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    Some lovely synchronicity happened on Friday, although not to me. I was a witness. I gave a tour of Old City Philadelphia, where the United States was born, to a family of people from Florida. As we headed inside Congress Hall, (meeting place of Congress during the 1790s, where the Bill of Rights was ratified) the family encountered some of their in-laws from South Carolina, who just so happened to be visiting Philly at the same time. Neither family-unit had seen each other in years, nor had they known of each other's Philly plans. It was a complete 'accident', running into them. Originally, the family had wanted to go inside the Pennsylvania State House (otherwise known as Independence Hall, the BUILDING where the United States was born), but tickets were already gone, so I made the decision to take them to Congress Hall instead, and if I'd chosen to bring them at a different time during the tour, or if I'd chosen a different historic site to explore, the meeting would not have happened. Later in the tour, as I showed my group Franklin Court (where Ben Franklin lived towards the end of his life), they encountered ANOTHER family they knew. This time, it was the family of a former elementary school classmate of one of the members of my tour group. Just like last time, the two families had not seen each other in years, and had no idea they'd decided to visit Philly at the same time.
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    This is one of the few energy reports that seem to apply to me. I did "hit a wall" at the end of last month, and things got so much better afterwards because I decided to take charge of them once and for all. It did feel like I was giving myself permission to use my power, which I had been so scared of for the past three years. I also had a moment of synchronicity when I wrote to my uncle in Ohio on the same day that he was to return home from a long trip to Chicago. He'd mentioned the date in his previous email, and coincidentally, I was writing back to him on the same date. Then something horrible happened last Friday. A friend of mine from my college days in Mumbai hung himself in a reading room at his university. I've been numb for two days, and it's all hitting me at once now. The only good thing to come out of this is all the calls and messages I've received from friends I hadn't spoken to in years, all the promises we've now made to stay in touch and be there for one another so something like this doesn't happen again. Strangely enough, though I can't tell up from down at the moment, I no longer feel as I have been these past few years--that I'm being thrown into a chaotic simulation where I don't know who I am, much less what I can do. I'm taking this one day at a time. I'm staying in Flow, which I'm told is good for people with a Goal of Growth to do once in a while. And I'm realising that Flow-ing in the Positive Pole is so, so different than stewing in depression in the Negative Pole. I think we can all sense that something big is coming. Whether this is the IS or the fall of capitalism or an alien invasion (or all three), I'm choosing to keep up hope that it will change things for the better. Hang in there, TLE people. Soon, it will be time to craft some shit.
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    My experience this past week has been a breath of fresh air. Not like a giant rush of it. More like opening a window for the first time after winter ends and remembering what fresh air smells like. This is purely metaphorical for me because where I live it's been summer weather for months but anyway. After the decision I made to try to consciously lighten my energy, I got a boost of creative energy in every area of my life. And a few days ago, not unrelated, I realized that it's time to start thinking about relocating again. It's too early to say much, though I do have a lot to say. Briefly, time to get out of Florida, take my little girl back to the Northeast, for so many reasons. Political, reproductive, environmental, familial, personal (I don't want to get old far away from my best friend and cadence mate, among other things). But right now it's in the realm of thought. I know something cool will manifest from it and I'm surprised, too. Meanwhile the political situation is ever more dystopian.
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    That's interesting! I know someone named Patricia, although we aren't close. On two separate occasions, I've also stopped my apartment from burning down by noticing and extinguishing a smoldering trashcan before it turned into a full-blown fire. I haven't been remembering many of my dreams either, but a couple nights ago I did remember a dream in which several TLE members appeared. It took place within a hotel skyscraper. I stepped into an elevator with NickG, and the elevator whisked us up to the 45th floor so quickly that by the time we arrived, I had collapsed quivering onto the elevator floor. I picked myself up and stepped out of the elevator. Several TLE members were present on the 45th floor, including Sharvari, who was working on a box-like object which seemed to translate music into shifting hues of color. Although her box did not catch fire like mine, some of the colors were still a little 'scrambled', which meant there was more work to be done. I then encountered Maureen, and I told her that I had a crush on someone and that I needed help, and it was at that point that I woke up.
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    In my dream, I moved into a new home with a somewhat of an unusual layout. At the center of the home was a large room that resembled a cafeteria or a break room. There was a hallway around that room which connected to other small rooms that surrounded it. Each room had a wide 2" u-pipe up near the ceiling with water in it. In the pipe, was a water hose that connected to other rooms. I turned on a water pump and then the water began to flow through this tube and through each pipe located in each room. The water flowed from one room to another. As the water flowed, it appeared to be filtered along the way. While looking at one of the pipes, I somehow had gotten algae in there but the algae appeared to gradually disappear as part of this filtration process. There was another room that looked like a science lab with a workbench in it. As I was exploring my new home, I came across a cat who was sleeping on a shelf that I ran across while walking in the hallway. I ran my hand across his body. He had thick long gray hair and looked very healthy. As I did this, I noticed a small mouse who was eating food nearby. Suddenly, many more cats arrived and the one I touched woke up. There were perhaps 5-7 cats sitting next to one another in a row on a shelf. They were looking at me. On a shelf below them, I saw the mouse again who appeared content.
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    Dreams have been VERY scarce over the last few months so remembering this one seemed significant. @Connor - Not really sure what you're up to Astrally speaking but you've shown up twice now in very recent dreams. Last night's was most bizarre. I was in your room and there was this box thingamajig that was sort of like some weird tommyknockers experiment when I noticed smoke coming from it and even a small flame had ignited. I brought it to your attention and you grabbed it and threw it out the window. Your room was on a 2nd or 3rd story maybe. When I looked out the window to see where it landed, I noticed you had hit my truck with it. (I don't have a truck anymore IRL) There must have been something like a cylinder tank in the box so it had some weight because the damage done to the truck put a big dent/hole in the roof and crack a window. Someone who knew you who lived down the street came forward and yelled to you "Patricia!!!" as if to say "what are you doing???" LOL <shrugs> Dreams are weird
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    @Tincha, it's more the depth of meditation than position, since I can meditate in a less deep trance state for various lengths of time with none of these side-effects. The best I can liken it to is what Michael said about Mindful and Mindless meditation in the Transcending the Ego MMW. "[W]e dare describe what we suggest as Mindless Meditation. What is often considered 'mindful' is simply more to think about. What we speak of is reducing thought to a singular focus that is not concerned with meaning or 'mindfulness,' but the very simple state of existence." Getting to that state of existence, or what they also call a state of no-thought, is when these side effects happen. And @Stickyflames, that sounds pretty much like what you're describing, too, since they said another way to transcend the Ego is through psychedelics and their effective dismantling of Ego for a period of time, though I've never experienced that. I can relate to re-grounding a sense of Self, though. When I've managed to stay awake, I also found I'm drawn to the most mundane things afterwards, as if I need to remind myself that I'm on the Physical plane again. I think the desire for sleep just makes this transition easier. Thanks for sharing, @Jeroen. The idea of working with extremities as a way to work up to the more powerful chakras caught my attention. I think I'm starting to get the message to "slow the fuck down," which is not my preferred method of doing things.
