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    From Michael: "This is the 5th Level Old (Manifesting Young to Mature) Server-Cast Sage from Cadre 2, Entity 1. He is not without compromises to his integrity while struggling to uphold it. He is both a servant and a salesman, so to speak." (me: Is he somewhat related to my c1e1 travel companion Leo Varadkar (future Irish PM), I saw a picture of them together and I think there's something there) "Entities sharing numerical values will always have mathematical relationships of resonance. They embody the Exalted or "front end" of a Cadre's force or path making."
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    I checked with Michael on Sting again and here is what they say: MEntity: The fragment known as Sting is a 1st Level Old Artisan-cast Priest. Your resonance with his lyrics and art come from his capacity for Manifesting Essence in his work and lifting others to do/feel/know the same. MEntity: Entity Members are inherently close, even in lifetimes where they reject that closeness, so it is fair to say you are close. The pocket of Priests among the majority Sages and Artisans of Entity 2 tend to be in positions of inspiration and guidance, often almost comforting and parental in nature, for the "children" of the entity. I also found out Italian Singer Nek is his Sage-cast cadence mate. Check him out: nobody has more Priestly-looking eyes than Nek!
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    Hope he finds space to manifest as close as his Soul Age. Mature Paradigm, here we go! I see him and Trudeau getting along pretty well.
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    Personally, I felt that he "gets it" regarding the truth. But expressed it in a very disturbing way that most people would probably completely misunderstood the underlying messages. I like you said he's "flirting with truth"! I like his poems. Especially this one: "Once more, ere I move on And send my glance forward, Lonely, I raise my hands To you, to whom I flee, To whom I, in the deepest depths of my heart, Have solemnly consecrated altars, So that, at all times, His voice would summon me again." Now I think about it, his struggle is the struggle of entity 2: finding balance, and he lost. Strangely, I resonate with his extreme ways of experimentalism and his wounds of "falling apart". I still got sadden by his last episode of that life. I hope he healed well.
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    Man, if Clinton or Sanders got elected, C2E1 would be on our way to ruling the world. ?
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    Looks like all Old-ish world leaders are from Cadre 2: Obama, Clinton, Sanders, Trudeau...and now Macron.
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    5th Level OLD. Man, I like that! Crazy Level, wonderful Age ? I guess that in this position compromise is inevitable. Europe is grateful for his win. Let's hope his vogue will spread. Thanks for asking @Cong! BTW, is it our Energy Ring we're talking about here???
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    @Heidi, @Cong, Cadre 1 = Love (initiators, inspirers, pioneers) Cadre 2 = Knowledge (questioners, insight givers, facilitators) Cadre 3 = Compassion (nurturers, integrators, peacemakers) Cadre 4 = Mentor (guides, counselors, role models) Cadre 5 = Beauty (artists, highlights the best of things) Cadre 6 = Child (innocent, distracting, requires care) Cadre 7 = Humor (funny, brings laughter, pleasure givers) Cadre 8 = Discipline (responsible, focused, decision clarifiers) Cadre 9 = Anchor (security, acceptance, grounding) Cadre 10 = Healer (bringing balance, healing) Cadre 11 = Enlightenment (teachers, ‘light’ bringers, providing structures for perceiving reality) Cadre 12 = Muse (highest values, abstract concepts, bringers of aspiration)
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    James, I can see where you're coming from. He probably has a cf of arrogance, and he might have a goal of discrimination too. They can rub people the wrong way. The most negative comments I've seen about him is "not being considerate" and "trying too hard". He had a concert in NYC earlier this year during the snow storm. Many people criticized him for not rescheduling it. I feel myself being less triggered by such things. I mostly feel bad about the way he left his first wife and later left the band. But it's his personal decision and my connection with him in this life is mostly through the way he wrote his lyrics. I still found Michael's comment about Priests in our entity being "parental" funny. There are too many children and too few parents!
