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    Hello! I have been member for years, but didn't write here so actively. I participated in group video chat recently, and didn't feel myself totally idiot. And Michael have been so compassionate, when I've asked for advice. So, I will now overcome my relatively strong Chief Features, (1st arrogance, 2nd self-deprecation) and tell about myself something. I feel inferior in my english skills, because I'm mostly self-taught. I studied russian language and swedish language in school. I can somehow manage with russian language. My father was very talented with languages, he spoke 8 languages well, and studied many more. And he told me always, that I was not talented with languages. Btw, he told me that I was not talented at all, and that I was incredibly lazy in addition, and I would never become anything. That kind of family ikon... But i found it difficult at communicate in english. It is so much easier to remain silent and read only other's posts. Of course, something has changed, I think I don't think anymore so much how other people see me, and I dare to comment and participate in discussions, although I do not write perfect English. My whole life has been difficult for me to connect with people. In my childhood I was the one, who stood next to the wall watching others' games. I felt that I'm not worth of attention. I had my first friend when I was in 5th class at school. In 6th class our paths separated, because my family moved to Savonlinna, and her mother died. She moved to her aunt to other side of country, and we were not in touch anymore. I get bullied in new school and totally isolated for many years. I spend these years with myself and practising violin playing. Although later I've got good friends and learned social skills, even been married, this time left many traumas. In this community, for a long time, I felt like being the kid next to the wall who was watching the games of others and was afraid to participate, because not to be rejected. When I read about many of yours past lives in renaissance, Medici family etc. I thought I've maybe been a jester in their court, and you will only laugh at me, if I tell about my thoughts. The love you show to one another is not for me. It was of great importance, what @ihynz received a channeling, where in a past life I've been with TLE-members wrtiting of Chinese medicine basics. So, maybe I'm one of you. Maybe that's why I've been so scared to reject because I feel that I am one of you. I'm a musician, I play viola in string quartet and our city orchestra, I have also few students. I play also piano, violin, lute and trumpet, but not so professionally. Music have been a pivotal thing in my life, it has kept me alive during difficult times, it gave a sense of connection and belonging to the world. It is more than profession, it is a life style. I live in Savonlinna, it is a small city in eastern Finland. I've spent my teen years here, then I moved to Helsinki, capital city of Finland. I was studying and trying to get a job as a musician but with poor success. When my teacher retired, I took his place and returned. I am a single parent of three daughters. My husband came to Savonlinna with me, but we divorced three years ago. He lives 300 meters away from me but doesn't have much contact with his children. So, I have to survive and be strong for my children. I don't know about my future in this town, the orchestra is very poor and there aren't so many sponsors. Every year have been the question, how can we continue. Our city is not willing to support so much. On the other hand, I have many friends here, and first time in my life, I feel like I belong to somewhere. I think here are couple of entity mates too. Michael said, that it is time for change, but I don't know where and how. Let's see. During this pandemic I have much time to think what I actually want and what is needed to do. Thank you for reading my long post. Here I am, with all my vulnerability and doubts. It was challenging to write this, I planned it for months. And I want to say, that you are wonderful people, I have read your post with laugh and tears, and so are Michaels. I am curious to know you better and interacting with you.
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    [PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS CANCELLED DUE TO LACK OF NECESSITY - Don't worry, more community events are coming!] Hey everyone! Continuing in the effort to bring the community some closeness and comfort in this time of uncertainty, I am adding another Michael Speaks to the schedule for March 28th at 1 pm Eastern. This session will be focused on being a follow-up for the previous session, with questions either building on responses, or asking for clarification, or adding new questions that have come up since last week. IF we have time, we may have one or two of the less-practical questions thrown in. No promises. If you can help support the site, community, me, and more events like this, please consider donating here. MICHAEL SPEAKS: Pandemic 2020 [follow up] MARCH 28th, 1pm EASTERN I will not be announcing this beyond this thread so as to keep this more intimate for our TLE community members and not be a spectacle. SPECIAL GUIDELINES: Considering the focus that may be required for this session, it will be a specially-formatted session with TeamTLE designated to ask questions on everyone's behalf. Questions will be chosen from your submissions in this thread. APPOINTED QUESTIONERS: Diane and Janet will ask the questions selected. SUBMIT YOUR QUESTIONS HERE: If you have questions that you would like to have asked on your behalf, please post them in the thread here. Be clear, be concise, be as direct as possible as usual. It is not guaranteed that your question will be asked. See you at 1 pm Eastern on Saturday in the usual chat room! Troy
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    TEMPORARY CHANGE TO SESSION FORMAT: Due to the stress, anxiety, and disruptive nature of events in NYC during this pandemic, all currently-scheduled private sessions are being converted to email sessions until further notice, and only email are available for new appointments. If you have not already been contacted about this, you will be. A personal email will be sent to you with instructions. WHY THE CHANGE? This will allow me to work outside of my scheduled hours to maximize my quality time for focus and channeling. Please be patient and please forgive this inconvenience to all of us. Public and group events will still be live channeling events. This will also help me to catch up on all backlog faster. 20% PANDEMIC DISCOUNT: Times are going to be very tough in the weeks or months ahead. My fiance just got furloughed, which means our household income has dramatically come to a halt. We will be filing for unemployment ASAP, but that will cover very little. We aren't unique in this situation and I want to be as helpful as I can with what little I have, while also trying to keep our TLE community expenses paid and stay afloat in my personal life. We will get through this. If you are scheduling a new appointment, please feel free to use the following code for a 20% Discount. Use the code during the checkout process. If you do not need this discount, please save it for when you need it. PANDEMIC DISCOUNT: BREAKTHRU2020 This is good for 20% off of 30-Minute (2Q) or 60-Minute (5Q) Sessions. Thank you for your understanding and kindness as we do what we can to get through this together. Troy
