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    I've been really tired all week, and also not sleeping much or well. However, for me July is low-key very nice in many ways. I delivered the second draft of my book to my editor, and a personal situation that I had been really unhappy about for a long time turned around dramatically and continues to do so. The rest of the world is just nonstop fucking chaos and heartbreak. I went to South Florida last week to protest at the child concentration camp in Homestead, as part of the Lights For Liberty vigils around the country. It was surreal. It felt good to be in that crowd, shouting "Shut it down!" along with so many different people. It was somber and serious. All along we were aware that though we couldn't see them, thousands of children were in those buildings on the other side of the wall. Later, on the national Lights For Liberty twitter, I saw a video shot elsewhere where they could see the kids and hear them banging against the windows of their facility. This shit is crazy. We're being run by a bunch of white supremacist trolls, and the president is a rapist, and does anyone fucking care? And then when I posted about the protest on my Instagram I got a bunch of whiny white nationalist troll comments. How sad it is to be them. And also how blocked and reported for hate speech.
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    In this dream from last night, I met with @Troy and @Maureen . There were other people present but I am not certain who they were. We were in a dimly lit place that contained many seats. There was a path with twists and turns. On each side of the path were seats. At first, we were all moving about. It appeared we were trying to form groups of people together and were determining support positions for each other or other people we might know or might cross paths with. Throughout this dream, I had the impression that this meeting and organizing was primarily about the upcoming Infinite Soul manifestation and support that we might provide. The IS was on my mind throughout the dream. I noticed that Maureen appeared to be helping people form the groups and support positions. I was moving around among the people for a while until I finally settled in with a specific group. I was then seated right next to the path. On the other side of the path, I saw Troy seated. He was just across the way for me. He was calm and appeared to be observing. I was observing the other people too. Some of the other people were uncertain on where they wanted to be and support they wanted to provide. There was a fair amount of movement and conversation going on. Then there was this voice who appeared to be tuned into all of us helping answer questions and providing insight when asked for. While seated, I noticed @KurtisM nearby. He was negotiating with another fragment. This voice helped answer some of his questions in relation to this other fragment. The number 7 was brought up and I think it was related to the support position being negotiated. Then the voice said the two of them had shared 109 lifetimes together if I recall correctly. There were others who asked similar questions and received answers. I remember hearing other numbers in relation to responses to those questions.
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    Wow, I didn't even consider the after effects. Yeah, I can see how that might still cause a lot of lethargy. Maybe that's why I've also been feeling like slogging through mud these days. Thx for clarifying, Petra
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    *Notes CF for October to December is Self-Destruction* *Casts vote for....* GIANT ASTEROID FOR 2020!!!!!! Wooooo!!!!
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    @Heidi, Thank You for Your response. June 21st 2019, Nexus Convergence, 26 days ago. ME: The Assimilative Phase (Phase Three) begins once the actual Nexus is finalized....., this Phase can take as long as is individually required, usually within 60 days from the shift. Me thinks, it could be, that we are half way through dealing with the last shift.
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    @CurvyWords, I too have had a really severe *processing-like* cold, and I was down for the count for a good week from it. It's going on the 2nd week and tho I am feeling much better, I had to completely unplug from life, my *stuff*, etc as it was just toooo much! I too, felt emotional releasing at times but even that was exhausting. It forced me into what I call a "tactical retreat" vs giving up. Huge amounts of despair, frustration, depression and financial stress led up to the cold. So I read crime-spy-espionage novels...lol. My Warrior guilty pleasure! I actually learned alot too....but I digress. This midweek tho, has been a huge shift, for the better.... less coughing, more energy, I resumed my Mindfulness meditation practice, feeling more willingness to relax and get some peace & I had significant downloads on what's up...along with admission to myself that shame and guilt have been doggin' me for a really long time. So yeah- FUCK GUILT! FUCK SHAME!!!!!!! The 2 weeks between the new and chill moon were heavily impacting me. Last nite, the nite of the Full Moon, I went to my usual Tuesday hangout of going to my Mindfulness group and at this venue, an open Jazz jam follows. My fave musicians were playing & I really enjoy it. AND.....omg, I connected with this guy who is an integral member (it's a non profit organization) of this venue....somebody who I've had a crush on for awhile now-who I thought was 1)involved with someone else and 2) I just have not allowed myself to think that I was willing or able to be with someone anymore nor attractive enuf to someone that I was attracted to(I don't necessarily mean physically attractive but yeah, there's that too). Well.....in taking a risk....WOW!!!!!!!! I discovered there's a mutual attraction. And wow....I forgot how great it can feel to well......have an *encounter*, lol!!! OMG, I realized how much energy has been locked into my resistance to any forms of intimacy, esp physical intimacy, not mention my other bullshit. I could not believe the strength, power, freedom, thrill and exhilaration of letting this GO!!!!!! I am not attached to where this connection may lead to, but one thing may happen is that he is in need of some Myofascial Release work and I am a practitioner of such work. We talked quite a bit about making a session happen. Talking about MFR work came up in my Mindfulness group too, and I was asked about doing a presentation of it to a local group here. I had all but hung up my idea of ever being a practitioner again, and it's such wonderful work.....when I do it, it prompts my better self (ie. Essence) & it's such wonderful, elegant (yet *messy* @ times!) work. I would be thrilled and honored to do it again. That sure would be a help to my finances too! One last thing is, I have kept hearing and seeing various phrases throughout the last few weeks related to "realist" and I KNOW that I have been in the subjective form of it. I often have heard my own self saying "it is what it is" but, also allowing myself to accept what is....and hearing versions of this played out in my life, media, etc. (Save for the delusional, deranged tRump) and while subjective aspects are being noticed, I am seeing myself starting to explore shifting my subjective interpretations and knowing that in order to change something, I have to first see, admit, own and choose how I can work with it more realistically. Especially hard are seeing my strengths, as my self dep, shame, et.al have been TOO DAMN MUCH. Truth is, I've been a fucked up mess and....hell, I'm starting to see the beauty in that, lol!!! So high-FUCK SHAME. This 5th IM work is a beast, but I'm determined to slog thru it. Getting a cold can be a productive thing!
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    There is no Nexus this month. Remember when we had no Nexuses (Nexi?) for a few months last year (was it last year?) and how it made us feel horrible. Kind of like cosmic constipation.
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    This content was shared by Nick in the TLE Yahoo group on April 9, 2007. Hi everyone. Troy and I thought that some of you might find this interesting. It is a question I recently asked Michael, and their interesting response... -Nick QUESTION: I'm wondering what Michael sees as the cause of hair loss - that is, if it's anything other than the simple "heredity" explanation. In light of the association between passion mode and the brow / higher emotional center, I'm wondering whether a fragment in passion mode, who does not live with passion / follow his passion, would see a physical manifestation of a "withering" at the brow (hair loss). MICHAEL: Your observations are valid in that those in Passion Mode who do not "follow their passion" can tend to manifest this as hair loss, but it is not always the case, so there is lack of consistency. What is consistent in those who lack a following of Passion is a withering and dwindling IN SOME AREA of the life, whether this is in the body, the mind, relationships, etc. However, more specifically and accurately is that certain qualities that are sought for a lifetime are often directly linked to a "gene" within the body that is simply a part of the body carries that particular quality. For instance, it is often the case that a fragment who seeks a higher intelligence within a lifetime will have to emphasize the "gene" that is also linked to poor eyesight. In that same way, the gene that is associated with "masculinity" is also linked to hair growth and loss. In other words, for fragments who seek to have a lifetime emphasizing an exploration of what it means to "be a man" or have an identity as a "man," the testosterone levels and connections to specific genes related to hair must then come into play for the body to house those experiences. In this case, it is often played out through the hair, which is directly linked to masculinity in various ways. We have found this evolution of exploration to be quite interesting in that the loss of hair has now found itself to be a "sexier," more masculine indicator than ever before, reversing the stereotypes and prejudices related to physical representations of what it has meant to "be a man" historically. It should be noted that women also suffer from hair loss and hair growth issues, and it could be said then that ALL issues related to gender identity are tied to the genes that control the growth of hair.
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    Me too, both on dragging ass low energy this week and sleepless moon solidarity since forever! It runs in the family, even.
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    Wow!! Interesting dream, @Jeroen. So much going on behind the scenes. No wonder we are all so tired!! ♥
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    I think the sedation is before a Nexus window, though (when Essence is examining possibilities), and there are none this month ... Unless Nadine is going through a personal and not community or global Nexus.
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    @Nadine! Yahoo TLE Article Parallel Realities Michael speaks about "a sedation of the personality"
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    Wow!! This literally jumped off the page at me! I know this is from the July 2007 Energy Report but the Realist Attitude is definitely showing up like this in July 2019 for me and for a few people I know. Very interesting. What goes around comes around. Specifically over July the Realism will most likely focus on the SELF and the inner world. This means a lot of "stuff" will most likely be brought to the surface for examination and it is important to see that this will occur in many ways, ranging from personally intended provocation to random interactions and incidences that provoke a sudden, deep, and clear look at the self. We can easily say that much of what you may see will not be easy to observe because much of what will be seen is the "stuff" that is usually avoided. What we suggest is to understand that if you are seeing aspects of the self that are difficult to observe over the next month, it is ONLY because you wish for that to be observed. For those who will not allow an inner examination and are not interested in the bigger truths of who he or she is, this "stuff" will not surface. Nothing is imposed upon you, so if you find you are examining difficult or complex aspects of yourself over July, it is because you determined it is time to do so and you are using the energy of the year to your advantage, but none of this is obligated or necessary for any of you. It is a choice.
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    [Excerpt from Ask Michael: June 2014] [Kurtis] ... could you provide info on the Scholar-cast ...? MEntity: Scholar-Casting often shows up as heightened sensitivity, often felt in deep, emotional ways that "make no sense." This is often interpreted by the Scholar-cast as such a vulnerability that they often are the most secretive and "personal" with their exploration of the life. This Casting often gravitates toward anyone who can help them to "come out of themselves" in a way that is uninhibited and less self-conscious. This Casting often generates in the lifetime a love/hate, push/pull relationship with intimacy, at once desiring it greatly, but also convincing themselves that it is an unnecessary distraction. The Scholar-cast often struggles with his or her attention being fixated or fulfilled. In other words, when fixated, it is a means of escape, while when fulfilled, it is a product of exploration. These fragments can be of the most "kinky" of all. The Scholar-cast, more than even the Sage, or Sage-cast, can require feedback for insight into themselves, into the life, and the patterns of that life; they must "bounce" ideas off of others, see and hear these ideas played out in some way, so as to better navigate the library of thought that they carry. This can sometimes turn into a kind of paralysis if that sharing is not fulfilled in some way, locking them down with a sense of defeat for not having anyone to share those ideas and ideals with.
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    I often spot my entity mates. Although I haven’t listened to debates, I spotted Harris immediately. She feels “whole” to me. Very powerful. She can win. President Kennedy had this same solidity.
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    Below is a short (1 minute, 18 seconds) recipe video. It is from staff member Angela at nutritionfacts.org They look yummy!
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    I'm of those who "never" gets sick (my last cold was in 2017 I believe!) but since yesterday I have a sore throat, paired with my cycle (this year it aligns with the Full Moon!! hehe) I feel I need to rest, drink lots of tea, and just wait. And will treat myself with an hour or more of sweet gentle yoga + ambient music
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    I'm still in a pretty calm, collected and happy mode but my energy levels have been super low for the last week or so. I'm just so freaking tired all day, it's hard to get anything done. Even yesterday's full moon, which usually give me sleepless nights, didn't have any effect on me whatsoever - still had a comatose sleep. Not sure if this has anything to do with the collective energies though, it might just be my own energy cycle being on low tide...
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    I am feeling all sorts of ways for sure. Definitely having to focus my thoughts more than usual. On the up side, I feel like I've done a lot of validating during this time, even with my attention being everywhere! Small victories! Synchronicity has been more obvious lately and I'm beginning to draw connections between seemingly unrelated ideas.
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    I know I posted a vaugebook on facebook a few days ago. But the dreams this month can fuck right off. Two, different times I have woken up from dreams where all or most of my immediate family has been killed. Both times were accidents that resulted in explosions. In another, I got into a fight with a "girlfriend" < I guess> in the car pulled over at the side of the road said I was done and walked off. I know dreams are pretty symbolically linked to person but I have not clue what any of those mean. Weird thing is my wife has been having messed up vivid dreams too. This morning she actually was WTFing in the dream and woke herself up talking about it to herself. She never talks in her sleep. The only waking correlation that I can find with my is a growing intolerance with the trumpettes. It has gotten to the point that I don't want conversations with them or anything. I want them gone. I actually saw something that a took AOC questioning the CBP acting director about his signing the order for family seperation and basically being a jackboot thug about it and then praising him for being tough on AOC, when the reality was if you watched the whole video he made an ass of himself. And then goes on Fox news and brags that he wanted to beat up a different congressman because he had the audacity to call him out directly for being a jackbooted thug. The hot anger at these people has become a cold fire, and that scares me.
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    Is this month kicking anyone else’s ass? My energy seems to be all over the place.
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    My first time viewing And posting on TLE from my iPhone. I’m in awe. LoL. Anyway, I’ve learned a lot from all the discussions here about the overleaves of all the candidates, and about C2 and C2E1. I also lived in Colorado when Bennet became a Senator of that state; liked him immediately. I have 3 immediate members of my family in C2E7, so his energy I was familiar with. My eldest son is C3E7, and I’m C1E7. I must say that son has been my hardest relationship. Back to the candidates. I never really liked Warren. I found her energy grating. I’ve since have found her a little more appealing. She seems to have stopped screaming. Don’t know much about the others except Sanders, who I definitely like but he’s far ahead in ideals that Half of country isn’t ready for, although I was angry he didn’t fight the DNC for that incredible dirt they pulled on him. He had a winning chance. I don’t know, with what went on with the electoral votes too. I’ve read a little about Kamala’s Background but just in passing. I feel she’s the only one who could match Trump’s hyperbole. She’s tough. She’s smart and she’s a female King, to boot. She knows the Law, Politics and is a great debater. I’ve heard her on committees but didn’t see the debates. She keeps to the talking points. I will start paying more attention to Warren, and her talking points. The Pocahontas thing, though. And you know he’ll bring it up, over and over. I do know one thing. I’m not going to tune into the Presidential election night. I’m dramatized out.
