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    ENERGY REPORT February 2019 2019 OVERLEAVES ROLE: Artisan (emphasized all year) CENTER: Moving (emphasized all year) GOAL: Flow → Acceptance/Discrimination (emphasized Jan - Mar) MODE: Observation → Passion/Reserve (emphasized Apr - Jun) ATTITUDE: Realist (emphasized Jul - Sep) CHIEF FEATURES: Self-Destruction (emphasized Oct - Dec) FEBRUARY comes with a strange mix of calm and chaos as the energy begins to shift away from Delusion and toward Creativity. Personal, Community and Global Delusions are starting to break down and collapse and find little support, while Personal, Community, and Global Creativity begins to gain some support, traction, and momentum as a solution to the array of delusions that have been anchored in various populations for decades and even centuries. For most of our students, February and March may feel a bit like a “hurry up and wait” energy that has a calm anxiousness about it, a frenetic and frustrating energy but also a sense of progress. This comes from the mix of Flow and Moving Center in effect as populations dance between the negative and positive poles. We do not have a lot to report for February but can say that it will be helpful for our students to keep in mind that progress is happening and is moving toward desired directions in personal, community, and global terms, but this may not be obvious in this wave of calm chaos transition. In other words, a helpful February phrase might be to just “hang in there.” DATES OF INTEREST (dates are approximate): February 19th -- ENERGY SHIFT -- ENERGY BOOST - This looks like a wave of energy that may amplify energy, events, an intensity in some area of the personal life and world events. We do not know how this will play out, but it is a sense of acceleration. NO NEXUS HELPFUL THOUGHTS OVER FEBRUARY: BE BEYOND - There are times in a life and on a planet when events or people or relationships seem at a standstill or terribly disrupted or unending or boring or too intense, even too painful, but it will always help you to BE BEYOND THIS. What we mean is that it is okay to know you exist beyond whatever you are experiencing now. You need not escape into that future, but you exist in that future. For example, there is a future when the King known as Donald Trump is no longer in power. It exists. And you exist there, as well. It is okay to know this and to connect to the anchor of this truth. There is a future where you have the job you seek. There is a future where you are happy again. There is a future where you fall in love again. There is a future when your pain is relieved. And so on. Let yourself BE BEYOND the moment without losing yourself to the moment. Let yourself be in the moment, but not lost to it when you are overwhelmed. Let yourself connect to the greater patterns of your life so that you can more easily navigate your way toward more desired outcomes. Be Beyond.
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    ENERGY REPORT - OCTOBER 2017 2017 OVERLEAVES ROLE: Priest (emphasized all year) CENTER: Higher Emotional (emphasized all year) GOAL: Submission (emphasized Jan - Mar) MODE: Passion (emphasized Apr - Jun) ATTITUDE: Realist (emphasized Jul - Sep) CHIEF FEATURES: Greed (emphasized Oct - Dec) OCTOBER launches directly into the “season” of Chief Features with an immediate emphasis on Greed, the Fear of Not Having Enough. The reality/realism of the previous months begins to settle in and prompt several desperate and extreme scenarios of fixation on that which one does not have. Many geographical locations that have been affected by recent catastrophes begin to see more clearly the profound challenges ahead, while those who already struggle with Greed begin to panic in their desperation to hold onto or to take what they deem is theirs to have. This may be the more chaotic wave of Greed to have been collectively generated in centuries. As with all Chief Features, the fear is generated as a defense against something normal and natural in life. Greed is prompted as a defense against not having enough, and there will always be scenarios where one is lacking. It is not about having enough, but about the fear of not having enough that causes the struggles and challenges. When one does not have enough resources, especially vital resources, then one must find or create solutions, so when panic and desperation arise, it can blind one to solutions and alternatives. When Greed sees no solutions, it becomes a great force of destruction as a way to violently or belligerently take what one wants or needs, or as a way to keep others from having what Greed cannot have. Greed and Self-Destruction are on the same axis. Both are about an extreme emphasis and distraction with who deserves what. Self-Destruction is about destroying the self because one does not “deserve” to have enough, and Greed is about destroying others who do not “deserve” to have more than you. Greed is not the same thing as Need. There are legitimate scenarios of need in the world and in your life, so it is only when the concept of “deserving” and violent solutions comes up that Greed is at play. As October unfolds, we suggest to our students that you observe how Greed is showing up, and do your best to navigate how it shows up in the world, and your best to navigate your own needs without falling into Greed. It may be a rough few months. As this is Higher Emotional Center year, the increased effects of water and weather will likely continue to come. There are likely several more weather and geological shocks in the months to come. DATES OF INTEREST (dates are approximate): Oct 5th -- ENERGY SHIFT -- AGGRESSION SPIKE - Aggressive energy seems to spike here, and show up as either a boost of dynamic energy that allows several parts to come together in harmony or a burst of destructive energy that forces a scenario. Oct 10th - 14th -- NEXUS -- DIVERGENCE - unknown effects HELPFUL THOUGHTS OVER OCTOBER: NURTURE YOUR CALM - This is a month to take more seriously than ever how you remain calm, centered, and clear in your choices, perceptions, and actions. As your personal and collective worlds may come into fluctuation, it is a good time to practice adding a moment before any choice, perception, or action, a kind of pause that allows you to be as clear as possible in aiming for solutions. NOTE: our report may sound ominous, but it is simply the nature of great change. It is difficult to discuss potential obstacles and challenges without an ominous edge. We do not have as much to report for October because we are still looking at variables that have not fully formed. The events of October will help us to look more closely at the patterns that will form 2018.
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    February 24, 2019 TeamTLE Note: This session is essentially a continuation of the material supplied in Michael Speaks: Education, and that session should be read first. It contains the information Michael mentions about how the likely Centering of a child is revealed. The format of this session was set in a private session in which Janet asked for information about the education of her young Artisan granddaughter. The Artisan information is referenced by Michael and, for convenience, has been dropped into this transcript following the introduction and before the start of the material about Sages. MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We will begin. As we have covered in previous exchanges, the Centering of a child is the first consideration for nurturing during development. We have already described the symptoms that can help reveal the likely Centering of a child. It is safe to use those symptoms as a starting point, but Centering is not static and can change over time, so it is helpful to keep this in mind as the child grows. In addition to this, each Role will have a tendency to favor a Centering and will naturally nurture this even on their own. It can be helpful to know which Centering would help in bringing balance to the Role as the child develops. ARTISANS The Artisan will tend to, naturally, nurture the Expression or Intellectual Center, so it can be quite helpful for the Artisan to have an emphasis put on the Moving Center as early in life as possible. This is because the Positive Pole Artisan will require PRODUCTIVITY, the Positive Pole of the Moving Center, for most of her successful creations in life. Many Artisans will tend to fall into the Negative Pole when they have not learned how to funnel creativity into form. The Moving Center will tend to be rejected by the Artisan in many ways, so having positive reinforcement for its use can be life changing. Artisans who embrace the Moving Center tend to be able to create from start to finish the projects that are so important to them. When the Moving Center is experienced as a distraction or burden, the Artisan can get stuck in a world of Emotion and Thought that forces fantasy and delusion. This includes sexuality and sex, so the Artisan who is informed in healthy ways about the world of sex and sexuality, and the fluidity of gender, can be helped tremendously to develop healthy creativity. As toddlers, it can help to have toys that exhibit the dynamic of cause and effect, action and results, consequences of creativity, such as interactive puzzles. When it is appropriate, it can be helpful to provide media that can be shaped, such as clays, paints, etc. When it is appropriate, it can be helpful to provide meaningful activity that is tied to creativity, not just to exercise. For example, rather than teaching the child to do routine exercises, a playful obstacle course or treasure or scavenger hunt can help the Artisan stay comfortable with the Moving Center. The Artisan will readily connect with the Higher Moving Center, so it will be important to avoid any imposed gender identity that forces the Artisan to choose between Focused and Creative. Artisans are the least-binary of the Roles, regardless of Energy Ratio, and imposing a gender role identity can lead to extremes or dysfunctions. So the key for Artisans is the healthy relationship with the Moving Center and Higher Moving Center. In terms of education and development, this would be something to consider in any "lesson" for the Artisan. Furthermore, indirect teaching tends to work well for Artisans. For example, for an Artisan to learn arithmetic, it can be helpful to have it tied to the arts in some way. The count of music, the scaling of images, the use of a canvas, the structure of architecture, the rhythms of dance, etc. Using these artistic connections to math as a means to help educate the Artisan can help greatly in their comprehension and application. These are basic considerations that may come in handy in the early formative years. In addition to all of the above, it can be helpful to allow the child to lead you toward what she wishes to learn and experience. SAGES SAGES will tend to naturally nurture the Expressive/Intellectual Center, so it can be helpful for Sages to have emphasis put on the Inspirational/Emotional Center as early in life as possible. This is because the Positive Pole of the Sage will almost always require PERCEPTION, the Positive Pole of the Emotional Center for the most successful communication in life. Sages can fall into the Negative Pole of Oration when they lose their capacity to Perceive, to gauge their audience, to understand the impact of their words. Oration is born of Sentimentality. Sentimentality is attachment to symbols, so Oration is an attachment to words. In the case of Sages, this would mean that it is more important to talk than to listen. It is more important to be heard than to hear. It is more important to say what needs to be said than it is to hear what needs to be heard. There is an attachment to one's own words and what they mean to the Sage rather than a broader perception of what those words might mean to others. Sages can fall into Oration for great periods of the life if there is no understanding of the Emotional circuit that is necessary for words/communication to be sustained. The Emotional Center is usually not rejected by the Sage, but is often nurtured in the Negative Pole and can take a long time to undo, depending on other factors in the life. This can set a Sage child up to learn to only communicate as a way to get a response, not as a way to create an exchange. This is why many Sages grow to be Comedians and class clowns. Because Sages can often have attachment to words and simply express them to express them, those words can land in a lot of ways that gain attention. It is often thought that Sages do and say things just for attention, but it is more often that the Sage simply learns how better to navigate the attention that comes from all of the noise they make. Attention is not the goal of the Sage in most cases. When the Sage child is introduced to more holistic ways of communication, they can develop Perception that allows them to not only see the impact of words and sound, but to also anticipate that impact better. To help a Sage child develop Perception, exposure to music is key. Music for sleep. Music for play. Music for everything. This prompts the child to learn to listen. The melodies mean something to the Sage. They listen. They learn that there is an exchange that is necessary for sound to not simply be noise. As toddlers, the Sage can do well to be taught sing-along songs, call and response songs, having access to musical instruments and an encouragement to sing, in general. All of this will help encourage the Sage to listen, not only to external sources, but to the self. In terms of education for the Sage, IT. HAS. TO. BE. FUN. Sages of all Soul Ages and physical ages can learn anything as long as it is fun to do so. The fun must be determined by the Sage, not the educator. Ask the Sage. He will tell you what is fun. We chose to cover the Sage to complement the material for the Artisan already delivered. We will invite Janet_ to choose the next Role. Janet: Priests PRIESTS MEntity: The Priest will tend to naturally nurture the Inspirational/Emotional Center and tend to require greater emphasis on the balance from the Expressive/Intellectual Center as early in life as possible. This is because the Positive Pole Priest will require INSIGHT, the Positive Pole of the Intellectual Center, for Compassion to be true in the life. Priests who fall into or get stuck in the Negative Pole of Zeal do so because they lack Insight. Instead, they can get locked into REASONING, the Negative Pole of the Intellectual Center. Zealousness is born of Reasoning. Reasoning is a means of justifying, defending, and generally excusing all further input that contradicts current understanding. With Priests, this can often show up as it being more important to be right. They will appeal to your reasoning, to false equations, to "the obvious" and to what already makes sense to them, but refuse or reduce or slow all input that counters them. The Intellectual Center is often rejected by Priests because they would rather jump directly into doing what is right based on what they have decided is right, rather than slow down that process with thought and insight. When the Intellectual Center is embraced, they can go straight for Reasoning and need to be redirected toward Insight on a regular basis. Insight is the process of being open to the truth and further input that may expand on that truth. Reasoning is when one determines what one knows IS the truth, and that is that. The Priest who use the Intellectual Center as a distraction instead of as a balance can find themselves in great mental stress as they overthink and overanalyze and generally short-circuit themselves if what they have decided is true is not obvious or received well. For the developing child, it can be helpful for the Priest to have no structured schedules, for them to have changes in patterns on a fairly regular basis that invites the body to adapt. As toddlers, it can be helpful for the Priest to continue being surprised, to be exposed to new things on a regular basis, to be introduced to new people, to see art, to see animals, to have changes in routines. This helps the Priest to develop the capacity for Insight. The truth becomes something softer and more malleable and not rigid and always completely understandable and obvious. In terms of education for the Priest, logic puzzles and thought experiments and discussion about the effects of art, along with surprise exposure to the new can help bring a healthy capacity for insight that can help the Priest always have True Compassion and not fall into Zeal. We think we can deliver on one more Role through Troy today and then we must conclude. Bobby: Since you're on the Inspirational Axis, Server? SERVERS SERVERS will tend to naturally nurture the Inspirational/Emotional Center like the Priest, but has a great need for the Moving Center to be emphasized and nurtured for balance in the life as soon as possible. This is because the Positive Pole of the Server will almost always require PRODUCTIVITY, the Positive Pole of the Moving Center, for any fulfilling Service in life. Servers can fall into their Negative Pole of Bondage when they lose their sense of being Productive, or lose their sense of seeing results from their efforts. Bondage or Subservience is born of Frustration or Freneticism, the Negative Pole of the Moving Center. This is the practice doing just to do. To the Negative Pole Server, doing becomes the emphasis and who you are does not matter. The more frustrated and frenetic the Server, the more they tighten their state of Bondage. It becomes more important for the Server to do the right thing than it is for the Server to be the right thing. For the Server, to not be doing the right thing is to lose all sense of tethering to meaningful existence and this compounds the frustration. This is why there are so many angry and depressed Servers in the world. They never learned to include themselves in results of what they do. Many Servers will reject the Moving Center and simply recoil from any intimacy and sense of connection with others, considering their existence to be on hold or only matter if they find a way to do the right