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    What a nice thought What kind of bees? You have different kind of both solitary and bumblebees as well. The largest colonies are those those of Apis mellifera (European honeybee) that can grow to 80.000 or more. Bumblebees nests during summer have around 300 bees and Indian honeybees (apis cerana indica) maybe 2000 - 3000. I would guess Apis mellifera to be the candidate then. I keep three colonies at the moment each with an unique personality. It is very fascinating to get to know them. If you tune in you can sense the intelligence and emotions going on. I never wear gloves and only put on veil if I feel the mood shift when checking the hives. Physically they will give short bumps on my torso or head to warn me and others or kind of buzz in a certain tone to indicate their irritation. Then I’ll take precautions. Only time I get stung is usually with other people in attendance that causes stress or makes me loose focus. I feel very familiar and harmonious around these fascinating insects, feeling love and admiration for their ingenuity and superb social structure. Bees have a very complex communication with “dancing“ and vibrations. They are highly sensitive to your emotions and Intentions. Humans and bees have a long history together (from the human perspective) going back 10.000 years. I sense that we might have some kind of an agreement together when it comes to the transition to sentience. A hive being then would be somewhat different from a human being even if we too could be said to be composed of different cooperating cells, bacteria and other forms of life. A hive can send parts of its consciousness to different areas within 3km radius of its center of being. These parts can interact with other hive consciousnesses. At present it is very important during mating when groups of drones (male bees) travel afar often spending nights in different hives. These drones will end their live in midair during mating with queens that will then use the dna to “father” a new hive being. I can picture these intelligent sentient hive beings cooperating in building structures and advancing as a species by developing biological technology. One great thing about colonies of honeybees is that they will not wage war on each other. That might of course be due to the fact that their society is matriarchal. I would give everything to shift our society to being matriarchal as well, what problem that would solve!
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    thank you for sharing @Paulyboy. Continue to have fun and good luck
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    This is a scene from the 1977 Australian film The Last Wave. In this scene Richard Chamberlain and Nandjiwarra Amagula have a spontaneous shamanic sitting that reveals the real identity of the character Richard is playing. This film had an enormous influence on my spirituality in ‘86 and sent me on my way onto the shamanic path I have been following ever since. The film was made with the help from aboriginal tribes and Nandjiwarra is a tribal elder that agreed to participate if he could bring his wife. 35 years later this scene still sends shivers down my spine!
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    Some Gorillas are already Sentient. Bees are not yet, to our knowledge. I think the burgeoning Gorilla Sentience says more about the Essences exploring life in Gorilla bodies than it does about Humans. I don't see it as a 'karmic test' for Humanity, or as something that was ever destined, or meant to be, because ultimately it was the freely made choice of those Essences to incarnate as Gorillas, and they would not have chosen to do so if they had not found some value in the prospect of sharing a planet with Humans.
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    Michael Speaks: THE ULTIMATE HICCUP or Truly Accepting Death 2017-10-01 Channeled by Troy Tolley in a live session at TLEGG 2017 Note from Janet: Hopefully readers of this transcript will be able to sense the general hilarity that participants experienced within this live session. Once Michael was past the introduction to the session, we were laughing most of the way through, and you'll see [laughter] repeatedly throughout the transcript. Troy kept listening in while in trance, and at times Michael had trouble getting info through his laughter. Please send thanks to @DanielaS for her transcription of this live session. MEntity: Bear with us as we come through, and hello to everybody. Surprisingly, we are not asked very often to discuss the topic of Death. Part of the reason for this is because you are specifically designed to avoid Death. You are in a physical body that wants to live, wants to survive, wants to experience the Physical Plane in its form as a representative and extension of you, as a Consciousness. And so, the topic of Death is avoided by most at all cost, even if this is unconsciously avoided. So, to bring up the topic to discuss can be difficult for some, especially those who may have had close calls with Death or experienced the Death of a loved one or has any sense of empathy or compassion for those who are in events that caused their Deaths, especially on a large scale. So, the sensitivity to Death is an important mechanism in your life, and in your body, that helps you navigate Life. Another reason you tend to avoid questions about Death and the topic of Death, with us at least, is because surprisingly, again, it is one of the least significant events in your life. That is not to say that it is not significant, but it is of the least significant. A part of you, in particular as Old Souls, knows this and is not interested in discussing the end of your life or the end of another life but you are more interested in Life itself. Each of you has died so many times that the Essence of who you are gets it. The body will never get it. Once it dies, it dies, and it does not comprehend that, and it is designed not to comprehend that. So, you will avoid the topic. You will avoid the experience if you can and if you will. This is an example