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    HAVE ENTITY, WILL TRAVEL Many of us get the wonderful and amazing and moving experience of gathering together at TLEGG every year, but in addition to our gathering in 2019, I want to travel to 3 to 5 locations for a mini-Michel Meetup so that people who cannot travel so easily can hang out together and experience a live channeling session with Michael! I'll come to you! Hugs will definitely ensue! HELP NEEDED: Contact Liaisons I need volunteers in key locations to help me coordinate and secure everything necessary to create a local Michael Meetup. CURRENT LOCATIONS On the agenda so far are CHICAGO and PALM BEACH and TORONTO If you live in Toronto, Chicago, or Palm Beach, please reply to this thread and let me know if you would like to be my local contact and help coordinate your local event. DATES CHICAGO - Tentative dates for Chicago are late March around the weeks around Chicago Comic Con (March 22 - 24) PALM BEACH - to be determined TORONTO - to be determined HELP NEEDED: LOCATION SUGGESTIONS (including Europe or Asia!) If you think you have enough people who would be willing to gather for a nice event of hanging out and having a conversation with Michael, please reply to this thread and post your suggestion. I would love to bring Michael to Europe and/or Asia, so don't be shy about the possibilities! MINI MEETUP CRITERIA A minimum of 7 people Local Volunteers for helping coordinate event All expenses must be covered regarding travel and lodging. These expenses would have to be shared across individuals attending and would be built into the final fee. MINI MEETUP EVENT IDEAS For these mini events, I would love to coordinate an entire afternoon into the evening so we get to spend a lot of time together. Ideally, this would mean meeting up for a bit of social time, then have a 2-hour session with Michael, then go to dinner/drinks together. If you want any of the above to happen in your local area, please chime in and I will see what we can do with 2019! YAY!
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    Holy smokes! So much I am grateful for. Here goes! *Troy, Michael, these teachings and this community. You all touch my heart and soul on a regular basis and remind me of the depth and breadth of the truth, love and energy that is me, everyone and this exquisite phenomena called existence. *my dear friends Quinn, Nick, Peter, Shaun and Will. These men have become a core group of friends in my life. Our whole agenda and purpose together is simply to have fun, enjoy life and each other and speak about how awesome it all is and how grateful we are for it all. We're been to Hawaii twice together, Burning Man twice, YouTopia twice (a regional Burning Man event near San Diego) and various other events like my 40th birthday in Idyllwild near San Diego. I feel so deeply grateful to have peeps I can be utterly myself with and share the silliness, depth and joy in my soul with on a regular basis. They help me to appreciate life more and more and more. *my house-mate, Penny. Our home is such a sanctuary, and we are like two peas in a pod! When I moved in over a year ago, all our crystals moved in together! lol She is such a warm, genuine light in my life. The parallels in our lives are crazy, and we are both there supporting each other just by being ourselves. I haven't felt this at home in my home since...1st year of college in my single dorm room! There is so much more I could say about this wonderful Canadian lady... *I am so grateful that I am finally starting to get the hang of this thing called life! This year was my personal 7 year (numerology/Michael's personal cycles), and I went deep and wide. Now I find myself understanding what it means to live. It means (at least one thing it means) to BE OPEN TO LEARNING AND GROWING!!! And I finally realize I can't do that while constantly letting fear of failure and/or embarrassment stop me from even trying. The game has changed, and I find myself ok with being wrong, making mistakes, being embarrassed, being called out, etc., and I am so grateful to be where I am. I feel like I am just now starting to really live. Right on time! So, much more, of course, but these were what immediately popped into my mind. Cheers!
