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    I've been really tired all week, and also not sleeping much or well. However, for me July is low-key very nice in many ways. I delivered the second draft of my book to my editor, and a personal situation that I had been really unhappy about for a long time turned around dramatically and continues to do so. The rest of the world is just nonstop fucking chaos and heartbreak. I went to South Florida last week to protest at the child concentration camp in Homestead, as part of the Lights For Liberty vigils around the country. It was surreal. It felt good to be in that crowd, shouting "Shut it down!" along with so many different people. It was somber and serious. All along we were aware that though we couldn't see them, thousands of children were in those buildings on the other side of the wall. Later, on the national Lights For Liberty twitter, I saw a video shot elsewhere where they could see the kids and hear them banging against the windows of their facility. This shit is crazy. We're being run by a bunch of white supremacist trolls, and the president is a rapist, and does anyone fucking care? And then when I posted about the protest on my Instagram I got a bunch of whiny white nationalist troll comments. How sad it is to be them. And also how blocked and reported for hate speech.
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    In this dream from last night, I met with @Troy and @Maureen . There were other people present but I am not certain who they were. We were in a dimly lit place that contained many seats. There was a path with twists and turns. On each side of the path were seats. At first, we were all moving about. It appeared we were trying to form groups of people together and were determining support positions for each other or other people we might know or might cross paths with. Throughout this dream, I had the impression that this meeting and organizing was primarily about the upcoming Infinite Soul manifestation and support that we might provide. The IS was on my mind throughout the dream. I noticed that Maureen appeared to be helping people form the groups and support positions. I was moving around among the people for a while until I finally settled in with a specific group. I was then seated right next to the path. On the other side of the path, I saw Troy seated. He was just across the way for me. He was calm and appeared to be observing. I was observing the other people too. Some of the other people were uncertain on where they wanted to be and support they wanted to provide. There was a fair amount of movement and conversation going on. Then there was this voice who appeared to be tuned into all of us helping answer questions and providing insight when asked for. While seated, I noticed @KurtisM nearby. He was negotiating with another fragment. This voice helped answer some of his questions in relation to this other fragment. The number 7 was brought up and I think it was related to the support position being negotiated. Then the voice said the two of them had shared 109 lifetimes together if I recall correctly. There were others who asked similar questions and received answers. I remember hearing other numbers in relation to responses to those questions.
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    Wow, I didn't even consider the after effects. Yeah, I can see how that might still cause a lot of lethargy. Maybe that's why I've also been feeling like slogging through mud these days. Thx for clarifying, Petra
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    *Notes CF for October to December is Self-Destruction* *Casts vote for....* GIANT ASTEROID FOR 2020!!!!!! Wooooo!!!!
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    @Heidi, Thank You for Your response. June 21st 2019, Nexus Convergence, 26 days ago. ME: The Assimilative Phase (Phase Three) begins once the actual Nexus is finalized....., this Phase can take as long as is individually required, usually within 60 days from the shift. Me thinks, it could be, that we are half way through dealing with the last shift.
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    @CurvyWords, I too have had a really severe *processing-like* cold, and I was down for the count for a good week from it. It's going on the 2nd week and tho I am feeling much better, I had to completely unplug from life, my *stuff*, etc as it was just toooo much! I too, felt emotional releasing at times but even that was exhausting. It forced me into what I call a "tactical retreat" vs giving up. Huge amounts of despair, frustration, depression and financial stress led up to the cold. So I read crime-spy-espionage novels...lol. My Warrior guilty pleasure! I actually learned alot too....but I digress. This midweek tho, has been a huge shift, for the better.... less coughing, more energy, I resumed my Mindfulness meditation practice, feeling more willingness to relax and get some peace & I had significant downloads on what's up...along with admission to myself that shame and guilt have been doggin' me for a really long time. So yeah- FUCK GUILT! FUCK SHAME!!!!!!! The 2 weeks between the new and chill moon were heavily impacting me. Last nite, the nite of the Full Moon, I went to my usual Tuesday hangout of going to my Mindfulness group and at this venue, an open Jazz jam follows. My fave musicians were playing & I really enjoy it. AND.....omg, I connected with this guy who is an integral member (it's a non profit organization) of this venue....somebody who I've had a crush on for awhile now-who I thought was 1)involved with someone else and 2) I just have not allowed myself to think that I was willing or able to be with someone anymore nor attractive enuf to someone that I was attracted to(I don't necessarily mean physically attractive but yeah, there's that too). Well.....in taking a risk....WOW!!!!!!!! I discovered there's a mutual attraction. And wow....I forgot how great it can feel to well......have an *encounter*, lol!!! OMG, I realized how much energy has been locked into my resistance to any forms of intimacy, esp physical intimacy, not mention my other bullshit. I could not believe the strength, power, freedom, thrill and exhilaration of letting this GO!!!!!! I am not attached to where this connection may lead to, but one thing may happen is that he is in need of some Myofascial Release work and I am a practitioner of such work. We talked quite a bit about making a session happen. Talking about MFR work came up in my Mindfulness group too, and I was asked about doing a presentation of it to a local group here. I had all but hung up my idea of ever being a practitioner again, and it's such wonderful work.....when I do it, it prompts my better self (ie. Essence) & it's such wonderful, elegant (yet *messy* @ times!) work. I would be thrilled and honored to do it again. That sure would be a help to my finances too! One last thing is, I have kept hearing and seeing various phrases throughout the last few weeks related to "realist" and I KNOW that I have been in the subjective form of it. I often have heard my own self saying "it is what it is" but, also allowing myself to accept what is....and hearing versions of this played out in my life, media, etc. (Save for the delusional, deranged tRump) and while subjective aspects are being noticed, I am seeing myself starting to explore shifting my subjective interpretations and knowing that in order to change something, I have to first see, admit, own and choose how I can work with it more realistically. Especially hard are seeing my strengths, as my self dep, shame, et.al have been TOO DAMN MUCH. Truth is, I've been a fucked up mess and....hell, I'm starting to see the beauty in that, lol!!! So high-FUCK SHAME. This 5th IM work is a beast, but I'm determined to slog thru it. Getting a cold can be a productive thing!
