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    Unbelievable fuckers. This makes me so angry and want to act immediately. The least we all can do today is go to https://www.makechevroncleanup.com/ and sign. (On a side note, that red band of paint across the eyes has always been my favourite look, well ever since i first saw pictures of amazon native people wearing it, and that's what i would wear if it made any sense at all in my life/environment(/face). I just love it, it's the ultimate make up IMO.)
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    Hello. Introducing myself, as suggested. Not really new, been a Micheal student for a million years, and a follower of Troy for 20-something of those . I went offline for a while, and am now coming back to some parts. Hi again to all those I know, and nice to meet you, to all those I don’t. I hope this finds all of you healthy, happy, and well. Crazy dayz, eh? Love & hugs
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    Did you figure this out @DianeHB? I hadn't read this session before and today I came across this and WOW I resonated with it deeply and it's very helpful Thank you @Troy and Ms for this session, very helpful
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    This was just sent to me (dated May 6) and I had to share. It is so moving and inspiring. The link is directly below but I decided to cut and paste it, so if you haven't seen it, you will. Also, i am particularly watching what is happening with the Navajo Nation with Corona Virus as I live in New Mexico and the Native American Navajo tribe has been extremely affected with many, many deaths in our state as well as in Utah and Arizona. https://people.com/human-interest/irish-help-raise-money-native-americans-hit-coronavirus-repay-favor/ Irish Help Raise $2.7M for Native Americans Hit by Coronavirus to Repay 173-Year-Old Favor In 1847, the Choctaw Nation sent $170 — more than $5,000 today — to Ireland to help during their potato famine By Jason Duaine Hahn Donations from Ireland are pouring into a GoFundMe campaign to benefit the people of the Navajo Nation and Hopi Reservation as a thank you to Native Americans who helped the country during a famine 173 years ago. As the donation page explains, the people of the Choctaw Nation donated $170 to Ireland in 1847 just as the country was experiencing a historic famine that would last for years. The donation, which would amount to $5,351 today, was inspired by the Trail of Tears, which saw the United States government — led by President Andrew Jackson — forcefully remove tens of thousands of Native Americans from their homelands in Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, North Carolina and Florida. These groups were then forced to walk thousands of miles to areas marked “Indian territory," and at least 3,000 Native Americans died along the way, according to the History Channel. After being put through the tragedy, Native Americans became inspired to help Ireland as deaths began to mount due to the famine. Starvation would eventually kill more than a million Irish people, according to BBC. Now, amid the coronavirus pandemic that has killed more than 71,000 people in the United States as of Wednesday afternoon according to The New York Times, Irish citizens have been making donations to help the Navajo and Hopi (which is surrounded by the Navajo Nation), and show gratitude for their ancestors' help. RELATED: Navajo Nation Has Lost More Lives to COVID-19 Than 13 States Combined The Kindred Spirits Choctaw monument in Bailick Park, Midleton, County Cork, Ireland Ognyan Yosifov/Alamy "Several of our recent donations for our GoFundMe campaign have been inspired by the Great Hunger Famine in Ireland which started in 1845," an update on the donation page read. "173 years later to today, the favor is returned through generous donations from the Irish people to the Navajo Nation during our time of crisis," the updated continued. The Navajo have been especially affected by the coronavirus pandemic. The nation, located near the borders of Arizona, Utah and New Mexico, is home to about 175,000 people — and yet it has more cases of COVID-19 than nine states, according to New York Times data. RELATED: Mark Ruffalo, Ellen DeGeneres, More Stars Team Up to Help Navajo Nation Ask for COVID-19 Relief The nation’s first positive case was reported on March 17, and as of Wednesday, there have been 2,559 confirmed cases and 79 deaths, according to NBC affiliate KOB. So far, the GoFundMe has raised more than $2.7 million from over 50,000 donors. “From Ireland, 170 years later, the favour is returned!" wrote Irish donor Pat Hayes on the page. "To our Native American brothers and sisters in your moment of hardship.” Supples being delivered to Native American families Through the donation page, the communities thanked the Irish, and all of their donors, who are helping during this most recent time of need. "The heartache is real. We have lost so many of our sacred Navajo elders and youth to COVID-19. It is truly devastating," an update read. "And a dark time in history for our Nation. In moments like these, we are so grateful for the love and support we have received from all around the world." "Acts of kindness from indigenous ancestors passed being reciprocated nearly 200 years later through blood memory and interconnectedness," the update continued. "Thank you, IRELAND, for showing solidarity."
