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    I first learned of the Michaels from the Yarbro books in the 80s, and I've been looking for more information now for years. I was a little hesitant to join this group, since it does seem that there are a lot of groups out there claiming to have information from the Michaels who maybe don't. I've been reading a lot of the publicly-available information on this site for about a month, though, and it feels right, so I decided to take the plunge. I need to have people I can discuss the teachings with, and you all seem like people I can learn from and with. I'm a farmer's daughter from Idaho, in the US, now living in Washington state. I share my home with two large male tabbies, Jasper and Jethro, who think they run the joint. In fact, I'm surprised neither of them is currently overseeing what I'm doing.
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    This speaks to me clearly. Also my significant other has self-destruction or self sabotage as it is known in “Die Quelle” which makes more sense to me. It has been difficult to separate what is going on for him from myself, although I know it does not really have anything to do with me. I am navigating this with tremendous effort and feel like I am going to be OK regardless of what the outcome looks like. I am asking for emotional support when I need it which is something I rarely do. Anyway the following is what spoke to me most: “many students, there is a stillness that may have generated within as a kind of surveilling reaction to this sense that something is shifting. It is a distancing that is not willing to invest until it is clear that a real shift is happening”. Both publicly and personally this applies for me. Thank you for this, Troy and Michael.
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    "To live well and savor more moments, to sip from the arc of aeons, to revel in the riot of color that's our life, to see the poetics of nature and not pass them by. That's such an art. All the money in the world isn't worth the ability to learn the art of living well". -The 32nd Way, the Gift of Preservation excerpt Richard Rudd
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    Sometimes I think my search terms are really bad, because somehow I missed this motherload of information about frequency. Thanks @DianeHB who posted this on Facebook TLE (i.e. The Michael Teachings). I can so vouch for being a low frequency laggard. I am very very extractive and constipated with information, cancerous with information, but if I survive, you know that I will get the job done completely and then move on to the next layered challenge. I loved the analogies of high and low frequency people. I definitely dislike multitasking, - what I detest about my job and some peoples expectations, is that multitasking is treated as normal and monotasking to completion as in, doing one job and getting it done well with due diligence and all care taken, is pathologised. Monotasking is seen as somehow being a bit special/high functioning/retarded/slow. It is not. It is simply having a focus and initiative for getting something fully comprehended and completed. I admire those who can multitask, and I do it when I have to, (being short staffed for my nursing work tends to make nurses focus on the very life and death acuity issues in front of us and managing that, which more often than not, involves rationing care that would otherwise have been given to the rest of our patients had we been better staffed, to toilet them, give them their pain medication on time etc), so that is how nursing, is affected by short staffing and multitasking, whereas as i see it, if we had more nursing staff, care rationing wouldn't have to happen to the degree of neglect that it does happen in, patients would get their pain meds on time, be toileted when they needed it, one task could be given the care it needed to be completed. Ugh. Anyhow, that was a conversation starter. I feel as though we live in a world where demands/two second goldfish attention span for the superficial Young Soul things exceeds what is actually pragmatically needed, (locally sourced plant based food in a resource economy global food security, cooperation, contribution etc) and if we were given a chance to do what was needed by doing the job right the first time i.e. low frequency monotasking, there would be better systems in place. End of rant.
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    @AnnaD Thanks for commenting on the frequency info! I reference this transcript frequently, but I usually skip to the numerology stuff and have not reread about frequency for a long time. OMG, I totally resonate with it now! When I see people skim the surface of a subject or skill and then run with it/dive in/talk about it like they're an expert, I'm like, WTF. I don't feel confident in a new skill unless I've researched multiple angles. I prefer getting my information from books rather than blogs, Youtube, or podcasts because I prefer the deep dive into a subject rather than scattered and piecemeal information. I use FB as a way to stay in touch, but it has a scattering effect on me that I don't like.
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    My beloved @Maureen earlier this morning I dismissed posting, and then after I read @Jeroen's dream, I felt like it fits into the stream of consciousness, better than a few hours earlier. It is so wonderful how tuned in to each other we are, thank you for sharing the Seth excerpt (and by the way, the gorgeous picture that you put on Janet's post today). Just yesterday I had send Oscar an e-mail, that so far I couldn't find an Entity of all the Cadres we know of, that hadn't Artisans in them. I like what Seth had to say about artists and it truly expresses how my sage-cast artisan hubby would word it too. And yes, like you mentioned, me thinks too, that we are all artistic and creative in so many different ways. The Gift of Preservation and the Art of living well is a wonderful contribution to contemplate today.
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    Yes to the dark or upsetting stories as news/movies/books - I don't read or watch stuff that anymore that I know will upset me. This leaves me mostly with Pixar movies and children's books however - and thank you so much for sharing this book with us!, I will put this book on my reading list. I love trees and I find the nature of trees and their wellbeing is hugely underestimated and underappreciated. A little while ago, I received this message: Trees are the secret guardians of life. And the quote about love is very beautiful.
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    A few months ago I noticed a shift in perspective in my reality as a result of the Michael teachings as well as many other sources including the Bible and Eastern teachings. This shift has resulted in a new level of contentment in my life. Basically the broad outline of reality is simple and leads to obvious conclusions. All of creation is constructed from and by God or Tao so that all beings are part of the same being. When we do unto others we are literally doing it to ourselves. This is not theoretical but literally true and is at the heart of what Jesus says in the New Testament as well as the wisdom of the Eastern religions. We are also told in the teachings that we start out in the negative poles of our various characteristics before moving to the positive poles so that experiencing negativity in all its forms is essential to our ultimate purpose. Any judgement or pain we inflict is on ourselves. There is no motivation to the enlightened mind to feel separate from anyone else no matter how exalted or depraved they may appear to us. We are also perfect as we are and time is an illusion(thus already perfect). These precepts internalized can allow us to live life in a detached manner, enjoying the pleasures and not being dragged down by the miseries. The concept of life plans and essence agreements can soften the pain of horrific events we observe. There is purpose and agreement in all action. If we so choose, we can use logic to justify being happy and content in a world that appears to be on a path to self destruction. Some of the parallels will survive! All of us will for certain in our perfection.
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    I just read 20111223 Sirius System Too Young? and 20111121 Human Timeline Project. The information, as DianeHB already mentioned then, is contradicting, when it comes to the climate of the 3 Planets inhabitable in the Sirius System. Michael gives us 3 Planets inhabitable, they could differ in climate?
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    Welcome! A small handful of us here are also from Washington, western side.
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    Yep this is accurate. Though I do think I had a few Divergences in early October. In one, I was almost kicked out of school for not paying a tuition fee I thought I did. In the other, I had a blatant choice of Self-Destruction so I took my first ever day off school for self-care, rather than gave in to pressure and obligation. Those are both fairly significant for the rest of this year and into 2020 for me. As for the Convergence at the end of the month, I got the impression that it was actually two Convergences. One bundle of realities would converge around the Self-Destruction Path, with Vision minimized- and one bundle of realities would converge around the Return of Possibility Path, with Self-Destruction minimized. No clue if that's right, but it is Interesting. I did some Parallel Reality explorations earlier and discovered that I am indeed in one of the better parallels, relatively speaking. Some versions of me went to therapy, got put on medication, said yes to life when on the brink of death, experienced shocks from loved ones that suicided or died otherwise, collapsed into breakdown, watched my mom have another heart attack, are overwhelmed by global news, dropped out of university to pursue personal happiness, never went to university out of fear and are trying to matter in other ways etc. "This shift is a slow and precarious and fragile return to a core parallel that would bring back a sense of broadening possibilities and choices and progression that has not been felt since 2016. The full shift may or may not complete, but it is happening at the moment." Ok so Im guessing that that Core Parallel is where Hillary Clinton was elected, and people chose to calm down their phobias to respond appropriately and seek better solutions, once Clinton's policies helped soothe their fears. Such would keep America from breaking down, and usher a shift to a Resource-based Economy as opposed to an ascendancy of Power for USA, or a shift in power from USA to Russia and China, due to war, tyranny and chaos weakening the US. I imagine that the versions of me there got a different set of jobs in September 2016 as I was supposed to, and went Vegan, initiated the 4th IM and entered University as well, feeling a Peaceful Momentum forward. Very different haha.
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    Yes. God yes. Sleep was all screwed up. Stomach and intestines hate me but no fever or othrr sign of cold or flu. Reaching for distraction. Both kids needed a mental health day from school. Tired more than usual. Something was happening.
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    Just putting this here for the lack of a better spot. You know whose profile I would love to read? Banksy!!!
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    I'm in Spokane. I've heard tell that the west-side exists, lol! Actually, I've been to Seattle exactly twice (once when I was 12). Thank you, everyone! I'm happy to be here!
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    Les Fréquences et les Énergies M/F Traduction d’une causerie avec l’Entité Michael (EM) le 13 mars 2011 Canal : Troy Tolley Source anglaise : https://our.truthloveenergy.com/topic/99-michael-speaks-on-frequency-and-energy-ratio/?tab=comments#comment-189 Entité Michael (EM) Bonjour à chacun de vous. Nous sommes ici. Nous allons échanger sur le sujet demandé de la Fréquence et du Rapport d’Énergie Masculine/Féminine. Tout d’abord, nous soulignerons que ces deux caractéristiques sont celles de l’Essence et NON de la Personnalité, de sorte qu’elles peuvent ou non être évidentes à ceux qui se trouvent dans un corps. Le corps humain peut accommoder la totalité de la plage de Fréquence utilisée pour décrire la Sentience Humaine, et le Rapport d’énergie M/F du corps est relatif au genre. Moins un fragment manifeste l’Essence, plus il est enclin à utiliser par défaut les qualités inhérentes du corps. Dans le cas de la Fréquence, quelle que soit la Fréquence de votre Essence, celui qui a rejeté l’Essence sera une plage ouverte de Fréquences ce qui peut souvent conduire à un épuisement, à un court-circuit et à de nombreuses maladies. Dans le cas du Rapport d’Énergie Masculine/Féminine, l’emphase sera sur le sexe du corps, le corps de l’homme penchant fortement vers une énergie concentrée et celui de la femme vers une énergie créative. Pendant les sept premières années de la vie, c'est généralement le cas pour tout le monde. C'est pourquoi le rôle du genre est souvent aussi rapidement établi et que les enfants sont assez sporadiques dans leur manière d’agir. Nous définirons FRÉQUENCE comme une plage dans le spectre de la Conscience/Sentience humaine qui décrit comment un Fragment traite les expériences. La Plage de Fréquence que nous utilisons pour décrire là où votre essence fonctionne est uniquement comprise dans la plage de la Conscience / Sentience Humaine. Les Fréquences vont bien « au-dessus » et « au-dessous » de la Sentience Humaine. Mais le point où vous vous situez dans la Fréquence de la Sentience Humaine décrit seulement comment votre Essence traite ses expériences, et plus on manifeste l’Essence, plus on s'aligne sur cette Fréquence. Lorsque l'on est aligné sur sa Fréquence, le traitement des expériences se fait confortablement, en accord avec notre rythme habituel, et aucune pression, honte ou découragement ne vient perturber ce processus. Celui qui traite les expériences lentement au fil du