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    Me too, both on dragging ass low energy this week and sleepless moon solidarity since forever! It runs in the family, even.
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    Wow!! Interesting dream, @Jeroen. So much going on behind the scenes. No wonder we are all so tired!! ♥
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    I think the sedation is before a Nexus window, though (when Essence is examining possibilities), and there are none this month ... Unless Nadine is going through a personal and not community or global Nexus.
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    @Nadine! Yahoo TLE Article Parallel Realities Michael speaks about "a sedation of the personality"
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    There is no Nexus this month. Remember when we had no Nexuses (Nexi?) for a few months last year (was it last year?) and how it made us feel horrible. Kind of like cosmic constipation.
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    Wow!! This literally jumped off the page at me! I know this is from the July 2007 Energy Report but the Realist Attitude is definitely showing up like this in July 2019 for me and for a few people I know. Very interesting. What goes around comes around. Specifically over July the Realism will most likely focus on the SELF and the inner world. This means a lot of "stuff" will most likely be brought to the surface for examination and it is important to see that this will occur in many ways, ranging from personally intended provocation to random interactions and incidences that provoke a sudden, deep, and clear look at the self. We can easily say that much of what you may see will not be easy to observe because much of what will be seen is the "stuff" that is usually avoided. What we suggest is to understand that if you are seeing aspects of the self that are difficult to observe over the next month, it is ONLY because you wish for that to be observed. For those who will not allow an inner examination and are not interested in the bigger truths of who he or she is, this "stuff" will not surface. Nothing is imposed upon you, so if you find you are examining difficult or complex aspects of yourself over July, it is because you determined it is time to do so and you are using the energy of the year to your advantage, but none of this is obligated or necessary for any of you. It is a choice.
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    I often spot my entity mates. Although I haven’t listened to debates, I spotted Harris immediately. She feels “whole” to me. Very powerful. She can win. President Kennedy had this same solidity.
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    Below is a short (1 minute, 18 seconds) recipe video. It is from staff member Angela at nutritionfacts.org They look yummy!
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    I'm of those who "never" gets sick (my last cold was in 2017 I believe!) but since yesterday I have a sore throat, paired with my cycle (this year it aligns with the Full Moon!! hehe) I feel I need to rest, drink lots of tea, and just wait. And will treat myself with an hour or more of sweet gentle yoga + ambient music
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    I'm still in a pretty calm, collected and happy mode but my energy levels have been super low for the last week or so. I'm just so freaking tired all day, it's hard to get anything done. Even yesterday's full moon, which usually give me sleepless nights, didn't have any effect on me whatsoever - still had a comatose sleep. Not sure if this has anything to do with the collective energies though, it might just be my own energy cycle being on low tide...
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    I am feeling all sorts of ways for sure. Definitely having to focus my thoughts more than usual. On the up side, I feel like I've done a lot of validating during this time, even with my attention being everywhere! Small victories! Synchronicity has been more obvious lately and I'm beginning to draw connections between seemingly unrelated ideas.
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    I know I posted a vaugebook on facebook a few days ago. But the dreams this month can fuck right off. Two, different times I have woken up from dreams where all or most of my immediate family has been killed. Both times were accidents that resulted in explosions. In another, I got into a fight with a "girlfriend" < I guess> in the car pulled over at the side of the road said I was done and walked off. I know dreams are pretty symbolically linked to person but I have not clue what any of those mean. Weird thing is my wife has been having messed up vivid dreams too. This morning she actually was WTFing in the dream and woke herself up talking about it to herself. She never talks in her sleep. The only waking correlation that I can find with my is a growing intolerance with the trumpettes. It has gotten to the point that I don't want conversations with them or anything. I want them gone. I actually saw something that a took AOC questioning the CBP acting director about his signing the order for family seperation and basically being a jackboot thug about it and then praising him for being tough on AOC, when the reality was if you watched the whole video he made an ass of himself. And then goes on Fox news and brags that he wanted to beat up a different congressman because he had the audacity to call him out directly for being a jackbooted thug. The hot anger at these people has become a cold fire, and that scares me.
