. Do you Create or do you Take? Surprisingly, December brought with it a burst of Positive Pole energy from among the collective consciousness and if this is sustained, the year would “end” in the Positive Poles of Warrior, Dominance, Power, and Pragmatist, supported by the Higher Emotional energy of Love. Greed is being uncovered and dismantled and all of those who would be locked in the Negative Poles would have the support to shift in their perspectives and actions but would deal with fairly significant consequences of any harmful perspectives and actions. This is slowly being seen on a global scale among those in power, and this emphasis on consequences is likely to carry over into the new year. If you made it through this year with your emphasis on the Positive Poles of the collective Overleaves, you may be having a better December than expected, even if only in mood and levity. If you are finding that December is dark and heavy and difficult, it may be helpful to read through the previous reports of the year to gain insight and memory into how to align with the Positive Poles of the year so that you can bring some of that levity of mood and increased empowerment to yourself. This is not a time for you to resign or give up or give in. This is a time to own your right to this life, to your love, to your energy, to the truth, and live fully in that, regardless of what you still want or need. DATES OF INTEREST (dates are approximate): December 3rd - 10th -- ENERGY SHIFT -- EMOTIONAL HOUSE CLEANING - This looks to be a deep and thorough “house cleaning” of the emotional body before moving into the new year. Many of our students will likely find heightened dream activity or deep sleep, heightened sensitivity or numbness, heightened energy or lethargy, heightened enthusiasm or despair. Regardless of where you fall on the extremes of this Energy Shift, your Emotional Body is being purged and this is going to unearth emotions and dreams and symbols and perspectives that may feel as if someone just dumped out a world of boxes from your storage unit, attic or basement. For many of you, this is exciting and you sort through with enthusiasm for your journey, regardless of where it has taken you. For others, it can be daunting and overwhelming and act as a reminder of how exhausted you are, compounding your exhaustion. If you fall into the latter scenario, it can be helpful to remember that it is okay to need and want rest, but that this is not a defining state. It is a healing state. If you feel exhausted, you need rest. Let yourself rest. That means your mind and heart, as well as your body. Give yourself a break. Give yourself credit. Give… yourself. December 31st - January 3rd -- NEXUS -- CONVERGENCE -- This looks to be a convergence drawing together more parallels aimed for collective recovery and healing. A Healing Nexus, if you will. HELPFUL THOUGHTS OVER DECEMBER: YOU ARE NOT DONE - If you have found a plateau of bliss and joy, you are not done. If you have found a plateau of despair and depression, you are not done. You are never done. Ever. This may sound wonderful or terrifying, but this is the nature of existence. It will never serve you in any way to assume that you ever reach a finish line of success or failure. Knowing this truth when you are happy helps you to embrace and bask on that wave of happiness. Because it will change. Knowing this truth when you are in despair or depression helps you to know that this is not a conclusive or defining state. Because it will change. It can be difficult to remember that you can be happy or that you can be so sad when you are in one of these or the other, but you will be ALL of this because all of it is you. BONUS 2019 OVERLEAVES [preview, subject to change] ROLE: Sage or Artisan (emphasized all year) CENTER: Moving (emphasized all year) GOAL: Flow → Acceptance/Discrimination (emphasized Jan - Mar) MODE: Observation → Passion/Reserve (emphasized Apr - Jun) ATTITUDE: Realist (emphasized Jul - Sep) CHIEF FEATURES: Self-Destruction (emphasized Oct - Dec)
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    ENERGY REPORT September 2018 2018 OVERLEAVES ROLE: Warrior (emphasized all year) CENTER: Higher Emotional (emphasized all year) GOAL: Dominance (emphasized Jan - Mar) MODE: Power (emphasized Apr - Jun) ATTITUDE: Pragmatist (emphasized Jul - Sep) CHIEF FEATURES: Greed (emphasized Oct - Dec) SEPTEMBER brings with it a strong and clear division in the world between those who are choosing to emphasize Efficiency and those who are choosing to emphasize Dogma, the Positive and Negative Poles of Pragmatism, respectively. We were looking for a leaning in one direction over the other regardless of which Polarity one had become attached, but it does not appear to be that this will be the case. There is a clear divide and the rest of the year will be a kind of showdown between the two Polarities. Although there is no collective leaning in one direction or the other, there is a majority who have shifted toward Efficiency and see that the world cannot progress within the confines of any Dogma. It may come as a surprise, but most fragments prefer progression over regression, and for those who are locked in Dogma, progress has been learned to equate with something terrifying and it must be stopped, regardless of the cost. This makes for a rather precarious time over the next 3 months, depending on how threatened those in Dogma come to feel. For those in the Positive Pole of Pragmatism, solutions are all about Efficiency, and this means exploring the range between flexible compromise and clear boundaries. On the world stage, you may begin to see a move into clear boundaries before considering flexible compromise. This means that while Efficiency is the priority for those in the Positive Pole, it will still come across as threatening to those in the Negative Pole. In other words, conflict is fairly unavoidable at this point. In your personal lives, our students are likely to align deeply with one Polarity or the other and find themselves locked in Dogma or unlocking a wave of Efficiency that frees a great deal of energy to be used for something other than cocooning defenses. When one moves into Efficiency, it means being able to slide to all of the Positive Poles of all other Attitudes. On a collective level, this is a slide to Spiritualist, a move toward Possibilities and potential. For many of our students, a sense of unlocking your potential and the potential of progress and relief can be seen as a sort of light at the end of a long tunnel. For those locked in Dogma, the early emphasis on Greed will likely spring into focus and feel as if it is taking over all perspective. It is likely to come suddenly and blindingly through reactionary defenses. We will discuss more the force and function of Greed in further reports, but the main emphasis will be that one determines that one does not have enough of something and this becomes a fixation. The mind and body become locked on that which must be taken in order to have more. Greed does not seek to create or find solutions, but to take because one is entitled and “deserves” to have that which is lacking. Greed mixed with Dogma is the stuff of wars, both in the world and within. See our previous reports for more details on how to help move yourself out of Dogma if you feel you have locked yourself into this perspective. The “lock” only remains if consciousness is diminished, but if you make the effort and enlist your awareness, this lock is powerless against your consciousness and power of choice. September will seem to be a coasting along toward October. A brief respite before taking on the challenges of a world struggling with an emphasis on Greed to cap off the year. DATES OF INTEREST (dates are approximate): September 5th - 7th -- Energy Shift -- Mood Swings - This Energy Shift looks to be a wave of emotional static, so to speak, that many students may feel and find challenging over these dates. Agitation, distraction, annoyance, wild dreams, exhaustion and even aching in the joints and muscles. This is a strange fluctuation based on your adapting to the climate of stress in which you must still function as healthily as you can. This shift will help those who are in the Positive Pole to unlock the slide to Spiritualist and begin to see possibility and potential. For those who are falling further into Dogma, it is bracing for impact that will have one landed in a heightened state of agitation and distraction that will either become the norm or be transformed away from Dogma over the rest of September. September 25th - 27th -- NEXUS -- DIVERGENCE - This Nexus appears to be all about unexpected obstacles being brought up for examination and either be remedied or to branch realities in directions that deal with the obstacles in very different ways. Over this Nexus period, we would expect that these obstacles would not be minor, but sudden and solid that force a need for immediate solutions, both on the world stage and in the personal life. To the extent that one has moved into the Positive Poles of Pragmatism, these obstacles would find readily available solutions, but the more one has been locked into Dogma, these obstacles may be life-changing/altering in the long run. HELPFUL THOUGHTS OVER SEPTEMBER: JUST STAY AWAKE - As you dance between the polarities of Efficiency and Dogma, the inclination to simply want to fall back asleep, metaphorically speaking, may be strong. You may feel more than ever that you would rather opt out and focus only on a minor circle of responsibilities, to disconnect from reality and cocoon into a world that feels safer and calmer. This is your choice and it may be important for you to remove yourself from the cycles of stress and exposure to world events that are overwhelming. Or you may feel more motivated than ever to contribute and help make a difference in the world. Regardless of which direction you go, you can fall asleep, lose consciousness, and find yourself enduring and dispassionate and weary, leading you toward apathy. We suggest that whichever direction you feel inclined to move, permanently or temporarily, that you JUST STAY AWAKE. By “stay awake” we mean that you allow your feelings, your passions, your frustrations, your anger, your pleasures and joy and moments of brilliance and darkness. Stay awake. Stay alive to your life.
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    Ingun, thanks for asking. This is one of those things that you don't realize is happening and time flies by before you know it. The explanation is simple. I've been struggling with extreme depression (extreme for me - I'm not sure if it would be extreme compared to a clinical diagnosis). I have never been more unhappy for such a long stretch of time in my life. Even growing up abused and living in profound fear for my life as a child, I bounced back every day with great enthusiasm and optimism and MADE my days better. I think the difference now is that it isn't just about me. I'm depressed about my helplessness in helping others who suffer along with me. I'm depressed by the loss of family and friends over this whole election. I'm depressed about the state of humanity and how revolting and disgusting we can be to each other and to animals. I'm depressed about my dear friends dying and being diagnosed with terminal illnesses. I'm depressed about a lot of things and it has affected my mental and physical health. On top of that, I feel guilty about feeling depressed because nothing is really that bad in my personal life. My personal life is a sanctuary. My physical health suffers quite a bit, but I'm ok. This depression is so NOT ME. I feel like I am being turned into someone that isn't me. I've never ever in my life ever felt like I am not me. Losing yourself is terrifying. So I've not been strong enough to be available for all of the free channeling sessions that I used to be. Any downtime I have is cherished and needed and I just try to catch my breath. I feel like I'm treading psychological waters and I need every ounce of energy to keep from drowning. I know all of that sounds pretty dramatic, but it's a really heavy, quiet, insidious thing and I know I'm not the only one who suffers. So I've been thinking about this a lot and I've decided I really need to try to snap out of it. Not just for myself, but for everyone I love, including you and this community. Slowly disengaging from the world and the people and the community I love is not the answer. For any of us. I've already announced to TeamTLE that I am aiming for August to be a reboot for me and my work with TLE. I have been developing some changes and new ideas that I plan to launch in August so that I can return to being there for myself and for this amazing community. I will detail those in an announcement post. I needed this long stretch of downtime and I will probably need more of it, but I have to snap out of this funk. I have to. It is killing me. I also realize I have to bring balance back to my Rest, Play, Work, and Study. I'm putting all of my education from Michael into practice and really taking seriously what I've learned and trying to apply it. One thing that I love about this teaching is that it doesn't try to bullshit you with the idea that if you think a magic phrase or avoid "negativity" or just decide to be happy then things will be just fine. This teaching acknowledges that life is challenging and being human can be really ugly and messy. I've been feeling really ugly and I am a mess. But a lot of us are, so we might as well come together and do our best to make the best of some really difficult times. Thank you for hanging in there with me. I'm on my way back. Thank you for understanding and loving me as a fellow student and friend.
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    ENERGY REPORT March 2019 2019 OVERLEAVES ROLE: Artisan (emphasized all year) CENTER: Moving (emphasized all year) GOAL: Flow → Acceptance/Discrimination (emphasized Jan - Mar) MODE: Observation → Passion/Reserve (emphasized Apr - Jun) ATTITUDE: Realist (emphasized Jul - Sep) CHIEF FEATURES: Self-Destruction (emphasized Oct - Dec) MARCH arrives with a short burst of chaotic and frenetic energy and then rather quietly settles down for most of our students and carries with the days a fairly steady tone of improved mood and energy over the month. We see most of our students finding a Flow that works for them and moving out of Inertia and into a more sustained state of Freedom, the Positive Pole of Flow. This would likely carry out through the rest of the year, so it will be helpful to remember that any chaos or frenetic bursts or derailments can be helped by looking at how better to Flow with anything that seems overwhelming. Keep in mind that navigating forces greater than you is not the same thing as agreeing with or liking those forces. Flow is about owning whatever force is your own and focusing on that rather than relinquishing all choice and control and giving up or giving in. The “hurry up and wait” energy may still come and go over March, but we think it may be less agitating. Some of the relief and calm that many of our students are beginning to experience, or at least feeling that it is within reach, is because Flow is sliding to Acceptance for most of our Students and Flow is sliding to Discrimination for most world events. Students are not only starting to accept and adapt to the flow of the year and settling into what works best for them, but they are also seeing some justice and accountability and revelation happening on a larger scale. This frees up a great deal of energy that has been locked in worry and anguish over world events and lets them focus on more personal and local concerns of well-being. It helps that Observation Mode is coming into focus over April through June. This year is unique in that there will likely be a very brief dip into Surveillance, the Negative Pole, but most are shifting quickly into Clarity over April. We will discuss this more for April’s report. For those students who may feel no resonance to this slow but steady move into a more calm and focused state, you would want to look first at your Moving Center and what it needs as a means of balance. What you need is likely some form of increased movement or stillness. If you find yourself panicking, constantly rushing, agitated, fidgeting, restless, etc, you likely need more directed movement. Try putting on music that you love and moving gracefully in some way to this music. Let your body interpret the sounds in movement and get your energy moving in a way that is lovely and elegant. If a dance with yourself is not appealing to you, then a nice walk can help. We do not mean a rushed walk that you squeeze in and then use that to add more worry to your day. We mean take a walk. Let it be a gift of moments that you have a right to claim and own your right to enjoy it. If you find yourself lethargic and distant, lost and even depressed, we suggest that you may require more directed stillness. Sit up, sit straight, hold your arms out in front of you with one palm up and the other palm down. Move your arms and hands as you feel the intuition to do so as if you are manipulating invisible energy. Create graceful moves or geometric shapes that feel right. Imagine that you are packaging your energy in these movements and shapes and setting the packages down around you on the ground/floor. Move your hands across your body in ways that you can imagine picking up energy to package, then magically package it in a pleasant shape, and set it down. As you do this, breathe, breathe gently and let any tears come that may suddenly rise. Let yourself sense a stillness and calm within you that is not oppressive, but lighter and kinder. Leave your packages on the ground as energetic art and go about your day with a bit more light and settled energy. Neither practice above is magical or miraculous or a quick fix. They are practices in connecting to yourself and using your tools and environment to bring YOU back into focus and presence. Nearly all instances of such frenetic, frustrating and panicked states come from removing yourself from the equation of your participation in your life. Nearly all instances of such lethargic, distant, lost and depressed states come from removing yourself from the equation of participation in your life. These practices above help you to engage again and in playful enough ways that it helps remind you that you are alive and have a right to be a part of your life. DATES OF INTEREST (dates are approximate): March 1st - 5th -- NEXUS -- DIVERGENCE - Parallel branches with more interest in “worst-case” scenarios have branched off for their own exploration, leaving “this” parallel with some relief. March 28th - 30th -- Energy Shift -- ENTHUSIASM/OPTIMISM - A burst of enthusiastic and curious and optimistic energy looks to be generating among the masses in a way that might reach many of our students. HELPFUL THOUGHTS OVER MARCH: BE YOUR OWN PRESENT - You are the meeting ground of time and space and consciousness that creates your interpretation and experience of reality. You are the reason you are here. You are the reason you live and love and walk and breathe. Getting angry, upset, feeling lonely, depressed, confused, agitated, frustrated, sad, etc. do not erase you or reduce you. You are still here. If you feel less and less a part of the reality you live, it may be because you forgot that you are the gift you came to be. This is not a string of pointless words to console or distract you. It is simply true. You would be someone else if you were someone else, but you are you and that is who you came to live for and through. Bring yourself back to the present and allow yourself to be the present, both in terms of being a gift and in terms of owning your right to be a part of the equation that shapes your reality.
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    We had no time to recover from TLEGG before diving into our NY Comic Con so things have been pretty non-stop around here, but things should settle down in the week ahead. Energy Report will be posted soon! I miss TLE and I already miss the TLEGG peeps so much. Despite the horrifying news in the world, I am comforted by the deep gratitude and awe for the people who make up this community. There was a time when the Michael "Community" was a devastating disappointment of chaos and in-fighting and back-biting and everything I would never have expected to be in a Michael Community. It was so depressing. But, instead of leaving, I stayed and decided to create what I most wanted as a Michael Community. I decided I couldn't wait for others to figure it out and create that space. So I took a chance and stuck around and TLE was born. Many many years later and now I am constantly in awe and in love and learning and growing and basking in kindness and compassion and intelligence. This is the community I had envisioned. You are the people I remember and love and knew were out there. Thank you for everything you bring to this community and to the world. This gives me strength for what we need to do with our world around us. We have to stay. We have to create what we most want to have as a world around us. We can't wait for someone else to do it. It's exhausting and scary and takes time, but as you can see from TLE, it will happen. It. WILL. Happen. And we are going to keep doing the work to make it happen. Thank you for already making the world a better place by your being in it. Love to all of you. Troy
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    January 28, 2018 Note: Today's questions were pulled from Feedback Request: State of the Planet 2018. The questions were collected into a document, sorted into similar questions, and ultimately some were modified and combined based on Michael's initial statement. MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin. Janet: Michael, do you have an opening statement or should I post the first of our questions? MEntity: Though Troy had his own idea for a more coordinated and organized presentation of our information regarding "the state of the planet," we are quite comfortable with the organic unfolding of insight and information from your questions. We will start with a statement first, of course. Most years come and go and contribute to the myriad paths that Sentience will take in its exploration of consciousness and creativity. Some years become the result of a trajectory of patterns that create what we refer to as a SEQUENCE. A Sequence is a strong trajectory created from cumulative effects of choices leading up to the Sequence. A Sequence still has a great deal of variation and variables, but far fewer than before. If a Sequence is left on its trajectory, it will lock into what we refer to as a VECTOR. A Vector is the highest probability for a certain direction or outcome or result. Think of it this way: If a car is driving at 25 kilometers per hour and headed toward a wall 20 kilometers away, there is a great deal of choice and variables remaining that could steer the car from hitting the wall. If the car is going 75 kilometers an hour toward a wall that is 1 kilometer away, it is similar to a Sequence and while there are plenty of chances for redirection from the wall, but many choices will still lead to a crash. If a car is driving at 100 kilometers per hour and 100 meters from wall, it is fairly certain to be on Vector for a crash. 2018 is a Sequence year. There is too much force and momentum of trajectory for it to be "just another year." It is directly aiming for several "walls." This is not as ominous as it may sound. It is growing pains. 2018 brings with it a State of the Planet that is leading toward global unification, "one way or the other." The Mature Soul Age is here. And the ideals of the Mature Soul will be implemented in ways that start from the Negative Pole. This means that unification could come in the form of a common enemy, common challenge, common crisis, common ground, common enlightenment, etc. At this point the patterns seem to point to common enemy or crisis because drama is deeply appealing to Mature Souls. The State of the Planet at this point is all about this negotiation toward what would bring the greatest commonality. Even if that commonality is forced or false. In a Young Soul world, any forced or false commonality falls apart when patterns return to "normal." A tornado destroys a town and it comes together like never seen before. Rebuilding completes and the bonds dissipate. A progressive President is elected to represent common leaps of evolution and acceptance but it all falls apart once the symbol is out of sight. In a Mature Soul world, forced or false commonality are given far more consideration. So even as 2018 may begin to reveal forced or false commonality, it is something that can be built upon, and not just a placating and fleeting state. Building upon the Turning Points of 2016, the "walls" toward which humanity is "driving" at such high speed are the walls of Energy Resource, Consumption, Waste Management, Climate and Environment, Information Management, Social Intelligence, and Diet. Each of these categories have a "wall" that will be hit in 2020. 2018 and 2019 are the Sequence years that will determine the 2020 Vector. This is not a doomsday scenario we describe, and your 2018 and 2019 and 2020 may look like any other year at the time, but they look different from the future. They are the years that made the difference. We will open the floor now to our students, beginning with Janet, and cover as much as we can. We will likely explore this broad subject of "The State of the Planet" in two parts. *****QUEUE IS NOW OPEN***** Janet: Michael, I have the list of all questions at the moment. First, can you speak to the current probability for the Infinite Soul manifestation in or around 2020 and are there any Transcendental Souls preparing the way that you could point out? MEntity: The current probability is at 68%. The Transcendental Souls are all in play and at work across the globe. We will compile a list for Troy of known Transcendental Souls that can be validated, but there are many who will remain unnamed or difficult to identify. For this Manifestation, the Transcendental Souls clearing the path are working in smaller pockets to bring the deep social change rather than taking on larger populations. They are using different tactics than in the past. There is no need for grand stages that get one voice out to the masses. This time there is no need for that because there is a social and technological network in place that can allow the influence of one voice to become the voice of many. That being said, we will point to those we can identify for our students. Troy will need a different focus for that delivery. Janet: Because people are questioning this in the peanut gallery: can we confirm that the probability is in fact lower than previously given? And here is the next question: What type of ‘common enemy or crisis’ would be possible? Contact from non-terrestrials? Major climate-related events? Notable astronomical and/or astrological events? Nuclear events or wide-spread war? Global impact of a major medical event (e.g., catastrophic flu)? MEntity: It does fluctuate. It is lower at the moment. Until it is 100% it is not 100%. The top 5 common enemy or crisis scenarios are in no particular order: CLIMATE - food shortages, diseased supplies, drought, fire, flood, extreme weather, heat waves, water shortages, etc. WAR - Russia successfully exploits the weaknesses and fears of tyrannical or trusting nations. NON-TERRESTRIAL EVENT - discovery and proof of non-terrestrial life; intelligent contact with non-terrestrial life; indisputable evidence of off-planet technology. POWER OUTAGE - catastrophic outages of energy supplies in the form of fuel or electricity in large geographical locations and over great lengths of time; and CRISIS OF CONSCIOUSNESS - a mass shift away from irresponsible consumption and defenses and a wave of surrender to a Greater Good. Keep in mind that this is not a time for nurturing anxiety and dread. We cannot stress enough that this sounds far more ominous than it is likely to be. Regardless of these "walls" that humanity is heading toward, you have a great deal of wisdom, creativity, experience, and maturity for how best to respond and recover. Janet: Are there differences in how the entry into the Mature Soul age appears outside the US? What can those in "safer" locations do to help support the transition from Young to Mature? (Ie: living outside the USA & East Asia, and away from those areas most prone to earthquakes, hurricanes, deadly heat waves and catastrophic crop failures). MEntity: For those ahead of the curve, so to speak, of the Mature Soul Age, there are still heavy Young Soul factors at work in local or accessible parts of the world that can be addressed. Any issues regarding inequality, exploitation, overconsumption, etc. can be addressed with a focus on continued progress and evolution. Any efforts to improve community, resources, education, etc can simply be continuations of what is already in place. There will be world events that touch even the best-case scenarios of community and country, but beyond that, it will always contribute to planetary and sentient progress however local your efforts. In other words, regardless of how comparatively "better" your area of the world may be, the world is no longer able to sustain isolated worlds within the world. Even the most progressive and safe and sound of countries will be contributing to the anchoring of harmony through either nurturing what is already in play, or by tending to blind spots and issues that can easily be missed with "life is good." Janet: What role is China playing in the shift to a global Mature paradigm? Is there any chance of substantial social reform in its near future? MEntity: Social reform will happen. It is at a 98% probability at this point that a Young Soul paradigm will be in full force within 25 years, giving rise to great shifts away from Baby Soul values and repression and toward a rise in independence, feminism, creativity, innovation, etc. Many Young Souls have gathered in China and the Baby Soul culture simply cannot remain sustained. The deep imprinting of respect for history and elders will help the transition to be more gentle and subtle over time than as an uprising. Young Souls in power individually or on a small scale can often wreak havoc, but Young Souls in power as a group and on a larger scale can bring out the best of Young Soul qualities. There will always be Positive and Negative Poles, of course. In a Mature Soul paradigm, there is even greater likelihood of the best qualities implemented. For example, a reckless corporation can easily continue to be reckless in a Young Soul paradigm even if the corporation provides services and goods that are popular and necessary. In a Mature Soul world that same corporation can still provide services and goods that are popular and necessary but there is a level of social awareness infrastructure that can make or break a business if it does not consider the consequences of its actions. So Young Souls can still be competitive but compete for patrons who support better quality of life actions. This would be true of superpowers that are coming from Young Souls. So to answer your question, China could easily set the standard for how best to serve its people quality of life and this would satisfy the competitive edge and still participate in and support the Mature Soul shift. Janet: Will there be any breakthroughs in the next few years, or at least movement toward a breakthrough, in terms of how we handle our garbage? MEntity: Yes. It is inevitable at this point if humanity remains on track for unity. There are several solutions at work to be posed for wide-scale use on current masses of waste, but the most effective and lasting solutions are likely going to be a combination of reduced waste through better packaging and enhanced recycling processes that use "everything" and put all waste back into the system. There are small-scale working prototype cities at work that already successfully eliminate all waste in terms of necessity for discarding and storing, and returning all waste back into the system where it can be used again. This practice is more in keeping with "nature" and how forests work, for example. People are not forests, of course, so they will require a different kind of ecosystem. In the past, it was assumed that people could simply count on the ecosystems of other life forms to take care of human waste. That is not possible for any great length time. In a Mature Soul world, the necessity for Humans to own the responsibility and processes of the Human ecosystem comes into focus. It is often thought that it is more "natural" to exist within and participate with the ecosystems of Earth along with other creatures and living things, but Humans (sentience) are a different system. Sentience must, eventually, own its position of responsibility for itself within the greater ecosystem, and move away from dependence upon it. That is the way of the Mature and Old Soul. We will conclude here for today. Good day to each of you. We will elaborate further on the State of the Planet either in the format Troy has suggested to us, or through your continued Energy Reports. We have much to say about the years ahead, but there is no urgency or emergency. Goodbye, for now.
