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    This is an invitation to connect to and spill your love, in whatever way you wish, to our TINA who lives in Wuhan/China, having to face great hardship. I will post with her permission some excerpts of her responses of our conversations over the last month. I’m also grateful for the suggestion to help me post on TLE. I think it’s a good idea. This is a great forum joined by people full of love, insights and wisdom. Limited by my English level, I seldom join the discussion. However, I do feel a strong spiritual connection here. I haven’t found anywhere else that can match the wisdom and depth on this forum. I went out today. Most people wore masks. It’s a good sign. Local citizens are aware of it now. I didn’t see apparent mood swing on their face. But I feel slight depression and strong sadness on my own emotion. Maybe I’m affected by the collective energy. Maybe you’ve seen on the news that Wuhan city was shut down. That’s better for overall situation. I’m gradually getting used to this crisis. Today I begin my holiday. Yay! It’s so true that it’s better to be the creator of peace and happiness than staying passively in the miserable state. I also believe that one ripple of a loving thought will pass on to another end and will continue its trip. Your words inspired me so much! I’m also very grateful for our chats. The energy is so pure and full of love. I was having a difficult day yesterday again. The situation in Wuha gets even worse now and that triggers anxiety in me. I didn’t sleep well last night and the anxiety took me to the darkest place where I made a decision to bounce back to normal. And I did this morning. I am back with peace and the clean energy flow in my body again. Thank you for talking to me these days. When I think about your words, I am easily shifting to the light-hearted state. Metta&Peace, Tina I feel lacking of energy yesterday. I went out again to buy vegetables. There’s a small grocery near where I live that is still opening. They sell vegetables and snacks. I have to control how much I eat for each meal. On one hand, supermarkets are all far away and vechiles have been banned; on the other hand, it’s a risk to be infected to go to the supermarket. The government has assigned a free texi to our community, but the full community is 1500 people and I think there’s at least half of them are here. It’s so true that I experienced ups and downs of my mood. Each time after I went out, I had a mood swing. Maybe it’s because of the fear in my subconscious mind or the collective energy of the city that I felt. They sprayed a lot of disinfectant fluid everyday everywhere. My eyes are sensitive to it and I don’t feel well after breathing it. I’ll wear the sunglasses next time. But the overall energy is more still now. The death toll is still increasing, but it seems that people around me are mature enough to not be panic and keep calm in the group chats. The numbers are just numbers, whether it’s true or not. We are waiting for the virus to leave. I’m having a rough time lately. I reduced daily activitiies to the minimum to save physical energy. It seems that my heart has some issues recently. My father has asked me several times to go to the south to spend the Chinese New Year with him, but I wanted to dedicate to practice piano and said I would just stay at home. Unfortunately, I have no energy to practice at all. I am feeling a bit better today. The situation in Wuhan is getting worse and worse. Some people have stayed at home for a week, but they just went to the supermarket once and got infected. Since the hospitals run out of their space, people set up beds in stadiums for patients. Hundreds of patients are arranged in the same hall. There’s no separating walls or anything between each bed. It’s encouraging to know Gary and your lifestyle. I live in a similar way, working from home and do not care too much about the persuits of the mainstream society. Yes, it’s good to prepare food and store some necessasities. Thanks for those suggestions! I have reduced my time to get information from social media, which triggers lots of shock and anxiety in me. I hope all is well with you and Gray!! Peace & Metta Tina Im gradually recovering from the previous heaviness of the body and mind. I haven’t got the chance to go to the doctor to check what my heart problem is nor did I take any medicine . It seems to be premature beat according online information. I have been going to bed quite late in recent months. It’s a reminder from the body that I need to take more rest. The weather turns warm in Wuhan in these couple of days. I have stopped turning AC on since this week. We finally said goodby to the harsh winter of this year. However, people still get stuck at home here. The coronavirus is still expanding. You may see the infected number dropped from thousands to hundreds each day. However, the situation is still not optimistic. The number began to drop after all activities were banned. People are not even allowed to go to the supermarket. And unfortunately, we still have people infected around us. There are already 11 people that have been sent to the hospital in the same building where I live. 2 of them were found to be infected yesterday. There are also weird things going on with these two. They are a couple and they went to the hospital to check with other illness, but found to be coronavirus positive. They do not have any symptoms, no fever, no cough...and the city was shut down for a month already... I have begun to do some sight reading practice with an app. I began to learn piano in 2004. I practiced seriously for about a year and I picked it up again last year. I met my piano teacher once or twice a week. I made fast progress in skills, but im very weak in sight reading. Now I couldn’t meet my piano teacher. It’s a perfect period do some sight reading practice. I still feel lack of energy sometimes. My body still demands for rest I think. I also hope that most of my time can be occupied by beautiful and clean energies. Each moment is precious. I gradually realized this. I’m so happy to have met you guys( online). Each time I connect with you, I can feel that clean and beautiful energy from your side. My VPN was not very stable. It’s blocked completely in previous days by government. Sometimes I can get connected for several minutes in a day. It’s improved since this week!! I attached a photo to this message. It’s a family’s dog taken away by police. They live in the same building where I live. Their whole family was infected.