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    Is this month kicking anyone else’s ass? My energy seems to be all over the place.
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    My first time viewing And posting on TLE from my iPhone. I’m in awe. LoL. Anyway, I’ve learned a lot from all the discussions here about the overleaves of all the candidates, and about C2 and C2E1. I also lived in Colorado when Bennet became a Senator of that state; liked him immediately. I have 3 immediate members of my family in C2E7, so his energy I was familiar with. My eldest son is C3E7, and I’m C1E7. I must say that son has been my hardest relationship. Back to the candidates. I never really liked Warren. I found her energy grating. I’ve since have found her a little more appealing. She seems to have stopped screaming. Don’t know much about the others except Sanders, who I definitely like but he’s far ahead in ideals that Half of country isn’t ready for, although I was angry he didn’t fight the DNC for that incredible dirt they pulled on him. He had a winning chance. I don’t know, with what went on with the electoral votes too. I’ve read a little about Kamala’s Background but just in passing. I feel she’s the only one who could match Trump’s hyperbole. She’s tough. She’s smart and she’s a female King, to boot. She knows the Law, Politics and is a great debater. I’ve heard her on committees but didn’t see the debates. She keeps to the talking points. I will start paying more attention to Warren, and her talking points. The Pocahontas thing, though. And you know he’ll bring it up, over and over. I do know one thing. I’m not going to tune into the Presidential election night. I’m dramatized out.
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    This content was posted by Troy in the TLE Yahoo group on December 21, 2007. Kerrin asked if there was anything from Michael on Ghosts and Hauntings and I found this little bit from the old forums: What is a ghost: Does the fragment actually fail to cross over for a period of time, or is it just the personality that stays here, or is the fragment's higher self here as well with the ghost, or something else entirely, if so what is it? MICHAEL: There are several different scenarios that are commonly described as "hauntings:" BEACON HAUNTING: What we have described above could be called a "beacon" haunting, wherein a fragment has left a portion of consciousness in time/space so as to complete a simple, yet vital, process of integration. LIVING HAUNTING: Another scenario is when a fragment's Personality has not "realized" or accepted death, remaining locked in an echo of itself, for no other reason but as an attachment to the life just lived. Essence usually "leaves" that portion of consciousness "behind," knowing it is perfectly capable of integrating it "later." This allows for complete freedom of the Personality, even beyond death. This kind of haunting is not usually marked by a pattern, but by apparent randomness and life-like expressions as that Personality continues to "live" within a familiar environment. These "ghosts" are the most conscious and capable of communicating intelligently with the living. Most do not, however, and remain "living" perfectly believable "lives" just slightly askew from the frequency you would call physical reality. This is more common than can currently be comprehended. REALITY BURNS: Some "hauntings" are the emotional echoes or "burns" of fragments who are actually still alive. Some fragments have such a dynamic or disturbed or passionate infusion into reality that some of their energy remains behind as a form of haunting. These hauntings usually diffuse when that fragment dies, or when the emotional energy behind the haunting is resolved or processed. Some of the "scarier" hauntings can be explained as this type, as the anger of one fragment is left behind, affecting the next fragment, whose fear is then added to the burns in reality. Quite often, a designated space is declared as "spooky" or haunted, drawing expectancy among those who are within its vicinity. If anything startling happens, a burst of energy is added to the collective energy within that space that then becomes part of the haunting, itself. These "hauntings" can easily be cleanesd from the reality into which they have been burned. GENERATED HAUNTING: This is more an extension of the Reality Burn Haunting than as a category unto itself, but we describe it separately because its origins and sustenance are dependent on stories that nurture its presence. This haunting is the result of people telling stories about a certain environment, and then contributing to the energy required to minimally support the stories. These hauntings are rarely able to be substantiated, but are the subject of fun, spooky, experiences that contribute to the energy that is the haunting. Bed and Breakfasts, restaurants, landmarks, and other tourist locations that claim hauntings are a prime example of this. We spoke in response to your term, "ghost," but there are several categories and scenarios that might be under that heading. We spoke only of those scenarios where sightings, smells, and sounds are the main symptoms. Moving objects, vocalizations, violence, terror, etc. fall into categories beyond what we would call "haunting." We will also add that our phrases to describe the different versions above are not static. We used phrases that can easily be changed or more creatively defined, if one feels it necessary.
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    I think we are all just carrying a shit-ton of pressure and anxiety over the state of the world, society, and politics and because so many of us have so few ways to effectively channel that energy into something that feels helpful, it just weighs on us. We are constantly in defense, grieving, shocked, and inundated with information and opinions. And that's not even counting our personal, private lives! It can be a lot, @CurvyWords. It can be a lot. Big love to you and everyone who hangs in there every day and makes life better in any little way. Sometimes we just can't... just can't. But we know we will bounce back.