of the dance between what we have described as the Sacred and the Profane. The physical dense body in which you as Essence exist through is a part of you that you must honor on a regular basis in order to continue with your days. While at the same time, having a perspective that is natural to you, especially as Old Souls, that GETS IT, that many of the things you struggle with in your life are temporary and insignificant and irrelevant to the greater arc of your existence. That dance is a very interesting and amazing friction that perpetuates a Life, the dance between the Sacred and the Profane. So, what we will do today with you is have more of a discussion with you about how you feel about Death, your questions about Death, your concerns about Death, your fears about Death, anything that you would like to discuss about this experience. But we suggest you do this while holding both the Sacred and the Profane in the same space. And by this we mean that you honor the truth, the necessity to avoid this topic while honoring the necessity for you to remember the beauty of this topic. One way to approach this is to tap into the more morbid humor that is natural to the Old Soul, and approach Death as a comical event that occurs more than it is a tragic event. Because Death is the ultimate tragedy and comedy, and there is a very fine line between the two. And you as a meeting ground between the Sacred and the Profane have the capacity to shift between these two perspectives, the tragedy side and the comedy side. It would be of interest to us to see where our students can find the comedy in the Deaths that have been experienced in the life, or the Deaths that you have experienced in the past, or the Deaths that you fear may be coming for you. So, our first question to you would be, in particular for those who have experienced the Death of someone in your life: do you or can you find the comedy in this, the levity, the relief, the peace, the paradox, the humor, in this experience? Asking you this question lets us understand where you are in your capacity to shift between perspectives. Because you will always see both of these perspectives, the tragedy and the comedy, but most of you are imprinted to emphasize the tragedy. Because in most cases it would be unnerving if you approached a funeral with a party hat and streamers and offered stand-up. It would be awkward. But that is not because it IS awkward. It is because of the climate that is imprinted within you around Death. There is levity in Death. In fact, we find it quite hilarious in many cases. Not because of the suffering that is involved, but because of our witnessing your reunions after the life is over and the realization that you have not ended. You have not in any way ended. That realization is not only beautiful to us, but hilarious. So, we ask our students here today, have you or can you describe, even if it means stretching yourself, the levity, the humor, the beauty on the other side of tragedy for a Death that you have experienced? We are looking for examples. Martha: So, a dear friend and “ex” of mine committed suicide a few years ago. There was a month delay between the time he died and when his funeral was held. And his family had a lot to deal with so I basically planned a lot of it for them, and they wanted me to speak. And, so, I spent about a week writing. It was going to be a sad eulogy, right, I was writing all the little stories and vignettes, and I was practicing to try to get the right tone. And when it actually came to be the day of the funeral I stood up there and took a completely different tone and picked things and I did stand up, sort of. I told funny stories about him. Like, how he never cleaned his oven. You know, because I cleaned his house before we sold it for him and the oven was pristine. And so, I did stand-up. His brother, who had been sitting next to me before I got to speak after the funeral, said, I just thought that was going to be so rough but when you got up there and started speaking I knew it was all going to be OK. MEntity: That is the kind of beauty that is attached to the yin and yang of Death, so to speak. It is the other side of tragedy, and that is a good example. Ann: I got a few. I got a lot of dead people. I know this sounds terrible. My brother died of pancreatic cancer this last December. Here is somebody, this is going to sound so awful, but here's somebody who did so much for the environment, committed himself to this clean life. And he dies of this fucking pancreatic cancer. I know that sounds mean, but it's like, Oh my god. The irony still amazes me that he took such good care of himself and was such a steward of the planet and he gets laid low by this rampant, nasty disease. And I don't know how he feels about it, but there's a part of me, like, Oh my god, the irony still kills me. You know, it's just.... And also, the way my mother, my mother went out her way. She did it her way. And it was so much a part of who she was. It was sort of a really interesting honor to watch her in Discrimination slowly make her decision to work her way out of here, you know, through her choices. BobbyA: I'm thinking specifically about a man by the name of Jason that I asked you about. He experienced a disruption at a club one night, and he and his female partner went home. And I think the police were called, and in an effort to avoid the police, there was a warrant out for his arrest, he went and sat out by the train tracks. And he was drunk. And instead of getting hit by the law, he got hit by the train. MEntity: That is hilarious. [Laughter] Brian: I'll add one. Geraldine is a great example. She knew that it was coming. We went to Seattle. For most of us to meet her for the first time. But at the same time, when we were doing the planning, one of the jokes was like, hey, let's have a pre-mortem eulogy. And so, it was basically making fun of all the nonsense. And I remember some channeling that Maureen and Bobby had done later on to find out, OK, what kind of happened on the other side. And apparently, she was very pissed that her first sighting of Essence was of her