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    This content was shared by Nick in the TLE Yahoo group on April 9, 2007. Hi everyone. Troy and I thought that some of you might find this interesting. It is a question I recently asked Michael, and their interesting response... -Nick QUESTION: I'm wondering what Michael sees as the cause of hair loss - that is, if it's anything other than the simple "heredity" explanation. In light of the association between passion mode and the brow / higher emotional center, I'm wondering whether a fragment in passion mode, who does not live with passion / follow his passion, would see a physical manifestation of a "withering" at the brow (hair loss). MICHAEL: Your observations are valid in that those in Passion Mode who do not "follow their passion" can tend to manifest this as hair loss, but it is not always the case, so there is lack of consistency. What is consistent in those who lack a following of Passion is a withering and dwindling IN SOME AREA of the life, whether this is in the body, the mind, relationships, etc. However, more specifically and accurately is that certain qualities that are sought for a lifetime are often directly linked to a "gene" within the body that is simply a part of the body carries that particular quality. For instance, it is often the case that a fragment who seeks a higher intelligence within a lifetime will have to emphasize the "gene" that is also linked to poor eyesight. In that same way, the gene that is associated with "masculinity" is also linked to hair growth and loss. In other words, for fragments who seek to have a lifetime emphasizing an exploration of what it means to "be a man" or have an identity as a "man," the testosterone levels and connections to specific genes related to hair must then come into play for the body to house those experiences. In this case, it is often played out through the hair, which is directly linked to masculinity in various ways. We have found this evolution of exploration to be quite interesting in that the loss of hair has now found itself to be a "sexier," more masculine indicator than ever before, reversing the stereotypes and prejudices related to physical representations of what it has meant to "be a man" historically. It should be noted that women also suffer from hair loss and hair growth issues, and it could be said then that ALL issues related to gender identity are tied to the genes that control the growth of hair.
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    There is no Nexus this month. Remember when we had no Nexuses (Nexi?) for a few months last year (was it last year?) and how it made us feel horrible. Kind of like cosmic constipation.
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    Wow!! This literally jumped off the page at me! I know this is from the July 2007 Energy Report but the Realist Attitude is definitely showing up like this in July 2019 for me and for a few people I know. Very interesting. What goes around comes around. Specifically over July the Realism will most likely focus on the SELF and the inner world. This means a lot of "stuff" will most likely be brought to the surface for examination and it is important to see that this will occur in many ways, ranging from personally intended provocation to random interactions and incidences that provoke a sudden, deep, and clear look at the self. We can easily say that much of what you may see will not be easy to observe because much of what will be seen is the "stuff" that is usually avoided. What we suggest is to understand that if you are seeing aspects of the self that are difficult to observe over the next month, it is ONLY because you wish for that to be observed. For those who will not allow an inner examination and are not interested in the bigger truths of who he or she is, this "stuff" will not surface. Nothing is imposed upon you, so if you find you are examining difficult or complex aspects of yourself over July, it is because you determined it is time to do so and you are using the energy of the year to your advantage, but none of this is obligated or necessary for any of you. It is a choice.
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    I had what I knew were interesting dreams this morning but they went POOF when I woke up except for some vestiges of "knowing". Of knowing I needed to share this here in July's Energy Report. I could see that everything we are going through is building to the greater whole even though we can't see it. I also could see that we need to expect help from unlikely sources over the next few months continuing right through next year and beyond. But it's even more than that -- we need to be on the lookout for these "unlikely sources" to appear (I'm not just speaking of the TS's and IS's) as it will be not only our level of awareness but our ability to appreciate them in real time that will make all the difference to our well being and to the well being of those around us. The picture/memory I held in mind was the surprises I've had over the years, as I've experienced loss and changes through jobs, relationships, residences, etc., when the people I expected to help didn't and so many others who I wouldn't have expected to help (at the time) stepped up to help me... in ways that I'm still trying to comprehend. I look back at those experiences with love and reverence because no matter how much I planned or knew what was ahead of me there was always this array of people stepping in or stepping up that surprised me with what I needed even though I didn't know and sometimes I think they didn't even know. I suspect they just acted from that magical part inside them that said/says "Go, and just do it.... don't ask any questions". I don't know about the people that have given of themselves so generously and acted on my behalf but I can say for myself that it made for the most surprising revelations about myself and about others and it continues to be one of those beautiful mysteries that I don't need to solve I just need to savour and enjoy. I am deeply honoured and humbled. So thank to those who have helped and thank you to those who will find a space in my future. I'll be looking for you even though I won't see you coming.
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    I've been really tired all week, and also not sleeping much or well. However, for me July is low-key very nice in many ways. I delivered the second draft of my book to my editor, and a personal situation that I had been really unhappy about for a long time turned around dramatically and continues to do so. The rest of the world is just nonstop fucking chaos and heartbreak. I went to South Florida last week to protest at the child concentration camp in Homestead, as part of the Lights For Liberty vigils around the country. It was surreal. It felt good to be in that crowd, shouting "Shut it down!" along with so many different people. It was somber and serious. All along we were aware that though we couldn't see them, thousands of children were in those buildings on the other side of the wall. Later, on the national Lights For Liberty twitter, I saw a video shot elsewhere where they could see the kids and hear them banging against the windows of their facility. This shit is crazy. We're being run by a bunch of white supremacist trolls, and the president is a rapist, and does anyone fucking care? And then when I posted about the protest on my Instagram I got a bunch of whiny white nationalist troll comments. How sad it is to be them. And also how blocked and reported for hate speech.
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    This link was in my Facebook feed last night and it was interesting to read: Toilet paper startups I think the ad campaigns over ever softer, ever "better" (ever more expensive, ever more bleached, ever more destructive to forests) toilet tissue are just ludicrous. Quite aside from the objection to cutting down trees, I refuse to buy product from people that think I'm swayed by an assortment of naked cartoon bears using their product. Possibly I'm more open to non-"luxury" TP ever since my visits to an assortment of relief stations in the Soviet Union in 1976 that ranged from pulling the bus off the road on top of a hill (girls to the right, guys to the left in 3 feet of snow) to the toilets at the Lenin Library in Moscow: these had no seats but were generously supplied with cut-up squares of Pravda (the Soviet state newspaper). Obviously the Soviets had at least SOME sense of humor. I've been using Green Forest for a year or so, ever since I found out their rolls were significantly larger than 7th Generation for the same price. But I had no idea that some of these TP startups were out there, and I'll probably look into them next time I need to re-supply my house.
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    I'm of those who "never" gets sick (my last cold was in 2017 I believe!) but since yesterday I have a sore throat, paired with my cycle (this year it aligns with the Full Moon!! hehe) I feel I need to rest, drink lots of tea, and just wait. And will treat myself with an hour or more of sweet gentle yoga + ambient music
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    This content was posted by Troy in the TLE Yahoo group on December 21, 2007. Kerrin asked if there was anything from Michael on Ghosts and Hauntings and I found this little bit from the old forums: What is a ghost: Does the fragment actually fail to cross over for a period of time, or is it just the personality that stays here, or is the fragment's higher self here as well with the ghost, or something else entirely, if so what is it? MICHAEL: There are several different scenarios that are commonly described as "hauntings:" BEACON HAUNTING: What we have described above could be called a "beacon" haunting, wherein a fragment has left a portion of consciousness in time/space so as to complete a simple, yet vital, process of integration. LIVING HAUNTING: Another scenario is when a fragment's Personality has not "realized" or accepted death, remaining locked in an echo of itself, for no other reason but as an attachment to the life just lived. Essence usually "leaves" that portion of consciousness "behind," knowing it is perfectly capable of integrating it "later." This allows for complete freedom of the Personality, even beyond death. This kind of haunting is not usually marked by a pattern, but by apparent randomness and life-like expressions as that Personality continues to "live" within a familiar environment. These "ghosts" are the most conscious and capable of communicating intelligently with the living. Most do not, however, and remain "living" perfectly believable "lives" just slightly askew from the frequency you would call physical reality. This is more common than can currently be comprehended. REALITY BURNS: Some "hauntings" are the emotional echoes or "burns" of fragments who are actually still alive. Some fragments have such a dynamic or disturbed or passionate infusion into reality that some of their energy remains behind as a form of haunting. These hauntings usually diffuse when that fragment dies, or when the emotional energy behind the haunting is resolved or processed. Some of the "scarier" hauntings can be explained as this type, as the anger of one fragment is left behind, affecting the next fragment, whose fear is then added to the burns in reality. Quite often, a designated space is declared as "spooky" or haunted, drawing expectancy among those who are within its vicinity. If anything startling happens, a burst of energy is added to the collective energy within that space that then becomes part of the haunting, itself. These "hauntings" can easily be cleanesd from the reality into which they have been burned. GENERATED HAUNTING: This is more an extension of the Reality Burn Haunting than as a category unto itself, but we describe it separately because its origins and sustenance are dependent on stories that nurture its presence. This haunting is the result of people telling stories about a certain environment, and then contributing to the energy required to minimally support the stories. These hauntings are rarely able to be substantiated, but are the subject of fun, spooky, experiences that contribute to the energy that is the haunting. Bed and Breakfasts, restaurants, landmarks, and other tourist locations that claim hauntings are a prime example of this. We spoke in response to your term, "ghost," but there are several categories and scenarios that might be under that heading. We spoke only of those scenarios where sightings, smells, and sounds are the main symptoms. Moving objects, vocalizations, violence, terror, etc. fall into categories beyond what we would call "haunting." We will also add that our phrases to describe the different versions above are not static. We used phrases that can easily be changed or more creatively defined, if one feels it necessary.