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    It looks like a few of us noticed yesterday that the channeling Troy did on the Chief Feature of Self Destruction applies not only to individuals that have this as their own CFs but applies to all of us as we move through this challenging pivotal year. Even though the Chief Feature can seem more like an undercurrent that explodes into focus in October it's good to pay heed earlier on as we try to navigate our way not only through community and world issues but through our own internal distresses and fears that can make their way into our emotional, intellectual and physical bodies. The 7 Angles of Behavior for transforming SELF-DESTRUCTION would be: 1. HELP OTHERS 2. CREATE A NETWORK OF SUPPORT 3. SHAMELESSLY SELF-CARE 4. IT IS OKAY NOT TO SUFFER 5. BE MORE THAN YOU ARE 6. EMBRACE and PRACTICE PAIN MANAGEMENT 7. LIFE IS FOR YOU TO OWN, NOT EARN Michael said this in October 2016's Energy Report and it makes sense to start to look ahead so you can begin to unravel how Self Destruction may be affecting you and your world as we move through 2019: Assimilation is associated with the Chief Feature because by the time the experiences of the year have come to settle, the individual and collective will have generated a pattern toward resolution and peace around the events of the year, or they will have generated a pattern toward conflict and fear. For many, the “holiday season” can be one of unplugging from or plugging into a higher state and moving into true assimilation, peace, gratitude, and celebration. For many, this same period of time is experienced as resignation and disconnection and overwhelm, with emphasis on losses, regrets, mistakes, anger, anxiety. Depending on how much of the Action was fulfilled, how much Inspiration was exchanged, and how aligned perception was with reality (or vice versa), the season of the Chief Feature is either mild or severe in its challenges and impact. This year (2016) brings with it a rather severe impact and intense challenge. This is where the Realist Attitude of 2019 can help to ground you to the perspective of reality of WHAT IS that is broadening from Subjectivity to Objectivity. The Attitude of Realist is all about the perspective of WHAT IS. There is no interpretation, no speculation, no extrapolation, no embellishment or projection. It is all about seeing what IS, even if one would rather not. Most of our students are fairly clear and aware of reality as it exists independently from interpretation, but it is still difficult not to color reality with one’s own method of making sense of it. In many cases our students make sense of reality by distancing themselves from the areas of reality that are less interesting or more intimidating. July may change that. ... July may be fairly draining and exhausting as you climb up and out of Subjectivity to Objectivity. Feelings can be overwhelming while in Subjectivity because they are only about how one feels about what is, not about what one can do about changing what is. It is all about reasoning and explaining What Is without fully understanding What Is. Good advice from Michael... What we can suggest for our students over July is to keep a journal or record or mental note of your reactions to personal and world events that feel too close to you or so close that it is difficult to know how to respond or what to do. Note what “triggers” you and explore any patterns you see in your notes. When you can become aware of what keeps you from effectively dealing with What Is, you can more easily move into Objectivity, the Positive Pole of Realist. We will speak more on Objectivity in the weeks ahead. ~~~ Here's a an excerpt from MICHAEL SPEAKS – Old Soul in a Young Soul World – April 25, 2015 that speaks to navigating as Personality and Essence: That is a bit of a misnomer in that Essence does not forget, but once it is Manifested "in" the Personality and co-creating the life, there is a new dynamic in place. When the Personality is making all of the choices, it is one thing, and when Essence makes all of the choices, it is one thing, but when the entirely new Personality is now hosting an ancient Essence, "remembering" becomes key. Essence experiences what we have described as a "double-edged sword of forgetfulness." Because Essence knows it is profoundly safe and that the Personality that has come into existence will continue, it has none of the fears that Personality has because Personality is born of the biological and is linked heavily to survival in the Physical Plane. Most of the time, the Personality and body seek to survive at all costs, whereas this is not a concern for Essence. So Essence must "remember" this. As the Personality learns that it is safe, the Essence must remember how to navigate in an unsafe world. Essence can often plan a life that is based on great ideals and intentions for what to experience and gain from a life, but then you are born and "you" are asking, "what the fuck?" This is one of the reasons it is so important for the Personality to have complete control over the life and its choices. Personality evolves its own reason for living. It does not live for Essence. But, as you awaken, you live with Essence, and eventually, AS Essence. And as Essence integrates into the life, the "remembering" is similar to how the adult must "remember" what it was like to be a child so that the child is best served and nurtured, and not treated as an ancient. This is not entirely difficult, but it becomes an art. ~~~ Remembering Love is remembering you are Safe This is an excerpt from MICHAEL SPEAKS – More on The 7 Rings of LOVE – February 14, 2010: When one makes the statement that I AM ULTIMATELY SAFE, if there is a consciousness brought to that statement, one should feel the body immediately relax, the mind to slow, the forehead, face, jaw, back, torso, shoulders, feet, hands, tongue, etc. all fall into a simple presence. The Physical Plane is a plane filled with threats to the body and experiences can and do harm ones psyche and other subtle bodies, but the greatest threat to older soul that causes the greatest debilitation and scathing is the constant sense of lacking safety. When we speak of Safety here, we speak to the fact that in most instances, there are no immediate threats to warrant your fear, and certainly not to warrant your rejection of Love. We also speak to the fact that every worst-case scenario is death, and even then, you are ultimately safe. The irony of growing older in soul age is the attachment to the Physical Plane and your more and more creative and refined Personalities that you nurture so lovingly. So when we speak of your Safety, and you state that you are ultimately safe, you are speaking on behalf of both Personality and Essence.