sitting in the wheelchair from Seattle. And she's like, what, that's it? And so, yeah, to me it was very beautiful to be able to see that. Obviously as Old Souls we kind of know, yes, it goes on, but to truly see that in action, and be able to see someone embracing Death, not just accepting it but even embracing it and having fun with it. And then even on the other side, that's it, I'm disappointed! I thought there was going to be more! So, that was a really good example for me. Janet: After my parents' deaths, we didn't have funerals, we had memorial services. They were full of pictures and stories, especially the funny stories that we had on my parents. But I wanted to bring up that those Deaths we knew were coming with some advance notice. They were in a state of health and it was the time. We had some way to make some preparation. In Martha's case, that was totally unexpected. And so, I think there is a difference in how you might approach it and how you might be able to handle it based on whether you have advance warning or not. MEntity: Yes, the tragic will be involved. Regardless of the humor you can find in it. But it is important, the reason why we are discussing it from this angle is because it's important, as you come across those who will die or you approach your own Death, whether suddenly or known, you must remember to access the comedy, the humor, because this is how you allow the individual to continue on without an attachment or an anchor to the life that has been ended, so to speak. The more one grieves, which is a natural process, but the more one grieves in a way that resists the humor, or the levity, or the understanding, the more you have anchored an individual to the life in a way that does have an effect on their Review. And we have discussed this in our delineation of the 7th Internal Monad, which we will not do here, as we have covered that in detail. But the levity is not just for you to feel better about the Death, but about freeing up the energy that is another Essence and its Personality to continue forward. It does have an impact on the Review. Are there other examples? Tex: This is sort of an example and a question. My dad, who was age 96 when he died two years ago, had had multiple strokes at that time. I'd been in the hospital with him. And he's kind of an easy-going guy, never worries about anything. And I think that's why he didn't die until age 96. He would wake up from a stroke or whatever and just look around like it was totally amusing. Finally, he has a heart attack. He's out for several days, and he finally comes to and he looks around the room and goes, I'm not dead yet! [Laughter] And then two years later, bang, he dies. [Laughter] I can just see him on the other side going, I'm not dead yet! [Laughter] So the question is, did he actually do that on the other side when he died? I'm not dead yet! MEntity: We do not know. [Laughter] We would have to look. We wish to differentiate between your bringing levity to the experience of Death and the attention that is necessary for processing the suffering of an individual that may lead to a Death, whether this be through sickness or mental illness or the overwhelming circumstances of a life that drives an individual to reduce choices to the point of leaving the life, exiting the life. So, we are in no way implying or saying that one must diminish the appropriate response to the suffering of an individual. But the Death itself and the experience of this can be, at some point when you are ready, brought to a state of wholeness by finding the comedy to go along with the tragedy. And knowing this is part of the process of understanding and bringing peace to your experience of Death, a peace that is often missed or not pointed out in most instructions for how to grieve. Eventually you must find the humor. Do you have questions before we continue? Daniela: I get it. I imagine that when I die I'll have a smile on my face. It will be funny. But my children. I just can't see humor [Laughs] in a child's Death. It just seems, like, different. MEntity: That is because it is not funny, at this point, and it is not something that you need to [Troy laughs] ponder as a hilarious event to occur. [Laughter] The point is if that were to happen, then it is important to find the humor in this. You do not practice that understanding on anticipating the Deaths of those who are close to you. You practice this on those experiences that have already occurred. And that is important to understand so that you are not whimsically laughing at the possibility of a loved one's Death. But if a loved one has died, there will be a point where the humor may be necessary, and will likely be necessary, to bring to the equation. You can practice on yourself, as you say, as you gave as an example, and that if fair game. But you do not have to practice on your children. [Laughter] Daniela: But what's the humor in a child's Death? To me it just seems different than an adult's. MEntity: That would be something that individually you must find. It is not that the Death is humorous in itself. But that you will find the humor that is included in the reality of that Death, and much like Martha gave as an example, it is finding those memories that bring back the humor to the equation, not necessarily in extracting it from the Death itself. Do you understand? Daniela: Yes. MEntity: Those memories that elicit laughter and humor are vital to your peace around the Death of a loved one. One of the reasons for this is because, as you mature emotionally, you move away from Sentimentality, which is an attachment to a rigid way of remembering things or wanting things not to change, and move toward Nostalgia. This is an emotionally intelligent way of looking back at the past. Nostalgia extracts from all of the spectrum of experiences those things that bring the greatest movement forward, that add to your life in ways that are joyful and humorous. So, that is one of the reasons why looking for humor and levity and memories of laughter is a way of moving into a more emotionally intelligent way of moving forward with the past, instead