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    Note from Janet: This content was posted by Troy in the TLE Yahoo group on December 5, 2007. He indicated that it was an old transcript but I can't find it anywhere else. Post by Troy: In light of what we are trying to evolve into together and individually, I thought I'd pull out this old piece from Michael about DEFENSIVENESS. It is SO annoying for me to feel I am not being defensive and then read Michael's take on it. Uhhhh, I'm defensive. That's that. LOL So let's talk about this and what it means for you and our group: DEFENSIVENESS Defensiveness is the direct result of anticipated attacks upon something that one feels is in need of justifying, in need of shielding from criticism, or in need of requiring an immediate advantage. Defensiveness can be as obvious as physical reactions, or as subtle as controlled explanation. It should be clarified that to DEFEND is quite different from being DEFENSIVE. When something is quite literally attacked, it is a valid response to defend that which was attacked, particularly in instances of physical harm or danger. Defensiveness, however, is a preemptive stance; a state of perception that assumes a threat with an imminent attack, even when unwarranted. When one is defensive, one is always responding to the past. A defensive stance can almost always be traced to a single concept, expression, feeling, or behavior that is in the fragment as needing to be RIGHT and VALIDATED. Somewhere within the life, the fragment has been told she is WRONG or she merely assumed she was wrong about a Personal Truth. She now struggles to uphold her shaky truths against the internal and external beliefs that contradict her. She battles against phantom or symbolic representations of anything remotely challenging her efforts to uphold these overshadowed, un-integrated truths. Defensiveness, then, is a navigational alert to areas in which one has not integrated a Personal Truth. Ironically, True Validation of a Personal Truth CANNOT happen when one is Defensive. Validation is a processing of integration that can begin either INTERNALLY or EXTERNALLY. Both internal and external validation, however, must be completed for True Validation. The trap of Defensiveness is in its perpetual struggle for External Validation as it inherently dismantles the validity of Personal Truth. Personal Truths are NOT consistent and NOT necessarily shared. What is True for you, may not be True for another, so to remain trapped in External Validation processes can usurp the Internal Validation that could bring peace and balance. Defensiveness, then, is a trap because it requires immediate agreement, yet also assumes immediate threat, usually drowning out even the smallest chance of agreement. Defensiveness is always on the level of Personal Truth ("I am not ugly"), as Global Truths (such as Gravity) and Universal Truths (such as Love) require no defense. The paradox here is that Personal Truths are ALWAYS Externally Validated, regardless of your intent to change or incorporate new truths. What IS true for you is met with validation on a consistent and constant level. There is not a single aspect of your immediate environment, body, relationships, and world that is not an External Validation of your current Personal Truths. There is no exception. The perpetuation of Defensiveness comes from the fact that the fragment has yet to Internally Validate New Personal Truths. A concept, expression, feeling, or behavior must be integrated and true for oneself before it can be a truth shared and validated among you, another, and the world. In other words, if Ugliness in the world is actually your Personal Truth, you will find proof of that around you. However, if you struggle to uphold an ideal of beauty about the world that is not yet true for you Internally, you will tend to be defensive about your concepts of Beauty until they are actually true for you. If you trust and accept your own Truth about beauty, you would then allow others to validate that beauty, and be able to extract facts of reality that support that Truth; any disagreement with you would be seen as simply that: a disagreement, a difference. Understanding Defensiveness as a navigational tool, one can begin to immediately make a difference. When Defensiveness arises, it is your New (shaky) Truth being protected by you as it finds its footing in validity. We suggest: When one begins to feel Defensive: STOP. No matter how embarrassing or awkward the situation may be, one can ALWAYS stop being Defensive. CLAIM YOUR DEFENSIVENESS. If it is appropriate, honor your natural wisdom by openly acknowledging your Defensiveness. There is no need to apologize for it, but one can easily state, "Wait, and give me a moment. I was being Defensive." Acknowledging your Defensiveness can immediately diffuse a situation and even alleviate another person's own Offenses/Defenses. DO NOT EXPLAIN. As soon as you begin explaining your Defensiveness, you have merely substituted one form of Defense for another. Either gently affirm the differences between yourself and another and be "OK" with that, or change the course from a Defensive context into a Discussion. We define Discussion as "a sharing of concepts, expressions, feelings, or behaviors that do not require agreement." DETERMINE exactly what Personal Truth is being reflected that brings forth your Defensiveness and clearly determine what truth you seek to implement in its place; e.g. your truth is that the world is, or you are, ugly, but you wish your truth to be that the world is, or you are, beautiful. OLD TRUTH: The World is UGLY. NEW TRUTH: The World is BEAUTIFUL. RELIEVE OTHERS of having to prove YOUR New Truth FOR YOU. Assume that you are the explorer of this world and your relationships, and it is your responsibility to uncover the facts of your New Truth. Allow the process to be fun. ACTIVELY choose to SEE, FEEL, HEAR, KNOW your New Truth around you and inside you. Because an Old Truth will have become quite integrated, it may take the Physical Plane reality to "catch up" to the changes you are implementing internally. This means it might require some keen awareness during the initial changes of Truth. All experiences remotely hinting of support for your New Truth should then be noted and celebrated as Validation. Eventually your reality will unerringly support your New Truth as easily as it did your Old Truth. USE VISUALIZATION or IMAGINATION to implement a new, supportive reality. Do not "fantasize," but rather use Visualization or Imagination as a "beacon." Do not ponder how the world "would be, if only," as this will assume a gap between your New Truth and Reality. Instead, use your Imagination and assume that it is capable of extracting from, inviting to you, and navigating you toward your New Truth. GIVE YOURSELF CREDIT. Whether in recognizing your Defensiveness or ultimately implementing your New Truth, it is always suggested that one honor that process with self-reward. -Michael
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    @CurvyWords, I too have had a really severe *processing-like* cold, and I was down for the count for a good week from it. It's going on the 2nd week and tho I am feeling much better, I had to completely unplug from life, my *stuff*, etc as it was just toooo much! I too, felt emotional releasing at times but even that was exhausting. It forced me into what I call a "tactical retreat" vs giving up. Huge amounts of despair, frustration, depression and financial stress led up to the cold. So I read crime-spy-espionage novels...lol. My Warrior guilty pleasure! I actually learned alot too....but I digress. This midweek tho, has been a huge shift, for the better.... less coughing, more energy, I resumed my Mindfulness meditation practice, feeling more willingness to relax and get some peace & I had significant downloads on what's up...along with admission to myself that shame and guilt have been doggin' me for a really long time. So yeah- FUCK GUILT! FUCK SHAME!!!!!!! The 2 weeks between the new and chill moon were heavily impacting me. Last nite, the nite of the Full Moon, I went to my usual Tuesday hangout of going to my Mindfulness group and at this venue, an open Jazz jam follows. My fave musicians were playing & I really enjoy it. AND.....omg, I connected with this guy who is an integral member (it's a non profit organization) of this venue....somebody who I've had a crush on for awhile now-who I thought was 1)involved with someone else and 2) I just have not allowed myself to think that I was willing or able to be with someone anymore nor attractive enuf to someone that I was attracted to(I don't necessarily mean physically attractive but yeah, there's that too). Well.....in taking a risk....WOW!!!!!!!! I discovered there's a mutual attraction. And wow....I forgot how great it can feel to well......have an *encounter*, lol!!! OMG, I realized how much energy has been locked into my resistance to any forms of intimacy, esp physical intimacy, not mention my other bullshit. I could not believe the strength, power, freedom, thrill and exhilaration of letting this GO!!!!!! I am not attached to where this connection may lead to, but one thing may happen is that he is in need of some Myofascial Release work and I am a practitioner of such work. We talked quite a bit about making a session happen. Talking about MFR work came up in my Mindfulness group too, and I was asked about doing a presentation of it to a local group here. I had all but hung up my idea of ever being a practitioner again, and it's such wonderful work.....when I do it, it prompts my better self (ie. Essence) & it's such wonderful, elegant (yet *messy* @ times!) work. I would be thrilled and honored to do it again. That sure would be a help to my finances too! One last thing is, I have kept hearing and seeing various phrases throughout the last few weeks related to "realist" and I KNOW that I have been in the subjective form of it. I often have heard my own self saying "it is what it is" but, also allowing myself to accept what is....and hearing versions of this played out in my life, media, etc. (Save for the delusional, deranged tRump) and while subjective aspects are being noticed, I am seeing myself starting to explore shifting my subjective interpretations and knowing that in order to change something, I have to first see, admit, own and choose how I can work with it more realistically. Especially hard are seeing my strengths, as my self dep, shame, et.al have been TOO DAMN MUCH. Truth is, I've been a fucked up mess and....hell, I'm starting to see the beauty in that, lol!!! So high-FUCK SHAME. This 5th IM work is a beast, but I'm determined to slog thru it. Getting a cold can be a productive thing!
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    I'm still in a pretty calm, collected and happy mode but my energy levels have been super low for the last week or so. I'm just so freaking tired all day, it's hard to get anything done. Even yesterday's full moon, which usually give me sleepless nights, didn't have any effect on me whatsoever - still had a comatose sleep. Not sure if this has anything to do with the collective energies though, it might just be my own energy cycle being on low tide...
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    My household uses tp that's made from a mix of bamboo and sugar cane husks, both quick growing renewable resources. No trees have died for my butt in years.
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    This explains so much of what I’ve been going through the last two weeks. Thanks Maureen!
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    I am feeling all sorts of ways for sure. Definitely having to focus my thoughts more than usual. On the up side, I feel like I've done a lot of validating during this time, even with my attention being everywhere! Small victories! Synchronicity has been more obvious lately and I'm beginning to draw connections between seemingly unrelated ideas.
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    Is this month kicking anyone else’s ass? My energy seems to be all over the place.
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    *Notes CF for October to December is Self-Destruction* *Casts vote for....* GIANT ASTEROID FOR 2020!!!!!! Wooooo!!!!
