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    BACKSTORY: As most of you already know, I live with a chronic immune system condition that is mostly known as A.I.D.S. I am “perfectly” healthy and in a state they describe as “undetectable,” meaning they can’t find any HIV in my blood at all. I live on a cocktail of medications that supposedly help keep me alive, and my own vegan diet helps tremendously in countering any serious issues. But I still struggle with ups and downs of health that are often vague and oppressive and include headaches/migraines, extreme fatigue, low-grade constant cold symptoms that sometimes explode into severe colds, and then sometimes I fall flat into some scary states that have yet to be diagnosed or understood and these knock me off my feet for days. This isn’t how I live my life every day, but these things often disrupt my life and my focus on work. Add to this the weight of depression that has slowly crept into my life since Trump got elected. It may seem silly, but it has truly affected the quality of life for many of my friends. I’ve never experienced depression before and finally had to accept that I endure it now. I think it’s pretty mild compared to clinical depression, so for those who suffer clinical depression, my heart goes out to you. It has exacerbated the health issues above. And I have to admit that my diagnosis of A.I.D.S. 12 years ago still haunts me and weighs on me every single day. It’s not something that is easy to live with psychologically. I am as healthy as anyone else, but it’s like a ticking time bomb that keeps you living in a state between life and death. This actually helps my relationship with Michael and improves the quality of the channeling, so there’s that! When I was dying of pneumonia in that hospital bed in The Netherlands in 2007, I actually got to “meet” Michael before I fell into my 5-day coma. It was surreal and disturbing and beautiful, and it was one of the most comforting moments I’ve ever experienced. I think it calmed me down and helped me trust in my existence and let my body do its work of recovery. I don’t know. But I survived. When I returned to NYC from The Netherlands, it would take me 5 years to breathe normal again and I was very lucky that New York State has health programs in place that help those with no insurance to get the healthcare and prescriptions necessary for survival. I have been gratefully living with that healthcare since 2007. So the good news is that I’m surviving and thriving! And on paper, I am healthy and have nothing to worry about. These random states of health do not define me or my life, but I also can’t ignore them, so I eat as best I can, and take my medications, and use the Michael Teachings to help me understand and create and evolve all through these ups and downs. But my healthcare is essential... which leads me to 2019. FAST-FORWARD TO 2019 As 2019 approached, I was alerted that I would no longer be eligible for my healthcare. I have been living with profound stress and uncertainty for all of 2019. I fought to keep my healthcare and lost. Eventually I was free-falling. I could no longer get check ups, bloodwork, and my supposed life-saving medications were running out. This was so stressful for me that my health and my optimism took a nosedive and I’ve been struggling off and on all year. It has affected my work for all of you, not in terms of quality of channeling, but in terms of my keeping up and staying on schedule. I honestly felt like I was having to get my private life in order and prepare to die. If not soon, then at least sooner than I expected. Suddenly the past 12 years felt like borrowed time and I had run out of it. To be perfectly honest, I was terrified. Truly scared for my life. It never matters how much you understand and work with the dead... dying is a big deal! But I kept it together and continued to research and ask for help from sources that could help me. I’m self-employed and do not make enough money to cover health insurance on my own, but I also make too much money to qualify for the Medicaid I had been with for all of these years. So my focus has been heavily directed toward saving my life and this distraction has disrupted a lot of my schedule and plans. I’ve been doing the best I can to juggle all of this... And it finally paid off! I GOT MY HEALTHCARE BACK! My advocate directed me to a program for which I qualify and I am in the process of restoring my healthcare! When my advocate told me this, I broke down in tears. I had been carrying the weight of this for so long, mostly privately and alone because it was too heavy to share. I just wanted to focus on solutions. And I finally found one. BACK TO WORK So if you have noticed or sensed my distance and distraction, now you know why. And I’m very happy to say that I can once again reclaim my energy and direct it back to thriving and not just surviving. Please be patient with me if you are in my backlog of sessions. It’s not a big backlog, so it won’t take too much time, but thank you for being patient. I can also return focus to Wholeness of Souls, TLEGG, our Michael Books, and other projects in the works! Thank you for all of your love and patience and understanding and kindness. I’m back. Troy PS - a special thank you and deep gratitude for TeamTLE for helping me keep it together. I could not have survived this without them. I love you all so much.
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    Ok, you CANNOT write that without some elaboration! LOL
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    I'm sorry to hear you had to go through this struggle this year. I can't imagine how stressful living without health care is, especially with a chronic illness. So I'm super happy to hear that you got it back now and have at least the psychological weight of that off of your shoulders. Living with the weight of having an illness that is considered terminal is hard enough, you shouldn't have to worry about being able to treat whatever pops up along the way on top of that. I hope this also will help you to get a grip of your depression and slowely move out of that crippling state. I'm so happy this Nexus paid off big time for you! Sending you a big, fat hug, @Troy! Love you heaps!
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    This is really powerful and meaningful to know. Thank you for sharing that. And please, never ever take our input and help with refining your posts or interpretations or formatting, or whatever... as anything more than exactly what it is. I want to encourage everyone and anyone to be as enthusiastic and as studious as you can be, so those suggestions and directions are only meant to help both you and the community. It's all love. Glad you survived those rough patches, Kurtis. You are very loved around here.