of staying rooted in the past with Sentimentality. Cyprus: I have a question. Is Death kind of an overall statement? I mean, even not just talking about Death. But I love nostalgia and remembering the stuff that we've done in the past. Even things that were crazy and seemed horrible at the time, we now laugh at and joke about and enjoy in a different light. MEntity: Yes. This can be used in a broad way for the life. And it is one of the ways that you grow. Many of the things that you are doing in this life that bring suffering are things you will look back on and laugh about in the future, because you already do that now in your questions about past lives. What you [Troy laughs] have not quite grasped, and we understand why, is that you are already dead. [Laughter] Your future lives are asking about you, and the irony is that [Troy laughs] nothing dies. [Laughter] So, while you are already dead and not yet dead and will never die, the concept of Death must be addressed. In terms of the Personality, or rather the physical body, Death is quite profound. But in terms of the Essence and Personality, it is simply transformation, it is simply evolution. It is not an end. It is not Death in the way that most tend to treat it. There is a persistence and continuation that each of you know is true. You do not have to trust us in telling you this. There is a part of you that knows this. But your body is not designed to remember this. It is not designed to know this. So, you will always have that struggle within you. Nostalgia can help you to understand that if you can do this for your life and for those who have died in your life, it helps you to understand the beauty of your life in retrospect after Death. And we ask you now, if you were to die today, can you find the Beauty and the Nostalgia, would you leave this life today knowing this was a life lived as best you could, and by “best you could” we mean by your standards, with your skills, at your pace, and not measured against some ambition or deadline set by a false premise. Various responses: No. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. MEntity: We promise there will not be Kool-Aid. [Laughter] If you would like to, we can offer up the floor to get questions or to respond to questions about your individual Deaths, some of which you may find quite hilarious. If you— [Laughter] Cyprus: The room goes crazy. Martha: Everybody wants that, Michael. MEntity: We will start with five. We will leave it up to those who are moderating to manage this. Cyprus: We'll just take a nice smattering, OK? We'll start with Cong. Cong: Can Michael just give me an example of my funniest Death in the past? MEntity: For each of these responses we may require a moment to find. [After a moment of silence, Troy starts to laugh.] [Laughter] The [Troy laughs]—this is Troy laughing, not us—the lifetime that came up for us is a lifetime in which you were, we think, in the late 1700's. We may not provide all of the details so that we can get to more people, but you were very eager to get married and your dress got, in the frantic effort to get to a location in time to get married, because you thought you would die if you did not, because it was quite important to you and exciting, your dress got hooked into the wheel of the vehicle and you were pulled [Troy laughs] under [Laughter] and broke your neck [Laughter] and did not make it to the wedding. [Laughter] Cong: Just out of curiosity, did you know who I was supposed to marry? And did they find this funny? MEntity: At the time, no. [Laughter] The Mate Agreement at the time is not here, in this room. Cyprus: Martha. You haven't been here in a long time. You deserve to go. Martha: So, you did tell me about the funny Death of Geraldine and I where we were soldiers that laughed and got caught because we were laughing and got killed. So, that one I know already. MEntity: That was quite a good one. [Laughter] We've [Troy laughs] found one in what looks like the late 1500's where you thought you could get by with defecating under a stage by slipping through a trap door, [Laughter] not knowing [Troy laughs]—we are having trouble keeping Troy from listening—the place burned down. [Laughter] We suggest that each of you who receive these notes make a note so that we can elaborate upon these and put them properly in the sequence of lives that you may be exploring in more formal settings. Martha: Did I cause the fire? MEntity: No. Next. Cyprus: Ann. MEntity: We will look. We are looking. This may not be as funny as the others, but we find it funny. The lifetime where you were running a type of apothecary store and thought you could make some good money switching out a remedy for a poison because someone was going to pay you well. And fell ill, feeling guilty, not realizing that you had given them a remedy and took the poison [Laughter] to feel better and killed yourself. [Laughter] Cyprus: Kerrin. MEntity: [Troy laughs] We think this will count. [Laughter] We are losing the capacity to relay details. But we can share the gist. It appears you had puffed up yourself in such a way as to take on the challenge of jousting knowing that you had never done it before. [Laughter] And in your attempts, you beheaded the one you were challenging, but were so freaked out by the impaling that you catapulted yourself off your horse and into some sort of impact that caused you to die. [Laughter] Everyone was quite confused. [Laughter] Kerrin: Was there anyone here whose head I cut off? MEntity: No. Cyprus: Tex. Tex: OK, I invented so many things in this life that nearly killed me, from motorcycles to jumping off a roof with umbrellas, you name it. I have got to make an invention out there that killed me. MEntity: A few. [Laughter] One example that you thought would be helpful for a rough terrain were stilts with springs. [Laughter] That did not go well. [Laughter] Cyprus: Are you OK to do more? MEntity: We can take two more. Cyprus: Brian. MEntity: We are looking. This would have been in what might be described as the “Wild West” of America, and you had decided to take some journey by horse on your own, and