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    MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin. We have received Troy's request and understand. We will respond. What we have done is look at each of you in attendance today and assessed a common theme among you. We will address this theme and then address each of you in regard to that theme. We also know that we are not speaking only to those in attendance today. What we share may help address those who attend in another time and format. From what we can see, each of you, regardless of what is happening in your life, what is demanding of you, what is distracting you, what is bringing you happiness, what is bringing you joy, what is challenging you, what is lifting you, each of you are struggling with a theme of DEFEAT. We are using this term to capture a wide range of Defeat that comes from existential crisis. There is something, someone, or some undercurrent that is wearing at each of you and it is all you can do to stay as many steps ahead of a wave of total defeat as you can. For the past 2 to 5 years, each of you appear to have been relying on great strength, support, insight, confidence, wisdom, patience, etc. to stay as many steps ahead of this sense of defeat that is trailing just behind you. It is exhausting. In the past year, some of you may have begun to feel as if you are at a breaking point. The truth is, none of you will ever "give up." None of you will. None of you are interested in resigning in any way. You have been "fighting" far too long for this haunting defeat to get the best of you. But this theme of defeat is demoralizing. Whether from world events or personal events, or a combination of both, the wave of powerlessness and defeat has reduced your sense of presence and participation in this life to some extent. Even if you are involved and active, there is a part of you that is not. A great part of you. A part of you that simply wants something better and knows that it does not have to be this hard. Here is something to consider: THIS HAPPENS IN EVERY LIFETIME, IN EVERY LIFE, IN EVERY PERSON, IN EVERY TIME. World events and personal events are incidental. They are details. From your first lifetime to your last, you will have a wave of existential crisis. In your earlier lifetimes, it manifests in ways that simply prompted reactionary defenses that blindly lash out against the experience. As you wake up and evolve and are aware within a lifetime, you begin to find the correlations between your crisis and events. The irony is that this moment for anyone in any Soul Age is triggered by a moment of contact with Essence. For those of you who are older souls who sustain those moments of contact, the effect can be quite challenging. The more you are in contact with Essence, the more you Manifest Essence, the more you live AS Essence, the deeper into an existential crisis your Personality can go. It is not about Trump. It is not about your lost love. It is not about your lack of direction or motivation. It is not about your fellow human beings and their idiocy. It is not about life or your life, at all. It is about the process of grasping your infinity while finite. The more you are in contact with that vastness of infinity, the more you may turn your focus to the "comforts" of the finite. This points you toward the important events of your current life and the short amount of time you have to resolve or solve these challenges. How can you embrace your vastness of infinity without losing all concerns for the challenges that are a reality in this finite form? If you exist in cycles that are GRAND and you are told that you have come and gone through many of those cycles, there must have been many things that felt desperately important and now you simply do not remember them or know a thing about those moments from other universes and times and places. How do you care about a life that is a blink in the vastness of existence? How do you embrace the vastness of existence while grieving loss or wishing for better or fighting for equality and peace? If you embrace your vastness, will you not care anymore? If you care too deeply, are you rejecting your vastness? Here is the "twist:" You and your life are a microcosm of your Essence and "the universe." The more you live as Essence, the more you care; the more you pay attention. The more it matters to you how a single day goes. The cumulative effect of caring how your day goes is the same cumulative effect that comes from your Essence caring about how a life goes. In other words, you are already reconciling your vastness of infinity while in finite form when you GIVE A SHIT ABOUT YOUR EXISTENCE. When you care so much about how the next day will go for you, for your relationships, for your future, for your fellow humans, for the planet, for the animals, for life; when you care so much that it hurts, and you continue to care anyway, you have become the very heart of your infinite vastness. The aching and overwhelm you feel is because of how the body processes that vastness of caring. It is not quite designed to sustain that current of energy. This is why you find a teaching and teachers. Because you cannot simply leap into the vastness of your existence while in a body and expect to sustain that current of energy. It is an energy that is no different from what an Infinite Soul must sustain. And it will "burn up" the circuitry of you. The existential crisis comes in every lifetime for every Personality, and it is often ignored or blindly buried, but for the older soul, you embrace the hurting. You sit with it. You carry it. And you learn better how to sit with it and carry it so that it is transformed from hurting and into power, peace, and presence. Your teachers and your teachings help you to navigate, manage, and understand that this current of caring THIS MUCH about a person, about a life, yourself, a relationship, the future, the planet, etc is a POWER, not a burden. It is a responsibility, not an imposition. A choice, not an interference. The work you do in this single lifetime regarding what you care about is what propels your vastness of existence in infinity. We have told all of you that once you exist, you cannot unexist. This is true on all levels from your individual Personalities to your Roles in Essence and Essence, itself. However, you also cannot UN-CARE. Why do you think you exist through an entire Grand Cycle and into many more? Why do you think you "leave" Tao and return to cycles of incarnation through various species in different star systems and universes? Because you care. Because ALL OF IT MATTERS TO YOU. You cannot exist without caring. You cannot. It is one of only a few impossibilities. And so, in every lifetime, you come to a crisis point where you must learn how to care so much that it hurts, and then grow bigger still than that hurt. It does not matter how big or small the thing is that you care about. It does not matter how private and personal that thing is or how shared and public and grand that thing is. It is the caring that matters. How you live this life and navigate how you care is a microcosmic reflection of the evolution of your soul, of you AS a soul. Your Essence has no shame in the depth that it cares about you. You can practice unapologetically caring deeply for humanity, for life, for your relationship, for your well-being, etc. Whatever prompts your caring, even if it is confusing and hurts, is a piece of your vastness being expressed. Transform the experience of impending defeat and demoralizing into an empowerment that you shamelessly own as your right of existence. You need not run from defeat any longer. You need not question your value and point of existence when you care so deeply about something that is well beyond your control. You need not turn your caring into a liability that must be reduced or masked in anger or frustration. Care. That is all you need to do. Just care. Sometimes you can do something about that, and sometimes you cannot, but you can always care. Caring, like Existence, is a constant. Neither are dependent upon being all-powerful. When you do not know what to do, it can hurt. Let that sense of hurting be a reminder to care for yourself at that point. When you cannot be all powerful in helping those things you care about, you can always remember to include your self-care. It will not take away from the care you have for anything or anyone else. When you "care so much it hurts," it is because you have left yourself out of the equation of caring. WE WILL ADDRESS EACH OF YOU WITH A MESSAGE NOW THAT MAY TOUCH ON THE PATTERNS OF WHAT YOU CARE ABOUT ANN - The pattern we see for you is that you care deeply about being RELEVANT. We encourage you to continue to care about this. Care deeply about this. Expand your definition of it and carefully consider an update to what it means and what it looks like and how it can be nurtured. Your caring about being relevant is not a superficial concern. It is a desire to create and communicate and disseminate. You are not done saying what you have to say. It is okay to care about this. CONG - The pattern we see for you is that you care deeply about THE FUTURE. It is difficult to care so deeply about the future because it never arrives. It is always just out of reach, always in a vague state of potential and possibility. But that is why you care. You pay close attention to your choices, your direction, your focus, your priorities and the people who are a part of this because you are nurturing an empowered relationship of existence between the past, present, and future so that these co-exist in everything you do. LUCIANA - The pattern we see in you is that you care deeply about BEING SEEN. You care deeply about who you are and how you are and what that looks like to yourself and to others. This is not a shallow or shameful thing to care about. You are experimenting with SELF-REFLECTION. It is one thing to simply exist and BE, but quite another to SEE and BE SEEN. However vast you are, observation snaps you into form in some way and you are exploring all of the ways that you "snap into form" through your own eyes and the eyes of others, so you can better learn how to create the story of who you are, rather than let it be told by others. MAUREEN - The pattern we see in you is that you care deeply about BEING RIGHT. This can show up in combative ways within yourself and even around you, but that is because you are still exploring the concept on different levels. When we use the term "right," we use it to refer to an alignment with Truth, Love, and Beauty/Energy, such as RIGHT WORK, RIGHT ACTION. It matters deeply to you that you are Right, that you are in alignment with the highest values of this universe and how they play out in your life and the world. It is painful to sustain this sense of Being Right when there is so much "wrong," and so your fight can sometimes fall into being "correct" or being vindicated or being justified. Those are simply lower and more accessible ways of tapping into what you care about, but it is never about being correct or justified or vindicated. It is always a cry from within you to stand strong as a beacon of alignment with remembering what is True, what is Love, and what is Beautiful. To help clarify this for you, Maureen, it may be more fitting to say that you care deeply about RIGHT BEING, rather than Being Right. RACHEL - The pattern we can see in you is that you care deeply about WHERE TO STAND. This may seem to be a vague phrase, but it is quite specific. You care deeply about taking a position in your life, with other people, with your creativity, with your relationships, etc. in a way that profoundly represents the truth of your being. However, you are still trying to figure out what this truth of your being is. You cannot take a stand or hold a position until you feel you have a comfortable grasp what you know is true for you and about you. This exploration can leave you feeling as if you have no foundation upon which to stand or be in relation to others and your dreams. Give yourself the time and space to create that foundation. It matters to you to take a position that you trust and care about and that reflects your passion. It could be said that what you care about is the evolution of your passion and learning how to let that represent you in the world. SUSAN - What we can see in your patterns is that you care deeply about PRESERVATION. There is a deep desire within you to help repair, preserve, conserve, protect, serve, restore, etc. various ecosystems within your life and the lives of others. These "ecosystems" may be bodies, may be relationships, may be environmental, may be ideas, but it matters to you to care that these systems are noticed and nurtured and remembered and even pointed out for others to consider. We use the term "preservation" because it is matters to you that they last, that these systems carry you and others forward wherever that may be, but forward, regardless. Some of the general struggles you may have in your life may relate to your caring about preserving and restoring and repairing all of the systems that you know make a difference and need someone to heal these. UMA - From what we can see in your patterns is that you care deeply about BEING INCLUDED. You care so deeply about this that it hurts. It hurts when you feel excluded and it hurts to exclude and it hurts when you see others are excluded or exclude themselves. Any breakdown in a network of caring and creating is devastating, both in personal terms and in global terms. You know that Being Included must stand as a permanent invitation and vulnerability and you refuse to resign from upholding a state of inclusion for yourself and others. This does not mean you have no boundaries or that you will not say No, or hear someone say No. You know that inclusion cannot be forced. And that is why it can be painful when you must simply stand as an invitation and watch how it unfolds. BOBBY - What we can see as a pattern in you is that you care deeply about CONTRIBUTING. You are a giver. However guarded or isolated or open or involved you are with others and the world, it has always mattered to you what you GIVE. It is painful when you cannot give or when what you give is not enough or even too much or not what is wanted. But you continue to give when you can and how you can. The greatest gift you have found that you can give when you are out of everything and resources are low and even energy is low, is JOY. You give kindness, a smile, a joke, a tease, anything that could provoke a moment of joy. This ensures that you are contributing in some way, somehow, any how. It is baffling to you when others cannot seem to make that same effort, but it does not stop you. You care deeply about participating in life and are, quite frankly, in awe of life, and so you give as much life as you can. When you feel the shadow of defeat chasing after you, it is because you may have forgotten to give some of that life to yourself, or you have suddenly decided to grade yourself on just how much you are contributing. And finally, TROY - Your patterns reveal that what you care deeply about is INTEGRITY. Regardless of your passions and interests and paths, they are created from a deep caring for honesty, principles, decency, trust, etc. Every focus of activism or play or fight or communication is about upholding that Integrity. It is painful to see others undermine their integrity through hypocrisy or through compartmentalization or through denial. It is overwhelming and exhausting to monitor yourself and others in terms of calling out where integrity is threatened or in danger of collapsing. From animal rights to human rights to the work you do with us to your interest in movies and music and even gaming, the motivation and passion of focus comes from that deep caring for Integrity and where that is represented in art, communication, humanity, etc. For each of you, we can continue our discussion with you individually in other formats regarding what we describe as what we see you care so deeply about. We know you may have questions or comments regarding these words from us. We also suggest that you consider these to be only words from us, not conclusive statements. The words we shared today about you are from our perception and assessment, not from a static record. You may care about other things that stand out to you far more than what we see today. Let yourself care about what you care about and allow it to be a strength for you, not a shame or liability or pain. Let the hurt be a reminder to care about yourself, but know that some of that hurt is only your growing pains. We must conclude here for today. Good day to each of you. Goodbye, for now.
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    Michael Speaks: THE ULTIMATE HICCUP or Truly Accepting Death 2017-10-01 Channeled by Troy Tolley in a live session at TLEGG 2017 Note from Janet: Hopefully readers of this transcript will be able to sense the general hilarity that participants experienced within this live session. Once Michael was past the introduction to the session, we were laughing most of the way through, and you'll see [laughter] repeatedly throughout the transcript. Troy kept listening in while in trance, and at times Michael had trouble getting info through his laughter. Please send thanks to @DanielaS for her transcription of this live session. MEntity: Bear with us as we come through, and hello to everybody. Surprisingly, we are not asked very often to discuss the topic of Death. Part of the reason for this is because you are specifically designed to avoid Death. You are in a physical body that wants to live, wants to survive, wants to experience the Physical Plane in its form as a representative and extension of you, as a Consciousness. And so, the topic of Death is avoided by most at all cost, even if this is unconsciously avoided. So, to bring up the topic to discuss can be difficult for some, especially those who may have had close calls with Death or experienced the Death of a loved one or has any sense of empathy or compassion for those who are in events that caused their Deaths, especially on a large scale. So, the sensitivity to Death is an important mechanism in your life, and in your body, that helps you navigate Life. Another reason you tend to avoid questions about Death and the topic of Death, with us at least, is because surprisingly, again, it is one of the least significant events in your life. That is not to say that it is not significant, but it is of the least significant. A part of you, in particular as Old Souls, knows this and is not interested in discussing the end of your life or the end of another life but you are more interested in Life itself. Each of you has died so many times that the Essence of who you are gets it. The body will never get it. Once it dies, it dies, and it does not comprehend that, and it is designed not to comprehend that. So, you will avoid the topic. You will avoid the experience if you can and if you will. This is an example of the dance between what we have described as the Sacred and the Profane. The physical dense body in which you as Essence exist through is a part of you that you must honor on a regular basis in order to continue with your days. While at the same time, having a perspective that is natural to you, especially as Old Souls, that GETS IT, that many of the things you struggle with in your life are temporary and insignificant and irrelevant to the greater arc of your existence. That dance is a very interesting and amazing friction that perpetuates a Life, the dance between the Sacred and the Profane. So, what we will do today with you is have more of a discussion with you about how you feel about Death, your questions about Death, your concerns about Death, your fears about Death, anything that you would like to discuss about this experience. But we suggest you do this while holding both the Sacred and the Profane in the same space. And by this we mean that you honor the truth, the necessity to avoid this topic while honoring the necessity for you to remember the beauty of this topic. One way to approach this is to tap into the more morbid humor that is natural to the Old Soul, and approach Death as a comical event that occurs more than it is a tragic event. Because Death is the ultimate tragedy and comedy, and there is a very fine line between the two. And you as a meeting ground between the Sacred and the Profane have the capacity to shift between these two perspectives, the tragedy side and the comedy side. It would be of interest to us to see where our students can find the comedy in the Deaths that have been experienced in the life, or the Deaths that you have experienced in the past, or the Deaths that you fear may be coming for you. So, our first question to you would be, in particular for those who have experienced the Death of someone in your life: do you or can you find the comedy in this, the levity, the relief, the peace, the paradox, the humor, in this experience? Asking you this question lets us understand where you are in your capacity to shift between perspectives. Because you will always see both of these perspectives, the tragedy and the comedy, but most of you are imprinted to emphasize the tragedy. Because in most cases it would be unnerving if you approached a funeral with a party hat and streamers and offered stand-up. It would be awkward. But that is not because it IS awkward. It is because of the climate that is imprinted within you around Death. There is levity in Death. In fact, we find it quite hilarious in many cases. Not because of the suffering that is involved, but because of our witnessing your reunions after the life is over and the realization that you have not ended. You have not in any way ended. That realization is not only beautiful to us, but hilarious. So, we ask our students here today, have you or can you describe, even if it means stretching yourself, the levity, the humor, the beauty on the other side of tragedy for a Death that you have experienced? We are looking for examples. Martha: So, a dear friend and “ex” of mine committed suicide a few years ago. There was a month delay between the time he died and when his funeral was held. And his family had a lot to deal with so I basically planned a lot of it for them, and they wanted me to speak. And, so, I spent about a week writing. It was going to be a sad eulogy, right, I was writing all the little stories and vignettes, and I was practicing to try to get the right tone. And when it actually came to be the day of the funeral I stood up there and took a completely different tone and picked things and I did stand up, sort of. I told funny stories about him. Like, how he never cleaned his oven. You know, because I cleaned his house before we sold it for him and the oven was pristine. And so, I did stand-up. His brother, who had been sitting next to me before I got to speak after the funeral, said, I just thought that was going to be so rough but when you got up there and started speaking I knew it was all going to be OK. MEntity: That is the kind of beauty that is attached to the yin and yang of Death, so to speak. It is the other side of tragedy, and that is a good example. Ann: I got a few. I got a lot of dead people. I know this sounds terrible. My brother died of pancreatic cancer this last December. Here is somebody, this is going to sound so awful, but here's somebody who did so much for the environment, committed himself to this clean life. And he dies of this fucking pancreatic cancer. I know that sounds mean, but it's like, Oh my god. The irony still amazes me that he took such good care of himself and was such a steward of the planet and he gets laid low by this rampant, nasty disease. And I don't know how he feels about it, but there's a part of me, like, Oh my god, the irony still kills me. You know, it's just.... And also, the way my mother, my mother went out her way. She did it her way. And it was so much a part of who she was. It was sort of a really interesting honor to watch her in Discrimination slowly make her decision to work her way out of here, you know, through her choices. BobbyA: I'm thinking specifically about a man by the name of Jason that I asked you about. He experienced a disruption at a club one night, and he and his female partner went home. And I think the police were called, and in an effort to avoid the police, there was a warrant out for his arrest, he went and sat out by the train tracks. And he was drunk. And instead of getting hit by the law, he got hit by the train. MEntity: That is hilarious. [Laughter] Brian: I'll add one. Geraldine is a great example. She knew that it was coming. We went to Seattle. For most of us to meet her for the first time. But at the same time, when we were doing the planning, one of the jokes was like, hey, let's have a pre-mortem eulogy. And so, it was basically making fun of all the nonsense. And I remember some channeling that Maureen and Bobby had done later on to find out, OK, what kind of happened on the other side. And apparently, she was very pissed that her first sighting of Essence was of her sitting in the wheelchair from Seattle. And she's like, what, that's it? And so, yeah, to me it was very beautiful to be able to see that. Obviously as Old Souls we kind of know, yes, it goes on, but to truly see that in action, and be able to see someone embracing Death, not just accepting it but even embracing it and having fun with it. And then even on the other side, that's it, I'm disappointed! I thought there was going to be more! So, that was a really good example for me. Janet: After my parents' deaths, we didn't have funerals, we had memorial services. They were full of pictures and stories, especially the funny stories that we had on my parents. But I wanted to bring up that those Deaths we knew were coming with some advance notice. They were in a state of health and it was the time. We had some way to make some preparation. In Martha's case, that was totally unexpected. And so, I think there is a difference in how you might approach it and how you might be able to handle it based on whether you have advance warning or not. MEntity: Yes, the tragic will be involved. Regardless of the humor you can find in it. But it is important, the reason why we are discussing it from this angle is because it's important, as you come across those who will die or you approach your own Death, whether suddenly or known, you must remember to access the comedy, the humor, because this is how you allow the individual to continue on without an attachment or an anchor to the life that has been ended, so to speak. The more one grieves, which is a natural process, but the more one grieves in a way that resists the humor, or the levity, or the understanding, the more you have anchored an individual to the life in a way that does have an effect on their Review. And we have discussed this in our delineation of the 7th Internal Monad, which we will not do here, as we have covered that in detail. But the levity is not just for you to feel better about the Death, but about freeing up the energy that is another Essence and its Personality to continue forward. It does have an impact on the Review. Are there other examples? Tex: This is sort of an example and a question. My dad, who was age 96 when he died two years ago, had had multiple strokes at that time. I'd been in the hospital with him. And he's kind of an easy-going guy, never worries about anything. And I think that's why he didn't die until age 96. He would wake up from a stroke or whatever and just look around like it was totally amusing. Finally, he has a heart attack. He's out for several days, and he finally comes to and he looks around the room and goes, I'm not dead yet! [Laughter] And then two years later, bang, he dies. [Laughter] I can just see him on the other side going, I'm not dead yet! [Laughter] So the question is, did he actually do that on the other side when he died? I'm not dead yet! MEntity: We do not know. [Laughter] We would have to look. We wish to differentiate between your bringing levity to the experience of Death and the attention that is necessary for processing the suffering of an individual that may lead to a Death, whether this be through sickness or mental illness or the overwhelming circumstances of a life that drives an individual to reduce choices to the point of leaving the life, exiting the life. So, we are in no way implying or saying that one must diminish the appropriate response to the suffering of an individual. But the Death itself and the experience of this can be, at some point when you are ready, brought to a state of wholeness by finding the comedy to go along with the tragedy. And knowing this is part of the process of understanding and bringing peace to your experience of Death, a peace that is often missed or not pointed out in most instructions for how to grieve. Eventually you must find the humor. Do you have questions before we continue? Daniela: I get it. I imagine that when I die I'll have a smile on my face. It will be funny. But my children. I just can't see humor [Laughs] in a child's Death. It just seems, like, different. MEntity: That is because it is not funny, at this point, and it is not something that you need to [Troy laughs] ponder as a hilarious event to occur. [Laughter] The point is if that were to happen, then it is important to find the humor in this. You do not practice that understanding on anticipating the Deaths of those who are close to you. You practice this on those experiences that have already occurred. And that is important to understand so that you are not whimsically laughing at the possibility of a loved one's Death. But if a loved one has died, there will be a point where the humor may be necessary, and will likely be necessary, to bring to the equation. You can practice on yourself, as you say, as you gave as an example, and that if fair game. But you do not have to practice on your children. [Laughter] Daniela: But what's the humor in a child's Death? To me it just seems different than an adult's. MEntity: That would be something that individually you must find. It is not that the Death is humorous in itself. But that you will find the humor that is included in the reality of that Death, and much like Martha gave as an example, it is finding those memories that bring back the humor to the equation, not necessarily in extracting it from the Death itself. Do you understand? Daniela: Yes. MEntity: Those memories that elicit laughter and humor are vital to your peace around the Death of a loved one. One of the reasons for this is because, as you mature emotionally, you move away from Sentimentality, which is an attachment to a rigid way of remembering things or wanting things not to change, and move toward Nostalgia. This is an emotionally intelligent way of looking back at the past. Nostalgia extracts from all of the spectrum of experiences those things that bring the greatest movement forward, that add to your life in ways that are joyful and humorous. So, that is one of the reasons why looking for humor and levity and memories of laughter is a way of moving into a more emotionally intelligent way of moving forward with the past, instead of staying rooted in the past with Sentimentality. Cyprus: I have a question. Is Death kind of an overall statement? I mean, even not just talking about Death. But I love nostalgia and remembering the stuff that we've done in the past. Even things that were crazy and seemed horrible at the time, we now laugh at and joke about and enjoy in a different light. MEntity: Yes. This can be used in a broad way for the life. And it is one of the ways that you grow. Many of the things that you are doing in this life that bring suffering are things you will look back on and laugh about in the future, because you already do that now in your questions about past lives. What you [Troy laughs] have not quite grasped, and we understand why, is that you are already dead. [Laughter] Your future lives are asking about you, and the irony is that [Troy laughs] nothing dies. [Laughter] So, while you are already dead and not yet dead and will never die, the concept of Death must be addressed. In terms of the Personality, or rather the physical body, Death is quite profound. But in terms of the Essence and Personality, it is simply transformation, it is simply evolution. It is not an end. It is not Death in the way that most tend to treat it. There is a persistence and continuation that each of you know is true. You do not have to trust us in telling you this. There is a part of you that knows this. But your body is not designed to remember this. It is not designed to know this. So, you will always have that struggle within you. Nostalgia can help you to understand that if you can do this for your life and for those who have died in your life, it helps you to understand the beauty of your life in retrospect after Death. And we ask you now, if you were to die today, can you find the Beauty and the Nostalgia, would you leave this life today knowing this was a life lived as best you could, and by “best you could” we mean by your standards, with your skills, at your pace, and not measured against some ambition or deadline set by a false premise. Various responses: No. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. MEntity: We promise there will not be Kool-Aid. [Laughter] If you would like to, we can offer up the floor to get questions or to respond to questions about your individual Deaths, some of which you may find quite hilarious. If you— [Laughter] Cyprus: The room goes crazy. Martha: Everybody wants that, Michael. MEntity: We will start with five. We will leave it up to those who are moderating to manage this. Cyprus: We'll just take a nice smattering, OK? We'll start with Cong. Cong: Can Michael just give me an example of my funniest Death in the past? MEntity: For each of these responses we may require a moment to find. [After a moment of silence, Troy starts to laugh.] [Laughter] The [Troy laughs]—this is Troy laughing, not us—the lifetime that came up for us is a lifetime in which you were, we think, in the late 1700's. We may not provide all of the details so that we can get to more people, but you were very eager to get married and your dress got, in the frantic effort to get to a location in time to get married, because you thought you would die if you did not, because it was quite important to you and exciting, your dress got hooked into the wheel of the vehicle and you were pulled [Troy laughs] under [Laughter] and broke your neck [Laughter] and did not make it to the wedding. [Laughter] Cong: Just out of curiosity, did you know who I was supposed to marry? And did they find this funny? MEntity: At the time, no. [Laughter] The Mate Agreement at the time is not here, in this room. Cyprus: Martha. You haven't been here in a long time. You deserve to go. Martha: So, you did tell me about the funny Death of Geraldine and I where we were soldiers that laughed and got caught because we were laughing and got killed. So, that one I know already. MEntity: That was quite a good one. [Laughter] We've [Troy laughs] found one in what looks like the late 1500's where you thought you could get by with defecating under a stage by slipping through a trap door, [Laughter] not knowing [Troy laughs]—we are having trouble keeping Troy from listening—the place burned down. [Laughter] We suggest that each of you who receive these notes make a note so that we can elaborate upon these and put them properly in the sequence of lives that you may be exploring in more formal settings. Martha: Did I cause the fire? MEntity: No. Next. Cyprus: Ann. MEntity: We will look. We are looking. This may not be as funny as the others, but we find it funny. The lifetime where you were running a type of apothecary store and thought you could make some good money switching out a remedy for a poison because someone was going to pay you well. And fell ill, feeling guilty, not realizing that you had given them a remedy and took the poison [Laughter] to feel better and killed yourself. [Laughter] Cyprus: Kerrin. MEntity: [Troy laughs] We think this will count. [Laughter] We are losing the capacity to relay details. But we can share the gist. It appears you had puffed up yourself in such a way as to take on the challenge of jousting knowing that you had never done it before. [Laughter] And in your attempts, you beheaded the one you were challenging, but were so freaked out by the impaling that you catapulted yourself off your horse and into some sort of impact that caused you to die. [Laughter] Everyone was quite confused. [Laughter] Kerrin: Was there anyone here whose head I cut off? MEntity: No. Cyprus: Tex. Tex: OK, I invented so many things in this life that nearly killed me, from motorcycles to jumping off a roof with umbrellas, you name it. I have got to make an invention out there that killed me. MEntity: A few. [Laughter] One example that you thought would be helpful for a rough terrain were stilts with springs. [Laughter] That did not go well. [Laughter] Cyprus: Are you OK to do more? MEntity: We can take two more. Cyprus: Brian. MEntity: We are looking. This would have been in what might be described as the “Wild West” of America, and you had decided to take some journey by horse on your own, and someone convinced you to dress in the garb of the Native Americans as a form of disguise, which did not work. [Laughter] You were immediately seen as an offense and murdered. And what was funny was your yelling, “But my headdress.” [Laughter] We know we cannot prove this, but we are not making these up. [Laughter] We will take one more. Cyprus: We haven't had an Artisan. We'll do Janet. I’m trying to get the other Roles. See if they are more entertaining. MEntity: They are all entertaining. [Laughter] The one that comes up right now for us to most easily convey is an expedition of some sort, that took a lot of convincing to pull off for a group to trust in your navigational skills and knowledge to lead to what we can only describe as some sort of Mayan vault that required a large stone to roll out of the way. After so much journey to get there and in your excitement, the door rolled back [Laughter], and you did not survive that. [Laughter] Cyprus: At least she got them there! MEntity: That is exactly what you said. [Laughter] Janet: I said, “I got you there?” MEntity: That is on record. [Laughter] These are examples of how you will look at this life. You will look back and find the humor, even in your greatest struggles, because all of you will remain together. All of you will remain reuniting, one after another in your lifetimes, and finding each other again. It does not end. We have not seen an end. And we have all reunited as an Entity and laugh at our [Troy laughs] past on a regular basis, though we do not have the bodies to do so such as Troy is experiencing now. But there is still laughter in the Causal Plane. As the Old Soul learns rather quickly, some of the most amazing and beautiful and touching moments are in the most tragic. And this is something that you can keep in mind, even if it is an undercurrent in your struggles, is that you will find the beauty in that. You do not have to find it in the moment. Because you must figure out whatever it is that you must figure out. But you can find it in those moments. You can find it in your struggle. You can find it in the suffering. There will be a moment when you understand it differently. And that is all that matters in terms of getting peace around difficult experiences is understanding it differently. It does not mean that you will understand it completely, but you will understand it differently. And it is often more meaningful, useful, touching, than you might have guessed while in it. And that is what we will leave you with in terms of your understanding Death, approaching Death, and looking back at it. Cyprus: Before you go, could you just tell us one of your funniest ones? MEntity: One of our own? Cyprus: Yes. MEntity: We have a few to choose from. [Laughter] One of our favorites was when a large part of our Entity were incarnated together as a crew on a ship. And we thought it would be a good idea to have some ladies join us [Laughter] and we all died from syphilis. [Laughter] But we had a good time. [Laughter] Cyprus: Thank you. MEntity: Good day to each of you and good-bye.