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    This content was posted by Troy in the TLE Yahoo group on December 21, 2007. Kerrin asked if there was anything from Michael on Ghosts and Hauntings and I found this little bit from the old forums: What is a ghost: Does the fragment actually fail to cross over for a period of time, or is it just the personality that stays here, or is the fragment's higher self here as well with the ghost, or something else entirely, if so what is it? MICHAEL: There are several different scenarios that are commonly described as "hauntings:" BEACON HAUNTING: What we have described above could be called a "beacon" haunting, wherein a fragment has left a portion of consciousness in time/space so as to complete a simple, yet vital, process of integration. LIVING HAUNTING: Another scenario is when a fragment's Personality has not "realized" or accepted death, remaining locked in an echo of itself, for no other reason but as an attachment to the life just lived. Essence usually "leaves" that portion of consciousness "behind," knowing it is perfectly capable of integrating it "later." This allows for complete freedom of the Personality, even beyond death. This kind of haunting is not usually marked by a pattern, but by apparent randomness and life-like expressions as that Personality continues to "live" within a familiar environment. These "ghosts" are the most conscious and capable of communicating intelligently with the living. Most do not, however, and remain "living" perfectly believable "lives" just slightly askew from the frequency you would call physical reality. This is more common than can currently be comprehended. REALITY BURNS: Some "hauntings" are the emotional echoes or "burns" of fragments who are actually still alive. Some fragments have such a dynamic or disturbed or passionate infusion into reality that some of their energy remains behind as a form of haunting. These hauntings usually diffuse when that fragment dies, or when the emotional energy behind the haunting is resolved or processed. Some of the "scarier" hauntings can be explained as this type, as the anger of one fragment is left behind, affecting the next fragment, whose fear is then added to the burns in reality. Quite often, a designated space is declared as "spooky" or haunted, drawing expectancy among those who are within its vicinity. If anything startling happens, a burst of energy is added to the collective energy within that space that then becomes part of the haunting, itself. These "hauntings" can easily be cleanesd from the reality into which they have been burned. GENERATED HAUNTING: This is more an extension of the Reality Burn Haunting than as a category unto itself, but we describe it separately because its origins and sustenance are dependent on stories that nurture its presence. This haunting is the result of people telling stories about a certain environment, and then contributing to the energy required to minimally support the stories. These hauntings are rarely able to be substantiated, but are the subject of fun, spooky, experiences that contribute to the energy that is the haunting. Bed and Breakfasts, restaurants, landmarks, and other tourist locations that claim hauntings are a prime example of this. We spoke in response to your term, "ghost," but there are several categories and scenarios that might be under that heading. We spoke only of those scenarios where sightings, smells, and sounds are the main symptoms. Moving objects, vocalizations, violence, terror, etc. fall into categories beyond what we would call "haunting." We will also add that our phrases to describe the different versions above are not static. We used phrases that can easily be changed or more creatively defined, if one feels it necessary.
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    I think we are all just carrying a shit-ton of pressure and anxiety over the state of the world, society, and politics and because so many of us have so few ways to effectively channel that energy into something that feels helpful, it just weighs on us. We are constantly in defense, grieving, shocked, and inundated with information and opinions. And that's not even counting our personal, private lives! It can be a lot, @CurvyWords. It can be a lot. Big love to you and everyone who hangs in there every day and makes life better in any little way. Sometimes we just can't... just can't. But we know we will bounce back.
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    Note from TeamTLE: As part of the TLE Books project, TeamTLE agreed that this session needed to be completed, providing content for all Chief Features. On May 3, 2019, we started the project to do just that. On July 5, 2019, we received angles of behavior for the last of the seven Chief Features. This transcript contains the original material as duplicated from the 2014 session, with material on additional Chief Features following the original session content. The newest material has been added in blue text within the transcript. Some editing has been done to smooth out transitions. Essentially, this version of the transcript is the working version of the content intended to be published. Michael Speaks Live "Transforming Chief Features" May 25, 2014 Channel: Troy Tolley MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin. We have had much to say about the subject of the Chief Negative Features, and much more can be said, of course, so what we will offer up today is not definitive, but simply more to consider as you work to understand and embrace your fears, transforming them away from being obstacles and paralysis to being informative and helpful. Fear was never "meant" to be a challenge or something to undermine any fragment's life, but much like anything that exists, it is a tool that can become a pivotal resource toward Agape or a restrictive halt away from everything. Fear, or the Chief Negative Features, are inherently "negative" because they describe the gap between "you" and "other," or "something else." Anything inherently divisive is "negative" in our teaching, but this does not mean it is inherently "bad." Fear is inherent in Personality because Personality is inherently divided from all other things and people, and even from Essence in many ways. From the moment one is born, the first, most primal fear is born along with you: the fear of non-attachment. This fear is biological. It is what keeps "you" alive. It is what clings to the mother, to the caretaker, what keeps the toddler close to the camp, to the tribe, and attached to its resources. It is what keeps the body searching for foods, for water, for tools, etc. Anything that is necessary for survival. So, fear is quite "good" in that regard. Any threat to the attachment of the biological self to its resources is highlighted and avoided, either by fight or flight. Keep this in mind as you explore your own Chief Features, then, because at the heart of everyone's fears, it is this struggle with non-attachment that is key. We will elaborate further upon that consideration as we explore the subject, if time permits. For today's focus, we understand that the interest is in the various ways one can consciously make choices in behavior so as to relieve the effects of a particular fear, or Chief Feature. The point of transforming your relationship to fear is because when fear is informative, it is simply a means of enhancing your capacity to choose. It is not much different from any warning system built in to any vehicle that alerts you as to when you may be in close proximity to a collision. It would not make sense to argue that warning systems are removed from vehicles because the mere presence of those alerts implies something is wrong, flawed, or bad. That warning system is an advantage that increases the capacity for choice, for better navigation, for success in one's direction and endeavors. However, when most struggle with the Chief Features as an issue, it is because the "warning system" goes off randomly, goes off without relevance, goes off constantly, etc. It is no longer associated with an actual threat, or with information. Imagine the difference between enjoying a walk through the woods, watching the birds, the creatures, enjoying the sunlight, the babbling brook, your thoughts, and then noticing a bear in the distance to which you then steer clear of in a smart way, as compared to a walk in the woods where you presume that every twig cracking and every shadow is a bear. Both of these methods are helpful for keeping you alert to bears, but one keeps you from noticing pretty much anything else. If one's "warning system" is random, constant, or irrelevant, then that warning system becomes useless for navigation, and simply keeps you on one end of the spectrum of life. It keeps you on the side of "Being Alive" vs "Living." We will speak of each of the Chief Features now, with a brief synopsis, and then a list of methods for how one can use his or her consciousness to transform that fear so that one is not just being alive, but can live again, so to speak. Synopsis of Self-Deprecation and Arrogance: the Inspiration Chief Features SELF-DEPRECATION and ARROGANCE are attachments to how one defines one's self. Self-Deprecation is the fear of NOT BEING ENOUGH, while Arrogance is the fear of BEING TOO MUCH. Self-deprecation fears not being seen clearly, while Arrogance fears being seen too clearly. Self-deprecation finds its scraps of self-esteem in being first to the punch for cutting himself or herself down. This is Self-deprecation's way of protecting the self from being invisible or feeling invisible or incompetent. The defense here is that if the individual can call out or showcase his or her own flaws first, then it is a way to show that he or she is on board with what they presume you will undoubtedly see, or are seeing already. It is the only way they know how to be seen: through the lens of failures, flaws, insecurities, and doubts. Arrogance, on the other hand, tries to protect its self-esteem by creating as protective a veneer as possible, hiding his or her insecurities behind a persona of false-confidence, offense, and defense. Since there is very little self-esteem here, it must be protected at all costs, often by deflecting through pointing out someone else's flaws or incompetence. It is the only way they know how to keep any sense of self-esteem, by pretending that it exists in greater quantities than it does. Self-deprecation points out its own flaws, and Arrogance points out yours. Self-Deprecation The 7 Angles of Behavior for help in transforming Self-deprecation might be: 1. YOU ARE NOT IN TROUBLE For those who struggle with Self-deprecation, there can often be a haunting sense of constantly being on the verge of being caught, being called out, humiliated, made to be an example, or "in trouble." Even when there is nothing to warrant such concerns. And even more so when there is such a need for concern. Allow for failure, for being incompetent, and build on your experiences so that you can learn, or make choices to pursue other directions. If your only concern is whether you will be in trouble, or not, then you will never truly be your best. 2. YOUR BEST MAY NOT BE THE BEST There are going to be times when you do not meet the expectations of others, or yourself. And the very best that you can do may not be the best that someone else can do. That is a fact of existence. Embrace this and allow kindness as a process in your improvement, or as a part of your freedom to pursue your strengths. 3. CLEAN YOUR CONSCIENCE That is not a typo. We speak to the necessity for those in Self-deprecation to CLEAN their conscience. By this we mean that the individual take time to note just how much clutter is in the mind that is from the past, buried like shallow graves, gathered there like a cemetery of failures and flaws, ready to be dug up at a moment's notice. It is important that those in Self-deprecation regularly look at these experiences as a PART of who they are, and not defining who they are. CLEAN your conscience of these metaphorical graves and begin to make room for life, for living things to grow there. Let the failures of the past act as fertilizer, if you will, rather than preserved as some sort of trophy that makes up for competence. 4. CLEAN YOUR ENVIRONMENT In addition to the clutter of the mind, those in Self-deprecation can fall into clutter of their space, reflecting the building debris of flaws, failures, failed expectations, etc. For those with Self-deprecation, there can be a high tolerance for clutter, and this can be reflective of the tolerance for the the clutter in the mind, heart, and body. A regular effort to clean, organize, and experience one's space helps to clean, organize, and experience one's self. Attention to personal hygiene is important here, too. Those in Self-deprecation may not "smell" as a result of lacking personal hygiene, but they may very well skip on certain routines of care for the body that would help them to transform the sense of invisibility and inadequacy into self-nurturing and personal attentiveness. 5. CARE FOR YOURSELF Do not presume that someone else needs to, or should, or could do this for you. Care for yourself in as many ways you can in a day. Give yourself good food, good entertainment, good bathing, good hygiene, kindness, patience, etc. 6. STOP APOLOGIZING/EXCUSING As long as you constantly apologize for yourself, you are not being responsible for yourself. As long as you are making excuses, you are not being responsible. Apologies and excuses are deflection from responsibility. We are not speaking here in terms of the social courtesy of acknowledging grief, or acknowledging a slight, but apology and excuses as a buffer to protect from the ownership of response. 7. OWN YOURSELF By this we mean that you freely acknowledge your behaviors, your failures, your flaws, but respond to them through ownership, not as a way to deflect from further responsibility. When you apologize or offer excuses, you are reacting. You are not owning. When you own yourself, you can respond as opposed to react, and this is key to responsibility. AN ASIDE: Keep in mind that the Chief Features will not just show up as behaviors in yourself, but as behaviors you endure or attract in others, as well. Arrogance The 7 Angles of Behavior for transforming ARROGANCE might be: 1. NO ONE IS LOOKING For those in Arrogance, the fear that everyone is watching them is high. There is a keen sense that every move and choice and action is being scrutinized and of high relevance to others. In most cases, that is simply not true. No one is watching you. Most do not care if your hair is messed up, you stumbled, or if you are meeting your own standards or expectations. 2. CELEBRATE PRIVATELY For many in Arrogance, there is a compulsion to make it known to others every little success, to point out immediately a win, or to even "humblebrag," which is a self-congratulation tucked into a false self-deprecation. Allow yourself celebrate yourself with yourself. Your successes are just as real with or without being used as a means for defining yourself to others. See if you can embrace a success on your own without recruiting others to celebrate you. 3. CELEBRATE OTHERS Sometimes those in Arrogance can be so preoccupied with presuming everyone is watching them, that they forget to pay any meaningful attention to others. 4. LEAVE YOURSELF ALONE Those in Arrogance can be even harsher in self-criticism than those in Self-deprecation. Self-deprecation can slide into a quiet defeat, but Arrogance can be relentless. Many in Arrogance are their own worst bullies, if you will, taking on the voices of their past that criticized them, owning them so as to find some of their self-esteem in "siding" with this self-loathing. 5. LEAVE OTHERS ALONE Those in Arrogance can be of the worst bullies toward others, as well, actively or passively condescending in tone, words, behaviors, etc. If you find that you are talking down about another person, or yourself (see 4), behaving in a way that is not constructive, or helpful, but simply emphasizing flaws, then it may be time to look at how you are giving rise to voices of criticism that you carry about yourself. Criticism is helpful and meaningful, but not when only used as a means of deflection or protection. 6. EMBRACE EQUALITY By this we mean that while there will always be nuances among everyone and everything, with great gaps between common grounds, with some being better at some skills than others, or more socially celebrated than others, or even unfairly rewarded more than others, there is still profound relevance to the common ground of humanity and existence. In other words, allow comparisons to be informative, not defining. When you see or feel you are better than another, or that another is acting as if better than you, then remind yourself of as much that you share as possible. This does not mean you are not better at what you do than someone else might be, or that another person is not more attractive to more people than you may be, but let yourself have that which is equally true, as well. You do not have to pretend there are no differences, but do not pretend there are no similarities, either. 7. INVITE INTIMACY More than most other Chief Features, Arrogance will keep others at a distance, even as they often feign being very open and up front with you. Many in Arrogance will carefully construct a spectrum of revealing behaviors and expressions that others presume is all there is to know or see about that person, thus protecting the person in Arrogance from those who might otherwise pry. So it can be helpful for the person in Arrogance to take some responsibility and care in consciously inviting others to be close, not presuming that others will find their way, and then looking up and wondering where everyone is. Those in Arrogance can be of the loneliest people because they create the greatest moats of protection, but crave so desperately to be close at the same time. And so it can be helpful to actively invite intimacy, either in obvious ways such as literally asking for conversation, inviting to social events, etc, or by simply allowing the self to be present with another, listening, paying attention, and responding with care. Intimacy is not always about receiving attention, but about giving it. Due to the extensive elaboration on each of these Chief Features, we must suggest that this be broken up into a couple of sessions for delivery. We started with Self-deprecation and Arrogance, as these are most common for older souls, but we will have to elaborate upon the remaining Chief Features in another exchange. We will open the floor here for the next 15 minutes so that questions can be asked. FLOOR IS NOW OPEN [ViP] Is there any difference in how these Angles of Behavior should be interpreted or applied, based on whether the CF attempting to be transformed is primary, vs secondary, vs tertiary? MEntity: Each of the 7 Angles we offered would likely be relevant in any context, but one of the angles may be more relevant than others of that Chief Feature. [BrianW] Realizing there is not enough time to go over it in-depth, could you give a way to counteract the sliding of the negative poles of self-deprecation to self-destruction? MEntity: If Self-deprecation is sliding to Self-destruction, it would mean that it is, first, accessing Stubbornness. Self-deprecation cannot slide to Self-destruction otherwise. This means that Self-deprecation's Negative Pole of Self-abasement is sliding to Stubbornness' Negative Pole of Obstinance, and then over to Self-destruction's Suicide. When that is the case, it is likely that the Personality has decided what is so awful about the self, then refuses to change in any way that could be beneficial, which then leads to a sense of complete waste of life. To help counteract this, one would need to slide to GREED's "positive" pole of APPETITE. Though no Chief Features is truly "positive," the positive poles do describe the path out of that Chief Feature. In this case, having an appetite for life again, an embrace of what one wants and needs, can greatly counter the sense that life is simply being wasted on the self. Once that sense of appetite for life is remotely available, more life can come, more living. And that matters, even if only on a day to day basis. [Mariusrehm] can it in any way be helpful to make others aware of what you think their features might be? is a certain amount of intimacy/closeness needed for them to not feel accused when that is addressed? or does everybody has to completely explore these things on their own? MEntity: Marius, it is often more helpful for you to know the Chief Features of others than for you to point them out to them. Pointing out the Chief Features of others is only helpful if there is a mutual agreement to allow for this. Trust is necessary here, and even then it can be tricky. Of course, it is your choice as to whether you do this for someone, and how you do it, but we can say from experience that it is true that meaningful common ground and trust is fairly vital for the "photographing" of another to be useful to them. By "photographing" we mean those moments when one would offer up a "snapshot" of a moment or behavior of another for consideration. In some cases, however, intervention may be necessary if a person is completely unaware. When intervention is offered, the one who is offering must be willing to endure the reactions, deflections, defenses, and denials that might come from the confrontation of the reality of one's harmful impact on the self or others. This must be considered carefully, if intervention is deemed necessary. If one is not to the extreme of necessity for intervention, then one's most effective means of inviting another to consider his or her Chief Feature is to simply ask if that person knows that his or her behavior has a particularly harmful or divisive effect. In that invitation through asking, you will likely see if there is any room for meaningful discussion, or if there will only be more of the same. [Tyrone] Mine can just be a yes or no type answer, I'm just suspicious: [Tyrone] Were each of these 7 angles you gave related to the Centering Parts? Or I guess more generally, related to the axes and cardinality/ordinality? [Tyrone] (I am currently thinking in the order you gave them: 1. Instinctive, 2. Intellect, 3. Emotion, 4. Moving, 5. Higher Int., 6. Higher Emot., 7. Higher Moving) MEntity: Correlations could certainly be made, though further elaboration may be necessary to point out how these resonate. [Tyrone] I guess just were you guys thinking along those lines when coming up with them MEntity: Everything we ever offer can be mapped in correlative terms. Today's information is not an exception. However, we are not certain as to the order that Troy "unpacked" the delivery, so we would not consider these static correlations as far as the sequence. We think they are close, though, if not already in the sequence you describe. [Kurtis] Hi Michael, I hope this fits in relatively good context with this discussion, but I've been noticing a difficulty in understanding Caution's -Phobia in comparison to the CFs. Could you elaborate or clarify the difference between these CFs and -Phobia? MEntity: All Negative Poles of any Overleaf will be hooked into Chief Features, so Phobia, for example, would hook into that person's Chief Feature. The same would be said for Ingratiation or Identification, as Negative Poles for Acceptance or Passion, respectively. In other words, the Negative Poles of an Overleaf are what activate Chief Features, not the other way around. Caution is a means of relating, or reaching the Goal, by refining one's thoughts and expression, so Deliberation is when one is able to carefully select a thought or expression as that means of relating or reaching the goal. Phobia comes in when the person begins to overanalyze, overthink, and can no longer refine his or her interpretations or expressions. This person becomes frightened of his own thinking. This, then, would trigger whatever Chief Feature has come to be habitual as a means to protect the self. But this inability to refine one's thoughts would come first. To clarify: this person's over-thinking starts to scare him, triggering his Chief Features. Do you see the difference? [Kurtis] Yes I definitely do [Kurtis] I've been meaning to ask this kind of question for a while now MEntity: We will conclude here for today, and continue this discussion into the other Chief Features. We know we have many students who are in Arrogance and Self-deprecation, so a good number of you can begin to consider how you can transform these, if you choose to do so. ### The original session ended here, but the remaining Chief Features were covered in later sessions and are added below. The Action Chief Features Martyrdom The 7 Angles of Behavior for transforming MARTYRDOM might be: 1. NOT EVERYTHING NEEDS FIXING It is important for those in Martyrdom to remember that not everything needs to be fixed. 2. YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN FIX IT Even when something may need fixing, you are not always the one necessary for fixing it. 3. THE ONLY SPACE YOU OWN IS YOU For those in Martyrdom it can be a struggle to control the space around the self, but the self is the only boundary that is truly owned by you. You end where your skin ends. It is okay to expand into the space around you, but you cannot always control that space. 4. YOU ARE A SURVIVOR (not a victim) If you are alive, you are a survivor. It is undermining to your efforts to navigate life if you presume you are a victim, but it can be empowering to remind yourself that you are a survivor, that you care enough to continue, that your struggle does not define you, but guides you. 5. YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY SURVIVOR There are true victims in life, and true survivors. True victims have been harmed in ways that force the choices of life toward survival, but victimhood only exists to the extent that one resigns from making choices. Others are surviving along with you in life, and it can be helpful to reach out so that a network of strength can be built, instead of ignoring this survival bond. 6. YOU CAN SEE FURTHER THAN YOU THINK You may be dealing with survival and boundaries and control to the point where you seem to only be able to see what is in front of you, but you can see further than this. Look forward, look further, look beyond. There are truths and inspiration there that can help guide you. 7. BE NICE Those in Martyrdom can sometimes think it is justified to be difficult, to ignore boundaries, to uphold expectations and entitlement, to fault others for unhappiness, etc. And this often nurtures a license to be insensitive to others until someone is sensitive enough to break through and save you from your Martyrdom. No life needs to be perfect before being nice. And being nice brings a great wave of support and more valid control over the life than one might expect, and certainly in more effective ways than being difficult can bring. Impatience The 7 Angles of Behavior for transforming IMPATIENCE might be: 1. TAKE TIME OFF Separate yourself from the steady stream of influence time has over you, and move yourself into a position that is intended to be free, such as going for a nice walk, a night off to the movies, a meeting with a friend for conversation, etc. Anything that you would normally NOT do because you "do not have enough time," TO DO. 2. QUIET YOUR MIND Impatience can scramble your thinking process to such an extent that you are no longer effective, so it would do you well to SLOW DOWN your mind, your thinking, and find your quiet, internal space. This could be done in the shower, or in a bath, or any other moment you think of it. Simply relax your face, your jaw, feel the weight of your tongue in your mouth, the presence of your chest, and for a full handful of minutes from 3 to 30, JUST BE. This practice of BEING will allow you to come back to your moment with far more effectiveness. 3. EMBRACE ONE THING Impatience can often leave one feeling as if she must be on top of everything that is on the agenda, thus everything clamors for the attention of the priority spot. Instead of thinking of one thing causing the delay of another, it would do you well to think of your focus on one thing as an EMBRACE of that thing, much like your hugging of a child or puppy, knowing that you will happily and quickly hug the next child or puppy, as soon as you are done hugging one. This will help you to keep out intrusive thinking and distracted emotions. 4. USE YOUR BODY Impatience can often leave one feeling the burden of Time on the body, which can leave one ignoring the effectiveness of the body, leading to clumsiness and erratic behaviors or reactions. One of the greatest ways to use your body is to LISTEN. Most fragments who suffer from Impatience tend to presume the intent, meaning, and words of others who are communicating. There is rarely any patience for the act of LISTENING. Some who suffer from Impatience do not even realize how little they listen because they simply go deaf to the outside world, so to speak, but have learned to speak for everyone around them so effectively they think their own words are those of others'. Taking a moment to ask if you are LISTENING can help you to come back to the moment and actually make more effective decisions and responses in the moment. 5. CREATE PATTERNS Impatience usually drives an individual into patterns that are comforting, rather than productive. When one is in impatience, and creating only comfort patterns, there still must be a sense of proof for the use of Time, so this leads to lying to oneself, lying to others, so that the time appears to have been met with enough challenge to validate ones existence, or one will escape into routines that are simply "going nowhere." Patterns are perfectly valid, but when one is Impatient, these patterns can move into entropy, so one must bring an awareness to the process of one's patterns and ask if they are being CREATED, or if they are merely being fulfilled. Make a simple change as a means to create or alter a pattern and the results can often be rather amazing. 6. PRESENCE Though we have mentioned this already, it is worth pointing out as its own concern, to be PRESENT. Those afflicted with Impatience are often NOT where they are in time. They are often somewhere else, such as an elusive future, or a sentimental past. It would do you well to practice being present when you are doing something. To do so would mean to be fully aware that your actions are being driven by your choice, and that your skin, your hands, your face, your body, Personality, are all on board for the moment, even if you would rather be doing something else. The more you escape the moment, the less you can bring change to your momentum. 7. LAUGH AT TIME By this we mean to point out that Time has very little to do with your life beyond your experience and interpretation of it. If you can find the humor and heart in your relationship to Time, you can find it as an ally, instead of as an oppressive dictator. Laughing at Time can mean finding fun things to do, playful things to do, meaningless and pointless things to do, as long as you enjoy them and they help you to lose your focus on time. In doing so, you can begin to help your Personality and Body to see just how little REALITY there is time beyond your use of the moment, and your interpretation of that. The Expression Chief Features Self-Destruction Because of the nature of Self-Destruction, these 7 Angles of Behavior for transformation may require external intervention. It is the only Chief Feature that may require intervention because, depending on its severity, self-sabotage will be met at every turn, even when one makes fully conscious attempts at transformation. When Self-Destruction is in effect, the spiraling effect can be deadly. Self-Destruction can show up in two different ways: quietly and persistently, or triggered and relentlessly. If it is a quiet and persistent Self-Destruction, the 7 Angles can be applied more effectively and consciously over time with effort at any time. If the Self-Destruction is one that is triggered into a relentless spiral, it will be more helpful to approach these 7 Angles while between being triggered. The 7 Angles of Behavior for transforming SELF-DESTRUCTION would be: 1. HELP OTHERS Personal pain is never meant to be kept to oneself. It is to be shared. One of the ways to share your pain is to allow it to build pathways of empathy and compassion for others. Personal pain can be used to inform you about how to help others. Let your personal pain be a resource rather than a burden and then share that resource with others. We do not mean that you are to share the details of your pain, but to let your pain remind you that others can benefit from the strength you gain from your own experiences. It may not seem that you can be very helpful or useful while you carry your own pain, but that is one of the lies of this Chief Feature. As soon as you begin the effort to help others, the lie becomes meaningless and you become meaningful. 2. CREATE A NETWORK OF SUPPORT Do not wait for when you need help to ask for help or to offer help. At any point when life is good, calm, and steady, do the work of creating a network of support. You will need it, and others will need you. Join a support group, a care group, a social group, or any group where you are free to clearly be available to each other as you need each other. This may seem silly and you may find yourself talking yourself out of it, but this is preventative medicine. This is proactive kindness. Let yourself have this and then keep this net/network in your life because it may save your life. 3. SHAMELESSLY SELF-CARE Take your breaks. Take your baths. Read your book. Enjoy your music. Buy that nice shirt. Ask for that hug. Stop and breathe. Whatever it is that is important for you to do in care for yourself, do this at least once a day. AT LEAST. The reason this is important is because nearly all cases of Self-Destruction rise from a profound experience of abandonment, or a blow to the heart and mind that convinced you that being alive is a burden. So the more you self-care, the more you repair the damage that was done to the psyche and body regarding abandonment. 4. IT IS OKAY NOT TO SUFFER When life is going well and everything seems to be a pleasure and a joy, Self-Destruction will tell you that there is a price to pay for this and that it is not worth it, OR it will tell you that you must make up for these moments of pleasure by bracing yourself for the suffering that is to come, the punishment, for enjoying life. Your suffering may very well return, so when you are in pleasure, BE in pleasure. When you are not suffering, let yourself not suffer. 5. BE MORE THAN YOU ARE Self-Destruction can convince someone they are not worth the life being wasted on them, so a helpful tactic can be for you to be more than who you are. This is a broad statement because it can mean many different things to different people, but the general effort here would to be playful and creative in being more than you are. For example, you may wish to be helpful, so help more. You may wish to be creative, so create more. You may wish to be a writer, so write more. You may wish to make others laugh, so laugh more. When a person is navigating Self-Destruction and aims to be more, they tend to simply round out and own the truth of their presence. It may seem you are being more, but you are simply letting more of you be with you. Janet: I don't understand the phrase “round out” …Do you have a different phrase? When a person is navigating Self-Destruction and aims to be more, they tend to simply become more of who they are, not more than they are. They round out the range of who they are and own the truth of their presence. 6. EMBRACE and PRACTICE PAIN MANAGEMENT Self-Destruction will point you to everything painful in your heart, your mind, your "soul," and your body. Pain is a part of life and being alive, but if it is ignored, it will grow and spread, and if it is indulged in, it will fuel addictions and recklessness. Instead of avoiding or indulging in pain, let yourself learn skills to navigate it, to manage it, to relieve you of it. There are many forms of pain management for different types of pain. You will know if it is emotional, intellectual, physical, or spiritual and it will help you tremendously to transform Self-Destruction if you simply learn or use tools for managing that pain. This can be as simple as having the supportive conversations as you need them , or the pain relief medication that are necessary. It is okay to manage pain as a way to prevent suffering. 7. LIFE IS FOR YOU TO OWN, NOT EARN There is no punishment/reward system in place in any universe, including this universe and an individual's universe. You do not need to earn your right to live or exist. This life was not given to you, it was created by you. It was not created for you, it was created from you. This will be true of every life in every universe on every level. Practice owning your life and focus on earning in other ways that actually matter to you and others. Greed The 7 Angles of Behavior for transforming GREED might be: 1. GIVE MORE This may seem like a dramatic and even anti-intuitive position to take when dealing with Greed, but it is important to remember that Greed is not about what you truly lack. It is about what you FEAR to lack. In most cases of Greed, the emphasis of that Greed is on something that one already has, but one wants more. To help transform Greed, one of the first things you can do is to give more of what you wish to receive. The reason this works is because you then put into tangible action the very thing you feel you are missing and when you see others receive this from you, it reminds you of what you have. 2. CREATE/MAKE MORE Again, this may feel counter to the fear of lack, but there is almost always a way to create/make more of what you feel you lack when in Greed. 3. DO LESS Greed can prompt and trigger a person to take from others and even destroy that which they lack if it is seen to be in abundance for others. It can be helpful to remember not to take action, to strike out, or do anything that jeopardize the existence of that which you lack, or those who hold it. It is not always necessary to act on your compulsions to secure that which you feel you lack. 4. NO ONE CARES ABOUT WHAT YOU OWN It may seem that others care about what you own or have, but they do not. Even those who express envy or jealousy or admiration are not doing so because you own something they want. They are envious, jealous, or admiring because they may have their own value of presence tied into objects like you do. Having more does not make you more. 5. ENCOURAGE ABUNDANCE Specifically, encourage abundance for others, even as you struggle with your own. One of the most effective ways to help shift away from Greed is to celebrate triumphs, successes, and benefit that others are receiving because this helps clear the path to your own abundance. 6. LET YOURSELF HAVE WHAT YOU HAVE It is often the case that those in Greed tend to completely miss what they have in terms of abundance and well-being and material security and affection and love, etc., when all they can focus on is a compulsion to take more. Let yourself have what you have and this helps more of that to generate in your life. 7. USE WHAT YOU HAVE, WISELY It is often the case that one's Greed might be triggered by legitimate threats to a resource in the life. Greed is never truly about lacking what you lack, but about wanting more of what you already have. If you find that you have very little of something that you want more of, it can help for you to use what you have, wisely. Love more wisely. Spend more wisely. Care for others more wisely. This helps you to extract the depth in what you already have, rather than to render what you have as diminished or shallowed or hollowed. Neutral Chief Feature: Stubbornness 1. MOVE A LITTLE MORE Just when you think you have reached a point where you are certain, sure, and conclusively confident in your position, consider moving just a little more. Treat this as a curiosity, not as a concession. Treat this as an opportunity for true confidence, not defensive confidence. 2. SAY NO TO NO More often than not, if Stubbornness is in effect, there is some form of protection against change or the unknown being upheld by emphasizing the "NO" in your life. Allow yourself the comfort of NO, but by using it to help dismantle its stronghold against your even considering a YES. One way to do this is by using the phrase NOT YET, as in, you are still ready with your NO, but NOT YET. When you immediately wish to say No, say No, Not Yet. And give some breathing room for the chance to say Yes. 3. TELL THE TRUTH Stubbornness often prompts you to tell lies to yourself and to others about why you resist or reject change or moving into uncertainty or the unknown. These can show up as excuses, evasive language, sometimes to the point of having become an art. To help dismantle the fear of change, you have to tell the truth, speak up about what you want, what you need, and what you do not want or do not need. Stubbornness is often prompted because you have not owned the responsibility of your own authority over your life, so you learn to make excuses. Sometimes, all one must do is speak up and be present as a way of navigating uncertainty, rather than hiding and evading. 4. TRUST YOURSELF Stubbornness can close one down to any new input and block any consideration of new experience or new information because if that new information or experience encourages you to change or expand, then you lose your sense of self that you have grown to protect so carefully. But who you grow to be is built from you, and is not a replacement of you. Trust not only who you feel you are now, but who you are in the next moment. You do not lose yourself when you change, and you do not lose yourself in change. You will always be you. 5. SHARE AUTHORITY Stubbornness often prompts one to interpret any source of authority or input or nudge to your life as an invasive maneuver out to challenge your comfort levels and peace of mind or even as a challenge to your own authority over your life. Sometimes that may be the case, but most often it is not. So when you feel yourself being triggered by what you see as someone trying to be smarter, trying to tell you what to do, trying to say you are wrong, trying to push you, remember that you do not have to constantly fight this source of authority, you can remember to share in that authority. In other words, no matter how much smarter, right, advanced, experienced, etc. another person may be, you are on equal ground in terms of the authority over your life. These individuals are authorities in their own life and they may be better at some things than you are, and you may be better in other things. Listen, learn, and share. Sometimes this is a one-way experience and then you must embrace this as a gift, not an imposition. 6. DIE EVERY DAY Practice experiencing each day as new, rather than as a continuation of the day before. Do not just dive into the new day, but Die into the new day. No matter how similar the days may be, wake up to one new thing, even if it is a small thing. Wake up to a moment of perfect temperature and nostalgic breeze. Wake up to a nice memory in the middle of the day. Wake up to a kind gesture, or a funny moment. You live many many lifetimes and from the point of view of Stubbornness, it would convince you that they are all alike, nothing really changes, and put you to sleep against your evolution. But every lifetime is new. Every lifetime is different. And every day is new. 7. BE WRONG One of the most entrenching states that Stubbornness can get into is the enduring insistence that one must be right, must not fail, must not be challenged, and this means one MUST NOT MOVE. This circles back to the first point to move a little more, but sometimes that move has to be in the willingness to be wrong, to embrace mistakes, to embrace a challenge. You do not even have to be wrong to be wrong. What we mean by this is that you may be right on many levels, but if someone else decides you are wrong, sometimes that has to be okay. Note: Two different sessions included the question about the 7 Angles of Behavior to cope with Stubbornness. See Membership Gratitude Event: July 2016 for an alternate version.