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    This content was posted October 10, 2007. TLE had moved to Ning and there were lingering issues with the chat room, so students were invited to submit questions in a forum. Posted by Troy on TLE Yahoo group: I thought I'd combine the varying questions from the forum to create a "transcript" from the last "chat" and make it easier to discuss in this format. I hope this is helpful. If you want to discuss a part of this transcript, I would suggest copying and pasting the specific Q&A into a new email with an appropriate subject line to help keep the discussion focused on that particular part. Just an idea... Here you go! TRANSCRIPT Compilation MICHAEL SPEAKS ONLINE 100707 Q: when does an individual stop the wrong choices and center on choices better suited for himself and his family MICHAEL When those "wrong" choices no longer serve him or her. No choice is made without the individual benefit considered first. In many cases of a "wrong" choice, it was merely a matter of not measuring the impact of that choice in terms of benefit. Often the process of choice falls to the individual default, which means falling into the realm of apparent convenience, or apparent ease, or apparent simplicity, etc., over Truth, Love, or Beauty (Energy), which are often seen as complicated investments or directions. While the choice for Truth, Love, and/or Energy can seem complicated, it is never complicated. What many mistake as complicated is complexity. Truth, Love, and Energy are complex in design as they weave into every element of a life in some way, but your practice of choosing in those directions is a simple, single step in that complexity. As we have stated before, and will state again, asking these three questions will help direct one in making choices: IS THIS TRUTH... (is this the truth... of what i want; what i need; about my relationship; about me; about now...etc.; is this inspiring) IS THIS LOVE... (will this bring love; will this allow love; will this feel good; will this help clarify my vision, etc.; am i allowing/creating room for variation of form and content) IS THIS BEAUTIFUL... (is this pattern in harmony with me; is this direction encouraging; does this feel good; does this bring me closer to me, to my life, to the world, etc.) Keep in mind that we speak of CHOICES, not Decisions. Decisions are the little points throughout your day that lead to Choice. Choices are pivotal moments, whereas Decisions are paths. The more consciously one makes Decisions, the more conscious the moment of Choice will tend to be. In terms of the effect on family, only when the choices for the self take on a conscious awareness can that awareness then expand to include the benefits for family. Q: This below from the Energy Report really talked to me. As there probably are many others feeling the same, would you please expand on how better to 'look at oneself' for more valid experience to 'being seen, heard, and understood'? I have been taking my own breaks for my Self, while feel there is more good work yet to this. "Key thoughts in the weeks ahead might be: EMPATHIZING; SLOWING DOWN; CREATING PATHS, not plowing them; CREATING MOMENTS OF SOLITUDE, not being solid in the moment; LOOKING AT ONESELF FOR THE EXPERIENCE OF BEING SEEN, HEARD, and UNDERSTOOD, instead of fighting to be seen, heard, and understood by others." MICHAEL By "looking at oneself for the experience of being seen, heard, and understood," we refer back to our statement that "what one most wishes from the world are the very things craved from the self." In other words, any area of your life that may be linked to the concepts of "if only..." are areas that require your nurture, not the halting of that nurture until it is found elsewhere. When one has blocked the ability to truly see oneself, how can one expect to be seen? How will you ever know if someone sees you, when you don't know what you see as you. In most cases, when one has rejected seeing oneself, then all others who do see you are rejected, as well, even if they see you most clearly. The same for being understood, or being heard. Observe yourself to gain self-awareness. Listen to yourself as a means to be heard. Find a way to like who you are now as a means of being understood. Self-rejection is a form of repulsion between you and others. Self-acceptance, which includes knowing oneself, hearing oneself, and seeing oneself, is magnetism between you and others. You will have had to have learned what each of those things mean to you before you can ask them of anyone else, and then the opportunities abound. Q: There have been a few channelings about community in the last several months, and it feels like people have different ideas of what community is. So my question is, are there levels of community? If so, could you expand on them? MICHAEL Of course there are levels of community: Seven. Keep in mind that we have stated, and will state again, that there is no such thing as "True Community" in a "virtual" world. There are "Groups," but not communities. [Note: This comment is referring to a Q&A exchange about community in Michael Speaks: July 2007.] In addition to this reality, a group involved with our teaching does not usually lend itself to creating or evolving an actual community, even if within physical proximity of one another. By definition, a community is formed from the commonalities of background, locale, and shared commitment to a general perimeter of a single philosophy in some way. Your backgrounds are highly varied, your locale can only be described accurately as "Earth," and none of you are committed to any particular philosophy, choosing more often than not to create your own philosophies from the spectrum of resources. However, if the effort were to be made, and the conditions met, a community could arise. We realize many use the word "community" loosely, but a more accurate term to describe the various groups (besides the word "groups," which many of you may find too cold) and their varied emphases might be FAMILIES. Once the fixation on the concept of Community is loosened, and the emphasis on Family is brought to consciousness, a much more flexible, meaningful, and networked energy will move through the relationships among our students, raising the experience of harmony and resonance among the families to a new level not found to this date among our students. With all of that being said, we will respond directly to your question, as well. SEVEN LEVELS OF TRUE COMMUNITY (in physical space) 1st Level SURVIVAL (instinctive) Here the emphasis is only on keeping the group sustained, alive, healthy, and economically sound. 2nd Level EFFECTIVENESS (moving) At this level of development within a community the emphasis moves into how to keep order and productivity flowing by creating systems that work, minimizing frustration among the members, thus keeping the esteem of the group at a higher level. 3rd Level RESONANCE (emotional) Regardless of the population size of a community, there will always be sub-groups within this with varying needs and wants. This level is about addressing those various needs and wants across the sub-groups so that harmony can then be sustained. 4th Level INNOVATION (intellectual) In this level of community, the focus moves into how to keep the community renewed, progressive, adaptable, and with an eye to the potential, shared ideals. 5th Level INTERACTIVITY (higher intellectual) Here, the community now reaches beyond itself to neighboring communities for support, exchange, communication, sharing, and awareness. At this level, communities begin to grasp that all communities impact each other in some way. 6th Level ESSENCE (or "essentials") (higher emotional) At this level of community the "soul" of the community comes alive through the implementation of the ideals explored at level 4, while becoming sensitive to ethics, empathy, and individual differences within the community. This level brings a sense of direction, an emphasis on happiness and fun, entertainment, creativity, allowing room for Personalities to bring in Essence more fully. 7th Level VISION (higher moving) At this level of community there is a keen awareness of generations, futures, and rights. At this level there is an emphasis on clarifying a vision toward ensuring a nurturing for those who will come after, a security for the future, and an ever-expanding embrace of rights among members of the community and beyond, including other communities and species. These levels are fairly developmental in terms of the whole of a community, but it will be apparent that there are often varying levels of emphasis within a single community. Once one level is implemented, however, it is functional and alive and remains a part of the process, regardless of emphasis. If a single level loses functionality, a loss of community ensues, or a return to level one is necessary. Q: Can Michael say more about this topic such as: how many appear in a lifetime and how they can be recognized. ( how different from a normal working relationship? ) and anything else that fits with the topic. [Note: It appears that introductory wording was lost from the question, but from the response this question can be assumed to be about Task Companions.] MICHAEL Because the bond that defines the relationship between Task Companions is mathematical and energetic, it is difficult for Personality to identify and validate these relationships of Essence. For the most part, they are NOT different from other relationships and, in fact, are often not a direct part of the life. For instance, your Task Companion may be in a position in another part of the planet that makes the difference between something being accomplished and not being accomplished as part of your Task, simply by his or her decision, choices, or actions. Task Companions do not have to be within physical proximity. The key is in the dynamic generated by the mathematical resonance and the shared emphasis on a Task that may or may not require each other's proximity. That being said, when one does meet a Task Companion, validation can come in the form of simply "knowing," which is easily dismissed, or more tangibly in the enthusiasm over a shared idea, venture, project, implementation of an ideal. Task Companions work flawlessly together in a way that is usually unique and obstacle-free for the most part. Task Companions, when there is a task at hand, feel like siblings might feel on the "good side" of sibling love, with familiarity, trust, and unquestioned bonding inherent. However, if one meets a Task Companion that is not part of a shared task for the lifetime, or an abdicated task, the relationship can easily be as riddled with obstacles and challenges as any other. The bond will remain identifiable for most of you, but the relationship can be counter to any productivity or enthusiasm. If Task Companions share a task, they work and play very well together. If Task Companions share no task, or have abdicated a task, there is usually very little to draw each other together beyond Personality dynamics. Q: Is there any simple, general way to begin finding incarnate entity mates and task companions? The end objective could be moving/relocating to an area where one finds a greater sense of community. Would astrocartography coupled with talking directly to Michael be the best route? MICHAEL The "best" route will always be in following you own impulses and attraction. Astrocartography is a valid method of examining potential areas of benefit for various areas of the life in terms of geographical location, so the examination might require an emphasis on Venusian influences and/or 7th House contexts. However, Astrocartography is only an examination of potential, not of conclusions. And we would never tell you where to live, so we are not a very useful resource in that regard. However, we can suggest potential environments in the form of discussing a concept we call True Home, and offer insight into the process of resonance. In terms of True Home, this phrase describes an additional "pillar of vitality" along with True Work, True Play, True Rest, and True Study. True Home is more a description of an ambiance, an environment, than a physical location, though some amount of consideration is in terms of geographical location to the extent that environment and ambiance is considered extended beyond the literal home. True Home, then, can be created wherever one is, but for some, True Home is metropolitan, for others it is suburban or countryside; for some it is within visual distance to the ocean, or mountains, or volcanoes, while for others it includes seasons or stable weather, trees or fields, flowers or deserts. When True Home cannot be geographically accommodated, then it can be accommodated interiorly. Creating decor that alludes to the geographical environment to which one feels resonance is part of the implementation of True Home. When one is nurturing True Home, then alignments fall into place for attraction to Cadre Mates, Entity Mates, Essence Twins, Traveling Companions, and Task Companions, and more. True Home is NOT required for these relationships to be discovered, but when one feels "home," the beacon of attraction is brightened, so to speak, and your intuitive travel becomes more distinct. In terms of resonance, all fragments have a life filled with Agreements of some sort, with a multitude of variations intact for all scenarios. When the Personality decides to live in a certain location, then the frequency that aligns with a certain set of Agreements is activated, along with all relevant past lives. If that fragment were to move in geographical location, new alignments may come into play, with new past lives coming to relevance. In other words, it does not matter where one lives unless it matters to you. You will find your mates with or without your conscious effort, but awareness of your sense of Home does increase alignment and resonance and attraction among your Agreements and relationships of the soul.
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    @Juni -- Had I known such things existed, I would have been right there with you. I don't know how I missed the memo. A few of the companies listed in the article are bamboo-based.
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    I know I posted a vaugebook on facebook a few days ago. But the dreams this month can fuck right off. Two, different times I have woken up from dreams where all or most of my immediate family has been killed. Both times were accidents that resulted in explosions. In another, I got into a fight with a "girlfriend" < I guess> in the car pulled over at the side of the road said I was done and walked off. I know dreams are pretty symbolically linked to person but I have not clue what any of those mean. Weird thing is my wife has been having messed up vivid dreams too. This morning she actually was WTFing in the dream and woke herself up talking about it to herself. She never talks in her sleep. The only waking correlation that I can find with my is a growing intolerance with the trumpettes. It has gotten to the point that I don't want conversations with them or anything. I want them gone. I actually saw something that a took AOC questioning the CBP acting director about his signing the order for family seperation and basically being a jackboot thug about it and then praising him for being tough on AOC, when the reality was if you watched the whole video he made an ass of himself. And then goes on Fox news and brags that he wanted to beat up a different congressman because he had the audacity to call him out directly for being a jackbooted thug. The hot anger at these people has become a cold fire, and that scares me.
