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    While I don’t feel I need more validation that I’m a server, i find that each paragraph in the server section accurately describes me. The info about “the right thing” resonating now. No wonder I don’t “feel tethered to meaningful existence.” Dang, childhood is important!
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    I have personally met one of the attorneys in the SDNY involved with the case that caused the trump organization to shut down and I can say with great confidence that there is some fierce fire there.
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    Oh yes, and some of them started with Mueller. The entire Michael Cohen affair, for example, was referred by Mueller to SDNY, who executed the famous April Raid (which took place on the anniversary of Robert E. Lee's surrender at Appomattox, funnily enough). Mueller's investigation had a comparatively narrow scope. He was mandated specifically to investigate possible collusion with Russia to interfere with the 2016 Election, as well as the possibility of obstruction of justice pertaining to the firing of James Comey, which is notoriously difficult to prove "beyond all reasonable doubt". Mueller made a habit of referring his findings to federal prosecutors in SDNY when he found something outside his purview. I've never really expected Trump to get in trouble for anything Russia related, but I do see him going down in flames for a lifetime of financial crimes. Mueller was not appointed to investigate the President's financial history, but SDNY has no such restrictions, nor does New York's State Attorney General, who has already subpoenaed many of the President's financial records from Deutsche Bank. The investigation by the New York Attorney General's office is just as juicy - the New York AG is the reason why the Trump Organization is closing, and any charges they bring cannot be pardoned away by Trump or Pence. In the State of the Planet event back in January, Michael described a 78% probability in favor of the Trump inner circle facing indictment, but they did NOT say Mueller would bring the charges, nor did they say the charges would be federal-level charges, nor did they say those indictments would occur before 2020.
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    ENERGY REPORT March 2019 2019 OVERLEAVES ROLE: Artisan (emphasized all year) CENTER: Moving (emphasized all year) GOAL: Flow → Acceptance/Discrimination (emphasized Jan - Mar) MODE: Observation → Passion/Reserve (emphasized Apr - Jun) ATTITUDE: Realist (emphasized Jul - Sep) CHIEF FEATURES: Self-Destruction (emphasized Oct - Dec) MARCH arrives with a short burst of chaotic and frenetic energy and then rather quietly settles down for most of our students and carries with the days a fairly steady tone of improved mood and energy over the month. We see most of our students finding a Flow that works for them and moving out of Inertia and into a more sustained state of Freedom, the Positive Pole of Flow. This would likely carry out through the rest of the year, so it will be helpful to remember that any chaos or frenetic bursts or derailments can be helped by looking at how better to Flow with anything that seems overwhelming. Keep in mind that navigating forces greater than you is not the same thing as agreeing with or liking those forces. Flow is about owning whatever force is your own and focusing on that rather than relinquishing all choice and control and giving up or giving in. The “hurry up and wait” energy may still come and go over March, but we think it may be less agitating. Some of the relief and calm that many of our students are beginning to experience, or at least feeling that it is within reach, is because Flow is sliding to Acceptance for most of our Students and Flow is sliding to Discrimination for most world events. Students are not only starting to accept and adapt to the flow of the year and settling into what works best for them, but they are also seeing some justice and accountability and revelation happening on a larger scale. This frees up a great deal of energy that has been locked in worry and anguish over world events and lets them focus on more personal and local concerns of well-being. It helps that Observation Mode is coming into focus over April through June. This year is unique in that there will likely be a very brief dip into Surveillance, the Negative Pole, but most are shifting quickly into Clarity over April. We will discuss this more for April’s report. For those students who may feel no resonance to this slow but steady move into a more calm and focused state, you would want to look first at your Moving Center and what it needs as a means of balance. What you need is likely some form of increased movement or stillness. If you find yourself panicking, constantly rushing, agitated, fidgeting, restless, etc, you likely need more directed movement. Try putting on music that you love and moving gracefully in some way to this music. Let your body interpret the sounds in movement and get your energy moving in a way that is lovely and elegant. If a dance with yourself is not appealing to you, then a nice walk can help. We do not mean a rushed walk that you squeeze in and then use that to add more worry to your day. We mean take a walk. Let it be a gift of moments that you have a right to claim and own your right to enjoy it. If you find yourself lethargic and distant, lost and even depressed, we suggest that you may require more directed stillness. Sit up, sit straight, hold your arms out in front of you with one palm up and the other palm down. Move your arms and hands as you feel the intuition to do so as if you are manipulating invisible energy. Create graceful moves or geometric shapes that