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    It looks like a few of us noticed yesterday that the channeling Troy did on the Chief Feature of Self Destruction applies not only to individuals that have this as their own CFs but applies to all of us as we move through this challenging pivotal year. Even though the Chief Feature can seem more like an undercurrent that explodes into focus in October it's good to pay heed earlier on as we try to navigate our way not only through community and world issues but through our own internal distresses and fears that can make their way into our emotional, intellectual and physical bodies. The 7 Angles of Behavior for transforming SELF-DESTRUCTION would be: 1. HELP OTHERS 2. CREATE A NETWORK OF SUPPORT 3. SHAMELESSLY SELF-CARE 4. IT IS OKAY NOT TO SUFFER 5. BE MORE THAN YOU ARE 6. EMBRACE and PRACTICE PAIN MANAGEMENT 7. LIFE IS FOR YOU TO OWN, NOT EARN Michael said this in October 2016's Energy Report and it makes sense to start to look ahead so you can begin to unravel how Self Destruction may be affecting you and your world as we move through 2019: Assimilation is associated with the Chief Feature because by the time the experiences of the year have come to settle, the individual and collective will have generated a pattern toward resolution and peace around the events of the year, or they will have generated a pattern toward conflict and fear. For many, the “holiday season” can be one of unplugging from or plugging into a higher state and moving into true assimilation, peace, gratitude, and celebration. For many, this same period of time is experienced as resignation and disconnection and overwhelm, with emphasis on losses, regrets, mistakes, anger, anxiety. Depending on how much of the Action was fulfilled, how much Inspiration was exchanged, and how aligned perception was with reality (or vice versa), the season of the Chief Feature is either mild or severe in its challenges and impact. This year (2016) brings with it a rather severe impact and intense challenge. This is where the Realist Attitude of 2019 can help to ground you to the perspective of reality of WHAT IS that is broadening from Subjectivity to Objectivity. The Attitude of Realist is all about the perspective of WHAT IS. There is no interpretation, no speculation, no extrapolation, no embellishment or projection. It is all about seeing what IS, even if one would rather not. Most of our students are fairly clear and aware of reality as it exists independently from interpretation, but it is still difficult not to color reality with one’s own method of making sense of it. In many cases our students make sense of reality by distancing themselves from the areas of reality that are less interesting or more intimidating. July may change that. ... July may be fairly draining and exhausting as you climb up and out of Subjectivity to Objectivity. Feelings can be overwhelming while in Subjectivity because they are only about how one feels about what is, not about what one can do about changing what is. It is all about reasoning and explaining What Is without fully understanding What Is. Good advice from Michael... What we can suggest for our students over July is to keep a journal or record or mental note of your reactions to personal and world events that feel too close to you or so close that it is difficult to know how to respond or what to do. Note what “triggers” you and explore any patterns you see in your notes. When you can become aware of what keeps you from effectively dealing with What Is, you can more easily move into Objectivity, the Positive Pole of Realist. We will speak more on Objectivity in the weeks ahead. ~~~ Here's a an excerpt from MICHAEL SPEAKS – Old Soul in a Young Soul World – April 25, 2015 that speaks to navigating as Personality and Essence: That is a bit of a misnomer in that Essence does not forget, but once it is Manifested "in" the Personality and co-creating the life, there is a new dynamic in place. When the Personality is making all of the choices, it is one thing, and when Essence makes all of the choices, it is one thing, but when the entirely new Personality is now hosting an ancient Essence, "remembering" becomes key. Essence experiences what we have described as a "double-edged sword of forgetfulness." Because Essence knows it is profoundly safe and that the Personality that has come into existence will continue, it has none of the fears that Personality has because Personality is born of the biological and is linked heavily to survival in the Physical Plane. Most of the time, the Personality and body seek to survive at all costs, whereas this is not a concern for Essence. So Essence must "remember" this. As the Personality learns that it is safe, the Essence must remember how to navigate in an unsafe world. Essence can often plan a life that is based on great ideals and intentions for what to experience and gain from a life, but then you are born and "you" are asking, "what the fuck?" This is one of the reasons it is so important for the Personality to have complete control over the life and its choices. Personality evolves its own reason for living. It does not live for Essence. But, as you awaken, you live with Essence, and eventually, AS Essence. And as Essence integrates into the life, the "remembering" is similar to how the adult must "remember" what it was like to be a child so that the child is best served and nurtured, and not treated as an ancient. This is not entirely difficult, but it becomes an art. ~~~ Remembering Love is remembering you are Safe This is an excerpt from MICHAEL SPEAKS – More on The 7 Rings of LOVE – February 14, 2010: When one makes the statement that I AM ULTIMATELY SAFE, if there is a consciousness brought to that statement, one should feel the body immediately relax, the mind to slow, the forehead, face, jaw, back, torso, shoulders, feet, hands, tongue, etc. all fall into a simple presence. The Physical Plane is a plane filled with threats to the body and experiences can and do harm ones psyche and other subtle bodies, but the greatest threat to older soul that causes the greatest debilitation and scathing is the constant sense of lacking safety. When we speak of Safety here, we speak to the fact that in most instances, there are no immediate threats to warrant your fear, and certainly not to warrant your rejection of Love. We also speak to the fact that every worst-case scenario is death, and even then, you are ultimately safe. The irony of growing older in soul age is the attachment to the Physical Plane and your more and more creative and refined Personalities that you nurture so lovingly. So when we speak of your Safety, and you state that you are ultimately safe, you are speaking on behalf of both Personality and Essence.
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    MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin. The 21st Century is a pivotal century. There are pivotal years throughout history and sometimes there is a century that is pivotal. This is one of them. It could be said that every year and even every century is pivotal in many ways, but what we mean by this is that the Human Race will move in a new direction that is unlike any direction in the past and is changing in way that is a point of no return. One would think that such events as war and great catastrophe may change the course of humanity, and these do have their effects, but the effects on direction of which we speak are about something more insidious and pervasive. If war, famine, and catastrophe could be said to redirect humanity's physical direction on Earth, then the effects of which we speak are about a metaphysical direction. For example, the last pivotal century was the 1st Century AD with the onset of organized religion, particularly monotheism. This changed humanity in unalterable ways that would shape everything, including war, famine, disease, and catastrophes for the next 19 Centuries. The effects of that pivotal Century remain intact, but will quickly be replaced by the 21st Century events. 2019 is a pivotal year within a pivotal Century and we think this is the year in which the more profound anchoring of effects will take place. It could be said that 2019 may see the "final blows" to key institutions that have been long overdue in terms of their holding back progression of humanity, as well as the "successful launches" of various key patterns that are part of the pivotal shift in humanity toward living as Mature Souls. This kind of pivotal year is not always obvious or dramatic, but it may be fairly dramatic as that is part of the Mature Soul world. All great changes will likely come with a fair amount of flourish. As this is an Artisan year, the key elements at play here would be in the collapse of the Delusional and rise of the Creative. The problem and challenge of Delusional is that it can look normal and be normalized. The very nature of Delusion means that those who are delusional cannot see the delusion. For most Delusional patterns, a crash is necessary. A complete shock to the system. A full disruption of patterns. The irony in the spectrum between Creativity and Delusion is that Creativity will be used, no matter what. The difference between Creativity as a Positive Pole and Creativity as a Negative Pole is the depth of harm done with the Creativity. Creativity as healing is Positive while Creativity as harm is Negative. The difference between Destruction and Delusion is that Delusion does not see the destruction. This is why Self-Destruction is the Chief Feature for this year. The Delusional elements of society are headed toward Self-Destruction. And they do not see it coming. When we speak of delusional elements of society, our Older Soul students are not exempt. There are layers of society within which each of you participate and exist in various ways and you may be wide awake and creative in many areas and quite delusional in another. We do not see a single student moving through 2019 without confronting one element of delusion in the life that has to collapse and change. The "State of the Planet" at this point is in a place where the changes that are necessary for humanity to survive MUST be implemented to some great degree as soon as possible or it is suicide for the species. We do not see the patterns leaning toward suicide, but your species is playing out the ideas in many ways that are helping with your survival. It is of no coincidence that several films have come in the past 5 to 10 years where the masses either turn on each other in unprecedented and mindless waves of violence or turn on themselves in unprecedented waves of violent suicide. Films are the equivalent of waking dreams to process probabilities. It is also of no coincidence that beloved and popular series have come about regarding time travel and the effort to steer and wake up humanity before it is "too late." These themes are not new, but there is a relevance and resonance to them on a new scale. If this year could be described in a phrase, it would be RAPID REALIZATION. This is why the Attitude of 2019 is that of Realist. This is a year of realization, of waking up, or falling so deeply asleep that one does not wake up, so to speak. Many of our students are well ahead of this pattern and have been working on this for some time, but you will now see this happening on a more epic and obvious scale in the world around you and among people whom you would never have suspected were interested in waking up. These awakenings may be mocked or shunned or said to be "too late," but it would be valuable to everyone to embrace even the most vile of individuals who suddenly speak to having a realization. Most realizations come from OBJECTIVITY. Surprisingly, Objectivity fosters Empathy. Objectivity allows for one to see oneself relative to another thing or person, and vice versa. The Overleaves in place for this year are the Overleaves with which most of humanity determined as the fastest and most definitive route toward the greatest probabilities. CREATIVITY, ACTION, FREEDOM, CLARITY, and OBJECTIVITY. What we have described above is quite broad and even vague, but that is because it is just that. We do not know the direction this will go and this will be one of the years in which the patterns we see have the most surprising and spontaneous shifts away from what we thought would come. We do know that this pivotal year and pivotal Century are all about SOCIAL EQUALITY. On the most metaphysical and subatomic levels of humanity and reality, the aim is for reality to be SHARED, not COMPARED, for humans to return to being a part of Earth before launching inevitably to the stars. We will leave you with this rather broad and open look at the State of the Planet for 2019 because for all of its mystery and intrigue or ominous and concerned tone, it is fairly simple: Humanity is waking up again in a new way in a new time with new power on a new scale. ***FLOOR IS NOW OPEN FOR QUESTIONS*** Uma: Michael, last January 17, you said that impeachment/indictment for fuckface was between 56-58%. Does this still stand? or now that there is a Democrat majority in the House, has the probability increased? Does impeachment still appear to be the more likely? And what is the probability for indictment for his family? Ivanka? Don Jr? Jared? After that lofty session, I'm still here in the weeds of all this and hoping we are on a good trajectory. MEntity: Probability for Impeachment is around 70% but probability for re-election is at 3% so there is a range of options here that will work across the board in halting the influence and power of this tyrannical individual. Probability of indictment for the individuals listed are at 78%. This is a most unpredictable year and time, in general, on top of the usual unpredictability, but we give you the numbers we see. Uma: Great! Thank you! NEXT Daniela: Hi Michael. In July 2017 I asked you about the Putin/Trump Pentagon Configuration. You said the Configuration's Task is Global Unification and you identified the positions as: Daniela: Position 1--Love-- Steve Bannon Daniela: Position 2-- Knowledge-- lesser-known or unknown Sage close to Putin Daniela: Position 3-- Power-- Putin Daniela: Position 4--Support-- Donald Jr. Daniela: Position 5-- Revolutionary/Eccentric-- Trump Daniela: Can you speak to how the Configuration has fared over the last 18 months? For example, has it stabilized or is it still highly volatile? Have any of the positions been vacated and filled by others? MEntity: The Configuration is still intact but more volatile. Positions remained filled by the same individuals. Death of one member involved here will be the end of this Configuration for the lifetiime. NEXT SusanF: Michael, Are there any specific arcs of experience, from the planet perspective will likely come to close during this year? And are there specific new arcs being initiated ? How long are those arcs? MEntity: Organized religion has come to a close. It will not disappear, but that arc of influence and status that shaped the world is over. There will be transition, but it is over. Oppression as a form of power is over. This may not seem possible, but it is over. Oppression will always exist in some form in some relationships, but not as a global form of power. Again, this will require transition and it will not disappear, but it is over. Prosperity inequality is over. Again, this may seem absurd, but we are speaking in terms of massive arcs coming to a close because they will not work. The practical implementation and stable reality around this shift away from these arcs would likely not be seen as fully anchored until around 2050. But you are alive in a time that is a part of the ending of those arcs. As for new arcs, we would say that SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY is locked in as an arc that would shape the world for centuries to come. This started with "political correctness" and grand experiments in "social media" and exploded in social justice and moves rapidly toward such things as resource-based economy. We can explore the ending and beginning of arcs in further detail in more exchanges over 2019. NEXT DianeHB: From Tex: I worry about the gap between the current economic system and the resource-based economy. I worry about the confusion and instability. What are our probabilities for transitioning from one economy to the other? MEntity: From what we have seen, this begins to shift in small, closed communities first, then cities, then states, then countries. The transition is slow at first and requires a great period of time for true verification of its promise, but comes far more naturally than expected. The results are quite appealing and desirable which makes it easier to propagate, and the systems we have seen are scalable and interlockable, so to speak, so that larger communities and cities have an easier time of implementing. If this were to be implemented now, it would be shunned and even ignored, and in fact that has been the case, but presentation and attempts for implementation in 5 to 20 years comes to a new generation where social responsibility is fully understood and considered a valuable direction. DianeHB: Tex says thanks MEntity: We will have much more to say over 2019 regarding pivotal events and energies. We are quite excited, though in our own way. We must conclude here for today. Good day to each of you. Goodbye, for now.