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    June 17, 2007 Troy Tolley, Channel MICHAEL SPEAKS – E-mail Alternative Version In the beginning of June, we had a humpback mother whale and her baby swim up the Carquinez Strait (which I can see from my condo's balcony), into the Sacramento river, all the way to the Port of Sacramento. They were the only wild whales that received antibiotics for very bad injuries they received from possibly a keel of a sailboat. They got named Delta & Dawn. Are the Michaels able to find out how well they are doing now, if they are safe, well, and healthy? MEntity: It appears to us that the whales in question are doing well. Although there was disorientation involved to some degree, the main intent of the whales was for fun exploration of an area that has a reputation among whales as being mysterious, fantastic, and full of kind humans with the best interest of whales at heart. The wounds on the whale were sensed to be fairly fatal in the long run, due to infection, so while the “trip” was to be for fun and exploration, there was also the hope that the kind humans could help. Indeed, they did with the antibiotics, allowing for the whales to have validation of this potential among humans and the reports are spreading. We would not be surprised to find more whales exploring this same passage within the next 20 years. It is always assumed these creatures are lost, but it is often not the case. However, the same is assumed of your species while out on the open ocean. Why would you be there? It’s not your natural habitat or home. You must be lost. Often the interaction between whales and boats is from the same concern that humans have for whales in strange territories: they are hoping to redirect you home. Does brushing your skin with a boar bristle brush, brushing in the direction of your heart, really help the lymphatic system? MEntity: While it is not necessary to use the hairs of a dead animal as bristles, any medium-strength bristle brush (synthetic or otherwise) used to brush the skin is beneficial for the lymphatic system, the skin, and the blood. It is not necessary for the direction to be toward the heart, but this can add to the effect in a mental way that is valid as a ritual. I would like to know Michael's opinion on my problem of determining how far one needs to go to know that they are walking the walk rather than talking the talk. I want to live up to my beliefs, but it seems impossible to do 100%. How much is enough not to be a hypocrite? MEntity: “Beliefs” is a word that represents all the things that you presume to be possible or true, and seek to implement within your Being as foundations, but you do not have the experience or comprehension to turn those beliefs into knowledge. When you KNOW something, you implement it 100%. When you BELIEVE something, you may or may not implement the entirety of the belief. Older Souls in particular have a difficult time implementing beliefs until there is a sense of solid knowledge. Until you gain knowledge, all you have is a theory, not a truth. The lack of ability to implement a belief is not a matter of hypocrisy, but a matter of integrity that allows room for further investigation, experience, and eventually knowledge. Hypocrisy is only valid as a reference when one imposes beliefs upon others without doing the work of turning those personal beliefs into knowledge. It is called hypocrisy because there is always a discrepancy between the imposition and the behavior of the hypocrite, with the hypocrite using imposition as his or her way of avoiding knowledge, while enforcing false validation of his or her own beliefs. What is a transcendent soul (not the transcendental soul level)? My understanding is it is the same as what is called in India a Bodhisattva. MEntity: A Transcendental Soul is an Entity that takes on the task of incarnating within the Physical Plane as a means to help prepare for the manifestation of the Infinite Soul. The entire Entity does not incarnate, but one fragment from the Entity incarnates with full access to the entirety of the Entity's knowledge and experience. The fragment speaks and lives on behalf of the Entity. Although it could be said that there are parallels between the description of a bodhisattva and Transcendental Souls, Transcendental Souls are not resisting or avoiding any form of “enlightenment” as a means to remain physical. Most fragments or Entities or Cadres, by the time they reach what might be called a “state of enlightenment,” realize at that point that there is no “state of enlightenment,” as there is always more to learn, experience, and explore. Enlightenment is not a conclusive state. In addition to this difference between bodhisattva and Transcendental Souls, the Transcendental Soul is only concerned with INVITING fragments into a direction that is in alignment with the Logos that is to be brought to bear, but does not have a sense of compulsion to “save humanity.” In most cases of a “bodhisattva,” it is a single fragment who has egocentrically taken on this title as a means to exploit a position with a closed group, but certainly not as a benefit to humanity. We know of no fragment extant who uses the title or nickname of “Bodhi” to be without extreme indulgence in False Personality. In what time frame and location area were the most of us Michael students incarnate & interacting at the same time? MEntity: Nearly all of our students (approximately 100,000 of you) were incarnated within the areas known as The Nile River in Egypt and Mesopotamia between the years of 2500 and 1700 BCE before the invasion by the Hyksos, which ruined what we often refer to as one of our “Golden Ages” with our students. How best can we deal with others, when we find ourselves to be in opposition with their lifestyles and belief systems, to the point of some having physical and emotional pain over it? And, is ignoring their choices, to let them be who they are, somehow reflect that we are encouraging those choices by attending something that they are attached to? (We have been discussing certain celebrities, and the choices they make involving fundamental religions and cults.) MEntity: How one deals with one who is determined as being in opposition to one’s personal lifestyle and belief systems is a matter of choice and part of the experience of being Sentient. Soul Age plays a great part in how one deals with those who represent opposition to one's personal lifestyle and beliefs. Infant Souls would not have an inclination to be concerned with differences in lifestyles and beliefs, as they are more concerned with their own survival and superstitions; in fact, any oppositions would simply be seen as mythical forces representing demons of a sort that should be avoided at all costs. Baby Souls are the most violent and dominant against those in opposition to their lifestyles and beliefs, generally seeking any method possible to impose their own world over those around them. Young Souls are usually not concerned with whether others share in their beliefs and lifestyle, since they presume they are inherently “right” in how they view the world, anyway. They know “the truth” and there is a smug conclusiveness about their behavior, which in itself can be dominating and imposing. Mature Souls are very concerned about shared perceptions of reality and supporting those of which are beneficial to all. When there is a belief or lifestyle presented in the world that is in opposition to the benefit of all, this often creates a literal, physical pain within the Mature Soul. This pain comes from the personal history (within the life, or past lives) that knows the pain of oppression, rejection, and imposition. The process of taking stances against beliefs or lifestyles that are in opposition to the benefit of all is a process of healing one's own personal wounds, while increasing one's circle of compassion in a tangible way. Old Souls within your world at this time are still manifesting a great deal of the self through Mature Soul contexts, so you will find many Old Souls still working through Mature Soul stances, not only because many Old Souls are manifesting at the Mature Soul Age, but also because this helps the process of the Mature Soul world to take root permanently. Part of the point of being an Old Soul is in use of the ability to manifest from any previous Soul Age as a means to relate to all aspects of the world. The dominant energy in the world for most at this time is the Mature Soul context, so many Old Souls will find themselves still very passionate about issues in which they would otherwise find neutrality (not indifference, but neutrality). So in speaking about Old Souls, it makes sense to speak of them in terms of the Mature Soul at this time, which means that most will be contributing to any movement that is linked to the benefit of all. As long as the world is moving in the direction of Maturity, the active stance one takes on issues that inhibit compassion and freedom for all is quite important in terms of rooting Maturity in the world. No one is obligated to take a stance or to contribute to this rooting of Maturity, of course, but the contribution to this Maturity does accelerate for all, the more actively the species invests in those beliefs and lifestyles that benefit all. This stance is not a confusing issue for the Mature Soul, but for the Old Soul, it can be confusing as he or she stands in support of the lifestyles and beliefs that support the benefit of all, but still feels a sense of higher perspective that trusts that all lifestyles and beliefs are valid, even if destructive, and will eventually be of benefit to all, anyway. The Mature Soul still knows how important it is to invest in the betterment of life on the Physical Plane, while many Old Souls can often forget the importance of that, since they are “leaving soon,” anyway.