temps le fera ainsi et en sera satisfait parce que c'est la façon dont il apprend et grandit, et cela fait partie de son intégralité. Celui qui traite les expériences rapidement, mais doit souvent les répéter pour pouvoir travailler à travers les couches, le sait et permet que cela soit sa manière. Celui qui est plus flexible et traite certaines expériences avec des répétitions par couches, et d’autres avec de longs arcs complets, comprend qu’il fait les choses différemment dans des situations différentes. Les FRÉQUENCES ÉLEVÉES sont de 65 et plus, et ce sont des Essences qui traitent les expériences en couches, dans des scénarios répétitifs, suivant des tendances répétitives. Elles stockent leurs expériences dans les cellules de leur corps d’une manière qui peut être activée «en un clin d'œil». Ces activations font souvent plier le temps d’une manière telle que le passé redevient soudainement le présent. L’avantage des Fréquences élevées est que les expériences peuvent souvent laisser quelqu'un indemne, non affecté et généralement confiant, car on apprend que vivre une expérience encore et encore signifie que l'on peut presque tout gérer dans la vie. La Fréquence élevée peut aider quelqu'un à pratiquer le non-attachement et à s'affranchir du poids des exigences du Plan Physique, même si ces exigences sont grandes. L’inconvénient de la Fréquence élevée est que les expériences sont souvent répétitives comme un moyen de travailler à travers les couches; et juste quand on pense en avoir "fini" avec un problème, il va soudainement ressurgir d'une manière qui semble ne jamais vouloir finir. La Fréquence élevée aura également tendance à avoir de longues périodes de bonne santé, puis à s’effondrer dans quelque chose qui peut souvent être fatal ou profondément invalidant parce que les cellules portent les expériences inachevées et non traitées de si nombreux événements, relations, etc. qu’il faut éventuellement "faire un rattrapage avec soi-même". L’avantage de la basse Fréquence de 35 ou moins est que les expériences peuvent durer une longue période de temps, mais lorsqu'elles sont terminées, elles sont terminées. Elles sont entièrement complétées, comprises, intégrées et laissées derrière. Elles ne reviennent pas, du moins pas de manière significative. Ces fragments peuvent avoir un sentiment d'intimité avec le Plan Physique et leurs corps, qui se traduit souvent par une sorte de confiance et de sécurité. L’inconvénient de la basse Fréquence est que le poids de l’expérience d’un long arc peut parfois causée la mort de ce fragment, littéralement, parce qu'elle est tout simplement trop pénible à endurer. La basse Fréquence peut s’enliser complètement avec de nombreux angles morts tant intérieurement qu’extérieurement, et être «bloquée à jamais» dans une expérience, même si d’autres se déploient tout autour d’elle. La Fréquence se reflète directement sur le système Immunitaire du corps, et ceux avec une Fréquence élevée peuvent tendre vers des dysfonctionnements auto-immuns non spécifiques, tandis que ceux ayant des Fréquences basses peuvent tendre vers des problèmes d'Immunité plus spécifiques, tels que le cancer dans des zones spécifiques. Nous parlons davantage des extrêmes de Fréquence pour des raisons de différenciation, mais nous spécifions ici que celles situées au milieu de la plage peuvent trouver de la pertinence aussi bien dans les Fréquences élevées que basses. Comme les Fréquences décrivent comment on traite les expériences, cela signifie aussi comment on traite l'expérience des autres. Lorsque d’autres deviennent impliqués, alors il y aura, naturellement, diverses Fréquences impliquées. Chaque Fragment a la capacité "d'étirer" sa Fréquence de 20 points. Ainsi, un Fragment avec une Fréquence de 60 pourrait fluctuer jusqu’à 80 et aussi bas que 40. Aller au-dessus de 80 ou au-dessous de 40 pourrait être extrêmement difficile, voire impossible. Ceci signifie que ce Fragment avec une Fréquence de 60 gravitera vers d'autres qui partagent une plage de Fréquences similaire car cela signifiera que les expériences seront partagées. Pour ce fragment, de faire l'expérience de quelqu’un en dehors de sa plage pourrait résulter dans une complète discorde, confusion, incompréhension, épuisement ou exaspération, ou bien il faudra une troisième Fréquence pour relier les deux extrêmes. Comme les Fréquences sont le moyen de partager des expériences, les Fréquences de ceux en groupes auront tendance à fluctuer naturellement vers la plage du plus grand dénominateur commun. Une fête, par exemple, pourrait graviter vers le plus grand dénominateur commun, et ceux situés au-dessus ou au-dessous pourraient ou non rester ou apprécier l'expérience. Le fait de savoir que vous pouvez être en relation ou en situation de travail avec une personne dont la Fréquence est en dehors de votre propre plage peut vous aider à déterminer si une médiation est nécessaire. Plus l'âme est âgée, plus on peut être flexible dans ces plages, mais dans les premiers cycles, elles sont beaucoup plus rigides. Au cours de chaque vie, le déroulement de l'adolescence correspond au moment où la Fréquence est la plus verrouillée et la plus inflexible, conduisant à des cliques vicieuses ou lâches et à une exclusion dangereuse, ce qui permet de comprendre pourquoi la flexibilité et les fluctuations sont bien préférables. Si la FRÉQUENCE est la manière dont on TRAITE les expériences de la vie, alors l’Énergie Masculine / Féminine est la manière dont on CRÉE les expériences qui seront traitées. Bien qu'un corps humain sans Essence soit 100% Masculin ou 100% Féminin, cette énergie s'ajuste et s'adapte avec la manifestation graduelle de l'Essence. Le corps restera toujours avec son énergie de base, mais l'Essence peut l’outrepasser dans une large mesure. Plus précisément, l’Essence utilise cette base à son avantage ou l’outrepasse. Encore plus précisément, l’Essence et la Personnalité utilisent cette base à leur avantage ou l’outrepasse. L’Énergie Masculine / Focalisée est cette énergie naturellement linéaire, planifiée, stratégique, puissante, dynamique, directe et orientée vers l'action. L'Énergie Féminine / Créative est naturellement non linéaire, spontanée, intuitive, chaotique, en spirale, indirecte et orientée vers l'inspiration. On peut dire que les personnes ayant une Énergie Masculine supérieure à 65 ans ou plus créent des expériences à partir des qualités décrites ci-dessus, et celles ayant une Énergie Féminine supérieure à 65 ans ou plus créent des expériences à partir des qualités décrites ci-dessus. Le Rapport ne fluctue pas. Cependant, comme il s’agit d’un moyen de créer des expériences et que le cycle des incarnations offre une gamme complète d’expériences, et que l’Essence veut expérimenter cette gamme, alors chaque fragment finit par apprendre à équilibrer son Rapport d’Énergie en utilisant divers moyens externes. La Fréquence et le Rapport se prêtent eux-mêmes à provoquer, à un moment donné, la nécessité de se tourner l’un vers l’autre pour de l’aide, pour de l’équilibre, pour la plénitude. Ainsi, les personnes ayant une Énergie Masculine élevée vont trouver éventuellement des moyens d’implanter le support de celles ayant une Énergie Féminine élevée, et vice versa. Encore une fois, ceux qui sont équilibrés dans ces énergies vont fluctuer entre les qualités décrites ci-dessus. Toutes les entités sont conçues pour que la moyenne de leur Rapport d'Énergie soit de 50/50. Tous les cadres représentent la plage complète de Fréquence de 0 à 100. La Fréquence et le Rapport d’Énergie sont les éléments de l'Essence auxquels on accède avant toute autre chose. Même les fragments qui rejettent le plus leur Essence, ont tendance à laisser passer dans une certaine mesure sa Fréquence et son Rapport d'Énergie. LA FILE D’ATTENTE EST MAINTENANT OUVERTE pour ceux qui peuvent avoir des questions sur le sujet. [Maureen] Par exemple, où se situe quelqu'un comme Robin Williams en terme de Fréquence et d’Énergie Masculine/Féminine? EM : Le fragment qui est Robin Williams semble avoir une Fréquence de 80 et un Rapport d’énergie de 60 Masculin et 40 Féminin. [Geraldine] Puisque la Fréquence et le Rapport d'Énergie sont des Attributs de l’Essence, dans quelle mesure ceux-ci jouent-ils un rôle dans la manière dont l’Essence intègre non seulement ses expériences, mais également celles des autres dans l'Entité? EM : Premièrement, nous ne les appelons pas "Attributs", mais nous comprenons votre question. Nous les appelons "de l'Essence", mais pas Attributs. Ensuite, nous pouvons dire que la Fréquence joue un rôle important dans la manière dont l’Essence traite ses Personnalités. Les fragments de Fréquence élevée peuvent retrouver des tendances «circulaires» ou sphériques évidentes à travers les vies et les Personnalités, alors que les fragments de Fréquence basse peuvent retrouver quelque chose qui ressemble plus à des tendances «pyramidales» ou triangulaires. Nous développerons ceci dans un autre échange avec vous, si vous choisissez de l'explorer. La Fréquence a également tendance à affecter la façon dont les Personnalités sont intégrées en termes du nombre qui tendent à nécessiter une "collecte" à la fin d'un niveau donné de l'Âge de l'Âme. Les fragments de Fréquence élevée ont tendance à "laisser" le plus de Personnalités "derrière", puis à revenir en arrière pour les collecter à la fin d’un Niveau d'Âge de l’Âme. En d'autres termes, les fragments de Fréquence élevée tendent à être les plus fragmentés, et nécessitent ensuite un temps d'immobilisation important, pour ainsi dire, pour la réintégration. Ceci peut également se faire en une seule vie en ce qui concerne la génération de sous-personnalités et leur réintégration. Le concept de "récupération de l'âme" est un concept de Fréquence élevée. Ceux avec une Fréquence basse tendent à ne pas requérir la collecte de ces fragments en quantité mais à les compartimenter, puis à les intégrer à certains points. Pour être plus clair: les cloisonner en chemin, puis les intégrer. Les Fragments au sein d'une Entité ont tendance à se regrouper en termes de Rapport d'Énergie, de sorte que le groupe a une moyenne de 50/50, puis à se développer au-delà. Parce que le Rapport d'énergie est axé sur la création d'expérience, il y a une tendance à moyenner ou « annuler » puisque l'accent mis au sein de l'entité tend vers le traitement de l'expérience. Les Fréquences au sein d'une Entité tendent à créer une sorte de spirale, ou une fractale, lorsqu'elles se superposent en termes de plages qui se chevauchent, et ceci forme une spirale encore plus élaborée au niveau du Cadre. Lorsque nous combinons les Fréquences et les Rapports d’Énergie, le mieux que nous pouvons faire pour décrire le processus de réunion est de le décrire grossièrement comme une sorte de reconstruction d’une chaîne d’ADN. [Oscar] Comment sont réparties les Fréquences dans le Cadre? Comme une courbe en cloche avec la médiane à 50, ou autrement? EM : Oui, comme ce que l’on pourrait considérer comme une courbe en cloche, 50% se situant entre 36 et 64, et 25% à chacun des deux extrêmes. [Bobby2] Vous avez mentionné auparavant que lorsque le Niveau et l’Âge de l'Âme augmentent, nous avons tendance à sortir de notre zone de confort en ce qui concerne la Fréquence et le Rapport d’Énergie M/F. Je pense que je peux vraiment voir que cela se passe dans ma propre vie. Voulez-vous en dire plus à ce sujet? EM : Chaque Fragment est un fragment du Tao et, de ce fait, chacun aspire intrinsèquement et ultimement à la création, à l’expansion et à l’évolution, et bien qu’une situation de confort et de familiarité soit nécessaire pour une certaine quantité d’assimilation, de compréhension et de stabilisation, elle laisse toujours place au créatif, à l’expansif et à l’évolutif. La nature de l'évolution est construite à partir de Triades composées de Positif, Négatif et Neutre. Pour la plupart des Fragments, le processus d'incarnation est un processus qui passe du Positif au Négatif au Neutre. Les incarnations commencent donc avec tous les éléments directement inhérents, puis s’étendent par expansion à ceux qui sont directement difficiles, puis vers l'équilibre. Cela se produit sur de grandes et petites échelles, bien sûr, parce qu’on peut voir ces mêmes tendances au cours d'une vie, mais on peut se retrouver à "sortir de sa zone de confort" parce qu'on est prêt à assumer une autre part de la triade d'évolution. Cependant, nous voudrions souligner que de "sortir de votre zone de confort" ne signifie pas toujours que vous vous dirigez vers des états Négatifs ou difficiles, mais que vous pouvez vous ouvrir aux éléments neutralisants, tels que ceux qui complètent votre Rapport d’Énergie ou votre Fréquence d'une manière qui apporte l'équilibre. [Diane_H] Est-ce que la vitesse à laquelle les gens ont tendance à se déplacer dans la vie est reliée aux hautes et basses fréquences? Par exemple, certaines personnes parlent vite et ont des temps de réaction rapides, alors que d'autres ont un discours et des mouvements physiques plus lents, ou quelque part entre les deux. EM : Le comportement n'est pas relié à la Fréquence. Il existe une tendance à associer des comportements volages, rapides ou chaotiques à des Fréquences élevées et des comportements solides, sédentaires ou stables à des Fréquences basses, et bien que cela PUISSE être le cas et qu'il l’est souvent, ce n'est pas assez consistant pour être corrélé. L'Essence connue sous le nom de Stephen Hawking a une fréquence de 92. Cela ne veut pas dire que l'on ne peut pas "ressentir" la Fréquence d'une autre personne, surtout si l'on est intuitif, mais cela ne se reflète pas toujours dans le comportement; cela se reflète dans ses tendances de vie et dans le traitement de ses expériences. Plus souvent qu'autrement, les Énergies Masculines ou Féminines élevées se reflètent beaucoup plus dans le comportement, de sorte que l'Énergie Féminine élevée affiche [les comportements] les plus chaotiques, créatifs et non linéaires; l'Énergie Masculine élevée affichant les plus directs, stratégiques et linéaires. Gardez à l’esprit qu’aucun trait de l’Essence ou de la Personnalité ne peut être discerné d’une manière aussi isolée, car ils sont les parties qui s’additionnent pour former un tout plus grand que ses parties. La raison pour laquelle la Fréquence est souvent associée au comportement est parce que la Fréquence