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    Hi!    I don't know if this is the right place, but I wanted to share a video from my latest concert. It's one of my favorite songs from Richard Strauss "For Last Songs" and it's called "September" and the poem was written by Hermann Hesse.   The English translation of the German lyrics:  The garden is in mourning. Cool rain seeps into the flowers. Summertime shudders, quietly awaiting his end. Golden leaf after leaf falls from the tall acacia tree. Summer smiles, astonished and feeble, at his dying dream of a garden. For just a while he tarries beside the roses, yearning for repose. Slowly he closes his weary eyes.   ❤️ 
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    A question from PPLD:   So I understand how Michael find a fragment they are asked about, when a name or relationship or at least a context is provided. I also understand that when unpacking Overleaves, you as a channel are working with a “language” that you speak fluently.   What I find absolutely fascinating however and want to ask about is how you obtain a concrete name for e.g. a previous incarnation someone has had?   I’m thinking about it in connection to the latest session we had, when Michael found Vygotsky and Sturluson as my friends’ previous incarnations. Although both persons are definitely of historic significance, they fall under a rather narrow field of knowledge. These are not names that are easy to create an association to.   How does it work Troy? What are the steps that you and Michael need to take, in order to narrow down this kind of transmission so you have the intended person, name etc?  
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    KINTSUGI is an art of pottery repair, and a spiritual philosophy, that emphasizes brokenness as a beautiful part of our history.
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    Having gone missing seven years ago, the previously blind Prairie returns home, now in her 20s with her sight restored. While many believe she is a miracle, others worry that she could be dangerous.   5 out of 5 Stars from me.    One of the most moving final 30 seconds of any series season finale ever. This is a masterpiece is storytelling with questions explored about blind faith vs trust, accepting the limitations we have to endure vs breaking through our self-imposed prisons, collective apathy vs collective empowerment, truth vs The Truth... it is SOOO good.
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    "Who March the World? Girls. | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee"   beautiful song beginning @4:20 
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    "Our task must be to break free from prejudice and to see ourselves in everyone else." Wu-Tang Clan's RZA delivers a heartfelt message on why we're all the same in all the ways that matter.
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    Original Question is discussed here   "My questions is regarding agreements. This might be a stupid question but I was not able to find the answer to this anywhere. According to the Michael Teachings souls make agreements with the people they are going to have relationships with while on earth, and this is done before they are born. So assuming all the souls involved in an agreement have to NOT be alive to agree to the agreement that would mean that every being one makes an agreement with would have to be discarnate to make that agreement. This creates an impossible situation, since take for example parent-children agreements. If the parents need to be discarnate to agree to have a relationship with the children, no one can incarnate until all agreements are made going back 200,000 years to the beginning of humanity all the way into the future to the end of humanity."
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    Someone shared this on my wall... I got chills. A universal message from across time and space... 
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    A must-watch invitation to join the forces of compassion and great insight into why vegans want you to be vegan, too. It is non-confrontational and lovingly presented. Please watch. 
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    [Verse 1] My healed chest wound Transformed into a gate Where I receive love from Where I give love from [Chorus 1] And I care for you, care for you I care for you, care for you Care for you, care for you I care for you, care for you [Verse 2] Split into many parts Splattered light beams into prisms That will reunite [Chorus 2] If you care for me, care for me If you care for me, care for me Care for me, care for me And then I care for you, care for you I care for you, care for you I care for you, care for you Care for you, care for you [Verse 3] Didn't used to be so needy Just more broken than normal Proud self-sufficiency My silhouette is oval It is a gate [Chorus 3] I can care for you, care for you from I can care for you, care for you I care for you, care for you I care for you, care for you I care for you, care for you You care for me, care for me Care for you
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    A trailer for a new documentary that will help change the world to a better place for all Earthlings.
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    Well... damn. Watch all the way to the end.
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    A look at how we think and how we think we think...