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    I'm happy for you! Having gone through a severely depressing and debilitating 2018, I can now better understand and empathize with those undergoing health complications. I pretty much hate most of our economic and social norms, so I'm glad that there are at least some people and groups that make an effort to help the disenfranchised. Btw, as I've said before, I'm extremely thankful for this site you and Michael have created. The info here has saved me from spiraling into self-destruction numerous times. While reading this it dawned on me that perhaps you have a Solar Health body type? Your profile says you only have Venus and Mercury but I'd be inclined to consider Solar Health too: From a library article: "MEntity: Your Tertiary Body Type is Solar, and this is directly linked to your Thymus as a medium of processing the status of your entire Being, in general. The Thymus is directly linked to immunity, and by extension to your overall state of self-esteem. This planetary influence in the tertiary realm usually shows up as someone who "never gets sick," but does tend to carry chronic issues for some length of time, or when they get sick, they "really get sick." More than other body types, this influence is an almost "real-time" reflection of where one is in terms of self-esteem, trust, and confidence in various areas of the life." From another library article: "MEntity: When Solar is involved there tends to be quite an extreme boost of longevity and strength of health, but this is often met with more extreme dips into health concerns, if there are any. For any concerns regarding health, then, one of the first considerations would be the immune system. Anything that boosters the immune system will be of benefit, of course, but in particular for those with Solar who have come to depend on fairly stable health for so long. And when those with Solar show any symptoms, the quicker to address those symptoms the better."
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    I think I did write about this at one time... somewhere. Maybe not. If not, I should write up a blog post about it. For years I felt it was way too personal and too outrageously surreal to mean anything to anyone else, but time has passed and now I feel it can be shared more. It's probably about as interesting as a dream, but I will share it sometime.
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    Oh my god! I knew you had some health issues but I didn't realize it was to this extent. I salute you for not losing your absolute shit as you were going through this all year. I'm so glad that relief is on the horizon and you're doing better. You're so loved, Troy!
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    (((Troy))) I'm so sorry you went through those feelings of uncertainty alone, but very glad you have your healthcare back and don't have to carry that burden anymore. Thriving is much more exciting than surviving. Love you very much! PS: I'm also super curious to know more about when you "met" Michael!
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    Well, nearly dying of pneumonia must have been traumatic, and I understand if you don't want to revisit that. BUT. This teasing cliffhanger is just so CRUEL to those of us who love cliffhangers. I would love to hear more about what this meeting was like. EDIT: just saw that Bobby posted almost the exact same thing. Lol. Team work.
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    Troy, I am so glad your advocate was able to help you restore your healthcare! Sending you a big hug.
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    @Troy Such great news! Big hugs and lots of love.
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    Yea Troy, glad to hear you have your health care back!!! Makes me appreciate being Canadian, and not having that worry.
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    My dear Troy, I'm wrapping you in this big bubble of Love, Gratitude & Healing. Can you feel it??? :'= I'm happy you're happier now, and safer and thriving again :') What a relief must be for you, after all that fear & uncertainty. Thank you so much for keeping us updated!! As for the migraines and headaches...have you tried physiotherapy or chiropractic adjustments? I tend to carry a lot of tension in neck and upper body, and I manage any symptoms with yoga, pilates and some montly visits to my physiotherapist. They give me some exercises according to my needs. I also have a playlist of easy, safe stretches I can share with you if you want Lots of love my friend!!!
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    Hugs brother. Glad you have healthcare in place after what must have been a scary time.
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    This... from Bloomberg in regards to the Mueller Report: Special Counsel Robert Mueller said he lacked confidence to clear Donald Trump of obstruction of justice but suggested Congress could take action on at least 10 instances where the president sought to interfere with the probe. “We concluded that Congress has authority to prohibit a president’s corrupt use of his authority in order to protect the integrity of the administration of justice," he said in the report sent to Congress on Thursday. Mueller said acts of possible obstruction include “discouragement of cooperation with the government and suggestions of possible future pardons.” The 448-page report cited actions including Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey and efforts to have former Attorney General Jeff Sessions take control of the investigation. “Our investigation found multiple acts by the president that were capable of exerting undue influence over law enforcement investigations, including the Russia-interference and obstruction investigations," according to the report. “The president engaged in a series of targeted efforts to control the investigation.” But Mueller’s report raises new questions about whether House Democrats will intensify their investigative efforts -- and perhaps move toward an impeachment inquiry despite earlier statements by leaders to the contrary. Reminded me of this.... April 19th - 22nd -- NEXUS -- CONVERGENCE - A merging of parallels that are in the process of “cleaning up” patterns that have gone awry. This may translate into a need to, literally, clean your own home, address any outstanding issues in relationships, and generally sort through anything that could use some sorting.
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    LOL @Rosario that is wonderful! I wish more world leaders would kill themselves.