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    @NickG Woman On The Edge Of Time is SO good. So unnerving. I used to recommend that people read it as companion with Ursula K. LeGuin's "The Dispossessed", for another equally plausible look at a different utopian society (among other things - it's also just a goddamn good read): https://www.harpercollins.com/9780061054884/the-dispossessed/ I'm also going to make a plea to look beyond Amazon whenever possible. They're a terrible company. My literary agent once called me just to tell me how evil they are to authors and publishers. Their treatment of workers is not good. And, they have collaborated with ICE on this creepy thing: https://www.aclu.org/blog/privacy-technology/surveillance-technologies/amazon-met-ice-officials-market-its-facial You can order pretty much any book you want through your local independent bookstore. Most of them participate in programs that allow customers to do that. Just ask them! You can also order online through http://www.powells.com . I also use http://www.abebooks.com especially for used art books. Amazon did buy them, but when you order via Abe you're still ordering directly through independent sellers. This is a matter of importance to me, as far as my choices go. What and who do I support with my money? Amazon is not a force for good. They get us all with their convenience, but what are we trading away? There are other companies we can support. There are better ones. It's impossible to be pure in a nihilistic capitalist society, but we don't have to submit to this giant monopoly that treats humans like such shit on so many levels.
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    Since you are all on the topic of what a Mature soul society and choice economy might look like, you may like the book Woman on the Edge of Time. It's a fantastic book I read for my Science Fiction class in school this semester. I don't want to spoil anything but it involves a kind of channeling, time travel, aspect. Might be something you'd all get into lol Here's the amazon page for more info. https://www.amazon.com/Woman-Edge-Time-Marge-Piercy/dp/0449210820
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    Oh gosh, I will put this on my list because I'd really like to get that information out to everyone! Thanks for the reminder!
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    This video may help. On of the fallacies that is taught in every economics course, even mine is that without money we would have to barter. This has not been seen archaeologically. Primitive societies that don't have money work much more communally. No money needed. Bobby asked a few years ago about his life in a resource based economy. Micheal stated that Bobby plays the flute. That is what he does. His contribution varies from teaching others, to just playing on the balcony for the passersby, to private or more formal concerts. Thus, my wife crochets. She loves coming up with new hats based on characters like the Muppets. So, in this economy she could she would make hats. Sometimes it might be traded directly like barter...or a more formal concert. Other times it might be just given away because someone asked. Obviously, we can't live on bread and hats alone. Food stuff would be freely given. Those who manipulate food stuff, (bakers, chefs, random person who likes to cook) could trade directly just bake because they like to. I see many things automated. Like Sanitation, which would include recycling literelly everything, including what goes down the toilet. Pressurized sewer systems to leading to composting systems to process materials in to safe useable substances. These things already exist. The biggest change is the paradigm shift that needs to occur. We exist in a system seen as in accordance to human nature. Competition is viewed as "natural". The focus is on the self. Thus the blame goes on the self as well as any success. Thus success is never shared and it is considered moral to make more money. The only way to do that is take more. Thus, everything is viewed as exploitable. There is a mountain of silver in south america that is venerated by local tribes, who cares, the Spanish Empire need the silver for currency. Enslave them to work the mine so you don't have to pay workers. We still do this now. The future economy will recognize how we are all part of the same system. Exploitation and such will not be viewed as acceptable. It will also not be able to occur in such a widespread way because the current idea of take as much as you can without regard to consequences will be replaced. The contribution model Micheal discusses can work only if the economic philosophy is focused on helping each other and ensuring the health of the planet and humanity as whole as PART of not EXEMPT from the ecological system. Anyway, I have to stop now. I have a headache.
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    I had two related dreams last night. In the first, I saw interconnected circles similar to the look of some crop circles. One circle appeared to represent @Matt and the other circle @Troy. Via these circles I could see messages from each person. Matt was trying to tell me that Troy had a message he wanted me to read. Then I woke up. A few minutes later, I fell asleep again. Troy, several other people, and I agreed to meet up in a city. I am not certain where though. This was a gathering of a small group of students. We stayed together in this building as part of a plaza and got to know one another. There was a fairly large parking lot outside where we parked our vehicles. We went to dinner together too. There were three other people present who I have seen before on TLE or in the Facebook Great Gatherings group. I believe they were Bobby K., StickFlames, and Kerrin. The other people I did not recognize except that there was one other man present who felt strangely familiar to me in the context of the dream. This was a single day gathering. We said our goodbyes in the parking lot. I saw Troy, StickyFlames, and Bobby get into a car before heading out. I just read Troy's post about his idea on additional gatherings at different locations. I find it so interesting to have had this dream the night before he posted his message about the gatherings.
