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    I've been going through what feels like multiple logjams breaking up. Logjams either in my life or people around me who personally affect me in my life. I felt it when I woke up on Sunday 8th and by Monday 9th had counted a dozen by the day. Significant ones. Shifts intellectually, emotionally, and physically. Some that I "saw" looked like ancient glaciers as they warmed up, fell apart, and dropped into the sea. There were so many I couldn't keep track so I listed them on paper. Also the impeachment of Trump and so many other world events are starting to break through or break up. Interesting times, indeed. I asked this in Diane's chat with Michael on December 3, 2019: Maureen: Michael, I’m seeing clearly that many of us are going through, literal, re-calibrations affecting all or many of the bodies that are quite debilitating. I’ve noticed with myself it’s “hormonal” with Troy it’s many different “afflictions”, with Diane it’s “scattered” and an inability to focus. Any advice on moving through these times with the best health and well-being we can have? MEntity: There are two factors that can help when transitioning through these types of challenges: One is to ensure that the concerns are addressed medically and with treatment and healing if necessary, and the other is to actively practice your trust in yourself and your body. Be kind to yourself. Be patient with yourself. This matters tremendously because the stress of personal disappointment or frustration can have profound and compounding effects on any state you are in. MEntity: Let your emotions flow and your mind wander, but anchor it all in your kindness and trust. MEntity: Those are two basic and anchoring factors that can help. It may seem simplistic, but simplistic is what is important in these challenges. It will not help to add pressure or to nurture frustration. If you can own two simple efforts, it can help you get to your moments of clarity and strength that you can then use to lift you further out of the challenges. Maureen: Thank you! ~~~ A heavy snowfall disappears into the sea. What silence!" - Zen folk saying.
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    This song moved me to tears today when I heard it for the first time. It speaks to me very deeply. It feels like an anthem for our times. I feel the tension of the fork in the road we are at. It feels like I am out of step with the entire world. Is it only me that wants peace, not conflict? To help people, not harm them? To speak truth, no matter how uncomfortable it may be? To progress further forward, to climb higher, to expand beyond our restrictions? Britain is currently at the threshold of two doors - one seems to offer everything that I align with, and the other door takes us backwards, downwards, inwards, running from imaginary monsters while creating real ones.    It feels like I am alone standing in opposition to the inevitable - but as this song shows - I AM NOT ALONE.       Lyrics: You Are Not Alone Emeli Sandé Are you sick and tired of being lied to? Getting kinda bored of being ignored? Can't find the tribe that you belong to? Oh my friend, you are not alone Are you tired of begging for some answers? Are you scared you won't make it out alive? Does it make you sick when truth is censored? Oh my friend, you are not alone Oh you are not alone here, don't fear You are not alone here, no way There's plenty more others here, yeah yeah My friend, oh you are not alone Are you tired of working for the minimum? Has your heart adjusted to the dark? Well does it make you sick they kill the innocent? Oh my friend, you are not alone Well, are you dreaming of a brighter future? Somewhere the children can be free Will you risk it all to tell the truth? Yeah My friend, oh you are not alone Oh you are not alone here, don't fear You are not alone here, no way There's plenty more others here, yeah yeah My friend, oh you are not alone Are you tired of feeling so invisible? Are you sick of silencing your voice? Do you still have hope that peace is possible? My friend, oh you are not alone You are not alone here, don't fear You are not alone here, no way There's plenty more others here, yeah yeah My friend, oh you are not alone You are not alone here, (don't fear) You are not alone (here), no way, no way There's plenty more others here, yeah yeah My friend, you are not alone You are not alone (you are not alone) You are not alone here, (don't fear) (You are not alone here, no way) no way (There's plenty more others here, yeah yeah) My friend, oh you are not alone
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    I'm in the middle of a residency at Yaddo, so I'm in a magical place and really getting a lot out of it. But, I am also experiencing a lot of anxiety and dark emotions. The big realization or moment I had the other day was about how I have always tended towards darkness, as a default, and that that won't change; that I have a tendency to overcomplicate things, and to always find the harshest or most dark view of any situation, that I assume the worst and feel bad and guilty and like I've fucked up, just as a default, nearly all the time. This isn't new information for me, but I felt it all really strongly yesterday, like a wave, and I couldn't stop crying. I deem that a kind of release. I don't feel much in the way of release OR collapse, right now, otherwise. Though there are certainly circumstances in my life that could go in either or both directions at any moment.
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    One of the things that I may have realised as a result of this Energy Shift is that the past few years have not been useless to me in terms of growth and discovery and that these years have helped me on a way to a trajectory that I hadn't been giving myself credit for before. This could be a game changer for me, as it is a direct indicator that I haven't been floundering through life and that things have indeed been happening since about 2017, even though progress has felt slow for me.
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    @Miizle I'm proud to be called a Nexpert! Love it! Ah 2015 then, the big year before the turning point of 2016. 2014 and 2015 had 5 Major Convergences (The one vaguely from "Childhood" in April 2014, from 1775 in August 2014, 1999 in March 2015, 2002 in April 2015, and one in July 2015 that helped us streamline focus on Equality, Inclusion and Compassion. All of which were versions of us coming together into our current bundle of realities uniquely focused on global karmic healing. According to Michael, there are thousands of parallels that are actually far worse than our own. So thus far we've been making some constructive, progressive choices (besides the breakdown from November 2016, though even then Michael says most of the parallels where Clinton was elected are actually en route to war). Let's keep doing that. Weirdly, I found TLE when I was in the middle of my 3rd Internal Monad at Age 14 turning 15, and it was because of my deep searching the google image results for information on Body Types. I'm not sure why exactly then would've been "my time" to find it. Finding TLE put me through an accelerated path of evolution though, particularly once I branched off some versions of me towards breakdown and suicide in 2016. Although perhaps I was on a trajectory towards the raging incident that would kill my dad, and my Essence nudged this version of me towards TLE so that at least one parallel wouldn't move towards that. I have no clue though, besides incidental choices, why I found TLE when I did. I can relate to the experience of perfect mind blowing comprehension only to realize it's wrong. Gah, fucks me up I tell ya.
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    Amazing news! Troy has completed all his known backlog and all support tickets have been closed. If you still have an outstanding session, please open a support ticket asap. It would be lovely to have anything still out there completed as we start a new year.
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    I have updated the topic list, simplifying it to show only suggestions for which an appropriate setup question could be determined. I have added comments to all the suggestions that are NOT in this list to identify what is needed to make the suggestion usable. And I've locked some very old suggestions that need to be redone as new suggestions made in a way that the topic can be introduced to Michael appropriately for a 1- to 2-hour session. I will be removing these old suggestions -- or moving them to another forum -- sometime soon. This was necessary to make this forum more useful to Troy when he needs to select a topic. I suspect we'll try to do another poll soon to see which of the existing suggestions gain support for possible sessions in 2020. I'm pretty sure we completed the top 3 session ideas from the last poll we had back in 2017. Please think about new topics you may suggest based on more recent sessions. Many of the suggestions are quite old at this point.
