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    This came through my feed from the Monroe Institute this morning: TMI Copper Wall Research. The article states: "It was a design originally used by Tibetan monks as an aid in developing what they called 'lucidity.' Researchers at the Menninger Institute extended the concept to engage in the study of electric fields generated by the human body and found that energy healers were producing quite large electric fields, too large to be explained by currently accepted physiological mechanisms." The Monroe Institute follows Bob Monroe's ideal that psychic and metaphysical phenomena should be validated and investigated where possible using scientific methods. The article says those in meditation can sometimes generate these fields as well. I know that in some classes they put participants into labs and connect them to various measuring devices during the class exercises. I have one of those classes on my bucket list because I'm really curious about it.
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    Mmm delicious. This year has been all about anger for me. For a long time I thought growth meant releasing the anger , becoming peaceful inside. I now see it differently. Anger shows us our values. Anger shows us what really matters to us and it also shows us how we expect others to comply to those values or how we are ignoring these values altogether as a very important part of ourselves. Anger shows us what is important to us. It also shows us where we have yet to set boundaries with others or where we have crossed far beyond the boundaries of what we have control of. When living with others, I would often pick just anybody with the mildest of connections. I would tell myself “ I will mind my own business and heal whatever wound comes up...my anger is my business and I’ll use the anger to traaansceend”. So they would cook bacon or something in the kitchen and I would watch how angry it would get me and I would go to my room and breathe...telling myself to use the opportunity to own myself and stay out of their business”. SO COMPlICATED and UNNECESSARY! the anger just rose and rose and rose until finally I am at a place now where I acknowledge anger is here to inform us what is important to us. It is not here to transcend. We can use it as information to put our power towards situations, relationships, contexts that matter to us. Michael said that anger came when we felt our rights were being violated and it diminishes in intensity when we realize that in 99 percent of situations, we are violating our own rights while giving the other the power/ permission to determine how we feel/ think/ do/ evolve/ learn. I think true anger just looks like a responsibility to yourself to be living in your own authenticity and no longer holding others responsible for you living in your own authenticity.
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    I watched The National's new song Oblivions on The Tonight Show last night and loved it. It's been a while since I got lost in a song -- the way it builds. It felt transcendent. It made me seek out more. That's when I found their new short film/album: I Am Easy To Find. It's almost like you're not afraid of anything I do How I want you here You don't know what it's like to be around you I still got my fear It's the way you say yes when I ask you to marry me You don't know what you are doing Do you think you can carry me Over the threshold Over and over again until oblivion? It's the way that you're gonna stop needing to tell me You want me as much as I want you to tell me I'm over the threshold Everything is gonna be totally okay until oblivion I still got my fear I still got my fear It's still always you every morning I think of no matter what How I want you here I know I am easy to find but you know, it's never me I still got my fears It's like a tide in a city lifts me and carries me around And oh, my mind is made up out of nothing, now If nothing scares you about me and you, never put me down Oh my mind is made up out of nothing, now You won't walk away, won't you? You don't walk away, don't you? You won't walk away, won't you? You don't walk away, don't you? I still got my fear I still got my fear I still got my fear I still got my fear This short film is a brief view of life... with a haunting soundtrack. It's poignant and sweet, distancing and watchful, and a wee bit neutral in some ways, as love is wont to be. It shows how much we capture, and how much we miss at times, as we roll through. Article on NPR: The National Premieres 5 New Songs With Stirring Short Film, 'I Am Easy To Find' Upon the announcement of The National's I Am Easy to Find — due out this Friday on 4AD — the band promised a short film that would accompany the record, starring Alicia Vikander and directed by Mike Mills (who directed the 2010s movies Beginners and 20th Century Women). The short film is here, accompanied by reworked versions of five new singles: "Quiet Light," "Rylan," "The Pull of You," "Oblivions" and the album's title track, in addition to the already-released "Light Years." I Am Easy to Find carries some of the emotional resonance of a Richard Linklater film — think Boyhood or the Before trilogy — condensed into a tight 24 minutes. It finds Alicia Vikander (Ex Machina, The Danish Girl) in all the stages of a middle-class existence, from birth to death, and briefly delving into each stage — as if watching a supercut of home movies. Rather than pinpoint the emotional heft of a single big life event, I Am Easy to Find takes a sprawling glance at life's totality, each subtitled and carried by Vikander's expressions. There's an emphasis on the cyclical nature of life: the temporality of close friendships (of which she has four), the turmoils of marriage ("Arguing ... about the same things," the film warns), financial crises and the remembrance of the past. The National is well-suited to soundtrack these weighty dramas in brief. Sometimes, it plays as mere background music and other times, it accentuates and amplifies Vikander's joys and woes. It's engrossing, lovely and at times droll, as a short film from the National should be.
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    Tex would be interested in this and I'll show it to him. He has played around with copper for years because one day he noticed that copper reflects chi/energy. When his back used to go out, he made a copper shirt by gluing copper foil to the inside of one of his work shirts. He would wear this while working, and it would keep his back from going out. Eventually this became just a piece of copper strip with magnets attached that he would tape to his back if it went out. He's got a story about the copper shirt that he always tells, but I'll let him tell it. The "theory" behind this is that energy leaves the body at certain spots that are "stuck" (he can feel this with his hands), and putting copper on that spot reflects the energy back into the body. This can tend to bring back the emotions that the person was avoiding which caused the energy to leave the body in the first place.
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    It is worse than that. You are actively mocked if you state anything like that. Seth does an annual ghost story show around halloween. He is considered a leader in the Atheist community. He gets crap for it every year. At one point, I was going down the Atheist rebbit hole I began to question what I had learned here. I felt myself closing off to part of me and it hurt. That is when I began to see it for what it is. Just another hierarchy similar to religion with purity tests and everything. I think the thing that finally did it for me was listening to Matt Dillihunty, Rationality Rules and Sam Harris all sit there and make the arguement that free will doesn't exist. None of them realizing that they were making the religious argument that god has a path for you and it is already chosen. To me, the argument that there is no free will is straight up denial of the power choice. Their logic falls apart there for me. I have lived without embracing choice and I have embraced it at times. I have found my life to be better with it. Anyway, I am rambling well of course. But yes @Maureen the doctrine and hierarchy of a church are very much there.
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    By the way, my BF Bobby is actually with him tonight at a big Pride Gala along with Christian Siriano and the Queer Eye Boys and more... he's rubbin' shoulders with movers and shakers!
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    Hey, I'd love to read some sessions on Anger, how to confront and release it, and what it is specifically. Apparently as I move through this phase of my 4th IM I am starting to realize how FUCKING MAD I really am about so many things. Any personal work with anger would be lovely to hear as well! What works for you guys? I just lost my shit and punched my pillows for a little bit and feel somewhat better LOL.