thing, though many Servers do not have a clue what that "right thing" is. They would rather simply inspire and touch lives without the mess of considering results. They would rather assume their existence is enough to bring the good they wish to bring to the world. When the Moving Center is embraced, they can go straight to Frustration and Freneticism and tend to go from "zero to 100" in terms of temper and mood because of this. The Server who uses the Moving Center as distraction instead of as balance can find themselves in great physical stress and in great panic over how to escape the pain of existence. They may find themselves at once drowning in the weight of obligations while also losing all grip on important responsibilities. So for the developing Server, it can be important to include pleasure as much as possible. Servers need affection. They need their presence validated by contact. They need to be held. As toddlers, it is helpful for the Server to learn to reward themselves. Activities that involve sharing are vital, along with post-activities that allow for personal pleasure, such as a choice of treats or tv show or one on one play or being held. The key here is in teaching the Server that it is okay for her to balance out her generosity and to validate her presence by giving herself as much as she gives others. These general practices teach the Server that Service is not a one-way circuit of obligation, but that True Service is a pleasurable responsibility that includes her and can be fulfilling to some great degree or it will burn her out. In terms of education for the Server, there must be some element of giving and receiving involved. This means helping each other with class work, having group tests and challenges that invite both the giving of help and the receiving of help. As much as the Server is designed for service, the giving and receiving ratio can be of their greatest challenges. Creating a state of permission and confidence around what they can give vs what they need can greatly increase the chances of your world having loving Servers instead of angry Servers. We will continue exploring the Roles as children in development in further exchanges with you. We must conclude here for today. Good day to each of you. Goodbye, for now. Essence of Children Continued for Warrior & King Roles March 24, 2019 MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin. We are asked to continue exploring children and Essence development. WARRIORS The Warrior will naturally nurture the Moving Center and tend to require an emphasis on the Inspirational/Emotional Center early in life as a way to focus all of this action and energy. Though the Priest and Server are on the Inspirational Axis of our Overleaf system, Warriors tend to need Inspiration more than the other Roles as a source of balance and direction. From a very early age, Warriors are looking for direction, structure, and how to focus their energy. This is often found in whatever Inspires them. The Positive Pole of the Warrior is Persuasion, which is the process of igniting action in a person through their own volition. It is a process of encouraging actions through conscious choice and participation. The Warrior knows this tends to only be possible if the individual is inspired by how they PERCEIVE themselves and the world. This is true of those the Warrior seeks to Persuade, but is also true of themselves. They cannot or will not tend to be Persuaded or in Persuasion if they cannot see themselves as part of the picture, as a meaningful part of the puzzle, solution, project, etc. Warriors become paralyzed when they cannot see themselves IN THE PICTURE. This is why Warriors tend to be drawn into structured dynamics that have a clear and tested order and system that allows them to slip into the machinery of movement and action. It does not matter if they are only a part of the picture as long as that picture is clear about them being IN that picture. This is why they are drawn to the Military, Judicial system, Police force, etc., especially in the younger Soul Ages where slipping into secure systems and structures is a relief. This is also why some of the deepest and more immediate bonds formed among fragments come between Warriors and their Comrades At Arms . Within a structure that is secure and of which one is unquestioningly a meaningful part, the Warrior's Emotional Center is wide open to bonding, especially under pressure. The older Warrior tends to no longer be about Persuasion of others and Coercion of others, but about a quiet (or not so quiet) inner battle between those polarities toward the self. The older Warrior who is still experimenting with inner security will tend to be in a constant state of shifting tactics between inner Persuasion and inner Coercion. They do not need for you to be hard on them. They are very hard on themselves, especially in terms of their growing need to create and own their part in the picture they see of themselves in life. If a Warrior finds she is in a constant state of inner Coercion, or if a Warrior finds she tends to boss people around, bully, or Coerce others, it will almost always be because they have lost touch with the Emotional Center and are no longer inspired. These Negative Pole Warriors can be motivated by bitterness, resentment, anger, and depression if Inspiration is lost. So for the developing Warrior, it is not just about sports, high activity, movement, and structured systems, it is all about the Emotional/Inspirational quality that gives meaning and value and presence to themselves in whatever activity or structure they navigate. As toddlers, it can be helpful for the Warrior to be exposed to art, music, and anything that goes straight to the nurturing of the Emotional Center. Warriors tend to benefit from affection and contact more than most other Roles. All children can benefit from affection, of course, but for the Warrior, it can often make or break their capacity to see themselves as part of the picture, part of your life, part of your value system. The Warrior child can benefit greatly from understanding the balance between boundaries and intimacy. When to touch, when not to touch, when to ask for affection and when to say yes or no to affection. One of the greatest questions that will carry into adulthood for nearly all Warriors is the question of who truly loves them and whether they have truly loved. Many will have this question in a lifetime, but the Warrior tends to have this question all the way to the end of a life as a kind of assessment of the Inspiration that will be carried forward from that life. This means that the education for a Warrior must include emotional bonds. There tends to need to be "that one teacher" or that one classroom, or that one friend, at least, who satisfies the Warrior's Emotional Center and gives meaning to the structure, order, education, progress, etc. The Scholar can dive into a subject and learn about it all day long by himself, but the Warrior does better if someone is with her. The Warrior may be designed for action and movement and strategy and order, but if there is no affection, no bonding, no inspiration, the Warrior is either a rudderless boat with no horizon in sight, or a ballooning of pressure that may burst into uncontrollable spiraling. KINGS The King will tend to naturally nurture the Action/Moving Center while needing a higher emphasis on the Expressive/Intellectual Center as a means of bringing balance to their development. This is because the Positive Pole of the King tends to require INSIGHT as a necessity for Mastery. A King without Insight is a King in Tyranny. The King will try to master everything in every way at any time that it is put in front of her. If there is no Insight provided for how and why, she turns that drive for Mastery into Tyranny. This is true from the ruling of Kingdoms to simple hobbies and everything between. A King aiming for Mastery "for no reason," or by only using Reasoning, the Negative Pole of the Intellect, she will tend to destroy or sabotage or otherwise derail the focus of that Mastery. This tends to be done through Tyrannical means, which means motivation fueled by cruel, oppressive, unreasonable, irrational, and painful pressure. Though the Sage is the king of communication, so to speak, the King's very quality of life, and often the life, itself, depends upon COMMUNICATION/EXPRESSION. The King who has learned how to communicate, listen, exchange ideas, share, and speak up is a King who can understand and own the focus of her Mastery. For the developing King, soothing voices can mean everything. Hearing human voices in various forms helps to stimulate the curiosity for communication that will be key for the King. As toddlers, the King would do well to know the difference between SHARING and GIVING. This helps the King to learn that she will not lose what she is sharing. This may start with toys and events, but this will make a difference in adulthood when it is fully understood that sharing who you are is not the same thing as giving yourself away. Many Kings who either had to share too much or not share enough as children, tend to navigate life with the question of what will GIVE TO and what will TAKE AWAY from the life. There is no Sharing. There is no sense of exchange, communication, and insight. There are only instances where you get what you want or lose a part of your soul. As for the education of Kings, they would do well to have their curiosity encouraged. One need not simply impose a set of lessons for the King to learn, but find a way to associate any lessons with how those lessons bring insight to life and how that insight helps the King to share in life rather than only dominate it or be dominated by it. Curiosity and Communication are key for the King who is growing into adulthood. One does not need to coax or put the King on the spot to express herself. The King has no problem expressing herself when she is curious because the King naturally likes to communicate about what has captured her curiosity. The King has no problem expressing herself when she is sharing insight, leading with insight, mastering a hobby she can share. When the King grows into adulthood with a healthy nurturing of sharing, curiosity, communication, and insight, she knows that nothing she focuses on at the moment is stealing her life away, or that something is being taken away from her by having to share more of herself. This King knows that she (and others) can share, give, and take as is appropriate or necessary and none of this is any longer a threat. ******* We will conclude here for today. We know that Troy is still recovering and may have some complications in receiving and delivering our words, so if there are questions or need for clarification, we will respond to those in further exchanges. We will cover the final Role in another exchange, as well. Good day to each of you. Goodbye, for now.
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    ENERGY REPORT August 2016 2016 OVERLEAVES ROLE: Server (emphasized all year) CENTER: Moving (emphasized all year) GOAL: Discrimination (emphasized Jan - Mar) MODE: Caution (emphasized Apr - Jun) ATTITUDE: Cynic (emphasized Jul - Sep) CHIEF FEATURES: Self-destruction (emphasized Oct - Dec) AUGUST moves the energy directly into the core of the Cynic Attitude where the possibility for a shift into the Positive Pole is higher, though we must note that this possibility is slight. The Negative Pole has too high of an investment from too many and this can be daunting to work through, but this does not mean it is impossible nor does it mean you cannot turn this around on a personal level. We will state again that the Cynic Attitude in itself is not inherently unpleasant, but for those not familiar with it or are uncomfortable with contradiction, even the best of Cynic energy can feel inconvenient at best, but when Cynic is moving through the Negative Pole, Denigration, it can feel like an invisible, heavy weight that strips the joy and life from everything and feels exhausting. We also repeat: Cynic energy is vital to the expansion and evolution of active intelligence and discernment when it is in the Positive Pole of Contradiction because pursuit of integrity and truth through questioning, challenging, and countering presumptions is healthy, but when Cynic energy moves through the Negative Pole it is the active use of intelligence to undermine or destroy integrity and truth. Denigration is countering, questioning, and challenging for the sake of defending one’s conclusive perspective, not for expanding or evolving in one’s expanding perspective. Denigration seeks to undermine, devalue, belittle, and destroy that which is questioned, rather than listen to answers or see the truth. Currently, individual perspectives are deep in Denigration or deeply affected by those in Denigration. The undermining of integrity and truth as a means for destroying that which is the target of questioning is in full momentum of effect. The only response to this can be the Positive Pole that is Contradiction. If our students feel the weight of Denigration affecting them, or if they find themselves being swept up in participating in the Denigration, it can be helpful to return to Contradiction. This means surprising yourself with a questioning of your intent, a questioning of your own perspective. If you feel generally defeated, defensive, frustrated, angry, and exhausted, surprise yourself. Think differently. Try a different angle. Try changing your focus. Try expanding your focus. This is not to ignore that which is affecting you, but to help you find solutions and alternatives to what is affecting you. DATES OF INTEREST (dates are approximate): August 2nd -- ENERGY SHIFT - TENTATIVE RELIEF - This shift seems to bring with it a sense of possibility and perspective, but not a lot of confidence in that relief. Some may feel this is a good time to “snap out of it” and try a shift in perspective, but it may seem too easy to slip back into the weight of effect from Denigration. August 13th -- ENERGY SHIFT - KARMIC CLARITY - Most of 2016 has been a difficult and painful look at collective Karma and what remains to be balanced, corrected, and healed. While deep in this exploration, it can feel quite overwhelming, but this Energy Shift helps to bring many fragments back out and up and to the edges of the chaos for a clearer sense of what needs to be done. August 27th -- ENERGY SHIFT - CONSCIOUS CREATION - This energy shift appears to be a return to a sense of responsibility for how one creates the next steps in the life. Many of our students may find that they can finally unhook from the collective patterns that have felt quite heavy and personal, and return to a sense of navigation that is inspired by personal choice, response, and Manifesting of Essence. A sense of pivotal and conscious choice in PERSPECTIVE and ATTITUDE for how to move forward is here. [no nexus in August] HELPFUL THOUGHTS OVER August: SURPRISE YOURSELF - When you feel overwhelmed by the sense of destruction to truth and integrity in the world, surprise yourself. See if you can find a different perspective. See if you can find the threads of positive possibilities. See if you can do something else to help free your energy, heart, and head for a while so you can return to your concerns more energized, clear, and enthusiastically. FIGHTING FIRE WITH FIRE MAKES MORE FIRE - If you see the world as being chaotic, confusing, overwhelming, depressing, struggling, etc. it does not help if you bring that same energy into the mix. It is okay to experience these emotions, but it is not helpful if you stop there. Bring joy, bring perspective, bring surprise, bring levity, bring play, bring something different. Even if only for a moment. Bring something different.
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    Hello everybody! My name is Lila and I am from Finland. I'm 50 years old and found the Michael Teachings approximately 16 or 17 years ago. I read everything which was printed in Finnish and a lot of other material in English. I'm a combination of a mystic, hardcore scientist (PhD in genetics) and a skeptic and I don't buy channelings just like that (there's a lot of spiritual bling-bling in the Internet), but Michael has endured my critical view. Being a skeptic mystic is an interesting combination, because I have to learn spiritual stuff from experience before I believe it. So, I have a long list of mystical experiences, which started in my early twenties when I moved out from home. After my love affair with Michael Teachings I moved to astrology, mostly because I was already aware of my life task and I needed a tool I could methodologically use in that job. Since I don't channel Michael, I had to try something else. However, I have (or used to have) a close relationship to my own guides who have taught me through synchronicity and dreams. I got a child almost 8 years ago and after that guides have just left me alone. I ordered my overleaf-chart from Karen Murphy about 10 years ago and her estimation was that I am a 1st old Artisan, which probably is not true. My first guess was, after reading Michael Teachings, that I was a Scholar and although I've pondered other options, Scholar it my best guess. I'm just so knowledge-driven to be anything else. My early middle-age was so eventful (I could write a book about my thirties and early forties), that the soul age level is hardly 1. Or maybe it is. Currently it doesn't feel very important. Anyway, I just wanted to say hello and introduce myself to everybody. Hopefully we'll have have fruitful conversations in this forum!
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    Doing: Just finished approving a bunch of proposed additions to the TLE Library. Which I spent time on primarily because I hosted a sorority group last night and still haven't felt like cleaning up the resulting mess. Thinking: It would be SO lovely if my appointment for a haircut (and fresh application of blue and purple) were TODAY instead of a whole WEEK from now! Feeling: That I should be reluctant to post a bad hair day photo but I really can't get too bothered by that anymore: I don't have to go to work!