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    @Miizle Yes! You could also ask the question again, and making sure, that you are asking, if you are manifesting your Soul Age Level. A read of Team TLE: The Roles for Mature and Old Souls, February 1 in 2019 Michael Speaks, could be helpful too, there Michael says: "What we describe today is a Role manifesting its actual Soul Age" I remember Michael saying (Can't find where right now) That we come more into our actual Soul Age Level after the 4th Monad. If Michael responded with 5th Old, that's the answer.
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    Thanks, Petra!!
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    I don't think the terms are supposed to be antonyms or opposites, not even polarities in this case. Out of Creativity can come Focus and out of Focus can come Creativity. I (personally) like these terms precisely because they don't pit each against the other. It isn't like Positive and Negative where we aim for one over the other. This is kind of what I mean about moving past binary paradigm. "Focused/Creative" isn't binary.
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    Such incredible life.
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    My concern with this is that a description that excludes whatever gender might be visible or presented may rob someone of information that would be useful in confirming a connection. While there are individuals that behave and present themselves in a gender-neutral way, this is not the norm -- yet, anyhow. Usually some gender is presented as part of the individual's self-identification. Can you not include something like "presents as male" if Michael has the info rather than excluding this information altogether? I'm all for using Focused and Creative and have wanted this change for a long time.
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    Belief is not required. lol Michael isn't saying that your personal choices are directing all of humanity. They are directing our tiny part of humanity. They are saying you are a part of humanity. You are making choices along with everyone else and all of those choices add up. When you choose to block yourself from the world and refuse to recognise your part in it or reject the idea that you matter, well... those choices matter, too.
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    Troy, thank you for sharing the December report so soon! I realize I have already been working on what is described below throughout this year. "This realization is not about adding another pressure on you, but about sharing the pressure you thought was only on you. Let others in. Talk to others. Ask others if they need help. Ask others for help. Play with participating in a broader spectrum of experiences by being experimental and taking risks in reaching out. In short, play with being more of who you are, not less."
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    Just updated the link on this post. The song I had posted in 2018 had somehow been switched on YouTube. It should now play the correct song, Historia De Un Amor.
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    I know you've probably read about this theory, but I thought this article was clearly and simply stated: "Ours is a Universe with hologram properties, or a hologram with Universe properties." http://nautil.us/blog/what-it-means-to-live-in-a-holographic-cosmos
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    From Michael Speaks: November 2012: [Janet] During a recent POF you gave me this: MEntity: There are vortexes on the planet, 'power spots,' as a result of valid 'ley lines,' if you will, that tend to be gravitational points for Essences. … The ley lines of a planet tend to develop along the same lines of the geometry of sentience calling that planet, 'home.' The area of Greece was a birthplace for many archetypes of consciousness." What exactly are ley lines? Are they part of our world's design, or the physical structure of the planet? From the response quoted above, it seems they may be somehow created in association with activities or design of the sentient species? [MEntity] "Ley Lines" is an arbitrary term to describe a valid network of circuitry that exists as part of a planet's chakra system, if you will. In much the same way that a body is still alive, even if not sentient, so can a planet be. However, in the same way that a body then changes because of the Sentience, so does a planet, each reflecting the design of that sentience. Once Sentience becomes a part of a system, it must have a circuitry through which it can manifest and be sustained. This is immediately in place on a rudimentary level upon first incarnation of Sentience, and more often in place previous to that through the work done collectively exploring the Kingdoms of that planet. This circuitry is not imposed, but does evolve and change, and eventually degrade. The first structures are based in what is available, and this quickly evolves. In this case, the carbon molecule was used as the starting point. Cetaceans gave rise to some strengths in the network before human Sentience arrived, lending some comfort in the transition from the Sirius system. As incarnations unfold across the planet, then, this network grows in complexity and strength, based on civilizations, cultures, societies, that rise and fall. Imagine this circuitry as something similar to how an atmosphere works for the body. This must be in place for the body to function, and so this circuitry must be in place for the Essence. That atmosphere MUST be compatible with the body or it will die. This circuitry must be compatible with Essence, or it cannot incarnate at all. This circuitry acts as a kind of gravity for the soul, if you will. Over the course of incarnations, Configurations, Working Groups, Essence Twins, Task Companions, Entities, Cadres, Energy Rings, work to develop various points and lines in this network. That "work to develop" is simply a by-product of incarnation, and the use of the matter of that part of the planet as cycled through the body. This is how one might begin to then find oneself strangely attracted to geographical areas of the planet that have never been visited, or to be moved by those when visited. "Your" matter, literally, is a part of that region, a part of the cycling of matter local to that region. Exploring the carbon molecule and how it functions can lend insight into these "ley lines" and vortexes that is reflective of Human Sentience. We have more to say on this subject, of course.
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    This topic has been added to the current table of session/workshop suggestions for Troy's use in deciding on session topics.
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    I also got a receipt from PayPal but nothing from TLE. Just want to know that the booking went through - I assume it did because of PayPal. (This is like the scramble for the Golden Tickets, lol!)
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    @Troy, @Janet, @Bobby In scheduling sessions today, I did not receive Appointment Confirmations. In the past I got an e-mail from PayPal about my payment, and an e-mail Appointment Confirmation. Today I got only the e-mails from PayPal about my successful payment. I went into my Appointy and the new scheduled sessions weren't there. I would appreciate to know why that is? Thank You
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    You know, you might want to cut yourself some slack for having been born in a world where so many of our man-made systems have become dysfunctional and unsustainable. You are here to help change things (I mean that in the obvious way, because you care so much), but it's not going to change overnight. There is a movement called veganic farming where farmers try to get fertilizer from plant sources rather than animal ones, but the movement seems to still be in its infancy.
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    I'm around here too now and then, lol, so better late than never... I'm super grateful for being part of this lovely community and for all the wisdom, knowledge, insights, questioning and sharings you all bring here. I learn so much from all of you and I have also learned to better express myself in English through the years because of this community. Thank you! I've probably learned to better express myself at all.... Where would my life be without Troy and Michael!? It would not be the same as now, and probably more painful and difficult. I appreciate so much the work you're doing, and I'm so thankful for you being part of my life. I wish I will be able to join TLEGG at some point, but in my heart it's like I know so many of you quite a lot already. I'm quite sure we already communicate telepathically now and then. My deepest thank you to all of YOU who care about reading this. You matter to my life more than you probably can imagine. Love you all.
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    [Excerpt from private session by DianeHB, posted July 19, 2015.] MEntity: ... When you feel you are "taking things personally," it is because you have become Identified with something. Passion Mode is a means of relating that allows one to merge with what or who one is giving one's energy. In the Positive Pole, this allows one to learn more about herself, and to experience Self-Actualization. You expand in your form by allowing yourself to be another. However, when you lose your form, or lose yourself in that other form, you have become Identified. You are no longer learning about yourself, you have lost yourself. ... The key here is in simply not losing yourself in it. Let it matter to you. Learn how to navigate this new territory of negotiation and favors. Learn about your capacity to uphold integrity while adapting to difficult circumstances. This allows your Self-Actualization and keeps your Clarity. There is going to be stress, but when the stress shifts into pain and discomfort, it is likely due to your losing yourself in it, rather than expanding from it. You can shift your energy in a moment by reminding yourself that what you are doing is part of the work, which is part of you, but does not define you. ... I CAN DO MY JOB WITHOUT BEING MY JOB. I CAN DO MY WORK WITHOUT BEING MY WORK. ### End of excerpt You may see the context and discuss this session in the original post. See: Stress and Passion Mode.