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    Boring health update, but I know you care, so... In case you missed it, I was recently diagnosed with Diabetes Type 2 after discovering my glucose levels were around 800 and my A1C skyrocketed to almost 11. For those who have no context for those numbers, "normal" is 70-100 for glucose and an A1C is below 5.7. I was in a critical state. I immediately took action and made changes and educated myself. So... Just a quick update to tell everyone that my glucose levels returned to normal in under two weeks from diagnosis and have remained steady. But I also I had my check in with my diabetic specialist on Tuesday and my A1C is at 6.3. Since the A1C test is an average over a 3 month period it would include when I was diagnosed and include a range of high readings. So having a 6.3 reading means that I had a dramatic change that countered the higher levels included in that 3 month period. My doctor said that if my readings continue as stable and my next A1C is in the "normal" range (because the next test will average a range of time outside of when I was first diagnosed), then I may have reversed my diabetes and we will begin peeling back any medication support and rely entirely only my lifestyle changes (exercise, diet). We still don't know why I am having these weird episodes where my body temperature drops and I am shaking uncontrollably and nauseated for 24-36 hours, but it's not likely related to diabetes, so that's ruled out. I see my main doctor soon and will ask her. But for now... that's all very good news.
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    MMW - September 17, 2016 - The Balanced Human Hello to everyone. We are here, now. We can begin. Today we are asked to further elaborate upon the Centers in terms of their function and health as they would be in their optimum usage. We spoke to you about these in terms of their individual functions and health, but today we elaborate on the existence of these as they stand and work together as your sources of energy, or in conflict as your sources of drain. We share our teaching about the Centers from the perspective of the rise from False Personality toward True Personality. To learn about the self in a way that leads from Asleep to Awake and even into Self-remembering, we must describe the Centers as working in terms of their having PARTS and TRAPS. The Traps exist as a function when one is Asleep, and the Parts exist as a map for when one is Awake. TRAPS are the habitual, reactionary, repetitive use of a Part of a Center, even when it is inappropriate. For example, if you feel offended, you react in the same way, over and over with every offense rather than taking a moment to choose how to respond. When one chooses how to respond, she is Awake. She is using the Part of the Center. But for many of our students, being "Awake" is no longer enough. You know there is more. You move into processes of Self-remembering. Self-remembering is the willful act of not just choosing a response, but choosing that response as a process of returning to the deepest core of your being, to the truth, love, and energy of you. It is the practice and process of remembering yourself as more than False Personality, more than reactions, more than enduring, more than tired, more than overwhelmed, more than scared, more than worried, more than lost. When we describe your Centering, it describes how you habitually navigate this life. KNOWING this is half of the battle, so to speak, but it is not the end of the work. When you define your life, define yourself, and navigate by using one Center, you can be Awake, but you may have a hard time Self-remembering. You transcend your patterns that are dictated by your familiarity with only Emotional Centering, or only Intellectual Centering, or only Moving Centering. You rise in your capacity to choose to function from each one as necessary. For example, if you are an Emotionally-Centered person, you may not like a lot of movement, action, Moving-Centered functions. You neglect the Moving Center and it is left to be only a source of stimulation, distraction, sedation. You may be Awake, but still existing with a great deal of your energy and choices dictated by lower or mechanical functions. What tends to happen for many students who are Awake is a process of adapting to being Awake by looking back out into the world to sort it in ways that comply to one's idea of being Awake. You are Awake. So should everyone else be awake. What many of our students miss is that you have awakened to YOU, not the world. The world will not make much sense when you try to sort input into only what you know about you. And it may be even more confusing or painful if you have not done the work of continuing to know yourself, but presume to know how the world should fit into what you know. This is the process of Self-remembering. The willful act of constantly returning to the responsibility and discipline you have and need FOR YOU, AS YOU. And to do this fully and properly, one must learn to move beyond the range of routine and familiarity that you know as "you" and expand into the inclusion of all that is YOU. This means you no longer adhere to the patterns of Emotional Centering/Intellectual Part, but that you use Emotional Centering AND Intellectual Centering AND Moving Centering, not as broken down into parts, but as whole and as overlapping as necessary. If you are Emotionally-Centered, then you know you must get out, move more, do more. If you are Intellectually Centered, you know you must generate and nurture more Emotional/Inspirational dynamics in your life. If you are Moving-Centered, you know you must think first or Feel first more often. These are just examples. We are fairly certain that each of you already know which Center you neglect the most. Start there. Make it a daily practice to remember that you are more than even you thought you were. You know you are more than your reactions because you are Awake. You know you have a wider range of choices for response because you are in a process of Self-remembering. But what you may have begun to glimpse is the highest form of consciousness capable in Sentience just within your grasp: Objective Consciousness. This is Love. This is Truth. This is Beauty. This is the capacity to exist as the biological Human you are while being Awake and practicing Self-remembering, and taking in life on terms that transcend what it SEEMS TO BE. When you no longer define life in terms of what it SEEMS to be, in terms of what are presented to you, in terms of what have been so clearly and carefully taught to you, but transcend these where necessary to know the truth of innocence, the truth of love, the truth of beauty that exists across all of it, then you are reaching Objective Consciousness, or Agape. Objective Consciousness requires that you move freely among your Centers by choice and never locked in a habitual pattern or trap. You are then free from the illusions of life that are based upon what it seems to be or what it tells you is true, returning to the core of your being that knows there is always more. Knowing there is more, knowing that there is a spectrum of existence even in the most horrific or blissful of scenarios or people does not mean ignoring the horrific or downplaying the bliss. It simply means you are not just Awake, not just Self-Remembering, but owning the greatest range of choice you can possibly access by relying on what the greater You or the Balanced Human knows, rather than filtering only through what the lower you, or the Mechanical you, has been programmed with as acceptable. When all of your Centers are working from the place of wholeness and Self-remembering or Objective Consciousness, then worry, stress, confusion, loss, distraction, and even pain can fall away like an old cocoon. The world no longer looks black and white, threatened or threatening, but full of creativity, possibility, and choice. You see the patterns that are behind and through the superficiality of what it seems to be or what you are told it is. You see the sliver of innocence and wounding that may exist in the person who is 99% offensive. You see the 99% pain in the person who carries the generous smiles and gifts. You see what is true, you remember what you know, and you navigate based on the combination of the full functioning of each Center as a whole. This generates within you what we refer to as the Magnetic Center. When you are living as Essence, as Objective Consciousness, navigating with Agape, you are no longer dependent upon parts or traps or even independent Centers, but upon the whole that is greater than the sum of its parts and this becomes the Magnetic Center. It is not an actual chakra or center, but is the effect created when functioning as a Balanced Human. When your Magnetic Center is activated, you now begin to live your life as a DIRECT reflection of you, not as an offense to you. You no longer struggle to change the world to fit your ideas of you, but you look within to see what needs to change, grow, strengthen, express, think, feel, etc. as a way to generate the psychic dynamic that does, indeed, create your reality. This is one of the most daunting of responsibilities for any sentient consciousness and one of the reasons we do not have this sitting at the core of our teaching. But our students are Awake. They work hard to Self-remember. And you need to know what is next. This is not to replace the work of where you are, but to open the passage from where you are. Each of you have embraced what we describe as The Work. This is the active, willful process of understanding yourself in terms that lead to Objective Consciousness. It is probably fair to say that if you are here in this group, or if you are reading this, reading all the way to this point after this is published, you are doing The Work and have questioned what was next. We will now open the floor to any questions or comments. We do wish to say that we are not introducing anything new to our teaching. It has always been there. It is emphasized when the students seek to emphasize it. And we are happy to oblige. QUEUE IS NOW OPEN Yes, Janet. Janet: What did you mean when you said ‘begin to live your life as a DIRECT reflection of you, not as an offense to you.’? I don’t feel my life is an offense to me. Your life exists well beyond you. What we speak of here is that which you do not consider "your life," but the world-at-large, politics, public events, etc. Most of our students would not feel their own lives are the offense but a great deal outside of that may be. Janet: I see. But the world still doesn’t seem offensive, just that’s the way it is. Maybe that’s the Stoic in me. But that is your life, too. Yes, we do not mean to imply with our statement that we have diagnosed you. We speak to all of our students, and many may not feel as you do. However, "just the way it is" can be a distraction, as well, a defense. It may not be participatory. The Balanced Human sees the "offenses," or "how it is" as areas from which to choose how to make a difference, how to care more, to care differently, to help, to change, etc. One cannot possibly take on everything, but taking on one thing matters more than not. By "taking on," we mean the range between simply doing one's best to comprehend that thing, person, or event, or doing one's best to bring about change for the better. There is a wide range of possibilities that are contribution and participation. As a direct reflection we mean that this is your world. It is not some other time period you are visiting. You are a part of the collective consciousness participating in the energy that is reality. Opting out of the larger realm of reality that extend well beyond the familiar and comfortable is similar to opting out of voting or ignoring a health problem. Again, we respond to your question with a response for all students. We are not speaking directly about you and your life. We leave that to you to assess. NEXT, Johanne. Johanne: I am delighted by this teaching today as it is raising my life goal. Can you say more, please, about the path from The Work to the Objective consciousness. I am still unclear on the "next" (although your answer to Janet is helpful in some ways) being still caught in trying to stay awake not to mention about self-remembering What we mean by what is "next" is that you now move toward true Agape as a navigational tool rather than an obscure concept. You are not knocked around by disappointments of life, the difficulties of life, the downturns in life, or the daunting elements or the difficult people or even the dangerous risks that require trust. You are able to be the fragile, vulnerable Human while being the invincible and invulnerable Soul. You find a way to be both of these things. Being both of these things is Objective Consciousness. It is the capacity to experience it all without losing oneself in or attaching to any of it. We wish to be clear that what we say would not be of any help to someone in a deeply Karmic situation of abuse, torture, captivity, etc. It can apply to some extent, but if one is reduced to survival mode, there is no real room for higher philosophy unless it serves survivability. For most of our students the range of choice is relatively unlimited, and we speak to that freedom to move more consistently into Self-remembering so that the practice moves from Self-remembering to the practice of Objective Consciousness. The Work that you do is the path from Awake to Objective Consciousness because it is only through your active, willful, persistent, disciplined efforts that you can stay Awake, Remember, and sustain Objective Consciousness. This means that you must watch yourself, catch yourself, and stop making excuses or justifying yourself when you fall back into habits of sorting life in terms that are limited to only what they seem to be or what you were taught or decided is true. If there is anything that can help you most carefully and consistently move toward Agape is the constant reminder that THERE IS MORE TO THIS. When you react, or when you feel your responses must be limited, or when you feel offended or threatened or worried or stressed or isolated or lonely or lost, you must do The Work of knowing THERE IS MORE THAN THIS. What you discover as part of that "more than this" is up to you. It may only be a bit more and it may be a lot more, but there is always more. And when you begin the practice of embrace that "more" then you begin the persistent practice of wholeness, inclusion, comprehension, and Objective Consciousness. Yes, Bobby. Bobby: I assume only a very small percentage of the population actually experiencing the Objective Consciousness that you've spoken of today. So with the given that so many don't, how does it work for those who don't achieve this within their lifetime? Does this journey continue onward to the Astral for them to continue? And if so, can you briefly describe how that would work for them? This is a process that takes lifetimes. It usually does not happen until the Old Soul Age. Most can achieve Awakeness at any point, and the Mature Soul can begin to Self-remember, but only the Old Soul can reach Objective Consciousness. The Young Soul glimpses Self-remembering and the Mature Soul glimpses Objective Consciousness, and the Old Soul does The Work of Objective Consciousness with glimpses of Home. Currently the world is existing in a fairly clear delineation between those who are Asleep and those who are Awake or on the other side of Awake. The journey does continue into the Astral for many and this carries over into next lifetimes, etc. until there is enough experience to sustain within the lifetime the option for sustaining Objective Consciousness. That work in the Astral is what we have shared before as the Review and continued education. NEXT, Diane. DianeHB: I feel like I got glimpses of Objective Consciousness when I've been on psychedelics, particularly during and after my most recent experience with MDMA. I think having experienced those glimpses help me greatly to remember that there is more when I feel stuck, lost, irritated, etc. Are there things one could do to get these glimpses without using drugs? Yes. Do The Work. This may seem a crude or flippant response, but it is not. It is the only way. DianeHB: Ok, I'm just saying that the drugs really help me WANT to do the work. I didn't aspire to it until I knew what it was like. You are free to choose the support of tools such as drugs, comforts, creativity, arts, etc. These are still part of The Work. Once one has these glimpses through the support, one can then begin The Work alongside and outside of use of those tools. As long as you are not harmed by the tools that support The Work, then the validity of Objective Consciousness is not less or more with or without that support. All will find their way to the WANT to do The Work. Most of you do The Work as a baseline effort in this life, and do not realize it is a Want, a Desire. Some tools help you to remember that this is not just work, not a burden, but something you WANT. But it will remain Work. It is not easy. Support is always an option, and not just through objects, but through each other. Your community is an example that reflects the reality of that Want, of the real work. Your community, your communication, your caring about one another is Good Work. It is not much different from the drug, but because it is not as tangible as something in your chemical system, it can easily be dismissed, but each of you are each others' drug, art, comfort, etc. We will conclude here for today. We do not have comments about each of you in any personal way because we think each of you already know which Center is most neglected and the work of this "workshop" is your life. Each of you have been doing your homework, if you will. If you were not, we could not speak to you of this expansion of concepts. Good day to each of you. We conclude here for today, but there is always more. Goodbye, for now.
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    ENERGY REPORT April 2019 2019 OVERLEAVES ROLE: Artisan (emphasized all year) CENTER: Moving (emphasized all year) GOAL: Flow → Acceptance/Discrimination (emphasized Jan - Mar) MODE: Observation → Passion/Reserve (emphasized Apr - Jun) ATTITUDE: Realist (emphasized Jul - Sep) CHIEF FEATURES: Self-Destruction (emphasized Oct - Dec) APRIL comes in from an Energy Shift at the end of March that brought with it a burst of enthusiasm, curiosity, and optimism, and while this was received well by some students, it does not appear to have landed well for many of our students. Instead, this was a disorienting and agitating energy shift that had many of our students unsettled and disconnected. We think this is because of the “seasonal” shift of emphasis to the Mode that has many students left with a mix of extreme agitation and disconnection. April moves into an emphasis on OBSERVATION MODE and this has many of our students entering Observation through Surveillance, or the Negative Pole of Observation as the month begins. The combination of a fall into Surveillance and a burst of energy that would normally inspire enthusiasm somehow mixed into a scenario that may have felt more like a relentless demand and taunting that required retreat and recoiling. Those in Surveillance were not quite ready to be so engrossed and involved, so they retreated to a distance that was both a sense of protection, but also a sense of defeat. As the burst of energy subsides, students may begin to feel they can come forward and be more involved again because it would feel as if it is on their terms, not prompted by a burst of collective energy. We thought there would be a brief dip into Surveillance at some point in April, but now it appears that most of April may carry with it this sense of Surveillance, or this surreal sense of being apart from life, rather than a part of life. It is a sense of watching a river flow past you and a sense of daunting overwhelm to think of being a part of that flow. This entrance into Observation through Surveillance is normal, but it is also intensified for many because there is a deep desire to NOT be a part of the flow that seems to be in effect in the world at the moment. Many older souls would prefer to sit this out until the water clears. Many older souls see the collective river flow as muddy and rocky and moving too rapidly, so they want no part of that flow. It feels like it is not their world anymore or their flow or their story. The older soul may retreat and recoil into Surveillance to savor a tiny sphere of life that can be controlled and can be their own story. This can briefly feel comforting, but older souls also know better. They know this is a false comfort. And because they know this, there is a bit of resentful dread that can come up for the inevitable moment they know will come when they return to take part in the world again. Some of you know this more clearly than others and you “rip the bandaid off” and go back into the flow of life. Some of you are more resentful and dreading and prefer to hold out as long as possible, keeping your distance from the mess of life and the mess of people and the mess of evolution. However quickly or slowly you move back into participation, our students will likely begin to see the value in the Positive Pole of Observation, CLARITY, by the end of April or beginning of May. This is when the older soul may begrudgingly return to the truth that while they may not always be part of the pain and mess, they are always a part of the healing and clarity that is necessary to bring. When older souls opt out of participation in the world, the river of life shifts away from being a force that forges new paths, and turns into a force that erodes and entrenches old paths. This is not to say that older souls are responsible for forging new paths for humanity, but they cannot forge them at all without being a part of the collective mix of pain and mess and healing and clarity. For many of our students, this move through Observation over April, May, and June will be another fairly intense self-examination about how to balance caring for the self and sharing of the self. DATES OF INTEREST (dates are approximate): April 1st - 5th -- Energy Shift -- PRESSURE - What could have been a passionate and enthusiastic sense of participation in the life has turned into what could be described as a PRESSURE to participate in the life and a deep resentment for that pressure, resulting in agitation, retreat, and disconnection. April 19th - 22nd -- NEXUS -- CONVERGENCE - A merging of parallels that are in the process of “cleaning up” patterns that have gone awry. This may translate into a need to, literally, clean your own home, address any outstanding issues in relationships, and generally sort through anything that could use some sorting. HELPFUL THOUGHTS OVER APRIL: YOU ARE NOT FORCED; YOU ARE THE FORCE - You are the force in your life that determines its direction. You are the force that contributes to the flow of collective forces that you witness from what seems to be a distance. What you see at a distance is a part of your force and not something to avoid, dismiss, or reject. To reject the collective force diminishes your own force and to withhold your force from the collective flow is to muddy the waters of that flow more than you may think. Remembering that you are not forced to participate, but that you are a force that chooses how to participate, can be helpful when you find yourself in retreat and defeat.
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    11/30/2017 DianeHB: Hello Michael. This is completely different from what I had planned on asking, but I had to change because current events are really scaring me. Namely, the current attempt to eliminate net neutrality and the tax plan that Republicans are trying to push through by the end of the year. I see significant damage to our freedom of speech on the Internet if net neutrality were to be struck down, and the more I learn about the tax plan, the more I see the death of the middle class. I am seriously scared and depressed. What do you see as the probability that these two things will get pushed through, and what are the likely consequences if they do? And if the world is going to hell in a hand basket, can you give me your higher perspective that helps me feel safe and move forward with courage? MEntity: What you are seeing is the shift into Mature Soul Age in full force. "Everything" will require a collective stand. It will require sharing consciousness and action. This is the only way forward: the collective participation in progress. It can no longer be shifted off as being managed by those in authority. It must be shared as a collective issue to solve collectively. MEntity: It will seem as if the world is "going to hell" because you have never seen this shift happen on such a large scale. You (in other lifetimes) have seen this in communities, villages, cities, etc. and opting into "the fight" was intimate and clear. When the Mature Soul shift happens on a large scale, the issues are on a large scale. MEntity: The Young Soul is doing what it will do: create scenarios for competition, control, challenge. This is going to seem and feel more desperate and dangerous as these scenarios are generated on a larger scale and in ever more insidious ways to fight the changes that threaten a world that no longer requires conquering. MEntity: You will likely begin to see several areas of society that have been in neglect and that have been taken for granted or left to authority rule as being overhauled by collective engagement and action. However, there does have to be a "hundredth monkey" in each of these. MEntity: Though the "hundredth monkey" theory originated from flawed observations, there is such a phenomenon. MEntity: You are seeing this now in the collective response to sexual allegations. The responses you see are those of people waking up, owning their power, and using it. MEntity: However, you also get to witness the fear and distrust that this collective power generates because it IS powerful. Collective control can easily be lost or derailed. MEntity: It is not a new kind of power, but on smaller scales it is more manageable. On a larger scale it can easily collapse under its own eagerness. MEntity: Our point being that even when collective empowerment rises in response to such threats, even it can feel scary. This is important to know because you may seek relief in collective response to a threat and then this response brings its own anxiety. MEntity: If both the threat and the solution are going to bring anxiety, then you must choose now to either own that anxiety and understand that you will have to live with it, OR recognize its uselessness and own your personal center of gravity, your trust, your sensibilities, your transcendence and uses these for navigation. MEntity: There are going to be things that you SEE and things that you KNOW. MEntity: You must SEE in order to KNOW, but one can often be so focused on SEEING that she forgets what she KNOWS. MEntity: Imagine that you break your leg. MEntity: It is broken. You see that it is broken. It will require intervention, treatment, recovery, time, care, etc. It is a fairly serious threat and derails mobility. MEntity: However, you KNOW broken legs can be survived and while there will always be risks of threat and vulnerability along the way of recovery, you do know that most broken legs recover just fine. MEntity: What you see is a broken leg. What you know is that it can be fixed. What you do not know, you do not know. MEntity: What you see is a paradigm shift in the world. What you know is that it is always survived. MEntity: What you see is every area of threat to social progress coming up for examination by those who want to secure it. What you see is every area of vulnerability finally being seen on a scale no one considered before and THIS IS GOOD WORK. MEntity: Think of the shift between broadcasting and cable. Not many saw the shift from free air broadcasting to controlled cable as a threat to society. Many embraced cable and all of the control over this media as it was packaged for the masses. There was little to no fight. MEntity: That will not be the case now. MEntity: So while it can look chaotic, exhausting, tedious, and overwhelming, the THREATS vs RESPONSES will be around for some time now because there are a lot of areas of society that have been left unchecked, dismissed, resigned to the control of a few who took positions of authority. You are not witnessing the fall of a civilization. You are witnessing its awakening to its collective power. MEntity: What you SEE is the mess. What you KNOW is that there are always growing pains. MEntity: To help you lose the division between what you see and what you know, it can be helpful to see the solutions, see the collective responses, participate in the collective empowerment, see the wonder of this awakening to a new power. It will look awkward, precarious, and even a bit unwieldy, but it is evolution. Evolution always confronts its obstacles. Evolution always looks back as it moves forward. DianeHB: I did see it with people rising up against sexual predators. It's just that the threats are coming so hard and fast that I forget again. MEntity: It can be helpful to remember, but even in your remembering, even in your knowing, you must allow room for the very real human emotions of anxiety and dread when facing a threat. Those are normal, natural, and important because they are what you have learned to trust in biological terms. Allowing room for these does not mean they must define you. What defines you are your choices. MEntity: You can allow room for your natural responses and then make a choice. MEntity: The choice is not always about how to change what you see, but to change how you feel about what you see. MEntity: Changing how you feel about what you see does not mean overriding what you feel, but adding to the natural feelings. You need not fight your feelings, but give them some friends, so to speak. MEntity: Give them your higher perspective, your confidence, your trust, your understanding, your patience, etc. Let these stand with your base feelings so that you define yourself as a spectrum with a range of choice, rather than anchoring yourself in reactions. DianeHB: That makes sense, thank you. MEntity: As for the state of net neutrality, the probability for its demise is at about 40%. MEntity: As for the possibility of the tax "reform" passing, we see this at 33%. MEntity: These are fairly high and will require collective response to halt or alter the momentum, but these scenarios are fairly manageable threats at this point. DianeHB: Thank you Michael, I appreciate your perspective. It helps a lot. MEntity: It can be helpful to surrender to the truth that you are witnessing a rise in collective empowerment and that it must confront all areas where power has fallen into the hands of a few or into hands that exploit the collective. MEntity: The boat will be rocked, so to speak, and wishing for stability or the comforts you once knew is not a solution. MEntity: Many comforts of the Young Soul Age are false and ensure collective sleep, however peaceful and calm and familiar they may have been. What you are seeing is a process of ensuring collective wakefulness. MEntity: We will conclude here for today, Diane. We have more to say, as usual, but can elaborate in further exchanges. Good day to you. Goodbye, for now.
