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    For a long time I want to make a compilation of links to students' ESSENCE REPORTS - for easier to find for reading. I remember when I got my own Essence Report and how thrilled and excited I was. That was in 2010, and this month it's 10 years ago! Over the years I have read at least 60 ESSENCE REPORTS on the different TLE websites, but far from all of them are shared here on our.TLE today. Below are those I have registered. I hope this can inspire students to bring their reports out of the dust and darkness, and into the light again through your blogs. If you choose to do so, I will add your name/links to this content. Below are group of beautiful gems from @Troy's work/channeling the Michael Entity. Links to ESSENCE REPORTS done by Troy and Michael Entity over the years: Al Garcia AnnaD Astra Bianca [Memorial Profile] Bobby BrianW ClaireC DianeHB Diane Diane - My Youngest Son Diane - My Oldest Son Eric Our Geraldine [Memorial Profile] Giedre Kotryna H2nna Ingun James D Janet Jeroen Karine Kerrin Luluaussi Maureen Nadine NickG NickF Royce TexB Tincha
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    February 6, 2001 HAPPINESS List Topic February Channeled through Troy MICHAEL: We have been asked to address the nature of Happiness. Happiness, more than any other reference in a lifetime and while in a body, is the measure of how free you are, how connected to Essence you are, and how close you are to having fulfillment of your desires. Happiness allows you a reference for how well you are listening to yourself and your impulses and satisfying your Primary Needs. In nearly all lifetimes Happiness is exclusively generated from within the individual fragment, but this is not the rule. There are many fragments, because of Needs, Karma and Personality Design, who require external factors and meaningful exchanges for the Happiness to be maintained. This is not to negate that it must first be generated within them, but many can maintain it singularly, while others require resonance to others. First for all to consider is that every Desire you have is fully capable of being fulfilled within a lifetime. Desires are programmed into a Personality before birth, therefore, all ingredients with which those Desires require CAN be found within the lifetime. You would not have Desires that cannot be fulfilled. We will define Desire, here, simply as “that which you long for.” To “long” implies that which is out of reach, but that is part of the equation between Desire and Having. It must appear “out of reach” in order to produce the Desire. This Desire, then, is what motivates a large portion of your life and the energy expended to move through it. Desire can be Polarized as “Longing” as the Positive Pole, and “Yearning” as the Negative. Yearning has a fragment resigned to remaining with the Desire, but determining the experience or object is permanently out of reach. Desires can be fulfilled through the path of following Impulses. Your Impulses were “born” before you were and therefore are literal guidelines and original Essence parameters for the lifetime. This does not negate “free will” as Impulses are generated as messages from Essence and Guides and placed in your “future” as you Choose and Decide your paths. Most fragments are taught from an early age to disregard and fear Impulses, or at the very least to confuse Impulses with Reactions. There is a profound difference between Reactions and Impulses. Impulses are softer and gentler and “nudging” in the experience of the energy, while Reactions are compulsive, mindless, and fueled by energies generated by fear, such as Anger, Resentment, Revenge, Resignation, etc. As you listen to your Desires, follow your Impulses, your next consideration is in freeing yourself from the Scripts you internally create as signs of what your Desire will “look like” when it is fulfilled. Many of you do not follow your Impulses completely, but instead “grab” the first thing that remotely resembles what you Desire or completely “miss” that which you Desire because it did not “show up” as you expected it. Creating attachments to predefined results will continually constrain you to Yearning. Choosing to let go of your preconceived ideas or of the object you obtained that is not fulfilling your Desires will allow your Essence to bring to you or lead you to that which is truly fulfilling. This brings us to the crux of what Happiness is. Happiness is Polarized as Surrender in the Positive Pole and Resignation in the Negative Pole. A person who is truly Happy