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    Michael Speaks - Soul Ages and Levels (01/09/11) Troy Tolley, Channel [MEntity] Hello to each of you. We are here now. We will begin with the discussion on the topic of Soul Ages and Levels. We realize we have shared a great deal of information and insight into this concept, but every aspect of our teaching has dimensions that may resonate at different points in the life, and to different students and different times, so our returning to "basics" does not have to be a review, or rehash, but a new spiral or layer of that concept. One of the reasons we think it is helpful to return to the basics at various points is because our initial sharing of this teaching in the form that you currently understand it was shared in a highly generalized and simplified way, and through the perspective of the average Soul Age of Young at the time. Our teaching does not change, but the understanding of it changes depending on the perspective that is interpreting it. For instance, there is a very basic way to understand the Role of Sage, in general, and then there are the differentiation of layers or evolution that bring dimension to that Role. For example, understanding the Sage as a goofy, obnoxious, self-indulgent, talkative, attention-seeking Role is highly generalized and, though accurate as a single dimension of that Role, only describes the Sage as the average Young Soul might manifest the Role. The description, or dimension, of the Role of Sage as an Old Soul will include this Young Soul version, but age affects how a Role is played or manifested, and the Old Soul Sage is often nothing like the general description, or the Young version. Whereas the the Young dimension of the Sage can be a clown and an attention-seeker, the Old version is the wise child whose emphasis is more on the integrity of communication and meaningful exchange, than on the attention that it would bring. And so it goes that the Soul Ages carry within them dimensions that might be filtered or highlighted by your own Soul Age. So, for instance, the Young Soul to an Old Soul looks and feels and is experienced quite differently from how a Young Soul would experience another Young Soul. What we will do today is discuss with you the Soul Ages as they may be experienced by our Students, who are more often Mature and Old, and this may help build upon the generalized concept. Your questions will help us to shape the information more relevantly. First, we will mention the underlying pillars for Soul Age that are relevant regardless of perception: Soul Age is an Essence's self-measurement for EXPERIENCE. Nothing more. Soul Age is an Essence's self-measurement of Experience based upon that individual Essence's agenda only. There is no one, or no thing, monitoring this beyond that single Essence. To elaborate: one fragment's movement through a Soul Age may include completely different experiences than another fragment's experiences through that same Soul Age. That is because Soul Age is a measurement of evolution/maturity of the Essence, and any experience can be used to propel that evolution/maturity. Soul Age is ONE INTERPRETATION of the evolution of experiences of Sentience, but is not a singular map that all find relevant or meaningful. It is a map for older souls, and is useless to most before that level of maturity. There are other maps used by younger soul ages. In other words, sharing this map "with the world" would not solve the problems of the world, nor would it encourage awareness beyond the capacity that is already present in younger Soul Ages. Presuming that this concept is as profound a map for the young or baby soul as it is for the mature or old soul is like presuming that a map of Disney Land is as useful and meaningful for the toddler or teen as it is for the adults. We can go further to say that even many adults, or older souls, may not find the map useful or meaningful. Continuing - Soul Age is not a map that is imposed upon Sentience, any more than the aging body is imposed upon a Personality. It is simply part of the nature of evolution and maturity. In other words, there are no requirements for that maturity and evolution, only markers. Soul Age is a map that we generated from learning about how our Essences learn and evolve, though that evolution was already long in place before the map was generated. The map of Soul Ages is cyclical, and not linear, despite the apparent progression. Regardless of Soul Age, EVERY Personality is born "reset" to an Infant Soul status of consciousness, and must, if the Personality chooses to do so, find its way back into whatever Age and Level of consciousness and maturity the Essence has reached previously. To some extent, the same could be said for the Essence at every new LEVEL within a Soul Age, and especially at every new Soul Age. For the Personality, this may make sense, since the vehicle is completely new; a new brain and body that must adjust to and share the life with Essence, if it chooses to do so. However, for every new Level, Essence also "resets" and cycles back through what it has learned to that point, and must then build upon that, much like the Personality must regain consciousness over the lifetime to a point that can then draw upon Essence's history. Before we elaborate further, we will take up to 3 questions relevant to what we have shared so far. ***QUEUE OPEN FOR 3 QUESTIONS*** [Question] "Cyclical, not linear" - I visualize the "levels" as being in line with each other, e.g. all 6s "above" each other - a spiral MEntity: That is "exactly" how it is. We qualify the word "exactly" because we mean it only in terms of a visual interpretation. That is a fair and accurate visual. When one is in the 6th Level of any Soul Age, all other 6th Levels are activated and explored. That "activation and exploration" are on an Essence level for the most part, but would also be relevant to which lifetimes tend to be resonant to that lifetime. We think some insight might be gained from the recursive sequence of what has come to be called the "Fibonacci Spiral." [Question] I would like to ask for