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    This Dr. Greger video from 2008 on pandemics is a must watch — it explains why we have and will continue to have higher probabilities of pandemics reducing the population until we fix it at the source. I didn’t know that almost all of our infectious diseases can be traced back to the domestication of animals — influenza, smallpox, polio, the common cold, etc. Pathogens that are native to an animal are normally harmless in their natural environment (not killing the host makes it spread more successfully), but when their host gets taken out of its natural environment (such as a wild animal caged in a wet market), the pathogens have to mutate or die. Those mutations sometimes lead to more deadly pathogens. Deaths from infectious diseases declined significantly over the 20th century until about 1975 when it started increasing, largely due to factory farming providing the perfect environment to breed and spread new diseases. He ends the video with this: “Everyone ready to stay home for 3 months? If we have to go go to the corner store to buy toilet paper or something, we may be bringing back to our family more than groceries.” As long as we keep eating animals and keep them in crowded and cruel conditions to save a few bucks, we’ll maintain ripe conditions for diseases like Covid-19 or worse to arise again and again. We don’t need elaborate conspiracies when we've already helped create these diseases for millennia. Dr. Greger is doing a webinar with updated information on April 8th. The webinar will be available for free after the event. How Not to Die in a Pandemic
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    [Excerpt from a Private Chat on December 5, 2017.] Claire: Would you say that chemistry between two people is mostly about Essence Recognition, purely physical, or a physical thing that ignites Essence Recognition? M Entity: When there is literal chemistry, it can can come from any number of triggers. This chemistry is important for completely new relationships and ancient relationships. The chemistry helps the new Personalities have an immediate common ground upon which they can then explore and choose from there. As important as chemistry is for establishing a common ground, it is not useful to count on this as the bonding factor for any relationship. This is because this chemistry alters over time and was always meant as a launching point for choice. Most meaningful relationships must be nurtured by choice, not by chemistry. Claire: I also think of lack of chemistry and whether it can develop later. M Entity: Chemistry can be activated in the middle of a relationship, as well, and activated off and on, depending on various tiers of the relationship. Claire: Okay. M Entity: We can elaborate on the chemistry of relationships in further exchanges.
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    I am just going to point out that while Troy is offering these sessions for free, he has to eat too. His ability to earn a livelihood is dependent on people booking sessions and that option is becoming less affordable for many due to uncertainties in the wake of covid-19. If you appreciate the wealth of information on this site, whether accumulated publicly or shared from private sessions, there's a reason that there is a donation button.
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    March 24, 2020 As of yesterday, Denver and Denver County are under a stay-at-home order that will be enforced as needed. At first liquor stores and marijuana dispensaries were not classified as essential and it only took a couple of hours to rectify that mistake. Statewide, Governor Polis has issued orders that are near lockdown, but he is counting on self-policing. I think he recognizes the near impossibility of stretching law enforcement far enough to monitor the variety of populations in Colorado. Along the center of the state, I-25 connects several large cities and the largest population densities. All of these larger cities have a number of Covid-19 cases, although Pueblo, near the New Mexico state line, has not yet been heavily impacted. East of Denver the plains are agricultural and the majority of those eastern counties have yet to have anyone test positive for the virus. West of Denver there are scattered communities in the mountains, and nearly all of them that have ski areas are impacted heavily with Covid-19: the first Colorado case was a man who had spent February in Italy, flew into DIA at the beginning of March and spent a couple of days skiing at two different resorts before coming down with symptoms. So it's no stretch to think that other vacationing skiers also brought in the virus. Earlier this month two Australian skiers who had tested positive felt okay and broke quarantine to go skiing. The self-indulgence of the young knows no bounds. (They left the country before the broken quarantine could be followed up on by the public health department.) As of yesterday, Colorado has tested 6000+ people and had 720 positives. This morning's news indicates that there have now been 9 deaths. One of the things that Governor Polis did 2 days ago was to create an innovation committee to work on scaling up testing, gathering medical supplies, and creating services to make it easier for people to stay home. He is angry that the federal government has not been more proactive. He said Colorado received enough masks from the federal government supply to almost get through 1 day. In other words, fed support is a joke. Hence, like the California governor, he is working with the new innovation committee to make business partnerships and start manufacturing Colorado's own supply of necessary goods. I live in Douglas County, just south of Denver. I'm retired, so I generally am in a semi-isolating state most of the time. I've been staying home and out of stores since March 11, except for a brief trip to Starbucks drive-through a few days ago -- which felt like a major adventure! My experiences with online grocery shopping have been positive: it's so nice to have groceries placed on your doorstep that I'll probably continue to order online for major restocking. Amazon has a distribution center here so most everything I need I can get quickly, often same day. (Assuming it's in stock. Fortunately I had just stocked up on toilet paper before it started to disappear from the stores.) My younger daughter Emma and her roommate Haley moved in with me yesterday as their lease expired. This has caused family conflict through concern for my health, but at least I now have people who can shop for me. Emma has been working from home for nearly 3 weeks and her company expects this to continue indefinitely. Haley works for a bank; some branches have been closed down, but hers has safety deposit boxes so they must stay open. However, services are only by appointment and through drive-through. My older daughter Casey works for DoD at Buckley Air Force base to the east of Denver. Her job is not one that can be done at home. At the beginning of last week, they split non-critical workers into two teams and each team works for a week and then is on paid leave for a week. Casey, however, is pregnant, and DoD decided to classify pregnant women as higher risk, so she is on indefinite paid leave. This is good because Buckley closed both their daycare centers as of Wednesday, so my granddaughter's care was in question. (Her dad works from home but could hardly work and care for a 2-year-old at the same time.) My grandson is due May 1 so Casey now expects she won't return to work until at least July. I have 10 sorority sisters scattered across the communities south of Denver, the majority 65+. Although a number of them are Faux News fans, most are at least not objecting to the views of the most vocal members who agree with the idea of staying home. I think all of them are mostly self-isolating, but can't bet on it. (One of them had a major hissy fit when her knee replacement surgery was cancelled.) Because of this, I have no intention of attending a meeting with them any time soon, but fortunately no one is insisting on this. I'm working this week to set up a group video call, which will be challenging with women in the group who only recently agreed to get smart phones.