se manifeste de la manière la plus évidente dans la façon dont on utilise notre Centre Primaire, lequel est le moyen utilisé par le corps pour traiter les expériences. En d'autres termes, si une personne est Centrée Émotionnellement et a une Fréquence élevée, on pourrait alors dire qu'elle est Émotionnellement Rapide. Si quelqu'un est Centré sur l’Action et a une Fréquence basse, il peut avoir des mouvements lents. Le Rapport d'Énergie se reflète ensuite dans les Parties du Centre. Le Centre est la façon dont le corps ou la Personnalité traite les expériences, et la Partie est la façon dont le corps ou la Personnalité remet dans le monde ce qui a été traité. Le Centre est la façon dont on trouve son chemin, et la Partie est comment on détermine où on se trouve. Si une personne est Centrée Émotionnellement, dans la Partie Intellectuelle et a une Énergie Féminine élevée, alors l'expression de cette Personnalité dans le monde à propos de ce qui est expérimenté émotionnellement peut être dispersée, inorganisée, non linéaire, etc. Troy serait un bon exemple de cette dynamique. On pourrait donc dire que la Fréquence est la "vitesse" à laquelle on pense, ressent ou bouge comme moyen de naviguer sa vie, et que le Rapport d'Énergie est la manière dont cela est exprimé, inspiré ou mis en scène dans le monde. Oui, il y a des Fragments à 0 et 100. Les Fragments à 0 tendent à avoir le plus de vies / Personnalités, et les fragments à 100 tendent à en avoir le moins. Ceux-ci représentent généralement moins de 1% du Cadre. [Bobby2] Je pensais que c'était l'inverse, fréquence basse = moins de vies et fréquence élevée, plus de vies? Puisque le nombre de vie équivaudrait à plus de Personnalités à collecter? EM: Bobby, quand nous avons dit que ceux de Fréquence élevée avaient tendance à avoir plus de personnalités à "collecter" ou à intégrer à la fin d'un niveau d'Âge de l'Âme, nous voulions dire cela en termes de relativité et non de quantité. En d’autres termes, même si un Fragment de Fréquence élevée n’a que 3 vies pour un Niveau, il peut être nécessaire de "collecter" ces trois Personnalités lors de la transition de Niveau, alors qu’un fragment de Fréquence basse peut avoir 100 vies pour un Niveau et n’en avoir aucune à "collecter" à la transition. [Brian_W_] Alors, comment peut-on le corriger pour que nous puissions mieux nous concentrer? EM : Brian, on ferait bien d’abord de ne pas penser qu’on doit "corriger" tout élément naturel de soi-même, ou de son Essence. On veut faire, en premier, ce qu’on fait BIEN. Donc, si on est chaotique et intuitif par opposition à stratégique et logique, alors on voudra ÊTRE cela jusqu’au niveau où on le fait bien, et alors cela deviendra une ressource pour ceux qui sont "trop" stratégiques et logiques; tandis que ceux qui font bien le stratégique et le logique deviennent alors une ressource utile pour le chaotique et l’intuitif. Dans votre culture et votre paradigme dominants actuels, "chaotique et intuitif" ont des connotations négatives, mais ce sont des forces profondément vitales que développent même les cultures les plus réticentes à ces qualités. Par exemple, les États-Unis ont été construits à partir du chaos et de l'intuition et ils les encouragent ouvertement, mais uniquement dans la mesure où ils contribuent à la stratégie, à la logique et à la planification. Si cela n’avait pas été du chaotique, de l’intuitif et du créatif, les États-Unis n'existeraient pas, mais ils n'existeraient pas non plus sans le stratégique, le logique et le manufacturé. Le point est qu'il n'y a rien à corriger, mais que si l'on choisit de le faire, les efforts pour équilibrer les extrêmes peuvent être bénéfiques. Et cet équilibre est un processus évident consistant à recruter ceux qui possèdent des atouts que l’on n’a pas déjà, et de permettre ensuite d’être une part de la vie. Par exemple, en utilisant Troy comme exemple, ses tendances ne changeront jamais en termes de résultats sans les qualités complémentaires inhérentes à ceux qui aideront éventuellement à équilibrer notre travail à travers lui; c'est-à-dire s'ils choisissent d’endurer. [AnnH] Sur Terre, les nations / pays ont-ils des Fréquences et des Rapports M / F? Comme collectivité? EM : Ann, oui, il existe des Rapports et des Fréquences collectives. Les pays les plus développés et les plus stables s'approchent du ratio 50/50 et représentent la plage de Fréquences la plus large, alors que les pays moins développés, en luttes ou en difficulté ont tendance à aller vers les extrêmes. Par exemple, on pourrait dire que les États-Unis sont à une Fréquence d'environ 55, avec un Rapport d’Énergie de 45 Masculine / 55 Féminine, tandis que l'Égypte pourrait maintenant connaître un pic vers une Fréquence de 75 et un Rapport d'énergie de 20 Masculine / 80 Féminine. Cela ne veut pas dire que ces mêmes caractéristiques sont propres aux individus, mais qu'elles se manifestent généralement de cette manière collectivement. [Karine] Récemment, vous m'avez dit que la Fréquence élevée de mon Essence apparaissait parfois comme si j'avais le sentiment de faire tout le travail dans une relation et que mon Énergie Féminine élevée y contribuait. Est-ce une caractéristique de toutes les personnes ayant une Fréquence élevée et une Énergie Féminine élevée? Comment cela fonctionne-t-il pour les personnes qui ont une Fréquence basse et une Énergie Masculine élevée ou qui sont plus dans le milieu de la plage? EM: Il semble juste de dire de toute personne qui a la Fréquence la plus élevée ou l’Énergie Féminine la plus élevée dans une relation pourrait avoir le sentiment qu’elle "accomplit tout le travail" dans cette relation parce que celle ayant la Fréquence élevée et / ou une Énergie Féminine élevée peut tendre à être la plus adaptable. Peu importe si l’on est dans l’extrême de la Fréquence élevée ou de l’Énergie Féminine élevée, mais plutôt si c’est plus élevé que celle de la personne avec laquelle on est en relation. On tend à s’attendre (tant à l’interne qu’à l’externe) à ce que la Fréquence élevée et l'Énergie Féminine élevée s’adaptent plus vite à la solidité de la Fréquence basse ou de l'Énergie basse Bien sûr, plus la Fréquence et l'Énergie Féminine sont élevées, plus on en fait l'expérience. Pour ceux qui se situent dans le milieu de la plage ou ont des rapports équilibrés, les défis de l'adaptation sont relatifs à la comparaison entre leurs propres nombres et les autres. [ClaireC] Michael, y a-t-il une similitude entre la Fréquence et l'étalonnage de conscience de David Hawkins? EM : Il y a des similitudes, mais ce sont des systèmes très différents. Notre système inclut toute la Sentience, alors que le système en question est relatif à l'expérience humaine uniquement. La terminologie est également en conflit avec notre système, car "l'illumination" ou "la honte" ne sont pas relatives à une extrémité ou l'autre, par exemple. La Fréquence que nous décrivons n'est pas relative à l'évolution émotionnelle, intellectuelle, physique ou spirituelle, mais est simplement une description d'un point dans un spectre, un peu comme décrire les couleurs de la lumière visible dans le spectre plus large des ondes lumineuses. Par exemple, bien que nous puissions décrire la Sentience Humaine en utilisant un spectre entre 1 et 100, la Sentience Humaine dans la gamme de la Sentience se situe au point 75 du spectre de TOUTE la Sentience. Les cétacés seraient à environ 40 et les gorilles à 85. Et aucun de ceux-ci ne se présente comme plus éclairé qu'un autre. Nous allons conclure ici pour aujourd'hui sur ce sujet. Bonne journée ou soirée à chacun de vous. Au revoir.
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    I've wondered about that, too. Especially given how he became "America's Mayor" after 9/11. Even from outside the US, I can't help but feel saddened by the difference between what might have been, and the path Rudy Giuliani ultimately chose instead. Who else still remembers these parts of the first Saturday Night Live episode after the attacks?
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    Welcome to a new mature world. Drama. Drama everywhere.
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    OMW - Jul 21, 2012 - Personal Cycles of Life MEntity Channel: Troy Tolley Began 9:56 AM 7/21/2012; Ended 2:37 PM 7/21/2012 (Approx. 4-1/2 hours) The Cycles covered here are The PERSONAL CYCLES - Cycles of Relating, Cycles of Comprehension, and Cycles of Life Plan. [MEntity] Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We will begin with a discussion about the nature of cycles and the potential benefit of understanding these. In every Universe, Planetary System, Planet, and its various life forms, there are cycles in effect that affect all who are a part of that dynamic. Many of these are obvious and observable, and many are on such vast or minute scales they are either missed, or nearly impossible to be concerned with from the Personality's point of view. Today we will discuss with you as many of the cycles that are relevant to the Personality as we can thoroughly discuss. The cycles of relevance tend to develop systems around them as a means to help measure them and track them, such as Astrology and Numerology, which are both valid systems for such things, when applied in legitimate ways. We will not go into the effects or measurements of such cycles that are most obvious, such as the hours of a day, seasons, lunar, etc., except in how they may apply to the cycles of relevance we will discuss. It is not that these more mundane cycles are not relevant, but that they are more useful as markers than as having actual effects. They are more reflective, than causative. There are 12 Cycles of Relevance, as we will call them for now, that may be of use to each Personality for understanding the cycles of his or her life. These are not predictive cycles, in terms of telling you what to expect in detail, but can be predictive in terms of their emphasis. Considering these as predictive only of emphasis in context is a more useful way of understanding these. For example, you know what time tomorrow will come, and that it indicates a new day, and that these days can be measured, mapped out, and counted on, but you cannot predict what each day will contain. To start, we will look at the most intimate of the Cycles: your Relationship Cycles, Comprehension Cycles, and your Life Plan Cycles. Relationship Cycles (Astrology and M/F Energies) Relationship Cycles are often run by your Male/Female, or Focused/Creative Cycles as measured by the ratio of "male to female" energy in your Essence as it is then reflected more mundanely in the Body. Bodies without Essence are either 100% Male/Focused Energy or 100% Female/Creative Energy. As Essence moves through a Body, the body shifts in dynamic to reflect the ratio inherent in the design of your Essence. Until the 2nd Internal Monad is completed, the Body tends to hold its emphasis relative to the gender of the body. After that, the ratio shifts to reflect Essence. Once the hormonal wash that often accompanies the 3rd Internal Monad is activated, then the Relationship Cycles, or M/F Energy Cycles are in effect. Regardless of your Male/Female Energy Ratio, your Relationships will tend to play out the cycles of both Energies, and because your Bodies are directly involved with relating, the body tends to reflect those cycles in fairly tangible terms. Before we elaborate, we will point out here, as an important aside, that there are 3 measurements of cycles that tend to be the most relevant and meaningful, at least in our system. These are measurements, or counts, of 7, 9, and 12. Measurements, or counts, of 7 are relative to Propulsion Cycles, or Evolutionary Cycles. It is a propelling force. Measurements, or counts, of 9 are relative to Completion Cycles, or Wholeness Cycles. Measurements, or counts, of 12 are relative to Expansion Cycles, or Empowerment Cycles. So in terms of your Male/Female Energy, both of these are in effect through your body, regardless of gender. Your Female/Creative Energy works in cycles of 28 days, divided into two cycles of 14 days, with the first cycle being an Inspirational/Emotional Cycle, and the second cycle being an Expressive/Intellectual Cycle. If one has a female body, this can often be measured in terms of the cycles of ovulation and menstruation. If one has a male body, this can be more difficult to measure, but can most often be measured in terms of "mood," as the Expressive/Intellectual Cycle can tend to be the most telling for both genders, as both will either be comfortable in their skin and social during that cycle, or "bitchy," sensitive, and reactionary during that cycle. The more moody and sensitive the Intellectual/Expressive Cycle, the more that individual is working through honesty and trust issues with the self or with others, and finding the voice for that. The stereotypical woman "PMS'ing" is an example of this, as the Intellectual/Expressive kicks into high gear for "getting out" what normally does not get a voice. Men do the same thing. Two weeks of every 28 days during these Creative/Female Cycles helps to relieve the body and the Personality of restrictions on otherwise suppressed feelings, thoughts, words, etc. [Bobby] Does the indicator you gave me, Transiting Moon opposite Natal Sun, match this 14 day period? [MEntity] Not necessarily, Bobby, but may be an indication for various individuals. Though these cycles are valid in terms of measuring by days, they can tend to fluctuate for various reasons, and some "weeks" may be shorter than others, or some cycles may go longer than normal, etc. For most, the cycles are most simply noted by when you notice you are inspired vs when you are suddenly moody "for no reason." The Male/Focused side of the cycle of one's Energy Ratio moves in cycles of 54 days, divided into 3 sub-cycles of 18 days each. Those sub-cycles are an Action Cycle, Expressive Cycle, and Inspirational Cycle. These sub-cycles can be most notably observed by their corresponding names, in that the Action cycle is quite active, sexual, aggressive, more outward in focus, and the Expressive Cycle is more thoughtful, communicative, expressive, and the Inspirational cycle is sleepier, more introspective. These two cycles, and their sub-cycles, are both moving through you at different paces, so that the mix and