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    Makes me think of that future lifetime of mine where Michael said they relayed info about this lifetime and the Infinite Soul manifestation... MEntity: Oh Gawd... he JUST won't stop speaking!
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    Must be all this pivoting that is causing the friction that we feel. Nothing like signing up for exciting times. I'm counting on Essence to register this info so that next time it comes up ... who am I kidding? As hard as it gets, I'm glad I'm here at this time. I just have to keep reminding myself of the big picture. So much to remember. AND there's always more.
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    Bumped this because reading it again today made me feel better. Hope it does the same for you.
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    Michael Speaks - Soul Ages and Levels (01/09/11) Troy Tolley, Channel [MEntity] Hello to each of you. We are here now. We will begin with the discussion on the topic of Soul Ages and Levels. We realize we have shared a great deal of information and insight into this concept, but every aspect of our teaching has dimensions that may resonate at different points in the life, and to different students and different times, so our returning to "basics" does not have to be a review, or rehash, but a new spiral or layer of that concept. One of the reasons we think it is helpful to return to the basics at various points is because our initial sharing of this teaching in the form that you currently understand it was shared in a highly generalized and simplified way, and through the perspective of the average Soul Age of Young at the time. Our teaching does not change, but the understanding of it changes depending on the perspective that is interpreting it. For instance, there is a very basic way to understand the Role of Sage, in general, and then there are the differentiation of layers or evolution that bring dimension to that Role. For example, understanding the Sage as a goofy, obnoxious, self-indulgent, talkative, attention-seeking Role is highly generalized and, though accurate as a single dimension of that Role, only describes the Sage as the average Young Soul might manifest the Role. The description, or dimension, of the Role of Sage as an Old Soul will include this Young Soul version, but age affects how a Role is played or manifested, and the Old Soul Sage is often nothing like the general description, or the Young version. Whereas the the Young dimension of the Sage can be a clown and an attention-seeker, the Old version is the wise child whose emphasis is more on the integrity of communication and meaningful exchange, than on the attention that it would bring. And so it goes that the Soul Ages carry within them dimensions that might be filtered or highlighted by your own Soul Age. So, for instance, the Young Soul to an Old Soul looks and feels and is experienced quite differently from how a Young Soul would experience another Young Soul. What we will do today is discuss with you the Soul Ages as they may be experienced by our Students, who are more often Mature and Old, and this may help build upon the generalized concept. Your questions will help us to shape the information more relevantly. First, we will mention the underlying pillars for Soul Age that are relevant regardless of perception: Soul Age is an Essence's self-measurement for EXPERIENCE. Nothing more. Soul Age is an Essence's self-measurement of Experience based upon that individual Essence's agenda only. There is no one, or no thing, monitoring this beyond that single Essence. To elaborate: one fragment's movement through a Soul Age may include completely different experiences than another fragment's experiences through that same Soul Age. That is because Soul Age is a measurement of evolution/maturity of the Essence, and any experience can be used to propel that evolution/maturity. Soul Age is ONE INTERPRETATION of the evolution of experiences of Sentience, but is not a singular map that all find relevant or meaningful. It is a map for older souls, and is useless to most before that level of maturity. There are other maps used by younger soul ages. In other words, sharing this map "with the world" would not solve the problems of the world, nor would it encourage awareness beyond the capacity that is already present in younger Soul Ages. Presuming that this concept is as profound a map for the young or baby soul as it is for the mature or old soul is like presuming that a map of Disney Land is as useful and meaningful for the toddler or teen as it is for the adults. We can go further to say that even many adults, or older souls, may not find the map useful or meaningful. Continuing - Soul Age is not a map that is imposed upon Sentience, any more than the aging body is imposed upon a Personality. It is simply part of the nature of evolution and maturity. In other words, there are no requirements for that maturity and evolution, only markers. Soul Age is a map that we generated from learning about how our Essences learn and evolve, though that evolution was already long in place before the map was generated. The map of Soul Ages is cyclical, and not linear, despite the apparent progression. Regardless of Soul Age, EVERY Personality is born "reset" to an Infant Soul status of consciousness, and must, if the Personality chooses to do so, find its way back into whatever Age and Level of consciousness and maturity the Essence has reached previously. To some extent, the same could be said for the Essence at every new LEVEL within a Soul Age, and especially at every new Soul Age. For the Personality, this may make sense, since the vehicle is completely new; a new brain and body that must adjust to and share the life with Essence, if it chooses to do so. However, for every new Level, Essence also "resets" and cycles back through what it has learned to that point, and must then build upon that, much like the Personality must regain consciousness over the lifetime to a point that can then draw upon Essence's history. Before we elaborate further, we will take up to 3 questions relevant to what we have shared so far. ***QUEUE OPEN FOR 3 QUESTIONS*** [Question] "Cyclical, not linear" - I visualize the "levels" as being in line with each other, e.g. all 6s "above" each other - a spiral MEntity: That is "exactly" how it is. We qualify the word "exactly" because we mean it only in terms of a visual interpretation. That is a fair and accurate visual. When one is in the 6th Level of any Soul Age, all other 6th Levels are activated and explored. That "activation and exploration" are on an Essence level for the most part, but would also be relevant to which lifetimes tend to be resonant to that lifetime. We think some insight might be gained from the recursive sequence of what has come to be called the "Fibonacci Spiral." [Question] I would like to ask for an elaboration of Essence resetting when a new level is achieved within the same lifetime, i.e., as XXX did. Is this why she is recycling through earlier levels as Essence resets? MEntity: That "resetting" is relevant to what we have come to describe as the Internal Monads. There are Internal Monads that the Physical Body and Personality build through, and Internal Monads that Essence builds through. Every Level of Soul Age is a pass through 7 Internal Monads. Every Personality's progress through its own Internal Monads contributes to the progression of Essence through its own Internal Monads. Every Personality starts over with the First Internal Monad in every lifetime, no matter how far a previous Personality has progressed in a previous life. Every Essence starts over with a First Internal Monad in every new Level, because each Level is a completion, or cycle through, 7 Internal Monads. To help clarify: Every Personality goes through a progress of "waking up" within a lifetime because it is a completely new lifetime. Every Essence goes through a progress of "waking up" within a new Level, because it is a completely new Level. A simple metaphor might be that Essence entering a new Level from a previous Level is like an evolving Personality might enter a new relationship after having been in a previous relationship, or moving to a new city after having lived in a different city before. It is not that all is lost, so much as that all that has been learned must now be applied in a fresh context. [Question] How does one explain the soul that remembers a prior life under 5 years of age? Did these essences choose to remember their soul age? MEntity: It can take UP TO 7 years for a new Personality to embrace and bring through, so to speak, Essence, but for the older souls, that time is often much shorter. The greater the level of maturity or consciousness that Essence brings to a new life, the greater the resource that the new Personality can access, if it chooses to do so. Depending upon the culture and imprinting that is the environment for the new Personality, the child may not only bring Essence in more quickly, but that child's filters may also allow for those "memories" to flow freely. In some societies, such as some within India, reproductive imagination is encouraged in children and they are "allowed" to voice memories that defy reason. In other societies, such as in the United States, those memories are not encouraged, and creative imagination is encouraged over reproductive imagination. Every lifetime, regardless of the fact that it is new, with a new body, and new Personality, will always be built upon the Instinctive Center of the "previous" lifetime, carried forth like a disc from one body to the next by Essence. That Instinctive Disc, if you will, is the mini-Akashic Records of that particular Essence, and depending upon the level of consciousness accessible to the new Personality, can be read and accessed by that new Personality. [Question] Follow up: how do we create a stage for the child to bring in essence and allow memories to flow freely? MEntity: There is no real way to create that stage in a way that prompts the memories, but there are ways that one can encourage the exploration of those memories when the child begins to speak of them, if he or she does so. A child will either speak of them, or not, depending upon that Personality's personal process of regaining consciousness. If the environment is open to that, and the Personality speaks of these memories, then the validation can occur. However, to prompt a child to speak of past life memories, rather than simply allow for that child to speak of them if he or she does so, can often lead to false memories, confusion, and delusions. In short, simply paying attention and being open is enough. Responding to "Dracula": The impact and extraction of knowledge from experiences is subjective, but the markers are static. [Question] Static, not "objective"? MEntity: This might be understood through the metaphor of passing through a city that has specific streets that will crossed on the way through, but different speeds and vehicles may be used to pass. In addition to that, some may rest, some may crash, some may backtrack, some may sight-see, but all of those variations will not change the terrain. We chose the word "static" because, though the markers may remain in place, even the interpretation of them will be subjective. Much like the fact that a city may have a definitive terrain, but many maps to highlight various ways through it, depending upon the interest of the one choosing the map. We will continue with the topic and return to questions in a moment. We have already mentioned this in response to questions, but we will elaborate here on the Soul Age process: One Internal Monad is a level of maturity, awareness, consciousness gained by a Personality or multiple Personalties over lifetimes; 7 Internal Monads = 1 Level of a Soul Age; there are 7 Levels within a Soul Age; there are 7 Soul Ages for Essence. An Internal Monad is a process of resolving a division; a kind of return to wholeness that is greater than the sum of its parts. For instance, the 1st Internal Monad is the resolution between Physical and Essence that is "life." By the way, just "being born" is not necessarily a completed 1st Internal Monad, but we will elaborate upon the Internal Monads in another discussion. Understanding that Soul Ages are built from these processes of resolution can help one to see the vast beauty and magnitude of what it means to evolve, growing from fragmentation, through resolution, and returning to wholeness. Every Level then is one layer, or one dimension, of fragmentation "healed" for Essence, or more accurately put, "regained." When your Essence chooses a Role, it carries forth its own kind of "disc" into that new Grand Cycle of lives as that new Role and new sentient species, but in every other sense, it fragments itself and loses all "memory" of anything "before." Therefore, it could be said that every fragment is in a process of collecting itself back from the universe in which it is exploring. In the same way that we exist as fragments of Tao that eventually return, so are each of you fragmented "out" into your Grand Cycle "ahead of you," and then the compulsion toward wholeness propels the cycle. In a very simplistic and crude description, every Essence "hides" fragments of itself throughout the universe, and the process of evolution is the recovery of those fragments. That process of recovery is different for every Soul Age. For the Infant Soul, this process comes from tangible contact with the world, a kind of feeling around in the dark, and relies greatly upon TOUCH as the navigating tool. For the Baby Soul, this process of recovery comes from extremes of experiences, a kind of tight-rope walking that can find most of itself in every fall from the rope, relying greatly upon BALANCE as the navigating tool. For the Young Soul, this process of recovery comes from opportunities and investments, or indulgences, toward its greatest idea of itself; a kind of constant following of a frequency or tone, making HEARING one of its primary tools for navigation. For the Mature Soul, this process of recovery comes from recognition and empathy, finding and recovering extensions of the self that reside in others, making SIGHT a primary navigational tool. For the Old Soul, this process of recovery comes from pleasure, reunion, happiness, and play, because it can now recover the parts of self that never stopped to enjoy so many things along the way, making SMELL/TASTE a primary navigational tool. When we associate these senses with the Soul Ages as navigational tools, they are not always so direct and literal, but often they are. For instance, in a Young Soul society, music tends to blossom and evolve as a primary medium because "hearing" is so pronounced. Other Soul Ages enjoy music, of course, but for other reasons. For instance, in the United States, the "music industry" is heavily populated by Young Souls, and Young Souls are attracted to that medium of recovery in droves. The phrase "marching to the beat of a different drummer" is a Young Soul phrase because Identity is so important to the Young Soul. This is NOT to say that music is synonymous with Young Souls, but that Young Souls tend toward SOUND, both literally and figuratively, as a means of recovering fragments of Essence, or finding themselves, so to speak. Young Souls are often the loudest among you. A Mature Soul may use music to explore himself, express, or heal himself, but not necessarily as a way to recover or find himself. As your world moved into Mature Soul consciousness, you can see the shift from Radio to TV, for instance, or from music to videos. Even the phone is on its way to being replaced by video conferencing because the Mature Soul uses SIGHT as a means of navigating for recovery of itself. The Old Soul recovers itself through remembering how to enjoy living and being in a body, so two very primitive senses are called upon: smell and taste, which are fairly dependent upon each other, and help the body and Personality toward that which feels good. Smell and Taste affect the entire system that is the Body and the Personality, bringing a synthesis when allowed. In other words, the more an Old Soul allows itself to enjoy, love, accept, and live through its body, the more it recovers its fragments of self and returns to a wholeness. Briefly, the Transcendental Soul uses Orientation and the Infinite Soul uses Relationality as navigational tools for the recovery of fragments. Of course, on the scale of the Infinite Soul, those fragments are all Essences relative to that species of Sentience. Another way to understand the Soul Ages from a student's perspective, and not necessarily as a generalized perspective, would be by seeing the polarities of the Soul Ages and how those may manifest through a Personality. To accommodate the limitation of time for this chat, we will quickly share those: The Infant Soul manifests Positively as INNOCENCE, and Negatively as DISSONANCE. The Baby Soul manifests Positively as REFLECTION, and Negatively as REJECTION. The Young Soul manifests Positively as ACCOMPLISHED, and Negatively as ENTITLED. The Mature Soul manifests Positively as PERCEPTIVE, and Negatively as PROJECTIVE. The Old Soul manifests Positively as INCLUSIVE, and Negatively as EXCLUSIVE. Though we can elaborate upon all of these, we will quickly say that the Mature Soul, when manifesting Positively, is capable of seeing beyond the obvious, the logical, the superficial, and does not require "reasons" for what is known. It simply Perceives. It can truly SEE. The Mature Soul manifesting Negatively loses its capacity to Perceive and simply Projects, turning everyone into props and players for his or her own drama, never truly seeing others because of the preoccupation with seeing (finding) the self. The Old Soul manifesting Positively is Inclusive because everything and everyone is experienced as a part of the greater whole, including all of the previous Soul Ages within itself. This leads to an adaptability that allows for finding parts of the self in places and people it never would have thought of on its own, if you will. This Old Soul can draw upon its previous tools for navigation at will because it has accepted those tools, and will use them appropriately to navigate or understand those in younger Soul Ages. Everything is experienced and interpreted as "food for the soul," so to speak. The Old Soul manifesting Negatively become Exclusionary, aligning itself only with the "like-minded," seeking refuge and intimacy only those who feel "safe," and even then keeping a wall of isolation around the self as part of the interaction. This dependence upon the condition of safety never allows the Personality and Body to enjoy the life to the fullest, often resorting to the forming of secrets, imaginary relationships, and the equivalent of soul masturbation. Keep in mind that the Negative Poles we describe are a part of the spectrum and process for any term we are describing, and do not indicate what not to do or be. They simply describe the more limited end of that spectrum, as well as the end through which all will enter in that context. For instance, ALL Old Souls will go through an Exclusionary phase before it will move into an Inclusionary phase. That is natural. [Question] You mean within a single lifetime? MEntity: ALL Mature Souls will move through a Projective phase before it can Perceive. That would depend upon the individual, but for the most part, yes. Every Old Soul within each of its Old Soul lifetimes will still have to regain the consciousness of that Old Soul awareness, and that means the Personality would go back through a phase of Exclusion before Inclusion. As every Old Soul in this "room" can attest, if there is an honest assessment, the Exclusionary phase is all too familiar. We will open the floor for questions, but will end our responses in 15 minutes to accommodate our channel's and students' time limitations. ***QUEUE IS NOW OPEN*** [Question] You said in an earlier chat that Religion was the playground of the baby soul and Politics was the playground of the Young soul. What are the equivalent structures for the other ages (especially Mature Soul)? My guess is "Community" MEntity: We could say that RELATIONSHIPS are the playground of the Mature Soul, and IMAGINATION is the playground for the Old Soul, and THE UNKNOWN is the playground of the Infant Soul. By extension, "Community" would be included in Relationships. [Question] Hello Michael Could you elaborate, or give pointers as to (learn) how to access our mini-Akashic disc you mentioned? MEntity: The greatest direct access each of you have to your Instinctive Centers/Akashic Records is IMPULSES. Impulses are prompts that stem from the Instinctive Center in a way that each fragment eventually learns to read/interpret, and trust. Impulses are not the same as Compulses, as Impulses always include Choice, whereas Compulsions feel as if one has no choice. Impulses will always lead the Personality along paths that are a part of the higher pattern of its existence, and of Essence. Those Impulses are directly from one's Instinctive Center and directly relevant to the current lifetime in some way. Impulses are not indications of a "right" way to do something, or a "right" thing to do, direction to go, choice to make, etc., but simply indicative of possibilities relevant to what is active in those personal records. [Question] Would that be what feels like that "little voice inside" - same as intuition? MEntity: Yes, that is often how Personalities interpret the Impulses, however, there is a difference between Intuition and Impulse. Intuition is a synthesis of information gathered from various senses and sources that then must be interpreted, whereas an Impulse is a kind of immediate Knowing. For instance, one might use Intuition to help decide which city or part of city to move to, or which home "feels" right, but an Impulse would be the Knowing that it is time to move. It could be said that Intuition can be a navigational tool for fulfilling an Impulse. [Question] I am 7th Level Old and my husband is 7th Level Mature -- I have been thinking for some time that this is not a coincidence -- from the perspective of our soul levels discussion today and in a way that would be relative to everyone -- please comment. MEntity: That would be valid, Maureen. Fragments will often find themselves in association with, relationship with, attracted to, repulsed by, those who share the same LEVEL, but different Soul Age. This is part of the process for a fragment to cycle (back) through a Level. Though an Essence may be a 5th Level Old Soul, clearly having moved beyond the 5th Levels of the previous Soul Ages, it does not mean the value of revisiting or exploring those levels within is meaningless, concluded, or lost. This is part of the spiral we described earlier. For those who did not get a question in for us, we can suggest posting your question to the forum where this transcript will eventually be posted, and then it will be there for Troy to offer to us as he can for our response to be added. We must conclude here. Good evening to each of you. Goodbye.