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    @Stickyflames Oh man, thank you for this. I've been intuiting about it today myself which is why I even asked and I arrived to a very similar initial conclusion. I think I'm confronting that so much of my anger is an extension of suppression. Either being suppressed by others or suppressing myself for the sake of others so that I could not only "keep the peace" but "be liked". Pre-4IM Ree was very much so a concocted persona, a carefully constructed performance of charisma and niceness and humor as I desperately tried for likability in every single social situation. Now I'm realizing that I don't owe it to FUCKING ANYBODY to be likable all the time. I don't have to be open and receptive, and willing to drop whatever I'm doing and/or feeling in order to be "on" for people. Not even my friends. Not even my family. If I'm having a bad day, fuck off leave me alone. If you do something I don't like, I'm gonna trust that I can tell you that I'm upset and if you stop loving me because of it, also fuck off leave me alone. The anger is just coming up as this sort of righteous indignation, and exactly what you said, the realization that I have violated some of my Rights (as well has had them violated by growing up in an abusive household), and I'm just now starting to feel it. There's a lot to be mad about in the world. People are shitty, even people I love are sometimes shitty. It's okay if I'm shitty sometimes. I don't have to just take it. I can stand up for myself. I can enact boundaries. And I can be a bitch if I'm in a bad mood. All the people I love through their bad moods and shitty decisions and atrocious defective ass chief features. Why can't I allow myself to be me and do the same?
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    Bumped this because reading it again today made me feel better. Hope it does the same for you.
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    Here! Here! I noticed this Seth Andrews speaking engagement was here in Toronto. I love his way of thinking and his humour. So many things are so obvious... once you can see them. Some thoughts... I consider myself to be an atheist in the purist sense ~ "a person who disbelieves or lacks belief in the existence of God or gods". This was arrived at during an interesting phone conversation with Geraldine where I, literally, backed my way into it. It had us both laughing... it still does. What can annoy me, at times, about "atheists" is when they take their new beliefs (yes... it's all about beliefs no matter what you believe) so far away from "God or gods" that they can't/don't attribute anything beyond the physical as having any merit. They not only cannot see the beauty (order, pattern, etc.) in the metaphysical elements they cannot see them at all. So atheism, if taken to extremes, can be (almost) as restrictive as many of the religions are -- in their pursuit of truth, love and beauty. Wasn't it reassuring to hear this from Michael about the Compassion Timeline -- to know there is at least one where we "got it right". MEntity: There is no pollution or overpopulation because there is no religion. MEntity: Infinite Soul Manifestation were reframed and stripped of their "bibles" and left as represented by very simple, single-sentence Truths.
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    I know Seth Andrews. He was a raised in an evangelical Christian home. His parents actually honeymooned in the Holy land. He worked in Christian radio in thw 80s and 90s. Became an atheist in his 40s right at the time that Dawkins, Harris, hitchens and Dennett were 'the four horseman'. I have followed him for many years and met him in STL. Lately, I have become disillusioned with him and others of the new atheist movement. Hitchens died. Harris has turned in member of the IDW and hangs out with likes of Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson and Dave Rubin. Dennett basically read the winds and stuck to his professorship. Seth, AronRa, and Matt Dillihunty became major figures in the athiest community. The biggest issue I have is a young atheist youtuber Rationality Rules post a video on trans women in women's sports. This man actually said in the video that he didn't want to see a day when women's sport is doniminated by Y chromosomes. The internet called him out on it. RR went to an event where Matt was at that was sponsored by the Atheist Community of Austin. The ACA is kinda looked at as a leader in the Atheist world. It was only AFTER the event that the ACA was informed about the transphobic video. The ACA denouced RR. RR whined about it on YouTube The ACA had a meeting and the board retracted their denouncement. Half the board resigned on the spot and many of the members at the meeting walked out. Matt is a founding member of the ACA. Dillihunty made a statement of support for RR via Twitter. AronRa did the same on a podcast and then later admitted he hadn't watched the original video. Apparently, Seth also show support for RR. A trans youtuber going by the name Essense of thought broke the down exactly why RR'S video is transphobic. And also why his apology videos aren't. Steve Shives also commented on the drama in a video. Seth has done some amazing work. Lately, it really began to feel like his work was getting stale. Similar subjects talked about many times over. I haven't watched a full video of his in months. That disillusionment combined with this, made me realise what Essense of thought stated in her latest video on this issue. The atheists seem to care more about their cliques, or clicks, then they do about people they have harmed. This particular video is pretty good. Just thought some more information about the creator might be useful.
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    This 2005 session is an why I use the Mystery Links. Otherwise I might not have come across it. The questions are still relevant today, and Michael’s answers - timeless. I’m glad to have read this. A.good example was reading Michael speak on Older Souls attitudes towards Younger Souls. Another part I’m glad I read is the part on channels. I’d wondered why I’m comfortable withTroy - not just as an excellent channel - but also as someone I’ve come to feel a closeness towards even though we haven’t met in this lifetime. [M Entity] Channels through whom we work, (and channels who claim to work with us, but do not actually channel us) are all in some kind of Agreement with the students who are attracted to them. Some channels and teachers have Karma among their students, and the dynamic of their attraction to each other is based on that Karmic structure. Those who are attracted to Troy's channeling of us are in some way linked to the exploration of Perfect Imperfection; or put another way, “absolute comprehension, compassion, and acceptance of Self and Other.” For other channels, a student may be attracted to Empowerment themes, Relationship themes, Reality Dynamic themes, etc.  It could then be said that each valid channel attracts three kinds of relationships: Monads, Agreements, and Karma. These Monads, Agreements, and Karma would be among the students as well as between channel and student.
