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    @Becca the Student I want to express my GRATITUDE to YOU!!! As the Scholar-cast Sage with an Artisan E.T. that You are, I have fallen in Love with Your writing style, and Your beautiful way of explaining right to the core of the matter, in a caring, sharing and loving way! Thank You sooo much for being here with us on TLE, I have a crush on You
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    Gosh, I hope so. I'm so worried about all this USPS drama and the election.
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    Oh goodness -- thank you so much! This made me grin like a fool. I've got a crush right back at you, for your beautiful way of supporting others, and for how freely you share your love and passions! Thank you dearly for making my day! (Editing to say: as a writer, you saying you've fallen in love with my writing style is the greatest compliment you could've given me. So thank you also for that!)
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    I had a dream last week that seems very related to all of this. I was with someone who might have been my mom, I couldn't see them very well, in the industrial sprawl near either JFK or La Guardia Airport. We heard that a plane was spinning out of control. We looked toward the overpass next to us, thinking it would emerge there, but then we saw it in the sky, corkscrewing around and around. I thought, "Those poor people inside!" Then I was on the edge of the water next to the airport (if you've flown through NYC you know what I'm talking about). I and many, many other people were standing at the railings by the water. The people and the land they stood on was to my left, and where I stood, in an L shape; to my right and straight ahead there was open water. We all stood quietly watching as the plane nosedived into the water. Then we all stood silently watching the water. A whirlpool appeared and grew larger, until the plane emerged nose first, now looking a little more like a small version of the space shuttle. It rose higher and higher into the sky. Just then, someone to my right turned on some sort of tractor beam and trained it on the aircraft. It was unclear if they were trying to pull it back, but if they were, it didn't work. A sphere of some kind of energy appeared around it, and it rose into the stratosphere, towards space. I woke up feeling like this was about so many of us watching the chaos and disaster at a somewhat safe remove. There was a sense of it being contained. No one was panicking in the dream. No one even spoke or moved.
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    The Michaels are diligent and efficient at removing any ambiguity from their teachings that might otherwise occur from teachings coming from the Astral plane. The Michael teachings come from the Causal plane and The Michaels provide their communication clearly, diligently and without concessions to Astral Plane Teaching ambiguity. There is a huge difference between teachings from the Astral and the Causal. Give me the Michaels Causal Teaching anyday.
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    Or, "We give you the Truth and this is what you do with it?! No more Truth for you! "
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    I'm sorry but I'm crying thinking of Michael banging their hands on the desk like "YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!"
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    I felt that same surprised relief with Harris' announcement! It's funny, because she wasn't my favorite pick for President, so I didn't think I'd have too much of a reaction to her being the pick (versus, for example, Warren or Stacy Abrams). But I had such a huge, positive reaction to her announcement. She has a firm, no-nonsense, grounded energy I like for VP, especially with Biden being a bit all over the place. Also she has a great progressive voting track record in the Senate, which is encouraging.
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    The Internal Monads are not a vague part of the teachings at all. In fact, there is an entire 'wing' of the TLE Library devoted to that very topic: Internal Monads. No one is alive for the purpose of completing their Internal Monads. There is no rush. We incarnate to experience physical life and to explore whatever sparks our curiosity. Internal Monads are not imposed as a 'graduation system'. They are simply a means of charting the natural growth of every Sentient consciousness within a lifetime. Everyone has to embrace or resist their own birth. Everyone who lives long enough has a 'midlife crisis', regardless of Soul Age. Everyone must embrace or resist their mortality when death approaches, no exceptions. The Internal Monads are no more imposed upon us than sunrises and sunsets. The Afterlife is very simple. When you die, you will experience whatever it is that you expect to experience. If you think you deserve to experience Hell, that's what you'll get. You'll create a nice Hell for yourself and you'll sustain it for as long as you desire, regardless of whether or not you are an older or younger soul. Anyone can learn to be more self-loathing than self-loving, and being a younger soul does not mean you are destined for an unpleasant afterlife. You are giving sole evolutionary credit to the Astral interval between lifetimes, saying that it is only the work we do between lives which advances our Soul Age. This is incorrect. Some people shift Soul Age Levels while still physically alive. That said, most people do complete the 7th Internal Monad of their Soul Age Level after physical death, but they will only progress in Soul Age if the 7th Monad is completed in the Positive Pole. In other words, it requires a lifetime of work beforehand for a Soul Age Level shift to occur, and many Personalities refuse to do the work. If a person spends a lifetime choosing to resent their birth, resist their autonomy, abdicate responsibility for defining themselves, resent growing old, and reject their mortality, then what foundation do they have upon which to support their launch into the new perspective of the next Soul Age? They will arrive in the afterlife desiccated, spiritually impoverished, and quite incapable of embracing the new perspective of the next Soul Age. And so they will create a new lifetime who will ideally progress further - not because there is any need to complete the Internal Monads positively, but because it is more pleasant to do so. Finally, Michael does not lie. They make mistakes and get things wrong occasionally. But they do not lie. Why would Michael ever try and sugarcoat reality for us? They never have before. The whole point of studying the Internal Monads is, along with everything else in Michael's teachings, to realize that you have a choice. We have a choice in how we respond to these inevitable stages of life, and the overall arc of our lifetimes is shaped by those choices. That does not sound like a lie to me. It sounds empowering, and it sounds like a perspective that we could learn from anyone with some life experience.