is in a state of Surrender. We define Surrender here as “relinquishing control, possession, or demands,” and Resignation as “giving up, settling.” Both can bring Happiness, but one generates a resonance with your life, while the other is a sense that your life is imposed. We will now comment on the factors that must be considered that require an individual to have External Factors as a means to maintain Happiness: Sages and Priests, in general, are the Roles that require external factors as a means to maintain Happiness, most often in the realm of relationships. These two Roles are by far the most “fragile” while in bodies and require external care and contact as a means to feel happy. Priests, because they have no reference for their “Earthly lives” and have a difficult time in many instances feeling as if they are wanted and needed “here.” Sages, because, as we have said many times, they are literally the “children” of your Universe and can tend to be the most sensitive of all Roles in terms of requiring resonance with another. Those who exist within a lifetime that is of the 6th Level of any Soul Age will require a great deal of intervention, care, compassion, and reaching toward as a means to maintain their Happiness. This is due to the major Karmic Load they carry and are committed to. This allows little time and energy for these fragments to sustain a sense of Happiness without some form of constant reminder. Personalities with a predominance of Overleaves on the Expression Axis are prone to requiring the same. Those with Primary Needs of Exchange, Communion, and Acceptance are also affected. With all of these things considered, the last thing we will mention are the symptoms of what it means to an Older Soul (late mature to old) to be seeking and finding Happiness. As you move closer and closer to what you feel is the fulfillment of your Desire, and therefore, your Happiness, it is not uncommon to feel tremendous excitement, terror, internal messages that you have never been more afraid, anxiety and distraction. This is simply because to be reaching the truth of what you are following or finding as your true happiness and desire means you are stepping into a freedom that is entirely new for you. Many times, in whatever area that may be, you have never “been there before” in any of your lifetimes.
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    I'll check into that. I know the initial decision was to allow anyone to add tags. It has not been discussed since then, but perhaps an upgrade glitched that feature.
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    You know, it's possible to add tags at the top of each entry (see the "essence reports" tag that Ingun added at the top of this one) and yet it's been hard to find out how to search for those tags. But I've figured it out, so I suggest to everyone that when you read one of these Essence Reports, check to see if the tag is present. If it's not, add it. (Anyone can add a tag.) Then you can use this search link to find them all: Search for Essence Reports (Here's how to search for tags: 1. Click on the magnifying glass in the search box. 2. Click on the blue Search by Tags option on the left side of the page. 3. List a tag or tags. 4. Click on the Search Content button.) Caveat: We started the site being very careful to include tags, but then when we found no easy way to search for them we lost the habit. So there are MANY items on this site that won't show up in a tag search, and yet tags will really help us organize material. So, your assistance in checking and adding useful tags is much appreciated. And ALSO: thank you @Ingun for taking the time to organize material for others to use!
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    Thank you @Jeroen and @luluaussi for your links and feedback, and @Connor; I think a tiny little Scholar in me likes to archive and organize information, at least in 'OneNote' on my pc . Maybe that's some Entity influence.... or maybe it's the Private Overleaves that comes through since that is Scholar Role according to Michael .... I look forward to reading your Essence Report when you receive it! @Janet I can only add tags in my personal Blog Entries, and not in other peoples Blog Entries. And it's the same for the Transcripts, I have no access to add tags missing in for instance in this last Michael Speaks session / August Energy Report It might be only Team-TLE that can.
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    Thank you, @Ingun! Archiving is fun, is it not? I will add mine here once I receive it.
