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    Here are three songs I came across fairly recently on YouTube that I think are beautiful. I found these songs helpful for moving into meditative states too. I thought I would share it here. These sound the best with ear buds or headphones.
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    I had what I knew were interesting dreams this morning but they went POOF when I woke up except for some vestiges of "knowing". Of knowing I needed to share this here in July's Energy Report. I could see that everything we are going through is building to the greater whole even though we can't see it. I also could see that we need to expect help from unlikely sources over the next few months continuing right through next year and beyond. But it's even more than that -- we need to be on the lookout for these "unlikely sources" to appear (I'm not just speaking of the TS's and IS's) as it will be not only our level of awareness but our ability to appreciate them in real time that will make all the difference to our well being and to the well being of those around us. The picture/memory I held in mind was the surprises I've had over the years, as I've experienced loss and changes through jobs, relationships, residences, etc., when the people I expected to help didn't and so many others who I wouldn't have expected to help (at the time) stepped up to help me... in ways that I'm still trying to comprehend. I look back at those experiences with love and reverence because no matter how much I planned or knew what was ahead of me there was always this array of people stepping in or stepping up that surprised me with what I needed even though I didn't know and sometimes I think they didn't even know. I suspect they just acted from that magical part inside them that said/says "Go, and just do it.... don't ask any questions". I don't know about the people that have given of themselves so generously and acted on my behalf but I can say for myself that it made for the most surprising revelations about myself and about others and it continues to be one of those beautiful mysteries that I don't need to solve I just need to savour and enjoy. I am deeply honoured and humbled. So thank to those who have helped and thank you to those who will find a space in my future. I'll be looking for you even though I won't see you coming.
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    This link was in my Facebook feed last night and it was interesting to read: Toilet paper startups I think the ad campaigns over ever softer, ever "better" (ever more expensive, ever more bleached, ever more destructive to forests) toilet tissue are just ludicrous. Quite aside from the objection to cutting down trees, I refuse to buy product from people that think I'm swayed by an assortment of naked cartoon bears using their product. Possibly I'm more open to non-"luxury" TP ever since my visits to an assortment of relief stations in the Soviet Union in 1976 that ranged from pulling the bus off the road on top of a hill (girls to the right, guys to the left in 3 feet of snow) to the toilets at the Lenin Library in Moscow: these had no seats but were generously supplied with cut-up squares of Pravda (the Soviet state newspaper). Obviously the Soviets had at least SOME sense of humor. I've been using Green Forest for a year or so, ever since I found out their rolls were significantly larger than 7th Generation for the same price. But I had no idea that some of these TP startups were out there, and I'll probably look into them next time I need to re-supply my house.
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    Wow, inspiring! I'm gonna look into new tp. Never thought of getting new brands of tp before.
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    I don't care that he's bowing (likely east) on a prayer rug. I like the humility, reverence and gratitude evoked... from both the man and the horse.
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    There's more than one kind-caboo, naturezway, nootrees, seedling, green2... learning that tree free paper products existed is one of the only positive things I took from my time with my Essence Twin. We use Naturezway normally because a local store carries it. We get tree free paper towels too, and tissues.
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    @Janet, don't remind me... I grew up during the Soviet occupation and the public toilets of that time caused actual psychological traumas for many of my friends... It wasn't as bad here, but still. I've only bought toilet paper from recycled materials for years.
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    Thanks @Janet! Who gives a crap sounds like an awesome company! I’m off to buy some toilet paper.
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    @Juni what brand is that and where do you get it?
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    @Juni -- Had I known such things existed, I would have been right there with you. I don't know how I missed the memo. A few of the companies listed in the article are bamboo-based.
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    If you feel insignificant You better think again Better wake up because you're part of something way bigger Not just a speck in the universe Not just some words in the bible verse You are the living word You are a part of something way bigger Bigger than you Bigger than we Bigger than the picture they framed us to see But, now we see it And it ain't no secret, no Understand that truth about that question in your soul Look up, don't look down and watch the answers unfold Life is your birthright They hid that in the fine print Take the pen and rewrite it Step out your estimate Step in your Essence and know that you're excellent Rise! Spirit is teaching, no I'm not just preachin' I'm taking my own advice
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    My household uses tp that's made from a mix of bamboo and sugar cane husks, both quick growing renewable resources. No trees have died for my butt in years.