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    Gotta admit, I'm kind of confused at the jump in assumption here: why do people need to know about the Internal Monads in order for them to exist? I agree with @DianeHB , I think there seems to be a fundamental misunderstanding of the Internal Monads and Michaels' teachings in this question. The Internal Monads aren't a series of "upgrades" in the sense you're using the term. You don't need to study them in order to go through them (as one would consciously seek out items to get to the next level of a video game, for example, or pass tests to get to the next grade in school ). The Internal Monads, and the Michael Teachings in general, are a framework through which we can look at the world around us. This framework is intended to help us recognize natural patterns and structures and truths that are already there. The intention is that by shifting our perception of the world in this way, we can make more conscious choices. We can see how our actions, inactions, and reactions are the result of patterns of thought, or choice, or karma, or fear -- and we can therefore make more informed choices about how we want to navigate life than we would have without that information. If you're in the Third Internal Monad, for example, you can't just study it real hard and quickly move on to the Fourth, no more than a little girl can will her breasts into existence (which is 100% a thing almost all of my friends and I tried unsuccessfully to do). It's a phase of growth you go through. Think of it this way: a caterpillar turns into a butterfly because that's simply how it evolves. That's it's life cycle. From our perspective, it's a larva, then it's a caterpillar, then it goes through a phase of lots of eating, then it's a chrysalis, then it sprouts wings as a butterfly, then it dies. Similarly, human bodies are born, and we grow from babies to teens to young adults to adults to old age, and then we die. We don't need to consciously pursue this growth of our bodies in order for it to be so: it just happens. That's how the universe works. This same growth applies to Essence in the Astral plane (and later, Entities in the Causal plane): we are "born" from a Spark, and we grow from Babies into Young Souls, then Mature Souls, then Old Souls, and then we cycle off. Essence doesn't need to consciously pursue this growth of its "body" in order for it to be so: it just happens. That's how the universe works. Re: a channeled answer, you can absolutely buy a session with Troy to ask this directly to Michael, if you'd like. Unfortunately, we don't live in a Resource-Based Economy yet -- while Troy is wonderfully generous in sharing the Energy Reports and certain community Michael Sessions for free: he's still gotta eat and pay his bills.
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    I see a few misunderstandings here. Michael’s teachings or any overt spirituality aren’t necessary for anyone to progress in soul age — we’ve been evolving for millions of years without them. The soul ages are not “upgrades” in a hierarchy but a description of a natural evolutionary process for Sentience. People will evolve whether they’re “spiritual” or not, because what evolves us is experience, not spiritual knowledge (but spiritual knowledge can help). The Internal Monads describe the natural progression of evolution during the lifetime, and you can observe people go through them (or stay at one stage) based on their behavior. There is a lot of channeling on this site on the IMs if you want to understand them. https://our.truthloveenergy.com/articles.html/library/personality-dynamics/internal-monads/ The transition process after death, whether painful or not, is what Michael calls the 7th Internal Monad. I suppose it can be painful depending on how much people resist the process or go through it faster because they’ve done it so many times.