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    MEntity: The fragment known as "Nek" a Sage-Cast Priest from Entity 2 and is in "Sting's" Cadence of Priest. They are Cadence Mates. From Wikipedia: Filippo Neviani (born 6 January 1972), known by his stage name Nek, is an Italian singer-songwriter and musician. Nek is popular in Italy and throughout the Spanish-speaking world, and has performed and released most of his albums in both Italian and Spanish. Nek once said in an interview: I learned everything from Sting. (ho imparato tutto da Sting) Don't you think they look alike too? Now I'm wondering if I ever look like my cadences mates...hmm..
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    ok, I did a little research into this: supposedly "I" read and helped modify every single sentence of "Critique of Pure Reason" before it's published, so it's his easiest book to understand. Since "I" passed away, no one seems to know what he was writing lol...
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    1st Level Old Sage-Cast Priest from Cadre 1, Entity 7
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    Huh, no kidding! Well, I was spot-on with my estimate of his manifested age, anyway. Here's hoping he comes into his own ASAP.
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    A true tragedy. I asked about him in a session, but did not expect to hear that he is my entity mate. Scholar? Sage? Priest? Artisan? Here is what Michael said about him: This fragment is a student of ours who shares in your Entity, as well, and was quite dramatic in the lifetime you reference. This fragment opted to channel us, and experimented privately in mediumship, but struggled with sustaining a "foot in both worlds," finally collapsing into the "space between the worlds." This was not due to any work with us as we never got very far, but his continued efforts were reckless and did affect his mental state.
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    Only having seen your camera obscured face I had imagined you differently. Nice to see you come out.
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    OMG, I recall my days at philosophy class... this dude was a nightmare to understand!! ? The only thing that kept us sane was the memes...
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    I think he's a Priest (I'm recalling) ...also he has those intense Priest eyes and I always feel that he can "see" everyone really clearly. Perhaps Sting is an Artisan-cast Priest. Just saying ...we should check with Michael/Troy.
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    Author of several books, including "Journeys Out of the Body", and founder of The Monroe Institute. From Michael in a POF on 9/18/16: 7th Level Mature Priest who transited to 1st Level Old within his lifetime.
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    Jon Stewart, former host of The Daily Show. A personal hero of mine. Relevant quotes from Michael, via Troy:
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    Brian Wilson, Founding member and creative force behind The Beach Boys Relevant transcripts from session with Michael via Troy:
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    Always glad to disappoint :)
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    Cadre 1 Entity 7. I suppose in our Energy Ring too. I have never heard of another person who was in a different Energy Ring. Anyway, that would make him a Michael student. I wonder how many other renowned philosophers were students. I used to teach social psychology at the University of Kansas. One of my back burner ideas is to see how overleaves/age/role/casting influenced the theories of the founding giants in philosophy and psychology, if there was an influence. For example did Abraham Maslow and Carl Rogers have similar overleaves and how do they compare to that of Sigmund Freud? Who among the giants are Michael students and how did the wisdom from the Causal help shape their theories of reason, perception, behavior, and the human experience.
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    I attempted to read Kant in high school and I just remember how the religiosity of it annoyed me. I don't remember him being that difficult but it's likely that I don't remember the details. I only remember being annoyed.
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    @Cong, I had a dream last night that I was reading a Michael transcript that you posted from one of your sessions. Michael was describing another role that a student can opt into as Personality in their work with Michael, like the role of "Keeper." I think it was referred to as a "Reactor." I know it began with R, but upon waking I'm not sure of the word. In the transcript, they said an example of someone who took on this role was Nietzsche. They also said they were working to secure Agreements with "Reactors." Anyway, I woke up this morning and wrote down, "Nietzsche," "Cong," "Reactor." I searched for Nietzsche here on TLE because I remembered you had posted something, but I had forgotten the specifics.