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    ENERGY REPORT April 2018 2018 OVERLEAVES ROLE: Warrior (emphasized all year) CENTER: Higher Emotional (emphasized all year) GOAL: Dominance (emphasized Jan - Mar) MODE: Power (emphasized Apr - Jun) ATTITUDE: Pragmatist (emphasized Jul - Sep) CHIEF FEATURES: Greed (emphasized Oct - Dec) APRIL brings with it a shift of emphasis into Power Mode. For most of our students, this will mean a shift into “being present,” “showing up,” and generally being returned to some grounding factor in how you are relating to yourself, to others, and to the world. This may come as a burst of energy and enthusiasm, or as a sudden drop in energy and enthusiasm. For those who bounce into April on a high note, it would be helpful to consider that this will likely level out and gradually“land” on a more even note. For those who feel they are dragging themselves into April, it would be helpful to know that it will take persistent effort to embrace this state of grounding that you are probably not ready to embrace. From whatever direction you approach it, this grounded and balanced state appears to be a state that most of our students are aiming for as a way to move through the rest of the year. We have shared extensively about the nature of Power Mode and we invite our students to reference any material that explores this more thoroughly for insight. In general, we would say to our students to expect a shift that is likely going to feel more focused and leads toward your willingness to “deal with things.” This could mean dealing with a conflict, dealing with your health, dealing with your relationship, dealing with your depression, dealing with your losses, dealing with your hopes and visions, dealing with your resistances, etc. Slowly, most of our students will likely feel a sense of empowerment and willingness to be present, be inspired, and take on a challenge that they may otherwise have avoided. This is a month where you take on the work of freeing yourself from any state of self-imposed or externally-imposed Oppression. For some, it will take great willpower, and for others, it will be a sudden realization, but each path is a remembering of one’s Basic Rights. [link - http://our.truthloveenergy.com/articles.html/library/personality-dynamics/centering-and-parts/centering-general/the-7-basic-rights-r278/ ] This shift into an emphasis on Power Mode may show up in the world as even more definitive divides between Oppressors and Oppressed. We will address this more in May as we reach what we perceive as a pattern leading to a breaking or turning point around June or July. DATES OF INTEREST (dates are approximate): NO NEXUS IN APRIL April 1st -- ENERGY SHIFT -- AGITATION -- This may show up as enthusiasm for some, and as irritation to others, but it is an agitating shift that is the result of moving back into a more grounded state over April. April 22nd -- ENERGY SHIFT -- SHOCK -- This may or may not show up, but patterns reveal a building toward an event that could be described as rather shocking on a large scale around April 22nd - April 30th. Though there are many shocking things in the current climate, if this shows up as we see it, then it would be fairly obvious. April 29th -- ENERGY SHIFT -- RALLY -- This appears to be a shift that is dependent upon the coming together of groups for the sake of moving forward, recovering, healing, support, and coordination. This is not dependent upon whether the April 22nd shift occurs, but it is likely related. HELPFUL THOUGHTS OVER APRIL: WAKE UP, AGAIN - It can always be helpful to remember that you are always awakening. You are never 100% awake. Awakening is a process of remembering and there is a lot to remember. April appears to bring with it a sense of realization and awakening that may make some of you feel as if you “should have” known or known better, or that someone else should know or have known better, but we suggest bringing kindness and compassion to any scenario of awakening. Even when it is someone else who “should have known better,” your effort to remember that waking up is incremental is by its very nature another increment of your own awakening.
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    Michael Speaks: The Nine Priorities 2017-10-02 Channeled by Troy Tolley in a live session at TLEGG 2017 Note from Janet: Can we all just agree that @DanielaS ROCKS for getting all three TLEGG transcripts done so quickly?!! MEntity: OK. Bear with us as we strengthen our delivery. As we do so, hello to each of you and welcome back. Today we will be talking about what currently we will describe as the Nine Priorities. This is fairly new information, though you may see hints of it throughout the questions and answers among our students over the years. What we are doing as we evolve our body of teaching with our students is expand in two different directions. One is in a larger scale so that we can explore with you those larger contexts that are very difficult to imagine. But also, to focus more acutely within a lifetime so that you can understand more intimately how you work on levels that are “you” as a body and a biology representing a Consciousness that includes choice on that level as well. You are making conscious choices as a meeting ground between your Essence and Personality, and there are choices that your Essence makes, and there are choices that your Consciousness makes in that meeting ground. But there are also choices being made that are driven by a more unconscious, or subconscious, fuel within your individual Personalities. These may or may not be related to past lives. They tend to be unique to who you are in this lifetime and help put a stamp on the current you in a way that is meaningful even if it may not be obvious. So, while you have a Goal for a lifetime and a Mode and Attitude and so forth, you will also find that your path is defined by one or more of these Nine Priorities that have in some way been generated within your lifetime, and that creates a trajectory for great lengths of time if not the entire lifetime. So, while you can understand yourself in terms of the meeting ground where the Goal is describing your Personality, these Priorities can help you to understand what is happening even deeper than that within who you are, that defines who you are. The first one we will cover is the Priority, and we can also interchange the terminology of the Nine Priorities or the Nine Defining Factors of a lifetime. Some of you will find that based on your experiences, and this can occur at any point in your life, but we are speaking of whatever point before this moment, has been defined by DEATH. This is one of the Nine Priorities that can occur within a lifetime that defines the trajectory of your life. A pivotal experience regarding Death, a Death in your life, sends you on a trajectory that is uniquely defined and different from the other Nine Priorities. So, the Priority of the Personality is to resolve whatever has been stamped upon the life in some way from the experience of a Death. We are going to go through these as succinctly as possible, and then we will take your questions and elaborate if we can. This is new information coming through this channel, so it may be a little choppy at moments. Another Defining Factor, or Priority, is GRIEF. This is a life that is stamped with a pattern of constant challenges around loss, disappointments, failed expectations, and while Death may be a part of this, it expands more beyond that into losing a job, losing a girlfriend or boyfriend or husband, or a halt in some way that forces one to face a change that was unexpected. And then there is a period of Grief. Some lives, some Personalities, as an undercurrent are fueled by this persistent pattern of Grief in the life. We wish to point out that none of these are bad or good, but it helps to understand that if a life is defined by this, it is not a curse. It is an experiential pattern from which you must extract as much as you can as a conscious and sentient being and understand that it is not imposed on you or a curse or just your bad luck. There is a part of you that is an undercurrent of your biology, the consciousness of this body, that is interested in some way in that particular trajectory. We share this with you so that you can develop compassion for those paths and transcend them in some way, so that you are not trapped in them but can learn from them. The next is BODY IMAGE and HEALTH. Some lives are completely defined by a pattern of constant struggle with how you appear to other people in terms of Body Image. We are not speaking in terms of Chief Negative Features. We are speaking of the internal struggle about how one is shaped in the world as a representation of themselves. As well as Health, which is tied together with Body Image. This trajectory is defined by persistent struggles that fall under those categories of Health and Body Image. And the reason these are connected is because sometimes the Body Image element is not about something you can change. It is about how you are perceiving yourself in relation to how you assume others see you. And this affects your Health in physical ways as well, and psychological ways. So, Body Image and Health are intertwined together The three that we just covered could be said to be linked to the Truth path of trajectories or Priorities. Those who are dealing with these three particular trajectories or Defining Factors or Priorities are exploring Truth in ways that cannot be explored outside of those trajectories. Because these make you face the Truth quite directly and intimately, or at least carry you in a trajectory in a way that will help you to find a pivotal moment of Truth. Another Defining Factor or Priority is SEX. There are those of you who are driven by Sex. We will not point any fingers. [Laughter] And this may be something that is assumed must be repressed or set aside as something wrong with you. And there may be challenges because of the cultural norms that must be adhered to and the boundaries of social interaction. But if Sex is part of what is the trajectory or the Defining Factor or the Priority that your body is trying to pursue, you must find a way for that to be explored. And part of the process of that trajectory is finding the appropriate ways for this to be explored. But it is nothing to be ashamed of or to hide or to repress. It is something to celebrate and find its way, find its path, create that path for that Priority of Sex. This may sound shallow to some who do not have it as a trajectory but for those who have it as a Priority it is a very serious undercurrent of energy that is very difficult to manage and must be explored in a loving and conscious way. Another path or Priority is ADDICTION. There are some bodies, and all bodies to some degree, but there are some bodies that must deal with the path or the Priority of challenges connected to Addiction. Addiction could be defined as a dependency upon which you are struggling to free yourself. So, Addictions can come in all forms, whether it is a chemical Addiction, an emotional Addiction, an intellectual Addiction. But it tends to have more control over your choices than you do. And therefore, those who are defined by that path, or put Addiction as a Priority, must focus on the dance that occurs when facing those challenges of defining oneself on one's own terms outside of the gravity of dependency. Many who have this trajectory may not even know that they have a trajectory of Addiction, or a Priority of Addiction, because some Addictions are quite culturally acceptable. So, it is up to the individual to know, to discover, that there is a pattern in the life that repeats in terms of dependency on something that either relieves them of the responsibility of choice or that they fight against to try to get their power of choice returned to them. So, Addiction is another Priority. Another path or Priority is RELATIONSHIPS. There are some of you who need to be with others. There are some of you who need to be touched, who need to be heard, to be seen, to communicate, to exchange in ways that are your resource for learning. These are what we refer to as Relationships. There are some who shun relationships and do not understand why they are pressured to pursue Relationships or to be around people. That is because that is not a Priority for them. But for those who have Relationships as a Priority, it is time to embrace that trajectory as something that your body, your biology, your most acute levels of Personality seek as its playground for learning about itself. How you do this is up to you but allowing Relationships to be a Priority and pursuing them and all the challenges that go into this is yours. These three could be said to be on the axis or the line of Love, the paths of Love. The next path or Priority is CAREER. Some of you define yourselves and your lives by what you are doing in terms of a Career. This is a path or a Priority that focuses on an exchange that rewards your contributions. Exploring what skills and talents you have that can be contributed in a way that recreates a circuit of reciprocation and sustainability is a Priority for some of you and not a Priority for many of you. All of these apply to Old Souls as well. None of these are more inclined to be true for younger souls or Mature Souls. All of these can be true for every Soul Age because of imprinting and the randomness of the consciousness that rises from the cells that are your body, and their interests that become a part of your own. Some of you are not so interested in prioritizing Career, but you find that you are prioritizing MONEY. You simply need Money. You simply need to find a way to get it. [Laughter] You find that the struggle and the Priority is a dance between rejecting it and accepting it and understanding it as a currency for the rides that are available on Earth as part of your experiences. Money is a ticket, so to speak, to get to some of the rides that are available. And you must do so, you must participate in that system in some way, in many contexts. In many situations you do not have to. But for some Money becomes a distraction, a priority, a challenge, an obstacle. And while we said that these are not specific or distributed across the Soul Ages, Money does tend to be an Old Soul issue that comes up either as a complete non-Priority or a distracting Priority. How you resolve this is up to you and it is part of the dance of your life, the dynamic of your life. We have no solutions for you, but if you find that this is a Priority, it is one that you can, once again, embrace and see from a different angle of creative challenge rather than a curse or an imposition. The final path or Priority is PURPOSE. Some of you simply want this life to matter. That matters more to you than all of the other Priorities, and you want something to be left behind that matters. Now, we can say that most of you feel this way about your lives. You do want them to matter, you do want them to have left something good behind. But for those who have this as a trajectory, a Defining Factor, a Priority, it is quite different than the general want to simply have a good life that matters. Those who have it as a Priority go out of their way to find how to make a difference, how to matter in some way, how to inject themselves into the matrix of life in a way that helps it. Sometimes that Purpose is not always clear and must be defined and explored and experimented with. And sometimes that Purpose is not always necessary and falls flat, and that is part of the exploration and experimentation for those who have Purpose as a Priority. But these final three are for those whose path is exploring Beauty or Energy and how it works in the Physical Plane. So, what we have given you is the three for Truth, Love, and Energy that your bodies as a collection of cells that have their own Consciousness rise up and merge with who you are as a Consciousness but contribute to the path or trajectory that this particular body is on. We point this out because we speak, and many teachings speak greatly, about your soul and this Essence and this body as if it is something you wear. But it is its own Consciousness that is contributing to the choices and factors and paths of your life. It is not just “you.” It is this package of cells that have their own Consciousness as well. As the Old Soul evolves, there comes a point where it is recognized that the entire planet works this way. And we will get to that in another discussion with you. Do you have question or comments that you would like to offer relative to what we have shared? Cyprus: I have a question. Based on what side you are in the Entity, on the Truth, Love, Energy side, does that play a role in what your body is more likely to use as one of these nine options? MEntity: No. Brian: You delineated them in groups of three, of Truth, Love and Energy. Within those groupings are there sub-groupings in terms of one of them representing the Inspirational Axis, another one the Expressional Axis, and the other the Action Axis from each of those? MEntity: No. Cong: Can you tell us what are the top three popular Priorities within this group today and why those three are the most popular? MEntity: No. [Laughter] Martha: Are these things that are chosen before the life, or do they shift as you mature, and things happen, and you go through your life? MEntity: First, we will elaborate on our previous No. [Laughter] We will not do that at this point because we wish to engage you as students for your sharing your revelations about where you might be, and then you can draw from there what you've determined are the top three. Do you understand? What was your question again? Martha: Are these things that are chosen before the life, or do they change as you mature and have experiences? MEntity: They are not chosen before the life. They are chosen as part of life, growing as “you” in a physical body. They do change and can change. If there is a point in your life where the Defining Factor of Death is resolved for you, it can shift to something else. Cyprus: Is that common? MEntity: It is common enough that there is no rule. No life is set as defined by one of these trajectories in any way because the participation in the life can shift that. And if it were set, there would be a lack of choice involved. So, they can change, but many who have it set for the entire life simply did not do the work of participating in that, understanding that trajectory. So, there are lives that are defined by it from that point forward, but for our students and for those who are awake, there tends to be some staggering of movement through the different Priorities. BobbyK: Is there any correlation or is there a higher tendency based on your Goal to possibly be exploring certain paths? For example, when you mentioned the Priority of Purpose, with my Goal being Growth, I resonated instantly with that. But is that common? Or are there plenty of people with Goals of Growth for whom a path of Purpose will never be a part of their life? MEntity: The latter. This is independent from the Goal. There is no correlation or cause relative to anything else other than the Consciousness of the cells of your body literally waking up with you as a presence of sentience and participating in contributing to an interest in what to experience in this form as a host for “you” as “you.” So, if it were defined by the Personality, or rather the Overleaves, there would be an injection or an influence in some way, but this is a completely raw, open set of choices that evolve from the cells that are growing as you. They are conscious. Michael: Do Priorities tend to run in families? I know for me, I resonated with Addiction. And in my family for a couple of generations, as far as I know, lots of people in the family have struggled with different kinds of Addictions. MEntity: Yes, they do. Those who share in Priorities tend to be drawn together or in a pocket of predominant Priorities. The cells that come from the families tend to gravitate towards the familiar Priority already set. This is still a form of choice, but it is one of the influences that can be considered, and strongly. Again, it is not imposed as one can shift into a different Priority over time and with effort. But yes, if you are born to a family who has emphasized the Priority of Addiction, it is highly likely that you may also carry that, at least for a good portion of the life. Michael: And that happens with all the Priorities? MEntity: Yes. Yes. Try being born to a family who prioritizes Career and your Priority is Purpose or Sex, and it can be quite difficult to break out of the pressure to define yourself by a career when all you want to do is have sex. Kerrin: Can a Priority be deliberately chosen to push your Life Task or life in a certain direction? MEntity: Yes, it can be. But if the other is not resolved, it will not take. It must be put alongside. There will be one Priority that is defined by the body and the cells that we are describing as collectively contributing to the path of your life, or the trajectory. But as a conscious individual, that meeting ground, having this information and this map or even simply knowing that these are options in a life in general, can choose to focus on a different Priority and put that alongside of it, but the original Priority still must be addressed. So, for instance, if a life has been defined by a death but one is working on a career, the trajectory of the career is a manufactured trajectory that has not been integrated into the body, and there will always be this undercurrent Priority to resolve the death that has defined the life, or to find peace with it, or to integrate it in some way. Otherwise, even with a successful career, there will be something missing, so to speak, a sense of distraction or dissatisfaction. Does this make sense? Kerrin: It does. But taking Death for an example. If somebody close to you died, hit by a drunk driver and killed, and the person decides to devote their life to changing drunk driving laws. They use that as a catalyst to save others. I was wondering if that would be a healthy way to — MEntity: Yes. There are many times when a death or even a health crisis has shifted someone towards Purpose as a way to resolve those particular undercurrents. Yes, in that way it works very well together. But there will be no moment in your life that one of these is not a Priority. The terminology that we are using here will change if it is on a different planet or a different period of time with a different set of cultural options in the world. They are not consistent, but there will always be these nine Priorities in some way defined along these axes of Truth, Love, and Energy, regardless of where you are. If you have a body, there will be one of nine Priorities that the body starts to generate as a trajectory in your life. Next. BobbyA: In trying to figure out an order of these, prioritizing the Priorities in my own life, I resonated with several of them. If my top Priority was on the Inspiration Axis would the secondary and tertiary also most likely be on the Inspiration Axis or could they just be scattered? MEntity: It can be scattered. You will rarely find that we present to you information that has less structure than this. But because this is not something that is planned, such as your Overleaves and all of the infrastructure of Sentience, but is rising up from the conglomeration of consciousness of cells in your body, it is a very different set, a different map. And that is about as structured as we can get with it. Michael: Would non-sentient creatures have nine Priorities or does it only apply to sentience? MEntity: Non-sentient creatures will have the Instinctive Center driving the lives. The difference in sentience and non-sentience is that meeting ground that allows for the interpretation of the consciousness that is the body. You get a choice in what to do with what the cells of the body contribute to the life. Whereas, in non-sentience they are confined by the template that is the hive soul and the instinctive drives of the body. So, this leads us to a point to bring to you: the cells that make up your body, everything that is a part of your body, is not there randomly. It is not there as a shifting pool of mush to represent you. These cells that are your body are in a kind of incarnation of their own with you as their universe. This is where we are going with some of our deeper explorations of our teaching during this True Application, and this is something that is important to understand as you grow older in Soul Age. You are not just borrowing material from the planet and discarding it. It is choosing to be a part of you as much as you are choosing to give it form and experience and life. The planet evolves from the materials or the cells and the minerals and energy that is you that you leave behind, and it moves back into the pool of the Physical Plane or Earth. It is contributing to the evolution of consciousness on the planet in general. And this is a scale that we have not explored very deeply, if at all, with many of our students. But the pool of material that you draw from is in itself evolving and is choosing to be your body. You are more than just your head floating around looking out into the world through eyes. Further questions? Janet: If you have spent the majority of your life working under the trajectory of one Priority and you reach essentially resolution, is that a point in time where there could be a crisis for the lifetime, maybe causing someone to look for an Exit Point or need assistance to redirect the focus of the lifetime? I'm thinking particularly of people who have had a trajectory of Career and have reached retirement age. MEntity: We may need your question to be clarified. Janet: So, if someone has spent their life focused on Career, that's been their entire trajectory, and they've reached retirement age, is that a crisis point for them? MEntity: No. We understand now. If they remain with the Priority of Career and now there is no option for this, it can become a crisis point for them. Or they make take great solace in the fact that they have fulfilled a long trajectory of that Priority and it is resolved, and then they move into a different Priority. Or it becomes an extension of the life in a way that is simply different. A career can continue even past “retirement,” as long as the context is understood as shifting. If Career remains a Priority, an individual can continue it. So, our short answer would be that that depends on the individuals, where they are with themselves and that Defining Factor when it comes to a point where there is a challenge to it. Next question? BobbyK: Can the concept of the cells sort of reporting up to the whole body be planned out at a macro level? For example, can we apply this to continents or can we apply this to eras of time? Would it be a superficial application of the Priorities to say the 60's, it was heavily imprinted with the Priority of Sex, or Japan is heavily imprinted with the Priority of Career. Does that apply? MEntity: It does. Yes. There are geographical factors in the same way that Michael asked about family lines, or family units, contributing to Priorities, so can cultural and geographical areas. This is less of an influence than the family unit, but it can be, in retrospect in particular, a Defining Factor for understanding an era or a location. But within that, all of that can be chosen. Some simply rise to the top as a Priority for change and evolution on a larger scale, but all of them were somewhere involved. Martha: Do we focus on just one Priority, or do you have a major one and a minor one? MEntity: There is one Defining Factor, though there can be some that are consciously chosen either as a way to deal with that one Defining Factor or as a way to combat and distract from that Defining Factor. But there is just the one. Before we take any more questions, we will ask you now, for Cong's research, [Laughter] what you have felt, and this is not a question that you may be able to answer definitively, which of these has become a Priority for you? If you choose not to reveal this, it is probably Sex. [Laughter] If someone would like to tally these. [Cyprus calls out each Priority and people raise their hands. It was a little chaotic with some misunderstanding. The tally was: Death: 0 Grief: 4 Health and Body Image: 2 Sex: 0 Addiction: 2 Relationships: 7 Career: 2 Money: 2 Purpose: 4] MEntity: We are an Entity comprised of Warriors and Kings and our prerogative is to delegate for you to come to your own consensus because of what was just displayed that we avoided. [Laughter] As you go through this assessment on your own when you have more time to think it through, keep in mind that these are defining trajectories of your life. Not, “Oh, what do I want to do today?” or “Oh, what is important to me?” These are defining trajectories that are an undercurrent to your life so that no matter what you are focusing on or would like to do today or what sounds like fun or important today, has nothing to do with the undercurrent trajectory that you keep coming back to even if you avoid it, even if you do not want to deal with it. It keeps coming back to your consciousness as a struggle, an undercurrent, a challenge. So, keep that in mind when you reassess your Priority, and as part of that assessment play with the ideas, look at the patterns of your life to see if they have had one part focus on one Priority and when it may have shifted to another, and so forth. We point this out because of the theme that Troy set for this weekend's gathering because these are part of the hiccups of your life that define the life. We use the term hiccup because of Troy not as a terminology that we are offering. [Laughter] [Note: TLEGG was defined for 2017 as the Sugar Hiccup Edition.] These tend to be generated as either pivotal hiccups in the life that interrupt and then send you on a trajectory or they are resolved and a more conscious shift toward a Priority happens when one is resolved, and you open to another. The key here is in your embracing your trajectory in a way that you can participate in its resolution rather than fight it and presume that it is something imposed upon you. And that is what we would like to leave you with, so that as you struggle with some of the undercurrents of your life that feel as if they are not yours, they are. They are yours. And you have an entire collection of cells that have consciousness working with you as well as in Essence. And you are all of that. We do plan to expand in this direction that we explored with you today to look at the more acute dynamics of your existence in the Physical Plane beyond the meeting ground of your body as a soul and Personality. And this could be said to be one of the first introductions to that direction. And with that, we will close tonight and say good-bye and we will see you again. *** Note from Janet: Here is a table that summarizes the priorities:
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    WHEN A SAGE GOES SILENT I feel like I have been lying low for so long, but this year has been rough in a lot of ways, and even more so for those I love and adore. Many from this community are struggling and coping and keeping their spirits up in the face of very difficult challenges. So when I'm struggling with something that is nowhere near the challenges of someone else, I tend to just be quiet. That's not to be noble or anything, but just so I can focus on getting through my own stuff so I can return to being more helpful to others. I've been more quiet than usual for a number of reasons that range from being very intimate to being very broad about the apparent state of humanity. When Michael said this year is a Turning Point, I really didn't know it would be so clear that we are headed toward a breakthrough or a breakdown. So many around me are working through their Turning Point. This is a rough year for too many. MY HEALTH I live in such a confusing state regarding my health. As most of you know, I live with a terminal illness, yet I am "perfectly healthy" with no symptoms, signs, or effects from it. But because my work requires such sensitivity, any little thing can throw me off from my standard of quality of channeling, and I've been living with a few persistent issues that have really interfered with my life. I have a shoulder "impingement" caused from sleeping on it all wonky for so many years, so I live with excruciating pain where my shoulder is slightly separated from its socket. It's ridiculously stupid. I couldn't be all fancy and injure myself in sports or even playing, but no... sleeping. I have regular headaches and weird ocular migraines that, literally, blind me. So annoying and disorienting. And then there is the big one... I have been having stomach/intestinal issues that had me very worried (I won't go into details), so my Drx scheduled a colonoscopy. However "routine" this procedure is, it's actually quite dangerous and risky, but I didn't know that before my appointment. For those of you who have had one, you know the drill. You don't eat for two days and on the first of those days you drink a gallon of a chemical that purges your system like nothing ever has. I was told by others that this was the worst part of the procedure and that the actual procedure was not that big a deal. So imagine my pleasant surprise when the preparation wasn't really all that bad. Sure I got a headache and was shaky from not eating, but the preparation was not as horrible as I had expected. YAY! But then I had the procedure. I was told I would really enjoy the anesthetic because it really knocks you out and feels pleasant, but I was concerned because my body has a high resistance to pain killers/anesthetics. But I turned on my side, they released the anesthetic, and I was out. Annnndd... then I woke up in total shock. Apparently, I had some sort of reaction to the anesthetic and they had to put a tube down my throat to keep me breathing and wake me up. I was given a secondary anesthetic that doesn't put you to sleep, but helps numb the pain from the procedure. Imagine my shock of waking up with an oxygen mask and totally in the middle of an anal probe. To make matters more shocking, the actual video screen of my deepest self was on display in front my face. I thought it was a horror film. Anyway, I kept my cool and endured and the procedure finished and I was wheeled to recovery. I was in so much pain, and I did not feel well, but I was glad it was over. I was also glad to know that they found nothing of any obvious significance, but there were two biopsies that will show results in a few days. Almost immediately after my procedure, I had a severe cold that then turned into what seemed like pneumonia very fast. I could barely breathe and could barely talk or walk, so I had planned to go to the emergency intake at my clinic today, but last night I started to feel a little better. And today I feel much better. I don't know what I had or what I have, but it seems to be passing. Since I almost died from pneumonia, I was very stressed and anxious because I never want to go through that again. I'm still fatigued, shaky, and aching from the cough and congestion, but I think it's passing. I'll see what tomorrow brings and go from there. That's sometimes all we can do. THANK YOU FOR GIVING ME ROOM TO HEAL For those of you affected by any of these ups and downs, thank you for your patience, kindness, and understanding. I will always work hard to catch up and make up for any effects of my life. It means the world to me that you extend your compassion and give me that room to take care of myself so I can better take care of my work with Michael. I love you guys and I know others are going through WAAAYyyyyy more than this, so my heart is with you, too.