match of energies is constantly in flux. Combine this with the mix and match of others around you, and there is a great dance of energies happening among you at any moment. This adds a great amount of variation and variety to all forms of relating, and thus this is why we refer to this as your Relationship Cycle. Male/Female Energy Ratio describes how one navigates the life in terms of seeking balance, and this applies to relationships, as well. Depending upon where you are in your cycles, this tends to bring in a balancing set of cycles from others, or similar cycles. Taking responsibility for where you are in your own cycles can help you to relieve others of the responsibility for balancing you out. However, it can also help you to allow others to be in your life as a way to help you balance those out. Regardless of gender, if your ratio is higher on one side than the other by more than 65, then you may tend to relate more, and require balance more, in regard to that cycle. It may also be the side of the Ratio that is most easily revealed to you in observation. So if you are in a male body with higher female energy, you may actually sense your cycles of inspiration vs expression even more obviously than your male cycles of action, expression, and inspiration. Keep in mind that the expression and inspiration cycles overlap in terms for male and female energy, but their implementations are quite different. The male expression and inspiration cycles will be about structure, planning, and all other "focused" qualities, while the female expression and inspiration cycles are far more fluid, open, unstructured, and "creative" in quality. We realize this is a great deal of daunting information and we are only on the first of cycles to consider, but each will progressively require less detail, and we will continue to increase in speed of delivery. To help make the information we have shared so far useful, here is a quick synopsis of what to do: If you are female, make note of your ovulation/menstruation cycles. This can help you map your Creative Energy cycles. If you no longer ovulate or menstruate, or if you are in a male body, you can make note of when you feel the most inspired, with ideas flowing, and visions upheld, and increases in dream lucidity for when you are in the Inspirational cycle of the Creative Energy. You can also note when your mood turns in a noticeable way toward being sharper, more sensitive, brooding, or "moody," mind racing, and a sense of "facing or saying the truth" (even as it may be completely inaccurate), which may indicate the Expressive Cycle. Both of these cycles tend to be about one's mood, so keeping an eye on those distinct patterns can be helpful. Are you in the mood to construct, or in the mood to deconstruct, may be the easiest question to ask in mapping this. If you are male, you can map your male cycles by noting when you find your scent to increase, your sexual urges are amped up, and your distraction with attraction is obvious. This would mean you may be in your Action Cycle. Mapping from there could be fairly easy. This is also the easiest way for those in a female body to note where they are in a male cycle. As it is distinctly "male." Those with high male energy, whether in male or female bodies, may find it easier to note when they shift into sleep mode, introspective and maybe even escapist. This would be the male cycle of Inspiration. We know that these may be difficult to discern, but once one has found a mark, the rest is "just math." From there, you can actually mark your calendars for a general mapping of your cycles so that you will know the most sensitive spans of time, the most aggressive, the most exhausting, etc. This is an amazing way to get to know your body in a way that you may never have paid attention to before. How you feel in your body affects your relationships. Understanding the cycles that affect how you feel in your body, then, can help you to understand your relationship patterns. You cannot map everyone's cycles around you, and you do not have to do so in order to gain understanding. Giving yourself permission and understanding when you are in a cycle that is prompting you to be introspective, sensitive, and expressive helps you to keep from blaming others for your mood, your feelings, etc. It also frees you from expecting others to understand you when you have not done the work of understanding yourself. This, in turn, helps you to not blame others for their moods, processes, and states because you now understand that there are cycles involved that are beyond the control of the individual, except in how one understands and manages these. Offering understanding and insight when someone is in a rough cycle can be much more beneficial than offering disgust and anger. For those working on relationships of any kind, whether in a project, or in a marriage, this first, most-basic Cycle of Relevance can save the day, when it is understood. Noting these on your own is the most efficient means of getting into the accuracy of the cycles, but if one wishes to compare this to Lunar and Martial Transits, there may be a pattern unique to you that helps map these cycles. Lunar being relative to Creative/Female Cycles, and Martial being relative to Focused/Male Cycles. The patterns these make in Astrology are not on the same scales of measurement as the cycles of the energies, but you may still find some correlation that is useful. Before we move on to the next Cycles of Relevance, we will open the floor for questions. [Bobby] what exactly is it about any planet that matches these energies.. I know it isn't gravity [Bobby] if the answer for this is too long, just say so and we can come back to that another day ? [MEntity] The use of planets in Astrology is purely symbolic and relative to the developing Sentience and its exposure to, or awareness of, a planetary system. The planets are reflective of cycles in the psyche, bodies, etc., but are not causative. For instance, Mars Retrograde does not cause electronics to break down, or communications to falter, but, instead, reflects when the psyche is more attuned to, and affected by, those areas already weakened in that context. Think of the planets as various flashlights. In the same way that they reflect light in the sky as relative to your perspective, they also reflect patterns back as relative to your perspective. [GeraldineB] Are biorhythm charts a good way to monitor these particular cycles? [MEntity] If one wants to use a biorhythmic calculator for monitoring cycles, it is a good idea to do so, but only if there are calibrations made for what you observe vs what is calculated. For example, you may find that when the calculator reads that your Inspirational/Emotional cycle is critical, that is when you feel the most inspired. Noting this, you can then translate the calculator to accommodate your cycle in a more meaningful way. One would need to watch the calculator vs personal observation for at least 3 months to see what patterns are in need of translation. [GeraldineB] if they don't volunteer -- you said you'd biorhythms in more detail (but I see their cycles are completely different, too, other than the one 28 day) [MEntity] As for biorhythms: these can be used in the same was as Astrology. There are distinct measurements already locked into the patterns of biorhythms, as in Astrology, and therefore some pattern correlations may be found if observed long enough. In the same way that you can measure your M/F Energy cycles in a scale of weeks and not hours, it may take some larger arcs of observation to see the correlations that can be measured by these other systems. Biorhythms will come in handy for monitoring another Cycle of Relevance coming up (Comprehension Cycle -- see next topic) [Maureen] This is all very interesting Michael [MEntity] As we discuss each Cycle, we will mention any correlating system that is most relevant and helpful for monitoring that Cycle. Comprehension Cycle (Frequency and Biorhythm-like) Next up is your Comprehension Cycle. This is directly related to your Frequency. This is not an easy pattern to map, but a pattern that is easy to observe in effect. This oscillation not only describes how Essence processes experiences, but also describes how this is reflected in how the brain gathers, processes, and archives experiences. In fact, all of which we are describing to you, in terms of Cycles of Relevance, is reflected in some circles of known Physics by the term "oscillation." For example, the Relationship Cycle and all of its breakdown between Male and Female Cycles is what might be explored further as a "coupled oscillation," whereas the Frequency is a "harmonic oscillation." And then there are "driven oscillations," which we can correlate to other Cycles. The Frequency describes one's rate of comprehension. It does not describe one's capacity for comprehension, simply the rate of comprehension. This is the rate of speed through which one converts experience into knowledge. Understanding one's rate of comprehension, or Frequency, can help one to free the self and others from forcing comprehension when it simply cannot come faster than expected. To understand this spectrum of Frequency, we will describe the more obvious extremes of high and low, first. A higher frequency Essence and fragment will tend to be similar to one collecting shiniest objects of experience, first. They can collect many, and this contributes to a wide range of knowledge, as they have collected from so many directions. However, to thoroughly comprehend a single experience, it must be returned to, over and over, working through the "duller" levels, until there is comprehension. Each level uncovered is like a level being brought into the light (shiny enough). A higher frequency person might be similar to one who notices the beauty of the light reflecting off of the bumpers of several cars, and comprehending in a flash that these vehicles are truly beautiful, before realizing they are standing in the middle of traffic about be run over. Their cycles are fast, but brief, and broad. They may be "run over" several times before comprehending all that is involved with crossing a street. This does not make them slow learners. Learning and comprehending are not the same things here. Collecting experiences that contribute to wisdom is Comprehension here. Because experience can tend to have many layers for comprehension, having a higher frequency or rate of comprehension can help to gather a great many experiences at once. When one has a lower rate of comprehension, or lower frequency, it means that one is more likely to focus on one experience, and all of its layers, before moving on to other experiences. This might be similar to the person standing at the edge of a street of traffic "forever" before actually crossing the street. But when they do, they will probably not be hit by a car. They notice all of the shiny, but also the rubber, the pavement, the patterns of driving, stopping, etc. Each layer is thoroughly taken in AND THEN put together at once as Comprehension. Once there is Comprehension for a lower frequency, it is fairly complete in the explorations of layers. However, it can take a long time for that movement through layers to finally come into a state that allows for comprehension. [Maureen] Michael -- being at mid-range -- I feel like I'm all over the map -- it's mess some days. Sometimes I get hit by cars -- sometimes I don't. ...and I like to play in traffic. [MEntity] So while the higher frequency may be run over a lot more, he is crossing a lot of roads along the way. And while the lower frequency may be stuck at the side of a road for a long time, he may never find he is run over. These metaphors are crude, but helpful. Another way to understand this is to think of how one might work through an onion. The higher frequency will slice off what it needs and eat the sandwich into which he intends that slice to go. The lower frequency may peel the onion, layer by layer, working through blinding tears, so that the entire onion can be used in its soup. Those in the mid-range will tend to lean in whatever direction is most natural for the experience. The Frequency, or Comprehension Cycles, are basically Cycles that be described as those of Distraction (higher), Interaction (mid), and Attention/Extraction (lower.) Those who are Distracted gain experience that way, and therefore gain wisdom that way. Those who are Interactive (able to pivot more easily between Distraction and Extraction) tend to gain experience that way, and therefore gain wisdom that way. Those who are Extractive, tend to gain experiences by paying attention, and therefore gain wisdom that way. Societies tend to move in these cycles of comprehension, as well, relative to the dominant Frequency of that culture. For instance, much of the occidental world is in a Distraction cycle, so a great deal of its comprehension is gained through distracting avenues (reality tv, twitter, social media, abbreviations, etc.) Understanding these variations in Cycles of Comprehension can bring great relief to the individual and groups aiming for collecting experiences for wisdom. Those who are autistic or "ADHD" or "ADD" tend to have higher Frequencies, for example. Before we move on to the next Cycle of Relevance, we will open the floor for questions on Frequency and the Comprehension Cycle. [GeraldineB] No, I think I "get it" at this point -- may have followups in the future [Maureen] I just realized that mid-range is a really great frequency to have as a therapist Michael -- Thanks! [GeraldineB] I'm mid-range, too (55) I think -- anyway it helps to keep me balanced [GeraldineB] it's when I get Passion as a Mode that I go nutso ? [Maureen] LOL -- me too! [Maureen] I guess [MEntity] This is why there is such a limit within the range of your Frequency point, because there is really no altering one's rate of comprehension. It is not necessary for everyone to be at the same rate of comprehension, or sharing the same Cycles of Comprehension, but there will always be a necessity for understanding and bridging the differences. [Martha] I'm 40 but love social media and I multitask a lot [MEntity] If our symptoms of Frequency are out of synch with your experiences, we would suggest looking at your Frequency