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    In the simplest terms, karma is imbalance. When someone chooses to remove someone else's ability to choose in a way that generates intensity, an imbalance is created which energetically links the people involved. Michael calls the energetic link a karmic ribbon. If the act of karma was severe enough, the imbalance will not go away, and subsequent Personalities of the involved Essences will be drawn together again and again until the karmic imbalance is re-balanced in another lifetime, or in between lifetimes. It can be balanced in an 'eye for an eye' type scenario, but gradually the soul learns how balancing karma in this way often leads to the karma repeating itself. As the soul ages, more creative ways are found to balance karma. Michael also includes Self-Karma in their teachings. Self-Karma is exactly what I've described, only directed at the self instead of another person. It fractures your psyche, in a way, by creating two opposing sides within yourself and forcing you to play both sides. It's a mess. Self-Karma does not carry over from lifetime to lifetime. It is also worth mentioning that we Older Souls have the ability to drop newly-formed Ribbons which are imposed on us. Karmic Ribbons are locked in by the Intellectual Body, so if the victim of a karmic imbalance can shift their perspective in a way that transforms the intensity of the experience into something healing and beneficial, something which releases the intensity, then Karmic Ribbons can dissolve before they fully solidify.
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    It is no secret that I revile Christianity and fervently believe the world would be better off without it. So it should come as little surprise that Tim Minchin's "Come Home Cardinal Pell" is one of my favorite pieces of music in the universe. Below I will describe some context which will make this music shine all the more brightly. Cardinal George Pell from Australia, a very powerful and high-ranking member of the Church, will soon be standing trial for sexual crimes. Back in the early '70s, George Pell lived with fellow priest Gerard Ridsdale, who would go on to be defrocked, convicted, and jailed for sexually assaulting over 60 children, some as young as four years old. Claiming ignorance, George Pell worked diligently over the years to intimidate victims and keep the Catholic Church from being sued. For example, sex-abuse-survivor David Ridsdale (Gerard Ridsdale's nephew) accused George Pell of bribing him to keep his allegations under wraps. In 2014, Cardinal George Pell's fixation on protecting the Church's money paid off, and he was offered a full-time position in the Vatican's newly created Secretariat of the Economy. Pell left Australia and moved to the Vatican, where he managed the Church's budget and fiscal responsibilities. In 2016, when he was summoned back to Australia to answer questions relating to his potential involvement in Gerard Ridsdale's misconduct, Cardinal Pell initially refused to return home, citing his ailing health as the reason why he was unable to travel. And that is where Tim Minchin enters our story. Over the course of 3 days, back in 2016, not long after Cardinal Pell's lame 'I'm sick' excuse for not travelling to Australia, Tim Minchin created his song "Come Home Cardinal Pell", which calls George Pell out for his misdeeds, shames the everlasting fuck out of him for being a useless piece-of-shit waste of a human being, and then dares Pell to return home and do the right thing so that God won't send him to hell. Minchin's song was written in a day, performed/recorded on the second day, then edited in post-production on the third day before being released. It has a VERY catchy melody, which WILL get stuck in your head, and it is for all of the right reasons. It is very fun and cathartic to sing. Tim Minchin has done a very good thing, placing himself in legal jeopardy to give a voice to people who may not have had one before. In the song, he actually dares Cardinal Pell to sue him (because doing so means Pell would have to return to Australia). Pell probably would have been within his rights to do so, but he never did.
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    I haven't contributed much here at TLE yet. I'm still feeling my way around but this seems like a pretty good place to start. I'm really grateful for this life, it's been an incredible ride and there's still so much to look forward to. I'm also grateful for good health and a moderate sense of being. Without that, #1 wouldn't likely be possible. .... and I'm grateful for the people in my life, especially the playful, feisty, pixie-woman who brings so much creativity and laughter to our home. I wish everyone a positive new year full of love and happiness.