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    This session was posted in the Yahoo TLE group on January 2, 2007. Note from Troy: HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I've been working hard to get this piece out to all of you, but it took a lot longer than expected, due to my being all busted up. In a recent live channeling in New York, we had posed a question to Michael about how we each may bring gifts to the world, and Michael's response was rather surprising. Our recording device was not working so I had to re-channel the entire session into text. Because of this, the writing may be a bit choppy or messy. ENJOY! MEntity: THE GIFTS WE BRING In asking us to speak about the concept of “gifts” that each of you bring, we did not have a system in place to present such a response. In our perspective, there is not a single moment of your being that is not a gift FROM you and TO you, if one must speak in terms of Gifts. In this case, we define “gift” as “the offering of a tool to another to use as he or she chooses.” In that regard, one can see how every moment; every choice; every interpretation; every exchange is, in some way, a “gift.” However, we can provide a system that allows you to perceive very specific ways in which one can naturally tend to offer inherent gifts to the various circles of one's life, ranging from the self to intimate circles, to the world, and even to Essence. Most of our students will recognize this system as a variation on what is known as the 12 Support Positions, or the Support Group. While there are definite connections to the concept of the 12 Support Positions, we suggest not confusing the concept of “gifts” with the concepts of “support.” The Support Positions describe a very specific dynamic of relationships among fragments for the purpose of networked support. “Gifts,” on the other hand, are not necessarily a part of a relationship exchange of any obvious significance, simply by the very nature of a “gift,” in that it is freely given and not dependent on feedback or interaction. It is important to note that what is often intended as a Gift is not given as a Gift. In other words, a well-intentioned offering may actually be, or turn into, a conditional exchange that defeats the point of its being a gift. The Gift, then, becomes an OBSTACLE, or Challenge. Gifts that have turned into Obstacles are quite obvious in effect on those to whom the gift is given and on the “giver.” We define a gift-turned-obstacle as being a gift that is offered with an emphasis on feedback from the recipient, or with an emphasis on reward for the gift being given, or with an emphasis on conditions for the gift's receipt. There are four areas of the life to which one will bring Gifts: THE SELF; SPECIFIC OTHERS (intimates); THE WORLD (people in general); and THE ESSENCE. Each of these areas resonates to a specific Overleaf category, with the GOAL relating to the gifts brought to THE WORLD; the MODE relating to gifts brought to SPECIFIC OTHERS; the ATTITUDE relating to gifts brought to THE SELF; and the PRIMARY CENTERING relating to the gifts brought to THE ESSENCE. ALL of these Gifts are a part of the fabric of Personality and each Gift can be brought to the life as desired, though you may find that you are inclined to give certain gifts based on your Overleaves or Role. The specific Overleaf within an area can lend specific insight into the exact gift or obstacle one tends to bring to that area. This is determined by that particular Overleaf's resonance to the Emotions, the Intellect, or the Moving. For instance, those with a Goal of Acceptance or Discrimination (resonant to the Higher and Lower Emotions) are more inclined to bring the Gift of Discipline or the Obstacle of Belligerence to THE WORLD around them. Those with a Mode of Caution or Power (resonating to the Higher and Lower Intellect) may be inclined toward bringing the Gift of KNOWLEDGE or the Obstacle of advice to specifically chosen individuals within the life. Here, then, are the facets of GIFTS and OBSTACLES that you, as Personality, bring to the various circles of your life: GIFTS and OBSTACLES BROUGHT TO THE WORLD ALL fragments offer as gifts to the world the gifts of Humor, Discipline, and Anchoring. When we state that this is offered “to the world,” we simply mean that these gifts are usually offered with less discernment as to who is the recipient. HUMOR/harm (Re-evaluation/Growth) When one gives the gift of Humor, one is giving the tool of levity to the world, bringing light and playfulness, even amidst the experiences of pain, disappointment, and struggle. Humor is a gift that encourages the reconciliation of apparent paradoxes. All humor is rooted in the emphasis of enjoying the space of reconciliation between what is expected and what is not. When one attempts to bring humor to the world with an emphasis on conditions, feedback, or reward, that humor can turn to an Obstacle of HARM. This shows up as “making fun” of people, inappropriately emphasizing or highlighting another's struggles, failures, feelings, fears, etc.; drawing out laughter at the expense of another. Those with the Goal of Re-evaluation or Growth can tend to lean toward this as being THE gift or obstacle brought to the world around them. DISCIPLINE/belligerence (Discrimination/Acceptance) When one gives the gift of Discipline, one is giving the tool of conscious choice. Discipline is merely rooted in the heightened awareness of choice, and one can easily give this gift at any point in the day to anyone. This can show up as simply as your having difficulty moving out of a check-out lane in a busy store, holding up the line, thus bringing the opportunity to others to choose patience, understanding, kindness, or impatience, frustration, and spite. The gift of Discipline shows up as varying intended or unintended interruptions to the flow of unconsciousness to another fragment's life, encouraging the potential for more conscious awareness of choice. This is NOT an interruption of CHOICE, but an interruption of unconsciousness. When one brings this gift to the world with an emphasis on conditions, reward, or feedback, the gift can quickly become a form of belligerence, which is an enforced form of Discipline that is no longer a tool, but a form of control, with results often ending in harsh judgments, disappointments, and self-righteous behavior. Those who have the Goal of Acceptance or Discrimination tend toward bringing an emphasis of this gift or obstacle to the world. ANCHOR/chaos (Submission/Dominance) When one brings the gift of ANCHORING to the world, one offers a moment of solidity, presence, and footing to another amidst the movements of life. Anchoring is tool that offers one to find oneself rooted in the present, the moment, now. This can show up as a pleasant conversation out of nowhere from a stranger; as a kind smile across a crowd; as literal spaces inviting grounding, such as restaurants, coffee shops, churches, gathering places, etc. When this anchoring is brought to the world with an emphasis on conditions, feedback, and need for reward, the result can be an obstacle of chaos, leaving those involved to feel shaken, anxious, burdened, and focused far beyond the moment. Imagine the kind smile from across the crowd that then becomes a vehicle for a person to invite himself into your space; or the pleasant conversation that is not offered, but exploited as an opportunity to avoid loneliness; or the sanctuary that embraces you, but eventually reveals its hidden requirements for presence (many religious organizations can be seen as examples of this). Those who have the Goal of Submission or Dominance can tend to offer this gift or obstacle to the world. GIFTS and OBSTACLES brought to your INTIMATES ALL fragments offer the gifts of Love, Knowledge, and Compassion to those around them, but we find that most fragments tend to be quite discerning as to whom they offer these gifts. LOVE/Anonymity (Reserve/Passion) When one brings the Gift of Love to a specific individual, it is an offering that encourages the ability to embrace and adapt to the spectrum of oneself, another, and/or life. This may seem to be a gift that all fragments offer to those whom they claim to “love,” but that is not the case. Most of what passes as “love” is actually a state of attachment that is far from being a gift. In this case, there is no attachment to the outcome of the offering. In addition, it is NOT necessarily the gift OF Love, but the gift TO Love. In other words, the giver is offering a tool for the potential to increase the recipient's ability to Love, but the gift is not necessarily that the giver loves the recipient. It could be said another way that the gift of Love does not have to come from one who knows how to love. Examples may be in that the giver has a strong charm and attractiveness that makes it nearly impossible not to want to be around him or her, but his/her choices and behaviors and experiences provide the opportunity for the receiver to truly learn to love beyond definitions, expectations, and changes. Often when one “breaks up with” another, the gift of Love is far more involved than when the couple was committed, however shocking that may seem. When the gift of love is offered with an emphasis on feedback, conditions, or need for reward, the result can be the obstacle of anonymity. By this we mean that the giver offers “love,” but with very little interest in intimacy, rendering the recipient to be merely another face in the crowd, or that the giver is never truly felt to be known in any meaningful way. Those who have the Mode of Reserve or Passion can tend to naturally offer this gift or obstacle to the intimate circle. KNOWLEDGE/advice (Caution/Power) When one brings the Gift of Knowledge to a specific individual, it is an offering that encourages the ability to turn experience into wisdom. This gift may come in the form of shared experiences together, or the discussion about experiences, but the gift shows up as simply allowing room for the recipient to digest his or her own experiences into integrated wisdom. When this gift is offered with an emphasis on conditions, feedback, or need for reward, the obstacle is advice. What would normally be a tool offered freely to the recipient now becomes the giver's idea of what is right, wise, correct, etc. While advice may seem to help an individual, it is actually an obstacle against the recipient's internal processing of experience and knowledge. Advice does very little to actually help an individual, as it is merely a showcase of personal preferences and opinions of the person giving the advice. The Gift of Knowledge includes consideration for the perception and experiences of the recipient, while the obstacle of advice is an effort to override those very things. Those who have the Mode of Caution and Power can tend to offer this Gift or Obstacle to those deemed close to them. COMPASSION/brutality (Perseverance/Aggression) When one brings the Gift of Compassion to a specific individual, it is an offering that encourages an individual to expand his or her circle of empathy, internally and externally. Again, the Gift of Compassion does not necessarily have to be from a person who IS compassionate, but that the giver's presence generates the tool of Compassion from within the recipient; however, when this gift emphasizes conditions, feedback, or need for reward, the Obstacle is brutality. By this we mean that the expectations and standards of consideration imposed by giver on the recipient is a ruthless and insensitive form of “compassion” that lacks the reality of the entire picture of a situation, relationship, or person. When Compassion is offered as a Gift, the circle of empathy that is encouraged includes ALL involved, but brutality becomes the obstacle when “compassion” is expected as living up to a standard, or required more in one direction over another. Those with the Mode of Perseverance or Aggression can tend to bring this Gift or Obstacle to specific individuals. GIFTS and OBSTACLES brought to the SELF ALL fragments bring the gifts of Mentoring, Beauty, and Child/Innocence to those around them, but we have found that these gifts are often ones offered to the Self as a means to bring the Personality into alignment with itself. MENTOR/manipulation (Stoic/Spiritualist) When the gift of Mentoring is offered to the Self, it means a gentle offering that will allow experiences, people, life, events, relationships, etc., to be your teachers. It is the emphasis on what can be learned in each and every aspect of life. It is the ability to allow for the process of experiences so that one can extract what can be used for personal evolution. When this gift is emphasizing conditions, feedback, or need for reward, the Obstacle becomes Manipulation. In this case, Manipulation is the distortion of the gift from being potential gain to being imposed “lessons.” In other words, one of the greatest obstacles one can bring to the self is the presumption that life, relationships, people, experiences, etc., are imposed within your life as a means to “teach you a lesson.” There are NO lessons imposed in life. There are only YOUR EXTRACTIONS of what is most important to you. To assume that your trials and tribulations exist only as a means to teach you something, then you are creating an obstacle of manipulation against yourself. Life has GIFTS, not LESSONS. What you gain from your struggles and from your pleasures is your interpretation of what is most relevant to you for your growth, but there is never an imposition upon you just for the sake of a lesson. Those with the Attitude of Stoic or Spiritualist can often find themselves bringing this Gift or Obstacle to the Self. BEAUTY/deceit (Skeptic/Idealist) When one brings the Gift of Beauty to the Self, one is offering the ability for the Personality to recognize the patterns of the life in a way that can be found to be awe-inspiring and beautiful. Beauty is the recognition of patterns and this ability is a Gift that can bring great freedom to the personality as it navigates the seeming complications of life's unfolding and creation. This same gift would allow the personality to see the beauty in others' patterns of life, as well, allowing room for many forms of expression. When this gift is given as a need for reward, with conditions or required feedback, the obstacle created is Deceit. In this case, Deceit can show up as having predefined ideas about what is beautiful, accepting only certain patterns as inspiring; deceiving the self into seeing all else as ugly or unacceptable. This deceit can be as personal as rejecting the body, or as impersonal as hating life, or other people for not matching the limited patterns. Those with the Attitude of Skeptic or Idealist can lean toward bring this Gift or Obstacle to the Self. CHILD/demands (Cynic/Realist) When one brings the Gift of the CHILD to the Self, one is offering the ability for the Personality to make room for the innocence in its actions, even when one fails oneself, or fails another. This gift would also encourage the experience of innocence in the pursuit of pleasure and happiness, as well, allowing room for child-like playfulness within the life. This gift would also include encouraging the personality to see this same innocence in others' actions, happiness, and failings. When one brings this gift with an emphasis on feedback, reward, or conditions, the Obstacle is Demand. In this case, the obstacle can show up as a distortion of authoritative action that can lean toward parental reprimanding and disapproval, or as rebellious behavior that borders on tantrums. This gift becomes an obstacle when the innocence, or the child, is expected to behave within predefined parameters, or to only exist within a segregated context. The Attitudes of Cynic and Realist can often find themselves bringing this Gift or Obstacle to the Self. GIFTS and OBSTACLES brought to ESSENCE ALL fragments bring the Gifts of Healing, Enlightenment, and Musing to those around them, but we have found that these are gifts offered to one's Essence as a means to bring alignment between Personality and Essence. HEALER/wounding (Server/Priest) When one brings the Gift of Healing to the Essence, one is providing the opportunity for Essence to be a part of the more difficult and challenging aspects of the life for the Personality, encouraging contact in a way that creates integration of experiences as a form of healing. It could be said, then, that True Healing is INTEGRATION and cannot be done without the invitation from Personality to Essence. Quite often the true healing for a lifetime comes AFTER the life is exited, but it not necessary to wait for astral review as a means to include Essence in the processing of life. This Gift is not just offered from one's Personality to one's Essence, but from Personality to the Essence of another. When this gift is offered to the Essence of another, it is usually as a result of the gift being exemplified in one's own life. Healing is not merely about getting better or feeling better, but BEING better, with “better” being defined, in this context, as evolving beyond an experience. When one brings this gift with an emphasis on conditions, feedback, or need for reward, the Obstacle created is Wounding. In this sense, Wounding is a perpetuation of distraction from the integration of experiences. Priests and Servers tend to generate Personalities that bring this gift or obstacle to Essence. ENLIGHTENMENT/anecdotes (Artisan/Sage) When one brings Enlightenment as a Gift to Essence, one invites Essence to help define a structure of understanding for the life's experience. True Enlightenment is merely COMPREHENSION, and comprehension is incomplete without the participation of both Essence and Personality. This gift can be brought to the Essence of another through exemplifying one's own Enlightenment, or Comprehension of life. When this gift emphasizes reward, condition, or feedback, the result is the Obstacle of Anecdote, which is a distraction from comprehension by the constant telling of stories about one's life. This is an obstacle when the experiences are distanced from the Personality through tales and entertainment, rather than embraced and comprehended within a structure of understanding. Artisans and Sages can often bring this gift or obstacle to Essences. MUSE/disillusion (Warrior/King) When one brings the gift of the Muse to Essence, one is inviting Essence to use its full capacity of energy with Personality to help motivate and clarify the aspirations, desires for the life. One's True Muse is merely one's ability to LISTEN, or more accurately, to listen to one's INTUITION. This gift can show up as following impulses and trusting the unfolding of one's life. This gift can be brought to the Essence of another, as well, through the embodiment of this gift in oneself. When this gift is offered with an emphasis on reward, feedback, or conditions, the obstacle is Disillusionment. In this case, Disillusionment is the distraction from desires and aspirations through disappointments and compulsions. Warriors and Sages are often found naturally bringing this gift or obstacle to Essence. Note: Following the post of this transcript, a student asked why the Assimilative Overleaves were not mentioned. Troy posted this addition in response: MEntity: The Assimilative, or Neutral, Overleaves are not related to the concept of Giving (at least, in our presentation of this system), but entirely to the concept of Receiving, as these Overleaves are, for lack of a better word, Assimilative. The more Assimilative Overleaves one has, the less likely one would be inclined to actively GIVE, but this fragment finds himself or herself to be in an important position of experiencing the process of RECEIVING. This is not to say that an Assimilative person cannot give, but that he or she is simply more inclined toward the difficult experiences of learning how to receive the gifts that are offered around him or her. For those who know a Scholar or a person with a great deal of Assimilative Overleaves, it is not surprising to hear this. The Scholar or Assimilative Personality does all he or she can to remove the self from the process of exchange, finding themselves with an emphasis on their ideas of self-sustenance, strength, and Independence, which can be as painful for others around them as it is for themselves, when this emphasis does not allow Gifts to be received. On a more symbolic level, what we have already described is as valid, with the Assimilative Axis merely representing the part of the equation of that is about the self and receiving.