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    HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE! This has been another wonderful and wild and awful and horrible and rough and beautiful and gross and growthful year! Here's to all of us who keep on keeping on and turning to each other with kindness, compassion, patience, support, and love for the best and worst of us. HERE ARE SOME UPDATES ABOUT TLE AND WHAT TO EXPECT IN 2019! NO MORE "MONTHLY MICHAEL WORKSHOPS" - Although the popularity of Monthly Michael Workshops was so high, we had a few people regularly disappointed that not every workshop included dedicated time with Michael for every attendee. This was something I could not promise or provide or guarantee on a monthly basis in every workshop because Michael makes that decision (not me) and not all of the topics required their personal feedback. The focus was supposed to be on the work and sometimes that meant doing the work on your own. Some workshops naturally included feedback, some did not. Since I don't plan these workshops and left them up to Michael to teach, I could not build into every session the individualized feedback that some people wanted. So we will no longer have Monthly Workshops. HOWEVER... NEW! FEARLESS LIVING SERIES - Understanding Who We Are, and Choosing Who To Be - Taking the place of the MMW's, I have asked Michael to work with us on a series dedicated to "Fearless Living." This series is inspired by a famous life coach I used to love long ago whose life work is all about "fearless living," except her tactic is to "fight and overcome" fear, whereas Michael's approach will be more transformative and about harnessing that fear as a tool rather than approaching it as an obstacle to destroy. This is a series of Monthly, Intimate, Channeling Topics designed to help us transform and heal our unnecessary fears in various parts of our lives so that we can grow, love, and create as we wish. Each Month brings a new area of life into focus and each of these builds upon the others. Michael will share information and insight into topics regarding these key areas of life, the universe, and everything - Each event includes deep exploration of the topic with Michael, homework assignments for us to work on, and Q&A if time permits - FEE = $25 NEW! FEARLESS LIVING SERIES TRANSCRIPTS & COMMUNITY SUPPORT SYSTEM - For the first time ever, I will be charging a fee for access to a series of transcripts. This is to help foster a dedicated and serious extended study program with community support where you can privately publish your own "homework" related to a topic if you choose. Each Transcript entry will require a fee to access for study. The fee is waived for a transcript if you attended the Live Session for that transcript. Each Transcript Fee = $20 SERVICE RATES HAVE BEEN RAISED... SLIGHTLY - You may notice that all rates have been increased, but only slightly. The expenses of this community have gone up and I have to account for those fees in my services. SERVICE OPTIONS HAVE CHANGED... SLIGHTLY - After great consideration and a closer look at the patterns that cause me to get off-track in my schedule, I have now eliminated all services over 60 Minutes. There are no more 90 or 120 Minute Sessions available. I have also removed several email Report options. This should help me to stay on track and have more health-friendly days of work. This will help improve scheduling, focus, and efficiency so that I don't get overwhelmed. NEW! MICHAEL TEACHINGS SCHOOL - I have added a new part of the community that is an LMS, or Learning Management System. This system will be used for our Wholeness of Soul Course and if it is successful, it will be opened up to the community for courses in Channeling, Studying Overleaves, and for all students who wish to offer courses of their own. More details to come! NEW! The Return of FRINGE & WHACKADOODLE! - Fringe And Whackadoodle will now be scheduled quarterly for all of us to get our fill of all things weird and wild in the known and unknown universe and hear what Michael has to say about all of it. These will be Free/Donation-based and the first one will be in March! Details to come. MORE TO COME! This is all the news I have for now, but more to come! I am looking forward to all that we learn and share together in 2019! I love you guys! Troy & TLE
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    11:00 pm in Halifax. Paul just in from Toronto for our Labour Day weekend.
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    Eating peanuts. Thinking about how many peanuts I've been eating lately. Feeling like I should cut down on peanuts.
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    Doing: Relaxing by the US Capitol waiting for the Tax March to start. Thinking: Mostly political stuff at the current moment, but mostly enjoying the day and trying not to think about purple unicorns and red dragons. =p Feeling: A bit nervous about the situation with North Korea, otherwise calm and a bit sleepy.
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    This question was originally posted by Jon on 10/14/08. From the recent Michael speaks: "No fragment has the capability for self-hate, self-loathing, self-denial, self-condemnation without exploiting the fuel provided by someone else's truths. [...] It is true that all fragments can hold harsh thoughts about one's self, but not for long. The default of sentience is loving. To do otherwise is exhausting, but possible. It is also true that all fragments can hold harsh thought about others, but not for long without exhaustion." If the above is true, then how did self-hate (and the hate of others) originate in the first place? It is my experience that almost everyone has some self-derogatory thoughts/energy. How do they sustain this if it is so difficult? Also, how did it originate between the first fragments to feel self-hate? Is it a natural outgrowth of being in the physical plane? Is this self-depreciation limited to the physical plane? FROM MICHAEL: The seed of self-hatred, self-denial, self-condemnation usually grows out of the self-protection one begins to implement as a means to protect oneself from the 7 qualities of life described by the Chief Negative Features. One begins to believe that it is dangerous to be vulnerable, to be inadequate, to lose things, to lose value, to lack control over time or space, and to change. One is either actively or passively taught how to protect the self from these experiences and one of the most powerful ways to create a false sense of protection is through self-hatred, self-denial, self-condemnation. When the seed is planted actively, it can be obvious where one learns how to hate, deny, and condemn, but often the seed is planted passively through the behavior or good intentions of one you have deemed to have more power than you. This is how the experience of self-hate, etc. originated. For instance, a Mother smacks the hand of a child away from a fire: the child does not necessarily experience the good intentions and love behind the smack, but can fixate on the pain and humiliation of a choice being interrupted. The child may then begin to build evidence, and even test the evidence, that "when I make a personal choice, someone or something will interrupt and cause pain and humiliation." She might either dwindle in her presence in the world, or begin to puff it up and push the boundaries of others so that when people push back, there is the proof that she is "safer" through stifling her choices. The child or young adult and adult then begins strengthening the tools that are assumed are the most powerful methods for protection: pain and humiliation (in this example). The distorted logic and emotion behind strengthening this form of protection is that it is better to keep the hand coiled by one's side through any means self-generated than to have it smacked again by another. The greatest walls of division from the world of danger can come from the enforcement of self-hate, self-loathing, self-condemnation, etc. Hate toward others is a secondary effect. It is simply another form of walling off from the world of danger. Keep in mind that self-hate (and hate), and all of its variations, including self-loathing, and self-condemnation, are all simply distorted forms of intimacy. Hate cannot be experienced without some form of deep (albeit distorted) resonance. Resonance is Intimacy. Most forms of hate describe a craving, longing, and aching for something represented or mirrored in that which is hated, countered by the resistance to that craving, longing, and aching. This is why we say that is it exhausting. And when we describe it as exhausting, we speak in terms that are physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual. It takes a great deal of effort and energy to sustain these kinds of walls of protection. One will either retreat as a means to spread that energy thin, but consistently, or one will find a way to remind oneself why it's important to keep those walls up by searching for evidence to rekindle the strength of self-hate, or hate. For instance, one might think she is being brave and open by finally deciding she feels good enough and open enough to date again. Rather than moving into the spectrum of experience that is natural to the realm of dating, which includes a range of feelings and efforts and exploration, she will allow the first disappointment to stand as proof as to why she "doesn't date in the first place," etc. and retreat to exploit this new proof as to why she should never have reached out. We shared all of the above so that you can ponder the more detailed dynamics at work with variations of self-hate and hate, but we will also leave you with the more simplified response: All variations of Self-hate and Hate can be traced back to the battle for SPECIALNESS. Whether actively or passively, many fragments are taught that they ARE Special, or that they SHOULD BE Special. As the child grows in awareness, his or her realization that there is nothing special about himself can cause a lifetime of anger, search, and craving for that ONE THING that makes someone finally identify him or her as Special. This can evolve into a hatred for those who seem to have been identified as Special, or a hatred that creates a false platform of Specialness, such as is the case for a Racist, for example. In terms of self-hatred indicating a craving and distorted intimacy with yourself, the craving is in the desperate wish for your soul or some part of you to come forth and exemplify, or be identified as, Special. A part of you KNOWS you are special and craves to exemplify this and have it identified, but being terrified that the things that are special about you are not enough, are dying, are going unnoticed, will be rejected, etc. And so you hate. And hide. The solution, then, is in the freeing of oneself from the unending, looping math of Specialness, and embracing the wholeness and complete reality of your UNIQUENESS. Uniqueness needs no proof, needs no protection, needs no additional factors. It simply is. Embracing the Uniqueness of others, of course, is a means toward resolving hate toward others. We end on this note knowing that we could continue on with additional details and teaching, but we believe this will help address your questions and to provide some food for thought.
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    Thank you @Troy for getting this out! Remember when you once wondered if people found these energy reports useful? Now we're eagerly (desperately) awaiting them like a lifeline. For those of you who find these energy reports and other free channeling helpful, please make a donation to support Troy to continue sharing sessions for free. The donate button is under the Service tab.
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    I know how hard you work and how much it takes out of you and I want you to know that I (and I think I speak for all of us here on TLE) want you to be healthy and happy and to feel well. Whatever you need to do to make that happen, I am in favor of. You are not a machine and channeling is not a switch that you can turn on and off. Take whatever time and space you need to recover @Troy, and get well soon. Sending love and good wishes and all the woo woo I can muster for it to happen quickly.?
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    Doing: Sitting on the floor of my roommate's bedroom listening to the fire truck rumbling outside the window. Soon I'll be biking to the Curio Theatre to hang speakers for a show I'm sound designing. Feeling: A tad nervous - it'll be my first time doing a speaker hang as the designer, and I'm just hoping I'll be able to get the damn sound system working. Thinking: When I get back home from the speaker hang, what movie do I want to watch?
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    Yes!!! @Troy, perhaps it's because you're in my CHILD position that I want to see you as happy and as loved as this baby. To those who haven't met Troy in person he's the most huggable person I've ever met. Love you!! ♥♥♥
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    Playing "Guard me, Sherlock" on my phone....?
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    Doing: Watching Voyager after eating too much, avoiding all the chores I can't get to during the work week. I'm not up to working full time but I have to do it anyway to pay those bills. And I watched from bed earlier while April the giraffe give birth live! That was cool. Thinking: Don't think about how much I have to do. I hope no new bombs this weekend. How to get my brain to focus on something fun. Feeling: Pain. Pain. Always pain. Embarrassed to mention it because I think everyone gets tired of my invisible medical issues, but it's the overriding thing I can't get away from.
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    Actuality it's "No Shit"... It's Cosmic Constipation.
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    The Nexus and the time afterwards was an interesting experience for me. I could validate the return of a curiosity and enthusiasm that I hadn't felt in a long time. At the same time, I still have days where I feel anxious and sad. When I read the Energy Report yesterday I got weirdly depressed and cried a lot. I just didn't get where I was still in Dogma or not listening to my True Voice and the Energy Report made me feel like I was completely missing the point somehow. I went to bed early and while I was drifting off into sleep I suddenly had an epiphany: I have started to mistrust life and people over the last years. Mistrusting life is becoming a Dogma. Expecting the worst as a form of protecting myself is becoming a Dogma. And it is weighing on me. But the fact is: I don't know what is going to happen, if it's "good" or "bad" and expecting the worst only leaves me anxious, confused and afraid. That is not me. That is not my Voice. That is fear. And then I realized how much of my Life Task and my Quick Preview for this year are focused on me learning to trust life and myself and that I'm basically rejecting my Life Task when I'm mistrusting and expecting the worst. So, for this month, whenever my anxiety comes up again, this is going to be my mantra: I trust life. I trust myself. I trust that I can recover from whatever curveball life might throw at me. I trust that I'll be happy again. I trust that I'll find love. I trust that I can learn to channel. I trust that I can do it. And yeah, fuck that noise!
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    This explains SO much. I was reflecting on the report on my drive to work this morning and thinking back on the last 6 months, when I made conscious effort to get back in touch with my inspiration and find my voice. I hadn't even realized until very recently just how much I do not speak up and defer to other people, because I've become so used to it. Every unique idea I had, my immediate reaction is to shut it down because "it won't work", and it would take me time to warm up to it, often with the help of modeling from others. Bringing my ideas out to the world was so hard when I had all these other voices that told me you can't make money doing that, nobody will show up, it's safer to do what everyone else has done. I struggled with it every step of the way, even as I moved forward and made progress and had my good periods. These conflicting voices were exactly what made it extremely difficult to write. When I sat down to write, these voices were front and center -- there's no braving them and pushing forward like you can with a physical project. Writing is the act of organizing and refining the voices. I seriously didn't know how I could do what I was drawn to do when I had such difficulty speaking up and asserting myself. I believe my convergence happened around 7/23-24. Around that time, my inner conflicts suddenly resolved themselves, and I've been moving forward with confidence ever since. The steps forward no longer terrify me every single time, and instead I move forward with curiosity, enthusiasm, and mastery. I can hardly believe it.
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    Hi All, It's Kate, from Budapest, Hungary, happy to have found you! I came across the Michael Teachings a year ago, and cannot be thankful enough for this! Usually am not active on social media but at the same time I'd like to be among fellow students. I am living with my kids and work home-based in pharma industry. Raised as an atheist but always having a curious mind for the underlying, then attending a christian congregation giving me a halt, I started to wake up very very slowly some years ago. Now feel like i used to have cataract and am after surgery, seeing the world clearly for the first time - am eternally grateful for it. So much to see, so much to read, learn, discover! Love to all, wishing a nice day, Kate
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    Personality Role Influence FROM OSCAR: What is the ratio of the role influence on Personality? FROM MICHAEL: In terms of assigning percentages of influence, only the Role, Goal, Mode, and Attitude would be necessary. Centering changes too often, or has the capacity to change drastically and regularly, and Chief Features are not overleaves. The Personality fluctuates in which overleaf is most dominant and this makes for a more complex dynamic. Any assignment of percentages to Personality must be seen in terms of how the overleaves naturally and generally show up, but it should be noted that context changes the emphasis on a regular basis. That being said, all fluctuations would start from the strength of emphasis as attributed below. The general assignment would be: ROLE = 25% GOAL = 20% MODE = 20% ATTITUDE = 35% I've made a simple tool to calculate and show the influences: PRIC. The Essence version: ERIC.