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    Macron-- brilliant move to invite Trump to Paris and treat him like the king he wants to be? Perhaps that is the Old Soul reaching out to be inclusive. Maybe it is a cynical act of compromise. "Macron seems to believe that he has detected in Trump the same vulnerability that Obama thought he had: an absence of any beliefs or ideology, and a persona that turns on a desperate desire to be liked. Anyone who flatters Trump and treats him respectfully gets his good opinion and coöperation in return. (Canada’s Justin Trudeau is playing this card, too.) Since Trump seems to view life as a series of small brutal ballets of dominance—exemplified in comic form by his ongoing struggle with Macron for the superior handshake—Macron seems to imagine that he can be easily manipulated to France’s benefit." http://www.newyorker.com/news/daily-comment/why-is-emmanuel-macron-being-so-nice-to-donald-trump
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    @RachelL, I just noticed as I was posting this that Michael said "The Entity (C1E4) is comprised of Kings, Servers, Artisans, Priests, Scholars." No Sages or Warriors which is strange because Troy places Jane Roberts (Warrior) in C1E4. Have you, or anyone else, confirmed that there are other Roles in this Entity or have you confirmed (validated) that you are indeed from C1E4? The reason that I'm asking is that my brother (Old 4 Artisan-cast King) was channeled as being from C2E6 for years but then @Janet kept on hearing from Michael that there were no Kings in that Entity. I finally checked (again) and it turned out he was actually from C2E4. Here's the Q&A I had with Michael about Anne Morse that is also in a personal blog entry HERE. I have worked with The Transeekers, channeled by Anne Morse, a few times and they (and she) are excellent. It turns out that Anne Morse, a Old 5 Priest-cast Priest from C1E4, who channels The Transeekers, is actually channeling her own Entity. This is really cool information. From a Private Live Chat on December 4, 2014 Maureen: Michael, Anne Morse, who channels the Transeekers says: “From my understanding they are consciousness who exist in the spiritual realm on a plane of existence known as the "Mid-Causal Plane", and as such have access to a broader perspective”. From your perspective who are the Transeekers? MEntity: In response to your next question: MEntity: The fragment in question appears to be valid in her claims to be working with a Causal Plane entity. This is only the entity's second channel, and much of what is delivered is inspired, but still heavily infused with the ideas of the channel, who is also one of our own students and who knows of us. Her exposure to our teaching colors her ideals for what to expect in her work with another teacher. UPDATE: From a Private Live Chat on March 12, 2015 Maureen: What Cadre / Entity is The Transeekers and what is their teaching? What are the Roles within their Entity? What is Anne Morse’s Cadre/Entity, Soul Age/Level and Role/Casting? MEntity: If we are seeing this correctly, this appears to be the Entity of the fragment channeling. This is representative of Cadre 1, Entity 4 practicing teaching what was learned from us, as well as their own lifetimes, which are not completed, and with a mix of the channel, of course. The Entity is comprised of Kings, Servers, Artisans, Priests, Scholars. The fragment in question appears to be a 5th Level Old Priest-Cast Priest from Cadre 1, Entity 4. Maureen: I see ...that makes sense.
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    I always thought he was an Artisan.
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    Space between the worlds... That's so true! I find him so annoying , flirting with truth and then embellishing on the opposite .
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    The rainbow portrait is a real knockout (that's a rainbow in her hand, the colors have faded):
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    Yes, I think those names are all from C1E3. Most have been described as being from our entity in at least two different sessions many years apart. David Bowie, John Lennon and William Wordsworth are also channelled as C1E3. It's quite a creative entity!
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    I had to choose two pic's to add here ? Aurora - 4th Level Old King-Cast Artisan from Cadre 1, Entity 4 with a Warrior Essence Twin. She comes from Os in Norway. Born June 15 1996. https://our.truthloveenergy.com/gallery/image/841-aurorajpg/
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    So then he didn't figure all this out himself, he just doesn't know it's Michael providing the info? How does this work? When great thinkers like Einstein contemplate and think about stuff, their ideas, which seem to them to be their own, are really coming from Michael or another Causal teacher or that realm of ideas that we all have access to?