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    Besides cleaning my home, I can definitely feel myself sorting through cording- the random urge to contact someone with whom I had broken contact (may be picking up on the yearning on their part), then a pang of regret concerning another relationship, only to have them show up in my dream that night massaging my head LOL. The relief I felt today may or may not have been the result of the end of the Convergence. All I know is that I'm grateful to be feeling better. I've been fighting against myself, but there was a break in the clouds today. I could enjoy the beautiful sunset and the smooth notes of a trumpet sounding in the distance
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    I was just thinking that this period 19th April till 22nd April falls exactly on Easter in Western Christianity. So, on 19th April things are supposed to die (clean out), you take your time on the next 2 days with cleaning, and on the 22nd April you can resurrect. Today, I feel like grieving again. It is definitely part of some emotional cleaning and clearing. Yesterday I felt more okay because I was okay with the changes, I was in the Flow. But today, I am again resisting some changes, to address outstanding issues in relationships because it is painful. I am alwasy grieving when I feel like letting go of someone or a possible future with that someone that will most probably never come anymore. Michael says that "let it land where it lands and nurture it from there". It is easier said than done.
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    MEntity: We see the count at this point having rather quickly expanded to being around 300 Sentient Gorillas (expanded from 24 Sentient Gorillas as of 2008). These are spread across the various species and subspecies as exploration continues regarding potential longterm viability. Permanent anchoring of the Sentience is more likely than ever. MEntity: And, yes, there are several holding Sentience in the Republic of Congo. They are beginning to "stand out." Uma posted an article about this picture on facebook and it caught my eye. If that isn't 'standing out', NOTHING is. I don't even need to bother posting an article link, all you need to do is google Gorilla Selfie. It has gone viral. On Netflix is a documentary called "Virunga", which offers a glimpse into the lives and relationships between Gorillas living in Virunga National Park in Congo, and the park rangers who try to protect them from rebels, corrupt government/military officials, and Western mining corporations. Two of those park rangers are in the picture. I think the Virunga park rangers clearly see the value in working to protect other living creatures, but how astounded would the park rangers be to glimpse the future, when Earth is home to a crowded family of coexisting Gorillas and Humans, and to realize it was all possible only thanks to their often thankless work. Around 170 park rangers have given their lives for these Gorillas, and if I were their guide in the afterlife, I know what I would show them. Beautiful.
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    Essence is only intelligent from a "higher perspective" because of what it can glean from all the lives lived to that point. It is not “all-knowing” or even “all-loving” to a point that negates the need for growth; if that were the case, incarnating would be pointless. Essence is LEARNING. From YOU. If its basic input to-date has been from the experiences of self-preservation, then the contexts in which the newer Personality finds itself will be using that as a base. It is up to the new personality (your current self) to grow beyond what Essence has learned so far. As a (sort of) aside to the 9/11 events discussed in this topic: see Michael Speaks , the above quote really struck a chord with me. 
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    ((((((Troy)))))- so glad you are feeling better and were able to regain health insurance. It can be pretty scary to not have any- I have been without it for 4 years now- and buy all my thyroid meds online from godknowswhere (Turkey?India?) Some good news- New York is going to start implementing a "healthcare for all" system, costs based on income- not on age and medical history. It won't be fully available until 2021, but I am keeping fingers crossed that it is actually good coverage- not the $$$ garbage available now (https://www.lohud.com/story/news/politics/politics-on-the-hudson/2019/01/08/how-new-york-city-provide-health-care-all-city-residents/2511988002/) And I keep holding the vision of a Progressive, Trump-free future- with less Hate, more Love, where ALL people are taken care of and the planet and it's other inhabitants are supported again. I agree- the political climate of the past few years has been psychologically brutal.
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    My new healthcare may cover those adjustments, so I will look into it! And yes, please! Private Message me your links. That would be great! Thank you for the love!