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    TENTATIVE IDEAS FOR CREATING QUALITY COMMUNITY, SOCIAL TIME, and STUDIES in the weeks ahead EVENT DETAILS Choose your TOP 5 by voting in the poll. LIVE OPEN FLOOR CHANNELING VIA VIDEO STREAM A live video stream of Troy channeling Michael while individual students are selected to join video chat to ask question. A host will moderate and invite/remove questioners. COMMUNITY PLAY TIME A live video stream of community party games that all of you can participate in just using your home console, PC, mobile phones, laptops, and tablets. Games include hilarious forms of pictionary, trivia, mysteries, etc. Unlimited players. COMMUNITY MOVIE NIGHT Add a plugin to your chrome browser and join in to watch a shared Netflix movie (or series) with built-in chat! LIVE STREAM STUDENT INTERVIEWS TeamTLE and I will select a handful of students to do live-broadcast interviews with to help bring members closer together. QUICK QUOTES for YouTube Mini-videos featuring new and old quotes from Michael to share and add to your day. WEEKEND LIVE WORKSHOP A Saturday/Sunday event focused on a theme with interactive assignments FACEBOOK WATCH PARTY Curated videos/movies to watch via Facebook group while we chat
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    Dear @Katja, I loved seeing you and hearing you in the chat!! loved your energy :') you are so calm and soothing as a friend of mine would say "love yourself, speak yourself!!" I'm so glad you are opening up more and sharing yourself at your pace, that's beautiful and brave :') And yes, Music is the Universal Language and the fact that you master it speaks volumes!!! It's like a superpower!! Girl, musicians are magicians to me !!! haha, I started sharing things in english a bit shyly, some years ago...but then I just became more comfortable, playing with it too. As Petra says, it's a medium to get our points across (a beautiful one I should say, I really like its flow...if my spanish is Earth, English is like Water to me, my favorite element!) We love you :') thank you again for your beautiful presence Here :')
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    Marking my 58th birthday today in Washington state, where our Governor just gave the order to shelter in place. Now that the decision about freedom of movement is out of our hands, I'm feeling... content. Very fortunate that my older son is home from university and that we're all well. Our street has become a promenade as families walk/run/bicycle by. Parents lifting babies up to the flowering trees on a voyage of discovery. My younger son practicing his tuba in the backyard while supervising the fish on the barbeque. No pressure to do something fabulous to celebrate - that always makes me bristle. (But my husband usually insists on piling on because in his family, having enough is never good enough.) I feel closer to my core than usual, and I'm happy to offer no apologies for enjoying slow, quiet and simple. Big life lessons happening now with most people in my orbit. Just sorry that this opportunity for learning is happening in the context of so much loss and fear.
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    I am so sorry to hear this, @Troy. Why are you discounting what you are worth? I am more than happy to pay what you are worth and will continue to do so, but I guess if discounting your services a little is attractive to most people here, it is probably a good idea. I am just saying that you are worth a lot, and you could charge so much more than what you do. Big hugs however you play it. I feel for you guys and I will continue to support you. (((((((((((((()))))))))))))))
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    @Katja, there are as many different ways to communicate as there are people. The juxtapositioning of your comments made me smile... in a loving way. Have you not considered that music is a language, is actually multiple languages, and you have mastered so many already? It would appear to me that you are master linguist, in so many ways. All you need to do is to look at yourself from a different angle and you will see it, and hear it, my dear. I'm so happy you spoke up. It's lovely to hear your voice through the English written language and I'm sure it's as fragrant and sweet through your musical languages with all the different instruments. You are a love and have always been welcomed even if we didn't make that clear.
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    I'm reposting this question from the earlier thread, just in case, although I know it is not the most practical question. I just hate seeing people play with other peoples' lives and then getting away with it. Some governments have not dealt with the pandemic very well. What kind of Karma, if any, is being generated by government officials and leaders who ignore/distort the truth and sabotage efforts to deal with the crisis?
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    I know we all sort of chatted about this already, so feel free to disregard this question if no one else is curious. But I'd love some clarification on this: When Dianne asked about the chances for breakthrough vs breakdown, she also asked: "Does breakdown correspond to the Cascading catastrophic collapse/Infinite Soul trajectories?" Michael responded: "Collapse/Infinite Soul paths are Breakdown probabilities. Resource-based Economy paths are Breakthroughs. [...] The probabilities are much higher for Breakthrough at the moment. The probabilities for Resource-based Economy are so high that a Breakdown would only delay that, not stop it." We're all assuming this means the highest probability is that of a catastrophic cascading collapse, which then leads to a Breakthrough. Are we misinterpreting? Other questions: 1. If we're still at 68% probability for cascading collapse, are they able to give us a rough estimate of when to be on the lookout for that? 2. I'd love their perspective on what effect, if any, the Energy Shift this past Monday had on our current situation.
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    I started feeling much calmer since yesterday evening I feel things are gonna be OK and we are all gonna come out of this stronger with good changes in place The sense of anxiety, and urgency that I have been feeling for the past couple of weeks has lifted and I feel grounded It seems that a lot of countries are putting enforced social distancing measures in place which is promising and hopefully will get us to the July timeline Ms mentioned, for the relief to come
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    @Katja I was happy to know a little more about you... I identified with some things... mainly related to isolation. I put a lot on the internet... but I've always been very isolated in real life... I don't know exactly why but I feel more protected on the internet than outside it... I don't know how much you've kept track of my posts... but if you've read something you know that I've experienced extreme isolation... And the first person I considered a friend was 23 years old... And it was on the Internet... maybe that's why I'm not mscared in the intenet... or maybe it's because I don't have the arrogance like one of my CFs... I've always found my vulnerability totally obvious and impossible to hide... as if just looking at me and the person already realized But there's one thing I'm realizing... hiding insecurities and vulnerabilities can give you a sense of isolation. Because sometimes it's only when you speak that the other person has the courage to speak... and sometimes it's only when the other person speaks that you can relate that you don't feel alone in your problems... at least with me it's like this... so I always appreciate it when other people speak.