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    From a POF on June 17, 2018: MEntity: WILLIAM = 6th Level Old Artisan-Cast Sage from Cadre 1, Entity 2. Yes, he is a long-time student, of course. Note: William Buhlman has written several books about what he has learned from his out-of-body experiences. He teaches workshops on methods of self-initiating OBEs.
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    Observant! Thank you, that's a nice compliment, I always felt quite old-fashioned. The Marie de France lifetime resonates more and more. I have a bit of Guinevere going on when my hair is long, as my husband once said. One taxi driver was convinced I'm part Greek because of my profile (I'm not). Weird how we take our pick from the gene pool to help old friends recognize us, among other things...
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    This would be my daughter, a couple of years ago. Note the "reading" material :)
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    @Evelin it's lovely to see you! It's such a nice photo. To me you look like taken out of a renaissance painting. "The young Diana in a field among grasses and flowers, the bow resting in her hand, just enjoying the beauty of nature." ?
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    Thanks. Was at a school reunion and got a fresh photo of myself, not much of a selfie person... Observation: I'm sorting old photos and noticed my Body Type looks different depending on my haircut. With short I look more Martial, with a bare forehead more Lunar comes out.
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    It's such a catchy song! I can listen it in Italian, Spanish and French all day lol Nek writes his lyrics like poems, I really like them, I will totally learn Italian just for the sake of understanding his songs. He likes to touch a lot of social issues in his writing too.
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    Laura no está, Laura se fue...! OMG, now I have that song stuck in my head. Here in Peru it's kind of a meme xD
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    As I see it, the beauty of philosophy is there is no correct answer. We each read what a philosopher has written and we either agree, disagree, or use points as a foundation for expansion. As long as you can logically back up your argument, you are practicing philosophy. It's one of the best tools I found to get to know thyself. It's great if you are annoyed or interested, that's a clue to you about you. @NickG I can understand how Kant would be confused about Swedenborg. Kant was focused on reason and reality and experience and would not be able to relate to Swedenborg's theology.
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    For the last ten years or so I've been attracted to Pippi Longstocking. It was only as an adult that I read the books. Astrid Lindgren is author of the books and lately I found myself attracted to her. Then I had this realization that she had to be an entity mate. This was confirmed by Terri Benning who said she was in my greater cadence and that we have had an ongoing dance in various lives. Troy has recently confirmed a 7th old King being in C1E4. Someone who when I first met had the sense of being a brother. Another piece of the puzzle came to me today in that I have a friend who I take to be a 6th old King. She acts like Pippi Longstocking in so many ways. My attraction to her came from just seeing a notice she posted and having to meet the person who posted it. I'm betting she too is in C!E4. I'm going to have to ask Michael about a connection between Astrid, my two friends and myself.
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    @PPLD, it always is unless Michael specifies it isn't.
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    @RachelL interesting that there's no mention of Warriors? Thanks for posting.
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    I have this reconfirmed with Michael in a session. Michael did not talk about roles, but he seems quite priestly to me. He may be artisan too!
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    We're both from C1E3 but my husband is not a Michael student (or he hasn't found himself to be one yet at least... He's a Server-cast Sage.)