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    Ok so my next big task for myself was to look at actual historical events and see what happened in our world during each nexus period. After all, Michael can only give concepts, not predict events. In doing so, I would more accurately understand what specifically happened to lead us to current trends, and what could've happened differently in other Parallels. So I finally got to doing that! I did a lot of research across multiple sites to see what happened since the beginning of 2016 until now. Then I highlighted which events I felt/thought most reflected Michael's description of each Nexus, and that I remember hit the world like wildfire. This is quite long so take your time reading, if you'd like. One side effect of reading this summary is that you will gain a broader understanding of every other human we share Earth with (maybe even a sense of Unity with them), and likely you will have more empathy from seeing what we humans do (positively or negatively) to/for/with each other. 2016: YEAR OF TURNING POINTS- Moving centered Server Year based in common ground and problem-solving through Caution SIGNIFICANT EVENTS: US Presidential Election w/ Donald Trump Win & Russian Collusion, Brexit Referendum, Zika Epidemic and UN Declaration of its End, US President Obama visits Cuba (a 1st in many decades), Threat of ISIS in Brussels/Iraq/Pakistan, Orlando; Florida Nightclub Shooting, Rio de Janeiro Summer Olympics, Standing Rock & Dakota Pipeline Project, Syrian Refugee Crisis, Women in US Congress, Colombia strikes Peace Deal with FARC, Impeachment of Brazil & South Korea Presidents, Failed Turkish Coup, North Korea Missile Tests, Live Video Broadcasting is Popularized for Social Media, Refined Digital Advertising Algorithms, Global Surge of Interest in Veganism Jan 2016 CONVERGENCE around DEATH= Musician David Bowie & Actor Alan Rickman Die, Iran dismantles Nuclear Weapons Program Feb 2016 MAJOR DIVERGENCE around PEACE/HUMANITARIANISM VS TURBULENCE/DISRUPTION VS MORE OF "THE SAME"= US Primary Elections result in Bernie Sanders, Hilary Clinton & Donald Trump winning, El Nino Droughts, Drug Riots in Mexico, Pope Francis visits Mexico, Fiji is 1st Nation to ratify the 2015 UN Climate Deal, Indian Kanhaiya Kamar is Arrested for Anti-nationalism- he later clarifies intentions, Homophobic Sentiments in USA & EU, Pope Francis questions Trump's Christianity for his call to build a Mexican Wall, North Korea launches Rocket w/ Satelite into Space despite Warnings from the West & UN, Cryopreservation Breakthrough, Discovery of Gravitational Waves, Live Video becomes Prioritized on Social Media Mar 2016 MINI DIVERGENCE around HIGH-PROFILE EVENT REPRESENTING COLLECTIVE= US President Barack Obama visits Cuba as a 1st in Decades, Brussels; Belgium & Lahore; Pakistan are bombed by ISIS - Apr 2016 MAJOR DIVERGENCE around SHIFTS IN NATIONAL POWER= US President Barack Obama & First Lady Michele visit UK, Paris Agreement on Climate Change, 9% of Asia-Pacific & 6% of USA Consumers Reported as Vegan- with Australia, China, Hong Kong, Israel, Saudi Arabia & UAE announcing Rapid Growth in Vegan Economies May 2016 MINI DIVERGENCE around MAJOR EVENTS= Harambe (a Gorilla) is shot in Cincinatti Zoo while trying to help a Fallen Human Child, Chad Dictator Hissene Habre is Convicted, Automation Revolution now displacing Electronics Workers, Worldwide Renewable Energy Growth - Jul 2016 DIVERGENCE around WAR= Politician Hilary Clinton is First Female to be Nominated for President in USA, Syria orders Russian Governments to Airstrike Syrian Rebels in Aleppo- breaking 4 Year Stalemate between Rebels & Pro-Government Forces, Augmented Reality App Pokemon GO explodes in Popularity Sep 2016 NEXUS around BREAKTHROUGH or PRESSURE RELEASE= Largest Radio Telescope now operational in China, US Presidential Debate between Hilary Clinton & Donald Trump, 1st UN Refugee Summit, Google Translate Improvements via "Deep Learning", 1st Human Baby Born from "3 Parents", Elon Musk Announces plan to send Humans to Mars via New Spacecraft - Nov 2016 MAJOR DIVERGENCE around HEALING COLLECTIVE SELF-KARMA= Pollution Red Alerts in India, Donald Trump wins over Hillary Clinton in US Election (in Parallels where Hilary wins, Michael says violent coordinated attacks from Conservative Extremists ensue), Indian PM Narendra Modi Demonetizes Banknotes, Syrian Rebels agree to Evacuate Aleppo, ISIS Abducts Civilians of Mosul; Iraq, Stem Cell Advances Dec 2016 CONVERGENCE around PREPARING FOR GLOBAL REVOLUTION= Evacuation of Syrian Rebels & Civilians from Aleppo is Complete- Pro-Government Forces take over and declare Ceasefire, Amazon's 1st Delivery by Drone, Anti-White Supremacy Movements, Pollution Red Alerts in China, US increases Reward for Admission of Islamic State Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, US Electoral College votes for Donald Trump, Russian Ambassador Andrei Karklov is Politically Assassinated in Turkey, 1st True Vaccine against Ebola, UN demands halt to Israeli residence in Palestine, US President Obama retaliates against Russian Interception in 2016 Election, Breakthroughs in Reversing Human Aging, Facebook faces Allegations for Interfering with US 2016 Elections- kickstarting a "Fake News" Trend and Revamped Newsfeed Algorithms 2017: YEAR OF HUMANITARIANISM- Higher Emotional centered Priest Year based in revolutions of Greed SIGNIFICANT EVENTS= US Donald Trump's Presidential Inauguration, Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa overtakes Robert Mugabe, Theresa May Invokes Brexit, Rohingaya Genocide crisis in Myanmar, Fall and Liberation of Mosul; Iraq from ISIS, Global Economic Growth Rise, clear Climate Change Escalation, North Korea-USA War Tensions, Chinese Globalization Rise, Global Wildfire Panic, Solar Eclipse over USA, #Me Too Movement, Global Shift to more Private Messaging App Use- less Social Networking, Chatbots for 24/7 e-Commerce, Rise of Influencer Marketing Jan 2017 CONVERGENCE around PREPARING FOR GLOBAL REVOLUTION= NASA & NOAA announce 2016 as hottest year on record, Mexican Drug Lord El Chapo is Captured, Donald Trump & VP Mike Pence are Inaugurated, More Women are elected in US Congress than ever before, Global Women's March Protest against Trump, Chile rallies International Support for Deadly Wild Fires, Trump withdraws from Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, Xi Jinping Declares China's Shift to Globalization is Necessary, 4Ocean is Founded as a Waste Management Movement, Alarming Study on Future Crop Losses to Climate Change, 3D Printing of Human Skin is Successful Feb 2017 MAJOR DIVERGENCE around RELIEF/IMPROVED MORALE VS EXTREMISM= Turkish Trials for Failed Coup Suspects, US Politician Jeff Sessions recuses from Russian