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    @michael_k I have no clue. I do remember Michael saying (when they were talking about the November 2018 divergence to unimaginable dystopia) that when Global Parallels branch, we haven't always made choices that contributed to them. Others did. This is because the Globe is a reflection of everybody, not just us. They say that what they see primarily contributes to us ending up in unintended global parallels is our bonds with those around us that are interested in those directions. If we live with our parents that are actively making choices towards harm and destruction, or absolutely fearing and expecting a direction of destruction and harm caused by others, we can get pulled into that parallel because we're an inherent part of their lives. However if we leave our parents and are no longer a part of their lives in any significant way, there is no reason for us to join them there. We are of different realities. Michael said this in particular: "Parallels (realities) behave very similarly to how dreams work in that you can have a population in your dreams that is just for you. People in your dreams are "real," but they are fractions of an individual being used as a kind of representation or symbol "just for you." This is true in parallels, as well. In your scenario described, "you" would generate a placeholder version of you that would be a very real version of you, but would rather quickly become distanced and fade away in the life of the bond, or you would "die." Think of this a bit like so: Imagine you arrive home after a long work day, and you want peace and quiet. But you arrive and your room mate has invited a bunch of people over for a party. Your room mate greets you and tells you to go socialize with others. You weren't aware of this party and it's not your intended reality. You have a few choices then. You can join into the unintended experience, or you can resist it- both of which will lock you into that reality. Or you can opt out and leave. Your room mate might not like it, but it's not your "cup of tea". You wouldn't have been in this situation if you weren't living with your room mate. You have a bond with him that locked you into that trajectory. But it wasnt your trajectory. Once you leave, most of the people at that party will forget about you. You fade away from them and cut bonds. To most in that room, you never existed at all as their attention is focused entirely on the party. On a Global scale, it might be like millions of people suddenly finding themselves at this collective party and leaving for a different environment more to their liking. Another way to think of it might be like a game server. When you enter a game server, you aren't aware of everyone living in it, you're only aware of the people you intend to meet in that game server. The rest is backdrop and the other people in that world might enter and exit that server without us ever knowing so.
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    I've been thinking about morale a lot lately, as mine has been flagging. @Jeroen's recently posted session about planning for a future and @petra's kind message on the February Energy report thread both resonated a lot with me, and with a direction I've been trying to move myself in lately, of figuring out how I can get through times of bad morale. Today as I was biking to my class I was thinking about the big areas of uncertainty in my life, and various ways I feel sad and unsettled, and how stuck I feel in some ways, and I thought, Well, what can I do right now? I can make a choice, here, I can look around and just figure out what I can choose, within whatever range of experiences and control I have right now, even if it's only an internal choice such as choosing to trust that I love a lot of people and that matters, or choosing to play with obstacles instead of feeling daunted by them, something I'm working on right now. A lot of this is happening against the backdrop of feeling huge anxiety and despair about the state of the world, so I'm doing these small things very deliberately to try to navigate myself across this very big thing that isn't in my control at all. I keep having this powerful sense of us all in it together. So how can we best support each other here, as we try to get through all of this weirdness we're living through? I know we're already doing that, often, but I mean in a more directed way, I guess. Maybe I just want to say that I see you all and we're all here.
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    There's not much I can do to help you directly @Tina. However I do know that stress and anxiety can be relieved by crying, self-care routines and creating optimism. From your messages via Petra, you sound like a very attuned and sensitive person. In drastic times like these, honoring that sensitivity can be really helpful. It's just telling you you care about how people and life are affected by tragedy. You're right in the center of a pivotal event that could change Humanity for better or worse. That's scary but also exciting. At the very least, a tragic event like this COVID 19 Pandemic has made me more aware of the humans living in a foreign nation like China. Now chinese people are no longer numbers and statistics, but people I can see.
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    If I'm interpreting what Michael's said correctly, we're all headed for Breakthrough by virtue of the fact that we're his students, and those interested in a future coming from Breakdown aren't his students. If Breakthrough isn't immediately apparent, our actions help create it later. Either way, it seems none of us have any involvement with "bad futures" in a global sense.
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    The best way is America s can help each other is for all of us who want trump out to go and vote in November even if the candidates we all prefer don’t end up on the ballot.
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    If the breakthrough / breakdown is a global event, I don't understand how simply distancing ourselves from the personal lives of the breakdown club is going to turn us into NPCs in their parallel, and vice versa. Does that imply that a particular parallel is not an entirely 'filled in' reality and those we don't regularly interact with, are like leaks into a different parallel experience? That would make existence a rather strange illusory thing, in a way I'm not quite sure how to explain.
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    My heart goes out to you @Tina dear!! I can't imagine all the uncertainty, fear and anxiety your community is experiencing. I wish I could do more for you, but please know I'm available to chat with you and send you some inspiration and healing I live in Lima, Perú. We still don't get that virus but we're preparing. I'm so humbled by all what's happening out there, and I'm thankful for my health and my loved ones'. I pray this virus de-escalates and becomes just a seasonal flu, but serves as a reminder for humanity to wake up. Using imagination, maybe a few minutes a day, we could meditate and set the intention to strengthen our immune systems, visualizing any color that feels good, chanting, etc. Maybe during one of your piano practices and truly immerse yourself in the musical healing it brings you :') We could also try sending healing energy (and love, if it resonates) to the virus by visualizing it on the affected people and asking it to leave their bodies quietly and easily. And to aid this, I feel it's totally valid to indulge in radical self-care, stress & anxiety release practices, exposing ourselves to nourishing content (especially for us sensitive, empathic souls)...and of course talking with trusted friends (as you've been doing with our big-hearted @petra: thank you for reaching out to her and being a loving friend, anchor and support to her among this chaos!! Much love Tina, you sweet soul!!! Big hug to you!!!