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    Hi Ingun, This is fantastic! My essence report was in my personal blog, Beyond the Planck Barrier. I just retitled it to make it more evident in your search and you may add it to this if you like. Toni
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    Thank you, Ingun. I had a session where I asked questions that were similar in nature to what would have been part of an Essence Report. I thought I would post that session here. https://our.truthloveenergy.com/blogs/entry/2210-session-about-essence/
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    @Ingun You are a "TREASURE" splendid!!! I LOVE YOU
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    "On July 31, 1968, a young, black man was reading the newspaper when he saw something that he had never seen before. With tears in his eyes, he started running and screaming throughout the house, calling for his mom. He would show his mom, and, she would gasp, seeing something she thought she would never see in her lifetime. Throughout the nation, there were similar reactions. What they saw was Franklin Armstrong's first appearance on the iconic comic strip "Peanuts." Franklin would be 50 years old this year. Franklin was "born" after a school teacher, Harriet Glickman, had written a letter to creator Charles M. Schulz after Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was shot to death outside his Memphis hotel room. Glickman, who had kids of her own and having worked with kids, was especially aware of the power of comics among the young. “And my feeling at the time was that I realized that black kids and white kids never saw themselves [depicted] together in the classroom,” she would say. She would write, “Since the death of Martin Luther King, 'I’ve been asking myself what I can do to help change those conditions in our society which led to the assassination and which contribute to the vast sea of misunderstanding, hate, fear and violence.'” Glickman asked Schulz if he could consider adding a black character to his popular comic strip, which she hoped would bring the country together and show people of color that they are not excluded from American society. She had written to others as well, but the others feared it was too soon, that it may be costly to their careers, that the syndicate would drop them if they dared do something like that. Charles Schulz did not have to respond to her letter, he could have just completely ignored it, and everyone would have forgotten about it. But, Schulz did take the time to respond, saying he was intrigued with the idea, but wasn't sure whether it would be right, coming from him, he didn't want to make matters worse, he felt that it may sound condescending to people of color. Glickman did not give up, and continued communicating with Schulz, with Schulz surprisingly responding each time. She would even have black friends write to Schulz and explain to him what it would mean to them and gave him some suggestions on how to introduce such a character without offending anyone. This conversation would continue until one day, Schulz would tell Glickman to check her newspaper on July 31, 1968. On that date, the cartoon, as created by Schulz, shows Charlie Brown meeting a new character, named Franklin. Other than his color, Franklin was just an ordinary kid who befriends and helps Charlie Brown. Franklin also mentions that his father was "over at Vietnam." At the end of the series, which lasted three strips, Charlie invites Franklin to spend the night one day so they can continue their friendship. [The original comic strip of Charlie Brown meeting Franklin is attached in the initial comments below, the picture attached here is Franklin meeting the rest of the Peanuts, including Linus. I just thought this was a good re-introduction of Franklin to the rest of the world - "I'm very glad to know you." There was no big announcement, there was no big deal, it was just a natural conversation between two kids, whose obvious differences did not matter to them. And, the fact that Franklin's father was fighting for this country was also a very strong statement by Schulz. Although Schulz never made a big deal over the inclusion of Franklin, there were many fans, especially in the South, who were very upset by it and that made national news. One Southern editor even said, “I don’t mind you having a black character, but please don’t show them in school together.” It would eventually lead to a conversation between Schulz and the president of the comic's distribution company, who was concerned about the introduction of Franklin and how it might affect Schulz' popularity. Many newspapers during that time had threatened to cut the strip. Schulz' response: "I remember telling Larry at the time about Franklin -- he wanted me to change it, and we talked about it for a long while on the phone, and I finally sighed and said, "Well, Larry, let's put it this way: Either you print it just the way I draw it or I quit. How's that?" Eventually, Franklin became a regular character in the comic strips, and, despite complaints, Franklin would be shown sitting in front of Peppermint Patty at school and playing center field on her baseball team. More recently, Franklin is brought up on social media around Thanksgiving time, when the animated 1973 special "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" appears. Some people have blamed Schulz for showing Franklin sitting alone on the Thanksgiving table, while the other characters sit across him. But, Schulz did not have the same control over the animated cartoon on a television network that he did on his own comic strip in the newspapers. But, he did have control over his own comic strip, and, he courageously decided to make a statement because of one brave school teacher who decided to ask a simple question. Glickman would explain later that her parents were "concerned about others, and the values that they instilled in us about caring for and appreciating everyone of all colors and backgrounds — this is what we knew when we were growing up, that you cared about other people . . . And so, during the years, we were very aware of the issues of racism and civil rights in this country [when] black people had to sit at the back of the bus, black people couldn’t sit in the same seats in the restaurants that you could sit . . . Every day I would see, or read, about black children trying to get into school and seeing crowds of white people standing around spitting at them or yelling at them . . . and the beatings and the dogs and the hosings and the courage of so many people in that time." Because of Glickman, because of Schulz, people around the world were introduced to a little boy named Franklin." From The Jon S. Randal Peace Page