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    Thank you for sharing here Katja. I am happy to know you in our little community. I know two other languages fairly well, but not so well as to write in them like you can do. I too have had to struggle with my chief features of self deprecation and arrogance. It is always difficult but at least the Michael teachings have enabled me to know about them. Now I try to know when they are at work and try to move them into the positive poles. One of the nice things about TLE is the people. I am in awe of people from all over the world who communicate so well here, and so often in a learned language. I am glad you have posted your background and I know that isn’t an easy thing to do. I am pleased to know you better and am thankful for your presence here.
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    I'm really looking forward to asking this question... it may seem personal since there aren't many people here who work in hospitals... and are working in this period... but I'm really looking forward to asking... but if it's okay if it's not selected. Question: Michael. What tips would you give to people who work in hospitals and is still wprking at this time to make this period less stressful?
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    Because...Fuckface (and it's been making my family laugh)
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    Yeah, I feel like all the potential paths in front of me just got wiped away and are now a blank field. I know this will settle and that some previously desired/started paths will reemerge, and I know that new ones will show up, too. The emphasis on the RIGHT NOW is pretty strong, and the future is a combination of scary and intriguing to think about. We'll all see, I guess.
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    @Troy Thank You, it does good to hear from You! I am very sad to hear that Bobby has lost his income, but I am very glad both of you are well! I can only encourage our TLE-Community, if you are able to donate, and if it is only some, please consider it, that we as a community can at least the expenses it takes Troy, to keep this website paid, of his shoulders. I would also encourage those who are little involved actively here on TLE, to consider to help, if possible. Stay ALL safe and take care of Yourselves, and this Community!
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    I am sorry about all of these @Troy Yes we will get through this Sending you and Bobby a big hug and lots of love
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    @Katja Thank You for growing so strong! I appreciate so much that you are here with "us" again. You came over to me as a fine, shinny woven fabric, or as a rare delicate moment, never to be missed. I am so glad, you have found the courage to voice yourself here, your input, is as much welcomed and needed as anybody else's. As You had an interest to read our post's, I have an interest to read yours, all of our sharing expands us in a good way! In times like this, Resonance is important and healing, it strengthens us to connect ever closer and find comfort with each other. Here on TLE I am convinced that we know each other Essence wise for a long time, so thank You Cadre Mate for saying Hello! I wish that your life circumstances don't crush you, that the support needed will always be there for you, raising three girls alone. Also you can call upon the compassion and service of a lot of Priests and Servers of your Entity, with two thirds already cycled off, they will give you a lot of attention and help, just be not to shy to call upon them. I am not good in English, for me it is only important to have a medium to bring a point across, and we both have succeeded so far with spell-checker and all. Thank You for sharing Katja, much Love!!!
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    Update: Things are relatively calm here. The growth rate of new infections is slowing down, it has dropped from 3 days last week to 6 days now. The death toll in Germany is incredibly low compared to other countries and nobody knows why. We do have a good health care system with a lot of beds in intensive care (33,7 beds per 100,000 residents compared to 12,5 per 100,000 residents in Italy), so that might be a reason. Germany is now flying in patients from both Italy and France. While the numbers are encouraging, I do fear that people will start taking the restrictions less serious because of them, which would lead to a second wave. For now, most people conform to the new rules. Polls show that a high percentage is very satisfied with the way government is dealing with this crisis. I've been out to do some shopping and I am stunned by how well the distancing is working for now. Also, everyone seems more cheerful, friendly and polite. Mind you, none of these things are typically german. We're an ill-humored, grumpy bunch of people. But people are so helpful and friendly these days, I feel like I'm in an alternate universe. Some dude in my street organized a facebook group for everyone living in this street in case anyone needs help shopping, cooking or cleaning. The whole neighborhood seems to suddenly reconnect and get to know each other, offering services, help, solace to each other. It seems to be the case for the other boroughs, too. Supermarkets are stocked again. Most of them have now a policy which only allows you to buy a pack of toilet paper and soap at a time, to prevent hoarding, which I welcome. They only let in a certain number of people at a time, with the rest queuing outside, maintaining a 2 meter distance between each other, chatting away, smiling at each other, joking. That is such a weird sight to behold, we would normally just stand there with a resting bitch face, each to their own. I really hope we'll keep going like that. What I read about France, Italy, the US and other countries scares and frightens me and I truly hope we'll find ways to collectively manage these situations better. Stay safe, everyone!
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    @NickG, yes... sort of. Interestingly, after getting my Preview for this year, and then thinking ahead, I kept on saying to Uma that I could see myself being more "contracted" throughout the whole year. I didn't see it as a "bad thing"... that's just how I pictured myself. It came up more than once and I was quite insistent on using that word. Now I know why. Here is a short excerpt: We see 2020 moving toward a theme of Submission or the practice of determining where your efforts bring the most value and meaning while also receiving the most value and meaning. 2019 was about refining your capacity to direct yourself more consciously, and 2020 is about finding, discovering, or creating 1 to 3 areas of the life where you devote yourself 100% to someone or something. It is a year for further refinement and acceptance of priorities that either present themselves to you or that you create. It is a year of renewed passion for very specific relationships and/or causes.
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    EDIT: False alarm, thankfully. Updates haven't removed the possibility the co worker has the virus but she has had a chronic cold for the last month. We're still advised to stay in just in case. I am glad for this. Phew.
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    I was pondering the year ahead today and was wondering if all of our agreements for the year are basically put on hold or "rescheduled?" I had a jam pack year full of agreements but got the sense the path to them has been altered or put on hold because of the pandemic. Has anyone else had a similar feeling?
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    (((((((((((((((((((Troy)))))))))))))))))))), ((((((((((((((((((((Bobby)))))))))))))))))))))), You do what you have to do :-). Much love to you both and I hope that resources you need will keep coming in to keep you both safe and healthy. We are all in this together and we will make it through. Many, many hugs!
