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    I just started reading it. It's going to take a while and I'm going to have chills the entire time. I'm so glad it exists. May we find our way to a just future. Here's a no-paywall link someone shared on Twitter. http://pulitzercenter.org/sites/default/files/full_issue_of_the_1619_project.pdf
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    I seriously thought I remembered a session from an election year in which a number of candidates were from C5. But perhaps that was another parallel. Anyhow, while searching for that session, I ran across this session about the 2016 election: Politician Overleaves. I was very surprised to see that the GOP candidates still standing at the time were ALL Cadre 11! And I also found this article: Cadres and Entities 101 -- Cadre 2 = Knowledge (questioners, insight givers, facilitators) Cadre 5 = Beauty (artists, highlights the best of things) Cadre 11 = Enlightenment (teachers, ‘light’ bringers, providing structures for perceiving reality) I remembered that Michael is also Cadre 11 from their Energy Ring. Hopefully our "local" Cadre 11 that is trying to hold back the tide of the Mature Soul Age is learning a lot from the experience. I'm trying to remember that SOMEDAY they will wise up. We do need to confirm that the current candidates are all from our own Energy Ring. In one of my own sessions with Michael they indicated that "Cadre 2 has had a long-game, so to speak, in regard to moves into power for help in securing a Mature Soul paradigm." The context of that particular discussion -- to me -- opened the door for them to say the candidates mentioned at the time (Biden, Harris, Warren, Bennet, Buttigieg and Booker) were not from the same Energy Ring, but Michael did not make that distinction. So I'm fairly sure these are all our own Energy Ring's Cadre 2 members, but it would be wise to ask, along with the extended question of why our own Energy Ring is so heavily represented among candidates given the very large number of Energy Rings on the planet.
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    I'm reading all of this with interest, because one of my closest friends is, I believe, an Artisan with self-destruction/self-dep. Reading the Varda text upthread, I think I also recognize the bandmate I am having issues with right now, in the stuff about fear of losing control and obliterating a situation rather than enjoying it and potentially not controlling it. All very helpful. Those of us on the outside of self-destruction can have a very sad time watching loved ones keep themselves isolated, not do or make the things they truly want to, and so on. I've never known how to handle it.
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    @Luciana Flora it might be a cultural thing as well. In countries like US, UK, Canada, Australia, NZ, etc. it seems to be common for parents and older people to emphasise the potential of young people, sometimes to the point of creating cynicism as the young realise that they may be getting set up for false hope, or herded towards a particular goal which may not be that fulfilling to them. It can be a slap in the face also when someone grows up and that 'potential' is not reached, and the people who initially praised them seem to express regret at ever believing in that person, as if they were spoiled for being told things that they had never asked for, when in truth it would probably have been better to have been given actual solid advice instead of something similar to "You are so great! Life is going to work out for you!" when that might not necessarily be true. What I've described seems to be an issue with a lot of people in my general age group (the so-called 'Millennials', born from around 1980-2000), although I haven't experienced it as harshly as some.
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    @KurtisM and @Luciana Flora somehow I can relate to both of your stories even though they are different. There were times in my life where I felt like I was the intelligent one who had a bright future ahead of me and there have been other times where I felt like I was just a failure and a burden on society. I think one of my issues was that I had too much of a traditional and limited sense of what success could be, and when that success became unreachable, or I felt fatigued because that notion of success was not fulfilling to me deep down inside, I became very depressed and lost. I feel like I've recovered from those feelings somewhat now, and I can focus on constructive hobbies again without the constant strain or guilt of not reaching milestones that I felt I should have before, and I can just take life as it comes. I think sometimes, or perhaps most of the time, in life, you have to build your own success and find out what it means to you, rather than just going with what the world tells you about it. This is probably especially true for Old Souls, as part of our learning here on Earth is to break through previously defined thresholds to find a clearer truth behind them.
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    I don’t have self destruction as a Chief feature but definitely have an intimate dance with isolation as I’ve basically pulled myself from all relationships in close proximity to me that aren’t work related. I also have always had a very hard time making things I want and going after the things I love. It sucks donkey balls but it’s not something anyone can fix for anyone who is like this. All I can say is reach out to those people who you see as having these issues if you have the inclination. I think Michael said self-destruction is one of those chief features that needs intervention from an outside source in order to get what ball rolling in dismantling it. I do know all the people that stick with me are the ones who reach out from time to time, seem to give a shit even if I’m in a low depressed state, which admittedly is most of the time. They mean the most to me. If it means something to you, just stay available for them. It’ll more likely than not end up helping them in the long run and they will be oh so grateful for it. I know I am.
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    @KurtisM I completed my 4th IM for real in 2016 or thereabouts. Incongruity and struggle are a natural part of life, and if you are a marginalized person of any sort, like, say, a woman in this capitalist patriarchy, it won't go away just because you know who you are. What you see in my posts is just life. The incongruity Michael is talking about is something different. I never posted the followup session where they went into more detail about this for me. They told me that I'd more "taken a break", which was interesting. I will say here that it definitely feels different to be done with the 4th in the +. But it doesn't make struggles disappear, Kurtis. It just means im more authentically myself when I face them. I'm not trying to pretend to be fuckin' cute and unthreatening anymore.
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    @Leela Corman, thanks!! It'll take a while to read/view it all the way though but I've started. 1619 is a full display of the Overleaves for 2019, especially the Artisan Role and Realist Attitude (both stood out to me), and, of course, what Michael said about this being a pivotal year: ROLE: Artisan (emphasized all year) CENTER: Moving (emphasized all year) GOAL: Flow → Acceptance/Discrimination (emphasized Jan - Mar) MODE: Observation → Passion/Reserve (emphasized Apr - Jun) ATTITUDE: Realist (emphasized Jul - Sep) THIS IS IT - On a personal and global scale, it could be said that 2019 is a pivotal year for everyone on the planet. It is a Moving Centered year of great changes, endings, and beginnings. Grief will likely be a great part of the energy in this year, as well as relief. Allow room for both of these states because you may find yourself moving between them on a regular basis. On a personal scale, it will be helpful to determine that this is the year you will do what you have been meaning to do, and actually, do it. Own your strength and motivation and use your imagination and action and intentions to truly follow through with what you know will improve, calm, and fulfill you, even if this may seem to be a very minor thing. On a larger scale, consider your part in the collective patterns and follow through with any changes or practices you know will help “the world.” Be a part of the world and not apart from it. Own your place in the collective creation of freedom for your fellow beings on your planet. This is it. We are not being dramatic when we say that “the world,” and even your personal world, are in a pivotal state during 2019 and the greater your participation, the greater your contribution to the more fulfilling direction.
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    While talking about this subject with @Maureen, we realized that it would also be good to know where these candidates are in their Internal Monads. Knowing that information has always been helpful to me in understanding a person. In the case of assessing a potential President, I think it would also be beneficial.
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    Coconut oil is a saturated fat, which, as far as current medical science knows, is not the greatest for you to consume. I’d recommend cold-pressed olive oil or sesame oil if you need to cook with an oil. Coconut oil is wonderful for the outside of you though; it provides some great binding ingredients for your skin and hair that help to keep moisture in.