Investigation after revelation of Russian Collusion, US President Donald Trump bans Muslim Travel to America Mar 2017 MINI DIVERGENCE around REFUSING VS ACCEPTING PEACE/PLEASURE= Theresa May triggers Brexit, Controversial North Carolina Bathroom Law around Transgender Acceptance, Venezuelan Protests against President Maduro - Apr 2017 DIVERGENCE around WAR= US drops Superbomb on ISIL in Afghanistan- prompting Citizen Anger, ISIL Directs deadly Car Bomb on Fleeing Syrian Citizens, North Korea Missile Test Failure, Taliban Assaults Afghanistan, Venezuelan Protests against President Maduro continue, US Tax Marches, Global March for Science after US President Trump's controversial withdrawal from Climate Policies May 2017 DIVERGENCE around WORLD LEADER NEGOTIATIONS SHIFTING to MEANINGFUL ACCEPTANCE OR EXTREME TURMOIL= Washington DC Protests against Turkish Embassy, Iran President Hassan Rouhani is Re-elected, Ariana Grande Concert Bombing in UK, Philippines Martial Law Order, Taiwan aims to Legalize Gay Marriage, Mueller Investigation on US-Russia Collusion Begins, Hologram Tech Advances - Jul 2017 MAJOR CONVERGENCE around DECLARATIONS OF RIGHTEOUSNESS/FAIRNESS= US Scientists calculate Total Plastic Amount ever Produced, Elon Musk comments about Governmental Approval to build Hyperloops, Mosul; Iraq is Liberated from ISIS, China Bans "Foreign Garbage", Justin Bieber banned from China for Immorality, Trump Family faces Allegations about Russian Collusion, Trump Overturns Obama Era Changes, Indigenous Standing Rock Protests ramp up, Breakthroughs in Gene Editing, Canada's New Food Guide reduces Meat Consumption & favors Plants Aug 2017 DIVERGENCE around WONDROUS OR PANICKED RESPONSES TO SOLAR ECLIPSE= For us there was Collective Awe of the Eclipse and the 1st Direct Discovery of Water-Ice on our Moon. (Other parallels experienced concentrated attacks on Eclipse Onlookers.) Sep 2017 DIVERGENCE around RELIEF/TRUST IN PROGRESS VS VARIOUS EXTREMES OVER NEXT 100 YEARS= US President Trump declares War on North Korea if they threaten US & Iran President Hassan Rouhani criticizes him, Devastation Cleanup of Hurricane Irma & Hurricane Maria (with Drones), Devastation Cleanup of Pacific North American Coast Wildfires, Feminist Breakthroughs in Saudi Arabia & USA, NFL Players Protest against Trump by kneeling at US Anthem, Vote for Iraqi Kurdistan Independence, 500 "Fake News" Russian Spy Social Media Accounts are Deleted, Global Supermarket Retailer Walmart asks for more Plant-based Foods, Studies on Relationship between Animal Agriculture & Climate Change are released- showing Causal Link - Oct 2017 DIVERGENCE around ???= Huge Somalia Bomb Attacks, Turkey enters Syria to counter Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad, Plague in Madagascar, International Monetary Fund Declares Global Economic Growth is Rising, Obesity Epidemic Growing, #Me Too Movement Nov 2017 CONVERGENCE around HEALING/PROBLEM-SOLVING= US & Somalia airstrike Al-Shabaab Militant Fundamentalists, Aleppo; Syria creates a Shopping Festival to invite Economic Growth, Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangawa declares he will help Citizen Needs after previous President Robert Mugabe's Exploitation, Bangladesh agrees to temporarily provide for Myanmar Refugees fleeing Violence, Antibiotic Resistance Breakthrough Dec 2017 CONVERGENCE around CLIMATE & POWER STRUGGLE "REFUGEE" INTEGRATIONS= Continued Rohingya Genocide Crisis and Myanmar-Bangladesh Migration, Star Wars: The Last Jedi is a Global Hit, Huge US Tax Overhaul, US President Trump Declares Jerusalem as Israel's Capital, California Wildfires & Recovery, 2018: YEAR OF REVOLUTION- Higher Emotional centered Warrior Year based in revolutions of Greed SIGNIFICANT EVENTS= Democratic Majority in US House of Representatives, Humanitarian Crisis in Yemen & Venezuela, Ethiopia-Eritrea Peace Deal, #Me Too Movement goes Global, USA Leaves Iran Nuclear Deal, Stephen Hawking's Death, Harry-Meghan UK Royal Wedding, Dissolution of Western Powers, US Trump Tariffs invoke Trade Wars, US Trump Immigrant Family Separation Policies, End of Korean War, US Missile Attack on Syria & Syrian Refugee Crisis, Slow Brexit from EU, Stoneman Douglas Highschool Shooting & March for our Lives, Facebook Economic & Privacy Charges/Changes, Social Media Influencer Marketing Abuse Scandals, Ad Blindness/Blocking Concerns, rise of Mobile Social Media Apps, Veganism goes Mainstream Jan-Jul 2018 NEXUS BUBBLE= This is a big chunk of time without nexii. I'll need some time to go through it. Notable Events: Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting & March for our Lives etc. Jul 2018 NEXUS BUBBLE COLLAPSES for DIVERGENCE around LIBERATION & CONVERGENCE around LISTENING TO OUR CORE VOICE= Thai Cave Rescue, American Brett Cavanaugh elected in Supreme Court by President Trump, Trump-Putin Summit and Russia's 2016 Election Meddling Charges, American Shootings, American Farmer Bailouts for Trade Wars, Pakistan Suicide Bombing at Election Rally, Islamic Protests & Bombings in Iraq/Pakistan/Syria/Philippines/Afghanistan, Laos Dam Collapse, Rising Sea Levels revealed to Threaten Internet Infrastructure, Rising Suicide Rates in USA & Mexico, Plant-based Beyond Meat Brand partners with Tesco & A&W, Study Released on how Increased Human Population & Urbanization is leading to Increased Meat Consumption- causing Loss of Biodiversity & Increased Carbon Emissions Aug 2018 CONVERGENCE around HALTING WAR VIA COMPASSION= Mnangagwa elected as Zimbabwe President- without Fraud/Corruption, Anti-Corruption Laws in Colombia, Venezuela-Peru Border Crisis, Athlete Serena Williams' Catsuit is Banned- stirring Feminism, Pope Francis addresses Child Abuse in Ireland, UN Report on Myanmar Military's Violation of Human Rights Sep 2018 DIVERGENCE around PRAGMATIC RESPONSE TO HARD OBSTACLES= Bill Cosby is 1st Celebrity to be Imprisoned by #MeToo, US President Donald Trump criticizes Globalism- invoking US Nationalism/Isolationism, Resignations force Shifts in Power for Social Media Corps, Indian Supreme Court overturns Constitutional Rule for its Discrimination against Women, #MeToo spreads to China, Studies warn of Orca Extinction due to Marine Pollution, Investigation into American Politician Brett Cavanaugh's Sexual Misconduct- which affects Trump, Gun Control Laws in California, Protests against Far-Right Candidate Bolsonaro in Brazil Elections, Elon Musk is accused of Securities Fraud, 7.5 Magnitude Sulawesi Indonesian Earthquake & Tsunami, 50 Million Facebook Accounts are Hacked - Oct 2018= A Possible Nexus could've occurred this Month, but we don't know because Troy never posted the October 2018 Energy Report. [Notable Events in October: Peru ex-President Alberto Fujimori Imprisoned for Corruption, Several Vehicle