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    Here are your randomized "mystery links" for August. HEADS UP! ... There are now several places on the site where you have to be a member to see posts. I have elected to post these links when they showed up among my randomly generated numbers. If you get a message that you don't have permission for an item, you can either choose another number or — if you feel the strong inclination — seek to join the group to which the link belongs. Please let me know if you are continuing to like and/or use these links for synchronistic messages or study opportunities. Calendar 1: Study Library The Study Library contains excerpts from public and private sessions organized by topic so that it's easier to locate specific material on a specific topic. If you are not researching a topic but would just like to learn something new about the Michael Teachings, these are the links to use. The hope is that the random nature of these links may provide a synchronistic method for you to access information that might be useful to you right now. Tips: While the linked article itself might not offer a nugget for you, we are in the process of adding links from the articles back to the original sessions. I encourage you to follow those links when they exist to see if there is a 'message' for you there. Use these links in whatever synchronistic manner appeals to you. For example, instead of choosing a link for the current date, try choosing a link randomly. Click on a number to open a library article. August Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 Calendar 2: Forum Topics and Blog Entries There is an amazing abundance of items on this site and because much of it was transferred in a short window of time, there are "old" items that have never even been viewed on this new site: a potential goldmine for those who are newer to TLE. And, unlike the Study Library, all of these links open to an item that allows comments and discussion. This second calendar contains an assortment of links to blog entries and forum topics. These are a total mishmash of items. Some may provide the contents of a private session with Michael, some may be asking for information, some may be sharing music, etc. This is another random way to find something interesting on the site: you might not learn anything, but you might enjoy revisiting or starting a new conversation about whatever topic pops up. Click on a number to open a blog entry or forum topic. August Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31
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    The name of the deck is called Shapeshifter Tarot by D.J. Conway and Sirona Knight. The illustrations are by Lisa Hunt. I picked this deck because of my fondness for the trees and animals. I like the artwork quite a bit too.
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    I found this in the Yahoo archives. From contents of the message list at the time, I don't think Troy was entirely happy with this session, so perhaps that's why it didn't make it to the transcripts. However, there was a followup Q&A session the same month that references this session, so I think it belongs here. See Michael Speaks: Happiness Q&A.
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    [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: February 2008] [Question] All choices are valid, but does it make sense to try to make more ‘progressive’ choices, and how does one identify such choices if it does? [Michael Entity] We would ask that you define “progressive.” [Response] that furthers ones progress, development… [Michael Entity] We have yet to see a choice that does not already do this. There are no choices that regress a personality or essence, but is always “progressive” to some degree and development. The only thing that can bring about an acceleration, however, is a bringing of consciousness/awareness to the process and ultimately this can only be done through Essence Recognition. For every moment of Essence Recognition (within a life or outside of it), evolution occurs, meaning that all that has come to pass is then organized into a pattern that adds to the development of the soul. Essence Recognition is the conscious awareness that expands beyond the limitations of logic, perception, and body to include the truth, love, and energy that exists beyond those limitations. So in answer to your question, we can say that ALL choice is progressive and furthers you, but those choices and experiences are “stored,” so to speak, until those moments of Essence Recognition that then puts all of it into the broader contexts of existence. Essence Recognition is often saved for between the lives when the physical life is not such a distraction, hence the afterlife often being referred to as “review,” since this is actually the Essence Recognition process, but all of you are capable of this during a lifetime, as well. For those who wish to practice Essence Recognition, one merely needs to actively choose to rise above the level of REACTION as a first step, and actively choose an encompassing view of oneself in relation to the lifetime, making that same choice when regarding others, as well. We do not say, nor do we imply, that one ignore the very human reactions of life, for those are a part of the point of being where you are, but we do say that when one feels inclined, one can choose to suddenly grasp the validity of one’s SOUL as part of the experience. In other words, once one has learned to rise beyond Reaction, then one can bring Essence into the experience, grasping even on the most vague of levels that the life is beautiful, a creation, and that even the most repulsive of people around you are also very real beyond what can be seen, being just as beautiful, just as creative and “perfect” for the experience. As one can imagine, this rise above reaction can be very difficult while IN the lifetime, holding out for that recognition until the bodies and personalities are out of the way. But if one is interested in accelerating, then this would be what we suggest: Essence Recognition; the conscious awareness of the truth, love, and beauty of oneself, one's life, and those involved. The way one can identify if one has experienced Essence Recognition is when one feels utterly safe, unthreatened, and though there may be a lack of logic and detail to an experience, somehow one “gets it,” and trusts the process.