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    Thanks for sharing that @Maureen. There is some deep wisdom there and it was quite comforting. Things will fall into place... and then other things will fall out of place... and somehow get put back into place... and on and on... and some ugly and some utterly beautiful things will happen on the way. We should never underestimate the element of surprise should we.
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    That's a strange picture, coming from you, @Maureen
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    @Miizle Wow, I am so happy to hear that my words were helpful. I feel very strongly about vaccines, but I also never want to make anyone feel defensive. It means a lot to hear that. Ha, wow, I sure went on at length, after promising not to. That's kind of my house style I guess. Re accuracy, Michael has said more than once that there are always inaccuracies in even the best of the channeling, right? Or maybe it was out of context. Certainly unvaccinated people can pass on illnesses to others. There are diseases that can be carried without symptoms. Immunocompromised people (babies, the elderly, cancer and AIDS patients, apparently kids with T1 diabetes too, I'm told) can be infected by contact with unvaccinated people. The history of vaccines is pretty fascinating. Public health is fascinating! We take so much for granted but it's so useful and interesting (and horrifying) to read about the recent past in so many areas. Public health is the relevant one here, but also sanitation departments, public fire departments, etc. Just reading about life before those things in NYC alone is amazing! Vaccines are an incredibly public health triumph, the like of which we need with climate change and so many other issues, and I fear that the bad citizens have won the day and we won't see it again. Because it is a matter of citizenship, of public good over private selfishness, and we're so damaged by capitalism I don't know how we come back to citizenship as an ideal and a moral guide.
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    This content was shared by Nick in the TLE Yahoo group on April 9, 2007. Hi everyone. Troy and I thought that some of you might find this interesting. It is a question I recently asked Michael, and their interesting response... -Nick QUESTION: I'm wondering what Michael sees as the cause of hair loss - that is, if it's anything other than the simple "heredity" explanation. In light of the association between passion mode and the brow / higher emotional center, I'm wondering whether a fragment in passion mode, who does not live with passion / follow his passion, would see a physical manifestation of a "withering" at the brow (hair loss). MICHAEL: Your observations are valid in that those in Passion Mode who do not "follow their passion" can tend to manifest this as hair loss, but it is not always the case, so there is lack of consistency. What is consistent in those who lack a following of Passion is a withering and dwindling IN SOME AREA of the life, whether this is in the body, the mind, relationships, etc. However, more specifically and accurately is that certain qualities that are sought for a lifetime are often directly linked to a "gene" within the body that is simply a part of the body carries that particular quality. For instance, it is often the case that a fragment who seeks a higher intelligence within a lifetime will have to emphasize the "gene" that is also linked to poor eyesight. In that same way, the gene that is associated with "masculinity" is also linked to hair growth and loss. In other words, for fragments who seek to have a lifetime emphasizing an exploration of what it means to "be a man" or have an identity as a "man," the testosterone levels and connections to specific genes related to hair must then come into play for the body to house those experiences. In this case, it is often played out through the hair, which is directly linked to masculinity in various ways. We have found this evolution of exploration to be quite interesting in that the loss of hair has now found itself to be a "sexier," more masculine indicator than ever before, reversing the stereotypes and prejudices related to physical representations of what it has meant to "be a man" historically. It should be noted that women also suffer from hair loss and hair growth issues, and it could be said then that ALL issues related to gender identity are tied to the genes that control the growth of hair.
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    I remember long ago someone told me that a receding hairline means high testosterone. I have to admit I do love bald heads! I was hoping though that this post would offer some help for my head as I just noticed that my hair suddenly seems thinner in spots and it disturbs me. Oh well.