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    Les Âges de l’Âme et leurs Responsabilités Traduction d’une causerie avec l’Entité Michael (EM) le 27 août 2016 Source anglaise : https://our.truthloveenergy.com/topic/817-michael-speaks-august-27-2016-soul-ages-and-responsibility/?tab=comments#comment-2472 Entité Michael (EM) Bonjour à chacun de vous. Nous sommes maintenant ici. Nous pouvons commencer. DianeHB: Bonjour Michael VIP: Salut Michael hoho: Salut Michael !! EM: Nous comprenons que le sujet demandé est l’exploration de la Responsabilité en relation avec l’Âge de l’Âme. Premièrement, il est important de définir ce que «Responsabilité» signifie ici. Dans ce cas-ci, nous utiliserons ce terme avec deux significations différentes mais qui dépendent l’une de l’autre. La Responsabilité est une combinaison de notre "aptitude à répondre (response-ability)" et de notre sens de l’imputabilité. Notre aptitude à répondre et notre sens de l’imputabilité se combinent pour définir notre état de responsabilité. Lorsque notre sens d’imputabilité est élevé, mais que notre aptitude à répondre est faible, la culpabilité peut s'ensuivre, ou la défense, la défaite, la retraite, ou même la dépression. Lorsque notre sens de l’imputabilité est faible, mais que notre aptitude à répondre est élevée, une obligation peut s’ensuivre, ou un engagement excessif, une ingérence, une interférence, ou même le complexe du sauveur. Le sens de l’imputabilité est le sentiment d’être directement ou indirectement une partie de la cause d’un événement, d’un état ou d’une condition. L’aptitude à répondre dépend de nos ressources, de notre accès à ces ressources et de leur mise en œuvre. Ce dont nous parlons aujourd’hui en termes de l’Âge de l’Âme ne dépendra pas de ressources matérielles, mais des ressources qui sont en chacun de vous. Cependant, de la même manière que les ressources matérielles sont abondantes dans le Plan Physique, vos ressources internes le sont également, mais il existe souvent un processus requis pour les "exploiter", les combiner, les construire, les sécuriser, etc. Vous êtes riches en ressources intérieures, mais si vous n'avez pas fait le travail de les amener à la surface pour les utiliser, elles vous sont tout aussi inutiles qu’une nouvelle voiture quand vous n'avez pas d'argent pour la payer. Cette analogie n’est peut-être pas la meilleure, mais notre point c’est qu’un travail doit être fait Nous pouvons faire ressortir 7 Responsabilités que chaque fragment doit développer et adopter tout au long de sa vie. Chaque Responsabilité est travaillée à chaque Âge et Niveau de l'Âme, mais l’emphase diffère selon l’Âge de l’Âme. Il est donc raisonnable d'établir une corrélation entre les Âges de l'Âme et les Responsabilités. À chaque Âge de l'Âme, il y a 3 Responsabilités prioritaires. Deux d'entre elles sont les mêmes pour tous les Âges de l'Âme. Ceci permet de créer une triade de Responsabilités pour chaque Âge de l’Âme, deux d’entre elles devenant de plus en plus capables et fortes, de sorte qu’elles peuvent soutenir l’emphase qui sera mise sur celle plus particulière à cet Âge de l’Âme. Les deux Responsabilités qui sont partagées par tous les Âges de l'Âme et qui pourraient servir de points de connexion pour créer la base de la triade sont: La CURIOSITÉ La CONSCIENCE Ceci signifie que peu importe l'Âge de l’Âme, vous avez ces responsabilités à assumer. Il sera toujours de votre responsabilité d’être Curieux et Conscient. Le Pôle Positif de la Curiosité ici est le RISQUE. Le Pôle Négatif de la Curiosité ici est le DANGER. Le Pôle Positif de la Conscience ici est le CHOIX. Le Pôle Négatif de la Conscience ici est l’ACCABLEMENT. Lorsque votre Curiosité est saine, vous prenez les risques nécessaires qui vous font évoluer. Lorsque votre Conscience est saine, vous faites les choix qui vous font évoluer. Il peut sembler que « le Choix » devrait être une des Responsabilités, mais le Choix n'est pas un choix sans conscience. La Conscience doit évoluer pour qu’évolue la capacité de choisir. C'est pourquoi les choix d’une Âme plus jeune sont limités par rapport aux choix d’une Âme plus âgée. Ce n'est pas que les mêmes choix ne soient pas disponibles à tous les Âges de l'Âme, c’est que la Conscience n'est pas là. Lorsque vous atteignez le Vieil Âge de l’Âme, vous êtes devenu un expert de la Conscience et vous pouvez avoir un sentiment d’accablement en regardant le monde et en réalisant le manque de Conscience et les limitations déroutantes des choix que les autres semblent penser qu’ils ont. Comme Vieille Âme, vous avez une plus grande Responsabilité dans l'utilisation de votre Conscience et de votre capacité de Choisir. Beaucoup de Vieilles Âmes aiment feindre une sorte d'amnésie spirituelle et esquive cette Responsabilité par tous les moyens possibles. Lorsque le monde semble trop accablant, la Vieille Âme peut avoir tendance à réduire sa Conscience le plus possible afin de ne pas être autant blessé. Une des dernières choses apprises en tant qu’Âme dans le plan physique est ce qu’il faut faire de tant de Conscience. Il est important d’apprendre cela, car lorsque vous aurez terminé votre cycle d’incarnation, vous commencerez à avoir accès à «tout». Et les compétences nécessaires pour trier, comprendre et aimer cet accès à «tout» doivent être développées et fortes car cet accès est associé à de grandes Responsabilités. La Curiosité est la volonté d'apprendre. Comme vous pouvez le constater, la Curiosité et la Conscience sont les Responsabilités fondamentales à chaque Âge de l'Âme. Les responsabilités restantes que nous pouvons corréler à chaque Âge de l’Âme ne se limitent pas à cet Âge, mais tendent à être la priorité au sommet de la Triade des Responsabilités et sont soutenues par la Curiosité et la Conscience. ÂMES NOURRISSONS Les Âmes Nourrissons ont comme Responsabilité prioritaire l’AUTONOMIE. Le pôle positif ici est la SURVIE. Le pôle négatif ici est l’AUTOCONSERVATION. Toutes les Âmes Nourrissons ont la priorité de Survivre, mais elle ne peut pas être maintenue sans la priorité de l’Autonomie. Lorsque l'Autonomie est dans le Pôle Positif, cela signifie que la Survie ne se limite pas juste à l’autoconservation mais inclut tous ceux qui sont une composante de la vie. La Survie dans ce sens ne se limite pas au soi, mais à la protection de l'existence. Si quelqu'un n'apprend pas à Survivre et à aider les autres à survivre, alors l'espèce meurt. Ceci est très simpliste à l'Âge Nourrisson et augmente en complexité à mesure que l'Âme et l’espèce vieillissent. Ainsi, la Responsabilité de Survie est encore importante pour la Vieille Âme, mais elle peut impliquer bien plus que la simple reproduction. ÂMES BÉBÉS La Responsabilité prioritaire pour l’Âme Bébé est la CONFIANCE. La Confiance a un état direct et imbriqué qui est relié à la Dépendance. Plus on apprend à Dépendre de soi-même et qu’on apprend quand et comment dépendre des autres, plus on peut développer la Confiance. Le Pôle Positif de la Confiance ici est la CONTRIBUTION. Le Pôle Négatif de la Confiance ici est l’EXCLUSION. Lorsque la Confiance est saine, l'individu trouve des moyens de Contribuer. Lorsque la Confiance fait défaut, il peut tenter de se renforcer en glissant vers l’Exclusion et de supprimer tout sentiment de menace à la Confiance. LES ÂMES JEUNES La Responsabilité prioritaire pour les Âmes Jeunes est l’EXPRESSION. L'Expression est la capacité de créer des formes et des média externes pour des réalités intérieures. Le Pôle Positif ici est l’INNOVATION. Le Pôle Négatif ici est l’IMPOSITION. LES ÂMES MATURES La Responsabilité prioritaire pour l'âme Mature a tendance à être l'AMOUR. Il peut sembler que cette priorité serait celle de la Vieille Âme, mais le travail de vraiment saisir ce concept se fait durant l'Âge Mature de l’Âme. Le Pôle Positif est l'EMPATHIE. Le Pôle Négatif est l’INDIGNATION. LES VIEILLES ÂMES La Responsabilité prioritaire de la Vieille Âme est de SE PRÉOCCUPER. Lorsqu’on atteint le Vieil Âge de l’Âme et que notre capacité de Conscience s’est beaucoup élevée, la Responsabilité de Se Préoccuper devient tout un défi. Ce n'est pas que la Vieille Âme ne Se Préoccupe pas ou ne veut pas Se Préoccuper, mais plutôt le contraire. Elle peut avoir le sentiment de trop Se Préoccuper. Le Pôle Positif ici est la RECONNAISSANCE. Le Pôle Négatif ici est l’APATHIE. Lorsque la Vieille Âme Se Préoccupe d’une façon saine, il y a Reconnaissance, validation, confirmation, etc. Vous savez pourquoi vous vous préoccupez, vous savez de quoi vous vous préoccupez, et vous savez pourquoi c’est important de vous en préoccuper. Vous ne vous blâmez pas de vous en préoccuper, mais vous en Reconnaissez la valeur, l’importance, la nécessité. C'est aussi un chemin vers la Reconnaissance de l'Essence en soi et chez les autres. Vous ne pouvez pas Reconnaître l'existence, l'Essence, la valeur, la signification, la réalité d'un autre ou de vous-même si vous ne vous en préoccupez pas. Lorsque vous sentez que vous vous préoccupez trop ou que vous ne souhaitez pas être Responsable de vous Préoccuper, vous pouvez tomber dans l'Apathie, ou la fermeture à ou la réduction de, ce dont vous vous préoccupez. Mais vous devrez, éventuellement, assumer la Responsabilité qui vient avec Se Préoccuper. Ce n'est pas facile, et ce n'est pas toujours agréable, mais c'est important et cela vous informe des choix que vous pouvez faire qui contribueront au bien-être de toutes les autres Responsabilités. En tant que Vieille Âme, vous pouvez avoir la responsabilité prioritaire de vous Préoccuper, mais vous êtes maintenant tellement Conscient que vous savez que vous êtes également Responsable de maintenir votre Curiosité et d’embrasser votre Autonomie, votre Confiance, votre Expression et votre Amour. Nous pouvons maintenant prendre 10 minutes pour répondre aux questions, s’il y en a. ***** LA FILE D’ATTENTE EST MAINTENANT OUVERTE ***** Oui, ViP. VIP: Bonjour Michael VIP: Revenons à votre description initiale de la Responsabilité, qui est une combinaison de l’aptitude à répondre et du sens de l’imputabilité. Ces deux éléments, ainsi que le degré de conscience qu’une personne a, définissent-ils son spectre de choix? EM: On pourrait dire que cela aide à définir le spectre de choix * conscient * de cette personne. VIP: ok EM: Un individu peut avoir beaucoup plus de choix à sa disposition, mais il n'en a pas conscience, les ignore, les nie, leurs résiste, etc. Cela ne réduit pas ses choix, mais réduit son éventail de choix conscients. Par exemple: l’Âme Bébé peut vraiment ne pas avoir la capacité de choisir consciemment d’aimer au-delà de ce qui lui est familier et acceptable. Cette capacité d'aimer existe et ce choix d'aimer existe, mais pas la capacité de faire un choix conscient. En d'autres termes, le choix d'aimer peut encore être fait, mais pas compris ni saisi. VIP: Très instructif, merci! EM: SUIVANT Nan: Je suis désolé. J'ai tapé une question à envoyer