someone convinced you to dress in the garb of the Native Americans as a form of disguise, which did not work. [Laughter] You were immediately seen as an offense and murdered. And what was funny was your yelling, “But my headdress.” [Laughter] We know we cannot prove this, but we are not making these up. [Laughter] We will take one more. Cyprus: We haven't had an Artisan. We'll do Janet. I’m trying to get the other Roles. See if they are more entertaining. MEntity: They are all entertaining. [Laughter] The one that comes up right now for us to most easily convey is an expedition of some sort, that took a lot of convincing to pull off for a group to trust in your navigational skills and knowledge to lead to what we can only describe as some sort of Mayan vault that required a large stone to roll out of the way. After so much journey to get there and in your excitement, the door rolled back [Laughter], and you did not survive that. [Laughter] Cyprus: At least she got them there! MEntity: That is exactly what you said. [Laughter] Janet: I said, “I got you there?” MEntity: That is on record. [Laughter] These are examples of how you will look at this life. You will look back and find the humor, even in your greatest struggles, because all of you will remain together. All of you will remain reuniting, one after another in your lifetimes, and finding each other again. It does not end. We have not seen an end. And we have all reunited as an Entity and laugh at our [Troy laughs] past on a regular basis, though we do not have the bodies to do so such as Troy is experiencing now. But there is still laughter in the Causal Plane. As the Old Soul learns rather quickly, some of the most amazing and beautiful and touching moments are in the most tragic. And this is something that you can keep in mind, even if it is an undercurrent in your struggles, is that you will find the beauty in that. You do not have to find it in the moment. Because you must figure out whatever it is that you must figure out. But you can find it in those moments. You can find it in your struggle. You can find it in the suffering. There will be a moment when you understand it differently. And that is all that matters in terms of getting peace around difficult experiences is understanding it differently. It does not mean that you will understand it completely, but you will understand it differently. And it is often more meaningful, useful, touching, than you might have guessed while in it. And that is what we will leave you with in terms of your understanding Death, approaching Death, and looking back at it. Cyprus: Before you go, could you just tell us one of your funniest ones? MEntity: One of our own? Cyprus: Yes. MEntity: We have a few to choose from. [Laughter] One of our favorites was when a large part of our Entity were incarnated together as a crew on a ship. And we thought it would be a good idea to have some ladies join us [Laughter] and we all died from syphilis. [Laughter] But we had a good time. [Laughter] Cyprus: Thank you. MEntity: Good day to each of you and good-bye.
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    Hi folks! TLDR: I have a couple of funny videos to share that I made earlier this week. As some of you know I direct a church choir as part of my regular work (keeping up the long tradition of musicians being employed by churches). We have a group of maybe ~15 or so folks that sing twice a week (in pre-covid times) ranging from 14-80+ years in age. The act of singing, as far as spreading covid-19, is about the most dangerous thing you can do short of making out with passers-by, so we've been suspended since early/mid March. Once or twice a week I give everyone a call to see how they're doing, try to keep morale up, get aid out to those who need it, make sure particularly lonely folks get extra phone calls: that sort of thing. Choir directors (and performing arts in general) around the world are working on activities to do, focusing on whatever they *can* do safely and being creative. We've been doing weekly online services (short little videos, a little music and a sermon) to tide things over, and I was hoping (optimistically) that the pandemic would be wiped out in just a few months because we would ... well ... everyone paying attention knows how poorly the United States is doing right now (and now it's on fire, to boot, and it's not even fire season yet) so... yeah, singing is still dangerous, services are still online (the churches that are being safe with their folks and not going YOLO). To that end I've been working on learning video production and audio engineering, and quickly. I have two other gigs with two school districts working on virtual choirs for their school choirs (we're mostly out now, but we're still editing the finished product) so I've been in the thick of it the last couple months, and particularly the last week. So, here are a trio of the recent ones I did for the church and church choir. They are currently unlisted (so don't spread them far and wide, at least at this time) and the intended audience is maybe 15 people for the first two, and 40-50 for the third one. That being said, I took a lot of time with them and wanted y'all to see them, if you so choose, because some folks here have known me for over 20 years and you might get a kick out of it. My job has turned into full-time morale-booster since a lot of the church folks are seniors and immune-compromised folks and they're getting pretty lonely. We're trying to keep it entertaining and interesting while in shelter-in-place (in D&D, I'm definitely the bard in this party). The first is one introducing the choir folks to doing a virtual hymn (virtual choir without the visuals, just the audio). I'm still collecting recordings from folks and hope to have it finished for the service Sunday. The second is the practice track, and the third is a recruitment one to get more folks in the congregation engaged in the virtual music program (it's pretty rough to sing by yourself, so I want to get folks involved and having fun as much as possible). Enjoy the cheeky edits and squirrel appearance.