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    Thank you @Troy. It will be interesting to see this play out, however it plays out. I also appreciate getting this Energy Report early and the Overleaves for next year. It feels like Michael is giving us a preview and that helps me understand what I am perceiving a little easier. Things seem to be intensifying and speeding up, and I have been seeing 'signs' of moving away from Self-destruction in many areas of my world, the world I perceive. I'm feeling cautiously optimistic about humanity as I watch the impeachment hearings and we see clear examples of good people who value our democracy standing up to the lies and corruption and greed. We haven't seen too much of that recently as fuckface and his criminals have dominated the news/tv screens. Just seeing how Adam Schiff is conducting the proceedings is reinforcing what competence, dignity and focus look like. And of course, Nancy Pelosi is such a role model. Sharing my good feelings with you all here on TLE also makes me feel better, stronger, more whole. Loving you, loving the world, loving life.
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    @ckaricai A thought that comes to mind is that the reason people are fired up en masse "only now" is that now those who were the most oblivious, privileged, protected or complacent are now aware. There is nowhere for those groups of people to hide or distract from now, because everything equates back to the fundamental changes rippling out from people like Trump being in power, and how our choices permit or stop that from occurring. The economy has been pretty seriously impacted since Trump's policies came into play. We no longer have business as usual, and frankly don't want to go back to business as usual. Since there's nowhere to escape, no separate worlds any longer, those who are oblivious, privileged, protected or complacent essentially have three choices: RESIGN from the World due to Overwhelming and Unexpected Feelings, LASH OUT against the World for those Same Feelings, or PARTICIPATE to make the world a better place to Live. The last choice is still confusing though, as we really don't know where or how to channel our energy into social causes, on top of the everyday demands and pressures of capitalism. This adds to the momentum of choices that minorities, oppressed peoples and true victims have already been making- thus resulting in Critical Tipping Points of various Divergences toward different futures for the rest of this century at least. Besides all this, I think the only change has been that people chose to wake up because we wanted an accelerated path to the Mature Soul Paradigm, even if it meant intense short term disease. That choice occurred in February 2016. Michael said in the November 2016 Energy Report that we created this reality as a collective because we desired Global Healing. And if you want Global Healing that means our shit's got to come out of the closet. I like your Warrior-like Advocacy for us to DO something new and now. Maybe we should make another topic for what we can do to make our world better on small and large-scales.
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    Coconut oil is a saturated fat, which, as far as current medical science knows, is not the greatest for you to consume. I’d recommend cold-pressed olive oil or sesame oil if you need to cook with an oil. Coconut oil is wonderful for the outside of you though; it provides some great binding ingredients for your skin and hair that help to keep moisture in.
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    I love the brass, funk, and power in this song. So good!
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    Here's another article which seems to cover the same material, but with more research/info: https://www.zmescience.com/science/news-science/british-scolar-voynich-manuscript-decoded-0423432/?utm_source=ZME+Science+Newsletter&utm_campaign=baa00f43d7-RSS_EMAIL_CAMPAIGN&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_3b5aad2288-baa00f43d7-242713929&goal=0_3b5aad2288-baa00f43d7-242713929 All this makes me laugh in light of what Michael said about it.
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    Ingun found this session buried in documents on her computer. Thanks to Ingun for ensuring that it gets shared! August 10, 2003 AGREEMENTS, CORDS, and PARALLELS MichaelEntity: We will speak on the subject of what we refer to as Agreements. "Agreement" is most directly defined within our teaching as a "casual, non-binding preconceived agenda created between two (or among many) for the sake of a mutual or directly impacting experience." Before a lifetime is physically begun, the Essence has anticipated many contexts within the lifetime and in that anticipation knows that certain other fragments are required for certain experiences. As part of that anticipation, Essence seeks out fragments who share in similar paths, or who may need some reciprocating event, or who may simply be interested in the experiences being anticipated. There are a number of contexts for which preconceived Agreements are arranged. Some examples might be in the areas of Matedness, Child-bearing, and Pivotal/Facilitator experiences. Agreements are made on a personal level and on a group level. Some of your Agreements are, for instance, to meet another fragment and try out Matedness. Some of your Agreements are, for instance, with a group of fragments, such as with your Entity and Cadre, to try out the teachings of a non-physical Entity during a span of lifetimes. We remind you that Agreements are NON-binding. No Agreement is static, nor is it a commitment. It is an Agreement. While between lives, the anticipation of the upcoming life can set up hundreds of Agreements, but as the life actually unfolds and the Personality is in charge of making decisions, the Agreements can be abdicated, delayed, or altered. The management of Agreements is usually done from the perception of Essence, so there is usually no need to be too concerned. As the soul grows in awareness, though, the participation of the Personality becomes extremely important in the process of Agreements. To accommodate the Personality and its own experience of navigating the Physical Plane, the Personality has complete "say" in creating, altering, or delaying any Agreements, regardless of plans generated before the life. The Essence may have set up a Mate Agreement for a certain period of the life, but has come to find that the fragment in Agreement has taken up smoking and heavy drinking, which is far from compatible with the Personality. The Personality may have made it very clear to Essence through varying means that he or she is incompatible with a smoker or an alcoholic. In that case, new Agreements may be generated to accommodate the Personality. In other instances, the smoker may have died or be in alcoholic rehabilitation for the time frame of the original Agreement. This can result in an abdication or a prompting from the Personality to have Essence "set up something else." In other words, Agreements can be made at any time and are extremely malleable, including the wishes of the Personality. Most fragments retain most of the original Agreements made before the lifetime, even if new ones are made, especially as an Older Soul because the perceptions as Essence vs. Personality become more and more synchronized for the creation of the life. Agreements are made as Primary or Secondary. Primary Agreements are those made with the original intentions and participants, while Secondary Agreements are those made with fragments who agree to be “back ups.” If you have a Secondary Agreement, the fulfillment can come like a surprise compulsion or distraction until your life adjusts to the need for your participation in that Agreement. If you need one of your own Secondary Agreements to stand in, you may find a shift of direction that may seem surprising and disorienting at first, because the Primary Agreement has abdicated. Secondary Agreements are made when it is highly important for that particular experience to be gained. Some of our channels use these terms without comprehension and this can be confusing to the student. In those instances, we usually find our student through an alternative channel and clarify the context. While the notion of Agreements may seem intangible, there are skills that can be developed by the Personality as a means to navigate the lifetime more consciously so as to fulfill Agreements, or attract/find those Agreements of interest. Many competent Astrologers, for instance, can calculate varying Agreements by looking at the transits occurring for an individual. We can elaborate on our astrological methods in another gathering, if there are those who are interested. Agreements are fulfilled by entering what we call a Sequence. A Sequence is the steps taken to fulfill an Agreement that then become a kind of acceleration toward that fulfillment. Although Agreements can be abdicated, altered or delayed, once the Sequence has begun, the abdication