point again. It may be incorrect. [Martha] Troy got 40, Jose Stevens got 30 [MEntity] We think you are hit by cars much more than you remain standing by the road, if you will. [Martha] maybe it's 6th being level? [Martha] being 6th* [Maureen] What is Martha's Frequency then? [GeraldineB] I dunno -- I think Martha is extra careful due to an even higher frequency child [Martha] she's 78 [Maureen] Your daughter doesn't make you "multi-task" and like FB Martha! [MEntity] If you relate more to the higher frequency symptoms, we would suggest a correction of Frequency. [GeraldineB] well, what frequency do you see for her, Michael? [Martha] no she doesn't, Maureen ? Life Cycle, or Cycles of Life Plans (Numerology) [MEntity] Next up is the Life Cycle, or Cycles of Life Plans. We will look at that for her if that is requested, but for now we would suggest a process of validation, first. If the information here is cause for correction, Martha will probably know. [Martha] I feel like I process big stuff slowly but can handle lots of things going on all the time [Martha] I don't know if that make sense to anyone ? [MEntity] Her mid-range is not unbelievable to us. [GeraldineB] maybe she IS a 40 but functions closer to 55-60 to cope with others [MEntity] That is correct. [Martha] may be why I need to get away from people regularly ? [Maureen] my Sage sister is at 80 -- and she's like that Martha [MEntity] The Cycle of Life Plans is fairly easy to map and to measure, and has a direct correlation to Numerology. This is one of the few Cycles that has such a direct means of measuring and mapping of it. Every life moves in cycles of completion, which are mapped in cycles of 9. However, this is not the case of the first year of life counting as a first count of 9. Instead, one would use Numerology to calculate his or her "Life Path Number" as an indication of where in the cycle one has entered into this incarnation. Using the known birthday and year is enough. It is not necessary for this to be accurate to an actual birthday, if that is not known, such as in adoption. It is the adopting of the birthday and year that is significant here. This calculation is probably familiar to most of our students as adding all of the numbers of your birth month, day, and year, and then continuing to reduce those numbers by addition until there is a single number. Using Troy as an example, with January 20, 1968, this would be 0+1+2+0+1+9+6+8 = 27, 2+7=9. Using the interpretations already set in Numerology, one can get a sense of what Essence was planning for this current lifetime, and where in its cycles of exploration it might be. To understand where you are within that greater context, then one would use the month and day of birth, added to the current year. So for Troy this would be 0+1+2+0+2+0+1+2 = 8. [GeraldineB] Michael -- since my adoption was completed when I was 7 years old -- and I can't remember the date, what would I use? [GeraldineB] just the current extrapolation based on Day/Month/current year? [MEntity] We suggest using whatever you have been using as your birth day, month, and year overall, since having to choose one. [GeraldineB] ok [MEntity] What we are doing here will be applied to a different Cycle we will describe in a moment, but doing both now is helpful. Troy, then, would be described as having a Life Path Number of 9, but is in an "8 year" of his Cycle of Life Plans. We invite each of you to share your results, as well. [Maureen] I'm a birth 6 in a 10 or a 1 year [Maureen] does the 10 become a 1? [MEntity] Always reduce to a single digit. [GeraldineB] apparently, I am 5 birth and 2 current [GeraldineB] and both Martha and Diane had to leave [Maureen] Is there any significance to being a Priest and having a 6 Lifetime? [Maureen] Or being a Sage and having a 5 Lifetime? [MEntity] Maureen, no, because you will also have every other number as a reference over your incarnations. [Maureen] OK [GeraldineB] sorta like Astrology -- you're probably never gonna duplicate any birth chart again [MEntity] What matters here, for now, is your number as it reflects your Cycle of Life Plans, or "personal year" number in Numerology. [Maureen] OK [MEntity] This Cycle is based on cycles of completion regarding themes, and anything related to those themes. These themes are described by the overall Life Plan/Path Number. Exploring the interpretation of your Life Path Number in Numerology, and where you are in your Cycle of Life Plans, can shed great light on the layers of themes being explored within the lifetime. In terms of where one might be in a Cycle of Life Plans, the numbers might be easily referenced as: 1 = Initiations/Beginnings; 2 = Cooperations/Nurturing; 3 = Productions/Expansions; 4 = Focus/Troubleshooting; 5 = Respite/Playtime; 6 = Intimacy/Resonance; 7 = Analysis/Learning; 8 = Empowerment/Harvesting; 9 = Reflection/Closure. These keywords are suggestions, but you may find other interpretations that resonate more. [GeraldineB] And this would be for the birth number? [MEntity] These keywords, then would be used to describe where you may be in your exploration of the theme described by your Life Path number. [Maureen] would concurrents be a different Life Plan number -- or the same? Aren't they usually the same Theme? [GeraldineB] yea -- I'm on a theme with my concurrents -- Revelation [Maureen] would the numbers also describe your Life Plan number? [MEntity] In answer to Geraldine: Life Path Number = MM+DD+YYYY of birth; Cycle of Life Plans = MM+DD (of birth) + current year YYYY [GeraldineB] ok -- that clarified it [MEntity] In response to Maureen: Concurrents may share a Life Path Number, regardless of when each was born, as the math would be what matters, not the numbers, but where one is in the Cycle of Life Plans might be different. [Maureen] I can see that [MEntity] There is no consistency that we can see in terms of those being the same across concurrents, though. [Maureen] so the same "theme" would be expressed through the Life Path Number -- but the different experiences would be collected for Essence through different Cycles of Life (i.e. what number year you are in)? [MEntity] The keywords we used above are relative to the shorter cycles within the Life Plans, but are not fair to the greater arc of the actual Life Plan. So being in an 8 year has a different context than being in an 8 lifetime. Think of the year number as the Casting and the "Role" as the Life Plan/Path number. Troy, then, would be described as being in an 8-Cast Year for a 9 Lifetime. This is yet another crude way of explaining, but it works for now. [Maureen] OK [GeraldineB] I cannot validate that my "Life Plan" number of 5 (Respite/Playtime) resonates at all with how my life has gone [MEntity] We suggest that you look up "personal year number" vs "Life Path number" when exploring your numbers here. [Maureen] OK - Thanks [MEntity] Geraldine, that is our point. A 5 year is very different from a 5 lifetime. [GeraldineB] I'd have to look closely at the 2 (Current) -- it seems a lot softer than I am (but I've got to look at it in context of my now Personality) [MEntity] We will help each of you in this for now: Give to us your Life Path Number (based on your entire birth date) and your Personal Year Number (based on your month and day added to current year). We already described the numbers as part of the Cycles of Life Plans (based on current year), but we will now describe the Life Path Numbers (based on birth year): [Maureen] Life Plan Number: 6, Personal Year Number: 2 [Maureen] Correction: Personal Year Number: 1 [GeraldineB] lol -- ok there we go again -- Life Plan Number 5 [MEntity] LIFE PLAN/PATH NUMBER THEME KEYWORDS suggested are: 1 = INDEPENDENCE/STRENGTH; 2 = INTIMACY/SHARING/PARTNERSHIPS; 3 = CREATIVITY/SOCIALIZING; 4 = GROUNDING/STABILITY/ENDURANCE; 5 = CONSTANT CHANGE/FLEXIBILITY/EXPANSION; 6 = HARMONY/PEACE/HEALING; 7 = SEARCHING/CURIOSITY/OBSERVATION; 8 = HAVING/LEADING/CONFIDENCE; 9 = ABUNDANCE/HUMANITARIANISM/HIGHER PURPOSE [Maureen] That is great Michael! [GeraldineB] that actually resonates [MEntity] Comparing these simplistic keywords between the Path Number and Year Number may help validate, but exploring each further in the context of Numerology can help expand upon that, then. Taking the numbers you offered: if Geraldine is in a 5 Lifetime, then the themes would be around Change/Flexibility and Expansion, but if she is in a 2 year, then it would mean that that greater theme is now being explored through having to work in Cooperation and using Nurturing. [GeraldineB] good, that makes sense for me [MEntity] This means that approximately every 9 years, the theme of 2 = Cooperation and Nurturing repeats itself in a new layer of the Life Path of Constant Change/Flexibility/Expansion. Maureen would be in a 1 cycle of new beginnings and initiations aimed at helping further explore her themes of Healing/Peace/Harmony. Keep in mind that we are referring to a completely different system from our own, but it works here in understanding this Cycle of Life Plans. [Maureen] that makes sense for me as well Michael [MEntity] We might more accurately describe these numbers, then, as Cycles of Fulfillment of Life Plans. Again, the only number relevant to the Cycles of Fulfillment of Life Plans is the "year number" based on the current year. The Life Plan number (based on birth year) is a part of a greater cycle we will describe in a moment. [GeraldineB] Is it possible to have a quick answer as to why someone like Holmes, the man who just killed 12 people and wounded 56 others would deviate so far from any of these descriptions? [GeraldineB] These would appear to be purely "positive pole" [MEntity] In response to the question regarding "negative" lifetimes, it would be correct to assess that these are more neutral, or aspiring, themes, but each can fall into negative states. A 5 Life Plan can bring great growth, expansion and flexibility for the individual, but can also fall into wreaking havoc, chaos, and suffering upon others. The craving for stimulation either attracts the constant change, or imposes it. We will not go into all of the negative states, as this is thoroughly covered in competent Numerology texts. REMAINING CYCLES As we have gone extensively beyond the time frame of this workshop, we will describe the remaining cycles briefly. The three cycles we already described are the most-immediately useful, with tangible references and impact, if you choose to understand and map them. Those first three cycles describe patterns that emerge as a result of what Essence infused into the life before "you" were born, and how those emerge. You will always have a choice in how those play out, regardless of their repetitive emergences. We realize, however, that it would not be useful to add on the remaining cycles, but to leave this exchange with the focus on the three that have been discussed. We will cover the remaining in another way through this channel. The Cycles covered here are The PERSONAL CYCLES - Cycles of Relating, Cycles of Comprehension, and Cycles of Life Plan. The next tiers are the: CYCLES OF EXPANSION, which include one's Cycles of Learning/Resistance; Cycles of Harmony/Discord; and Cycles of Creativity/Destruction; CYCLES OF PURPOSE, which are Cycles of Humor, Cycles of Discipline, and Cycles of Focus; and finally CYCLES OF DISCOVERY, which are Cycles of Healing, Cycles of Surrender, and Cycles of Acceleration. (Note: Since this session went 4-1/2 hours, Michael and Troy decided that the other Cycles will have to be done at some future time. Maureen and I have already discussed it with Troy -- hopefully, we'll be setting up another session in August that isn't an OMW, but will continue with this Cycle information. glb)
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    Wow i'm glad that i read this today. I've been struggling with how to "keep up" with my personal progress when i'm not alone and wondering why i seem to do more self-destructive things when i'm around others (which makes things sucky for me and for those around me) then i got some tough love around the 5th and 6th and...i think i'm rising out of these patterns Not even close to being completely out of them by any stretch of the imagination lol but I do feel myself wanting more and taking baby steps to make better choices. Thank you for this!!
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    @petra Looking at the Robert Temple book online, there is an updated 1998 edition: "Updated with 140 pages of new scientific evidence that solidifies the hypothesis that the KGB, CIA, and NASA attempted to suppress." Awesome! I'll see if i can find a copy somewhere. This seems like an interesting read as he is actually trying to put together a scientifically sound case with anthropological and historical evidence. That's great. I'm not very much interested in any kind of fantastical stuff at the moment, apart from within the context of Michael studies within the scrutiny of TLE. Man i love how fact based this community aims to be; there is some merit to the whimsical new age culture, but really very little when you actually want to know... @Janet Thanks! I was reading some stuff about Sirius with the search, which actually prompted my question. There was more though that i haven't read yet, so possible there are more answers there. I just couldn't kept reading at this point as i've been struggling with anxiety for the past few days and there is only so much i dare to take in. My curiosity was too much though, so i posed the question I also had a friend of mine asking what i thought about the theory of the human race being engineered, and it bothered me to be unspecific about the planet especially if they would come up with more questions I don't currently have access to the F&W club but as soon as i manage to reinstate my income stream i shall finally pay for the membership. But from what @petra said above, it seems that there are some clarifications that would need to be asked in future sessions.
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    Interesting Amethyst, I got that it might be a Nexus for exploring our reactions to Surprises that intercept our Expected Momentum (through outrage or consideration). Which is intriguing because Anger and Surprise are emotional polarities according to Michael.