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    yes exactly. Here is a bit more detail that I share with my classes, for those that are interested. Two definitions for simplicity sake. Asset= someone owes you. Liability = you owe someone. T-table is a list of assets and Liabilities. Looking a generic consumer (GC) in the US. They usually have liabilities of a mortgage, Credit Cards, perhaps an Auto loan, most often Student Loans. Let's say these are all paid to Generic Bank (GB) The GC also has assets of Cash, checking account, Savings account, Perhaps an IRA or 401K. I am keeping it limited for simplicity. The assets of the GC are Liabilities to the GB. So, the GB owes the GC the value of the Checking, Savings, and retirement accounts. Thus, every Asset to someone is a liability to someone else. Now. The GB has some different assets. They have the assets of the GC loans. They also have reserves on deposit at the Federal Reserve, cash, and other bond and stock holdings. So now we have a third player. The Fed has liabilities of, literally all US currency minus coinage, member bank legally required deposits at the Fed. Their assets? US Treasury Securities, literally all the gold in Fort Knox, and some FOREX (ie foreign currency) What this literally means, is that currency is not created until the US Treasury Department creates the debt. The US government then has to pay interest on those debts with cash that didn't exist until the debt was created. The same thing happen with mortgages and every other debt. Bobby is right. The problem is the debt is the spice. In this economy, it must flow. When it stops, ie 2008, things fall apart and the tertiary economy of the finance sector suddenly effects the very real economy of main street USA. It is an entirely unstable economic system. The Fed was created in 1913 and has done a terrible job at managing the currency. Michael has stated that this time of economy has a built in time bomb that blows at about 100 years. That time bomb is inflation. Bobby explained that aspect very well. Basically, the system has to keep expanding until it gnaws it's own corpse and dies. We are at the end of it. It remains to be seen how the collapse will happen. We have been falling for 20 years. Now we are in the end game.
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    Last update: December 9, 2018. Note: 2019 Overleaves are preliminary. The table below shows all the annual overleaves found in a search of material posted on TLE: see Energy Reports for access to archives going back to 2009. Prior to 2009, Energy Report content was typically given within Michael Speaks sessions. It appears that annual overleaves were not given in their current form until 2006, but there were earlier sessions that mentioned all or part of the overleaves. We know there is significance to an overleaf appearing in consecutive years, so these are in bold italic in the table. Significance of 2 or more consecutive years of an overleaf (as quoted from Michael in Energy Report: December 2017 Role: "tends to mark a shift in positions of leadership and what defines value in a society" Goal: "tends to be a period defined by issues of progress and/or prosperity" Mode: "tends to be a period defined by the challenges and rewards of common ground and problem-solving" Attitude: "tends to define a period where society is marked by striking revelations and awakening" Center: "tends to mark a period of time defined by geological and weather dynamics" Chief Feature: "tends to be defined by issues related to revolution" Note: In this chart, the > symbol indicates sliding from a neutral overleaf. Year Role Goal Mode Attitude Center Chief Feature 2019 Sage or Artisan Flow > Acceptance / Discrimination Observation > Passion / Reserve Realist Moving Self-Destruction 2018 Warrior Dominance Power Pragmatist Higher Emotional Greed 2017 Priest Submission Passion Realist Higher Emotional Greed 2016 Server Discrimination Caution Cynic Moving Self-Destruction 2015 Scholar Submission Caution Stoic Higher Moving Stubbornness / Greed 2014 Priest Growth Passion Realist Intellectual Impatience 2013 Sage Flow > Acceptance / Discrimination Power Idealist Intellectual Self-Destruction 2012 King Growth Passion Spiritualist Emotional Stubbornness 2011 Priest Flow Caution Pragmatist Moving Impatience / Martyrdom 2010 Sage Dominance Power Spiritualist Emotional Arrogance / Self-Deprecation 2009 Server Flow Passion Idealist Moving Impatience / Martyrdom 2008 King Growth Perseverance Spiritualist Emotional Arrogance 2007 Warrior Dominance Observation Realist Higher Intellectual Stubbornness 2006 Sage Acceptance Passion Spiritualist Emotional / Intellectual Impatience / Martyrdom 2005 Server Acceptance Observation Unknown Higher Emotional Self-Deprecation / Arrogance 2004 Sage Re-evaluation Passion / Reserve Pragmatist Emotional Unknown 2003 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Moving Unknown 2002 Priest Discrimination Passion Pragmatist Moving Impatience / Martyrdom 2001 Scholar / Sage Acceptance / Discrimination Observation Cynic Intellectual* Greed / Impatience 2000 Priest / Sage Flow > Discrimination Passion Idealist / Skeptic Instinctive Greed / Self-Destruction If you find errors or omissions in this table, please open a topic in the Site Suggestions & Feedback forum and provide sufficient information to allow the correct information to be located. * Originally channeled as Moving but later corrected.
