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    Besides cleaning my home, I can definitely feel myself sorting through cording- the random urge to contact someone with whom I had broken contact (may be picking up on the yearning on their part), then a pang of regret concerning another relationship, only to have them show up in my dream that night massaging my head LOL. The relief I felt today may or may not have been the result of the end of the Convergence. All I know is that I'm grateful to be feeling better. I've been fighting against myself, but there was a break in the clouds today. I could enjoy the beautiful sunset and the smooth notes of a trumpet sounding in the distance
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    MEntity: We see the count at this point having rather quickly expanded to being around 300 Sentient Gorillas (expanded from 24 Sentient Gorillas as of 2008). These are spread across the various species and subspecies as exploration continues regarding potential longterm viability. Permanent anchoring of the Sentience is more likely than ever. MEntity: And, yes, there are several holding Sentience in the Republic of Congo. They are beginning to "stand out." Uma posted an article about this picture on facebook and it caught my eye. If that isn't 'standing out', NOTHING is. I don't even need to bother posting an article link, all you need to do is google Gorilla Selfie. It has gone viral. On Netflix is a documentary called "Virunga", which offers a glimpse into the lives and relationships between Gorillas living in Virunga National Park in Congo, and the park rangers who try to protect them from rebels, corrupt government/military officials, and Western mining corporations. Two of those park rangers are in the picture. I think the Virunga park rangers clearly see the value in working to protect other living creatures, but how astounded would the park rangers be to glimpse the future, when Earth is home to a crowded family of coexisting Gorillas and Humans, and to realize it was all possible only thanks to their often thankless work. Around 170 park rangers have given their lives for these Gorillas, and if I were their guide in the afterlife, I know what I would show them. Beautiful.
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    Hani is this what you were looking for? https://our.truthloveenergy.com/articles.html/library/relationships/essence-relationships/external-monads/how-many-sets-of-external-monads-do-we-do-r565/
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    Hi So I am wondering if we do have a list of all the external monads with a quick description of what each of them are I did look and didn't find anything and in most channelings Ms mentions the standard external mondas, and I do know some of them, but it would be nice to have them all listed and some descriptions help please
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    Great question. Thank you @Hani for the reminder. I have been meaning to ask Michael about my current or future External Monads. So many questions.
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    Yes, that is beautiful. Look forward to the day gorillas and human coexist together across the Earth. I am grateful for all the people who work to safeguard them.
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    @Bobby that has the list of them all, thanks a lot Bobby I would like to see a little description for some of them, that are not very clear to me, but maybe they could take many different forms and it would be harder to give a little description But this was great Thanks again
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    There Michael goes, ending on a cliffhanger again.
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    @michael_k Thank you! I feel a lot better about it today, thankfully. You're right, though, I wasn't the person and that wasn't the place for what she was going through. I wish her the best but I am happy I was firm in my boundaries.
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    I actually found Michael by way of the Right Use of Will books. The first book was good, but the second book and on were so confusing to me at a time when I was new to channeled works and took channeling literally. I decided to google reviews of the book, and it led me to Shepherd’s website where he posted a channeled response on the series. I was fascinated by this Michael and started reading everything I could find, and I left the Right Use of Will behind. If I recall, the gist of the series is about the conflict between male and female energies (with a LOT of symbolism). I think most people who’ve read it agree that the first book is good, and the rest are too convoluted to be of value.
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    I agree, Hani. It would be nice to have a brief description and/or an example of a real experience for each Classic Monad in a single location someday. Maybe we could compile some with permission from students that have had channeling on them as Bobby pointed out, and ask Michael for further descriptions/examples until we have a comprehensive list. ...or perhaps someone *ahem* @KurtisM wants a new project to work on. ; )
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    @Hani I think if you have a few that you're curious about, Michael seems to always present like "Integrator/Eccentric" so if you put that in the search bar, it should bring up the occurrences of that monad in channeling that others have gotten. You can at least read about how it applied to them and see if that doesn't help clear it up some. When you put your term in the search bar, put it in quotes "Integrator/Eccentric" and then specifically choose blog entries to search since those are the best examples Michael has given where they've been spoken of.
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    I am starting therapy with someone who has adapted their style from Ceanne DeRohan's Right Use of Will books. If anyone has encountered these books and/or philosophy, could you share your thoughts? Maybe in relation to MEntity as well? I am not sure the adaptation matters to my overall therapy experience. I am more curious than anything. Thanks!!!!
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    Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren is proposing reams and reams of Mature Soul-like policies (she wants to forgive student loan debt by taxing the mega-rich. Look her up, she's fantastic) and is pushing hard for impeaching T**mp. She's also blonde. Hmm. On my own front, I've been doing lots of cleaning and also really, really wanting to (though don't have the $ yet) redecorate, which is in the planning stage. I've been "Marie Kondo'ing" my place like whoa. Ordered one of those Thred Up bags to give away clothes that are still good but no longer fit.
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    I feel different too. I can't even say how, but I seem to be holding myself differently and I feel lighter somehow. I don't remember any of my dreams in detail, except in one I was having an energetic discussion about how I wanted things to go and I was trying to persuade this blonde woman to make it happen.