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    MICHAEL SPEAKS 121309 Open Floor [Michael Entity] Hello to each of you. We are here. [QUESTION] Hello, Michael. 1)Who was this mysterious Mikao Usui who created the modern Reiki System? 2) What were his overleaves? 3) From your perspective, what is this REIKI or SPIRITUAL ENERGY that practitioners channel...4) what are the factors that have made this practice so popular around the world? [Michael Entity] For purposes of this format of exchange, we will share a brief response to each of the questions. The fragment known as Mikao appears to be a Warrior-cast Priest who recognized the validity of subtle energies and their capacity for being harnessed and directed. The energy that is harnessed and directed is not unique to the practice called "Reiki," but that system does help bring tangible tools to the process of using the energy. The same energy could be said to be shared from the exchange of laughter, awe, and happiness or pleasure. The modern system referred to as "Reiki" has become highly political and hierarchical in many circles, but we see that this has begun to deconstruct and return to its roots in many ways. Both the political structure and this deconstruction have their flaws. The political structure is a false hierarchy of learning that can bring about false healers who have gained credibility by simply paying enough money to buy a label. The deconstructing of this political structure requires little more than reading a book and can bring about delusional exchanges of "healing" that are little more than nice thoughts. Knowing the extremes of that spectrum, we would say that the only valid method for developing the strengths capable for use of energy in this way would be through practice, feedback, and tangible evidence of effect. The energy that is used is the basic "life force" of your universe. This life force could be understood through the analogy of a computer screen that allows for a cursor to move through the pixels and light, showing up as itself wherever it is, but literally connected entirely to everything on that screen. "Reiki" then could be said to be that affect that allows for the repair of a pixel, or pixels, bringing light back, so to speak, to areas of the screen that have dimmed or have gone out. In the same way that a piano can be played by any of you, so can Reiki (or energetic healing) be practiced. However, to continue the analogy, in the same way that one can simply peck at the keys, or pound on the keys to make noise, so too can some "healers" generate energy that has no effect, or only brings irritation. And in the same way that one can learn to play a piano beautifully on one's own, through an instructor, or through a hierarchical fee plan, so can healing be learned. The piano and the noise it generates is up to the player, and how that player learns to play is up to the player. It just so happens that "Reiki" has come to be a recognizable system, and for that matter can lend itself as a strong platform for the work that a healer might wish to do. No direct harm can come from false healers, but irritation, and distraction from legitimate care, can certainly have effects. [QUESTION] I'd like to know something about the Lemurians and their cycle off that you mentioned to me as happening 35,000 years ago. You said they were “a sentient species who cycled off en masse”, and that this was profound for my cadre (c1). [COMMENT] I'd like to know how an entire sentient species can have simultaneous cycling-off [QUESTION] did we run them off? [Michael Entity] The Lemurians were a species that were of a finer density than your human bodies, and some may have remembered them as "etheric," or as having "Light Bodies," but they were more like the luminescent "jelly-fish" of your ocean. They were a sentience living through very delicate bodies and this lent them to isolation and insularity away from other species. Their process of cycling off would be akin to how you understand a reunited entity moving from the Astral to the Causal in its evolution. Their species was few in number, relatively speaking, and their lives were of great length, structured tightly in groups, so that large groups would reach a point of cycling off at the same time. We say "at the same time," but we mean this in terms of relative perception of time; it could take several years for the exit of a group, but once it started, it was an exponential process. Some of our students who remember the Lemurians were deeply affected by the exit of the last of the Lemurian groups. [QUESTION] So Ramtha was a jellyfish-like entity? [Michael Entity] No. Ramtha is a conglomeration of the channel's own higher self (Essence), her ego, and then some legitimate guidance by a cycled-off entity of Human sentience. We wish to point out that the conglomeration we describe as "Ramtha" does not diminish the value of what is taught to those who find it meaningful. It just happens that the Sage/King entity enjoys theatrics as their Medium. [QUESTION] So, they weren't going through the Soul Age Levels while on earth -- but were more like using earth in an Astral-like manner? [Michael Entity] No, they progressed in Soul Age as any other sentient species extant, but progressed in groups so that the cycling off for each was in conjunction with masses of other fragments. [QUESTION] So we did have some interaction clearly, even if they were isolated? [Michael Entity] Yes, there was a great deal of interaction between your species, but in measured and highly-structured ways. [QUESTION] oh, so none of us ever actually had lives as lemurians? [Michael Entity] Not that we know of. To switch bodies in such a way is not something that is very appealing to sentience, unless there are hundreds of years of integration and communication between the species. [QUESTION] Contrary to what Michael teaches I feel that sometimes my guides tap into my future, sometimes seemingly to a future that just happens, please comment on this phenomenon. Time is an illusion is it not? [Michael Entity] What you experience is not in contradiction to our teaching, and we understand what you describe. We refer to these as Sequences and Vectors. These are events that, when lined up and feasible, fall like dominoes in a momentum toward an end. It is not predestination, anymore than a line of dominoes are guaranteed to fall perfectly every time, but the lining up, or the Sequences and Vectors, do tend to bring about fairly predictable paths. [QUESTION] sequences?, please elaborate [Michael Entity] A Sequence is an arrangement of Agreements or Events that create a pattern toward an end result. A Vector is that "point of no return" so to speak, that is a mathematical momentum toward that end result. Time is only an "illusion" when you are not experiencing it. It is a disservice to pretend that the Physical Plane is void of the experience of Time. If you have Emotions, you experience Time. So while you, as Personality, must take your next steps in Time, your Essence does not have the same constrictions and can work to arrange probabilities in ways that are appealing to your Personality; that is, if the Personality is manifesting Essence. Even your Personality is not restricted entirely by the function of Time, as it has Imagination as a source for planning, memory, and choice. [QUESTION] Good afternoon Michael; Yesterday evening we were discussing the "close but no cigar" meetings between