or alteration can tend to have more impact. If the alteration or abdication is mutual (or at least mutually understood), it is relatively uneventful, but if the abdication is one-sided, the effect can be as devastating or uneventful as the other fragment’s chosen reaction. Most of the stronger reactions to an abdication are in the realm of intimacy, such as Business Partnerships, or Mate Agreements. If two fragments agree to matedness, and one abdicates after the Sequence has begun, the experience can be quite painful. This does not mean one is obligated to an Agreement once one has started, but in the process of understanding Agreements, it is fair to consider the impact of your choices on your Agreements. The fulfillment of an Agreement, once a Sequence has begun, can feel quite compelling, but it is not Karmic. Karma is a search for balance among extremes, while Agreements are a search for basic experiences. Agreements are not always what would be considered "positive." Sometimes an Agreement can be as bizarre as making sure one is in the right place at the right time to have a car slide on ice to then impact another car, providing the other person with an exit point from the life. In fact, many "accidents" are simply Agreements. Synchronicity of events to fulfill agreements is neutral, but how you interpret those events is the key to how they impact you or another fragment. We will begin taking questions now because of the limitation of time, but the subject is capable of being explored more deeply. SilverOne126: how do you determine what is an agreement and what is monadal? How do the basics differ? thank you MichaelEntity: External Monads ARE Agreements. [definition: External Monads are strong Agreements between 2 people to experience one side of a particular kind of classic relationship, such as Husband/Wife, Parent/Child, Slovenly/Meticulous, Hopelessly Loving/Hopelessly Loved, etc.] A Monad may seem more compelling because of the submersion in the Sequence, as mentioned previously, but it is still a form of Agreement. In the same way that one may make an Agreement for Matedness, one would make an Agreement to complete a Monad together. If a person is in a Monad, an Agreement has been struck. In the same way that any Agreement can be abdicated, any Monad may be interrupted, though the impact is quite strong. slacnj: My question is, aside from being in the positive poles of Overleaves, how can you contact essence or other sources to attract more agreements if nothing is happening in your life? MichaelEntity: When you have made conscious contact with Essence, you would then specifically determine what kind of Agreements you wish to attract/create/find. We have suggested to many of our students a method for examining Agreements in the life, and we will share that method briefly. slacnj: if essence sets them up, you have to contact it to have them MichaelEntity: No. In most instances, if you simply live your life as you choose, you will wander your way to any Agreements that may be standing. On the other hand, if you are an Older Soul who wishes to participate more in generating Agreements, you can use the method to follow. Agreements are attracted/found/created among fragments through the finer connections shared among fragments “stretching” from the Chakras, or Centers. We refer to these connections as CORDS, an almost non-physical means of communication among fragments. Cording was evolved before language and is now so intrinsic to human interaction, it is quite unconscious. While Cording is a phenomenon that is basic to any interaction, Agreements are a specific kind of Cording. Cords could be described as the frequency, or resonance of particular Chakras with another fragment's Chakra, most easily visualized as an elastic-like cord. If one were to have a general visualization of the auric body, one would find hundreds of cords streaming from the body out into the world and connected to loved ones, friends, and complete strangers. Of course, the “cords” are merely a means to visualize something finer, but the image works. Cords coming from the "front" of your body are those you have consciously allowed to connect with you and your energy system. Cords streaming from the "back" of your body are those you have accepted unconsciously or out of obligation, etc., from people who are "leaching" your energy system. Of course, ALL Cords are attached to you through some level of consent. The Cords are never imposed upon your energy system. In the same way that you might not realize you have food stuck in your teeth, Cording from "behind" is attained as easily. Cords from the "front" are uplifting, energizing, and inspiring, while Cords from the "back" are draining, tiring, and depressing. Cords from the “back” can be those left from old relationship issues, from strangers curious about you, “crushes,” distanced relationships, being exposed publicly (such as on stage), etc. We use the words Front and Back as a convenience and as a means to simplify your visualizations, but there is not literally a front or back to your energy system. If you wish to attract or create Agreements beyond the scope of the original life plan, you might begin with a practice of Auric Hygiene, visually cleansing your energy system of the draining cords, then inviting the new ones. Cords can be cleansed from your energy system by being submerged in water, or through a visualization process. If using water, we suggest simply "washing" the cords from your "back" as you shower or bathe, imagining the fine cords dropping from your back and freeing your energy. If just using visualization, we suggest "draping" a mesh “shawl” of gold light from head to toe, "burning off" the cords from behind. The mesh is visualized as a shawl draped over your head and around your shoulders, and down the length of your back. Imagining the shawl remaining on you throughout the day can help divert unwanted cording, as well. To specifically invite or create an Agreement, one would clearly define/state/invite them. Consider exactly what it is you are inviting into your life, for what reason, and clarifying the potential mutual benefit. This would then need to be clearly stated to your Essence, either verbally, in writing, or as approaching sleep. Next, we always suggest INVITING an Agreement, since an Agreement involves another fragment accommodating your request. Imagine that you are making psychological room for this new agreement and ask yourself/Essence what steps need to be taken to attract this into your life. Pay attention to your impulses, trust your Essence, and comfort any desperation you may have. There are two ways to repel any Agreements from being fulfilled: By never actively socializing or interacting with other fragments and by falling into a sense of desperation and neediness that can repel even the most loving of Agreements. If you do not interact with the world, you cannot fairly expect the world to find you on your couch in your living room, for instance. If you panic with emotional need and desperation, making no effort to nurture yourself in the ways you may wish another to provide you, then even the most loving of fragments may be repelled. Most Agreements are fulfilled because they will “make a difference” or because they are fun. To simply wish another fragment to rescue you from some aspect of your life, be it emotional or material, can be the equivalence of inviting a fragment into a “black hole.” When you consciously INVITE an Agreement, and then turn lovingly back to your life, trusting the process, the space and time is then more easily generated to make those Agreements move into Sequences. BradburySE: I want you to confirm or deny something, although I think you've touched on it already. Is it true, to say that an Agreement with another cannot be abrogated at the personality level once essence has decided absolutely to go ahead with it? If essence has decided to follow through, the personality can no longer abrogate the initial stages by moving away, for instance? And if essence has decided to "skip it", nothing the personality can do will make it happen? MichaelEntity: No, that is absolutely false. Essence has no investments in corralling the Personality into some kind of contrived, “fated” funnel of experiences. Essence has as many parallels as needed to accommodate the varying reactions and decisions of the Personality across time. [NOTE from Troy: “Parallels” are dimensional “spin offs” of reality created when you make a major choice, leaving other choices behind. In truth, those choices are explored as well, in another version of reality just as “real” as the one you consider your own.] There will always be at least one version of the Personality that will seek to follow the original ideas of the Essence, but Essence finds great excitement in the creativity of the Personality as it makes its own decisions, creating far more avenues of experience than even Essence could generate from its perspective. Essence has a broader perspective of the life, but it relies entirely on the Personality