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    ENERGY REPORT May 2018 2018 OVERLEAVES ROLE: Warrior (emphasized all year) CENTER: Higher Emotional (emphasized all year) GOAL: Dominance (emphasized Jan - Mar) MODE: Power (emphasized Apr - Jun) ATTITUDE: Pragmatist (emphasized Jul - Sep) CHIEF FEATURES: Greed (emphasized Oct - Dec) MAY arrives with a bit more grounding than April appears to have had. Most students and much of the collective consciousness is on board with some relief from insecurity and continuing the effort to be present and empowered and grounded. This will go a long way in the face of any events or people who would rather this not be the case. Though we cannot predict this with any certainty, May may be one of the more “Positive Pole” months that we have seen in a while, with Warrior in +Persuasion, Dominance in +Leadership, Power in +Authority, Pragmatist in +Practicality. This does not mean it will or will not be a “good” month; that is still subjective, but the framework is here to reflect that it may feel better than previous months. Power Mode continues to remain in emphasis with many students feeling a prompt to metaphorically stand up, shake off, and take off. If you feel this prompt to start getting things done, being inspired again and generally interested in improving yourself, your environment, your mood, etc, then you are plugged into the collective shift in that direction. It could be said to be a shift toward a “no more bullshit” theme rising among many. This seed had been planted earlier in the year, but many are starting to feel the first and delicate sprouts of empowerment returning. For those who feel more like “sitting this one out” and are having a difficult time feeling motivated, present, and empowered, it may be helpful to do just that. Putting pressure on you to be more productive, more motivated, etc. while overwhelmed can be counterproductive. What you can do, instead, is included in every day a gentle invitation to DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT. It does not have to be complicated or deeply meaningful, but do something to break the pattern of that particular day. If it was a busy day, let yourself rest. If it is a day of mental fog and exhaustion, go for a short walk or dance in your chair to good music for 5 minutes. Always consider yourself worth an invitation to be a part of life. This goes a long way in keeping you from spiraling into overwhelm but allows you to honor your various processes happening. They will pass at some point, but while you are in them, you can navigate them with more pleasure. This work of the previous month where you began the work of freeing yourself from any state of self-imposed or externally-imposed Oppression continues. Again, for some, it will take great willpower, and for others, it will be a sudden realization, but each path is a remembering of one’s Basic Rights. [link - http://our.truthloveenergy.com/articles.html/library/personality-dynamics/centering-and-parts/centering-general/the-7-basic-rights-r278/ ] Power Mode will continue to play out in the world in ways that continue to clarify who is using power for oppression and who is using it for empowerment, who is disconnected and imposing and who is present and patient. DATES OF INTEREST (dates are approximate): NO NEXUS IN MAY May 1st - 7th -- ENERGY SHIFT -- GROUNDING -- for many there may come a return to feeling and being productive, inspired, and with clarity again. It may show up only as a hint, but it can come as a relief after the past few months. May 22nd -- ENERGY SHIFT -- EMPOWERMENT -- This shift appears to be related to another rise of empowerment from among the wounded and hurting who are gathering power to bring change. This could be rather inspiring and related to paths of the Infinite Soul. HELPFUL THOUGHTS OVER MAY: DO IT, OR DON’T - Often it does not help in any way to push, encourage, rise above, snap out of it, get over it, etc. when one is feeling overwhelmed and “in a funk” or down. Sometimes the solution is to let yourself hear and feel yourself and take it seriously that you are hurting. Cry over it, laugh about it, sleep through it, tell someone about it, write about it, sing about it. The key is to keep the energy moving, but not as a way to avoid your hurting or exhaustion. The energy must move so that the energy can change. If you push for a change, it can set up resistances that simply increase the pain or pressure. It is far more empowering to let yourself be seen and heard by you than to quiet and hide from yourself. Do what you can, when you can, and let this process be an honest one. Incremental action can be as powerful as any momentous action. Mountain ranges can attest to this.
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    Michael Speaks - January 28, 2017 - When The Infinite Soul Arrives Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin. We understand the topic to be that of the pending Infinite Soul arrival. The arrival of the Infinite Soul is fairly lacking in fanfare or announcement. It is rarely obvious and rarely dramatic. However, depending upon the positioning of the fragments to potentially host the Infinite Soul, those in direct opposition to the Logos may begin to react with rage and fear which can then escalate to historic levels of violence and shock. Keep in mind that the Infinite Soul has an ongoing roster of potential candidates for Manifestation. Fragments are not "chosen" with a long-term plan or fate set in place, but are chosen as patterns of consciousness, choice, and Karma coalesce toward breaking points for the species. There are hundreds of candidates at any given time. The dynamic that has been in place for this wave of Infinite Souls has remained unchanged since we first noted it many years ago: 5 Manifestations across the planet to represent/teach from and within various populations. There remains a priority for a strikingly young individual to host, at least one woman, and fragments representing various "minorities" around the world. One of the problems that can arise for any fragment opting into hosting for the Infinite Soul is the very real dangers that can end or derail the life long before the Infinite Soul can be hosted. Elian Gonzalez is a modern example of a higher profile candidate derailed by when the prospects of hosting emerged, reverting the life back to an isolated and distracted life confined by cultural restrictions. Other candidates will not be known to you by name and have died as the hosting triggered reactions from those around the individual. In nearly every instance of potential hosting for this Manifestation, the individual is an "unassuming civilian" and not yet in positions of influence, or not interested in these positions, but find themselves in positions that require a push into sustaining higher center functioning more often than normal. Though we will not point to any individual, we can say that one candidate is among those participating in the resistance where it is known as Standing Rock. This particular candidate is the closest to being locked into fulfilling Agreements with the Infinite Soul than any other candidate. This is not to say that Manifestation is imminent, but the position is primed. Other Manifestations are being negotiated, but may not be obvious in Manifestation until well into the years after Agreements are solidified. There has been a long-standing dynamic for Humans that has been leading away from the necessity for the Manifestation of the Infinite Soul, but in the past 2 years, this shifted dramatically back toward the species requiring intervention. The greater message of this Logos will likely tend to focus on Climate and your biosphere that is diminishing rapidly for Humans and other Earthlings. There are many issues that can be addressed, but even in the worst of challenging and painful scenarios among Humans, the greater threat to your existence is the plundering of the planet. One of the more common ways for a species to shift into a Mature Soul paradigm is to align a majority of the population, regardless of soul age, in conscious awareness of a common threat. The irony is that the greatest threat to your survival is yourselves. This truth is known in the Instinctive Center of every fragment extant. The problem that has arisen for the species is that the younger souls have read this Instinctive "knowing" and altered it into projection. Instead of including themselves in the equation of greatest threat, they have distorted the message of "you are the greatest threat to yourself" to "you are the greatest threat to me." This has compounded the anxiety of many of our students because now the "threat" to existence is known to be the self and a large part of the population, as well. To rephrase the above to read more accurately: This has compounded the anxiety for many of our students because now the "threat" to existence is known to arise from yourselves as a species, but you also know that a large portion of the population has shifted toward targeting others for this sense of threat, including you. So what could have been a unifying factor has been altered to be a great dividing factor. Aside from the Manifestation of the Infinite Soul intervention, our students can help to relieve this anxiety and stress by, at least, sharing the focus of effort on healing your own part in the equation of life as a Being of Earth. The division that is in place between those who target and those who are targeted will require strength and swift responses to dismantle, but this is a temporary fight compared to the impact that has the species at risk for survival. It is expected that the younger will retaliate and must be wrangled into paradigms that they feel threaten them, so intervention is not particularly necessary at those times, even when it would seem profoundly necessary. Intervention comes when the species is making an evolutionary leap, a paradigm shift, or for diversion away from devastation. This wave of Manifestations looks to address all of this. Though we cannot point to individuals as candidates for hosting, we can say that the confirmation of candidacy is likely to begin in 2020. The probability for Manifestation is at 72%. When this confirmation is in place, we will tell you. However, you may begin to see the patterns leaning toward Manifestation if you continue to observe or participate in the Standing Rock events. This can help you to identify other patterns amid other events that might arise from higher potential candidate confirmations. Once confirmation is in place, the life is fully aligned with the intentions of the Infinite Soul. The choices of the individual remain, but all impulses are followed as they rise from Essence. The actual hosting of the Infinite Soul as a voice for the Logos would be brief and choreographed among the various Manifestations. The actual hosting of the Infinite Soul can only be sustained for up to 30 days before the body would "burn up" with the energy. That state of hosting would likely come from among all hosts in a way that corresponds with and references each other. This may not be so obvious in implementation, but we will help watch for this to direct our students' attention for educational purposes. For older souls, the greatest way you can help as representations of consciousness for your Sentience, for your species, and as part of the dynamic that helps generate a path forward for the self and others is to recognize that you are part of this Infinite Soul. In other words, you need not wait to be rescued. You are part your own solution, your own answer, your own path forward, in both personal and greater terms, especially when the challenge is the species, itself. The Logos is all around you. You need not wait for the Infinite Soul arrival to acknowledge it and act upon it Many have snapped into and aligned with this truth. Some may assume this is because of the threat of the King in Tyranny. However, that is not the case, however much he comes to be the focus. This fragment is incidental in terms of coming into a position to symbolize the younger soul retaliation and resistance to evolution. Many students may see the King as having (inadvertently) inspired an awakening and is playing a known part in this greater dynamic, but that is false. In nearly every case among our students, the inspiration is not reflected by the King. It is generated from within, from the divide within you that has too long been ignored. It is part of you that has fallen asleep, regardless of how awake you may be. Students often wake up in a life and continue building upon great awareness, all while leaving a part of the self asleep as it relates to something more painful in the life. For many of our students, the part of the self that is deeply asleep is the part that feels welcome in this world. However awake you are, this remains a contested area at best, and deeply wounded numbness in most cases. With the influx of Infinite Soul energy to the planet over the past year or so, many of our students are waking up in ways that they never knew they were sleeping. This contributes to the sense that world is suddenly surreal, disconnected from you, and you may feel inclined to cringe and retract. But that is just information. That is an unpacking of that part of you that has been asleep. Those are the feelings that were always there, with greater and greater skill mastered for compartmentalizing it so as to function with some potential for happiness and joy in the life. This is not unique to you, of course, and is often profoundly necessary. It is a survival skill for the psyche or it would implode. Suddenly there is a collective strength being generated that invited this part back to the surface among all older souls. In most cases this has "fired up" with great passion a sense of challenge for owning one's place in the world. This compartmentalized wounding and sense of displacement is not limited to our students or older souls, but is the Karmic Wound of this species. Older souls feel this collective strength to own one's place in the world as a call for inclusion and true peace, agape, and affection. Younger souls feel this wounding in the species, but as they unpack that wound they have oversimplified it as a necessity to conquer and impose their place in the world against any threat to their place in it. We think this wave of Manifestation of Infinite Soul, and this collective unpacking of an ancient wound shared by all of Human Sentience is a Turning Point toward the greatest healing the species as a whole has ever known. This may or may not be immediately successful, or done painlessly, and may take the next 100 to 1000 years to implement, but it is happening. We have waited a long time for this. We will now open the floor to your questions: QUEUE IS NOW OPEN Yes, Bobby. Bobby: Would the multiple personalites of this next manifestion be considered concurrents of a single Essence? If so, is there a likely Role that will be utilized by this manifestion that is known at this time based upon the candidates? No. Each would be an individual fragment and likely all different Roles. We know that Sage, King, Priest, Server and Artisan have been the focus for candidates. Next, ANN Ann: Will these multiple manifestations happen over a 30-day period or will it be a kind of rolling manifestation--30 days for 1, another 30 for another, etc. We do not know. We do know they do not look to have gaps in time between the coordinated Manifestations. This may show up as overlapping, sequential, or simultaneously. Ann: Thank you. Next, Rosario. Rosario: Please comment about Lao Tzu's manifestation teachings and what is his Role in Essence. Keep in mind that the Manifestation of Infinite Soul has no Role, or rather, represents all Roles, but the fragment hosting does have a Role. The fragment in question here is a Scholar and focused on transcending limitations by knowing the self, the Truth. We have spoken extensively on the teaching of this Manifestation of the Infinite Soul and we encourage fellow students to direct you to further reading that is accessible so that you are not left with our brief synopsis here. Rosario: Ok...thank you. Next, Cong. Cong: From which plane is this new IS teaching? Mental? Messiah? Buddhaic? What's their connection to Lao Tzu, Buddha and Jesus, both in their teachings and their cadre location? Cadres from each of the High Planes look to be represented, with 3 from the Buddhaic or Higher Moving Plane. To rephrase the above for clarity: Each High Plane looks to be represented, with 3 Manifestations representing the Buddhaic Plane. The collections of Cadres tend to be in large quantities from across Energy Rings. It would be difficult to convey a the relative positions at the moment. As for the teachings, based on the origins of Planes for Manifestation, the dynamic would be that 3 Manifestations emphasize Higher Moving, or Energy, while one is Truth/Higher Intellectual, and Love/Higher Emotional, and these correspond to the Infinite Souls in question as Buddha, Lao Tzu, and Jesus, respectively. Next, Brian. BrianW: Assuming we still have unrestricted access to social media and functioning fact / evidence based journalism in 2020, how might we see the rise and impact of the various IS fragments, to include before, during, and after the IS manifestation in those fragments? Activism and unexpected positions of an individual to commit as high profile representation of a people or cause. This is true even of the child. Many may step into those positions, but we will help to sort out where the Infinite Soul is potentially Manifesting. Next, ckaricai ckaricai: I just want to be sure I'm understanding what y'all are saying about not waiting for the logos: to bring the logos to bear (as a way to push us as a species towards a mature soul paradigm and away from further planetary degradation and destruction) we can do this ourselves by asserting our rights to belong in society? Is there anything else concrete that we can do to push us forward faster? First, we would move away from terms such as "push" and "faster," as this is undue stress upon an already challenging position. Next, in terms of rights, we are not speaking of the more obvious positions of equality for which many must struggle to instill, protect, and expand. What we speak of us a profound psychological shift in presence and confidence in all areas of the life that may or may not have to do with rights. Many of you are quite comfortable taking on the challenge of securing rights, but even as these are secured and expanded, there is still a sense of not belonging. ckaricai: Oh I see the difference. What we wish to convey is that you BELONG HERE. This is your home. This is not just a passing pitstop for your Essence to learn and grow. This is where your body begins and ends. ckaricai: I grok you Michael. Thanks. :) Your body will never leave this Plane, and for most of you, will never leave the planet from which it arose. It is the ownership of Earth as Home and to then act, feel, and know accordingly. Next, Kurtle Kurtle: Hey M. If this IS does happen to manifest, then what kind of realities/parallels are we likely to converge with or converge into most directly? Is there a theme across these you can convey? We must conclude soon as we are losing focus through our channel. The greater themes that are drawing together are related to Resource-based Economy, Prosumerism over Consumerism, A dramatic move away from Combustive Fuels, and Off-Planet Colonization. Kurtle: Thank you M :) Note from Kurtle: "Prosumerism is the blurring of the distinction between the producer and the consumer, a blending of people's hobbies and their jobs, and that is a beautiful thing." Final question: Maureen Maureen: What would we as students hope to experience around the time of the Manifestation of the Infinite Soul? I recall reading that just being around the source or sources of pure Truth, Love and Energy would or could quicken a shift in anyone who is physically present. Would it be to our benefit, in any way, to be physically present, if at all possible? All of our students will have some form of access to at least one Manifestation, but proximity is not necessary. Your efforts across this life for nurturing Essence Recognition acts as the proximity. As a teacher, we can help to point to these fragments, though we will encourage individual observation and validation if possible. When there is necessity for breakthrough in consciousness, Physical proximity can be quite powerful, but for those who are consciously recognizing the Infinite Soul, distance is of no consequence. Before we conclude, we will say that none of the above is prediction. We do not know what is to come, but we do convey to you the Sequence that is nearing Vector status. Good day to each of you. We will conclude here. Goodbye, for now.
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    ENERGY REPORT - OCTOBER 2017 2017 OVERLEAVES ROLE: Priest (emphasized all year) CENTER: Higher Emotional (emphasized all year) GOAL: Submission (emphasized Jan - Mar) MODE: Passion (emphasized Apr - Jun) ATTITUDE: Realist (emphasized Jul - Sep) CHIEF FEATURES: Greed (emphasized Oct - Dec) OCTOBER launches directly into the “season” of Chief Features with an immediate emphasis on Greed, the Fear of Not Having Enough. The reality/realism of the previous months begins to settle in and prompt several desperate and extreme scenarios of fixation on that which one does not have. Many geographical locations that have been affected by recent catastrophes begin to see more clearly the profound challenges ahead, while those who already struggle with Greed begin to panic in their desperation to hold onto or to take what they deem is theirs to have. This may be the more chaotic wave of Greed to have been collectively generated in centuries. As with all Chief Features, the fear is generated as a defense against something normal and natural in life. Greed is prompted as a defense against not having enough, and there will always be scenarios where one is lacking. It is not about having enough, but about the fear of not having enough that causes the struggles and challenges. When one does not have enough resources, especially vital resources, then one must find or create solutions, so when panic and desperation arise, it can blind one to solutions and alternatives. When Greed sees no solutions, it becomes a great force of destruction as a way to violently or belligerently take what one wants or needs, or as a way to keep others from having what Greed cannot have. Greed and Self-Destruction are on the same axis. Both are about an extreme emphasis and distraction with who deserves what. Self-Destruction is about destroying the self because one does not “deserve” to have enough, and Greed is about destroying others who do not “deserve” to have more than you. Greed is not the same thing as Need. There are legitimate scenarios of need in the world and in your life, so it is only when the concept of “deserving” and violent solutions comes up that Greed is at play. As October unfolds, we suggest to our students that you observe how Greed is showing up, and do your best to navigate how it shows up in the world, and your best to navigate your own needs without falling into Greed. It may be a rough few months. As this is Higher Emotional Center year, the increased effects of water and weather will likely continue to come. There are likely several more weather and geological shocks in the months to come. DATES OF INTEREST (dates are approximate): Oct 5th -- ENERGY SHIFT -- AGGRESSION SPIKE - Aggressive energy seems to spike here, and show up as either a boost of dynamic energy that allows several parts to come together in harmony or a burst of destructive energy that forces a scenario. Oct 10th - 14th -- NEXUS -- DIVERGENCE - unknown effects HELPFUL THOUGHTS OVER OCTOBER: NURTURE YOUR CALM - This is a month to take more seriously than ever how you remain calm, centered, and clear in your choices, perceptions, and actions. As your personal and collective worlds may come into fluctuation, it is a good time to practice adding a moment before any choice, perception, or action, a kind of pause that allows you to be as clear as possible in aiming for solutions. NOTE: our report may sound ominous, but it is simply the nature of great change. It is difficult to discuss potential obstacles and challenges without an ominous edge. We do not have as much to report for October because we are still looking at variables that have not fully formed. The events of October will help us to look more closely at the patterns that will form 2018.
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    ENERGY REPORT SEPTEMBER 2017 2017 OVERLEAVES ROLE: Priest (emphasized all year) CENTER: Higher Emotional (emphasized all year) GOAL: Submission (emphasized Jan - Mar) MODE: Passion (emphasized Apr - Jun) ATTITUDE: Realist (emphasized Jul - Sep) CHIEF FEATURES: Greed (emphasized Oct - Dec) SEPTEMBER brings to a close the heightened emphasis on Realist before the year shifts into the emphasis on the Chief Negative Feature of the year. The struggle between Realism and Surrealism will continue, of course, and it is now playing out in two different ways as the year progresses: For those who are hooking into the more Positive Pole of Realism, there is a growing sense of “WE ARE GOING TO BE OK” or “I AM GOING TO BE OK.” This is not wishful thinking, but a truly realistic perception that is counting on odds in favor of historic and personal experience. It is a kind of trust, but without delusion. It is a compassionate acceptance of the struggle and fight and anxiety and fear, but also in the truth of experience that tells you that you can “survive.” It is not a guarantee that you will survive, only a trust in the truth that you CAN. This is how you gain the strength to move forward individually or collectively. For those hooking more into the Negative Pole of Realism or have fallen into Surrealism, there is a growing panic that says “THIS SHOULD NOT BE HAPPENING TO ME/US” or “WE ARE FUCKED.” The emphasis is on a dependence in a reward and punishment system, one where you “deserve” better or do not “deserve” these struggles and suffering. There is no system in place that directs one person or group toward suffering over any others. There are causes of suffering and solutions to suffering and there is a very real world of suffering, but that is its own discussion. What we speak of here is the depletion of energy and strength into the wish for better or the subconscious or conscious idea that one “earns” his or her way into a painless existence. Life in the Physical Plane does not work that way. No matter how “good” you are, you will suffer. No matter how “bad” you are, you will enjoy pleasures. It is never about deserving or earning. There is relative suffering and there is True Suffering, as well as relative pleasure and True Pleasure, but none of this is handed out by some force keeping track of your deeds or character. If you have fallen into the trap that you deserve better or that others deserve worse, you have fallen into Surrealism and can no longer see or feel clearly. The more Surrealism in place, the more likely the Chief Feature of GREED will wreak havoc over the end of the year. We will discuss Greed in our next report. DATES OF INTEREST (dates are approximate): Aug 31st - Sep 20th -- ENERGY SHIFT -- REALITY CHECK - A long and tedious energy shift that gives the individual and collective a sense of “what do I/we really want?” “do I/we really want this?” “can I/we pull ourselves together?” “can I/we create/do something different, more effective, more direct?” etc. It is a reality check about the passive or active participation in the greater forces at work generated by patterns of the momentum of choices and actions, not by randomness. Sep 20th - Sep 23rd -- NEXUS -- DIVERGENCE - More branching of parallels that allow room for more extremes to be played out over the next 100 years. These Divergences act like release valves of pressure and may be felt as relief or a continued sense of trust and calm in collective progress over collapse. HELPFUL THOUGHTS OVER SEPTEMBER: YOU DO NOT DESERVE ANYTHING; YOU EXPERIENCE EVERYTHING - There is nothing that happens to you or to others that is based in deserving or earning. Suffering and Pleasure can be experienced by anyone from any status, and while there is a difference between relative and True Suffering, and relative and True Pleasure, none of it comes from a punishment vs reward system. LIVING YOUR LIFE vs ENDURING YOUR LIFE - There are times when you must endure your life so that you can return to living it. These are not mutually exclusive states, but differences in emphasis. You do not do one to deserve the other, and you do not avoid one to sustain the other. Sometimes you will have to endure, and some may have to do this more than others. But when you have that moment or day or week or month or year to live… then embrace this fully and LIVE. The more you allow for your strength to come forth when you must endure, then the more your sensuality can come forth when you can return to the pleasures of life. This description of this dance between the two is not to minimise the truth of long-term and extreme suffering that many may endure, but to help remind you that even an instance of LIFE amid ENDURANCE can help. We can address the detailed dynamics of both Suffering and Pleasure in further exchanges. For now, it is helpful to understand that the choice between Enduring and Living is a necessary choice that all must make at various points in the life, and it will never indicate that you deserve it or earned it. It will only indicate that this is where you are at the moment.