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    @petra thanks again for posting this. I went through our chats again. It’s like reading a diary. I like the video you shared. Opera and pop go hand in hand harmoniously. P.S. I heard that Parvarotti also had difficulty in sight reading. LoL. @Kathryn41 @KurtisM @Rosario Thanks everyone for your kindness. As Kathryn said, we need to understand more of this virus, which is kind of tricky and may cause pandemic globally. It has pushed the social changes immensely in China so far. Doctor Li Wenliang’s death re-aroused the common desire for free public speech in China. About 10 days ago, the head officials in Wuhan and Hubei Province which it belongs to had been changed. Thousands of doctors and nurses from other cities and the army were sent to Wuhan. At this point, the government had to do something substantial. The most tragic story I heard about was someone with chronic disease who also infected with coronavirus committed suicide at home in order to keep other family members safe. This happened in January, when there’s not enough doctors and hospital beds. And earlier, there were very little recovery cases. People were so scared. However, it seems that so far there are two extremes among people who have infected. Some people just couldn’t handle it and became very ill, while for others it’s like a cold or just showing mild symptoms and getting recovered very soon. We could have known more about this virus and the situation around us, but the information in China is still as blocked as before. Personally, I just hope every informed case was the last case in the community where I live.
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    @Leela Corman You are such a treasure of honesty and love, you care soooo much, first of all know that it means a lot to me to hear "Your Voice" it is loud and clear like a beautiful waterfall coming down a rocky cliff, second it takes a while to appear again in the river to be heard when the voice dives up again after the fall, and everything is noisy and rushing down the river and you catch a breath and are flowing around obstacles and always always I hear your clear and beautiful voice again that trusts itself and knows the power of its voice is effecting and changing everything in the way you meant it to be!!! Thank You for seeing us all, and yes we are all here with you directing our way through a kind word spoken to a loud scream what has to happen next. My deep appreciation unto you Leela
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    And speaking of god and the holocaust, (and a holocaust joke) here is Ricky Gervais and Jerry Seinfeld fromComedians in Cars Getting Coffee. "I guess you had to be there"
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    February 28th - 29th -- NEXUS -- DIVERGENCE - This Nexus appears to bring with it a kind of momentum launched by an ultimatum and/or threat that brings clarity and focus. This is not an ominous prediction, but the best way we can describe a pattern coming to a turning point on a collective scale. The reactions to this Nexus would likely generate a divergence for explorations of different outcomes over the next 5 to 10 years. This corona panic is getting ridiculous already, very apocalyptic!
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    @Tina This is beautiful music from my culture to yours, I mentioned this piece to you and found it on you tube sang as I mentioned by Pavarotti and Sting in 1992 Modena Italy. ENJOY! Panis Angelicus "Bread of Angels" (Franck)
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    Thank you Petra, for sharing. Please send Tina all my love and caring thoughts for a healthy and successful journey through this chilling experience. Hearing first hand from someone who is basically at 'ground zero' is eye-opening indeed. I cannot even begin to imagine what it must be like to have life come to such a standstill. Let's hope we learn more about this virus quickly so we can work on finding ways to keep people safe and treat those who are infected and allow people like Tina the opportunity to return to their normal lives.
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    I offered my own guess as to what this meant, but after reading all of the various speculation in this thread, I thought I'd just better ask them directly. Here is their response:
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    @Janet My nephew posted a link to an article today, where the photo above the article title was of a racist post from a local government employee of some sort in San Luis Obispo. I clicked the link and read the article - which was basically ripping that person and the woman who appointed him to his job. Basically it said the exact opposite of what the photo above the headline said. I posted a comment to my nephew, and said, "You didn't read the article, did you?" Because yeah, he's *very* bigoted about that particular subset of humanity. He would agree with the person whose post was being ripped, not with what was said in the article. I haven't checked to see if he has responded, but if he reads the article, he'll most likely just delete the post. There is a post going around that purports to be a tweet from Dear Leader, about shooting the President into the sun if the Dow Jones tanks. I bought it completely because it fits into my bias, until I saw that Snopes had debunked it. Apparently someone created the fake tweet as satire, and was actually horrified when people believed it and continued to post it as Truth. All of which is just to say, you're right, and we all need to be very careful what we say, post, and believe.
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    Interesting theory, I never thought of the global reality I see as being so centered around my personal experience and those I have bonds with, its almost like being center of the universe and defecting a bit of power to your friends. In this case, although it is somewhat regrettable, I am glad I stopped talking to my father. He was becoming an ardent Trump supporter and a conspiracist fruitcake to the point where I realised I could not have a conversation with him anymore about anything meaningful without him trying to force his own arguments into everything. Maybe we are on different trajectories now in terms of parallels. I also stopped talking to a lot of friends from high school in 2015 when I shut down social media and went through a bit of a difficult time in life. Our lives were already changing as some of them were getting married and having kids young whilst I was nowhere near ready for that experience, maybe that was some sort of parallel divergence as well. I'm interested now, I'll have to look some stuff up and make my own deductions.
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    I find this question of parallels very confusing. I can understand that there is a part of me that wants one experience and another that wants another... so there are two verses to live these experiences... However if I live with my parents and they are going to one on the way that I don't want and then I jump to another parallel. What happens to the "original parallel"... I cease to exist in it? Do people start living as if I never existed? Are the memos changed so that I may never have existed? Do I die on that parallel?} I find it very difficult to understand.
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    Thanks, @petra, we're going to need it.
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    Nothing else except a few separate people have tried to act in a neurotic, demanding way to me personally, not deliberately putting a wedge into our relationship , but i can see how it could or could have easily gone that way. So far i have leaned towards stating my perspective but letting them have theirs. We'll see if there is escalation or not. I'm also waiting to hear about new work and there will potentially be new daycare arrangements for my daughter if that happens.