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    What other people here have said above, their eloquence is gorgeous. I am glad that you have said Hi. I have always wondered about you and how you would share. It is like contortion sometimes getting out of our own way enough to attempt connections. I am full of self dep x3 and align with what you and @Luciana Flora says more than you know, but I have also learned that making an effort of communicating what you can is worth it, and like what @Maureen has said, when fluency becomes real, things can get easier and even fun. I am so glad that you are tooting your trumpet, and brass are the closest things to the voice, which is my musical instrument/language of choice, I can say things singing that I cannot say speaking. Thank you.
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    Today, Finland closed the Uusimaa region around the metropolitan area. Crossing borders is allowed only for work or other important reasons. There are currently more than 1000 confirmed infections in Finland, most of them in Uusimaa. At the beginning of the week, the ski resorts closed because people drove north in huge numbers ... With the idea that we would go as long as we could. After that, thousands more drove to cottages from Uusimaa to other parts of Finland, where the capacity for medical care is much weaker. I wonder about people's stupidity and irresponsibility. Same mistakes as in Italy and Spain. Now Uusimaa is closed. https://yle.fi/uutiset/osasto/news/finland_shuts_down_uusimaa_to_fight_coronavirus/11276242?fbclid=IwAR2g0pox_gizAmVyb5dC2_5lS_erEqnW5mv0MK7dfTVrvvbERRMMkBhCMzI
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    03/27/20 Arizona is up to 665 cases. The number of deaths from the coronavirus have gone up from 5 to 13 since yesterday, two of which have been reported in the County that I live in. From what I have read, doctors have petitioned the governor to do a state wide lockdown but that has not happened yet. There are some additional stores that have closed down in Flagstaff. I have heard that doctors have been canceling what are classified as non-essential surgeries. Some of the medical schools in this state are looking to graduate medical students up to several months ahead of time to join the workforce for fighting the coronavirus. This is all based on what I have read in the news or what I heard from other people in the area. In terms of work, my teammates and I now have nearly 250 workers setup to work from home. We have been setting these up as requested. My Cadence Mate works with me and he has been asked to set up a mobile call center for health services relating to COVID-19 calls. It has been stressful for him to keep up with as this is all new to us. He said things have quieted down a bit today. I help him out where I can. My primary role is in the data center services but we have all come together to focus primarily on remote work setup for workers and telecommunications. I have traveled with my dad to Phoenix over the past few weeks for a surgery and a medical appointment he had. I found out recently that his doctor has cancelled all appointments moving forward. Otherwise, I have been continuing to work from home. My personal life has been pretty quiet. I go out alone to walk in the forest during the times when it is not snowing.
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    What I would like to know is, beyond health best practice endorsed measures such as personal protective equipment, social distancing, and potential drugs recommended to combat Covid-19, "If all ailments are due to vulnerabilities in our own self-esteem, can The Michaels give practical recommendations we can use to create a stronger and more resilient self esteem, maybe even break it down into suggestions for each role at mature and old levels, to manage during Covid-19 pandemic please?", or not, it is a big ask. Or even just the first part without having to elaborate upon recommended tips for each roles/mature and old levels self esteem. Something on how to bolster self-esteem to make each of us more resilient when it comes to each of our immune systems power.
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    Estonia: 369 confirmed cases, 28 in hospital, 1 critical, some in intensive care but stable, no deaths so far. The government shut down shopping centers, grocery stores and pharmacies remain open, public playgrounds are also off limits now and no gathering of larger groups than two, except for families. Doesn't mean it's a good idea to take the whole family to the grocery store... from what I've seen, people are actually observing the proper distance. Homeschooling to continue for another two weeks... I will need WINE! I've been calm, and somewhat busy homeschooling my kid who happily creates at least three art projects a day on her own and loves math. Rest of the time I'm working from home as usual. I started an Introvert Coming Out Project on FB -- posting my favorite quotes, relevant to the outer and/or inner reality. I'm old-fashioned, I still keep paper notebooks and mostly write with a fountain pen... and I copy phrases, sentences, paragraphs that touch me from books to my notebooks.
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    It's not clear to me, yet, which way we are leaning... towards Escalation or Calm. I saw this re-tweet yesterday (March 23) from Laurence Tribe's Twitter Feed. Interesting to someone in the media using the word "breaking point". “As dire as the news of today may seem, it remains to be seen if this will be the breaking point. If it is not, then America’s sickness—like Trump’s own—goes deeper than any pandemic.” — @RicPatterson
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    Hey, this small business called Broke Millennial complied a list of resources offered by the government and businesses! They vary from job leads, food, shelter and other assistance. It's being continuously updated so make sure you check back as time passes. I'll include some screen shots here: CLICK HERE FOR THE RESOURCE SPREADSHEET
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    I slept so soundly last night. I dreamed, but can't recall much except they were of cats, which is always good! I feel much better today than I have in a long time. Chatting with my sister from another mister who is also feeling calmer and more centered. Another good thing that happened was that this tabby cat, who I suspect makes mooching rounds in the neighborhood, came back to mooch off me today. He's a gorgeous, friendly boy, and I don't mind being mooched off of, and he IS well fed (and well padded). I hadn't seen him for a while and worried that coyotes or bobcats got him (we have a LOT of wildlife for a suburban area), but he's ba-ack! My indoors-only cats don't want to know!
