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    Listening to Bob Marley is always a glorious way to start the day! ?
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    I searched for fun and found 58 people with the name Heimark in the Bergen area :-) This could be interesting...
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    Do you know where in Norway your grandmother came and the family name? Just curious. In this little country with only 5 million people it's not that difficult to find people. And what about your Swedish roots?
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    So cool! You are Scandinavian-ish Matt!
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    (How the hell do I get the placing of the flag so nicely done, as Troy and Kurtis have??? ?️ )
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    ??? One of my absolute favourites!!! If not THE favourite! I always thought it was too short and had to listen to it on replay. Thank you Nadine! I'm having a glorious start of the day, listening to it now ?
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    Couldn't resist posting ?
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