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    ENERGY REPORT March 2017 2017 OVERLEAVES ROLE: Priest (emphasized all year) CENTER: Higher Emotional (emphasized all year) GOAL: Submission (emphasized Jan - Mar) MODE: Passion (emphasized Apr - Jun) ATTITUDE: Realist (emphasized Jul - Sep) CHIEF FEATURES: Greed (emphasized Oct - Dec) MARCH brings with it a recess with an emphasis on pleasure for those who have been in constant focus on a Cause or it brings a burst of vitality and focus for those who have been sorting through and adapting to the idea of a Cause. For those who may move into a pleasure recess, this does not mean the Cause goes away, but that you find yourself in a position to make room for greater pleasures, revitalization, rest, personal time, intimacy, or anything that may have been missing for the past 6 months or so. Many of our students who have been in deep focus on a Cause, or Causes, or for those who simply live this as a baseline for the life, March may feel like a breath of fresh air and an injection of joy, or at the very least a wave of so-called guilty pleasures. For these students moving into a recess of pleasure, the past several months have likely been feeling as if no matter how alive and awake you feel, “something” is missing. In addition to the collective grief that may have been a part of this feeling, the one thing that has been missing is PLEASURE. Even when there have been attempts at pleasure, the sensation and depth are stripped out if it was felt to contradict the more pressing issues of the Cause. For those students it can be suggested to let March be your oasis, a permission for pleasure and rejuvenation because if you do not, you may “burn out.” For those students who are new to the focus on a Cause or still sorting out the how, why, and way of a Cause, March may begin to feel as if you have your focus, your passion, your point. As March unfolds, let yourself listen to what matters to you and let yourself express why and how and when it matters. It could be said that March is your exciting launch of your campaign. This may show up in literal ways such as having found groups and paths to support your Cause, or in symbolic ways so that you simply embrace with great respect that which matters to you and you decide it matters enough to move it into a priority of care. March will bring with it an overlapping from the emphasis on Passion beginning in April and the current focus on Submission. When Passion meets Submission, it can lead to blind zeal and fury, or to enlightening transformation and compassion, especially in a Priest year. Consider March to be a respite in any case before the potential chaos or beauty of April begins. DATES OF INTEREST (dates are approximate): March 9th -- ENERGY SHIFT -- PLEASURE AND PEACE - As described in the above report, this is the date for when the shift may come into greater focus on pleasure for those students with a Cause, and a focus on confident peace for those new to focus on a Cause. The difference between Pleasure and Peace can be minimal, but we use these different terms because they are relevant to each context. March 30th -- (mini) NEXUS - DIVERGENCE - This looks to be a branching off of a minimal range of parallels among our students where there are active refusals of pleasure or peace. HELPFUL THOUGHTS OVER March: THE PLEASURE IS YOURS - When you enjoy something, ENJOY it. There is no need for useless guilt, no need for explanation or justification. Pleasure is yours. Pleasure cannot be standardized so it is meaningless to compare your pleasures to that of others. Let yourself enjoy your pleasures when you have those moments of pleasure. That is part of the entire point of having pleasure centers across all bodies throughout all planes of existence. Pleasure IS existence. Keep in mind that True Pleasure never harms you or anyone else. There is a difference between Pleasure and Sensation. When you satisfy only Sensation, it can come at a cost and cause pain for yourself or others. Pleasure often includes Sensation, but it never harms and any cost, literally and figuratively, is within one’s means. PEACE IS A PRACTICE - We have spoken before about the messy work of Peace, and that it is not always pretty, but it also takes practice. For those who are beginning to feel a focus and energy for a Cause, the peace that may come from that alignment will require care, effort, and energy. In other words, knowing where you stand, and being confident with where you stand, does not remove the work that comes with moving forward. Peace is not a place where you stand. It is a practice you carry with you.
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    I'm not sure. This sentence comes from a session in 2000: "We will say that the disruption of your leaders in the U.S. is the most important parallel having to be dealt with. The crux of this disruption has not come full circle yet." They also added: "We will also note that this channel is not one of our best historians, therefore we are limited here." RUDE!
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    Michael Speaks - April 22, 2018 - THE CHOICE TO BE YOU Janet: Setup for this session: Michael, today’s topic, “The Choice to Be You,” is one that you suggested to Janet in 2017 after she had several sessions with you in connection with a dream that you said was about the process of her life being set up. You said: “The birth process, or the planning of a life, is as fascinating and as varied as the death process when exiting a life.” You were asked to suggest a topic title or approach to be used in a session to discuss the planning and creation of a new personality, and you provided the following response: MEntity: THE CHOICE TO BE YOU may be a launching point from which we could explore the dynamics and details of the planning of a lifetime from the perspective of Essence, and most importantly as the Personality existing as an extension of Essence, not as an independent creation. MEntity: We speak in terms of Essence & Personality to accommodate the forgetfulness and the process of remembering, but one is never NOT Essence. MEntity: We would emphasize this persistence of consciousness that IS Essence and the anticipated process of forgetting and then remembering that defines Personality. Janet: ## end of setup MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin. Today we will speak to you in some amount of detail about the process of creating a life and the Personality that will live that life. This will not be the same process that would be described by the First Internal Monad. The First Internal Monad will always be involved in the process of birth, but it is not the same thing as the process of creating the lifetime and Personality. The process of creation comes naturally to Essence, but not as easily to the Essence Role. The Essence Role must "learn from scratch" at the beginning of every Grand Cycle how to create. Keep in mind that the Essence Role is to Essence what the Personality is to the Essence Role. In other words, Essence takes on a Role and that Role must go through the process of remembering and learning on that grand scale in the same way that a Personality will go through the process of remembering and learning on that smaller scale. If the process comes naturally to Essence, but the Essence Role must remember and learn how to create, then you may get a sense of what the Personality is working with in its lifetimes. Personality does most of the work of remembering and learning so that the Role can remember and learn and Essence can evolve. Because the process of creation is "new" to the Role in its early lifetimes, there is little planning or plotting of a lifetime. Personality does not exist before birth in these early lives. Instead, the Personality is left to activate based on genetic triggers as well as early input and factors from within the lifetime that will shape the early life and spring the Personality up from those experiences. Personality is independent from biology, but it is anchored in the biology of the body and springs up from a matrix of genetics that can be mapped at some point. In other words, every BODY has the genetic markers for all 7 Goals, but only one of the Goals will become THE Goal based on what is genetically activated as one of the Goals. Personalities from the early lifetimes are left almost entirely to random triggers available to the genetics and this can make for some wildly erratic Personality dynamics that tend to be quite suitable for the Infant and Baby Souls. Imagine that you have a sheet of categorized characteristics with numbers associated with each characteristic. Early lifetimes "roll the dice" to see which characteristic comes to the surface. These wildly erratic Personalities and patterns allow for a rich world of experience in terms of gaining experience for the Role and this is banked for future considerations in creating lives. Somewhere around the 4th Level of the Young Soul, there begins the attempts at creating a life BEFORE it begins rather than creating along the way with what is randomly generated. At some point in your cycle of lives, there is a FIRST Personality who is "born" before the life begins. This single Personality becomes a hub for all other Personalities who came before and come after it. From this point on there is an attempt at creating Personality and planning a life before it begins. This is part of what adds to the intensity of the Young Soul's processes and behaviors. The concept of "destiny" was born of Young Souls. There is a deep sense of entitlement and urgency to the life because they are new at having a blueprint for the life vaguely accessible within them and they feel compelled to fulfill whatever is on the agenda. When that first Personality is "born" before the lifetime, it does not have a history or birthing. It simply "appears." The Essence Role fragments a portion of itself as an independent consciousness that exists on its own terms in its own template of Personality. In other words, it is an idea given form. It is encoded with the Personality triggers necessary to activate the biology in the body once the life begins. Rather than random factors triggering variables in the Body to generate a Personality, the Personality is born along with the body as a map for the genetics to then activate and anchor the Personality for the lifetime. After that first Personality is created and then born, the entire process of creating a lifetime and Personality is forever changed. There will never be another Personality simply created "out of nothing." From this point forward nearly every lifetime will be a co-creative process of all lifetimes that have come before. Every Personality who chooses to be involved will have a say in what comes after itself in future lives. By the time you are an Old Soul, you often have a vast team of Personalities contributing to the planning and creation of a lifetime along with the Essence Role. However, as the Soul Ages evolve, the planning becomes less and less detailed and specific and shifts into greater concepts and explorations and experiences. The Old Soul is the mirror of the Infant Soul, evolved. By the time you are an Old Soul, "YOU" are a family of fragments of your own Essence working together and collectively evolving toward that final lifetime in the Physical Plane. When "you" were born into this current lifetime, you were not a random event or disconnected experiment. You were, quite literally, created from you because you are your next best idea built upon eons of life and living. This may seem absurd because you may measure your value by the standards of existing social and cultural demands, but Essence has no such silly standards. You were born in the Astral to a family of caretakers who are all you and have given their best to this you as a creation. However, this is not based on expectations or pressure to fulfill anything. It is based in the act of giving. The "purpose" and meaning of every life continues long into centuries beyond a Personality's own life. Many of your most resonant Past Lives are drawn from the fact that these Personalities were directly involved in your creation. You are born with an ocean of possibilities contributed to you by "you" and it is up to you where and how you navigate from there. Though there is no birthing process that is similar to that in the Physical Plane, the Personality is still "born" in the Astral as a result of creative reproduction that carries the "dna" of your "parents/caretakers" with you. You are born not to fulfill the plans and wishes of those who came before you. You are born as a gift that will become a giver, as well. What you experience and create in your life are considered gifts to all involved, even when your experiences are harrowing and painful. This process from the first life to the current life is important to understand in terms of how you can be varying iterations of the soul while still being a persistent state of shared consciousness. You are your most intimate family. You are the one out of the many. Your process of lifetimes becomes an arc of fragmentation and reunion. This is the macro reflection of all higher processes. There will always be more that we can share and more detail that can be delineated, but this is a framework upon which further exchanges can be built. We will open the floor regarding this topic and take a few questions. We may be limited in how many we can properly address through our channel. ***QUEUE IS NOW OPEN** Yes, JANET Janet: In my dream about my life prior to birth, you suggested that one of the “transportation” options provided what seemed to be a choice to be a guide instead. What types of situations would cause a new personality to opt out of the actual birth and instead be a guide? MEntity: Choice begins around the age of 7 when in the Body. Choice begins at the moment of birth for the Astral Personality, however. When a Personality is "born" it then takes complete priority in terms of planning the life, birth, parents, genetics, geography, time period, culture, society, status, etc. Keep in mind that while that Personality is now birthed from eons of experience, it is still "new" and learning. This constant perpetuation of newness on all levels of existence keeps the levels of possibility and creation at their highest. When a Personality is born, it may determine that it can learn more or be more as a guide and attach itself to another Personality. This choice can come for any reason, but it often comes as a way to learn more before planning an actual lifetime, or come as a way to establish bonds that will be a part of a future life. Sometimes, though, this can lead to a Personality never being born to the Physical Plane. Every Essence has a few of these. It has been asked of us what the "Council of Elders" are as reported by Michael Newton and we have always said that these are merely guides, but they are often these particular Personalities who have opted never to be Physical. NEXT Wendy: I wonder if you could give us some help with letting go of those silly standards. This process sounds very beautiful and all, but I am having a hard time understanding why any part of me would choose what I chose this time around and judging from the peanut gallery I'm not the only one. How much is current life choice affected by the choices before birth of all the other personalities? Is there constant interplay? MEntity: Your life is uniquely yours in every way, however much was contributed by various parts of you. It is learned in the Young Soul Age that a life cannot be created in any way that will ensure a Personality will adhere to a plan. There are far too many variables that are not in your control as both Essence and as Personality. Some lifetimes start off with a pattern that is a matter of life happening TO YOU and some lifetimes start off with a pattern that is a matter of life happening FROM YOU. Both of these versions of life will always exist and the painful and wonderful dance between the two is what becomes "your life." For many of our students, life is a matter of happening TO YOU and you are learning how better to have life happen FROM YOU. The original pattern is not something you "choose" or create, but is a result of many factors and variables that no soul can ever predict. We will say, however, that many Old Souls tend toward the pattern of life happening TO YOU because of their inherent and deeply profound trust and knowledge of their ultimate safety. They often think they can handle anything that comes their way because they "have seen it all," but that is never how it is experienced by the Personality waking up in that mess. Variations on "What the fuck!" are common responses by the Personality waking up. But keep in mind that you will always have life happen TO YOU and FROM YOU, and that as you wake up and remember, it may be messy and painful, but you can create your balance between the two. That is why Older Souls gravitate toward their teachers and teachings. It is how the Older Soul helps to counterbalance the forgetting. We are speaking in terms of the average life, but there are lives that have extreme interference/Karma and we do not wish to diminish the pain of those lives. Interference is not always in obviously painful ways, but can come in ways that would seem to be "positive," such as great wealth and sheltering that does not allow one to ever experience consequence. Within even the most extreme of interferences/Karma, there will still always be some fraction of one or the other as accessible for balance. Free yourself from the responsibility of what has happened TO YOU, and focus on what you can now bring to life FROM YOU. This is the only meaningful solution to a life that you have not loved. NEXT Susan: Michael how does one decide to set up agreements with previous incarnated partners? Does essence make selections? Does the new personality, with overleaves etc just go hunting others on the astral? MEntity: The new Personality is given rapid access to all that has come before and becomes profoundly aware of the patterns already in place based in bonding. This helps create a base from which to choose and navigate for planning Agreements, but because the Personality is still "new," it will want to form its own bonds that contribute to the tapestry of bonding and intimacy. No depth and history of relationship is simply handed down or inherited. It is renewed over and over again by choice. The nature of the Astral Plane does not require "hunting." There is immediate access to any other Essence in some way that allows for easy communication. There are exceptions, of course. Agreements generated before a lifetime begins can only be done with other Personalities who have been "born" before their lives. Depending upon how much "time" is spent together in the Astral before birth, the bond becomes easier to recognize and remember. All other Agreements must be negotiated during the lifetime after Physical Birth. There is always more to explore, but we will conclude here for today. Good day to each of you. Goodbye, for now.
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    ENERGY REPORT NOVERMBER 2017 2017 OVERLEAVES ROLE: Priest (emphasized all year) CENTER: Higher Emotional (emphasized all year) GOAL: Submission (emphasized Jan - Mar) MODE: Passion (emphasized Apr - Jun) ATTITUDE: Realist (emphasized Jul - Sep) CHIEF FEATURES: Greed (emphasized Oct - Dec) NOVEMBER begins a dive deeper into the collective and individual emphasis on Greed, the Fear of Not Having Enough, with more clarity around the Fixation of Greed. GREED will always have a Fixation or a high obsession with that which is deemed lacking or missing or scarce. Greed will tend to fixate on a symbolic representation of that which is lacking and then become consumed by blame, anger, anxiety, desperation, craving, extreme fatigue, extreme agitation, etc. As November unfolds, anyone participating in the wave of Greed will likely see more clearly what has become the Fixation for that Greed. For example, if Greed is protecting you from your fear of lack of affection or intimacy, it may fixate on a person who represents a source of affection, or who represents the reason for the lack of affection. If Greed is protecting you from your fear of lack of money, you may fixate on craving an object that is out of reach from your finances, or you may fixate on resenting anyone who more freely spends money. Keep in mind that there are legitimate states of lack in life. This is natural and simply a part of the dynamic of life. There will be times when you lack intimacy or money. Tending to these areas of lack is not the same things as having Greed. Healthy responses to lack include efforts to understand, grow, learn, explore, experiment, etc. Unhealthy, or Greedy reactions to not having enough tend to have no interest in effort, understanding, growing, learning, exploring, experimenting. The emphasis is on deserving and reward and demand and expectation, and with a great fear of scarcity. For example, one who is lacking in affection will look at how to improve on being receptive and giving of affection, however lonely he may feel. One who is in Greed will fear that “everyone else gets to have affection, so why not me??” Greed thinks there either only so much of a certain thing, or that someone else is taking what should be his. Again, there is a great difference between Greed and True Lack. Greed only thinks or fears that something is lacking so that even when it is received, it is never enough. True Lack is a very real struggle and is not fueled by Greed. Demanding fairness and justice in resources is not Greed. Demanding that you deserve more than others is Greed. Longing for affection and companionship is not Greed. Expecting or demanding that someone give you affection and companionship just because you “chose them” is Greed. Greed will likely continue to escalate in effect on the world stage, and in the individual lives of students. You may not have immediate control over world events, but you can recognize if and when you may be falling into Greed in your personal life. To look for Greed in yourself, it is fairly clear and simple. Take a look at what you feel you lack and examine whether you are actually lacking in it, or if you are just fixating on it in a way that demands it be taken from others. If you are truly lacking, then you will navigate this in ways that correct this lack without harming yourself or others. If you are in Greed, you are likely not concerned about anyone but yourself. Keep in mind that many pursuits, such as Freedom, Justice, Equality, Rights, etc. are exempt from Greed because these are “things” that inherently do not take from others. However, when someone is in Greed, these concepts get distorted. For example, if women are to be paid equal to men, but men see this is somehow taking from them, this is Greed. Equality, Justice, Rights, Freedom, etc. are deeply threatening to Greed. In a Mature Soul world where the emphasis is shifting directly to these concepts, Greed will be amplified in defense against them. It may get quite ugly. DATES OF INTEREST (dates are approximate): Nov 7th -- ENERGY SHIFT -- ANXIETY SPIKE - Another energy spike appears to arrive and is connected to Greed. High anxiety, overreaction, and panic may come to those in Greed or touched by Greed. If you feel this anxiety, step back, breathe, and focus on what you HAVE. This will not solve any scenarios of True Lack, but it will help you to keep from falling into the traps of Greed. Nov 21st -- NEXUS -- CONVERGENCE - It looks to us that a mix of parallels where growing fears and anxiety and uncertainty were met with successful solutions now converge to bring about a fairly pivotal period of time over the next 3 to 6 months. HELPFUL THOUGHTS OVER NOVEMBER: YOU CAN HAVE MOST ANYTHING YOU WANT - Barring karmic interference with choice, you can always pursue, create, or obtain what you want. There may be a learning curve involved, or a skill that must be nurtured, or networking and communication that must be improved, patience and trust that must be built, etc, but there is usually, at least, one path to what you want. It is not always clear, easy, or fast, but it exists. If your path does not harm others or yourself, you may be on your way to what you want. YOU CANNOT HAVE EVERYTHING YOU WANT - You may be able to have most anything you want, but you will never be able to have everything you want. You must choose. You must prioritize. You must focus and nurture and create and explore and communicate, etc. You will always want more. There will always be more to want. You may want various things that are directly in conflict with each other and you must choose between them. There are many scenarios that limit and restrict one’s pursuits toward what one wants, and this is natural and normal. Choose what is important to you, and start there. Again, this does not apply to such concepts as Freedom, Equality, Love, etc.
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    TruthLoveEnergy Great Gathering 2016 Michael Speaks Living AS Essence vs Living FOR Essence [transcript available below video, courtesy of Daniela] TLEGG 2016 Living AS Essence vs Living FOR Essence 2016-10-02 Channeled by Troy Tolley https://youtu.be/4sZJoOaLztk We are here now. Hello to each of you. As usual, give us a few moments to come through more consistently. We understand the topic to be that of Living FOR Essence vs Living AS Essence or, as we heard, however you would like to arrange that phrase. [Laughter] But what we will do is start off with a bit of conversation with you about Living WITHOUT Essence. Because you will always be Living FOR Essence and sometimes Living AS Essence. And most of you are done Living WITHOUT Essence. There is no such thing as truly Living WITHOUT Essence. That is an impossibility. But the Personality can forget to such a profound degree that it is almost as if there is no Essence and it’s difficult to remember that Essence exists in others around that individual. Living WITHOUT Essence is a rejection of any higher part of you, any greater trust in a pattern that may be orchestrated by other parts of you. Rejection of Essence is a way to live. Many do it. Many get by doing so. But when the Essence is rejected it can tend to be quite shallow, superficial, sensitive, defensive, reactionary and navigation is based almost entirely on stimulation. If this feels good I will do this. If it feels bad I will avoid this. So when Essence is rejected you tend to navigate based on those two factors in your life. Most of you are done with this. You will still go for that which is not easy, that does not bring pleasure, because you see a higher picture, a bigger picture, a greater context. So we would like to say that none of you here that we can see live WITHOUT Essence. There is not--, this concept is long in your past. We do not see a rejection of Essence among any of you. However, many of you live FOR Essence, and what we mean by this phrase is that you do the work that is necessary to be alive. You go to work. You search for resources. You feed yourselves. You endure your days. You endure your routines. You move through your years and exist as a physical being. This is Living FOR Essence. You are doing the work of being here, at all. This is a necessity for Personality to sustain its existence in any kind of consistent form. So to live FOR Essence is vital. And you do it. It is not an either/or scenario as Troy might have thought in presenting this idea for a topic. You do not live FOR Essence OR live AS Essence. You will always live FOR Essence because without you Essence cannot be here. Everything you do, and this is quite important for you to comprehend before we move to how you live AS Essence, everything you do is FOR Essence. Everything. All of the most mundane. All of the simple decisions. All of the pleasures. All of the endurance of your routines and getting through. And your illnesses. Your headaches. Your body aches. Your ageing. All of this is FOR Essence because you ARE Essence. You are an extension of Essence. And while it can seem as if you are separate from Essence because you are here doing the dirty work, you will eventually, and we know this from experience and we know this from watching over many of your incarnations, eventually see just how beautiful you have been as a representative of your Essence in your life. There is no one here who is not doing what we refer to as Good Work. Everything you have been doing feeds into what is most important or what can be taken from this life in some meaningful way FOR Essence. Even if you are still trying to figure it out. Or feel as if you’ve hit a wall. Or feel as if you are moving in circles. It does not matter. That is what it is like to live FOR Essence. It may seem boring or it may seem as if there is no purpose or point. But there is. And reminding yourself that you are at the very least a representative of your Essence in all that you are doing is somehow meaningful, even if it only means that it got you to the next day of existence as you, as a representative in another day in this amazingly unique dimension of reality. If you were not taught that there was something else so much more important or some vague purpose that you were trying to land, if you were not taught this in your culture and just woke up to your day as a being in this adventurous, wonderful dimension of sensuality, pain and pleasure, you may be able to wake up and celebrate that day a little bit more before it even gets started. So we encourage you as our students to occasionally wake up and own your day as your own and take a little bit of credit for the hard work you are doing to be here, to hold yourselves together in this form as a sensory unit, a sensory point in time for this vast part of you that exists as Essence. You are unique as a fragment of your Essence. And to wake up into your day owning this and knowing how beautiful this is can change your days and cumulatively help you to feel as if you are living a different kind of pattern than a circle. Now, one of the most profound questions that we know that we could ask of you in terms of giving you a sense of what it is like to live AS your Essence, and for a moment, each of you we invite to receive this question as profoundly as possible. Presuming that we are asking this of you as Essence, as a representative of Essence, with your Essence present in this room, through you as you: What if THIS is all there is? What if THIS is it? And by that we mean, the life that you have is exactly, deeply, profoundly who you are. You are not looking to be someone else, to find another part of you, to rise above who you are, to get out of your way. What if this is IT? Can you love this? If this is IT, can you love this? Can you be this? Can you let yourself be this? The reason we describe this as a profound question is because it helps you to gauge, when you feel the response to that question, how distant you are from Living AS Essence vs Living FOR Essence. You are doing all the hard work of being here, but sometimes you forget to bring in that dimension of Essence that LIKES being here, that owns being here, and is delighted that if it were to end tomorrow, it was worth it. Your presence here at this gathering is one of the ways you live AS Essence. You’ve done the hard work and this is part of the gift that you give yourself. This is one of the ways you give a gift to yourself AS Essence. Living FOR Essence means, as we said before, doing the work of being here. Coming to something such as this where you get to be with those who resonate with you, to sit with us as Teacher and Students. This is Essence. This is the gift of Essence. This is Living AS Essence. You cannot always do both at the same time, and often you will be Living FOR Essence more than Living AS Essence, if you were to determine it using that language. But giving yourself gifts such as this is one of the ways that you live AS Essence. However, it does not always have to cost so much. You can do this without spending any money, or spending any resource other than Choice. Walk outside and look at the colors around you. Look at the faces of others who exist inside this dimension with you. Look at the animals. Look at the plants. Take a walk. Anything that is in addition to the routines and obligations and endurance that you go through to be here FOR Essence. Anything you do in addition to that as a gift is one of the ways you continue to anchor Essence here and live AS Essence. Do you understand? [Response] Yes. If you want to get to a point where you can say if this is it, this is mine. And saying that as Essence. This question does not imply that there is no more or that there is not more to do. It is simply that if you can get to that point to ask that question and embrace that moment and be OK with it, you know you are closer and closer to existing not only as a representative of Essence but as a host for Essence, AS Essence. From here we will take any questions that you might have on this subject and see if we can respond in a way that is meaningful. [Question] If I can phrase my question clearly. I’m very interested in uploading of experience to Essence. If you could speak a little bit about how this process can be enhanced rather than waiting until a later phase when there may be an upload of experience to Essence. How can that be done on a more consistent basis? If you understand my question. Yes, we do. Rather than waiting for the cycles that come around when the uploading, so to speak, inherently occurs, all you have to do is make time for it. This can be done through meditation, through active invitation to connect to Essence, whatever that might mean to you at the moment, and can even be done simply before bed. Just taking a few moments to sit and think about your day and, as cliché as this may seem, if you were to sort each day in terms of gratitude and appreciation, this does more to keep the flow of uploading occurring on a regular basis than anything else you could likely do. It is not empty work to do this. It can change a life, in fact. To add to a day the time it takes for you to find SOMETHING, even if only one thing that you appreciate or have gratitude for. And this does not have to be in a way that is forced. Or simply listing to complete a list or to fulfill a routine. You must do this in a way that matters to you. If there is nothing you are grateful for that day, then so be it. It may be a shitty day. [Laughter] Those happen. [Laughter] So the work of uploading can be done through that simple time that you take to see what it is you are grateful for that day. You do not have to write a list. Just take a moment to think about it, and that creates the circuitry that keeps that flow of information going. Does this sound easy enough? [Response] Yes. It is surprising, now that we are on this side, how little we did this across our incarnations. And it is often surprising to you as well in your Review, how little you paid attention to what mattered in the life because you thought something else should matter more or could matter more or was supposed to matter more. The reason this works is because when you do Review, you do not only look through . . . simply to look over the life. You look for what mattered in the life. You look for what evolved you. You look for what can carry over to another life that matters. And while there is pain and suffering and struggle in a life, it is what you take from that, what you do with it that matters more than the actual experience of the pain. So when you take a moment to extract the gratitude from a day you are doing the same work you are doing in Review, the work of extracting the gratitude and appreciation and what mattered in that life. Next question. [pause] No pressure. We will relax with you. [Laughter] [Question] Can that gratitude and appreciation be for some, say, belief system that isn’t necessarily accurate? Would it include something like that? Rephrase your question. [Question] Well, say for like, someone who was religious or Christian and their appreciation or their standards for appreciation may be toward their God. Would that still apply? To some extent, yes. When it is a programmed function there is little being done. If it can expand beyond what is expected to be appreciated and the individual can identify with meaning that which is appreciated, that it is an actual thing and not an imaginary being, then the effect does matter, does have a way of bringing more of Essence into the life and more of an uploading process for the life. But if they are only showing appreciation for a vague presence that is defined by another as being a part of the life, then the effects are purely for the Personality’s amusement. [Question] This question is going to piggy back Bobby’s because I was kind of thinking the same thing. So, I am usually always appreciative. But actually saying Essence, but I include it all, you know, my guides, my higher self. So basically I answered my own question. So I am, I mean, I don’t have to say, “Thank you, Essence!” But I’m saying thank you to the whole, I guess, to all who watch over me. Would that be the same? Yes. However, we do encourage