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    In this dream from last night, I met with @Troy and @Maureen . There were other people present but I am not certain who they were. We were in a dimly lit place that contained many seats. There was a path with twists and turns. On each side of the path were seats. At first, we were all moving about. It appeared we were trying to form groups of people together and were determining support positions for each other or other people we might know or might cross paths with. Throughout this dream, I had the impression that this meeting and organizing was primarily about the upcoming Infinite Soul manifestation and support that we might provide. The IS was on my mind throughout the dream. I noticed that Maureen appeared to be helping people form the groups and support positions. I was moving around among the people for a while until I finally settled in with a specific group. I was then seated right next to the path. On the other side of the path, I saw Troy seated. He was just across the way for me. He was calm and appeared to be observing. I was observing the other people too. Some of the other people were uncertain on where they wanted to be and support they wanted to provide. There was a fair amount of movement and conversation going on. Then there was this voice who appeared to be tuned into all of us helping answer questions and providing insight when asked for. While seated, I noticed @KurtisM nearby. He was negotiating with another fragment. This voice helped answer some of his questions in relation to this other fragment. The number 7 was brought up and I think it was related to the support position being negotiated. Then the voice said the two of them had shared 109 lifetimes together if I recall correctly. There were others who asked similar questions and received answers. I remember hearing other numbers in relation to responses to those questions.
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    *Notes CF for October to December is Self-Destruction* *Casts vote for....* GIANT ASTEROID FOR 2020!!!!!! Wooooo!!!!
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    Note from Janet: This content was posted by Troy in the TLE Yahoo group on December 5, 2007. He indicated that it was an old transcript but I can't find it anywhere else. Post by Troy: In light of what we are trying to evolve into together and individually, I thought I'd pull out this old piece from Michael about DEFENSIVENESS. It is SO annoying for me to feel I am not being defensive and then read Michael's take on it. Uhhhh, I'm defensive. That's that. LOL So let's talk about this and what it means for you and our group: DEFENSIVENESS Defensiveness is the direct result of anticipated attacks upon something that one feels is in need of justifying, in need of shielding from criticism, or in need of requiring an immediate advantage. Defensiveness can be as obvious as physical reactions, or as subtle as controlled explanation. It should be clarified that to DEFEND is quite different from being DEFENSIVE. When something is quite literally attacked, it is a valid response to defend that which was attacked, particularly in instances of physical harm or danger. Defensiveness, however, is a preemptive stance; a state of perception that assumes a threat with an imminent attack, even when unwarranted. When one is defensive, one is always responding to the past. A defensive stance can almost always be traced to a single concept, expression, feeling, or behavior that is in the fragment as needing to be RIGHT and VALIDATED. Somewhere within the life, the fragment has been told she is WRONG or she merely assumed she was wrong about a Personal Truth. She now struggles to uphold her shaky truths against the internal and external beliefs that contradict her. She battles against phantom or symbolic representations of anything remotely challenging her efforts to uphold these overshadowed, un-integrated truths. Defensiveness, then, is a navigational alert to areas in which one has not integrated a Personal Truth. Ironically, True Validation of a Personal Truth CANNOT happen when one is Defensive. Validation is a processing of integration that can begin either INTERNALLY or EXTERNALLY. Both internal and external validation, however, must be completed for True Validation. The trap of Defensiveness is in its perpetual struggle for External Validation as it inherently dismantles the validity of Personal Truth. Personal Truths are NOT consistent and NOT necessarily shared. What is True for you, may not be True for another, so to remain trapped in External Validation processes can usurp the Internal Validation that could bring peace and balance. Defensiveness, then, is a trap because it requires immediate agreement, yet also assumes immediate threat, usually drowning out even the smallest chance of agreement. Defensiveness is always on the level of Personal Truth ("I am not ugly"), as Global Truths (such as Gravity) and Universal Truths (such as Love) require no defense. The paradox here is that Personal Truths are ALWAYS Externally Validated, regardless of your intent to change or incorporate new truths. What IS true for you is met with validation on a consistent and constant level. There is not a single aspect of your immediate environment, body, relationships, and world that is not an External Validation of your