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    @Leela Corman I literally screamed thinking of that tie dye outfit, literally the uniform of the nice older lady who totally overshares while talking your ear off at the farmer's market amirite? This past week has been absolutely hellish for me. Last month Michael told me I was beginning to explore -Otiose and I, still riding the high of +Freedom was all "this will be a breeze! how bad can it be?!" TURNS OUT IT CAN BE REAL REAL BAD. I was in the darkest depths of rational thinking and over-analyzing before I even noticed it. Obsessively journaling about every decision and the decisions that shoot off from those decisions and the pros and cons of the mini-decisions of those decisions, it was an absolute mess. Yesterday, I had an old Tumblr follower randomly reach out to me and I was so excited, only to start talking to her and get almost 1,000 words about her suicidal ideation in explicit detail. I tried helping her (even suggested the teachings, which I rarely do, because it was obvious she was caught in Self Destruction), as well as Jose Stevens' "Transforming Your Dragons" only for her to hit me with 2,000 words this time about how she was absolutely beyond hope. I felt so gross, I was so upset that this virtual stranger would essentially turn me into an open sewer to dump all of their problems into just because she feels I'm her "big sister in her head". It was a big lesson in boundaries for me, and I gently told her that I wasn't interested in a friendship with her if this would be the foundation of it. That part of my own growth process was being honest about what I could and could not take on and help others with. She apologized and deleted her Twitter which was also kind of sad to me, just realizing that I have no use to people sometimes unless I'm going to be this black hole that just absorbs all their problems and she's not the first person who would rather disappear the second I assert my need to take up equal space in my relationships. I realize this is more her problem than mine but it made me feel bad. I also didn't do any spiritual hygiene so all of her energy was tied up with mine and I spiraled quickly into my own despair, and had some really scary thoughts that I recognized probably weren't mind and gently sent her energy back to her to be dealt with. Anyway, I'm in the dark place. Send snacks and good thoughts. Love you guys
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    [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: October 2009] [Question] How many essences do most essences choose to do many external monads with? Getting confused with what I’ve read, can’t find much in depth material. I know we do them all at least once, and to get to the love monad you do a certain group of them with the same essence, and some choose to do more than one love monad. That seems like a lot of monads to get through. Also, I can’t find any description of the love monad beyond the general experiencing agape, etc, and it’s not necessarily a mate thing, could be other relationships, right? Is this something usually done with ET and/or just a few other close essences? [Michael Entity] Most fragments tend to work in all of the major (classic) external monads in a way that leads to a Love Monad with at least 12 other fragments. Once the Love Monad is completed, this fragment becomes what we refer to as a Heart Link. Most fragments tend to develop at least 12 Heart Links. This may seem like a lot of external monads to complete, and it is, but keep in mind that many of these can be completed with multiple fragments within the same lifetime; many can be reciprocated within a single lifetime; and as Essence evolves and experiments with Concurrents, this adds more possibility for fulfillment. Over approximately 100 lifetimes or more, this is easily accomplished. Many fragments choose to fulfill external monads with those Essences most available and/or already linked, such as Essence Twins, Traveling Companions, the Primary Task Companion, and then those Task Companions who are added after the cycle begins. The Love Monad is not necessarily a final monad, but simply the Monad that moves two fragments into a final process of Agape. In other words, the commitment to truly Love one another has now been made. In that commitment, the Love Monad would show up as a commitment within the lifetime to “re-visit” literally or symbolically ALL Monads that have come to be fulfilled with one another. The reason for this is because True Love, or Agape, requires comprehension, and the Personalities attempt to truly grasp the magnitude of each other in the Love Monad. Most try to complete the Love Monad within a single lifetime, but we see that up to three lifetimes tend to be the average. [Question] Does this imply that the Love Monad occurs between fragments of the same soul age? [Michael Entity] Yes, and rarely before the Old Soul cycle. [Question] Are the “classic” ones that full set of about 30 I’ve seen around various places, or a subset? [Michael Entity] The “classic” set of monads have been listed elsewhere, yes, but we will also include those in the final transcript. [see end of transcript] Though the classics are often preferred, the Love Monad is not limited to having only done the classics. Many Love Monads arise from including a few rather rare or original external monads. Once a Love Monad is completed, ALL “charge” between those fragments is neutralized. In other words, those with Heart Links tend to rarely feel more than soft admiration and embrace of one another. *Classic External (relationship) Monads Teacher/Student; Parent/Child; Imprinter/Imprinted; Siblings (brother/brother, brother/sister, sister/sister); Husband/Wife; Leader/Follower; Attacker/Victim; Healer/Healed; Rescuer/Rescued; Integrator/Eccentric; Hopelessly Loving/Hopelessly Loved; Passionate/Repressed; Dependent/Independent; Pivotal Facilitator/Facilitated; Slovenly/Meticulous; Passive/Aggressive; Adept/Apprentice; Artist/Patron; Deserter/Abandoned; Profligate/Tempered; Innocent/Sophisticate; Promiscuous/Impotent; Master/Slave; Player/Pawn; Defender/Defended; Hidden/Disclosed; Slander/Slandered; Jailer/Prisoner; Tandem Monad; Love Monad
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    Ask Michael Live Chat December 7, 2014 Channel: Troy Tolley ViP2: How do neurotransmitters, such as serotonin, dopamine, etc (and drugs which influence neurotransmitter production and handling in the brain, such as Prozac) fit into the spectrum of choice that is available to an individual? For example, if an individual is depressed and feels like there is only a small range of choices available to improve that situation, is taking such a drug a "useful" way to increase the available spectrum of choices? I suppose taking the drug is a choice in itself but I'm curious as to how one's mental condition, which appears to depend partially on neurotransmitter activity, influences or establishes the range of choices available in a given situation. MEntity: In response to the first part of the question: Though this topic is far more complex than the mere minutes we have here to respond, we will say that the primary effects that these neurotransmitters have is not so much on the range of choice, but on the AGREEABLE vs. DISAGREEABLE range of choice. When these neurotransmitters are in a healthy state, there is a tendency to be in a more agreeable state, which makes the range of choice accessible, but not necessarily indicative of a "good or bad" choice, as much as an agreeable choice. When these neurotransmitters are in an unhealthy state, there is a tendency to be in a more disagreeable state, which makes the range of choice seem more inaccessible, even if they are not, because any choice will tend to be opposed. Unhealthy states of neurotransmitters tend to incline one to reject, deny, or battle against options, even if the range is vast, while healthy states of these neurotransmitters tend to incline one to experiment, allow, and accept options of choice, even if the range is quite limited. In terms of influence, choice is still there, of course, even if it may not seem to be so. There is a difference between neurological processes that affect one's mood around the options of choice, and neurological processes that actually reduce the capacity to choose. When there are neurological influences that reduce the capacity to choose, then there is either self-karma taken on, or choices made for this individual become consequences for those who make the choices, not the one who is compromised. The latter would be similar to, say, how a baby or infant might require care, and how its capacity to choose is truly limited. Any choice on that baby's behalf is of consequence to only the one making the choice. We can alway speak more on this subject, but this is our response for now. ClaireC: Hello, Michael. In a similar, health-related vein, is there any validity to homeopathic medicine and the claims made by its practitioners? MEntity: Yes. ClaireC: Could you elaborate? MEntity: In most instances where homeopathic remedies have little effect, they are simply administered or taken incorrectly. One of the benefits of homeopathic remedies is that one cannot be made sick from them if there is a misdiagnosis or poor administration. But, as a whole, the claims and treatments of homeopathy are valid. This is a holistic means of treatment, best used for chronic issues and issues that require long-term treatment, while allopathic (or "western") medicine is best for emergencies. ClaireC: How does the mechanism work? MEntity: One of the ways in which one can validate the legitimacy of homeopathic remedies is that they work on non-human, non-sentient creatures. One does not have to "believe" in their effectiveness. They simply work. Veterinarians have turned to this source of treatment for many chronic ailments of animals. ClaireC: Any examples? MEntity: The means by which most homeopathic remedies work is through a kind of intense "stamping" of a molecular structure into the "memory" of water. There will come to be a better word/phrase for describing how this works, but the long and crude description is that the "essence" of molecular structure is stacked in the water in a way that is almost holographic, though not quite. Because it can be "stacked," the remedy may seem to be quite diluted when viewed through current technology, when, in fact, it is actually highly potent and concentrated. Examples for non-human animals can be seen documented for a number of ailments, from skin conditions to ear inflammations to digestive issues to neurological compromises, etc. Because there is no regulation of any significance for homeopathic remedies, and because the intake of dosage is so unfamiliar, many do not receive quality benefits, but if care is given in the selection of a professional, as well as in how one is using the remedies, profound benefit can come. ckaricai: Thanks, My question: The recent events in Ferguson, MO sparked protests all around the country. More people are opening up to the fact that people of color in this country experience a different America and it seems like emotions surrounding this fact are high for everyone...What can we do, rather what can older souls do--other than protest--to help move this country towards more racial harmony? MEntity: One of the first things that can be done by older souls is to stop pretending that one can understand the entirety and complexity of the subject. Not even those who are directly involved and directly affected can do so. It is an ancient wounding, and while current wounding can be addressed, the ancient wounding cannot. At least, not in any superficial satisfactory way. ckaricai: That seems pretty bleak MEntity: Ancient wounding of a people is valid. It is carried forward in the biological constructs of the Instinctive Center of any considered to be of that people. Even as the Essence brings forth its own Instinctive Center data, it is mixed in with the biology of the "race." While "race" is a social construct, and not a valid biological construct, those social constructs still carry an influence in terms of procreation and lineage. In other words, there is validity to "ancestral memory." However, the older the soul, the less dependency upon ancestral memory. The younger the soul, the more defined one is by ancestral memory. ckaricai: ...How then would african americans as a group move past that collective ancestral memory? MEntity: This is also true in terms of species, which is why there is an ancient wounding among all Humans regarding their place in the cosmos, related to the original relocation from Sirius. Our pointing to the fact that no one can truly comprehend the profundity and complexity of the ancient wounding is not meant to imply or sound bleak. It is meant to point to the fact that many speak AS IF they completely comprehend it, and offer opinions, ideas, and facts that speak only to a fraction of the pain. And this can tend to add to the pain. For the older soul, this inclination to presume a full understanding can be much easier to relieve than for the younger souls. As for the whole of the people in question, one of the ways for this to be healed is to allow for diversity within the whole of the people. ckaricai: I understand. Thanks for your answer. MEntity: One of the greatest internal setbacks of any oppressed group is the negative effects of solidarity. Solidarity is important and effective, but not if it is used as a means for not allowing variations in advancement and growth from within the group. Imagine a group of people seeking to escape a fire. In one scenario, everyone is linked, and shoulder-to-shoulder so that no one can get through the door. In another scenario, some will will get through the door before others, and some may have to wait a moment. This is a crude comparison, but it is simple in that it speaks to the necessity for moving beyond solidarity and into the active nurturing of diversity. ckaricai: That makes a lot of sense. MEntity: Again, this is not a full response, as the scenario is far more complex than this, but it is our best response to the questions in this format for now. MikeClev: Is there currently any other Sentience living in or visiting our Solar System (other than Earth's Humans, Cetaceans and a few Gorillas)? And, is there any NON-sentient life in our Solar System other than on Earth, for instance, on Mars MEntity: There is a great deal of non-sentient life in this system, but not sentient. There was Sentient life on Venus that has long-since cycled off, and there have been stations on Mars and Earth's Moon by non-Solar System sentience, but not as native species. Most of the species in this system would be classified along the lines of "extremophiles." MikeClev: If so, have signs of stations on the moon and mars been seen and recognised by scientists? MEntity: Oh, yes. Though they are not fully understood and debate continues, there are those who know without question that intelligent life has created structures beyond the Earth. Maureen: Is there any relationship, at all, between The Nine Needs and the Chakras / Centers? If so, what are they? I do understand that our time is limited today. If there is no relationship, I’ll pass on this question. Note: I know the numbers aren’t complementary (9 Needs vs. 7 Chakra/Centers) but as I have reviewed The Nine Needs I’m often left wondering if there is a connection as they’re both dependent on choices made that effect the fulfilment of the Physical, Emotional, Intellectual and Spiritual Bodies. MEntity: First, think of the Nine Needs as being fulfilled through the use of the Seven Chakras/Centers. Any single Need can be fulfilled through the use of any combination of Centers/Chakras. Think of the Nine Needs as results, where as the Seven Centers/Chakras are functions. Maureen: That helps. MEntity: Results and functions can always find some correlation, even if the systems are different. But to draw strict correlations between the Centers and the Needs would be like drawing some significance from one set of directions to the grocery store over a different set of directions. The path to the grocery store is a matter of function/navigation. The grocery store is the point/result. Maureen: I see. Thanks Michael. MEntity: Correlations can be drawn between the grocery store and a path taken, but also between the grocery store and a different path. This is true of the Nine Needs and Seven "paths," as well. GeraldineB: I'm asking a Q on behalf of Kurtis who couldn't attend: Hey Michael, I'd like to ask for elaboration on the Jovial Body Appearance, and any celebrities that would show it off well, thanks :) MEntity: The Jovial Body Type, in terms of Appearance, is one that embodies density of intellect and expression. This body type is designed to carry and store a wide range of ideas, feelings, stories, anecdotes, memories, wisdom, and so has a great deal of "space" among its cells that show up as either loosely packed or densely packed. Those that are loosely packed, so to speak, are those that are quite fleshy, fat, round, and what many associate with "jovial." So while one version may be like "santa claus," the loosely packed, another may be like the "dumb bodybuilder." This is not to say that Santa is wise or that bodybuilders are dumb, but the stereotypes are there. There are origins of a "Santa" that was valid, but the the modern version is simply a result of clever marketing. In terms of more specific "celebrity" versions, there is John Goodman, and then there is Arnold Schwarzenegger. We must conclude here for today. As usual, there is more to say about each of these questions, but we abbreviate our responses to accommodate this format. These more abbreviated responses can be helpful in that they prompt incremental steps in contemplation and comprehension so that a topic can be fully explored with some base knowledge, if that topic is of interest for further exploration. Good evening to each of you. Goodbye, for now.