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    This sounds like an exciting idea. I am in the western part of the US. I do not know any other active Michael students in my area but would be interested in attending and contributing to a gathering if there are enough people in this region who are interested.
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    I'll be there in Chicago, though I cant host
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    If it could be in the summertime, like July, I'd love to go. It's not too far a drive for me.
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    Dates for Chicago aren't set yet, so you never know!
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    Ha! You and my professor must have been on the same wavelength because the Dispossessed was the first book we read for the semester followed by Woman on the Edge of Time. Lol small world.
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    Connor, Seth speaks chapter 21: in about 50 yrs and structured religions will be gone. Great song, true lyrics, think of the karma that awaits him and all like him
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    Awesome, thanks!! The syntax seems so different so I thought it was one of those new "channels" claiming to be channeling Seth. Even though her channeling was almost entirely through speaking, the syntax does change between the conversational and the dictated sessions. It's the same for me and Michael. Writing syntax is very different from my channeling in oral conversation with live groups. Thanks for the link!
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    Very good information. Thank you. @Troy I thing you told me that nothing was done regarding this statement: We are working with Troy in creating two new ways of determining your own basic profiles: a self-test, and a step-by-step process of elimination method. We believe this will help many of our students. Nonetheless, there is already lots of useful information provides in this message and other messages (It might be quite there if one is combining all this info together )
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    I've literally dreamed of being immersed in a Choice or Resource-based Economy and daydream about it ALL the time. It's never far from my thoughts. In many ways I'm already "practicing" by giving freely of myself and my "services", without monetary recompense, where I can. I make a point of noticing myself and others "practicing" this and I say to myself "yes, I'm/we're getting ready" and it makes me smile. Here's some channeling from Michael (via Troy) that might add to the conversation on Economies: CHOICE ECONOMY Original question posted by Jon on 10/13/08: Michael recently spoke of our economy based on debt being replaced by one based on choice... what does an economy based on choice look like? What are the key differences? I guess that the debt economy is based on the idea that "you owe me... because I did something for you". What is a choice economy based off of? Perhaps prioritization of resources? Is the system the same, but with a different emphasis... or is the system markedly different? FROM MICHAEL: An economy generated by Choice would be one in which each individual finds that which he or she is best at contributing and then does so because it feels good to do, create, give that thing. This is then reciprocated by the joy others have found in discovering what they feel good about doing, creating, giving. Access to all resources is based on personal need and not on hoarding. No one would tend to take more than is needed because the concept of competition has come to a close. Competition is replaced with Contribution. Natural joy and fulfillment evolves from the emphasis on Giving, and not just on the Consuming. "Laziness" is no longer a concern, because it is comprehended that for one to Give or Contribute, it must come from Choice, not from obligation or expectation. This tends toward a community that sustains inspiration and enthusiasm, while honoring the fluctuating moods and choices of the individual. There are no debts because when one cannot, or chooses not to, give or contribute, he is seen as simply making a choice that will then be replaced with another choice at another time. This economy tends to begin with a leaning toward fields organized within contexts of NEED and WANT, with some amount of overlapping. For instance, foods, sanitation, water supplies, healing, teaching services may fall into the NEEDS contexts, while arts, entertainments, invention, spirituality may fall into the WANTS contexts. Of course, the overlapping occurs when one can see Art as a form of Healing, or Invention as a form of support for Sanitation, etc. The economy of Choice then tends to discover that everything is "needed," and that "want" is a concept of the past when it was assumed that Want was less important than Need. In the evolved economy of Choice, it is quickly discovered that it is rare that one Wants more than one Needs, and that this is a relative concern best left to the individual's choice. While there would still be pros and cons to this kind of economy (such as structure and consistencies), the pros far outweigh the cons in terms of health, happiness, and peace. Reply by Leela on October 