an elaboration of Essence resetting when a new level is achieved within the same lifetime, i.e., as XXX did. Is this why she is recycling through earlier levels as Essence resets? MEntity: That "resetting" is relevant to what we have come to describe as the Internal Monads. There are Internal Monads that the Physical Body and Personality build through, and Internal Monads that Essence builds through. Every Level of Soul Age is a pass through 7 Internal Monads. Every Personality's progress through its own Internal Monads contributes to the progression of Essence through its own Internal Monads. Every Personality starts over with the First Internal Monad in every lifetime, no matter how far a previous Personality has progressed in a previous life. Every Essence starts over with a First Internal Monad in every new Level, because each Level is a completion, or cycle through, 7 Internal Monads. To help clarify: Every Personality goes through a progress of "waking up" within a lifetime because it is a completely new lifetime. Every Essence goes through a progress of "waking up" within a new Level, because it is a completely new Level. A simple metaphor might be that Essence entering a new Level from a previous Level is like an evolving Personality might enter a new relationship after having been in a previous relationship, or moving to a new city after having lived in a different city before. It is not that all is lost, so much as that all that has been learned must now be applied in a fresh context. [Question] How does one explain the soul that remembers a prior life under 5 years of age? Did these essences choose to remember their soul age? MEntity: It can take UP TO 7 years for a new Personality to embrace and bring through, so to speak, Essence, but for the older souls, that time is often much shorter. The greater the level of maturity or consciousness that Essence brings to a new life, the greater the resource that the new Personality can access, if it chooses to do so. Depending upon the culture and imprinting that is the environment for the new Personality, the child may not only bring Essence in more quickly, but that child's filters may also allow for those "memories" to flow freely. In some societies, such as some within India, reproductive imagination is encouraged in children and they are "allowed" to voice memories that defy reason. In other societies, such as in the United States, those memories are not encouraged, and creative imagination is encouraged over reproductive imagination. Every lifetime, regardless of the fact that it is new, with a new body, and new Personality, will always be built upon the Instinctive Center of the "previous" lifetime, carried forth like a disc from one body to the next by Essence. That Instinctive Disc, if you will, is the mini-Akashic Records of that particular Essence, and depending upon the level of consciousness accessible to the new Personality, can be read and accessed by that new Personality. [Question] Follow up: how do we create a stage for the child to bring in essence and allow memories to flow freely? MEntity: There is no real way to create that stage in a way that prompts the memories, but there are ways that one can encourage the exploration of those memories when the child begins to speak of them, if he or she does so. A child will either speak of them, or not, depending upon that Personality's personal process of regaining consciousness. If the environment is open to that, and the Personality speaks of these memories, then the validation can occur. However, to prompt a child to speak of past life memories, rather than simply allow for that child to speak of them if he or she does so, can often lead to false memories, confusion, and delusions. In short, simply paying attention and being open is enough. Responding to "Dracula": The impact and extraction of knowledge from experiences is subjective, but the markers are static. [Question] Static, not "objective"? MEntity: This might be understood through the metaphor of passing through a city that has specific streets that will crossed on the way through, but different speeds and vehicles may be used to pass. In addition to that, some may rest, some may crash, some may backtrack, some may sight-see, but all of those variations will not change the terrain. We chose the word "static" because, though the markers may remain in place, even the interpretation of them will be subjective. Much like the fact that a city may have a definitive terrain, but many maps to highlight various ways through it, depending upon the interest of the one choosing the map. We will continue with the topic and return to questions in a moment. We have already mentioned this in response to questions, but we will elaborate here on the Soul Age process: One Internal Monad is a level of maturity, awareness, consciousness gained by a Personality or multiple Personalties over lifetimes; 7 Internal Monads = 1 Level of a Soul Age; there are 7 Levels within a Soul Age; there are 7 Soul Ages for Essence. An Internal Monad is a process of resolving a division; a kind of return to wholeness that is greater than the sum of its parts. For instance, the 1st Internal Monad is the resolution between Physical and Essence that is "life." By the way, just "being born" is not necessarily a completed 1st Internal Monad, but we will elaborate upon the Internal Monads in another discussion. Understanding that Soul Ages are built from these processes of resolution can help one to see the vast beauty and magnitude of what it means to evolve, growing from fragmentation, through resolution, and returning to wholeness. Every Level then is one layer, or one dimension, of fragmentation "healed" for Essence, or more accurately put, "regained." When your Essence chooses a Role, it carries forth its own kind of "disc" into that new Grand Cycle of lives as that new Role and new sentient species, but in every other sense, it fragments itself and loses all "memory" of anything "before." Therefore, it could be said that every fragment is in a process of collecting itself back from the universe in which it is exploring. In