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    ENERGY REPORT AUGUST 2020 NOTE: This was a live delivery of the report. The full transcript, including Q&A is here. 2020 OVERLEAVES ROLE: Sage (emphasized all year) CENTER: Higher Emotional (emphasized all year) (and Emotional Center) GOAL: Submission (emphasized Jan - Mar) MODE: Power (emphasized Apr - Jun) ATTITUDE: Spiritualist (emphasized Jul - Sep) CHIEF FEATURES: Self-Deprecation (emphasized Oct - Dec) AUGUST begins a slow, but tangible, shift toward the Positive Pole of Spiritualist as more are shaken out of the stupor of Belief and begin to question/Verify their world view. On a personal level among our students, the world view tends not to be an issue in terms of Belief and unquestioned truths, so any obstacles you may have to moving into a Positive Pole of Spiritualist would likely be due to how you see yourself, your relationships, and other intimate elements about yourself. As the world ages collectively, it becomes more difficult for the younger souls to define the world in terms of their isolated, singular or tribal views. This method of seeing the world serves those who are focused on only survival or order or competition, but when the world shifts into an emphasis on relating, the tactics that were once useful for the younger soul can no longer work. This is important to note because it is not about a leap in evolution for the younger souls, but a shift in tactics. For instance, many younger souls find our teaching meaningful in the years to come, but mostly as a means for navigating competitors, or as a means of comfort due to the order and organization of the information, or as a means to tap into strength of endurance during survival. It is not that they are taking from the teaching a mature or old soul perspective, but taking the tools and applying them in ways that serve their own growth. This is true of the current shift in paradigm. However profound that shift, it cannot usurp or shortcut the growth of millions of Young and Baby Souls. Instead, there would come a questioning, a shift in perspective of possibility that serves both the younger and older souls. A good example would be in how one sees the shift of emphasis in major corporations once dominated by Young Soul paradigm, now focusing on how to relate better, how to encourage better relations, how to nurture more intimacy, even from such a position of power and influence. All surviving businesses will have to move in this direction to endure the shift in paradigm. Many are well ahead of the curve and will do quite well in the decades to come. Businesses, particularly massive corporations, will disintegrate if they do not invest in and share profits with the communities in which they operate in the demographics where marketing is aimed. In other words, the entire concept of POWER and WEALTH are overhauled. They are no longer villainized or rejected as separate evils that are either elusively craved or greedily and cruelly hoarded. Again, we point this out because as the world changes, its ingredients do not change. The tools do not change. What changes is how these are seen and how they are used. If you lived for hundreds or thousands of years with hammers being used mostly to kill people, it would be fair that the few who are awake would reject hammers as an evil instrument; but when most are awake, this once evil instrument becomes a tool. The hammer does not go away, but begins to be used as a way to build homes and furniture, etc. Again, this is important because the many of the evils of the previous paradigm were merely tools that were taught to you to reject or fear so that you would not use them. We use the term "evils" figuratively, of course. Your progress forward cannot be whole if you reject, fear, or demonize the tools that were always yours to use and that are now becoming more accessible to use. This is the level of questioning where our students may be. What is true about the worst of existence, people, and life? There is a part of you who deeply and profoundly knows that the truth of existence, people, and life is beautiful, awesome, and wondrous. Even when it is at its worst, there is a part of you who always looks for the good, the bright, the meaningful. This is because your world view is not lost in Beliefs. However, when asked What is true about the worst of my existence, myself, and my life? you may still be lost in Beliefs, still in need of questioning and verifying. As you move through August, you may find yourself awakening from the stupor of your own Beliefs and begin to question how you relate to yourself, to your life, and to the tools of life. Many are doing this already on a collective level and reclaiming tools and powers and wealth that has been lost to them for centuries. Black Lives Matter is a movement that embodies the Positive Poles of every element of this year, and in particular, it embodies the Positive Pole of Spiritualist in that a Spiritualist in the Positive Pole no longer tolerates or humors bullshit. It embodies the realization that a world view is not something to be handed down and imposed and unquestioned. This could not happen collectively without it happening individually. So as you move through August, let yourself question yourself and how you treat yourself, how you may be carrying imposed beliefs about yourself that were never your own, and how you may have been taught to reject, fear or demonize tools of life that are yours to use. What we can suggest for each of you is to write out 3 Beliefs you have about yourself, your life, and the tools of your life that you have rarely or