feel right. Imagine that you are packaging your energy in these movements and shapes and setting the packages down around you on the ground/floor. Move your hands across your body in ways that you can imagine picking up energy to package, then magically package it in a pleasant shape, and set it down. As you do this, breathe, breathe gently and let any tears come that may suddenly rise. Let yourself sense a stillness and calm within you that is not oppressive, but lighter and kinder. Leave your packages on the ground as energetic art and go about your day with a bit more light and settled energy. Neither practice above is magical or miraculous or a quick fix. They are practices in connecting to yourself and using your tools and environment to bring YOU back into focus and presence. Nearly all instances of such frenetic, frustrating and panicked states come from removing yourself from the equation of your participation in your life. Nearly all instances of such lethargic, distant, lost and depressed states come from removing yourself from the equation of participation in your life. These practices above help you to engage again and in playful enough ways that it helps remind you that you are alive and have a right to be a part of your life. DATES OF INTEREST (dates are approximate): March 1st - 5th -- NEXUS -- DIVERGENCE - Parallel branches with more interest in “worst-case” scenarios have branched off for their own exploration, leaving “this” parallel with some relief. March 28th - 30th -- Energy Shift -- ENTHUSIASM/OPTIMISM - A burst of enthusiastic and curious and optimistic energy looks to be generating among the masses in a way that might reach many of our students. HELPFUL THOUGHTS OVER MARCH: BE YOUR OWN PRESENT - You are the meeting ground of time and space and consciousness that creates your interpretation and experience of reality. You are the reason you are here. You are the reason you live and love and walk and breathe. Getting angry, upset, feeling lonely, depressed, confused, agitated, frustrated, sad, etc. do not erase you or reduce you. You are still here. If you feel less and less a part of the reality you live, it may be because you forgot that you are the gift you came to be. This is not a string of pointless words to console or distract you. It is simply true. You would be someone else if you were someone else, but you are you and that is who you came to live for and through. Bring yourself back to the present and allow yourself to be the present, both in terms of being a gift and in terms of owning your right to be a part of the equation that shapes your reality.
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    On a personal note, I just hit a brash crash into my -Poles again recently. I'm suddenly feeling very frustrated, agitated and lethargic again with the notion that "I just have to get through the day". Demands are pressing on me, I'm definitely dealing with info glut and my body's digestion (and thus gut flora) hasn't improved much. This is mostly just about my personal issues in life this time, but world events and looming potentials are complicating it for sure... I'm trying my best to float above it and be beyond the pressures but I'm feeling desperately in need of another self-collapse and grieving period...
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    I hesitate a little to post this becaue maybe it's not so interesting, but I read an article in norwegian and used google for translation and will share it below. I highlighted in red what stood out to me. I'm not into stocks, markets, or any of this, I mean I don't know anything about it, but my intuition and curiosity can sometimes go in all directions. I don't know what all this means because I don't educate myself on such, but I can pick up on fluctuations and signs and patterns when reading a little piece here and there. This below is something I've actually been waiting for or even expecting for a while.... but then things change all the time and the future is not set in stone Global growth fear sends the Asia stock exchanges lower Wretched economic statistics from Europe have put a shock on investors at the Asian stock exchanges. The fear of a global recession has increased. The week starts with a broad stock market fall in Asia. Almost all the shares included in the Nikkei 225 index at the Tokyo stock exchange fell as trading started on Monday. After a couple of hours of trading, the key index had fallen by over three percent. The trend has been the same at the stock exchanges in Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore and Sydney. - Alarming characters For the first time since before the financial crisis in the US over ten years ago, the so-called yield curve is negative. This is the difference between the interest rates on US government bonds with short and long maturities. When there is optimism in the market, long-term interest rates are higher. Last week, this turned around. Government bonds with a three-month maturity yielded a higher interest rate than those with ten-year maturity. The difference between short-term government interest rates of two years and long was at the lowest on Friday. Last time this happened in 2007. The Asian stock exchanges fall For the first time since before the financial crisis in the US over ten years ago, the yield curve was negative on Friday. Government bonds with short maturities yielded a higher interest rate than those with ten-year maturities. This has been a warning of recession in the US over the past 50 years. Country (key index) Change (percent) Japan (Nikkei 225) -3.2 Philippines (SE Composite) -2.4 Hong Kong (Hang Seng Index) -1.8 South Korea (Kospi Composite Index) -1.7 Taiwan (TSEC Weighted Index) -1.4 Singapore (Straits Times Index) -1.4 Australia (All