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    [Excerpt from Ask Michael: March 2014] [Tyrone] Ok: About the Mormon/Latter-Day Saint church: Would Michael say that the current portrayal of Joseph Smith's life is generally historically correct? As in mainly, what were the events surrounding the time when he reportedly was shown metal plates and translated the book of Mormon? (Was it something like higher plane beings, extraterrestrial contact, wishful dreaming, actual gold plates, Urim and Thummim, etc?) MEntity: There is very little that is accurate regarding the life of the fragment known as Joseph Smith, though much of that inaccuracy was perpetuated by the fragment, himself. This was an early Mature Priest, Artisan Cast, in Acceptance, Passion Mode, an Idealist, with double Arrogance. His zealousness compelled him to bring about his ideals at any cost, even if that meant lying. There was no channeling. The source was directly of the imagination of the fragment. With that being said, his intentions and ideals appear to have been "good," even if colored by the imprinting and paradigm at the time. The aim appears to have been toward some ideal of agape, but became mired in mythologies that ended up promoting this agape as an insularity, instead.
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    [Excerpt from a private session for AnnaD on February 27, 2015] AnnaD: [receives information that someone is a Warrior and protests that he appears to be a Sage] MEntity: There are complexities about individuals that go beyond the superficialities that are often attributed to the stereotypes for the Roles. For example, a Warrior is just as likely to be a "showpony, stage-grabbing" individual as any other Role. It is not about the behavior that determines the Role, but the ESSENCE. As Sages grow older, they move away from the obvious stage and life begins to be the stage, if you will. For other Roles, particularly those that have long been shy of exposure and attention, will seek to balance this through various means, including using humor, play, and even obnoxiousness. By this time, the Sage tends to be long done with these as defining features, and have integrated them as expansive tools. ... We do not seek to override your own understanding of the Roles. ... We do, however, remind you that there are Overleaves at work here, as well, and imprinting from social influences, etc. There are consistencies to the Roles, but they are not through the cloning and replication of behaviors. If only Sages were funny, and Priests preachy, and Servers serving, and Kings leading, the universe would be a rather monotonous experience with little room for evolution, exploration, and experimentation. ### Note: You may comment on this material within the original post. See Heartlink.
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    [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: February 2008] [Question] Hello, Michael, thank you. I read an amazing book that tied your teachings of Roles, etc. into astrological charts. Great detail was gone into using the Nodes, Saturn etc. and how they reflect the CF’s and much more. This work has been an inspiration for me and I wondered if there will be more work on using astrological systems with the Michael Teachings coming to us? Also, do you have any comments on using astrology within this context? Book was by Gina Lake. [Michael Entity] Any system beyond our own can often be used for “dove-tailing” and cross-references, but we would always encourage caution in trying to superimpose systems upon one another. Though there are connections among all valid teachings, they are still completely different systems. In terms of Astrology, we find little resonance to our teaching beyond a certain degree of overlap regarding the unfolding the life. For the most part, Astrology can dove-tail quite smoothly with the explorations of Karma and Self-Karma, which would include the exploration of the Nodes and in particular, Transits across the Natal Chart. When we say that we find “little resonance,” we will clarify here that even that little bit is quite a wide array and can be used as a valid overlapping. Natal Charts in Astrology speak of the potential of Personality, as does the Overleaf system, but the Overleaves as we describe them cannot accurately be superimposed over the planets and houses to any consistent or meaningful degree. To simplify what we mean here is to point out the trying to find a consistent way of overlapping a system of 7 with a system of 12; it is not impossible to find correlations, but only if explored loosely. If the Natal Chart is used alongside the Overleaf system as two different ways of looking at the same picture, then much is gained, but to superimpose them together would cause loss of validity and effectivenees in both areas. As mentioned previously, we find the exploration of the transits to be the most meaningful dove-tailing with our teaching, as we have not shared to any great degree our system for mapping your karma, yet, but it is closely aligned with what is considered “astrology.” The only valid astrological correlation that is directly linked to our Overleaf system is the Body Type, which is found at the midheaven at the moment of conception (not birth). Casting a Natal chart as relative to conception would give rise to a great deal of insight into the health, well-being, and maintenance of the Body. We do, however, realize that the moment of conception is not an easy detail to validate, but some amount of accuracy can be utilized by retro-fitting your Natal chart to accurately show the corresponding planet that relates to what you’ve deducted as your Primary Body Type as it’s corresponding planet sits at the mid-heaven. To summarize a bit here, we would say that Astrology is most aligned with our teaching when exploring the DEVELOPMENTAL aspects of a lifetime, such as Internal Monads, Karma, Self-Karma, but also in areas relative to any part of our teaching couched in a system of 12, such as the Circle of Support. For instance, comprehending the indications of your North and South Nodes can help bring about a deep awareness of your Karmic patterns, internally and externally. Watching the transits of planets across the houses can give an indication of what Karma is being emphasized at any given time. Observing the clusters of planets throughout the Natal chart can give great clues to how you utilize your Support Group. These are simplified examples. Again, this is a subject worth exploring further, but we believe this will be a fair amount of food for thought, so to speak, for now.