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    Like @CurvyWords- I also recommend Susannah Redelfs- not only for the meditations she has posted on her website, but also as a healer. I actually consider her my etheric doctor and have healing sessions with her and The Council regularly. We don't realize how nexuses, parallel mergers and energy shifts affect us physically- ESP any of us who are planetary or energetic healers ourselves. Every session, she asks if I have been "hit by a truck" recently. So it might be worth it to have a session with her- and find out why all this is happening to you when you meditate. Trust me- the Council can fix it.
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    ENERGY REPORT May 2019 2019 OVERLEAVES ROLE: Artisan (emphasized all year) CENTER: Moving (emphasized all year) GOAL: Flow → Acceptance/Discrimination (emphasized Jan - Mar) MODE: Observation → Passion/Reserve (emphasized Apr - Jun) ATTITUDE: Realist (emphasized Jul - Sep) CHIEF FEATURES: Self-Destruction (emphasized Oct - Dec) MAY arrives almost unexpectedly and with some surprise as the months of 2019 begin to “blur” together with little to nothing differentiating them. This is part of the effect of Flow in the Negative Pole. Until there is a “slide” into meaningful Acceptance or Discrimination on a collective level, this will continue to be the case and the sense of inevitability and point of no return will escalate. As the Mode of Observation continues to be emphasized, it may seem to many of our students that there is only a Negative Pole position of Surveillance in relation to events in the world. This is a position that feels as if one must simply watch from a distance the unfolding of events and have little to no effect on them. Because of the lack of collective Positive Pole navigation of the first few months of this year, many of our students may find that they turn their attention back to the details of their personal lives and focus on what can be done there. Many of our students are Observing their lives from the Positive Pole of Clarity and improving the Flow of their lives from the Positive Pole of Freedom as they increase Productivity (Moving Center) and Creativity (Artisan). Ironically, this is precisely what is needed for many to do as a way to contribute to a collective return of navigation through the Positive Poles. We think that most of our students are in a process of deep and personal reflection regarding their more immediate necessities and care and this is helping free up energy and power that can then be directed toward grander visions and projects. May has a strong energy of support for self-care, self-reflection, clarity, and calm recollection of yourself. Some of you may have felt a surge of intensity as if “hitting a wall” with your patience and flexibility. This is not a bad sign. For those who experienced this over the end of April and beginning of May, it is an experience that is reminding you of your limits and/or an unlocking of permission for your power. Many are in a state of inner conflict over how to navigate challenges in life and in the world that force them to behave in ways that are unnatural to them, such as “getting angry,” “drawing a line,” clarifying boundaries and redefining themselves in terms of ethical and compassionate choices and actions. We think that most of our students will have “that moment” over the next 30 to 90 days if they have not experienced it, yet. As you navigate May, enjoy your moments of calm and embrace your moments of power. DATES OF INTEREST (dates are approximate): May 4th -- Energy Shift -- GROUNDING - A shift toward calm, patience, and persistence that may prompt students to step back, pause, reconnect, realign, and focus on something that brings and shares joy. This shift may carry in effect for the rest of May. May 18th - 21st -- NEXUS -- CONVERGENCE - A merging of parallels that are focused on emotional closure, emotional peace, True Grounding, and being “done” with unnecessary struggles and challenges, all while reclaiming a certain amount of collective power and pleasure through revitalizing social connections and directions. HELPFUL THOUGHTS OVER MAY: TOGETHER, WE STAND; TOGETHER, WE SIT - Collective forces are not always about moving forward, but about taking a moment to authentically look at each other instead of looking ahead. Our students may feel a desire to reach out, reach back, and truly acknowledge those in the life who are of meaningful and vital love, friendship, and kindness. Allow yourselves to sit down together and look at each other even as you know you must return to standing up and looking forward together.
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    I have noticed something strange. Four differnet unrelated couples within my wife and i's circle of friends are either getting divorced or that is a strong possibility. All of them were together over 15 years. And weirder. Wife: 1 couple is her cousin. 1 couple is gay friend and his husband. Me: 1 couple is a close relative. 1 couple is a gay friend and his husband. All this seems to be coming to head this weekend. The synchronicity of the two groups just seemed worthy of note given the 'cleaning house' trend this month. And I am just puzzling over it.
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    I have experienced the dizziness and nausea and headaches from meditating also. Grounding into the ground has the opposite effect. Instead of giving the energy somewhere to go it’s feeding your energy and making you more energized. Grounding is supposed to keep you from draining all your energy. It was suggested to me to skip the grounding step and instead hold hold a piece of petrified wood instead and that did help. Tho I wasn’t doing energy work with my meditations. I was just doing astral explorations. I don’t know what reiki practitioners do to move energy around safely, but i’d look into that. Edited to add: What else is going on in the room or space you are meditating in might also effect the energy in the room. If I burn incense or play music it changes the energy. I get dizzy faster and the things I visualize become more shimmery. So I no longer do those things while meditating.