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    @DianeHB, thanks for bringing this forward. It's interesting how much this relates to our Moving Centered year -- most crushingly and sadly, with the imminent slaughter of the Kurds. This event saddened me more than anything else Trump has done "to us" -- so far. When a Higher Moving Center or Moving Center are involved in a year's Overleaves, or in an event or person's overleaves, then the tendency for Martyrdom and Impatience can run high. The dance between Victimhood and Intolerance can be quite painful. There can tend to be more collective commiseration of frustrating world when these Centers/Chief Features are involved. When collective commiseration displaces collective help, the overwhelm and anxiety is perpetuated. So... it's good to remember this: If you are upset by a recent bombing that has occurred, or a recent mass shooting, you cannot always make a difference to have prevented these, but you must then decide if you can help, how you can help. And if you cannot help, you trust. If it is not happening directly to you, then you must consider if you can help, and if you cannot, then you must trust. And, finally: you cannot help everyone, every time. But you can always care. It becomes much easier to care, even if you cannot help, when you have helped where and when you could help.
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    I'd put this movie in the same league as Bohemian Rhapsody with the Freddie Mercury story as far as how it inspires. OMG... the family Elton had and how they just didn't provide the love he so wanted was just heart breaking but seeing how he managed to overcome all of that was so uplifting. That journey wasn't without its problems though. I really enjoyed it and highly recommend it if you get the chance to watch it.
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    This scene from his debut at the Troubador was my favorite I think
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    I think you can experience an Individual nexus at almost any time, but possibly you're just recognizing the first phase of the coming Community/Global Divergence. I think I'm recognizing this in my dream activity as well, and I suspect that each of us makes our Essence choices and settles in for the completion of the nexus at different rates. This nexus feels important to me for some reason, and not just because of the Self-Destruction theme. From the same session you referenced: MEntity: The process of passing through a parallel shift (NEXUS) is in three stages; a Triad: Negative/Positive/Neutral. Though some may reverse the Negative and Positive phase, the process always moves to Assimilation/Neutral as the conclusive factor of integration. It is rare to begin the process of a Nexus from the Positive stance. ... The “window” of time described by a date span as indicated through our channels is always the general window of the "positive" phase of a Nexus. It is most easily identifiable and marked, while the first and last thirds of the Triad are less defined by time and more subjective. Michael didn't identify whether the September Divergence is a Community or Global nexus, but it might be the latter. From How Annual Overleaves Work: MEntity: The CHIEF FEATURES, while technically not Overleaves, come under more emphasis and examination as the year closes. From late September through December all that has passed comes under examination in light of your fears, what ended up blocking you from your successes, relationships, and truths. Since this is a collective Chief Feature, your examination will be explored in terms of a larger perspective, one that includes what was happening that year in the world, in your world as a result of other's choices and your reactions to them, etc. This is when the major Global Nexus occurs because this is when you can see more clearly what the world as a whole fears and whether you fit into that or not, moving your consciousness magnetically into alignment with others who are shifting similarly.
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    @SharvariJ I know Wicca and Shamanism are not the same thing, but they do often overlap, and I've remembered something Michael told me which I'd forgotten before. They claimed that the origin of ALL variations on Shamanism could be traced back to our earliest experiences of the Afterlife. In ancient times, when we were still a newly incarnating Design, we did not yet have any Cycled-off Essences to support us and provide a structure for the Afterlife. During that time, our post-mortal lives were supported by the more experienced Essences belonging to the Caretakers' Design (while we were on Sirius) and also the Cetaceans' Design (after we were relocated to Earth). Apparently, all variations on Shamanism are one of the most visible lingering effects from our being exposed in those early lives (and deaths) to Caretaker/Cetacean idea-constructs of the Afterlife.
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    I've finally made a list I wanted to do for a long time. But where should it be shared?? @Janet @Troy The 7 Choices The 7 Basic Rights -- from OMW - Tending To Your 7 Basic Rights The 7 Circles of Abandonment The 7 Circles of Conscience -- from a Ask Michael session The 7 Degrees of Chaos (might be posted later) The 7 Degrees of Risk (might be posted later) The 7 Emotions The 7 Facets of Mastery The 7 Facets of Role -- NMW The 7 Forms of Guilt -- from "Guilt 101" The 7 Forms of Social Change The 7 Kingdoms of Lifeforms The 7 Levels of Choice The 7 Levels of Essence Contact The 7 Levels of Mind The 7 Levels of True Community - from "Community" The 7 Metaphysical Strengths & Living Without Fear The 7 Methods of Choice The 7 Nobilities -- from OMW - Choice vs Circumstances The 7 Phases of Manifesting - in "Manifesting" The 7 Planes of Existence The 7 Points/States of Wakefulness/Sleep -- from OMW - "You and Your Realities" The 7 Rings of Love The 7 Spheres of Awareness of Essence The 7 Stages of Committment -- in a M Speaks session The 7 Stages of Fulfilling a Life Task The 7 Stages of Goal -- NMW session The 7 Stages of Internal Wholeness -- Maureen's private session The 7 Stages of The Next Step -- from OMW "The Next Step" The 7 Types of Dishonesty and Honesty The 7 Waves & Elements of The Michael Teachings The 7 Ways a Body Can Die or Be Wounded -- from M Speaks On Healing & Healers The 7 Goals, Modes, Attitudes, Body Types, Centers and Chief Features -- in Overleaves & Personality The 9 Circles of Community The 9 Karmic Sequences (Stories) The 9 Needs - from April 2009 The 9 Needs - from OMW March 2014 The 9 Pillars or Trues The 9 Potential Seeds of Sub-personalities The 9 Realities The 9 Strengths and Weaknesses The 12 Components of Healing The 12 Cycles of Relevance - in OMW - Personal Cycles of Life, July 2012 The 12 Forms of Intimacy - in OMW - Intimacy and me, Feb 2014 - Here's a summarized version The 12 Agreements The 12 Positons in The Support Circle
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    Here it is: Keanu Reeves, actor Benedict Cumberbatch, actor Emma Watson, actor JK Rowling, novelist Carl Jung, psychiatrist Carl Sagan, astronomer/author Elizabeth I, the Queen Stephen King, author Jim Carrey, actor Johan Sebastian Bach, composer Srinivasa Ramanujan , mathematician Elizabeth Warren, senator Jeff Buckley, singer-song writer Charlotte Brontë , novelist Hafiz, Persian poet Richard P. Feynman, physicist angelina jolie, actor Stevie Ray Vaughan, singer-song writer Gordon Ramsay, chef Eric Arthur Blair, novelist Ursula K. Le Guin, author John Cusack, actor Andy Kaufman, comedian Jim Morrison, singer-song writer Hermann Hesse, poet/novelist
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    This information was obtained by Geraldine in a private session on January 23, 2013. 1) One thing I'd like to pin down with a clarification would be "Is it standard for Essence to burn all ribbons of a Soul Age before moving onto the next Soul Age?" MEntity: In response to the first question: no. There is no standard. As Soul Age progresses, each Essence tends toward that as part of transition. This is, in part, because the Karma requires less and less strategic logistics and Agreements and conditions for burning. After the mid-Mature Soul Level, a great deal of Karma tends toward the Emotional and Intellectual, and thus can be burned either between Personalities in waking state, or Astrally. Though it is not a standard, many Essences do prefer to burn as many Ribbons remaining from the Young Soul Age as possible before entering the Mature Soul Age because those Ribbons from earlier tend to carry with them conditions that require more strategy, logistics, Agreements, and bodies for fulfillment.
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    Priceless Michael Material! A much needed read for me this morning! Past week as been brutal, so this has made my day! Still laughing!!
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    Hello, everyone! I'm not completely new, but haven't been so active. One reason is that I don't know so much about the teachings and I always felt like I have to study more before interacting (Yes, arrogance is my chief feature ?. Or was...maybe it has changed...). But I realize that the time when I will feel intellectually "ready" will never come and that there are so much precious knowledge that I will miss out on if I don't dive into it NOW in the middle of a life crisis. So here I am, beginning to interact and maybe asking things that are obvious to most of you. ? However, I'm happy to be here and I look forward to learn more and connect with you (maybe there are more students in Stockholm?). What can I say more..? I'm from Sweden, but have lived many years in Italy and Hungary, where my heart is (past life experiences <3). Artist, singer, vocal coach (Anna Elisa Lindqvist on Youtube/Facebook)... The Michael Teachings have been very important to me in order to understand myself and life better. I also feel deeply connected to Teal Swan and I'm working with her completion process right now to bring all of my emotional fragments together. Looking forward to continue this adventure with you! Anna
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    [Extracted from: NYC Michael Speaks: Wants & Needs of Essence Roles] MEntity: We understand that Troy has asked for us to discuss what we might describe as the WANT and the NEED of each Essence Role, so we’ve looked at this in a way that we hope will be easy to validate for each of you and your Roles. ... Next we will move on to the ARTISANS: Artisans are consciously motivated by the WANT for ORDER, for STRUCTURE. This may not always seem obvious for many Artisans, but they are always striving in some way to put things in order, to keep things in order, to keep things straight. This is mostly because of the multiple inputs that an Artisan has, so it becomes quite essential for the Artisan to navigate the life by keeping some form of order and structure. So what they WANT is ORDER and STRUCTURE. What the Artisan NEEDS and what they are subconsciously motivated by is RECOGNITION. More than any other Role — including Sages, believe it or not — the Artisans need recognition, need to be recognized, need to be honored in some way that validates their existence, even more so than the Server. We think this is because Artisans are so consistently straddling the creative forces that are churning, so to speak, beyond the tangible and working very carefully, or chaotically, to bring it into form. That recognition brings them feedback that lets them know that what they are creating or what they are putting into form is being seen, is being received. Are there any Artisans who would like to comment or validate these wants and needs? [Question] I definitely resonate with what you're saying. I'm wondering for me at least if there's, in my wants to create order, this inherent emotional connection to it … striving for the aesthetic, striving for beauty. Is it perhaps necessary, similar to a Priest, is it necessary sometimes — in order to make the best decision — to find some sense of detachment. Because maybe when you are so emotional, you are personally invested in what you are trying to accomplish that you are losing some objectivity, and that you do need to move yourself from it? MEntity: That may be the case, but not as much it would be for the Priest, at least in the context of your question. In the context of this topic and the context of your question, we would say turn to your need. Your want for order needs to be recognized. Once it is recognized, once the form that you have brought out of the chaos is recognized and honored and (we do not like this word, but we will use it here loosely) respected, it is far easier for you to let go of the necessity for order. It is far easier for you to allow room for the chaos if you feel that that necessity, that want for order, is recognized. It is only when that is not recognized, when that becomes more of a priority, more of a defense, more of an importance to you. Do you understand? [Comment] Yes MEntity: We want to pause here for a moment to say that these needs are also capable of being fulfilled by yourself. They're not dependent on other people. It's nice when others, other fragments, are able to contribute, but you are not stuck meandering through life waiting for someone to recognize you. You can also bring that recognition to yourself. You can also recognize that you have brought order, and that it is beautiful, and that it is enough for now and to allow room for some chaos. Order to an Artisan is the equivalent of Beauty, because Beauty is basically the recognition of patterns within chaos, and in the case of Artisans, often the deliberate maneuvering of patterns to bring that Beauty out of chaos. Do you understand? [Comment] Yes. MEntity: So to further respond to your question as far as detachment and stepping back: recognize that the order and the Beauty that you have sought to bring is actually there and not something that you must continually sustain at all costs. That is the form of “detachment” for you, is that recognition.
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    Maybe the truth that you cried about is no matter what the actual facts are, *someone* you trusted lied to you and violated that trust. And that hurts.
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    The Truth that is present that you could be reacting to with tears is the Grief in the loss of an assumed trusted friendship.
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    Because it isn't in any way about you knowing what exactly is going on. It's not about the other people involved. It is about you. It is realizing the truth that you are hurt or the truth that you feel betrayed or the truth that you feel confused. There are a lot of possible truths here to cry about, which one was it to you?