Ordinaries) -1.2 Indonesia (Composite Index) -1.2 China (Shanghai SE Composite) -1.0 Malaysia (FTSE Bursa KLCI) -0.9 Thailand (SET Index) -0.7 India (BSE Sensex) 0.0 Updated March 25, 2019 at. 4:30 Many economists think this is a typical recession signal. This yield curve has been negative before every US recession over the last 50 years in the United States. Stock prices fell on the US stock exchanges on Friday. The decline has continued in Asia. There is fear that a new American recession is approaching - probably in 2020. This may spread to other parts of the world. "We prefer to compare the interest rates on government securities of two and ten years to predict a US recession. The evolution of the 10-year-old is a ominous sign," the Commonwealth of Australia writes in the morning report on Monday. The US central bank did not touch the interest rate last week. The interest rate path was changed. Three months ago, two new interest rate increases were expected this year. No one believes in that. "At this stage, we are not expecting an American recession. We have concluded that Fed's austerity measures are against now,” the bank writes. - Increased turmoil Analysts fear increased market turmoil. "I'm starting to worry that the US may be facing a more serious downturn next year." The markets will be volatile for the most part this year. I want to sell when it strengthens, but I do not want to buy much on a weakening, says chief economist Erik Nielsen at UniCredit Bank in London to Bloomberg. The yield on US government securities with a 10-year maturity fell mostly since May last year last Friday. Japanese government securities with similar maturities are minus 0.087 per cent. "The markets will worry about growth prospects. Production statistics from larger economies are weak. On top of this comes the ongoing trade negotiations between the United States and China, "analysts from ING write. The PMI index for the German industry fell Friday to 44.7, against expected 48. This is based on a survey among purchasing managers, and is closely followed by the economists. The indicator has shown good ability to catch up early in the economy. An index below 50 shows decreasing activity.
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    No, this definitely feels like an interlude. Aren't there still pretty big investigations happening through the SDNY? That office does not play. But damn this is all so fucking exhausting. It never ends. We just slog through this shit, with these fascist monsters grinning at us from the top of the hierarchy all the time. I hate it.
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    I am also kind of numb and disheartened about the Barr report (I'm calling it the Barr report because that's all we've heard so far--his interpretation of it). I take some comfort in the fact that Mercury (the planet of communication) is still retrograde and is conjunct Neptune (planet of illusion) in Pisces. This means nothing is as it seems. Mercury goes direct at the end of the week and doesn't fully come out of the shadow phase of the retrograde until April. We will know more in April.
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    I was quite amused to read this. Literally just moments before I opened this Energy Report to read it, I had been listening to some music that had a waltz rhythm and waltzing around the room. And it did indeed calm my restlessness and loosen some tension I had been trying to find a way to relieve.
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    Thank you Troy/Michael. This past few days I have been feeling a mix of depression, anxiety, anger, and overwhelm. My life is not that difficult but the feelings were there nonetheless. This report resonates and is helpful. "If a dance with yourself is not appealing to you, then a nice walk can help. We do not mean a rushed walk that you squeeze in and then use that to add more worry to your day. We mean take a walk. Let it be a gift of moments that you have a right to claim and own your right to enjoy it." My daily walks were originally intended to be a gift to add to my days and also to keep the moving center engaged but lately it seems to be yet another thing I seem to be imposing on myself rather than something to enjoy and add energy into my days. This was a good reminder. That last part of "Be your own present" was beautifully written. It brought in some tears.
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    The senate votes on the veto override Tuesday Trump-associate / business partner Felix Sater is testifying publicly before the Intelligence Committee on Wed, and privately before the Judiciary Committee on Thursday. The "Barr Report" summary SUCKS!!!!! Yet Trump always did have a nasty habit of acting the most smug and confident right before things completely blew up in his face. It's definitely going to be one of "those" weeks...but this isn't over yet. Not by a long shot.
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    I had a foreboding dream where I was someplace in a small town or rural area, maybe in upstate New York but I'm not sure, and there were aircraft going overhead every couple of minutes, disrupting our conversations. First small ones, then one that seemed to be a drone, then a massive military airship, black and gigantic. I had a terrible feeling in the dream that the US was about to make a terrible military mistake that was going to spill over onto our shores. Then I dreamed about my daughter and a kitten, among other things, so it is highly likely that my foreboding dream was about personal anxieties, of which I have many. But ugh. Then I woke to the news that the great singer Scott Walker has died. I have a feeling this is going to be a contentious week in American government.