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    I think we are all just carrying a shit-ton of pressure and anxiety over the state of the world, society, and politics and because so many of us have so few ways to effectively channel that energy into something that feels helpful, it just weighs on us. We are constantly in defense, grieving, shocked, and inundated with information and opinions. And that's not even counting our personal, private lives! It can be a lot, @CurvyWords. It can be a lot. Big love to you and everyone who hangs in there every day and makes life better in any little way. Sometimes we just can't... just can't. But we know we will bounce back.
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    If you feel insignificant You better think again Better wake up because you're part of something way bigger Not just a speck in the universe Not just some words in the bible verse You are the living word You are a part of something way bigger Bigger than you Bigger than we Bigger than the picture they framed us to see But, now we see it And it ain't no secret, no Understand that truth about that question in your soul Look up, don't look down and watch the answers unfold Life is your birthright They hid that in the fine print Take the pen and rewrite it Step out your estimate Step in your Essence and know that you're excellent Rise! Spirit is teaching, no I'm not just preachin' I'm taking my own advice
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    In this dream from last night, I met with @Troy and @Maureen . There were other people present but I am not certain who they were. We were in a dimly lit place that contained many seats. There was a path with twists and turns. On each side of the path were seats. At first, we were all moving about. It appeared we were trying to form groups of people together and were determining support positions for each other or other people we might know or might cross paths with. Throughout this dream, I had the impression that this meeting and organizing was primarily about the upcoming Infinite Soul manifestation and support that we might provide. The IS was on my mind throughout the dream. I noticed that Maureen appeared to be helping people form the groups and support positions. I was moving around among the people for a while until I finally settled in with a specific group. I was then seated right next to the path. On the other side of the path, I saw Troy seated. He was just across the way for me. He was calm and appeared to be observing. I was observing the other people too. Some of the other people were uncertain on where they wanted to be and support they wanted to provide. There was a fair amount of movement and conversation going on. Then there was this voice who appeared to be tuned into all of us helping answer questions and providing insight when asked for. While seated, I noticed @KurtisM nearby. He was negotiating with another fragment. This voice helped answer some of his questions in relation to this other fragment. The number 7 was brought up and I think it was related to the support position being negotiated. Then the voice said the two of them had shared 109 lifetimes together if I recall correctly. There were others who asked similar questions and received answers. I remember hearing other numbers in relation to responses to those questions.
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    @Heidi, Thank You for Your response. June 21st 2019, Nexus Convergence, 26 days ago. ME: The Assimilative Phase (Phase Three) begins once the actual Nexus is finalized....., this Phase can take as long as is individually required, usually within 60 days from the shift. Me thinks, it could be, that we are half way through dealing with the last shift.
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    I think the sedation is before a Nexus window, though (when Essence is examining possibilities), and there are none this month ... Unless Nadine is going through a personal and not community or global Nexus.
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    This reminds me of a story a friend once told me of being woken up in bed to what he thought was his girlfriend jumping on him and playfully pinning him down, but when he'd taken off the covers he was under, no one was there, and his girlfriend had left for work sometime earlier, so no one was even home. I trust him enough to believe he isn't making this up, and when I suggested it could be sleep-paralysis, he assured me he was fully awake and had physically felt someone on him. While not violence per se, I think this would fall under the category of moving objects, vocalizations, and violence, since they sound more physical than the emotional "hauntings" Ms mentioned above. Does anyone know if we have any information about these sorts of things? I find them creepy but fascinating, and the Skeptic in me loves proving/disproving the validity of such topics.
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    Note from Janet: This properly belongs in the Energy Reports section but until there is a place for these prior to 2009, I'll put the content here. This was posted on the TLE Yahoo group on July 3, 2007. JULY REPORT: As June comes to a close, so does the emphasis on the energy of the year as described by the MODE. This year's energy of the Mode was described by us as OBSERVATION. We have elaborated on this in previous sessions, but a simple description might say that April though June had its emphasis on observing, finding clarity, within your relationships, which include those between you and others, you and your goals, you and yourself. However you found the emphasis during those months, it will do you well to comprehend how it applied to how you RELATE to others, things, and self. Did you find clarity in your negative behaviors that nurture your divisions from others? Did you find you do not follow through with impulses that would possibly bring you and others greater life force? Did you find you are more comfortable than previously known, and your relationships are all in good standing? These are just a few questions to help work through the last of the emphasis on your relationships at this time. Keep in mind that the energy of Observation and Relating will continue throughout the year, but its emphasis will not be as strong as it was during the months of April through June. July brings with it the emphasis on the ATTITUDE, your perceptions and personal philosophies, particularly as described by the attitude of REALIST. Realism is the perception or philosophy that sees the world as existing independent of individual beliefs, interpretations, and truths. It is a philosophy that seeks to see the world as it IS, and not convoluted by personal investments. It sees the experience of the world as entirely dependent on observation and that whatever one may see as what the world is now, it will only gain more accuracy through more observation. This Attitude, then, is an extension of the Mode that was in emphasis over April through June, but with less emphasis on relationships and more emphasis on "the truth about the world." The Positive Pole of the Realist is OBJECTIVITY, while the Negative Pole is SUBJECTIVITY. Objectivity brings with it the ability to observe the truth without being affected by it in any complicated way, while Subjectivity is the loss of boundary between oneself and that which one observes, therefore providing false validation for static personal truths about the world. Regardless of your personal Attitude as part of your set of Overleaves, you will find the influence of Realism to be an energy in your life over the months of July through September. How this may show up is through a cool, collected, calm progression over those months with a sense of pace and clear perception as an undercurrent. On the positive end of this influence, one might begin to see the truth of his or her life, and the world, and find that these truths are not the whole truth, but a piece of a larger picture that will eventually be understood, but cannot be concluded at this time. On the negative end of this influence, one might begin to find a spectrum of proof for what one has always concluded about his or her reality and use this against himself or others. It would do all of you well to remember the phrase over the next few months: THIS IS NOT THE WHOLE TRUTH. This will encourage the allowance of more room for perception, experience, and process so that one does not fall into the trap of subjective conclusion, but moves more comfortably through objective exploration. Specifically over July the Realism will most likely focus on the SELF and the inner world. This means a lot of "stuff" will most likely be brought to the surface for examination and it is important to see that this will occur in many ways, ranging from personally intended provocation to random interactions and incidences that provoke a sudden, deep, and clear look at the self. We can easily say that much of what you may see will not be easy to observe because much of what will be seen is the "stuff" that is usually avoided. What we suggest is to understand that if you are seeing aspects of the self that are difficult to observe over the next month, it is ONLY because you wish for that to be observed. For those who will not allow an inner examination and are not interested in the bigger truths of who he or she is, this "stuff" will not surface. Nothing is imposed upon you, so if you find you are examining difficult or complex aspects of yourself over July, it is because you determined it is time to do so and you are using the energy of the year to your advantage, but none of this is obligated or necessary for any of you. It is a choice. A parallel shift, or Nexus (a pivotal period of time wherein a shift in personal reality occurs), is set for the days near or on July 20th. For those of you who are sensitive enough, you may find this shift to bring you into a confident, sudden space of clarity about all that you have examined over the first few weeks of the month. An "aha!" if you will, making sense of some of the more seemingly complicated observations you have uncovered. It can also show up as a realization that how one originally interpreted the results of the examinations were not quite accurate and now you have a better sense of the truth about the "stuff" that had come up. The week or so remaining in July then appears to us to be a break from personal evaluation, with an emphasis on lightness and playfulness, particularly within groups. This time period would be a time we encourage you to gather among friends and loved ones for a kind of celebration of your uniqueness and your life.