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    So since its the 27th today. Anyone have any divergence dream, stories, etc? I haven't noticed anything specific yet. My allergies and stuff are acting up but then, it was 60 two days ago and is below freezing the last two and going to be in the 50s this weekend.....so there are plenty of non-nexus things happening to account for that. Thoughts, experiences?
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    Big LOVING Embrace to ALL of YOU !!!!!!! February 28th - 29th -- NEXUS -- DIVERGENCE - This Nexus appears to bring with it a kind of momentum launched by an ultimatum and/or threat that brings clarity and focus. This is not an ominous prediction, but the best way we can describe a pattern coming to a turning point on a collective scale. The reactions to this Nexus would likely generate a divergence for explorations of different outcomes over the next 5 to 10 years. HELPFUL THOUGHTS OVER FEBRUARY: LOVE SAVES THE DAY - February and 2020, in general, look to be about a fairly challenging and chaotic year, but there are no circumstances that can prevent anyone from loving others and themselves and being kind to others and themselves. When you are at your lowest or your most frustrated and angry, or at your most fulfilled and prosperous, take a moment to love. Truly love. Love yourself and love anyone you can with as much sensation and affection as possible to share. Love quietly, love loudly, love in person or far away, but love. When it has been said that “love saves the day,” it was never meant that Love could eliminate all challenges and pain and struggle or suffering. “Love Saves The Day” simply means that you can get through another day, just one more day, and getting through to just one more day is how you can, eventually, “save the day” on a broader scale. There are no guarantees, but when you bring love to your day, it improves the possibilities for everyone. (NOTE: we know this phrase is cliche, but we are not above using the cliches that work.)
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    We should give Jesus a heads up before they all arrive. That is going to be pure hell for him.
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    Thank you so much Troy and all of you :')!!! Perhaps it's a me thing, but the past years I've naturally gravitated towards a minimal approach to news and content...I try to expose myself to only helpful and inspiring stuff (these days is mostly yoga, cozy things, nature, slow living and BTS). And I'm quite disciplined in that regard!! my physical-emotional-mental health is first!!! I definitely feel this helps me make more refined choices and feel my energy lighter and clearer. now more than ever, I've found that I need to take in information little by little and very mindfully. I learn of politics and worldwide situation through trusted friends. And I'm ok going at my own pace... not in a rush to know everything. @CurvyWords I hear you... the other day my self-dep said: is it ok to feel this hopeful and empowered and full of dreams despite of many not-so-good things that are happening? when many people are struggling so much? with the uncertain future and all that?? is it ok and safe to Manifest Essence today?? And Essence's instant response: HELL YES!! BE YOU. DO YOU. DON'T WATER YOURSELF DOWN. SHINE YOUR LIGHT ON THE WORLD, BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT WE NEED RIGHT NOW!! And it's so funny how my current work involves teaching children about their emotions and that is totally ok to feel scared and angry...together we tear up papers, scream, role-play... I feel it helps me process stored stuff too :') MUCH LOVE EVERYONE, WE GONNA SURVIVE THIS ONE TOO!!
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    @Miizle, as far as I understand, for the most part, we only participate in parallels we or Essence are interested in exploring. In parallels others are interested in exploring but we are not, we tend to create "props" of ourselves that either die off in that parallel or fade away from those others' lives who are participating in those parallels. It seems like we all chose this particular collective parallel because we found we had more freedom to be able to help humanity heal and build toward the trajectory we want here. So -- since none of us are interested in breakdown parallels -- we've all been taking action to try to redirect ourselves, and build a pathway away from breakdown and toward breakthrough. In other words: we're all promoting kindness, compassion, and trust; participating in activism; changing our lifestyles to save the planet, etc. By doing that, we're creating the future we want -- and are anchoring ourselves to the pathways that lead to breakthrough. Others who are currently heading into these Turning Points who are more interested (or "anchored") in exploring breakdown will most likely spin out into other parallels in the upcoming Nexus and later Turning Point. They'll most likely either die off or kind of fade away from public awareness or your personal awareness when that happens. ...At least, that's how I understand it. Someone correct me if I'm wrong here. XD
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    I'm a bit confused about this, and i think it's probably very simple but somehow i'm having trouble. I thought i understood nexus but it seems i don't : - Michael only sees trajectories with us coming from a breakthrough - Michael also sees a possibility of a breakdown - In a divergence, a version of "me" will need to go to both realities These facts do not seem inclusive. Unless what's meant here is that every single divergence will eventually go to breakthrough, but those that first have a breakdown and then breakthrough, they should be able to get information from the breakdown era? Also , why are they not able to get information from a breakdown scenario where none of us are involved? Yet they can get information about different planets and their inhabitant etc.