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    Ask Michael - Aug 7, 2016 MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin. ***QUEUE IS NOW OPEN*** Nan: This question follows from the Michael Gathering held in April at Sevenoaks in Virginia. During the gathering, Caris Turpin channeled that “We (Michael) need the gatherings”. Later there were comments that there are likely many Michael students out there who do not even know that the gatherings happen. So the questions: Would Michael elaborate on how they need the gatherings? And—what advice can we have about finding or reaching Michael students who do not have information about the gatherings? What do people need to know to decide to come to gatherings? MEntity: We cannot be a teacher without our students. To that extent, we "need" you. We learn from our students, as well. To that extent we "need" you. Any gathering of physical proximity among our students is an opportunity for us to not only assess where we are in terms of our dynamic as teachers and students, but in terms of where to go in the evolution of our teaching. MEntity: The gatherings act as a kind of uploading/Review process for our students. MEntity: Many students allow themselves a period of time during these gatherings to shed most of their imprinting and subpersonalities of defense in ways that are different from when we work with them outside of the context of a "safe space." MEntity: So in that regard, we "need" these gatherings as a more accurate and immediate assessment of a handful of active students and this helps us to know where and how to go next in our teaching, or what needs to be reviewed. MEntity: However, we "need" you only in terms of this being a helpful form of assessment. They are not required. MEntity: If no gatherings were to occur and our students remained as scattered among the masses, our work with you and our teaching would not be hurt. MEntity: Think of it is these simple terms: MEntity: All teachings must address the Inspirational, Intellectual, Moving, and Assimilative elements for that teaching to truly be alive and well and useful. Your daily lives provide a great deal of demands on the Emotional, Intellectual, and Action, but these gatherings bring permission of emphasis on Assimilation. MEntity: As for bring more students to the gatherings, this is not necessary. Our students find us. They are not lost. MEntity: Students need not come to an organized gathering to count as attending a gathering. Studying with a friend can be a "gathering." MEntity: One of the reasons our teaching has a fairly low profile is because it is not concerned with recruitment or saving anyone. There is no urgency. We know that some of our channels and students may wish to imbue some urgency, importance, and eagerness but that is counter to our teaching. MEntity: We chose to put "need" in quotes because we prefer for the term to be understood in its practical terms, not loaded with urgency and sentimentality. MEntity: Our students cycle through in waves of contact with us over lifetimes. Not everyone needs or wants to see us during their lifetime. MEntity: When they do, they find us. This teaching is an invitation. MEntity: As long as it is available, and there are those who can keep the invitation visible, that is all that is necessary. How that visibility is implemented is up to you. Nan: We are grateful for such a full answer. NEXT Connor: Hello again, Michael. Two things: First; you are amazin.g Second; During our between-lives Astral interval, provided we complete our Reviews, we do the work of planning our next lifetimes. After everything is ready to our satisfaction, we then prepare for rebirth. What happens to us when rebirth occurs? Are we going to wind up in an infant body with amnesia? Or do we continue to live on the Astral, ‘separately’ from the new Personality we just helped design? I know Personalities continue to exist on their own terms, but I also know that what I consider as ‘me’ is far more than just a Personality. I am also an Essence, and Essences go back to Earth. Perhaps my confusion stems partially from the profound blurring between Essence and Personality that occurs by the Old Soul Age – I have little notion of where one ends and the other begins. (end of question) MEntity: Your final sentence is the voice of Essence. MEntity: We will share this analogy to help in understanding this more fully: MEntity: When "you" plan your day, your week, your general future, this could be said to be similar to Essence. You use what resources are accessible to you, and you anticipate what resources will be accessible to you, and you do this based on what you know and what you have learned from previous days, weeks, and your general past. MEntity: However, once you are IN that day, that week, that general future, "you" are still "you," but you are now bumping up against many elements of life that were not a part of the plan. Regardless of what you saw from your position before you entered your day, your week, your general future, you are now LIVING it, which means you are different now because you are no longer dealing only with a higher vision, but immediate vision. MEntity: We use this analogy because this is similar to how Essence works in terms of Personality. Personality is still Essence, but just focused on the day, so to speak. MEntity: In the same way that you may describe how you experience yourself in very different days, your Essence experiences itself as different lifetimes. MEntity: The point being that the line between "you" on one day vs another day is not often drawn by "you." You still know yourself as you, even as you remember your bad day, your good day, your painful day, etc. Connor: I find that both beautiful and horrifying. MEntity: Your good day, your bad day, your painful day, your blissful day will continue to live with you AS you. MEntity: Now, to continue the analogy: MEntity: When you retire from your day, it makes a great difference in your next day how you end your day as "you." MEntity: And so it is with Essence. It can only evolve from Essence Contact and Recognition. This is the only true form of evolution for Essence. MEntity: Essence Recognition and Contact would be similar to your remembering your vision, remembering your value, remembering your worth, remembering you. MEntity: Remembering each other. MEntity: When you remember, you create a circuitry among your days, your weeks, your months, your relationships, your years so that the "you" that started it all is the you that is living it all. MEntity: When Personality remembers Essence, or Recognizes the validity of Essence in self or another, even if only for a brief moment, you create the circuitry that is necessary for blurring the lines between the you who started it all, and the you who is living it all. MEntity: This dance is happening on such vast scales between you, your past lives, your Essence, that we cannot possibly convey to you the beauty of it. MEntity: We only addressed the concept of blurring or defining the lines between "you" and Essence, but to respond more directly to your other questions: Reviews need not be completed before planning the "next" life. The concept of "next" is a bit flexible from the Astral. MEntity: Many Personalities take many lifetimes for their Review to be completed. MEntity: The Soul Age Levels are indicative of this because the 6th Level tends to be when the Personalities do the work of helping address all lingering processes of Review among the Personalities from that Soul Age. MEntity: In other words, lifetimes during the 6th Level are all about living lives that help other lives bring closure. MEntity: When you are born, you do not experience amnesia, but the comparison is fair. MEntity: It is not that you experience amnesia so much as it is you have a new brain that has never remembered anything before. MEntity: Essence and Astrology help direct the first 7 years toward experiences that will unpack over time in a way that facilitates an eventual meeting point between local experiences/memory and higher experiences/memory. MEntity: What there is to unpack depends greatly on Soul Age and Level, and then the life experiences either activate that unpacking, ignore it, distort it, or expand upon it. MEntity: The older the soul the easier it is to reach that meeting point between collecting new experiences and the context of your ancientness. MEntity: Personalities do continue to live on the Astral as themselves on their own terms and continue to live in such a manner for as long as they wish. MEntity: There does come a time when the blurring between Connor and Essence will be so "blurry" that there is no interest in sustaining that differentiation. MEntity: You are no more lost in that blurring than any of your days are lost in you. MEntity: We know we cannot convey these concepts in one exchange, and we encourage continued angles on these questions for greater access to the truth that cannot always fit into words. Connor: Thank you Michael, until next time. NEXT Mizzle: Hi Michael! You have said before through Troy, that the vaccinations / autism link is real, and also that "In the use of any vaccine, there is always a risk, but the risks that are posed are limited to a small percentage of the population. In most cases, a vaccine either works, or has no effect at all. In isolated cases, the effect is not as desirable.". Could you please elaborate further on dangers/benefits of vaccinations? Is the autism only linked to the MMR vaccination and African-American boys, as some research suggests, or does it increase risk for other groups as well? Would you be able to comment on dangers/benefits/anything else related to the following common childhood vaccinations: Diphtheria/Tet Diphtheria/Tetanus/Pertussis/Polio/Hepatitis B/Haemophilus influenzae type B (INFANRIX® -hexa), Rotavirus (RotaTeq®), Pneumococcal (PREVENAR 13®), Measles/Mumps/Rubella (M-M-R® ll) (Boost injections: Haemophilus influenzae type b (Act-HIB) Diphtheria/Tetanus/Pertussis/Polio (INFANRIX™-IPV)) I understand you may not be able to make certain types of health / decision recommendations etc. A comment on what one should concentrate on when making a decision on getting vaccinations for their children (or themselves) and how to avoid harmful effects would be appreciated. Thanks! Sorry the formating disappeared... MEntity: In smaller populations on a planet, the necessity of vaccination is unnecessary and may not be worth the risks, but when there is not only overpopulation but great, rapid, and constant exchanges of contact among the various parts of the population, then vaccinations are more vital than a risk. MEntity: The dangers are fairly minimal, but that is not helpful for the fraction who are affected by those dangers. The risks are infection, immune collapse, neurological interruptions, developmental disorders. We do not see these risks as particular to any group, though there may be patterns observed among different groups at different times because of common factors. MEntity: The vaccinations listed are less the problem as it is the variations of biology among Humans. However well any medicine works for most, there will always be some who receive no benefit and some who experience only harm from it. MEntity: Until vaccines can move away from the use of formaldehydes, aluminum, and animal products, they will always pose risk factors. MEntity: When making your decision, you would want to focus mostly on reality of the risks as they stand at this point: MEntity: If you wish for a child to reduce the risk of ill health due to contagions, then vaccinations are a priority, despite the potential adverse effects. This could be compared to how you must choose between various methods of delivering your child to school vs keeping him or her at home where it is "safe." MEntity: Risk is a part of the gamble of living, and in terms of greater or lesser risks, this is one of the lesser risks. NEXT Ckaricai: Hi Michael, my question is about dreams. How can we tell if we are making essence contact with other people or if the people we dream about are only symbols? MEntity: If there is speaking or affection. MEntity: There are other scenarios where contact may be valid, but those will vary. Speaking and affection, however, are nearly 100% specific contact. MEntity: Keep in mind that even when contact is valid, it can still be riddled with symbolism. MEntity: No understanding of a dream should ever start in literal terms. NEXT We can take a final question Ckaricai: I have so many more questions now. But I'll save them for another time. This is great info. Thanks. Bobby: What would have normally happened approximately 1000 years from now to get the Earth to that point that you mentioned in the State of the Planet session back in January with climate that we are experiencing already now prematurely? MEntity: We request a rephrasing of your question. Bobby: Basically, you stated that the point that we are at now with climate change has pushed us forward by about 1000 years. Why would the climate be where we are now 1000 years from now? Bobby: Was there something out that far into our future that was waiting to likely happen? MEntity: We understand now. MEntity: What we speak of is the natural evolution and shifts of climate across a planet due to changes in rotation, radiation, atmosphere, geological changes, etc. This has happened many times over so that what you recognize as distinct climate zones now were far from similar to that eons ago. MEntity: Pollution has accelerated these shifts. MEntity: However, we wish to clarify that we do not mean that this acceleration is like a faster move from point A to point Z. MEntity: This acceleration injects greater variables so that the line between A and Z is more chaotic and less accommodating to adaptability. MEntity: There was no distinct event in that future to shift the climate, but the climate as it is shifting now would have come gradually over approximately 1000 years, giving life more time for adaptability. MEntity: Does this answer your question? Bobby: Yes, thank you! MEntity: Good evening to all of you, to each of you. Goodbye, for now.