concurrents. I would like you to elaborate on what occurs when one of your concurrents dies...does the Essence's other concurrents "pick up" where that one interests, queries, lessons etc "leave off" this lifetime,in other words sort of an assimilation? [Michael Entity] In most cases, no. The lives of Concurrents are their own, and though Essence will absorb the experiences from all Concurrents, it does not shift the life of one onto the life of another. There would be little point to that. However, in some cases the Personality of one Concurrent becomes aware of the validity of the concept of Concurrents and that can open that Personality to exploring the life of another Concurrent in some way, either through Imagination, or through bleedthrough. [QUESTION] bleedthrough? [Michael Entity] Yes, bleedthrough; a natural exchange of energy that comes from intimacy. In other words, it is no different than the experience of feeling resonance with a past life when that life resonates to a current life. [QUESTION] a cosmology question :) - the Universe is said to be 14 billion years old. Recognizing the problem with 'time', when were the cadres/entities 'cast' out from Tao in relationship to the creation of this Universe? Before, during, or after? (I have been told my essence/soul is also 14 billion 'years' old -I am curious how this 'fits'). [Michael Entity] Cadres and Entities are cast over and over within a Universe with every return to Tao, which includes the choice of your Essence's new Role, new Entity, new Cadre, etc for every Grand Cycle. The measurement of time for that Universe and its first casting of Entities is always relative to the Planetary System of the Sentience at the time of such a question. [QUESTION] the earth is said to be just over 4 billion years old so we were cast 'last' 4 billion years ago? Where does the 14 billion 'age' come in? or was this in relationship to a prior planetary system of sentience? [Michael Entity] What we mean is that if we were answering this question for another fragment in another planetary system with a different measurement of time, we would have to answer with a very different scale. In terms of time measurement as can be understood in any practical sense, we can safely say that your (and our) current Sentience is at least 14 billion years old, "give or take" a billion or so. Keep in mind, however, that your ROLE may not be as "old" since you have returned to Tao multiple times in Grand Cycles. [QUESTION] Since there are/were 3 of us present that are from Entity 6 of Cadre 2 may I have any Biographical information that you have easy access to along with perhaps a Theme or Task for this particular Entity? If that question is too broad, feel free to pick and choose what you think may be helpful. [Michael Entity] It could be said that a common denominator, or theme, among Cadre 2, Entity 6 is that of SENSITIVITY. This Sensitivity can show up in different ways that range from crippling sensitivity to profound healing capabilities. This particular Entity is "touched" by life and experiences in ways that are often difficult to understand by other fragments. This particular Entity is often seen as the "open wound" of the Cadre, where the greatest traumas and extremes are drawn in by the fragments. This openness to life in such a sensitive manner can also lead to an awareness of subtleties that, when harnessed and implemented, can come across as works of "miracles" or profound transformation for those within proximity of that fragment's life. [QUESTION] Since this is a 6 numbered entity, is that reflective in its Priestly energies in any way? [Michael Entity] It is true there would be "priestly" qualities inherent in the dynamic of any Entity 6, lending it a deep Compassion or a strong Zeal. In addition to that mathematical dynamic, Entity 6 emphasizes the spectrum of experiences between the negative pole of Connection and the positive pole of Harmony. In Connection, the fragments of any Entity 6 may find themselves in positions that pivot other lives, or that they may move from one support or social circle to another throughout the life, always drawing a line of connections among fragments or groups like a "connect-the-dot" exploration. In Harmony, the fragments no longer find themselves splintered among various parts of the life, and/or fragmented by relationships to various people in the life, but find that everything plays a part in an overall Harmony. There is much more that could be said, but we feel this little bit will help add to the understanding of the dynamics of this Entity. [QUESTION] am wondering about alkaline water. I've been reading about adding alkaline drops to water or getting a water ionizer. Is this just hype? Or is it a helpful, healthful concept? Water Ionizers, btw, are very expensive. Do alkalization drops do similar things--if any? P.S. I know our channel isn't thrilled with health questions. But I trust his ability to step aside. [Michael Entity] As far as we can see, most water is already alkalized to a degree that would have benefit, if benefit is valid. We do not see that this is the case, but may often be just the opposite if the alkalizing is high. There are several populations already ingesting high levels of alkaline water on long-term bases, and we see this as having little effect in terms of improved health. We think that this would be a matter of individual diagnosis in terms of an individual's "ph" levels, and that in those cases there are balancing remedies that might include alkaline drops, or antacid remedies. We do know that "ph" balance in the blood is important, and that this is a function of the kidneys in a way that can be measured. In that regard, it would be fairly easy to have a diagnosis, if it is of concern. The consumption of various greens and vegetables as a large part of the diet can help to minimize the acidity of blood that can come with age. It is not that alkalizing of water (or diet) is not important, but that it is important only for specific individuals in the same way that any remedy would be. [QUESTION] You've discussed "templates," and in an answer to me, you said, "Once that flexible template is in place, any Entity or Cadre can "play" the role for any group or individual as a means to teach, giving rise to a multitude of variations." You said you've played a role as both Ra and the Delphi Oracle. Are you using a template or playing a role when you work through channels at this time in your teaching history? [Michael Entity] We no longer have to play roles or use templates, except through those channels who wish to speak on our behalf, instead of allowing us to speak for ourselves. We do not mind, though. In those cases, it could be said that we are, in fact, using a template, but not in the sense that we were speaking about in your quote of us from a previous exchange. Our "voice" is just as valid among those channels who speak on our behalf, when the speaking is reflective of our teaching. [QUESTION] How would you speak for yourself? What would that be like? [Michael Entity] When it is "our voice" vs the voice of the channel on our behalf, there is little discrepancy from the consistent build of our teaching, especially in a way that would identify a channel as unique to that discrepancy for any great length of time. There will always be new additions to our teaching in a way that only one or two channels deliver initially, but the valid additions propagate. This