current Personal Truths. There is no exception. The perpetuation of Defensiveness comes from the fact that the fragment has yet to Internally Validate New Personal Truths. A concept, expression, feeling, or behavior must be integrated and true for oneself before it can be a truth shared and validated among you, another, and the world. In other words, if Ugliness in the world is actually your Personal Truth, you will find proof of that around you. However, if you struggle to uphold an ideal of beauty about the world that is not yet true for you Internally, you will tend to be defensive about your concepts of Beauty until they are actually true for you. If you trust and accept your own Truth about beauty, you would then allow others to validate that beauty, and be able to extract facts of reality that support that Truth; any disagreement with you would be seen as simply that: a disagreement, a difference. Understanding Defensiveness as a navigational tool, one can begin to immediately make a difference. When Defensiveness arises, it is your New (shaky) Truth being protected by you as it finds its footing in validity. We suggest: When one begins to feel Defensive: STOP. No matter how embarrassing or awkward the situation may be, one can ALWAYS stop being Defensive. CLAIM YOUR DEFENSIVENESS. If it is appropriate, honor your natural wisdom by openly acknowledging your Defensiveness. There is no need to apologize for it, but one can easily state, "Wait, and give me a moment. I was being Defensive." Acknowledging your Defensiveness can immediately diffuse a situation and even alleviate another person's own Offenses/Defenses. DO NOT EXPLAIN. As soon as you begin explaining your Defensiveness, you have merely substituted one form of Defense for another. Either gently affirm the differences between yourself and another and be "OK" with that, or change the course from a Defensive context into a Discussion. We define Discussion as "a sharing of concepts, expressions, feelings, or behaviors that do not require agreement." DETERMINE exactly what Personal Truth is being reflected that brings forth your Defensiveness and clearly determine what truth you seek to implement in its place; e.g. your truth is that the world is, or you are, ugly, but you wish your truth to be that the world is, or you are, beautiful. OLD TRUTH: The World is UGLY. NEW TRUTH: The World is BEAUTIFUL. RELIEVE OTHERS of having to prove YOUR New Truth FOR YOU. Assume that you are the explorer of this world and your relationships, and it is your responsibility to uncover the facts of your New Truth. Allow the process to be fun. ACTIVELY choose to SEE, FEEL, HEAR, KNOW your New Truth around you and inside you. Because an Old Truth will have become quite integrated, it may take the Physical Plane reality to "catch up" to the changes you are implementing internally. This means it might require some keen awareness during the initial changes of Truth. All experiences remotely hinting of support for your New Truth should then be noted and celebrated as Validation. Eventually your reality will unerringly support your New Truth as easily as it did your Old Truth. USE VISUALIZATION or IMAGINATION to implement a new, supportive reality. Do not "fantasize," but rather use Visualization or Imagination as a "beacon." Do not ponder how the world "would be, if only," as this will assume a gap between your New Truth and Reality. Instead, use your Imagination and assume that it is capable of extracting from, inviting to you, and navigating you toward your New Truth. GIVE YOURSELF CREDIT. Whether in recognizing your Defensiveness or ultimately implementing your New Truth, it is always suggested that one honor that process with self-reward. -Michael
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    [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: November 2009] [Question] What are the 7 levels of "true" mastery on the side of truth? …is there a group collective consciousness occurring, as, well, as, a …collective consciousness of all the assortment of 7 levels of a fragment …(where one can tap into going back to an infant – to the current manifested age, …and, even forward to the ultimate return to the tao) consciously, and, unconsciously- …as, if past-present-future and now, are occurring in The Pivot of The NOW ? or, does love/and, energy also factor into the sum total (since, it is a trine/or trinity) 3 aspects of a cadre/entity? [Michael Entity] The 7 stages of Mastery would be the same for all fragments, and this might be described as the process that is the set of Overleaves called GOALS, or in words that are more relevant, such as Focus, Refinement, Commitment, Flexibility, Affection, Meaning, and Embodiment. We also add that these are facets, not stages. The experience of a fragment within the structure of Time can use “the now” as a pivotal point for accessing future and past, though not necessarily in any literal way. The experience of Time is an Emotional reality, so when one “goes back in time,” one can affect the present by altering the interpretation an experience of the past. It is true that there is “only the now,” and that it is a pivotal power point. In our teachings, we simply use the word “choice” in place of “the now,” as Choice is the active element in the experience of time, past, future, and present.
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