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    I had a sneaking suspicion that we were more on the side of breakthrough, not breakdown because of some major changes in my life and job right now. First, my husband and I have been working on becoming vegetarian (and now towards vegan) for at least the last five months or so. He has always been a meat eater, but encouraging him to not eat meat was —almost— effortless. Not sure what changed, but something definitely shifted. I have even gotten us to switch to oat milk for creamer in coffee and as a milk replacement. I can’t remember who on TLE talked about oat milk in a thread, but I switched immediately and won’t ever look back. Thank you! Anna D, you have been an inspiration to me during this major dietary shift, I have read your comments on veganism and it has helped me change in such a huge way. My job is also another area where major changes are occurring. I work in employee benefits, and have worked in this for more than 20 years. I have often said that I would gladly lose my job if it meant we got Medicare for all. Be careful what you wish for, haha! For the past six months, a manager in my department has basically had it out for me. He is a known bully and has lost five people in the department just since last October. I will probably be the sixth, if I can find a job before he gets me fired. Or I will end up fired (and would probably have a decent case of bullying, if that were something I could sue them for, but alas my state is “right to work,”). I cried for a bit once I realized my situation — that I am going to have to leave one way or another. The next day I reread the energy report for February again and kind of laughed. Then I reread this post, especially the breakdown versus breakthrough info. And I realized that I am really of tired of trying to honorably shuffle people through our horribly corrupt healthcare system like I have been for the last two decades. I am just so over it. I have learned how to do it so well that I have literally gotten written up for being too helpful and explaining in too much detail how to fight denied claims. (The hospital system I work for also owns the health insurance company that covers our employees... imagine that!). I would LOVE to put my talents to better use. I would love to serve people, perhaps as a social worker. I would love to go back to school and get my MSW. I have a new resolve to get this done. Yeah, it sucks to have my economic situation so uncertain or perilous, but it sucks worse to keep doing what I have been for 20 years and feel like our healthcare situation has only deteriorated. I am just so over fighting that battle. I am ready for a new paradigm. I sense it coming. I even managed to schedule my vacation days for this time period, before I even knew about the nexus — I am off from today through next Wednesday.
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    @Troy Dude....that broke my brain a bit. It also made me wonder if I am doing enough to push us in the breakthrough direction. Edit: also made this seems a bit too spot on.
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    I read this and I started bawling, I don't know why, but I couldn't stop crying for a long time
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    You know you're corrupt when...even Mid-Causal Teaching Entities who have seen and done it all think you're corrupt. And, that is what I've been trying to tell people: don't try to peel off Fuckface voters. Their minds are made up. Reach out to nonvoters instead, and rally our base. Thank you, @Troyand Michaels, and to @Bobby for transcribing and posting. I've been dealing with sick cats and other personal drama so I've not been able to attend monthly chats lately. But this is so useful. We really are under an information glut. I'm curating my social media and cutting back on what I want to read and take in just for my own peace of mind and mental health. (I figure the New York Times and Washington Post are probably pretty trustworthy. I will NOT get my news from Facebook - which a lot of people do, apparently! The NY Times gives me the news, FB is for keeping up with my old friends.) I hope we go to "breakthrough" rather than "breakdown." 58% for a Democratic election is way too close to be comforting.
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    @Rosario This is so beautiful! It's brought me to tears. I am so happy to hear that you are feeling this, because YOU DESERVE TO BE YOU. YOU DESERVE TO BE HAPPY. YOU DESERVE TO BE YOU, TO DO YOU. To be honest, Manifesting Essence will probably do more to help those who are struggling today, and all of us, toward a better future. So yes, your light is exactly what the world needs right now.
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    MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin. We are speaking to you today under the general request for our perspective on "the state of the planet." This is a pivotal year for humanity. There are pivotal years for individuals, for relationships, for families, for communities, for nations, for continents, and humanity. For a year to be pivotal for humanity, it means that every level of pivoting is happening on a large scale. In other words, it is not just people here and there, or families here and there, or communities here and there, or a country or two, but many individuals, many relationships, most families, most communities, most nations, and most continents. We remind you that a "pivotal year" is a result of a pattern or patterns that have escalated in the need for necessary and vital change to disrupt those patterns so that one either makes a breakthrough or has a breakdown. We cannot say if this pivotal year for humanity will bring a breakthrough or a breakdown because that is yet to be seen. One of the greatest causes for this pivotal year to lead to a breakdown for humanity comes from the combination of INFORMATION GLUT and ANTI-TRUTH. First, if one is participating in modern society, one is taking in too much information, period. You are bombarded with news, opinions, perspectives, advertising, choices, decisions, threats, pressures, etc. that demand of you absorb and process all of it effectively. When one is in an Information Glut, it becomes noise. It no longer serves you in terms of making decisions or choices and tends to leave one paralyzed and waiting for something to distract, disrupt or change. When information turns into noise, the Truth then becomes vulnerable. When the Truth becomes vulnerable, then it can be targeted and dismantled. It is a bit of a misnomer to say that "truth becomes vulnerable and targeted and dismantled." It would be more accurate to say that one's capacity for discernment is compromised and that makes one vulnerable to manipulation. There is a difference between not knowing the truth, and not wanting to know the truth, or rejecting the truth, and ignoring the truth. There are more people than ever who are now rejecting or ignoring the truth. To help in this pivotal period for humanity, it will be helpful for our students to consider: WHERE AM I IGNORING OR REJECTING THE TRUTH? And DO I NEED A BREAK TO CATCH UP WITH MYSELF? We can suggest that while information can be compelling and important, trust yourself if you know you are taking in too much. By giving yourself permission to step away, step back, to give yourself time to process, you strengthen your capacity to invite, discern, and sustain the truth. These two factors: Information Glut and Anti-Truth are far more of a threat to humanity than even the environmental concerns, wars, disease, famine, etc. because the rejection of truth and the fatigue from noise reduces every possibility for recovery or solution for all other threats. We cannot stress this enough: Truth, Love, and Energy are building blocks of your universe, both in literal terms and in terms of one's experience of existence. If one of these is rejected or denied or ignored, collapse is imminent. Ironically, Love nor Energy are under assault or in danger of being rejected. But Truth is in danger. Truth will exist with or without humanity, so when we say that Truth is in danger, we mean that humanity's trust and receptivity to the truth are in danger. In this pivotal year for humanity, the Infinite Soul candidates are all aligned by now and if there are Manifestations, the emphasis will likely be themed in Truth. Infinite Soul Manifestation probabilities are now at 88%. Humanity could resolve environmental threats and threats of war, oppression, division, economic collapse, etc, but if Truth is lost, so is the capacity to resolve these threats. We can delineate various areas of concern for humanity at this time, but this is the primary and key concern for those students who want to understand and help in contributing toward the shift toward breakthrough. If our students wish to help contribute toward patterns of breakthrough, we suggest the following: 1 - Remember that the Truth is simple. Truth is never complicated. It can be complex, but not complicated. 