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    MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin. We have received Troy's request and understand. We will respond. What we have done is look at each of you in attendance today and assessed a common theme among you. We will address this theme and then address each of you in regard to that theme. We also know that we are not speaking only to those in attendance today. What we share may help address those who attend in another time and format. From what we can see, each of you, regardless of what is happening in your life, what is demanding of you, what is distracting you, what is bringing you happiness, what is bringing you joy, what is challenging you, what is lifting you, each of you are struggling with a theme of DEFEAT. We are using this term to capture a wide range of Defeat that comes from existential crisis. There is something, someone, or some undercurrent that is wearing at each of you and it is all you can do to stay as many steps ahead of a wave of total defeat as you can. For the past 2 to 5 years, each of you appear to have been relying on great strength, support, insight, confidence, wisdom, patience, etc. to stay as many steps ahead of this sense of defeat that is trailing just behind you. It is exhausting. In the past year, some of you may have begun to feel as if you are at a breaking point. The truth is, none of you will ever "give up." None of you will. None of you are interested in resigning in any way. You have been "fighting" far too long for this haunting defeat to get the best of you. But this theme of defeat is demoralizing. Whether from world events or personal events, or a combination of both, the wave of powerlessness and defeat has reduced your sense of presence and participation in this life to some extent. Even if you are involved and active, there is a part of you that is not. A great part of you. A part of you that simply wants something better and knows that it does not have to be this hard. Here is something to consider: THIS HAPPENS IN EVERY LIFETIME, IN EVERY LIFE, IN EVERY PERSON, IN EVERY TIME. World events and personal events are incidental. They are details. From your first lifetime to your last, you will have a wave of existential crisis. In your earlier lifetimes, it manifests in ways that simply prompted reactionary defenses that blindly lash out against the experience. As you wake up and evolve and are aware within a lifetime, you begin to find the correlations between your crisis and events. The irony is that this moment for anyone in any Soul Age is triggered by a moment of contact with Essence. For those of you who are older souls who sustain those moments of contact, the effect can be quite challenging. The more you are in contact with Essence, the more you Manifest Essence, the more you live AS Essence, the deeper into an existential crisis your Personality can go. It is not about Trump. It is not about your lost love. It is not about your lack of direction or motivation. It is not about your fellow human beings and their idiocy. It is not about life or your life, at all. It is about the process of grasping your infinity while finite. The more you are in contact with that vastness of infinity, the more you may turn your focus to the "comforts" of the finite. This points you toward the important events of your current life and the short amount of time you have to resolve or solve these challenges. How can you embrace your vastness of infinity without losing all concerns for the challenges that are a reality in this finite form? If you exist in cycles that are GRAND and you are told that you have come and gone through many of those cycles, there must have been many things that felt desperately important and now you simply do not remember them or know a thing about those moments from other universes and times and places. How do you care about a life that is a blink in the vastness of existence? How do you embrace the vastness of existence while grieving loss or wishing for better or fighting for equality and peace? If you embrace your vastness, will you not care anymore? If you care too deeply, are you rejecting your vastness? Here is the "twist:" You and your life are a microcosm of your Essence and "the universe." The more you live as Essence, the more you care; the more you pay attention. The more it matters to you how a single day goes. The cumulative effect of caring how your day goes is the same cumulative effect that comes from your Essence caring about how a life goes. In other words, you are already reconciling your vastness of infinity while in finite form when you GIVE A SHIT ABOUT YOUR EXISTENCE. When you care so much about how the next day will go for you, for your relationships, for your future, for your fellow humans, for the planet, for the animals, for life; when you care so much that it hurts, and you continue to care anyway, you have become the very heart of your infinite vastness. The aching and overwhelm you feel is because of how the body processes that vastness of caring. It is not quite designed to sustain that current of energy. This is why you find a teaching and teachers. Because you cannot simply leap into the vastness of your existence while in a body and expect to sustain that current of energy. It is an energy that is no different from what an Infinite Soul must sustain. And it will "burn up" the circuitry of you. The existential crisis comes in every lifetime for every Personality, and it is often ignored or blindly buried, but for the older soul, you embrace the hurting. You sit with it. You carry it. And you learn better how to sit with it and carry it so that it is transformed from hurting and into power, peace, and presence. Your teachers and your teachings help you to navigate, manage, and understand that this current of caring THIS MUCH about a person, about a life, yourself, a relationship, the future, the planet, etc is a POWER, not a burden. It is a