et elle a disparu. C’est à propos du Pôle Négatif d’INDIGNATION de la Responsabilité d’Aimer de l’Âme Mature. Nan: J'aimerais comprendre cela un peu mieux. Je pense que je m'indigne de choses sur lesquelles je ne peux avoir aucun impact. J'évite de trop porter attention aux changements à l'Université dont je suis retraité, parce que je m'indigne et que de toute évidence, je n'ai aucun impact. Nan: Des commentaires sur cet aspect ou d’autres aspects pertinents de l’INDIGNATION en tant que Pôle Négatif de la Responsabilité d’Aimer? EM: Ceci est un bon exemple. C’est quand l’AMOUR, ou l’effort d’aimer, se transforme en distractions sur l’équité et la rectitude et les conditions pour aimer. L’Indignation n'est pas une "mauvaise chose", mais c’est une version limitée de l’Empathie. Si vous souhaitez passer à un état plus sain de Responsabilité pour votre Amour, vous voudrez comprendre que l'Amour est un verbe. L’Indignation n’a pas à, ni ne veut, faire le travail. N'oubliez pas que l'Empathie est elle-même un travail et que si vous devez faire le travail de trouver un terrain d'entente et une résonance commune en dépit de votre aversion pour les changements, alors voilà ce que vous pouvez faire. Vous ne pourrez peut-être pas changer la situation des autres ou contrôler leur direction, mais vous avez VOTRE expérience qui était vôtre et que vous possédez toujours. Ce n'est pas une réponse complète à vos préoccupations, mais dans le cadre du sujet d’aujourd’hui, vous pouvez transformer l’Indignation en Empathie en reconnaissant que vous avez eu des expériences significatives et que d'autres auront désormais les leurs dans une dynamique qui leur conviendra peut-être mieux à eux qu’elle ne vous aurait convenu à vous, même si cela ne semble pas être le cas. C'est à eux de résoudre. Dernière question: Maureen. Maureen: Avec ce qui se passe dans le monde à l’heure actuelle, avec le monde en train de basculer résolument vers l’Âge Mature et tout ce que cela implique, qu’est-ce que les Vieilles Âmes peuvent « faire » ou « être » qui pourrait aider en cette période? EM: Continuez de vous en Préoccuper même quand c’est douloureux. Causer de la douleur n’est pas la même chose que causer du tort. Parfois, il est douloureux de Se Préoccuper, et lorsque de Se Préoccuper mène à causer du tort, ce n’est pas de s’être préoccupé qui en a été la cause. Mais nous savons que ça peut faire mal. Cette souffrance est l’écart douloureux entre votre vision, vos désirs, vos volontés et la réalité définis par votre perspective, vos envies et vos besoins. Cela ne vous aidera pas à cesser de vous en Préoccuper, ou à ne pas faire d'effort dans les directions qui vous préoccupent, mais sachez que de Se Préoccuper apporte autant de joie que de peine au fil du temps. Concentrez-vous sur quelque chose, n'importe quoi, dont vous vous préoccupez et que vous visez. Que cela soit suffisant. Prenez des pauses et reprenez votre souffle, puis concentrez-vous à nouveau. Mais continuez de vous en Préoccuper, même quand ça fait mal. Vous ne pouvez pas vous en Préoccuper "trop". C'est un mensonge. Nous avons plus à dire à ce sujet, mais nous devons conclure ici pour ce soir. Nous terminerons avec la note que ces informations partagées ici constituent un ensemble de mots pouvant décrire les Responsabilités prioritaires qu’a chaque individu au cours des Âges de l’Âme, mais il peut exister d'autres façons de les décrire. Nous dirons également qu'il existe des couches et des profondeurs qui pourraient être explorées plus avant dans divers contextes comme les événements mondiaux et les relations. Nous encourageons l'exploration plus poussée, bien sûr. Bonsoir à chacun de vous. Au revoir pour le moment. Tableau récapitulatif des Responsabilités Âge de l’Âme Responsabilité Pôle Positif Pôle Négatif Tous Curiosité Risque Danger Tous Conscience Choix Accablement Nourrisson Autonomie Survie Autoconservation Bébé Confiance Contribution Exclusion Jeune Expression Innovation Imposition Mature Amour Empathie Indignation Vieille Se Préoccuper Reconnaissance Apathie
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    I'm currently in the 6th Stage of the 4th IM, but definitely see I've entered the 7th Stage's -Incongruity too. I think Incongruity is a bit like you having accepted "this is who I have decided I am", but instead of focusing on that self-realization, you're focusing on everything and everyone that is still saying who you are that you know you obviously aren't anymore. In other words, you're not putting your energy into & seeing the beauty in your new you. That energy and beauty is being fractured and divided across what represents the old you, or the you that others see is you. Considering that, +Alignment would occur when your focus is on YOU as you have truly chosen you are, rather than NOT YOU. I think I see your struggle with Incongruity reflected in your posts- especially concerning your difficulties with iirc your band, your boundaries, the sociopolitical atmosphere etc. But that's just my reflection. I hope this comment helps!
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    I recently had a dream of hanging out with @Bobby and @Rosario. It was a rather strange experience in that I remember being in the kitchen of a home with an old stove and being at a lake or pond simultaneously. While at these places, Bobby, Rosario, and I had a conversation about Lemurians and possible connections to them in previous lifetimes. While at the lake, I searched in the forest nearby. I found four objects. Each one had a unique energy that I could feel. In the dream, the energy felt different in a way that is difficult to explain. From what I gathered, each object represented the energy of the Lemurians. This could have been in the form of one Essence per object but I am not certain. I brought these four objects to the lake and placed them in the water next to one another with some space in between each one. One object appeared as a Pyrite gemstone. The others looked similar to electrical power strips. I think the symbolism for these objects referred to the energies associated to each object. In addition to Bobby and Rosario, I sensed there were other people observing and that there was some concern over placing these four objects with unique energy signatures together in the water. It appeared that that the other people present were uncertain as to the origin of the objects and that the combined energies in the water would be too intense. However, there were no adverse effects that I could see. All seemed well. I then said to Bobby and Rosario that this body of water was familar to me. I said to them that I knew I had been there before and that the Lemurians were present at this place at one time. The three of us might all have been there together. We then had a conversation about the Bermuda Triangle. I do not know if the conversation was related to the Lemurians or not.
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    Johanne, thank you for your hard work on the translations! Future French-speaking students will adore you.
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    Just feelin' this song lately. I love Radiohead, and they are a source for my brooding and nostalgia these days. Here's the lyrics to one of my favorites of theirs: Can't take it with yer' Dancing for your pleasure [Verse 2] You are not to blame for Bittersweet distractors Dare not speak its name [Refrain] Dedicated to all human All human beings [Bridge] Because we separate Like ripples on a blank shore Because we separate (In rainbows) Like ripples on a blank shore (In rainbows) [Verse 3] Reckoner Take me with yer' [Refrain] Dedicated to all human All human beings
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    I keep wondering if my sister ever felt pressured... I really don't know... My family doesn't usually talk a lot about feelings.... Then I only know what I felt... and with me everything was a surprise... I didn't repeat any school year was a surprise... I got a job was a surprise... There was a concern from my parents that I was "not growing up" so when I was 15 years old there was a time when due to a nostalgia I started listening to some children's songs again and my parents thought it was a sign of immaturity... I just stopped listening or hiding because of it.... But after the comments here I imagine that feeling pressured to be successful shouldn't always be pleasant at all... in my case my success was a surprise... even for me.... IoI
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    This is my favourite some of theirs, ever.
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    Coconut oil has so called medium length fatty acids which are said to be healthy for the gut and gut flora because they are absorbed well by cells of the intestine and are food for the friendly gut bacteria, and have antimicrobial properties. If you google, you'll find lots of information on that, I have copied a few links. I use it externally and internally, e.g for skin infection with neem oil, or as a "lotion", and cook with it. I don't think it's as bad as animal-origin saturated fatty acids, unless you eat kilos of it.... but you shouldn't do that with any fat https://www.sciencedirect.com/topics/neuroscience/coconut-oil https://www.amymyersmd.com/2019/07/what-is-mct-oil/
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    @Christina Lily Pedersen I'm regularly fluctuating between Subjectivity and Objectivity, between exhaustion and calm. Also have been accessing the Higher Centers a lot lately. Recently work has been as exhausting and draining as it was during the Nexus Bubble last year. I hope we're not entering another Bubble, but if we are at least I learned from last time. I think there's no other Energy Shifts mentioned because Michael only mentions those relevant to large collections of fragments. However, you might be going through personal Energy Shifts and those would be cool to map.
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    @AnnaD Up to date poll numbers can be found on https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/polls/
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    I got some more candidate Overleaves in my session today. Enjoy!
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    I think my Passion mode fed in to the idea of being “too much”, that I need to tone it down to be acceptable, etc. Maybe the tool of self sabotage. While I don’t have primary Artisan casting or role, my Essence is in an Artisan row of an Artisan block in an Artisan cast entity.
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    Just thought I'd share this here, in light of what's going on in Brazil. https://youtu.be/CqCx9xU_-Fw Should probably mention that it's rather... theatrical, so don't expect a straight-to-the-point lecture or anything, but stick with it, it's good stuff.