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    Yeah I’m numb at this point. I have to try really hard to remember that this is all spin right now. We are being gaslighted. Still... I’m numb for now.
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    If this Enthusiasm/Optimism Energy Shift happens by the end of the week, it will be because dramatic events are going to occur in US in the next few days. I am feeling the opposite of Enthusiasm and Optimism right now. The "Mueller Report" is finally released, to Trump's allies only, and they are spinning it as a vindication for the President. I know this is not the end of the story but it feels so deflating at the moment.
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    Today at School I participated in a class argument about whether Global Citizenship is a positive, negative or neutral/complex thing. We were assigned groups to discuss and debate based on these perceptions and I was assigned the Global Citizenship is a good thing group. I participated to the best of my ability in the group with very little chief feature influence (these days I rarely react to even the most vulnerable and embarassing situations I find myself in, I no longer feel as defined by fears and threats). Some points I brought up were how Global Citizenship breeds transparency, grows awareness, seeks to include everyone, brings out more ideas from negotiation and group discussion, ideas lead to solutions and help us see more problems and faults we can solve, provides a set of global goals that unify everyone, provides more access, how having access helps us contribute to the world more and boosts our education/learning system etc. In the end the neutral/complex group was voted on by students who were put into a sideline/observation group as the most convincing, while the negative group was seen as having the most external view, and our positive group was seen as being the most personal, involving and from the heart. We were suggested to provide more claims for our points using such things as non-profit organizations, people and Indigenous/Eastern perceptions alongside our Western ones. We have to write our next paper on this topic so all of this was very useful for me. I got to talk with some other students about a Resource-based Economy, Universal Basic Income and Technology as an addition to our life rather than a distraction or destructive addiction. Even if the others didn't totally get what I was talking about, they were interested and I felt good for contributing and participating my insights without being in constant conflict. (This brings the number of people I've talked about RBE with to about 40 in 5 months!) On my way back from school I suddenly felt extremely sad and didn't get why considering I felt pretty accomplished today. It took me a bit until I finally got that the reason I still felt sad and frustrated is that I am expecting signs of progress to come too fast, and I just deeply care about these issues. I realized that I am sad that we are all in this together, not in the sense that I don't want us to be, but that all of our social and global issues affect all of us and we all have to be a part of the solution. Like, we are all hurting and harmed and suffering from this debt-based system and facing that means facing all of the feelings and excuses and rationale about it. There's suddenly been a huge leap in my Compassion these last few years and there's no way I can do everything I want to do to help but at least I can do something. One person in class today brought up the benefit of Thinking Globally, but Acting Locally so that we don't get so caught up in these huge power structures of nations, corporations and governments that confuse and consume us. That way we bring our participation down to Earth first and just act when and how and where we can based on what we know. I would of course agree with that.
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    Thank you so much Michael and Troy for bringing the good news! I'm definitely resonating with this dynamic now in March. Last month, I was just exasperated, frustrated, and impatient. This month has brought with it a sense of opportunity and pending abundance for me. I still feel anxious, maybe even a bit more so, but it's an anxious excitement as opposed to frustration and dread. I'm also accepting the reality that I've found myself in and using active meditation and energy work to change it for the betterment of all concerned. I even noticed that the cats are less hostile toward one another. Yaay! This is promising to be an awesome year for me--and boy am I ever ready!!!
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    I found this really helpful too. I have been feeling both very anxious and somewhat depressed and stuck. Admitting that I have any anxiety at all has been very hard for me to do, and I'm still in the early stages of exploring it, if that's even the word for what I'm doing. But I suddenly started crying while reading the second suggestion, for feeling depressed and lethargic. So clearly that's the one for me. I'm having a weird time. I moved my studio into my house, really for the first time since moving to Florida seven years ago, and it was a really good decision. I'm so happy in there, and so much more productive. But it's also made my life smaller. Some days I forget to go outside, and it's beautiful and warm here. Right now I'm in my backyard, because I forced myself to be. I sense that for me personally, the second half of 2019 might be better than the first. But who knows. It's been a slog but ok. It's been interesting to watch themes emerge; again, I mean personal ones. For me, those seem to be around Boundaries and Freedom. Last year I deliberately put myself in some situations where I dropped my boundaries completely, and while I got a lot out of it, it was also painful and has left me with some burn marks. The Freedom is something I'm searching for a path to, trying to deal with some attachments I'd rather not have anymore. It's all so fucking slow. I agree that the 2018 midterms felt like a definitive fork in the road collectively, here! I'm relieved to hear that the "worst case" parallels aren't "here". Wonder what those are. Also there's a daytime owl hooting next yard over and the orange blossoms are out so I'm glad I stepped outside.