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    I have been thinking about how I can live my life more in the positives poles of my Personality each day and the most effective way to go about doing that. I remembered reading that if the core is brought into the positive poles there is something similar to a cascading effect for the other overleaves. That led me to reading this session again. I think it is worth a reread again if you have similar interests. I would say that my life and Core Patterns is currently built around A/G/M/B or A/B/C/D as outlined in the session.
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    This seems to be more visible these days, or so it seems to me, as we try to navigate these 'exciting times' with our fellow humans.
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    @CurvyWords I wouldn't feel guilty about the Tumblr follower with issues, even if their mental state sounds dire. I've been in some pretty dark places and have looked to help on the internet to guide me in the past as well, but one thing I wouldn't do is just dump all my baggage on one individual like that. There are forums around where people with depression/suicidal thoughts can discuss their issues in detail with others facing crisis or those willing to help, and she could have gone there instead. I honestly couldn't imagine reaching out to one of my idols with such personal feelings about myself straight off the bat, and if she was unwilling to take your suggestions seriously in order to help herself, it makes her sound like she wouldn't listen to advice anyway. If I were in her place and wanted to discuss something, I'd probably come from a more grateful angle first if your advice had previously helped me on Tumblr, and then ease into the issues more slowly without being so intense about things, then, actually read the material suggested and say a thank you. It's not a kind thing to just throw all your problems at another person unless they are an actual therapist or taking calls for a suicide/crisis hotline and it's normal for you to feel put out at being on the receiving end of that kind of treatment.
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    Same here. LOL. I am still considering directions. I am not even close to a decision. It is okay. I am still collecting and sorting myself. Spring is about connection, the activation of agreements come a bit later in the summer. It has been an emotional up and down, but I think I am okay.
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    Checking in on us all. I am definitely feeling "nexus-y" but I can't really articulate how. I feel energy shifting for sure. I also just returned from an art residency on the West Coast, on Saturday. I was supposed to come back Sunday but on Thursday I woke up in the middle of the night feeling so strongly that I needed to change my flight to Saturday. I just didn't want to be away from my partner and kid an extra day, just so I could go to the art museum and be alone another day. But it wouldn't let me go. I couldn't get back to sleep until I'd changed my ticket. So who knows, maybe Essence was trying to protect me from something or maybe I just felt guilty being away while Tom had a bad cold Today I feel...different. I had a lot of dreams about people I have intense feelings about, like my child and one of my entity mates; what I was wearing figured prominently in one and being totally naked in an unlikely situation figured heavily in another. In the first dream I was wearing possibly the LEAST likely clothes I'd actually wear, in front of someone I'd be embarrassed to wear them for in waking life: a tie-dyed tshirt and crisply ironed khakis that were too big for me (if you know me this is hilarious; I wear almost nothing but tight black minidresses with nice leggings and fancy boots), and in the other I was naked with someone I am very much not intimate with in waking life, and they were treating me for some sort of health issue, kind of lecturing me (in an interesting way) on the ways in which they were healing me. In the dream there was nothing weird about the fact that we were both undressed and it was totally "medical", for lack of a better word. Also dreamed about having to repeatedly keep my daughter and myself from slipping down an endless drain in the gutter. I weirdly feel like there's been a shift into something "better", am I crazy? Or just tired?
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    This... from Bloomberg in regards to the Mueller Report: Special Counsel Robert Mueller said he lacked confidence to clear Donald Trump of obstruction of justice but suggested Congress could take action on at least 10 instances where the president sought to interfere with the probe. “We concluded that Congress has authority to prohibit a president’s corrupt use of his authority in order to protect the integrity of the administration of justice," he said in the report sent to Congress on Thursday. Mueller said acts of possible obstruction include “discouragement of cooperation with the government and suggestions of possible future pardons.” The 448-page report cited actions including Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey and efforts to have former Attorney General Jeff Sessions take control of the investigation. “Our investigation found multiple acts by the president that were capable of exerting undue influence over law enforcement investigations, including the Russia-interference and obstruction investigations," according to the report. “The president engaged in a series of targeted efforts to control the investigation.” But Mueller’s report raises new questions about whether House Democrats will intensify their investigative efforts -- and perhaps move toward an impeachment inquiry despite earlier statements by leaders to the contrary. Reminded me of this.... April 19th - 22nd -- NEXUS -- CONVERGENCE - A merging of parallels that are in the process of “cleaning up” patterns that have gone awry. This may translate into a need to, literally, clean your own home, address any outstanding issues in relationships, and generally sort through anything that could use some sorting.
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    @Bogi It's always easier said than done. that's why I said in another topic that I find it difficult to follow advice even when I agree with them .. I always think that what Michael says is quite practical is useful .. but at the time I'm going to do it rarely seems so easy .. Mainly if it's something very different from what I used to do .. An example in one of Fearless Living's sessions Michael told me: MEntity: Luciana, it can help you because you can confidently speak about yourself in this way, you can confidently speak about yourself in other ways. Try speaking about yourself in other ways now. Take a risk. Celebrate yourself. Tell yourself what you love about yourself. Share with others what is RIGHT and STRONG about you. Let yourself have the truth of your courage and beauty and kindness in the same way you are confidently let yourself know your failings and your weaknesses and insecurities. Take a risk and see if you can expand on what you speak of so confidently about yourself. This seems simple, is something that obviously would suit me. but I still find it difficult to put into practice
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    I was just thinking that this period 19th April till 22nd April falls exactly on Easter in Western Christianity. So, on 19th April things are supposed to die (clean out), you take your time on the next 2 days with cleaning, and on the 22nd April you can resurrect. Today, I feel like grieving again. It is definitely part of some emotional cleaning and clearing. Yesterday I felt more okay because I was okay with the changes, I was in the Flow. But today, I am again resisting some changes, to address outstanding issues in relationships because it is painful. I am alwasy grieving when I feel like letting go of someone or a possible future with that someone that will most probably never come anymore. Michael says that "let it land where it lands and nurture it from there". It is easier said than done.
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    Some people prefer to hang out on the astral.... sitting on the fence watching the show down here.... Also it seems that "cleaning up" goes on in so many ways.... over 50 bokoharam soldiers in nigeria was killed yesterday.