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    ENERGY REPORT August 2019 2019 OVERLEAVES ROLE: Artisan (emphasized all year) CENTER: Moving (emphasized all year) GOAL: Flow → Acceptance/Discrimination (emphasized Jan - Mar) MODE: Observation → Passion/Reserve (emphasized Apr - Jun) ATTITUDE: Realist (emphasized Jul - Sep) CHIEF FEATURES: Self-Destruction (emphasized Oct - Dec) AUGUST brings with it a deeper dive into Realist Attitude that may launch August into rough territories of the heart and mind as the negative pole continues to be emphasized. Realist Attitude is about seeing “what is,” and learning how to navigate through what is by keeping in perspective the whole picture, but when Realist is in the negative pole, Realist Attitude still sees what is, but loses the ability to see the whole picture and can no longer navigate through what is, and gets trapped in it. Rather than having the broader context, distance, and Objectivity of the positive pole, Realists in the negative pole fall into Subjectivity and this often means that “everything hurts” because they can only see what they can see. This can often lead to the creation of a loop of Subjectivity that assumes that what one sees is all that there is, and a process begins where the person in Subjectivity looks only for more evidence and support for what the Realist has decided is “what is.” We see August pushing deeper into this Subjectivity with even the most conscious of students having a difficult time seeing beyond what they see as “what is.” On a larger scale, you may see this play out in various ways that reveal how others see “what is” and how they work hard to continue to insist on their version of “what is,” or they do little to change what they have deemed as being “what is.” Groups will continue to form around their versions of “what is” and either push for more proof of what is, or resign to “what is.” On a more personal scale, our students may be feeling something similar in their own perspectives and philosophies about “what is” true about their lives and be locked in Subjectivity. What we can suggest to our students is that you must consciously choose to see more than what you see as “what is.” There is no magic or passive way about this. You must make that choice. You may not be able to see beyond what you can see at the moment, but you must make the choice. This means “sliding” to Cynicism, the partner Attitude on the same Axis. Cynicism is all about contradicting “what is” and being willing to see “what isn’t.” This does not mean making things up or seeing false realities, but being willing to see what you cannot so easily see. For example, if you see yourself as lonely, this is fair and valid, but it is not all that is true. No matter how much you insist on it being true, there are other factors and people and perspectives and actions and communication and care that can relieve loneliness. Contradicting your loneliness does not mean you are not lonely, but it opens a door to a broader possibility. The above is also helpful for looking at the world, politics, relationships, etc, that may sometimes be locked into Subjectivity in 2019. If you find yourself spiraling into a perspective of yourself, the world, relationships, etc. that convinces you that this is just “what is” and that you cannot change it or you find yourself looking for more evidence to support “what is,” you may be in Subjectivity. Some of our students may find that none of the above is relevant and that they have been able to sustain a distance and Objectivity that allows them to see all of what is. We can only suggest to these students, if they choose to do so, that they consider helping others to see more of what is so that they are not lost in Subjectivity. It is not helpful to insist on or preach or tell people that there is more than what they can see, but one can gently invite them to consider that there is more. And we do the same now to all of our students who may be locked in Subjectivity. There is more than what you see as “what is.” There is more. There is always more. There is more than loneliness, more than destruction, more than hate, more than violence, more than war, more than pain, more than illness, etc. Being willing to see more does not mean ignoring what is, but means that you allow and invite and create more to be alongside what is. For example, a catastrophic natural disaster may strike a population and there is no denying that this is “what is,” but it can be a life-saving choice to be able to see recovery, healing, resilience, kindness, community, etc., as part of the greater truth of what is. Be willing to contradict your accurate but limited perspectives and invite, create, or allow more so that “what is” does not consume you. DATES OF INTEREST (dates are approximate): August 1st - 5th -- Energy Shift -- EXTREME AGITATION - August starts off as June and July, but at a more extreme degree of agitation. Some of this agitation may be an undercurrent, but there will likely be an obvious extreme of agitation that triggers a burst of reactions. We can only suggest “riding this out” and getting to a more calming break around August 9 - 11. August 9th - 11th -- Energy Shift -- COMFORT - We see a short window of emphasis on comfort, kindness, patience, celebration, honor, etc. during these dates that may be on a personal scale or collective scale. AUGUST - NO NEXUS HELPFUL THOUGHTS OVER AUGUST: REALITY IS MORE THAN WHAT IS REAL - Reality is not only made up of what you have determined is true, but includes what you do not know to be true, what you have ignored as true, and what you may find as a new level or angle of a truth you already know. Many of our students are quite open to reality beyond what they know as real, but this tends to be true only to a certain extent. Some of the most painful perceptions you may have about yourself, life, relationships, the future, the past, etc. can often be a resignation to “what is,” or a devoted and persistent effort to gather evidence to support only what you have known as “what is.” Be open. Be willing. Be Real.
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    I think we need an update. The iPhone was only a year old when that question was asked, and 4G wasn't even being used yet!
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    2020 Democratic Presidential Candidate
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    @Martha So true for me too, I am in Observation Mode and slide to Passion, and its my natural Mode as a Priest anyhow, "the need to tone it down to be acceptable" I know that one so well, and I am in Flow, sliding to Acceptance, real cool thank you, cause I thought from time to time, I must have Self-Destruction/Sabotage, but no one ever channeled me as that, I have an Artisan Essence Twin from your Entity though. You are a creative Powerhouse, now with the revelation of you, being in an Entity 2, Block 2, Row 2 in a Sage Role, me not wonder anymore. Well, Martha I am from C1E3, throwing alternative perspectives on people, as I go, maybe there is something for you in looking at Self-Destruction as the Fear of Joyfulness. I so appreciate you as the Person that you are, and as Essences in different Personas, there is a deep recognition, we both saw the Earth from space over 6 Million years ago. Thank you so much for sharing all your riches with us in exploring with Michael! @Miizle The Source/Varda and Michael/Sarah/Troy //////,are very much the same. It was Varda that made me aware of Michael. For me to know both, adds and enriches, I have more on the table to choose from and explore, plus I can read in my mother tongue, which helps me to gain understanding without the language barrier, the 2 books translated in English, are still worth the read. Glad that it is useful for you to have a better understanding of your mum, ha and that it fucking makes you mad, geez my mum was like that too, maybe you are more successful in pointing out, then I was, but please don't let it take away from your Joyfulness. CHEERS!!!
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    Thank you for posting this, @Martha. I had quite similar issues with relationships in the past, although it was motivated by Self-Deprecation instead of Self-Destruction. It's still helpful to me on so many levels - so thanks again for sharing!
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    The former Governor of Puerto Rico (Riccardo Rosselló) resigned because Puerto Ricans took to the streets en masse and demanded his resignation. It worked! It's easier to coordinate mass movements in smaller areas like Dayton, or Puerto Rico, but imagine what would happen if the populations of, for instance, California and/or New York struck, demonstrated, or walked out en masse? They, (we!) are the Blue States! @Maureen, you are so right, this seems like it is tied in with this year's Moving center!
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    “Being heroic is the ability to conjure hope where there is none. To strike a match to light up the void. To show us a possibility for a better world—not a better world we want to exist, but a better world we didn’t know could exist. To take a situation where everything seems to be absolutely fucked and still somehow make it good.” “Our crises of hope often start with a basic sense that we do not have control over ourselves or our destiny.” Excerpt From: Manson, Mark. “Everything Is F*cked
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    Nope, we're at least two now The idea of the IS is really attractive and moving for most and it makes complete sense why it would be... but if we can get shit done there won't be a need for IS. I'd rather not be told the dishes are dirty because I can do them myself but If I leave them undone for too long my mom decides to do them herself clean dishes, and all is well, but I really could have done them myself (maybe a little simple, but does it make sense ?) We can do it
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    Sanders is great, and would be my first choice, but I don't think he will get the nomination, and I think his contribution will be to steer the arena of debate towards older soul issues.
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    Ditto guys! I feel I'm already whole. I'm Love Michael said 'Priests manifesting essence navigate life intuitively'. Yes. I feel this undercurrent of trust and enthusiasm even amidst difficulties. Life just flows ... Like when you speak things into existence, Universe hears you and bam!! they happen Living as/ Manifesting Essence = manifesting experiences, opportunities, synchronicities... For example, lately I wanted to apply to an art therapy center. Today I went with my mother to eat lunch at a restaurant 30 min from home. Two women sat at the next table and started chatting. I overhear stuff about art..and then the name of that center! They worked there! LOL.
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    OMW: Support Circle of 12 Workshop — October 2, 2010 Channeled by Troy Tolley (aka CocteauBoy) Note: It might be useful to read this article, originally posted just a few months before this workshop, prior to the workshop content below: Support Circle of 12 CocteauBoy: okay, I'll bring in Michael as needed, but for now, I'll be discussing this first part with you guys... Here are a few vital points to understand about the Support Circle: ONE — You should understand them FIRST as POSITIONS, not PEOPLE. These POSITIONS are always present in every life, even if the PEOPLE (or other source) aren't present or identified. TWO — Each grouping creates a quadrate with YOU in the POWER POSITION. For instance, INTIMATES are Love, Knowledge, Compassion, and you are POWER. This is because these are support for YOU. Allowing those Positions to be identified and active in your life is empowering. Geraldine: Do the people in the Positions change over time? or is it a constant -- one per position, whether met or not? CocteauBoy: THREE — ALL POSITIONS except those in the Spirit Guides Quadrate require a PERSON to fulfill them, though it is not uncommon to find substitutes. FOUR — One Person in your Support Circle should never play more than 2 Positions. Playing 3 or more Positions is stretching/stressing the relationship, and diluting the strengths of that person in your life. Brian_W: if they do play three or more positions, will they eventually "give up" one of them to make the relationship stronger? CocteauBoy: FIVE — One Position from EACH Quadrate is active and present at all times, even if you have not identified it. SIX — If you cannot identify a person for a Position, or if you don't see that Position active in your life, does not mean that the person is missing, and can sometimes mean that it is not a necessary or obvious form of support. Brian_W: ie the child position? CocteauBoy: SEVEN — The process of maturing into acceptance and use of the Support Circle includes, ironically, the lack of necessity for each Position to have an identified person, but that the Position is kept open and alive for ANYONE to play it for you. Geraldine: bingo! CocteauBoy: To answer Brian's questions: AnnH: Can pets be in a position? CocteauBoy: If a person is demanding, expecting, or offering too many Positions of a person or the self, it can destroy a relationship, challenge it, or eventually lead to refining the Positions that are natural to each. Brian_W: ah, thank you CocteauBoy: The Child Position, like