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    Wow, I didn't even consider the after effects. Yeah, I can see how that might still cause a lot of lethargy. Maybe that's why I've also been feeling like slogging through mud these days. Thx for clarifying, Petra
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    Note from Janet: This post appeared in the TLE Yahoo group on April 8, 2007. It appears to be a rewording or update of Michael Speaks: Parallels and Processes from 1999, and it is clearer than that content. The Q&A are duplicates of the Q&A from that earlier session, but again seem to be reworded in some cases. So perhaps this is an edited transcript that was originally posted on a pre-Ning version of TLE. ### Posted April 8, 2007 by Troy For help in contributing to this discussion, here is a transcript from Michael a long time ago on this very subject. MICHAEL: Decisions lead to Choices and Choices lead to the potential creation of Parallel Realities. As Essence has a great interest in all possibilities within a lifetime, ALL Choices are explored in some way, some how. Parallel Realities are simply variations of a lifetime that share the same TIME, but different SPACE. In other words, each Reality is as "real" as any of the Realities, but each exists independently and separated by what might be best understood as a Frequency. Each Reality has its own Frequency and Essence has complete access to ALL Frequencies/Realities of a lifetime. When a Reality is created from a Choice, it can be understood as "branching out" from the time and space of another Reality. As a lifetime is created and lived, many choices create "branches" from the original, Root Reality (Trunk Reality). In fact, it is not amiss to think of the process as a branching out from a tree that continues to grow throughout the lifetime. Many "branches" are even created from "branches," as well, calling forth a grand scale of possibility for Essence. While Essence always has an "original plan" for a lifetime, Essence cannot anticipate all of the creativity, resistance, choices, decisions, fears, alterations, accidents, etc., of a created Personality. Personality has complete reign within a lifetime and it is allowed to choose to work with Essence or against it, contribute to the creativity, or to diminish it. There will ALWAYS be at least one version of Personality willing to explore the Trunk Reality, but no matter what the Personality chooses, Essence will gain experiences, many of which would not have been possible without the input of that Personality. In the same way that Parallels are created, or branched off, from a Trunk or Parent Reality, they can also merge back into that Trunk or Parent Reality. Parallels are created because the primary experiences of the "new" Reality require different enough components to warrant that branching. In many cases, once that primary experience has been gained, there is no more need for that "branch" and if it is still similar enough to the Parent Reality, it will literally merge back into the Parent Reality. A Nexus, then, is a pivotal moment in time that allows for a shift in consciousness toward a new direction based on a deep assessment of all "branches" to-date. A Nexus is a crossroads focused on either an array of new realities being created (DIVERGENCE), or on the integration of many branches no longer requiring their own reality (CONVERGENCE). A Nexus can happen on Individual, Community, and Global Levels. In the same way that Parallel Realities are created on an Individual Level, there are also Community Realities that are collectively created and agreed upon, and Global Realities that are based on a Sentient Species' collective choices and agreements. There are several points within a year that can be described as a Nexus. Individual Levels occur most often. Our channels generally speak of Community or Global shifts. Each Nexus is usually an assessment based on a theme that can be described. For instance, a Nexus may be emphasizing MATERIAL SECURITY, so realities are being generated or absorbed based on where you are with that context of life. The process of passing through a parallel shift (NEXUS) is in three stages; a Triad: Negative/Positive/Neutral. Though some may reverse the Negative and Positive phase, the process always moves to Assimilation/Neutral as the conclusive factor of integration. Incidentally, it is quite rare to begin the process of a Nexus from the Positive stance. The triad we describe can be experienced on Individual, Community, and Global Levels. The "window" of time referencing a Nexus as indicated through our channels is always the general window of the "positive" phase of a Nexus. The Positive phase is most easily identifiable and marked, while the first (negative) and last thirds (neutral) of the Triad are less defined by time and more subjective. In a DIVERGENCE, the Negative phase (Phase One) has the Personality beginning to go through what some may consider a severe drop in energy, a sleep-like phase, sometimes depression or baffling disorientation and even a foreboding feeling. This phase is what may easily be considered a sedation of the Personality. This is caused by a more "horizontal" flow of energy and a time in which Personality must sustain itself on a basic instinctual level. In most cases there is a sense of disconnection from Essence, a sense of "just getting through the day", and/or the dream state takes on a vivid life while the waking state seems gray or less-than. This state is due to the evaluation process occurring by Essence. Essence is "looking in" on all parallels, evaluating where energy has been utilized by all aspects of itself to-date, in all of its manifestations, measuring this against several factors. During this first phase many "realities" are being generated in a potential state. Personality is in a state of sedation, so to speak, since this process actually takes much energy that is usually available on a daily basis for creativity by the Personality, and redirecting that energy in a very specific manner. The very end of this Negative period is marked by a swift uplift in energy; a shift of sorts internally, marking the end of the exploration by Essence and an inclusion of Personality in the process again. This is usually where Personality now suddenly feels inspired, senses potential on a vague, but motivating, level. This is where Personality will then make its own final decisions in what directions to go through the shift, selecting from the potentials generated by Essence. In a CONVERGENCE, the Negative Phase is quite similar, but usually with a longer stretch of sedation, far less of a sense of confusion, and wildly vivid dreams including disasters, death, flying, large bodies of water, strange-but-utterly-familiar people and places, as the Essence absorbs the varying Realities no longer requiring differentiation. Shortly after the end of the Negative Phase of either CONVERGENCE or DIVERGENCE, the Positive Phase begins (Phase Two). The window of time for the actual shift in parallels occurs during this phase. This phase is interpreted/experienced differently by different Roles and is further affected by Attitudes and Centering. In general, the more fluid Roles (Priests, Sages, and Artisans) can feel giddy and inspired, confused, but uplifted and energetic, sometimes behaving sporadically and in bursts. The more solid Roles (Scholars, Kings, Warriors, and Servers) can feel slightly agitated, introverted, and "serious," feeling a need to "focus." The more solid Roles will usually find "projects" that focus the energy for this period of time or find sexual arousal as a distraction. This is their way of "staying in the body" during the shift. The shift tends to increase the individual's feeling of being scattered and this is not particularly comfortable for a solid role. These symptoms are highly general, but accurate for the most part. The Assimilative Phase (PHASE THREE) begins once the actual Nexus is finalized and stabilized (and an astrological event usually parallels this). Depending on the individual, community, or planet (and relative to the theme of the Nexus) the fragments now begin to settle into their new vein of experiences. This third phase can take as long as is individually required, though it is usually within 60 days from the shift. During this phase one begins to experience that which is "next on your agenda" as determined by Personality and Essence. Q & A <Jn> Are these shifts "cosmic" events or determined by Essence or groups of Essence (community)? MICHAEL: They are determined by Essences, individually, and/or collectively. For instance, the Cetaceans have their own parallel shifts, though the Global Level is more likely to include all of sentience on a planet. <Jn> So do the shifts happen mostly during Internal Monad periods? Like the 4th IM? MICHAEL: No, shifts happen all the time. More individual shifts may occur during personal revelations, but that is individually determined. Each year, there are an average of 4 Individual Shifts, 2 Community Shifts, and one Global Shift. They are all built upon by "decisions" that lead to the major "choices." <aa> Can personality's desires and wishes influence essence choices regarding a shift? MICHAEL: Personality is entirely influential. In fact, parallel realities would not be a necessity if not for the desires and wishes of a Personality. This is Tao and an Essence's way to accommodate the wishes, creativity, and even rejections from the Personality. Just previous to a shift, however, a momentum has already begun long before by your Personality's day-to-day reactions to experiences, your decisions, your thoughts, and feelings. All of this is fed to Essence as factors for consideration. Once the Negative phase has begun (Phase One), most of what is considered for your "future" parallels is already "collected." As an Older Soul, one may begin to recognize these oncoming shifts, processing them more consciously. This awareness may begin a tendency for the Personality to want to "be a part" of the shift by trying to influence it through intense focusing during the Nexus. It is actually more empowering and influential to consider your daily reactions, responses, and decisions as what "matter" in terms of creating your future; not the actual window during the Nexus. We know of some Personalities being anxiety-riddled during the Nexus points, hoping they pick the "right" parallel. This distraction is completely lacking in validity. Once a Nexus begins, Personality is in a space where Surrender is the most empowering strength. There are some levels of processing Reality that Personality was not designed to do. Trusting Essence is a primary challenge for the Personality during a parallel shift. <Jn> For Global shifts, all sentience on our planet experienced the shifts, but what about alien visitors here? Do they participate? I am curious to know if our shifts (parallel universes) have affects on other planets (or vice versa). MICHAEL: There are actually 7 Levels of shifting that might occur during a Nexus, including the Individual, Community, and Global. We remain dealing with only these basic 3 shifts until more off-planet concerns are a factor. The additional Levels are Interplanetary, Solar, Galactic, and Universal. We will discuss these Levels at a different time. In answer to your question: If there would be an alien visitor, it would participate in the shift relative to this planet. Local shifts for your planet affect other planets only to the extent that your off-planet exploration is utilized. This would fall into the Interplanetary Level of a Nexus. <La> So far, most of what you've told us would apply to the Individual Shift, but I'm unclear as to the dynamics of a Community Shift? MICHAEL: The primary difference between what we would designate as "individual" versus "community" or "global" is simply that in Community and Global shifts, MORE of you are shifting together in one shared context. ALL shifts among parallels still occur individually, without exception, but there is a factor of agreement throughout a larger circle of fragments when it is Community or Global. This means that a group of fragments have agreed on a shared future that might include experiences of continued interaction, after evaluating Agreements, Karma, contacts, Sequences, Vectors, etc. When a shift occurs on the Individual Level, you may view many things differently, feel different motivations, all of which seem detached from the perceptions of those around you. You will notice that in a Community Shift or Global Shift, more interaction and/or media is involved, more gatherings, more impact from others, or more impact from you on others around you. The mundane effects of a Community shift are in the loss of people or the gain of people in a significant way to your personal social and support circle. A Global or Community Shift usually holds a longer Nexus time frame ("window") so as to accommodate all of the Individual shifts involved. <aa> I had a dream where images were flashing in too fast to recognize. Was this some sort of "processing"? About twenty images in a sequence of flashing. MICHAEL: We would think so. This is not unusual. The Dream State becomes a meeting ground for Essence and Personality for some considerations of potential futures. This is usually the "uploading" of certain experiences that have not been "updated" for Essence evaluation. You may experience them as if they are being fed to "you," but in reality "you" are feeding them to Essence since they are moving to a conscious level from your Centers where they were stored previously. It may be assumed that Essence already knows everything about your life and is involved in all activities and experiences and "knows all" while you are incarnated, but this is just not the case. Essence, of course, is involved on all levels, but in many cases "allows" the Personality its own terms for much of its life. The Personality will report or check in or make contact with Essence only when Essence is wanted or needed. This contact can easily be sustained so that Essence is purely manifest, but we rarely see a Personality interested in this, except in extreme trauma. <Dd> What does the maxim: You create your reality NOT entail? MICHAEL: Though this is a rather "large" question, we can assure you that most mistake this as the Personality's potential, when it is not. The Personality is highly limited in its "creation" of reality. Personality, however, is the highest consideration by Essence in terms of what to create. Essence constantly evaluates the Decisions, Reactions, and Choices of a Personality for a great length of time, taking these factors into definitive consideration as Reality is created. The Personality is a sensory unit for the Physical Plane, and though it has the definite potential and goal for pure manifestation of Essence, allowing Personality a co-creative stance, it will always be Essence that literally creates the Realities. This is why we encourage Essence Contact. The more consciously involved "you" are (as Personality) with Essence, the more influence on Physical Plane manifestations and abundance. A missing link in many endeavors for "creating your reality" is in the lack of actually "asking" for what you want directly to Essence. It is most often "left to the Universe" or "released" to a vague source or left to "God" for its manifestation. The most irresponsible and indifferent mantra we have seen used by Personality while in a lifetime is, "It will happen if it is supposed to happen", or similar. We say "irresponsible" in its true sense, not in the judgmental manner this word usually entails. Since Essence (and certainly Tao) does not "think" in terms of "supposed to," this lends little direction to an event and what results is usually another opportunity for one's fear to manifest. <By> First, as I understand it, essence can split off and create alternate or parallel realities so it can experience different "what if" scenarios - right? MICHAEL: This is a valid angle, yes. <By> Then can I through some form, say meditation, contact essence with intense desire that it try something else and then when it is finished, it will merge the split off fragment back and at some level I will benefit from the learning of the fragment? MICHAEL: You already do this; it is inherent in the process of a life. It does not require meditation. Frustrations, reactions, responses, decisions, emotions, thoughts, ideas, etc., all contribute to the diverging/branching of parallels. The merging is based on a quantity of similarities in certain parallels and the lack of need for those individual realities. "Benefit" is gained on many levels. For instance, a drive to have children might spawn a reality where that is the choice, thus lessening the drive in "this" reality, so as to focus on other agenda and the drive for children seems suddenly gone. Benefit can also be more consciously gained (though if there is benefit, it will come with or without your consciousness) through simple visualization and, if you prefer, meditation. Visualize what "you" are like in a reality that has done or is doing or having what it is you feel you are seeking "here." We have spoken on this many times, stating that your imagination is all that is needed for this exercise. Though we realize it is highly mistrusted, the imagination is the highest frequency owned by a body and extremely empowering and practical. In your visualization of the reality that "has or is what you wish to have or be," observe in your visualization long enough to see what simple habit, style change, or activity that "you" do "there" that you do not do "here." Take this information into the life that you know and replicate the behavior, style, or habit. In the replication of this habit in "your" reality, you will create a link, or bleed-through, if you will, helping to draw from you that which was drawn from another version of you. <By> So that the direction to try a different existence comes from me and not from essence as such? I have trouble distinguishing between "me" and "essence"… MICHAEL: We have said before, but will here say again, that the dynamics of Parallels are designed to accommodate both the Essence's AND Personality's development of a life. The "direction to try a different existence" comes from both Essence and Personality, sometimes in harmony, sometimes in complete discord with each other. Essence will never interfere with the ideas of a Personality however removed they are from the "original plan." There is plenty of "room" for "all of you." Another reason for parallels is that Essence CANNOT experience all of the Physical Plane without the Personality since the Personality IS of the Physical Plane; therefore, Personality has an "edge" on what is important, needed, or wanted. Personality gives the Essence "feedback" from the Physical Plane (consciously or unconsciously) so as to help Essence make more and more complex, elaborate and meaningful choices, contributing to the Soul Age progression. <By> I guess "I" am a creation of essence so if "I" wish essence to try a different scenario, then it is the same as essence doing it. Or am I getting confused here? MICHAEL: There is really no need to distinguish between "you" as Personality and Essence since as Older Souls you are seeking alignment more and more. <By> ok, I think the subject of who can initiate the creation of parallel realities is a little clearer for me now, thank you. MICHAEL: If there is confusion in your life, it is best to assume you are thinking only from the level of Personality. In that recognition, this will allow a clearer path of communication to Essence when needed. When you have a sense of knowing and trust for the next moment or experience, it is safe to say you are in Essence. Either way, "you" have the same amount of impact available on Reality.