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    This song moved me to tears today when I heard it for the first time. It speaks to me very deeply. It feels like an anthem for our times. I feel the tension of the fork in the road we are at. It feels like I am out of step with the entire world. Is it only me that wants peace, not conflict? To help people, not harm them? To speak truth, no matter how uncomfortable it may be? To progress further forward, to climb higher, to expand beyond our restrictions? Britain is currently at the threshold of two doors - one seems to offer everything that I align with, and the other door takes us backwards, downwards, inwards, running from imaginary monsters while creating real ones.    It feels like I am alone standing in opposition to the inevitable - but as this song shows - I AM NOT ALONE.       Lyrics: You Are Not Alone Emeli Sandé Are you sick and tired of being lied to? Getting kinda bored of being ignored? Can't find the tribe that you belong to? Oh my friend, you are not alone Are you tired of begging for some answers? Are you scared you won't make it out alive? Does it make you sick when truth is censored? Oh my friend, you are not alone Oh you are not alone here, don't fear You are not alone here, no way There's plenty more others here, yeah yeah My friend, oh you are not alone Are you tired of working for the minimum? Has your heart adjusted to the dark? Well does it make you sick they kill the innocent? Oh my friend, you are not alone Well, are you dreaming of a brighter future? Somewhere the children can be free Will you risk it all to tell the truth? Yeah My friend, oh you are not alone Oh you are not alone here, don't fear You are not alone here, no way There's plenty more others here, yeah yeah My friend, oh you are not alone Are you tired of feeling so invisible? Are you sick of silencing your voice? Do you still have hope that peace is possible? My friend, oh you are not alone You are not alone here, don't fear You are not alone here, no way There's plenty more others here, yeah yeah My friend, oh you are not alone You are not alone here, (don't fear) You are not alone (here), no way, no way There's plenty more others here, yeah yeah My friend, you are not alone You are not alone (you are not alone) You are not alone here, (don't fear) (You are not alone here, no way) no way (There's plenty more others here, yeah yeah) My friend, oh you are not alone
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    A documentary recently posted on "Plant-based News"- a youtube channel. It moved me to tears seeing a small community in Kentucky transform their health through Nelson Campbell's advocacy of a plant-based diet that returns power back to local farmers, local produce and natural treatments of disease through diet. As opposed to corporate farms, foreign produce shipped across miles of water/land and treatment entirely dependent on pharmaceutical drugs and manipulative misinformation.
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    Alan Watts makes a good point about life not being a journey though I find it still a good metaphor.  It can be both a dance and a journey.  Then again maybe sensing it as an ocean journey gives me nausea. lol
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    Caricai asks: "I'm wondering if working with so much causal plane energy over the years has influenced any psychic ability or made you sensitive to other people's energy even when you aren't channeling. And if electronics go haywire on you on a regular basis. I guess, I'm also asking about how your own energy has been changed if at all from working with Michael.    "I'm also wondering what you feel when you become fatigued after channeling for a while, how many hours a day you spend channeling, and what you do to recenter yourself?"   POST YOUR ASK THE CHANNEL QUESTIONS HERE
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    While we practice our spirituality and aim for higher planes and greater understanding, we can also look to our spirituality as a way to help make where we live, here and now, a better place for all beings and expand our compassion beyond what we were taught we could expect of ourselves and each other. It's not funny anymore to laugh this off or dismiss it as tradition or some necessary evil of life. It's not. It's just another choice. And we are here to learn how to choose, and to choose how to learn. So much love to anyone and everyone who keeps this in mind and aims not to escape this world, but be a better part of it.
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    So I've been following BTS for a while. They are such a wonderful family. Their songs are just so empowering and beautiful! Not to mention the story-telling and symbolisms in every music video....which are interconnected, since 2015 or so. They have masterfully plotted their album trilogy 'Love Yourself': Her, Tear and the upcoming Answer.    Today was released Epiphany, by Jin. He's known as the caregiver of the group, always in tune with other's needs, with a big heart and child-like nature. He is also the oldest member and probably going to military service on 2020. Oh, the feels...!     Lyrics: It's so odd, I loved you so much for sure I wanted to give everything to you, I wanted to live for you But as I kept doing so, I became unable to bear the storm inside my heart I get to fully reveal my true self under the smiling mask   I'm the one I should love in this world The shining me, the precious soul of mine I finally realize, so I love me Not so perfect but so beautiful I'm the one I should love.   I want to love in this world The shining me, the precious soul of mine I finally realized, so I love me Not so perfect but so beautiful I'm the one I should love.
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    A new Vegan/Plant-Based documentary just came out, so I immediately had to watch it. It's one of the few that have made me not just shed tears, but really deeply cry. If you don't know about the cruel, violent and convoluted truth behind Factory Farming and Eating Animals then watch this. But a bit of a warning- there's some raw slaughterhouse footage. To be honest though, if seeing the way we prepare our meat disgusts and horrifies us, then I think the real insight to be gained is to stop, ask why & come to the realization that we don't need to and shouldn't eat it in the first place. Please share this video when/where you can, as that's the only way it will be noticed.