responsibility, not an imposition. A choice, not an interference. The work you do in this single lifetime regarding what you care about is what propels your vastness of existence in infinity. We have told all of you that once you exist, you cannot unexist. This is true on all levels from your individual Personalities to your Roles in Essence and Essence, itself. However, you also cannot UN-CARE. Why do you think you exist through an entire Grand Cycle and into many more? Why do you think you "leave" Tao and return to cycles of incarnation through various species in different star systems and universes? Because you care. Because ALL OF IT MATTERS TO YOU. You cannot exist without caring. You cannot. It is one of only a few impossibilities. And so, in every lifetime, you come to a crisis point where you must learn how to care so much that it hurts, and then grow bigger still than that hurt. It does not matter how big or small the thing is that you care about. It does not matter how private and personal that thing is or how shared and public and grand that thing is. It is the caring that matters. How you live this life and navigate how you care is a microcosmic reflection of the evolution of your soul, of you AS a soul. Your Essence has no shame in the depth that it cares about you. You can practice unapologetically caring deeply for humanity, for life, for your relationship, for your well-being, etc. Whatever prompts your caring, even if it is confusing and hurts, is a piece of your vastness being expressed. Transform the experience of impending defeat and demoralizing into an empowerment that you shamelessly own as your right of existence. You need not run from defeat any longer. You need not question your value and point of existence when you care so deeply about something that is well beyond your control. You need not turn your caring into a liability that must be reduced or masked in anger or frustration. Care. That is all you need to do. Just care. Sometimes you can do something about that, and sometimes you cannot, but you can always care. Caring, like Existence, is a constant. Neither are dependent upon being all-powerful. When you do not know what to do, it can hurt. Let that sense of hurting be a reminder to care for yourself at that point. When you cannot be all powerful in helping those things you care about, you can always remember to include your self-care. It will not take away from the care you have for anything or anyone else. When you "care so much it hurts," it is because you have left yourself out of the equation of caring. WE WILL ADDRESS EACH OF YOU WITH A MESSAGE NOW THAT MAY TOUCH ON THE PATTERNS OF WHAT YOU CARE ABOUT ANN - The pattern we see for you is that you care deeply about being RELEVANT. We encourage you to continue to care about this. Care deeply about this. Expand your definition of it and carefully consider an update to what it means and what it looks like and how it can be nurtured. Your caring about being relevant is not a superficial concern. It is a desire to create and communicate and disseminate. You are not done saying what you have to say. It is okay to care about this. CONG - The pattern we see for you is that you care deeply about THE FUTURE. It is difficult to care so deeply about the future because it never arrives. It is always just out of reach, always in a vague state of potential and possibility. But that is why you care. You pay close attention to your choices, your direction, your focus, your priorities and the people who are a part of this because you are nurturing an empowered relationship of existence between the past, present, and future so that these co-exist in everything you do. LUCIANA - The pattern we see in you is that you care deeply about BEING SEEN. You care deeply about who you are and how you are and what that looks like to yourself and to others. This is not a shallow or shameful thing to care about. You are experimenting with SELF-REFLECTION. It is one thing to simply exist and BE, but quite another to SEE and BE SEEN. However vast you are, observation snaps you into form in some way and you are exploring all of the ways that you "snap into form" through your own eyes and the eyes of others, so you can better learn how to create the story of who you are, rather than let it be told by others. MAUREEN - The pattern we see in you is that you care deeply about BEING RIGHT. This can show up in combative ways within yourself and even around you, but that is because you are still exploring the concept on different levels. When we use the term "right," we use it to refer to an alignment with Truth, Love, and Beauty/Energy, such as RIGHT WORK, RIGHT ACTION. It matters deeply to you that you are Right, that you are in alignment with the highest values of this universe and how they play out in your life and the world. It is painful to sustain this sense of Being Right when there is so much "wrong," and so your fight can sometimes fall into being "correct" or being vindicated or being justified. Those are simply lower and more accessible ways of tapping into what you care about, but it is never about being correct or justified or vindicated. It is always a cry from within you to stand strong as a beacon of alignment with remembering what is True, what is Love, and what is Beautiful. To help clarify this for you, Maureen, it may be more fitting to say that you care deeply about RIGHT BEING, rather than Being Right. RACHEL - The pattern we can see in you is that you care deeply about WHERE TO STAND. This may seem to be a vague phrase, but it is quite specific. You care deeply about taking a position in your life, with other people, with your creativity, with your relationships, etc. in a way that profoundly represents the truth of your being. However, you are still trying to figure out what this truth of your being is. You cannot take a stand or hold a position until you feel you have a comfortable grasp what you know is true for you and about you. This exploration