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    [Excerpted from Human evolution, Overview of interventions, Kendre, Sirians vs. Non-Sirians, and Baby Soul Era, which are transcripts in the Fringe & Whackadoodle Studies Club. There are other transcripts in that Club that may be needed to understand some of the references.] Geraldine: I'd like some information about prehistorical TS & IS. For example, Ra is listed as an IS and was a long term "sun god" for Egypt — but what did he actually do that made him a legendary/mythological figure of renown? MEntity: In terms of prehistorical Infinite Souls and Transcendental Souls, there are only mythologies from which to draw references, as those who actually acted as Manifestations were only "recorded" in tales and stories for thousands and thousands of years. The reference to "Ra" would be one of those, having actually manifested approximately 6000 BCE, about 3000 years previous to the culmination of the cults who began to implement formal worship and recording. The original manifestation was focused on the transformation of fear regarding nature and the sky, in particular the Sun, into a means of abundance and resource. Even this reference as a mythological god is one of many "incarnations" of how this Manifestation actually occurred. The stories and myths became embellished over history as a means to tell the story of those telling the story, not of the history, itself. Once that flexible template is in place, any Entity or Cadre can "play" the role for any group or individual as a means to teach, giving rise to a multitude of variations. Geraldine: Are you saying that these TS & IS manifestations aren't part of the Akashic Records? MEntity: No, we are not. We are saying that it is complicated to give you a response with any tangible reference beyond what you have as a reference. For instance, we can tell you that in 4,000,000 BCE Ti'AT manifested the Infinite Soul as a means to bring the Logos regarding nomadal navigation, but the only reference to this in your perspective might be a few of the "alien" etchings of later cultures. ... And upon elaboration, possibly tie them to tangible references in your recorded history. The fragment known as Ti'AT was not a fictional example, by the way. Geraldine: I'm not familiar with Ti`AT MEntity: We know. Geraldine: LOL no one is, I suppose MEntity: That was the first Manifestation. ... The list of human Infinite Soul Manifestations would be: With approximate time frames Ti'AT (female 4,000,000 BCE), Khro'Te (male child 2,000,000 BCE), Ker (female 1,000,000 BCE), Sonad, Kin, Serep (brothers 700,000 BCE), Tinet, TenTen, Tia (sisters 500,000 BCE), Shia (female 150,000 BCE), Kendre (female 75,000 BCE), "Ra" (male 6,000 BCE), "Krishna (6,000 BCE) "Lilith (female 4,000 BCE), "Buddha (male 500 BCE), Lao Tzu (male 4,000 BCE) "Christ (male 5 BCE). We think we have covered them. This was not an easy task for our channel. Many of the names are phonetic and rather insignificant in terms of references for you. Geraldine: So, Lilith was an IS, not a TS? Through Michael Toth, she was given as a TS at about 10,000 BCE. MEntity: In regard to "Lilith," this would also be correct. A Transcendental Soul manifested in a way that then became a thread that the Infinite Soul used for Manifestation. The mythology of "Lilith" includes two past peaks, one in which a Transcendental Soul manifested, and one in which the Infinite Soul manifested. The more recent Manifestation is the more relevant of what has come to be the myth of "Lilith." Geraldine: Her name and lore was really trashed after that manifestation MEntity: Most Manifestations do not take long to be "trashed." We refer to the Manifestation through Christ as a most-recent example. There is much truth in the cliche that the gods of the past religion becomes the devil of the new. That is often the case, particularly when it involves Baby Souls. ### MEntity: There are usually 2 kinds of Intervention: "Alien" or caretaker intervention, and Infinite Soul intervention. Both tend to be stabilizing, pivotal, and redirectional forces for the entirety of the Sentience being supported. These occur in two ways: hidden or presented. The greater the population, the more hidden these interventions tend to be. Furthermore, each of these are often Insidious and/or Invitational. In other words, slow introductions of change, and usually seeded within relatively small groups. In the metaphysical scheme of things, so to speak, there are pods of fragments who work together in Agreement for these interventions throughout the Grand Cycle, and there are many within a Design who actually never have contact with these non-terrestrial, other-sentience species. So there are many who will have these Essence memories, and others who will find them completely foreign. After the initial transfer, a period of approximately 3 million years passed before a return from the caretakers. We refer to these species as "caretakers" because it is a valid term. Every Sentient Species is a Caretaker, at some point, for the introduction and stabilizing of another Sentient Species. At this point, Human Sentience would probably care for the fellow primate Sentience of Gorillas as this continues to grow. 3 Million Years Ago: The return visit found the species in dire shape, in terms of breeding and mental stability, but with great packs of fragments having formed into working tribes that were thriving, otherwise. ... The first Infinite Soul was then introduced through the species, not through Human Sentience, but through one of the integrated caretakers of the time; an Old Priest. ... In fact, the first three were not technically Human, but were of caretakers' species. The second manifestation was King. ... The first of Human Sentience hosting the Infinite Soul were through three brothers in approximately 700,000 BCE. [Sonad, Kin, Serep (brothers - 700,000 BCE] Using this approximate 3 million year point as the first of Interventions, we can say that roughly, each following Intervention/Interaction has followed a pattern: 1.5 million years ago; 750,000 years ago, 325,000 years ago, 150,000 years ago, 75,000 years ago, 30,000 years ago, 15,000 years ago, 7500 years ago, 3000 years ago, 1500 years ago, 700 years ago, 300 years ago, 150 years ago, 60 years ago. These are approximate, as it is difficult to pinpoint across timelines exactly when is "your" when, but these are fair approximations. Not all of these Interventions included collapses, or genetic stabilization, but usually include some form of Hidden or Presented Insidious or Invitational contact. Either from Infinite Soul or from caretakers. The reason for this pattern is because of the maturing species as well as the growing population and spreading of that population. ... In fact, the manifestations of the Infinite Souls through the brothers and the sisters in 700,000 and 500,000 BCE became part of the mythology of the Muses. The means through which these manifestations "taught" were through the capacity to sing, create, and compose music, but more, they were able to help those who listened, to be able to share with others a similar copy of that experience. The joy that this brought to the species is something we cannot convey in words. All survival issues fell by the wayside, and development began to center around these ideals brought about by music and song. ### [Geraldine] I feel that one of the most critical times for human evolution happened during the timeframe of the 7th manifestation of the Infinite Soul, Kendre, about 77,000 years ago, which seems to match up to an Alien Contact Event at about 75,000 years ago. I'd like to know more about this time period, in terms of any major events, what Kendre accomplished, and if I had any lifetimes present. [MEntity] The time period about which you ask was a time period where our Sentience nearly lost all stability of our species, with a mass exodus in several ways, including nomadically, but also physically, as we neared extinction. "Kendre" was a voice that helped direct a large group of peoples of that time away from further dangers, and into lands that would allow for population to stabilize. ... We probably would not have survived if "Kendre" had not pointed out pathways for travel, and revealed to the variations of humans a common language for partnering up. This Infinite Soul brought an Energy/Beauty Logos. ### [Geraldine] The answers that have been given so far for two different manifestations of the Infinite Soul (4th and 5th) have crossover information or a discrepancy. We have both showing as "taught through the capacity to sing, create, and compose music." I'm showing Sonad, Kin, and Serep, brothers, human beings at about 700,000 years, and Tinet, TenTen, Tia, sisters, human beings at about 500,000 years ago, doing exactly the same thing. Please clarify and elaborate. Also, please give approximate locale for each. [MEntity] The information is valid, as far as we can see. Infinite Soul manifestations can show up a multitude of times, close together, and use the same media for influence in conveying the same message, if that is what is necessary. The geographical locations that were involved with these manifestations were first in the areas known as England and the effects moved through Northern Europe and then carried further into the areas of what is known as Greece by the following manifestation. In both instances, each sibling of each set of manifestation specialized in 3 rather specific areas of arts that would eventually come to be the "9 muses" of mythology. Each set brought all three of the universal logos, with one sibling manifesting truth, another love, and another energy. ### MEntity: Once [cross-breeding among species, creating "monstrosities"] became rampant, this is when such civilizations as Lemuria and Atlantis began forming, primarily as a means to protect from the more dangerous of these. ... [This] development of the excelling enclosed civilizations came at approximately 2 million years ago, around the time of Khro'Te manifesting the Infinite Soul, setting the stage for the shifts that would come on a larger scale outside of those walls regarding diet. ### MEntity: The first major nomadic movements were around 4,000,000 BCE after the first Manifestation of the Infinite Soul. These may have been local, relatively speaking, but were nomadic, nonetheless. It was an exploration out of "Eden," so to speak. That was the first.