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    ViP asks what my weakness is as a channel based in Michael's mapping of strengths and weaknesses relative to Overleaves, and asks if I receive additional information that doesn't get through. POST YOUR AKS THE CHANNEL QUESTIONS HERE
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    I found this NDE account might be of interest simply because there is mention of music and math as the language to communicate with the creator (4:50 & 9:10).  Otherwise, it is just another NDE. I find these accounts both validate and supplement the material about the afterlife channeled from Michael.   The thumbnail is my grand niece which has nothing to do with the video. 
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    A beautiful and catchy song about our personal power to choose where our focus is and what we nurture inside of us even in our time of grief.   LYRICS Nothing changed since I last saw you The space is empty Your room has no light The Day feels like Night   Pick a color you'd like to be Let it spread all around Does it feel right? Tell me its might   Only you can change the way you're made inside You create a new design Only you can change the lines, the colors and shapes That define who you are Only you can change the way you're made inside You create a A new design   Here's a new element An image of an old friend The picture was taken in a park Kept inside your Nova Heart   A memory innovates Blooming by the window The walls feel wider Air is coming in   Walls feel wider Walls feel wider   Your fears in a box Aligning your thoughts Here's a new opening Letting the light in   Let the light in Let the light in Let the light in   Only you can change the way you're made inside You create a new design Only you can change the lines, the colors and shapes That define who you are Only you can change the way you're made inside You create a A new design
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    I went through my Annie Lennox phase and now I am on to Enya.  I'd bet this gal is an old priest and spiritualist.  The title, Anywhere Is, speaks to me.  Anywhere I is, there I is to rewrite and old saying.  I still love Annie too.   Some of the lyrics...   It's either this or that way It's one way or the other It should be one direction It could be on reflection The turn I have just taken The turn that I was making I might be just beginning I might be near the end.   As a lover of accents I just love when she sounds properly Irish when she sings It's one way or the other    
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    Hundreds of years from now, surviving humans discover how to send consciousness back through time, into people of the 21st century, while attempting to save humanity from a terrible future.   5 out of 5 Stars from me. Excellent, on the edge of your seat, twists, turns, heart, philosophical and metaphysical quandaries, and questions of what defines as us as... us.
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    This is a short clip on the link between antibotic resistance and animal agriculture. If we dont change our lifestyles now, expecting more pandemics until we break our disconnect from the Earth is not far fetched. So... go vegan.
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    A moving story of sexuality and gender identity and coming out through the beauty of dance. 
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    I was listening to the 2016 7 Choices channeling, and I heard Michael say something about how life was not about avoiding hurt, but about being able to recognize hurt as invitations to love. It reminded me of the beautiful chorus on this song. I hope you take the comfort in it I did!
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    My boys are back! And quirkier than ever... Love the message of embracing and celebrating our multidimensionality.. And holy cow, the visuals are amazing. You might like this @Stickyflames ?    You can call me artist (artist) You can call me idol (idol) No matter what you call me I don’t care I’m proud of it I’m free No more irony Cuz I was always me They point fingers at me But I don’t care at all Whatever the reason for your criticism is I know what I am I know what I want I never gon’ change I never gon’ trade Keep on chit-chatting, saying this and that I do what I do, so you do you You can’t stop me lovin’ myself! FACE OFF, just like John Woo, ay Top star with that spotlight, ay Sometimes like a superhero I'm your Anpanman 24 hours isn’t enough Can’t afford to be confused I do my thang I love myself I love myself, I love my fans Love my dance and my whatThere are hundreds of me’s inside of me I welcome a new me again today It’s all me anyway So instead of worrying, I’m just gonna run Runnin’ man I’m so fine wherever I go Sometimes I find the longest way around It’s okay, I’m in love with my-my myself It’s okay, I’m happy in this moment
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    Esmeralda asks: "I would like to know how you feel when you channel, physically and psychically. Did it change over the years? Can you channel your own questions? When Michael is "gone" e.g. to have a look at the akasha chronicle do you feel his going away and coming back or does the feeling you get while channeling stays the same?"   POST YOUR ASK THE CHANNEL QUESTIONS HERE
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    If you missed our Special Event sharing in a community playthrough, you can still be touched by this beauty by watching here. This is my live playthrough with everyone, and I try to be as quiet as I can we explore with Edit. Enjoy! If you like gaming or if you like art, or you appreciate both, come hang out with me sometime when I'm playing!