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    Thanks for the replies and helpful resources everyone! A bit of background about this to help clarify any confusion about what meditations cause this and why I keep doing them: this may have happened before, but the experience I remember as one of the first is when I started working with Sanaya Roman's Opening to Channel 4 or 5 years ago. I don't remember how many times I actually did the meditation she has in the book, just that it was draining enough I decided to shelve my channeling practice in favor of less intense trance states. A guided meditation isn't required though. I could sit down with some music and feel nauseated, dizzy, and sweating in seconds if I want. I could also avoid it by not allowing such a deep trance state, but I'd rather learn to manage it because, from experience, what's on the other side of the discomfort is more than worth it. I recently happened across Joe Dispenza's work, and the Unified Field terminology you mention, @CurvyWords and @John Roth, sound much the same as what he describes. That's about as far as I go with teachers outside of my favored Michael and Seth, since my Skeptic Attitude has me triple validating things before I let them through. I'm keeping an open mind with this, so will gladly look at Susannah Redelf's work, especially the Energy Maintenance 101 workshop. @CurvyWords, I've never let it get to vomiting, but I feel like our experiences are very similar, and intuitively, it feels like this is just part of the process of clearing out outdated energy, similar to how there's muscle soreness after starting a workout regimen, but if there's a better way, I'm all for that. Glad to hear it gets easier, too! @Uma, this is definitely on my list of questions for M's, but I thought I'd pick your guys' brains first because who better to ask than TLE. @Wendy, I've seen other sites where people mention that energy is getting stuck where there's pain, but with a full-body sensation of falling or an overall sense of nausea, it's difficult to pinpoint. As for why I'm doing it? Honestly, curiosity. Plus, I like breaking through whatever blocks me, and not only has this been a head-scratcher for years, it's also limiting what I know I'm capable of when meditating. On that unrelated note, @Evelin, I knew a guy who partially lost his vision after orgasms, and yeah, that didn't stop him either.
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    Yes! I layer my explorations of the MT with other stuff, particularly some of the more wacky Ascension concepts. Truthfully, I think that as a Priest I can't really "do" spirituality with just the kind of grounded, deadpan, fact-based flavor of Michael. I get a lot of filling in the gaps from more "glamorous" casual teachings that may explain things that I don't exactly understand? But I feel and know them to be true. I discovered the work of Susannah Redelf (here's her website: https://councilofone.org/) through a different Michael channel who goes to her for weekly energy tune ups, and she channels a casual teacher called the Council Of One. I would say her work is what really sort of kicked my spiritual journey into overdrive. Particularly, a book written by her teacher called "What Is Lightbody?" If you're into anything ascension related, I suggest checking it out. Michael has described the concept as simply a more glamorous way to describe Manifesting Essence and I've found that process to be so much more intense and than what I've been exposed to with Michael. i'm telling you all this because Susannah has a guided meditation on her website called Unifying Fields, and the first time I listened to it and meditated along with it, I experienced a lot of what you're describing. In fact, many times I've listened to it, I've actually had to keep a bucket near me because I get so nauseous I start retching and have even thrown up. It was startling at first but, What Is Lightbody explains that it's super common. My understanding is that some people are carrying a tremendous amount of foreign energy, or even energy that's theirs but might be somewhat outdated. When you unify your fields (which seems to just be a conscious decision to unite your physical body, your emotional body, your mental body, and your Essence), they start to "spin" really fast, your charkas get all lit up, and you start to expel some of this energy. Some people yawn/sigh, some people cough and clear their throat, some people shake, and apparently, the most unlucky of us will throw up. As annoying as it is in the moment (it happened less and less and now rarely if ever happens at all), I always felt "clearer" and "lighter". And now, when I feel that nausea come on, I literally just gently ask my Essence to slow my fields down because I'm feeling kind of sick. In What Is Lightbody, they teach that your higher self isn't aware of many physical symptoms but you can let them know and they will help. I've had to mentally shout "MY FUCKING HEAD HURTS!" And instantly, the pressure behind my eyes will be relieved. But yes, I would ask Michael about it just to be sure, I don't really talk to them about my Ascension work because I superstitiously believe that part of what makes this other set of teachings work for me is my profound trust and innocent curiosity and willingness to explore it myself and come to my own conclusions, and I feel like Michael would take one look at it and be like "this is a profound delusion" and I'll be sad LOL.
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    I've finally made a list I wanted to do for a long time. But where should it be shared?? @Janet @Troy The 7 Choices The 7 Basic Rights -- from OMW - Tending To Your 7 Basic Rights The 7 Circles of Abandonment The 7 Circles of Conscience -- from a Ask Michael session The 7 Degrees of Chaos (might be posted later) The 7 Degrees of Risk (might be posted later) The 7 Emotions The 7 Facets of Mastery The 7 Facets of Role -- NMW The 7 Forms of Guilt -- from "Guilt 101" The 7 Forms of Social Change The 7 Kingdoms of Lifeforms The 7 Levels of Choice The 7 Levels of Essence Contact The 7 Levels of Mind The 7 Levels of True Community - from "Community" The 7 Metaphysical Strengths & Living Without Fear The 7 Methods of Choice The 7 Nobilities -- from OMW - Choice vs Circumstances The 7 Phases of Manifesting - in "Manifesting" The 7 Planes of Existence The 7 Points/States of Wakefulness/Sleep -- from OMW - "You and Your Realities" The 7 Rings of Love The 7 Spheres of Awareness of Essence The 7 Stages of Committment -- in a M Speaks session The 7 Stages of Fulfilling a Life Task The 7 Stages of Goal -- NMW session The 7 Stages of Internal Wholeness -- Maureen's private session The 7 Stages of The Next Step -- from OMW "The Next Step" The 7 Types of Dishonesty and Honesty The 7 Waves & Elements of The Michael Teachings The 7 Ways a Body Can Die or Be Wounded -- from M Speaks On Healing & Healers The 7 Goals, Modes, Attitudes, Body Types, Centers and Chief Features -- in Overleaves & Personality The 9 Circles of Community The 9 Karmic Sequences (Stories) The 9 Needs - from April 2009 The 9 Needs - from OMW March 2014 The 9 Pillars or Trues The 9 Potential Seeds of Sub-personalities The 9 Realities The 9 Strengths and Weaknesses The 12 Components of Healing The 12 Forms of Intimacy - in OMW - Intimacy and me, Feb 2014 - Here's a summarized version The 12 Agreements The 12 Positons in The Support Circle
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    In case anyone is wondering how my month is going: @Leela Corman Of course that's okay!!! If I make a joke on the internet and no one laughs, is it even a joke?!
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    I've been on a upswing lately like @Troy, but only because I'm choosing to. I could be spiraling into despair and anxiety right now, but I've chosen to take baby steps and build everything I care about one step at a time. I'm doing some more enjoyable prioritization. I had a dream that included TLE today. I'll post it at another time. Still writing it in my journal.