2 - Face your own Truths. Truth exists on a Personal, Community/Global, and Universal Level. If you tend to avoid your own Truths, it makes it easier to avoid shared and universal Truths. In other words, be honest with yourself about yourself. This means you must stop lying to yourself about even the most superficial of things, such as your degree of beauty, worth, and acceptability. These are qualities of a person that never have a single or conclusive truth. If you have decided you are ugly, you are ignoring the truth that many do not agree. If you have decided you are unlovable, you are ignoring the truth that many would not agree. And so on. But we also speak about the lies you may tell yourself in other ways, as well. 3 - Take a break from curated reality. Reality is a collection of truths that shape your perception. When your reality is no longer in your own hands, but in the hands of sources that curate what you read and see, you exist in a curated reality. Curated reality may or may not be truthful, but direct experience cannot be beaten. The State of the Planet this year is one that could be described as PRECARIOUS, but these turning points are simply growing pains. We survived many. We will open the queue now for 3 questions to start: ***QUEUE IS NOW OPEN*** Maureen: At this time, what do you see as the probability for each of the top 5 Democratic candidates, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Mike Bloomberg, Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg, one of which will be running for president against Trump, that they could/would beat Trump if they were to be the nominee? MEntity: It is the same probabilities for all: This currently stands at 58%. The reason it is the same probability for each is that it is not the candidate that determines this election, but the voters. It may be anticipated that one candidate over another may result in fewer voters or losing voters, but those who are voting for the corrupt King are voting for the corrupt King, regardless of any claim or assumption that they are weighing options. Maureen: Thank you!! NEXT Luciana: like you to comment on the political situation in Brazil. I see that people here usually idolize politicians and then the person's favorite politician becomes someone who can't be criticized. And if you criticize this politician the person who is a kind of fan of this politician thinks that you are against Brazil. And there are people who, I admit that I'm in this group, have lost faith in politics and think that it makes no difference who they vote for. Luciana: because it doesn't matter who the politicians are there for their own interest and nobody is interested in improving the country. Luciana: so I'd like you to comment a little bit on this scenario that I see in Brazil. MEntity: In the best and strongest of democracies, the cult of personality can wear away and diminish that democracy. Cult of personality requires that the truth be disregarded and when the truth is disregarded, everything becomes dependent upon that personality. Effectiveness may be diminished when there are cults of personality and corruption involved, but there are many ways in which one makes a difference. It will always serve you well to consider that there are ways to make a difference, even as you may be worried that no one cares or that you cannot make a difference. In other words, it does matter who the politician is. NEXT Royce: I am incredibly susceptible to infoglut and influence from others. This has added to confusing relationship patterns where I just add to the noise rather than have a fixed perspective, having a fixed perspective on what the truth is also feels so incredibly unnatural to me but I recognize many others don't seem to have that issue and it is obvious what the " right" perspective is. I want to join humanity and cut through the chaos of perspectives. You say that the truth is simple and that it does not harm but how could you help someone like me ( I assume there are others) who sees that simplicity in multitudes of perspective? What can a chaotic/confused mind do to trust one truth/path to focus on over another, even when other perspectives have their slivers of truth too? I want to be on the " right" side of the future but god I find it hard to trust one truth over another when there is so much we don't KNOW yet. The only answer that comes to me is " Play and choose anyway" when it comes to infoglut MEntity: From what we can see in your words, you are not speaking about the truth. You are speaking of something else. What is an example that confuses you so that we can more directly address this question? Royce: ok, let's say veganism. I have been vegan for 6 years now and it has always seemed simple and obvious to me but over the last couple years it has become less simple and obvious and I still choose it but I also am just adding to the confused noise when I speak on it. there are SO MANY truths around a subject like this Royce: and many leave because of that infoglut Royce: so how can you really trust in the midst of the noise? Royce: so that my voice is not messy but maybe useful again MEntity: We think we understand and will respond. Royce: thanks angel, I understand my question was a bit infoglutty itself MEntity: Veganism is when one actively chooses to reduce harm to others as much as possible, in particular, those animals who are subject to unnecessary and extreme cruelty and suffering. Veganism is another word for Compassion. Compassion is the choice to care for and reduce the suffering of others. The truth is that when one has a choice, one CAN refuse to participate in the cruelty and suffering of others. If one does not have a choice, one may or may not be able to refuse in that participation. But it will remain true that when one has a choice, one CAN. The rest of the noise is distraction. The path to how one reduces that harm is one that may vary among individuals, but this will still have no bearing on that simple Truth that if one has a choice, one CAN refuse to participate in or contribute to the cruelty and suffering. Royce: yeah , the spiritual takes and other teachings dealing with abstract " body needs" throw me for a loop the most but when i return to simplicity it usually is " because I have a choice" MEntity: As we said, the rest is noise. There are no justifications when one has a choice. Royce: thanks angels MEntity: This is an example of a simple truth. Keep in mind that when one has a choice, there will still need to be a path and those paths may vary in pace and possibility for how one can actively choose compassion. Choices build upon choices. There are no Sentient Species in existence who have to cause cruelty and suffering to exist. They may cause cruelty and suffering, but they do not have to. They have a choice. And every Sentient Species creates their path toward Compassion. This is called Soul Age. NEXT Brian: What would a breakdown vs breakthrough look like over the next five years? MEntity: We do not know. Bobby: lol Brian: LOL MEntity: Breakdowns on this scale tend to lead to a kind of reset of some form on a large scale. Breakthroughs on this scale tend to lead to leaps forward in ways that bring all of humanity closer. We can say that all of you will survive this either way, but we only know you in your futures that came from a breakthrough. We will conclude here for today. We have much more to say about this pivotal year and we will continue our discussion with you in further exchanges. Good day to each of you. Goodbye, for now.