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    Note from TeamTLE: As part of the TLE Books project, TeamTLE agreed that this session needed to be completed, providing content for both Mature and Old Soul Ages for all Roles. On February 1, 2019, we started the project to do just that. And, now it is done! This transcript contains the original material as duplicated from the 2010 session, but new material obtained this year has been added in blue text within the transcript. Information about Priests was obtained on February 1, information about Kings was obtained on March 1, and information about Mature Warriors, Scholars and Sages was obtained on April 5. Some editing has been done to smooth out transitions. Essentially, this version of the transcript is the working version of the content intended to be published. This material originated with the March 2010 Michael Speaks. Special thanks to BrianW for posting his copy of the session or the content would have been lost. Although this session suggests that the missing content will be added, this has not yet been done. The roles originally covered in this session are those that were represented by session attendees. MEntity: Hello to all of you. We are here. We will begin with a discussion on the topic requested. Before doing so, we would like to point out that while it may seem to be the case, it is actually impossible to misrepresent, misunderstand, or misapply our teaching. When we say "impossible," we speak in relative terms that describe the fact of so many nuances and dynamics that go into representation, understanding, and applying our teaching. Our teaching cannot be misrepresented because it is either represented, or it is not. Beyond that, it cannot be misrepresented because if the student is not discerning and questioning beyond the representation, then he or she is not learning anyway. Our teaching cannot be misunderstood because this implies that there is a standard method and means for understanding. The only time this teaching is "misunderstood" is if one standard is held up against another. You will understand this teaching as you understand it. However, we will add to that statement that your understanding is never complete, and to presume that it is would be the end of learning. Our teaching cannot be misapplied, as again, this would imply a neat standard that describes how it "should" be applied. Even when our teaching is used as a platform for justifying behaviors, or to seek a sense of specialness, it is being applied on your terms, and those are the only terms we encourage. However, we would add to that statement that your terms are never fully understood, and to presume that your terms are static is to halt growth. When we say "halt growth" and "the end of learning," we mean these as temporary conditions of the Personality, and not permanent on any meaningful level for Essence. Though Troy's introduction was not intended to provoke this clarification from us, we do think it important to distinguish our channels' opinions from our own. That being said, there is validity to the fact that there is little recorded from us through our channels about the distinctions among the Roles in how they manifest through the Soul Ages, and we can address that today. We must point out, though, that anything we describe about any aspect of our teaching will, by necessity, be "generalized," as there is simply no way to describe ALL Old Sages, for instance. Numerous factors go into the manifestation of a Personality and Essence within a lifetime. Our Teachings can best be understood in both CONTEXTUAL and HOLISTIC terms. Contextual in that each phrase, term, or polarity is distinct within a specific context, and that context is an entity in itself, so to speak. Holistic in that this is a system that works dynamically, "organically," and when understood as a system, comes to life in a way that cannot be fully understood in its parts. For instance, if one were to be described or dismissed as being only a Kidney, it would not capture the full humanity of that individual, but to understand the functioning and purpose of the Kidney is vital on its own. Furthermore, lacking comprehension of the full humanity of that individual leaves one lacking understanding in how that particular Kidney actually functions for that particular person. We say all of this to you before delving into the topic at hand because what we will describe today, for the most part, is CONTEXTUAL. Within the time limits, we will cover Mature and Old Soul contexts for each Role, but will complete the subject with Troy so that Infant, Baby, and Young are included in exploring each Role. Each of the Roles through the Soul Ages could best be understood as manifesting more and more Essence through the Personalities that are created. Essence Manifestation can and does happen within all Soul Ages, but the degrees to which that manifestation occurs does grow. What we will describe today are what those degrees might look like for the Mature and Old Roles, in both positive and negative ways. Keep in mind that regardless of your technical Soul Age, you may be manifesting younger Soul Ages at various points within the life, or for the entire lifetime. For the most part, manifestation of various soul ages is proportional to the various contexts of your life, so that if you work within a Young Soul environment, you may call upon the Young Soul aspects of your Essence, and in Intimate circles, you may call on more of your actual Soul Age. "Manifesting Soul Age" is not static, and is not a description of limitations. It is simply a description of emphasis and resource for the lifetime, a relationship, a career, project, etc. What we describe today is a Role manifesting its actual Soul Age. Because of Personality, this may show up wildly different among that Roles "in the world," so what we describe may only be obvious to you privately. The progression through the Soul Ages for the Roles could be described as a progression of emphasis from DOING to HAVING to BEING. Infant and Baby emphasize DOING. Young emphasizes HAVING. Mature emphasizes the reconciliation between HAVING and BEING. And Old emphasizes BEING. Understanding this can help lend insights into the various Soul Ages and how the Roles manifest. Now we will walk through the Roles as they might be understood in Mature and Old Soul contexts. MATURE SERVERS Mature Servers tend to find themselves struggling with the reconciliation of Having Recognition, and Being Helpful. Over the course of the Young Soul Age, it finally occurs to the Server on a profound level that it is okay to be recognized, praised, rewarded, and that a reciprocating circuit of energy is vital to sustaining Service. Service is not a one-way circuit. One cannot serve where it is not received, and one cannot continue to serve without some form of exchange of nurturing at the very least. For many lifetimes previous to the Young Soul Age, this nurturing is either neglected until it cannot be any longer, or it is found in breaks between Serving. The Young Server then tends to use that entire Age to "catch up" on self-service to the extent that it can. In the Mature Age, then, the reconciliation begins between having that necessity of exchange in nurturing, and the core Being that seeks to serve in meaningful ways. Mature Servers, then, tend to be extremely busy, pulled in many directions, internally and externally, while they struggle with issues of utter availability and ineffective over-extension. The eventual reconciliation comes when the Mature Server only offers service when it can. OLD SERVERS The Old Server now emphasizes Being, and in this case, Being Helpful. At the very core of the Server is the design to HELP. (An aside: At first, all design in the early Soul Ages is manifested as compulsion as the default design is relied upon, but eventually becomes impulsion as the capacity for conscious choice grows.) Old Servers often do not "serve" at all in the capacity that one would think of as serving. The Mature Soul is ACTIVE. The Old Soul is PASSIVE. In this case, the Old Server "passively" Helps. The Old Server then begins to use exemplification as his or her means of offering Help. The entire life, self, and Being become the manifestation of Essence in that the Old Server WILL NOT allow himself or herself to suffer. If help can be gained from that by another, then the Old Server may extend upon that, but it has learned that suffering is a useless experience and will refuse to Help at the expense of self, but will unconditionally Help those who are willing to give up suffering. That may sound conditional, but it is not. It is simply a hard lesson learned that those who suffer most often choose not to be helped in any meaningful way. We define "suffer" here as that state of intellectual and emotional overwroughtness that leaves no room for solutions. Those who suffer in that way eventually learn that they are the only ones who can transform that experience, and all other influences are merely salves or addictions. The Old Server does not cater to that endless dynamic. MATURE ARTISANS The Mature Artisan has just come from an Age where it experienced being able to create and have everything it could possibly imagine within the constraints of resources at the time. The Mature Artisan now enters into an Age that must reconcile Having What It Wants and Being Who It Needs. Previous to this Soul Age, simply wanting something was often enough to have it, because it could either be created, or it could be discovered, and most of what was wanted was tangible and all "new" to the Artisan. In the Mature Soul Age, nothing tangible is "new" anymore, and what is most wanted is often intangible. This causes a struggle for the Mature Artisan so that cravings can often show up as a distraction with "things" as a means to compensate for the intangible, or as rejection of "things" as a means to hold out for the intangible. Mature Artisans can often find themselves in desperate relationships, devastating patterns of collapse and destruction, and manipulative methods for finding ways to be special. More than any other Role, this Role, in general, struggles with the inner battle between Specialness and Uniqueness. What the Mature Artisans eventually realize is that it is THEY whom they crave, desire, and want more than anything "in the world." Therein lies the reconciliation between Having and Being for the Mature Artisan. Artisans tend to develop patterns that leave them functioning only as conduits, often feeling as if "they" are left out, or left behind. During the Mature Soul Age, it is the first time in a long time that they "come home to themselves." And recognize their vital part in the equation of their desires and wants. Until that realization has been comprehended, there will be many instances where the Mature Artisan develops symbiotic relationships that continue to enforce the loss, or blurring, of self with environment or another. OLD ARTISANS The Old Artisan is often no longer concerned with creating tangible things, but struggles to make the entire life the creation, the work of art. Everything around the Old Artisan becomes symbolic and every symbol has meaning in relation to the self. The Old Artisan, then, is often tireless in the effort to showcase the life, the Personality, and even the relationships as symbolic extensions of the Soul. They become extremely sensitive to any deviation or distraction from their own symbology, and can often find themselves bewildered, hurting, and profoundly confused by these things. They develop systems of symbology that work, but often do not realize that these are not always the same symbols or meanings that others will tend to use. Eventually the Old Artisan realizes that there are a multitude of symbols and meanings for symbols that cannot be truly standardized, and this is when the Artisan is finally free. In conclusion for the Old Artisan, if the freedom is not found through the realization of various symbolic systems, then that Artisan may find he or she begins to tunnel-vision into a closed network that only supports his or her system of symbols, and anything beyond that is either a threat, or is ignored. MATURE WARRIORS Of all of the Roles, it is the Warrior who tends to take the deepest dive into the Physical Plane and then has the longest swim back to the surface, so to speak. Previous to the Mature Soul Age, the Warrior is driven by Ambition, Success, and Productivity. The Young Warrior tends to have a standard of determining the value of one's existence by what that existence can show for itself. The Young Warrior strives to prove and justify his existence not just by using force, but by being a force. But the Mature Warrior begins questioning the nature of Ambition and Success and what it means to be Productive. This questioning leads them through a long inner conflict between HAVING AMBITION and BEING SAFE. The Mature Warrior begins to long for rest and affection and family and friendship. The Mature Warrior begins to wonder if relationships can be forged by choice and not simply by circumstances as protector, guardian, provider. They begin to question if it is possible to ever have both SAFETY and SUCCESS. They no longer want to be on the outside, looking in at those whom they protected. They want to sit with you and be with you and hold you and love you and be loved by you. They ask if it is possible then to have both Love and Success? The Mature Warrior explores an arc of evolution that goes from defining themselves by how much they can produce and contribute, to defining themselves by how much they can connect and participate. The Mature Warrior no longer seeks to fight for you, but to fight alongside you. This means that the Mature Warrior can tend to be quite opinionated and staunch in their determination of what is important and what is not important to fight for. They are battle fatigued and choose their battles carefully now, encouraging you to do the same. The Mature Warrior will still protect you when necessary, but you can no longer expect them to fight for you. This is because one of the ways that they learn to connect is by trusting and encouraging you to determine and wage your own battles. Eventually, the Mature Warrior redefines "ambition" and "safety" and discovers that there is no conflict between them when these are evolved concepts of "enthusiasm" and "love." They learn that one need not choose between Success and Love, but that one can choose Success as a way to support Love, or choose Love as a way to support Success. It is not one or the other, but which one you choose to use to support the other. When the Mature Warrior understands this, the launch into Old Soul Age begins. OLD WARRIORS The Old Warrior has now moved through the Mature Age that helped to reconcile the struggle between HAVING AMBITION and BEING SAFE. During the Mature Age, both of those terms become profoundly redefined so that "ambition" becomes "enthusiasm" and "safe" becomes "loved." The Old Warrior then begins to naturally generate enthusiasm over emphasis on accomplishment and ambition, and begins to persuade circles of love from the self and from others as opposed to circles of protection and safety. Protection is no longer seen in terms of defense against physical threats, but as a transformation of strengths through the capacity to love. This may go counter to what is often understood as a Warrior, but the Old Warrior is done fighting, and seeks to share what it has found to be the most bountiful resource and strength in the universe: Love. Of course, this can show up in many different ways and to several different degrees, but when the Old Warrior is manifested, it has a profound sense of safety in the world and seeks to extend that validity to others. If the Old Warrior has not comprehended that sense of safety, he or she will often show up as emphasizing warnings, concerns, preemptive strategies, and constant over-anticipation. MATURE SCHOLARS The Mature Scholar is in recovery from a long addiction to Experience. It is impossible for any fragment to avoid Experience. Some fragments will struggle to avoid Experience, but Scholars cannot get enough. When we say that they become addicted to Experience, we mean that the drive to gain experience is no longer confined to their participation, but extends into others so that the Scholar learns to live vicariously. This drive for Experience and the shift into living vicariously leads to an awakening that shifts the Scholar into the Mature Soul Age. This is because the drive for Experience and turning others into objects of study or extensions of study leaves them far away from Intimacy. The Mature Scholar begins to desire Intimacy in a way that she never expected of herself, and this can trigger a long inner conflict between Experience and Intimacy. The Mature Scholar may find that she uses Experience as a way to avoid Intimacy and to justify its lack in the life. As the Mature Scholar evolves, she allows herself to become more and more involved in the world of Intimacy and this tends to leave the Scholar determining that Intimacy is more a distraction than it is worth. She is perplexed about how to reconcile HAVING EXPERIENCE and BEING INTIMATE. This becomes its own fascinating new study and the Mature Scholar finds that she can maneuver through the world of Intimacy as long as she keeps her distance. What happens over time is that it is discovered that "distance" and "intimacy" are not compatible concepts. It is discovered that when intimacy is valid, distance is lost, no matter how distant one is. And it is discovered that this strange world of intimacy is an experience in itself. When the Mature Scholar discovers that she can study and experience Intimacy intimately, she begins to shift into the Old Soul Age to fill in the details of what it means to willingly dismantle walls and boundaries and to redefine and update many misconceptions about Intimacy. OLD SCHOLARS The Old Scholar has now moved through the Mature Age that helped to reconcile the struggle between HAVING