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    Michael had this to say on negative ions and how they help with (my) sleep and (my) True Rest. To get more even clarity, perhaps we should ask about them again. From a Private Live Chat on June 15, 2011: MEntity: In terms of True Rest, yes, there is always more one can do to bring that about. Our suggestions for True Rest, as part of your primary Pillars, can be of help, even if it is not obvious in effect, at first. In your case, reading something of value to you upon retiring is restful, as well as listening to the effects of wind (wind chimes, leaves, etc), and even hearing storms, can be restful. MEntity: All restful in a way that aligns Essence with Personality so that energy is used most effectively and restored. MEntity: These suggestions can be altered or extended to your liking, of course, so that, for instance, you are not sitting around waiting for a storm, but can listen to quality audio recordings and playbacks of a storm, or wind chimes. MEntity: One can also hang a small set of wind chimes within reach of key areas so that a quick brush or bump to them can emit the sounds that bring Rest. MEntity: Keep in mind that we are not talking about sleep here, but REST, which contributes to the quality of sleep, of course. MEntity: One can even conjure up a storm in the imagination as a means to bring about Rest. MEntity: For instance, the frustration that may come from lack of sleep can be turned into a beautiful, majestic storm of thunder and lightning so that the charge is "burned off," and True Rest can return. MEntity: Bringing an ionizing source into key areas of rest can also help, which is an extension of Storms and their physical effects on the atmosphere, which brings True Rest for you. MEntity: However, we suggest some research into the effects of ionization and the various sources for it, as the commercial elements related to this are quite messy. Maureen: Do you mean the actual physical elements in the ionizing equipment? MEntity: What we mean is that there are artificial sources of negative ions, and natural sources, and some are more effective and preferable than others, not only in general, but some may be preferred by you over others. MEntity: For instance, not all ionic air filters are designed well, and sometimes an increase in live plants can have a far greater impact on the quality of air and ions, and may be preferable. MEntity: Beeswax candles can provide effects that are similar to a "storm" when burned, as well as installed sources of the equivalent of sunlight, such as those used for terrariums and plants. MEntity: However, the sunlight equivalent may not be useful as an immediate contradiction to the ideas of a storm, but could go quite well with the sounds of wind chimes in an environment. MEntity: However you choose to implement these things, from what we have suggested, to what others are doing to help you, it would still do you well to have separate time for REST, that is not in the pressure zone of SLEEP. MEntity: The more REST that is a part of your day, which may require setting aside time just for that, like meditation, the more likely the benefit for actual sleep. MEntity: Combining our suggestions could provide rather surprising results: reading something of value to you, in the sunlight of the day, or during a storm, with the sounds of chimes nearby as ambiance. MEntity: The key would be in focusing on the part you enjoy the most at the moment: the sound? the material being read? and allow the rest to move around you, engulf you. MEntity: This is key, because it is part of the heart of your condition: that you cannot allow for distractions, but tend to focus on them. MEntity: These gentle forms of practice would do you well upon falling asleep, because your racing mind, or your racing cells, or your chattering heart can be left to do what they do, while you rest, while you sleep. MEntity: In addition to your conscious efforts, employing the substrata or unconscious elements through homeopathy and your other treatments could combine to bring great relief, eventually. MEntity: If all of this fails, you may be so exhausted from the various efforts, that you fall into sleep "naturally" after all. Maureen: LOL
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    I don't care if my salt lamp emits negative ions or not. It's such a pretty and comforting light! You know what else I don't care about? Excercise. I wished he'd come the conclusion that the best way to energize oneself is by sitting on the couch. But ok. Excercise it is, then. 🙄😉
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    Anna and I´ve had our share of musical adventures. I have written several songs for her. But check out this, not composition but arrangemang, of some Michel Legrand melodies. Dear Anna sings, I play the piano. Lovely, if I may say so myself.
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    Wow...thank you all!! ❤️
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    Wow. Just.... wow. I feel a deep appreciation for being able to witness and experience this. It is beautiful. My fiance and several friends are/were professional vocalists in classical compositions and I am moved every time I hear this great art. Thank you for sharing.
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    Nadine, that last paragraph from you cracked me up! High Five on that one! LOL And I agree... I love my Salt Lamps for their ambiance more than anything, so no loss to me.