the same way that we exist as fragments of Tao that eventually return, so are each of you fragmented "out" into your Grand Cycle "ahead of you," and then the compulsion toward wholeness propels the cycle. In a very simplistic and crude description, every Essence "hides" fragments of itself throughout the universe, and the process of evolution is the recovery of those fragments. That process of recovery is different for every Soul Age. For the Infant Soul, this process comes from tangible contact with the world, a kind of feeling around in the dark, and relies greatly upon TOUCH as the navigating tool. For the Baby Soul, this process of recovery comes from extremes of experiences, a kind of tight-rope walking that can find most of itself in every fall from the rope, relying greatly upon BALANCE as the navigating tool. For the Young Soul, this process of recovery comes from opportunities and investments, or indulgences, toward its greatest idea of itself; a kind of constant following of a frequency or tone, making HEARING one of its primary tools for navigation. For the Mature Soul, this process of recovery comes from recognition and empathy, finding and recovering extensions of the self that reside in others, making SIGHT a primary navigational tool. For the Old Soul, this process of recovery comes from pleasure, reunion, happiness, and play, because it can now recover the parts of self that never stopped to enjoy so many things along the way, making SMELL/TASTE a primary navigational tool. When we associate these senses with the Soul Ages as navigational tools, they are not always so direct and literal, but often they are. For instance, in a Young Soul society, music tends to blossom and evolve as a primary medium because "hearing" is so pronounced. Other Soul Ages enjoy music, of course, but for other reasons. For instance, in the United States, the "music industry" is heavily populated by Young Souls, and Young Souls are attracted to that medium of recovery in droves. The phrase "marching to the beat of a different drummer" is a Young Soul phrase because Identity is so important to the Young Soul. This is NOT to say that music is synonymous with Young Souls, but that Young Souls tend toward SOUND, both literally and figuratively, as a means of recovering fragments of Essence, or finding themselves, so to speak. Young Souls are often the loudest among you. A Mature Soul may use music to explore himself, express, or heal himself, but not necessarily as a way to recover or find himself. As your world moved into Mature Soul consciousness, you can see the shift from Radio to TV, for instance, or from music to videos. Even the phone is on its way to being replaced by video conferencing because the Mature Soul uses SIGHT as a means of navigating for recovery of itself. The Old Soul recovers itself through remembering how to enjoy living and being in a body, so two very primitive senses are called upon: smell and taste, which are fairly dependent upon each other, and help the body and Personality toward that which feels good. Smell and Taste affect the entire system that is the Body and the Personality, bringing a synthesis when allowed. In other words, the more an Old Soul allows itself to enjoy, love, accept, and live through its body, the more it recovers its fragments of self and returns to a wholeness. Briefly, the Transcendental Soul uses Orientation and the Infinite Soul uses Relationality as navigational tools for the recovery of fragments. Of course, on the scale of the Infinite Soul, those fragments are all Essences relative to that species of Sentience. Another way to understand the Soul Ages from a student's perspective, and not necessarily as a generalized perspective, would be by seeing the polarities of the Soul Ages and how those may manifest through a Personality. To accommodate the limitation of time for this chat, we will quickly share those: The Infant Soul manifests Positively as INNOCENCE, and Negatively as DISSONANCE. The Baby Soul manifests Positively as REFLECTION, and Negatively as REJECTION. The Young Soul manifests Positively as ACCOMPLISHED, and Negatively as ENTITLED. The Mature Soul manifests Positively as PERCEPTIVE, and Negatively as PROJECTIVE. The Old Soul manifests Positively as INCLUSIVE, and Negatively as EXCLUSIVE. Though we can elaborate upon all of these, we will quickly say that the Mature Soul, when manifesting Positively, is capable of seeing beyond the obvious, the logical, the superficial, and does not require "reasons" for what is known. It simply Perceives. It can truly SEE. The Mature Soul manifesting Negatively loses its capacity to Perceive and simply Projects, turning everyone into props and players for his or her own drama, never truly seeing others because of the preoccupation with seeing (finding) the self. The Old Soul manifesting Positively is Inclusive because everything and everyone is experienced as a part of the greater whole, including all of the previous Soul Ages within itself. This leads to an adaptability that allows for finding parts of the self in places and people it never would have thought of on its own, if you will. This Old Soul can draw upon its previous tools for navigation at will because it has accepted those tools, and will use them appropriately to navigate or understand those in younger Soul Ages. Everything is experienced and interpreted as "food for the soul," so to speak. The Old Soul manifesting Negatively become Exclusionary, aligning itself only with the "like-minded," seeking refuge and intimacy only those who feel "safe," and even then keeping a wall of isolation around the self as part of the interaction. This dependence upon the condition of safety never allows the Personality and Body to enjoy the life to the fullest, often resorting to the forming of secrets, imaginary relationships, and the equivalent of soul masturbation. Keep in mind that the Negative Poles we describe are a part of the spectrum and process for any term we are describing, and do not indicate what not to do or be. They simply describe the more limited end of that spectrum, as well as the end through which