almost everything in The Michael Teachings, isn't so literal. We'll get to this in the definitions in a moment. To answer Ann: Pets are substitutes for People, but can tend to fulfill some Positions to some extent. Michael says that we can tend to go for substitutes because they offer the good feelings that come with that Position, but not the challenges that actually lead to True Support. AnnH: ok CocteauBoy: Any more questions about these 7 Points before going on? AnnH: Not from me Martha: no CocteauBoy: So let's go into the deeper definitions and meanings of the quadrates. As we go through these, some of the people from your list will start to stand out. You can make a note next to them in your list, but keep in mind that your notes might change by the time we are done, or over time as you digest all of this. The INTIMATES QUADRATE = Love, Knowledge, Compassion Michael says that if these Positions are not identified, the life can be empty, dreadfully isolating, and bring a tremendous loneliness. But remember that IDENTIFYING a Person for a Position is different from the fact that the Position is always present. When it comes to the Intimates, not only are they always Present, they are ALWAYS fulfilled. That means, whether you recognize it, or not, there IS someone who Loves you, someone who can offer wisdom/Knowledge, and someone who cares about (has Compassion for) you deeply. Michael says that the actual Physical Body would eventually die if those three forms of Support were not actively exchanging energy with you, even if you don't acknowledge it. What Michael says is that we can often block out those who provide these forms of Support because we often wish to choose those people for ourselves, and we tend to choose them based on quite superficial standards. For instance, your neighbor may truly Love you. Actually, completely, unconditionally accept you for who you are, but that "doesn't count" because you are holding out for the romantic version of it that you crave so deeply. Brian_W: hehe, okay CocteauBoy: No matter what you think, feel, reject, demand, expect, etc, you are Loved, you have a resource of Wisdom, and you have someone who Cares about you beyond the surface of your life. This is way more important for you to realize than you might think, at first. It's really profound. Brian_W: Troy, quick question. In the formative years, one might be led to believe that these three roles are usually held by the parents of the child. Would this normally be true? CocteauBoy: If a person doesn't know about these Positions from the stance of a Teaching like Michael's, they still struggle with, or accept, these Positions in his or her life. Brian, hold that question... I want to get out what I know about this first quadrate, and then we'll discuss each quadrate as we go. Brian_W: okay, I'll hold questions CocteauBoy: The Love Position is defined by that person who completely accepts you AS YOU ARE. This person has no investment in your being a "better" person, and doesn't have any concern about your past as defining who you are NOW. To this person, you can do no wrong, in the sense that this person will always be able to see to the innocence beyond even the worst of your behaviour. Michael says that we would be more amazed than we can imagine if we were to truly see how often and from how many people we are truly loved. They say that while we might have a hard time truly loving, and truly being loved, when it comes to sustaining it, our lives are peppered with tremendous MOMENTS of loving and being loved. Even the Love of a passing stranger counts. LOVE = Inspiration = Emotional = Mode The KNOWLEDGE POSITION is defined by that person who can be turned to for advice, guidance, insight, perspective, and general sharing of experiences that are relevant to you. This is a person who knows what you are going through, and has probably gone through it himself or herself, relative to what you need at the moment. To this person, your life makes sense. Things are obvious to them in ways that aren't obvious to you. Michael says that we are constantly surrounded by people who "get us," even if we refuse to believe they possibly could. Brian_W: ha! CocteauBoy: Michael says that we can tend to think our personal experiences are uber-unique and that others couldn't possibly understand, but that most of our experiences are universal and that there are millions who can empathize. When we reject this Position in our lives, we move through it aimlessly, self-absorbed, self-pitying, and again, feeling alone. That doesn't mean someone isn't out there who "gets us," and has great insight for us, if we were to actually be open to it. When we reject this Position, we tend to lack the ability to create meaning in our experiences. KNOWLEDGE = Expression = Intellectual = Attitude The COMPASSION POSITION is that person who is absolutely neutral in his or her relationship with you, and who can see all navigation factors necessary for you. Being so neutral doesn't mean lacking affection or investment, but that ultimately, this person is not threatened by anything that is necessary for you to know, do, or be. The Compassion Position sees you holistically, or as a dynamic being that is not separate from your life, your body, your wants, desires, longings, fears, etc. This Position is also neutral in that even though it is always present, it is never activated until it is sought or asked for. Compassion will never impose itself, and knows that you are ultimately safe, no matter what you do, are, or know. Compassion is active only in the sense that it is always on "standby" mode, like energy saver appliances, lol. or I should actually say, non-energy saver appliances. Either way you look at it, they are always ON, even if idle. Michael says that when we reject this Position, it can show up as our thinking WE know best about our life, and that we must take care of ourselves on our own, without any help, and even if we crave intervention or help, we don't trust it when it's offered. Michael says that we usually have no idea just how many people care enough about us to tell us the truth, to help us generate energy, and to help us accept ourselves, which are the things that Compassion helps bring to integration into the life. COMPASSION = Assimilative - Neutral = Centering By the way... You = POWER = Action = Moving = Goal So with what has been shared here, Michael says that you can look within yourself and around your life and see which Positions you reject or block, and that these can lend insight into how you are using your Overleaves, or how your life is affecting your Overleaves (Personality). For instance, if you look at your Primary Chief Feature, look at its Axis, you can then figure out which Position is rejected or blocked when that Chief Feature is activated. For instance, for those of us who have Arrogance or Self-deprecation, we can tend to ignore, block, or reject LOVE the most in our lives. Brian_W: all too true.. CocteauBoy: You can do all kinds of extrapolations from there, too... Geraldine: Again -- how important is it that we be all of these positions to others' lives? Or is this all from the individual perspective only? It would seem that we could learn to accept these positions if we gave support to others. CocteauBoy: For example, because the Primary Chief Feature affects the GOAL, or our experiences of the world, but that same Chief Feature ignores or blocks LOVE, we might find that we have a hard time feeling fulfillment in our ambitions, goals, accomplishments, unless we also feel Loved. That was an example for Arrogance/Self-deprecation. Another example might be someone with Self-destruction/Greed as a Primary Chief Feature, and this tends to ignore, block, or reject KNOWLEDGE. That might mean that this person can't really feel fulfilled in his goals, ambitions, experiences of the world because he doesn't even know why he is doing it at all. TO ANSWER BRIAN'S earlier question: Until we have completed the Third Internal Monad (Independence, consciously realizing ourselves as a source and resource), we are still building our Support Circle, and act basically as extensions of our caretakers; we are subject to how those caretakers work with their own Support Positions. That doesn't mean the POSITIONS aren't there, but that we haven't taken on the task of assigning, or recognizing individuals in them. And we do that assigning and recognition, with or without realizing we are doing that. In fact, part of the successful transition out of the Third Internal Monad is the identification of at least the Intimate Quadrate in the life, even if it is later rejected or ignored. Brian_W: horray! CocteauBoy: TO ANSWER GERALDINE'S question: We will never play all Positions to other people. We tend to specialize in 3 Positions (one from each Quadrate) and provide those to a circle of people/fragments over our cycle of lifetimes. For instance, I (apparently) specialize in the LOVE, HUMOUR, and CHILD Positions. I meant to say, 3 Positions, one from each of the first three Quadrates, but we can eventually specialize in one of the Positions in the Spirit Guide Quadrate. Brian_W: I'm curious (if there is time) as to which of those three that each of us here today specialize in CocteauBoy: And that's a great question, Geraldine, because the more you understand your strength in what you have to offer, you are better able to be clear with others as to what you bring into their lives. Brian, that's something that should become more obvious to you as you explore the meanings of each Position. Just looking at Love, Knowledge, and Compassion, you should get an immediate sense of what you tend to bring to other's lives, even if it's minimal. Brian_W: true, okay CocteauBoy: Any questions about these first 3 Positions? Maureen: If the Compassion position is on "standby" can one BE that position?? CocteauBoy: Today we are going to concentrate on these first three because they are the most important to our sense of vitality, fulfillment, and presence in this life. What you learn from focusing on these three can then be used in the other Quadrates outside of class. Brian_W: Could you comment on where Essence Twins, Task Companions and Travelling Companions might fit into this? CocteauBoy: TO MAUREEN: yes, you can be that Position, and you might recognize it in yourself if you tend to mozy about your life, but happen upon others that you know, or don't know, and either recognize in yourself a deep empathy for them, or find that you are good at responding to their cries for help, even if you sometimes do it begrudgingly. AnnH: Are there primary, secondary, etc. support circle positions? CocteauBoy: The "standby" that a person might feel if he or she specializes in Compassion is almost a tangible sense that you could be called upon at any moment to be needed. This Position rarely questions whether he or she is "needed," because that person knows he or she is. TO BRIAN: Essence Twins and Task Companions always play one or more of the Positions. Traveling Companions often do, but not always. AnnH: Even if they're discarnate or we have not met them? CocteauBoy: The reason it's important to think of these as POSITIONS FIRST is because the truth is, EVERY PERSON IN YOUR LIFE (temporarily or permanently; in one lifetime, or across many) plays into at least one of these Positions for you to some degree. Maureen: So if someone in say.. the Love position dies - do they still "have" that position or is it taken over by someone else? CocteauBoy: TO ANN's first question: Yes, there are tiers of strength in playing Positions of Support. For instance, I play as my second tier: KNOWLEDGE, MENTOR, and ANCHOR next. Then COMPASSION, BEAUTY, and DISCIPLINE last. A big Hello on that last one. Martha: lol CocteauBoy: TO ANN's and MAUREEN's next question: Brian_W: haha AnnH: Hollah back on that Discipline one myself, Troy. CocteauBoy: The energy exchange that is Love, Knowledge, and Compassion is there, with or without the presence of a person who might play those Positions, or might have played a Position, but is no longer alive, but for the Personality's sake, a physical presence is important to eventually identify for that Position. If someone played a Position for you in this life, and then is no longer alive, the energy of that support isn't lost, but it does lose its medium of manifestation. Maureen: Would it feel like abandonment? Geraldine: not to put too fine a point on this, but from what you said about 3rd IM -- no one who even has a theme with several others for a quadrate still cannot solidify that until ALL four in the quadrate process their 3rd IM and choose these positions? CocteauBoy: On a Soul Level, you will still receive and exchange, and the Personality will still feel the benefits of this if that energy is recognized, but the Personality shouldn't block new or alternative sources just because it was so present from a previous person. TO MAUREEN: whether the loss of a loved one who provided LOVE is interpreted as abandonment, or not, has to be up to the Personality. Not everyone will feel the same way. TO GERALDINE: It's not that the Positions aren't already there, and that peers aren't available for access and exchange in those Positions, but that we are still building them as a resource for ourselves, and still affected by our caretaker's use of their own Support Circles. For example... Our experience of the world, and our access to it, are usually very dependent on our caretakers'/parents' navigation of