Crashes kill hundreds, Russian School Shooting, Chinese Kindergarten Shooting, Backlash against Hungary PM Banning Gender Studies, UN Warning that we have 12-15 Years to Reverse Climate Change, Journalist Jamal Khashoggi's Murder in Saudi Arabia (US and Muslim Countries Involved), 1st Female President Sahle-Work Zewde of Ethiopia, Extinction Rebellion is formed to Protest against Climate Change Complacency, Creation of Quantum Entanglement between Bacteria & Quantized Light, Revelation of Drops in Insect Population due to Global Warming, Studies released on how VR Affects Empathy] Nov 2018 DIVERGENCE around UNIMAGINABLE DYSTOPIA= Japanese Child Suicide Rate at High Peak, Cameroon School Children Abduction & Rescue, Tanzania punishes LGBTQ+ peoples, Voyager 2 leaves the Solar System, US Citizens elect Democratic Majority in the House of Representatives at US Midterms- includes 1st Muslim Women, covert Mass Graves found in ISIS and Somalia-Ethiopia Territories, Genocidal Assaults in Yemen, Yellow Vests Movement against French President Emmanuel Macron, Deadly California Wildfires, Somalian Suicide Bombings, Pollution forcing Emigration and Health Crisis in India, Ebola Virus Spreading in Africa, Michele Obama publishes her Memoir "Becoming", Studies of Ozone Hole Healing, Extinction Rebellion Protests create Roadblocks in UK 2019: YEAR OF EMPOWERMENT- Moving centered Artisan Year SIGNIFICANT EVENTS- Yellow Vests Protests in France, Celebration of Women in Indian Temples & Women's Wall for Gender Equality, Phasing Out of HFCs, Extinction Rebellion speaks on Climate Action, Jair Bolsonaro wins Brazil Election, Comedian Volodymyr Zelensky wins Ukraine Election (to be continued...) Jan 2019 CONVERGENCE around HEALING/RECOVERY= Hindu Protests against Women in Temples, Yellow Vests Protests continue, Qatar retreats from Petroleum Exportation & begins Taxing "Health-damaging Foods", Austria legalizes Gay Marriage, Jair Bolsonaro is elected Brazil President, Millions of Women create a "Women's Wall" in India to celebrate Gender Equality & Female Access to Temples, Nancy Pelosi re-elected as Speaker of the US House of Representatives- halts President Trump's Mexican Wall Project, Saudi Prince Khaled bin Alwaleed invests in Vegan Restauraunts/Culinary Classes & Renewable Energy Initiatives in Saudi Arabia & other Middle East Nations, Montreal Protocol Kigali Amendment phases out Hydroflurocarbons (HFCs) Mar 2019 DIVERGENCE around EXPLORING WORST-CASE SCENARIOS= Child Activist Genesis Butler proposes Pope Francis go Vegan for Lent, Revolutions in Algeria & Venezuela, South Korea & US end War Games, Rumors of North Korea rebuilding Launch Sites (but it's not known what kind), US Democrats Investigate History of Trump's Corruption, 2nd Person ever is cured from "HIV", Mark Zuckerberg announces Plans to make Social Media more Private, Plant-based Meat experiences Labeling Conflicts from Animal Agriculture Industries - Apr 2019 CONVERGENCE around CLEANUP/SORTING= Notre Dame de Paris Fire & Reconstruction, Sri Lankan Terrorist Attacks, Comedian Volodymyr Zelensky wins Ukraine Election in landslide, Activist Greta Thunberg speaks about Climate Action at Extinction Rebellion, Avengers: Endgame Premiers, Philippines Earthquake, 1st Malaria Vaccine for Children, "No Religion" becomes Major Religious Identity in USA May 2019 CONVERGENCE around TRUE GROUNDING/EMOTIONAL PEACE= Taiwan Legalizes Gay Marriage- 1st Asian Nation, Volodymyr Zelensky is Inaugurated President of Ukraine, Australian Coalition Government lead by PM Scott Morison wins Election, Dutte Chand comes out as India's 1st Openly Gay Athlete, US Billionaire Robert Smith Declares he will pay off Student Debt of 400 Graduates, Indonesian PM Joko Widodo Re-elected- Protests Breakout in Response, American Protests against controversial Anti-Abortion Laws, Democratic Indian PM Narendra Modi Re-elected in Landslide Vote, Revelation of increasingly Unstable West Antarctic Ice Sheet due to Climate Change Jun 2019 CONVERGENCE around INSPIRED ACTION= n/a
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    I'm looking forward to checking this out. Funny this band has been coming up in my shuffle in the car almost daily lately and more often than not they get a replay and volume raised!
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    I’m actually finding their new album kind of meh. I also am not sure how I feel about them having so many guest singers. It’s funny tho because this album isn’t *that* different from their previous albums. Could be that by now i’m beginning to become bored with their sound. Still, I like the lead singer’s voice. I find it soothing, and I would like to see them live. Now that I know how to get to the stadium where they tend to play while they are here by subway I probably will try to see them next time they are there, assuming they don’t sell out before I can get a ticket.
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    A moving story of sexuality and gender identity and coming out through the beauty of dance. 
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    After his dance of joy and freedom turns to a bloodbath by a mass shooter and then after his beating on the street that leaves his family fighting and forgetting him... comes the most painful part for me: the drowning out of our existence by the arguing and fighting among others over whether we have a right to exist at all. That punches me in the gut as I watch his face because that's exactly how you have to navigate it all. You just have to look straight ahead and stay strong. This isn't unique to the LGBTQIA+ community. So many from marginalized groups know this feeling.
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    I never addressed this issue with MIchael so I do not know what they would say but I will tell you about my experience with anger. I remember that before embarking on my journey of self-knowledge, which began long before I entered TLE, I really thought good people did not feel angry. I could not even see the anger in me, she was totally repressed. I think one of the reasons for this is that I've never felt free to express myself emotionally with my parents. After all for them I was always exaggerating .. IoI I think my parents never knew how to cope well with their feelings and emotions and consequently did not know how to deal with mine .. And I think I'm finally seeing that this understanding of my feelings is something they just can not give me .. But I think my reactions are exaggerated (be it anger, sadness, crying) because I'm not reacting just that moment .. it's that moment added to all the moments when I did not allow myself to feel and express myself .. I think It can not be repressed forever, it explodes at some point.