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    [Excerpted from Sirans vs. Non-Sirians, which is a transcript in the Fringe & Whackadoodle Studies Club] Note from Janet: Michael's use and explanation of the word "timelines" in this session does NOT appear to have the same meaning as the use of the word in sessions beginning with Timeline 1: The Final Dedicated Session, which occurred 2 years later than this one. Likely Michael is speaking in this session about what they later called timelines for individuals, as opposed to timelines for humanity. ... MEntity: Branching in Timelines that lead to their "own" evolution (which is a misnomer that will eventually be cleared up in our exploration with you) tends to happen when the scale of collective events branches out the Sentience in a way that creates completely different contexts of evolution. ... And this might be where we would point out the first real considerable branching of Timelines, where the Sirians and non-Sirian groups had very different outcomes. In one Timeline the Sirian-related accelerated drastically beyond the average Soul Age because paths crossed, but continued on away from each other, and in another, Sirian-related managed to "tame" the non-Sirian. This would be, for simplistic purposes, 3 major Timelines. When the Infinite Soul manifests the Logos, Timelines tend to merge; they do not do so at any other time that we know of, and we will talk about that another time.
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    Thank you Katja for sharing yourself. I appreciate that, and it's really nice to hear you. You are lucky to know so many languages and to have so many resources, playing different instruments, and even lutt!!!! I love lutt. It can be challenging to express, but it's worth it, though I still find it hard too.
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    @Katja I was looking through some bookmarks and this popped up:
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    Thanks @DianeHB for sharing the Dr. Greger video Pandemics: History & Prevention. I saw it the other day after my sister sent it to us. It’s critical knowledge that everyone should learn. The more who know of this causative link, the better chance of doing something about it collectively.
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    [Excerpted from Ancient humans: 6 million years of development and Overview of interventions, which are transcripts in the Fringe & Whackadoodle Studies Club.] [Geraldine] Civilizations don't begin during the immediate period. There is a several hundred year period where population explodes, technology rapidly evolves, and changes happen. Since I've been told about the level of human civilization at the 1 million year mark, were there pivotal changes that caused this level of expansion? [MEntity] There is always an intervention factor for every wave of civilizations that have come and gone; even the current civilization (or mankind) as a whole is a result of intervention. Because the human species is a hybrid, there have always come periods of instability in the bodies that make up humans as hosts for sentience, and these usually peak in large cycles, then collapse, and have to be stabilized by intervention, and then rebuilding begins. The interventions happen in two ways: through caretaker intervention, which might be seen as "aliens," and through the bringing of the Logos through the Infinite Soul manifestations. When metaphysical instability begins to be profound, the Infinite Soul manifestation occurs. This metaphysical instability would include emotional, intellectual, and "spiritual" instability of the collective bodies at the time, and the probabilities that those bodies would give rise to even further instability without intervention. When physical instability begins to be profound, such as self-destruction, destruction of great parts of the planet, and degradation of capacities for evolution, then "alien" intervention occurs. On the emotional, intellectual, and spiritual levels, Intervention happens as necessary and has happened multiple times throughout the history of your sentience. ### MEntity: There are usually 2 kinds of Intervention: "Alien" or caretaker intervention, and Infinite Soul intervention. Both tend to be stabilizing, pivotal, and redirectional forces for the entirety of the Sentience being supported. These occur in two ways: hidden or presented. The greater the population, the more hidden these interventions tend to be. Furthermore, each of these are often Insidious and/or Invitational. In other words, slow introductions of change, and usually seeded within relatively small groups.