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    Reading through all of these updates, I'm hoping the May 18th Nexus brings some relief! I've been feeling better than usual, all being said, but like many of you, there is this undercurrent of grief and existential ennui. Until this fuckface is out of office and all of his supporters are forced to crawl back under their rocks, I don't think I will be clean of this oil of depression that seems to coat everything. Some of you are talking about personal events in your lives having similar effects, but I have a feeling that those personal events would not be so overwhelming or challenging if world events were on an upswing instead of seeming to be steadily declining. Hang in there, everyone. We got this.
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    Channelled by: Troy Tolley Date: January 12, 2017 Date: February 15, 2017 Excerpt from two separate private sessions, as linked above. ----------------------------------------------- MICHAEL It is vital for any surviving Sentient Species to, eventually, return to the organic structure that is inherent in any planetary dynamic of consciousness. There is a living structure of which you are a part and when you remove yourself from that structure, it is the equivalent of a blocked artery in a body, or a "closed" Chakra, or slow amputation of a limb, with Humans being the limb. There is a period of growth in a Sentient Species where it is "natural" to distance from that, which has always nurtured the species, much the way a teenager must distance herself from caretakers to learn her strengths and weaknesses and then return with greater understanding of the self. The Young Soul phase of evolution is the most distant Humans will ever be from that dynamic structure of life. During that phase, there are vital turning points that lead to either the collapse/extinction of the species and a necessary Karmically-loaded relocation to bodies that can help heal and avoid this from happening again, or the species rapidly accelerates in its return to the dynamic structure of life and takes a new stewardship role in its Maturity. What you describe is true: that your species need not learn any language or skills in communication with non-humans beyond the communication already established and working, but is ignored. There is no need for psychic bonding, affectionate exchanges, domestication, no need to even understand other creatures, beyond what they establish as their own design for living. Kinship is not necessary, but recognition of self-defined personhood is vital. All other levels of communication that might come, would be built from the acceptance of the premise that other species can already clearly and definitively communicate pain and pleasure at the very least, and suffering and joy from the more complex species. Your Essence, along with many of our students, are working privately or publicly in getting to that place in this lifetime or the next lifetime. Many of our students are contributing to a wave of education, inspiration, and practical application of what we describe as Affinity, which is the only term that can describe what "saves" a Sentient Species from the weight of their own distancing from the Life Structure. You are not just fragments of a living structure that is made of souls, but are bodies existing within a construct that is part of a planetary consciousness, and this must be understood for the species to survive. AFFINITY is a higher function and one that is accessible to nearly everyone, though it is rarely nurtured beyond the first tier. The First Tier is that of immediate recognition of SIMILARITY. There is little thinking involved. There is knowing. Nearly every Personality can see Similarity between himself or herself and nearly any other creature on the planet. The Second Tier is that of CURIOSITY. This is yet another Tier that is quite common among Humans in their Affinity for non-Human animals. Curiosity is the desire to learn more about that which is so similar, but different. The Third Tier is that of KINDREDNESS. This is when the Similarity and Curiosity come together in a way that recognizes Kindredness. This is the Tier when one no longer consciously or subconsciously differentiates value and worth based in species You can see these Tiers of Affinity at work among Humans who are eager to relate to animals and sees the deep similarities that clearly indicate feeling, thought, existence on their own terms, but that recognition is usually locked only to those species deemed socially acceptable to value. SIMILARITY is seen everywhere as marketing, children’s books and television, etc. are utilizing animals for teaching, relating, selling, humour, etc. CURIOSITY is seen everywhere as animal documentaries and animal companions, and even in the misguided visits to zoos and films with animal "actors." And KINDREDNESS is when you cross the line from defining oneself as merely a separate species, but as an Earthling with multitudes of animal brothers and sisters. As Affinity is a higher function, it is always available, but relatively few have moved Affinity into Kindredness. Because of fairly definite impending food shortages due to climate change and an inability to sustain farming in the current form, many of you are laying the groundwork and creating the network of support for when familiar foods begin to reduce in availability. This dramatic shift is likely within the next 20 years. That is why we mention that the current life is directly involved and can feel the urgency. If enough people cannot be moved into the more sustainable realm of consuming, then it may take a lifetime or two to recover. This is not a prediction or a doomsday scenario, but is a practical concern based on current patterns that have yet to be diverted toward more sustainable and pleasant paths.
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    @Stickyflames While I agree with you that plants have rights and that caring about and tending to those rights is important, when non-vegans/carnists bring up the argument "but plants have feelings too" it's not actually meant as a valid argument a large majority of the time. (Those who do use this argument with validity, are those who are in tune with the life of plants and mother nature and legitimately see how we mistreat plants through deforestation, trampling, urbanization etc. However in that case it's not really about their feelings, it's about their rights.) Those who bring up this argument often just use it as a cop out and excuse that indirectly claims the vegan talking about animal rights must be a hypocrite. It's also an argument about purity and how if you don't eliminate all suffering you're not effective in eliminating any and your actions are pointless. A little bit of elaboration with the right questions/statements will reveal whether or not the non-vegan/carnist actually cares about the rights of plants or animals. Or if they're just trying to undermine your intentions with logical fallacies. I often respond with these statements: "There is no scientific evidence that plants have feelings because they don't have a central nervous system which allows us to feel pain (and pleasure). Whereas we know animals can feel pain (and pleasure) because they have a central nervous system. We know this from science and basic human experience living with animals." "Caring about plants and animals is not mutually exclusive. You can care about how we treat all living beings equally because any effort to reduce suffering point blank reduces suffering." The usual response to this is a "you're wrong, they do feel pain" and the non-vegan will talk about how the plants scream in horror when we cut or eat them. They don't tackle the core argument of animal rights, they make it obsolete. I ask them what they do to support their supposed claim of plant rights and their answer is either nothing or a declaration that we need to eat and eating both plants & animals is part of a healthy balanced diet. Again this doesn't answer my question or support their stance or respond to my original argument because they're doing nothing to reduce suffering in any way for anyone (relevant to the discussion). The core reasoning behind their argument is that "suffering is a part of life so there's no point to reducing it, let's just eat as we always have". The only response I give credit to is when the non-vegan/carnist talks about eating grass fed and organic meat, which I commend them for at least caring. However this cannot be a long-term solution for our species, as it doesn't help mitigate the environmental degradation our diet causes. And often times, these organic and grass-fed, free range labels are marketing lies to earn profit at the expense of the animals. The animals arent actually treated better. If this claim is brought up I switch to the environment and/or health detriments of eating meat. Besides all of this, being alive and having an existence is not the same as feeling pain and pleasure. Everything in the physical aims for survival but that doesn't mean it feels pain. As far as we know, plants only suffer in terms of their ability to grow but they don't feel in the same condensed way we do. And even if they did feel pain, we still cause far less suffering to ourselves, the animals and plants and the whole fucking Earth eating plant-based and vegan than carnist. The context of the 21st Century is capable of providing nutrient-dense plant-based food sources for everyone.