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    I went through the Energy Reports to look at Nexuses since Dec 21 2012, when we officially moved into the Mature Soul Age. I summarized each one in my own words, but you can just go to each Energy Report post in the transcripts and see what was written if you'd like. I hope this sparks some understanding of the world in the last few years. It's very interesting to see how each Nexus builds up into the next. Try not to think of them as separate points in time, but as a stream of energy forming or dissipating into the next- as it's a lot more entertaining to see the patterns holistically. 2012 Dec 21= MAJOR DIVERGENCE and CONVERGENCE: Realities branch and merge because of various beliefs and theories about shifts, destruction, ascension etc. that emphasize our Anxious Uncertainty and whether this will be met with Reaction or Response. 2013 (Based on the info below, my guess is this was a Year of Collective Confidence) Jan 5-8= DIVERGENCE: Realities branch that either emphasize and amplify Collective Stubbornness especially in Politics & International Events- or free themselves from that to move on. Feb 11-15= DIVERGENCE: Themed in Flow. Realities branch that either resign to -Inertia, or actively contribute to collective redirection. Around this period, it’s especially inspiring and motivating to create structures that increase our capacity for peace, calm, abundance and +Freedom. Mar 15= DIVERGENCE: Same as the February Divergence, but with more resistance to being responsible for the Flow of our life. - Jun 14-16= MAJOR CONVERGENCE: Parallels merge due to a rise of consciousness among all of them that are aiming to represent one’s Personality more confidently in the world. This Nexus merges several branches from our past that resigned from their Power and hid themselves from scrutiny, rejection, failure etc.- but have now accepted their Empowerment, bringing a mix of grief, anguish, struggle, insight, motivation and excitement. - Aug 2-5= DIVERGENCE: Versions of us “peel away” from this reality to focus on their collapsing, ignored, rejected or eclipsed Ideals. Aug 28-31= DIVERGENCE: Themed in Resolution. A spontaneous branching for the Collective to focus on various ideals and responsibilities still unresolved in Politics. On the Personal Level, this brings apocalyptic, disastrous or disturbing imagery through dreams as we are “weeding out” the worst-case scenarios for how these world issues could be tackled. - Oct 17-21= DIVERGENCE: Parallels branch off to focus on strikingly different versions of our future Global Economy. This then pivots us all toward or away from a Resource-based Economy. Nov 9-11= CONVERGENCE: Themed in Death. A Reunion of Parallels where we or significant others passed away. This brings dreams in that recall vague, strange variations of our life/experiences that came from other parallels where we or our loved ones, animal companions or people from our past actually died. Dec 1-3= MINI CONVERGENCE: Themed in Death. A Nexus that merges any parallel versions of us/others that died over the past few months. Dec 15-19= DIVERGENCE: Themed in Acceleration. A branching into 2014’s Intellectual Priest in Growth energy, or not. If there’s a rapid amplification into a strong whirlwind of activities & effort emphasizing renewed enthusiasm for your intentions, projects and tasks for 2014 then this would’ve occurred. Otherwise, these last 2 Weeks of 2013 would be more calming and recuperative before the coming January Nexus. 2014 (Based on the info below, my guess is this was a Year of Collective Healing) Jan 6-8= DIVERGENCE: Parallels split that will most strongly or weakly emphasize the core themes of 2014- bringing more focus and footing to our Intentions. Feb 12-15= CONVERGENCE: Themed in Relating. Parallels “here” that are working on growing closer to tentative relationships & dropping barriers/inhibitions in the process, merge with those realities that have already done so. Mar 29-31= CONVERGENCE: Parallels merge that wish to bring focus back to projects, plans, future anticipations and coordination through Cooperation and Community. - Apr 5-9= CONVERGENCE: Parallels merge that branched off as far back as Childhood. This may cause dreams to come up bringing back nostalgic symbols/memories from our childhood and any past lives resonating with that. May 17-19: CONVERGENCE: Themed in Turning Points. A subtle or obvious haunting, distracting sense that how we’re doing things may need to change- merging us into parallels where we are already doing things that matter more to us. Jun 3-8= DIVERGENCE: Themed in Efficiency. Those involved in this nexus branch off parts of themselves not willing to participate in/contribute to the changes needed to create new paths for their life. This brings a sharp halt to those that see their ideas for change would simply not work, so they then clean out their mind/heart of these attachments. - Aug 25-30= MAJOR CONVERGENCE: Parallels that have similar realizations about Global or Environmental Conflicts now merge. On a smaller scale, versions of us that are exploring internal conflicts & indecisiveness about commitments/directions now shift to either a conscious choice toward personal/global fulfillment or a needed breakdown & rebuilding. *A branch of realities from the 1700s CE where the US wasn’t founded & wide-scale religious, political and military oppression ensued across the globe for the last 200 years, now merge with ours- as they have gone through uprisings since the 80s against this to establish a constitution that is now birthing the US in 2014 “there”. This will either lead the US out of its seat of power for the next 20-50 years, or escalate it into a heightened position beyond all comprehension. (This info is not from the Energy Report, but from this Private Session by Maureen.) - Oct 28-31= DIVERGENCE: Permanently-wounded aspects of us that refuse to allow Healing branch off, freeing those that are willing to heal to feel relief. Nov 26= CONVERGENCE: Versions of us that are willing to Heal now merge, bringing gratitude, appreciation and comfort that can bring more relief, confidence and trust again. Dec 11-13= CONVERGENCE: More parallels and people that have brought wounding to the surface come together to Heal anything from across 2014. Waves of creative solutions and resources now emerge to facilitate this personal and social healing. 2015 (Based on the info below, my guess is this was a Year of Collective Peace) Feb 25-28= DIVERGENCE: Realities branch based on choices toward -Subservience or +Devotion. This focuses us on healing parts of our life left in broken circuits, or brings out realizations of anything missing that could replenish our Submission. Mar 20-23= CONVERGENCE: A Reunion of parallels from 1999 over the Fear of Technology. They explored moving away from technology, then cleared up these fears & returned trust in it, merging with us. This Nexus then explores how technological impact is accelerating & how we need to either take breaks from it to return balance, or transform isolating technologies into more meaningful and intimate ones. - Apr 18-20= CONVERGENCE: A Reunion of parallels from 2002 around Overreactions/Phobias that veered toward Full-scale War- but then brought focus back toward greater peace, merging with our Parallels that have secured that (even with clear growing pains). Jun 20-23= DIVERGENCE: Realities branch based on our reactions to Surprises happening through the month that bring shock or understanding. *In some parallels, Earthquakes happened in the Pacific Rim and New Madrid Fault. (This info is not from the Energy Report, but from this Ask M Transcript.) - Jul 20-23= CONVERGENCE: June’s divergence separated parallels creating war/oppression & parallels creating equality/inclusion. This Nexus then brings all realities in that are actively evolving & exploring Equality, Inclusion, Empathy and Compassion. Aug 14= CONVERGENCE: Straggling Parallels of versions of us that gave up/stopped trying because of hardships/obstacles/struggles now return because they’ve worked on Healing. As such, we feel our sense of effort, enthusiasm and energy amplify now. Sep 14= CONVERGENCE: Parallels merge for those who explored isolation, separation, lack of intimacy/community etc. This Nexus then brings heightened efforts to nurture and sustain common ground, intimacy and resonance. On larger scales, this shift relates issues of immigration, borders and equality. - Oct 18= DIVERGENCE: Realities branch to bring Shifts in Power among countries. Nov 22-23= DIVERGENCE: Realities that are concerned with the balance of Practical Reality with Fantasy/Illusion, or an extreme entrenching in one or the other now branch off. For most older souls, this was a reality check nexus that could be used to practically nurture or plant our fantasies into reality. Dec 25-28= DIVERGENCE: Parallels branch to explore dreaded or anticipated versions of the Future, through choices of self-nurturing or self-preservation. 2016 (A Year of Collective Turning Points [Confirmation]) Jan 10-15= CONVERGENCE: Themed in Death. Similar parallels reunite where certain fragments just died vs had died some time ago. Most who die in the next 3 Months are in final closure of all their parallels. Feb 8-17= MAJOR DIVERGENCE: A Planetary Shift of parallels to more Peaceful and Humanitarian Paths, more Turbulent and Disruptive Paths, or more of “The Same”. This Nexus feels like letting go of directions you’re no longer interested in & a renewed conscious focus on what you are. Mar 19= MINI DIVERGENCE: A possible shift related to events caused by a high-profile event or person representing the force of a population/collective. If it occurred, it would narrow paths forward. - Apr 22-29= MAJOR DIVERGENCE: A previous Energy Shift on April 16-19 that emphasized Power Struggles & made us see where our personal, national or global Center of Power is, may now result in a Shift in Power that closes down several potential parallels. May 30= MINOR DIVERGENCE: A small but intense shift that emphasizes a major event in your individual life or on a larger-scale for the country or planet. - Jul 29= DIVERGENCE: Parallels branch off for those that are interested in escalating toward greater War. (DanielaS received notice about the 3 Themes of Parallels that diverged from this Nexus.) Sep 26= BREAKTHROUGH: For those in a Turning Point, this Nexus emphasizes Breakthrough and leaves behind the options of Breakdown. If this shift didn't come, you may have felt a huge release from gravity to float above and be free from patterns of burden and demand to recreate yourself, refresh your perspective, bring relief from fears so you can catch your breath & take on the rest of the year with vitality, creativity and love. - Nov 7-10= MAJOR DIVERGENCE: A dramatic shift to work on Collective Karmic Themes. All living on the planet are on a path that seeks to heal the world on a profound and lasting level now- though it may not look like so as the wounds have to be clearly identified and pronounced & the creation of such peace is not always pretty. There are 2 Major Karmas being tapped into now. Younger Souls are working out Karma around choosing Collective Responsibility and Self-Discipline vs Self-Preservation and Oppression. Older Souls are working out Karma around choosing Passivity/Complacency and Convenience vs Being Awake and Taking Action to Resolve Legitimate Threats. Dec 13-21= CONVERGENCE: A slow, lengthy merging of all realities coming together on the verge of Global Revolution. 2017 (A Year of Collective Humanitarianism [This was confirmed, but I cannot find the Transcript, except for this.]) Jan 19-23= CONVERGENCE: Same as the December Convergence above. Feb 26-Mar 2= MAJOR DIVERGENCE: A nexus bringing the first signs of Relief from recent events. It was an exit ramp for those interested in extreme versions of reality which removed that element from our parallels to help improve morale for those “here”. Mar 30= MINI DIVERGENCE: Parallels branch off for those in our Energy Ring that are actively refusing Pleasure or Peace. - Apr 15-20= DIVERGENCE: Certain Parallels branch towards themes of War. May 19-21= DIVERGENCE: A potentially Dramatic Shift to more meaningful, acceptable and inclusive negotiations among world leaders- or more turmoil, shock and extremism. - Jul 20-23= MAJOR CONVERGENCE: A great clash between discordant realities arises- where how deeply you’re invested in Being Right vs Being Fair comes up, due to strong Declarations made by you+others toward one side or the other. On a Personal Scale, this shows as a strong sense you must choose between staying locked in -Subjectivity or finally embrace +Objectivity. For the Collective this divide shows in the Political Arena. Aug 21= DIVERGENCE: Branchings related to the Total Solar Eclipse that prompted unexpected effects triggering collective panic/shock or wonder/awe (especially in the US). Sep 20-23= DIVERGENCE: More branchings that shifted Parallels toward various extremes for the next 100 Years. As they split off, they acted like release valves bringing greater relief from pressure, or a continued sense of trust and calm in collective progress over collapse for our parallels “here”. - Oct 10-14= DIVERGENCE: A branching with unknown effects that were never explained. Nov 21= CONVERGENCE: A mix of Parallels where growing fears/anxiety/uncertainty were met with successful solutions now converge, bringing a fairly pivotal time for Healing & Problem-solving that will unfold over the next 3 to 6 Months. Dec 18-22= CONVERGENCE: An unusual merging of parallels that have “failed” or “succeeded” at fulfilling key patterns share in common extremes of Climate & Power Struggles. The same conditions exist across these realities, but there are differences in the people's capacity for resolving these daunting scenarios. A wave of “refugee” parallels that moved into hopelessness were integrating into our reality to seek help & this brought a sobering vision & awareness of the larger-scale issues for those who had been ignoring reality. 2018 (A Year of Collective Revolution [Confirmation by Kurtis]) Dec 23 2017 - Jul 11 2018= NEXUS BUBBLE: The Ms say that Nexuses are like synaptic pathways for the mind of Human Sentience to explore various passages of thought, emotion and action. A Nexus Bubble however, is like a neural cell that gets so dense with Karmic and Self-Karmic thoughts, emotions and actions it weighs humanity down. As such, we were now forced during this period of time to deal with these patterns of karma & self-karma until everyone on the planet could see it's a problem- and so any sense of personal reality was then flipped upside down so we could see the collective reality around us. Nexus Bubbles tend to occur during a monumental Paradigm Shift from one Soul Age to another, as there is a pivotal lesson learnt at these times that changes the course of life forever. (You can explore this in the Nexus Bubble Transcript) In our case, we are shifting from a Young Soul Paradigm to a Mature Soul Paradigm- and the karma & self-karma at hand is one of humanity continuing to perpetuate and allow all forms of INTENTIONAL VIOLENCE to occur indefinitely. During this period, we have learnt that we are all A PART OF LIFE, and that the idea that we all have separate personal lives is an illusion. As such we are facing the fear that we can't divide, separate, escape, compartmentalize ourselves from the world- and realizing a deep truth that we are all interconnected and always will be. Through this, Humanity is en route to generating a reality of GLOBAL UNITY, but this will play out in both negative and positive ways. --- July 12-21= NEXUS BUBBLE COLLAPSES, bringing MAJOR DIVERGENCE and CONVERGENCE. This shift is characterized by a strong sense of acceleration, intensity and escalation. The Divergence was focused on a Liberation of incompatible & disparate parts of everyone that were bottled up in the same reality throughout the Nexus Bubble. The Convergence was focused on various parallels of us Listening to our Core Voice- cutting off or through all the noisy bullshit voices around & inside us to hear at least one voice within or around that says we matter to & in this world. (Three Private Sessions talked about this: JanetH, Dawn and Becca.) Aug 25-27= CONVERGENCE: Parallels that each see "Strength in Numbers" and are willing to address, shift and resolve the looming potential of war & great conflict now merge. This marks a rise in serious awareness & consideration of the Reality of War, as Humanity comes to shift away from Young Soul ideas of Growing through Conflict, and into Mature Soul ideas of Growing through Compassion. September 25-27: DIVERGENCE: Sudden and solid obstacles came up that needed immediate solutions. The more one was locked into Dogma, the harder the path to solutions was for the Personality, Community or Planet. --- November 5-11: MAJOR DIVERGENCE: Parallels spin off to explore a morbid curiosity for and apathy to a 5 Year descent into Unimaginable Dystopia. (This info is not from the Energy Report, but from this Private Session by Janet.) December 31-January 3: CONVERGENCE: Parallels come together to Heal and Recover. (Additional info was added on here thanks to DianeHB.) 2019 (A Year of Collective Empowerment [Confirmation by Rosario]) March 1-5: DIVERGENCE: Parallels spin off to explore various "worst-case scenarios". [Perhaps for the 5 Year descent into Unimaginable Dystopia?] --- April 19-22: CONVERGENCE: Parallels come together with a focus on the Cleanup and Sorting through of one’s house, relationships, mind etc. May 18-21: CONVERGENCE: Parallels come together to focus on True Grounding through a growing sense of emotional peace and sanctuary that is done with old problems, and ready to embrace new power and pleasure through revitalizing social connections. June 21: CONVERGENCE= We're merging with parallels that have increased inspiring actions in their lives and world towards renewed paths of enthusiasm for a better future- because they've committed to Participating in their lives and now we are too. --- Sep 19-21= DIVERGENCE: A major nexus to shift the world towards or away from Self-Destruction. If the shift is towards, it would be quite obvious. If it is away, then it would either show up as a quiet period, or a profoundly meaningful and moving event.