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    [Excerpt from CF Report received on December 3, 2014; shared with permission] MEntity: First, we will discuss the Primary Chief Feature: Arrogance. Your Primary Chief Feature describes how one protects oneself "from the world," so to speak. It is often the most visible of the Chief Features, and is used as a defensive front/persona against any threats "from the world." Because the Goal of the Personality tends to encompass how one's actions interact with the world, the Primary Chief Feature affects the Goal. So the Primary Chief Feature describes your obstacles to being effective in both the world and in reaching your Goal. ... Arrogance is the means that one decides upon when it is determined that "the world" is looking too closely at you, or that you were exposed to the world in some way that threatened your trust in vulnerability. Arrogance often goes hand in hand with Acceptance because of the inherent nature of the Goal of Acceptance. Acceptance is the goal of second, third, and fourth (or more) chances as a way to try to accept someone, or as a way to convince someone that you are acceptable.This vulnerability is fueled by a form of innocence for a long time, but if that vulnerability is betrayed or brings too much attention to you in a way that leaves you exposed, the protection against vulnerability begins to build. For those in Acceptance with Arrogance, the shift tends to move away from BEING Accepted, to being Accepting. ... For those in Acceptance, the capacity to see everything is high, but this is not a skill many have. So it is easy to begin to show others only what you choose to show them. Arrogance then begins to make an art of appearing as personable and open as possible so that everyone thinks there is nothing being hidden. But for those in Arrogance, there is always something hidden, and it is a dark secret among those in Arrogance that they are just waiting for someone to see past the facades and into the dark. This is when they "know" they might finally be loved. But even when those in Arrogance are finally seen, there is defense is so entrenched that the love is not felt. This is most often seen in if there are symptoms where compliments are dismissed or shrugged off as if they are pandering or misguided social gestures. Arrogance/Acceptance learns how to keep others at a distance by turning the attention back onto others with kindness, compliments, or help, so any gestures of this nature in their own direction are determined to be insincere. Eventually, Arrogance/Acceptance decides that only he or she truly knows how to love and to accept others, but that others will never truly know how to love and accept them. For the older soul, this is how Vanity, the Negative Pole shows up. "I am better at loving than you are." A carefully orchestrated facade is constantly maneuvered between the self and the world and then it is wondered why no one truly sees you. When Arrogance moves into the positive pole of Pride, this often shows up for the older soul in his or her appearance. There is a certain amount of investment in taking care of the self so that it is presentable. For those in Arrogance, as soon as there is any streak of time when interactions decline, appearance, self-care, hygiene, clothing choices, etc., all begin to lose significance. Only if one is being seen, even if superficially, do these things matter anymore. ... For those in Arrogance as primary chief feature, it can be helpful to GET OUT OF THE HOUSE - go be around people; go do something, and better yet, interact with people. This is not the same thing as tolerating people and being superficial, but actually being a part of a group who shares interests, hobbies, goals, etc. Let this idea of "get out of the house" extend into "house" meaning anything into which you find yourself hiding. For example, it may mean "get out of your skin" or "get out from behind your children" or "get out of your routines." Anything that actively exposes you to the world again in a way that you choose. Another way that you can help transform Arrogance is to LET PEOPLE LIKE YOU. By this we mean that you actively embrace every kind gesture sent your way, regardless of its depth. If someone smiles at you, let that in. If someone thanks you, let that in. And, of course, anything deeper in meaning, let that in, as well. And, finally, for those in Arrogance/Acceptance, this one can be the most painful and difficult aspect to accept and transform as a way to move up and out of Arrogance: STOP BEING BETTER THAN THE WORLD We say that in a tongue-in-cheek way, but it is true that many in Arrogance, particularly in Arrogance/Acceptance, sense that they are simply not a part of the world, that they are simply enduring it, and that they are better than most. For the older soul, this does not show up in the same way that it shows up for younger souls. In younger souls, this shows up as blatantly self-indulgent and entitled, over-confident, offensive, etc. But for the older soul, this shows up as "why can't you see what I see" and "people are stupid" or "the world has gone insane" or "I guess I will do all of the loving, thinking, and feeling that others don't seem to be able to do" etc. So if similar thoughts or words pass through you, stop for a moment and put yourself back into the world, back into the picture, and embrace that you are a PART of the world, not above it or beyond it. This may seem a random exercise, but it can truly help one to make more effective choices rather than to leave the self dismissing any effort because it might not matter. ### end of excerpt This content may be discussed in the blog entry describing this report: Chief Features: Arrogance & Martyrdom.
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    UPDATE: This event has been cancelled due to lack of necessity for follow up questions. But don't worry... new community events will be posted soon! A couple of questions submitted will be asked on my own time and I will post those responses. Other questions unrelated to follow-up can be asked over time.
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    I've wondered about the kindest, most compassionate ways to respond to this situation. On the other hand....I've been a ventilator user since 2007, and long-learned to plan my medical supplies months in advance. In January 2020, Canada's "civilian" supply chain for ventilator parts and accessories mysteriously began to dry up. Which has never happened, in the past 12.5 years I've needed this kind of medical equipment to live. That was also the same time the rest of the world first began learning that a new type of life-threatening pneumonia had began to spread in Wuhan, China. In the weeks since, other countries have noticed the same thing, in retrospect, happening to their supply chains.. It makes me wonder...now that the Communist Party Central Government of China has been able to donate all manner of ventilators, ventilator parts + accessories, protective gear to the rest of the world... did they not only cover up the outbreak, but drain the rest of the world's medical / protective supply chains dry in advance (vs warning them they'd need to increase production), too?
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    I'd like to know what the real numbers are in Iran. It makes no sense. Are there any other countries that are 'deliberately' lying about the number of cases ? What's holding them back from telling the truth? Thank you ♡
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    Yes @NickG it is exactly like that for me too. Many physical agreements have been put on hold while I am redirected to Virtual ones.
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    I noticed that, too, @Wendy. A lot of people seemed to be driving more slowly this weekend, and I found myself thinking things like, "If I'm late, I don't care that much." There were still a few people going far over the speed limit, but most were not exceeding it by much, and many were going the speed limit or less. I didn't associate it with the energy shift at the time, but it might have been related.
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    A shelter-in-place order was finally issued for my town and county. I hope the rest of the state and the US follow suit. An old bandmate of mine, from my Brian Eno cover band in NYC many years ago, is at this moment doing a facebook live performance of song requests on his ukulele. My child's entire class had a Zoom meeting with their teachers today and it was adorable. Today's the first day in a week I haven't felt overwhelmed by stress and ugliness, but I have no idea why. My routine, such as it is, is unchanged. I still have next to no work brain, and I'm not even thinking about all the issues this is going to cause down the line. I'm seeing more plans afoot out there for lockdowns and shelter in place orders. I hope that represents calm of a sort, in the form of smart decisions being made.
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