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    @Jeroen The dream seems to have been to cleanse and heal you from the stressful day you had. Very cool how VR was woven into what was happening!
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    I had a unique and rather unusual dream last night. There were stressful events at work yesterday that led me to feeling sick and exhausted during the evening and before going to bed. Before going to bed, I spent some time reading about the latest virtual reality technology coming out soon. In the dream, I was wandering through a town. There were a variety of places where I noticed people who were connected into virtual reality. The technology appeared to be slightly ahead of where we are today and it was readily available to everyone nearest I could tell. After spending time observing others in VR, I decided to enter myself. When I entered, I realized that I had entered a reality simulating the process of dying and the reality that came afterwards. There was then a large gray and white rabbit who stood in front of me. The rabbit started to speak to me but then I asked her a question. I asked her if this was the Astral plane. She pulled back for just a moment as if surprised. Then she said if you ask that question it will take away from other questions that can be asked. Then she started to pour water over my body as if cleansing me. I think she spoke to me but I do not remember what she said. It may have been that she was trying to orient me to the reality I was now in. She then asked that I lie down on a nearby bed. She said she would be inserting a needle in my chest where my heart is and a metal tool that looked like a putty knife into my ribcage on the right-side. I went to lie on my left side. I felt the needle enter my heart. There was a slight pinch. I then felt something entering into my ribs. There was a small white note with words written on it. It said that you are about to experience death for a second time. I felt my blood pressure drop and my heart rate slow down. I felt slightly nervous but otherwise felt at peace. As this was happening, at the same time I gradually woke up. That was the end of the dream. What is interesting is that my body felt cleansed to some extent compared to before I went to sleep. It was as if some healing had occured in the dream.
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    Last night I had a dream that was so funny, I ended up waking up from it literally laughing when I realized how ridiculous the situation was that was taking place. In this dream, I was either observing or I was female. I tend to think the latter which would make only the 2nd time that I remember that happening. In the dream, I was driving a car and I had to cross this bridge for some reason. In trying to make my way across this bridge, my view was so dark and opaque that I could barely see anything and that made it feel really dangerous. About the only thing I could barely make out were two very dim lights at the top of 2 towers on either side of the bridge. That was the only thing I was able to use as guidance to keep me safely on the bridge and not driving over the edge. At some point, I was stopped before I completed the trip over the bridge... probably due to the obvious difficult time that I had trying to navigate this seemingly impossibility. The person who stopped me looked all confused about what I was doing. And then it dawned upon me, I was trying to drive across this bridge in reverse! LOL Whether it is coincidental or not, this is even more funny in light of the fact that Mercury went retrograde yesterday
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    Just to add to the iron discussion since I learned some really interesting things about the misconceptions of vegetarians/vegans not getting enough iron. It’s correct that our bodies absorb heme iron better than non-heme iron, but that’s not necessarily a good thing. The reason that non-heme iron is less “bioavailable” is because our bodies can regulate its intake, but it cannot regulate the intake of heme-iron. Iron is a pro-oxidant, meaning that it causes oxidative stress and inflammation in the body if we have more than we need. Intake of iron from meat is associated with higher risk of heart disease and stroke. Vegans might have lower iron levels than what is “normal” for meat eaters, but this is actually a good thing as long as there is no iron deficiency anaemia. This is of course not suggesting that someone who has problems with anaemia shouldn’t do what they need to do for medical reasons, but studies have shown that vegetarians eating a balanced diet are not more at risk of iron deficiency anaemia than the general public.
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    I had a dream of meeting @Troy at what appeared to be his home. He was living in an apartment or condo. There was another man who visited and we had some casual conversations. I did not recognize this man from my waking life but he was familiar in a way. Troy appeared to be going about his daily activities. Then I laid down on my back on the floor. Troy gave me this object that looked like a wedge block used at chiropractic offices. It had the purpose of determining how in alignment the spine is in the body. I moved this object around on the right side of my body and neck and then adjusted my body to a comfortable position. I said that I was somewhat out of alignment. The other visitor I mentioned laughed a bit and he said that no one is in perfect alignment. After standing up and then sitting down on a couch, a young female child in a dress walked up to Troy. Nearest I could tell, he was the caretaker for her. He said that he had a short appointment he had to go to with her which would last around 30-40 minutes. This might have been a school related event. There was an analog clock on the wall, and it read around 4:00 PM from what I remember.
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    For what it's worth, Michael said Osho is one of their students. From a private session in August 2016: I am struggling to find reading material to learn something new. Do have any suggestions for topics that might be of interest to me that perhaps I haven’t found or considered? MEntity: If you have not done so, we can suggest OLD SOULS by our student, Tom Shroder; BEYOND THE QUANTUM by our student Michael Talbot; any book with an appealing title by our student OSHO; a revitalizing and moving depth of exploration of your Chakras by our student Anodea Judith; any book that is not authored by Seth, but directly from the author Jane Roberts. There are many more we can suggest, but we know we do not have the format available here for that extensive list.
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    Yeah, they are totally students of Michael. They all teach variations of the same thing and use variations of the same terminology. Osho and Gurdjieff were also my gateways to Michael. I remember feverishly searching for a Gurdjieff group when I moved to Toronto. I found one and loved the atmosphere and the community and dance aspect. I was definately a seeker of “ transcendance” at the time....and I witnessed that in the students around me. Somehow seeing others seeking trancendance really turned me off. I was also really doubting my self worth/ confidence ( hmm..still do) at that time of my life and told them I was moving back to British Columbia because i didn’t believe I could survive financially in Toronto. One of the members invited me for drinks to subtly imply that if I left the group, i would be forfeiting my chance at transcendence. That turned me off. The very idea of enlightenment turns me off these days. The idea that others spend their entire life in groups hoping to transcend and reach that golden point is utterly ridiculous to me now. I was still in that state of mind when I first entered TLE as well. I don’t want to transcend any of this anymore. Fuck, even the transcended ones are not transcending any of it. Osho is the beaming example of that. Now, I seek only to TASTE all of what it means to be human. What a gift it is to be this mess of cells creating all this meaning. I remember when I first joined TLE, being quite anxious and annoyed that nobody around here gave a shit about enlightenment. I knew this was my place and my teaching of preference...I just doubted its benefits because that “ ambition” was missing. Now...I am so grateful that that ambition for englightenment is missing...I mean...how sane of you all. The only thing lacking in this community is physical proximity, other than that...yum.