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    Ok, you CANNOT write that without some elaboration! LOL
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    In a session in which Michael gave me information on early education and nurturing for an Old Soul Artisan (my granddaughter), it was clear that the information would be useful for all roles, except that of course not every parent would be able to find out the role of the child via a channel. I had this exchange with Michael: Janet: I’d like your input on how you would prefer to offer early education/nurturing information. I think the Role might be easiest for new parents to somehow deduce. MEntity: Any persistent element is worth considering in the developmental years, such as Role, Casting, Frequency, Energy Ratio, Soul Age. Janet: Most parents won’t easily be able to determine all that information but I suspect you can provide some hints to allow parents to approximate what they are dealing with in their new infants. … Is that a question that you can address in a future session? MEntity: Yes, we have a system ready to share for assessing a child in terms that can be helpful for developmental nurturing and focus. … The Role and/or Casting can be helpful for those first assessments, as one or both of these tend to be most obvious as children. I propose a session in which we ask Michael to share this system.
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    I got some general info on the Nexus Bubble/the next Nexus in monday's POF: Nadine: Hello Michael, I have some questions regarding the recent Nexus Bubble and the following Nexus. You have stated that during a Nexus Bubble there is an increased feeling of pressure on the individual because there is no spinning off of new parallels. However, the last Nexus we had, as well as the upcoming one, were/are Convergences, without any new parallels spinning off, if I understand the process correctly. So I don't understand how these Convergences would relieve pressure instead of creating even more? Please explain. Nadine: Also, regarding the upcoming Convergence you've said: „August 25th - 27th - NEXUS – CONVERGENCE - This Nexus window looks to bring with it a further shift toward “strength in numbers” regarding altering the course of history regarding potential war.“ Is this a Nexus solely on a global level or does it play out on an individual level as well, and if so, how? MEntity: Parallels are generated on a regular basis by every individual. Whether we highlight a Convergence or a Divergence in our reports, all of you are still spinning off variations of your lives based on choices you make. What was unique about the Nexus Bubble was that this halted altogether for everyone. This is highly unusual and it had an effect. When the Nexus Bubble ended, the greater patterns point to a Convergence, but what has come to bring some relief is that each of you are back to generating your own variations and parallel branches. MEntity: The Nexus Bubble has ended, and all of you are back to allowing your own parallels, but that does mean you have generated any. For many of our students, the Nexus Bubble has ended, but no parallel branches have been generated. The relief may still be there, but it may be tentative and wavering until you generate a personal divergence that may bring more focus and footing. MEntity: What we focus on in our reports is what is happening collectively, so a Convergence or a Divergence will not have any bearing on what each of you generate on your own. Nadine: Oh, okay, I thought the different levels were kind of hooked into each other MEntity: The Nexus Bubble appears to have been a halt on all parallel activity as a way to reduce the "noise" of that process and help draw together all of the parallels that can merge in a form of solidarity for a better future than what was being seen in probabilities. The two Convergences that followed the Nexus Bubble are all about strengthening a focus on a future that is viable and more preferable to what had been on trajectory. MEntity: It is true that the different levels are hooked into each other, which is how a Convergence or Divergence is generated collectively, but it is not unusual that you generate a divergent parallel or two during a wave where most are converging. MEntity: The August 25th Nexus is global. We tend to focus on Global in our reports, but sometimes they are about a dominant theme of pockets across different regions where some may or may not see the effects.
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    Here is the first of 3 video recordings from the TruthLoveEnergy Great Gathering. The channeling is pretty choppy because it was the first full-body channeling done in quite some time, but here it is in all of its chubby glory. THE 7 CHOICES: Michael describes the 7 Choices that shape and define a lifetime. TRANSCRIPT coming soon via Daniela! TRANSCRIPT COURTESY of Daniela! Thank you!! TLEGG 2016 The 7 Choices 2016-10-01 Channeled through Voice by Troy Tolley OK. We are here now. And hello to each of you. Give us a few moments to strengthen our delivery through Troy. We understand tonight we will talk to you about the topic of the 7 Choices. Troy asked us if there was any definitive choice made in the life that in some ways ended up defining the life. And we said, yes of course and there are 7 of these choices that can be made during the life that tend to help define it. And by define it we mean on your own terms and in terms of how conscious and awake you are as you live the life and how you experience the Review of the life. These choices that we will share with you have already been made by your Essence. They are built into a life in what we’ll call a passive level of choice. They will stay intact as a choice that defines the life but in a passive way. What happens as you grow into your life is that you move toward pivotal moments where you, consciously or sometimes unconsciously, make a more active choice and begin to build upon that particular choice in ways that then become definitive. So as we share with you what these 7 Choices are, keep in mind that they are already intact and that your process, your evolution through your life is when you ACTIVELY build upon those choices. In addition to understanding this PASSIVE/ACTIVE dynamic of these choices is the fact that they are choices that continue to be made. It is not a singular, pivotal choice. They are more like an architectural structure that you build within the life based on the choices that are made that continue to keep those choices active and built upon. So the first choice that you make may not come as a surprise, but that is TO LIVE. Of course you can see how this is built into your life already if you are alive. This choice was made by Essence to live. But there comes a point in your life early or later where you actively chose to live as a Personality. And embrace the life. And to own the life. And to build upon the life. Often this comes in two different ways and this is true for the next 6 choices as well. But each of you tend to choose to live FOR or AGAINST life. And the other dynamic that we can say is a part of this is that you choose to live ENOUGH or to live MORE. These may seem simplistic but they are definitive in your life. When you choose to live FOR something it is a very different life than when you choose to live AGAINST something, AGAINST someone, AGAINST life. When you choose to live ENOUGH it is very different than the life that is lived MORE. Taking on more experiences, seeking out more experiences. This choice is made on a regular basis in some way, in some form, ACTIVELY or PASSIVELY, FOR or AGAINST, ENOUGH or MORE and this tends to define the baseline quality of the life. We can circle back to these for more information as we work our way through. The next choice that you make that helps define the life is TO CARE. Do you care enough or do you try to care more? This is a definitive choice that you make in your life. Do you minimize the necessity to care or do you expand in the challenges of what you care for? This includes yourself, your body, your health, your friends, your loved ones and so forth and you can see if you were to look at this and examine your life as partially defined in how much you care you can see that it is part of the infrastructure of the quality of your life. We would like to add that there is no such thing as caring too much. Often when an individual feels as if he or she cares too much they simply do not have control over the circumstances with which they would like to make better. And it is a process to learn how to navigate this. But it will never serve you in any kind of expansive way to reduce your capacity to care simply because you cannot make the changes immediately or as quickly as you would like. Allow yourselves to care too much, if you choose. The next choice that you make that helps define your life is the choice TO DO. There may be more clever terms that you can come up with for this action in your life but the simple choice to do ENOUGH or to do MORE makes a difference in how the life is defined. Do you do ENOUGH or do you do MORE? The next choice that defines the life is your choice TO TRUST. Each of you trust ENOUGH and it is built into each of you to naturally trust. When you trust ENOUGH, you can sit in a chair without worrying about its legs breaking. This is a base level of trust. You can walk on the ground without fear or worry or distrust in that ground. There are certain elements of life that you inherently trust because Trust is based in experience, as we have described in differentiating Trust from Faith. Trust is based in experience and the more you fulfill the first few choices that define the life, the more capable you are of trusting MORE because you are living more. Doing more. Caring more. And this allows you to trust MORE because your experiences can be counted on, they can be referenced. The next choice that you make is your choice of DEGREE OF INTEGRITY that is fulfilled. This one is a little bit more complex to describe in convenient terms but conveying through Troy we will try to describe that this is the DEGREE OF HONESTY you have about your life. The degree that you’re willing to tell the truth about your life. The degree to which you express the truth and honesty and the degree to which there is a consistency between your inner truths and your outer expression of those truths. Do you tell just ENOUGH of the truth? Are you just honest ENOUGH? Or do you look for deeper truths, broader truths as a means to define the life with integrity? This tends to be where our older soul students are. The first few choices are always still a factor with which you are concerned and doing your dance between ACTIVE and PASSIVE choice-making and building. But when you are an Old Soul you tend to be more and more concerned with how honest you are living your life and this can be painful because many of our students are born into scenarios where they are surrounded by conflicting truths that throw you into turmoil over your own truths and how to express those and to build that integrity into your life and to uphold that in a way that feels beneficial instead of dangerous. This is a struggle. This is part of the gamble of being born and taking the risks as an Old Soul among other soul ages. You will always feel the challenge to the integrity of your truth more than the other soul ages. Do each of you recognize this? This becomes quite a pivotal choice in the life and how you find your way through the life to a point where you feel as if your life is the truth and not that you are the only truth in your life. The next choice is your choice TO SEE. Do you allow yourself to only see ENOUGH? To see to only a certain degree other people? To see only so deep within yourself? Or do you choose to see MORE? Do you allow yourself to see what you do not like to see? Do you allow yourself to see the ugliness alongside the beauty? Do you allow yourself to see the beauty alongside the ugliness? This is yet another difficult dance for the Old Soul. You have seen all the ugliness and you have seen all the beauty. You know the capacity for beauty in a life and it is very difficult for you to sometimes reconcile this. And many of our students tend to lean towards only choosing to see the beauty and ignoring the ugly, ignoring the struggles, the pain, the suffering as much as possible. But it is possible to hold these alongside each other and see them as part of the same importance to existence. What you can do to help with anything that you find ugly or challenging or suffering you will do if you can. You do not have to avoid the ugliness in life in order to have a happy life or to have a peaceful life. If you see an area of life that is ugly to you, whether this is in a personal sense or in a global sense, take a moment to consider what you can DO. And allow yourself to SEE more. This is surprisingly definitive to the meaningfulness of a life in Review. When the Personality actively chooses to see more, this feeds the soul more than you could possibly comprehend while you are Personality, while you are in this more restrictive dimension. And the next choice that you make and one of the most, we will not say most important, but one of the broader choices that you will make is how much you allow yourself TO KNOW. Do you only allow yourself to know ENOUGH? Or do you actively seek to know MORE? This may seem like an obvious one for the Old Soul. You all are quite interested in knowing more. But look at where you are looking to know more in your life and where you are NOT willing to know more. And by this we mean as an extension of the seeing, sometimes you decide to not know another person because you refuse to see the ugliness in that person. You do not seek to know more about a struggle in another’s life because you have chosen not to see more of that individual or event or state. So the more you make the active choice to know more than you know and to know there is always more to know even when you think you know it all or know better, which we know many of our students find themselves proudly or quietly assuming, there is always more to know. These 7 Choices that you make across the lifetime are part of what you do in Review, how you organize the Review of your lifetime to see how much can be extracted from it that evolves the Essence and builds upon the knowledge of your Entity and your Cadre. So understanding these 7 Choices is not just an abstract concept to consider. Look at those 7 Choices in any experience where you feel challenged, where you feel recoil, withdrawing, and see which one of these may need to have some attention toward the ACTIVE and MORE side of the equation. Do each of you relate to these and understand how they play out? Do they seem to you to be no-brainers? In looking at these they were probably familiar to you already in some way. We’ll take a few question because we know Troy is going to need some time to return to comfort in bringing us through for a longer period of time in this form. So we will open the floor to some question if you have any, before heading out. [Question] Could you make a little clearer distinction between the 6th Choice TO SEE more and the 7th, the Choice TO KNOW more? They are distinctly different. To help you understand the difference we will choose to replace the word SEE with EXPOSE. When you EXPOSE yourself more to input from life it does not necessarily mean that you want to know anything more about it. You may willingly or accidentally “expose” yourself to, say a condition of another person or a struggle of another person or a people, and as soon as you see it close down and not want to know more. Do you understand? When you see it, it’s an invitation to know more. Just seeing something is enough to help you acknowledge its existence but this has nothing to do with the work that is needed to be done to know more about it. You can SEE Troy channeling but to KNOW more about what this is all about takes a little more effort. But some will choose never to SEE this. You have chosen to SEE this, and so now you have seen it and now that is a part of the structure of your life that has some amount of meaning. And then you have the work of knowing more by asking us questions such as, “What the hell do you mean?” [Question] I have a question. And I’m almost afraid to ask, but the problem I have is that the more I see and know sometimes the more it hurts. And I hate to see and know things that hurt so bad. So how do you navigate around that? You do not. It hurts. It hurts because you care and that is Good Work. You can become incapacitated by that hurt. You can become debilitated. You can become paralyzed by that hurt, but it is up to you to make that a temporary condition. You must look to see what you can do. If you cannot do anything, then you must do the work of acknowledging your limits. But the avoidance of hurt is not the goal of this life. Hurt is an invitation-- we do not seek to be so poetic-- but it is an invitation to love and you cannot always do more than that. And when you try to avoid hurt or you close down to the pain, let yourself do so. But you can only learn how to navigate this and transform it by making the active choice to do so. By learning what needs to be done, what you can do if anything. And if you cannot do anything all you can do is offer the most comprehensive version of your capacity to love as possible. But yes, life sometimes is painful. We remember. [Question] You said that this is a structure for Reviewing the life to learn what to extract from it and that’s something that is done during Review. Is that something we can focus on during the life? Yes, that is part of why we are sharing it. Because you can start now. The more Review that is done within the life, the more Essence is involved in the life. What we’ve described to you, and this may derail Troy’s intention for tomorrow’s topic, but as you ACTIVELY make the choices that we described, you are zippering up, so to speak, the gap between you and Essence. So the more you actively make the choices that we described, the more you are bringing Essence into the life as a part of it. And when Essence is a part of an experience there is immediate Review, there is immediate upload, so to speak, to a bank of sorting, and the bank for the Entity. So, the more you are living as Essence, the more this occurs and when you are on the other side of this life, so to speak, Review is more of a rejoicing than a sorting. Did this make sense? [Question] Do each of the 7 Choices in some way directly or indirectly link up with one of the 7 Roles? There’s always a correlation, yes, in some way and we did offer these up in an order that could be in the sequence that we tend to talk about the Roles, from Server to King. That’s the last question. Then it appears that we will meet with you again tomorrow. Your tomorrow. And with that we will head out. Good evening to each of you.