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    CurvyWords, Hope this helps—in my Michael definitions file I have the following: Anger: unmet expectations. Anger could be said to have BOUNDARIES as the Positive Pole and DEFENSE as a Negative Pole. The sense of the daunting tasks, actions, time, energy, etc. that is realized is necessary for fulfilling responsibilities and sense of purpose; it can feel quite overwhelming and one can feel helpless, which is the underpinning of Anger. Part of this is from a private chat posted by Maureen several years ago. I couldn't find it on the current TLE website to link to, so here I what I have on my computer: Growth Potential via "Shadow" Fragments Posted by Maureen September 19, 2014 Originally published on October 4, 2013 I love Michael’s dream interpretations. Michael even gave us a new term in the interpretation – “Shadow" Fragments – that may be interesting to follow-up on in a public forum. From a Private Live Chat on October 4, 2013: [Maureen]: I would like to review a dream I had with you that I think may relate to a past life I had with my brother and my mother (in this life). I haven’t had the easiest of times with either of them in this life and I was wondering if that difficulty relates to any unfinished business with them from that life. September 29, 2013: Dreamed many dreams, like I was sorting things out or tying up loose ends. It felt like bits and pieces that I was trying to make sense of – even going across multiple lives to “sort-out”. I’ve had a few nights like this in the last few days. The last full-ish one I remember is I was a young woman and I came home or at least I came into a room near the front of the house I lived in where there was a bed where I knew my lover had been with me. I saw that there was blood stains – especially on the pillow. My sense was that the blood was my uncle’s and he had killed my lover. I had the strong sense that the uncle in my dream was my brother in this life. The time period seemed to be in a more distant time and it seemed to be in a middle-eastern culture. I was very upset but I wanted my uncle to “pay” for his crime so I took a pen and circled the blood spots/splashes on a pillow case that I thought were his (which I then stowed away). I have no idea how I knew they were his and not the victim?? Also if the time period is as far back as it felt – there is no way the authorities could do DNA testing or for that matter if they would help me at all – so I’m not sure “why” I did that. This was one of the details that felt overlapping with this time period. Then I went deeper into where I lived (the room where I collected the pillowcase seemed to be at the front of the house – near the front door) I could see then that my mother (in the dream and also in this life) had switched my bedroom with another bedroom to “punish” me and that all my personal belongings were gone – completely – and I was left with “new” furniture – all white without a trace of familiarity or connection to my own energy or my “past”. Also the furniture and personal belongings seemed to fit into this time and place (now) – they didn’t feel like they belonged in the past. I could see my mother off in another room dressed in the all the layers of middle eastern garb. She had really stuck it to me. I felt trapped because although I was “older” (I wasn’t a very young woman – I sensed that I may have been in my late 20s or 30s) I had no way to support myself financially – so I had to continue to live there. I felt like I couldn’t reach out to my boyfriend either (which was strange because at the beginning I thought he was killed off??) because he was poor. I felt really stuck. [Maureen]: Your comments would be appreciated Michael. What is this overlap about? Is there left over business between with my mother and myself that was carried over? Is there left over business with my brother who I felt was the uncle in the dream that was carried over? [MEntity]: As with most dreams, the primary medium of communication is symbolic, even if drawing from very real events in the current life or past lives. Many of the literal parts still contribute to the language of symbolism. [MEntity]: First, this is drawing from Instinctive memory, so the reference to the past life is valid. [MEntity]: It is not unusual for the Old Soul to sift through memories in the Instinctive Center, looking for any reference to issues that were not resolved or may have a chance to find balance in the current life. These would tend to be issues that were not "necessary" for balance or resolution, and were addressed in some way already, but still carry with them a mild charge. [MEntity]: Issues such as those tend to be addressed in the Astral, or even "saved" for the reunion of Entities. [MEntity]: In simplistic terms, it would be something similar to someone slapping you, then you slap back, so the tangible aspects were balanced, but some of the curiosity for motivation for the original slap may remain. [MEntity]: In the life being referenced, it would appear to have been during the Young Soul Age during one of the peak pockets of modern civilization. The "overlap" is probably not from the current life's familiarities, but more that this time period was just similar. [MEntity]: The more literal memories here were of the murder that was committed, and the subsequent process for pursuing justice. This is easily one of those experiences that left several threads of "why" open for further exploration. It would not be the cause of, or the source of, any current stresses among fragments involved in that life, but current stresses may bring up that past, of course. [MEntity]: The symbolic aspects here appear to be speaking to the subconscious exploring this lifetime's potential causes for current issues regarding intimacy, affection, and comforts of union. [Maureen]: that makes sense [MEntity]: Because these issues are in the Higher Moving Center, or the Sacral Chakra, they are not only "close" to the Instinctive Center, but broad in scope across time and space in terms of resonance. [MEntity]: Hence the mix of the past and present. [MEntity]: Of course, the present is the more relevant element here, so we would speak to the concern for how these two fragments may contribute to your blocking of, or lack of, fulfilling intimacy. [MEntity]: Or, rather, how you may feel these fragments have contributed to this. [Maureen]: I can see that Michael – it has been an issue with these two people. [Maureen]: I have had a very hard time trusting either of them. Both of them have gone out of their way to "hurt" me, in ways that I haven't always understood. [MEntity]: Keep in mind that this would be because of experiences and dynamics of the current life, and not because of a murdered lover 500,000 years ago. [Maureen]: I can see that it's a resonance that I picked up on – because of happenings in this lifetime. [MEntity]: Yes, but you also "picked up" on something else: [MEntity]: There are various fragments who set precedent in early lives where their challenges to the Personality were so advantageous toward evolution, there can tend to continue this dynamic, and they are, ironically, some of the most loving of relationships on an Essence Level. [MEntity]: We do not share this with you so that the actions of those fragments are excused, but simply for the information for why the challenges can sometimes be a pattern between fragments, even as they move away from being Karmic. [MEntity]: Knowing this can also help you to look beneath or beyond the superficial aspects of the relationship and into what there is for you to gain from your dynamic. [Maureen]: Interestingly, I have always viewed my brother's "abuse" of me in this lifetime as his targeted (if somewhat clumsy) attempt to be more intimate with me. [MEntity]: For example, someone may have a brutally critical sibling or parent who seems to constantly point to flaws and what is wrong in the self. This can contribute to a myriad of other issues that stem from that kind of input from someone close. [MEntity]: But, in addition to seeing this from the position of "what is wrong with them," or "what is wrong with me," or "this is why I can't be close to someone else now," etc. the entire dynamic could change if seen as a coaxing toward full ownership of confidence and acceptance of self. [Maureen]: I can see that. [MEntity]: For some fragments, a loving, accepting, and nurturing environment is far more suspicious (to the Personality) and gives nothing of obvious substance against which to measure the growth of the self. [Maureen]: That sounds so fucked up – but I get it. [Maureen]: We often need something to push against – in order to grow. [MEntity]: However, when enlisting these fragments to naturally challenge the Personality in the life, it gives potential for that pivotal moment when the Personality launches into a complete ownership of a trait that has been elusive for several lifetimes. [Maureen]: What has been that elusive trait for me? [MEntity]: Keep in mind that "the plan" is not for abuse or devastating events, but as with any good idea from the Astral, once the incarnation begins, it is a gamble, if you will, for how the Personalities will behave and choose. [MEntity]: These fragments with whom there is this kind of pattern tend to be those with a mathematical dissonance that we can go into another time. We could refer to these fragments as "shadow" fragments, or those who follow us through lives to bring out the "shadow" elements of the self. [MEntity]: This trait for you may be Anger. [MEntity]: And all that the term entails. [Maureen]: That makes sense. They did help with that – in this lifetime. I mean that in a good way. [MEntity]: They may have helped provoke it, but you did the work in owning it. [Maureen]: This is very clear to me. I remember my huge shift -- when I finally owned it and applied it. It was liberating. [MEntity]: Anger is one of your least-favorite signals, yet most pervasive and insidious elements of your "shadow." It has haunted many of your Personalities. [Maureen]: I hope I have moved closer to freedom (as opposed to liberation) – within anger – now. [MEntity]: We say this as a matter of spectrum. Anger can be quiet, even as it trembles under the skin. [MEntity]: We have commented on the dream, but we can look at in specific ways of interest to you, if you choose, or move to further questions. [Maureen]: Does Anger have negative/positive poles? [Maureen]: I sensed it as a form of Liberation/Freedom [MEntity]: Yes, Anger could be said to have BOUNDARIES as the Positive Pole and DEFENSE as a Negative Pole. Because Anger represents a spectrum, it can be broken down by those terms, as well. [MEntity]: The liberation/freedom you sense would come from the dissipation of Anger, or the processing of the helplessness that is underneath that anger.
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    Makes me think of that future lifetime of mine where Michael said they relayed info about this lifetime and the Infinite Soul manifestation... MEntity: Oh Gawd... he JUST won't stop speaking!
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    Must be all this pivoting that is causing the friction that we feel. Nothing like signing up for exciting times. I'm counting on Essence to register this info so that next time it comes up ... who am I kidding? As hard as it gets, I'm glad I'm here at this time. I just have to keep reminding myself of the big picture. So much to remember. AND there's always more.