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    What a lovely gift you have! Thank you for sharing 💫
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    Stunningly beautiful!!! Thank you! 💕
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    @AnnaElisa Exquisite !!! Thank You
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    Beautiful, @AnnaElisa! Thank you for sharing your beautiful voice! 😍
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    I loved this show and can't remember a moment when it wasn't enthralling. The story is gripping, engaging, heartwarming, terrifying, mind-bending, and all sorts of other adjectives along a full spectrum of experience. I frequently find myself mentally returning to it, remembering a great scene, or some excellent dialogue, and can't wait for the many questions I now have to, hopefully, be answered in season 2! I'm so happy that these kinds of smart tv shows are available now. The world might be going to shit, but at least we're well entertained!! ?
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    By the way, my BF Bobby is actually with him tonight at a big Pride Gala along with Christian Siriano and the Queer Eye Boys and more... he's rubbin' shoulders with movers and shakers!
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    OMG, Michael was onto this long before I found this video I just posted?? This is a subject I've never given a lick of thought to but it happened to be in my YouTube feed today, so I thought it was interesting! It always freaks me out and amazes when Michael casually mentions something like this. And now I see this guy in this video talk about how Negative Ion machines produce the equivalent of toxic smog as a byproduct. Yikes! I wonder if that is true of all Negative Ion machines. And Michael Entity rocks!
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    Thank you Anna Elisa. It is such a treat to hear someone make those sounds with their voice, and you make them with such ease and pleasure. It is a privelege to hear someone sing with such care, mastery and beauty and passion. I will be listening to more of your songs.
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    Thank You Anna Elisa very beautiful.
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    Very nice! I've played the Vier Letzte Lieder a number of times (in the orchestra), and though I love piano, I do miss the beautiful horn solo at the end😉
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    You have a beautiful voice!
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    Do you equate this with healing? Is this a way to make something whole that can be understood in the context of 'collecting the fragments' of oneself @Troy? Is that what inspired you? I totally resonate with the beauty of the repaired object as beautiful, but 'being proud of my scars' does not quite get there for me. Creating beauty, appreciating beauty, seeing the beauty in myself, scars and all, seems more to the point. And I find that inspiring too.
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    I just finished the show -- I thought it was incredibly deep and thought-provoking. What struck me the most was this current of intimacy that runs between the characters -- it felt so familiar, like the intimacy I have with some of my closest friends and those who were at the TLE gathering. I loved that the four boys and teacher were each a "type" that would've been shallow and stereotypical in other films and shows, but their stories and struggles were explored and they were these complex and real people that chose to be vulnerable with each other. I read some interviews with Brit Marling (I get the same sort of vulnerable, intimate thoughtfulness from her as from the show), and in one of them she explains why the story was set in a Mid-West suburb. I'm so impressed by her (and the show's) exploration of the spirit in the mundane and seeing beyond the obvious. This is a real Spiritualist film, and it taught me a lot about being comfortable with the unknown (which is difficult for someone with Stubbornness).
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    I love my salt lamp. And my toddler does, too, since she makes a point to lick it every time she follows me into my room. 😕
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    I have always been wondering about the salt lamp and this finally put it at rest Thanks for sharing @Troy I do agree with @Nadine though, the lamps are really pretty and comforting, I love the hue, it's very Hygge in my opinion
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    I've always been a freelancer, so I've subbed/played in several orchestras. At the moment I don't play that much anymore due to other work, but there are two ensembles I'm still a member of. I play baroque and modern violin. As I understand Strauss originally composed the songs separately, and only after his death they were bundled and published together.
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    Thanks, @Oscar! Wow, which orchestra do you play in? And what instrument? And YES, that horn solo is hauntingly beautiful! Ever since I heard Vier Letzte Lieder for the first time, I've had such a huge respect for them that I didn't dare to sing them, and the same goes for my friend Beatrice who is playing the piano here. Then one day we were like "Just do it". 🙂 We cried the first time we went through the songs and through the tears laughed at Herr Strauss' capacity to really torment us with the painfully beautiful harmonies and dissonances. It feels like he makes me a better person with each bar...
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    I played this for my BF @Bobby Keating and he was enraptured the whole time. He knows his classical vocalist stuff and he said this was really great. Thank you for sharing this, @AnnaElisa!! You rock!
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    You're very talented, Anna Elisa. Thank you.