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    February 15, 2001 Troy Tolley, Channel Happiness Note: This is a followup session to the original topic, as channeled a little earlier in February. See Michael Speaks: Happiness. [Michael_Entity] We are here. One Moment. We have been asked to continue with the topic of Happiness. We believe a way for this topic to complete itself with your group is through responding to any questions you may have around the subject. We will take, then, Barb’s question first. [Barb] In light of my recent “life change” and in order to reestablish happiness in my life, I’d like to ask what my “trues” are so I can focus my time on what is most productive to me at this point. [Michael_Entity] We will send these to you through Troy, privately, before the posting of the transcript. Tonight, his focus is not high enough to delve into individual factors. You may post them if you wish, from there. We can comment though, that it is valid to consider your Pillars, or “trues,” when pursuing Happiness. [Barb] yes, I believe this to be the case, hence my question. [Michael_Entity] By generating the energy for the various Overleaves as associated with the Four Pillars and their fulfillment, a great deal of recognition of what you truly define as “happy” can come into realization. [NOTE from Troy: To all of you, please refrain from asking specifically personal questions during the group events. When I am in trance, sometimes I don’t have the sense to deter this and Michael is more than willing to respond and that is why it looks “ok” sometimes. They don’t have the conditions, I do. If you want to ask personal questions, please phrase them in a way that can be used for all who are participating. This isn’t directed specifically at you, Barb, but it is a good opportunity to remind everyone of this.] [nemo999] How does one’s unhappiness affect others or their reality; can one person make another unhappy involuntarily? [Michael_Entity] The degree of Happiness you have in relation to another is entirely dependent on the INDIVIDUAL interpreting the energy exchange. When two or more fragments are interacting, shallowly or intimately, Happiness or Unhappiness is a direct result of expectations fulfilled or not fulfilled. It has been a distorted interpretation by some that this then means you should not have expectations. This is just not possible in most cases. It is biological to have expectations. Expectations are part of the Intellect and inherent in all Creatures of Reason. This is part of what allows adaptability and survival. The efforts then are not to remove from you an element that is biologically considered vital, but to learn to understand disappointment and how to process that, instead of trapping yourself in it. Expectation may be better understood as the negative pole of Anticipation, the positive pole then being Vitality. It is part of your aliveness that you have Expectation, but as it is a negative pole, it separates you from OPTIONS and recognition of probabilities/possibilities. It is not really possible to remove the experience of Expectation, as it is part of the spectrum of experiencing Aliveness and Anticipation. Understanding the part of the spectrum it is from, though, can lend you a greater freedom. Allowing you to recognize Expectation as part of Anticipation, this then can lead you then to Vitality. Vitality is what makes you feel alive and prone to survive a situation that was “not” as anticipated. So then; your unhappiness can only affect another fragment IF they require your state to match their Expectations. If they, or you (if you are the one being affected) can move into Vitality as part of the experience, then you can adapt and remain happy. If you restrict the experience to only what is Expected, not allowing a more fluid form of Anticipation, then you will create unhappiness. We also note in response to your question that it is not a matter of voluntarily or involuntarily, it will always be the choice of the fragment supposedly affected as to whether they create happiness or unhappiness. Again, this is linked to our comments about Happiness and its poles of Surrender and Resignation. Your responses can always bring more happiness if you simply surrender, but to “give up” can muffle the experience of motion forward in your life. [Kathie89] In my normal way of reacting to people and situations, I just seem to be happy. Was this an essence choice before I came into this life or is it part of my imprinting or because of my role and overleaves as an old soul? [Michael_Entity] Anytime you are in touch with Essence and living the life