the world, so we don't always find direct access to our own circles until we develop our independence. We might have a fellow playmate be in our Love Position and fulfill it just fine for now, but that would be from the pool of people our parents gave us access to. As we grow older in Soul Age, and choose our parents more carefully, we tend to bring in the stronger support earlier and earlier. Geraldine: ha -- since I was given up for adoption -- my access to both my ET and eventual TravC was thwarted -- but only until I "found" him when I was 23 :) Brian_W: Somehow I've got my mom and sister (the one I still talk to) pegged as fulfilling that Love position Geraldine: Live long enough and you might know many who'll fulfill it :) Brian_W: hopefully CocteauBoy: So how many of you can identify a person for each Position of the Intimate Quadrate, even if you would prefer it to be someone else. Brian_W: I think I got all three of mine filled AnnH: I can identify more than one in each Brian_W: although I'm curious, can it be more than one person? CocteauBoy: TO BRIAN: yes, it can be more than one. Maureen: I have my one of my sisters (in my entity as well) in 2 positions so.....she's been there since I was 2 years old! Brian_W: Okay, cool CocteauBoy: So before going into the rest of the Positions, let me explain something called STRINGS. Martha: not sure Geraldine: I cannot identify the Knowledge position Geraldine: but I may need to redefine my meaning for the word, too Brian_W: ironically, I've got Geraldine as one of the compassion people CocteauBoy: STRINGS is a concept that is NOT necessary to fully understand, but it can help us to see our incarnational lives on larger scales. Geraldine: actually, I see compassion as one of my strengths, Brian Geraldine: it fits me quite well -- the neutrality, lack of emotional passion, etc CocteauBoy: TO GERALDINE: Michael says that a good way to help understand the Knowledge Position is to also think of it as the FEEDBACK Position. It would be the person/s that you actually let yourself hear when it comes to insight about your life. AnnH: Yes, it does. Martha: Which position is it again that self-destruction blocks? Geraldine: I'm more apt to "hear" from people online than in r/l Martha: me too CocteauBoy: Michael doesn't differentiate between Digital and Analog life since there is still a tangible medium involved. AnnH: Huh, not me. Much better with the audio. AnnH: Though it's easier in chats than in posts. Maureen: Is it possible to have "given over" the knowledge position to channeled teachings?? Geraldine: well, for me, it's listening for a particular clue or piece of data that makes a part of the puzzle solid CocteauBoy: Self-destruction = Expression Axis = Knowledge Martha: yup, that sounds right CocteauBoy: TO MAUREEN: keep that question in mind as we go through the rest of the Position and I think you'll see how the teachings fit in vs a person in Knowledge. Maureen: thank you CocteauBoy: Okay, back to STRINGS... STRINGS is Michael's way of describing the strength to which someone plays a certain Position for you. That String is determined not only by how well that Essence plays that Position across lifetimes as a preference, but also how often a Position is played by that fragment for your own Essence's Personalities. The way I've found this to be meaningful is to never presume that just because you've identified someone as playing a Position for you, that it is automatically that person's greatest strength, or preference, in supporting you. Brian_W: so there are some sort of underlying agreements to these positions then, be it on personality level or essence level? CocteauBoy: Michael calls these Strings because it refers to a contiguous sequence of values, or basically, describes how often your support for each other has overlapped. Although anyone and everyone can play any Position for anyone, there do tend to be those who develop extensive experience in providing you with certain forms of support, and vice versa. Michael really only recognizes the first 12 Strings. So that means every person has at least 12 other fragments in each Position who have specialized playing that Position. TO BRIAN: yes, Agreements are very important part of developing these Circles, and that's all any of us have to go on in our very first lifetime. We make Agreements with each other based on interests, and then build from there across lifetimes. Knowing who is who in your Strings is not as important as your just recognizing and being open to each Position being fulfilled. To the degree that you need the Support, and to the degree that you are open to it, you will draw in exactly who/what is needed. Maureen: Is it possible to see yourself different than others see you? Who is right?? CocteauBoy: TO MAUREEN: that's a great question... you can't control what someone else needs and wants and expects from you, but you can become clearer in what you know is your strength, and then offer that, even if it is called something else by that person. The clearer you are about what you can offer, the more likely that person will receive that, instead of expect something else. We can always do any of the position on a short-term basis, but in long-term Positions, it's important to be clear. Brian_W: For long-term positions, look to people who have been regularly around you for a few years? CocteauBoy: We have already gone beyond our 4pm stopping point, so let me finish with a quick run-through of each of the other Positions/Quadrates, and then give you your "homework." TO BRIAN, that would be helpful for a starting point, but you may also discover that someone new in your life is also playing a Position. Some of the Positions don't require long-term presences. As you'll see as we go through them now. You can get through an entire lifetime living from the support from each Position in short-term bursts, but some of the Positions need to be fulfilled regularly, like LOVE, while others like Healing might only need to be fulfilled once in a lifetime. The INSPIRATIONAL QUADRATE = Mentor, Knowledge, Child MENTOR is defined by that person who most-closely models what you aspire to be, do, or have with your life. This is usually a person who is doing, or has already done, with his or her life what you wish to do with your own. MENTOR = Expression = Intellect = Attitude Brian_W: does this limit itself to career, or other aspirations as well? CocteauBoy: Brian, if your career represents what you want to do, be, or have in your life, then yes, otherwise, it could be anything that might be thought of as the ideal. BEAUTY is defined by that person who is there to point out or represent the good, the bright, and the positive side of things. This is the Position that helps you to see the patterns within the chaos. Often, this person is considered beautiful to you, yourself. "Beautiful" being defined as provoking a higher perspective. BEAUTY = Assimilative - Neutral = Centering CHILD POSITION is defined by that person who provokes from you your own capacity to care, nurture, love, etc. Often that is actually a child, but it can be anyone who tends to bring out of you these qualities, including the want to help them, to guide, etc. CHILD = Inspiration = Emotion = Mode You can see from the INSPIRATIONAL Quadrate that each of these Positions have to do with provoking the best possibilities within and without. These Positions are called upon quite often, whether we realize it, or not, but aren't vital to the lifetime in the same way that the Intimates are. You could say that the INSPIRATIONALS provoke us to BE our Best, to SEE the best, and to GIVE the best of us (mentor, beauty, child). The CLASSMATES QUADRATE = Humor, Anchor, Discipline HUMOR POSITION is defined by that person who represents or brings laughter to the life. It really is that simple. It's the person who helps us to remember that things can be funny, that they aren't as tough as they might seem, or can make fun of the absurdities and pains of life. And if we really let that Position take effect, it helps us to laugh at ourselves. HUMOR = Expression = Intellect = Attitude ANCHOR is defined by that person who has been in your life the longest, and that you always know you can contact for most anything, anytime, if you really had to. That doesn't mean you would, or will, contact that person, but the truth would still be that you COULD. Martha: I can see servers specializing in Anchor, and sages in Humor CocteauBoy: ANCHOR = Inspiration = Emotion = Mode DISCIPLINE is defined as that person who heightens your own awareness of the impact of your choices, decisions, and actions. This can sometimes be the obvious forms of discipline, but can also show up as that person who really challenges you to keep your mouth shut, or that it takes a lot not to not fly off the handle when around, or even a stranger who is "pushing your buttons," and you rise above that. Brian_W smiles CocteauBoy: Discipline can be like a teacher providing limitations for focusing, or like an annoying prick who makes you think twice before you do something irrational. DISCIPLINE = Assimilative - Neutral = Centering This may not seem Neutral, but for those who push us to think twice, they are often immune to our sense of intensity over the matter. The SPIRIT GUIDES Quadrate = Healer, Enlightenment, Muse A HEALER is defined by that person or spirit or experience that brings healing. That's it! It could be a doctor, and good friend, or a smile that makes your day. Healing is necessary on long-term and short-term basis, so it will depend on your life experiences as to how much of this you need in your life. HEALER = Expression = Intellect = Attitude ENLIGHTENMENT is defined by any person, teaching, theme, philosophy, etc that provides you with a structure or framework for interpreting, navigating, and building your life. Michael plays the Enlightenment Position for all of us, here. I should say, they play "AN" Enlightenment Position; you may have others. Enlightenment Positions provide us with a way to understand the overall contexts of life. ENLIGHTENMENT = Assimilative - Neutral = Centering Geraldine: When I wear my tinfoil covered hat, only Michael comes through. Martha: :) CocteauBoy: MUSE POSITION is defined by "pure aspiration." It is a QUALITY against which you measure yourself as bringing meaning, fulfillment, and embodiment to that Quality. It's the only Position that is NEVER a Person, but can always be represented by a person. Your Muse can usually be described by a word or a phrase, and that can often be found in those people who inspire you the most in your life. A Muse can be represented by anything and everything, as long as it embodies that Quality. So if your Muse is FREEDOM, for instance, you may find Martin Luther King, Jr is an embodiment of your Muse. Or if you find that CREATIVITY is your Muse, you might find a certain artist embodying your Muse. MUSE = Inspiration = Emotion = Mode So that concludes the four Quadrates of the Support Circle of Twelve! NOTE that the first and third Quadrate of Support are ALWAYS HUMAN, and if not played by Humans/other fragments, then the effects are often lost, and felt. Geraldine: The one that made an especially loud bingo! was Child position being mode -- I've never been particularly warm and nurturing -- it fits with my mode of observation -- I tended to watch kids like they were bugs Martha: SO when you ask Michael for personal info on this, what do they give (you'd told me they have a "report" type thing) CocteauBoy: The second Quadrate uses the most substitutes, and those can work, even if we should try to embrace the people who would best play those Positions. Martha: AH, and I am passion mode and I have been passionately nurturing CocteauBoy: The Fourth Quadrate is up for anything to play the Positions of Support. Geraldine and Martha, that's exactly what you should be doing! Take the connections and look for patterns in the Support Circle for insight into how you've blocked or accepted or played the Positions! MAUREEN, yes, I wasn't in trance today, but had Michael here as backup, if I needed them! MARTHA, I was playing around with the Report idea, but from what I understand, it would require a list of identified people and their suspected positions, and then Michael would validate that, and then expand upon the patterns each have played for each other. Geraldine, lol, re-read it, you'll see it go in and out... I sometimes turned over only a line or two to them... Geraldine: I could see a report being developed out of this -- with some effort CocteauBoy: Okay, one last thing! YOUR HOMEWORK: Use your list of people and add as many as you can to each Position as you think they may play it, making the first Quadrate your priority. Then prioritize those people in the order you think they play that Position strongest. Go through that list then and free some of those people from the Positions you imposed on them vs what they might play naturally. Go through that list then and try to see those who have been such a pain in the ass may have actually been contributing to your well-being all along... Give special attention to the Spirit Guide Quadrate and help yourself identify and define those Positions. And finally, go through and figure out from the first three Quadrates which Positions you enjoy playing the best and most-often. I'll send each of you the original article about the Support Circles so you can expand on that, but keep in mind it is kind of old and in need of updating.