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    @Nadine and @Juni, same with me. Body is like a cat on a hot tin roof, can't read, barely enough mental focus to work. Listening to heaps of music to process whatever this is.
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    Nexus is coming...sounds a lot like Winter is coming as I read it here I was "wish I was dead" down yesterday. I kept remembering Ms words to me about spiraling down, just remembering that it is temporary and that I have lots more good days than bad ones. When I saw the news about Notre Dame I immediately felt sad and sick about it and wondered if picking up on it energetically had something to do with my horrible mood. Then right on back of that thought was the thought that it's a huge symbol of Christian patriarchy so who am I know to know what's best for the world? Earlier this month I made a new foray into online dating and after making phone contact with one person I quickly recoiled and recognize it as such. I feel resentment over any *loss* of my time. I feel I don't have the time and energy to fully participate in my existing relationships, and I'm not willing to put in this time to find a mate that way. I know that if I met someone who really sparked my interest I'd be off to the races with that but I still feel so protective of *my time*. Also I notice that I feel like this to some extent with all my relationships and that's really troubling to me. I tell myself I need my energy to continue the life rebuilding that's been the focus of my life these many years, but how true is it? I don't know. Also I'm looking forward to Kondo-ing my life. After I moved 2 months ago I started feeling like lots of my stuff doesn't really fit me anymore. I know longer desire to be surrounded by things I've loved for decades but don't know what I want there instead. It's a very strange feeling indeed and I hope that this coming Convergence will bring some healed parallels into my life that will clarify my desire and help with new direction. I suppose I should get sorting but I'm also finding that I have less energy that usual for cleaning and sorting. I tend to love cleaning, but lately just wiping the counter feels overwhelming at times.
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    Yes, It has been about 2-3 days that I started feeling very up and down, emotional clearing. Yesterday I started crying my heart out in the shower in the evening. Like suddenly I was tossed back into Grief. But then I got relieved, and bounced back. Also, I finally cleaned a sore spot in my room, which bothered me for some time. Yes, Nexus is coming, and I would like to make the best of it. BIG clearing. Also, clearing makes finally space for new things. Slowly I am circling back to feel fun in my life, and feel excited by it.
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    I felt sick with the ongoing loss witnessed yesterday in Paris. I've always loved the style of Gothic architecture featured in the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, though curiously I never liked the style of the squared off towers in the front facade, I love the style at the eastern end of the Cathedral with its flowing arches and the incorporation of hundreds of circles and arches. Well it turns out it fits very well with information Michael gave me: One session said this about past lives my wife and I had regarding art and architecture: I had a follow up session to ask for more information on this and some other lives. Here's what came back: This felt right at the time I first read it, but I'm even more sure of it now. When I heard the news at work yesterday, I felt sick and just... hollowed out inside. Its the very same feeling I felt when I read that a building in Pompeii had collapsed, destroying all the murals inside after having survived the previous 2000 years. Its the same feeling I felt when I first properly read and understood Geraldine's first session tackling our humanity's past and the transfer to our current home. Its a grief for a loss felt in a deep part of me that doesn't have its own voice. After doing a bit of research, it turns out that a project such as Notre Dame doesn't have just one architect. It was begun in the 1160s and largely finished a century later. Many architects would have worked together over their particular areas of expertise. The Eastern end was constructed first, and the Western end with its square towers was completed last, in a different style as architectural fashions changed. My previous incarnation obviously sees these towers as not being in keeping with the earlier work! I had been planning to go and visit Notre Dame. It was high on my shortlist of places to visit, along with Pompeii. I am devastated that I won't be able to walk inside it and marvel at it for many many years to come.
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    Nexus is coming. I feel like I have this weird divide in my body right now, with my head/mind dealing with the usual Nexus related foginess and tiredness, while the rest of my body is SUPER energized and giddy (in a good way though). Still, it feels like body and head/mind are having completely seperate experiences right now. I did some thorough spring cleaning on the weekend, so that is definitely in line with the Nexus. Had a weird nightmare today where I was in Rwanda during the first days of the genocide in 1994. I was in an UN quarter and we knew people were being slaughtered outside and we needed to find a way out of the country to survive. It was horrible. I'd prefer a sorting dream.
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    A professor in architecture said that Notre Dame is probably Europes strongest christian symbol after the St. Peters church in Rome, since a lot of symbolism of christianity is kind of vowen into that. The other is that it's also a French symbol in that ND is a church used for crowning and funerals. The third is that ND is a kind of signature for all of those travelling to Paris, as part of the flow of tourism. So I think there's some symbolism in this speaking on different levels to all of us, even though I personally feel very detached to all of this.
  35. 1 point
    It struck me as emblematic of the time we're living through in general; great damage and great spectacle, with many irreplaceable things lost. Ultimately, though, the greater portion was saved. The main structure remained intact.
  36. 1 point
    For me this doesn't feel like a symbol for the collapse of organized religion. But I guess symbols are meaningful to whoever gives them meaning so there is more than one truth. Similar to @Leela Corman , I feel so sad for the art and history lost. I feel like if this were a symbol for the collapse of organized religion for me, it would feel "right." This doesn't feel "right." It feels like a loss of irreplaceable worth. I am also afraid for the conspiracy theories that will spring out of this, that this wasn't an accident, and it will be used to incite Islamophobia. Another Reichstag fire.
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    I have a very particular reaction to medieval art and architecture, which is that I ways get caught up in thoughts of the individual craftspeople who made them. They guy who carved the gargoyles, the illuminator, etcetera. I start to wonder what their daily inner lives were like. This is because I spend much of my time making art as well. The intimacy of the act in contrast with the public destiny of the work is my daily life. So I am thinking not about the Catholic church, which can burn in the hell I wish existed, but about all the hands that built Notre Dame. I have been there multiple times. Despite my lifelong raging hatred of all organized religion, I love spiritual spaces, and despite my particular antipathy to Christianity (I'm Jewish and very sensitive to proselytizers), I especially love medieval cathedrals. Mainly I'm shocked at the destruction of this icon. Much like the twin towers for NYC and the pyramids for Cairo, the towers and arches of Notre Dame are visible from so many vantage points in Paris. It's hard to grasp.