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    It leaves me feeling seasick baby Seems like I am locked deep in the dreamlike reality It spins me round and drives me crazy Seems that I am like the moon in the midday If I was only by myself if I didn’t know you Maybe I’d have given up, lost at sea But my heart's still on fire With a burning desire Gonna get you back like it’s destined   I wish that you would love me Like yesterday, don’t let go of this hand ever again And every time my heart beats Match your steps so you don’t wander around ever again I feel the destiny in you you you you you Feel the destiny in me me me me me   When you hear my heartbeat baby You gave me a new life you gave me a new birth I feel you’re heartbeat away I been losin my mind I been cravin my shine I know me before you was a ready-made me But you designate me and you did resume me Been calling your name in this whole universe (Now I need no space) I got youniverse   Coming across you is like a TV drama created by the universe So many wanderings, being lost endlessly It was you who led me through the maze You’re my light and salvation This rain is coming close to an end and now I won’t let go of your hand   I wish that you would love me Like yesterday, don’t let go of this hand ever again And every time my heart beats Match your steps so you don’t wander around ever again I feel the destiny in you you you you you   My hearts on fire for your love Oh my hearts on fire for your love
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    I remembered this song recently. After watching it a second time it really sunk in and I started to cry. If you scroll down the comments, Daniel Kinney wrote about the hidden messages in the music video and lyrics.   It's a beautiful song with so many layers of depth and meaning to process. I love it.
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    Interesting video I found on YouTube. 4.6 billion years ago to present.
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    I really liked the hook of the song as a kid but never really heard what he was saying  
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    I stumbled upon this Ted Talks video showing how a cityboard was inspired to listen to the ideas of youth in their architectural planning and layout of a city. After watching it suddenly dawned on me that this is something we will see more and more in the Mature Soul Paradigm. Both in physical reality & virtual.   It is a very Artisan video, showcasing the art and creativity of children & how great the divide is between our childhood innocence and our adulthood responsibilities. The video shows a good start to bridging this divide.
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    Recently I've been listening to Playing for Change videos on youtube.  They have a lot of great stuff and a noble purpose to spread the gospel of music.  Love this version of La Bamba.
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    This is John Oliver commenting on Trudeau apologizing. 
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    There is a fine line between Capital S Sentience and lower case s sentience, and this film helps bring that to light. I recommend this film to anyone with an adventurous heart who is willing to take a leap into our evolutionary path toward greater compassion.
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    From the creators: "As a survivor of anorexia, abuse, and depression, I can say that I have let the overwhelming pressures of filling media/society's expectations of "how a woman should be" overwhelm and silence my inner voices - without even realizing I was doing it. Until... I just couldn't breathe anymore. As I live more days on this planet now, I can say with full confidence that there are no standards or rules worth crushing our soul bones to fit into. Life gets better when we just... let it out.   "I hope you enjoy, and feel empowered or comforted after watching. If you see some of yourself in this video, please share and pass the word on. Much love to you." Buy: https://milckmusic.bandcamp.com/ Download: http://noisetrade.com/milck/ Stream: www.soundcloud.com/milck Join: www.icantkeepquiet.org Follow: www.instagram.com/milckmusic Like: www.facebook.com/milckmusic Tweet: www.twitter.com/milckmusic Snap: @getmilck
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    ASK THE CHANNEL SERIES - Colleen asks Troy if he thinks orbs in photographs are actually spirits. See TruthLoveEnergy.com to ask your own questions! POST YOUR ASK THE CHANNEL QUESTIONS HERE
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    Simon Amstell’s* mockumentary, Carnage, makes veganism funny – and the obvious ethical choice. In Amstell’s utopian 2067, the illegal practice of eating “other animals” is called “carnism”: a barbaric and incomprehensible symptom of an uncivilized society.   *interview with director in direct link 2
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    A little trailer/welcome video for my gamer channel on YouTube. When my brain isn't handed over to a Causal Entity, I relax and enjoy life by Playing Games. You can find me on Twitch.TV/CocteauBoy and on Xbox as Vegan Gaymer.
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    Michael speaking through Troy on the concept of 7 Metaphysical Strengths, and Living Without Fear. Recorded LIVE at Lifebridge during our TruthLoveEnergy Great Gathering of 2015 [FULL TRANSCRIPT HERE]
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    NYC Michael Speaks is a monthly gathering among local students to speak with Michael on relevant topics, particularly those focused on the tools we might want to use for understanding, nurturing, and building our selves, relationships, and lives.   NOTE: fast forward to 1h 09 minutes to reach starting point for actual channeling   TOPIC: The WANTS and NEEDS of each ESSENCE ROLE   DESCRIPTION: Local attendees will talk to Michael about the nature of the Roles in terms of their inherent WANTS and NEEDS, and how to differentiate and clarify these to bring greater understanding to our subconscious, unconscious, and conscious motivations that shape how we make choices. A great way to start off the year.
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