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    Diane, weirdly enough, I couldn't fit myself in one of those descriptions either. I somehow manage to cover both, too. I danced a bit yesterday and then meditated and felt much better afterwards. I guess I need to keep doing this though for long term effects. I'll try some walking meditation on the weekend, too.
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    I just realized that China's rejection of foreign recyclables fits into this sliding to Discrimination in the world at large. I see this as a good thing to get people really thinking about solutions for our waste stream instead of just dumping it on another country.
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    I love the Exercise suggestions! Just what I need!
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    Wow, I think this is spot on. In the past two weeks I've both been lethargic/depressed for no reason AND somewhat anxious, so I did both exercises. I think they really helped. I've had trouble focusing on work/wanting to work, and I think this always happens when I start to think I have to be something other than me. Everything is done for the business rather than for me, and tasks become things I "have to" do rather than things I want to do. It's subtle but makes a big difference when I remember to include myself.
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    Thank you Troy and Michael, LOVE these reports!
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    EDITED/FIXED! Thanks for the heads up! A great example of that 80% clear channeling on the best of days! lol
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    Same here, Jeroen. After my complete crash in December/January I thought I had made it out of the woods, but then around last thursday, after the Nexus, I suddenly felt desperate, anxious, frustrated and depressed again. I grieved and I cried a lot during the weekend. I didn't have any apparent reason for it, but like you said, the feelings were there nonetheless. I'm trying to stay focused on whatever good choices I'm making for myself. And I feel like I'm lighting up again. But yeah, it sucked.
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    Thank you Michael and Troy...these reports are so comforting and encouraging Loved the energetic art! :- )
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    So validating, thank you Troy! I have been suuuuper frenetic as I've been flooded with all these ideas and plans for something I'm working on. Music and dancing has been helping a lot. Haha, my blog post about songs that define me is actually a result of me trying to calm my mind down and using music and dancing to do it! Spot on as always. The point about the world at large moving towards Discrimination is so true. We see it with what's going on with MJ (Drake pulled his song featuring him from his upcoming tour). Also, on a much more niche scale. A couple of days ago there was a huge upset on Black Twitter. There's a white "influencer" and party promoter who is a very controversial figure within the culture. She went on a podcast and threw very pointed shots at two prominent Black women also within the industry, insinuating that they were at fault for the backlash she's received for making racist comments. She was mad at them for saying that she doesn't "deserve" her prominent success within hip hop media. Much like her popularity, which is universally understood to be a result of white privilege, I pretty much expected Black men who idolize white girls with big butts to rally around and protect her from criticism (like always). Instead, I witnessed the tide shift completely with Black men and women alike holding support and encouragement for the Black women she talked down on. It was truly wild to see black men rally around these women in a way that is usually so rare, especially when attractive white women enter the conversation. It was nice. And the funny part was, now relieved of my duty to protect the Black women, call out the Black men, drag the white girls who were talking shit, I actually found myself feeling compassionate towards HER. Watching her be fed to the social media wolves, I found that I couldn't partake in the take-down. I actually felt bad that she was being sex-shamed. Normally I would have been in full-on Identification (Negative Pole of Passion), in my feelings, calling people out, disgusted, upset, betrayed as I have so often been in these kinds of conversations. Instead I was in Compassion (Positive Pole of Priest), able to take a more nuanced perspective of the situation. Able to relate to the white girl, and had a more expansive conversation about Feminism in general (is it okay to say that ANY woman has "slept her way" to where she is? etc). Seeing Black men step up and draw a line in the sand and remind this girl that the women she was hating on had put in two decades of work and are actually black and thus connected to hip hop in a way she will never be and can never understand allowed me to see her perspective as well because I wasn't preoccupied with attacking her to defend said culture. Michael has said that the Priest connected to Essence knows that there are many Trruths. Being able to see her Truth, validate it, respect it, even if I didn't agree with it was so awesome!
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