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    I often spot my entity mates. Although I haven’t listened to debates, I spotted Harris immediately. She feels “whole” to me. Very powerful. She can win. President Kennedy had this same solidity.
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    It's the recipe to how to change your reality in a nut shell, isn't it?
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    Excellent session. I can see that I am being defensive in certain aspects of my life. I noted in my journal two examples of where I was defensive just recently. I am planning to keep these suggestions as outlined in the session in mind for my next bout of defensiveness.
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    Note from Janet: This properly belongs in the Energy Reports section but until there is a place for these prior to 2009, I'll put the content here. Energy Report: November 2007 (a kind of "weather report" regarding the momentum of energy patterns on the planet generated by our collective consciousness and interpreted by Michael using terminology from the teachings; these are not predictions, but descriptions of higher probabilities, just like the weather is reported) November appears to begin a softer approach to Stubbornness than was started in October. November brings with it a greater sense of movement, with a shift of emphasis from solidity in behavior and stance to one of simple consistency of effort. We had mentioned last month that many of you might bring into November a sense of transformation or breakthrough from your fears related to Change, and while this may not be readily apparent at first, we will suggest that your retrospection of the month of November may prove to have some rewarding moments. It is often the case that true evolution is only noticed long after the fact, and we believe many of you will find this to be a relevant statement by the end of the year. What we would suggest over November that each of you may find an interesting exploration into your conscious differentiation between BROODING and CONCENTRATION. Though the energy is softer across November, it can settle into a movement in one of two distinct foci: brooding or concentration. Concentration describes the exclusion of distractions and a significance placed upon one or two areas or directions. This is our description of the harnessing of the "stubbornness in the air" into a direction or area that is useful to you. For those of you choosing to concentrate, you may feel a sense of inspiration and feel moved to meditate (literally), actively soothing the body into peace throughout your days with moments of conscious comforting; a sense of "don't worry; it will all be okay" may come into play, or at least be chosen consciously as a phrase for nurturing of trust. November may seem dedicated to a single event or theme in the end, with a sense that one must focus gently as a means to "get through." For some of you, Brooding may be the energy of choice for the month, with an emphasis on all that has "gone wrong" or is "going wrong." In this month, the sense of "going wrong" will most likely be related to feelings of hitting a wall, or seeing no way around an obstacle; or simply refusing to gently respond to difficult impositions, instead digging in one's identification with a romanticized past "when things were easier," or distracting oneself with the romanticizing of other's "having it easier." Brooding is simply a choice to amplify the experience of obstacles and refusing to do the work that is required for processing and moving forward through the experience, resigning from the equation of your life. Both Brooding and Concentration are forms of meditation and both are forms of "manifesting," or creating. The path of meditation and creation you choose is up to you, of course, and the choice depends on what you wish to nurture in your life: rootedness in disappointment and false singularity, or focus on acceptance and participation. We do not define these choices as one having more appeal over the other, but we do describe them accurately in terms of Brooding vs Concentration. Imagine the difference between the flower who finds life and light through the cracks in the pavement and the flower who simply emphasizes the weight and darkness around it. A key phrase over November might be: IT IS ONLY DARK WHEN I CLOSE MY EYES That phrase has more meanings than may be obvious at first. An energy shift (nexus) around the 15th of November may bring with it a wave of realization as to which direction you seem to be emphasizing (Brooding or Concentration), allowing you to bring more conscious awareness to your daily behavior and choices. This may also be a time of shift from Brooding to Concentration, if it has been difficult to break the brooding energy; a relief from the physical effects of meditating on what isn't, and shifting to what is, or what can be. -MICHAEL
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    Bumping this session: I came across it this morning, and it is quite full of treasures. Role vs. Essence vs. Spark, Grand Cycles, Internal Monads vs. Rites of Passage, Goal of Flow info, Circles of Abandonment. Something for everyone.
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    Here are three songs I came across fairly recently on YouTube that I think are beautiful. I found these songs helpful for moving into meditative states too. I thought I would share it here. These sound the best with ear buds or headphones.
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    @Nadine! Yahoo TLE Article Parallel Realities Michael speaks about "a sedation of the personality"
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    My first time viewing And posting on TLE from my iPhone. I’m in awe. LoL. Anyway, I’ve learned a lot from all the discussions here about the overleaves of all the candidates, and about C2 and C2E1. I also lived in Colorado when Bennet became a Senator of that state; liked him immediately. I have 3 immediate members of my family in C2E7, so his energy I was familiar with. My eldest son is C3E7, and I’m C1E7. I must say that son has been my hardest relationship. Back to the candidates. I never really liked Warren. I found her energy grating. I’ve since have found her a little more appealing. She seems to have stopped screaming. Don’t know much about the others except Sanders, who I definitely like but he’s far ahead in ideals that Half of country isn’t ready for, although I was angry he didn’t fight the DNC for that incredible dirt they pulled on him. He had a winning chance. I don’t know, with what went on with the electoral votes too. I’ve read a little about Kamala’s Background but just in passing. I feel she’s the only one who could match Trump’s hyperbole. She’s tough. She’s smart and she’s a female King, to boot. She knows the Law, Politics and is a great debater. I’ve heard her on committees but didn’t see the debates. She keeps to the talking points. I will start paying more attention to Warren, and her talking points. The Pocahontas thing, though. And you know he’ll bring it up, over and over. I do know one thing. I’m not going to tune into the Presidential election night. I’m dramatized out.
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    MICHAEL SPEAKS 080606 Energy Report & Open Floor [Michael Entity] As requested, we will begin with what is known as an "energy report," which is our perspective and interpretation of how energy is moving about within the collective consciousness of the Human Species within a given period of time, and its potential effects upon events, groups, and individuals. If there is difficulty comprehending how the collective consciousness can be measured, observed, and have effect, simply consider this on a smaller scale, such as the “mood” of a roomful of people and how that may change or effect those within that room: how the collective behaves, thinks, expects, feels, expresses, chooses, etc., can have measured, observable effects upon all involved within that system (room). The same observation and interpretation of effect can also be applied on a level of household, town, city, country, continent, and planet. That we can observe this phenomenon on the large scales is merely a matter of position and perspective. This report is not predictive beyond the same type of observations you may have of weather patterns within your physical system. We can observe the momentum of collective energy and gauge its basic patterns, but there is little prediction beyond what is obvious to us, in the same way that your weather men/women may see the patterns of heat, wind, moisture, pressures, and relay that to you, but with limitations as to exactly how those combinations may manifest. In the same way that one could gauge the potential “weather” or mood of a gathering by observing the contributions of all involved, so can this be done on a larger scale. With that in mind, we can say that August's energy might be described as ESCALATION. Any given range of Time can be interpreted through the Overleaves system to help describe the basic energies of that range of time, and this interpretation is based upon where the collective consciousness appears to be moving within that time range. It is usually asked of us that each of your years be described in this fashion, and we can then share a Goal, Mode, Attitude, and Chief Feature for the year to help describe your seasons, while Centering and Role describes the general backdrop of the entire year. July through September brings up the emphasis of the ATTITUDE for that year. In this case, we have interpreted this year's collective Attitude as SPIRITUALIST. When the emphasis is on the Attitude, this means the core of ones values, beliefs, perspectives, and basic interpretations of life come into exploration. On a global level, one can see the emphasis is clearly focused through the Spiritualist Attitude, with the range extending between the positive pole of Potential and and the negative pole of Beliefs. The Spiritualist Attitude is based in the philosophy of POSSIBILITIES and POTENTIAL, while also recognizing valid limitations or restrictions; in other words, the Spiritualist is able to see the “Body” and the “Spirit.” When the Spiritualist is in the Positive Pole, the fragment can freely examine the range of possibilities and potential, including the anticipation of unexpected or unwanted results, along with the desired or expected results. When the Spiritualist is in the Negative Pole, there is a retaliation against EXPERIENCE and limitation, and one moves into the Negative Pole of BELIEF, which is a tunnel-vision of sorts, demanding that reality shape itself around what is wanted or expected, and enforcing those beliefs, even as they contradict reality, experience, or limitations. In your world, currently, one can see that your species is divided within the emphasis of the Spiritualist Attitude. Some can clearly see what is working and what is not, but, unfortunately, those who cannot seem to move beyond their BELIEFS are the ones generating and sustaining the wars you see manifesting, and in this month, Escalating. As one can see the pain and difficulties this negative pole can cause on a global level, one can also see how this could cause pain and difficulty within the individual life, particularly for those with the Spiritualist Attitude as part of the Overleaves. When the emphasis shifts from Potential to that of only being concerned with enforcing the expected results of one Belief, then the pain begins; the restrictions and difficulties and battles begin. What this means for all of you extant within the physical plane at this time, in general, in terms of this Energy Report, is that August appears to be a time for examining what you are forcing within your life, vs what you are inviting into your life. This means examining how your sense of Potential actually Escalates your Potential and Possibilities, and/or how your Beliefs may contribute to the Escalation of personal wars, struggles, and pain. There are many aspects of ones life that require the participation of other fragments, or require one to draw upon unseen aspects of the self and soul, and this can lead one to feel a loss of control or ineffectiveness, either resulting in depression (removal of others and self from the equation) or an over-control of others and self, leading to evermore difficulties. As August progresses, the Spiritualist energy will most likely find its footing in your reality, regardless of your Overleaves, and an Escalation of where you try to CONTROL with your Beliefs vs INVITE Potential, will be emphasized. This Escalation will most likely be able to be seen globally, as well as personally. There appear to be no Nexus points within August, so the month's energy will remain fairly stable, allowing for a very clear examination of where one tends to try to Control with ones Beliefs, and where one tends to Invite through the recognition of the spectrum of Potential. A fragment can know when he or she is trying to Control through Beliefs when he or she is constantly "disappointed,” or when he or she feels "hurt,” or when he or she feels defensive or unwanted, etc. This is direct result of the indulgence in Belief, over the recognition of the spectrum of Potential and Possibility. The solution to all of these disappointments, hurt, defensiveness, etc. is to INVITE others and self into your Expectations and Wishes while allowing room for the spectrum of Potential and Possibilities. As soon as one wishes to Control life, self, or others through the Beliefs that one has, there is no longer room for evolution. To Control through Beliefs is to halt evolution to a great extent for all involved, and this will never feel pleasant, nor will it work for very long. Over your month of August, then, examine the freedom you offer life, yourself, others, and how you respond to the discrepancies between what you wish or expect, and how life, yourself, and others actually show up. How you respond to that examination will allow you to contribute to the healing required on a personal level to help bring you back into your true potential and possibilities, while contributing to the healing on a global level. BELIEFS are what are generating