each of you to occasionally include thanking yourselves. Not just the invisible forces that you represent, that you are a part of that as well. [Question] OK, so I have a question. How can you, if you’re confronted, let’s just say the bulk of your day with others that cannot or do not show their Essence freely, how can you stay in yours? How can you keep your peace when no one else is? By minding your own business. [Laughter] By not hiding. We know there are some whose lives require strategy in terms of feeling safer and creating a sense of safety in manifesting themselves on the terms that they feel they are. And that is simply a part of the work of that lifetime then. However, whatever form it takes as YOU, one thing that can help is that, is to remember that it is not lost, it is not gone, it is not more of a challenge for you to hold that truth of who you are just because others cannot or will not or contradict that. It may be your beautiful gem of a secret that you carry around and only allow glimpses of. That is up to you. That is your choice. Or you can burst it forth and let them deal with it. That is up to you. It is your choice. But unhooking yourself from the others around you as a source of your identity is one of the first steps that you must take to be yourself or to be comfortable in yourself. When you do this, it has more of an effect and an invitation to others to do the same and it is far more helpful and loving than to hide who you are and allow others to remain locked in their illusions. We do not say it is easy though. [Question] Just before this session, we had a nice talk, Michael and I, my fellow Scholar, and we were talking about the neutrality inherent in our design. How we are processing what we observe around us. The ability to see the ugly and the beautiful and somehow just see it for what it is before you, how should I put it, start working with it. Before you internalize it and make it your own. And I’m thinking about . . . the gratitude and appreciation that we express and about what. What I’m heading toward is this. So I really like everyday stuff, somehow. It’s fascinating, you know. I can’t really see anything that is boring or unnecessary because everything is about how I choose to deal with it. And at the same time I’m really seriously allergic to, “Oh my God! . . . .” Well, it’s not! It’s really not, and at the same time when it is not I have the ability to finally get to the point where I can see the VALUE of it. I mean, not feel overly heavy about it, or joyful. It’s not that I regret it but you know sometimes I could be without this shit. At the same time I can see what it brought you. And I’m heading to my question now. So, I wonder if you can see if my Essence reads that as some kind of appreciation and gratitude of what is going on in my life. I do have ups and downs and I swear and curse a lot but at the same time, you know, that’s the journey. But, I don’t feel overly emotional about it. Do you understand what I mean? Yes. [Laughter] First, Scholars tend to inherently have a fascination with this dimension anyway. It is often fascinating. Not always, and not all designs of the personality for a Scholar will find it fascinating. Some find it appalling. [Laughter] But as you begin to live as Essence, you begin to find the extraordinary in the ordinary and no longer is the magic of this dimension some place outside of reach, but in simply running an errand. And communicating to one another across time and space. And hugging one another. And going to work. There is magic in these mundane moments. And the Scholar may have a leg up in the fascination with the mechanics of existence, the mechanics of a day, the workings of existing. But all Essences, all Personalities who are seeking to live AS Essence simply need shift perspective and take a moment and recognize the magic in the mundane, the extraordinary in the ordinary. And your term we will add to the gratitude and appreciation. Because sometimes it does not always feel good and the term VALUE is more appropriate for your list as you assess your day. You may not be particularly grateful. You may not have appreciated a certain experience in terms that feel that those terms are warranted. But you may be able to recognize the value, or to know and trust that you will find the value, you will create the value from that day. Did we respond with relevance to your meandering question? [Laughter] [Response] You did, Michael, thank you. [Question] I have a clarification on Pat’s question. Can you find value in terrible events? Of course. [Question] Do we have to? [Laughter] You do not always have to figure out the value of a terrible event while in it. Or while even in the life that had the terrible event. But there will always be value found in it. And sometimes you do not have the capacity or the strength to do that only as Personality. So to live AS Essence means that you will naturally recognize or create the value in any experience but sometimes, and we say this gently and lovingly, you simply cannot. It is something that will have to wait. And it is only a burden to think that it should be expected of you to grasp the value. If you can, it does work in your interest. It does benefit the life. It does increase your capacity for health and confidence and safety and security in your existence. But sometimes you simply cannot. And it would be irresponsible to expect that of you, of yourself. What happens when you give yourself permission to say, “That sucks and I do not understand why I experienced this or why it is happening,” is that you then start to make room for the time when you can make sense of it. Because you are no longer entangled with it in a way that locks you in a loop, but breaks that loop in a way that you can return to it when you can. When you can see more clearly. When you can stand more firmly. When you can hold more. So, yes value can be found in EVERY terrible event but sometimes it takes a little more than a day to figure that out. Did this answer your question? [Response] Yes. [Question] I’m going to piggyback on that and tie back to something that was discussed yesterday in the 7 Choices. Is it possible when we’re trying to rationalize or make sense of bad things that happen to us or devastating things that happen in the world, we were just saying maybe you can’t understand the value now but at least you’re creating that space? Is it possible right now with the Choices of TO SEE and the Choices of TO KNOW, maybe you can see ENOUGH at this moment but you really can’t see MORE? You can know ENOUGH. You know that it sucks, that it’s shitty or that people shouldn’t have died but you can’t see MORE. But you’re creating that space for yourself that eventually you will see and know MORE? Yes. It is the difference between pulling the blinds on the window or keeping them open so that you can still see when something goes by that will matter. If you pull the blinds, then you have no more options to see beyond what you have seen. Keeping the blinds open, so to speak, allows you to at least keep the window clear for when or if some clarity comes. Do you understand? [Response] Yes. Yes, sometimes you cannot see much from the window but it is better to keep the blinds open so that you can invite more information than it is to close it and refuse it. [Question] Since you have the ability to review as you are going during a lifetime, are there scenarios where you’re finished and there’s really not much left to review once you’re on the Astral plane? Like really be conscious of the Review of the entire lifetime before you die. Let us rephrase the question to see if we are understanding correctly. You are asking if you have done Review through the lifetime and you reach the Astral plane, what’s left? [Question] No. I’m saying, can you be so thorough and so aware during the lifetime and review as you go that once you do go to the Astral plane that you’ve already completed your Review? No. There will still be a Review. However, when you have spent a great deal of the life keeping that circuit alive so that the information from the life, the extraction of the experiences and meaning, value, gratitude, appreciation are there already sorted, then the experience on the other side in the Astral is one of rejoicing in higher proportion to reviewing. However, reviewing will always be a part of the process. [Question] It’s more like a highlight reel? Very much so. [Laughter] [Question] My point would be if you do the work more consciously and be aware of it and have my Personality participate in that. Your processes of Review have great variation in how they come about. And as you are older souls they often are hilarious because the Old soul has, regardless of the Personality struggles within the lifetime, the membrane difference between Personality and Essence is so fine, so thin that upon death it is often very quickly if not before death your humor shifts to its natural morbid state. [Laughter] And you look back over the life and see the hilarity in even the worst of your adventures. [Laughter] We dare say that some of you with the most struggles have the most in your audience for Reviews of your life. [Laughter] [Response] So it’s like a group event. So-and-so died and it’s going to be fun let’s go! That is not inaccurate. [Laughter] It is different for each fragment, of course. But many of you are old friends and quite often look forward to the mess that was a life and its beauty. Let us ask you, and you can answer this however you choose, all at once or individually, but as you sit here with us, how confident and comfortable do you feel you are in being not just the representative of your Essence but that you simply ARE now your Essence at this moment? This is IT. [Various responses.] That would make us cry if we had eyeballs. [Laughter] Your biology responds to truth through tears but since we do not have that capacity we will just say that it would if we could, but we still have a response that is moving to us. And to describe it in Causal terms may take another session. [Laughter] We invite you to remember what was discussed here and to carry that forward through your days here that are a gift to you and a gift from you. And we will speak to you again in your tomorrow. We will conclude here for today. Good evening to each of you. Good-bye.
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    ENERGY REPORT December 2016 2016 OVERLEAVES ROLE: Server (emphasized all year) CENTER: Moving (emphasized all year) GOAL: Discrimination (emphasized Jan - Mar) MODE: Caution (emphasized Apr - Jun) ATTITUDE: Cynic (emphasized Jul - Sep) CHIEF FEATURES: Self-destruction (emphasized Oct - Dec) DECEMBER arrives with a mix of numbness and inspiration moving through most of our students. This mix may come as intriguing to some and confusing to others. It is not easy to simultaneously remain emotionally open while emotionally wounded. The pattern we see among our students is an effort to “hold it together” and a return to focus on amplifying the Server energy of Inspiration, along with the use of this year’s full set of Overleaves in as Positive a Pole as possible. Over December, many of our students may begin to feel the impulse to honor their darker feelings, but to nurture every bit of Inspiration, to put into Action (Moving Center) that Inspiration, to carefully (Caution) refine their focus and choice and actions (Discrimination) and look in the opposite direction, the other side from where events are demanding you look (Cynic). This means that many of our students have shifted from an emphasis on shock, defeat, disempowerment, dread, and disorientation and are making the effort to focus on where one can be helpful, on how one can be helpful, on how one can increase nurturing and kindness in the immediate world around and within, if not in the world-at-large, and doing the work of turning the fuel of anger, depression, and closing down, into a fuel for motivation, perspective, and consciousness. It is not easy, but for many of our students it may feel much more “like themselves,” more like home, if you will, to be in a state of greater inclusion than to be contracted in wounding. So as December unfolds, even among any new surprises and struggles, we would not be surprised to see our students offering up to themselves and to each other a way to create networks of support, inspiration, action, and meaning that will help launch 2017 in the best light possible. Those who cannot or will not address the continuing “black hole” of Self-Destruction will likely begin to feel the implosive weight of this over December and reach a kind of false point of no return, an event horizon, if you will. Though there is always a point of return, and though the concept of an event horizon is inaccurate, it is still fair to describe the exponential crumbling that comes under the weight of Self-Destruction. This may mean some fairly radical events or compulsive behaviors rising across December. At this point, we cannot see if these patterns will result in a rather “quiet” December, or a dip into chaos, but it is likely a mix of both as the year comes to a close. DATES OF INTEREST (dates are approximate): December 7th -- ENERGY SHIFT -- HUMANITARIANISM - Many of our students and students of other teachings may experience a shift in clarity around this date as they lock onto an idea, direction, cause, or event that asks of them to participate for the sake of humanity, for the sake of “good,” for the sake of making a beneficial difference. Whether action is taken or just the clear sense of alignment that will lead to action, this shift is one that may have long-term consequences and meaning that extends through 2017. December 13th - 21st -- NEXUS - CONVERGENCE - A slow and lengthy merging of parallels that are a coming together of all realities on the verge of “global revolution.” HELPFUL THOUGHTS OVER December: SINK OR SWIM - December is as simple as the phrase of “sink or swim.” As you move through December, it can be helpful to simply think in these terms when making decisions and choices. If you prefer to “swim,” it may be exhausting, but you are stronger than you may think, and inspiration can go a long way as a life jacket. This phrasing is not to describe a black and white scenario, or to describe anything dire and ominous, but it is shared as a quick reference to simplify and clarify your process of choice and action over December. “Sinking” here only means that the effort to continue forward ceases and the choice for false comfort, insulation, and avoidance is made. BONUS PREVIEW: 2017 OVERLEAVES (as they appear now; subject to change) ROLE: Priest (emphasized all year) CENTER: Higher Emotional (emphasized all year) GOAL: Submission (emphasized Jan - Mar) MODE: Passion (emphasized Apr - Jun) ATTITUDE: Realist (emphasized Jul - Sep) CHIEF FEATURES: Greed (emphasized Oct - Dec)
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    February 24, 2019 TeamTLE Note: This session is essentially a continuation of the material supplied in Michael Speaks: Education, and that session should be read first. It contains the information Michael mentions about how the likely Centering of a child is revealed. The format of this session was set in a private session in which Janet asked for information about the education of her young Artisan granddaughter. The Artisan information is referenced by Michael and, for convenience, has been dropped into this transcript following the introduction and before the start of the material about Sages. MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We will begin. As we have covered in previous exchanges, the Centering of a child is the first consideration for nurturing during development. We have already described the symptoms that can help reveal the likely Centering of a child. It is safe to use those symptoms as a starting point, but Centering is not static and can change over time, so it is helpful to keep this in mind as the child grows. In addition to this, each Role will have a tendency to favor a Centering and will naturally nurture this even on their own. It can be helpful to know which Centering would help in bringing balance to the Role as the child develops. ARTISANS The Artisan will tend to, naturally, nurture the Expression or Intellectual Center, so it can be quite helpful for the Artisan to have an emphasis put on the Moving Center as early in life as possible. This is because the Positive Pole Artisan will require PRODUCTIVITY, the Positive Pole of the Moving Center, for most of her successful creations in life. Many Artisans will tend to fall into the Negative Pole when they have not learned how to funnel creativity into form. The Moving Center will tend to be rejected by the Artisan in many ways, so having positive reinforcement for its use can be life changing. Artisans who embrace the Moving Center tend to be able to create from start to finish the projects that are so important to them. When the Moving Center is experienced as a distraction or burden, the Artisan can get stuck in a world of Emotion and Thought that forces fantasy and delusion. This includes sexuality and sex, so the Artisan who is informed in healthy ways about the world of sex and sexuality, and the fluidity of gender, can be helped tremendously to develop healthy creativity. As toddlers, it can help to have toys that exhibit the dynamic of cause and effect, action and results, consequences of creativity, such as interactive puzzles. When it is appropriate, it can be helpful to provide media that can be shaped, such as clays, paints, etc. When it is appropriate, it can be helpful to provide meaningful activity that is tied to creativity, not just to exercise. For example, rather than teaching the child to do routine exercises, a playful obstacle course or treasure or scavenger hunt can help the Artisan stay comfortable with the Moving Center. The Artisan will readily connect with the Higher Moving Center, so it will be important to avoid any imposed gender identity that forces the Artisan to choose between Focused and Creative. Artisans are the least-binary of the Roles, regardless of Energy Ratio, and imposing a gender role identity can lead to extremes or dysfunctions. So the key for Artisans is the healthy relationship with the Moving Center and Higher Moving Center. In terms of education and development, this would be something to consider in any "lesson" for the Artisan. Furthermore, indirect teaching tends to work well for Artisans. For example, for an Artisan to learn arithmetic, it can be helpful to have it tied to the arts in some way. The count of music, the scaling of images, the use of a canvas, the structure of architecture, the rhythms of dance, etc. Using these artistic connections to math as a means to help educate the Artisan can help greatly in their comprehension and application. These are basic considerations that may come in handy in the early formative years. In addition to all of the above, it can be helpful to allow the child to lead you toward what she wishes to learn and experience. SAGES SAGES will tend to naturally nurture the Expressive/Intellectual Center, so it can be helpful for Sages to have emphasis put on the Inspirational/Emotional Center as early in life as possible. This is because the Positive Pole of the Sage will almost always require PERCEPTION, the Positive Pole of the Emotional Center for the most successful communication in life. Sages can fall into the Negative Pole of Oration when they lose their capacity to Perceive, to gauge their audience, to understand the impact of their words. Oration is born of Sentimentality. Sentimentality is attachment to symbols, so Oration is an attachment to words. In the case of Sages, this would mean that it is more important to talk than to listen. It is more important to be heard than to hear. It is more important to say what needs to be said than it is to hear what needs to be heard. There is an attachment to one's own words and what they mean to the Sage rather than a broader perception of what those words might mean to others. Sages can fall into Oration for great periods of the life if there is no understanding of the Emotional circuit that is necessary for words/communication to be sustained. The Emotional Center is usually not rejected by the Sage, but is often nurtured in the Negative Pole and can take a long time to undo, depending on other factors in the life. This can set a Sage child up to learn to only communicate as a way to get a response, not as a way to create an exchange. This is why many Sages grow to be Comedians and class clowns. Because Sages can often have attachment to words and simply express them to express them, those words can land in a lot of ways that gain attention. It is often thought that Sages do and say things just for attention, but it is more often that the Sage simply learns how better to navigate the attention that comes from all of the noise they make. Attention is not the goal of the Sage in most cases. When the Sage child is introduced to more holistic ways of communication, they can develop Perception that allows them to not only see the impact of words and sound, but to also anticipate that impact better. To help a Sage child develop Perception, exposure to music is key. Music for sleep. Music for play. Music for everything. This prompts the child to learn to listen. The melodies mean something to the Sage. They listen. They learn that there is an exchange that is necessary for sound to not simply be noise. As toddlers, the Sage can do well to be taught sing-along songs, call and response songs, having access to musical instruments and an encouragement to sing, in general. All of this will help encourage the Sage to listen, not only to external sources, but to the self. In terms of education for the Sage, IT. HAS. TO. BE. FUN. Sages of all Soul Ages and physical ages can learn anything as long as it is fun to do so. The fun must be determined by the Sage, not the educator. Ask the Sage. He will tell you what is fun. We chose to cover the Sage to complement the material for the Artisan already delivered. We will invite Janet_ to choose the next Role. Janet: Priests PRIESTS MEntity: The Priest will tend to naturally nurture the Inspirational/Emotional Center and tend to require greater emphasis on the balance from the Expressive/Intellectual Center as early in life as possible. This is because the Positive Pole Priest will require INSIGHT, the Positive Pole of the Intellectual Center, for Compassion to be true in the life. Priests who fall into or get stuck in the Negative Pole of Zeal do so because they lack Insight. Instead, they can get locked into REASONING, the Negative Pole of the Intellectual Center. Zealousness is born of Reasoning. Reasoning is a means of justifying, defending, and generally excusing all further input that contradicts current understanding. With Priests, this can often show up as it being more important to be right. They will appeal to your reasoning, to false equations, to "the obvious" and to what already makes sense to them, but refuse or reduce or slow all input that counters them. The Intellectual Center is often rejected by Priests because they would rather jump directly into doing what is right based on what they have decided is right, rather than slow down that process with thought and insight. When the Intellectual Center is embraced, they can go straight for Reasoning and need to be redirected toward Insight on a regular basis. Insight is the process of being open to the truth and further input that may expand on that truth. Reasoning is when one determines what one knows IS the truth, and that is that. The Priest who use the Intellectual Center as a distraction instead of as a balance can find themselves in great mental stress as they overthink and overanalyze and generally short-circuit themselves if what they have decided is true is not obvious or received well. For the developing child, it can be helpful for the Priest to have no structured schedules, for them to have changes in patterns on a fairly regular basis that invites the body to adapt. As toddlers, it can be helpful for the Priest to continue being surprised, to be exposed to new things on a regular basis, to be introduced to new people, to see art, to see animals, to have changes in routines. This helps the Priest to develop the capacity for Insight. The truth becomes something softer and more malleable and not rigid and always completely understandable and obvious. In terms of education for the Priest, logic puzzles and thought experiments and discussion about the effects of art, along with surprise exposure to the new can help bring a healthy capacity for insight that can help the Priest always have True Compassion and not fall into Zeal. We think we can deliver on one more Role through Troy today and then we must conclude. Bobby: Since you're on the Inspirational Axis, Server? SERVERS SERVERS will tend to naturally nurture the Inspirational/Emotional Center like the Priest, but has a great need for the Moving Center to be emphasized and nurtured for balance in the life as soon as possible. This is because the Positive Pole of the Server will almost always require PRODUCTIVITY, the Positive Pole of the Moving Center, for any fulfilling Service in life. Servers can fall into their Negative Pole of Bondage when they lose their sense of being Productive, or lose their sense of seeing results from their efforts. Bondage or Subservience is born of Frustration or Freneticism, the Negative Pole of the Moving Center. This is the practice doing just to do. To the Negative Pole Server, doing becomes the emphasis and who you are does not matter. The more frustrated and frenetic the Server, the more they tighten their state of Bondage. It becomes more important for the Server to do the right thing than it is for the Server to be the right thing. For the Server, to not be doing the right thing is to lose all sense of tethering to meaningful existence and this compounds the frustration. This is why there are so many angry and depressed Servers in the world. They never learned to include themselves in results of what they do. Many Servers will reject the Moving Center and simply recoil from any intimacy and sense of connection with others, considering their existence to be on hold or only matter if they find a way to do the right thing, though many Servers do not have a clue what that "right thing" is. They would rather simply inspire and touch lives without the mess of considering results. They would rather assume their existence is enough to bring the good they wish to bring to the world. When the Moving Center is embraced, they can go straight to Frustration and Freneticism and tend to go from "zero to 100" in terms of temper and mood because of this. The Server who uses the Moving Center as distraction instead of as balance can find themselves in great physical stress and in great panic over how to escape the pain of existence. They may find themselves at once drowning in the weight of obligations while also losing all grip on important responsibilities. So for the developing Server, it can be important to include pleasure as much as possible. Servers need affection. They need their presence validated by contact. They need to be held. As toddlers, it is helpful for the Server to learn to reward themselves. Activities that involve sharing are vital, along with post-activities that allow for personal pleasure, such as a choice of treats or tv show or one on one play or being held. The key here is in teaching the Server that it is okay for her to balance out her generosity and to validate her presence by giving herself as much as she gives others. These general practices teach the Server that Service is not a one-way circuit of obligation, but that True Service is a pleasurable responsibility that includes her and can be fulfilling to some great degree or it will burn her out. In terms of education for the Server, there must be some element of giving and receiving involved. This means helping each other with class work, having group tests and challenges that invite both the giving of help and the receiving of help. As much as the Server is designed for service, the giving and receiving ratio can be of their greatest challenges. Creating a state of permission and confidence around what they can give vs what they need can greatly increase the chances of your world having loving Servers instead of angry Servers. We will continue exploring the Roles as children in development in further exchanges with you. We must conclude here for today. Good day to each of you. Goodbye, for now. Essence of Children Continued for Warrior & King Roles March 24, 2019 MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin. We are asked to continue exploring children and Essence development. WARRIORS The Warrior will naturally nurture the Moving Center and tend to require an emphasis on the Inspirational/Emotional Center early in life as a way to focus all of this action and energy. Though the Priest and Server are on the Inspirational Axis of our Overleaf system, Warriors tend to need Inspiration more than the other Roles as a source of balance and direction. From a very early age, Warriors are looking for direction, structure, and how to focus their energy. This is often found in whatever Inspires them. The Positive Pole of the Warrior is Persuasion, which is the process of igniting action in a person through their own volition. It is a process of encouraging actions through conscious choice and participation. The Warrior knows this tends to only be possible if the individual is inspired by how they PERCEIVE themselves and the world. This is true of those the Warrior seeks to Persuade, but is also true of themselves. They cannot or will not tend to be Persuaded or in Persuasion if they cannot see themselves as part of the picture, as a meaningful part of the puzzle, solution, project, etc. Warriors become paralyzed when they cannot see themselves IN THE PICTURE. This is why Warriors tend to be drawn into structured dynamics that have a clear and tested order and system that allows them to slip into the machinery of movement and action. It does not matter if they are only a part of the picture as long as that picture is clear about them being IN that picture. This is why they are drawn to the Military, Judicial system, Police force, etc., especially in the younger Soul Ages where slipping into secure systems and structures is a relief. This is also why some of the deepest and more immediate bonds formed among fragments come between Warriors and their Comrades At Arms . Within a structure that is secure and of which one is unquestioningly a meaningful part, the Warrior's Emotional Center is wide open to bonding, especially under pressure. The older Warrior tends to no longer be about Persuasion of others and Coercion of others, but about a quiet (or not so quiet) inner battle between those polarities toward the self. The older Warrior who is still experimenting with inner security will tend to be in a constant state of shifting tactics between inner Persuasion and inner Coercion. They do not need for you to be hard on them. They are very hard on themselves, especially in terms of their growing need to create and own their part in the picture they see of themselves in life. If a Warrior finds she is in a constant state of inner Coercion, or if a Warrior finds she tends to boss people around, bully, or Coerce others, it will almost always be because they have lost touch with the Emotional Center and are no longer inspired. These Negative Pole Warriors can be motivated by bitterness, resentment, anger, and depression if Inspiration is lost. So for the developing Warrior, it is not just about sports, high activity, movement, and structured systems, it is all about the Emotional/Inspirational quality that gives meaning and value and presence to themselves in whatever activity or structure they navigate. As toddlers, it can be helpful for the Warrior to be exposed to art, music, and anything that goes straight to the nurturing of the Emotional Center. Warriors tend to benefit from affection and contact more than most other Roles. All children can benefit from affection, of course, but for the Warrior, it can often make or break their capacity to see themselves as part of the picture, part of your life, part of your value system. The Warrior child can benefit greatly from understanding the balance between boundaries and intimacy. When to touch, when not to touch, when to ask for affection and when to say yes or no to affection. One of the greatest questions that will carry into adulthood for nearly all Warriors is the question of who truly loves them and whether they have truly loved. Many will have this question in a lifetime, but the Warrior tends to have this question all the way to the end of a life as a kind of assessment of the Inspiration that will be carried forward from that life. This means that the education for a Warrior must include emotional bonds. There tends to need to be "that one teacher" or that one classroom, or that one friend, at least, who satisfies the Warrior's Emotional Center and gives meaning to the structure, order, education, progress, etc. The Scholar can dive into a subject and learn about it all day long by himself, but the Warrior does better if someone is with her. The Warrior may be designed for action and movement and strategy and order, but if there is no affection, no bonding, no inspiration, the Warrior is either a rudderless boat with no horizon in sight, or a ballooning of pressure that may burst into uncontrollable spiraling. KINGS The King will tend to naturally nurture the Action/Moving Center while needing a higher emphasis on the Expressive/Intellectual Center as a means of bringing balance to their development. This is because the Positive Pole of the King tends to require INSIGHT as a necessity for Mastery. A King without Insight is a King in Tyranny. The King will try to master everything in every way at any time that it is put in front of her. If there is no Insight provided for how and why, she turns that drive for Mastery into Tyranny. This is true from the ruling of Kingdoms to simple hobbies and everything between. A King aiming for Mastery "for no reason," or by only using Reasoning, the Negative Pole of the Intellect, she will tend to destroy or sabotage or otherwise derail the focus of that Mastery. This tends to be done through Tyrannical means, which means motivation fueled by cruel, oppressive, unreasonable, irrational, and painful pressure. Though the Sage is the king of communication, so to speak, the King's very quality of life, and often the life, itself, depends upon COMMUNICATION/EXPRESSION. The King who has learned how to communicate, listen, exchange ideas, share, and speak up is a King who can understand and own the focus of her Mastery. For the developing King, soothing voices can mean everything. Hearing human voices in various forms helps to stimulate the curiosity for communication that will be key for the King. As toddlers, the King would do well to know the difference between SHARING and GIVING. This helps the King to learn that she will not lose what she is sharing. This may start with toys and events, but this will make a difference in adulthood when it is fully understood that sharing who you are is not the same thing as giving yourself away. Many Kings who either had to share too much or not share enough as children, tend to navigate life with the question of what will GIVE TO and what will TAKE AWAY from the life. There is no Sharing. There is no sense of exchange, communication, and insight. There are only instances where you get what you want or lose a part of your soul. As for the education of Kings, they would do well to have their curiosity encouraged. One need not simply impose a set of lessons for the King to learn, but find a way to associate any lessons with how those lessons bring insight to life and how that insight helps the King to share in life rather than only dominate it or be dominated by it. Curiosity and Communication are key for the King who is growing into adulthood. One does not need to coax or put the King on the spot to express herself. The King has no problem expressing herself when she is curious because the King naturally likes to communicate about what has captured her curiosity. The King has no problem expressing herself when she is sharing insight, leading with insight, mastering a hobby she can share. When the King grows into adulthood with a healthy nurturing of sharing, curiosity, communication, and insight, she knows that nothing she focuses on at the moment is stealing her life away, or that something is being taken away from her by having to share more of herself. This King knows that she (and others) can share, give, and take as is appropriate or necessary and none of this is any longer a threat. ******* We will conclude here for today. We know that Troy is still recovering and may have some complications in receiving and delivering our words, so if there are questions or need for clarification, we will respond to those in further exchanges. We will cover the final Role in another exchange, as well. Good day to each of you. Goodbye, for now.