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    @Cong I was wondering the same re: Notre Dame. It's a shame that such a beautiful work of architecture has been so badly damaged, but I have to admit I don't have the attachment to it others do. I was never able to visit it, but I've heard it was gorgeous. It does seem like powerful symbolism, though, especially with the timing; fire is spiritually cleansing, isn't it? Though Notre Dame is beautiful, it's also linked intrinsically with Young Soul religious and patriarchal values. When I saw the picture of the fire this morning, I suddenly had a vision of a future day, where a newly-rebuilt Notre Dame is unveiled: it looked like just as beautiful, but updated -- its stained glass windows were all solar panels, and some lovely roof farms on top made it look lush and green. I got the sense that it helped provide clean energy and fresh produce to the city. The image came so immediately and lasted in my mind so long that I wonder if I might have accidentally tapped into a future probability. Or perhaps a parallel we're merging with has already begun updating Notre Dame to be this optimistic, earth-friendly vision of community, and the devastating fire today is a shortcut to getting us on the same page? Or maybe none of the above, and my imagination just runs wild sometimes. Who knows.
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    Yes to everything mentioned above/and previous page. Dealing with everything and what not. I always feel like a little girl.
  40. 1 point
    Ha. I'm with @KurtisM, actually, have finally decided not to hold back, be myself, stretch out my soul and take risks. The more afraid I am, the more I want to go that road.
  41. 1 point
    Anyone else feel like this is the year they finally go insane?
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    I felt compelled to clean out my desk at work. I have very little left now except the few things that I need for my job. It was somewhere around that time that all the crap on the ground in the room that I work in had to be moved out so carpet cleaners could come in during the evening hours. I work in a room with a few other people. After the cleanup, I felt I had more energy overall which at work. The room felt refreshed. Since then the crap has returned on the ground nearby but at least my desk is still clean. I did some cleaning periodically this year at home too. I do not have too much stuff left but I have a mental list of things I would like to give away to someone or recycle if possible. Sometimes I find something as simple as shifting things around in a room to be refreshing. It will be interesting to see what comes of the upcoming Nexus.
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    Well, I've addressed the Sorting/Cleaning Nexus a little early. My current bedroom is clean and sorted for the first time ever. Marie Kondo has a wonderful way of folding shirts that saves space, which has turned my sprawled mountain of clothing into a neat well-organized stack. When I moved into the apartment where I now live, back in June 2018, I dropped all of my stuff onto the floor, infused myself with a strong dose of cannabis, and now in April I have finally unpacked and cleaned up. I will have friends sleeping over tonight for upcoming birthday and Game of Thrones celebrations, which is why my bedroom needed to become inhabitable again. I haven't had friends over in a very long time, and the timing with the nexus is juicy. To celebrate, I am now in the process of mulling some wine. Anyone who feels their life needs a change should start by cleaning their bedroom.
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    I am getting some recoil happening. I don't know if I am losing my perspective on things due to some depression due to situations: Chch massacre, being chronically understaffed at my work place, having to fight the same fight time and again about safe staffing with the workload to available staff ratio (this is what does me in the most tbh), my Uncle dying, Yvonne's Uncle dying, the shitty state of the environment, the stubbornness of people for whom profit comes above all else, so I am definitely noticing my desire to control more of my general personal and professional environment increasing. There has been more than one occasion recently of my work situation's understaffing that I want to fucking strangle management. How I cope when management refuse to listen to our demand for more nursing staff? I either take a mental health day off of work, or I out and out refuse to do a procedure that requires more nursing staff than my team has. Patients just have to wait for their procedure, until management decides to hire more nursing staff. In NZ, regulation stipulates that govt owned and managed hospitals like the one I am working in, have to provide enough staff for the workload, and if management doesn't provide enough staff for the scheduled workload, then the workload doesn't proceed at that level, and staffing then becomes a management problem because the govt then asks very closely of management why management hasn't put through the required level of patients over a time frame. out of my hands. Apathy and powerlessness set in when a voice for advocacy is ignored, railroaded etc Things that continue to get me excited are my creative projects: vegan fermenting projects, my edible food forest garden, my shift into my house in June of this year, my future purchase of a ferment fridge for my creative projects, which leave me feeling positive and hopeful. I have much wariness and tiredness about what I see as an absence of positive environmentably sustainable momentum... It feels as though not enough people care, and it is getting to me. I am positive about some things, but until a significant portion of this world comes to the inclusive humanity party/ resource based economy party/vegan party/sustainable business party/ grow your own fruit and veges party, I am over here. I have limits and so far this year, they have been exceeded, so I am shoring up my protection and simplifying.
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    Thank you, Troy, I understand!! I'm happy to say I'm another enthusiastic one these days!! I'm meeting new people, getting new clients and deepening my friendships....things are going on very nice for me :') Two days after our session, one of my clients (who also is a BTS fan) won a ticket to see them in Chicago!!! It's funny because at the same time I had a bad pedicure and a subsequent toenail infection, LOL....bad neck pain and headaches the last 2 weeks , but they solved with antibiotics....morning yoga & massage. My physiotherapist told me I had some hyperlaxity...and I need to strengthen my muscles. I also feel like moving more, and will go to a pilates class next week. Anyway, I hope April is kinder to all of us. Much love dear familiy!!
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    Thanks, Bobby, for posting this. I sometimes wonder if I'm in that parallel where there is going to be violence after the election. I really worry about people who are more vulnerable. I'm also reading stories about voter intimidation of African-American and Latino voters. I don't want my country brought back to the 19th century. I wonder what happens in the parallel where Donald Trump dies? (To my knowledge, no candidate has died before taking office.) I'm not so spiritually evolved that I would mourn. Hah. Koko, the signing gorilla, loves kittens, so maybe one way of helping gorillas along with ensoulment is to give them kittens? Kittens for everyone!
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    This question was originally posted by Sandy on 8/10/08. I am sure everyone has already seen and heard this child by now. Can Michael tell us a bit more about her? Given her age, 6, I am most interested in knowing about her past life experiences. Is she picking up where she left off? Or is it something else? FROM MICHAEL: The fragment in question is a Mature Artisan with Sage-Casting and does have a history [before this life] of singing and performing, which is readily accessible through the Instinctive Center. Many fragments have no obstacles to accessing those histories, but this does not often coincide with the skills of the body to allow for replication of those histories. In other words, the fact that a fragment may feel a drive to perform that is related to a past life does not mean he or she will have the skill or "talent" to fulfill that drive to a degree that replicates a past life's fulfillment of that drive. If a fragment happens to have that talent or skill, mixed with the Instinctive memories, it can often show up as a kind of prodigy, which may or may not then become a part of the life's greater pattern and direction. In the case with this Artisan, she is an example of two things: 1) how the greater arc of Internal Monads for Essence can show up, as this is the continued fulfillment of the 4th Internal Monad started in previous lifetimes for this 5th Level Mature Soul Age; and 2) the fulfillment of a Cluster of lifetimes (a group of five lifetimes focused on a theme), as this is her 5th and final lifetime focused on the experience of public exposure of singing as a talent. Her most recent lifetime appears to us to have been renowned French Opera singer known as Alice Pons. The short span of time between incarnations helps lend easy access to the acquired drive/motivation for continued exploration of a theme or Cluster, which is often NOT linear.