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    Beautiful, Maureen. I love this band and this actress.
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    Thank you, Maureen. Loved listening to their music - Oblivions is great.
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    I'd have to study some more of their teachings to figure out what they're trying to say, and since they seem to have a school structure, I'm not inclined to put in the effort. Remember that Michael's comments about the planes is that they're all present - they interpenetrate. They're just at different vibratory levels. The higher planes encompass more of the system. The astral is just Earth, the Causal includes more and so forth. (Not sure exactly where this is, so I can't give a reference. Sorry.) Given that, it's not at all surprising that the Sun should exist on multiple planes - everything else seems to. I can't say I'm incredibly surprised at the tone if they attract mostly Priests. The "special mission" stuff is what triggers my bullshit detector - but then that's Priest stuff. The notion that we are simply one Sentience among many, and that there is nothing particularly special about us, is one that a lot of Priests would consider anathema.
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    ENERGY REPORT June 2019 2019 OVERLEAVES ROLE: Artisan (emphasized all year) CENTER: Moving (emphasized all year) GOAL: Flow → Acceptance/Discrimination (emphasized Jan - Mar) MODE: Observation → Passion/Reserve (emphasized Apr - Jun) ATTITUDE: Realist (emphasized Jul - Sep) CHIEF FEATURES: Self-Destruction (emphasized Oct - Dec) JUNE arrives with an emphasis on an Observation or self-awareness of personal and global patterns of weakness, exhaustion, and blind spots that cannot be ignored or assumed to break by waiting for some future point to arrive. There appears to be a slow realization that “something” must be done in terms of action and employing the Moving Center to move away from Frustration (the negative pole of Moving Center). It is a slow realization that action must be taken, that you must do something. You cannot wait. You must get on board with your impulses to move and to take care of what is necessary and important to you and others, both personally and globally. This is not about impatience or being rash in your behavior or reactionary in behavior, but yet another wave of realization that there is still work to do and efforts to be made that seem daunting and/or uninteresting, but must receive your care. You have been in a waiting room lobby watching for the door to open for far too long and it may be time to go straight to that door and open it, yourself. What is on the other side is yet to be discovered, but the pattern of sitting, waiting, watching, and hoping may be over for you and a return to active, even if begrudging, participation may return in June. It could be said that Observation is sliding to Passion over June. We think that many of our students will begin a move away from the hope that “something will change” and that you should simply wait out or endure until things are better. This is a year where the importance of participation and creation come forward in ways that may never have been revealed to yourself before. It is always helpful to observe and step back and watch and learn, but this must be followed by effort, action, and direction. We think that many of our students may reach a point in June where it is realized that it is better to do SOMETHING that is meaningful even if the bigger picture remains unclear or still uncertain or disappointing. We suggest that our students allow their passion to come forward and rise in them and aim for what inspires you. Even if this seems to be a distraction, it is not. If it inspires you, it is never a distraction. It is a fuel for life and when inspiration is ignored, you lose fuel for life. This realization of the continued need for effort and action mixed with passion and inspiration is going to be helpful for when the ATTITUDE OF REALIST moves into focus in July. The more you allow yourself to nurture your passion and inspiration along with continued efforts and actions that focus on even the little things that matter to you, then Realist would come into the Positive Pole of Objectivity sooner so that you can sense of a clearer picture of your present and future. Give yourself permission and acceptance to seeing where you may be waiting for something and not actively participating in your life. Give yourself permission and acceptance for not knowing what to do or how to do it. Give yourself permission and acceptance to take a chance and aim for what inspires you, even if this means an indirect path toward an uncertain future. The future is created from the moments when you are present and active in your life NOW. The future is not something for which you must wait and hope to arrive. DATES OF INTEREST (dates are approximate): June 1st - 5th -- Energy Shift -- AGITATION - June may start off with an agitating wave of energy that marks a return to the use of one’s Moving Center and the shift of Observation toward Passion Mode. Depending on one’s resistance to or lack of action and inspiration, the agitation may be so intense that it exhausts the body and sinks you into bizarre fatigue. Others may simply feel restless or annoyed, while others may feel a sense of motivation and curiosity about renewed efforts for solutions or directions. JUNE 21st -- NEXUS -- CONVERGENCE - Another merging of parallels where inspired actions have increased and returned individually and collectively with a renewed enthusiasm for a better future. HELPFUL THOUGHTS OVER JUNE: WAITING VS WEIGHTING - There are many points in life where one must simply wait. One must be patient. One must understand that what one wants, desires, aims for, etc. takes time and energy and resources. It is important to know when you must wait. This is different from slowly being sedated and halted from any participation in life by the weight of existence. Both Waiting and Weighting can feel frustrating and painful, but Waiting still allows for participation. Weighting halts participation. If you find yourself withdrawing from several areas of your life as it disappoints, challenges, or hurts you, then you are Weighting yourself with the assumption that if you simply stop moving or participating, then the disappointments, challenges, and hurt will subside. This is a lie. Only participation allows for the transformation of disappointments, challenges, and hurt. This participation can come in terms of action, thoughts, inspiration, or understanding, but there must be some participation. If you find that you are under the Weight of life and not just Waiting, it may be helpful for you to just do one thing good for yourself or for someone else. Just that single effort can help lighten the weight and then you can do one more good thing, and then one more, and so on, until you are out from under the weight of life even if you still must wait sometimes.
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    Wow this was... mesmerizing. It felt just like a profoundly whole body moving piece of music for me, but through dance. I remember all of the comments on the Try Guys Episodes involving Eugene said that he was just so hot (to both guys and girls). I can't help but agree. Beautiful inside and out. Ditto on what @Kasia said.
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    This is beautiful and painful to watch, and had me in tears by the end. Eugene has always been my favorite of the Try Guys, but I had no idea he was such a talented dancer and artist! Thank you for sharing this, @Troy. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
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    https://www.secondhalftravels.com/german-tv-shows-netflix/ Came across that today in case any of you are interested. I highly recommend Babylon Berlin and very glad to see there will be a third season. I also really liked Generation War, if such a show can be liked, but it's really good. I still haven't watched Dark but went today to put it on my watchlist and saw it was already there. But it's going to have to wait until I watch the final season of Jessica Jones!
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    I remember watching this one and very much enjoyed the non-linear aspects. I can't wait to see the second season!
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    As I know that many here liked the series .. I'm passing here just to warn you that on June 21st NETFLIX will finally release the second season .. And it has already been confirmed that it will have a third and the third will be the last ..
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    @Uma, honestly the best I can tell myself lately is to just take it one step at a time. That's one of the few things that have helped me keep going rather than sinking. Might as well make Dory's "just keep swimming" my 2019 Motto. My Essence says we're en route for more Convergences than Divergences in the decades ahead, which makes sense as the IS is said to collapse parallels by ending or merging them altogether. Plus we're in the Generational Karma of Collapse.