can leave you feeling as if you have no foundation upon which to stand or be in relation to others and your dreams. Give yourself the time and space to create that foundation. It matters to you to take a position that you trust and care about and that reflects your passion. It could be said that what you care about is the evolution of your passion and learning how to let that represent you in the world. SUSAN - What we can see in your patterns is that you care deeply about PRESERVATION. There is a deep desire within you to help repair, preserve, conserve, protect, serve, restore, etc. various ecosystems within your life and the lives of others. These "ecosystems" may be bodies, may be relationships, may be environmental, may be ideas, but it matters to you to care that these systems are noticed and nurtured and remembered and even pointed out for others to consider. We use the term "preservation" because it is matters to you that they last, that these systems carry you and others forward wherever that may be, but forward, regardless. Some of the general struggles you may have in your life may relate to your caring about preserving and restoring and repairing all of the systems that you know make a difference and need someone to heal these. UMA - From what we can see in your patterns is that you care deeply about BEING INCLUDED. You care so deeply about this that it hurts. It hurts when you feel excluded and it hurts to exclude and it hurts when you see others are excluded or exclude themselves. Any breakdown in a network of caring and creating is devastating, both in personal terms and in global terms. You know that Being Included must stand as a permanent invitation and vulnerability and you refuse to resign from upholding a state of inclusion for yourself and others. This does not mean you have no boundaries or that you will not say No, or hear someone say No. You know that inclusion cannot be forced. And that is why it can be painful when you must simply stand as an invitation and watch how it unfolds. BOBBY - What we can see as a pattern in you is that you care deeply about CONTRIBUTING. You are a giver. However guarded or isolated or open or involved you are with others and the world, it has always mattered to you what you GIVE. It is painful when you cannot give or when what you give is not enough or even too much or not what is wanted. But you continue to give when you can and how you can. The greatest gift you have found that you can give when you are out of everything and resources are low and even energy is low, is JOY. You give kindness, a smile, a joke, a tease, anything that could provoke a moment of joy. This ensures that you are contributing in some way, somehow, any how. It is baffling to you when others cannot seem to make that same effort, but it does not stop you. You care deeply about participating in life and are, quite frankly, in awe of life, and so you give as much life as you can. When you feel the shadow of defeat chasing after you, it is because you may have forgotten to give some of that life to yourself, or you have suddenly decided to grade yourself on just how much you are contributing. And finally, TROY - Your patterns reveal that what you care deeply about is INTEGRITY. Regardless of your passions and interests and paths, they are created from a deep caring for honesty, principles, decency, trust, etc. Every focus of activism or play or fight or communication is about upholding that Integrity. It is painful to see others undermine their integrity through hypocrisy or through compartmentalization or through denial. It is overwhelming and exhausting to monitor yourself and others in terms of calling out where integrity is threatened or in danger of collapsing. From animal rights to human rights to the work you do with us to your interest in movies and music and even gaming, the motivation and passion of focus comes from that deep caring for Integrity and where that is represented in art, communication, humanity, etc. For each of you, we can continue our discussion with you individually in other formats regarding what we describe as what we see you care so deeply about. We know you may have questions or comments regarding these words from us. We also suggest that you consider these to be only words from us, not conclusive statements. The words we shared today about you are from our perception and assessment, not from a static record. You may care about other things that stand out to you far more than what we see today. Let yourself care about what you care about and allow it to be a strength for you, not a shame or liability or pain. Let the hurt be a reminder to care about yourself, but know that some of that hurt is only your growing pains. We must conclude here for today. Good day to each of you. Goodbye, for now.
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    (((((((((((((((((((((((((Kat)))))))))))))))))))))))))) (((((((((((((((((((((((((Heart Sister)))))))))))))))))))))) So good to see you here :-). Welcome back!
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    Hi KatMajick! I don't remember you so i must have joined after you left, or my memory fails me. But i was immediately drawn in by your awesome name Nice to meet you.
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    Thank you @Jeroen for bringing attention to this very best session again.
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    Hi everyone, does anyone know if Carl Jung is from C1E2 or not? I somehow have the impression that he is my entity mate , but I couldn't find anything regarding this knowledge after some research on the site. Supposedly, he's referring to his entity when talking about the "collective unconscious". Brilliant.
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    This sounds like a life style I would really enjoy living
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    What will "BREAK" it ?
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