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    From Maureen on 3/13/12: [Maureen]: I have such a fascination for Temple Grandin – I suspect it’s because of how she handles her “extreme” Heightened Awareness and of course I admire her courage. I sense she is either an Artisan and/or something Inspirational. Why do I (and others) find her so fascinating? What is her Role in Essence and Casting, Cadre/Entity and whatever else may be significant from her Overleaves. [MEntity]: This Artisan-cast Priest is part of a Configuration that is exploring the possibilities of eventual cross-species communication, and in larger terms, a return to off-planet species communication, particularly with new species. The inspiration is inherent in her work because she is a voice for the otherwise voiceless, and while there are many who speak for non-human animals' welfare, and for autistic well-being, she is far more inspirational as she speaks from within these circles, not as an advocate from outside. She is far more appealing because of her own position from within "autism," which is often also "voiceless," and many can relate to this, even in the best of life circumstances, but also because there is no threat or guilt associated with a halting of animal exploitation, but simply the betterment of the enslaved conditions. [Maureen]: she seems to have it really "right" this life [MEntity]: This fragment is a 5th Level Old Artisan-Cast Priest from Cadre 2, Entity 6; an Idealist in Observation sliding to Caution and Passion Modes with a Goal of Re-evaluation in the Moving Part of the Moving Center, and Chief Features of Self-destruction and Greed.
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    Jack White, original member of the rock duo The White Stripes Jack is known to have a strange obsession with the number 3... surely it is no coincidence then that he is from Entity 3? Relevant sessions with Michael via Troy on the subject of Jack White: "Facco" would seem to be Giacomo Facco, "an Italian Baroque violinist, conductor and composer. One of the most famous Italian composers of his day, he was completely forgotten until 1962, when his work was discovered by composer, conductor, and musicologist Uberto Zanolli." The name "Giac" in "Giacomo" even sounds close to "Jack". Interesting then, that he actually changed his name to Jack from his birth name, John Anthony Gillis. If you listen to Jack White's music with this Baroque composer previous life in mind, you can hear the parallels. Fascinating stuff.
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    oh Hi, Mummy. I'm reading...
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    Kant wrote a book about one of my past lives, Emanuel Swedenborg. I'm really interested to read what he had to say as I'm trying to read some of Swedenborg's work while seeing what other philosophers had to say about him. It seems Kant was very perplexed by him.
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    Hi Maureen, I have asked Michael on a few occasions about being in C1E4 (ex: cadence theme, raw casting, and confirming that I am indeed an entity mate of other confirmed members). I'm thinking that Michael omitted the Sages in their list - maybe by accident, maybe because there are so few in C1E4. Here is the best channeling I have obtained regarding Sages being in the entity. My grandmother and I are Sage cadence mates and I asked Michael which entity we are in (this was before I had obtained my standard profile): From Private Chat August 19, 2014 [Rachel_L]: I feel a very strong resonance with my grandmother, XXX. Can you explain this resonance? Where is she in my support circle and where am I in hers? Can you describe one of our lifetimes together that would bring a sense of recognition? What is her role, casting, soul age and level, and cadre and entity? [MEntity]: The fragment known now as "XXX" appears to be a 6th Level Old Artisan-Cast Sage who is one of your own Cadence Members, meaning you are from the same Cadre and Entity and from the same (smallest) group of 7 Sages in that Entity. So there is the mathematical elements of your bond that transcend all lifetimes. This fragment appears to be in your 3rd String Love and Discipline Positions while you are in her 3rd String Compassion and Humor Positons. A lifetime of recognition might have been from France in the late 1500's CE when "you" raised this fragment as your own daughter after her family died from an illness. You raised her in your business as a seamstress and textile maker to create some quite beautiful capes and clothing that would be considered Art even today. [Rachel_L]: What is the cadre and entity? [MEntity]: Cadre 1, Entity 4. Also, in the "Cadre 1 Design" article in the old TLE library, this is what is listed as the composition of Cadre 1 Entity 4: Cadre 1 Design Entity 4: 980 Fragments/831 Cycled off (at present date, 112 incarnated) 49 Kings/98 Servers/245 Artisans/245 Priests/98 Scholars/49 Sages/98 Priests/98 Artisans (no wild cards) I realize there is no way to be completely sure of one's entity membership while still physical. I may ask Michael again about this, but I am satisfied with the pieces of channeling I have received. Thanks for bringing this up- it is always good to question information rather than blindly accepting it.
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