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    NEW TO TLE - FAVORITE MICHAEL QUOTES DATABASE! We now have a dynamic quotation database that you can help us to build up by contributing your own favorite quotes from Michael. They can come from any source as long as they are direct quotes from Michael. Keep your quotes fairly short and clear. Do not post entire articles or excerpts. Only quotes. As the database grows, please try to see if others have already added the quote before you add a new one. This feature will also be a part of the home page so that random quotes are generated for your inspiration pulled directly from this collaborative database! ADD YOUR FAVORITE QUOTE HERE! Troy & TLE
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    Many of the things that you are doing in this life that bring suffering are things you will look back on and laugh about in the future, because you already do that now in your questions about past lives. What you [Troy laughs] have not quite grasped, and we understand why, is that you are already dead. [Laughter] Your future lives are asking about you, and the irony is that [Troy laughs] nothing dies. [Laughter] So, while you are already dead and not yet dead and will never die, the concept of Death must be addressed ”You are already dead.....future lives are asking about you”......Love This....how amazing.....started laughing already.... love that I keep finding wonderful sessions on the site.....thank you for posting....we will find them when we need to....
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    @Hjortur Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and experience on this! I have been meaning to start a whole new thread on bees, actually. I might do that rather than write my response and further thoughts here. (and now i also saw that response from @Connor i had missed before )
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    So we have gorillas and bees about to go sentient. Both under grave danger of going extinct (well, if bees go, we go too...) Is this a *coincidence* or are there some meaningful themes playing out here given our own history of being saved and transported as a species right at the start of our infantry? Has this been discussed?
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    [EDIT: additional clarification added on August 18] I'd like to clarify (and I am adding this to the original post, too) that I don't mean to condone hate or the use of hate or living perpetually in hate as a motivation. My original intent was to point out that hate is something that is natural and nothing to fear and what we do with it is what matters. We don't have to be scared of hate that rises in us in reaction to awful things. Hate is just information. It points out what we find repulsive and disgusting. Most people think of the hate that is expressed from people who live in hate just because someone is different and they don't understand or like it. That's what we think of when we think of hate. That's an ugly and terrifying kind of hate because it goes unquestioned and unchecked. But when we are subject to the horrors of Nazis, racists, sexists, homophobes, abusers, rapists, murderers, and molesters, etc. it is totally fair, normal, and natural to feel hate for these things. That kind of hate is still just information. We are passionately repulsed and disgusted. But we don't want to live in it any more than we want to live in fear or anger, but we shouldn't try to avoid or shame or fear our hate, and we certainly shouldn't believe that our hatred of people who harm other people is the same thing as the hate that actually harms people. That's like saying that the violence of people fighting for their lives is the same kind of violence that has come to take their lives. Violence, hatred, anger, and fear... they are not the bad guys. What we do with these, how we direct them, how we understand them... that's what matters. That's all I really meant to say. **** [original post below] Below is a combination of posts I wrote in response to two different approaches to questioning hate, anger, and violence. One presented the question as a thoughtful exploration, and one came from a hostile Michael Student from the greater community who wanted to put me in my place for expressing my anger on Facebook toward a fake president who is encouraging violence and white supremacy. Both prompted me to look more carefully at these terms of hate, anger, and violence and try to explain how they work when they are forced on us and how they can be constructive. I decided to create a new post from those responses so we could discuss this and call bullshit on my perspective, or if we can learn to see the constructive side of emotions that are sometimes forced on us and that we have to deal with. *** For those of you uncomfortable with the hate, anger, and violence forced into the equation of protecting ourselves from hateful violent racists and homophobes, rest assured that Love *will* win and save the day. But some of us don't have the protection or privilege of just waiting for that day to come, so please forgive us as we get dirty, hurt, and angry. We are doing the work of clearing a path to that day when you get to say that Love Wins. We don't have to fight dirty for Love, but please understand that we have to fight, and we will get very dirty fighting for it. So save a nice spot us for when we can rest again. *** It's so frustrating to see the effects of inculcation from the new age and religion that keeps us locked in this binary world of "Versus." Love vs Hate, Fear vs Love, Anger vs Peace... That binary world just doesn't exist. It never did. It only looked like it did because it made it easier for us to navigate as we grew up. It made it easier for Baby Souls and Young Souls. Eventually, we grow more mature and that's when we realize there is a spectrum of life, of emotions, of gender, of sexuality, of intelligence, of choice, of everything. Even at the heart of this teaching is the very concept of Polarities that teach us about this spectrum that was never pitted against each other, but a part of each other. Hate and Fear and Anger are near the end of the spectrum of life where choices have become more limited. When this is imposed on yourself or imposed on others as a way to remove choice, it is the familiar destructive force we all know. But when Hate, Fear, and Anger come in response to others taking away our choices and threatening our lives, it is entirely warranted, appropriate, and can be constructive. Hate is just extreme passion. It's no more inherently uglier or villainous than Fear. Things like Fear and Hate and Anger are tools that can protect