for navigation through the Physical Plane. Agreements are also flexible enough that they can shift, if necessary. If an Agreement was made to meet a fragment by bumping into him at a certain corner, and your Personality gets distracted by an ice cream parlor long enough to miss the meeting, the two Essences will find this humorous and simply reschedule. The Agreement is delayed or altered and Essence gets to experience the delicious joy of a spontaneous delight of dessert. We will say, however, that if only one of the parties involved abdicates the Agreement, nothing can be done to force one back into an Agreement. Kieran O Shea: What happens when two parallels die? Are they integrated into the essence? MichaelEntity: Yes, if a version of the Personality "dies" in a parallel, it gets its own version of the afterlife, as it awaits the conclusion of all parallel versions of Personality. The afterlife and review experience is sustained until the last of the parallels "die" wherein the entirety of varying parallels are then examined by Essence. In most cases the next life begins with the knowledge and experiences gained across all of the previous life’s parallels. As the Soul ages and becomes more adept at creating lives, multiple separate starts of the next life can be of interest to Essence, which we refer to as concurrent lifetimes [having multiple bodies and personalities on the planet with the same time and space]. All of you here have had at least 3 or more versions of your Personality "die" in some parallels by now. These deaths DO NOT affect the remaining Parallels. flimflamdamn: is there some impact of that event in one's life? MichaelEntity: Some fragments can begin to consciously or unconsciously bridge a few parallels and sense the deaths. This comes from a strong connection to Essence, and while the deaths may not strongly affect a sensitive parallel Personality, a vague sense of grief may be felt. upstaate: is this life the main trunk and the rest are parallels? MichaelEntity: There are many Parallels that could be said to make up the "trunk," but we remind you that even the most remote of parallels branched from the trunk are as "real" as any other. We also remind you that while friends, family, etc., can exist within the same space, some may be in their "trunk" reality while others are not. It has been thought that the ideal parallels would be as close to your "trunk reality" as possible, since this is the path most harmonious with Essence's original ideas for the life, but that is not necessarily the case. The reason for this assumption is because most of the branching parallels have been created from the decisions and choices made from the level of Personality, which can be made as a result of ignoring Essence. Any reality that disconnects from Essence can be difficult, and it is not unusual that a “branch” parallel is created from that disconnection. The “trunk” realities are inherently connected to Essence, so the perception can be that one “should” be as close to that trunk as possible, then. What many do not consider is that if any "branch" reality seeks to invite Essence as part of that path, harmony and connection is generated as much for that Personality as any other. In all Parallels the Personality Overleaves are the same, but the use of the Overleaves may be very different. It does not matter from which parallel "you" exist. You are as real as any other. Invite Essence to participate and co-create, if you choose. We will conclude here. Our channel has had a long day of work with us. We realize there are many directions and depths we can explore in this topic, and we will eventually do so with those of you interested. Good night to all of you.
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    I don't remember Michael through Troy going on at any length about money, but in general they consider it a "tangible form of energy" and part of living in our current Young-soul paradigm. As we move into the Mature soul paradigm, we will be transitioning (in the next 25-75 years) into a resource-based economy (as opposed to debt-based economy, which is what capitalism is) that is more about managing actual resources rather than using money as a medium of distribution. I don't have a lot of time to search for various places where Michael mentions this, but if you search for "resource-based economy" or "debt-based economy" or "century of debt" or "century of choice" or "Jacques Fresco", you should be able to find information on this topic. If you'd like to understand the history of money and how it has worked for us in the past, I highly recommend the book Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harrari. That book is quite Michael-esque and has great insights into the collective fictions (one of which is money) we use to organize society.
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    Since the next IS are all aiming toward forms of activism, my guess is that they will be doing more physically than past IS. I'd assume that they will be in high profile exemplication of what they're sharing about tackling the climate change crisis. But even so, I sincerely doubt they're going to rally everyone up to physically support them and be a literal leader. It's more likely they'll continue doing what they do, and their message will strike a chord in everyone even beneath any illusions, fragmentation and chaos- that gravitates those who wish to support their cause into even greater movements. They'll be speaking up in unprecedented ways, but we will be the ones to take that challenge on and spread even more activism, or hate the reality they're reflecting back to us. The IS is happening with Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn after all- plus Uranus in Taurus & Neptune in Pisces. Capricorn sextiles Pisces and trines Taurus- which means we're getting some of the most flowing earth energy here. Literally relating to the earth, our government, our material reality, our contributions to the world etc. They'll be bringing an even greater flashlight upon those matters. Personally though, I'd rather not wait for the IS & instead start making and spreading these needed changes right now. It's a Warrior year, so we've got the perfect time to act on our causes, and not just hold them in our hearts like in 2017.
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    Honest question - does the Infinite Soul have to be someone we all will like here? Could it be someone who actually goes against not only Young/Baby Soul dogma but Old/Mature stuff as well? Is it possible that they could cause a real stir at TLE with a set of opinions that even we will find really confounding until we think about it all for a bit and become humbled by them as we realise their motives? The IS seems to be a mysterious force a bit beyond our current comprehension so it seems strange to imply that they'll act in accordance with our way of thinking, we too may be in for a bumpy ride. I was just wondering about this as we live in quite a politically divided world at the moment and the IS has to get through to everyone, not just those who follow progressive western thought like many of us here do. Maybe they'll have to throw a few curve-balls here and there to make sure everyone pays attention and can relate? If not, some groups might feel really crushed by an unexpected revelation which could invite more chaos into the world. If so, it is a possibility that some of those revelations may even surprise us enough to make us mad for awhile... Whatever their message, I wonder too how grouchy they will come across. It'll be hard to create a profound message on a bed of roses when there is so much wrong in the world. That, and they will have to either take some controversial sides or make some strange compromises on certain issues which may be up to our collective interpretation as to what they're actually implying, especially if there are five of them each coming from a different angle. The five miracle people we all hope for could in fact bring us a LOT of tears if they start ripping up accepted truths for many different groups of people, they may leave us with more conflict than when we started depending on how the messages are taken and whether the five are seen as a collective group or very different people with conflicting ideologies. If the IS achieve things otherwise, they'll have to either do something really strange we can't fathom right now that changes everything or just be really profound and vague in a way that affects change over time through the seeded ideas.
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    I didn't know where to post this, but I'm excited: hyperloop technology is coming to Denver for reals: CDOT, Arrivo and E-470 Announce Major Partnership to Build Hyperloop-Inspired Transportation System E-470 is my preferred route to the Denver airport, which is 40 miles from my home. Given no traffic jams on non-toll roads, it's no faster, but there are ALWAYS traffic jams on the non-toll roads so I never take those when I have to catch a flight.