dismissively questioned. Let yourself see these Beliefs in writing and examine these in a way that invites you to tell the truth that is beyond those Beliefs. Many of you wonder how you can bring benefit to the world that seems to be in such chaos and turbulent change and this is one of the many ways one can contribute: grow, evolve, and heal yourself. [approximate] DATES OF INTEREST: AUGUST 15th - ENERGY SHIFT - LIBERATION We see this potential pattern delivering a wave of surprise relief, clarity, and awareness of what needs to be done next and the potential for fulfillment of ideals sooner than later. This may come as a shift that sees expanded possibilities over reduced possibilities. AN ASIDE: The Nexus in July did occur. It appears to have been fairly subtle, though our students seem to have "felt it" in ways that showed up as extreme exhaustion and/or increased dream activity/lucidity. One of the challenges of 2020 for many of our students is the unusual emphasis on your Tertiary Chief Features, or the Chief Features that challenge your body. You may have Arrogance and Self-deprecation as your Primary and Secondary Chief Features, but your Impatience or Martyrdom or Stubbornness in the body may be what comes first in your reactionary moments. Moments or efforts to soothe or calm or rest the body may be met with surprisingly shocking resistance and agitation and disorientation, regardless of tried and true techniques. This is because your bodies are on high alert and in defense modes that are usually reserved for specifically physical threats in the moment. Any efforts to reduce that alertness or calm it are being met with distrust and rejection as the body cannot and will not ignore any threat to your well-being. If your attempts are a means to counterbalance your anxiety, you may find that it amplifies your anxiety, for example. Your attempts to soothe, calm, and ground your body must be approached as a way to give your body more presence in your life, not as a means to quiet and reduce it. This means that efforts to balance, calm, and heal the body need to be fun, engaging, and active, turning your focus outward in a way that enjoys the world, rather than turning inward as a way to avoid or distance from the world. HELPFUL THOUGHTS OVER AUGUST: WAKING UP IS ABOUT REMEMBERING AND RECLAIMING (not rejecting) - As you encourage yourself and others to evolve, grow, and heal, it can be helpful to keep in mind that the process is about remembering and reclaiming your power, remembering and reclaiming your abundance, remembering and reclaiming your rights, remembering and reclaiming your purpose, etc, not about rejecting power, rejecting wealth, rejecting society and meaning, etc. MY BODY CARES FOR ME - For many of our students, it can be a struggle to care for the body, to love the body, to be in the body, but it can be profoundly moving to stop for a moment to think of you from the perspective of your body. Your body loves you. You are everything to your body. Your body cares for you to such an extent that it will take on everything thrown at it and do all it can to keep you alive until the day you die. "My body cares for me" can help you to shift your inner narrative of hate or resentment for the body and move it back into a relationship.
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    Seconding what Connor said. For me, sharing is all about listening and "true conversation," as he so eloquently puts it. When writing a book, for example: it's less a concrete "this is everything I know and think and feel", and more a flexible "hey, this specific feeling right here: take a look at that. What do you think? It feels like that, right?" or "hey, this smell, or color, or taste: isn't that beautiful? Have you tried looking at that thing this way?" Or "Hey, when you turn this really terrible situation on its side, it's also kind of hilarious." The meaning rests in the act of sharing, not necessarily the what you're sharing. It's the evolving, continual exchange.
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    It is pleasant and thrilling for Sages to share ideas with other people, but the need for an audience I think is a Younger Souled behavior. Older Sages can still enjoy audiences (I am living proof) but the emphasis shifts more towards listening and creating moments of true conversation and exchange which go beyond 'performance'. It is true that Sages will suffer if we do not create some kind of outlet for ourselves, but one thing that might help is to remember to include yourself in your 'audiences'. That way, you'll always be able to communicate your inner worlds even if you are the only person in the room. It is not quite the same, but it is better than relying solely on the presence of other people to feel fulfilled.
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    hello TLE, I'm sage essence with artisan casting. I've found the michael teachings to be helpful in understanding other people's values. it's easy for me to spot scholars, warriors, artisans and sages. more difficult for me to see servers, priests and kings. I do see these essence roles in behavior, but not as starkly as others. my soul age is mature. this intro is a little dry. as a sage, I can definitely spice it up... just didn't want to turn my intro into theatrics. also with artisan casting, I appreciate the eccentric. it's so surprising to me when I see people online dislike something or someone because of the weird factor. that's definitely not my temperament. I look forward to learning more from this community. ~lake~
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