a house or tear down a house, and Love IS the house. Fear can destroy us or protect us. Hate can destroy us or protect us. Anger can destroy us or protect us. Sometimes protection is necessary in a world where we can be harmed. These emotions are tools that override logic and that's why they can seem so scary. Those who glorify Hate, Fear, and Anger tend to be those who passionately and senselessly seek to destroy the choices of others, and this is what we think of when we see actions motivated by Hate, Fear, or Anger. But these are the same tools that have to be used by many on the front lines of fighting for those who are targeted and oppressed because they know there is no logic that can reach the oppressors or make sense of the chaos. They have to passionately fight back and help clear a path back to logic and reason and it is entirely warranted and healthy and constructive to harness the tools and fuel of Hate, Fear, and Anger and aim it all right back toward protecting and rebuilding the "house" of Love. When people say they can't fight hate with hate, they think of hate as being this singular position opposite of Love. But Love and Hate were never opposites. Love can't be divided, but Hate can be, so Hate can be used against Love or help us clear a path back to Love. Shocking, I know, but anyone who has been directly targeted by violent oppression knows the productive and passionate power of hate, anger, and fear that can help change the world for better. I'm not saying it's ideal, but it helps more than we give credit. When people say they can't fight hate with hate, they also tend to mean that it's an issue that means something different to them and that it makes them uncomfortable to be expected to feel as much extreme passion about that issue. I am totally okay with that and if you can fight using calmer more "loving" methods, then please, by all means, do so. Please don't just turn your back because it's uncomfortable to see the passion from those more directly targeted and hurting.
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    Here are your randomized "mystery links" for June. HEADS UP! ... There are now several places on the site where you have to be a member to see posts. I have elected to post these links when they showed up among my randomly generated numbers. If you get a message that you don't have permission for an item, you can either choose another number or — if you feel the strong inclination — seek to join the group to which the link belongs. Please let me know if you are continuing to like and/or use these links for synchronistic messages or study opportunities. Calendar 1: Study Library The Study Library contains excerpts from public and private sessions organized by topic so that it's easier to locate specific material on a specific topic. If you are not researching a topic but would just like to learn something new about the Michael Teachings, these are the links to use. The hope is that the random nature of these links may provide a synchronistic method for you to access information that might be useful to you right now. Tips: While the linked article itself might not offer a nugget for you, we are in the process of adding links from the articles back to the original sessions. I encourage you to follow those links when they exist to see if there is a 'message' for you there. Use these links in whatever synchronistic manner appeals to you. For example, instead of choosing a link for the current date, try choosing a link randomly. Click on a number to open a library article. June Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 Calendar 2: Forum Topics and Blog Entries There is an amazing abundance of items on this site and because much of it was transferred in a short window of time, there are "old" items that have never even been viewed on this new site: a potential goldmine for those who are newer to TLE. And, unlike the Study Library, all of these links open to an item that allows comments and discussion. This second calendar contains an assortment of links to blog entries and forum topics. These are a total mishmash of items. Some may provide the contents of a private session with Michael, some may be asking for information, some may be sharing music, etc. This is another random way to find something interesting on the site: you might not learn anything, but you might enjoy revisiting or starting a new conversation about whatever topic pops up. Click on a number to open a blog entry or forum topic. June Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30
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    Can we have lives in other timelines?
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    I asked a channel about the bees one time, and they were like, huh? Not bees. So I have heard it both ways about bees now.
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    Oh elephants, makes so much sense! They are quite incredible. But i suppose their natural habitat and survival is not going so great either -_- I wonder if there is a parallel where their sentience was or will be a go.
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    From what I recall, the transcript you posted is the more accurate, i.e. that bees were/are under consideration for sentience, but aren't yet sentient. I want to say that elephants were another species that was a very high contender for sentience as well. There is a transcript somewhere I think that mentions that, while gorillas are endangered in this parallel, there are others where they are less so or not. So the sentience that is gorillas is/will continue in some form whether or not they make it "here."
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    @Juni, @AnnaD there is a mention from fairly recent, i just can't find it with the search now! Fairly recent might also mean that *i* read it fairly recently .... I'm pretty sure it was liked or commented by @SunSand so Justine if you remember where it was...? However i did find another mention i had not read before myself, which is from one of Geraldine's sessions as below. Although here it says "has been considered for sentience" while i'm sure in the other transcript it was more like "about to become sentient". "By no means is size relative to sentience. In fact, a species that has been contenders for Sentience on your own planet has been what you call Bees.  The key for Sentience in its choice for a species includes the relative amount of manipulation capable over the environment, the relative amount of exchange with each other the species can have, the depth of experience that the species can access, and how closely it can be to the Sentient species already in place."