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    Know what you mean. I know from my own channeling experience having a minor voice change was strange to start with but the complete personality change exhibited through Jane was remarkable. Though she was a trance channel which is completely different from "Jessica Landsing's" Ouija board, automatic writing or my own conscious channeling. I started channeling a different entity who really effected my vocals deeply and powerfully. My Wife rejected this entity as it scared her. It/they were very accommodating and did not return. Jane's/Seth's material in book form was amazing. So rich. Seeing her in the throws of the trance detracted and distracted from the material. Robert Butts was a champion to record it in the way he did.
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    MFM was my intro to Michael, and I still recommend it for beginners (while telling them that it is corny). I know some people recommend Jose Stevens' book as an intro, but I have never been fond of that one. We really need a new, better intro book. Maybe if we keep bringing that up we'll manage to manifest it!
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    @PPLD, I learned one lesson from it. There was something in there about it being ok to talk to others about your problems and how doing so isn't necessarily going to harm the other person. I forget the context but it told me to be less scared and to speak my mind more and not worry about what others may think or feel about what I have to say. That's all I can remember lol! I've taken more interest in the Seth material lately to be honest.
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    There are about 30 hits when you do a search on Transcendent on this site, going back to at least 2007. Other examples mentioned in those 30 hits are Mother Mera and Goethe. The concept of "Transcendent" not Transcendental, goes all the way back to MFM, where Jesus is described as a 7th Level Old King, Transcendent, and without any overleaves or centering. I use "post-graduate lifetime," because to me it seems clearer to newbies. There's a considerable lack of clarity on this because Mohammed was Transcendental while Jesus was Transcendent, but Jesus hosted the Infinite Soul while Mohammed didn't.
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    Could it be dangerous to talk about this sort of stuff you think? I didn't think it would be, we have no direct proof concerning our finger-pointing and there are plenty of other spiritual groups out there who speak of second-comings of Jesus and what-not, chances are nobody would pay any attention to the concept of 'Infinite Souls' except for us. I've never been the government conspiracy believing type however, and others may feel very differently about pointing out sensitive information on an online forum which anyone could theoretically be tracking. If we could be blowing someone's real chance by talking too much, maybe we should consider keeping our mouths shut. If they are to build a cadre of followers though, I'm not sure how they are going to keep quiet unless it's a closed group! I was wondering about the minor body type thing too. I assumed the Nibiru influence only appeared when the IS walked into the body and not when the candidate was born initially as an Old 7 soul like any other. Would the Infinite Soul have the power to add an extra body type upon entry though? I just assumed it could but I'm not sure and I don't think the M's have been asked. Never heard that thing about Jesus being 'transcendent' either, I thought he was just a regular Old 7. Is being transcendent different from Transcendental like Gandhi was or are you referring to the same concept? Cause it sounds like you're saying that Jesus was not a reunited entity coming back to Earth but simply someone taking an extra life after their Old 7 monads were done (an "Old 8" such a thing existed ?).
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    I'm not so sure all Old 7s are candidates. First, of the Infinite Soul manifestations we know of, Krishna was Transcendental and Jesus was Transcendent, that is, he had completed the Old 7 level and was back for what I think of as a "post-graduate" lifetime. We don't have that information for any of the others. More importantly, being a candidate requires a pre-life agreement and is usually (always?) associated with a specific minor body type that doesn't appear for anyone else. It looks to me like the primary life task for a candidate is preparing the body for the manifestation and possibly building a cadre of followers - Jesus certainly had them prior to the manifestation. Finally, I am extremely leery of pointing fingers at candidates: there's too much chance that that will simply draw a target on their backs. There are a lot of interests who would like to stop anything that would upset their agendas in its tracks.
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    Could Australia have a potential candidate in waiting? I know not every activist can be the IS and there are plenty of Mature and Old Souls doing this kind of work but I felt it was worth mentioning Clinton Pryor, an Aboriginal Australian man who walked the entire length of the country in order to stand up against the forced closures of Aboriginal communities in Western Australia. An article about him: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-12-25/clintons-walk-for-justice-meet-the-man-walking-across-australia/8140914 His website with various blog posts: https://www.clintonswalkforjustice.org/ Unfortunately the reception our Prime Minister gave was less than impressive. (Keep in mind Malcolm Turnbull is from the same party as the infamous Tony Abbott - basically Australia's answer to the US Republicans) http://www.sbs.com.au/nitv/article/2017/09/06/clinton-pryor-turns-his-back-prime-minister I haven't read through all of the pages thoroughly, but the story sounds really interesting.
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    I wonder what his Review will be like: coulda shoulda woulda
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    Oh, I don't think there's anything specific on that point -- really, it's more an artifact of the timing and inference! Within the human timeline project it looks like Michael said that the alien intervention at 1.5 million years ago was specifically focused on changing humanity's diet (because of the whole fermentation problem and various famines and such, too many human lines were dying off.) Michael also said that this was the same time that humans really started up with the cannibalism and meat eating thing. The subjects may well be unrelated, but I find it odd (and a little humorous) that the data points available are: 1) Aliens occasional intervene to fix our unstable, hybridized bodies sometimes via cross-breeding and genetic manipulation at times when we're at risk of species collapse. 2) One of these interventions was specifically focused altering human diet. 3) At the exact same time that an intervention is underway specifically focused on altering human diet, humans start eating meat -- apparently for the first time, or at least for the first time that it gets a major mention. Points 1 and 2 may be supposed to be entirely divorced from point 3 (especially with correlation not equaling causation!) but the timing sure makes it sound like meat eating might have been one of the adjustments made or otherwise encouraged! Doubtless Michael would say that he never said nor implied that scenario: but from what's been said, it's quite possible to infer it!
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    Ha! And if anybody happened to say to you, "Lookin' good!", you'd have to wonder - do they really mean 'good enough to eat'???
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    As one who lives in the Pacific Northwest, I'm still amazed that more hasn't been done with utilizing possibities with geothermal energy production. You can hardly get any cleaner than that, better than hydroelectric even since it won't affect fish populations that rely on being able to freely navigate the tributaries. We have so much latent energy literally right beneath our feet that is untapped so far.
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    @Evelin Troy has channeled that humans started eating meat when there was mass starvation (due to climate change?) about 2-3 million years ago, and humans started eating their dead as a matter of practicality, and the taste for meat stuck with us ever since. The transcript is somewhere in the Fringe materials.
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    @Bobby Animal agriculture produces about the same amount of greenhouse gases as all of transportation combined, not to mention the deforestation and environmental costs of the land required to raise and produce feed for the animals. Reducing meat consumption can have a major impact on the environment almost immediately without a major lifestyle adjustment and change in infrastructure. Here's an article on the topic and more can be found by googling "meat and climate change". https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/environment/2016/mar/21/eat-less-meat-vegetarianism-dangerous-global-warming
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    It's really strange but I feel I can remember what the infinite soul manifestation is like. The person moves entirely beyond all the personal barriers of the self and becomes directed solely by the enormous power of essence. They do whatever their agreements are and yeah they can only last for a short time. But during that time they have absolute jurisdiction over the direction of the species. Every individual is affected by it, without exception. I can only think that in between lives I must have been a witness of the life of an IS on the astral plane.