does not mean that those discrepancies are not valid as their own teaching, or that they are in conflict with our teaching, but it is one of the ways for discerning the authenticity of our "voice," if that is of interest to a student. [QUESTION] so is it just personal preference when we think something "sounds" more like you? [Michael Entity] How we "sound" is far less important than what is claimed that we are saying. We do have a kind of "checklist" for validation of our voice through a channel that any student can use for navigating the various channels, regardless of what we "sound" like. We will include this in the final transcript for this chat. This checklist would be one that does NOT reflect the validity of the information that a channel is conveying, as the information may have validity of its own regardless of its consistency or lack of consistency with our evolving teaching, but only as a means to discern the proximity and clarity of contact with us and our intentions. Navigating the validity of channels and their proximity and clarity of contact with us can be complicated; we have "channels" who actually do not channel us but who speak consistently and accurately on our behalf, and we have channels who work directly with us who distort the information to such a degree that this information only serves to distract from our teaching. The exploration of such topics as this can be "dangerous" territory for some, and it is not an exploration that can be undertaken accurately without a high level of intellectual and emotional maturity, as it can easily prompt the younger imprinting of hierarchy, competition, and conflict. When we say that it can be "dangerous territory," we are not speaking in terms of caution or concern, because with or without our suggestions for validation, the younger imprinting will find its ways into our circles of students. We were merely speaking to the concern that some may have about any process for validating the authenticity of a channel if one were to be in place. There is great fear in that regard, though our students will eventually find it to be an important, and non-threatening process, at some point when the younger imprinting is shed. In other parallels where we work with you, the process of validation is as important and as uncomplicated as validating a surgeon's claims. Without the process of validation, the door is wide open for us to work with a wide swath of students and non-students, but it minimizes much of the potential for actual learning. Without the process of validation there is also a consistent division nurtured among the various channels as certain groups form around the discrepancies that are unique to a channel, which then undermines much of the point of our teaching. Validation is vital on many levels, but only for those who choose for that to be a relevant ingredient in their process of learning and discerning. Many have not considered the possibilities beyond the current courtesies that increase such variations and gaps among the channels. We will conclude here. Good night to each of you. Goodbye. *** A BASIC CHECKLIST for validating the clarity, consistency, and presence of Michael through a person claiming to channel Michael, regardless of the "voice" being used: We will never tell you what to do. We will never predict. We will never speak to you in ways that only seek to comfort you. We do not use affectionate language as a means of socializing, or as a means to appeal to you. We will never shame you. We will never do the work of your life for you. We teach a philosophy that naturally encourages study and practice, if that philosophy is going to be valid, but it will not do the work of your life for you, or make your life easier. Only your study and implementation of the teaching can do such a thing. We refer to Past Lives as a means to increase your capacity for choice in the current life, but never as a means to simply explain away your conditions and experiences. We will never teach that your current life is a result of, or an imposition from, your Past Lives, but that your most relevant Past Lives are because of your current life choices. Our teaching is an evolving body that builds upon itself, but does not replace or displace itself. We do expand upon concepts that are often previously conveyed or interpreted as concluded, but this expansion is not a replacement or displacement, and will only add dimension that is consistent to the evolution. When we introduce a new aspect of our teaching, it propagates among our channels and does not become unique to any one channel for any great length of time. We do not make sensational, urgent, or conditional announcements. We do not do healing, or "energy work," as this is a form of interference and potential karma. We do not work with any other entity in any way as any means to communicate or convey our teaching. We come to all who ask, but this does not mean we are heard, understood, or clearly communicated. We come to all who ask, but this does not mean that we come through any channel who claims he or she is channeling us. We and our teaching cannot be misrepresented because it is either us and our teaching, or it is not; we and the teaching are either heard clearly, or not. We will always trust that you will hear what you most need or want to hear. We will never restrict our communication to only what you want to hear, and we will never impose upon you what we see as your needing to hear. We cannot access private information about any fragment. Private information in the Akashic Records is as private as the individual Personality deems it to be, until that Personality deems it otherwise. Individual Personalities will always be the authority over their own information. Overleaves are not private information. Accessing the Akashic Records is part of our study, and your questions help us in that process. You cannot ask your questions, or for Overleaves, too many times. We do not evade or avoid questions that seek to help a student in a process of validation. We do not require questionnaires, birth information, or photographs as a means to access your Overleaves; that is a tool for the channel, not for us. Our channels are never displaced by us, but only merge with us as a means of communicating for us. There will always be a percentage of consciousness of the channel contributing to even the clearest of information, accurately or inaccurately. Everything we teach extends from the premise that every fragment carries the primary tool of Choice. We will always emphasize the tool of Choice as your most empowering tool. We state that "all is choice," but this does not preclude the responsibility of learning how to choose in ways that contribute to you and your species evolution. We make the statement that "all is choice" as a fact of existence, not as a statement of permission. We are not out to save the world, have no interest in recruiting students, and do not find it necessary to alter our teachings in a way that allows for consumption by the masses. We do not expect you to take this checklist at face value, but we offer it as a means to bring to light the patterns of consistency that establish the strength of our proximity to you through a channel, keeping in mind that the lack of proximity means only a lack of proximity. It does not have any bearing on the validity, or lack of validity, of a channel's teaching or his or her interpretation of our teaching.