all will enter in that context. For instance, ALL Old Souls will go through an Exclusionary phase before it will move into an Inclusionary phase. That is natural. [Question] You mean within a single lifetime? MEntity: ALL Mature Souls will move through a Projective phase before it can Perceive. That would depend upon the individual, but for the most part, yes. Every Old Soul within each of its Old Soul lifetimes will still have to regain the consciousness of that Old Soul awareness, and that means the Personality would go back through a phase of Exclusion before Inclusion. As every Old Soul in this "room" can attest, if there is an honest assessment, the Exclusionary phase is all too familiar. We will open the floor for questions, but will end our responses in 15 minutes to accommodate our channel's and students' time limitations. ***QUEUE IS NOW OPEN*** [Question] You said in an earlier chat that Religion was the playground of the baby soul and Politics was the playground of the Young soul. What are the equivalent structures for the other ages (especially Mature Soul)? My guess is "Community" MEntity: We could say that RELATIONSHIPS are the playground of the Mature Soul, and IMAGINATION is the playground for the Old Soul, and THE UNKNOWN is the playground of the Infant Soul. By extension, "Community" would be included in Relationships. [Question] Hello Michael Could you elaborate, or give pointers as to (learn) how to access our mini-Akashic disc you mentioned? MEntity: The greatest direct access each of you have to your Instinctive Centers/Akashic Records is IMPULSES. Impulses are prompts that stem from the Instinctive Center in a way that each fragment eventually learns to read/interpret, and trust. Impulses are not the same as Compulses, as Impulses always include Choice, whereas Compulsions feel as if one has no choice. Impulses will always lead the Personality along paths that are a part of the higher pattern of its existence, and of Essence. Those Impulses are directly from one's Instinctive Center and directly relevant to the current lifetime in some way. Impulses are not indications of a "right" way to do something, or a "right" thing to do, direction to go, choice to make, etc., but simply indicative of possibilities relevant to what is active in those personal records. [Question] Would that be what feels like that "little voice inside" - same as intuition? MEntity: Yes, that is often how Personalities interpret the Impulses, however, there is a difference between Intuition and Impulse. Intuition is a synthesis of information gathered from various senses and sources that then must be interpreted, whereas an Impulse is a kind of immediate Knowing. For instance, one might use Intuition to help decide which city or part of city to move to, or which home "feels" right, but an Impulse would be the Knowing that it is time to move. It could be said that Intuition can be a navigational tool for fulfilling an Impulse. [Question] I am 7th Level Old and my husband is 7th Level Mature -- I have been thinking for some time that this is not a coincidence -- from the perspective of our soul levels discussion today and in a way that would be relative to everyone -- please comment. MEntity: That would be valid, Maureen. Fragments will often find themselves in association with, relationship with, attracted to, repulsed by, those who share the same LEVEL, but different Soul Age. This is part of the process for a fragment to cycle (back) through a Level. Though an Essence may be a 5th Level Old Soul, clearly having moved beyond the 5th Levels of the previous Soul Ages, it does not mean the value of revisiting or exploring those levels within is meaningless, concluded, or lost. This is part of the spiral we described earlier. For those who did not get a question in for us, we can suggest posting your question to the forum where this transcript will eventually be posted, and then it will be there for Troy to offer to us as he can for our response to be added. We must conclude here. Good evening to each of you. Goodbye.
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    Thanks again for pointing to this session @Uma. I know I've read it before, but today this part blew me away like never before, especially considering the state of our world: ?
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    [Excerpt from Ask Michael: June 2014] [Kurtis] ... could you provide info on the Scholar-cast ...? MEntity: Scholar-Casting often shows up as heightened sensitivity, often felt in deep, emotional ways that "make no sense." This is often interpreted by the Scholar-cast as such a vulnerability that they often are the most secretive and "personal" with their exploration of the life. This Casting often gravitates toward anyone who can help them to "come out of themselves" in a way that is uninhibited and less self-conscious. This Casting often generates in the lifetime a love/hate, push/pull relationship with intimacy, at once desiring it greatly, but also convincing themselves that it is an unnecessary distraction. The Scholar-cast often struggles with his or her attention being fixated or fulfilled. In other words, when fixated, it is a means of escape, while when fulfilled, it is a product of exploration. These fragments can be of the most "kinky" of all. The Scholar-cast, more than even the Sage, or Sage-cast, can require feedback for insight into themselves, into the life, and the patterns of that life; they must "bounce" ideas off of others, see and hear these ideas played out in some way, so as to better navigate the library of thought that they carry. This can sometimes turn into a kind of paralysis if that sharing is not fulfilled in some way, locking them down with a sense of defeat for not having anyone to share those ideas and ideals with.
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    @Janet: Again, Michael answers questions that I didn't even know I had. This is brilliant. So many insights, for example: So, Imagination, like Love, is a Universal Truth! Every word of this session is mind-blowing.
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