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    [Extracted from: Energy Report: 2010 Overview] MEntity: The Positive Pole of Sage is DISSEMINATION. This is the process of sharing information in a way that can be heard and comprehended. If the move is more toward the Positive Pole, ... The Negative Pole of Sage is ORATION. This is the process of dumping information upon those who have no interest, communicating with presumptions about the listeners, and speaking in ways that have no value beyond filling space and time.
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    [Excerpted from Michael Speaks: Living as Essence.] MEntity: Today we will speak to you about "living as Essence," or "manifesting Essence," which essentially translates into living from the Positive Poles of your Overleaves. What we will share today is relative to the Essence Roles, so your particular dynamic of Overleaves is not relevant to how one's Essence Manifests, as there are consistencies to the core qualities of each Role. However, because of your own Overleaves' dynamics, you may find variations on what we share. ... If one thinks of each life being a story, then what we can do to help each of you understand how you live as Essence is to put this in light of the story of your life. ... For the KING, the question is: IS THIS THE STORY I WANTED TO LIVE? Or put another way, "AM I ALIVE IN THIS STORY?" Kings, more than most other Roles, will endure the stories of their lives to such an extent that they no longer feel alive. They will continue down a trajectory for decades before hitting a wall that forces them to wake up from their stupor and BE ALIVE. So for the Kings who seek to live as Essence, the vibrancy of living must be considered as a parameter for staying on track and in the positive poles. If the King does not feel alive, he is likely not living the story he meant to live, and is likely not living as Essence. Kings, more than other Roles, often feel that enduring boredom and tedium are honorable and noble, so there is some sense of great pride in enduring this. And they can and will do so for years. However, there are few things as emotionally moving and inspiring than to see a King wake up. To see and hear a King laughing and giddy with excitement is profoundly touching. We dare say that our King students may actually cringe at the association of "giddy" with King, but it happens. And so the King who seeks to live as Essence must regularly ask, "AM I ALIVE IN THIS STORY?" "IS THIS THE STORY I MEANT TO LIVE?" and in asking these questions, she will be able to help herself navigate her choices, actions, and paths to higher ground.
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    [This material was originally posted by DianeHB, a King, as a private session transcript on June 21, 2016. Permission was granted for placement in the Study Library. The material was edited to remove content irrelevant to this Study Library category.] DianeHB: Hello Michael. I recently had some issues with my assistant's attitude that made me really angry with her. Occasionally when I point out mistakes or instruct her to do something differently on the computer, she would interrupt me and repeatedly deny any mistakes so that I couldn't even get a word in to explain the mistake or train her how to do it correctly. ... MEntity: As for how to get through to the individual in question, repetitiveness is likely the only way. DianeHB: You mean just keep addressing the issue as it comes up? MEntity: It may require patience, but if the goal is to break through and to bring about change, then you must bring to her attention these mistakes over and over. But each time, you must reset your energy as if it is the first time. Any exasperation or anger motivating your approach may break the progress. "Oh, hey, let me show you how this is supposed to be done." "Oh, hey, let me show you how this is supposed to be done." "Oh, hey, let me show you how this is supposed to be done." DianeHB: My challenge is I'm overworked myself and I'm really not in the mood to babysit people. MEntity: There are definitive dynamics in the workplace that arise as positive and negative roles/positions. Understanding how to navigate these as they arise can be quite empowering. Diane, it is important to consider two things here: If it is not part of your position to "babysit," then you likely have the right and power to escort the situation to someone who is in that position. Inform the individual that you will be partnering her with the person who can further help her. If it is part of your position to "babysit," then you must first stop referring to it as "babysitting." This is Tyranny. You may be overworked, and it is fair to be frustrated and exhausted, but you have the capacity to lead. Choose Leadership. They are not just people filling cogs, and then inconveniencing you when they fall short. They are human beings with lives, with fears, with inabilities and insecurities and overwhelm, as well. Choose Mastery. This is not just a scenario that is out to get you, but a scenario that can provide a rich learning experience and possibly change everything for you as you continue to claim your right to the energy that is yours. There will always be failing people. There will always be flailing people. There will always be mistakes. There will always be ups and downs and great days and stressful days. What Mastery allows is for you to keep the Human alive in there. DianeHB: Mastery is hard. People are hard. MEntity: When life becomes a matter of THINGS that need to stay in their place, you have moved to Tyranny. Life and People are a glorious mess. They are not just moving parts or made up of moving parts, but are containers of creativity, feeling, desire, sadness, joy, etc. You are not in optimum conditions. You know this. It is part of the built-in atmosphere for the moment. It is stressful. We know this. You know this. Everyone knows this. None of this will ever be a valid excuse for anyone to strip another of their Humanness. You were taught to strip yourself of your Humanness as a method for being a successful and silent cog. You called bullshit on this long ago. Now you are okay with being angry when you are angry and you know you have a right to be happy in your efforts to be successful. But in your waking up to this right for yourself, you may have forgotten to include freeing others along with you. Weakness and defensiveness in others is not something with which to be disgusted. It is an invitation to help another remember her Humanness. DianeHB: Thank you for reminding me. MEntity: This is not to make an excuse for poor performance or lack of skill that may cause more harm than good, but if it is only a matter of patience and kindness, then we can say that choosing the patience and kindness is valid. If others are at risk because of the lack of skill or mistakes, then that is a different context that requires action to help keep everyone from harm. You must make that call. We remind you of this Humanness, not just to help in your managing of others, but as a reminder of your own work toward Mastery. You do not seek the path of Mastery at the expense of your Humanness. Being responsible with and for your feelings is Good Work. Consider this: How effective would we be with our students if when they repeated "mistakes," we simply expressed anger, took it personally, or saw it as babysitting? Would it have been more effective for us to say, "For Tao's sake, get with it!"? Probably not. For some students we have to speak more directly, for others more poetically, for others in repetition, for others in layers, and so on. You may think that the comparison of our position to yours is a bit of a false equivalency or entirely different, but this would be untrue. DianeHB: LOL. That's exactly what I was thinking. But I don't disagree with your point about effectiveness. MEntity: One of the final "lessons" of the Old Soul is the ownership and responsibility of her position as Teacher. You are, all, Teachers. Your life is a Teaching. And your relationships, however brief, professional, deep, or shallow, are your Students. You may not be able to make this situation better. But if you approach it with your greatest kindness, patience, and consideration, you will know have done your best, and aimed for Mastery. ### end of transcript ### Note: You may comment on the original post. See Mastery and Dealing with Reactions at Work.
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    Okay, light bulbs, ahas and eurekas are starting again, and I am just a few lines into this session. Thanks, @Janet! Your links and threads are almost like firecrackers for me, exploding all over the place and connecting dots in so many profound and meaningful ways that I have to stop, take a moment to comprehend what I am reading/experiencing, and tell you how much I appreciate your guidance here on TLE with all the material that you curate so well.
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    [Excerpted from: OMW: Loving and Being Loved] MEntity: Before we go into the dynamics of the Personality and how Loving and Being Loved works within each Lifetime, we will point out the general themes for each Role and how that pursuit of Loving and Being Loved shows up over lifetimes. Every Role has its blind spot to love, and when that blind spot finds light, that Role usually experiences a profound exposure to Love. … KINGS, more than any other Role, tend to require you to LET THEM LOVE YOU FIRST before he or she can let you love him or her. Of course, this does not mean you cannot Love the King, but it does mean that he may not experience it until he has decided he can Love you. "Letting the King Love You First" would simply mean that you go about your business of being yourself, with no airs, no pretence, no agenda, and this gives the King time to Love you. WARRIORS - need to be Won Over - defaulting to Reciprocal Love KINGS - need you to Let Them Love - defaulting to Agape Love These needs are correlated to MARTYRDOM and IMPATIENCE, which are about Losing Control of Space, and Losing Control of Time. In other words, the Warrior needs shared "territory" to Love, and The King needs shared "time" to Love.
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    [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: August 1999] [M6] could we have an update on the manifestation of the Infinite soul? [Michael_Entity] We do not see full manifestation of the Infinite Soul anywhere on the planet currently, though there are 2 fragments that are “ready”, and 3 more will follow when the first two have begun. At least 5 manifestations will show that we have heard. These manifestations will include a young child apparently. The United States will most likely take the Teachings of either the child, a Priest son of a single parent female Server, or the Teachings of a female Sage. [bn] So the IS intends to manifest in more than one individual at the same time? Has this been done before? [Michael_Entity] We believe Buddha and Christ overlapped in impact, though not so closely. This is part of why you have “east” and “west”. We doubt the latest manifestations will be so easily used to segregate the world. [bn] Is the IS manifesting in 5 individuals due to the population or is this tied more to the lessons to bring? [Michael_Entity] Both.