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    Hugs, glad you are OK! What a scary rollercoaster you were on. And wouldn't it be amazing if loss of healthcare was one thing people didn't have to worry about in this country.
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    Some people prefer to hang out on the astral.... sitting on the fence watching the show down here.... Also it seems that "cleaning up" goes on in so many ways.... over 50 bokoharam soldiers in nigeria was killed yesterday.
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    @Leela Corman I literally screamed thinking of that tie dye outfit, literally the uniform of the nice older lady who totally overshares while talking your ear off at the farmer's market amirite? This past week has been absolutely hellish for me. Last month Michael told me I was beginning to explore -Otiose and I, still riding the high of +Freedom was all "this will be a breeze! how bad can it be?!" TURNS OUT IT CAN BE REAL REAL BAD. I was in the darkest depths of rational thinking and over-analyzing before I even noticed it. Obsessively journaling about every decision and the decisions that shoot off from those decisions and the pros and cons of the mini-decisions of those decisions, it was an absolute mess. Yesterday, I had an old Tumblr follower randomly reach out to me and I was so excited, only to start talking to her and get almost 1,000 words about her suicidal ideation in explicit detail. I tried helping her (even suggested the teachings, which I rarely do, because it was obvious she was caught in Self Destruction), as well as Jose Stevens' "Transforming Your Dragons" only for her to hit me with 2,000 words this time about how she was absolutely beyond hope. I felt so gross, I was so upset that this virtual stranger would essentially turn me into an open sewer to dump all of their problems into just because she feels I'm her "big sister in her head". It was a big lesson in boundaries for me, and I gently told her that I wasn't interested in a friendship with her if this would be the foundation of it. That part of my own growth process was being honest about what I could and could not take on and help others with. She apologized and deleted her Twitter which was also kind of sad to me, just realizing that I have no use to people sometimes unless I'm going to be this black hole that just absorbs all their problems and she's not the first person who would rather disappear the second I assert my need to take up equal space in my relationships. I realize this is more her problem than mine but it made me feel bad. I also didn't do any spiritual hygiene so all of her energy was tied up with mine and I spiraled quickly into my own despair, and had some really scary thoughts that I recognized probably weren't mind and gently sent her energy back to her to be dealt with. Anyway, I'm in the dark place. Send snacks and good thoughts. Love you guys
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    I cleaned and sorted through stuff internally and externally during the Nexus. In particular, I reengaged an old story of mine and have made immense progress on it in this last week. I'm excited and trying my best to pace myself to avoid writer's block. Also I've been finding myself relapse into old habits/patterns of pushing too hard on a singleminded focus. So I'm trying to pull back and divert towards new activities often to upkeep my passion. I have found more options for a new job but haven't done as much research as I'd like to. There's still so much built up resistance to job change... but overall I feel good.
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    I am so sorry you had to go through that Troy, as someone who lives with chronic auto-immune disorder I can empathize with what it would feel like to lose all your health care. I am glad everything is sorted out and you have your health care back, it must have been a very difficult few months for you and Bobby Much love to you both
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    I feel different too. I can't even say how, but I seem to be holding myself differently and I feel lighter somehow. I don't remember any of my dreams in detail, except in one I was having an energetic discussion about how I wanted things to go and I was trying to persuade this blonde woman to make it happen.
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    Checking in on us all. I am definitely feeling "nexus-y" but I can't really articulate how. I feel energy shifting for sure. I also just returned from an art residency on the West Coast, on Saturday. I was supposed to come back Sunday but on Thursday I woke up in the middle of the night feeling so strongly that I needed to change my flight to Saturday. I just didn't want to be away from my partner and kid an extra day, just so I could go to the art museum and be alone another day. But it wouldn't let me go. I couldn't get back to sleep until I'd changed my ticket. So who knows, maybe Essence was trying to protect me from something or maybe I just felt guilty being away while Tom had a bad cold Today I feel...different. I had a lot of dreams about people I have intense feelings about, like my child and one of my entity mates; what I was wearing figured prominently in one and being totally naked in an unlikely situation figured heavily in another. In the first dream I was wearing possibly the LEAST likely clothes I'd actually wear, in front of someone I'd be embarrassed to wear them for in waking life: a tie-dyed tshirt and crisply ironed khakis that were too big for me (if you know me this is hilarious; I wear almost nothing but tight black minidresses with nice leggings and fancy boots), and in the other I was naked with someone I am very much not intimate with in waking life, and they were treating me for some sort of health issue, kind of lecturing me (in an interesting way) on the ways in which they were healing me. In the dream there was nothing weird about the fact that we were both undressed and it was totally "medical", for lack of a better word. Also dreamed about having to repeatedly keep my daughter and myself from slipping down an endless drain in the gutter. I weirdly feel like there's been a shift into something "better", am I crazy? Or just tired?