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    [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: Conscious Connection to Essence (2 of 3)] [Arinna] When I am channeling my higher self (essence) how can I get my personality's consciousness out of the way as much as possible? Also, when I feel that shift in energy within myself — is that my essence causing that? [Michael_Entity] In answer to your first question: you will never be able to “get your personality's consciousness out of the way”. Your consciousness IS your Essence connection. The key is in learning to trust your Personality and work with its thoughts, feelings, and motion. When settling in to “channel” your Essence, you are merely deciding to gather a larger perception. When connected to Essence consciously, it is not necessarily a revelation or a significant shift or breakthrough. The state is so natural some dismiss what has occurred. There will be a shift in energy, and this will be as significant as you require as a mark for your connection. This is your body/Personality's design, not Essence's. The “shift” you speak of is a harmonious, clear mark for you and it works. Many choose this method. There is as much Essence involved in a fist fight as there is in a charismatic guru, when consciousness and choice are aligned. When sitting next in your session to connect more consciously to Essence, simply want to, and it will be. Within that moment, all any of you have to do to remain connected consciously, is to choose consciously. We will define “consciously” here as “with awareness”, but there are other ways to define. When every decision you make as Personality is done with consciousness, Essence is present. When you find yourself happy, Essence is present. Whether you are indulging in eating a bucket of ice cream, doing horrific acts of violence, or singly sweetly with a friend… if chosen consciously and with intent, Essence is present. The mark for rejection of Essence, or blocking of Essence can be seen in any sense of contraction in your life, or area of your life. We realize we have moved into a tangent, but we feel it is relevant. Essence can be present, for instance, in your art or creativity alone, but is rejected or blocked in a relationship to a spouse. Essence “backs off” from areas of your life where the Personality has chosen to do things its own way. We will ask here, before continuing with questions, if we have answered Arinna’s question to a degree acceptable.
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    [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: September 2008] [Question] You have told earlier about suitable ways to meditate for people with emotional/intellectual and intellectual/moving centering. What about the rest: intellectual/emotional, emotional/moving, moving/intellectual and moving/emotional? [Michael Entity] In nearly all cases for effective meditation, it is not so much about the Primary Center/Part, but about the Centering that is most often neglected. So an Emotionally-Centered/Intellectual Part, and an Intellectually-Centered/Emotional Part could both do well with a MOVING-CENTERED Mediation. Whatever your Centering/Part, you might find the most effective meditations to be in the realm of that third Center of Gravity that is not usually accessed. Moving-Centered Meditations can include anything that involves the Body, from taking a simple walk, to Tai Chi and Yoga to dancing the night away. Intellectually-Centered Meditations can include anything from crossword puzzles and brain teasers to such focused meditations as Transcendental Meditation, to good night of hilarity and comedy. Emotionally-Centered Meditations can include anything from a good listen to music that resonates with you, to cathartic expressions such as can be found in Primal Therapies, to night of tears and intensity at the movies. So a Moving Centered/Emotional Part or Emotional Centered/Moving Part can both do well to get out out the crosswords, brain teasers, or make their way to the nearest comedy venue. The point of meditation, in general, is to bring about a full functioning of all of the lower Centers, so it will always be most effective to focus first on that Centering that is most neglected. However, if one wants to just feel good and bring some awareness to one’s natural, habitual processes, one can focus on a meditation that is resonant to the Primary Centering. Rather than compile a list of meditations for each Centering, each of you can consider this fairly accurately on your own: if it tends to emphasize the Body, it can be used as a Moving-Centered meditation. If it tends to draw up and emphasize the Emotions or feelings, it can be used as an Emotionally-Centered meditation. If it tends to bring about emphasis on the Intellect or thinking, it can be used as an Intellectually-Centered meditation. The difference between an experience being just another experience and its being a meditation is AWARENESS. When you are dancing, listening, or laughing, for example, bringing your awareness to the moment can instantly turn it into a kind of meditation.
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    [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: Conscious Connection to Essence (2 of 3)] [nemo999] Regarding symbols, does essence have a natural language instead of words, I am thinking of thoughts, feelings, pictures instead of English or Chinese for example? [Michael_Entity] The Language of Essence is transparent, so to speak. It is relative to the listener. Essence cannot communicate any other way. On the Astral, it is understood that you will never “see” the true Essence you are communicating to, unless you resonate. Otherwise, every Essence sees its version of other Essences that makes the most sense of the energy that is “other”. Therefore, while physical, Essence will appear, communicate, behave, in whatever fashion the personality imposes or chooses. This is why we suggest being conscious of what you feel is symbolic of Essence. This will heighten your conscious connection. The idea of Power Animals is a valid means to achieve this. Choosing a number that then shows up occasionally on clocks, receipts, etc. This is a valid reminder and connection to Essence. There are a multitude of ways and you may create many paths for these. And then there will finally be the symbolic realization that you can simply BE your Essence, meaning, after you have begun building a foundation of trust and validity as to what your Essence is, you may then simply ACT as Essence.
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    Hello, everyone. ? I've been pouring information about the entire Michael subject into my head (imagine a funnel) for the past several months, and it's been incredibly interesting. I'm also in the process of reading one of the Seth books, which has—so far—been pretty engaging. I've had a chart done already (not via Troy) that gave me a result of 93% male energy ...which seemed bizarrely high (I'm a woman, with a uterus & the whole deal ...however, I realize the m/f terminology isn't meant to be literal). However, after tossing that one around for a few minutes, it began to make sense... I had an unusual upbringing, raised by an incredibly eccentric mother who cannot conceivably be anything but an Old Soul. When I mentioned the Michael thing to her, I found out that she'd already known about it for years. She's one of my favorite people... So, anyway, I never really know how to introduce myself. I'm the same way when there's a group setting and everyone's going around... Everytime, I just think "Alright, what am I supposed to say here??" Because whenever I 'wing it', there's a high likelihood I'll say something inappropriate. The way to resolve this would be to plan something out beforehand, but I never do. So here we are again. ? <== (I know that's labeled a 'kissing face', but here it means 'mildly-awkward whistling') Right, so various factoids: live in the San Francisco Bay Area - mid-30s - Black American mother & British Nigerian/Igbo father - have been with my significant other for two years - no kids / don't want kids - interested in anything related to human behavior & the human condition - get excited over anything weird/strange/bizarre/etc - known strengths in the realm of: ideas, inferences, lateral thinking, improvised solutions, seeing beauty in people that might otherwise go unnoticed & wanting things to go well for them - known weaknesses in the realm of: procrastination, ADHD (diagnosed), clumsiness, keeping my phone ringer turned off - if anyone here is into Myers-Briggs / Carl Jung, I'd be best classified as an 'intuitive' type As mentioned up top, I already have a chart/profile through another channel, but I just requested to have another done through Troy ...still in the process of validating all the aspects. I'm also scheduling a long open-ended chat, so I have the opportunity to ask assorted questions. So that's about it for now. Hope your day's going well... Warm regards & all that... Take care... Exits can be weird for me too... ?
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    Thank you for your kind words & for giving me my very first welcome to this little world, Bibi. ? (As an aside, the 'multi-quote' process just took me a several attempts to stumble my way into!) Hi, Rosario. ? I may do that... when I was in the process of deciding whether to have a profile done, I read some of the posts here about people validating their overleaves. Several are blatantly obvious to me (for example, the chief feature of "arrogance", which in my case manifests more as a social nervousness than as anything ...Trump-like), but there are also ambiguities (am I really that "yang"??). I'm looking forward to the chat session the most, and I've been deciding which questions to ask. Very little excites me more than discovery, so this is ranking pretty high on the enthusiasm scale. The weather is great & the values are progressive. I'm originally from the midwest, but I've lived in the Bay Area (used to live in San Francisco / semi-recently moved to the East Bay) for over a decade. When the timing's right, the city's waiting to offer you a personal journey/adventure (and burritos ...there are also burritos). ? Nice to meet you too, Eric. ? If the chickens do get out, where are they heading?? Maybe we need to find out where they're so eager to go. It could be pretty awesome there. ? My name is Nik. And thanks for the welcome, ClaireC. : ) I can be very all-or-nothing with that. It's in my nature to be frank/direct/candid, and sometimes I have to watch it when someone doesn't know me that well, because they don't know enough about me to understand how to interpret some of the things I say. I both value & enjoy "weird", because I think variety & differences make life more interesting. People have told me they feel like they can be themselves with me, because I accept them on their own terms. I'd never want someone to change themselves for my sake. And it would take quiiiiiite a bit to weird me out. haha I'm sure it's possible (hypothetically), but I'm not sure I've seen the upper range of that limit yet. ? And thanks for the welcome, AnnaD. ?
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    Hi Troy, You’ve had a miserable week and I am sorry. I hope you are feeling better soon. With respect to the chart, if you think we can get it done in the next month, we can just let it ride. If not, then tell me–no offense–and we can save it as a credit. If you are swamped or just plain not feeling well and don’t think you can get to it, which is all right but I need to know, then I will make other arrangements. This is a personal promise between me and a friend and I need to keep the promise, that’s all. Be well and thank you for all that I’ve learned over the years from being a member of this community and following your work. It really is brilliant. Bill
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    [Excerpt from TT: 2007-01-07] [Jon] What percentage of relationships is karmic (or in some way predetermined)? Does this mean that we are unable to choose whether to enter the relationship, or just that it is easier to enter (and harder to screw up)? [Michael Entity] Soul Age and Level play a great deal in the creation and burning of Karmic Ribbons related to relationships. The Older the soul, the less likely one is creating Karmic relationships, and the more likely one has burned most Karmic relationship ribbons. That being said, NO relationship is ever “predetermined.” To engage in the creation of a Karmic relationship is more obviously a result of choice, but the entering into a relationship wrought with already-created Karma is also a result of choice. Karma is compelling because it is the “Food” of the soul. Much is gained from the creation and balance of Karma, not only on a personal level, but on a level that benefits all fragments and universes. So it takes very little to fall into a Karmic relationship for the sake of balance because inherent in all sentience is a default of balance and imbalance as a means of evolving. Personalities may beg to differ as to the benefit of Karma. Often the Personalities involved may stand in the way of balancing Karma and Essence will NEVER push a personality into a situation that is against a Personality’s wishes. However, there are clever and enticing elements to Karma that are just as attractive to Personality as they are to Essence, but for different reasons: For the most part, the more “passionate” and “powerful” a relationship is in the beginning, the more Karma involved. The more addictive a person is to another person, the more Karmic that relationship already is. In fact, most of what has passed as “love” is merely Karmic compulsion. Your culture promotes this angle on relationships to the point of actually missing out on non-karmic relationships because those are actually “boring” by comparison. A Non-Karmic relationship may be “boring” by certain standards, but they are JUST as valuable and meaningful to Essence and Personality, especially to the Older Soul who now finds kindness, patience, honesty, intimacy, etc. which encourages a more internal challenge (or friction), to be more appealing than the more external friction of drama and intensity. NO relationship is of interest if it does not include FRICTION, however. What kind of Friction (internal and/or external) and the extent to which both parties are mutually inclined to deal with that Friction is the kind of relationship that will be created, and the extent to which a relationship will be healthy, fulfilling, long-term, etc. In short, with or without Karma, the choice is still yours. [Jon] Thank You, that is most enlightening. Yes… though I am still not sure what a “ribbon” is. [Michael Entity] A “ribbon” is our term for the energetic bond that links one fragment to another after an imbalance has been created between the two of you. This “ribbon” is part of how and why each of you “finds” each other again through time and space. The “ribbon” is unbreakable without the mutual balance of the Karma.
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    [excerpt from TT: 2001-02-02] [ludmila] My mother has senile dementia, depression and age-related schizophrenia and paranoia. She also sees ‘people’ not visible to others. What purpose is served, or lesson learned in being mentally ill? [Michael_Entity] In the same way that a person behaves a certain way when “drunk,” so does a fragment who loses her mental faculties: the experience is the result of loss of inhibitions in many ways, and a lack of the more acceptable social filters that uphold community. Psychic Filters are learned how to be created and implemented in the structuring of the brain during the Baby Soul Ages as a means to preserve community and society and civility. Essence does not lose that lesson and builds it in to every new body after it is learned, but as a body matures, it cannot, in many instances, accommodate the constant instruction for filtering. Beliefs are the primary filters, in general, but there is also a specific “feed” from Essence that allows the body to experience its soul age. In many cases where the symptoms you described are experienced at the end of a life, it is the body’s reaction to a great deal of personal oppression within that lifetime. Its “purpose,” then, is to “show” the Personality the gifts of comprehending freedom on a profound level before exiting. This will allow the transition to be more comfortable and acceptable, as well as the planning of the next lifetime to be of high consideration for including more play. For those around that fragment, the reactions to the fragment in question can be disconcerting as they process this. The symptom described as “paranoia” is often, actually, “comprehension.” “Schizophrenia,” in this case, can be said to be direct addressing of sub-personalities that did not “get a voice” before. The “depression” can be said to be the grieving (another method of comprehending truth) of the loss of various freedoms, now realized. Again, we could delineate this through more levels, and more specifically, but this is a general scenario with which you can help yourself understand the event more comfortably, if you choose.