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    Same Diane lol I too feel very optimistic and enthusiastic about the future. There’s a sense of empowerment and presence I’ve never really felt before and now I just want to be a part of it all instead of recoiling and being apart of it all. I feel alive and quite happy for the first time in a long time.
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    Thank you, @Connor for speaking up for those who don't have any choice but to care. This is definitely not the time to be polite about apathy. Thank you. And thank you, @SusanVirginia for being raw and honest about your frustrations that drove you to apathy. Please know that your frustration and even your desire not to care so much is shared by many here. But be prepared for responses to come to you that try to remind you to care again because most of the time when we throw up our hands and declare that we do not care anymore, we are usually saying "I care so much that it's starting to hurt and I don't want to hurt anymore." This community will remind you of all the ways you can care without having to give up caring. They will remind you that caring, by its very nature, will sometimes hurt. And they will try to remind you of what is important and not to give up on yourself or on others. Your post came from a place of caring. The reaction to your post from Connor comes from caring. Most of us just can't stop caring even if we declare that we want to. Sometimes caring gets really messy, just like Love and even Peace. This community and this teaching will always ask that we continue to care. Sometimes we ask aggressively and sometimes quietly, but the point is the same: Please... don't stop caring.
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    I think this is the first energy report for me that I feel completely in tune with and nodding like an idiot at every sentence.
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    Happy New Year, Troy! Happy New Year, everyone! I can't believe I am thinking again this year - this year has been very difficult and I am glad it is over. I am ready for a new year. My gift from 2017 is Surrender and I am working on it. I am ready to accept more joy and pleasure. From Michael: Surrender is TRUST. It is the retrieval of experiences from the past that remind you that you will survive that experience... ... it is often a pleasure to surrender.
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    I'm grateful to have found this place and some wonderful people who give great advice but never judge. You guys make it so easy to be vulnerable and open! I'm grateful for having found this teaching because it helped me so much in getting a broader perspective on life, being able to navigate myself through it acting by choice, not reacting because I was triggered. I'm grateful for having a wonderful example of an ethical channel in Troy, which inspired me to try it myself.
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    Late to the game. Was walking on the moon?
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    Doing: watching netflix. It's daylight so my energy is lower. Feeling: nothing Thinking: wondering why i see so many pics here from Thursday when i only got the email today (Saturday). Missing my TLE family and thinking I need to renew connections and make new ones
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    I saw this and thought it was relevant to the energy report...
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    I didn't know about David Hogg, but I sensed it about Emma Gonzales. Thank you Troy and Michael!
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    I spent March, April and May feeling so exhausted and depressed. For the first time in a while I feel empowered to tackle life now. I'm still scared as all heck but i'm leaning to the encouraging & enthusiastic side. It's interesting that we explored Nexus' earlier. That is exactly what I did. I know the kind of world I want to help create now. This was a very powerful report- it made me cry inexplicably again.
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    I'm grateful for having found this place at all. From a larger perspective, I know it wasn't pure happenstance, but speaking from my current perspective, there's no reason why I should have stumbled across TLE, especially now when I've felt such a desire for additional guidance in navigating the changes in the world around me. I know God isn't a concept most people here associate with, but I do, and I feel that the Michael Teachings, as well as my personal interactions with all of you, have given me a new avenue for deeper understanding of God/Tao. What better a thing to give to an Old Scholar? ?
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    Thanks @PPLD! I think what made this session so funny in live delivery is two things: the calm, deadpan way that Michael speaks through Troy, and the laughter that broke up the channeling and created beats for classic comic timing. For example: "One of our favorites was when a large part of our Entity were incarnated together as a crew on a ship. And we thought it would be a good idea to have some [long pause here as Michael searches for the right word] ladies join us" [beat] "and we all died from syphilis." [beat] "But we had a good time." [beat]
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    All of the Overleaves are in effect all year. The reason they get emphasized in different seasons is related to how modern culture tends to move collectively through those seasons. We start off the year as a fresh start with resolutions and ambition so the Goal is emphasized, and then we end the year looking back and assessing our progress, and now a new year is heading toward us, so this can bring up a lot of our personal fears and concerns about how well we are fulfilling our intentions and living our lives, so the Chief Features are emphasized. It's not that the end of a year is cursed. The Energy Report just reflects how we tend to process experiences within the timeframe of a year.
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    TROY'S DIAGNOSIS Well... the results are in. Based on my screening, I am, indeed, Diabetic. Using their scale, if 4 is healthy, and 6 is pre-diabetic, my results were 10.1. This translates in glucose numbers to mean that my average reading would be around 275, and things get really bad, even life-threatening, at 300. So this is a huge wake up call. This diagnosis explains so much of why I have been losing more and more of my foothold on my schedule, focus, energy. The headaches, dizziness, fatigue, forgetfulness, fogginess, ocular migraines, and other serious distractions from my work weren't just my imagination or subconscious excuses or procrastination. Who knows how many times I was near fatal numbers?! That's scary. So, now I know. And I can do something to fix this. I will be meeting with my drx soon for a full consultation. She's excellent and will not be pushing me to take medications. She is very pro-diet and exercise as control and reversal of Diabetes. Meanwhile, the "good" news is that I already have a huge advantage being vegan. When I found out I may be diabetic, I looked at my diet and lifestyle and the two major factors that needed to be changed were my intake of Coke and my need to move more. So even before the diagnosis I cut out soda, and I had already started going to the gym. At my screening I was told that I had already lost over 15 pounds since my last weigh-in and that was in fewer than 30 days. It is amazing how deadly a sugary and sedentary life can be even when you think you are doing everything else right. Now that I know for sure I am diabetic, I will be even more mindful in cutting out the deadly and increasing the healthy. I've been educating myself about creating HCLF meals (High *Complex* Carbs, Low Fat) because carbs have even less to do with diabetes than fat does. So I'm cutting out all oils, and increasing my daily fruit, root vegetable, legume, and whole grain intake. These additional changes are good for anyone, but now that it's a matter of life and death, I'm taking it very seriously. I've been taking my Vitamin D3 and B12, as well! So... if you have lost count, I now carry two life-threatening diagnoses around with me. I guess when you sign up for work that takes you beyond this plane of existence every day, you get to live with one foot in the grave at all times... a foot in the living and and a foot with the dead at all times. It's one of the job hazards you never hear about in channeling! The AC1 test (diabetes screening) is a look at your blood glucose average over the past 3 months, so when I get tested again it will include the months I've made these greater changes and we'll see how much things have improved. Thank you to everyone who has treated me so kindly and patiently on my path to knowing what has been contributing to my derailing so often. This has been affecting me for years with increasingly distracting symptoms and I had no idea. And yes, I already have deficits in the areas of business, time, and energy management, so this illness was not doing any of us any favors. Wish me luck. I'll keep you in the loop. Your Sweetie, Troy PS - I'm going to include for my future reference the two Q&A I could find from Michael on Diabetes. If you have more, or find more, please feel free to add. MICHAEL ON... DIABETES QUESTION: The focus of my studies have turned towards the etiology of obesity and Type 2 diabetes. What is the greatest misconception that Western medicine has in regards to the cause(s) of and in addressing these two conditions. Of particular interest is insight regarding mothers and infants (while in the womb and shortly after birth), as a project I am working with focuses on this window of time. FROM MICHAEL: What “Western Medicine” has as a misconception in regard to “obesity” and Diabetes is the same misconception that underlies a great deal of Allopathic thought: that every valid physical symptom or syndrome has a physical cause, and that chronic issues can be solved through allopathic remedies alone. Allopathic medicine is a complement to homeopathic medicine, which is a far more relevant approach to such chronic issues as diabetes and obesity. We would first suggest complementing your “Western” education with research done in the realm of homeopathy for these issues. The combination of allopathic and homeopathic is always much healthier as an approach to healing, particularly in terms of chronic issues. Beyond that, we would suggest that obesity and diabetes are rooted in issues related to the overload of responsibility on the body versus value gained in the life. When a Personality (i.e. Body) is overwhelmed with responsibilities that drain the life of value, then starvation or addiction occurs. This is why there is no consistency to the growing data regarding these syndromes. Value has to be returned to the life, whether this is done in psychological and then physical ways, or in physical and then psychological ways; the path does not matter. If your studies are moving in strictly Allopathic directions, we would suggest that it be precluded that a cure will not be found in that path, alone. Only management of symptoms will be found through allopathic means. That there is a chance of a cure or true healing for anything other than trauma and emergency treatments using strict, allopathic methods is one of the greatest misconceptions “Western Medicine” has. To effect beneficial change, with an aim for prevention or true healing in a Mother/Child (or anyone) in terms of obesity and diabetes, management of symptoms is valuable, and can help move the Personalities into a greater sense of value for the life and the self, allowing room for support from outside of “Western medicines.” ****** [Excerpt from TT: 2016-02-07 Ask Michael Session] Question: Hi Michael. My question is about type 2 diabetes. I'm going to assume the metaphysical cause has to do with either anger or fear...but I'd like some insight into what would be a physical and/or metaphysical cure. whatever insight you can offer in the time alloted would be great. Michael: There is some validity to your assessment that anger and fear can be involved, but it is more about the process by which one avoids intensity that can contribute to the condition. Whether it is feeling lonely, angry, frustrated, conflicted, challenged, fearful, unloved, etc. diabetes in its various stages usually reflects how the person processes those experiences. In most cases there is an effort to glaze over them, to mask them, to make them more acceptable and presentable, and especially if they are obstacles to attention or affection or approval. At the heart of diabetes is a need to sustain a false bridge over the depths of one's feelings so as to accommodate the need for attention or affection. By "attention" we mean any acknowledgment in any form, and this includes the negative. Diabetes is reversible in most cases, but does require a strict management of conscious choice, action, and diet. For most, it is "easier" to manage the masking of pain in medicinal ways than in rewiring the psyche. We can explore this in further exchanges, but this is a brief synopsis. *****
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    That Convergence for revitalizing social connections is well-timed. Surely humanity's collective consciousness is aware that the series finale of Game of Thrones is on the 19th, and that many people will be gathering together to watch it.
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    "MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU." Thank you, Troy. Always appreciate you and our Monthly Energy Reports!
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    Astra was all heart. She didn't just wear it on her sleeve -- she embodied it. I am grateful for her husband, Kevin, who took such good care of her during the rough side of dying. My heart goes out to Kevin, her children, her other family members, and her coterie of "fans" -- her loving friends. To know her was, indeed, to love her. ???. Astra designed this picture of me a while back ~ I'm sending you all the love you can hold Astra - my "sister from another mister" as you used to say - from my heart to yours. I'll see you in my dreams. ?