24, 2008: On a practical level, how does a choice-based economy deal with money and concepts of trade and markets? I don't mean stock markets, I mean actual markets. I ask because it's hard to imagine, in real terms, what this would look like, since humanity has lived with market economies for a very long time. FROM MICHAEL: (in response to Leela's comment) Trade would still exist, but would be a matter of choice and comprehension, not rationing. Exchanges would be direct, rather than through the use of a controlling, irrelevant medium such as currency. A choice-based economy is a resource-based economy that does not rely on money. This may be a bizarre concept, but it is natural and a part of most evolving cultures at some point. In other words, a choice-based/resource-based economy would ask, "do we have the resources to provide what we need and want?" rather than "do we have the money to provide what we need and want?" Relying on resource as the factor for access and sharing frees up a massive depth of resources inherent within humanity that have rarely been tapped. We realize we are speaking in simplistic terms, and this is partially due to the fact that what we describe would require much greater elaboration if we are to share the details of such an overhauling paradigm, and partially due to the limitations of this channel (and students) for delivering and comprehending such a paradigm. We have suggested for Troy to read the works that are being explored and implemented by those within the kingdom of the Magnetic King, Jacque Fresco, and we would suggest the same for our students. In many parallels and vectors, this fragment holds the greatest impact on what you would consider to be your "future" as a species.
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    Also @Sam K, I also use DEBT to refer to the fact that it carries into not just physical, but emotional and intellectual parts of life too. Basically, in the economy we live in if we want/need anything we seek out those who have more of it (or hopefully have more of it) but those sources we seek from either withhold what we want/need or put conditions on it. That means we have to keep coming back to them, and thus become indebted to them to gain what we want/need. All relationships under this economy then become based in CO-DEPENDENCY, because there will always be someone who controls and another who is controlled. This is a system designed by Young Souls to control Baby Souls from becoming chaotic nuisances that prevent Young Souls from doing what they want. But it also affects every Mature and Old Soul as well- because until a Mature Soul realizes how power and wealth can be shared, they will refrain from rising up together- and until an Old Soul stops resigning apathetically, they will remove themselves from social change under the guise and excuse that it's pointless. A Debt Based Economy tries to put a price tag on everything so that there is always someone who owns that. The only things it can't price and own is what is abundant- such as air and sunlight. But it will do what it can to reduce or corrupt those abundant things too to earn more. It then creates a dominant medium of capital that people have to use to get things. In our case that has become money, but it could be anything such as good looks, sex, compliments, grades, newest tech, material security etc. Anything one can collect that is viewed as the highest symbol of status. Those who don't have enough of this capital then can't get what they want or need so they will suffer and often die. A step up from this system is a RESOURCE-BASED ECONOMY that founds relationships upon CO-CREATIVITY. This is an economy that removes the middle man capital and just gives value to you and the resource you want/need. When we say we want money, we don't actually want it, we want what it can get us. That's the resource. It's also actually real, unlike money. We can create a Resource-based Economy by using Science, Technology and Humanitarianism to create an abundant quality of life for all, while declaring all resources the common heritage of all the world's people. Because everyone can then have anything, provided it is available, this leads to Co-Creation which means two+ people will create their relationship together by informing, understanding, improving etc. each other from a place of resonance and guidance rather than control.
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    Yes, it's in the The Seth Audio Collection (Vol 1: 6 Hours + Transcripts). Here's the link: https://sethcenter.com/collections/the-seth-audio-collection
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    1. I am grateful having found the MT and to have the opportunity to have sessions... when I read the original Messages book, I thought, how awesome those people received messages... and now I can, too! Thank you TLE and Troy to make it possible! 2. Nature... the hills where I hike and the plants on my balcony 3. My job... this sounds controversial as it is really stressful and hard most of the time, and I do not know how long I stay in there, but it allows me the background to pursue my spiritual quest first of all, and still, in the middle of the chaos there I always wonder how nicely do my scholarly and priestly energies manifest... Well, in both poles sometimes..