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    I was reading through this transcript again. This quote below stood out for me. These truths revealed back then I think are of value to consider and review in terms of how they might apply to our lives today too. "Tears are the biological reactions to Truth, and a great deal of Truth was revealed to many fragments in the wake of this disaster. Some realizations include: The "fragility" of life; unnecessary social facades; assumed isolations; the lack of Needs met within the life for self and for others; the importance of reaching out; the loss of Community over time; the forgotten importance of family and loved ones; mortality; Life Tasks and where you are in your life; Internal Monad processing; pointlessly-held anger and resentments toward self and others; who are the major Support Positions (primarily the Intimates, but all came under examination); that everything will change and nothing is permanent; what is important, in general, etc."
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    Oh Troy, I can't imagine what having an uncertain burden of not being eligible for necessary health care must have been like, when you need it and it is witheld. Your self esteem would have taken some knocks to it's confidence with that uncertainty lingering. I am so relieved that your friend has helped find a way for you to continue to receive healthcare. It is cruelty of an appalling level not having healthcare.. I am so glad that this change of fortune has been positive and relieving, reassuring for you. Having to survive that negligence is hellish. I love you and I am glad that you can thrive again and find some hope and security in your day to day living. I can't believe that you went through that.
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    Our healthcare system really sucks. Glad you found a solution that works for you.
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    I'm glad you're feeling better !!
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    I feel that same way about "The Way Toward Health." There are useful tidbits in it, but mostly I just felt exasperated, and also awful for Jane, whose health was in very bad shape for much longer than I knew when I first read "The Seth Material" so long ago. "The God of Jane" goes into this in more detail, and also about Jane's background - she had a really harrowing childhood with an absent father and an abusive mother (who was, herself, disabled by rheumatoid arthritis). There is another book I like, by Jane's friend and fellow Seth student (though not channel) Susan Watkins, called "Speaking Of Jane Roberts." I've read reviews suggesting that Susan was really negative towards her friend - but I thought she was rather just brutally honest about Jane's marriage and her psychological issues. Reading that book, it seems that Jane had both rheumatoid arthritis and Graves' disease (hyperthyroid) for much of her adult life, and always refused to see a doctor about it until she was so unable to move she got bedsores, and her friends staged an intervention to get Jane to the hospital. I do love the Seth material - I don't find it quite so valuable as the M's, but there is a lot of really interesting stuff there. And I feel like Jane needed more love and care and attention to her physical being in her life than she got.
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    I am so shocked in my safe little bubble to read this Troy. It is pure insanity this sort of thing could and can happen in this day and age. This systems needs to, and luckily will, come down. I hope it's all sorted now for you and you can concentrate on the good in life. Sending you lots of love. @Rosario, could you please send me those links, too? My neck and thus head is quite problematic, some stretches make it better and some i'm not sure might make it worse. The best help is simply pressing those awful knot spots in the back, neck and back of skull, but i don't have anyone with healthy enough hands/arms to do it regularly. Spike mats (I have the Swedish Fakir Mat) are a nice self-help and great for general relaxation, too.
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    I cannot add more, @michael_k put it in words for me. I am so very relieved for you that your health insurance is back on. I think healt insurance and pension are the two areas where a society has to take care of its individuals without a doubt. I find it always shocking whenever I realize that it is not so. Just a couple of days ago I read a question on Quora. He/she was bitten in New York by a rat, but does not have health insurance, and does not know what to do. Tragic. People told him/her to go to the ER immediately.
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    I don't have much more to add beyond the gratitude that everyone has already expressed but I'm glad you're still surviving Troy and contributing so much to our learning through your channeling with Michael and the TLE site. I too will be excited to hear about your dream experience with the Michael Entity someday.
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    Thank you for sharing this with us Troy and glad to hear that you have healthcare again. It's unbelievable that in a country as rich as ours people are dying because they "don't qualify" for healthcare. I am glad you are not going to be one of those people. I've been struggling with some stuff too and my guides told me to get a Reiki treatment. Maybe that would help with the depression if you know anyone who does Reiki. Big hugs.
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    COMING SOON! All Overleaves for the growing list of Presidential Candidates for 2020 United States Election. Ongoing updates will be noted. NOTE: All Overleaves in the original post are channeled from Michael through Troy Tolley. Any additional channeling or sets of Overleaves for cross-reference and comparison can be posted in this thread with credit to the channel. NOTE 2: If any of these names below already have a profile posted for them from me, please feel free to copy/paste that into this thread for easy reference when I update this post. DEMOCRAT Booker Buttigieg Castro Delaney Gabbard Gillibrand Harris Hickenlooper Inslee Klobuchar Messam O’Rourke Ryan Sanders Swalwell Warren Williamson Yang REPUBLICAN Trump Weld
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    Democratic candidate Kirsten Gillibrand, channeled via Troy in Ask Michael on August 5, 2018: This is a 3rd Level Mature Warrior-Cast Priest from Cadre 2, Entity 1 in Passion in Submission with Idealism and Impatience.
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    Hani is this what you were looking for? https://our.truthloveenergy.com/articles.html/library/relationships/essence-relationships/external-monads/how-many-sets-of-external-monads-do-we-do-r565/
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