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    I had a dream that my mother and I were swimming/wading in terribly polluted deep water and she was helping guide me away from some of the more dangerous bits that I couldn't see underneath. She visited and helped me with a bunch of my paper files last weekend and I am feeling closer to her lately.
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    Troy, thank you so much for asking directly and posting that answer. It made me cry, especially: “whatever you are doing now, worked.” Keep working toward that positive trajectory, fam. Keep trusting that what you do matters, that what you’re contributing matters. I can’t wait to see you all on the other side of this.
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    I had a dream 2 nights ago, that some people, at least TLE members, maybe others, were gathered in a forest. Some were in a physical form but many non-physical or something in between. What was happening, was , for the best of my recollection and understanding, that they were integrating some larger pictures about themselves. This was a little bit "heroic", and a little bit scary although basically i think fairly simple. I was there in the forest, a little bit to the side, and i had some confusion about the process which i can't remember anymore what it was as i didn't get to write it down immediately. But i'm pretty sure i saw @Troy and @Martha , and i read a sheet of paper, that said " @WolfAmethyst is doing it because of her love for humanity". And now i thought about the Infinite soul manifestation reducing parallels and got such unpleasant chills for this. Was not happy to read in the state of the planet that the propability is 88%.
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    Thanks for elaborating on what drives The Michaels, @michael_k. I knew what you are saying is true it is just remembering it to put that into words here . I am reassured that they are curious about our choices, no matter what those choices are. Of course nothing is predestined, and everything is a choice. I guess that some choices have a more obvious and less spontaneous trajectory than others... Thank you.
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    Here is the blog post that @Maureen requested above.
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    Dear @Leela Corman: Nice to meet you. Thank you for sharing this. I am so very sorry to learn of your great loss. Post-Holocaust theology changed everything that came after, and I wish I knew the literature even better. Thanks for your valuable perspective on Primo Levi. I wonder a lot about Emmanuel Levinas, who wrote about slightly different questions, but is often taken to have a very big answer indeed. I just wonder about it is all.
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    "We can say that all of you will survive this either way, but we only know you in your futures that came from a breakthrough." Along the same lines that @JohnM described, I think that there will at some point have to be a breakthrough for our species. There may be a breakdown and some delays in the process but for there not to ever be a breakthrough to me implies that our evolution as a species has come to a halt. I think that is what they may mean in terms of how they only know us in our futures that came from a breakthrough. Ideally, I would like for there to be a breakthrough sooner than later. I am trying to stay optimistic that even as we go through rough patches currently that it will lead to a more positive future for us all, one where we become more united as a species and kind and compassionate to our home planet. The probabilities for IS manifestation could still change too unless the probability has become a sequence or a vector.
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    I'm looking around my archived material and will post information as comments as I find "what I'm looking for". Here's one piece that jumped out at me from a MICHAEL SPEAKS on Chaos, Consciousness & Current Events on November, 26, 2016 especially the part where Michael mentions "the decline of power in the United States and its move toward isolationism while China rises in power and aligns with Russia". It ties into what they have said over the years and, interestingly, what Daniela asked Michael in a POF on July 16, 2017 about Trump being "bonded" with Putin. @DanielaS, do you have a blog entry or some other place where we could comment on the Pentagon Configuration Trump shares with Putin, Bannon, Don Jr. and the other, a Sage. I can only find bits and pieces of comments that are spread out all over the place. Here's the excerpt from Michael Speaks on Chaos, Consciousness & Current Events: Paulyboy: You have said in a previous chat or two that the world in a few decades may not look like anything we would "recognize" very well. I'm not sure if this is politically (nations etc.) and/or environmental. Can you give us some possible ways the world might "look" in the coming decades that would not be "recognizable" to us very much from this point? Paulyboy: Not predictions, of course, just some possibilities. Thanks! ... I feel like there is sooooo much going on, and with probabilities and choices., so I'm just curious on what a few possible scenarios might look like, if you have time. Thanks! Paulyboy: I'm trying to find the exact "not recognize" session quote to reference, but I'm out of time. Thank you! MEntity: There are 10 scenarios that come up as highest probabilities from this point that lead to an "unrecognizable" future, 7 of which are not appealing. We can cover these in further exchanges. The top 3 include the decline of power in the United States and its move toward isolationism while China rises in power and aligns with Russia; a complete overhaul of government that leads to global unification represented by a complex, but profoundly enriching kind of global democracy, acceleration of technology, and implementation of a resource-based economy; and a global catastrophe due to collision with an object. These are high probabilities within 50 to 100 years.