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    In the same way the "spark" takes on an Essence Role for its cycle of lives while adventuring from the Tao, the Essence takes on a PERSONALITY each lifetime when it incarnates! This helps create even more diversity and flexibility for the soul. The PERSONALITY is the vehicle for the Essence to experience life, like a space suit. It is the extension of the Essence, allowing the soul to experience the Physical Plane and all of its emotions, sensations, thrills and chills. There a number of ways to set up your "space suit" and as the Essence experiences more and more lives, it gets better and better at creating its life and Personality. The different factors used in designing a Personality are referred to as OVERLEAVES. The Overleaves used in creating a Personality are: GOAL: The primary motivator within the lifetime MODE: The primary way of approaching the Goal ATTITUDE: The primary way of viewing the life BODY TYPE: The basic genetic and planetary influences that make up your actual body These Overleaves listed above are chosen before birth by the Essence. AFTER being born, by the age of three, another Overleaf is settled on called CENTERING: your habitual way of taking in and reacting to the world and experiences. In your adolescence within the lifetime you then add one more element that makes life all the more interesting and challenging; your basic fear, called the CHIEF NEGATIVE FEATURE. It is your stumbling block and primary challenge to all things within the life. Note: Chief Negative Features are commonly referred to as "Chief Features." Those are the basic Personality traits with which to be concerned for now. As with the Essence Roles, there are 7 Goals, Modes, Attitudes, etc., to choose from and combine for the lifetime. Again, as with the Roles, do not get too caught up being literal. Michael chooses the terms carefully. In studying the Michael Teachings, you will begin learning that we have tended to put negative connotations to perfectly neutral words. You will see that some words you used to think were "bad" now become empowering and make perfect sense. The 7 Goals are: Re-evaluation: the lifetime revolves around slowing down experience as much as possible, so as to assimilate past life influences. Growth: the lifetime revolves around gaining as much experience as possible, so as to use in future lives. Discrimination: the lifetime revolves around learning how to make better choices and decisions for yourself. Acceptance: the lifetime revolves around learning how to accept all choices and decisions, even the choices of others. Submission: the lifetime revolves around learning where and how you are most needed and effective. Dominance: the lifetime revolves around learning how direct and lead those who are most needed and effective. Flow: the lifetime is learning how to relax, enjoy life, and let it unfold, trusting in Essence. The 7 Modes are: Reserve: reaching your Goal by refining your emotions Passion: reaching your Goal by freeing your emotions Caution: reaching your Goal by refining your thoughts Power: reaching your Goal by freeing your thoughts Perseverance: reaching your Goal by refining your actions Aggression: reaching your Goal by freeing your actions Observation: reaching your Goal by observing and using the Mode most appropriate for the occasion. The 7 Attitudes are: Stoic: sees life as if they have seen it all before Spiritualist: sees life as if they have never seen it before Skeptic: sees life like it can always be disproved Idealist: sees life like it can always be improved Cynic: sees life as opposite to what appears to be Realist: sees life as it appears Pragmatist: sees life practically and through the Attitude most appropriate for the occasion. The 7 Body Types are: Lunar: rounded, pale, emotional; good for lifetimes dealing with one on one Inspirational contact (relates to Server) Saturnian: tall, durable, lean; good for lifetimes dealing with Inspirational issues for groups (relates to Priest) Mercurial: witty, quick, wiry; good for lifetimes dealing with expression one on one (relates to Artisan) Jovial: round, fleshy, large; good for lifetimes dealing with being in a central position of expression for others (relates to Sage) Martial: fiery, reactive, high-energy; good for lifetimes dealing with actions affecting people one on one (relates to Warrior) Venusian: soft, sensual, warm, charismatic; good for lifetimes dealing with being open, approachable, and accessible to larger groups (relates to King) Solar: bright, spirited, small and frail; good for lifetimes needing to be in the center of everything (relates to Scholar) *A note on Body Types: There are no "pure" Body Types. There is usually a combination of two to three influences. In addition there are three "eccentric" Body Types that a person can have for some of their more extraordinary lives. They are Plutonian, Neptunian, and Uranian. They are rare and specific so we won't go into those here. There are 7 Centers and you may recognize them as relative to the Chakras if you are familiar with Chakras. As you study the Michael Teachings, you will find that while there are similarities, there are also very different ways in which "Center" is used as opposed to "chakra". Though there are 7 Centers, a human body usually only uses one Center habitually. There are "higher" and "lower" Centers but they are not better or worse; the "higher" and "lower" only refer to the level they are sourced from and affect. The "lower" Centers are more of the Physical Plane and affect the body, while the "higher" Centers are more spiritual and affect our connections beyond the Physical. Since so much energy is involved in the sustaining of experience in the "higher" Centers, it is extremely rare to be Centered in a "higher" Center, but instead they are Centers accessed for specific purposes. The "higher" Centers are accessed through either practice, meditation, randomly, or through intense trauma. The 7 Centers are: Instinctive: this center travels with you from life to life like a floppy disc. It stores all of your experiences ever gathered and all of your areas of growth still needed and all the areas you have come to peace with. It isn't very intelligent, but is more a storehouse and protective device. It is where all of your past lives are remembered and even this lifetime's history. It is very automatic. Higher Moving Center: this is the Center relating to a pure connection and recognition of ENERGY. It is pure creativity and recognition of beauty as it is. It is experienced when you feel awe in seeing a landscape or piece of art, for example, or when you feel completely connected to everything around you, seeing its perfection as it is. This is the most accessed of the "higher" Centers and sex can sometimes trigger it. Moving Center: this is the Center that governs our body movements and actions. Those who are Moving Centered are action-oriented and take in life through their bodies. Emotional Center: this is the Center that governs our sense of connection to others emotionally and within ourselves. Those who are Emotionally Centered take in life through their feelings. Intellectual Center: this Center governs our beliefs and thoughts and communication. Those Intellectually Centered take in life through analysis and reasoning. Higher Emotional Center: this Center is your pure sense of LOVE, total, complete unconditional Love, or as Michael calls it, "agape" (pronounced a-GOP-ee). It is felt when you completely allow yourself or another to behave, think, be, in any way that comes but without fear or judgment. Higher Intellectual Center: this is the Center where absolute TRUTH is experienced, where whole complete insights and "knowing" reside. Although these descriptions are far from complete, they are good starting points and you will be most concerned with only the Moving, Emotional, and Intellectual Centers at first. PARTS & TRAPS: Knowing yours or someone else's Centering is truly helpful in understanding how a person takes in life, but there's more: the PART of the Center. Within each Center resides actually ALL other Centers, kind of like a pie. So the Intellectual Center, for instance, will have an Emotional Part, an Instinctive Part, a Higher Emotional Part, etc., even an Intellectual Part (pure Intellect then). These PARTS are how the person puts their experience back out into the world after taking it in! They are also called TRAPS because a person can get so caught up in using only that PART that they forget to balance themselves with other parts. For instance, a person might be Intellectually Centered/Emotional Part. This