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    "Soul Age" describes one of the most immediately practical and useful aspects of Michael's body of information. The Soul Ages describe the very basic stages every soul will go through in the process of its evolution. Your Soul Age helps describe where you are in that process. Soul Ages can also help describe the average perspective of groups of people, communities, countries, etc. Understanding the Age of an Essence, or a group of Essences, can greatly increase your ability to be accepting, adaptable, compassionate, and constructive. Ironically, this part of the Teaching can also tend to be the most susceptible to abuse, misuse, and complete distortion among Students. Remember that the Soul Ages are not hierarchical and that one Soul Age is not better or worse than another. Before an Essence commits to a cycle of lives as a Human, it will go through a long process of energetically exploring the Earth and all of its kingdoms of life forms, along with all the other souls who are considering becoming Human. Some souls decide to move on to other planetary systems and some souls never even choose to incarnate. Since you are reading this, your Essence decided long, long ago that this planet and all it has to offer was just the right place for your adventures! The Essence enters its first lifetime! What happens next is an incredible journey of dedication, intensity, and adventure in the school of Earth and playground of life! Each lifetime gains more knowledge for the Essence and the use of that knowledge is continually improved upon when planning the next lifetimes. As the knowledge and experience grow, so does the maturity of the soul, and that maturity is described as a Soul Age. The progress through the Soul Ages is Essence-determined and no other Essence, or God, or Tao, or institution, or ANYTHING monitors your speed or level of growth. Your Essence is the only one who can determine when to move on, and how long to experience a Soul Age! There are 7 Soul Ages to the experiences of living life as a Human being. We will only cover 5 here as they are the most relevant to you in the beginning. There are 2 additional, extraordinary Soul Ages that are experienced after the completion of all of your lifetimes as an individual soul, but we will not cover these in the Basic Teachings. Each Soul Age can take as many lifetimes as the soul wants or needs to take, but there is an average of 49 lives per Soul Age. Infant, Baby, Young, Mature, and Old INFANT Infant Souls are those that are new to being in bodies and new to the planet. They are usually superstitious and fearful, choosing lifetimes set away from the chaos of modern life, or at least living separately from it, even if in the midst of it. The basic lessons of the Infant Soul are Survival. The lifetimes tend to be centered mostly on learning how to feed, clothe, and keep the body alive. Since the forests and other isolated areas of the world are all but gone, Infant Souls have fewer places to choose for being born and being "left alone"; therefore, they appear to be choosing to be born in more "concrete jungles" over the past 50 years or so. Infant Souls contribute to the rise in the homeless population in metropolitan areas as these souls are learning lessons of survival in the "new jungles". Infants can be as accomplished as anyone else, but there is an edge of instability and even insanity in their eyes. Most modern Infant Souls get into very big trouble, mostly through murders and breaking the civil, unspoken "rules" of a society. There are very few Infant Souls coming to this planet anymore since there are very few places left to incarnate without older soul ages interfering. The Infant Souls who are already committed to a cycle of lifetimes will tend to find it difficult to keep older soul ages from either exploiting them, or being compelled to rescue the Infant from its survival struggles. The Infant Soul Motto might be, "There is ME, and everything is just scary and threatening!" As the Infant begins to learn how to survive, it begins to seek experiences in groups, which leads them to the Baby Soul Age. BABY Baby Souls have fairly mastered the experiences of basic Survival and now seek experiences focused on how to behave in groups. Baby Souls gain experiences through supporting an authority, being civil, enforcing order, being clean, law-abiding, structured, etc. The development of most Religions is rooted in Baby Soul values and ideals. What better way to bring order to a large group of people and to encourage respect but through the mythologies of a vague, scary, parental God who can get angry and punish you if you misbehave? There are many forms of religion, of course, but one can see why Baby Souls would be drawn to this context. There is a security in the churches and the rules and laws are handed out by an unquestioned authority. Baby Souls will rarely question, they simply have the decisions handed to them from a trusted authority, which they will defend blindly. They do not ponder their individuality, except in terms of how they fit into the contexts handed down from an authority. All things based on order, structure and justice are Baby Soul concepts, like the library systems, judicial systems, and police forces. Baby's see the world only in terms of "ME, and NOT ME". This means if you are "NOT ME", you are wrong, bad, and possibly "going to hell". They see everything in terms of black and white, good and bad. Baby Soul's seek such order, it only makes sense to them that you behave within their own terms. Their world is strikingly "black and white", but as the soul grows through the Baby stage, it begins to gain an individual identity, which leads to the Young Soul Age. YOUNG Young Souls have learned all they can from being civil and listening to authority. This Age is like the adolescence of Soul Ages. The Young Soul seeks recognition, fame, excitement, stimulation, material rewards, and they are highly competitive. This is where the soul begins to indulge in the physical plane and really get into some trouble and adventures! This Soul Age tends to be the least spiritual, though they will use religious or spiritual groups for networking or help to maintain a position of authority over other people. It can be very difficult for a Young Soul to be spiritually conscious since the focus is so strongly on being as physical as possible. Young Souls are gaining experiences about individuality, self-expression, competition, self-sufficiency, strength, abundance, endurance, and prestige. They see the world in terms of "there are you and me and I am going to win." When an Essence has indulged in the physical plane, experienced all its riches, there will come a point of realization that "there is more to life than this", and that is the step toward the Mature Soul Age. MATURE Mature Souls have learned all they could from having everything they have ever wanted; they've been rich, been recognized, and extracted whatever they thought was important to obtain from the physical plane. Once they have all of that experience, the soul and personality figuratively look around and say, "now what?" It starts to seek experiences focused on emotional connections and spiritual intimacy, wholehearted trust. The Mature Soul finally confronts the internal sense of separation gained during the Young Soul Age and begins to reach out to others in pain. Most Mature Souls find intimacy through the sharing of intensity and emotions, seeking others who can identify with such personal, inner struggle. Mature Souls are the most intense and dramatic about life, which helps encourage the questions of "who am I?" and "Why am I here?" They begin to turn away from organized religion, preferring a more personal spirituality. They begin to recognize the sources of pain and oppression in society and seek to alleviate those influences in any way; therefore, the Mature Soul actively supports some form of "Rights", such as Gay Rights, Animal Rights, fights against Apartheid and Child Abuse, etc. They crave closeness and meaning in their life. This Age is where the soul begins to want to contribute and "count" for something. The Mature Soul sees the world as "there are you and me and I know how you feel." Many of the Students of the Michael Teaching who are drawn to this teaching are somewhere in their Mature Soul cycle. When the Mature Soul has begun to soften its boundaries, has forged some profoundly intimate relationships, and has built a sense of inner security and peace, that soul then begins to feel a gentle, but haunting, pull to find what feels like "home", and they know it isn't "here". OLD Old Souls now have gained the experiences to help them discover where they fit in, who they love, and they have answered some important questions about why they exist and "who" they are. They now begin to question everything on a larger scale. "Where do we all fit into the scheme of things?" "How does reality work?" "What is Love?" "How do I get Home?" The Old Soul feels a strange sense of being "tired", and knows