fully, even if the life is not what you “want,” you will be happy. THIS IS TO ALL OF YOU: IT IS ALWAYS ESSENCE’S CHOICE FOR YOU TO BE HAPPY BEFORE THE LIFE IS BEGUN. THIS IS WITHOUT EXCEPTION. In the same way a SAGE will always be a SAGE, no matter how it ends up being expressed within the lifetime, so is Happiness ALWAYS part of the original dynamic of the lifetime. There are some elements of life that will ALWAYS be accessible, no matter how hard you try to ignore it or create scenarios to diminish it, and Happiness is one of those things. It is always accessible in every moment. This does not mean you will not, as Essence, create challenges for the life around Happiness, but it is NEVER out of reach. In your case, Kathie, you have a very fantastical approach to the life and this alleviates the focus on a lot of the “details” that others get “hung up on.” Those with more exalted Overleaves, in general, tend to seem “happier.” This is due to their ability to see “past” a lot of things. We put “happier” in quotes, because sometimes this state is more a bandage for wounds that have been overlooked, as well, and will tend to come out in isolation, but not in interactions with others. The happiness there can be valid on all levels, but built on shaky foundations. This is simply something to consider. Those with more ordinal Overleaves can be “happy” too, because they may focus within the “bigger picture,” just focusing on what is happening in detail, now. The ordinal pitfall can be that the fragment ignores the bigger picture to a fault and builds happiness “serially,” instead of as a whole. Again, this can be valid, but shaky. [Annette] Can Michael comment on the strong sense of happiness that your children and grandchildren bring to the soul? Is it the joy of being together “again”? [Michael_Entity] This would be entirely relative. Though the pun was not intended, it works. We remind you that many fragments burn, beat, terrorize, neglect, and murder their children or grandchildren. It is a personal truth that they “bring happiness to the soul.” [Shannon] My Artisan mother, in her creativity, has “created” an unhappy, hard life for herself, where it needn’t have been so. What overleaves should one choose, that might have the greatest likelihood of generating a “happy” lifetime (especially for an Artisan)? (You may have just touched on some of this.) [Michael_Entity] ALL Overleaves have the capability of generating Happiness, it is ALWAYS AND ONLY in the reaction/response to events that determines the spectrum. Though some Overleaves give the life a challenge, we do not believe it is valid to say if you choose certain Overleaves you might be more guaranteed to be happier. Only Choice guarantees this. With that being said, “happy” Overleaves could be said to be any on the Axis for your particular Role. Any Overleaf that is “popular” during a period of time on the planet, such as currently, Growth and Acceptance, Observation, Idealist, Realist, and Intellectual Centering, can be said to be “happy” overleaves. This is NOT A RULE, only a response to your question. [MoonSinger] I wondered how much soul age and level affect a person’s ability to be happy? It seems level 6 presents quite a challenge to happiness, or is it really a matter of conscious choice? Choosing to be WILLING to be happy with whatever circumstance you find yourself involved in? [Michael_Entity] Only the LEVEL presents ease or challenge, not the Soul Age, though Older Souls can seem to “find” happiness easier in general, but even then, they are gripped by deeper challenges still. Conscious choice in terms of your RESPONSE or REACTION to events will help you to navigate through life’s obstacles. Response allows you to CHOOSE consciously, while REACTION, while still a choice, is not conscious. WILLING yourself to be happy usually will not work. Many of you literally HAVE to be unhappy in order to extract that which will allow you to appreciate and maintain happiness when you find it. [Liiona24] You stated to Troy earlier that some fragments need others while most can generate happiness in themselves. Could you comment on this further? [Michael_Entity] We will clarify that ALL fragments can GENERATE Happiness from within themselves, and in ALL cases this will be true, but some fragments require external factors in order to MAINTAIN it. There is the difference. Two fragments can BOTH create happiness for themselves, but of the two, one of them may require more support, interaction, etc., in order to maintain the energy originally generated. We will conclude here. Good Night.
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