means they take in life through what makes sense to them: observation and analysis; but then bring it back out into the world through Emotions, meaning they might get very emotional over their thoughts, but have no way of getting it out. The Emotional Center has no "voice", so the Intellectual Center can get caught in a Trap, thinking, analyzing and reasoning, leading them back to emotions that then go back through reasoning, giving rise to more emotions, etc. Eventually something has to give. What will then happen is that person might act out with their Moving Center. They might get angry and lash out, or they might actually cry, taking an action that helps get them out of the Emotional Trap. Most people have their Centering and Parts in the "lower" Centers, such as Emotional Center/Moving Part. Remember that many solutions are found in bringing in the neglected Center of the main three (Moving, Intellectual, Emotional). If you are Emotionally Centered, Moving Part, you will have to bring in the Intellect in order to balance yourself. This means that you need to add THOUGHTS and COMMUNICATION to your ACTIONS as you react to FEELINGS. To help you understand each PART/Trap, I will share the ways I understand them: INTELLECTUAL PART: This person will have lessons around how to take the input from their basic Centering and express that back out into the world appropriately. They may be excellent at communicating, but they will still have a spectrum of lessons and challenges in this area. EMOTIONAL PART: This person will have lessons around how to take the input from their basic Centering and how to process the feelings that arise from it. They may have deep emotions, but have little way of actually showing it. This is their challenge then in many cases. MOVING PART: This person will have lessons around how to take input from their basic Centering and how to actually behave as a reaction. They have a lot of energy, but they are learning how to direct that appropriately back out of their bodies. There are 7 Chief Negative Features (or fears) that you choose from in your teens. You usually choose two. One is your PRIMARY CHIEF FEATURE and the other is your Secondary. The Primary affects and challenges your attaining your GOAL, therefore affecting more of your personal experiences, and the Secondary affects and challenges your MODE, therefore affecting more of your relationships and intimacy issues. The 7 Chief Features are: Self-Deprecation: fear of Inadequacy; your not being able to live up to yours or someone else's standards, leaving you weak, insecure, and incompetent. Fear of NOT BEING ENOUGH. Arrogance: fear of Vulnerability; wanting others to live up to your standards, or fearing your standards not counting, leaving you vulnerable, judgmental, isolated, and alone as you are seen as not needing others. Fear of BEING TOO MUCH. Self-Destruction: fear of Worthlessness; feeling that you have no worth or value unless dead or dying for someone/something else, leaving you with ongoing sacrifices for others with no gain for anyone, even extending into getting a terminal disease. Fear of GETTING TOO MUCH. Greed: fear of Scarcity; feeling that you won't get all that is out there of worth to you personally; leaving you fixated on one or two things that you cannot satisfy as a way to maintain your sense of self. This can be food, affection, sex, money, even vague things like not enough "love". Fear of NOT GETTING ENOUGH. Martyrdom: fear of Losing Control; a strong need for being in control of everything in your space even though that is impossible. This leaves you feeling victimized, burdened, and complaining. Fear of LOSING CONTROL OF SPACE. Impatience: fear of Missing Out; you are always fighting the clock, trying to control before being controlled, leaving you intolerant and agitated. Fear of LOSING CONTROL OF TIME. Stubbornness: fear of Change; you cannot and will not deal with anything new and against your already-set opinions, ideas, and environment. Some people who have Stubbornness actually can appear like they are adventurous and changeable, but look closely to see if they are actually creating "the more things change, the more they stay the same." Constant change can just be a way of avoiding dealing with actual changes. Fear of ANYTHING DIFFERENT. If you have read through the entire Introduction, you have just touched on all the very basics of the Teachings! This is just the tip of the iceberg, but it gets more and more familiar as you start to apply it.
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    Yep, I live in Sweden now. Have since I was 12, but I never lost connection to Poland since lots of my close relatives live there. Regarding today's Russia, one of my closest friends is from there, having lived there as an adult and having her parents there. Sweden is very good in many ways, and sucks in many other ways. BUT this is not really about that, about social democracy. It is about myself being simply fed-up with the never ending narrative about Russia & Putin being the system from hell. There are seriously no other countries more similar in more or less EVERYTHING than USA and Russia. The only difference is that one system feeds your ego with the dream of wealth, abundance and unlimited opportunities, while the other keeps it in track by preaching heritage, loyalty and history. Same bloody shit. But seriously, the American imprint of GREATEST is bloody starting to get to me. Not in the good way, mind you. I have even the experience of a TLE student cheering on a moron harassing me with "your Swedish houses are not as big as our American mansions". Yep gal. That REALLY, matters. Just go and get your self a serious illness and then we can talk the size of our fucking houses.
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    @michael_k super summarising now, but, being born and raised in a communist country during the communist era I have to say - when I for the first time visited NYC in 2015 I was back home in 1970-ties Poland. When it comes to how things functioned, how people were approaching their jobs, how infrastructure was organised etc etc etc. Interestingly enough, when I travelled a year later with a friend who is originally from Bulgaria (much more communistic than Poland ever was) her impressions were the same! So from my perspective there's very little difference between the US of A and Soviet era, except Soviets were better at education. (Ironic, terrible but true!) When it comes to today's Russia - even less differences. Not much in terms of a political system that differs. Two parties to choose from and all the obstacles for the citizens to vote! Honestly, this is even worse that I have ever seen, being raised in so called totalitarian regime, as seen from the occidental point of view. I am not glorifying Vlad, but honestly where I come from, the perspective on differences between Russia and USA is not very big. The only thing that truly differs is what incentive you provide for the masses, and lately also that is getting very similar. Not that the politics of my country are optimal. Far from. But I honestly get hiccup every time I hear "the greatest country in the world". (I apologise to my American friends in advance if that hurts you. You are great, but the political and societal system of USA honestly sucks and should have been buried with the rest of dark ages.)
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    well, this nexus can go fuck itself. I was supposed to be in the UK now. I was denied entry yesterday and I am now stuck in Calais with no idea what to do. I had 5 petsits booked that would carry me through August 31. it was lined up so perfectly and now I have to do some serious scrambling with few resources and I want to curl up and cry. I've done that, I've broken down and sobbed in public twice now. Yesterday at the border control and today at the hotel after I walked 2 miles to get here and I couldn't get myself checked in with this auto self check in system. A nice British lady found me on the steps of the hotel, knew I needed help and when she offered it, I broke down. She took my bags and helped me to my room, got me some tea and even offered me her spare bedroom in Leeds. There is no way I'm going to try to get into the UK at this point they said I could come back but I would have to prove I'm not petsitting and have a return ticket out. Oh, and I will definitely get pulled aside when I do try to enter because I have been flagged in the system. It's totally and completely fucked. And all because I was honest about why I was visiting there.
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