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    Thanks to this thread, this song popped into my head today: I wracked my brain trying to figure out which album it's from. Even tho I've listened to all their albums countless times I can only remember the song lists from Boxer and Alligator. I finally had to google the lyrics to figure it out. The song in my head is from their last album, Sleep Well Beast. Also, the timing of this post is syncronous I think, since they played right here in Brooklyn the last two nights I couldn't go to either show. Whaaaaaa. Sad face. My friend went and texted me while she was there last night. She said it was a good show, and it stopped raining just in time since it was an outdoor show. Really sad I missed it. Decided today I'm going to play all ten albums in chronological order to see how many I can listen to before I need to switch to something else. LOL
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    For those who've grown up in the Christian culture, you will likely highly relate to this
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    This is very interesting material, although the channeling seems to get very choppy towards the end, when it is talking about Earth. It leans too far towards Predestination, depicting Tao as some kind of God who is tugging the moon into precisely the right place to provide the stability necessary for sustaining Earthly life, as if life on Earth is the result of cosmic forces conspiring to ensure our birth. Nothing ensured our birth beyond the universe's natural progression from chaos into patterns. Claiming otherwise is like pointing at someone planting a tree in their backyard and claiming that person decided to be born just so that specific tree could be planted in that exact location. "The gods' intervention on Earth was also blocked. The moon attracted low energies from the lower spirits who were able to intervene on Earth's energetic fields." This particular snippet made my bullshit-Richter Scale think Atlantis was falling again. I liked the material about the Sun a lot more, and who knows? Asking Michael more questions about the nature of our own sun may yield enlightening and surprising answers. If an Essence can choose to experience a Grand Cycle living as a sentient star, there is probably more to stars than gas and gravity.
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    "for humans to return to being a part of Earth before launching inevitably to the stars." "My, my, time flies, one step And we're on the moon Next step into the stars My, my, time flies Maybe we could be there soon A one way ticket to Mars" ... Listening to Enya ... I will ask Michael about connections. I wonder if she is an active Michael student.
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    @Luciana Flora I just watched Episode 7. This is an extraordinary series. Did you watch the whole season? No spoilers, please. What is it about Germany that disturbs and intrigues me so deeply? I have always been enthused by books and movies about time travel: 'The Butterfly Effect', 'Somewhere in Time', 'Sliding Doors' (parallels), 'Time Cop' et al. They shine a light on the intricacy and subtlety of causality and karma. I'm already excited for Season Two of "Dark", provided 2018 or 2019 arrive, and there is never a guarantee, of course. We woo and romance and nurture the Now like a lover, yearning for the Now to favor us with good fortune and fulfillment, but we can only provide this for ourselves when we make peace with the Now and give it our complete devotion.
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    From Michael Speaks: November 2012: [Janet] During a recent POF you gave me this: MEntity: There are vortexes on the planet, 'power spots,' as a result of valid 'ley lines,' if you will, that tend to be gravitational points for Essences. … The ley lines of a planet tend to develop along the same lines of the geometry of sentience calling that planet, 'home.' The area of Greece was a birthplace for many archetypes of consciousness." What exactly are ley lines? Are they part of our world's design, or the physical structure of the planet? From the response quoted above, it seems they may be somehow created in association with activities or design of the sentient species? [MEntity] "Ley Lines" is an arbitrary term to describe a valid network of circuitry that exists as part of a planet's chakra system, if you will. In much the same way that a body is still alive, even if not sentient, so can a planet be. However, in the same way that a body then changes because of the Sentience, so does a planet, each reflecting the design of that sentience. Once Sentience becomes a part of a system, it must have a circuitry through which it can manifest and be sustained. This is immediately in place on a rudimentary level upon first incarnation of Sentience, and more often in place previous to that through the work done collectively exploring the Kingdoms of that planet. This circuitry is not imposed, but does evolve and change, and eventually degrade. The first structures are based in what is available, and this quickly evolves. In this case, the carbon molecule was used as the starting point. Cetaceans gave rise to some strengths in the network before human Sentience arrived, lending some comfort in the transition from the Sirius system. As incarnations unfold across the planet, then, this network grows in complexity and strength, based on civilizations, cultures, societies, that rise and fall. Imagine this circuitry as something similar to how an atmosphere works for the body. This must be in place for the body to function, and so this circuitry must be in place for the Essence. That atmosphere MUST be compatible with the body or it will die. This circuitry must be compatible with Essence, or it cannot incarnate at all. This circuitry acts as a kind of gravity for the soul, if you will. Over the course of incarnations, Configurations, Working Groups, Essence Twins, Task Companions, Entities, Cadres, Energy Rings, work to develop various points and lines in this network. That "work to develop" is simply a by-product of incarnation, and the use of the matter of that part of the planet as cycled through the body. This is how one might begin to then find oneself strangely attracted to geographical areas of the planet that have never been visited, or to be moved by those when visited. "Your" matter, literally, is a part of that region, a part of the cycling of matter local to that region. Exploring the carbon molecule and how it functions can lend insight into these "ley lines" and vortexes that is reflective of Human Sentience. We have more to say on this subject, of course.
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    [Excerpt from TT: 2003-04-25] I’m not sure what you mean here: “Your Attitude is what either makes or breaks your long-term, most intimate relationships, but it is also the Overleaf most quickly used to avoid that very same potential intimacy.” [Troy] Your Attitude is the Overleaf that is most directly linked to your Chief Feature, and it is also the Overleaf that deals with your “truths”, so, basically, you will find that the people you remain (willingly) with the longest in your life are those who share your Fears and Truths. When you bond on those levels of Personality, the bond can be deep and long-term, but those very Fears and Truths can be what actually keep you from entirely bonding, or to reject that bond as the possibilities become more obvious, creating a push/pull dynamic. The latter description is used in a lot of character relationships in movies and TV as they love/hate each other and resolve their fears/truths. It’s the dance of Attitudes.
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    hello TLE, I'm sage essence with artisan casting. I've found the michael teachings to be helpful in understanding other people's values. it's easy for me to spot scholars, warriors, artisans and sages. more difficult for me to see servers, priests and kings. I do see these essence roles in behavior, but not as starkly as others. my soul age is mature. this intro is a little dry. as a sage, I can definitely spice it up... just didn't want to turn my intro into theatrics. also with artisan casting, I appreciate the eccentric. it's so surprising to me when I see people online dislike something or someone because of the weird factor. that's definitely not my temperament. I look forward to learning more from this community. ~lake~
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    Do you have any advice on how I can handle my high female energy+ high frequency? As for how to "handle" your high Female and Frequency, you would want to embrace some fun alternatives to help those energies to bring more fulfilling form. For example, it can help for you to get dirty, which can easily be done through the potting of plants, or just playing in pots of dirt. This may sound messy and a bit absurd, but that is the point. Accessing dirt/earth for high frequencies and high female energies helps to both "burn off" excess static, and also to bring the body back to itself. Another way is to use clay as a body treatment and allow it to dry and crack before bathing it off. Another way is to have outbursts. Outbursts of silly expression, dance, pointless noise, song, goofy play. Anything that helps the energy to move. The only reason high female or high frequency might be a problem is when the energy does not move. It builds like static electricity in the body and then grounds itself through shock, if you will.
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