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    The commentary in the film addresses the absurdity of *buying* animals as "pets," but it's not talking about adopting and rescuing animals and then having to feed them the diet that is natural to them. The whole idea of breeding and buying animals is a part of the problem of systemic animal slavery and exploitation. If someone bought their animal, they still have to feed them the diet that is natural to them, but the point is that this beautiful creature was forced into existence as a *product* and then sold, and then that requires cruel and unethical practices to produce other products that perpetuate the cycle of animal exploitation, suffering, and slavery. All so someone could have something to "pet." For those who help give sanctuary to animals who are victims of neglect, abuse, and irresponsibility of Humans, there is no ethical question about what to feed an animal. There is a big difference between "pet owners" and "animal caretakers" in terms of their positive or harmful effects on animals as a whole. If someone is a "pet owner" they still need to feed their "pet," but the hope is that they will stop perpetuating animal slavery by never buying an animal as a product again. Take care of the animals we love, but let's stop the cycle of breeding animals as commodities.
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    MikeClev asked about Bob Lazar and posted it a while back (I'm not sure of the date or format.): [MikeClev] I would like to ask next about the story of Bob Lazar. He claimed to have worked in the 1980s at a top secret facility he called S4, near Area 51 in the Nevada desert, his work allegedly involved studying one of nine ET craft and technology in a hangar dug into a mountainside. He claims to have seen documents explaining the origin of the craft. He describes an antigravity propulsion system in some detail. Which parts of his story are true, if any? [MEntity] The Scholar in question appears to have some validity to his story in terms of what he was informed about, but most was not experienced in-person. His tales are a mix of embellishment, misinformation, and some facts. The parts that appear to be true are a mix of some documentation regarding the crafts, speculation for how they work, and some details of location, but most of this was informed to him, and not directly experienced.
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    @Ladislaus (formerly Lad the Hun) and @AnnaElisa What a JOY to listen to you both !!! Brand New Day for us all !!! Thankx
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    Beautiful voice! Thanks for sharing!
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    Well, Caring is the responsibility of Old Souls. While I don't find Bjork's music very appealing/catchy, I do find it intriguing. Her message in this song seems to be about exposing your broken heart and resolve, so that healing may come forth. And that healing is a form of caring for yourself by realizing the truth of your pain, and caring for others by extending that care. The graphics are gorgeous, and it reminds me that Imagination truly is the Old Soul's playground!
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    One of my fav songs!
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    Sarah, I can't enlighten you at all on (trying but not quite there as a vegan, but definitely as a vegetarian), being a wannabe vegan who adopted cats. Apparently cats are obligate carnivores. I buy my two cats their food which is mass produced meat and fish entrails, plus dry biscuit stuff. I have also shared with my cat, vegan hotdogs which he likes.... go figure. I just like cats more than dogs. Though i love dogs too, to the point of wanting to adopt a shelter dog, or an unwanted dog. i also live on a property with sufficient land around it, I adopted two cats when I bought my house. The two cats hated each other, they hadn't grown up together and kept ambushing and attacking each other. Yvonne and I decided to move into Yvonnes house together, I took one cat, my Norwegian Forest cat Zion, and my Mum and Dad (Mum loves cats and hasn't looked after a cat since her last cat had to be put down due to cancer making the cats life insufferable) look after my black cat Pedro. I pay for both cats medical and food expenses, but they each have their territory and cuddles and company. It thankfully has worked out for the good of the cats, Yvonne and I, and my Mum and Dad. I cannot imagine living without land to garden on and escape into, or not having animals to care for, so having animals outside and inside is always included in my plans and budget. Luckily both cats get to have inside and outside lives where they can hang out, hunt, fight with the other neighbours cats (yes there has been many a veterinary visit caused by vicious cat fighting injuries) and let loose their energetic running craziness. One of my cats shows off when i turn up to visit my Mum and Dad (it is the black cat that my Mum and Dad look after and care for) by running across the grass at full sprint, and then running the length up a long tall tree trunk! I love it! You can see his happiness and joy that I have turned up to visit him. It is a beautiful thing to witness. Having to sort out cat fights is much less beautiful, but is part of the shit that is real when having outdoors animals is a thing.