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    Relevant here is a Michael Speaks session from 2002, 18 years ago, that I've had on my list of questions for a couple of years now. I wanted to ask if it is still true that the news media is simply "innocent" and "slow." I suspect this session was done before the radicalization power of Fox News gained dominance. I do not think that Fox News is "innocent" and "slow." But I do think that the CNNs/MSNBCs, etc that Carlos talks about in the video are still in the "innoccent" and "slow" camp, maybe less so than they were 18 years ago, but they are still have roots in traditional, old-fashioned news media. Which was always aligned with corporate interests. Question: The news media in the US is extremely narrow and biased. Would Michael please address this and suggest a reliable source? MEntity: We believe there is too much undue emphasis given to the possibility that your media is “biased” and “narrow.” A more accurate perception, from our point of view, is that it is “innocent” and “slow.” We have rarely seen your media “hide” anything for long, or distort it for long, or manipulate it, etc. The truth does get out, even if not in the first few reports. We believe it is helpful to “follow” the news as it unfolds and remind yourselves that the people collaborating in reporting are humans involved in their own lives, fears, and agendas as you are. In general, Local News is fairly accurate over a shorter period of time. News Shows, such as 60 Minutes and Dateline can be more concerned with presentation than with the truth, but a great deal of truth is there, even if cloaked. Publicly funded radio is fairly accurate in reporting, but we have found this area of news to be severely subjective, which has its pros and cons. This is not to say it is inaccurate or untruthful, but there is far more potential for want of a specific point to get across, rather than the truth. Public Radio will vary from reporter to reporter and show to show. You must validate for yourselves with whom you relate. We described the news as Innocent and Slow because it is. There is no real agenda of narrowness or bias, as we have said, but it is fair to say there are far too many considerations clouding the reporting which are distracting. This distraction slows the news, but it does get through. We say it is Innocent because most who are caught up in the world of reporting have a hard time seeing past the structures currently in place. And finally, we have found that News from the North and East of the United States tends to be the most immediately concerned with accuracy and correction. Question: I was concerned by the lack of world news, especially when it does not affect us directly. MEntity: ALL news is only reported in terms of how it affects the general area reporting. This is true in all countries. It is not unique to the United States’ reporting methods. To access what is happening in the world, we can suggest the Internet as an invaluable resource of accuracy and immediacy. There are “streams” of media from other countries, as well as “local” newspapers in English from other countries. There is a tremendous resource of alternative news sources inherent in what is called the World Wide Web. This takes up the slack where your local television or radio cannot fulfill. As for those media, we can suggest BBC World News is accurate enough and accessible on the radio and cable, while the network called ABC tends to have World News presented accurately on broadcast television. Does this help clarify?
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    LOL Michael has always been ok with adjectives that are factual. They don’t use them often, so when they do, it certainly is something to note.
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    Veganism is another word for compassion . Enough said!
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    Ironic such confusion comes up in a session on Truth. (is this a joke, M? Wait don't answer that.) Anyway - here's a another interpretation - (1) it's M who themselves "chooses" to opt out of hanging around so-called breakdown scenarios lol? Seriously folks, if "we" are there, "they" know us for sure, I'm pretty sure that's how it works. So I'm going with (2) Janet's interpretation for now: that this implies there's a "remembered" future we're all going to imagine... That, or (3) humanity ends, full stop ("resets"), or (4) as below (Troy), people are too stressed out to receive support (but sorry, respectfully I just don't buy it), or (5) that was just a typo d'oh! Janet's is sure the nicest I think, thanks
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    We already have a version of us moving towards Unimaginable Global Dystopia. It branched from November 2018, related to the American Mid-term Elections retaining a corrupt right-wing house of representatives. Do we seriously need to merge into them and experience the death of democracy and a backlash that slaps us so hard we land in the Dark Ages again? Because I am sincerely no longer interested, even morbidly, in that future. I was in 2018, I know I have two versions of me focused on "saving the world before it's too late" and "resigning into utter despair and futility" that branched then. But I am definitely not now. I didn't work on my fears, regrets, addictions, opening up to myself and others and finally actually liking myself & my life to end up in a world in which I and everyone else I know and love resigns to & dies in a fiery authoritarian hell. But I suppose none of us here intended that. I doubt many of the people in the great depression & world war 2 that were just trying to live their life or rose up to fight for democracy intended to end up in a parallel world ruled by Fascism from Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan and Soviet Russia either. But that world likely exists, also because of complacency. Anyways, I'll definitely follow up on the tips Michael gave here to move us towards a Breakthrough
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    I've been sharing this on Facebook. It was originally shared in my feed by Barbara Taylor, and I love the succinct list in the image that came with the article, but the complete article is very useful as well. I think it's important to recognize that it's not just the "other side" that shares fake stuff. I've seen a fair amount of bullshit from all sides. Too often we assume that the items that suit our beliefs are accurate without bothering to look more closely. How to Recognize a Fake News Article
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    On Feb 29th...? South Carolina Primary in US election cycle - who will / won't continue their campaign into / beyond "Super Tuesday" on March 3rd A LOT of companies (airlines, factories, etc) may or may not be resuming regular transportation, may or may not be reopening for regular business in China / large swaths of Southeast Asia Re: concerns re Coronavirus presence and spread post-February Has anybody else seen a certain world map, with a circle encompassing China, India, and several nearby countries, that claims 50% of Earth's human population lives inside the circle, 50% outside? https://science.howstuffworks.com/environmental/earth/geophysics/small-circle-asia-more-half-worlds-population.htm
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