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    Ask Michael Live Chat September 7, 2014 Channel: Troy Tolley GeraldineB: We are going to be rigid on time constraints, trying to keep each person's session to a maximum of 15 min. I will be notifying Mikey at the 10 min mark. I would recommend that EVERYONE add as a caveat to the beginning of their Q -- Keeping this short enough for this format, blah blah blah CocteauBoy: If you guys see a great question that you wouldn't mind taking up more time than usual, please feel free to quickly chime in that you wouldn't mind. I'll ask michael to note for anyone if the question would require a long response. 12:27 DianeHB: Hello Michael. May we have a fuller description of the Venusian Body Type Nature? MEntity: We are not clear as to what to compare for a "fuller description," but we can expand on this subject for you to compare to what you wish. DianeHB: Yes, just expand on the subject. :) MEntity: The Venusian Nature is one that invites and attracts affection. It is of the more sensual of body types, and depends greatly upon physical contact for its sense of presence. The Nature can tend to be quite charming, warm, and even if the person is not consciously comfortable with touch, this Nature will likely invite it. Most fragments tend to feel quite immediately comfortable with MEntity: Venusian Body Types, barring other factors that might override that Nature. MEntity: This Nature struggles between its inclination to be so inviting and accepting, but is one of the harshest in its struggle for accepting itself. MEntity: One of the reasons this Nature is so inviting, warm, and affectionate is because of this. MEntity: In much the same way that the funniest people can also be of the saddest, so can the most attractive and inviting of people be the loneliest. MEntity: Their inclination to allow attraction (which is not exclusive to physical attraction, but all or any level of attraction) is because the Venusian Nature learns to know that beauty is not superficial or temporary, and is often relative. MEntity: Ironically, as their Nature allows them to recognize beauty in many people and things, they can have a very difficult time recognizing this in themselves. DianeHB: (yearns to know?) MEntity: And so this nature is two-fold in that its expression of inclusion and acceptance is a way to show others that they are beautiful, while also generating this experience of inclusion and acceptance from others toward themselves so that it can be a mutual experience. MEntity: Of course, this can be an entire topic in itself. We responded as best we could with no parameter or direction. There is plenty more to say. 12:48:19 PM tkmppi: In Indian astrology a person's "chart" may influence another person: to take a random example, one of the indications of a fallen Moon in the 11th house is that "his eldest sibling leads a tedious life or dies early." On the other hand there are antidotes for planetary afflictions, in this case, chanting the Moon mantra 11 000 times, or wearing a pearl. Would the elder sibling's life become less tedious etc., if his/her younger sibling wears a pearl or chants mantras? MEntity: Tuija, we have never seen that the wearing of a pearl would by proxy alleviate the challenges of another person, unless the other person was somehow challenged by the weight of carrying that pearl in the first place, of course. If it were only that easy to help another. We can say that if the pearl is somehow a reminder to be of help to the other person, then the symbol can be effective. MEntity: Chanting is a powerful means of transformation and effective change for the self, but has little effect on overriding the challenges that another person may have, unless, again, the changes in yourself are actively used to help another. MEntity: There is no validity to removing or adding to another person's life any pain or pleasure using only a symbol or chant. MEntity: Does this answer your question? tkmppi: Yes, that's what I've thought 01:00:48 PM BrianW: Could you please describe the alternate timeline in the 1980s which resulted in nuclear war. Specifically, what was different in those timeline that did not occur in this timeline, what month / year did the war go nuclear, what areas were affected, survived or were unaffected, and what has since recovered, and to what degree? MEntity: The most important difference was that the mistake was not caught in that timeline around November of 1983. The attacks came between Russia and the United States due to confusions regarding poor communication of simulated events. Most of the Eastern United States was decimated, with expansion of attacks ranging between all of the U.S. and Russia, and with fallout affecting all of the planet. MEntity: Australia was one of the few places unaffected, and came to be a refuge for many from Asia, while South America came to be refuge for many from Africa, North America, and Europe. MEntity: Alaska came to be refuge for many from Western United States, as well. MEntity: Migration back to homelands have begun for those who have survived or are of later generations of survivors. MEntity: Because this was eventually recognized as a mistake, great strides have been made in rebuilding relations that would never let this happen again. The population of the planet was reduced by approximately 40% overall, so was reduced to approximately 2.5 billion. MEntity: Most life has returned to farming and village-based culture, with communications returned, anti-radiation treatments available to all, and a world economy that is mostly based in barter. MEntity: We can look at this in more detail in further exchanges. There is much to see, and difficult for us to sort through in a short amount of time. 01:28:00 PM ViP1: If humanity succeeds in developing an artificial host intelligence that can sustain sentience, would a Design incarnating into that structure begin incarnating at Infant soul age? And what are the probabilities that this (development of true artificial sentience) will happen within the next 10 years? MEntity: If a new Design takes up a host, it will always begin as Infant Soul. However, when it comes to Sentient Artificial Intelligence as host, it can often be quite appealing to a displaced Design, assuming the body types are of similarity or interest, which would then take up incarnations from wherever fragments were in progress. MEntity: Artificial Intelligence created by Humans that is capable of hosting Sentience is likely within 50 years, but not likely within 10. Within 10 to 20 years, Artificial Intelligence will mimic Sentience to a high degree, but not host sentience. Over that period of time, hive souls may be of interest, and the depth of relationship with Artificial Intelligence could be on par with that of any child, or domestic animal companion. MEntity: The level of intelligence, or the access to knowledge, is not the same thing as having the capacity for emotional depth, empathy, and self-awareness, but once the programs are in place for self-motivated, self-regulating, experiential, exponential learning and problem solving, then it is a fairly short time before capable of hosting Sentience. 