EXPERIENCE and BEING INTIMATE. During the Mature Age, the reconciliation between Experience and Intimacy is a long, often painful, road for the Scholar. Much of what is considered necessary by the Scholar for Experience is to have as "clean" an experience as possible, which often means leaving others out of the inner world that processes these experiences. QUESTION: Could you define intimacy in the sense of your meaning? MEntity: Intimacy here is meant as any form of Resonance, from sharing common ground to sex. The key being that it is INCLUSIVE, in that what is shared is not only mutual, but experienced as mutual. More than any other Role, the Scholar struggles with issues of Intimacy, of feeling connected to others, of finding common ground, and of feeling embraced. The Old Scholar has realized that Experience and Intimacy are not mutually exclusive, but Intimacy has been put off for so long for the sake of experiments, exploration, etc., that the world of Intimacy as an Old Soul is entirely new for the most part. Because the nature of the Scholar is to observe objectively, then this search for Intimacy may often be approached from the angle of provision, in that IF it exists, then it must be something provided for the Scholar, and not something he or she must work to generate from the self. Intimacy is such an amorphous concept to the Scholar that in the Old Soul Age, it will either feign intimacy as a means to have any kind of human contact at all, often leaving it to others to sort out the details, or to nurture that intimacy, or it will finally realize that he or she IS the source of intimacy, and begin to develop this from "the inside, out." The issue for the Scholar is often that if it is not found externally, then it is not a valid Experience, and therefore is not to be trusted. Ironically, anything that is already deemed as so amorphous that it cannot be trusted when generated within will also be deemed suspicious when generated from others. Therefore, the key for the Old Scholar in his or her embrace of Being Intimate is to begin comprehending TRUST. Trust is a mix of anticipated results and past experiences. It is not blind, and therefore it can be used by the Scholar. When the Old Scholar begins to recognize his or her embrace of himself, he or she can then begin to embrace others. If the embrace of others is attempted before the embrace of self, then there will always be an equation that returns the Scholar back to the beginning. They are highly mathematical that way. Trust comes in as the gathering of experience grows to show the Scholar that he or she will not die because he or she reached out, and that one is not alone just because one might actually like oneself. In short, the validity of Being for the Scholar cannot be proven through others, but the validity of others can be proven through the embrace of Being. MATURE SAGES The Mature Sage is the Sage who has suddenly or slowly realized what a mess they have made. Having fun, saying what you want, manipulating the truth, etc. are accepted as being within the range of vital personal expression during the Young Soul Age for the Sage, even as the evolving Young Sage learns better how to refine and improve upon authentic communication. Eventually the Young Sage realizes that along the way of learning to unapologetically celebrate the range of personal expression, there were patterns revealed that showed that the Sage being free in personal expression did not always mean being seen or heard. The Mature Sage comes when there is a shift away from simply HAVING FUN to BEING HONEST. This comes because the evolving Sage realizes that performances do not always mean being seen, and that making noise does not always mean being heard. Communication is much more important to the Sage than any other element of existence and while this will have been explored from many angles, the Mature Sage begins to see True Communication cannot exist without Authenticity. The Mature Sage still wants to have fun, but to have fun WITH you, not for you. The Mature Sage still wants to play with the truth, but to do this as a way to entertain you, not as a way to convince you. The Mature Sage still wants to talk, but to talk with you, not at you. As the Mature Sage begins to see the effects and value of Honesty, he discovers a new level of Fun, and finds that Honesty and Fun work very well together. Eventually the Mature Sage no longer seeks to be seen or worries about being invisible, but shifts into assuming he can be seen through and through. This prioritizing of honesty and transparency shifts the Mature Sage into being an Old Soul. OLD SAGES The Old Sage has now moved through the Mature Age that helped to reconcile the struggle between HAVING FUN and BEING HONEST. Now the Old Sage begins to emphasize Being Honest, even if it means at the expense of Fun. Old Sages often begin to withdraw from the "stage" and move into tighter circles that value honesty and true communication. It is no longer appealing in any way to simply perform the life. For the first time, the Old Sage values the importance of truly being SEEN. Even if there are a myriad of personas from habit and skill, the emphasis will still be there underlying every relationship and every opportunity: PLEASE SEE ME. This starts out as a kind of panic for some Sages entering the Old Soul Age, in that their existence depends on the utter honesty and rawness of being SEEN, and this can show up in desperate attempts to be understood, clarifying themselves, over-explaining, etc. This eventually levels out to a simple state of invitation. The emphasis moves from needing to be seen exactly how the Sage sees himself or herself to an emphasis on understanding how others actually see. This comprehension frees the Old Sage from the panic and loneliness of not being seen, and moves him or her into simply BEING HONEST. Once the Sage realizes that he or she cannot control how others interpret others, then Being Honest stands as an invitation, not as a prompt. QUESTION: How much of this "role in essence" material applies to casting? MEntity: All of what we have described can be extrapolated to apply to understanding Casting and Imprinting, in terms of Roles. INTERJECTION: I've never thought of Imprinting being a co-equal on use of role descriptors MEntity: For many who live as the Role that most influenced them, it can be helpful for freeing the self by transforming the dynamic that keeps the imprinting locked in place. Imprinting will always supersede Role and Casting, as Personality has the most control and influence while Physical. We should say, Imprinting will always supersede Role, Casting, and Overleaves. INTERJECTION: So, that's why it's especially important to figure out one's parents' profiles MEntity: Not necessarily. What would be more important is honest self-examination to determine just how conflicted one is within himself or herself. When Imprinting is useful, there is no conflict. When Imprinting is harmful, there is often pain ranging from apathy to tremendous turmoil. Harmful Imprinting ALWAYS shows up as the reprimanding voice that undermines your efforts. ALWAYS. Harmful Imprinting ALWAYS shows up as any conclusive voice within that divides you and defeats you. Your inherent nature, when free from harmful Imprinting, is truthful, loving, and energetic. When weighed with harmful Imprinting, you become divided with a dishonest, shameful, and undermining force against that inherent nature. However, it must be understood that Imprinting is NEVER PERMANENT and can be shed at any moment. If one struggles for any length of time with that Imprinting that is harmful, then some part of the self finds some value in it. We define "harmful Imprinting" as any Imprinting that has been kept beyond the 3rd Internal Monad that does not serve the Personality and Essence in any helpful way. QUESTION: why and how is it that a personality tends to manifest more essence as it progresses through the soul ages? QUESTION: still don't understand this... QUESTION is personality designed that way by essence? MEntity: The progression of Soul Ages is our way of describing a regaining of consciousness that allows for bridging between the Essence and Personality. That regaining of consciousness is done through experience. Therefore, in early lifetimes that have less experience, then it goes that less consciousness is involved, and thus less manifestation of Essence. Even the Oldest of Souls must regain consciousness within a single lifetime, yet that regaining of consciousness is accelerated because of the sheer weight of experience previous to that lifetime. It is not that manifestation of Essence does not happen within earlier lifetimes, but that the manifestation is specific to the degree of consciousness, relative to the degree of experience. So an Infant Soul can manifest Essence fully into the lifetime, but most of that manifestation would still be within the contexts (or degrees) of Survival. When an Old Soul is born into a body, that infant body is going to drool and wail and poop itself as it focuses on surviving. To that degree, that Personality's consciousness can manifest Essence. As that body grows, so does its capacity for consciousness. In that same way, the ROLE grows for ESSENCE. The Role and Essence are two different things. Therefore, the "body" that is the Role must grow over lifetimes as a means to manifest more of its Essence. MATURE PRIESTS Mature Priests tend to find themselves struggling between HAVING POWER and BEING EMPOWERED. The Young Priest has discovered the value of power and control and seeks to use this at any cost to deliver compassion or to fulfill zeal. As the Young Priest evolves, so does the relationship with Power so that it is not a force for them to capture, wield, and impose, but is a force that is shared, nurtured, and invited. Mature Priests realize that Power is not unique and sacred to them in a way that must be protected, guarded, and reserved for their own ideals, but is a resource that can be brought out of others to help create a matrix of empowerment that many can use to effect and affect change. The Mature Priest must reconcile this relinquishing of individual Power for the sake of shared Empowerment. This can come as a relief to many Priests who thought they had to "do it alone," or save the world, or rescue the lives of loved ones, etc. There can also come a great resistance to this as the Mature Priest has been in control for so long, or at least thought she was. This resistance is usually met with a breakthrough when the Priest has a pivotal life where she is suddenly dependent upon the Empowerment of others for her own Power. In other words, the Priest experiences receiving the generosity and willingness of others to support a cause rather than she having to push or impose or force an ideal upon others. Eventually, reconciliation comes for the Priest when she learns that inviting and harnessing the willpower of others is more pleasantly powerful than to merely control and impose power over others as a way fulfill ideals. OLD PRIESTS The Old Priest is now all about Being Empowered. The Old Priest can no longer direct you, rescue you, save you, or push you toward what is best for you, or an ideal, or a great cause. She cannot function without your participation. Though the Old Priest may sometimes revert to the use of Power over others, it is almost vital for them to share in power, to Be Empowered, or they feel they cannot affect or effect change in any way. It is probably more devastating to the Old Priest to see and experience a lack of Empowerment in the self or in others, than to any other Role. It is physically painful for the Old Priest to watch a life or love or even the self not nurture personal power to bring about desired changes. This can sometimes trigger them to revert to old methods of using Power and come across as pushy, bossy, imposing, meddling, and manipulative. This is always a sign for the Old Priest to look at how to nurture the sharing of power rather than being the only one having power. Being the only one with power does nothing for the Old Priest. It is empty and breeds futility. The Old Priest loses almost all interest in TELLING others where they are going, or who they are, or how they are, and finds she is deeply interested in helping others to REMEMBER where they are going, remember who they are, and to remember how they got there. MATURE KINGS The Mature King has come out of a long stretch of lives where she must sustain a distant and broad view of every moving part of the life, in particular all of the relationships and people in the life. To sustain this distant and broad view, every relationship and every person exists as an extension of the King. There is nothing about any other person that does not in some way reflect upon or represent or fulfill or carry out some element of the King. As the King Matures, she must reconcile the tactic of LIVING THROUGH PEOPLE vs LIVING WITH PEOPLE. The Young King learned how to fulfill great and sweeping movements of change by seeing all relationships and people as moving parts of the same machine or vehicle being driven by the King. The Mature King begins to notice that these moving parts of the machine of change and direction are actually people. The value of any other person or relationship for the Young King is entirely based on the value they can fulfill as part of the machine of momentum. The Mature King begins to notice that the greatest method for moving forward together is not by hoisting the most powerful and most contributing to the top, but by looking for the weakest and most fragile in her kingdom and doing what needs to be done to carry them with her. The Mature King learns that sweeping and powerful change can be accomplished by gathering momentum from the most willing and able, but she also learns that she has lost many along the way with this tactic. The Mature King then begins to walk among the people instead of walking ahead of the people. This is a horrifying challenge to many Kings because everyone moves. SO. SLOWLY. compared to our King. She is used to calling on her forces to fulfill a need for movement and change, but when she steps down to walk among her people, she begins to do a lot of that work, herself. The Mature King will often have quite an inner conflict to resolve regarding the desire to be closer to people, but also resenting them beyond measure. She must learn to LIVE WITH PEOPLE instead of THROUGH PEOPLE. Eventually, the Mature King will resolve this and make a breakthrough when she realizes she is A PART of life and living and loving, and not APART from life, living, and loving. The King begins to shift in focus from a distant and broad view of existence to see the details of living, loving, and life. The Mature King will recoil and cringe at how messy and dirty and even ugly life and people and loving can be when living with people, but the Mature King also finds it oddly tantalizing and exciting. OLD KINGS The Old King has shifted gears tremendously from those earlier Ages when the view was distant and broad and now exists WITHIN the Kingdom she has always known. Everything about the Old King is about how to live with people and exist within her Kingdom as one of them. The Old King can no longer tell you what to do, or direct you to do what needs to be done, and can no longer gather impersonal forces to create a momentum of change in her life. The Old King now has to ask for help, ask for advice, ask for patience, offer patience, share in support, share their space and time and energy. The Old King cannot function in any way that could be deemed healthy if she does not let herself be close to others, to be with others, to work with others, to account for others, to consider others. The Old King realizes that the Kingdom they have always known was never only outside of themselves, but was carried within themselves, as well. This leaves the King with an entirely new view on life that is all about uniting the parts of herself within and becoming the King of her inner being. As with the external Kingdom, she must approach each area of her life as a kind of territory over which she must bring unity and peace and harmony. The Old King finds herself working in smaller circles and dealing with challenges of intimacy and networking and mutual support and cooperation. Leadership is no longer about being on top or above or in the front, but about being beside others who may or may not share in her momentum. Again, this is horrifying and challenging to the King. Of all the Roles, the King has the greatest recoil and cringe reactions to touch and being touched and anything that reminds them that they exist alongside you instead of above or before you. This can often leave the Old King resorting to old and broken methods for keeping her distance from others, ranging from righteousness to indignation to insidious and relentless condemnation (of others and herself). The Old King cannot help but see how the greater machine of existence could flow so much better if they were distant and directing that greater momentum, so they can often fall into waves of constant complaint, bitching, and even whining as a way to express their disgust and dismay at humanity. Eventually, the Old King surrenders and takes a kind of intoxicating pleasure in sharing a better quality of existence rather than controlling the direction of existence. It is no longer about a destination or finish line toward which you direct others to follow you, but about sharing with others in a journey that has various plateaus and pleasures. The Old King loses nearly all need for distance and direction and finds herself embracing intimacy and delights. The Old King realizes the difference between stimulation and true pleasure because the Old King has learned to live with people and not through them. Do you have questions about what was shared today? Uma: Just an observation that the arc of Soul Ages seems to run from the Negative Pole of Chief Feature to the Positive Pole of Role. MEntity: Uma, this is a valid observation.