the public wars that are now playing out in various ways. To the extent that you feel disappointment, depression, hurt, defensiveness, etc. because you cannot make others do as you wish, control yourself, and life is the extent to which you allow room for that dynamic in your global consciousness. This is NOT to say that you contribute to, or cause, the wars you see, but more to say that it can perpetuate the collective Belief that reality, people, self, must be CONTROLLED over being allowed room for the spectrum of Potential. Your personal examination of your own life and how you respond to this examination can actually contribute to the healing within the Human Consciousness that may be needed as a means to end various types of war. When one begins to Invite Potential through the Positive Pole of the Spiritualist Attitude, the irony is in the fact that the spectrum of Potential and Possibility must also allow room for the limitations of the choice for war. We will open the floor to questions regarding the Energy Report now. [Llawryf] by beliefs, do you mean expectations? [Michael Entity] Expectations can be a Navigational Tool or a form of Belief. When Expectation is used as a form of navigation, the expectations are adjusted to the gaining of experiences. When Expectation is a form of Belief, then the Expectation of a specific result in a specific way from a specific source remains in effect, despite the gaining of experience. [Jaffe] Do those of us who habitually use the spiritualist attitude have a specific role to play in the healing of the planet right now? [Michael Entity] No, not specifically. Spiritualists, however, may find an extra dimension of sensitivity during this year's July through September, with an extra emphasis on the examination between Controlling Others Vs Inviting Others within the life. When we say "extra dimension," we mean that those who are Spiritualists may be the ones who are reading this and feeling a strong, immediate wave of recognition for what we have been describing. [leslie] Is there anything else an individual can do to contribute to the healing within the Human Consciousness? [Michael Entity] All forms of self-healing within the life contribute to the healing that may be needed on a global level. There is no way to escape the energetic system that is the web and matrix of Human Consciousness. What you choose, how you choose, what you heal, and what you feel, etc. all contribute to the system that creates the "weather" within the Human experiences shared on your planet while extant. This is why many who have awakened to their personal spirituality immediately feel the impulse to truly "improve upon," and heal the self, the life, the immediate relationships, as this is known on some level that it will also contribute to the potential healing of others. Consider the feeling one has when with someone who is complaining and victimized, vs how one feels around someone who finds inspiration within difficulties and remains open to life. This same impact of energy is shared beyond an immediate exchange and adds to the pool of Human Consciousness. [Tara] Can you offer advice on allowing experience / releasing expectation? [Michael Entity] Expectation is natural and healthy, so we do not advise against allowing room for your Expectations, nor do we believe one has to “release” Expectations. As we said, Expectation is a navigational tool, allowing you to find your way toward what you want. However, when ones Expectations exceed the potential of a source, it will always be necessary to allow room for that discovery and to adapt to that knowledge. If one can allow room for discovery and adaptation, one can adapt Expectation to match the potential of a source and to remain open for other sources to match the Expectation, AND offer patience through the INVITATION for that source to match your Expectations, allowing room for the possibility that the source may never actually meet that Expectation. This is not a form of giving up, but a form of wisdom. When one ignores Experience, one is no longer using Expectation as a form of navigation, but as a form of Control. [Tara] thank you [Abimn] I am having difficulty right now balancing experiencing and releasing expectation with regard to something - my husband was recently told via a medical intuitive that he has damage to his head from a childhood fall and he is hesitant to spend money to see someone for a scan of his head. The problem is: do I allow him to experience this on his own and release my own expectations of wanting him to be seen??? How does one draw the line here - having expectations... vs allowing my spouse to experience something on his own? Especially when healing is important here. [Michael Entity] To force upon another fragment a choice that is “obvious” for his or her well-being is still an interference of that fragment's choice, and therefore is a creation of Karma. Your wish is for his well-being, and that wish is tied to your well-being, as well, as you would not want to lose this fragment to something that could have been prevented. We understand this. However justified your motivation, this still is a matter of INVITING another to participate in your Expectations, versus imposing your Belief over that fragment as a means to Control him toward what you want. In this case, the healthiest direction to move would be to clarify your Expectation and Invite that fragment to participate. In other words: honestly share that this scan is not just about his well-being, but about your peace of mind. If he chooses not to have the scan, adjust your Expectations to match his potential, which means to allow room for his making the right choice at the right time FOR HIMSELF, and not just for you. [Abimn] thank you.... frustrating - obviously i am having trouble with releasing expectations here. [Abimn] I was thinking that by releasing expectations of mine, would I be freeing him to make his own choices without feeling the pressure of having to please me? [Michael Entity] You can remain with your Expectations, as he is free to do as he chooses, with or without your Expectations. However, for the benefit of generating peace, you can adjust your Expectations to INCLUDE room for his choices, which may or may not satisfy your Expectations. This is wisdom. In other words, there is no need to free anyone from Expectations, as those are natural, but allow room for the reality that his choices are a reflection of where he is with himself, NOT as a reflection of the importance of your wishes and expectations. [Abimn] That sounds beautiful really - thank you Michael! ) [Michael Entity] It is important that he is healthy and that is fair for you to expect the best for him, but his not wishing to have a scan does not mean your wishes are not important or that you are not important in the equation of your relationship. It simply means he wishes not to have the scan for reasons that are his own. [Abimn] Thanks so much. [Michael Entity] NEXT, Mardel. We will conclude the chat with Mardel's question. [Mardel] Do genetics play any strong role in the experience of depression and anxiety? [Michael Entity] In terms of depression and anxiety, the only physical element that we can see as being directly involved is diet. Genetically speaking, one person is not more prone to anxiety and depression over another. Depression and Anxiety are direct results of Intellectual over-processing, and while we see genetics as having nothing to do with this, what one uses a fuel for the body DOES have a great deal to do with how the Intellect is used. [Mardel] Thank you. [Michael Entity] Environment is tied to the states of Anxiety and Depression, as well. While Anxiety can be exacerbated by the effect of Environment on the processes of Intellect, Depression actually has its effect ON the Environment around the person. Changing the environment can help one with Anxiety, while changing the environment for one who is Depressed does little. The environment around one who is Depressed usually becomes a reflection of the depression, however, and while changing environments makes little impact, "cleaning up," the primary environment CAN contribute to the release of the depression. [blueberry] But if the Overleaves are genetic, and if certain Overleaves can predispose one to intellectually over-processing leading to depression, wouldn't that equal depression being genetic? [Michael Entity] No combination of Overleaves can lead one to be prone to over-processing in any direction, anymore than the range of speed of a car has anything to do with how fast one chooses to drive within that range. Overleaves are neutral elements in the same way that you may be genetically locked into having Brown Hair, but how you choose to feel about your Brown Hair, how you wear it, and the actions you take to alter it are results of imprinting, culture, and ultimately, choice. One can be born with "limited" or "gifted" Intellectual capacity and this will have no bearing on whether one experiences Depression or Anxiety. It is how one uses what one has that makes the difference. That is always what makes the difference. [Mardel] Thank you again and good night all. [Michael Entity] Good night to all of you. We will conclude here.
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    @Andrew You said something interesting here .. And I do not know to what extent what I'm going to say is real or only an illusory interpretation of reality .. But as I had some relationship problems with my family I asked little by little the profile of my parents and my brothers and now I have the profile of all .. And the main thing is that everyone except me has arrogance as one of the CF. it's one of the things I've felt my whole life was that it was like my family was telling me, "We do not have a problem, you have a problem."
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    Elizabeth isn't as strong on Medicare for All as I would like but she's def my second choice. Kamala has so many ugly things in her past as the top cop in the bay area that I legit do not want her to win. She has super problematic ideas about policing and the role of the law in our lives, and some of her truancy policies resulted in poor black families suffering the most. She's a tough bitch though, which I like but not enough for her to be president.
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    Thanks for sharing that @Maureen. There is some deep wisdom there and it was quite comforting. Things will fall into place... and then other things will fall out of place... and somehow get put back into place... and on and on... and some ugly and some utterly beautiful things will happen on the way. We should never underestimate the element of surprise should we.
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    @Miizle Wow, I am so happy to hear that my words were helpful. I feel very strongly about vaccines, but I also never want to make anyone feel defensive. It means a lot to hear that. Ha, wow, I sure went on at length, after promising not to. That&#39;s kind of my house style I guess. Re accuracy, Michael has said more than once that there are always inaccuracies in even the best of the channeling, right? Or maybe it was out of context. Certainly unvaccinated people can pass on illnesses to others. There are diseases that can be carried without symptoms. Immunocompromised people (babies, the elderly, cancer and AIDS patients, apparently kids with T1 diabetes too, I'm told) can be infected by contact with unvaccinated people. The history of vaccines is pretty fascinating. Public health is fascinating! We take so much for granted but it's so useful and interesting (and horrifying) to read about the recent past in so many areas. Public health is the relevant one here, but also sanitation departments, public fire departments, etc. Just reading about life before those things in NYC alone is amazing! Vaccines are an incredibly public health triumph, the like of which we need with climate change and so many other issues, and I fear that the bad citizens have won the day and we won't see it again. Because it is a matter of citizenship, of public good over private selfishness, and we're so damaged by capitalism I don't know how we come back to citizenship as an ideal and a moral guide.
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    There's more than one kind-caboo, naturezway, nootrees, seedling, green2... learning that tree free paper products existed is one of the only positive things I took from my time with my Essence Twin. We use Naturezway normally because a local store carries it. We get tree free paper towels too, and tissues.
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    @Janet, don't remind me... I grew up during the Soviet occupation and the public toilets of that time caused actual psychological traumas for many of my friends... It wasn't as bad here, but still. I've only bought toilet paper from recycled materials for years.
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    Thanks @Janet! Who gives a crap sounds like an awesome company! I’m off to buy some toilet paper.
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    I remember long ago someone told me that a receding hairline means high testosterone. I have to admit I do love bald heads! I was hoping though that this post would offer some help for my head as I just noticed that my hair suddenly seems thinner in spots and it disturbs me. Oh well.
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    Below is a short (1 minute, 18 seconds) recipe video. It is from staff member Angela at nutritionfacts.org They look yummy!
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    @Lori Abrams This has nothing to do with your (rather astute) analysis of the election stuff but you look like a young Striesand in your knew profile picture! Cuuuuute!
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    Posted by Troy in TLE Yahoo group on October 14, 2007. RALPH WALDO EMERSON Essence: Priest Casting: Scholar Essence Twin: Sage Soul Age/Level: 5th Level Old GOAL: Discrimination MODE: Observation > Reserve/Passion ATTITUDE: Spiritualist CENTER/PART: Emotional/Intellectual CF: Arrogance/Self-deprecation
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