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    MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin. ***QUEUE IS NOW OPEN*** Luciana: I noticed that I rarely see myself on energy reports. So I wonder if there are people who are less affected by these energies? Why would that happen? Is it a disconnect from the outside world? MEntity: Our Energy Reports are descriptions of collective energy that is shaping the direction of the population and events of the world. There will be times when one is plugged into this collective energy and other times that one is not plugged into it. The more one lives a life of engagement with "the world," the more likely the energy report would have relevance. When we say engagement with the world, we mean that there is some exchange of energy in some way with events and people beyond your personal sphere. This engagement with the world includes searching for deeper relationships with others, or simply paying attention to events of the world, or full immersion in relationships and events that are part of the collective experience in some way, such as politics or creative projects or having friends in distant places, etc. If you feel you are engaging with the world but still do not find resonance with the report, it is likely that you are plugged into factors that were not mentioned in the report. We can only describe a certain number of patterns in a report but there are hundreds more at work beyond the ones we highlight. We try to highlight the most relevant to the most students. If you consistently find no resonance to the reports, we would suspect that you are focused more on your local patterns of existence and doing work that is not hooked into collective patterns. NEXT Maureen: I’ve been wondering for some time whether there is a distinction between Essence and Soul as these terms are often used interchangeably. Then it struck me when you gave me the following message from my Nephew’s Essence – MAUREEN – WHAT YOU SEE IS HIS SOUL – that the Soul is more likely directly related to the Personality even more so than Essence. I could see that Personality, whether as Parallels or Concurrents, may each have their own Soul that sits closest to them throughout their “Soul’s Journey”, throughout their Grand Cycle, with overlap from Personality and Essence creating their own Trinity – of sorts. There would, of course, be less and less distinction between Essence, Soul, and Personality as the Soul ages. Please comment. MEntity: You are on the right track. Essence is its own unique thing that exists before and after a lifetime, but the soul is what is produced between Essence and Personality within a lifetime. This is why we give a name to you that refers to your "Oversoul," as this Oversoul is the collective energy of all of your Souls. The Soul is what survives your lifetime. It is the only way that a Personality can survive beyond its biological anchor. The work of a lifetime creates a home, so to speak, that is your Soul and this carries "you" forward in your evolution. The Soul is a bridge between the Physical and Astral. It has substance. It is like a gossamer web of energy that acts as a kind of matrix for the existence of what you create as YOU within a lifetime. We tend to use the terms interchangeably because they are really only different in technical terms, but they are different. It could be said that True Personality is the Soul. We can elaborate upon this subject in further exchanges, but this is the short answer. NEXT DianeHB: Hello Michael. Could you discuss more about the effects of the most recent "healing" Nexus and how it was experienced collectively and among your students? Seems like some of us had old fears and wounds get stirred up with more intensity right around that time. MEntity: Most of the healing that we described as part of the Convergence would be related to collective paths seeking to align more toward Mature Soul values and priorities and strengths as a way to help dissolve the momentum of Baby and Young retaliations against evolution. For many of our students, the sense that these collective patterns were being addressed freed up a great deal of energy for work on your personal patterns. Many of our students found themselves diving into their personal issues because they felt that they could, but what we see as even more consistent among our students was a process of grieving that was triggered by the end of the year. There are two reasons we see grief being ignited: One is that 2018 is likely the final year that the world will be seen as having been on an arc of familiar patterns that have been in place for generations. 2019 marks the shift toward a very different world in the coming years, politically, economically, environmentally, etc. The uncertainty of that future is terrifying, but also quite exciting. It could go in any direction at this point, but the aim is for the highest values of the Mature Soul world. However, even if "things get better," it does not reduce the grief generated by the loss of comforts and familiarity. The other trigger for grief could be from the Convergence that took place. Many losses have been experienced across these parallel realities that merged. Devastating consequences and losses on a large scale. The healing convergence could come because "this" parallel was one that was headed in similar direction but can now learn from the other parallels that were so close. Many of our students may have tapped into the grief and loss of those Converging parallels. In those parallels, it had come to be a profound reality that life was forever altered in ways that had to be grieved. In "this" parallel, many of you know this same feeling or sense that "something" irrevocable has come and that the world will never be the same, but that you still have some amount of control over its direction. If you experienced a more vague and confusing wave of grief, it is likely you were tapping into the Convergence. If you experience a sense of grief and frustration and defeat that felt specific to your personal trajectory, it is likely that you simply turned your attention toward the work you have been doing on yourself for some time. NEXT Rosario: Hi Michael, perhaps this ties in with Diane's question. You said 2018 was themed in REVOLUTION with -Circling/Repetition and +Evolution. What themes are we exploring this year? As students and humanity. Thank you! MEntity: 2019 could be said to themed in EMPOWERMENT, with the Positive Pole in Unity, the Negative Pole in Rebellion. Good day to each of you. We will conclude here for today. We know this is a new year for you and we are here with you in that. We will continue to remind you of the tools you have for navigating and creating this life, and continue in our support and compassion for you. We have much to say in the year ahead. You may choose to hear us or not, but we are here with you.
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    I am so sorry for the constant health updates. No one enjoys health updates. But I feel I have a responsibility to keep you in the loop as host and channel for this community, especially because it affects my schedule and participation with you so much. I don't know what is going on with my body, but October swallowed me whole with all kinds of aches and pains and a severe cold and that weird accelerated heart rate and nausea and headaches and... and... it's just been ridiculous. Every time I think I am in the clear, I get hit again. I was excited about how good I felt again for THAT ONE DAY and then I got hit again with nausea, stomach issues, headache, extreme fatigue, vomiting (sorry), and I lost my whole day again. I'm stable today, but weak. But I'm okay today. I know others here who suffer from various ailments and know this life-sucking state of existence all too well. It really sucks. Especially when you don't know the cause. I've had so many theories and every one of them have been proven wrong or inconclusive. I have more theories, but I don't know. I will update you as I work with my doctor and figure out what is going on. It's probably just related to Trump and the very real physiological and psychological toll this is taking on me and my friends and loved ones. Because I am terrified. Truly terrified. I just wanted to check in and say that I am alive, I am okay, and I will just keep riding this out. I'm very sorry for the schedule being disrupted for you if this has affected you. I hope my focus can return to normal this week. Thank you for your patience, understanding, and kindness. I love you guys.
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    ENERGY REPORT March 2018 2018 OVERLEAVES ROLE: Warrior (emphasized all year) CENTER: Higher Emotional (emphasized all year) GOAL: Dominance (emphasized Jan - Mar) MODE: Power (emphasized Apr - Jun) ATTITUDE: Pragmatist (emphasized Jul - Sep) CHIEF FEATURES: Greed (emphasized Oct - Dec) MARCH brings with it a mix of cumulative effects that many of our students may be feeling as taking a toll on one’s energy, psyche, relationships, enthusiasm, etc. One of the primary effects at work here is the lack of Nexus events. It is rare to have months pass without the release of pressure, so to speak, of cumulative variables that press for their own line of exploration. With no Nexus to branch off these variations, most of our students are feeling the “churning” effect of variables generating a tangible pressure that makes one recoil from any definitive activity. This recoil from any definitive activity is because there is “no place for your variables to go” if you find yourself generating many variables. You are having to do the processing of these variables in a way that leads to choosing from the variables rather than branching out in exploration. This leads to your closing off paths of exploration that would normally be generated. This leads to a grieving of the closure of those variables. In other words, many of our students are watching potential paths “die off.” However abstract, there will be grieving. This cumulative effect is seen and felt on a larger scale, as well. Variables are stacking into the mix of reality so that it can feel as if there is either a constant threat of complete collapse or constant possibility for complete relief. Both paths are felt as painfully too close, or painfully out of reach. This lends a deep exhaustion to various dimensions of the body and mind. In addition to all of this, there is the higher sensitivity that can come with the Higher Emotional Center. This constant look at reality as a reflection of the self can be both deeply inspiring or deeply NOT. In addition to all of this, there are those who are closing down all of their parallel variations and moving toward Exit Points. In other words, many of our students are experiencing the deaths of loved ones and friends and “strangers” whose trajectory has been defined by death. This is more grief on top of grief. Last month we said to our students: “As February progresses toward March, keep in mind that you are in a dance between this state of Ownership and Pretense, Leadership and Dictatorship. We can suggest to all of our students that this is a year for your full attention to the breaks in the circuits or gaps in the common ground among your Centers and that any challenge that triggers you or inspires you is all about the unifying of these Centers.” We will continue to remind you of this over the year as you explore where Emotions/Inspiration do not connect to Action, or how Action does not connect to Assimilation/Understanding or how Expression/Intellect is trapped in a loop of Emotions/Inspiration, etc. Each of you is looking very closely at where you are trapped in yourselves and/or stuck in loops and this can be depressing and unsettling, but it is also a process of courage and commitment to a larger arc of meaningful experience and intention. If you relate to this description of internal assessment, it can be helpful to remember that you are deeply immersed in where your disconnect is between your Centers and this is informing you, not forming you. We will speak more on this topic over the year to help our students work with what they consciously or subconsciously discover. All of the above is part of the exploration of Dominance. It is pressing each of you to consider how you navigate your lives. Do you allow room for the surprise challenges even as you sustain a greater trajectory toward a goal by utilizing all of your resources (Leadership) or do you find yourself demanding results before there can be results and either be doubling down on that demand or completely resign from trying (Dictatorship)? As March moves into April, Power Mode will begin to be emphasized and this will begin from the Negative Pole of OPPRESSION. Some of you are already tapped into this and it is heavy on top of heavy. Oppression is the endurance of prolonged unjustness, unfairness, and/or cruelty. Needless to say, it can be another stack of “heavy” on top of heavy. We will speak more to how to navigate Power Mode and its Negative Pole of Oppression in April. For now, it can be helpful to remember that the Mode is how one RELATES. In a year where the emphasis is on Inspiration, it means you will likely look deeply and closely at how you are the source of your own Oppression and misuse of personal Power. DATES OF INTEREST (dates are approximate): Every Day -- ENERGY SHIFT -- “Ups” and “Downs” For most of our students, March will simply be confusing. A churning “mess” of energy that is difficult to sort out as inspiring or depressing, hopeful or grieving, meaningful or meaningless, enthusiastic or disappointing, etc. NO NEXUS in March HELPFUL THOUGHTS OVER March: ROLL WITH IT - There are some waves of energy that come where one cannot make sense of it or harness or it or be defined by it, but most simply “roll with it.” This is one of those months.
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    ENERGY REPORT February 2018 2018 OVERLEAVES ROLE: Warrior (emphasized all year) CENTER: Higher Emotional (emphasized all year) GOAL: Dominance (emphasized Jan - Mar) MODE: Power (emphasized Apr - Jun) ATTITUDE: Pragmatist (emphasized Jul - Sep) CHIEF FEATURES: Greed (emphasized Oct - Dec) FEBRUARY brings a deeper dive into the negotiation between the Negative and Positive Poles of the Goal of Dominance for the year. January was a deep dive into the Negative Pole and February will likely be a month where those who fell into Dictatorship will seek greater breathing room in Leadership. From what we can see, many of our students and non-students fell into Dictatorship almost immediately as the year ended and began, feeling deep frustration, feeling overcharged with reaction, actively or passively seeking a source to blame for feelings and creating a defensive distance from anger. Offenses, defenses, and pretenses are high. This is because most of our students are not as familiar with the energy of Dominance. It is not “natural” for many of you to feel this surge of responsibility and discipline as Dominance. It feels like pressure, demand, and anxiety. When one is suddenly in a position to be responsible and disciplined in Emotion, Action, and Thought, and not just in one area or another, it can be quite overwhelming and even frightening. Dominance is an Action Goal, but it is all about the Actions taken from the collaboration of input from Emotion and Intellect. Dominance cannot move into Leadership without creating a circuit or common ground among these parts of the self, or parts of the community, or parts of the nation, or parts of the world, etc. If one part is wounded, it will be amplified in its wounding. It will call out for attention and responsibility and discipline for healing. For most, the concept of “leadership” will not be very useful, so we can suggest that you use the term “ownership.” Dominance will be a year in which you “own” your “stuff” or you continue to shift the responsibility onto others to handle it for you. Many will not respond kindly to suddenly being in this position to see where wounding still requires responsibility and discipline for healing. But we can say that if you have had a reaction that reveals this wounding, it means you are ready for that healing. You are ready for that ownership. It is time. If you have a hard time relating to the concept of Dictatorship, we can suggest using the term Pretense or Pretentious. On this more intimate scale for the Older Soul, the Negative Pole that is Dictatorship can be all about trying to force scenarios to be true that are not true so as to force actions out of others on your behalf, and/or about forcing scenarios to try to impress or bring about effects that allow you to remain distant. For many of our students, the year has seamlessly moved into the state of Ownership/Leadership and you may feel newly inspired to organize, collaborate, coordinate, plan, actively receive and give inspiration, and own your actions, feelings, and thoughts as a way to inform your next choices. As February progresses toward March, keep in mind that you are in a dance between this state of Ownership and Pretense, Leadership and Dictatorship. We can suggest to all of our students that this is a year for your full attention to the breaks in the circuits or gaps in the common ground among your Centers and that any challenge that triggers you or inspires you is all about the unifying of these Centers. DATES OF INTEREST (dates are approximate): FEBRUARY 10th - 17th -- ENERGY SHIFT -- RENEWAL For many, the “year” will finally begin around this time and the feeling of inspiration may find footing. Some have already felt the inspiration of the year, but many have not, and this Energy Shift seems to bring with it both the access to the inspiration and the action to do something more with it. NO NEXUS in February HELPFUL THOUGHTS OVER February: OWN IT OR BEMOAN IT - All of you have wounding. All of you are willing to face your wounding. Wounding does not always show up at convenient moments, but it shows up when you are ready and willing and you have the capacity for healing. The rest is a matter of choice. Either continue to bemoan as a way to avoid healing, or own the opportunity, history, actions, feelings, thoughts, etc. that can come together to heal that wounding. It may or may not come easy, but the opportunities come and they are yours.
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    ENERGY REPORT January 2018 2018 OVERLEAVES ROLE: Warrior (emphasized all year) CENTER: Higher Emotional (emphasized all year) GOAL: Dominance (emphasized Jan - Mar) MODE: Power (emphasized Apr - Jun) ATTITUDE: Pragmatist (emphasized Jul - Sep) CHIEF FEATURES: Greed (emphasized Oct - Dec) JANUARY begins a new cycle with an introduction to the emphasis on the Role of Warrior, the continued emphasis on the Higher Emotional Centering, and a new Goal of Dominance. In addition to this, the Chief Feature of Greed continues from 2017 and is likely to be a regular and obvious undercurrent throughout the year. The Higher Emotional Center remains intact over 2018 as a means of navigating the year, which will mean a continued and escalated emphasis on issues regarding Love, Compassion, and Empathy from the Positive Pole, and Intuition, Sensitivity, and Sympathy in the Negative Pole. Keep in mind that the Higher Centers are never “negative,” in that even the Negative Poles do not harm. The Negative Poles of every other Overleaf can do harm, but not the Higher Center Poles. The difference between the Positive and Negative Poles for the Higher Emotional Center is the difference between Love and Intuition. Love is an all-inclusive state that allows room for all variables and does not see these variables as threats to Love. Intuition is a practice in synthesizing variables that are in contradiction, opposition, division, and disparate so as to make sense of the whole picture. Intuition makes sense of these details as a path to Love. The variables of a relationship, of life, of an event, and even of the self can be disparate, divided, and opposing, and Intuition is a practice in allowing these to exist as part of the big picture. Intuition is the practice. Love is the result. Over the year you may find some approaching life from the angle of Intuition as they practice synthesizing all of the confusing and chaotic variables and make sense of opposition, conflict, and differences. Intuition will tend to emphasize Sensitivity and Sympathy. Intuition is a highly receptive state that requires dependence upon Sensitivity. Sympathy is when one feels for another without relating to them. Sympathy has not found common ground but finds a way to include the experiences of others as valid. Intuition requires Sympathy because there are too many variables that will always seem to be outside of your range of experience, but they must be included in the bigger picture. They must be included for Love. Eventually, there is navigation based on Love. This is the inclusion of all variables which allows for variation in expression, differences, chaos, confusion, and conflict. Love allows one to address these variables without experiencing them as threats to Love. Love depends upon Compassion and Empathy. Compassion is the capacity to acknowledge the suffering and to do the work of alleviating it. Sensitivity is often mistaken for Compassion. They are related but different. Sensitivity is a precursor to Compassion. Sensitivity means one is receptive but has still not made sense of the chaotic variables. Sensitivity seeks to remedy and remove the symptoms but has not yet considered or looked at a cause. Compassion seeks to directly address the cause and accepts that the symptoms will remain until the cause is addressed. Love depends upon Compassion because there will always remain challenges and issues that can be addressed, improved, corrected, healed, etc, but the symptoms are seen as informative, not as causative. Sympathy is the capacity to feel for another even as you do not relate to them. Empathy is the capacity to feel for another and relate to them. Sympathy and Empathy are very similar, except that Sympathy has not yet made the connection. Sympathy is a precursor to Empathy. Sympathy and Empathy are a part of Love. One does not have to relate to another to share or understand their feelings. Sympathizing is the effort to Love. Empathy is Love. Despite the more dramatic and traumatic patterns of 2017, it was a year of emphasis on Love, Empathy, and Compassion. The more demanding elements of the year may have gained more attention, but there is a quiet and profound movement occurring as an undercurrent to carry humanity forward. This will not only continue in 2018, but likely become more and more obvious in terms of its Persuasion, Power, and Dominance. The Warrior year will reflect the shift in core values to that of action, follow-through, loyalty, alliance, and doing things for the sake of “being the right thing to do.” Warriors are all about taking care of themselves and their loved ones through Action. It is not enough to give lip-service, promise, or wax philosophical. Warriors have to DO something and they expect you to do something, too, at least eventually. They know better than any other Role that things do not “just happen.” You have to participate. Warriors have a Positive Pole of Persuasion and a Negative Pole of Coercion. Warriors can be relentless in their push for you to take care of yourself and your life, to understand why and how. When Warriors push for you to act without your understanding why or how, they are in Coercion. When Warriors push for you to act, but help you or allow you to understand why and how, they are in Persuasion. Coercion pushes people to act without understanding. Persuasion pushes people to act with understanding. It is likely that you will see both of these Poles in effect over the year on personal and global scales. The Goal of Dominance launches the year and will remain an emphasized motivating factor January through March. Dominance is a goal that seeks to create a state of full ownership and responsibility for the actions one takes in a life. The Positive Pole as Leadership comes as one has learned what one can do and what one cannot do, what one is or can be responsible for and what consequences can be caused or remedied by you, all while recognizing that your life is always an example and model for others. The Negative Pole as Dictatorship is when one refuses responsibility for the consequences of one’s choices and actions and is in a constant state of blame or punishment, either of the self or others while dismissing or ignoring the impact of your life on the world around you. As the year launches for our students, we would expect that a combination of all of the above will come through in a furious and powerful way that shakes you up and resets you for the coming year. The year will likely launch with some kind of personal, community, and/or global shakeup that will either land you more in alignment with your Positive Poles or secure you in your Negative Poles. You will likely get a clear picture of where you are in your Higher Emotional Center, where you are in regard to 2018 collective core values and methods regarding Action, and where you are in regard to 2018 collective core motivations. Are you navigating through Intuition and trying to make sense of confusing or conflicting variables while focusing on alleviating symptoms of discomfort? Are you in Love, allowing room for the variables and symptoms while aiming to alleviate suffering? Are you certain of what you have to do, but are not certain as to why or how? Are you aware of the consequences of your actions and how your very existence is an impact on the world? These are the things that our students (and the world) will be exploring over the next few months and into 2018. DATES OF INTEREST (dates are approximate): JANUARY 17th - 20th - - ENERGY SHIFT - - BURST OF INSPIRATION - This looks to be a distinct and definitive shift into a “love one another” energy, a collective empowerment, a sudden burst of clarity in common ground, strength, shared passion, alliance, empathy, compassion, and Love. We are not certain how this will show up, as it may show up as a shock or an invitation, an event or a realization, and it may take time. NO NEXUS in January HELPFUL THOUGHTS OVER JANUARY: TAKE IT EASY and MAKE IT EASY - We do not have the usual set of considerations to ponder over your month of January because you will already be processing a great deal as you begin your new year. For that reason, we are offering a very simple suggestion to “take it easy” and “make it easy.” Take It Easy on yourself as you take on your new year by setting your own pace, step back from pressure and demand, listen and learn, plan and take action, but Take It Easy. More importantly, Make It Easy for others to do the same. Let them have their own pace, let them step back from pressure and demand, let them listen and learn on their own, and let them in on your plans and actions, but let them take on what they can. Make It Easy.
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    IT'S OFFICIAL: I'm Diabetic As most of you know, I have been in the process of discovering that I may have Diabetes. This week it became official. I am diabetic. Lovely. I had been holding off any concerns or worries until I knew for sure, and making all of the changes necessary to accommodate the worst-case scenario, but the emotional punch of it is only just hitting me. All of this was happening while my Dad was enduring 11 surgeries over a two week period of time to save his legs and his life. The enormity of what diabetes is has hit me for the first time in my life. I really had no idea how serious this disease is. (by the way, Dad is in a nursing home recovering and doing VERY well!) Based on my scary A1C results (a more specific test for diagnosing Diabetes), I was referred to an endocrinologist who is the one who broke the news to me and told me that my results indicated life-threatening conditions. What we don't know yet is whether I have Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes. While we await the results of those tests, I was to report my home glucose tests. I had been waiting for my home glucose test kit to arrive in the mail, as soon as I received it, I did my home tests and reported my numbers to the doctor. Apparently, they are bad. If any of you know what these numbers mean, I am getting between 250 and 400+. The healthy range is around 75. My doctor called me immediately and talked me through the reality of what I am now going to deal with. I am now required to take insulin. I started today. If I turn out to be Type 2 Diabetes, this will be just a temporary means of returning me to safety. If I have Type 1 Diabetes it means my immune system is turning on my pancreas and I will be required for the rest of my life to inject insulin. I'm waiting to find out where I go from here. PLATFORM PARTY RESCHEDULE I was all set this week for finalizing preparations for the Platform Party and I am so excited for it (I love these!), but as the week and then today wore on, and after getting a shit ton of backlog channeling done on top of the scheduled appointments, the reality of my situation began to really hit me and my fried brain... I just need to chill for a bit and catch up with myself on this. It's not the end of the world at all, but I just need to pause for a second to wrap my head around it. I've moved the Platform Party to next Friday just so I can catch my breath and finish the bulk of the Platforms after a break from channeling for a day or so, then we can have a great time together at the Party! THE GOOD NEWS is that we caught this in time. I should be just fine. I think. I'm already well ahead of the challenges with my vegan diet and some additional changes now, plus my increase in exercise, so if I require insulin then I require insulin. I'll be fine. When you catch Diabetes in time, it mostly becomes an inconvenience, not a death sentence. So there's that. Thank you for your understanding! I will see you next Friday for sure. And no pity for me! Just your patience and love is fine. I'm on top of this and learning from it. Love, Troy UPDATE MAY 7: My doctor messaged me to say that while the final results are still pending, based on initial test results being returned, it is looking more like Type 2. So... crossing fingers. So far, with the medication and my focus on diet and exercise, my numbers are lower and lower based on my home glucose tests. I got my average down below 300 today, which is still in the danger zone, but better than the high 300's and low 400's that I started with. So I'm hanging in there and making progress! UPDATE MAY 18: It's pretty much concluded that I have Type 2, which means I can turn this around and even cure the problem. I also have great news. I have finally begun to get glucose readings in the safe zone! My numbers are going down quickly so that I'm getting readings like 111 and 133. I still need to get it closer to consistent between 80 - 130 and if I can keep it there, I am safe and on track to reversing this.
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