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    "for humans to return to being a part of Earth before launching inevitably to the stars." "My, my, time flies, one step And we're on the moon Next step into the stars My, my, time flies Maybe we could be there soon A one way ticket to Mars" ... Listening to Enya ... I will ask Michael about connections. I wonder if she is an active Michael student.
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    The following video with Ellen Page speaking out on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert (Old 5 Sage-cast Priest) exemplifies how an Old Soul Priest can empower others. Colbert uses his platform to speak his truth and allows others to speak theirs. When this happens -- it is powerful and beautiful and often raw. It is probably more devastating to the Old Priest to see and experience a lack of Empowerment in the self or in others, than to any other Role. It is physically painful for the Old Priest to watch a life or love or even the self not nurture personal power to bring about desired changes.
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    If you look at the current old soul coutries, there are already models based on equality in place. Of course no of these work perfectly.
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    What @Troy said. To which I'll add, the equality I believe they and we are referring to here is equal protection under the law, equal access to clean drinking water, clean air, food, and housing, equal protection from harm, etcetera. These things have nothing to do with roles. These are basic physical plane rights of existence that have long been withheld from many under systems of oppression including but not limited to chattel slavery and the structural racism that upheld it and persists to this day, misogyny, greed, and so on. To which I will also add, fuck capitalism and torch the patriarchy.
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    Equality among the masses isn't about how much we have or what we choose to accumulate in material goods to reflect our inner spiritual prosperity. Equality is about Rights, equal protection, equal access to choices, equal opportunities, equal consideration, equal value as lives and human beings. In a world of equality, there will still be people who want more than they need and need more than they want or some people who accumulate more material comforts than others, or still others whose role in society might require more resources for fulfillment than other roles, but the point would be that no one was kept from those things due to class, religion, race, sexuality, gender, etc.
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    Thank you for this @Troy. I have been dealing with a depression spiral the last few weeks. It was particularly bad on the 27th. This information was helpful to break it. I know Michael doesn't necessarily say the things to inspire hope, but it often does. And often when needed. Thank you.
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    It is not about the roles being equal. It is about cops not killing unarmed black kids. It is about white college boys not getting off for rape. It is about no one having more money than the GDP of entire nations with they walk past people on the street who haven't eaten in days. The roles are effective for what they do. They are not better or worse than each other. They provide a function. Sages communicate. Warriors organize at the worker level. Servers support. Artiisans challenge, desgin and build. Priests inspire. Kings organize at high level. King says we should do X. Priest gets people excited. Sage cleary communicates why. Warrior organize the process. Artisans design it. And servers team mom everyone. That's my view of it anyway.
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    @NicholasV It is true that a Server is not a Sage. It is also true that Orange is not Green, and yet the rainbow has room for both without preferring one over the other. Social Equality is about treating each other with inclusion and decency, it's about ensuring that people who fall through society's cracks are not left behind, and none of that has anything to do with Overleaves.
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    Thank You @Troy, Michael and questionnaires. NEW way, time, power, scale! @Susan A Flow Thank You, grand question, if anything, THIS IS IT: Organized religion has come to a close. Oppression as a form of power is over. Prosperity inequality is over. I am alive in a time where those arcs end !!! Aquarius and the impulsivity of new beginnings are on the horizon. I am old, but to know that the kids are all right, makes me tear up big-time, and soon I will be one of those kids, born into a world that allows us to grow and flourish, and our gifts and talents are not oppressed, but shared and welcomed.
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    Wow! So powerful and exciting! Thank you guys. Let's get it!! On the most metaphysical and subatomic levels of humanity and reality, the aim is for reality to be SHARED, not COMPARED, for humans to return to being a part of Earth before launching inevitably to the stars. I teared up :') ...this is so moving to me
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    So that makes me wonder what/where I'm deluded and this is a great kindness reminder. I know that waking up brings a lot of chagrin--omg, how dumb was i not to realize that? and vulnerability, so it's a good reminder to me when we see people like Michael Cohen all of a sudden 'waking up' to the reality of who fuckface really is, and admitting it in public, that we have to embrace and include him as part of 'us'. I wonder if I could do it with my sister so easily. Yes. i think I would welcome her awakening with open arms.
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    Through their channel . Troy loves Travelers.
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    Now I'm wondering if Michael has a Netflix subscription! (How do causal entities know what we're watching?)
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    This looks promising. https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-018-05357-w
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    Thanks again for pointing to this session @Uma. I know I've read it before, but today this part blew me away like never before, especially considering the state of our world: ?
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    Channel: Troy Tolley April 10, 2011 Michael Speaks: Nine Realities MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here. We will begin with the requested topic of "9 Realities." First we will define "reality" here as "realm or dimension of experience." The term "reality" is always used literally in terms of a dimension that is apparently separate from another, but these realities often overlap or exist one within another, and there is nothing static about them. Each of you, regardless of where you "exist" as you know reality, will exist 9 versions of that Reality, and so it might be more accurate to call these "dimensions;" you exist within 9 Dimensions of any given Reality, so to speak. However, your Primary Reality is usually dictated by which of these Dimensions your focus is present, at any given time, or within any given space. There are actually, technically, only 3 Realities, but each of these has 3 Dimensions, or angles, from which that Reality is experienced, and so it is fair to describe these in terms of 9, as each is an exploration of a facet of the self. When we use a system of 9, we are usually describing a part of our teaching that is interpreting one's exploration of facets of the self. That system of 9 is usually built from a stack of 3's. As we discuss with you these variations on Reality and their corresponding Dimensions, we are describing a major part of the structure that is responsible for generating alternate universes, or parallel realities. Parallel Realities converge and diverge based upon the degree to which these 9 Realities are in harmony within the self, within your community, and within your species. As Parallel Realities "spin off" or branch off from the SELF, from COMMUNITIES, and from the Species. For today, we will speak in more direct emphases on the Self as it relates to these Dimensions, but from that, one may extrapolate how this spreads to the community and global levels. As we explore these Dimensions and Realities, we suggest not assigning to them any numerical value, at least in terms of progression, because these are more like Facets, and not steps. The first Reality and its 3 Dimensions we will discuss is the Physical Reality. This is the most-solid of all Realities, of course, and is an anchor for playing out and exploring all other Realities. All other Realities must be out of sync for a Physical Reality NOT to be shared. Each Reality's Dimensions are a form of positive, negative, and neutral (or assimilative) experiences/Dimensions of that Reality. Each Reality is polarized by Positive and Negative attributes that could be described in terms of WANTS and NEEDS. We remind you that "positive" and "negative" are never used in our teaching to indicate anything more than a difference between broader focus and acute focus, or Cardinal and Ordinal, or creative and focused, etc. The Poles describe the spectrum, and the greatest understanding that can from the use of the Poles as a form of navigation is that the more one moves toward the Positive Pole, the more that BOTH Poles are included. That is because the Positive is Inclusive and the Negative is Exclusive, both for very practical functions. Each Reality will then have a ground for resolution, or Assimilation, where Positive and Negative play out. For your Physical Reality, the Negative Reality, or the DIMENSION OF NEEDS is described by your CRAVINGS. For your Physical Reality, the Positive Reality, or the DIMENSION OF PHYSICAL WANTS is described by your DESIRES. For your Physical Reality, your Assimilative Reality, or the DIMENSION OF RESOLVE is in your PHYSICAL HEALTH. These 3 Dimensions are three very different versions of Physical Reality. In other words, every fragment will have a Dimension of Reality that is dictated/created by his Cravings, and one dictated/created by his Desires, and both of these are reflected in his Health. There will never NOT be those 3 Dimensions of Physical Reality for any fragment. Physical Reality, then, can become a powerful factor for with whom one shares his or her Physical Space and Time, as shared Dimensions of Craving, Health, and Desires become important factors for sharing that space and time harmoniously. If one shares Physical Space and Time with any other, then there are AT LEAST shared Cravings and/or Desires, and how these are managed is played out in the collective Health. The next bundle of Dimensions that create Reality could be called the Emotional Reality. Fragments standing in the same room at the same time may have very different Emotional Realities. Again, this Reality is explored through Positive, Negative, and Neutral facets that exist at all times. Again, this Reality is polarized by Wants and Needs. In this case, the Dimension of Want would be your INTENTIONAL DIMENSION, and the Dimension of Need would be your DIMENSION OF LONGING. These Dimensions are then played out, or resolved, in the DIMENSION OF PERCEPTION/RELATIONSHIPS. It could be said that the Assimilative, or meeting ground for the Polar Dimensions of each Reality are always reflected in the Health, so that in the Emotional Reality it is played out in the Health of Relationships, or Perception. There is never a fragment who exists without each an Intentional, a Longing, and a Relationship Dimension to his or her Emotional Reality. The next Reality then is the Intellectual Reality. Again, this Reality is polarized by Dimensions of Want and Need, which are played out or resolved. The Intellectual Reality includes the Dimension of Ideals, the Dimension of Explanations, and resolved in the Dimension of Comprehension or Insight, which might be more accurately described as the Dimension of Philosophy. There will always be for each fragment a Dimension of Intellectual Reality that is generated from the Ideal, one that is generated from the Explained, and one that is the meeting ground of both of these in the Health of one's Personal Philosophy. We will elaborate by defining some of the terms we used: Desire is that which is Wanted Physically, and is usually motivated by Pleasure. Cravings are that which are Physically Needed, and usually motivated by Survival, or Healing. Intention is that which is brought to any relationship to generate that which is Wanted Emotionally, and is usually motivated by The creation of Meaning. Longing in that which is brought to any relationship that which is Needed Emotionally, and is usually motivated by the lack of Meaning, or fulfillment. Ideals describe the reality generated from what is Wanted Intellectually, and usually motivated by Affection, or collective improvements. Explanations describe the reality that is generated from what is Needed Intellectually, and is usually motivated by Momentum, or that which is presumed to be known. It may also be described as motivated by one's Prejudices. To the degree that one's Physical Reality and its Dimensions are healthy is the easily measured by the consistency and nature to which that fragment LAUGHS. To the degree that one's Emotional Reality and its Dimensions are healthy is easily measured by the degree to which that fragment is HAPPY. To the degree that one's Intellectual Reality and its Dimensions are healthy is easily measured by the degree to which one is at PEACE, or PEACEFUL. We will pause here for questions that may be relevant to the topic. QUEUE IS NOW OPEN ************** [Brian_W_] Regarding the emotional dimension, you mentioned that it has the Negative, Positive, and Neutral Poles. Is there a technique similar to the "hands-across" technique to be able to bring the dimensional pole into the positive? No, because the term "pole" here is used to describe the 3 Dimensions of each Reality that are rather static and existing at all times, so there is no need for moving from one to the other, but that each would be tended to, understood, and regarded as valid Realities for you. [Brian_W_] Okay, I misunderstood how "pole" was applied here. Thank you The same could be said of every Overleaf, as well. Each Pole and its resolution exist at all times, and while an emphasis might be in one Pole or another, each Pole will continue to exist for each person and each overleaf. So while one may move toward the Positive Pole of an Overleaf, this merely means that he is now INCLUDING the entire spectrum of that Overleaf. The same could be said of the Dimensions of Reality: the more one focuses on his Positive Dimension, the more the Negative is managed and healthy. For instance, if one tends to his Wants, it is almost always the case that his Needs are then already taken care of. Or, in a more specific example, if one would like to focus on his Dimension of Desire, he will be including his Dimension of Craving. Or, if one were to focus on his Dimension of Ideals, he would automatically be including his Dimension of Explanations. However, if one were to be focused on the Dimension of Cravings, it is very difficult to tend to the Dimension of Desire. To the degree that you, as an individual, tend to your "higher" Dimensions, or your Positive Pole Dimensions, the greater the Laughter, Happiness, and Peace your experience of Reality becomes. However, this often means emphasizing the Negative Poles, or the "lower" Dimensions of Reality, first, which can then lead to the "higher." Regardless of where one's emphasis or focus is, these 9 Realities or Dimensions will exist, and either be aligned with others' or not. [Oscar] Do the three Realities have any correlation to the Centering, e.g. Moving, Emotional, Intellectual? Only in terminology, for convenience. However, your Centering would exist within each of these Dimensions. [Geraldine] This might apply more to alternate or parallel realities. I know many who are going through memory loss, and not all for the same apparent reasons. As one goes through major mindset changes of any of the three Realities, does this alter one's current reality enough to "forget" parts of one's previous realities? Or, secondarily, is this part of the cause of memory loss? Memory is quite directly linked to and affected by the management of these Dimensions and Realities, because the Personality's memory is biological, and when a parallel is generated, it is because the Intellectual and Emotional Dimensions have moved into such a polarized state that they branch off a Physical Dimensions, which means a new body, so to speak. In either case of Divergence or Convergence, this "new" copy is always different enough to affect the line of (or lack of) memory. However, even within a given set of Realities, or 9 Dimensions, the memory can be affected by the various ways one manages his or her Dimensions. Every fragment will tend to have an emphasis of Dimension in each Reality, so that either the Wants or Desires are active in the consciousness for creation. If one has been emphasizing Cravings, Longings, and Explanations or Prejudices, he will alter his memory of that time when he has moved his emphases into Desire, Intentions, and Ideals. Because the Negative Poles are so acute in focus, when the focus shifts into a broadness, that which was so important or distracting or demanding might be completely lost to memory or even become romanticized to a great degree. It is not that the linear history is lost, in this case, but that the pleasure, meaning, and affection have been extracted and the symbols are no longer necessary. [Geraldine] In fact that happened to me when I finished my 5th IM. On a more practical level, if one is having problems remembering where he has placed his keys, or remembering a phone number, this would simply be a matter of blood flow to the brain and its exercise by the user. We will continue, then. The information shared here can be used in practical ways when one looks at his life through these dimensions, and when others are seen as potentially having very different Realities and Dimensions than those that are yours, or of importance to you. Understanding that the DECISIONS you make to fulfill your Desires leads to moments of CHOICE that either build upon your Reality, branch off your Reality, or join with other Realities. Understanding that the DECISIONS you make to fulfill your Cravings leads to CHOICES that create, branch, or merge Realities, can help you to tend to those smaller steps that lead to larger, pivotal experiences. DECISIONS are the steps to CHOICES, and Choices generate your Realities. And by "generate," we mean Build Upon, Branch, or Merge. Understanding that you can be in a group of people who are in the same room at that same time may not mean that each of you are in the same Intellectual or Emotional Reality, despite your shared Physical Reality. The greater your Peace and Happiness, the greater your capacity to adapt to and embrace variations of Realities, however. We are using "peace" and "happiness" to describe the confidence and trust that is within an individual or group, regardless of influences or factors, and not to describe a romanticized, syrupy, or "new agey" conclusive state. In other words, the greater your capacity to embrace all of YOUR OWN DIMENSIONS, the greater your capacity to embrace others', instead of shooting yourself into another parallel, to speak in humorous terms. These Dimensions, then, can be explored through other aspects of our Teaching, such as what have come to be understood as "the Nine Needs," or "The Nine Pillars," etc. Look to the health of your Body, your Heart/relationships, and your Mind/Philosophies for indications as to which Reality Set is important for your focus. ALL Realities and Dimensions are benefited by the attention given to any one Dimension that is most discordant. We will conclude here, and regardless of where and when you are in Reality, we will meet up with you again. Good evening to each of you. Goodbye.
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    @Janet: Again, Michael answers questions that I didn't even know I had. This is brilliant. So many insights, for example: So, Imagination, like Love, is a Universal Truth! Every word of this session is mind-blowing.
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