that one of the last profound experiences will be in finally, utterly, accepting and loving this world, the people in it, and everything about it; the experience of truly unconditional Love. More difficult than discovering a Love for the world, is the final, most difficult experience of all,... the Love of You. That experience can be most terrifying because Old Souls have glimpsed the magnitude of the vastness of the Universe across all of their lifetimes and they realize their tiny place in it. The Old Soul begins to sense a need to understand what I like to call "home"; a vague place that is obviously "not here", but truly a place of oneness with the universe and life. They begin feeling a deep recognition of other people that is not limited by the current lifetime. Old Souls can see the entirety of a person, "remembering" other people from other lifetimes. A challenge for the Old Soul is to now draw wisdom from their souls, using the knowledge gained across all of their own lifetimes, and understand how to live and communicate with all other Soul Ages. They begin seeing past the veil that separates the Physical from the Non-Physical, which draws the Old Soul to mystical and profound spiritual experiences. Eventually, the Old Soul learns to experience life with a uniquely balanced sense of awe and familiarity, as it experiences its last lifetimes and seeks reunion with their spiritual family. A SPECIAL NOTE on Older Souls and "status": Some people may think that those who are claiming to be "Old Souls" are delusional, misinformed, and/or saying they are Old Souls just for attention or status. This is ironic because the people who are overly concerned with this subject are unwittingly revealing that they are the ones who actually interpret Soul Age as a status symbol. A truly Old Soul is not going to be preoccupied with status and labels. It has been said that if an Old Soul were told he is a Young Soul, he would ponder the possibility, but if a Young Soul is told he is a Young Soul, his defenses go up because there are obviously "better", "more advanced" Soul Ages. Soul Age is meaningless as a status symbol to those who study this Teaching as a means to gain an understanding of themselves and others. If someone really is claiming to be "old" as a way to seem better than someone else, you probably won't see them around this Teaching very long, anyway. Using Soul Age as a status symbol would only make sense if all of the students saw that term as indicating one soul age being better than another soul age, but the foundation of the Michael Teachings makes it extremely difficult to maintain that kind of superficial comparison. Another important consideration: Some students have a stereotypical interpretation of how an Old Soul "should" behave or not behave, describing how an Old Soul should feel or express himself, etc. The point that these people are missing is that the reality of being an Older Soul is that you have all other Soul Ages under your belt of experiences! This means you do have more flexibility in choosing how to behave, how to express yourself, what tools to draw from, etc. There will be times when an Old Soul appears to be a Young Soul, simply because he can or needs to use that aspect of himself. In the same way that a physically-aged Adult of 40+ years old can get rejuvenated and heal by playing like a child (or with a child) in that child's games, so can an Old Soul play the Young Soul games, if necessary. Being an Old Soul doesn't mean you avoid material security, living hand to mouth, resisting technological advances, and sit around philosophizing while waiting to die. In fact, since the Old Soul has all of those lives under the belt, it draws strength and wisdom from ALL levels and seeks to LIVE more fully! That means that an Old Soul may just WANT to play out a Mature Soul drama, or have a business that succeeds like a Young Soul, or draw from the Baby Soul experiences as a means to have order and respect within a household and family, and sometimes the Old Soul just might get silly and free with the Infant Self through dancing and drinking! The whole POINT of getting to a place where you are an Old Soul is that you have gained the perspective of each previous Soul Age and can use those perspectives as you wish! Musical Chairs I'd like to share an analogy that helps you to keep in perspective that the Soul Ages are NOT better or worse. Imagine you walk into a room with a stage in the center and 5 chairs all set up in a large circle, all facing the stage, and there is a lot of activity on the Stage for you to watch! The first chair in the circle can be likened to the Infant Soul Age. It's the first time in the room, it's the first time you are seeing the stage, so you sit and stare and fidget and observe and get as comfortable as you can. You watch the Play, but you also look around the room and shift in your own chair, nervous, but getting adjusted, and not really knowing what is going on. At some point, you begin to understand that the key is in sitting still, watching the play, and gaining some insight that way. You then move to the next chair. Now you are in a new position in the same room with the same stage with the same play. BUT, not only has your perspective changed but now that you understand where to focus, this makes the play even more interesting! Someone else has now seated themselves in the chair you previously occupied. You do remember what the room and stage looked like from that previous chair, and what players you could see better, and what activity on which you got a better angle, but now you have a new perspective from your second chair! You can see things in the room you didn't notice before, you now see different props, etc., while the person in the first chair (your previous chair) is observing from the angle you originally had. From your position you now have the memory of the previous chair PLUS the experience of this newly seated perspective. The first person is not better or worse, only in that he/she is seeing the room, the stage, and the play, from a different chair! You now move to the third chair, the fourth chair, etc., all the while learning to see the room and stage and play from a new perspective while also retaining the perspective of the previous chairs occupied. It is important to note that all of the Soul Ages you have experienced (all of the chair perspectives that have come to pass) are now within your grasp to remember and draw from! It wouldn't be very appropriate to turn to the first chair while sitting in the third chair and scowl or judge them because they cannot see from your point in the circle. You, yourself, sat in that chair at one time, and though you gained what you gained from that chair, a new person may even notice things you completely missed, so there can always be something to learn from those sitting in positions you previously occupied. ALL Soul Ages can be recognized for what they are: a different point on the same circle. Your point in the circle has as its capacity for understanding and showing compassion for the previous Soul Ages. For instance, a Baby Soul and an Old Soul in an argument will mean that the Old Soul may have to draw from his/her Baby Soul skills to help the situation along. The Baby Soul has not had the experiences of seeing the "room" from the same place as you, but you can remember what the room might be like for the Baby. This does not make the Older soul better than the Baby Soul, any more than an Adult is better than a Child, but one simply has the ability to be more responsible and adaptable, if he chooses. THE WORLD NOW If you look at the world in terms of the average Soul Age, you will see a much more interesting and compassionate picture than if you simply look at the world as a place of chaos, war, struggle, and division. Some populations will have a higher percentage of one Soul Age, which will give a culture or society a different environment and approach to life than another population. There are Young Soul societies, such as the United States, and there are Old Soul societies, as we can find in Holland. Within a Country, you will, of course, find "pockets" or communities of Soul Ages drawn together. The world is now officially and technically predominated by Mature Souls. This can be seen in the breaking down of boundaries and connecting of people all over the world with telephones, televisions, traveling faster, and even with the Internet. It can be seen in the Berlin Wall coming down, the environment being seen to be Global, not just local, it can be seen in the Human Rights Movements, Gay Rights, Animal Rights, Women's Rights, etc. Though the world is officially "Mature", the United States is just coming out of a long Young Soul phase and is slowly introducing the effects of a more Mature Soul mentality. There are still Young Souls in power making decisions that affect us, and even though it will take a while for Mature souls to find power and leadership appealing, they are making their way into these positions slowly.
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