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    Take someone who believes that work is the most important thing in the world. So he goes home and kills himself because work is so important. I think that's hilarious that's really funny. I think some things in life are serious although possibly not death.
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    Wish I were there. Love a laugh like this. One thing I have often said to people is - life is like the sexual act and death the the explosive release. I don't often get laughs for it though ?
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    Lovely session... it surprised me because I was expecting more "technical details" of it all. This deserves to be heard in the original recording. I can see how much it unified the gathering. I have been into the humor and paradox of dying for some time. I had a vision once of in the after life having this kind of contest of who had created the the worst experience for themselves for some kind of award, all for the appreciation of the irony. In my case it helped me to balance the humor and the pathos that is real as well. So no need to force the humor on those who are not ready. I can see Tex taking a tumble on his spring loaded stilts. Yep, we sure are!
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    Thanks @PPLD! I think what made this session so funny in live delivery is two things: the calm, deadpan way that Michael speaks through Troy, and the laughter that broke up the channeling and created beats for classic comic timing. For example: "One of our favorites was when a large part of our Entity were incarnated together as a crew on a ship. And we thought it would be a good idea to have some [long pause here as Michael searches for the right word] ladies join us" [beat] "and we all died from syphilis." [beat] "But we had a good time." [beat]
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    OMG, the examples are just hilarious! I'm lying in bed an LOLing so I'm crying ? After reading this transcript, I also better understand what Michael told me when I asked if they had fun at the Gathering: Amazing session on a subject that never in neutral to discuss. Although this is logical, I have never put it so clearly to myself: I am already dead, and not yet dead, at the same time! I just love it! Thank you so much for this amazing session Michael and Troy and @DanielaS - you are a star! Transcribing is a hard and very time-consuming task! It means a lot to be able to take part of the sessions so soon after the Gathering! Million thanks for making it possible! ?
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    [Excerpt from TT: 2008-05-14] [Question] I have a question about ensoulled species. Do Cetaceans predate the human ensoulment? And why have Great Apes become ensoulled when they’re on the verge of extinction? [Michael Entity] Yes, Cetacean ensoulment predates Human sentience, though only in terms that are understood as “earth years.” Both your species and Cetaceans originated in other star systems. Both Human and Cetacean species were on the verge of extinction upon gaining sentience. Part of how a species develops sentience is often linked to the refining of the species to a small population. When a newly-ensouled species shares the planet with well-advanced species, they usually inhabit completely separate mediums, such as Cetaceans living in the ocean while humans evolve on land. In the case with Gorillas, it is going to be an important experiment as to whether the consciousness of humans can expand to a degree that recognizes the value of life beyond its own species, especially as Gorillas begin to develop more obvious tribes. The ensoulment of Gorillas is still an experiment, but it appears to us that it will continue. The Energy Ring (12 Cadres) that is exploring the possibility of ensoulment in Gorillas has the first entity of each Cadre sending specific fragments into the experiment; the most cardinal-cast from each entity. The number of Gorillas with what you would call a “soul” have remained around 24. Several of these have made headlines. [Question] So, this might be an experiment that will expand elsewhere in the universe? Is this “how” Energy Rings are started? [Michael Entity] It is not unusual for a species to be sentient-ready and for an Energy Ring to explore it and then “pull out.” Energy Rings are formed long before the choice of a species is explored. If an Energy Ring rejects the species, or the species rejects the Energy Ring, it is free to choose another, or to find a similar species on another planet. An Energy Ring chooses a species and then works as a hive for that species to develop the species’ intellect to a point where it can house sentience. We doubt this experiment will be abandoned. The prospects look enticing to both human and gorilla sentience as the sharing of land and habitat comes under consideration. [Question] Well, I’m most concerned about a loss of viable numbers and loss of habitat; we’re not bringing in more infant souls for humans and Gorillas are very precarious [Michael Entity] Your concern is valid. The Energy Ring working with Gorillas is making it a priority to encourage an enlistment of human interaction and inclusion as part of the means for the experiment to work. [Question] I’m very concerned with all of the environmental issues that affect Gorillas — including too many humans! but it’s an interesting idea to consider on being at ground zero for a beginning sentience [Michael Entity] Though this is not a prediction, we see most probabilities having far fewer humans over the next century and having much more effective methods for harnessing energy and sharing resources. It may be a bumpy transition into the rooting of the Mature Soul Age on your planet, but it is happening. The implementation of Mature Soul values will most likely resolve everything you recognize as a threat at this point.
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