01:42:11 PM juni: While reading, I found this: juni: December 7, 2000 juni: Topic: Reality Shifts juni: [Clavis] Hello Michael. Is it possible to physically enter a parallel universe? To disappear from this parallel and enter another parallel, even meet our parallel selves physically? juni: [Michael_Entity] No..It is possible to do this within the same timeline (Future meets Past and vice versa), but we have not seen this occur inter-dimensionally. Some of your futures contain the ability to physically VIEW Parallels, but beyond that are obvious limitations. juni: Can you please expand on this answer about timelines, regarding meeting a future/past parallel self and how this happens/works? If there is time, can you comment about those futures that are able to view parallels and how this is accomplished? MEntity: Currently, one can view other parallels by using the imagination. In many futures, the capacity to harness the imagination (and dreams and thoughts) as a means of shared viewing is possible. In those futures, this knowledge, along with other breakthroughs in tangible consciousness, has led to breakthroughs in interdimensional resonance. This resonance can then be extrapolated into imagery that can be viewed. MEntity: This is related to what might now be explored as quantum entanglement. MEntity: As for the past and future meeting, this can happen by either "folding space/time" in a way that creates a meeting point which cannot be crossed, but can interact, or through what one might consider the familiar idea of time travel. MEntity: In instances of folding, it seems to be dependent upon access to the same line of familiar consciousness at this point. In other words, a person can only connect with his or her own past. MEntity: It is quite limited in its usefulness and implementation. MEntity: In terms of time travel as is most often understood, it is also of limited usefulness and implementation once it came to be realized that one cannot travel directly into one's own timeline in either direction, but that the act of travel, itself, means either the creation of a new timeline, or (more often) a travel to a different timeline. 02:02:58 PM Marry: Hey Michael, i would like to ask if there is a "smallest thing" in this universe (on the physical plane) or if we are living and perceiving the world in between two infinities, one getting smaller and smaller, the other one bigger and bigger (which is basically one infinity of size in general)? If the time is given, could you elaborate on what is bigger than what is currently seen as the biggest structure in the universe? And on the other hand, what is smaller than the things science currently knows as the smallest particles? MEntity: There is a smallest distance and it is currently known as the Planck, which is at the scale one may "measure" a singularity. In terms of scale and size in the universe, we think the biggest thing would be the universe, itself, which might be described as the Physical Context. It is the space within which "everything" exists that is made of matter. MEntity: In both instances, the biggest and smallest "things" are distances/space. MEntity: This is because that is the nature of the Physical Universe: separation, fragmentation, fragments. MEntity: Anything smaller than what is considered Planck length would be inversion that flips one into the next Universe. MEntity: Universes are "stacked" together in groups of 12, and are connected through these black holes, if you will. This is how they relate to one another and communicate. MEntity: Of course, if one were to flip into the other universe through one of these, "you" would no longer exist as you know it, but be "turned into" part of the fabric of that universe. MEntity: There is an economy of exchange that is in effect among the living universes stacked together, and those black holes are key to how that works. MEntity: So there is no infinitesimally small object, and no infinitely huge object. There is are tiny particles that have incredibly small distances between them, and massive structures that are held within even greater space, but there are caps to physical universe. 02:22:33 PM JanaK: You have said repeatedly that Essence Recognition evolves Essence. How does this work? I can understand how Karma evolves Essence, and I can see how Essence Recognition feels amazing, but would like to hear how that evolves Essence. JanaK: (i am referring to your statement that there are two ways for Essence to evolve) MEntity: Essence Recognition is exactly that: the recognition of a greater context in which one exists. This is not the same thing as liking someone, or feeling good, or feeling close, though recognition can certainly bring those states, but this is about truly recognizing the validity of one's existence beyond the obvious. When one recognizes this, there is evolution. The evolution comes MEntity: because one is no longer blind or distracted by initial limitations. MEntity: For simplistic purposes, imagine this: MEntity: there are two ways Recognition can work in terms of evolving you - 1) imagine you are in a closed box. If you based your context of existence only on this, you will live and die in that box. Only upon exiting this box through death will your consciousness expand because now it knows that there is more than the box. Now, imagine that you recognized this while in the box, and found a way out. Your life just expanded, and your experiential range just expanded, and your context of existence just expanded. MEntity: In these cases, Recognition can happen while in the box, or after exiting it. In either case, evolution occurs. MEntity: 2) imagine you heard about a great costume party and dressed up in your best idea for that costume party. Now imagine that you have arrived and others are also in costume, but each had different ideas about what the theme was for the party. If you only walk around as if the party is themed on your own idea, you will miss much. However, if you explore and share, you will learn a great deal about the various themes. But imagine if you recognize that there is actually someone behind the costume, and you recognize this. MEntity: Recognition of the source of the costume and theme means expanding upon one's existence in a way that brings evolution, rather than simple submersion into party themes. MEntity: These are highly simplistic analogies, but they will work. MEntity: In short, recognizing your existence beyond the obvious, and recognizing the existence of another beyond the obvious, naturally provokes evolution. Kurt: Hey Michael, like Diane i'd like a description of the jovial body type nature. Perhaps with just a small tidbit of when the jovial nature is unhealthy or imbalanced. Of course within time constraints. MEntity: The Jovial Body Type is gravitational in Nature. Fragments tend to be drawn to those who are Jovial for different reasons than that of the Venusian. While Venusians are attractive in terms of intimacy and affection, Jovial is attractive in terms of confidence and permission. MEntity: At the positive end of this gravity, there is a confidence that is contagious and inspiring, bringing out a sense of ownership and responsibility for one's self-esteem. MEntity: At the negative end of this gravity, there is a greedy entitlement for being the center of attention, or presumption that the Jovial can speak for others or AT them. MEntity: So the Jovial Nature is excellent at being a source of expression for the self and for others, particularly for others who do not or will not speak up for themselves, but at the more challenging end of the spectrum, the Jovial can presume that what they have to say or express is inherently of value, interest, and meaning. MEntity: So the Jovial Nature is excellent at being a source of expression for the self and for others, particularly for others who do not or will not speak up for themselves, but at the more challenging end of the spectrum, the Jovial can presume that what they have to say or express is inherently of value, interest, and meaning. MEntity: Of course, there is more to say on this subject, as well, but we must conclude here for today. The channel has pushed as far as he can tonight. Good evening to each of you. MEntity: Goodbye, for now. Note: The last two signed up will have the opportunity to go first next Ask Michael if they wish -- ClaireC and Tyrone
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