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    Excerpt from TT: 2001-01-18] [Annette] When you gave Troy my profile, you mentioned an intimate connection between us when you were physical. Could you tell me more? Was I ever able to be of service to you and does this connection have an effect on why I am so drawn to this group? [Michael_Entity] We have a particularly profound link to you from over 10,000 years ago. Certain events of an Intellectually profound magnitude during an incarnation still affect an Entity while in the Causal. Though we cannot equate our resonance to some fragments still extant as “emotional,” there are Intellectual events that we are still processing related to these fragments. In our case with your Essence, which we must differentiate from the Personality known as Annette, several fragments from our Entity learned some of our greatest lessons about “god” through your Essence while we were physical. This greatly affected our pursuit and final cycling off. Since the affect was of a profound Intellectual nature, we are “affected” by this and respond to the resonance. This happens occasionally with some of our students. We must note that this does not make a fragment more or less meaningful to us; we merely share the reality and nature of interaction as it comes about.
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    [Excerpt from TT: 2005-05-01] [freyaisissuz] Michael has said in the past that in the teacher-student relationship we may learn from them and they learn from us. That indicates to me an evolving teaching. Do they still say that is true, and in what ways are we learning from each other today? How are we All doing? [M Entity] Of course we remain learning from you as much as you learn from us. There has come to be known many, many universal truths, routines, patterns, and repetitions that we can easily teach to all of you, but there are always “new” ways to experience life. We will not experience life through a body as you may experience that in your current time frame. We have learned and comprehended a great deal about the Physical Plane, but several of those fragments who have come to be known as our “students” have contributed to our own evolution of understanding the nuances of life on the Physical Plane. For while we are made up of 1050 Essences with an excess of 200,000 lifetimes of experience, there are far more of you collecting data within current times and through different “eyes.” In answer to “how you are all doing,” we would have to say that only you can determine the answer to that question, for we have no investment in a standard against which to measure your lives. [freyaisissuz] Of course that is true ;-), yet in terms of the ‘evolution’ of the teachings? [M Entity] We would say that most of those who claim to be our students have simply found a rest stop and remain stagnant in the comforts of the basic knowledge. Very few of our students actively implement the knowledge we impart. This is not to say that we “mind,” for we do not. We do not impart this information with an expectation. However, for purposes of response to your question, it is valid that few “use” this teaching. As long as there are divisions among those who work with our teaching, we can safely state that there are many who have “missed the point.” “Missing the point,” though, is a valid path of learning and experiencing, and for those fragments who choose that path, other areas of life are the priority. In those instances, it would do those fragments well to consciously acknowledge their true, primary philosophy, so transformation can begin, if they choose. Our teaching runs counter to politics and competition, though its terminology and construct can certainly be used in any arena of life for any purpose, even if counter to the intention. This is not unusual among humans on the path. [freyaisissuz] Point well taken, thank you for that clarification Michael. [M Entity] Many will cloak their true, primary philosophy with the terminology of a more peaceful philosophy, giving room for self-justification and permission for unconscious motives. This is why we suggest identifying the true, primary philosophy, first, if one is truly interested in implementing the philosophy of our own teaching. As with most teachings, the truth can be summed up in a phrase or word, and since ours can be summed up in the phrase “you are here to learn how to choose, and to choose how to learn,” we would say that those who are more concerned with the choices of others, while losing sight of their own, might be “missing the point.” Understanding the motivations, experiences, feelings, reactions, interpretations, within your own ability to choose, is where you will find the most use for our teaching. If that is your choice. We will add something to our response, then. When we refer to your “primary philosophy,” we are referring to two things: Your Attitude and the Structure through which you gather your experiences, such as a teaching, imprinting, cultural biases, etc. Many of our students are greatly influenced by the Young Soul philosophies of your current world, yet are quite unaware of this. In gaining that awareness of influence, the intended philosophies could find stability. When one is using an unconscious philosophy that is counter to the “peaceful, cloaking terminology” of another philosophy, one is in the Negative Pole of the Attitude. [sandt1222] Does that mean there is anything we can or should do to ease tension in the community? [M Entity] The tension among what you call “the community” is merely a reflection of the tension being addressed within each of our students. We do not say this as a new age cliché. Most of our students navigate the Physical Plane through a maze of Young Soul obstacles, battling the want to exclude oneself from “it all,” while wanting desperately to be a part of the game. This is reflected in your community. The division and contention within your “community” is the result of a Young Soul paradigm superimposed over a community of Older Souls who seek nothing beyond that which they have become acclimated… yet. [sandt1222] All these divisions can be physically painful. It does not seem that it “should” be this way. [M Entity] The divisions among your community are based on the very concepts of “individuality” and “specialness,” which are Young Soul philosophies. An insidious fear among many Older Souls who live in your Young Soul paradigm is that they are “not special.” You will find many Older Souls, particularly Mature Souls, among our teaching and among other progressive philosophies, grasping at terms and definitions as a means to desperately capture an image of their specialness. This is a result of Young Soul imprinting from your world, which says that you must prove your “uniqueness” or find some means to stand apart. Many use the Roles and Overleaves and Soul Ages as a means to define these feelings of specialness. Others use Past Life scenarios to compensate for the lack of feeling special. We will clarify that UNIQUENESS is quite different from SPECIALNESS. Uniqueness is what you ALREADY ARE. Specialness is what you THINK YOU SHOULD BE. Uniqueness stands on its own. Specialness requires constant feedback. Many do not care about their uniqueness, and struggle desperately for what could make them special. It could easily be said, then, that the paradigm of Special vs. Not Special (a young soul philosophy) is the root of your community’s division. When your community begins to understand the Uniqueness among all of the groups of study, then your community will have implemented an Older Soul philosophy, and our teachings may have more meaning.
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    [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: Parallels] [s5] When the libraries were burned at Alexandria, I am assuming much knowledge was destroyed. Can you tell us what some of that knowledge was? Have we as a culture rediscovered all, or is there something yet to re-emerge? [Michael_Entity] To elaborate on what was lost would require a different forum, and we can address this in full, more elaborately, when more time is available. We will say, however, that most of that knowledge would be difficult to gather, except through channeling or other psychic endeavors. Even then, it is not guaranteed to be accurate. There are a few elements surfacing after the turn of the century that are material.
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    [Excerpt from 20100804 GLB POF. The full content at this link is located in the F&W Club, which requires membership for access.] [Geraldine] I would like some information on both why the information is so discrepant between Troy and other channels on when ensoulment started, i.e., 65,000 years versus 6 million years, plus more information on that long time before the archeological record. I realize that only a relative handful of souls started back at the 6 million mark but, we have been told that there have been Infinite Souls that date back to 4.5 million years, and that another entire civilization existed at about 1 million years. Martha and I both have had incarnations that date back to the 6 million and 1 million marks. [MEntity] Discrepancies will always be in place for such topics that have no solidity in World Truth, which prompts some channels to override our information with what he or she has deemed makes the most sense by current standards or understanding. The origins of humanity are still quite a mystery to many, and have left room for speculation to range between fantastical to indifference. Most information about the origins of humanity is more reflective of the one who has decided what makes the most sense than it does about the origins of humanity. Some of our channels are quite schooled in current thought and will use that as the limitation on what we can offer in response to historic or prehistoric questioning, but some of our channels have no schooling or restrictions and we can offer a bit more accurate information in some instances through those channels. What we would suggest is an exploration of the evolution of archeology, geology, and other arts and sciences that help to determine patterns and origins of species. In that exploration, we would suggest examining whether those fields continue to push the timeline backwards into time, or do they continue to confirm, secure, and validate current thought. In that exploration, when a timeline seems to be secure, are there anomalies that have to be ignored for that timeline to make sense? If you can see that the timeline not only continues to be redefined, but grows further back into time, suggesting cycles of civilizations, rather than linear evolution, then you may find some validity in the possibility that humans have been around a lot longer than is currently realized or accepted. [Geraldine] A whole lot of PhDs have had dissertations written that are at risk if changes are accepted. [MEntity] In the end, the discrepancies must simply be held up against what you feel is true internally, and externally. When there is lack of conclusive validity externally, then one can use what is available to help bring about True Validity as best one can. The questions we have suggested for the empirical evidence in your exploration can help you to measure the various discrepancies for accuracy/validity in terms of where the patterns appear to be leading, even if no conclusions can be drawn, yet. We think we have responded to this sufficiently for now.
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    [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: June 2008] [Question] Since we acquire new bodies each lifetime, why do we still carry “memories” of injuries from past lives into new lifetimes? How does this work? For ex. my back pain has been channeled as being from an injury from a past life that I am working out. [Michael Entity] One only carries “memories” of injuries into a current life when those injuries or memories are relevant to the current life. They are never random, and never literal. For instance, your back pain is a manifestation of similar patterns being explored within this lifetime that are resonant to other lifetimes of similar exploration. It is not that the injury was literally carried over, but that you are doing similar things in a similar way that then resonate to that other lifetime. That resonance can help in healing the current injury only insofar as insights can be gained from experiences integrated by your Essence from that lifetime. The resonance to the other lifetime is not to give justification or distraction from your current ailments, but to allow a means of direct access to the wisdom stored by Essence from that lifetime. If one can imagine one lifetime as one point on a line, while another lifetime is another point at a distance on that line, and then imagine a line being drawn from one lifetime to another, that line CANNOT be “drawn” without first creating an arc through Essence, which is “above the line.” Often Personality can relate to other Personalities before it can relate to Essence, so it “remembers” (or receives through a channel) the reference to another lifetime of similarity, but this is merely a method for indirectly accessing Essence. Keeping that in mind can help the point of that remembering and resonance. However, to be more specific in response to your question, it is not the injury that carries over, nor the memory, but the PATTERNS that are stored in your Instinctive Center, which is pulled from one lifetime and then “inserted” into another lifetime. This is not a literal event, but the image is helpful. It can also hep to think of it as a program, or a collection of programs/software that is now available to the new personality. Depending on the choices of the current personality, certain programs/software/patterns will emerge for use, and many will not. In your case, Questioner, you have called upon a theme of self-esteem issues, and these issues are often ignored or overridden on the emotional or intellectual levels to a degree that physical manifestation helps in tending to that theme of issues. You will then find resonance to lifetimes where a similar physical injury or ailment was being explored for similar reasons. [Question] Could Michael suggest some energy-work on such an issue? [Michael Entity] The “energy work” for any given ailment would have to be relative to the ailment and the individual, but we can say that any chronic aching that is related to self-esteem issues would require “energy work” on the Emotional Body as a focal point, while emphasis of RELIEF on the Physical Body will help in allowing that focus. This energy work on the Emotional Body might be anything from cathartic expression to gestalt therapies to flotation therapies to singing therapies to permission therapies that allow for more of what one craves, etc. We wish to point out here that the patterns carried over from one lifetime to another are only brought into reality by the choices of the current personality. For instance, there have have been lifetimes for the Questioner that have been lived between the past life back injury and the back injury of this lifetime. Back pain was not an issue in those lifetimes between. A more poetic way to understand this might be that the songs heard from other lifetimes depends on the melodies played by this one.
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    In a dream I had last night, I was a woman and a time traveler. I lived at some point in the future where time travel was possible and then traveled back in time before present time. I do not know for certain how far back in time we went. There was no technology at the time I traveled to that I could see. After arriving, I remember traveling quite a bit. Eventually I ended up living with a man in a home. I am not certain if we were married but we appeared to be in a relationship. The men in this town were very oppressive towards the women. The women had almost no voice. I had to be very cautious with what I said not only in terms of what I knew from the future but in terms of speaking about anything. The man I lived with appeared threatening. It was a very backwards society even more so than what we are experiencing today. I wanted to leave but this was difficult. It took some planning but eventually I managed to leave. I traveled to a place that was like a series of dark interconnected caverns which were illuminated by candlelight. It was here that I met other people who may have been time travelers as well. I could speak openly about my experiences and what I knew without fear. The people I left behind had no knowledge of where I had gone to although they appeared to be searching. The next place I visited was the Grand Canyon. I live not too far away from the Grand Canyon in my waking life. In the dream, I was mapping the terrain of the canyon. I thought to myself that I must have been one of the first people to have explored and mapped the canyon. I hiked through the canyon for quite some time. There was another man who traveled with me who may have been from the future as well. Then my perspective shifted. I saw the man who I lived with in the home and some of his buddies from the town that we were in. They had consulted with a source who knew about where I was staying in the caverns. It was like I was observing them from nearby but without their awareness of doing so. From what I could gather, these people intended to track me down and kill me.
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