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    Thanks for a separate thread on this, Troy. I always loved the British sense of subtle sarcasm. I watched this very well made film yesterday (also cried a couple of times) and it raised a question to which I can't think of a good answer: what do you feed your pets if you're a vegan, and what's the logic there? A cat, for example, as I think you have one, Troy? The entire pet issue is interesting, anyway, but if you already have a pet, you're not going to let it starve to death instead of feeding him animal products, are you. On a side note, I notice my mother's cat has taken a preference to me ever since I went strict vegetarian :) Or is it that I simply notice him more, react more and empathize more? Not sure, but it's sweet.
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    "Is it only me that wants peace, not conflict?" @Mike Cleverly, you are not alone in this. A couple of years ago (2014 perhaps?) I suddenly felt I can no longer stand being so close to the defense sector as I was through my marriage. Wasn't the main reason for my divorce, but part of it, certainly. I'm still quite exhausted from the past 7-10 years of my life, which have been intensely emotional, but I try to do my part towards a more peaceful world. I open doors, smile to children and their tired parents, etc. I'm even getting a bit tired of sarcasm -- who knew that was possible!
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    Thank you so much for posting the lyrics, too!!
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    This music is really beautifull!!
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    After his dance of joy and freedom turns to a bloodbath by a mass shooter and then after his beating on the street that leaves his family fighting and forgetting him... comes the most painful part for me: the drowning out of our existence by the arguing and fighting among others over whether we have a right to exist at all. That punches me in the gut as I watch his face because that's exactly how you have to navigate it all. You just have to look straight ahead and stay strong. This isn't unique to the LGBTQIA+ community. So many from marginalized groups know this feeling.
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    Yes! Can't wait to delve into this whole other dimension! I think this long wait between seasons will be worth it - Brit and her team seem to put so much thought behind every detail. It's so great trying to find the meaning behind all of it. Such a moving and thought-provoking show 👏
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    Thank you @Troy for the video, and Thank you @Maureen for that wonderful Michael session! I love how you find these relevant sessions so readily! 🙂
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    I loved your session @Maureen thank you very much for sharing it
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    @AnnaElisa and @Ladislaus (formerly Lad the Hun) Amazing work! I enjoyed listening to your music very much.
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    Wow! Amazing! And the echoes in that space-sublime!
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    @AnnaElisa, I enjoy singing (I have learned a little bit of classical this lifetime, and @Martha and I were castrati in one lifetime and we knew of each other), and I enjoy hearing someone who knows how to sing, sing with truth and their own "throat/anatomy/phrasing". I love the individuality of the expression of singing, it is a combination of technical mastery of forming those sounds with strength, proficiency and expression that I listen for. It really connects me to my essence and I can tell that you get the same essence connection. I am learning baritone ukulele which I enjoy and I play in a band.
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    I didn't know RZA is a vegan! Cool dude! Wu-Tang Clan ain't nuthing ta fuck wit ?
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    @Uma As far as "damage" whether intended or not, I loved this metaphor from the movie "Doubt" :)
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    金継ぎ (golden joinery) is aligned with principles of wabi-sabi (侘寂) @Joe, the script reminds me of the Tai language.?
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    Thanks for posting this, Troy. I really like this song. Such a profound message to try and keep in mind.
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    Thank you, Troy. That's what I thought, too, was just wondering if I'm missing something when thinking about this. As long as humans are eating meat, there'll be no shortage of pet food, either... I'm considering adopting a shelter cat in the future. I recently talked to a relative who has (bought, for a considerable amount of money she's not exactly swimming in) two pugs and I said I'm puzzled why people thought it was a good idea to breed creatures hardwired to have breathing (and other!) issues. She sincerely replied that she likes having them around so she can feel good about herself as a caring person -- when she witnesses the dogs snoring and generally making sounds like they're dying. It had never occurred to me to consider this aspect, and I don't approve of it, but it's... interesting, in a disturbing way. Watching my parents' Dachshund missing a pair legs in the middle in old age didn't make me feel good about myself, or humanity, at all.
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    Thank you @estoy! I absolutely needed that. ?
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    I found Hap's character interesting. He was kind of living vicariously through OA and the rest of the lab rats experiences of death. God the episode when the cop busts Hap in Hap's home was high suspense. The relationship between OA and Homer. Mike who was revived by the 5movements. I went on to the writer/actress and her co writer's twitter feed and said please create another season. I wanted to but didn't, direct them here to TLE. I didn't direct them here because it is a public message and any old trump voting oxygen thief could read it. So I instead cryptically intoned, the Journey of your Soul. I also said that this show has a massive audience with my community and I left it at that. Doing Gods work etc.
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