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    MMW - February 18, 2017 - You & Your Cause Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin. Today we are asked to speak on the subject of Causes as this is a year of Submission. This means our students may be sorting through a great wave of energy that is looking for a way to funnel action into effect for a Cause. Submission is the process of determining how and where and when one is most effective. Even if you do not have Submission as your Goal, a Submission year will tend to bring up the questions around what you stand for, stand with, and contribute in ways that benefit more than yourself. There are as many Causes as there are individuals, so we will not focus today on the more acute form that one may focus on as a Cause. Today we will look at the underlying core of all Causes. Causes can be found on 3 levels for an individual or group: PERSONAL CAUSES - those Causes that affect your personal circle or sphere of experience. GLOBAL CAUSES - those Causes that affect your current planet and its inhabitants. UNIVERSAL CAUSES - those Causes that carry an impact beyond the current life and Physical Plane to affect collective paths across time and space and dimension. Some may see these as "spiritual" Causes. Nearly every fragment who is in some way interacting with the world will have a Cause. What we will share today are the 7 underlying core values that are behind every Cause. Sometimes the Core Value, itself, is the Cause, but we differentiate between the Core Value and the Cause. This is because one Cause can have all 7 Core Values as part of it from those contributing to the Cause. This why, when a Cause grows and more individuals are participating, you will find different angles from different individuals or groups regarding how to fulfill the Cause. What we will share with you today are the 7 Core Values of a Cause, the Path to fulfilling that Core Value, and the symptoms of a misguided Cause where the Path and Core Values become distorted. For this workshop, we suggest that you have a way to make notes as we deliver the information. As we share with you each Core Value, consider where it would fall as priority to you. It will be important not to emphasize any Core Value that you think you should, or that you think is better, but that you be deeply honest with yourself about what has mattered to you in ways that you know have moved you. You may find that your Personal, Global, and Universal Causes have different priorities, as well. Consider this format for your notes: Organize your responses so that you have a "top three" set of Core Values, a secondary set that may or may not be of such meaning to you, and one Core Value that you know you do not have a passion for in any obvious or meaningful way. AND/OR Organize your responses so that you sort the Core Values among Personal, Global, and Universal. There may be duplicate values, of course, acress the contexts. Remember - Personal Causes affect your personal circle or sphere of fragments and experiences. Global Causes aim to affect all inhabitants of Earth. Universal Causes aim contribute to the long-term course of your Sentient Species. Many students may not have a sense of the Universal Cause. Focus on the Personal and the Global if that is the case. Regardless of what form your Cause takes, here are the 7 Core Values that fuel the actions serving the Cause. We will begin with LOVE as a Core Value for a Cause. We mean this in the highest sense of the word in that the Cause seeks for unconditional affection and recognition of value for that which the Cause is aimed to help. The PATH that this Core Value often takes is LENIENCY. For a Cause fueled by Love, it is understood that many may make mistakes, require guidance, and even require various other Core Values to be involved before effective change is made. When this Core Value or Path are distorted it shifts into ACCOMMODATION. Effective change is halted or even reversed by the idea that Accommodation is meaningful in some way. It can be a fine line between Leniency and Accommodation, but the difference is that Lenience does not lose sight of the Cause, while Accommodation loses sight of the Cause in favor of comfort. Next is the Core Value of CREATIVITY in a Cause. The Cause is fueled by a passion for something new, or used as a way to approach a Cause from a fresh perspective. The Path this Core Value takes is that of ENCOURAGEMENT. Creativity often requires cheering on, feedback, criticism, assessment, and a sense of progress. When the Core Values of Creativity and Encouragement are distorted, there tends to be DESTRUCTION. The next Core Value would be that of EMPOWERMENT. The Cause is fueled by a passion for increasing the capacity for choice and conscious choice. The Path this Core Value takes would be that of POWER. This is a passion for obvious and tangible results in the present that have the most immediate effects on the capacity to choose. When this Path and Core are distorted it shifts into HOARDING. This is a process of accumulating and protecting power in ways that plan to be used in the future. The next Core Value would be that of WISDOM. This is a Cause fueled by the passion for experiential knowing, applied knowledge, exposure, revelations, reveals, etc. The Path that Wisdom takes is INFORMATION. This could be called Education, as well, but it is a path that is about informing, teaching. When Wisdom and Information are distorted in a Cause there is a fall into PROGRAMMING. This is a heavy reliance on pushing an idea without others fully grasping it, or a heavy reliance on hand-me-down concepts that have not been integrated, such as "this is how we've always done it," or "this is tradition," or "this is how I was taught." The next Core Value would be that of JOY. This is a Cause that is fueled for the sake of expanding access to pleasure, adventure, play, fun, and the simple things that make a life memorable. This Core Value tends to use the Path of HUMOR or LAUGHTER. When Joy and Humor are distorted there is a move into RECKLESSNESS. This is when the use of "humor" is hurtful or when it is used intentionally or unintentionally as distraction from the Cause. The next Core Value is one of UNITY. This is the Cause that is fueled with a move toward intimacy, empathy, drawing together, bridging differences, and resolving misunderstanding. The Path that Unity takes is that of SAFETY. Safety is the Path of establishing boundaries, securing protection, and clarifying "rules" so that Unity can begin and grow. When Unity and Safety are distorted there is a fall into COMFORT or ISOLATION. Either the emphasis shifts toward simply feeling comfortable or toward implementing full division. The last Core Value we will describe today is that of PEACE. This Cause is fueled by the passion to resolve conflict, to establish a broad commonality in ground or direction. Peace often follows the Path of NEGOTIATION. When Peace and Negotiation are distorted, there is a fall into OPPRESSION/INHIBITION. These are external or internal forms of establishing false peace. These are the 7 Core Values, their Paths, and their Pitfalls. To discover your actual Cause, look at what you "speak up" the most about, or that you repeatedly return to as an issue in your world or in your relationships. You can use the terms above to describe what you find is a Cause for you, or you may have a more specific name for your Cause, but can see which Core Value fuels your Cause. You do not need to share your assessment here, but we do encourage further discussion among you in your community. We will open the floor to questions now - QUEUE IS NOW OPEN - Yes, Rosario Rosario: Can you elaborate more on Love and how it is different from Unity? LOVE is about the recognition and honor of value in the existence of others, while UNITY is the bridging apparent and real differences that would otherwise divide. The difference between Love and Unity may be slight, but they are very different fuels for a Cause. For instance, LOVE may fuel a Cause for Equality, while UNITY then follows up for helping bridge differences arising from standing on equal ground. Do you see the difference here? Rosario: Yes I do NEXT, Bobby Bobby: You said that we did not need to share our assessments here but would you be open to that so if we can see if we're on the right track? We cannot "correct" your assessment in this case. Only you can determine what you feel passionate about, where you feel that passion, and what triggers or draws you to contribute in ways that benefit others. With that understood, you may share, though we may have little to say. Bobby: lol Bobby: Go ahead with the following 2 questions then and if anyone wants to chime in with their assessments they can We will say that each of you tend to specialize in a Core Value across lifetimes and that can be assessed by the correlation between Casting and Role with the order in which we shared the Core Values. SERVER, ARTISAN, WARRIOR, SCHOLAR, SAGE, PRIEST, KING For example, a Server-Cast Sage would *tend* to specialize in the Core Values of LOVE and JOY. This speaks to larger patterns and should not be used for assessing the current lifetime. NEXT: DianeHB DianeHB: Could you explain the distinction between Unity and Peace? They seem really similar to me as well. UNITY is the emphasis on bridging differences, while PEACE is the emphasis on resolving conflict. Differences are not the same thing as Conflicts, and even those with little difference can be in conflict. DianeHB: Oh I see. Conflict is more action-oriented. Consider what you have seen among our own Students. Unity is quite high among our students, but not Peace. Peace falls into Inhibition. Both Unity and Peace have their challenges among our own students, but with Inhibition, or False Peace upheld over Negotiation and True Peace, most Causes among our students across the larger community are fueled by Unity, ignoring Peace. DianeHB: Thanks Michael, that helps a lot. NEXT, Johanne. Johanne: You said :”a process of accumulating and protecting power in ways that plan to be used in the future”. Do you have an example because I don’t see what is wrong in keeping to use in the future? I was expecting something different Johanne, you have touched on something important here as we wish to point out that a distortion and its correlating method are not always "bad." When the distortion comes from within, the Pitfall can be "bad" in its impact and results. When the distortion comes from without, such as when propaganda or lies or misinformation or even imprinting distorts the intent and aim of a Cause, then the Pitfall is a kind of necessary safety net. Hoarding may be exactly what is necessary for making a bigger difference at a later date when impact of benefit can be received more readily. Maureen: Michael, would you give an example? Hoarding can also be used by those whose Cause is distorted by themselves and then this Pitfall is used as means of gathering forces for overpowering, not for empowering. Think of the difference between the Cause of North Korea and the Cause of Syrian Refugees. Hoarding is used to shore up the distortion in one case, while Hoarding is a necessity against the distortion in the other. Does this help clarify? Maureen: Yes Johanne: yes, very much Final question: Peter PeterK: My current Cause is exposing corruption and I feel strongly driven by the search for truth. I expected Truth as a Core Value, but it is not. So I'm puzzled, why isn't Truth a Core Value? Maureen: Yes, I was wondering the same thing ...related to different Causes though. We have two responses: One is that Causes are always intrinsically entwined with one's Truths. Your Truths entirely inform your passions for why you devote to a Cause. Because Truth is in tiers from Personal to Universal, it is difficult to identify "Truth" as a Cause because you may have a Personal Truth that is contradictory to a Universal Truth. To avoid this complication and relative nature of Truth, we chose WISDOM to reflect Truth in a way that is about exposure and experience. If you feel "truth" is a Core Value, in this delineation it would fall into Wisdom. Every Cause is some variation on Truth, Love, and Energy, but the terms we chose help to bring these into practical sense. Does this make sense? PeterK: Yes. All of you have a Cause that is fueled by a Core Value and uses its corresponding Path, and all of you may have to navigate the inherent Pitfalls that arise from distortions from within or without. But understanding this simple map of energy for fulfilling a Cause can help you to quickly check yourself, and know what may be required so that your Cause can be of benefit to others. Continue your self-assessment and look at this set of Core Values for a while to see how you bring these to your days. It can be quite exciting to see that you may be a meaningful part of a Cause even as you felt you may not be making a difference. This can help you to see and know when and if you are making that difference and why. Good day to each of you. We will conclude here for today. Goodbye, for now.
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    Me, standing with a gigantic gold monument:
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    Decided I would post one..ha. Doing: Spending a bit too much time taking pictures from various angles. Thinking: 'This doesn't make me a narcissistic person, does it? Probably not, I don't usually take selfies. Although, my preoccupation with finding the most flattering angle might be a cause for concern.' Feeling: Physically, slightly overheated. Emotionally, considerably more grateful than usual.
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    This week there was another school shooting in the United States, the 8th school shooting already this year that has resulted in death or injury. This one was in Parkland, Florida. 17 people were murdered. After the school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in December, 2012, it seemed that meaningful gun reform might actually be enacted, but this did not happen. In 2013, Michael had some things to say about Sandy Hook. Here were the Overleaves for that year: 2013 OVERLEAVES ROLE: SAGE (emphasized all year) CENTER: INTELLECTUAL (emphasized all year) GOAL: FLOW > acceptance/discrimination (emphasized Jan - Mar) MODE: POWER (emphasized Apr - Jun) ATTITUDE: IDEALIST (emphasized Jul - Sep) CHIEF FEATURES: SELF-DESTRUCTION (emphasized Oct - Dec) And in the 2013 State of the World, Michael said this: [MEntity] For example: the tragedy that took place in the area known as "Sandy Hook" was directly related to the launch of the Sage year. [MEntity] This event was not something planned to make any point, of course, but that its unique launch into the spotlight was greatly because of the themes of interest this year. However tragic this scenario may seem to be, in any other year, it may not have gained the same attention or momentum of meaning. [MEntity] However, in a Sage year, this event's association with children, innocence, and the truth of an issue was regarded as extremely meaningful to those participating in the world. [MEntity] It's overlap from 2012 helped to highlight the divide generated by Stubbornness, played out by those in Obstinance and those standing up to the obstinance through Determination. [MEntity] As the Stubbornness fades from focus over January, the sense of need for Determination will fade, as well, and the work of change would become much easier for addressing the truths that the event brought to consciousness. [MEntity] The Center is another term we use to help describe a collective tone and theme for a year. [MEntity] This year appears to be more Intellectually-focused. [MEntity] This means more expressiveness, more ideas, more philosophical pondering, more emphasis on thinking before acting, more organizing of emotions and actions. [MEntity] In a year that is Intellectually-Centered and Sage, the trends would tend toward ideas to protect children, enrich communities, enhance schools, and make decisions and choices from thought. [MEntity] Usually, the first obvious, major event of a year can help exemplify the collective tone and theme of a year. There are many events that could be described as "major" and "obvious," but on a collective scale relative to our students, something like the tragedy of "Sandy Hook" would, clearly, be this example. [MEntity] This ties into the Goal of the year, as well, which tends toward emphasis in January through March. This year can be described as aiming for FLOW, with some sliding to Acceptance and Discrimination. [MEntity] The surrender to the necessity for gun control, for example, is Flow working in as a theme, with issues around "freedoms" coming up, and played out in spectrum between those who know that this must be addressed in some meaningful way versus those who are simply in Inertia (the negative pole), locked into their momentum of defense. [MEntity] There is a near-inevitability for any Mature Soul culture to give up its addiction to weaponry, and it is beginning to take hold in the United States as the Priest who is known as President Obama continues to anchor Mature Soul paradigm as a norm. [MEntity] The fears rising in response to the idea of gun control come from the experiences of life in a world ruled by Young Souls, and populated with many Baby and Infant. The necessity for weaponry was valid, and remains valid to some extent, of course. [MEntity] As the planet moves toward a Mature Soul norm, nearly all of the ideals of the Young Soul paradigm begin to fall, such as competition, privacy, and defense. These concepts no longer serve the Mature Soul. [MEntity] These concepts do not disappear, but find less emphasis and more organic positions in one's life, rather than as front and center as priorities. [MEntity] There would still be a concept of privacy, competition, and defense in culture of the oldest of souls, but these would tend toward a refinement that may be very difficult for those of you in the current paradigm to even conceive. [MEntity] For example: the Mature Soul discussions over gun control are not looking to be fulfilled through tactics of defense, competition, or concern for privacy, but with tactics aimed toward collective trust, networks of support, and education. [MEntity] The Mature Soul paradigm is inclusive of the Young Soul paradigm, so the concern for privacy and the need for defense would tend to be accommodated for those who still require that as a focus, and the mere discussion of gun control satisfies the competitiveness of the younger souls as they fight against any encroachment upon their individuality, even as the approach from Mature Souls is not with this intention. [MEntity] As the subject of gun control in the United States is quite sensitive, the approach toward it in an Intellectually-Centered year is beneficial, as there would tend to be a support for even the most resistant of individuals to have access to the thinking involved for why this is a beneficial measure for a society. [MEntity] So as 2013 unfolds, we think our students will begin to see more and more of the effects of anchoring of Mature Soul paradigm, played out specifically through those qualities inherent in descriptions and spectrums of the Sage and Intellect, expanding rather quietly and gently through the Goal of Flow. And in the July 2013 Energy Report, Michael had an update: [MEntity] Though the emphasis on Idealism comes in around July, the validity of the effect of the Attitude builds throughout the year. Over the course of 2013, there can be found examples of advances toward breakthrough ideals based in Coalescence, and examples of collapsing momentum toward ideals based in Naïveté. Over the course of July, August, and September, there would tend to come the impact of the breakthroughs or collapses of those ideals, and an effort to continue building upon the ideal, or an effort to return to the Positive Pole for those that have collapsed. Even with the best of intentions, the greatest ideals can fail if there is naïveté in the process. One can push and push for the ideal, but if the parts are not coming together in coalescence, the ideal will remain an ideal. Recent examples can be seen in the differences between steps forward in Marriage Equality versus Immigration Reform and Gun Control in the United States. We use these examples as they are familiar to the channel, but there are more happening on large and small scales beyond these examples. I bolded the part that seemed most relevant to the issue of gun control. Did the momentum from Sandy Hook fail to take root in part because the Idealism in the approach to gun control fell into naïveté at that time? The aftermath of the shooting at Parkland feels different, at least right now, than that of many other mass shootings. A big part of this difference is the teenagers who survived the massacre. Have you seen these kids? They are incredible! In just a few days, they have emerged as powerful, eloquent, organized voices for gun control. I am proud of these next generations of kids. They give me hope that the Mature Soul paradigm really will take root in the United States. With the Parkland shooting, have we finally come to a true Turning Point with regards to gun control in the United States? Could the Overleaves of this year help to push the sequences and vectors toward, finally, real change? 2018 OVERLEAVES ROLE: Warrior (emphasized all year) CENTER: Higher Emotional (emphasized all year) GOAL: Dominance (emphasized Jan - Mar) MODE: Power (emphasized Apr - Jun) ATTITUDE: Pragmatist (emphasized Jul - Sep) CHIEF FEATURES: Greed (emphasized Oct - Dec) I am hopeful for the Pragmatist Attitude, an interesting difference to the Idealism of 2013.
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