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    [Excerpt from TT: 2002-04-04] 7 Spheres of Awareness of Essence NOTE: The word “Levels” was not a very accurate word for what Michael was trying to convey in the chat on this Topic. I found when editing the transcript that Michael suggested SPHERES instead. This gives a far more accurate picture to the development of Awareness in a life. [M_Entity] Hello to all of you. We are here. We understand the topic to be “7 Spheres of Awareness of Essence.” We will share what we can in regard to this within the time available. As many of you are aware, the Physical Plane is not the only Plane of existence. The Personality only exists within the Physical Plane, along with the Physical Body, while Essence exists to some degree in all Planes “at once.” In any given lifetime, the Personality is capable of gaining awareness of its own Essence in varying circles of awareness. A Soul Age or Essence Role or Overleaves do not limit the Sphere of Awareness, though it can be said that these things contribute to the ease or challenge of gaining awareness. The oldest soul may have a particularly difficult lifetime that inhibits awareness while a younger soul may find a blissful connection to Essence on all levels. It is the choice of Personality as to whether it wishes to have a connection to Essence on a conscious level and to what degree. Essence NEVER imposes itself on its Personality. The Personality is too valuable for that kind of relationship. Essence needs the Personality as an extension of itself to explore and learn from the Physical Plane. Essence cannot exist fully where you are incarnated without a body of some sort. For that reason, Essence allows the Personality to seek Essence as Personality sees fit, though Essence is ever-watchful and loving to each version of Personality within the Physical Plane. Though Essence is not as attached to the Physical Plane as a Personality, Essence still finds great empathy and ever-growing love for each Personality. The Tao, and by extension the Essence, finds it to be a far more loving relationship to have what is created seek the creator, rather than the creator enforcing itself on the life. As Personality and the Body grow within each lifetime, it must “re-remember” all of its Soul Levels and Ages and regain that level of consciousness and perspective all over again. It is stored in the Instinctive Center exactly where you are in your development as Essence, but each new Body must regain consciousness as a means to house the perspective of Essence. Some may or may not reach the previous level of Soul Age. It is perfectly possible to have a Young Soul lifetime wherein the fragment is technically an Old Soul, depending on several factors in Personality. The difference is that each Soul Level has its capacity to gain up to and through all 7 Spheres of Awareness. It could easily be said that these Spheres of Awareness are the Levels WITHIN the Soul Levels. The 7 Internal Monads could be said to be the process of INTERNAL rites of passage toward moving through a Soul Level while the 7 Spheres of Awareness may be said to be the EXTERNAL process of moving through a Soul Level. Both must be completed and experienced within as many lives as it takes before moving to a new Soul Level. The 7 Spheres of Awareness then could be described as follows: Sphere One: This is the simplest Sphere of Awareness. This Sphere is basic to any Sentient Being. This is self-awareness on the most rudimentary and mechanical level. You are aware you are alive; that you must feed yourself; that you must protect yourself; that you must interact with life. Sphere One is the most separated, narrow, and isolated of all Spheres of Awareness. There is no real concept of “spirit” or anything more than what is immediately tangible. This would extend into areas of “love” and other such intangible experiences. The fragment perceiving from within this Sphere merely does what it needs to do to survive and to gain the next experience. This fragment usually experiences life solely from the Negative Poles of the Personality and rejects all forms of intervention for helping raise its awareness. There is an absolute disconnection from all life forms around this fragment. It is hard for them to even understand the “point of living.” Sphere Two: This is the Sphere wherein you get a glimpse of life through the Positive Poles of your Overleaves. You gain a bit of awareness as to what your Essence is like, even if not fully defined. You decide you must have a soul. That much is at least considered to be possible. This Sphere of Awareness begins to expand beyond the limitations of the Body and into the realms of possibilities. Imagination becomes more harnessed for creativity, rather than fear and protection, as in Sphere One, and the fragment begins to consider his dreams along with other concepts that are not tangible, yet acknowledged as experienced. It is a Sphere in which the fragment begins to consider his relationship with himself as more than a machine, but a BEING. Sphere Three: Expanding beyond the Spheres previous to this, Sphere Three allows the fragment to begin to consider the intangibilities between it and others, not just within. The fragment begins to long for and seek deeper intimacy. This Sphere is marked with the awareness that other fragments share a history with you that extends beyond the current life and Personality, even if this is not quite understood. The relationship to Time begins to change and there is less emphasis on it as a constraint, but rather as a convenience. Sphere Four: This is the Sphere of Awareness that brings a fragment to the reality its own Past Selves to-date. The fragment becomes capable of acknowledging wisdom gained from outside the confines of the current life and allows influences from The Past and Future Lives alike. This Sphere finds Personality capable of recognizing patterns in the life and the life of others, enabling the fragment to envision probable futures as they are created or as were planned before the life. The fragment begins to realize that the Personality focused on at any given moment does not diminish the reality of MANY versions of that same Personality across Parallel Universes created by Essence to house all of the choices possible. This is the Sphere that the fragment truly has the capability for channeling, healing, directing energy, and using psychic tools. (We will note here that ALL Spheres are capable of Intuition, which is simply the extension and combination of physical senses. True psychic awareness, though, is not the same thing.) Sphere Four is the first time a fragment discovers a true relationship between the Personality and the life and finds a deep sense of trust and safety as the life unfolds. Sphere Five: This is the Sphere in which you begin to see others as extensions of yourself. It is profoundly realized that the helping of others to resolve their own troubles will also contribute to your own lessons on many levels. This Sphere brings with it the realization and awareness that the Personality is a temporary and a beautiful “child” of Essence. A strange double awareness will be experienced here, wherein the trials and challenges of the life indulged in while maintaining a consistent awareness through the perspective of Essence that “all is well”. Sphere Six: This is the Sphere of Awareness that brings with it the realization that the Universe has an awesome structure that can be understood. A new, consistent relationship to what might be called “spirit” then develops. You begin to recognize the “signatures” of different spiritual families, or Entities, and find the lifetime heavily focused on what might be called “the path.” This “path” will be, of course, defined and created by the individual fragment, but a deep recognition that ALL are on variations of similar paths will be incorporated into the life. This is the first time the Fragment begins to recognize the value of life in other species beyond itself. Energy and life force, as expressed in all its forms, begins to become deeply important to the fragment to be in harmony with. While the Fifth Sphere allows the fragment to see other fragments as extensions of self, the Sixth Sphere will build on this and find this extends to animals outside the realm of that fragment’s own Sentient Species. The fragment profoundly grasps that other beings are capable of relative fear and have relative emotional lives, too. From this Sphere a deep longing for what might be called “home” begins to motivate the life. Sphere Seven: This is the Sphere wherein the fragment finally grasps how to use all of the tools of the Body, the Physical Plane, and the Personality and finds the life unfolding, changing, and being created in profoundly acceptable ways. ALL limitations of the lifetime are found to be acceptable while all of the possibilities are recognized as well. There is no division between Essence and Personality in any way. All Levels of Soul Age gained to that point are used effectively and appropriately. This is the Sphere where it is difficult to find anything ugly about life. A childlike innocence is regained and everything becomes new and fun again, without fear of anything. We include the “fear of fear” in that statement. Sphere Seven allows Fear as a tool appropriately. If fear is experienced, it is recognized as simply part of everything that is wondrous about the life. There are, of course, far more detailed descriptions of each Sphere of Awareness available, but we share this for you within the time frame available here. What we have shared should allow for adequate consideration. We will now take any questions you may have for us on this topic. [val] Can one be aware and functioning on several Spheres at once, i.e., I resonate with Spheres three through seven, I feel as if I’ve been there and living these Spheres, or is your essence setting up these stages to bring them to your awareness so that when you get there it feels like home. [M_Entity] Different Spheres of Awareness may be present within different contexts of your life. For instance, you may have Sphere 3 Awareness when in relationships, while having Sphere 4 in your Career. Your Awareness will fluctuate throughout the lifetime and you will recognize different time frames having different Spheres of Awareness as well. Although you progress through the lifetime to gain Spheres of Awareness, you will move “up and down” through the Spheres as relative to your experiences. Sphere One, for example, will ALWAYS be available in any lifetime. It is the Sphere of the heaviest of Karmic relationships. A fragment may have reached the Sphere Seven of Awareness in a lifetime, but a ribbon of Karma may be chosen to burn and the Awareness will then constrict to Sphere One as it is dealt with. [mdfsage] What is meant by “to find other animals outside the realm of that fragments sentience”? [M_Entity] In your case, the Awareness would begin to include strong resonance and recognition to beings who are NON-human. The recognition may only begin with the recognition of other ensouled beings, such as Cetacean and Gorillas, but eventually, would include those beyond that. [val] How do we regain consciousness, and open this instinctive center to better communicate with essence? [M_Entity] In the interest of using the time available efficiently through this channel, we will say we have answered this question in other chats. These transcripts would be available through Troy or his website. Troy, or other students, will direct you to those detailed responses. There are different ways each Essence Roles may find to open connections to Essence. [Kathryn41] If you advance through a soul age level within a life – say Old 3 to Old 4, do you start again at Sphere 1 of awareness and ‘lose’ the previous awareness, or do you overlap and keep that awareness and start over. How does that work? [M_Entity] These are rare and interesting lifetimes when a fragment transitions within a lifetime without taking on a new body. The Older Soul finds this process to be less confusing, but still have a lot of challenges in this shifting. When a transition of Soul Age or a Soul Level occurs within a lifetime, yes, the Personality will undergo a great change in some way, even if only over a brief period of time. Considering that the Body will not have lost its memory, it is quite possible to regain those Spheres of Awareness within minutes. There is a process that occurs for those who move Soul Levels within a lifetime. We refer to that experience as an Octave Ending/Beginning, and would be another topic in itself. But to simplify the response, since the Body will not have been replaced, the evolution through the Monads and the Awareness Spheres will not have been lost when entering the new Soul Level. [sam-nemo] I thought 6 level was the heaviest level of karmic payback and most psychic, not 1or 4. [M_Entity] You are comparing the 6th Level of a Soul Age to the 6th Sphere of Awareness of Essence. They are completely different contexts. When in the 6th Level of a Soul Age, depending on the Soul Age, the lifetime may be submerged in Sphere One of Awareness or not. We realize English is a bit limited in our choices for describing progressions and evolution. We suggest that similar terms do not mean the same thing, necessarily, when in a different context. For most Older Souls, Sphere Five of Awareness is quite common when experiencing the 6th Level of Soul Age. This allows for the life to be lived consciously while still being free to indulge in the Karma. [sam-nemo] Therefore essence awareness lags soul age. [M_Entity] It may help to think of the Spheres of Awareness as being angles of perception toward an experience. In other words, as Awareness progresses, you move from only Personality experiencing, to Essence AND Personality being present for the experience. We are open to suggestions for more appropriately naming these 7 Spheres. And yes, Awareness Spheres may exceed or “lag” behind Soul Age, but eventually, Awareness on the 7th Sphere must be reached as a means to move to the next Soul Level. [ClaireN] Please expand on the “true relationship between personality and the life” as mentioned in Sphere four. [M_Entity] It is the first time a fragment may consider that life happens FROM them, rather than TO them. It is the first time a fragment may realize that he or she may not only be learning how to choose but also be choosing how to learn.
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